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Password Management System - A password manager for the console.
projtimer - A simple task and project timer.
PEST - Web-based bug/ticket tracking.
PhotoDB - A multiuser Web-based photo database.
Pure java java.util.zip library - A pure Java implementation of the java.util.zip library.
Portable Digital Music Player Library - A generic API supporting many (hardware) MP3 players.
phpMyCDs - Store the contents of your CDs in a MySQL DB.
PHP Photogallery - A simple photo gallery script.
PTL - A highly customizable Website managing tool with PHP.
psycopg - A thread-safe Python/PostgreSQL/Zope database adapter.
program launcher library - A library for starting programs.
path4Graph - A Perl script that searches for paths in a graph.
phpxmms - A web front end to a running XMMS/Icecast server.
Perl Cache - Generic Perl object caching libraries.
php-ndsauth - A PHP module providing a function for user authentication against an NDS server.
Peflp - Peflp is an easy-to-use povray front-end.
PM_SZ_OS - Protected Mode Operating System.
pthrlib - A library for easily writing small, fast Web servers in C.
PHPGraphs - A robust set of graphing classes for php.
PonyProg - PonyProg is a serial device programmer for AVR, PIC, and several serial eeproms.
PHPProxy - An HTTP proxy written in PHP.
PortalSys Global Addressbook - Global Addressbook client for Outlook.
PipeNightDreams - A game similar to PipeDreams.
perltidy - A Perl script beautifier.
pdumpfs - A daily backup system similar to Plan9's dumpfs.
PCX Firewall - An iptables firewalling solution.
phorSale - An eCommerce application for PHP and mySQL.
pyFind2 - A simple file search utility.
pyao - Python bindings for libao.
PHP ChatIt - A simple chat script.
Personal Internet Broadcasting Script - A WWW GUI for the litestream mp3 streaming server.
psp-web - A Web package for software process metrics gathering.
PHP-GTK - PHP language bindings for the GTK+ toolkit.
PDBCat - Manipulate PDB molecule files with text-based tools such as Perl, awk, etc.
PHPTalo - A rewrite from scratch of PHP-Nuke.
popb4smtp.pl - A script to allow SMTP relaying for POP and IMAP users.
PAM S/Key module - PAM S/Key module based on original Wietse Venema's logdaemon package.
PyPaSax - Generates XML from Python code.
pee-portal - A sample Web app demonstrating the use of PEE.
PyTREX - A Python implementation of TREX.
Pioct - Tools for controlling Pioneer audio equipment from Linux.
PHPNuke localization - A project to internationalize PHPNuke.
Php.XPath - XPath class-parser for PHP.
python-gtkhtml - A Python binding for GtkHTML.
python-gdkpixbuf - A Python binding for the gdk-pixbuf image loading library.
poppwd - Implementation of the Eudora (compatible) password changing protocol.
PHPlot - Dynamic plots, charts, and graphs in PHP.
PHPWebEdit - An applet text editor and PHP file manager.
pwcrypt - A command line interface to the crypt() function.
Plasma EBG - An Empire Building Game for Linux/Windows/Solaris/BSD.
PyGreSQL - PostgreSQL access for Python.
PHP Bookmarks - A PHP-based bookmark system.
PeepDB - A Python module for dealing with PalmOS PDB files.
Planner - A project management application.
PHP DateIt - A calender for appointed times.
phpWebNotes - PHP based web page annotation system.
Power Daemon - A simple, effective UPS power daemon.
phpLinks - A free PHP search engine simulation script.
PHP Track Meet Registration - Track meet registration and seeding.
PHP LetterIt - A mailing list manager.
plhtml - Server side scripting in perl
proxy-report.pl - Simple Squid log analyzer.
PyGarmin - A Python Interface to Garmin GPS Equipment
Procwatch - A process creation monitor.
PDA Mirror - An FLTK-based program that turns the entire screen black.
Python Bindings for BerkeleyDB - Python Bindings for BerkeleyDB
pam_smbpass - A stackable PAM module for keeping Unix and Samba passwords in sync.
POPauthd - Authenticates roaming users for SMTP relaying by using POP.
PHP SearchIt - A simple search engine.
Python xmlrpc library - A fast xmlrpc wrapper for Python.
pyprof - Conveniently profile python script.
pilot-link - A suite of tools for connecting to PalmOS handheld devices.
PLplot - A scientific plotting library for C, C++, Fortran, and several other languages.
Parse Direct User Access Terminal - Parses FAA weather briefs into individual NOTAMs/METARs/PIREPs/TAFs/etc.
Python UIML renderer - User Interface Markup Language Python-language renderer.
pdfcrypt - Allows you to set permissions on a PDF file.
Pytalk - Natural language understanding/chatbot
phpUnit - Unit test framework for PHP.
PyChecker - A tool for finding common bugs in Python source code.
Pertergrin - A fantasy role playing game system.
pconsole - An interactive cluster administration tool.
pimPAQ - A Perl/Gtk/DBI framework to develop PIM applications for the Compaq iPAQ.
pimPAQ::Todo - A todo application for the Compaq iPAQ based on the pimPAQ framework.
pam-pgsql - PAM module which interfaces to a PostgreSQL database.
Projector (RS-232 projector control/automation) - Electrohome RS-232 projector automation/control.
pssRecruit - pssRecruit is the Web-based job board
PHP++ - An object-oriented approach to PHP.
Port Scan Attack Detector - Makes use of iptables to detect, alert, and respond to port scans.
paraget - Retrieves a file in parallel from multiple mirrors.
PICA - A tool to centrally manage different servers.
phpLinkValidator - Validate links in HTML documents.
PHPMailer - A full-featured email class for PHP.
Pavin` The Way - A Web-based accounting system.
PGTK - A tool for easy maintenance of Web-based photo galleries.
PLies - A tool for making HTML presentations from a simple HTML file.
psbind - Transforms PostScript files to save trees and reduce guilt.
phpMyBoard - A noteboard using PHP/MySQL.
Pharmacy - A GNOME-compliant front end for CVS (Concurrent Versions System).
Pro Forma - GNOME program to let you type on form images.
PAIP - A universal filter application.
PNGtools - A set of utilities for working with the PNG image format.
Paranormal - An extremely customizable visualization plugin for XMMS.
ProMP3 - Web-based mp3 jukebox. Using xmms or stream.
phpPoker - A simple poker game written in PHP.
PerlStat - A Web app which displays useful information about your PC.
p - A file pager and browser.
Portable Linux Auditing CD - Portable Linux Auditing CD
PhpDig - A Web spider and search engine.
PHP Very Easy Graphical Information - Easily expandable Web site Statistics gathering scripts
phpWebForm - php form processing script with templates and database capabilities
Perl Web Services - An Apache/mod_perl extension for Web services.
ppa - Prepaid Accounting for an Internet cafe Samba server.
Persistent LISP objects - Persistent objects for LISP and CLOS.
Peer-to-Peer Trusted Library - A security toolkit tailored to peer-to-peer applications.
pygps - A tool that tracks position and direction of movement on a map.
PADDA - PHP Application for Designing Database Applications.
pgMail - A small Tcl-based email script for use as a stored function in a PostgreSQL DB.
pconfig - A Perl script to set up other simple Perl scripts.
PHP/Toolbox - PHP Toolbox is a database-powered websites RAD.
PalmWac - PalmOS software which will turn your PDA into a Wacom-compatible tablet.
PHP Simple Excel File Generator - A PHP Excel file generator.
PPPMon - A little RP3 clone, programmed with GTK.
phpForm - A PHP3 application that allows you to easily create Web forms.
Perl Fake Identd - Fake identd server
Pyui - A cross-platform Python UI library.
PVHost - A Web hotel administration tool.
Personal Weblog - A weblog designed for inclusion in personal homepages.
PHP Application Server - A PHP application server, similar to Zope.
PHP HTTP protocol client - A PHP class for accessing remote Web pages via HTTP.
Pine Privacy Guard - A Pine filter to GPG for handling email securely.
PHP/Mysql Site Builder - A PHP/MySQL tool for creating a dynamic Web site.
Project: Anvil - A C++ library to access Quicken exported text format data.
phpCounter - A PHP3 counter system for Web sites.
phpMember - A membership system for interactive Web sites.
ppmcaption - Tool for adding text captions to images, with effects.
PEXESO Evolutionary Methods Library - The library of Evolutionary Optimization Methods for Real Domains
Ps-i - An environment for running agent-based simulations.
PDA Maze - A first-person 3D maze game with PDAs in mind
PHP FastTemplate clone - A drop-in replacement for class.FastTemplate.
Perl Site Tools - Basic website dev classes for templates, sessions, and SQL forms and tables.
Pagetool - A Web content management tool.
pRuby - A PHP/Ruby extension.
PHP File Database - A file database designed for schools.
phpEventCalendar - A calendar system built with PHP.
php_lib_login - A fast and easy PHP login/session library.
PHP SlashHeadlines Class - A library to grab slash XML headlines.
Poll Central - A MySQL powered web-based voting script.
pychart - A Python library for generating PS/PDF/PNG scientific charts.
phpFile - A PHP file manager.
Pybot - A modular, multi-server, multi-channel, IRC bot written in Python.
Playlist Warlock - A text-based frontend for mpg123 written in Perl.
portsupgrade.pl - A Perl script that retains dependency info when upgrading FreeBSD ports.
pSlash - A modular PHP-based Web portal system similar to Slashdot and phpNuke.
passlogd - A syslog sniffer daemon.
P3P Generator - A generator of P3P files for privacy policies.
Perl/Gtk BMRT Frontend - A simple frontend for a 3D rendering engine.
phpGuestbook - A PHP3 application that allows you to easily include a guestbook into your Web s
pingx - Measures how fast your X server responds to XNoOp requests.
photom - Photometric calibration of stellar photometry.
pkiller - Kills processes of users who are not logged on.
Palm::Zetetic::Strip - A Perl library interface to the Palm database files of the Strip application.
Pandora Engine - A multi-platform, object-oriented SDK that is programmable in standard C.
pdumpq - Pcap Dump for Linux/Netfilter QUEUE.
Prima - A Perl GUI toolkit.
PBS - A helpdesk application written with MySQL and PHP.
PostGIS - GIS extensions to the PostgreSQL relational database server.
phpSearch - A single-table search engine with a customizable query form.
PCGen - A Java character generator for d20 roleplaying games.
pcd - A very simple CD player.
PimpBNC - A powerful IRC bouncer that shares one IRC session to several clients.
PHPSlice - A fast, multi-platform, fully customizable, dynamic Web site engine.
PHPresent - Creates very simple HTML presentations using PHP.
pgen - A procmailrc generator.
PilotGOne - A game recorder/viewer for Go games in Smart Game Format (SGF).
Possible Worlds - A 3D underwater combat action sim.
PyStem - A Porter stemming module for Python.
Poooks.py - A Python/GTK program for reading books.
phNNTP - A PHP NNTP Web Portal.
PG Diagram - A drawing tool for Palm OS.
phpVideoPro - A Web-based VideoTape/VideoCD/DVD manager.
POSTNET - A new network service where posters keep the posts.
PHPEditor for JBuilder - PHP edition in JBuilder 4.
phpBanner - A PHP banner manager.
PostNuke - An easy-to-use/install WebLog/portal system.
Paleta - A diary/news application for GNOME with HTML export capability.
PHPDayManage - Manage your tasks, projects, addresses, and notes with this LAMP application.
PhotoArch - A web-based photo management system.
PHP Magnetic Poetry - PHP/MySQL/JavaScript bi-polar electricly attracted prose.
PHP System Information - A set of PHP functions that gather and parse system information/statistics.
PyGS - A server for the gopher/gopher+ protocol written in Python.
PHPjournaler - A PHP/MySQL Based Online Journaler.
phpForum - A Web-based forum written in PHP.
phpMyAccess - Easy, lightweigt database programming using PHP/MySQL.
Poseidon for UML - A fully featured UML tool.
POP 3 client class - A PHP class to access email boxes via the POP3 protocol.
Python GnuPGInterface - A Python module to interface with GnuPG.
ps2tiffs - Extract sampled images from a PostScript document.
Publicly Available PAssworDs - A program to capture cleartext passwords from the network.
Pinole - Sends written messages to mobile devices using an email alias.
php_opengl - A binding of the PHP language to OpenGL.
PyTele - An Python interface to the Linux Telephony API for IVR, VOIP, etc.
php-msrpc - A PHP binding for MSRPC.
pgp-mime-handler - Provides handling capabilities of RFC-2015-compliant email via a pipe.
pyPgSQL - A Python DB-API 2.0 interface to PostgreSQL.
P18 Internationalizing Preprocessor - A file preprocessor capable of translating files using a message database
PCX Portal - A Web desktop.
pxpvalidate - An XML validator
php-News - A Web News Manager.
Postgresql AutoDoc - A Postgres Automatic Documentation Agent.
PerlSSH - A Perl module to use SSH and SCP with Perl.
pp_watchdog - A small Perl script wich monitors URLs, and restarts a Web server if an URL is d
phpWebFileManager - A file management PHP script designed for inclusion in large projects.
Pappalapapp - A Guestbook / Forum / Discussion Board for Web pages, written in Perl.
PyBook - A console-based reader for Project Gutenberg e-texts.
phpContact - Address Book Manager.
PROPS - An Internet publishing system for news periodicals.
PortScan Plugin - Monitors snort logfiles and triggers a portscan based upon predefined events.
PhoneTime - Update phone time from a Palm Pilot.
PhysicsFS - An API for abstraction over filesystem I/O.
phpClassAds - A Classified Ads manager.
Photolib - Photolib
PostgreSQL BIND-9 SDB interface - An enhanced version of the original PostgreSQL SDB interface.
Proven Choice - Multi-user accounting software.
PHP TroubleTicket - A web-based system for problem reporting, tracking, and organized solving.
PLEAC - Programming Language Examples Alike Cookbook.
phpPgAds - Postgres port of phpAdsNew, banner management and tracking system written in PHP
phpPackage - A Perl script to automatically generate file extensions and package PHP projects
PyWordNet - A Python interface to WordNet.
pyttymon - A tty usage monitor written in Python.
Poor Man's Content Management System - A content management system for maintaining Web sites.
Potbot - A simple IRC bot written in Perl - A simple, modular IRC bot written in Perl.
Pen - A load balancer for TCP.
phpCalender - Web based calendar
PHPMySite - A simple Web site content management system written in PHP and MySQL.
PHP Layers Menu - A DHTML menu system also providing accessibility (non-JavaScript) solutions.
Plesk - A hosting control panel.
Pyslice - Creates model input data sets, and controls model runs.
PHP-EinnahmenAusgaben - PHP-based finance manager
PyDO - Object to Relational mapping in Python.
phpTidyHt - A script to produce tidied HTML from PHP.
PHP Open Monitor - A Web-based network monitor.
Planet Finder - An applet that shows the sun, moon, stars, and planets in the sky.
pmtolatex - Converts Adobe PageMaker files to LaTeX.
perl-esmtpd - An antispam, antivirus, and authenticating SMTP daemon.
Palm Fuel Log - A utility for tracking car fuel consumption.
Pocket City - Sim City clone for handhelds.
PHP Generator of Object SQL Database - Generates object from the description of tables in an SQL database.
Popup Calendar - A popup calendar that communicates with a form to pass down a valid date.
pcl2up - A 2-up text formatter for HP PCL printers.
pwPage 10 Second Database Forms - Provides an extremely fast implementation of database forms.
phpHtmlLib - A PHP OOP Web application development framework.
PDF::API2 - A Perl module-chain for creation and modification of PDFs.
Pseudo Random Number Generator Daemon - A daemon designed to act as an entropy source.
phpLicenseWatcher - A PHP based application that allows monitoring of license servers.
Pixelating rotozoomer effect - A small Java applet with a pixelating rotozoomer image distortion effect.
ptSCP - A GUI frontend to ssh and scp written in Perl/Tk.
Peng-Pong - A cross-platform pong game written in SDL.
php_mime_class - A PHP4 class for parsing MIME emails.
PhobIRC - Management of IRC channels & clients.
Python chess module - A Python chess move adjudicator module.
PHPortal - An extensible content management framework with object reuse.
phpFileFarm - A Web-based directory explorer script with view/create/edit/delete capabilities.
PostgreSQL Replicator - An asynchronous multi-master multi-slave replication server for PostgreSQL.
Permission Record Information Machine - A Web database access system.
Postnews - A utility to post Usenet articles from the command line.
PHP FTP Client - A PHP FTP Client.
PHPChart - Draws bar charts and line-point graphs with PHP.
P*Wcal - Allows you to synchronize a Palm Pilot with Wcal.
PyEXIF - A parser for EXIF image tags written as a Python module.
PHPDonkey - A PHP front end for the Linux eDonkey client.
Poor Man's IDS - A very lean early warning system.
pdnmesh - A finite element program.
PSC - A setuid wrapper for passing protected configuration data to Perl scripts.
PHP Mobile Mail - A mail transport agent for mobile professionals.
pgLOGd - Logs Apache log entries to a PostgreSQL database.
PerlDAV - A WebDAV client library for Perl5.
Python OpenSSL Wrappers - A set of comprehensive wrappers for Python.
pyOpenSSL - A Python wrapper for a subset of OpenSSL's functionality.
PHPMyList Mailing List Manager - A mailing list manager written in PHP and MySQL.
Pcopy - Peter's fast disk-to-disk copying program.
php_template - A PHP template rendering system.
pin - Searches the System (rpm -qi, -ql), and the SuSE table of contents file.
Python Font Downloader - A font downloader utility.
PycURL - A Python module interface to the cURL library.
phpSurvey - A Web Poll manager.
PyFile - A graphical file browser.
PHP Slideshow - Creates a slide show from a directory containing images.
PhotoView - A full-featured, Web-based photo album system.
palm2star - Synchronizes a Palm device with a Motorola phone.
PHP Smtp Daemon - An SMTPd server written in PHP.
Pantomime - A JavaMail clone written in Objective-C.
pcal and lcal - A pair of calendar generators.
preview-latex - Displays inline previews of various stuff in Emacs LaTeX buffers.
pinebk2muttbk.pl - A script to convert Pine address books into Mutt aliases and commands.
pr3287 - An emulator for an IBM 3287 printer.
Photo Locker - A digital photo album.
Personal File Manager - A customizable file manager resembling PFM for DOS.
phpDirectory - A Web links directory manager.
Perso - Utilities to handle identity card numbers.
phpFAQ - A Web-based FAQ manager.
PEAR Session Handler - Custom Session Handler for PHP4 which supports all PEAR databases.
Python milter - A Python binding for the sendmail milter API with a sample milter.
Python-LDAP - LDAP modules for Python development/deployment.
Posadis - An authoritive/caching DNS server for Unix and Windows platforms.
PHPFormMail - A Web form to e-mail gateway
Pinout - A PERL script that generates pinout/ballout PostScript images.
PyNOVAS - Use Python with the C-version of NOVAS from USNO.
poldek - A full-featured console frontend to RPM.
pam_login - A PAM enabled, shadow compatible login program.
pad sequential filenames - Zero pad sequential filenames so alphabetical order matches numerical order.
Pymousetrap - A fast storage and retrieval mechanism for information in a 2D system.
PHP HitMan - A PHP-based Web hit counter/manager.
PAUD - A Linux utility bootdisk.
POI - Java ports of popular OLE 2 file formats.
Pods - A peer-to-peer resource sharing system.
PHP Multiple Languages - A PHP class that allows for real-time translation of text in PHP.
PureAgent - A Response time monitoring agent.
POBS - Replaces user-defined PHP functions, variables, and constants with a MD5 key.
PHPtrack - A Website traffic tracker, and statistics generator.
Phpcron - An alternative to Crond, with a Web based administration utility.
PasTmon - A passive TCP/IP application response-time monitor.
psdim - Calculates the optimal format for n-up printing of postscript files.
PShell - A small yet powerful UI to a customized secured shell in Perl.
Project Gutenberg Markup Tool - An automatic Project Gutenberg etext HTML/LaTeX-markup tool.
phpHamLog - A ham radio logging program using PHP and MySQL.
Papillon - Solaris Security Module
Palace - An XMMS plugin to control hardware (such as a light show) via the parallel port.
Perseus - Execute SQL in Java without hand-coded JDBC.
PHP Site Editor - Can be used to edit your Web site from anywhere.
pppoem - A monitor for network interfaces on Linux.
Peng - An AOL Linux dialer.
Proxytunnel - Build tunnels through HTTPS proxies (for SSH and other programs).
PythonTheater - An AVI/MPG/VCD player written in Python.
post - A Web traffic generator / Web server benchmarking tool.
PyOpenGL - A cross-platform Python binding to OpenGL.
pdfasm - A PDF preprocessor.
ProcBuilder - A Perl-CGI procmail recipe editor.
psrender - A PostScript to PostScript renderer.
PicoForge - A forge platform for hosting collaborative work projects.
Pagey - A paging/SMS daemon.
Project B - A platform for various Bible programs using Java.
Penetrator - A personal search engine.
PennAspect - An implementation of the aspect model.
phPay - An SQL/PHP4 Web shop and catalog.
Pauker - A generic flashcard program.
pydance - A dancing "Simulator" written in Python.
picnic - Brings PICs and NICs together.
PXYS - An Undernet IRCU proxy scanner service pseudo-server.
Phpmole - An integrated desktop development environment
PHPMyibill - User management and authentication using MySQL & Ibill.
Python to C Module Generator - A Python to C module generator.
PerlDesk - A customer support desk designed to handle many users.
PHP IRC Oper Services - An implementation of IRC operator services in PHP.
pynfs - Python NFS4 tools
php_imagick - An ImageMagick extension for PHP4.
PTlink Open Proxy Monitor - An open socks/wingate/proxy scan service for IRC networks.
pam_mount module - Automatic volume mounting upon login.
Panasync Tools - A set of commands that allows version tracking among file copies.
php-templates - A PHP internal templates engine.
PowerJournal - An easy to use journal/diary application.
Piecharts with GNU Plotutils - A program that creates simple piecharts via libplot from GNU plotutils.
phpMyDoc - A MySQL auto-documenter.
PurePostPro - An upload post-processor for Pure-FTPd.
phpIPtables - A Web interface for managing iptables.
phpBB1.4 for PostNuke - A port of phpBB1.4 for PostNuke 0.7 (Rogue).
PhpMyLibrary - An open source Web based library automation application.
pgpmoose - A cancelbot for policing moderated newsgroups.
PsyPoster Message Board - A message board (BBS) for the Web that includes topic support.
PyOSD - A python wrapper for libxosd (On Screen Display).
PCash - A simple checking account and budgeting app for PalmOS.
Palm to Nokia vcards convertion - Two scripts to upload phone numbers to a Nokia phone.
Planets - An orbital simulator.
pdf417decode - A decoder for PDF417 barcodes.
Portable Transport Relay Translator Daemon (pTRTd) - A portable TRT Daemon to translate from IPv6 to IPv4.
phpShare - A PHP-based file browser.
PHPayPal - A tool for integrating a MySQL Paypal products database.
Portal API - A PHP portal API.
pptp proxy - Forwards a PPTP VPN connection through a Linux firewall.
Pivot Weblog - A powerful flat file weblog tool.
pngtoico - Converts PNG images to Microsoft ICO format.
Panoptis - A network-based DoS/DDoS detection tool.
Prioutil - A graphical frontend to the Unix Rio utility.
phpStreamcast - A Web frontend for streamcast/stream-db servers.
Project Labrador - An open source modular Web Services Framework.
Project Manager - A simple Project Management system.
PCRE++ - A C++ wrapper-class for the PCRE library.
pyreverse - Python reverse engineering tools.
Program E - A natural language chat bot (written in PHP) that uses AIML.
PerlNuke - A CMS based in Perl.
PicoGUI - A complete GUI system for embedded systems.
phpSecureSite - A modular security and session handling system for Web applications.
PDEPP - A simple, small, and fast Web server.
PhotoGroup - A GNOME image organiser.
Perl SecurePages - Session-based authentication for Perl.
PDFMap - A command line tool and Python library to create high quality clickable PDF maps
phpTree - A very simple, embeddable, Web-based file and/or content management system.
Primo Dynamic Web Content Manager - A Web content manager that doesn't require root privileges.
PC weather sensor daemon - A TCP daemon for receiving data from 433Mhz environmental sensors.
PHP-Web Session Manager - A Web session manager written in PHP.
perlbox - A feature-rich, portable desktop for UNIX-type systems.
PerlSMS - A Perl script to send sms messages trough various SMS providers.
pkgutils - Package management utilities for Linux.
PHP-Tree Class - A PHP class that handles tree data, either from XML or DB.
Phone Box Log Analyzer - Capture tools and a Web frontend to PBX logs.
PHP Digicam Database - A suite of scripts for organizing image collections.
PricingNexus - A framework to collect and redistribute information about derivates.
People & Events Doober - A community Web site that features user lists, profiles and events.
piozone - A disk performance tester.
Palm DiaLog - A memo application for all diabetics with a Palm Pilot.
Pulsar - A powerful and configurable POP3 email server with realms and virtual users.
PT Print - A CUPS printing queue manager.
ProMA - A Web interface for ProFTPd/MySQL setups.
PHP Live Helper - A realtime Web-based customer support tool.
Python lambda calculus module - A simple but full-featured module for exploring lambda calculus.
Papercut NNTP Server - Python based NNTP server to bridge Web message boards to a Usenet frontend.
phpBoleto - Creates electronic invoices for Brazilian banks.
phpRecEvent - A Web-based event scheduler with optional cron support.
pyirclib - An IRC Library for Python.
PCSC/Perl - Perl wrappers for the PCSC/lite library.
prokyon3 - An MP3/Ogg Vorbis/FLAC manager and tag editor.
phpInv - An inventory script written in PHP and MySQL.
PBButtonsd - A laptop hardware control and power management daemon.
Py Connect Four - A graphical two-player Connect Four game written in Python.
python-mhash - A Python interface to the mhash library.
PHP-Calendar - A Web-based calendar written in PHP/SQL.
PINT - An advanced debug tool for TCP/IP networks.
PHP-Pal Shopping System - A free and open source shopping cart system.
phpFormGenerator - An easy to use tool to create reliable and efficient forms.
PHP-Brainfuck - An interpreter for the brainfuck language written in PHP.
PHP Tracker - A PHP Request Tracker on top of a PostgreSQL database.
PengSwim - An SDL-based game featuring a penguin swimming and eating fish.
PPower4 - PDF Presentation Post Processor.
phpRPG - A Web-based multiplayer fantasy RPG.
PHPdir - A telephone directory for a corporate intranet.
phpIpacStats - A PHP script that displays IP accounting statistics.
Philter - A mail filter.
PostgreSQL Session Save Handler - PHP4 session uses PostgreSQL
PHP_Dyn - A PHP dynamic script tracer.
PaCyrr - A Palm Cyrillic recoder.
POPLAR Virtual Mail System - A POP3-oriented pure-virtual-user mail system.
Perl Mail Grabber - A POP3 email retriever/sorter/spam blocker.
Palm Pilot Yahtzee - Yahtzee for PalmOS.
PHP Film - A Web database that allows you to manage your film collection.
Python Uml Tool - A small UML editor.
python-mcrypt - A comprehensive Python interface to the mcrypt library.
Picture Applet - An applet that displays pictures or slideshows of pictures.
PCP: Fast Cluster File Replication - A system for parallelized, pipelined file replication.
Podium Presentation System - A Web-based slide presentation manager.
Photo Novilab - A Web image gallery generation program.
pam_script - A PAM module for executing a script on login and logout.
PLDoc utility (javadoc for PL/SQL) - Utility for the automatic generation of PL/SQL code documentation.
pvrusb - A Linux driver for the WinTV PVR USB (USB MPEG2 encoder).
PDF Report Writer - Easily create PDF documents with HTML/XML style tags.
piXflow - The image viewer that can browse image thumbs and create/play slideshows.
PHPX - A PHP CMS and portal.
Poppassd-ceti - Eudora Poppassd modified to support PAM.
piFAQ - Helps you to create (and manage) FAQ pages on your site.
pemf - A mail filter.
pop-before-smtp in C - SMTP authentication using POP3.
Pretty Make - A make beautifier.
PHP Assertion Unit Framework - A PHP unit testing tool for PHP developers.
PHP::Session - A Perl module to read and write PHP4 builtin session files.
PHP-Authentication - Tomcat-like authentication for PHP.
Parallel Network Scanner - A fast network services scanner.
popfinder - pop3 sniffer
python-bz2 - A comprehensive Python interface to the bz2 compression library.
Pwee - A PHP extension that lets you expand the PHP runtime environment.
Pythius - Tools and libraries to assess the quality of Python code.
Project Steve Guttenberg - A journal/blogging application that integrates seamlessly into your Web site.
PackAttack - A clone of "Stack Attack", a tetris-like game.
pLauncher - Emulator front-end for multiple emulators.
Parallel File Scanner - A parallel, multithreaded file scanner.
Perl XSQL - A Perl replacement for Oracle XSQL servlet.
pkg-config - A package configuration system for compile/link flags.
paimbot - A customizable bot for AOL Instant Messenger.
Project Management Interface - A web based application for managing project information.
PowerDNS Authoritative Server - PDNS is an advanced high performance authoritative nameserver
php_jh_pdf - PHP classes to simplify PDF creation.
Protoscope - A utility for revealing HTTP transactions.
PyCAGE - A fairly generic and complete cellular automata simulation engine.
pymetar - A Python module providing access to METAR weather reports.
Pwman3 - A password management application.
PHP FormMail - An ASP/PHP script conversion of FormMail.pl.
phpZipLocator - A PHP class for finding distances based on Zip Codes.
Postfix-Cyrus-Web-cyradm-HOWTO - A guide through the installation of a mailing system.
PIGALE - A public implementation of a graph algorithm library and editor.
ProutDNS Dynamic DNS - A set of PHP scripts to create your own Dynamic DNS service.
Psi - A program for connecting to the Jabber messaging network.
pedbot - An AOL Instant Messenger robot with chat and command capabilities.
Pine-Tools - Tools to retrieve extended contact information from a Pine address book.
Py-TOC - A Python module for programming AOL Instant Messenger bots.
PyGo - A Python/Tk application for studying and playing the ancient game of Go.
pyquota - A Python interface to filesystem disk quotas.
Python Community Server - An HTTP server for weblogs.
pyFretCalc - A handy fret spacing calculator for luthiers.
PowerPrefs - A configuration client for PBButtonsd.
PPerl - A persistent Perl interpreter system, designed to speed up Perl scripts.
Pyzor - A collaborative, networked spam-detection system.
phPollster - A PHP/MySQL application for conducting basic polls on a Web site.
Psychoo - A site modeler for PHP.
py Request Tracker Report - A report tool for Request Tracker 2/3.
Python Service Objects - A universal HTTP development system.
phpSecurityAdmin - A user authentication management system which uses PHP and MySQL.
PHP Command Class - A content management class written in PHP.
PHP Screw - A PHP script encryption tool.
Personal Python Webmail - A Webmail server.
PHP Profiler Class - A PHP code profiler to aid in performance optimisation.
par Palm File Tool - A Palm pdb and prc file utility.
PjBOT - A fun-oriented IRC bot developed in Python.
ParaDigEm - A broadcast-based chat client in Java.
Python MP3 Cutter - Automated high speed slicing of very huge MP3 files.
pwdutils - Utilities to manage/change user passwd information.
PHP PDFTemplate - An XML to PDF template class for PHP.
pylize - An online presentation generation tool.
ParPortMG - Parallel port control scripts.
Pizza Business - A game in which you can create your own pizza business.
PrefixSuffix - Renames sets of files.
Python IRC library - A Python IRC library.
PHAkt - A PHP server model for Macromedia Dreamweaver MX.
python-shbuf - A Python module encapsulating libshbuf.
PythonCard - A GUI software construction kit.
pyxdialog - Wrapper classes for the Xdialog program.
Plone CMS - A user-friendly system for managing content and intranets.
phpMysqlConnection - A PHP class for handling MySQL database connections.
pastebot - Saves IRC channels from large amounts of pasting.
Perl Object Environment - A Perl multitasking framework that lends itself to networking software.
PowerDNS Backend Development Kit - The source used to write backends for PowerDNS.
php_writeexcel - A PHP module for generating Microsoft Excel documents.
pam_pwdfile - A PAM module for using separate sets of passwords for different services.
PHPresolver - A DNS resolver library written in pure PHP.
phpCDLabelPS - Create labels for your data/MP3 CDs using PHP and PostScript.
partysip - A modular SIP proxy server.
phpToDo - A simple and efficient todo list written in PHP with MySQL.
PHP Ticket - A PHP and MySQL based ticketing system.
PHP XML Classes - A set of classes for XML processing using PHP.
Pyzzle - A Myst/Riven interface engine.
phpRPC - An easy-to-use XMLRPC library.
portageMaster - A GUI for Gentoo's packaging system Portage.
PAUS - Perl AUtomation System - A Perl home automation system.
PHP::Class->Strings - A PHP class for converting special characters to normal ones.
PetitTrack - A satellite tracker for the Sharp Zaurus.
Prevayler - Transparent Persistence for Java - A fast and simple persistence system for Java.
phpObjectForms - An object-oriented PHP library for creating and processing forms.
phraze - Converts telephone number to combinations of valid words.
pysqlite - A Python DB-API 2.0 interface to SQLite.
Peeper - A program for viewing an area of the screen at a certain magnification.
PowerPhlogger - A counter hosting tool that provides extensive Web statistics.
PircBot - A Java package for quickly and easily creating your own IRC bots.
PipeMore - Capture piped data in a window.
Packlet installer tool - A simple installer tool for Java.
Plushs - A hostname scanner.
pam_exim - A PAM module for use with exim-MTA and smtp-auth.
purepost - An interface between Courier-MTA and Sophie for virus scanning.
PHP Fortune script - A light-weight PHP implementation of the Unix fortune command.
pXp - A framework to develop dynamic sites using PHP and XML.
PAPO - An enterprise resource planning package.
poop POP3 Server - A small and simple POP3 server.
Plugged Editor - An programmable editor that is driven by plugins.
python-webmin - A Python implementation of the Webmin API.
PostArmor - A POP/APOP/IMAP-compatible anti-spam proxy.
PHP Auth - A framework for PHP applications.
POP3 Virus Scanner Proxy - A transparent POP3 Proxy Server for virus scanning.
PHPNotes - A reminder program that uses the PHP-GTK engine and the MySQL db.
png2linuxlogo - A tool for converting PNG images to linux_logo.h format.
PassGuard Framework - A library for managing passwords encrypted in a file.
PassGuard gpasman plugin - A PassGuard plugin to manage gpasman RC2 encrypted files.
pam_smbmount - A PAM module for FreeBSD that automatically mounts SMB shares.
PFARS - Attempts to be a useful replication system for a cluster of machines.
PSGML - An Emacs mode for editing SGML and XML documents.
Player/Stage - A robot interface and simulator.
POPulation MAPper - Graph population using maps from Mapblast.
perlSGML - Perl tools for SGML and DTDs.
phppdflib - Allows dynamic generation of PDF files using PHP.
PowerMail - A redundant and distributed system for receiving and storing mail.
Pound - A reverse proxy, load balancer, and SSL wrapper.
PHP Message Catalog System - A message catalog system for PHP.
PHPdocutron - An application to document PHP classes.
Proc Viewer - A GUI interface for the Linux procfs.
PyDIME - A DIME generator and parser in Python.
PHP Squid Pass - A utility to change passwords for the squid Web proxy.
PlexLotto - A Java-based lottery tool.
p5-IPA - A Perl library of image processing algorithms.
Plans - A powerful and flexible Web calendar.
prtdiag - A bash script to display hardware data and status information.
parprouted - A daemon for transparent IP (Layer 3) proxy ARP bridging.
Package DataBase View - A report tool for package systems like RPM and dpkg.
pysnort - Python libraries for the Snort IDS.
printquota - A printing service quota tracking tool.
pacgen - A highly configurable Linux ethernet packet generator.
phpMyCms - A content managing framework written in PHP.
Papyrus - An XML database reporting langauge.
PHP Accelerator - A Zend engine extension that provides a PHP cache.
pop3despam - A tool that filters email by the "From" field on a POP3 server.
PHP Documentation Generator - A documentation generator for PHP sources.
pipemeter - A utility to show the speed of data moving through pipes.
Perl MD5 Secure Login - A CGI MD5-based secure login code framework.
Proxool - Transparently adds connection pooling to your existing JDBC driver.
PHP IMSP Client Classes - PHP4 Classes for working with IMSP servers.
PhpCollab - A multi-user Web project management tool.
PowerTerm InterConnect - A fast and effective terminal emulator.
pyNMS - A set of Python modules and tools relating to network management and testing.
pnm2ppa - A driver for HP's PPA DeskJet printers.
Palantir - A video/audio/data streaming solution.
PlanetScape - A Java program that simulates visits to other planets.
PopAsm - An assembler for Intel CPUs.
PHP-proxy - A proxy client written in PHP.
Pho - A lightweight image viewer.
Personal Web Statistics - A set of cgi scripts to maintain personal web statistics
Pebrot - MSN messenger text client.
PHPgraph - A simple Web-based tool for creating graphs on the fly.
picoSQL - An SQL-based, multi-user, client/server RDBMS.
phpSQLGen - A set of functions for generating SQL queries, XML, and HTML tables.
PyGopherD - A modern, multi-protocol hierarchical Gopher/HTTP server.
Pipe Viewer - A pipeline data transfer meter.
plptools - Psion PDA connectivity for Linux and Unix.
py_net_libs - A network packet dissector module.
ProGuard - A Java shrinker, optimizer, obfuscator, and preverifier.
Pachyderm-fw - A graphical firewall interface.
Pounder - A utility for automating Java GUI tests.
phpfeed - A retrieval and display system for RDF and RSS site summary files.
Privoxy - A Web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities.
PHP Online RPG - A graphical online RPG.
Pro-Active Webfilter - A filtering HTTP proxy.
pnmstitch - An automatic command line panorama stitcher.
proSilla - A transfer accelerator working over ssh.
PHP Hardware Compatibility Database - A Web-based database for hardware compatibilty information.
PHPaint - A tool that provides quick, easy, mass-production of Web page "buttons".
PyJSW - Python bindings for the libjsw joystick wrapper library.
Personal Content Management Toolkit - A toolkit for creating desktop Content Management Systems.
Penny Pool - A Web utility to administer expense pooling.
php_passport_check - A function to check the validity of a passport ID.
p4delta - Summarizes and manages differences between local files and Perforce.
Practical Tax - A Tax program written in Perl.
phpWebPROXY - A simple Web proxy written in PHP.
PHP Panoptes - A collector for network/host stats.
phpLDAPadmin - A Web-based LDAP administration tool.
Pypect - A Python module for spawning child applications and controlling them.
Popup Fortune - Display fortunes on your root X window.
PHP Generic Access Control List - A generic Access Control List class for PHP.
PseudoPod - A logging program for use with sudo and shell access.
PWN Reader - A Polish encyclopedia reader.
python-stablesort - An adaptive, stable, natural mergesort.
PHP Table class - A powerful table renderer with SQL and TSV support.
pimentech-dbutils - Tools for designing PostgreSQL databases in XML.
Pidgin - A GTK2-based instant messaging client.
PyZOE - A simple Python OpenGL rendering engine.
P2Z - A Palm-to-Zaurus PIM data converter.
python-libcommon - Map, Set, and Graph data types for Python.
Palm Pilot Functional Emulator - A Web-based Palm Pilot functional emulator.
ppplag - A PPP log analyzer.
pmatch - The PHP alternative to grep.
Ptplot - A Java 2D signal plotter.
PEAR MDB - A merge of the PEAR DB and Metabase PHP database abstraction layers.
phpaga - A Web-based project/task/invoice/quotation management system.
ProSum - Protects your files, sys_call_table, and IDT in a Tripwire-like way.
PHP Code Builder - A PHP code generator.
Pexpect - A Python Expect-like module.
Punch - A MIDP punch clock for tracking time.
PyUID - A module for generating "unique" IDs in Python.
PHP Comment class - A reusable PHP commenting class.
PWebs - An HTTP server written in Python.
pymad - A Python wrapper for the MPEG Audio Decoder library.
PTalarms - A library for multiple alarm signals in pthreaded applications.
PHP Voice - PHP classes for generating VXML, SSML, CCXML, and SRGS.
Pubcookie - A Web single sign-on package.
plextor-tool - Allows to change the read speed of Plextor/MMC CD-ROM/R(W) drives.
Pam-module oracle 8i/9i - A PAM authentication module for Oracle 8i.
Particle Simulation - A simulation of spraying up to 60k particles in realtime.
popwatcher - An easy-to-use pop-before-smtp-relay daemon.
Prozilla - A download accelerator for Linux.
Parzeltounge - A native Python library for using FramerD.
pfmds - A fast mail delivery system written in PHP.
phpNavigation - A navigation system for Web sites.
PyTone - A music jukebox written in Python with a curses-based GUI.
poster - A PostScript utility for splitting posters onto small sheets.
Prelude NIDS - A network sensor program.
Prelude Manager - A Prelude IDS concentrator.
Prelude LML - A signature-based log analyzer.
PHP Error Handler - A custom interface to handle and report errors in PHP.
PureData - A visual dataflow programming environment for interactive multimedia.
ppager - A small pager for X.
png2ico - PNG2ICO converts .PNG files to Windows .ICO icon resources (e.g., favicon.ico).
PyKyra - A fast game development framework for Python.
pyGCache - Generic cache class for Python
Python xmlprinter - A Python module to help write out XML documents.
php_ole - PHP classes to access Microsoft OLE files.
PostgreSQL Table Log - Functions for logging changes made to a PostgreSQL table.
posh - A Policy-compliant Ordinary SHell.
pathmerge - A tool for merging PATH-style lists.
Probability and Statistics for Python - Combinations, permutations, Cartesians, and priority queues for Python.
PowerDNS Oracle Backend - A backend which allows PowerDNS to use Oracle as its data store.
PhpLabware - A Web-based database system.
Ptarmigan Media Parser for XML - A tool for producing metadata from media files and streams via SAX.
PsycologIcal Security System - A security system.
ProxIRC - Enables simultanious use of IRC and MSN using any IRC client.
PHP Personal Movie Database - A tool to organise and display your movies list.
Pyepix - A Python wrapper for the LaTeX ePiX plotting library.
Pathan - An XPath processing library that uses the Xerces DOM parser.
Pachi el marciano - A platforms game.
Piccolo toolkit - A revolutionary toolkit to create full-featured graphical applications in Java.
pyblosxom - A Python blosxom clone.
PostgreSQL Maintenance Utilities - Utilities for running routine queries and vacuum, and other useful tools.
PHP Client Sniffer - A PHP class for determining the client's browser.
Pattern Recognition API - A C++ framework for pattern recognition tasks.
Palm Black Jack - A Black Jack simulator.
PatternTesting - Automated verification of Architecture/Design/Best practices rules.
Python FAM - A Python File Alteration Monitor module.
phpIP Management - A complete IPv4 IPAM (IP address management) suite.
ptags - Generate tags files for Perl source.
PASP - A Bayesian-like spam filter for POP3.
PaulOS - A single-threaded, embedded OS with a TCP stack.
patcher - A tool for quick creation of patches against a source tree.
pdc - A desktop calculator in the 'bc' style with features designed for programmers.
Python DNS Cache - A DNS cache module for Python.
phyperoid - A shoot-the-asteroids game.
Perl MUD Client - A text-based MUD client supporting SSL, ANSI, telnet negotations, and MCP.
Parallel port powerSwitch - A TCP/IP server to control a parallel port power switch.
phpAlum - Keep track of your high school and college alumni online and for free.
Picture Cacher - A script that downloads and archives pictures and displays them on the Web.
pyrad - A Python RADIUS implementation.
Preferences.app - A Preferences.app for GNUstep.
Portable PHP/MySQL Corporate Intranet System - An intranet system with integrated helpdesk and file storage.
PHAT - A Web-based network management application.
plconfig - A tool for configuring HomePlug powerline bridges.
PHPSambaExplorer - A PHP-based Web interface to smbclient.
Pixory - A photo album sharing Web application.
pbslogs2mysql - Enters pbs log files in mysql.
PGDesigner - A data modelling tool for PostgreSQL.
Packet Excalibur - A packet generator, sniffer, and script engine with descriptive protocols.
pyrip - A Python module for extracting wave files from CD-ROMs.
postPHPix - A PHP-based interface to manage LDAP virtual mail domains.
PHPService - A template engine.
pdoc - A library to produce HTML documentation from Perl source.
Presenting XML - A framework for XML/XSLT applications
PHP xmlParser - An XML parser class for PHP.
PHP feedParser - A PHP Class capable of parsing RSS 0.91, RSS 0.92, RSS 0.93, RSS 1.0, and RSS 2.
pDonkey - A set of tools for the eDonkey peer2peer protocol.
php-syslog-ng - A Web frontend for viewing syslog-ng messages.
PHP Object Oriented Framework - A library for efficient web application development.
pofHQ-wapMAIL - An IMAP mail client for use with a WAP browser.
Peercast - A P2P broadcasting program.
PHPRecipeBook - A Web-based cookbook with the ability to create shopping lists.
PHP iCalendar - A PHP based calendar file viewer.
PK is dead - A 64KB intro.
Personal Search Engine - An engine that can be easily added to an existing Web site.
PlexGlobe - Tools for travelers and multilingual/multicultural users.
Poweradmin - A Web-based front-end for the PowerDNS nameserver.
PHPFramework - A Web development framework.
picKLE - An image gallery system created in PHP.
Perforce Defect Tracking Integration - Connects defect tracking systems to Perforce SCM.
PHP Spreadsheet_WriteExcel - Classes for generating Excel files with PHP.
phpWirelessMap - A tool that creates a dynamic map of your wireless network.
PowerTemplate - A cross-platform template system for client and server side applications.
Pictureview SlideShow - A movie-reel type image viewer in PHP/JavaScript.
ParaView - A scientific visualization application.
Portos Commander - A powerful and easy-to-use file manager for KDE 3.
phpsecureweb - A PHP system for assigning users certain rights.
phpMailAdmin - A Web-based admin system for mail accounts.
ProjectButler - A distributed multi-user project management software.
ProcessVisualizationBrowser - A process visualization software based on the Qt widget set.
PyAROS - A port of Python to the Amiga ROS.
Panelizer - A memory efficient desktop panel.
preditor - A PHP file editor.
Petal - A tool to maintain permissions on trees of files.
PLLProgram - Design and analysis of integer and sigma delta PLLs.
phpChrystal - An intranet system designed to be used at LAN parties.
Portable Windows Library - A portable application development class library.
PhpCommander - A Web-based file manager.
pdfrearrange - Reorders the pages inside existing PDFs.
Phrealon Linux - A bootable Linux CD for imaging workstations.
PHPEclipse - PHP support for the Eclipse IDE Framework.
PerlReactor - A Perl script for automated filesharing with mldonkey.
pam_realm - A PAM module to check the user's realm.
P300DRV - A Linux driver for the Olympus P300 printer.
pgdiff - Compares the structures of two PostgreSQL databases.
Pynfo - An IRC info, search, and relay bot.
Pyla - A multiplatform Hylafax client written in Python.
pgettext - gettext for Freepascal.
preplay - A general network packet replayer/modifier.
Personal WebMail - A simple Web mail system.
Puissance 4 - A PalmOS boardgame.
Paketto Keiretsu - A collection of advanced TCP/IP tools.
py_ecc - Erasure correcting codes for Python.
Phrame - A Web development platform for PHP based on Jakarta Struts.
phpMotionDetect - A tool for motion detection and browsing.
pxytest - An open proxy tester.
Passepartout - A GTK-based Desktop Publishing application.
PHP Classifieds - A flexible classifieds ad program in PHP/MySQL.
PyDBDesigner - A database modeling tool using the entity-relation (ER) paradigm.
Pluggable Identification Modules - A modular identification library.
Prelink - An ELF prelinking utility.
ProjectForum - A professional, secure, easy-to-use workgroup Wiki server.
Panzers - A simple 3D multiplayer tank game.
Pro/ENGINEER - A high-end solid modeler for designers and engineers.
PSetMixer - A small commandline sound mixer.
Plume - Packages to create and administer a network of diskless X terminals.
Python Cyrus Utils - Python utilities for the Cyrus server.
Poslib DNS library - A client/server DNS library.
PhreakPic - A Web-based photo album and movie ablum.
Pythoñol - An program for helping English speakers to learn Spanish.
phpBB User Control Panel - A User Control Panel for phpBB Forums.
Perl Advanced TCP Hijacking - A collection of network hijacking tools.
ptkmixer - Perl Tk Audio Mixer
PHP LDBI - A PHP interface to local databases.
PerfectDate - A complete dating site package.
pork - An ncurses-based AIM client for the UNIX console.
Penggy - A free AOL dialer.
PyDBC - Preconditions, postconditions, and class invariants for Python.
PHPLog - A PHP log monitoring package.
PHP Backup Maker - A smart CD/DVD/ISO backup solution written in PHP.
Pattern-lab - Pattern recognition and OCR software.
PureTest - Functional regression testing.
phpSupport - A trouble tickets system with email and Web interfaces.
Pardal Content Management System - A small and simple PHP-based weblogging system.
Poopmup - A shoot-em-up, with a twist.
pipebench - A utility that shows the status and a benchmark of piped commands.
PPMy - A simple Web-based administration utility to admin ProFTPD users and groups.
PAdict - A Japanese-English dictionary for PalmOS3.3 and higher.
paranoy - A paranoiac mail client that supports SSMTP, POP3+SSL, and much more.
PySP - A tool to proxy AIM conversations, among other things.
pyLirc - A Python module for interacting with lirc.
PowerDNS Administration - A PowerDNS administration tool that works against the gmysql/gpgsql-backends.
phpCodeCabinet - An extensive, multi-platform code snippet library for any programming language.
PostgreSQL File Finder - A locate/updatedb alternative.
PNGwriter - A C++ library to plot to PNG images.
PerlQt - Perl interface to the Qt GUI toolkit with RAD tools
Phptempt - A template engine for PHP and Java.
PTHiTunesNotifier - A tool to pop up information about the currently playing iTunes track.
POP before SMTP daemon - A POP before SMTP daemon for Qpopper and Sendmail.
pyxattr - A Python extension module wrapper for libattr.
pylibacl - A Python extension module for POSIX ACLs.
PQMM - A simplified PostgreSQL C++ access library.
PhpBaseClasses - An OO set of base classes for PHP.
Prosper - A LaTeX class for writing transparencies.
Phavon - An old-style vertical 2D scrolling arcade game.
python-evas - Python bindings for Evas.
Packetflow Firewall Generator - An XML-based firewall generator.
portell - A BSD package description finder/viewer.
PostScript Utilities - Utilities for PostScript documents.
prtunnel - A tool for tunneling TCP connections through HTTP or SOCKS5 proxy servers.
Polyroids - Destroy the evil polyroids before they take over the universe!
phpSerials - A program for keeping track of your serial numbers and registration information.
Pathalizer - A tool for visualizing the paths users take when browsing a Web site.
Python-dpkg - Tools to handle dpkg files and data types.
php Dealer Locator - A Web application that finds the nearest store/dealer of a business.
PJIRC - A Java applet IRC client.
pstoedit - A converter from Postscript(TM) and PDF to other vector graphic formats.
PHP SQLView - A Web application for SQL tables.
Perl Oak Component Tree - A set of objects using the component model in Perl.
pfmon - A PMU-based monitoring tool for Linux/ia64.
Perl x86 Disassembler - An Intel x86 disassembler written in Perl.
PHPpbx - PHP support for Project Builder.
pppcounter - An Internet connection time logger and easy cost calculator for the console.
PHPostMan - Another HTML form mailer.
PPC Diagnostics - A standalone embedded Power PC diagnostics suite.
Photopub - CGI-based dynamic image publication.
PySMBSearch - An indexer and search engine for Windows file shares.
PDBS - A secure and simple distributed backup system.
PHP CD Archive - A Web application for recording locations of various files.
PlayMIDI - A command-line MIDI player.
pkcrack - A known-plaintext-attack on ZIP file encryption.
pam_pwcheck - A PAM module for password strength checking.
pam_unix2 - Standard PAM module for traditional password authentication.
Pioneers - A clone of the "Settlers of Catan" game.
PHP SQLDiff - A tool for comparing tables in SQL databases.
PHP ImageMagick Class - A class for processing images with ImageMagick.
Php Comment - A quick and easy Web site comment management system.
python3ds - A small set of Python routines for reading 3ds archives.
Project Management Software - Copper 2008 - Project management software.
Promisc - A sniffer with a pretty GTK interface.
phpCodeGenie - A code generator for database driven Web applications.
prometeo - A modular, extensible proxy.
ParaTools - A set of Perl modules for citation parsing.
PHP-NMAP - A PHP Web frontend to the command line utility NMAP.
phlyMail - A groupware, advanced webmail, and PIM client.
Pysite - A tool that generates semi-static Web sites based on files in a directory tree.
P6Spy - Intercepts and logs database statements of applications using JDBC
PubCrawler - A script which monitors the NCBI Medline and GenBank databases.
phpWatermark - A tool to mark an image with a digital "watermark".
Polipo - A lightweight caching Web proxy.
phpStyleSheetViewer - A tool for previewing CSS style sheets on the fly.
PWC-Config - A GUI to configure Web cams using the PWC driver.
Perl Database Admin - An administration tool for MySQL databases.
ppm2html - A small Linux tool that converts an RGB PPM image to an HTML page.
Penguin Greetings - A Perl Web-based ecards system that uses multi-part MIME email.
phpreports - A PHP Web reports tool based on XML files.
pfbtopfa - Convert PostScript Type 1 fonts from PFB to PFA.
PNphpBB2 - A phpBB2 module for PostNuke.
Phex - A P2P filesharing Gnutella client.
PyKota Print Quota System - A complete print quota and accounting system for CUPS.
Pyxine - Python bindings for xine.
PP3 - A tool to generate celestial maps with LaTeX.
progress - A console application to report progress of data through a pipe.
PWP Wiki Processor - A PHP Wiki based on flat files that can create static pages.
poink - A TCP/IP-based ping tool.
phpNewsfork - A news channel and Weblog reader.
pdfmodify - A program that allows you to add data to existing PDF files.
PyDonkey - A Python client which supports the edonkey protocol.
POPFile - An automatic email classifier using a Naive Bayes algorithm.
POP-Before-SMTP Relay Authorization Daemon - A POP/IMAP login monitor to permit SMTP relaying.
pam_eps - A PAM module for ssh authentication against a remote server.
PMathGen - A simple math problem generator that outputs LaTeX and optionally PostScript.
PHPBalanceSheet - A PHP accounting package.
Perl HL7 Toolkit - Perl HL7 tools and libraries.
PEAR::I18N - A localization system for PHP.
Python Packet Capture Library - A high-level Python interface to the libpcap packet capture library.
PyMT - Easy access to MT's xml-rpc API.
Perl newsyslog - A highly portable Perl replacement for MIT/BSD newsyslog.
Polygon Puzzle - Arrange polygonal shapes to fit a tray.
Parsifal XML Parser - A validating XML parser written in ANSI C.
PortaBase - An easy-to-use personal database application.
Pol-IP - A Linux Internet traffic control bandwith manager.
Poor Man's TCO Calculator - An HTML/Javascript TCO calculator.
PhotoPnMTools - A toolkit for processing photographic images.
pixiliate - A packet generation utility for testing firewall ACLs.
PyQStat - A Python wrapper around QStat, the realtime game server status tool.
Posadis Master file editor - A GTK-based DNS master file editor.
PhrozenClock - A Gtk-based clock application with advanced features.
Percival Network Monitoring System - MRTG made easy.
pam_require - A PAM module to require a special group or user.
Profile Manager - Highly customizable free membership software for Web sites.
phaonet - An easy way to publish your photo album on your homepage.
PyHtmlTable - A class for Python CGIs to generate HTML tables on the fly.
Psychonet - Neural network software for analyzing historical data.
PrivateRadio - A network music jukebox with a radio station metaphor.
pam_krb5 - A PAM module for authenticating against a Kerberos 5 server.
phpScribe - A documentation generator to parse source code's comment lines.
POWA - A simple and intuitive GUI to manage a Webcam.
PARASOL - a C library for writing simulations of parallel or distributed computer systems.
ps3 - Displays Linux process activity in 3D.
phpwsListings - A Web-based classified listings system.
PolarViewer - A viewer for exercise files recorded with Polar heartrate monitors.
PhoneOn - A utility which powers the phone on a Treo after a reset.
PPTP_GUI - A graphical interface to the existing PPTP Client for Linux, FreeBSD, & NetBSD.
php_libxslt - A small libxslt PHP/XSL extension.
pmacct - A libpcap, IPFIX, NetFlow, and sFlow IPv4/IPv6 accounting package.
ppplog - A PPP connection costs logger.
pam_dotfile - A PAM module which allows users to have more than one password for each service.
PTOMMI - A Python toolkit for online MP3 management and interaction.
PSMON - Monitors the process table to slay aggressive, and spawn dead, processes.
Pyndex - A simple full-text indexer and Bayesian classifier for Python.
PassGuard Figaro's Password Manager plugin - A PassGuard plugin to manage Figaro's Password Manager Blowfish encrypted files.
progressbar - A script for monitoring progress of computations using a standard progress bar.
pcdio48-linux - A client module for Measurement Computing's PC-DIO-CARD48 under Linux.
phpDC - A Web frontend for the Direct Connect Text Client.
PHP Text File Database - A text file database which can be accessed with SQL.
PHP SQL Toolkit - A database neutral scripting system for PHP.
Phing - A PHP project build system based on Apache Ant.
php.MVC Web Application Framework - php.MVC Web Application Framework
Project Akita OS - A small operating system kernel with a small VGA graphics library.
perfect_maildir - An mbox to maildir converter.
Porque - A system to generate a PHP object model with DB access and form templates.
PyBabelPhish - Language translation software.
PyPrint - A print dialog and printer spool manager.
PyInstallShield - A cross-platform installation program.
Pathetic.org Community Software - A PHP-based community system.
Proc::Reliable - Reliable, simple managed subprocess execution in Perl.
peak-o-mat - A curve fitting program.
phpFiglet - A tool to dynamically create ASCII art text.
Pointless - A presentation tool for the Unix world.
PHP Report class - A class that creates HTML reports from result set arrays.
Philer - Private Web document sharing.
pppcost - A GUI to display the cost of an Internet connection.
phpExifRW - An Exif reader & writer.
phplib2Smarty - An extension of the Smarty templating system for the PHPLib template class.
Platform Independent Petri Net Editor - A tool for creating and analyzing Petri Nets.
Php-ZeroNet - A content management system.
phpMySQLdiff - A script which generates the differences between two MySQL databases.
PHPki - A digital certificate factory.
Process Change Detection System - Watch new or changing processes.
popsneakerconfig - A GUI frontend for popsneaker configuration.
PlumpOS - A bootable low overhead openMosix node on a CD.
phpRapidDev - An easy and fast development environment for PHP applications.
Portable Coroutine Library - A Portable Coroutine Library implementation.
PyX - A Python graphics package.
Project Assistant - A Web tool for feature/support/bug requests management.
phpMyFAQ - A PHP-based FAQ system.
Preprocess - Write unit-style single-source-file C or C++ modules.
Prayer Board - A Web-based prayer bulletin board.
PLD RescueCD - A live Linux distribution on CD that is based on PLD Linux.
pyD20 - A combat manager for D20 or DND3e.
Prometheus - A strategical play-by-email game.
Prince - A batch formatter for converting XML and HTML into PDF using CSS.
Peinture Le Jeu - A small arcade network game.
PHPope - PHP online publishing engine.
PIC Microcontroller SuperOptimizer - A superoptimizer for PIC microcontrollers.
Palm Commandline Tools - Commandline tools for the Palm PIM and an [X]Emacs mode for todos.
Project LRNJ: Slime Forest Adventure - A console RPG that teaches Japanese characters.
PHPBabel - An internationalization system for a group of distributed translators.
Python Grimoire - A collection of spells for the Sorcerer GNU/Linux distribution.
Paranoia OTP Generator - A one-time password generator for mobile phones.
Projet free-EOS - A free solution for multimedia space.
pretendroot - Pretend root filesystem permissions.
PyStripchart - Strip chart widgets built upon PyGTK.
photon project - A tool to generate HTML slides from images.
phpFriendlyAdmin - A remote database content management tool.
p(y)layer - A jukebox frontend to mpg123 (or mpg321).
perlmimio - Quick and dirty software for the Mimio white board.
PetiteCGI - Perl-based CGI abstraction library.
PG_counter - A module for Apache server for counting page visits.
PyBackend - An RDBMS-backed object development framework written in Python.
parametric_diagram_3d - A class for rendering parametric functions in 3D.
ProKylix - A source code profiler for Kylix 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0.
Poesia - An Internet content filter.
phpMyCatalog - A disk content cataloguer with searching features.
PHP Paper and Proceedings Database - Code for a conference proceedings and papers database.
pDonkey Server - A Perl implementation of an eDonkey server, built upon P2P::pDonkey.
pu6e - An Ultima 6 world editor.
prtpacker - Create C source code from program resource trees.
PHPmyCDMouse - A CD/DVD indexing/cataloging solution using PHP/MySQL.
Proxy C - A simple WYSIWYG multithreaded C proxy.
PyObjC - A bridge for using Python with Objective-C for Cocoa development.
pipeworks - Software to measure/limit the transfer rate of a pipeline.
Parasite - A PHP PEAR::DB-based blog CMS.
Premium thttpd - An advanced Web server for high performance needs.
PHPObject - An alternative to Flash Remoting for PHP developers.
pjbvfs - A gnome-vfs method for accessing the Hango pjb-100 MP3 player.
Python SAP RFC module - A Python interface for SAP librfc shared library/DLL.
PKI Tools - A Java toolkit for performing common PKI related tasks.
PartGUI - A Qt partition tool for Linux.
PyLETS_CGI - A simple Web-based accounting for LETSystems.
Py-FreeType - A Python wrapper around the FreeType v2 API.
PIne Web View Attachment - View attachments easily when using Pine.
PHP Doc System - A modular PHP system for creating documentation.
Pingwinek GNU/Linux - A Linux distribution made in Poland.
Portal Foundation Classes - A J2EE library to develop highly interactive and rich Web applications.
pybackup - A recursive tar-zip backup system.
pop3filter - A POP3 transparent proxy with support for filters.
PHProjekt Backup Addon - An addon to backup, manage, and restore PHProjekt databases.
python-crack - Python bindings for cracklib.
Physics 3D - A 3D physics simulation program.
PsyncX - A free Cocoa Backup utility.
Palm SV203 Serial Control Library - A Palm SV203 Serial Control Library in C++.
poplimitd - A daemon process that helps limit POP3 and IMAP connections.
Plush - A renderer that can render 3D images in real time.
php_tree - A PHP class for displaying and modifying database trees.
Publicador - A site edit and publisher based on templates
Perl Panel - An X11 panel program written in Perl.
Pervasive.SQL - A database server which can be easily embedded into applications and devices.
porn.pl - Gets a list of domains from hosts linking to porn sites.
php-kadm5 - A PHP extension for remote administration of Kerberos V servers.
pyadvsearch - Enhanced grep
pysco - A utility for the CSound musical synthesis package.
PerlPad - A tool that offers Perl code execution as a MacOS X system service.
PhonoRipper - A GUI tool for creating audio CDs from analog sources.
PHPTestManager - A school test manager.
Project Penguin Database - A tool to interact with the Project Penguin Database.
Photos - A Web-based photo database built on PHP and MySQL.
phpSANE - A Web-based frontend for SANE.
P::Classes - A high performance, portable C++ application framework.
Partyfish - A powerful content managment system.
PyPov - A Python framework for generating povray files.
phpQLAdmin - A system administration interface.
Paragon NTFS for Linux - A driver that allows access to NTFS partitions under Linux.
peksystray - A notification area dockapp.
Proxy-applet - A GNOME tray applet for changing network proxy configurations.
Parchive - A tool that helps data recovery of multi-part archives on Usenet.
PalmFontConv - Converters for Palm format fonts, v1 and v2, and from TTF, Type 1, etc.
p-run - A utility to run processes on a number of machines in parallel.
phpTasks - A multiuser task and ticket management system.
Package Installation Manager - A script for managing package installation.
Pathological - A puzzle game involving paths and marbles.
phpwsBB - A native bulletin board module for phpWebSite.
package-framework - A configure/build system.
pfflowd - Cisco NetFlow datagram export for OpenBSD PF.
Pre Make Kit - A portability checker for use in the pre-build stage of software installation.
Postmach - An virtual implementation of E. L. Post's machine.
pkdump - A port scan detection tool.
page - A Unix tool that prints a page from files or stdin.
Pytego - A networkable "Stratego" clone created with Pygame.
Payroll Perl Modules - A Perl API for calculating payroll taxes.
PME - A C++ wrapper for PCRE with a Perl-like syntax.
pkgrebuild - A tool for rebuilding pkg packages.
PerPOJO - A caching and persistence system for simple Java objects.
PeopleLink IM Server - An instant messaging server.
PyWiew - An image viewer/editor.
PyQwt - A set of Python bindings for the Qwt library.
PyPE - A Python source editor with form and function.
PHPCoder - A Web-based frontend to the Turck PHP Encoder, which encodes/compiles PHP script
PHP [email protected] web monitor - A PHP script to monitor a [email protected] process via the local Web server.
pf2x - A PHP script that will convert your pflog(s) into different formats.
PQAdmin - A frontend to configure Linux print quotas support using Webmin.
PHPChain - A secure Web-based password database.
Pearlowis - A configurable-item shopping cart system.
pppusage - Summarizes transfer volume and other data for PPP connections.
pynids - A Python wrapper for libnids.
pwbuilder - A tool for building Slackware packages.
phpWebFileMgr - A Web filemanager for end users.
PwManager - A password manager.
Papaan - An XML publishing framework.
par2ls - A tool that lists the packets of parchive files, and optionally, their contents.
phpMp - A Web interface for Music Player Daemon (MPD) written in PHP.
PVRec - A graphical interface to the pvrusb device driver.
Purity Of Email - Scripts to use CRM114 with Mozilla-based browsers.
phpSERA - A tool for Search Engine Ranking Analysis (SERA).
Performance Application Programming Interface - An API for a CPU performance counter.
pam_usb - Provides hardware authentication for Linux using ordinary USB sticks.
PHPortfolio - A Web-based portfolio for photographers.
PwG - A password generator.
poc - An HTTP, RFC 2250, RFC 3119, and FEC streamer for OGG and MP3.
PHP Langadmin - A Web interface for translating applications.
PHP Cascading Menu Class - Auto-generated cascading menus.
PHPEmaillist - A Web-based mailling list and newsletter system.
pY! Voice Chat - A Yahoo voice chat program.
Pungo Spell - A PHP / DHTML spellchecker
Python IPC module - A module with shmem, msg queues, and semaphores for Python.
PHX - A Web application development platform.
pdfTeX - An extended version of TeX that can produce PDF.
PHP Web Application Framework - A framework for building PHP Web applications.
PHP multiple dataset bar graph - Dynamically generate a bar graph for one or more data sets.
phpWX - A PHP weather display script.
pWhiteboard - A PHP/MySQL/htmlArea whiteboard.
pal calendar - A "cal"-like calendar that displays holidays and events.
prc-eclipse - An Eclipse plugin with support for prc-tools.
PowerNowd - A simple, fast, configurable cpufreq client daemon.
prov - A form overlay printing tool for Unix-like systems.
python-xmltv - A Python module for XMLTV data.
PySolitaire - A collection of more than 300 solitaire and Mahjongg games.
Potrace - Transforms bitmaps into vector graphics.
Python Gutenberg E-text Project - Desktop software for Project Gutenberg e-texts.
PalmApple - An Apple IIe emulator for Palm.
packETH - An ethernet packet generator.
PostArabic - Arabic shaping for PostgreSQL.
psyced - A decentralized messaging chat system for IRC, XMPP, HTTP, SMTP, and PSYC.
PyGgy - Lexer and GLR parser generator for Python
Pete's Blackjack - A fun blackjack Java card game.
phpSavant - A PHP template system that's a simple alternative to Smarty.
pam_deny_uc - A Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) to force lowercase usernames.
PicoContainer - An embeddable Container for Constructor Dependency Injection (CDI) components.
PurpleWiki - A WikiWiki with PurpleNumbers.
pxlib - A library for reading/writing Paradox database files.
PREDICT - A multi-user satellite tracking and orbital prediction program.
Pymprovisator - Software for jazz musicians.
pop2imap - A tool that synchronizes mailboxes between a POP and an IMAP server.
p0f - A passive OS and application fingerprinting tool.
PortableCBL - An open version of the Cray Bioinformatics Library.
Penzilla Desktop - A desktop enviroment based on Mozilla-XUL, forked from Oeone's Homebase Desktop.
PureFTPd Manager - A small Cocoa frontend to PureFTPd for Mac OS X.
PXSL - A convenient shorthand for writing markup-heavy XML documents.
PlanMyDay - A planner for daily appointments and todos.
pmr - A filter which measures bandwidth and number of bytes passing through a pipe.
PHP 2 Do - A simple, straightforward todo list.
phpSQLiteAdmin - A Web-based interface for SQLite database administration.
Portfolyo - A Web-based personal project and skill tracker.
PSTricks - Use PostScript graphics capabilities inside of TeX.
PyScript - A Python module for producing PostScript graphics.
pysmpp - An SMPP implementation in pure Python.
PowerSeek SQL - A system for creating, managing, and running your own search engine and directory portal with ease.
Perl Archive Toolkit - Tools for Perl packaging and deployment; a cross between Java's JAR and perl2exe
Philip's Music Writer - A text-to-PostScript music typesetter.
PHP Doctor - A Javadoc-style comment parser for PHP code.
PhpMyComic - A package for organizing comics.
PHP News - News management software.
PDU / ASCII conversion functions - Converts between an ISO-8859-1 ASCII string and a PDU-encoded array of bytes.
P2P-Radio - A peer-to-peer audio and video broadcasting system.
pylint - A lint tool for Python.
Peffisaur - A multiuser MMS blogging system.
Pyamp - A music player for KDE.
PHPCrawl - A class for crawling/spidering Websites.
phpWebDesk - A tool providing server-side compression and conversion for Web pages and files.
PX-GUI - A set of GUI classes for the SDL library.
Private - A Linux security module which implements BSD securelevels.
PAR Packaging and Deployment tool - A packager for Perl programs.
PopFlush - A tool for deleting messages from POP3 mailboxes.
PHP GEN - A PHP code generator for managing database tables.
Palm Tuner - A guitar tuner and metronome.
Paragon Drive Backup - A universal backup tool to secure your system.
pwig - A SWIG wrapper generator extension to develop new language modules in Python.
PHP PayPal IPN Class - A PayPal IPN class.
PHP Live! - A Web-based live support system.
PDO - A DB-agnostic object-oriented database programming module for Python.
Photo Organizer - A PostgreSQL-backed Web-based photo manager.
PhpWebmin - A system for developing Webmin modules in PHP.
pyhtmloo - A library allowing Python developers to treat HTML code as any other object.
PHP FormMail Generator - A tool to create ready-to-use Web forms.
PyPanel - A panel/taskbar for X11 window managers.
plusxauth.pl - A tool which autodetect X11 environment settings.
phpMyBackend - A MySQL backend generator.
PHP Button Generator - A dynamic button generation system for Web sites.
Pydspam - A Python wrapper for dspam.
PAiN - A new MUD code base written in Java.
PgSqlClient - An ADO.NET Data provider for PostgreSQL.
pop3spam - A tool that deletes unsolicited mail from a POP3 server.
Prométhée - An administrative and pedagogic intranet for public educational etablishments.
pgAdmin III - A management and administration tools for the PostgreSQL database.
PBLang - A full featured flat file BBS in PHP.
Project ifchk - A tool for detecting network interfaces in promiscuous mode.
planetGenesis - A height field and mesh generator.
Picwiz - An image resizing wizard.
PyFileMaker - A Python module for accessing FileMaker Pro databases.
Python Music Daemon - Yet another jukebox written in Python.
Phonebook Contacts Manager - An easy-to-use contacts manager application.
Python Macromolecular Library - A Python programming library for biological macromolecules.
PureAdmin - A graphical management utility for PureFTPd.
ProtocolWatch - A program to display communication between a server and a client.
pyCDK - Python binding to the Curses Development Kit.
pMH - A general purpose reservation engine.
pvpnd - A daemon for setting up an PPP-over-SSH tunnel.
Pidget - A widget library for PHP.
Poseidon - Yet another PHP weblog, but with a robust plugin API.
PySPG Systematic Parameter Generator - Systematically generates parameters to execute programs
Piwigo - A photo gallery system for the Web.
PodWiki - PodWiki is a WikiWiki tool using POD as its markup language.
PHPnewsGroups - A Usenet news client in PHP 4.
pcp - A download program.
picocom - A minimal dumb-terminal emulator.
ppgplot - A set of Python bindings for PGPLOT.
PAM X509 Authentication Module - A module that provides authentication based on X509 certificates, etc.
Pattern matching - SNOBOL-like pattern library.
phpGradeBook - A Web-based grade book.
Penguin Cards - A card game.
PHP Canada Post Shipping Rate Calculator/Module - A module for online merchants to calculate costs for shipping via Canada Post.
Pin Dynamic Instrumentation Tool - Software instrumentation of executables for Linux.
PHP-Mesh - A PHP mini-port of Java's SiteMesh.
POV-Ray Mesh Compressor - Compresses POV-Ray triangle meshes by 70% to 80%.
phalidate - A set of data validation classes.
PHP2Go - A Web development framework created to help PHP developers.
PaleoHack - A port of the Rogue-like game Hack.
pftabled - A daemon that allows remote access to OpenBSD's pf tables.
PyPlet - A simple IRC bot which can be interfaced with any text-to-speech engine.
pslange - An ncurses-based clone of the game snake.
Pilot Template for PalmOS 5.x - A skeleton code generator for PalmOS programmers.
phpMSAdmin - An administration program for Microsoft SQL Server.
pitacard - A flashcard program with strong multi-language support.
Pansophica - An intelligent, virtual-reality Web search agent.
prizm - A simple tool to colorize xterm sessions.
phpwsContacts - A contact information module for phpWebSite.
pmta - A small mail transfer agent.
Power Acpid - An Advanced Configuration and Power Interface daemon.
PMD - A Java source code analyzer.
Paypal Shopping Cart - A shopping cart that accepts PayPal payments.
prpn - A simple RPN calculator.
phpwsRSSFeeds - A phpWebSite module for displaying RSS feeds.
phpAutoGallery - An auto-indexing image gallery that uses PHP and mod_rewrite.
PLD Live CD - A Linux distribution on a CD based on PLD Linux.
pxview - A viewer and converter for Paradox files.
pb.WebMAUI - A Web-based mail server administration tool.
PalmADC - A PalmOS data acquisition system.
Pygmy httpd - A Web server for embedding into applications.
Position - The GNUstep GPS navigator.
Perlbox Voice - A voice recognition system with desktop plugins.
Porthole - A frontend to the Gentoo Portage system.
phpCal_ - Generates customizable calendars in HTML.
Paragraph Adjuster with Hyphenation - A tool that reformats paragraphs into user-defined alignments, with hyphenation.
PyLogo - An interpreter for the Logo language.
pam_imap - A PAM module that authenticates against an IMAP server.
PyGtkGLExt - Python language bindings for GtkGLExt.
PyWork - A fully object-oriented Web application framework.
publicVoiceXML - A VoiceXML browser that uses text to speech.
Pinnacle PCTV Deluxe/Bungee Console - A GUI for PCTV Deluxe/Bungee Tools.
Psplit - A portable file splitter.
PHP RDF Parser - A PHP class for consuming RDF/RSS feeds.
PGAL - A genetic algorithm library that parallelizes a genetic algorithm.
Photo ShowOff - An HTML photo album generator, using CSS themes.
PyTVGrab - An XMLTV library and tv_grabbers written in Python.
potracegui - A GUI for potrace.
phpMyDirectory - A full-featured tool to create Yellow Pages, Business Directory.
Panther Application Server - A lightweight, modular Java application server.
PyCHM - A set of Python bindings for Jed Wing's chmlib.
PHP Webdav Client Class - A nearly RFC 2518-conforming Webdav class.
PixDev - A development environment built around the Pixil operating environment.
PadPaper Editor - A simple text editor/Notepad replacement.
Plankton - A Web application development framework for PHP.
PKGsummon - A utility for management of slackware packages.
PHP Home User Gallery - A Web-based image gallery system.
phpBB Fetch All - A syndication addon for phpBB.
pyCVS - A Python library for the CVS protocol.
PyRPN - A PDA-friendly RPN calculator inspired by the HP48.
PhotoFS - A Web- and shell-based photo album based on ReiserFS concepts.
pydiction - A program that allows users to auto-complete Python code in Vim.
PHP Big Brother Hosts Configurator - A PHP interface to configure hosts in Big Brother
Pop3eye - A POP3 (also APOP and mbox) email notifier.
Perthon - A Python-to-Perl source code translator.
P3Scan - A transparent email scanning proxy.
posterity - A set of read-only servers for publishing email archives.
pENC - Perl Source Code Encryptor - A source code encryptor for Perl.
PHPlus - A rapid application development framework for PHP.
Python-SOAP - A SOAP implementation for Python.
PhpNewsReader - A news reading interface written in PHP.
phpAwStats - A tool for parsing AWStats logs
PHPtemplater - A PHP class to manage templates, with a simple but powerful interface.
PerlPrimer - A GUI application to design PCR primers.
PostgreSQL Log Analyzer - A statistics generator for PostgreSQL log files.
Picalo - A tool for data analysis.
PRICE - A tool for image processing.
PLD - A Linux distribution developed in Poland.
Practical Music Search - A versatile ncurses-based MPD client.
pnEncyclopedia for Postnuke CMS - The module pnEncyclopedia for Postnuke CMS.
Pacemaker - A dynamic rate-limiting script for supressing network abuse.
pyenca - A Python libenca interface
PyFloppy - A graphical floppy formatting tool.
PySBIG - A Python module to read SBIG CCD files.
phpScheduleIt - A Web-based reservation management system.
perlPrinterInfo - A Perl script that shows you the most important data from a network printer.
Página - A page generation abstraction tool using template objects.
pa2fs - A file manager for Compaq iPaq Personal Audio Player PA-2 memory cards.
PunBB - A fast, lightweight, bloat-free discussion board.
python-gammu - Python bindings for Gammu.
Prelude PFlogger - An OpenBSD PF sensor for Prelude-IDS.
pycodes - Low density parity check error correcting codes in Python.
Photorec - A small tool to recover pictures from digital camera memory.
pixconv.pl - A tool to rename, rotate, resize, grayscale, watermark, and optimize images.
psi-imapmail - A gdesklet which checks an IMAP mailbox.
Phoobot - An IRC and email bot with a persistence layer and plugins.
Pydar - A program to automatically record radio programs.
ptr.h - A small, fast, thread safe, generic C++ smart pointer template.
PHP Directory Indexer - A PHP script to make indexes of directories.
playSMS - A flexible mobile portal system and SMS gateway.
PHPromis - A PHP implementation of The Generic Product Information Database System (PROMIS)
PHP Reusable Web Framework - A PHP framework to help develop object-oriented, event-driven Web applications.
paella - A program to aid in installing and configuring a Debian system.
PHP Excel Reader - A library for reading data from Excel files.
Project VDW - A package that generates van der Waerden sequences.
Project Summary Doclet - A doclet that extracts release info and links report items to SF tracker items.
povmosix - A tool for parallel Povray rendering in an OpenMOSIX environment.
PyXMLSec - A set of Python bindings for the XML Security Library.
playd - An audio player daemon.
PHP Kickstarter - An extremely flexible PHP-based kickstart solution.
Pasmo - A multi-platform Z80 cross assembler.
PEAR::PHPUnit - A regression testing framework for PHP 5.
PPort - Software that provides an interface for the computer ports.
Python Cryptography Toolkit - A collection of cryptographic algorithms and protocols.
portbase - A portable base services library for C.
PLCIO - A library to interface with a programmable logic controller (PLC).
ProQuake - A Quake engine for advanced deathmatch play, including cheat-free mode.
PATH programming language - A unique two-dimensional programming language.
Patch Lifecycle Manager - A central point to track patches against the base source.
phpoxo - A PHP Web-based 2-player oxo game.
PostScript::CDCover - A simple Perl module for generating CD covers in Postscript.
php-pimentcore - A Web-based database interface.
php4flicks - A powerful PHP/MySQL movie database.
Plato - A template parsing engine for PHP.
pyXLWriter - A Python library for generating Excel spreadsheets.
pam_quota - A PAM module to set up a user's quota.
Polygen - A random sentence generator according to a grammar definition (BNF).
PHP Registry - Stores configuration key values in registry files.
PHP Service Monitor - A basic service monitor.
Picture Viewer - A picture viewer program.
Porrog - An original Rogue-like game.
Pineapple 3 - A small 3D shooter game.
Player vs. Player Gaming Network - A gaming network server emulation project.
plugdaemon - A load balancing "plug" proxy with failover and external firewall support.
Projectory - A platform-independent, Web-enabled project management tool.
patchutils - Programs for manipulating patch files.
pwsafe - A command-line password database, compatible with Counterpane's Password Safe.
People & Projects Tracking System - An online employee tracking system.
php xmllib - A PHP library to parse, modify, and write XML documents.
PopWash - An interactive mail filtering tool for POP3 accounts.
pam_ssh_agent - A PAM module that uses the login password to decrypt private keys.
Poor Man's Flight - Integrated tools for DB2 databases.
PGPMime for Java - A library that extends the JavaMail API by a PGPMime framework.
PostgreSQL-relay - A tool to multiplex a number of databases to one point of origin.
Poe - A Vorbis comment editor for GNUstep.
Pavlov - A very open multiple choice study system in Java.
Potnia - Subject gateway software.
PkgBuilder - A software package system for Linux, similar to BSD ports.
pyobfuscate - A Python source code obfuscator.
Praat - A tool to analyze, synthesize, and manipulate speech.
PMilter - A pure Perl milter protocol API.
Portage56k - Gentoo emerging for dial-up users.
PyCrash - A run-time exception dumper for Python applications.
PlotServer - A tool which starts a Matlab daemon process and accepts commands via sockets.
PHP DocWriter - A set of PHP classes that generates OpenOffice.org Writer documents.
pedsim - A simple microscopic pedestrian simulation system.
PHP Running Management - A training or race running management tool.
POLE - A library to access structured storage.
pam_ccreds - A cached credentials PAM module.
Perl/Tk Ispell - A graphical user interface for GNU ispell.
Poker 3D - A 3D online multiplayer poker game.
PHP/JavaScript interpreter - A PHP JavaScript script interpreter for server-side use.
passwd_exp - A password/account expiration email notifier.
Pico Server - A small, portable Web server.
ProgressiveVNC - A VNC implementation with progressive transmission of framebuffers.
PimenGest2 - An ERP for small to mid-sized companies.
Parsec - A monadic parser combinator library for Haskell.
PHP or Java Class Code Generator - A generator of classes for accessing databases in the Java-beans style.
Psyco - The Python specializing compiler.
PlotMM - A GTKmm plot widget.
Prismstumbler - Software which finds 802.11 (WLAN) networks.
pgets - A call accounting tool for Auerswald ETS4308i.
Py_ContigViewer - A viewer that visualizes and validates polymorphic sites in EST assemblies.
pyldaw - A Python wrapper for LDAs which provides .qmail-like extension filtering.
PARANIX - A PARAnoid uNIX file monitor and alert system.
PHP News or Weblog - A highly configurable news or Weblog system.
Phpauction NG GPL - Auction software.
pyshaper - A simple yet flexible traffic-shaper (bandwidth manager) for Linux systems.
phpmyfamily - A dynamic genealogy Website builder.
perl4caml - Allows you to access Perl code from OCaml.
p3pmail - A tool that removes dangerous HTML tags from email.
Pylets - A fast, lightweight, aspect-oriented Web framework built on mod_python.
PyEximon - A GNOME monitor and manager for Exim.
Perl Data Viewer - A Perl/Tk-script to visualize datafiles.
PEAR::XML_Transformer - XML transformations in PHP.
PEAR::Image_GIS - Visualization of GIS data.
pystatgrab - Python bindings for the libstatgrab library.
pBeans - A straightforward database object/relational mapping framework.
Propel - A PHP5 object persistence layer based on Apache Torque.
PyFX - A Python-based shader-based effect framework.
Python SRS Library - A Python Sender Rewriting Scheme library.
Python DNS - A DNS module for Python.
PostgreSQL for [email protected] - An object-relational database optimized for SUN Solaris (SPARC).
PC/104 Robotics Drivers for Linux - Linux robotics drivers.
passwords - A program for storing and retrieving passwords.
Passwd - A password management application.
PayPal IPN Agent - An agent which validates and stores PayPal IPNs.
phpMyBaseball - A Web system for tracking baseball statistics for one or more teams.
PyPebbles - A small Tetris-like puzzle game.
PHP qmailbox - A very simple administration tool for qmail with vpopmail.
pbnc - A simple TCP port bouncer.
PHPBibMan - A Web-based literature database for scientific purposes.
PoGPowerServer - An advanced server for the online Plane Of Goofiness game.
Phunami - A script to protect dynamic PHP scripts from Slashdotting.
projectM - An advanced music visualizer for XMMS.
Pagify - A script to purge, paginate, and footnote the HTML output from Microsoft Word.
phpStat - A set of scripts to generate statistics of IM log files.
Python ISO8211 Library - A Python library for reading and writing the ISO8211 format.
PieSpy - An IRC bot that draws social networks of IRC channels.
PCE - An IBM PC 5150 emulator.
phpMyCdArchive - A CD catalog.
Project: Starfighter - A 2D mission-based shoot-'em-up game.
PHP Admin Tools - A Web-based file manager.
Perl SQLite Wrapper - An SQLite wrapper for Perl.
pkg_db.pl - Generates an HTML list and statistics of packages installed via NetBSD pkgsrc.
PG Calculator - A multifunction, scientific, skinable algebraic/RPN calculator.
pyBKM - A tool to organize Web addresses.
PunJab - An HTTP server that provides a BOSH interface to XMPP/Jabber servers.
ProActive - A library for parallel, distributed, and concurrent computing.
Pyastra - A Python to assembler translator.
Pluk - An object-oriented programming language.
Pegasys - A workflow creation and management system for bioinformatics analyses.
palmresize - A library for supporting Sony OS4 and OS5 silkscreen, Palm DIA, and Handera Silk
pFuel - A tool that records purchases and computes statistics of fuel consumption.
PyBison - A Python-based parser that operates at the speed of C.
PSpringies - A mass and spring simulation for PDAs.
PyMovie - A movie management program.
phpDateTime - Classes for Date, Time, Datetime, and Timespan.
Practical Query Analyzer - Produces HTML reports on query statistics.
Program Version Switch - A program to easily switch between different interpreter versions.
pyxcom - A Python interface to XCOM.
PS2VIC - A VIC-20 emulator for Playstation 2.
PyC2LaTeX - A tool that converts an adl, C, Java, or idl file to LaTeX.
phpLendMe - A Web-based resource reservation system.
PyLinda - An implementation of the tuple-space-based distributed computing system.
PHPGeek Utilities - Utility scripts for PHP developers.
PmWiki - A PHP WikiWikiWeb clone for Web site management.
phpThumb() - A flexible PHP thumbnail generator.
PHPoto - A customizable photo gallery system for the Web that is standards-compliants.
PlanMaker - A Microsoft Excel-compatible Linux spreadsheet.
PDML - A PDF generation tool that uses a PHP-enabled markup language.
Plan 9 From User Space - A port of Plan 9 applications to UNIX/Darwin.
pam_chroot - A PAM module for chrooting.
PyRapi - A Python wrapper for the SynCE libraries.
PowerTab Tools - Utilities for converting .ptb files to other formats.
ProviderTool - An Internet server administration program with email protection.
pytai - A Python interface class to represent tai64 values.
Php-MultiShop - A multi-vendor virtual mall, CMS, and e-commerce system.
Prometheus QoS - An ISP-oriented QoS and traffic shaping tool.
PDFjam - Shell scripts for manipulation of PDF documents.
phpPeanuts - A dynamic scaffolding application framework in PHP.
Python Browser Poseur - A shell-like interpreter/Web browser for creating test scripts.
PHP Exif Library - A library for reading and writing Exif data in JPEG and TIFF files.
PyInvoke - A Python RPC protocol and implementation.
PHP DataGrid - A simple but powerful tool for generating data-bound grid control.
PearPC - A PowerPC architecture emulator.
phpBB Blog - A simple blog system for phpBB.
PDFTrans - A utility to add metadata, protect, and encrypt PDF documents.
PHP Composer - A class for rendering images of the musical score of RTTL ring tones.
Pigalle - A slick Web-based photo album.
POPsearch - A desktop search engine that you can access from anywhere.
pkt - An XML-based packet archiver with parity.
PyAudioPlay - A threaded Python media player class.
Peephole - Peephole Extracts regular Expression Patterns Harvesting Only Last Emails.
Propagast - Allows game servers bound on a specific IP to be visible in the LAN browser.
pam_envfeed - A PAM module for dynamically setting environment variables.
PhiloLogic - A full-text database engine for humanities text research.
Perl Snapshot Is Not Incremental Backup - A tool for backing up Samba or Windows shares to central disk space.
p0rn-comfort - A collection of scripts to browse image-gallery sites.
phpWF - A set of PHP widgets for constructing Web applications.
Publimark - A public key steganographic tool for audio.
pmem - A small utility that displays memory information about processes.
PloneMaintenance - A program that automates the maintenance of your Plone sites.
Postgrey - A greylist policy server for Postfix.
Procurement Software - An application that makes the purchasing process easy.
PalmBible+ - A full-featured Bible viewer.
POP3 DNS updater - Dynamically update DNS using POP3.
PL/FLOW - A WfMC standard WFMS written in PL/SQL.
Project Lima - A program for probabilistic factorization of large integers.
pyclamav - A virus checking module for Python that uses libclamav.
PHP FastFileCache - A fast PHP output caching system.
Presto Web - A complete Web site generator.
Php AMX - A Web management interface for Half-life game servers.
parexec - A tool for running multiple commands in parallel.
PopCal - A pop-up JavaScript calendar.
PDFBarcode - A function for adding barcodes to PDF documents.
Pole Display Control Program - A PD6000 pole display control program.
PHP Version Checker - A tool to check the PHP version and module requirements of a script.
PuTTY - A Telnet and SSH client.
Pliant Perl Binding - A binding that allows interaction between Perl and Pliant programming languages.
phpMyBackupPro - An OS-independent, easy-to-use MySQL backup tool.
PHP Gift Registry - A Web-based gift registry.
Pod::OOoWriter - A tool to convert POD to OpenOffice.org Writer.
p0f-db - A modified p0f which puts its data into a database.
PlopFolio - A clone of Serence's excellent KlipFolio.
PAQ - A series of experimental archivers.
Ports Manipulator - A ports collection manipulator for BSD.
PureUserAdmin - A Web-based Pure-FTPd user administration system.
phroggy.com - A dynamic Web site engine.
Portecle - A GUI version of the command line keytool provided with the Java SDK.
Presto Poll - A poll system with an admin center.
Placid - A Web-based frontend for Snort.
Phaos - A browser-based MMORPG.
[email protected] - A graphical front-end for the "cron" and "at" task scheduling systems.
phpDiveLog - A tool for presenting Aqua DiveLog data in a nice way.
PHPDtObject - A database table access class.
PalmWords - A Latin-English dictionary.
PerfParse - A tool for analysing data produced by Nagios.
Paper Harbour - A professional multi-user document management system.
Pywifi - A library to provide access to wireless information about a W-Lan card.
PatchEditor - A simple, easy-to-use application for "visually editing" large patch files.
PRES - A simple content management system.
PKLite - A lightweight SQL querying tool.
phpMyVisites - A Web traffic analyzer with very detailed reports and advanced graphics.
popcheck.sh - A shell script to delete Microsoft Swen/Netsky/Sober spams from POP3 servers.
PHP Object Persistent Database - A system that provides simple persistent storage for Web application objects.
Pywikiserver - A WikiWiki Web server.
php-Booba - A simple PHP framework for developing Web applications.
PyLucene - Java Lucene compiled for use from Python.
Pathogen Warrior - A puzzle game about matching 3D model structures with a 2D hexagon map.
pgtcl - Tcl bindings for PostgreSQL client libraries.
Parsec47 - A fast-paced retro shoot-em-up in an abstract world.
Perl/Linux - A Perl-based Linux distribution.
Prolog+CG - An implementation of Prolog with conceptual graphs.
pflp - A Web frontend and log parser for the pf firewall.
PfPro - A GUI for creating PF firewall configurations.
ptybuffer - A tool to daemonize interactive TTY-line-driven programs with output history.
Platen - A Java library for working with Movable Type blog databases.
phpman - A PHP/MySQL system to publish manuals and documentation in multiple languages.
Philtron - A filtering HTTP proxy.
P2Pwall - Firewalling of P2P traffic using Linux.
PEAR::Services_Weather - A PHP module to retrieve weather information from various services.
PyCLIPS - Python bindings to the CLIPS expert systems library.
Poor Man's Imaging Wrapper - A simple wrapper over JAI and Java2D to expose only simple direct method calls.
Protector - An email virus blockade.
pacKAGE oRGANIZER - A source code package management system.
PulseAudio - A sound server for Unix.
pf2mrtg - A packet filter to MRTG statistics tool.
Plogit - A blogging application for PalmOS.
PHPTocLib - Allows users to develop AIM bots using PHP with the CLI
PConf - A Makefile skeleton and configure system.
PicoStreamer - An HTTP audio/video live streaming server written as a CGI (Perl).
PurpleView - A paper review system.
Pluto - A heavy duty persistence library for Lua.
pam_cloop - A PAM module which mounts encrypted partitions.
phpMyBlacklist - Documents and scripts to create and administer an email DNS blacklist.
ProjectBench - A friendly project management system.
PHP File Manager - A complete filesystem management tool in a single file.
Program Version Syncer - A package updating tool.
Peach Fuzzer Framework - A fuzzer framework.
pr3287 SCS extended support patch - Printer-specific support for pr3287.
php_db2util - A PHP extension for performing mass data movement with IBM DB2.
pHoToMoLo - Tools for optimizing and documenting JPEG images and making HTML galleries.
PhpGedView - Parses GEDCOM 5.5 genealogy files and displays them on the Internet.
PrEd - A Java-based utility to find and edit property files in JARs and WARs.
Post-Link Optimization for Linux on POWER - A tuning tool for improving user-level execution time and memory utilization.
PHPSiteStats - Web-based statistics, monitoring, and tracking software.
PHPFinance - A Web-based financial management program.
PHPFootball - Football management software.
PHPXmail - Web-based management software for the Xmail mail server.
PhosphoFind - A program to locate and quantify phosphorylated proteins from MALDI mass spectra
Ports Tree Explorer - A navigation tool for a ports tree.
PINE.GPG - A PINE message filter for GPG.
PHP Web Toolkit - A rapid development toolkit for multi-layered Web applications written in PHP 5.
PHPCast: A PHP mp3 streamer - A PHP stream server similar to Shoutcast.
PEACE - An extension for NetBSD/i386 to run Win32 programs.
phpMMS - A Web-based frontend for XMMS.
Ponton X/P - An ebXML/AS1/AS2 message service.
PrettyException - A library for generating pretty HTML output for a given Exception.
Printf for Java - A Java implementation of printf with extended object-oriented features.
PHP Net_IDNA - A class to convert between IDNA Punycode and Unicode strings.
php pecl zip extension - A PECL package for accessing and reading zip files using PHP.
Pads - A passive network scanner.
PolarBlog - An embedded Weblog system.
Poogle - A POP3 proxy for Google's Gmail service.
Pizza Game - A 3D, real-time game in which you manage a pizza restaurant.
Preferred for Transfers: PFTP - An advanced, user-friendly FTP client.
phpFotolog - A fotolog.net clone.
PulseAudio Manager - A GUI for the PulseAudio sound server.
pssh - Parallel versions of the OpenSSH tools.
Postfix Admin - A Web-based management tool for Postfix.
Prologia-I18N - A Java source code internationalization tool.
Pixen - A pixel editor with a number of unique features.
PDFTextStream - A PDF text and metadata extraction library for Java and .NET.
pyPeriod - A periodic table of elements and molecular mass calculator.
POE::Component::IRC::Service - A POE component for writing IRC services.
Pyml - A Python HTML pre-processor.
Portkey - A port-knocking daemon.
PHP Excel Parser Pro - An advanced Excel file parser (importer).
pure::variants - A software product line development tool.
PDFtk Server - A simple tool for doing everyday things with PDF documents.
Platypus Wiki - A semantic Wiki Wiki Web.
phpagi - A PHP class for writing Asterisk AGI scripts.
PHPMyCart - A ready-to-use, full-featured virtual shop.
phprpm - A basic library for PHP to process RPM files.
perlpop - A POP3 server with checkpassword-compatible password checking.
PDFBox - A Java PDF library.
Pyro, Python Robotics - Tools for programming mobile robots in Python.
pythondialog - A Python interface to dialog/Xdialog.
parse_conf library - A library for reading configuration files.
PalmAVR - An Atmel AVR In-System-Programming solution for Palm OS.
PodBrowser - A full-featured Perl Documentation Browser.
PalmOrb - A Matrix Orbital LCD emulator for PalmOS, suitable for use with LCDproc.
Plop - A powerful PHP engine for small Web sites.
PHPMQ - A serverless messaging toolkit for PHP.
PulseAudio Volume Meter - A volume meter for PulseAudio.
pmacct-contribs - A collection of scripts and works revolving around or layered over pmacct.
Patchconf - Intelligent patching of configuration files.
Previews Reader - A GNOME interface for reading the Diamond Comics Previews catalog.
ProfitPy - A stock trading toolkit.
PRADO - An event-driven and component-based framework for PHP 5.
Pyramba - A clone of Karamba using PyKDE.
Pyalog - An object-oriented wrapper around the dialog command line program.
pprom - A portable method for defining shell prompts.
pdb2jpg - A Sony Clie PDB to JPG converter.
Project Foundry - An integrated project management tool.
pngnq - A PNG quantization tool that uses the Neuquant algorithm.
Project Logger - Blog-based project collaboration.
Polarizable Fluids Molecular Dynamics - A program to model polarizable fluids through Molecular Dynamics.
Plarpebu - A karaoke player (MIDI and MP3+CDG).
Pendulum - A Swing MVC framework.
PDFKreator - A KDE tool for creating a PDF document out of some images.
PStreams - A C++ replacement for popen() using IOStreams.
PHP Tickets - A Web-based ticket system.
phpKisMapper - A PHP class which places wireless APs on a map.
PHP Interactive - A Web based interactive shell for PHP.
Paymaster - A payroll and human resource application.
PAM mobile token - A PAM module together with a J2ME midlet for authentication.
PHP-IRC - A PHP5-based IRC bot with several features.
PicoStorage - A lightweight "filesystem in a file" library.
PCRCommander - A timeshifting player/recorder for the XM PCR.
PHP System Administration Toolkit - A toolkit for writing Web-based system and network administration software.
Pastemage - An easy-to-use program to join images, forming a panorama.
PyAddbook - A Pygtk address book.
proxymin - A Web-based administration frontend for the Squid Web proxy cache.
PHPTab - A simple Web application for tracking debt for a group of people.
Password Creator - A tool for generating passwords.
Pawn Project - An easy-to-use desktop.
PHP SASL - An implementation of the Simple Authentication and Security Layer standard.
pgstream - A C++ client library for PostgreSQL v7.4 and higher.
Plasmidb - A database management system for molecular biology information.
pyIrcServer - A powerful and customizable IRCd.
Portable Application Code Toolkit - A portable software development toolkit.
Perl-Logrotate - A Perl script to rotate logs safely.
PL/1 for GCC - PL/I for GCC
pam_sotp - An OTP module for PAM.
Pere - A free multi-language self-learning translator and dictionaries.
phpApacheBrowser - A file management interface.
ProviderFactory - A .NET data provider abstraction assembly.
PHP Grammar - A class that creates W3C XML speech recognition grammar files.
Preview - A simple image viewer for GNUstep.
PHP Download Manager - A script to hide file downloads.
PloneAtom - Atom support for Plone.
PHP Timeclock - A replacement for a sign-in/sign-out sheet or a manual timeclock or punchclock.
po2c - A gettext language files to C source code converter.
prjlibs - General-purpose libraries
Primrose - A JDBC database connection pool.
phpWishlist - A Web-based wishlist manager.
Panda Publisher - A lightweight, standards-compliant content management system.
Popup - An interactive learning aid for pairs of words.
p2pshaper - A Linux QoS script to ensure good latency and fairness on a network connection.
Pingheiro - A monitor for ping.
Python Wrappers for Remote Access Tools - Python wrappers for ssh/scp style remote access
P4 - A self-organizing peer-to-peer overlay network library.
Performance Co-Pilot Viewer - A 3D performance metrics viewer.
phpLogFacility - A PHP logging class for comfortable error output (like log4j for Java).
ProxSMTP - An SMTP proxy that allows you to reject, change, or log email.
pyHTTPConn - A somewhat generic stateful HTTP library.
PgWorksheet - A PostgreSQL GUI front end.
PloneCC - Creative Commons support for Plone.
Portable Libconfig - A configuration file processing library.
Postmaster ESMTP Server - A configurable Internet mail transport agent.
Perl LIRC Client - An lircd client combining irexec irxevent and osd_cat functionalities.
phpForms - An advanced Web form builder.
pam-telecenter - A PAM module for support authentication in telecenters.
Pyzam - A fullscreen archived comic book reader for CBZ and CBR files.
Pattern Classification Program - A machine learning program for pattern classification.
poker-eval - A poker hand evaluation library designed for speed.
Pixies - Converts XSL-FO to PDF.
PicForth - A Forth compiler for PIC 16F8xx microcontrollers.
Python LRU cache module - A generic least-recently-used (LRU) cache for Python.
py-radix - A radix tree implementation.
p7zip - A port of 7za.exe for Unix, Mac OS X, and BeOS.
PersonalBackup - A network solution for backing up Windows machines via Samba.
PRepS Tools - Database server tools for the PRepS problem reporting system.
PyODE - Python bindings for the Open Dynamics Engine.
POT - A template engine for PHP.
Printer Port Forwarder - A simple solution for sharing USB or LPT printers across the network.
Python logging module - A logging module for Python for use with Python 1.5.2 through 2.2.x.
Python config module - A hierarchical, easy-to-use, powerful configuration module for Python.
Progress Bar - A class for displaying an XHTML progress bar.
Pyntor - A dynamic presentation program.
phpImageArchive - Web-based image archiving software.
Putmail - An SMTP client.
pgmemcache - A PostgreSQL interface to memcached(8).
Partition Logic - A standalone partitioning tool for PC-compatible computers.
Parallel BZIP2 - A parallel implementation of the bzip2 block-sorting file compressor.
Property Management Software - Online software to manage rental or leased properties.
PyQLogger - A friendly GUI Blogger client.
phpMyRecipes - A recipe database.
Plash - A sandbox for running GNU/Linux programs with minimum privilege/authority.
PHP Runner - A Web-based program for editing and previewing PHP files.
Ping Tunnel - A tool for tunneling TCP connections over ICMP echo packets.
PHP Keno Simulator - A Keno payout ruleset simulator.
PL/SQL Interface Generator - An Oracle PL/SQL table interface generator.
phpMySystem - A system for administering remote Linux computers.
PfP Studio - Visual rapid application development system for PHP form development.
Php Gmail Drive - A Web script to publish selected Gmail attachments over the Web.
phpBeans - Software for enterprise PHP Objects
Posadis Zone Editor - A graphical DNS update client.
Poster blog - A blog application that doesn't require a database.
pfqueue - A console-based tool for managing Postfix queued messages.
phptags - A utility to create a tags file from PHP sources.
PynamicD - A client/server interface for manipulating secondary DNS servers.
pgasync - An asynchronous, twisted-based PostgreSQL client library.
ProxyView - A proxy that dumps all the data that arrives.
PiTiVi - A non-linear audio/video editor for GNU/Linux using GStreamer.
Photo Comments - A tool for converting between various forms of digital photo descriptions.
Phasis - An accounting/financial application for Italian small/medium enterprises.
PL - Provides a simple text format to serialize object graphs.
PumpServlet - A replacement for the standard Velocity servlet.
P4A - A PHP5 RAD framework for Web application development.
Python Cyclomatic Complexity Analysis Tools - Tools to fix your buggy Python code automatically.
Panwa - A framework that provides an alternative to Web applications.
pyUnitPerf - A port of JUnitPerf to Python.
pybluez - Python wrappers for the bluez bluetooth stack.
phpCAS - a PHP client library for the ITS Central Authentication Service.
powermated - A tool to control and monitor system events with the Griffin PowerMate USB dial.
ProteomeCommons.org IO Framework - A Java framework for handling spectra and peak lists.
phpMyProfiler - A Web script to parse and display DVD Profiler data.
PHP Webquest - An educational software for easily creating webquests.
PackdDir utils - A collection of utilities for extracting and creating PackdDir archives.
PM Report - A PHP/MySQL report generator.
PDFdirectory - Creates a printable directory in PDF format from database info.
Persona - An off-line personal pages generator.
ProteomeCommons.org Java Analysis Framework - A framework for referencing common mass spectrometry data.
PIRP Protocol Implementation - An implementation of the experimental PIRP protocol.
ProjectCoordinator - A Web-based collaborative workspace for project and workgroup management.
PyCalendarGen - An application for generating customizable calendar pages in PDF format.
PySL - A system to use S-Lang functions and variables from Python.
Powersave Daemon - A daemon that provides advanced power management controls.
PlaaSoft FormularManager - A tool for sending German tax forms via Elster.
pdi2iso - A utility to convert an instant copy bin image to ISO-9660.
PTXdist - A build system for compiling root filesystems for embedded Linux systems.
PassTools - A tool for password-protecting directories on Apache Web servers.
Plinio - A Web-based BitTorrent release aggregator.
Preferences Hide and Seek - A tool to configure options that are hard to find or hidden from the user.
PCJBot - A Jabber conference bot written in Perl with PCJ.
PushOK SEMA - A group/project management application.
peps - A tool for converting encapsulted PostScript files to bitmaps.
phpMyValidator - A PHP class for validating form items.
peless - A simple text file lister.
phpWebTickets - A partial rewrite of phpSupport.
Pluto Converter - A converter that allows any application to speak to a Unicode-only terminal.
pxe-boot - A PXE boot environment with recovery tools and a Red Hat kickstart environment.
pwnsjp - A frontend to some Polish dictionaries published by PWN.
portForward - A GUI application to open ssh tunnels.
PyKaraoke - A cross-platform CDG/MIDI/MPEG karaoke player.
pssh for Palm OS 5 - An SSH 2 client for Palm OS 5.
Parsewiki - A simple documentation system based on ASCII text.
PHP Counter - A multi-account realtime Web site counter.
pypod - A set of tools for manipluating iPod data.
Pluto Home - A smart home system.
Protoeditor - A small PHP debugger client.
PHP_Application - A platform for the development of event-driven applications for PHP 5.
Page Manager - An easy HTML page management system.
PFE for WASDX - An Eclipse plugin for creating XML files that define WASXD partitions.
Patchwork - A Web-based patch management system.
Protothreads - Extremely lightweight stackless threads in C.
Pong² - A two-player game inspired by the classical "Pong" in 3D.
Pipe - A tool to help write, test, and debug shell scripts quickly.
POCO C++ Libraries - A collection of useful C++ class libraries.
PyQwt3D - A 3D data visualization tool for Python.
Python Traffic Camera Analyzer - An automated traffic camera congestion analysis tool.
pircstats - An IRC network statistics bot.
PEBL - The psychology experiment building language.
Parano - A GNOME frontend for creating, editing, and checking MD5 and SFV files.
PDSImage - A Python module for reading NASA PDS Image files.
pmping - Parallel multiple host ping with audible results (beep on the PC speaker).
phpchartPlus - An easy graphic chart generation tool.
Privateer Remake - A space combat and trading simulation in the Wing Commander universe.
Planet Express - A Python feed aggregator that uses a blog as front-end/CMS.
Podget - A simple podcast aggregator.
PostgreSQL Installer - A PostgreSQL installer with management tools.
Print Directory (pd) - A command line file system listing utility alternative to ls.
phpMyTicket - An online box office software for theaters, festivals, and other venues.
PHP MySQL Class Wizard - A wizard to automatically generate database management scripts.
Policy Daemon - A policy daemon supporting popular MTAs.
phpXplorer - A document management system.
Project Planning and Tracking System - A Web environment supporting the agile practices of [email protected]
phPOP3clean - A spam, virus, and worm filtering system for POP3 email.
PHPTalExt - A PHP extension to parse TAL templates.
powwow - A terminal MUD client with triggers, aliases, and extensibility.
ProjectAdmin - A flexible, modular system that helps create RPMs or tarballs from CVS.
PerlTW Linux Tradewars Helper - A Linux-based Tradewars Helper.
ProShield - A comprehensive system admin/security program for Ubuntu/Debian.
phpComputerLocator - A visual interface to network switches' SNMP interfaces.
Prex - A portable real-time operating system for embedded systems.
pmq - A tool to query installed Perl modules.
PdfRipImage - Extracts images from .pdf files and converts them to the format of your choice.
PodSafe - A podcast aggregator client.
PfControl - A command line application for controlling the pixelfly cameras from PCO.
po for anything - A system to translate documents and other materials with gettext.
pcmciautils - Userspace tools for PCMCIA support in the Linux 2.6 kernel.
PHP Input Filter - A class to filter out unwanted PHP, Javascript, or HTML tags.
Pequel - A tool to create complex and efficient ETL processes.
Policy Management for Autonomic Computing - An infrastructure that uses policy-based management for products.
Paragon - A fast application development framework.
pjc - A tool for controlling SCSI media changers.
Proxy Scanner - A proxy scanner and validity checker.
phpdyndns - A dynamic DNS client.
PPTools - A collection of tools for the Pulsed Power field.
PingFederate - A standalone identity federation server for standards-based Web single sign-on.
PYthon Interface to Google! Suggest - A Python interface for Google Suggest based on a starting string.
pyfdupes - A utility to find duplicates.
pamtester - A tool for testing pluggable authentication modules (PAM) facilities.
PolePosition - A database benchmark framework.
PV2DevKit - An unofficial dev kit for the Ritz/CVS PV2 digital cameras.
pyflesch - A simple implementation of the Flesch reading ease score.
Pydsh - A remote administration tool for managing multiple servers.
Project Gnome Chimpsky - A Web search request obfuscator.
Pref Setter - An application for viewing and editing OS X preference files.
phpHitCounter - A PHP class that logs and displays the number of visitors.
pYsearch - Python APIs for the Yahoo Search Web services.
Python GTK Forms - Software that generates GTK dialogs from Python objects.
pkpgcounter - A command line tool and Python library to estimate printing costs.
php-json - A PHP extension that provides support for JSON.
pwho - A parallel whois tool.
PyMML - A Python package for MML statistical analysis and classification.
pdialog - A simple module to give a GUI to Python programs.
Prefix WhoIs - An IP prefix-based whois server for disclosing routing-related information.
pyWebSMS - A graphical SMS sender which supports many programmable providers.
Pinapa - A SystemC front-end.
PerlPodder - A tool for downloading podcasts to your MP3 player.
py-xexpr - A tool to parse XML into an Xexpr and back.
PdfOMatic - A PDF parsing library written in C# using Mono.
pyNetConv - A Python library for converting network files from/to different formats.
PoTerm - A terminal shell.
phpwscite - A PHP development environment.
pypo - A script using Blowfish to store passwords in MySQL.
Python Kye - An animated puzzle game clone.
Poll and Voting Script - A template driven script to provide votes and polls on a Web site.
pam_userpass - A pluggable authentication module for user/pass-style protocols.
pam_mktemp - Pluggable private /tmp space support for interactive (shell) sessions.
postan - A spam analyzer for Postfix.
Pack Master Web - A Cub Scout advancement tracker using the Xoops CMS.
pmacct-fe - A frontend tool for presenting network statistics.
PHP Polar Tools - PHP classes for parsing and managing Polar HRM data.
PJ and Supreme4 components - A collection of Text Effects components and plugins for Flash MX.
Pycleartool - A Python extension for ClearCase.
phptelemeter - A script that reads ISP quota meter pages.
PySquiLA - An on-the-fly analysis tool for Squid-Cache.
poker-engine - A multiplayer poker engine with abstract variants specification.
Photo Mail Wizard - A tool to search, choose, and send photos by email.
PPSkit - Nanosecond timers and a PPS API.
Password Gorilla - A cross-platform password manager.
pam_userwheel - A tool to restrict su to a particular user.
php edna - A PHP port of the edna MP3 server with its own features.
polliwog - A Java based Web server log file analyzer.
PPPstat - A console utility to see a summary of dial-up connections via pppd.
pekwm - A small and flexible window manager.
PlaaSoft BankleitzahlenSuche - A tool to look up German bank identification codes.
PHPrbl - A DNS blacklisting tool for reducing referrer spam.
PRO*C to Doxygen Convertor - A Doxygen pre-processor for PRO*C.
Parabuild - A software build and release management system.
Panorama BackPacker Widget - A widget to display hundreds of panorama images randomly.
pldap - A PAM module for LDAP authentication.
PHPflow - A programming flowchart construction program.
Parrot Teacher - A program to teach parrots silly noises and melodies.
Prewikka - A graphical front-end analysis console for the Prelude Hybrid IDS Framework.
Pencilpond - A toy to visualize the hyperbolic plane.
PureCM - A software change and configuration management system.
PHP Application Distribution Licensing System - A PHP application licensing system.
publish-ftpd - A non-anonymous read-only FTP and HTTP server.
Pie - A Wiki-style Web-based content management system.
PyWeather - A collection of weather related modules.
PyTest - A small package that facilitates the unit testing process.
PGID - A tool that searches the Web for images.
price history - A script that downloads the daily stock price history from finance.yahoo.com.
Perl Audio Converter - A Linux CLI tool for converting multiple audio types from one format to another.
Project Pisces - A tool that provides a distributed testing environment that extends JUnit.
phpMMORPG - A Web interface used to create a MMORPG.
Pandora - A distributed system to monitor data or status from any system.
pwmanager_dump - A command line tool for reading the contents of a PwManager file.
phpMyChord - A tool to discover and display chords for any stringed instrument.
pecomato - A portable metadata processor for common picture file formats.
PDF 2 PSP - A tool to convert PDFs for viewing on the Sony PSP.
python-UnixSocketTransport - A library to serve XML-RPC clients through UNIX domain sockets.
ParaIrc - A simple IRC client.
PowerML - Java APIs for PowerPoint document management systems.
phpass - A portable PHP password hashing framework.
Patel - A low-overhead, "chiptune" style synthesizer.
PassReminder - A password manager.
PHP html2ps - An HTML to PostScript/PDF converter.
Pixelpost - A photoblog application.
PesterCat - A Web application testing tool.
phpRechnung - Web-based accounting software.
Penrose - A Java-based virtual directory server.
pam_bioapi - A PAM-compliant interface for use in biometrically authenticating local users.
phpBB Syntax Highlighting MOD - A syntax highlighting MOD for phpBB, using the GeSHi syntax highlighter.
Pause - A tool that locates silent intervals in audio files.
PALDAP: A Lazy Directory Administrator's Pal - Another LDAP directory administration program.
PHPS - A framework for separating HTML from PHP.
Podracer - A podcast aggregator with BitTorrent support.
perl-abook - A tool which synchronizes a Palm database with an abook one.
PictoSniff - A program to spy on PictoChat communications between Nintendo DS consoles.
p54u - A FreeBSD driver for Conexant 802.11 chipsets.
Porcupine - A Web application server with an embedded object database.
PEAR::QuickTime - PHP Classes for embedding QuickTime and talking to interactive movies.
PuSSH - A wrapper for the SSH client that issues commands to multiple machines.
PaquitoMeter - A GUI for displaying network traffic statistics.
poker-network - A poker server, client library, abstract user interface library, and GTK client.
PHPkrm - A GNUPG keyring manager.
phpa - An interactive command line shell for PHP.
prophorBNCd - A multiuser BNC server.
Polarcap - A gaming platform using open source libraries for agile programs.
pyGnuTLS - A Python wrapper for the GnuTLS library.
phpmygrades - An online grading book that makes use of multiple types of databases.
PHP Anti-Virus - A 'malicious code' scanner for public Web files.
Palm and Pocket PC Movie List - Current list with more than 31,000 entries from the world of movies
pystats - Statistics, information theory, and machine intelligence for Python.
pfSense - A full-featured, pf-based firewall distribution with package management.
Python Integrated Development Application - An IDE based around the idea of reusing existing tools.
Phyllotaxis Screensaver - A phyllotaxis spiral visualisation.
PdbEditor - An editor for Palm Database (PDB) files.
PyVISA - A Python library to control GPIB, USB, and Serial instruments.
PHP Project - A Web-based project management application.
Plan/B - A distributed file backup system.
PyGogear - A tool for using the Philips GoGear MP3 players under Linux.
pscpug - A utility designed to graph CPU usage of a process.
PIX Logging Architecture - Provides parsing, correlation, and a Web frontend for Cisco PIX firewall logs.
phpMyWAP - A Web-based storage facility that can be accessed by WAP-enabled phones.
perudownz - An eggdrop script to play the dice game of Perudo.
ptyaim - An AIM/IRC client with a curses interface.
Piklab - An IDE for applications based on PIC and dsPIC microcontrollers.
Pure PHP Spell Check - Spell check text using only base PHP functions
Pilot-QOF - Software to query Palm databases as objects.
Polyworld - An artificial life system evolving neural network agents.
PTT - A trace tool for the NPTL POSIX thread library.
PCSpk - A set of command line applications for easily playing sounds and melodies.
PCLinuxOS - A user-friendly, desktop-oriented GNU/Linux distribution on an installable LiveC
pyso - A pygame-based isometric game toolkit.
pXw4Pa - 2 simple functions to read an array from/to an XML file.
Pustefix - An XML/XSLT-based Java Web application framework.
Positron - A video editing application based on Blender.
pdfSplit - A tool for reorganizing the pages of any PDF file.
pdfDOM - A PHP library for creating PDF documents via a document object model.
Pootle - A Web-based translation and translation management tool.
pyRadar - A tool that displays radar images from NOAA's NEXRAD radar stations.
PhpMathPublisher - A Web publishing system for mathematical documents.
PyChecksum - An application that creates and checks MD5 and CRC32 (SFV) checksums.
pymssql - A simple MS SQL extension module for Python.
pydirstat - A simple tool to view the space used on a disk.
pyglplot - A Python module for OpenGL 3D plotting.
Peers - A distributed programming toolkit for building peer-to-peer systems.
PHTP - A simple, effective, and highly customizable FTP client with an HTML interface.
pidgin-hotkeys - A global hotkeys plugin for Pidgin.
python-iptables - A Python binding for iptables and traffic control libraries.
PodsBlitz - Software to copy songs from an iPod to a computer.
PGKAdmin - A Web-based GnuPG keyring manager.
P'snap - A notification area utility that shows the ten newest releases at freshmeat.net.
PyICU - A Python binding for IBM's ICU library.
PasteIt - A utility that enhances the pasting of text with the middle mouse button.
P-UMLaut - A tool that transforms UML 2.0 Sequence Diagrams into Petri Nets.
PyJflash - A Japanese flashcard conversion utility, editor, and viewer.
php time management - An easy to use Web-based time management application.
PocketPOS - A point of sales terminal that is made to fit on a PDA Web browser.
PenguinTV - An RSS reader with support for enclosures.
postprox - An SMTP proxy for content filtering.
Play What I Mean - A program that plays the media files that are found through search terms.
PyKanjiCard - A flashcard program for learning Japanese words.
PAJAJ - An AJAX framework for event driven PHP Web applications.
pyMPI - An MPI implementation for Python.
Pygme - An mplayer frontend.
PHP Poker Classes - A class that allows Monte Carlo poker simulations.
Para IrcLib - A small library for IRC clients.
Pootypedia - A tool for tracking your end users' hardware.
Pentaho BI Platform - A Business Intelligence platform.
pylibparted - Python bindings for libparted.
phpTextRender - phpTextRender uses GD library to render text with costum fonts.
PrimaGIS - A collaborative Web mapping application for Zope and Plone.
PyLucid - A lightweight CMS written in Python using django.
pittrainer - A cockpit trainer for Falcon 4.0 Allied Force.
PM Report for PostgreSQL - A simple report generator for PostgreSQL databases.
Putmail Queue - A queuing system for putmail.py.
phpHitCounter script - A simple and easy to install hit counter.
plasmatic - A system for playing and managing media from a central location.
PyInstaller - A program that packages Python programs into stand-alone executables.
PHPCounter Script - A script that logs visitor browser capablities.
Proxmox Mail Gateway - An anti-spam and anti-virus mail gateway.
Powerchick - A comic book (cbr/cbz/directory) reader.
polygon - PHP classes for performing geometric operations on polygons.
Professor Fizzwizzle - A colorful and unique platform-puzzle game.
Podgrid - A personal Internet radio news receiver/podcast player.
Prelaunch - A system to launch applications instantly.
ProxyTrack - A proxy server that builds HTTP caches using content copied by HTTrack.
Progress Report Manager - A system for entering and sending school progress reports for teachers and paren
PyFortune - A GUI fortune program with over 10,000 fortunes built-in.
PLaTos - A framework for easy and comfortable building of various LaTeX documents.
phpMultiAuth - PHP authentication against multiple back-ends made easy.
PySnippet - A code snippet manager for any language.
php-js - A PHP extension which embeds a JavaScript interpreter into PHP.
PySCTP - Python bindings for the SCTP protocol.
Poor man's Financial Calculator - A small financial calculator applet.
PAM_pkcs#11 - A PAM library for authentication with PKCS#11 compliant tokens.
Password Save - A tool that dumps password lists from Firefox.
PHP 2D/3D Pie Chart and Graph - A way to easily add dynamic pie charts and graphs to PHP apps and Web pages.
phpspellbook - Web site promotion, improvement, and diagnosis tools.
Plait - A command-line jukebox and music player front end.
prc - Decodes pioneer remote control signals.
PySubMind - A personal notes manager with organization based on tags.
pmpkg - A script and definitions to build Solaris packages from open source releases.
ptiotest - An I/O testing utility using POSIX threads.
pyNeighborhood - A GTK+ 2 Samba frontend.
photon photo album - A static HTML gallery generator.
phpftpwho - Formats and displays information about a ProFTPD server.
pysycache - A program to teach kids how to move the mouse.
Pike ScriptRunner - Run scripts written in Pike under any FastCGI-enabled Web server.
Pentoo - A penetration testing livecd based on Gentoo.
powerscale4ppc - powerscale4ppc
pcap2mysql - A network data decoder.
PukiWiki - An XHTML1.1-based CMS with various features and plugins.
PyScrabble - An online multiplayer Scrabble game.
python/pg_proboscis - A pg_pqueue-based GreenTrunk and DB-API 2.0 interface for PostgreSQL.
PTM - A Perl/HTML hybrid language written entirely in Perl.
PHPsh - Simple Web-based shell access to servers.
PSHAW - An interactive AJAX-powered remote shell for your Web browser.
pppBLOG - A simple, plain-text weblog package with a photo gallery and more.
phpWebSheet - A mini spreadsheet for the Web.
PodFetch - A tool for viewing RSS, weather, and more on your iPod.
Phramework - A MVC framework for building Web applicaitons.
Parallels Workstation - A virtual machine that allows users to run multiple operating systems.
PHP Database Interface - An easy to use PHP database interface.
pyRacerz - A multiplayer top view 2D racing game.
PhpCodeBuster - A program that obfuscates your PHP code.
PyJoin - An MPEG file joiner.
PSyncCE - A PocketPC synchronization client for PHProjekt.
PosteRazor - A tool to print big posters on small printers.
php-sqlite3 - A SQLite3 driver extension for PHP.
Paderborn University BSP Library - A Bulk Synchronous Parallel programming library.
pycipher - A Python module that implements several well-known classical cipher algorithms.
PSIworld - A multi-agent application development framework.
pyLyRSS - A tool that converts RSS feeds to lyrics files.
Pythonutils - A set of helpful utility modules for Python.
pympd - An iTunes-type GTK2 client for MPD written in Python.
Pretty Code Web - A syntax highlighter for publishing code to Web pages.
pxdmcp - A standalone XDMCP client.
Pro-jekt - Project planning for agencies.
pysilc - Python bindings for the SILC toolkit.
Python Remote Call Module - A Python module for instantiating and using remote objects transparently.
PiddlePodder - A simple podcatching client.
phc - A framework for processing and compiling PHP source code.
phpBMS - A billing, scheduling, and client managment application.
PolkaDot Blog - A very simple blogging system.
phpTodo - Web and RSS Todo Lists - A todo list manager with RSS feeds.
PSF Tools - Utilities to manipulate PSF-format fonts.
pam_siegho - PAM module that guards against attackers.
PhpMyPixelpage - A set of scripts for making your own PixelPage.
P84Ever - An Apple ][ emulator.
PGAPy - A Python wrapper for the parallel genetic algorithm library.
pts-elfdisasm - A command-line i386 ELF disassembler.
Pam_p11 - A simple PAM module for using smart card authentication.
pythonolog - A small external Apache log filter similar to Cronolog.
pygtk-fsacls - A GUI for managing filesystem ACLs.
paps - A converter from UTF-8 encoded text to PostScript using Pango.
PHP Link Directory - SEO-friendly link directory software with many features and flexibility.
pyGAIM-t - A reworking of the GAIM client to be based on the Jabber transport.
papyrus Canvas Library - A 2D scenegraph (canvas) library with Gtkmm widgets.
pam_eaccess - A PAM authorization module.
plugmon - A simple and effective basic system monitor.
Power Form Validation - A class which helps to validate form inputs in just a few lines of code.
PDF Meld - Software to modify PDF files.
Pynakotheka - A simple script which generates static HTML photo albums.
PHP Radius Accounting Tool - A Radius accouting tool for generating reports.
Python Stencil Environment - Stencil abstractions for solving partial differential equaions.
pAgenda - A cross-platform calendar and schedule that features nice daily printouts.
Puppy Linux - A feature-complete tiny 100MB Linux distribution.
pts-console-hu - A Hungarian keyboard layout and font for the Linux console.
PHP-Qt - PHP language bindings for the Qt application framework.
PCRE Symbian - A Symbian OS port of the PCRE library.
pyemf - A Python library for enhanced metafile (.emf) creation.
Python Cartographic Library - A library for mapping and GIS applications.
python-commandsplus - An enhancement over the standard Python commands module.
pocketpc crosscompiler from x86 linux - A cross-compiler for creating PocketPC binaries on x86 Linux.
prbeditor - A program for editing Java Property Resource Bundle files.
ping2mrtg - A script to present ping output via MRTG graph.
Pic-Share - An easy-to-use photo album.
Push-Me - An easy-to-use vertical navigation menu.
PyGpsWeb - An online GPS data editor.
PetSite - A Web script for setting up and maintaining a pet directory.
python-inotify - A Python interface to the Linux inotify file notification system.
PhotoShare - A slide and photo presentations script.
Php Object Generator - A PHP code generator for object relational mapping.
Puppet - A server automation system.
PBNJ - A suite of tools to monitor changes on a network over time.
PHP Directory Listing - A directory listing script with file previews based on MIME types.
Palabre - A Flash XML multi-user socket server.
parlement - Software providing secure, simple Internet democracy.
PAM ListMySQL Module - Joins the functionality of both pam_mysql and pam_listfile.
PHP GoogleMapAPI - A full-featured Google Map API for PHP.
Python Sudoku - A sudoku program.
Prodder - A Podcast receiver client.
PlayVoIP - A Web-based VoIP service enabler based on LAMP and Asterisk.
PhpBase - A set of PHP classes for synchronizing with Google Base.
PhpMyBorder - A project for dynamic generation of round borders.
python-amarok - A remote control module for amaroK.
python-Observable - An implementation of the Observer/Observable pattern.
PHJAVA - A PHP code generator for database operations.
Properties.php - An implementation of the Java java.util.Properties class for PHP5.
Postfilter - An internal Perl filter for InterNetNews
ProM Import Framework - A framework to extract process enactment event logs from information systems.
palaver - A multi-user chat component for Jabber.
PyPedal - Python tools for pedigree analysis.
Peapod Podcatcher - A command line podcast reciever supporting HTTP and BitTorrent.
Python OpenID - Python packages to support the use of the OpenID decentralized identity system.
Pieces of Flare - An Eclipse Plugin which allows developers to synchronize to deployment directori
Pause-applet - An applet that shows the remaining break/lesson-time in the GNOME panel.
Powerbox for Gtk - A file chooser that grants untrusted GTK applications access to files.
POMStrap - An application bootstrap based on Maven2 project files.
PackRat - A personal information manager.
pretrace - A preload library to allow easy tracing of applications under a debugger.
PhpWatchDog - A network monitoring application.
PyChoReLib - A Python library which transforms a list of notenames to a chordname.
Pinot - Personal search and metasearch tools.
Pwdrc - Executes a set of commands when you walk in a directory with "cd".
PiSi - A package manager for the Pardus Linux distribution.
pygccxml - A Python package for easy C++ declarations navigation.
Poperti - A desktop application that stores and streams music from a gmail account.
packer - A user-friendly package creation tool.
Postfix bounce templates (de_DE) - Templates for Postfix bounce notifications in German (and in English).
procbind - Software to bind a process to one or more processors.
piAccess Link - A Symbian OS tool for accessing SMS and phonebook data using AT commands.
post_call - post_call calls a phonenumber using your FritzBox and your real telphone
pidgin-privacy-please - A pidgin plugin for enhanced privacy.
PageForward - A small but complete proxy browsing program.
PHP::PRINT::IPP (PHP PrintIPP) - A PHP 5 implementation of the Internet Printing Protocol (client).
Primate Plunge - A primate-themed platform game.
Portable Linux Processor Affinity - A Linux processor affinity toolkit.
piAccess Mail - An agent that exposes mobile phones' SMS messages as email over POP-3.
polld - A simple polling demon.
Platypus Secure FTP Server - A secure FTP server.
Program Guard - A tool that allows users to control which programs have access to the Internet.
PAJAX - A framework to facilitate the creation of remote PHP objects in JavaScript.
Patra - A password tracker to store a list of passwords safely.
PHP Tools RibaFS - A PHP application generator for PostgreSQL databases.
PyRandR - A wrapper for the X11 RandR extension.
PCMan File Manager - A fast and lightweight file manager developed with GTK+ 2.
pngphoon - A program to write the actual phase of the moon to a PNG file.
Privilege Separation for Apache - Apache privilege separation for secure WebDAV remote access.
phpAlbum.net - A photo album and gallery script.
PyDespike - A graphical program for despiking Raman data.
PHP-O-Lait - A system that connects client-side JavaScript to server-side PHP.
picinfo - A library to read image information.
phpManta Mdoc - An auto-documentation tool for PHP code.
Privare Live CD - A live Linux CD that helps people learn Linux.
phpFreeChat - A simple, fast, and customizable chat server.
PGID3 Tag Editor - An ID3v1 and v2 tag editor.
phpFaber CMS - A Web content management system that fully supports MySQL.
Phoogle Maps - A PHP/Google Maps mapping class.
PHP OpenID - A OpenID library for PHP.
phpDropbox - An easy-to-install, skinnable, session-based file upload dropbox.
phpFaber TopSites - A feature-packed, reliable and secure Top List.
phpFaber TinyLink - A Web script for creating short URLs.
php file browser - A simple Web-based file browser.
PodMail - An application that generates podcasts from Asterisk Voicemail.
poissonrun - A tool whic runs a given command statistically every T seconds.
Phind - PHP DNS Server
PodAdmin - A very simple Web-based podcast management tool.
PyMOlyze - A graphical program for analyzing DFT calculations.
PAM Sessionrun - A PAM module that runs a script at the start and end of a session.
phpEasyProject - A project-based activity management and todo list tool
PgmReloaded - A simple CMS for Web catalogs and e-commerce sites.
Python Regular Expression Builder - A tool that helps with building Python Regular expressions.
Perl Doxygen Filter - A Doxygen input filter for Perl.
Playcaster - Software that creates podcasts out of iTunes playlists.
phpAutoindex - A Web directory listing generator.
PasswordNotify - Monitors ActiveDirectory or OpenLDAP and notifies users of password expiration.
poMMo - Software to run a mailing list, newsletter, or email marketing effort.
palmfs - A PalmOS filesystem access software for Linux based on FUSE.
phpautotest - A testing tool that reports any change in PHP variables or HTML output over time
playground - A GNOME panel applet that lets you control basic functions of audio players.
Planetoids - A game similar to bejeweled, the goal of which is to swap jewels to create match
pINET - A Python interface for INET NASDAQ real-time stock information.
phpOCR - Software to recognize objects in a graphical image.
ppsei - A program to extract image files from Microsoft Powerpoint (PPS/PPT) files.
PlugBoard - An application framework to create plugin-based applications.
Podalyzer - Produces an HTML-formatted analysis of podcast downloads.
phpDatabase.net - A pure PHP database engine for PHP applications.
Para::Frame - A Web application framework.
Photo-Phriend - An easy-to-use and completely customizable photo slideshow.
Pic-Matic - An easy-to-use and completely customizable photo slideshow.
PyS60 Mini Applications - Mini applications in PythonS60.
pstdelta - A utility for generating binary differentials from Outlook .pst files.
Pyroman - A firewall config tool for complex networks.
Proview - Process automation software.
Pinpin Content - A lightweight CMS.
PerlORM - An object-relational mapper for Perl.
PAM_Extern - A PAM module that hands authentication to an external program or script.
PerlSendmail - A small script to imitate having sendmail installed.
Podius - A content management and Web publishing system.
Photovault - An image organization application for photographers.
Plagger - A pluggable RSS/Atom aggregation and syndication software.
pflogx - A tool that exports OpenBSD packet filter logs to XML files.
Pymadea - A simple replacement for procmail.
PacketFence - A network access control (NAC) system.
pycups - A set of Python bindings for CUPS.
Perl for z/OS - A statically-linked, pre-compiled port of Perl.
Pukka - A fast, light, multi-account Delicious and Ma.gnolia bookmarking application.
Perilar - An adventure game set in the Dragon Kingdom.
phpWikiBot - A PHP framework for writing robots for MediaWiki wikis like Wikipedia.
Prebuild - A generator of project files for the major .NET IDEs.
Prasi - A Perl, PHP, and OpenID-compatible authentication framework for Web services.
PCity - A procedural city generator.
PigeonReader - A UTF-8 and XML based Web mail with great support for clustering and themes.
PigeonAdmin - A control panel for mail clusters with granular configuration support.
PigeonDeliver - A modular and flexible MDA for mail clusters.
Program D - A widely used AIML bot platform.
PHREL - A per host rate limiter.
Pandora Publisher - A Wiki platform in Ruby.
PhpEdu - A Web-based educational management application.
pro-search - A file searching application.
Pyvox - A Python extension for volume image processing.
PHP/Javascript Jigsaw puzzle - Automatically creates jigsaw puzzles from a folder of images.
phpMyDataGrid - An AJAX enabled class to easily display and edit MySQL database table records.
pydhcplib - A DHCP client/server library
PseudoQ - An application for creating, playing, and solving SuDoku puzzles of various type
Phpfw - A simple PHP framework for building database backed applications.
PortfolioTracker - A Euronext stock portfolio manager.
PHP ZIP Code Locator - A ZIP code database and locator.
PyRoe - A "static partial linker" for small helper Python libraries.
PDF Split and Merge - A tool to split and merge PDF files.
Photo Directory - A cross-platform picture organizer.
Pinky-Tagger - A mass tagger with MusicBrainz support.
PlayBilling - A billing system for Internet cafes and wireless hotspot providers.
Pulga - A program for numerical simulation of dynamical systems.
Perl Playlist - An application to generate m3u playlists.
project-p - Particles that interact according to simple rules but produce complex behavior.
Poliqarp - A universal suite of utilities for processing of large corpora.
py-sqlplug_mysql - A MySQL DB API-2.0 for CPython.
Pentaho Report Designer - A graphical report designer.
Paypal Payment Data Transfers - A class for retrieving and processing PayPal payment data with PDT.
phpRADmin - A Web-based RADIUS management tool.
PyRPM - A package manager that works with RPM packages.
PromoGest2 - An Italian managerial program for small and medium-sized companies.
PHKP - An HKP keyserver.
PERL5WEBDB - A CGI debugger that runs on a Web browser.
phpMakeUpdate - A Web-based tool for exporting from a Subversion repository.
Python MyCMS - A Python application development platform.
phpODPWorld - A program for importing and displaying RDF from ODP and dmoz.org.
python-musicbrainz2 - An interface to the MusicBrainz XML Web service.
Pacms - A PHP CMS based on AJAX technology.
planster - A Web tool to coordinate virtually anything.
parabola - A browser-based news feed (RSS and Atom) reader.
PEAR HTML_Template_IT - An easy-to-use template library.
prsync - An easy-to-configure rsync frontend for incremental backups.
Puzzle Maps - A software version of the Montessori Puzzle Maps.
PCSX2 For Unix - Unix development of PCSX2, a Playstation 2 emulator.
Poor Woman's Telnet Server - A simple telnet server.
PowerDNS Recursor - An advanced, high-performance, and secure recursing nameserver.
Py++ - An object-oriented framework for creating a code generator for Boost.Python.
P4Spam - Ab HTML-styled Perforce change review daemon.
Procyon - A Sirius Satellite Radio GUI.
PyWBEM - A WBEM client library.
PEAR Validate - Useful methods to validate various data with locale support.
Purchase Order Manager - A manager for purchasing in your company.
Peagle - A Web front end for the Beagle Desktop Search.
PIC USB Framework - A USB application framework for Linux and the PIC18F4550 family.
pyindex - A program to index text (especially email).
pbmonherc - Software to display a .pbm graphics file on a Hercules video adapter.
pnetcat - A Python reimplementation of netcat.
pulse - A continuous integration server.
PHPKB - A knowledge base management system to create and manage customer support helpdes
Paludis - A package management library and client for Gentoo and Exherbo.
php_ctemplate - A PHP extension for the Google ctemplate library.
pyspice - A SPICE pre-processor in Python.
PDFreactor - A tool that converts HTML and XML to PDF using CSS.
Podtool - A utility for synchronising tracks between a PC music repository and an iPod.
PDFCat - A portable document catalog manager.
python-rope - A Python refactoring library.
PyYAML - A YAML parser and emitter for Python.
Pydvdauthor - A program to create the XML files used as input for dvdauthor.
PhpBibliography - A Web-based bibliography system.
phpBB Rivals - An all-in-one ladder, clan, and tournament Web site script.
Perceptual Image Diff - A tool that uses a model of human vision to diff images.
ProM - ProM is an extensible framework for event-log based process mining techniques.
Pardus - A Linux distribution geared toward desktop users.
PHPGallue - A server-based image management system.
PHPImageMage - A PHP5 class that simplifies common image handling tasks in Web applications.
pgFouine - A PostgreSQL log analyzer.
Paglo RogueScanner - Rogue wireless access point discovery.
Proggybar - An easy-to-use progress bar.
pyinotify - A module to watch filesystem events (modifications) under Linux using inotify.
pulse local build - A tool that executes the pulse build engine in a local checkout of your code.
PulseAudio Volume Control - A volume control tool for the PulseAudio sound server.
PayPal Wifi PrePaid - Paypal Prepaid Wifi scripts for Chillispot & Radius Authentication.
Profiler4j - A simple-to-use CPU profiler for Java.
phpMyRealty.com - A real estate agents listings directory system.
ped daemon - A process execution daemon which monitors a directory for scripts to run.
Prolog Statistical Machine Translation - A statistical machine translation program.
pkipplib - IPP and CUPS support in pure Python.
py-bcrypt - A Blowfish password hashing implementation for Python.
PHP OpenID Standalone Server - A standalone PHP OpenID server.
phpRemoteShell - An all-in-one Web application to manage servers remotely.
P4V Addins - Custom tools to add features to Perforce P4V.
Picasa for Linux - Google's photo organizer.
PHP MIME Mail decoder class - A PHP class to decode email messages.
Pengupop - An online multiplayer clone of Frozen-Bubble.
PyKotIcon - An XML-RPC aware Winpopup on steroids.
pg_collkey - International UTF-8 collation for PostgreSQL.
Php AjaX with Smarty Templates - A library with PHP+Ajax+Smarty.
Pacman for Console - A pacman game that can be played in a text console.
PoDoFo - A free PDF creation and parsing library for C++.
PETALS - A Distributed Enterprise Service Bus.
Pedeto - A Perl IDE for Eclipse.
pcsc-ctapi-wrapper - A CTAPI-wrapper for PC/SC smartcard readers.
Plump - A C++ plugin framework.
PHP Lycos Quotes - A PHP class to retrieve quotes from Lycos' finance site, quote.com.
p-gal - A highly customizable Web gallery generator.
PHP Poker Engine - Software to shuffle and evaluate a Poker deck of cards.
Paul's Train Tracker - A Web-based model train collection inventory tracking system.
Palm usage manager - A tool to choose whether to HotSync or make a PPP link when plugging in a Palm.
PyHJB - A Python-to-JMS gateway.
pam-smbmount - Software that mounts file systems for a user session.
phpsniffer - A PHP packet sniffer.
pyraknet - A Python extension for using the reliable UDP network library RakNet.
PoDoFoBrowser - A PDF object browser and editor.
PHPUsenet - A Web interface to Usenet.
PHPSitemap - A script that produces a map of a Web server's file and directory structure.
PlayStation Portable Video Converter - A FFMPEG front-end for converting video files for the PSP.
Paratim - A remake of the old DOS game Paratrooper.
pyxiph - Python bindings for ogg, vorbis, ao, and other Xiph libraries.
PHPMyEcards - A set of PHP pages that provides you with an e-card sending service.
Pang Zero - A fast-paced balloon-popping game.
Packet Sniffer - Packet Sniffer
PdfLicenseManager - A simple tool to manage PDF licensing information, especially Creative Commons.
Preppi - A graphical EPP client.
Patch Maker - Helps you manage multiple simultaneous in-progress patches to software.
PulseAudio Device Chooser - PulseAudio Device Chooser
powernap - A small Python extension for accurate sleeping.
Python XHTML - A simple Python module for the generation of valid XHTML.
Priax - An IAX2 soft phone client.
ProcBench - A CPU (x86) information and benchmark tool.
psArchive - A PHP5 high performance extension for archive manipulation.
PyXmame - A PyGTK frontend for the Xmame emulator.
pyClamd - A virus checking module for Python that uses the clamd daemon from ClamAV.
PHP iAddressBook - A feature complete address book written in PHP for your personal Web site.
PHPMadmin - A Web-based user interface for building Milonic DHTML Menus.
Proximity - A cross between an HTTP proxy and a pro-active mirror.
Piragibe - A PHP framework for serious business database applications.
Picture of the Day PHP Script - A PHP script that shows a different picture every day.
PyBridge - An online bridge game.
PyPar2 - A par2 frontend.
PJSIP and PJMEDIA - A comprehensive multimedia communication library.
PoJoe Component Libraries - A Java library of useful development software.
PHP Active Code Library - A PHP class to store and call PHP files from a database.
PSGw for Linux - A personal Skype-SIP gateway for Linux.
pirate! Javascript Library - A Javascript library for the safe manipulation of objects.
PHP Tag Engine - A library that adds tagging functionality to PHP applications.
PMPlib (including EasyPMP) - A tool to create music databases used by portable media players.
PyTodo - A program for managing todo lists.
pcapsipdump - A tool for dumping (recording) SIP and RTP sessions to disk.
phpUserTrack - Software to track user habits.
PySTDF - A Python module for working with STDF files.
Parallels Desktop for Mac - A solution for running Windows and OS X at the same time on Intel-powered Macs.
Pax Logging - A consolidation effort for all existing logging APIs.
Project Open ESB - An Open ESB-based Java Business Integration Standard.
PHP-Spacester - A clone of myspace.
PaulStretch - A program for stretching audio data.
pcibx - A Catalyst PCIBX32-X and PCIBX64-X control utility.
pytimeago - A Python library for human-oriented representation of time deltas.
PySol-osx - A PySol distribution for Mac OS X.
PunkPong - A Pong-like game written in DHTML.
phpGuardian - A script to protect, encode, and log PHP source code.
Portal.CLI - A set of common library bindings targeting the CLI.
phpDIR browser - Software to browse files and folders on a Web server.
pyswarm - Processes your UML 2.0 model to generate a Python server application.
PXE Knife - A tool for booting various floppy based utilities via syslinux.
PowerPack ;] Patchset - A Linux kernel 2.6 patch set designed for servers.
pydsc - A spell checker for Python documentation strings.
pthread-lib - A pthread wrapper, thread manager, and signal handler.
PulseAudio Preferences - A configuration dialog for PulseAudio.
PROMPT - A bioinformatic protein mapping and comparison tool.
pyMap - A port scanner.
pornotube-dl - A pornotube.com video downloader.
phpFaber Ebay2RSS Generator - A program that dynamically generates RSS feeds of eBay listings.
phpFaber eForm Download - A program to sell your digital products or services.
phpFaber URLInn - A script to make short URLs.
PIVIAU - A Web gallery for pictures, videos, and audio.
python-dvdauthor - Object-oriented dvdauthor .xml file creation and cross-referencing.
PortSensor - A powerful Windows/Unix server monitoring tool with Linux/Mac/Windows clients.
Partner And Circuit Tracking (PACT) - A program to manage business partner and telecommunication connections.
Picard - An advanced MusicBrainz tagger.
pandoc - A general markup converter.
peppy - An XEmacs-like, multi-window, multi-tabbed editor extensible in Python.
Pocket PC MPlayer Controller - A Pocket PC remote controller for MPlayer.
pircbotcpp - A C++ port of the Java pircbot IRC API and toolkit.
pmdwlw - A plugin that integrates PMD into BEA WebLogic Workshop.
PHP Date Picker Class - A PHP class used to generate a template driven date picker in a popup window.
PHP Data Grid Class - A PHP class that can be used to display MySQL query results in HTML tables.
Plotmeister - A tool to parse and plot ASCII data.
PyGTK Shell - A framework for interactive GUI programming.
Polliz - An opinion poll system.
PHPulse - A fast PHP MVC framework.
PL/XML - An XML based scripting system for PL/SQL.
pyXSD - A Python XML/Schema processing tool.
PHP Shell Commander - A PHP script that looks like a Linux shell and allows you to execute commands.
Pocoo - A bulletin board software.
PkLasku-laskutusohjelma - An invoicing system for businesses in Finland.
PhpCompta - An accounting application.
PHP HTML Graph Class - A class for drawing vertical bar graphs.
PHP Google Maps - A PHP wrapper for the Google Maps API.
PyFuzzyLib - An inference engine library.
P11SCD - PKCS#11 support for GnuPG.
Pocket PC System Controller - A remote controller for your desktop that works by sending voice commands.
PHP ZIP Code Database - A MySQL ZIP code database with PHP install scripts and lat/lon lookup functions.
Proxy Detector - A PHP class that can detect HTTP requests via proxy.
Parallels Compressor Server - A program to compress any virtual server or any virtual workstation.
Parallels Compressor Workstation - A program to compress any Parallels, VMware, or Microsoft virtual workstation.
Puntal - A light content managment system for PunBB.
py-libmpdclient2 - A Python library for making MPD clients.
Perl Pop3 - A Perl POP3 server.
Pf - An implementation of the Playfair crypto system.
PHP JavaScript Tooltip Generator Class - A PHP class that can generate JavaScript tooltips.
PanelFM - A GNOME panel applet for quick file and directory browsing.
Pygmalion - A Python implementation of the Ma.gnolia.com Web API.
Pos - An experimental chess program.
PoWeb - A Web editor for GNU gettext PO files.
phpPasswordManager - A password manager accessible over a Web interface.
PHP Advanced Component Library - An advanced "Java-style" PHP5 framework.
pagelayout - A layout manager for Java Swing/AWT.
pywmdockapps - A library for making docking apps in Python.
PHP DirectAdmin - A class for managing hosting accounts with the DirectAdmin Web panel.
phpCAMALEO - Internet site transformation its easier than you think!
PyCosmos - A Python script for sending SMS using a particular GSM provider of Greece.
PHP Printer Friendly Pages Generator Class - A PHP class that helps you create printer-friendly versions of your page.
Python MIDI - A Python API for using MIDI data.
pmpkg-config - A poor man's pkg-config.
PyKCS11 - A PKCS#11 wrapper for Python.
Psycms - An objective content management system.
Powermanja - A Java port of the "powermanga" arcade game.
PHPlottery - A simple PHP lottery script.
Prime Mover - A Lua-based build utility similar to make.
PrIMETV - A tree reconciliation viewer.
pyTrommler - A cross-platform drum machine.
Psg - A Python module to generate PostScript documents.
Password Strength Analyser and Generator library - Tools to analyze the strength of a passphrase and generate strong passphrases.
pynetfilter_conntrack - A Python binding for libnetfilter_conntrack.
PDFView - A fast viewer for PDF files.
PassMake - A simple program that generates passwords.
PHPEncFs - A Web interface to EncFS.
prerex - An editor and macro support package for creating prerequisite charts.
PHPcow - A news publishing content management system.
ParFE - Fully-parallel micro-FE code for modeling trabecular bones in humans.
pipo - A quick image search tool for the command line.
PhotoFrame - A PHP script for publishing photos on the web
PSCafe POS - A Point of Sale system for school cafeterias.
pita - A music daemon with various clients.
Plomino - A powerful and flexible Web-based application builder.
polyBSD - A framework for building embedded systems based on NetBSD.
PHP Mini SQL Admin - A standalone script for accessing MySQL databases.
PHP Image Rotator - An image rotator with many timing options.
pocketSAN - A complete, portable NAS/SAN solution based on polyBSD (NetBSD).
Project Elevate - A task based graphical environment.
penbw - An addon to pen for monitoring and blacklisting HTTP backends automatically.
Packet Construction Set - A set of Python modules and objects to build network protocol code.
PHD Help Desk - Help desk registry and follow-up software.
PeaZip - A file and archive manager supporting 150+ archive formats.
pppoesk - A program to terminate bogus PPPoE sessions.
Project ERP - An ERP suite written in PHP inside of eGroupware.
PyOPC - A framework implementing the OPC XML-DA 1.01 specification.
Platform Open Cluster Stack - A toolkit for building Beowulf clusters.
pyctures - A small Web image gallery.
pyctd - An XML-RPC server for tracking NetFilter connections over networks.
Peepy - A simple packet sniffer that uses libpcap.
PHPLiveX - An easy way to use AJAX with PHP.
PHP EMS Tools - Scheduling and other tools for emergency medical services.
PyMediaServer - A UPnP-based media server for use with a Netgear MP101.
Parrot - A virtual machine for all dynamic languages.
PHPDance - A PHP interface to the Sharedance cache server.
Pysize - A graphical and console tool for exploring the size of directories.
Ploppy - A WordPress plugin for describing the state of your bowel movements.
Polysh - A tool to aggregate several remote shells into one.
Pieforms - A simple, pluggable HTML form building library.
Path Analyzer Pro - A graphical traceroute, geolocation, and network performance testing tool.
PySQL - An Oracle client.
Packet Peeper - A network protocol analyzer for Mac OS X.
pit, the paste-it.net client - A tool for pasting data/text to paste-it.net.
pyFlashCards - A flash card application using the Leitner algorithm.
PresbyterySite - Software for running a presbytery Web site.
PermComb - A Perl module for permutations and combinations.
PHPAlias - A PHP framework for creating and organizing large applications.
PHP cPanel API - A PHP class to list and manage details of cPanel hosting accounts.
Planimo - An instant messenger for private LAN chats.
Pantheios - A fully type-safe, extensible, extremely efficient C++ logging API library.
PySCGI - A portable Python SCGI implementation.
Password Manager Daemon - An almost universal data server.
Pico XML - A small pull-parser for XML.
Postfix-policy - A scalable light-weight policy server for use with Postfix.
phpMyID - A standalone, single user, OpenID Identity Provider.
Push Puppet Toy - An Availabot-like computer-controlled push puppet for Linux.
phpSQLiteAdm - A Web based interface for management and administration of SQLite databases.
PDFCube - A way to display your PDF presentation on a rotating OpenGL cube.
PageLister - A class that helps you create a list of pages for any purpose.
PacketDB - Workflow to load tcpdumps into relational databases.
pynumwords - A library that transforms numbers into human words.
PyDilbert - A program to fetch Dilbert comics.
phpSocketDaemon - php socket daemon framework
phpshow - A PHP image browser and cross-fading slideshow script with instant zip support.
PHP Greeting card class - A PHP class to compose and send greeting cards by email.
Projinfo - A program to retrieve project information from Web sites.
Phone Guardian - Software to secure, lock, and trace your mobile device and all data on it.
p300 - A file sharing utility for LANs or VPNs.
PyGalleryCrawler - A Web crawler for online image galleries.
PerlGtk Adsense Checker - A systray applet that checks an adsense account.
pNRG - A network resource grapher.
podsyncr - A program to sync photos and sets on Flickr to an iPod.
PMbyAS - A program management and time tracking system.
Project Dune - A software project management system.
Patty - A different kind of Java VM profiler.
phpMyArchive - An entry-level document management system.
PHP::Playlist - A Web interface to your music.
PCR Postit - A reminder/post-it system.
PHP PSD reader - Software to read .psd files using GD and PHP.
pdb - A simple database management system for use in PHP.
pam_shield - A PAM module that blocks scripted login attempts.
Pymp - A lean, flexible Gtk+ frontend to MPlayer.
pyMailer - A tool to send email.
pppd-logger - Software to log pppd connections
pycrc - A fully parametrizable CRC calculation utility and C source code generator.
Python in Scheme - A library to run Python code within Scheme.
Pascal Mock - A mock library for Delphi/Kylix/FreePascal.
PHP News Ticker - A Web-based news ticker with a backend for administration.
Pontoon - A PHP CMS framework.
Packet Debugger - A debugger-like UI for pcap packet capture files.
pyrfeed - A non-Web-based GoogleReader client.
Placebo - An object-oriented PHP framework.
Pipenc - A dictionary that uses local databases.
Pork.dbObject - An easy O/R mapper for PHP 5.
PHP unified diff patcher - A powerful class for unified diff management.
PHP BookIn - An online bookmark manager.
PHP TarBackup - A class to backup and restore entire Web sites remotely.
PHPDevShell - A stable, secure, fast PHP RAD administration framework.
PrimeBase XT - A transactional storage engine for MySQL.
PyChess - A fully featured PyGTK chess client.
pactester - A tool to test proxy auto-configuration (PAC) files.
Profsouz - A Web application for organization and optimization work of a small company.
Peklo - A graph theory tool for visualizing and comparing graph algorithms.
phpPaypalPro - A PHP5 framework for Website Payments Pro.
PureFTPD PHP User Manager - A user management system for PureFTPD.
PircBotNg - A fork of the popular PircBot API.
PipeToFTP - A tool that sends the output of a command to a file on an FTP server.
phpSortable - A PHP class to navigate and sort MySQL tables in HTML.
Proxsi - An HTTP proxy for XMLSysInfo.
PHK - A PHP-oriented jar-like package format.
Panopticode - A program that integrates and reports code metrics.
PHAML - A 2D elliptic partial differential equation solver.
PostgreSQL Documentation in Brazilian Portuguese - A translation of the PostgreSQL documentation to Brazillian Portuguese.
Python Call Graph - A tool which creates call graphs for Python programs.
Parallel Three-Dimensional Fast Fourier Transforms - A library for computing parallel 3D FFTs using pencil decomposition.
Predoc - A lightweight document format.
python_alsaplayer - A set of Python bindings for the alsaplayer libraries.
Pygments - A fast syntax highlighter written in Python.
php syslog viewer - A web application for viewing system logs stored in a database.
pyndexter - An abstraction layer for full-text indexing engines.
Physics-Live CD - A Linux live-CD mainly for physical simulations.
PyLUcene SHell - A simple Lucene interactive terminal.
Project Earth - A cross-platform file indexer.
PrjPlanner - An Agile project management system for developers.
PDB2PQR - An automated pipeline for biomolecular electrostatics calculations.
pbm2mlg - A program to convert a PBM file for use as an MSI MegaStick 528 startup logo.
Pod::S5 - generate HTML slideshow from POD files.
Pro Clan Manager - A system for building Web sites for gaming clans or guilds.
Pure FTP Manager - A virtual FTP user manager.
phpPagination - A pagination code generator for multi-paged data.
Pandorabots Chat Bot Interface - An AJAX chat bot Web interface to Pandorabots.com.
PHP WebDAV extension - A PHP extension that allows easy access to remote resources via WebDAV.
Polyglot - An extensible Java compiler framework.
Pandore - An image processing library.
pyliblo - A Python wrapper for the liblo OSC library.
PhatDB - A program that prepares media for Kenwood ACDrive and mCD head-units.
petardfs - A FUSE filesystem designed to hoist your applications with errors.
Paranamer - A mechamism for accessing the parameter names of methods of Java classes.
pphone communicator - A universal multimedia communicator.
Pillager - Allows you to test your Web server permissions and acts as a file manager.
PHP AnyXML - An XML parsing abstraction layer for PHP 4 and PHP 5.
PoCoMy - A Web frontend for administration of a Postfix+Courier+MySQL email system.
Partimage Is Not Ghost - A bootable distribution for backing up and restoring whole partitions.
plausj bank_german - A Java library for calculating check digits for German bank accounts.
Perl Dev Kit - Tools to create and deploy professional Perl applications.
Piscator - A small SQL/XML search engine.
pytags - A Python library capable of reading and writing MP3, FLAC, and Ogg file tags.
python-gastables - Python modules for compressible gas flow calculations.
pykeynote - A Python extension module for KeyNote.
prb - An rrdtool Web frontend for managing RRD databases and viewing graphs.
PXAServer - An application server for PHP development.
PhoNetInfo - Software that retrieves detailed phone and network information.
Poprox - A POP3 and SMTP transparent filtering proxy.
php Sudoku - A Web-based sudoku game that includes 200,000 puzzles.
PHP Multiplexed I/O - A non-blocking I/O library.
PHP music player controller - A frontend for controlling music players.
PDFRead - A tool to convert PDF and DJVU documents for reading on multiple eBook devices.
pv2x - A slideshow viewer for the gp2x gaming console.
PyVib2 - A program for analyzing vibrational motion and vibrational spectra.
Pixel - An RGB, CMYK, and HDR image editor.
PGSSAPI - A pluggable GSSAPI library.
PySamba - A full Samba wrapper for use in Python programs.
Phelix - A duplicate music killer with audio recognition.
phook - A pluggable run-time code injector.
Point Location 6709 - A Java library that parses and formats point locations in ISO 6909:1983 format.
psipuss - An image/photo upload script.
phpGraphEd - A graph drawing class for PHP.
PingooCMS/WTF - A module-based Web template framework.
PBXware - A GUI for Asterisk.
PyGEP - Gene expression programming for Python.
php_qrencode - A PHP extension to generate qrcode.
PrecisionID Code 3 of 9 Barcode Fonts - A Barcode 3/9 font package with TrueType and PostScript versions.
PAM for MyPW - A PAM module for MyPW one-time passwords.
Python Asterisk - An Asterisk Manager API binding for Python.
PrecisionID Code128 Barcode Fonts - A Code128 barcode font package with TrueType and PostScript versions.
pt-helper - A physical therapy routine generator and reader.
podLoadr - A utility for loading Web content onto your iPod.
PrecisionID EAN UPC Barcode Fonts - An EAN and UPC barcode font package with TrueType and PostScript versions.
PrecisionID OCR-A and OCR-B Fonts - A set of OCR-A and OCR-B fonts in TrueType and PostScript.
plus4emu - A portable emulator of the Commodore Plus/4 computer.
PrecisionID USPS Postnet Fonts - A USPS barcode font package for TrueType and PostScript.
PrecisionID MICR E13B Fonts - MICR fonts for printing bank checks with magnetic toner.
pybonjour - A Python interface to Apple Bonjour and compatible DNS-SD libraries.
pam_usbng - Authentication via commodity storage devices.
PgPool - A connection pool server for PostgreSQL.
ProtoCAD - A tool for creating circuit schematics.
Procinfo NG - A program that displays various system statistics taken from /proc.
PL-PLAN - A simple AI planner.
phpprobiz - A Web application for business accounting.
PluggedOut Blog - A flexible, easily adaptable blog system.
phpBB3 Portal - A simple portal for phpBB3 Olympus.
Phage - A two-player strategy game.
python-wmii - Python configuration and scripting for the wmii window manager.
PowerTop - A tool that helps you find which software is eating your batteries.
paptcha - A PHP function for CAPTCHA.
pyAwale - A simple Awale game.
p-unit - A framework for benchmarking performance.
PGPSigner - Manages PGP keys from a key signing event.
Pymedata - A knowledge manager.
php-saurus - Aiksaurus language bindings for PHP.
Pdns - An administration tool for mantaining records in the PowerDNS nameserver.
PhotoGrotto - An HTTP photo server.
PennAve - A dynamic Web photo gallery application that works with F-Spot.
Php Logo Interpreter - An interpreter for Logo.
PySWIP - A package that enables querying SWI-Prolog in Python programs.
PHP Cache Class - A PHP class that caches output generated by PHP files.
POS/OE 4 - Powerful business software for many types of merchants.
php smiley - A PHP class that can be used to display a list of smiley icons all at once.
pyHearts - A Black Lady Hearts card game.
presage - An intelligent predictive text entry platform.
Panel-GZW - A Web hosting panel/solution for Unix/Linux environments.
python-youtube - A Python module for accessing the YouTube.com API.
Puno - A module that implements the OpenOffice.org API.
PHP-STL - A templating implementation similar to Java's JSTL.
poppler - A PDF rendering library.
phpArmory - A PHP class library that makes it easy to use WoW Armory data.
Pflog2sqld - A BSD daamon for writing pf logs to MySQL.
ppmtoansi - A tool that converts images to text with ANSI coloring.
PHPFileManager7 - A PHP class for managing files.
PDF::API2::Simple - A simple wrapper for the PDF::API2 modules.
plosxom - A text based blog software.
PKP Harvester - An OAI-compliant harvester and search engine.
pTest - An object-oriented PHP 5 testing framework.
privbind - A tool to provide privileged port binding for unprivileged programs.
pulsar chess program - A chess program that plays chess and six variants of chess.
Palava - A communication framework for PHP and Java.
PHP Accounts - A simple Web-based client and accounts application.
PerlDeBugger - A Perl debugger with an IDE-like UI.
PyQGLViewer - A set of Python bindings for the libQGLViewer toolkit.
ProcPile - A pure Ruby parallel processing framework.
phpfspot - A program to bring your F-Spot photo album to the Web.
proxyScan.pl - A tool to scan hosts and ports using various HTTP methods through a Web proxy.
PHP Database Access Through Arrays - Software to access data stored in MySQL tables using array access.
pebugger - An interactive command-line based debugger for PHP.
Pantry - Command line nutrient analysis.
Program - A PHP class to manage the execution of external programs.
python-dime - A Python module for DIME message processing.
Pwytter - A Twitter GUI client.
pdf2email - A CUPS backend that creates PDF files and sends them back to the user.
PhishBouncer - PhishBouncer is an anti-phishing platform based on an HTTP/HTTPS proxy.
PeaceMaker - A failover/clustering engine daemon.
Petals on a Rose Game - An implementation of the famous puzzle game.
Pardux - A Pardus Linux based lightweight Linux distribution.
Planner for Efficient Dialogues - A dialogue management system.
PayVeX - A tool to sell digital content with PayPal.
Python Audio Tools - A collection of audio handling utilities.
phpFramewerk - A simple PHP framework.
Parallel MPI BZIP2 - A parallel implementation of the bzip2 compressor using MPI for clusters.
pkgmake - Creates RPM spec/ArchLinux PKGBUILD files and builds RPM and .deb packages.
Pvolley - An arcade volleyball game.
Project Tracker - A project tracker written in PHP.
Pentabarf - Conference planning software.
PikLoops - A code generator for PIC delays.
Privateer Gemini Gold - A space trading and piracy game.
Python Web Graph Generator - A threaded Web graph (Power law random graph) generator.
Promoter - A program for adding company data to a variety of search engines.
python-jabberbot - A simple framework to write Jabber bots in Python.
PatientOS - A free healthcare information management system.
Personal Document Manager - A small, simple to use document management system.
Postoffice - An MTA written with spam blocking in mind.
PDFassassin - A scanner for PDF files in email attachments using the SpamAssassin engine.
Pathfinder PKI Daemon - A library and daemon for RFC3280-compliant X509 path validation.
pftdbns - A program that puts files into directories sorted by name structure.
Pixane - An image processing library and Tcl extension.
Pairing - A tool for IPv4 host pairing using multicast.
PHP gFeed - A stream wrapper to read and write RSS feeds.
PHP Form Library - A framework for building HTML forms.
Perl OS - A program designed to simulate a simple operating system.
ppminfo - Shows details of a ppm file on the console.
Plastic SCM - The Plastic version control system.
Parsing.py Parser Generator - An LR(1) parser generator with CFSM and GLR drivers.
PyWebMail - A POP3 gateway to access any webmail account.
pidgin-festival - A pidgin plugin to hear incoming messages using voice synthesis.
Perl Console - An interactive Perl code evaluator with completion.
Pacific Timesheet - A Web-based timesheet and time tracking software for projects and job costing.
png++ - A C++ wrapper for libpng.
Poisson Media Recovery - A tool for retrieving slightly damaged files from CD-ROM media.
python-pipeline - An implementation of iterator pipelines for Python.
Pedit - An editor for pickle encoded data
pyxmdb - A database export and import utility.
phpProjectMaster - Lightweight project management and bug tracking.
Particle Spraying CPU meter - A KDE Kicker applet spraying bouncing particles according to the CPU usage.
play! framework - A Java Web application framework.
Panorama2Flash - A program to publish panoramic images in batch with Flash.
Paramesh - A package to assist in parallelizing Fortran 90 mesh code.
ParaDB - A Web-based application designed for paranormal research reporting.
Parallel port LED driver for Linux - A parallel port LED driver for the LED subsystem of Linux.
Proxy filesystem for FUSE - A FUSE filesystem that resolves symlinks and more.
pin 'em up - A tool for placing small notes/post-its on your desktop.
PrinterSetup - A flexible printer setup system.
policyd-spf-fs - An SPF policy daemon for Postfix.
Paintown - A 2D fighting game.
Project Prophecy - An experimental AI software package inspired by Aibo.
py Weight Watch - A program to automatically generate a graph of your weight over time.
php user class - A flexible solution for user management under PHP and MySQL.
pymfvu - A Windows Metafile and Enhanced Metafile viewer.
Prestan - A WebDAV performance testing system.
Perl webget - A file downloading tool with heuristics for searching for files.
Perl text to html converter - A text to HTML converter
Perl Dynamic DNS (DDNS) Update Client - A dynamic DNS (DDNS) update client.
Procmail Module Library - A library of Procmail modules.
PBooks - A PHP-based accounting and bookkeeping system.
Postmaster Admin - A virtual domain postmaster's admin module written in PHP.
Parti - A tabbing/tiling window manager for modern desktops.
phpEquiMon - A PHP application that helps admins to keep track of IP equipment.
polymeraze - A tool to manage system configuration files.
PyQt3Support - Python bindings for Qt3Support.
Plumi - A video sharing content management system based on Plone.
PySolFC - A solitaire game collection.
Poet - An OOP extension for Tcl/Tk with prototype-based inheritance and constraints.
PHP FTP Synchronizer - A program to automatically update your Web site.
Powua Client - A client for accessing the Powua supercomputer on demand.
Phatch - A tool which manipulates thousands of photos with one click.
PostgresSQL Backup and Restore - A PHP class to backup and restore PostgresSQL data to and from SQL files.
Photo uploader - A simple script for uploading photos over the Internet.
Pop Up Messages - Software to display customized and time-based popup messages.
PEAR - A system for PHP code distribution and package maintenance.
PDNSOps - A Web script which aids in administering domains and records for PowerDNS.
Paperkey - A program to archive OpenPGP keys on paper.
printargs - A tool that prints command line arguments in bash friendly way.
PHP2WSDL - A WSDL generator for PHP SOAP Web Service support.
Pagex - A simple, bolt-on tool for Web developers and search engine optimizers.
PieDock - A task bar in the shape of a pie menu.
PapyrusBB - A forum designed for use with WikyBlog.
phpMyVersion - A versioning system for tracking schema and row changes in MySQL databases.
PHP SOAP Toolkit - A comprehensive SOAP library for PHP 5.
PrBoom-Plus - A modified PrBoom port.
pidgin-osd - A plugin for pidgin that shows incoming messages on the X root window.
Pysmssend - An application for sending SMS messages over the Internet.
PIMMS - A distributed system to retrieve and display information from multiple servers.
pfstools - Tools for HDR image manipulation.
pwatch - A set of tools to analyze what a process is doing.
pdo-x - A lightweight data access library for PHP5 that wraps the PDO extension.
Paragent Project - A Web-based tool for IT administrators.
PHP Web Counter - A simple and light Web hit counter.
Pantheon - A content management system.
PostBooks - An ERP, CRM, and accounting system.
Paperbox - A document browser for the GNOME desktop.
PottyMouth - A filter that transforms unstructured and untrusted text to valid, safe XHTML.
Postnet and Intelligent Mail Barcode Fonts - A font package for Postnet and Intelligent Mail for USPS barcodes.
pdf2djvu - A PDF to DjVu converter.
Pipviewer - A visualizer for multiple alignments of genomic sequences.
Puzzlogic: Jigsaw Library - A library for developing scalable data-warehouse, machine learning applications.
phpns - A news system that can integrate into your Web site.
PS3 Theme Extractor - A program that extracts the contents of PS3 Theme files (p3t files).
PHPMass Cart - A shopping cart system.
PyTrackProfiler - A utility for creating high quality route sheets in PDF.
peekabot - A multi-platform 3D visualization tool for robotics.
Picture Grid - Software to stitch pictures into a random grid/puzzle/maze.
pam_redirector - Easy redirection of login credentials to a local UNIX stream socket server.
Perfect Match - A small commandline utility for finding duplicate files.
Proto Balance - A load balancing and traffic management system.
portagent - A proxy routing daemon for sharing ports.
psync - A distribution mirroring utility with consistency in mind.
Python-AD - An AD client for the Python programming language.
pyswisseph - A Python extension to the Swiss Ephemeris library.
pc - A tool to manage applications in multiuser environments.
PAM-script - A PAM module that can invoke scripts within the PAM stack.
Python Google Chart - A complete wrapper for the Google Chart API.
pacparser - A library to make your Web software pac (proxy auto-config) files intelligent.
PHP 5 Events - A PHP package that can be used to register event handlers and trigger execution.
Project Builder - A program that helps you build packages for your application.
pop3.stream.php - A POP3 URL handler for PHP.
plot2d - Software to plot 2D, X vs Y, and scatter plots directly to an image file.
PCSX-DF - A Playstation 1 emulator for Linux.
PycaWM - A reparenting window manager written in Python.
pyhtmlhelp - An HTML Help book conversion utility.
papercut - A command line based rock, paper, scissors game.
Partyman - A simple double-deck audio player.
Pidgin-Paranoia - A one-time pad plugin for Pidgin.
percomoni - A simple daemon which monitors the given process.
popt - A C library for parsing command line parameters.
ptheremin - A software-based audio synthesizer that simulates the Theremin instrument.
pagination class - A PHP class for easily implementing pagination.
PHPBirthday - A quick and easy to use birthday reminder.
pyhoo - A script to convert Yahoo IM .dat archives to plain text.
Php My (Active) Record - An implementation of the Active Record pattern for PHP and MySQL.
Python Message Service - A pure Python networked publish subscribe mechanism.
PHP AJAX - A PHP framework that allows you to create AJAX apps defining PHP classes.
PerlMRIM - A simple GUI client for the Mail.Ru instant messenger.
pnmcurve - A tool to apply tone curves to pnm images.
Pymultitool - A Python extension to IBM Rational ClearCase MultiSite.
PHP Class Sortable Elements - A class where you can easily drag elements to sort them, and edit via AJAX.
PostgreSQL Diff Tool - A command line tool to show basic table differences between PostgreSQL databases
pgintcl - A Tcl interface to PostgreSQL.
PortWatcher - A program for scanning for devices attached to a switch.
POWDER - A graphical roguelike game originally for GBA.
Pie Break Reminder - A simple break reminder program.
Pas2Dox - A pre-processor that allows Doxygen to build over Delphi/Kylix source code.
Platform Initialization Self-Certification Test - Verifies compliance with UEFI's PI specification.
Parallel Performance Wizard - A profiling and tracing package for parallel software.
Python Mesh Viewer - A very basic tool to display and play with 3D models.
pydzen - A wrapper script around dzen.
pbackup - A utility for backing up and restoring Unix file permissions.
Pondus - A personal weight manager.
pgtcl-ng - A new revision of the PostgreSQL Tcl interface.
PHPBiDi - A package that provides a visual representation of right to left strings.
PHP/Erlang - A PHP extension for communicating with Erlang.
Pymacs - A system that allows both-way communication between Emacs Lisp and Python.
Profit - A clone of the board game Acquire.
pakchois - A PKCS#11 wrapper interface.
PHP Session Cleaner - An auto-cleaner for PHP session files.
packet-o-matic - A real time network packet processor and sniffer.
PositLog - A CMS for building draggable and zoomable Web pages.
P~ - A Java-like scripting language with novel regex support.
PAI - A software deployment tool.
Penacho - A program that simulates pollutant dispersion of a smokestack in the atmosphere.
Pork.Generator - A Web based tool to inspect a database and generate PHP code.
ProjectPier - Easy online collaboration.
ProcessMaker - Workflow and business process management software.
Papazulu - A one-time-pad and numbers station program.
PHP SMTP Client - A PHP class that can be used to send email messages via an SMTP server.
Parallel-NetCDF - A library providing parallelized NetCDF using MPI-IO.
picurl - A metadata-centered photo management client.
PHPMass Real Estate - A PHP real estate script.
Parsecgi - A program to store HTML form values in a file.
PictureFlow - A Qt widget that provides an effect similar to that of Cover Flow.
PHP Simple Download Tracker - A simple PHP script to track file downloads.
Pyxer - A Python Ajax server.
Python Tracer - An execution tracer and profiler for Python programs.
Psyched - A schedule and task management application for GTK.
PyCycle - A GEdit refactoring plugin for the Python language.
py2port - A two-port linear circuit analysis tool.
Python bsddb3 - Python bindings for Oracle Berkeley DB.
PHP Video Toolbox - A PHP wrapper around the ffmpeg program.
phpAuthorize - Functions to connect to Credit Card gateways.
Powtils - Powerful Web utilities for FPC and Delphi.
python-money - Primitives for working with money and currencies in Python and Django.
plc - A GUI to configure 85 Mbit Homeplug powerline adapters.
PHP Logging Class - An easy activity logging class for PHP programs.
Perl Power Tools - Classic Unix commands implemented in Perl.
Piwik - A Web analytics software, alternative to Google Analytics.
Perl-Critic - A static source code analyzer for Perl.
Pronto Framework - A Web framework for PHP.
PortableSigner - A digital signature for PDF documents.
ppDrag - An extremely fast JavaScript drag'n'drop implementation.
pythonOCC - A 3D CAD/PLM development library for the Python programming language.
Patch Check Advanced - A program that generates lists of installed and missing patches on Solaris.
project:Einstein - A Domain Specific Language for contemporary enterprise development.
PAM Password Escrow - A system to capture login credentials into an encrypted database.
piglet jotter - A simple jotter / jot / jot pad / note pad with decent usability functions.
p-get - A porn Web spider for TGP video galleries.
PHP Tree Graph Ext - A PHP package to render graphical diagrams of hierarchical trees.
Pragmatic Mathematical Service - A JavaScript collection with over 400 mathematical functions.
Psychosynth - An interactive, collaborative, and networked synthesizer.
PowerFolder - A tool to synchronize files over the Internet or a local network.
PHP Breadcrumbs Class - A PHP class for managing breadcrumbs in with OOP and template driven techniques.
Plake - A target-based file assembler.
pyKoremutake - An application that converts to and from Koremutake MeRS.
pySets - A Python CLI app that deals with sets.
phpCheckZ - A Web utility that allows you to create dynamic checklists.
PHPMyEmail - An alternative function to mail() in PHP.
PlayShell - PlayShell is a player handler and playlist manager with a shell-like interface for the terminal or console.
pytumblr - A Python library for tumblr.com.
psYblog - A simple blogging system.
PyreRing - A test runner for command line scripts.
pdfposter - A utility to scale and tile PDF images/pages to print on multiple pages.
Persistent MoodleDVD - A live DVD with Moodle and WikiMedia
PAPFIP - A Python and Pgplot-based Fits Image Plotter.
PC Disk Clone - A bootable CD to clone hard drives and migrate a system to a new PC.
python-djvulibre - Python bindings for DjVuLibre.
Piggy Market Squeak - An alert system for financial technical analysis.
pySortNet - A program that sorts IP addresses and hostnames.
[email protected] - A puppet configuration/extension package.
Proto Balance SSL - Provides server SSL offloading, SSL acceleration, or SSL reverse proxy.
Pushit - An audio transcoder for several musical formats.
ParseGenBank - A GenBank Flat File Format parser.
pipestatus - UNIX/POSIX shell functions for obtaining exit status of every program in a pipe.
paexec - Software that distributes tasks across several CPUs or machines.
ppc - A remote and SysEx-editor for E-MU Planet Phatt/Orbit/Carnaval synthesizers.
p4.pl - A Perl-based macro processor.
Property Set Library - A C++ container library providing properties and many features.
Proto Balance Advanced - Denial of service protection and client connection rate limiting.
phploadavg - A script to show a chart of the server's load.
pypty - A tty logger.
python/pg_typical - PostgreSQL binary type I/O routines for Python.
python/pg_pqueue - PostgreSQL PQ protocol modules for Python.
python/pg_greentrunk - GreenTrunk interface support for Python.
Phuzby - A desktop LDAP query tool oriented for telephone directories.
pdfrecycle - A program that creates a PDF file by composing pages from other PDF files.
PhoneWallet - A tool which secures personal and confidential information.
PycasaDownload - A program to download Picasa photos and albums.
Postgres Plus - PostgreSQL with popular add-ons.
PhpCalendar - A PHP library to present a calendar.
ProjectFortress - A programming language with extensive support for parallelism.
PHP RSS Reader with Ajax and XML - A Web-based RSS reader.
PaderSyncFM - A powerful file manager for handsets.
PHP eFax - A PHP class to send and receive faxes worldwide from any Web server.
pyWvDial - A PyGTK-based WvDial frontend.
Pymailheaders - A small mail monitoring program that supports multiple protocols.
PylotLight - A cross-platform productivity-centered starting point.
portreserve - A TCP port reservation utility.
Pacaq - A chess game analysis tool with a Qt-based GUI.
Pork C++ Rewriting framework - A C++ parsing and rewriting tool chain.
pksh - An extension of tcsh with an embedded pcap-based network sniffer.
Pure PHP radius class - A class to authenticate users in PHP with a RADIUS server.
Patchage - A Patch bay for JACK and ALSA.
PyHP - An Apache module which executes Python code embedded in HTML pages, like PHP.
phppython - A PHP to Python code converter.
Python School Alarm Clock - An alarm clock that lets you sleep in when school's closed.
PacketFence ZEN - A network access control system.
Python WebDAV Library - An object-oriented WebDAV client library.
PackManUtil - A package management utility for use with source-based Linux distributions.
PHP SlideShow Proxy - A PHP class that interfaces with a JavaScript front end to display a slideshow.
Piccolo2D - A structured 2D graphics framework.
phpTimeClock - A simple and easy-to-use timeclock.
Pasang Emas - A traditional board game of Brunei.
psx - A PHP framework.
PINY_MD - A multipurpose, object-oriented molecular simulation package.
PHP Menu - A menu for Web pages that allows search engines to follow the menu links.
PyPEL - A research-oriented dynamic BPEL engine.
pwdrep - A simple utility to manage a password repository.
PostSharp - An aspect-oriented programming framework for .NET and Mono.
Porte - A PHP 5 ORM solution.
PDFResurrect - A PDF analysis and scrubbing utility.
Prawn - A pure Ruby PDF generation library with good performance and UTF-8 support.
picviz - A parallel coordinates plotter.
Poldi - A PAM module for smart card based authentication.
PHP FastCGI Per-User - Manages PHP FastCGI processes per-user.
pHash - A perceptual hash library.
process-getopt - A bash wrapper for getopt.
pluma - An LDAP user editor/management Web application.
Py-Lepton - A high-performance, pluggable particle engine and API for Python.
PySignup - A simple sign-up sheet program.
Pyfig - A very small and simple config file parser.
python-ptrace - A debugger written in Python on top of ptrace
Paglo Crawler - A crawler for the Paglo search engine for IT.
pam_lirc - A PAM module for remote control input.
PHP Form Validator - A simple, generic form validation script for use in PHP form processors.
PhARoS - A PHP library to generate SQL queries using simple method calls.
PACKTER - A visualization tool for Internet traffic.
Piggydb - A knowledge creation system.
Pyjamas-Desktop - A simple yet powerful cross-platform desktop widget toolkit and API.
PyWebLib - A Web programming framework for Python.
Power Switch daemon - Software to run commands by pressing the power button.
pspdfposter - Scales and tiles PS and PDF page to print on multiple pages.
Paper Pilots Screensaver - A 3D screensaver where paper airplanes fly through various tranquil backgrounds.
PRTree - A Java package which implements a priority R-Tree, a spatial index.
page-watcher - A script to send notification when a Web page changes.
Post Scriptum - A procedural programming language translated directly to PostScript.
prettyprint - Software to access hardware registers symbolically.
Pkg-cacher - A package caching server for Debian and RedHat.
plSTDF - A Perl module for working with STDF files.
Perfect Paging - A PHP class that generates links to browse listings split in pages.
phpW2ML - A W2ML processor written in PHP.
Project35 Software - An application suite that generates data entry forms from XML schema.
pyRenamer - A mass file renamer.
pulpTunes - A Web server for iTunes to serve your music across the Internet.
party_playlist - Creates Rhythmbox playlists from "top artists" in friends' last.fm profiles.
Pivip - Allows you to easily create a personal Web site.
Pattern Notes - Java design pattern and idiom annotations.
pr2nntp - A gateway from RSS to NNTP.
PHP Sentinel - A PHP library to make it easy to screen, sanitize, and validate incoming data.
pys60modlib - A PyS60 mod library.
pymuz - A PyS60 (Nokia series 60) mod player.
pybtkeyboard - Use a PC keyboard as a Bluetooth keyboard for Nokia series 60 devices.
pyucam - A pys60 motion video recorder.
PyMVPA - MultiVariate Pattern Analysis (MVPA) in Python
Python Multimodal Hub - Middleware to manage multimodal components in a network.
Pyjamas - A Python-to-Javascript compiler plus an AJAX widget set.
pigrammar - An assembler/programmer for picloader.
Prenda - A pawn shop system.
phpScheduleEm - A Web application to streamline employee scheduling for small businesses.
psinfo - Shows process information and statistics using the kernel /proc interface.
PcWebSpy - A mini Web server that runs from the command line.
pichart - A flow chart designer for pigrammar.
PHP Sort Class - A PHP class to sort array data using several algorithms.
Photo Frame Prep - A script for preparing photos for a digital picture frame.
python-managesieve - A ManageSieve client library for remotely managing Sieve scripts.
PowerBroker Identity Services Open Edition - Active Directory integration software for Linux, Unix, and Mac OS.
Portsmith - A dynamic port-forwarding user interactive firewall.
pyfilecache - A Python module that implements a filesystem-based cache.
Prism Video Converter - A video file converter.
pycryptopp - A few useful cryptography algorithms for Python programmers.
phpISP - An application for ISP client managment.
Perl Sudoku Solver - A Sudoku solver.
PySumpas - A utility to generate secure passwords based on hashes and ciphers.
Python-GPSBabel - A Python wrapper around GPSBabel.
PyRadio - A curses-based Internet radio player
Proxymini - A minimalistic configuration-less proxy server.
Performous - A cross-platform clone of the Playstation 2 game Singstar.
Pining for the Fjords - A timekeeper and work time calculator.
PhotoFlow Flash Gallery CS3 Component - A Flash CS3 component that provides a streamline photo flow effect.
PyGuile - A way to invoke Python scripts from inside Guile.
pyqrcode - A qrcode encoder and decoder for Python.
pdfjoin - A program that makes it easy to merge or join and split PDF documents.
PageLite - A lightweight, independently executed pagination system.
Pocket PC to Mobile SMS Software - Pocket PC bulk messaging utility reliably sends thousands of SMS worldwide
phpoi - PHP scripts to handle points of interest.
Pushover - A domino falling puzzle game.
pytemplate: python script template - A Python template to help with starting new scripts.
Phacter - A Python port of facter.
phMagick - A powerful and easy class for image manipulation without PHP memory limitations.
pppd-sql - An SQL authentication plugin for the Linux PPP server.
Pygar - A system that facilitates discovery of related secrets through a blind agent.
PhotoRescue Mac - A program to recover digital images from hard disks and other media.
PyMei - A Python media interface.
pyECTOR - A learning chatterbot.
PHP BWmeter - A tool to measure network bandwidth with a Web browser.
Peces - A program to play a tangram game.
Piano Booster - A MIDI file player that also teaches you to play the piano.
pyodbc - An ODBC database library for Python.
PocoBot - A modular IRC bot.
PTRANS - A program to dither and scale large PGM files to PBM using minimal RAM.
pyproctools - Various command line tools to get information from the /proc filesystem.
Poddy Home - An easy to use but fully featured media center application.
PHP DOM Template - A fast PHP template engine.
pyisbn - A module for working with 10- and 13-digit ISBNs.
Photo of the Day - Downloads the "Photo of the Day" wallpaper from the National Geographic site.
PreAdmin - A program to manage the prevention of occupational hazards in companies.
Portato - A Portage GUI.
PhunkyBB - An XSL-powered forum system.
pyratemp - A small, simple, easy-to-use, fast, powerful template-engine for Python.
Patricia Attack - A side scrolling game based on source code from book "Developing Games in Java".
patch-AuthenticAMD - Utility to patch binaries from Intel C++ compiler to run faster on AMD cpus
pkg_online - A client/server searcher for software packages.
PLATYPUX - A Linux distribution compiled with sources.
PlayOnLinux - A Windows applications installer.
PigaVision - A television out port utility.
PSY PONG 3D - A three dimensional Pong clone in C using OpenGL/GLUT.
Parted Magic - A tool for partitioning and disk management tasks.
podmanual - A module and utility that convert pod (Perl docs) into docbook or PDF manuals.
Play it slowly - Software to playback parts of audio files at different speeds or pitches.
PHP Mime Type Class - PHP Mime Type Class Detection
Python Director - A command line plugin library.
prodatum - A patch editor for the E-MU Proteus 2000 sample-based synthesizer family.
Passgen - A password generator.
Psychopyretic - A dungeon-based platformer game.
PHP Weby directory script - Software for running a directory of links.
Portable Linux - A tool for creating bootable Linux installations on removable drives.
phm Instant Messenger - A PHP class to manage users and friends that exchange messages.
Photo Importer - A reliable, hands-off digital photo importer for Linux and GNOME.
pyldapadmin - An LDAP administor for the Web.
pxattr - A file extended attributes C++ portability programming interface.
Pico Web Remoting - An Ajax remoting system.
PicoContainer Web - A Web framework integration system for PicoContainer.
peaberry - A Guice extension that supports injection of dynamic services.
PHP File Renamer - A script to rename many files at once.
Passive Popper - A tool that displays passive GTK popup windows.
porticron - A simple shell script for portage, similar to apticron for Debian.
ProStockMaster - A program for selling photos through stock agencies.
pyPEG - A parser-interpreter in Python for context free languages.
Premake - A build configuration tool; generates files for Visual Studio, GMake, and more.
Prosody IM Server - A lightweight Jabber/XMPP server written in Lua.
PXE manager - A system to manage PXE config files.
phpLiveDocx - PDF, DOCX, DOC, and RTF generation for PHP.
PHP Guestbook - Free php opensource guestbook
picturesort - Sorts pictures by how they look, not by their metadata.
PHP NeverForms - A collection of PHP classes that help with HTML form manipulation.
PIE - Property Investment Evaluation - A real estate investment evaluation tool.
PGP Individual UID Signer - A tool to individually sign each UID on a set of PGP keys and email them off.
PTK - An alternative advanced interface for the TSK (The Sleuth Kit) suite.
phpSimpleDoc - A PHP code documentor.
PHP Template Inheritance - A system similar to Djangos template inheritance.
PyWatermark - A program that generates images with watermarks.
PHP Easy Installer - A script for creating a user-friendly installation wizard.
PHP DataForm - A PHP script for creating HTML forms.
Parallel processing from the shell - Simple parallel and distributed programming in shell scripts.
PHP Secure Communications Library - Pure PHP implementations of cryptographic protocols and algorithms.
Pagination OpenOffice.org extension - OpenOffice.org pagination extension
Portofino - A system that can create a Web app from an existing database in 30 seconds.
PolicyDOC - PCI compliant policy management and policy exception management software.
PyMultimethods - Multimethods for Python.
Pictag - A simple single file Web photo gallery with thumbnails and tagging.
python-aalib - Python bindings for AAlib.
PetalPower - A florist management Web site.
phpsdl-ng - A PHP binding for SDL.
Padre - A Perl application development and refactoring environment.
papertimer - A simple full-screen countdown timer.
PHP-Endurance - Software to publish heart rate monitor data on the Web.
p6p - A peer-to-peer IPv6 virtual network.
Primrose Game - A novel, captivating tile-clearing puzzle game.
Peggy - Tools for working with PyGtk and setuptools.
pyCave - A clone of the game SFCave with 3D graphics.
Prime8 - A global LDAP address book management Web interface.
Python Jamendo Audiocenter - A music browsing and streaming application.
PHP-BottleRocket/SOSDG - A simple PHP script for controlling X10 devices through a Web browser.
PlainDoc - PlainDoc turns text files to PDF, HTML, etc.
PDFedit - A scriptable PDF editor implemented with C++, XPDF, Qt3, and QSA.
Payment Gateway Library - A class for accepting payments with Paypal, Authorize.net, and 2CO.
PITRTools - A simple toolset for PostgreSQL PITR.
popcorn - Popularity Contest (for RPM).
Privatix Live-System - An OS that runs directly from a portable storage device for privacy and encryption.
python-argvalidate - A Python argument type validator.
PDA to Mobile Bulk SMS - Software for sending group text messages.
portaliks - A blog platform.
Phorum - A Web-based forum application built for speed and freedom.
Pulse2 - A tool that simplifies application deployment, inventory, and maintenance of an IT network.
pceemu - A pc-engine emulator
PBL - The Program Base Library
PHP MicroCMS - A content management system.
Planigle - An easy to use Agile project management tool.
preplace - A powerful tool to search and replace in text files.
Pineapple tracker - A vi-like music editor.
PHP Inventory - Inventory management software.
PL/JSON - A JSON Object for PL/SQL.
picogen - A terrain scenery generator and renderer.
PDKIM - A C/C++ library that implements DomainKeys Identified Mail (RFC4871).
POP and IMAP Troubleshooter - A wizard to diagnose email connection issues.
P2PVPN - Serverless (peer-to-peer) VPN software.
pop3download - A script that downloads e-mail from a POP3 or IMAP mailbox.
pymur - A Python interface to the Lemur Toolkit.
py-postgresql - A PostgreSQL driver and tools for Python 3.
PySynth - A simple music synthesizer in Python.
pybag - A crossplatform file and directory synchronization and backup utility.
PEGTL - The Parsing Expression Grammar Template Library.
PolarView - A marine ENC charts and GRIB viewer.
PHPTAL - An XHTML template engine for PHP 5.
psx forum - A modern social forum software system.
PyWIKid - An implementation of the WiKID one-time-password protocol.
pGrab - A small program to share playlists with friends.
PHP Array to Object converter - A PHP class to convert an array to an object.
Pimpmobile - Music playback for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance.
Prudence - A platform for creating scalable Web applications and network services using dynamic scripting languages and proven REST principles.
PhpStartApp - A collection of classes intended to be the base of a PHP Web application.
prescanic - An IP scanner.
PHP MySQL DB Class - A PHP class that acts as a MySQL database access wrapper.
PHP-TibJMS - A PHP module that implements Tibco JMS communication.
PushButton Engine - A Flash game engine and framework.
psx tracker - An easy-to-use private torrent tracker.
phpAutoIndex - A quick and easy script to share files amongst friends.
Pinba - A real-time statistics server for PHP.
PDF Automation Server - An application that automates the receiving, processing, and routing of PDF documents.
python-odm - Object-directory mapping for Python-LDAP.
pcu - Page cache utilities.
php_solr - A PHP client library for Apache Solr.
posixamake - A software build tool.
Punto - A tool for the visualization of particles.
Peerscape - A peer-to-peer social network.
PyGTS - A Python library to create, manipulate, and analyze 3D triangulated surfaces.
PySSE - A simple site engine.
Probus - An easy-to-use PHP5 framework.
PodSixNet - A lightweight network layer designed to make it easy to write multiplayer games in Python.
Pipho - A PHP and Javascript image gallery component optimized for the iPhone and iPad.
PHP Ajax Voting system - A Web-based voting tool.
pymds - A modular DNS server.
PyAMF - Action Message Format (AMF) support for Python that is compatible with the Adobe Flash Player.
pLoader - Software dedicated to photo preparation and transfer to Piwigo.
PointSMS - An easy-to-use SMS gateway.
PICI-NMS - A tiny network messaging system to send messages between applications.
pydicom - A package for reading, modifying, and writing DICOM medical files.
pmcyg - A tool for creating customized Cygwin installers.
python-bitstring - A pure Python module for simple construction, analysis, and modification of binary data.
pyFormex - A tool for generating, manipulating, and transforming large geometrical models of 3D structures.
PDFSlide - An application for displaying PDF-based presentations.
Polymul - A fast multivariate polynomial multiplication library.
Pybatis - A SQL convenience library; the non-ORM.
python-colormath - A color math library for conversions, color differences, and density calculations.
Peanut - A tiny JPEG comment editor.
perfectear - An ear training program for Linux.
PDF Studio - An editor to mark up PDF documents.
PySh - A shell that lets you mix Unix commands and Python code together.
PHP ShoutBox - Allows your users to post short messages on your site.
pam_csync - A PAM module for roaming home directories.
Pancake - A highly configurable, modular, themeable panel.
php_txgr - A PHP library for converting text to graphics.
PHP Photo Gallery - A photo gallery script with many features to share photos online.
php ban and trap - A Web site ban system.
Python::OpenCL - A Python wrapper around the OpenCL library.
PicasaWeb class - A PHP class to display galleries of photos from PicasaWeb albums.
phpWebHacks - An advanced HTTP client for HTTP scripting.
PyDaF - A data-driven processing library.
pfcalc - A command-line tool to calculate pipe friction and pressure drop through pipes.
PHP Menu Builder - A class to display nested menus of HTML links.
PHP AdminPanel - A PHP script that allows an administrator to manage Web site content.
Package Converter - A frontend for Alien.
pdirl - A directory lister based on phpdl.
PD4ML - A powerful PDF generating library that uses HTML and CSS for page layout and content definition.
PodCaster - An application to create podcasts from internet radio streams.
python-gsasl - A libgsasl wrapper for Python.
pirsyncd - Python Inotify Rsync Daemon.
pSOAPjr - A PHP implementation of SOAPjr.
Pylot - A Web performance test tool.
Pavtube Video Converter for Mac - A video converter that supports many formats.
Pavtube TOD Converter for Mac - A tool to convert TOD to AVI, MPEG, WMV, or FLV.
PHP CSS Query - Software to use CSS3 selectors to access the nodes of a DOMDocument.
pClosure - Software to create closure functions in any version of PHP 5.
Pavtube MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac - A tool that converts MTS and M2TS videos to AVI and MPEG.
Pavtube FLV Converter for Mac - A tool that converts FLV videos to AVI, MKV, and TOD.
Pavtube MKV Converter for Mac - A tool that converts MKV videos to MOD, TOD, and WMV.
Pac Defence - A tower defence game.
PHPTurtle - A PHP library for doing turtle graphics.
Pitlib - A PHP image transformation library.
PersistClass - A database access layer and object persistence tool for PHP.
Pyrit - An attack against the WPA/WPA2-PSK authentication system.
pylsyncd - A Python live syncing daemon.
PHP Viz - A PHP code generator.
PunyURL - A class that can be used to create short URLs using the Puny sapo.pt Web services API.
Profiler4j Fork - A fork of the original profiler.
PaderSyncSSH - A mobile SSH client for the BlackBerry, Java ME, and Android.
Pavtube DVD to MP4 Converter for Mac - A tool that converts DVDs to MP4.
python_gnupg - A Python wrapper for GnuPG.
Piggybudget - A personal budget application.
PopBlocks - A Samegame clone for the Palm Pre.
PHP-Identicons - An identicon implementation in PHP with a small footprint.
phpAdamoto - A program to administrate many clients and servers easily from a Web console.
PAGE - A GUI generator for Python.
Perl Math::FastGF2 - Implements fast arithmetic on Galois Fields of size 8, 16, and 32 bits.
phpDays - A flexible PHP5 framework.
Pigs Can Fly Site Monitor - A site monitoring application for Google Android.
pulse-java - A Java Web application framework and portal solution.
Python XMLRPC Server with SSL & Authentication - A modular XML-RPC server with authentication for Python using Twisted.
Petit - A log analysis tool for systems administrators.
Partclone - A partition backup tool.
PrecisionID Code 39 Barcode Font Package - A font for printing the 3 of 9 barcode.
PlainAjax - An Ajax framework.
phew - A simple framework for creating Python Web applications.
Perl Crypt::IDA - An implementation of information dispersal/Reed-Solomon algorithms for Perl.
PySide - Python bindings for the Qt framework.
Picombo - A lightweight Ruby framework for Web development.
python-symmetric-jsonrpc - A JSON-RPC implemenation in Python.
PanBI - A collection of analytics modules for existing information systems.
Plandora - A tool to help the software development process.
Project Essentionals - Basic functions to start developing a project.
pylib and py.test - A testing, networking, and development support library
PHTML Encoder - PHTML Encoder allows encoding PHP scripts before distributing them.
Palabos - Complex fluid flow simulations.
PHPJasperXML - Allows native PHP code to read Jasper report files and generate PDFs on the fly.
Pandora FMS - Pandora FMS is a monitoring system for big IT environments.
Pigs Run! - A 3D point-and-click game.
Pingo - An IRC bot that watches the status of a PlaneShift server.
Python Simulated Annealing Module - A Python module to perform optimization with the method of simulated annealing.
Perl Dancer - A painless Web application framework for Perl.
patchca - A CAPTCHA library for Java.
Proportional Font Terminal - A proportional version of Ajaxterm hacked to be a terminal using Web-optimized proportional fonts.
Patu Digua - A Web/JavaScript/HTML/CSS obfuscator/compressor.
phix - A PHP implementation of simple simulation for the FIX protocol.
PySACIO - A Python module to read and write binary SAC (Seismic Analysis Code) files.
pipadoc - A gawk script to extract documentation from various sources.
PlanningForce - Project planning and management software.
pyMonitorix - A PyGTK desktop applet to monitorize your servers.
PixelStruct - A tool for visualizing 3D scenes reconstructed from photographs.
Project Xenon - A Web-based desktop.
Pacu - A lightweight cross-platform code editor.
Perfmon4j - A suite of performance monitoring tools for Java.
python-fedex - A light Python/suds wrapper for the FedEx SOAP API.
PHP Code Encryption - A class to obfuscate PHP scripts by replacing variable names.
posnumcon - A cross-platform, command-line positional numeral systems converter.
Pressflow - A project to make Drupal scale.
phpdocr - A simple way to access PHP documentation from the command-line.
PPI - A Perl parser in Perl.
PPM-Make - A Perl module to make a ppm package from a CPAN distribution.
Pinta - A learning image classifier.
pyOBD - An OBD2 car diagnostic GUI tool.
pocketpod - A proof of delivery Web application.
Pool Table Viewer - Database views that allow querying of SAP pooled tables directly from Oracle.
Piorun Image Mounter - A CLI front-end to mount that stores a list of images.
php mudnames - A PHP class to generate random names for multi-user dungeon games.
Python Libnet - A Python wrapper for the libnet packet injection library.
prnglib - A library for generating pseudorandom numbers.
PDFXMLRPC - Client-server PDF creation from text over the Internet.
popword - A program to tally up keywords of interest.
PathVisio - A biological pathway editor and analysis tool.
publish - A helper script for doing basic operations and uploading to a Web host with scp.
P-Synch - Password management software for users, help desk operators and sys-admins.
Pydza - A fast and fun platformer.
PyX11Remote - A Python X11 remote control and automation library.
Print Release System - Web-based quotas for managing System V printing.
p3c - A pop3 checker with a text interface.
p5-Palm - Perl modules for manipulating Palm databases.
probability sequencing language - A text based paino roll language for csound.
p910nd - Non-spooling printer daemon for diskless hosts
pabber - A utility to access an Exchange Global Address List.
PABX Monitoring System - A utility that monitors the Phillips IS1000 PABX system.
pfloghtml - A log parsing program for PF logs.
packet-cd - Incremental packet writing for CD-R/W drives.
P2P-Fusion - Legal, creative, reuse of audiovisual media on the Internet.
packet2sql - Pulls packet logs out of log files and converts them to SQL
PackPrint - A pretty-printer for ethernet packets.
PACT - SNMP accounting tool.
Python Packager - A Web application that converts Python source code into stand-alone applications for Windows and Linux.
PDF OCR X - A drag and drop utility to convert PDFs into text via OCR.
Parse-Dia-SQL - A script to convert Dia class diagrams into SQL.
Peapod - A Web based podcast manager.
Proteus Intelligent Processes - Tools for intelligent executable processes.
Paddle Bounce 3D - A 3D Pong clone.
phpivr - An Asterisk AGI application for organizing Interative Voice Responses.
PAddress - A simple address book application.
PHP Rtmp Client - An RTMP Client for PHP.
PolarSSL - A light-weight cryptographic C library for embedded systems.
Picshell - A PIC simulator / IDE for JAL.
Pagecast - Automates submitting lists of URL's to various Internet search engines.
PagePoker - A Perl HTTP client for monitoring and load-testing.
Pail - A console Perl mail checker.
PasswordStore - A password storage manager.
PAiN Linux Loader - Linux Loader for the PAiN diskmag
Poole - A simple static Web site generator.
pixie - An X11 window manager.
Palm OS Emulator Howto - A HOWTO for the Palm OS Emulator.
palm-bookmarks - Transforms Netscape bookmarks into a Palm database for ListDB.
punq - A collection and search engine for event logs across disparate network systems.
Palm-LDAP - Link between a Palm device and LDAP
palmamp for XMMS - An XMMS plugin to allow a PalmPilot to control it.
pyBit - A simple URL shortening application.
palmdoc - Helps document your Palm projects.
PalmImage - A Java GUI/CLI to convert GIF and JPEG to ViewerIII PDB.
Pollen - A Web-based poll application.
palmlib - Text to Palm Pilot document conversion library.
PalmOS Flat-File Database Utilities - PalmOS Flat-File Database Utilities.
PHP Fat-Free Framework - A single-file Web application framework.
Paloma - Relational music database system.
phpexhibition - A visual art publishing system.
PAM/NSS-DCE for Linux - DCE/DFS integration for Linux.
pam_authtoken - Tool to pass a PAM authtoken to other applications.
pam_cucipop - Patch to use PAM with cucuipop
Pound-irc - An IRC app for Palm WebOS.
pam_krb5_migrate - A PAM module to ease migration to Kerberos 5.
pam_ldap - LDAP Pluggable Authentication Module
passwdqc - A password/passphrase strength checking and policy enforcement tool set.
pam_pgsql - A Postgres backend for Linux PAM.
pam_radius_auth.c - A RADIUS authentication module for PAM.
pam_smb - PAM module for NT authentication
pam_smxs - PAM module for cryptographic challenge-response authentication
pam_tacplus - A PAM module to authenticate against TACACS+.
PHP debug tools - A set of PHP debug tools.
Pan - A newsreader for GNOME.
Plzip - A parallel compressor compatible with lzip.
Panda PDF Generator - A PDF generator in the form of a C library.
prwd - A tool to print your working directory in a reduced form.
PandaLex PDF Parser - A flex and bison parser for PDF documents.
PandaScript - A scriptable PDF generation frontend.
pandora - A full-fledged content/user managment system.
PHP-Ajax Profile Module - An application module to edit profile records (similar to Facebook).
Pandora monitor - A flexible monitoring platform.
panFora - A web-based discussion forum and file sharing collaboration tool.
Pango - A framework for the layout and rendering of international text.
PHP Server Monitor - A script that checks whether the servers/Websites on your list are running.
Panorama - Framework for creating, rendering, and processingthree-dimensional images
Par - A paragraph reformatter for plain text.
Parallel Bladeenc - A parallel MP3 encoder.
phoneutria - A Web crawler that is multi-threaded, scalable, high-performance, extensible, and polite.
ProcessControl - A script for advanced monitoring, launching, shutdown, and restarting of applications.
Piecemeal - A unified, one-stop directory access API.
Parallel URL fetcher - A download tool capable of doing many downloads in parallel.
Pymorph - A Python morphology library.
Parallel::ForkManager - A Perl module for controlling forked process counts.
pyscxml - An SCXML implementation in Python.
Paralogger - A script to ease the process of setting up a root tail window
parapin - A parallel port pin control library for Linux.
pardiff - A program to display diff output in a parallel (side-by-side) format.
PRPVis - A teaching tool to demonstrate the probabilistic roadmap planner.
PARI/GP - A software package for computer-aided number theory.
Perfect Download Icons - A collection of download icons for Web site designers and software developers.
Password Chest - A simple password management application.
parp - A Perl-based Anti-spam capable Replacement for Procmail.
phpFlair - Combines multiple CSS or JavaScript files into one file, caches the combined file, and serves it.
php-iban - A PHP library for parsing and validating IBAN bank account information.
PatentSafe Repository Checker - A script to check a PatentSafe repository.
PHP xColor - A handy class to calculate color values.
PHP xFraction - A handy and mostly intelligent class to calculate fractions.
PHP Facedetection - A PHP extension to recognize faces on images.
PHP Infusion - A set of functions for PHP.
PHP IDNA - A libidn wrapper for PHP.
Parse::Yapp - Perl OO LALR(1) parser generator, compatible with yacc grammars.
phpMyDB - A PHP class for working with MySQL databases.
picbulk - A program that sends images to Picasa or to email addresses specified.
PS3 Media Server - A DLNA compliant UPNP media server for the PlayStation 3.
Pmss - A script that generates spam statistics for procmail.
Partition Image - A harddisk cloning utility.
PartyTime Photo Community - An interactive digital picture sharing system.
pyChatter - An instant messaging application.
pasdoc - Pascal documentation generator
ptdoc - A plain text document publishing system.
pisiom - An application for synchronizing all sorts of PIM data.
pasmon - A Graphical Passive Network Monitor
Passook - A password generator.
pdoMap - A robust PHP ORM with a lot of OOP functionalities.
passwdd - Password synchronization server/client
pyoui - A utility that, given the MAC address of a device, shows who manufactured the device.
Postview - A blog engine.
Postage - An API for handling text files written in Markdown.
Password Cracking Library - Library to help write powerful password cracker/recovery.
Password Storage and Retrieval - A tool that allows OpenPBS jobs to run with AFS authentication.
pimd - A PIM-SM v2 daemon.
phundament - A Yii framwork content management module.
palm-strip-export - A utility that can export your legacy PalmOS Strip databases to a simple CSV file.
pat2pdf - Fetch patents from the USPTO in PDF format.
patch - Apply a diff file to an original source.
preload-images - A PHP class to generate a page with preloaded images.
PatentMailer - Scripts for Retrieving and E-mailing Patents in PDF Format (CGI)
path - Manipulate PATH-like environment variables
Puggle - A desktop search application.
python-chrono - A Python module for simple and convenient date/time handling.
PaulA - Administration system for Linux.
pwnat - NAT to NAT client-server tunneling/proxy software.
Packet.Net - High performance .Net assembly for dissecting and constructing network packets such as Ethernet, IP (IPv4, IPv6), TCP, UDP, etc.
pavuk - A Webgrabber with an optional GTK GUI.
Paw - Perl ASCII Widgets
Payload Delivery Vehicle - Creates a single executable for one-step end user installs.
Pynagram - A simple anagram game.
prll - A utility for parallelizing the execution of shell functions.
Petrus Blogger - A blogging client.
PlugPBX - An installation of Asterisk and FreePBX for the SheevaPlug low-power embedded computer.
php4-html-dom - A fast HTML parser for PHP.
PBM2Palm - Tool to convert b/w PBM images to PALM kjava-classes.
python-phishtank - A simple PhishTank API implementation for Python.
pyAggr3g470r - A news reader.
plexso - C++ libraries for designing and simulating neural networks.
php5_xattr - A PHP5 extended attributes module.
PC/SC Resource Manager - PC/SC smartcard Resource Manager, applications and drivers
PC4P - Collection of PHP-Classes to create PDFs
PAC - A remote shell connection manager.
pdfedit - A PDF editor.
Pcb - An application for designing printed circuit boards.
ParamsProxy - A class that sets up an object from XML definitions.
PigeBox - A complete solution to record continuous (24/7/365) audio content.
pcemu - Software-only PC emulator supporting an 8086 with text-only VGA
PyEmbedC - A Python module to inline/embed C/C++ within Python code
PChar - Tool for measuring Internet path characteristics.
PCI Utilities - Utilities for diagnostics and configuration of PCI devices.
PCI40A/FastDAC Linux driver - Device driver for PCI40 Industry pack carrier board and FastDAC
passfilter - A system to prevent accidentally entering passwords to your terminal.
PTStemmer - A stemming toolkit for the Portuguese language.
phpDNSAdmin - A powerful Web interface for DNS administration.
python-gearman - A native Python Gearman library.
PulkoCMS - Small CMS written in Perl
pmsdr - Software for a software-defined radio down-converter.
pcmcia-cs - A complete PCMCIA support package for Linux.
Pcom - php commander - Pcom is a PHP-driven webtelnet.
Proto Balance Mail - An SMTP cluster solution with 98% spam blocking.
pkviz - A network packet visualization and animation tool.
PRADS - A passive real-time asset detection system.
Penumbra Collection - A first person survival horror game.
PCP-Puzzle - A theoretical puzzle game.
prefix-hc11 - An experimental assembler for HC11 microcontrollers.
pumped - A cross-platform application for tracking progress in the gym.
Proview PDF Editor - A PDF editor that can merge and split files and rotate, flip, crop, and scale pages.
PCRE - A library that implements Perl 5-style regular expressions.
pctail - tail and colorize syslog output
pcwd - Berkshire Products PC Watchdog Card Linux Kernel Driver
pyaeso - A Python package that makes access to the Alberta Electric System Operator’s (AESO) energy trading system easier.
pybctc - A Python package that makes access to British Columbia Transmission Corporation (BCTC) electric data easier.
PDCurses for X11 - An implementation of SysVR4 curses for multiple platforms.
PyCAM - A CAM application that generates toolpath for 3-Axis CNC machining.
pdf2html - A converter from PDF to a series of PNGs in HTML pages.
pdf417_encode - A pdf417 encoding utility for barcode data and barcodes.
PDFlib - A portable C library for dynamically generating PDF files.
PupyMPI - A Message Passing Interface (MPI) library in pure Python.
python-nmap - A library which helps in using the nmap port scanner.
Plancake - A Web-based task manager and todo list.
pdftohtml - A PDF to HTML converter
patool - A portable archive file manager.
pdksh - Public domain version of the Korn Shell , POSIX sh
PDL - Turns Perl into an efficient numerical language for scientific computing.
PARPG - A post-apocalyptic isometric 2D roleplaying game.
pdmenu - A full-screen menuing system for Unix.
Panel Fix - A program that allows you to save and restore the positions of GNOME panel applets.
phpx - Compile-time metaprogramming for PHP.
pdnsd - A proxy DNS server with permanent cache for dial-up systems and small networks.
pgpry - A program for PGP private key recovery.
pdq - A printing system.
pake - A utility for automating tasks.
Pinta Paint Application - A simple painting application for GTK.
peachpit - A censorware spider tarpit utility.
Peacock - An HTML Editor for GNOME.
PeaGnut - A Gnutella proxying daemon.
PHP Flash Rotator - A Flash movie that rotates
Perl Depends - A tool that roughly determines module dependencies from a Perl file.
PostPic - A PostgreSQL extension for image processing.
pyxser - A Python object to XML serializer/deserializer.
peep - A network-file-stdio connectivity utility.
PeeWeeLinux - A small linux distribution for embedded applications.
Pegasi Web Server - A multithreading Web server written in Java.
PennMUSH - MUSH (Multi User Shared Hallucination) Daemon
Python-Fontconfig - A Fontconfig wrapper for Python.
phpProposal - A Web application to create SEO/PPC/SEM proposals.
PentiumGCC - Pentium/PPro/P-II/K6/Cyrix/MMX optimising egcs clone
people - Frontend/wrapper to rwho
portable easy quote (peq) - A program tha displays quotes (or fortunes).
Perdition Mail Retrieval Proxy - A POP3 and IMAP4 proxy.
pdr/pdx - A personal data recorder and personal data expert.
pop3ml - Software to manage mailing lists using a POP3 account (without a local SMTP server).
pict2png - A command line utility for converting Macintosh PICT images to PNG.
Perforce - Fast, robust, multi-platform software configuration management.
Performance Analysis Tool - Functional scheme-like language and interpreter for Java testing & analysis
Performance Co-Pilot - performance monitoring toolkit and API
PCChess - A mail chess component for Joomla 1.5.
py-setproctitle - A library for customizing process titles.
pysum - A simple application for creating and verifying MD5, CRC32, and other checksums.
PCMS - A pure PHP content management system.
Perl - A high-level, general-purpose programming language.
PostRemoteLog - A tool for logging information to a central location.
Perl Application Server - An object-oriented application server written in Perl.
PERL Birthday Reminder - A birthday reminder tool.
Perl Chat - Perl Chat Client and Server
Precurio - An intranet portal with workflow automation and robust reporting.
Perl Composer - Perl/Gtk integrated visual programming environment
PacStats - An application that generates statistical charts about ArchLinux pacman activity.
ptee - A parallel shell tee.
PARSEC CEE - A collaborative engineering environment.
Perl Embedding Engine - An engine for Perl-embedded HTML.
PyCryptoPlus - A crypto module similar to PyCrypto but 100% in Python.
PHP-to-Scala Migration Helper - A tool that converts PHP to Scala source code.
Perl IRC Statistics Generator - A Perl script to generate statistics from IRC logfiles.
PC/SC-Proxy - Software to use a PC/SC service on remote machines.
pybook - A program to manage your book collection from anywhere.
PropXX - Flexible, high-performance, Java-like properties for C++.
Popcompanion - A desktop application for sending and receiving faxes through the www.popfax.com API.
Perl Packages Manager - Perl module package manager.
Perl Server Pages - An OO Perl Web development environment.
Perl Shell - Simple interactive Perl shell
Particle System API - An API that allows C++ application developers to easily include dynamic simulations of groups of moving objects.
Perl Web Utilities - Perl modules and scripts to assist in webpage design
Perl Webmail - A Perl-based Web-mail application.
ProjectForge - A project management platform.
perl-GPS - Provides access to GPS devices.
Prebake - A cross-language, cross-architecture build system that scales to large projects.
PHP Administration Web for Tibco EMS - A Web GUI for administrating Tibco EMS Servers.
pinktrace - Pink's tracing library.
Perl-LZO - Perl bindings for LZO (Compress::LZO).
Perl-RPM - Perl bindings for the rpm 3.0.X API.
Pincaster - A NoSQL, in-memory, persistent data store for geographic data and key/value pairs, with a HTTP/JSON interface.
psensor - A graphical temperature monitor for Linux.
PerlBeans - An implementation of the Java Beans framework in Perl.
PyH - A Python module that generates HTML code in an object-oriented fashion.
Protocol Buffers Editor - An editor for Google's Protocol Buffers binary files.
perlbot - An IRC bot in Perl.
perldap - Perl C and OO interface to LDAP
perldbgui - A GUI for the Perl debugger.
Playlist.com Music Downloader - An application that downloads playlists from Playlist.com
Perle dialout - A tool to dialout from a Linux workstation through a Perle 833.
plog - A Python log parser, database archiver, and frontend.
Perlfect Search - Web site indexer and search engine.
PHP DataStorage - A PHP class to store and retrieve data in separate namespaces.
pyvm3 - A freestyle dynamic userspace.
Property Binder - A Java library for typed access to properties files.
PMSVN - A server configuration management and monitoring tool.
PrRescue - A rescue CD based on Gentoo amd64/i686 supporting nilfs2 and btrfs.
PerlSETI - GUI front end for the [email protected] client, programmed in Perl. Many Statistics.
PerlWebServer - A cross-platform Web server written in Perl.
perlwm - Perl window manager.
perl_metrics - A script to produces metrics about perl code.
permute - Generates all possible permutations of lines from stdin.
pxz - A parallel LZMA compressor using XZ.
PHPAtheme - A PHP Web front end implementation of the Atheme IRC services XMLRPC protocol.
Perro - This is a set of daemons that log TCP/UDP/ICMP packets.
PySuite - A collection of Python Vim plugins.
PET - Cooperative HTTP proxy cache system.
PHFTP - A simple and fast Web application that implements an FTP client.
Petey - Fortune like application for story generation
ParserLab - A parser generator.
PreParse - A JavaScript and CSS preprocessor.
Petite Chez Scheme - An implementation of extended ANSI Scheme
petopt - C command line argument parsing library
PETSc - The portable, extensible toolkit for scientific computation.
pyExit - A lightweight application for tasks associated with shutting down the computer.
pybdist - Python utilities to easily update your project.
PFE - Portable implementation of ANSI Forth.
PFinger - A configurable replacement for GNU Finger Daemon.
Plasma - A distributed filesystem, key/value database, and map/reduce framework.
pflogsumm - Postfix Log Entry Summarizer
Project Gibraltar - A FreeBSD desktop computer hardening script.
pftp - A tool for IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP data transfer.
pftpd - Multithreaded anonymous FTP daemon
PyMW - Master worker computing with Python.
puddletag - A tag editor for Linux loosely based on mp3tag.
p2pd - A streaming system for video-on-demand.
pg2d - Generic 2d graphics library.
PgAccess - A Tcl/Tk frontend for PostgreSQL.
pyst - A Python interface to Asterisk.
phpVirtualBox - A Web-based VirtualBox front-end written in PHP.
pybikey - An implementation of a Yubikey validation server.
PGP - Pretty Good Privacy public key encryption tool
PICsim - A PIC microcontroller simulator.
PGP Public Key Server - A PGP public key server.
Perf4CDI - Perf4j integration for CDI (JSR-299).
pgpenvelope - A GPG/PGP5 filter for Pine.
pgpforwarder - Encrypts incoming e-mail and forwards them to the real receiver.
pgpgpg - wrapper around GnuPG which takes PGP 2.6 command line options
PGPHTML - Generates PGP signed web-pages
pgppipe - Allows encrypting a stream with IDEA.
PageWork - PHP-based wiki
phantom - A phantomblock generator.
Packet Dump Decode - One-click packet hexdump decoding.
Pngtastic - A PNG image optimizer for Java.
python-stdnum - A Python module to handle standardized numbers and codes.
phasi - PHP Another System Info - Php admin tool
pyplt - A personal logging tool.
philoscope - An oscilloscope for X.
pwmdedit - A GUI client for pwmd.
PySAL - Python Spatial Analysis Library.
Phluid Window Manager - A Window Manager for X.
Phone - Linux internet phone and matching service.
Phonebook.php - A sleek company phonebook written in PHP3.
Phormation - A PHP code library for building database-driven forms.
Peyote - An audio player with a friendly MC-like interface.
Photo Collection - A web-based picture organizer.
persistence4j - A Java object persister using JDBC.
Primage - A PHP library that works like a proxy for resizing and watermarking images in real time.
photoarchive - A personal RDBMS-backed photo archive.
Photogenics - An innovative Photoshop competitor.
PhotoPC - Utility to control digital cameras based on Sierra Imaging firmware
pyBit3 - A GNOME-based URL shortener for desktop use.
PhotoScript - An online photo album with automatic thumbnail generation and caching.
prcs2hg - A PRCS-to-Mercurial repository converter.
Photoseek - A Web-based image cataloging and management system.
PhotoShelf - A Web-based photo management, archive, and display system.
protobuf-rpc-pro - A Java ProtocolBuffers RPC implementation featuring bidirectional calls.
Photoshrink - Generates thumbnail gallery and slide show Web pages.
PDF to Spreadsheet Pro - A tool that converts PDF documents into editable spreadsheets using OCR.
PHP - A high-level scripting language.
Pdlzip - A public domain version of lzip.
Pelotero - An application to download files via a proxy server to avoid domain-based blocks.
pito - A system for creating and loading LD_PRELOAD based system call interceptors.
PHP Bind - A PHP class for control of the bind daemon.
Paperless Office - A document management and electronic filing system.
pisel - A tool to select pictures on a digital camera to be kept and deleted.
PHP DB Form Creator - PHP scripts to help create an HTML form to administer data in MySQL.
PySnippy - A snippet manager.
PHP firewall generator - An ipchains firewall generator in PHP.
pfaces - A graphical mail checker.
Pay Per Head - A system for running Pay Per Head or Price Per Head services.
PHP FirstPost - A Weblog system with an open submission queue.
playerdo - A script for controlling whichever media player is running.
PHP Free-For-All - Free-For-All script for PHP and Mysql.
Proxmox VE - A virtualization platform for running virtual appliances and virtual machines.
PHP Helpdesk - A PHP helpdesk with a MySQL backend.
Plesk Sync for WHMCS - A WHMCS module for controlling client hosting accounts.
PrefixDB - A database of callsign prefixes in use by amateur radio.
PHP interface to ht://Dig - ht://Dig indexing and searching Web pages engine interface from PHP.
Pedef - A CGI script that converts plain text into a PDF file.
PyNetSim - A network traffic generator for anomaly detection.
PrimeDesktop - A network visualization application.
prettyAutoIndex - A Web multimedia gallery.
PHP Picture Voting Booth - Let your website visitors vote on pictures
PHP Result Class - A rule-based system for processing data associated with a Database result ID.
PHP Shell - A shell wrapped in a PHP script.
PHP Spell Check - An easy to use PHP Spell Checker script for Web sites and intranets.
PHP Simple Informer - A simple network services monitoring application written in PHP.
pfff_visual - A fancy source code visualizer, browser, and searcher.
picosnippet - A very simple and easy-to-use HTML/DOM templating library.
Peludo - An injectable advanced modular shellcode generator.
PHP7 Framework - A security-focused PHP library collection.
Pogo - A simple audio player.
PHP On Pie - A PHP framework.
PHP StatIt - A PHP-based log which counts visitors of your Web site.
PHP Submit - An automated search engine submission script.
Pair - A program that reads the strings from an input file, pairs them with the strings from a second file, and writes the results to an output file.
polypy - Ring analysis of molecular structures.
PHP Weather - Shows the current weather conditions on your Web page.
python-poppler-qt4 - A Python binding to poppler-qt4.
php(Reactor) - Integrated Web applications.
Potamus - A lightweight audio player.
pacmoon - An Arch Linux tool for recompiling binary installed packages.
PHP Content Management System - A content management system that provides dynamic menus and templates.
pfree - A portable implementation of the free(1) utility.
php-cyradm - Web Administration Tool for the Cyrus IMAP Daemon.
php-LugMembers - Interface to access a members database written in PHP/MySQL.
plemp - A small, no-frills tool for uploading photos to Flickr.
PHP to MySQL Bulk Importer - A PHP program to import big SQL statement files into MySQL.
PHP-MySQL-Lib - An abstraction library for accessing MySQL databases from PHP.
PHP-Nuke - PHP Interactive Web Portal System
Pacific Payroll Timesheet - Software to manage payroll time tracking and processing.
PyJuice - A simple Web application for small office intranets.
PHP-ORBit - A CORBA interface module for PHP4.
peda - Schematic and PCB design automation software.
php-stream - A PHP front end for the 'stream-db' MP3 file streamer,
PHP-x10 - A PHP interface to the X10 firecracker module.
python-minidb - A simple SQLite3 store for Python objects.
PHPStateMapper - A PHP library to shade in areas on a map based on data given as a simple list.
php3guest - A Web guestbook written in PHP3 with a MySQL backend.
PHP::HTML - A set of PHP classes to aid Web development.
PHPAddress - Another PHP- and MySql-based address book.
PyGEDCOM - A Python library for parsing GEDCOM files.
phpAdsNew - A banner management and tracking system written in PHP.
pitch perfect - A tool for generating and playing audio tones.
phpBB - A feature-rich PHP discussion board.
Phreebird - A DNSSEC server that requires no configuration.
phpBugTracker - A Bug Tracker written in PHP.
PHPCal - A database oriented Calendar generator.
PHPCatalog - An easy-to-use, yet comprehensive e-catalog solution.
pcsc-lite - Middleware to access a smart card using the SCard API (PC/SC).
PicoMail - A fast, feature-rich mobile email application.
pyscard - A module that adds smart card support to Python.
ppcrack - Software that decrypts Amiga PowerPacker files.
phpCacheAdmin - A Web application for managing Memcached, filecache, and other cache systems.
PLOTlet - A tool for quickly creating charts and chart grids.
phpComic - A PHP comic strip parser.
POP-C++ - Parallel programming with C++.
PacketDam - A cost-effective software solution against DDoS.
pcsc-tools - Tools for PC/SC devices.
phpDoc - A multilingual system for PHP class documentation.
PHP PDO Wrapper Class - A minimal wrapper for PHP's PDO extension.
phpDocServ - Documentation and knowledge share server.
PhpDocumentor - A PHP script for creating javaDoc-style documentation from PHP code.
postbix - A daemon that monitor PostgreSQL.
phpDVD - A PHP/MySQL script to keep track of your DVD collection.
phpESP - Design/create/use/report surveys online.
PHPezmlmAdmin - Browser based ezmlm-idx mailing list administrator
Pagekite.py - A remote HTTP/HTTPS/SSH front-end proxy and tunnel.
phpFileManager - PHP3 script for managing files with your Web browser.
Perl ripdoc - Extracts documentation from comments at the beginning of file.
Panoptes - A network monitoring tool.
Prefixed Properties - Enhanced Properties to filter properties by a prefix or environment or to have request-dependent properties.
proghelp - A RAD tool for Web apps requiring DB connectivity.
pysd - A tool for automatic downloading of TV show subtitles.
Pickaxe - A program to run tests (bundles of questions) written in a simple text format.
plainMail2HTML - Allows sending HTML email from Mutt.
phpGiftList - A Web-based gift list/gift registry.
phpGraphy - A PHP script that allows you to manage a Web picture book/photo gallery.
phpGroupWare - A Web-based software suite.
phpGW inventory - Product management add-on module for phpGroupWare.
PDF Text Extractor - A class that extracts text from PDF files.
poezio - An XMPP client with a console based interface.
phpgw Time Tracker - A phpGroupWare addon for time tracking.
pepper - An SCM statistics report generator.
PHPHomework - PHP scripts to manage online homework assignments for teachers and student.
phpicradius - PHP port of radius.cgi that comes with ICRadius
perl-Sedna - A driver to connect to the Sedna XML database.
Plack - A set of tools for using the PSGI stack.
PHP cPanel Script - A script for managing cPanel.
Propulsion - A JavaScript game development framework for the HTML5 canvas element.
phpLanParty - Lan Party registration application
Proxy Connector - A PHP class to retrieve remote Web pages using the Tor network.
PHPLIB - Web Application Development Package for the PHP language
phplist - A newsletter manager.
PyMQI - A Python interface to WebSphere MQ.
purity-ng - A rewrite of the old "purity" game.
Praze cam - A directory listing for viewing images efficiently.
phpMNews - A PHP news system.
Phpmode - A mode for editing PHP files in jed.
PAGI - A PHP 5.3 AGI client.
PAMI - An Asterisk Manager Interface client.
POKIRSCAN poker tax calculator - A poker tax calculator for Full Tilt and PokerStars that computes gross winnings and losses as required by the IRS.
phpMyAdmin - A tool that handles the basic administration of MySQL over the Web.
pwgrep - A simple password manager for the command line.
phpMyChat - A complete Web-based chat system.
PortscanGeoInfo - A plugin for the powerful Prelude correlation engine.
perlver - A tool that finds the minimum required version of Perl for running Perl code.
Perlbal - A reverse-proxy load balancer and Web server.
pyme - A minimalistic GUI editor.
phpMyInventory - A Web-based hardware and software inventory system.
py-ad-ldap - A platform-agnostic Python package for manipulating Active Directory.
phpMyLinks - An HTTP links management tool.
Peg Solitaire - A board game also known as English peg solitaire or Senku.
phpMyNewsLetter - A NewsLetter manager.
Paparazzi - An autopilot system.
phpNews - PHP and MySQL based web news script.
Pidgin-PBar - A toolbar to update some account settings globally.
Phraw - A micro-framework for PHP.
Pike Home Automation Software - A collection of Pike modules for interfacing various hardware
ParaJVE - An emulator for the GCE Vectrex game console.
phPOP3 - A PHP implementation of POP3.
Password Policies Manager - A GUI for the OpenLDAP password policy overlay.
phpOpenFormGenerator - Generates forms like OOH-Forms from PHPlib, but simpler.
protective - Protects active records from being destroyed in a declarative way.
phpOpenTracker - A PHP tool to help track users through your site and measure its usability.
PHP Easy Ticket System - A full blown ticket system.
phpPgAdmin - A PHP-based PostgreSQL administration utility.
phpPolls-extras Goodie Pack - Add-on to phpPolls to support multi-question, multi-section surveys.
PopSearch - A Safari extension to quickly search with any engine.
php-dba-cache - A PHP (dbm-style) abstraction layer cache.
PHProjekt - An open source groupware suite.
PHP Enter - An online news publishing system.
phpRPMBuilder - A Web-based RPM packaging tool.
PerlDaemon - A minimal but extensible Unix daemon framework, programmable with Perl.
PHPSAT - A workflow utility designed specifically for System Administrators.
phpSched - Schedule creation and maintenance for shift based departments
phpSearchDoc - Generates documentation from PHP source files.
pytvshows-plus - A download client for BitTorrent RSS feeds published by ezrss.it.
phpSecurePages - PHP4 and PHP5 multi-language login and password client authentication.
phpSGVote - A blind and secure student voting system designed for Student Governments.
Phraseanet - Digital asset managment software.
phpShop - A simple and powerful PHP E-Commerce solution for B2C and B2B.
python-ftn - FTN utilities and a Python API.
phpSlash - Originally a port of slashcode to PHP, it's now more of a CMS.
PIT - Mutation testing for Java.
pyrocore - BitTorrent and rTorrent command line tools.
phpSysInfo - phpSysInfo will display things like Uptime, CPU, Memory, etc.
phpSQLRealty - A real estate listings directory Web site script.
phpLiteAdmin - A feature-rich Web-based SQLite management tool.
phpSystem - A script that displays system information (kernel, uptime, partitions, etc.).
Page Number Saver - An application designed to help book or e-book readers save their page numbers.
phpTimeSheet - A Web-based timsheet with an SQL backend.
pySteg - A GUI wrapper for steghide.
PHPTracker - A PHP library to generate .torrent files, set up a Bittorrent tracker server, and a seed server too.
PhotoCatalog - Photo cataloging and trip logging software.
phpWebLog - A complete Web-log/news-site framework written in PHP.
PHPwebmail - A PHP4 based IMAP Webmail Client.
phpWebSite - A complete Web site content management solution.
pgmp - PostgreSQL bindings for the GMP library.
phpwebtools - A PHP application toolkit.
PHPWidgets! - Build dynamic webpages from HTML and PHP code snippets.
PhpWiki - A WikiWikiWeb clone written in PHP.
PHPXref - A utility for cross-referencing PHP scripts and extracting inline documentation.
Phoros - A Web-based tool for photogrammetric road survey.
Presentation - An XHTML/ECMAScript/CSS3 presentation platform.
php_imlib - Imlib2 extensions for PHP4.
pam_ttylog - A Linux-PAM module to log console output of a login shell.
Pacific Time and Attendance Software - Software that significantly streamlines and reduces the cost of employee time and attendance tracking.
pysrp - A Python module for Secure Remote Password authentication.
php_plot - A PHP4 module interface to GNU libplot.
Proelia 2 - An RPG encounter tracker.
phttpd - A multithreaded HTTP server
Pyrseas - A framework and utilities to upgrade and maintain a relational database.
Pax Exam - An OSGi testing framework.
phpdigikam - A Web interface for browsing your Digikam photos.
pi-address - X11 based Address Manager for Palm Pilot Address DB
processdsn - A program to record delivery status notifications in an SQL database.
pygmed - A simple editor for ".desktop" files.
Plow - A workflow executor inspired by Makeflow.
Parrot and Chirp - A toolkit for wide area user-level filesystems on clusters, clouds, and grids.
Paranoid - Perl modules oriented towards more secure programming.
PicBook - automatically produces a photo album in HTML format of your photographs
pick-set - A random MP3 selector for the rio500.
PicMonger - Scans Usenet newsgroups for UU- or MIME-encoded binaries and decodes them.
posixovl - A POSIX overlay filesystem.
pyrobase - General Python helpers and utilities.
Pico - A very simple and easy-to-use text editor.
picoTK - A small footprint C GUI Toolkit for embedded systems.
Plaspool - A plasmoid for KDE4 that displays the CUPS spooling queue.
pegdown-cli - A command line utility for rendering Markdown.
pidentd - Daemon implementing the IDENT (RFC1413) protocol
python-tracing - A Python debug tracing helper.
PHP 1 Line Enum - A PHP class that allows you to create an enumeration with one line of code.
piGIMP Benchmark - A GIMP benchmarking package.
Pike - Interpreted, object-oriented programming language with a syntax similar to C
pikipiki - A simple WikiWiki collaborative hypertext.
Pipe Toolkit - A collection of small scripts that modify input received via shell pipe.
PIKT - An innovative new systems administration paradigm.
PikView - An image viewer.
phpSweetPDO - A small, quick, and smart PDO wrappper for PHP.
Python Sudoku Solver - A simple Python Sudoku solver.
pilot-mailsync - An application for synchronizing email with Palm OS devices.
PilotBean - Provides Java Interface to 3Com PalmPilot
PilotManager - Synchronize databases on
pimp3 - An intelligent MP3 player which lets you rate songs.
PIMPPA - A tool to automate newsgroup & FTP leeching and file postprocessing.
pascalscada - A multi-platform SCADA framework to Lazarus and Delphi.
Pine - Tool for reading, sending, and managing electronic messages
pine2mutt - Converts PINE's addressbook into a mutt alias file.
PinePGP - PGP and GnuPG filters for pine for both PGP 2.6.x and 5.0
pinfo - A hypertext info file viewer.
PGXN Client - A command line interface for the PGXN network.
Ping - The official tennis simulator of the US army.
Packet Controller - A bandwidth management system.
Portfolio Analyzer - A report generator for portfolio-based educational programs.
Picasso - A high quality vector graphic rendering library.
ProfDepanne - A little program to help computer users resolve problems on their own.
PAT - A program that draws small-scale world and country maps and lists country information.
phpmygpx - A Web application based on PHP, MySQL, and OpenLayers to manage photos and GPX files with a browser.
ProXimus - A Web-based interface to manage access control for proxy servers.
PingoS Tipptrainer - A touch typing trainer (German/English).
Pingus - Lemmings clone with penguins.
phptex - A publishing system for the Web that interprets TeX files.
pycdep - A tool for analyzing C/C++ header file dependencies.
pip - Make any program a filter.
PlayaPlaya - A simple, intuitive audiobook player that just works.
podcastdl - A Podcast download CLI.
PuntoEngine - A PHP MVC framework that mixes the best practices of diferent Web frameworks.
pytilities - A library for Python 3 that enables AOP and monkey-patching.
Points&Forces - Software tools for the documentation of architecture.
pircd - An IRC daemon, written in Perl.
Pircy - A GUI for sirc.
Pomm - A PHP object model manager for PostgreSQL.
Pisces - A toolkit for SPKI certificates, plus an ASN.1 parser and various utilities.
Pangles - A language translator.
ppSD2 - Member management software that is very flexible, allowing for total re-branding and integration into any Web site.
pyexpander - A powerful macro processor based on Python, supporting evaluation of arbitrary Python expressions and execution of Python code.
pix IR-remote project - Tool to use IrDA port to control your Linux system
ptmake - make clone with automatic dependency calculation based on ptrace
pixelize - Uses many scaled-down images to try to duplicate another image.
Possum - A point of sales system for untamed managers.
Pizza - A small, fast and free compiler for Java
PdfMasher - A program to accurately convert PDF files to ebook HTML files.
pjbmanager - GUI manager for the Hango (Compaq) Personal Jukebox MP3 player.
pkgbuild - The RPM package development environment
pkgusage - Keeps track of when you last used your RPM or DEB packages.
PHPSandbox - A way to run PHP includes as separate processes.
pkgwrite - tool for making Debian and Redhat packages from one source
Pipinstrasse - Software to implement a social network for groups, families, or neighbourhoods
Pklinux-bigi - A small Linux distribution.
pam_supair - A PAM module that lets you use su without a password.
PartKeepr - An electronic component inventory and management system.
pks-commands.php3 - PHP Pks server redirector.
Parcon - A parser library for Python.
plan - Networked calendar and day planner
Plan 9 - The Plan 9 Operating System.
Planetary Hoppers - A networked strategy game for Java.
pySimpleQuiz - A tool to make and run simple online quizzes easily.
PicoWeb - A fast, feature rich Web browser for any Java (J2ME, MIDP 2.0) or Symbian cellphone.
PicoSMS - A complete SMS and MMS messaging application for any Java (J2ME, MIDP 2.0) or Symbian cellphone.
Pico Suite - A mobile application suite for any Java (J2ME) or Symbian cellphone.
Penultimate Generation - An homage to the old BSD Trek game.
PHP MegaUpload.com Class - A PHP class that can manage files and folders of megaupload.com accounts.
Pop under class - A PHP class to display interstitial advertising.
Proper nouns - A PHP class to extract proper nouns from texts.
Password Genie - A secure password manager that saves your Internet passwords.
playvideo - svgalib video player
pyautomate - An automation tool.
Priscila - A 3D presentation system.
plbackitup - Simple backup script written in Perl.
picoFlamingo - A 3D portable presentation system.
Plex86 - Provides virtual computing for Linux.
Panorama class - A JavaScript object that displays layers that can scroll at different speeds.
Plexel - Javascript and Java HTML editor, applications platform, and website manager.
PyLogsParser - A log tagging Python library.
plfingerd - Finger daemon that replies bogus data and logs every finger request
pixel2svg - A program that converts pixel art to the SVG format.
PLIB - A portable game-writing library.
PyCant - Python bindings for IPL Cantata++ test results.
Pylibssh2 - Python bindings for the libssh2 library.
plook - A command line search for MS Exchange 'Global Address List's.
ploticus - A graphics, charting, and plot presentation package.
Plotter - GTK+ mathematical graph plotting application.
pys60 emulator - A Python for Symbian S60 emulator.
plucker - An offline Web and ebook viewer for Palm handhelds.
plugger - A streaming multimedia plugin for Unix Netscape.
PhoneDeployApp - An app that reads an apk file from a URL and then asks you to approve the installation.
PLWM - A modularised window manager written in Python.
p9troff - A port of Plan9 troff tools to Unix.
pm2imap.pl - Convert Pegasus Mail folders to IMAP folders
py5mon - A CCIR decoder
pm2v - A parallel MPEG II video encoder.
PbulkMailer - A bulk email application.
Pyramid - A collection of Web development components.
PMFirewall - An Ipchains Firewall and Masquerading Configuration Utility.
pmidi - Command line midi player for ALSA
pxeconfig - A software suite to boot a computer with a PXE-enabled network card.
Python On Documents - A document preparation system inspired by LaTeX that uses Python macros and with a focus on technical documentation.
propertypp - Objective-C-like properties for C++ classes.
pynag - A Nagios plug-in and configuration library for Python.
pbs_python - Python bindings for the Torque resource management system.
Pmw - Python toolkit for building compound Tkinter widgets.
pNES - A Glide-based NES emulator.
png2html - Converts a PNG image into a web page.
Pioneer - A space adventure game.
pngcheck - A PNG integrity tester and dumper/debugger.
pngcrush - An optimizer for PNG files that can also insert or delete specified chunks.
Proximate - Peer-to-peer social networking.
PngEncoder - A Java class to convert Java images to a byte-array in PNG format
pngquant - Quantizes/dithers 32-bit RGBA PNGs to 8-bit RGBA-palette PNGs.
pnidentd - ident (rfc 1413) daemon emphasizing privacy.
pnmtopng - PBMplus/NetPBM converters to/from PNG image format
Pop under JS - An object to display interstitial advertising.
Pnuts - A scripting language specialized for Java.
Page Expiration Robot - A Wordpress plugin for one-time offers and auto expiration.
Pocket Linux - A modern, single floppy distribution of Linux dedicated to networking
Python Magento API - A Python interface to the Magento eCommerce API.
PHPContracts - A design by contract framework for PHP.
Pimp - A highly interactive and programmable music player.
PocketMoney to QIF - Exports PocketMoney for Palm transactions to a standard .qif file.
podfuk - tar, gzip, ftp, etc. filesystem for linux
Poedit - gettext translation catalog editor.
PyGUI - A cross-platform Pythonic GUI API.
poing - A multihost IMCP ping with scrolling text strip charts.
Pipa - File/stream copying with compression and rotation.
phpEasyMin - A tool that minimizes multiple JavaScript and CSS files at a time.
pointlist.pl - Pointlist generator script
Polar Jukebox System - A curses MP3 jukebox with play, record, and exchange functions.
PSArborTouch - A particle / spring physics engine optimized for 2D content layout and eye-catching visual effects.
PSTreeGraph - A tree graph view control implementation for Cocoa Touch.
polcnv - A utility to convert files between different Polish text encoding methods.
Polish sun12x22 console font - A Polish console font for Linux
Pollera - A www poll system meant to be run via CGI.
pg-python - A PostgreSQL procedural language extension for Python.
Polymorphic XML Parser - Validating XML parser for Objective Caml.
Patchman - A patch status monitoring tool for Linux systems.
PonG - A library for creating configuration dialogs.
Pdf4Eclipse - A PDF reader for Eclipse with SyncTeX support.
php-tick - A simple active record implementation.
Project Ares - A 3D game creation suite and game.
pong_curses - Pong in glorious text mode.
Phlipple - A puzzle game where flipping squares will never be the same.
Pontifex - Pontifex online
protracer - A simple raytracer.
python-hwdata - Python bindings for the hwdata package.
python-gzipstream - Streaming zlib (gzip) support for Ppython.
PoolMan - JDBC database connection pooling and query-caching Java utility
php-identity-map - A registry for loaded domain instances.
Poor Man's Cam - PMCam allows you to set up a web cam on a remote site.
proty - A prototype-based programming language.
Pauk Cards - A tiny script that lets you convert a CSV file to an XML lesson file understood by MiniPauker.
pyuds - A Python library for measuring uncertainty in Dempster-Shafer theory.
pynguin - A Python-based turtle graphics application.
Poorcount - CGI scripts to enable counters in home pages for Web servers
PostgreSQL Extension for CLIPS Expert System - Provides access to PostgreSQL databases from the CLIPS expert system.
PayPal Payments Pro/Adaptive Payments PHP Class Library - Classes to easily integrate PayPal Web service APIs into any PHP project.
Powerdns Tango - A PowerDNS frontend.
PageRank for Google Chrome - A Chrome extension which displays the Google PageRank for the current page.
Phone Spell - A PHP class which finds words which can spell a phone number.
POP3-Checker - A POP3-email WWW-interface.
pop3check - A simple program that checks a POP3 server to see if you have new mail.
pop3proxy - An application level proxy for POP3.
pyLibravatar - A Libravatar Python library.
PFFFT - A pretty fast FFT.
popa3d - A POP3 daemon which attempts to be extremely secure.
Popchecker - Tool for removing large mails on pop servers without downloading
PopDrop - POP3 forwarder.
PhpTaskDaemon - A daemon framework for running PHP continuously and in daemon mode.
popexec - Runs any arbitrary command when new e-mail arrives at a POP mailbox
POPMail - An antispam POP3 email checker.
Popol - ID3v1.1 tagger, doesn't append tags to already tagged file...
PyMuTester - A tool that facilitates mutant testing on software systems written in Python.
popper - A Web-based POP3 PHP mail-client.
Poppy - Small Perl script to read/save/delete messages on a POP3 server
pam_mapi - A PAM module for authenticating against a Zarafa server via MAPI.
PubwichFork - An application to aggregate your Social Web content into a single HTML page.
POPular - POP3 server and proxy for large mail systems.
PoPy - A PostgreSQL driver for Python.
PorivoPEER - A distributed computing client.
phpMoneyBooks - Web-based small business financial software aimed to replace QuickBooks.
Port Scanner - Tool to check for open ports.
pkg++ - A tool to build packages on any distribution.
PirateWall - A console-based live Twitter client (viewing only)
PHP based Datagrid - A fully-functional PHP Datagrid in just seven lines of code.
phptags tag tidier - Rewriting of open and close tags in PHP scripts.
protobuf-dt - An Eclipse editor for protocol buffers.
Portable OpenSSH - A port of OpenBSD's free SSH release to Linux.
Portaloo - Web Portal Engine
pdm - A library for Python daemon management.
Portal Servlet - A Java servlet Web-portals builder.
pysmb - An experimental SMB/CIFS library.
Psymon - A cross-platform task and performance monitor.
ptmax - A utility to grow partitions in the partition table.
PhotoRescue Mac EN - Software to recover deleted images.
Project Estimate Tracker - Team Project tracking and time-sheeting software.
pandoc2rfc - Software to create xml2rfc output from Pandoc sources.
portfwd - A daemon that forwards incoming TCP connections and UDP packets.
portmap - RPC connection manager
Portslave - A RADIUS client used to create dialup access servers.
pkgtxt2db - A tool to convert Slackware PACKAGES.TXT to various databases formats.
pgGallery - A Web-based photo gallery powered by PostgreSQL and Spring.
POSIX 1003.1b clock/timer patch - Kernel patch to provide POSIX 1003.1b clocks and timers
POSSL - Rapid application development tool (2-Tier to N-Tier).
pgDynamicPartitions - A system that provides automated daily partitions with PostgreSQL.
p2ptube - A program for streaming movies using the BitTorrent protocol.
Postaci Webmail - A POP3 Webmail application with multilanguage and multidomain support.
plan9front - A fork of the Plan 9 from Bell Labs operating system.
POTCreator - A PHP class which helps create a POT file for GETTEXT.
Postal - SMTP and POP benchmark suite.
POSIXplorer - A script that helps find, navigate, and open files under Linux/Mac OS.
Postfix - The Postfix MTA.
Project'Or RIA - A project organizer rich Internet application.
Panther - A media converter.
PostgreSQL - An advanced mature object-relational DBMS.
PHP Chart - A PHP control for generating Ajax charts.
PostgreSQL JDBC Driver - JDBC driver for the PostgreSQL DBS
PostgreSQL Session Handler for PHP - A PostgreSQL session save handler for PHP4.
Postilion - A mail user agent based upon the popular TkRat program
postrace - A program to find Postfix log entries for a specific email.
Postlister - A feature-rich PHP/MySQL mailing list program.
pulseaudio-mixer-cli - An interactive ncurses UI to control the volume of PulseAudio streams.
PostScript::MailLabels - A Perl module for generating mailing labels.
Pulma - A FastCGI framework.
PPCG - A polyhedral parallel code generator.
POV-Ray - A high-quality tool for creating 3D graphics.
PowerBounce - An IRC proxy tool.
PowerChute plus - APC's usual UPS interface for Linux.
PWF - An MVC PHP Web framework with a small learning curve.
PowerForms - A javascript based client-side input validation tool tool.
piler - An email archiving application.
Powermanga - A 2D shoot-em-up game.
Poor Mans Storage Appliance - A Virtual Appliance to create shared storage.
PowerShell - A GTK-based terminal emulator with support for many terms in one window.
Powertweak-Linux - System performance enhancer.
Polar POS - A point of sale system.
PPCForth - A version of FORTH for embedded PowerPC systems.
Protege - An ontology editor and knowledge acquisition system.
ppf4linux - Patches Playstation binary files made with cdrdao under Linux.
pgnotifyd - Background processing of PostgreSQL asynchronous notifications.
PPM - A Gameboy (color) tile-editor.
PHASP - A Website framework for PHP.
ppmtofb - Display graphics on universal framebuffer devices.
palettejoin - A tool that joins the palettes of multiple 8-bit PNG images.
pport1 - Intelogis PassPort drivers for Linux kernel 2.0.x.
pcapfix - A repair tool for corrupted pcap and pcapng files.
ppower - Software for listening to and controlling x10 home automation devices.
ppp - A daemon which implements the PPP protocol for internetworking over dialup lines
Pyrostia - A weekly menu planner.
PPP Keepalive - Maintains Dialup Connection
PPP-CBCP Server - CBCP server/client-enabled PPP.
ppp-counter - A PPP activity logger.
ppp-in-telnet - Tunnel outgoing pppd through a telnet proxy.
PPP-Setup - A utility for creating PPP dialup scripts.
PhotoColoring - A tool to color black and white photograps.
PDF Password Recovery Analyzer for Mac - Analysis and recovery of encrypted PDF files.
PHP CLI Framework - A simple class which allows you to quickly write CLI apps in PHP.
pppctl - A suite of simple programs of use for controlling a ppp connection.
PPPKit - A Perl script that generates PPP scripts.
plasma-wateriv - A plasma data engine and widget for accessing recent realtime USGS water data.
Pytaf - A simple, lightweight, general purpose Python test automation framework.
Project-1901 - A French "Association Loi 1901" management system.
paralab - A framework for black-box analysis of MPI programs.
PPPOEd - A PPP over Ethernet daemon.
Pyama - System and network monitoring for the Linux desktop.
Personal Server - A simple and easy-to-use Android HTTP server.
PPPStatus - console-based PPP status monitor
pgfuse - A FUSE filesystem for PostgreSQL.
phorkie - A pastebin system.
PPR - A print spooler for PostScript.
PhpStorm - A lightweight PHP IDE focused on developer productivity.
ppstats-csc - Distributed.Net Polar Bear CSC personal proxy statistics.
ppstats-des - Distributed.Net Monarch DES personal proxy statistics
ppstats-ogr - Distributed.Net Personal Proxy Statistics for Project OGR.
Prails - A PHP framework optimized for fast and efficient Web development.
ppstats - Distributed.Net CSC/RC5-64/OGR-P1/OGR-P2/RC5-72 Personal Proxy statistics.
Path Defense Framework - A framework for games with defense towers along a path.
PyADB - A Python module to interact with the Android Debug Bridge.
Plumbr - A Java agent for timely discovery of memory leaks.
PPTP Client - A PPTP client for Linux and FreeBSD.
PDFvcon - A PDF version conversion tool.
PRoot - chroot, mount --bind, and binfmt_misc without privileges/setup.
Prattle message board system - A room-based, linear message board system.
Praya - Unified, extendable, simple, universal, cross-platform messaging client.
PrBoom - Enhanced Doom engine
Pentobi - A computer program which plays the board game Blokus.
PRCS - Provides a way to deal with sets of files and directories as an entity.
parkverbot - A daemon that prevents hard disk head parking in rotational media.
preccx - An infinite lookahead higher-order compiler-compiler for attributed grammars.
PrensaLibre - An automated Web magazine publication tool.
Piglet - A code-configured fluent parser generator.
PoxelColl - A polygon/pixel-perfect collision detection library.
Pyjs - A Python-to-Javascript compiler and AJAX widget set.
PRepS - A Problem Reporting and Tracking System.
PreViking - Open source telephony daemon.
Pre_Html - A very simple HTML preprocessor
pidgin-blinklight - A tool which blinks your ThinkPad's ThinkLight on new messages.
prochpform - A simple HTML-PHP forms framework.
Primal Form - 3D modeler
PYGA - A server-side implemenation of Google Analytics in Python.
PYZ - A Z-machine interpreter.
PrintDuplex - A Gnome utility for manual duplex printing and booklet creation.
publib - A heterogenous library for the C programming language.
printerpowerd - A Daemon to automatically turn a printer on and off.
PHProxyImproved - A Web proxy script.
planes - A hierarchical surface framework for Pygame.
Printerspy - Perl/Tk tool to monitor printers via SNMP
pycms - A minimalist component-based Web Content Management System built upon CherryPy.
print_filter - Simple print filter which allows printing of different filetypes with lpr.
PHP Admin Panel Auto - Automatic creation of website administration panels.
Privacy Guard Glue - A library written in C to add GnuPG support to applications.
phalanx - A parallel hash alternative.
Probe - Website-usage analysis tool
pgBadger - A tool that parses PostgreSQL log files and generates fully detailed reports with charts.
ProBIND - A Web application for managing BIND (DNS) servers.
pyredir - A simple redirector for Squid.
Pastèque - Point-of-sale software for touchscreen devices.
PHP Error - Improved, syntax highlighted, and prettier error reporting for PHP.
pydsl - Python DSL tools.
Process Monitor for Linux - Logs programs executed.
pmtr - A daemon manager.
procinfo - A package to allow you to get useful information from /proc.
ProcLog - Procmail log reporting tool
Pytaf26 - A lightweight, general-purpose test automation framework for Python 2.6.
py-selenium-layers - An abstraction layer for Python Selenium providing a common API between Selenium RC and WebDriver.
procmail - Versatile e-mail processor.
ProcMeter3 - System monitor with multiple graphical outputs
proconfig - A Linux kernel patch to produce compile info in /proc/config.
procps - A package of utilities including ps, vmstat, top, and w.
pymetasploit - A full-fledged msfrpc client library for Metasploit.
Pcompress - A parallel compression and deduplication utility.
Production BASIC - Commercial Quality BASIC compiler and run time environment
ProFTPD - Advanced, incredibly configurable and secure FTP daemon
proFXP - A command-line fxp (server-to-server FTP) client.
PROJ.4 - A library for cartographic projections and datum shifting.
Pocket Chess For Android - A chess game for Android devices.
Pidgeon - An IRC client.
Project-based Calendaring System - A calendaring system useful for project managers and groupware use.
PunyPNG PHP API - Compression of images using the PunyPNG Web service.
ProjectCenter - GNUstep's official integrated development environment.
PlayWrzuta - A Java player to play music from wrzuta.pl.
pymiproxy - Python Micro Interceptor Proxy.
PlugUI - A sysadmin Web interface for small ARM-based devices running Arch Linux ARM.
proManager - A Web-based project manager/todo-list/intranet.
PlantUML QEditor - A simple editor for PlantUML.
PDO4You - The Singleton design pattern for connecting to the database using the PDO extension.
pwget - A wget replacement which can recursively download URLs matching a regular expression.
pybotwar - A robot battle simulation.
Profanity - A ncurses-based Jabber client.
Pronto! - A full-featured Perl/GTK+ mail client.
Portable Computing Language (pocl) - An attempt at an efficient Open Source implementation of the OpenCL standard.
Proof General - Emacs interface for Proof Assistants
Phoebetria - Third party controller software for the BitFenix Recon fan controller.
Prospector - Web-based calendaring program similar to one found at yahoo.
parsical - A Zoroastrian calendar.
Prostat - Squid statistic toolkit
Prototype Makefiles - A makefile collection/generator for fast setup of C/C++ projects using gcc/g++.
PROTUX - A professional audio production suite.
proxy - Simple Proxy Server
PhpUtils - A class with common static utility functions.
Private Logistics - A partial PIM suite offering option-rich handling of calendar and tasks.
Pillow - A CommonjS package loader for the browser.
PRP - Server engine for embeding different scripting languages into HTML
Page Transitions - Display of transitions when a user leaves a Web page.
PicoRSS - A complete RSS reader and aggregator for Java and Symbian cellphones.
pdf2htmlEX - Convert PDF to HTML without losing format. Text is preserved as much as possible.
phpLogin - A user login and authentication module for the phpNova framework.
prwhod - An extended rwhod daemon
phpMeow - A fun implementation of KittenAuth for PHP.
phpBar - A simple utility that creates an incrementally-filled progress bar using GD2.
Polygnome - A polyrhythmic metronome.
PixSteward - A Flickr backup and database system for Macs.
phpsqlitesite - A PHP/SQLite content site solution.
phpSession - A session handling class.
ps-watcher - Monitors various processes based on ps-like information.
Praliné - Functional Web testing tools for rspec.
POP-Before-SMTP-Auth - A POP before SMTP solution for Dovecot (possibly others) and Postfix.
pscal - shell script to create PostScript calendars
PicoFinance - A stock quote and news reader for phones
Phango Shop - An e-commerce CMS.
psDooM - A process monitor and manager for *nix systems.
PHP Array Search - Searching of arrays using the wildcard "%" or by exact word.
PIMF - A PHP micro framework.
Photini - An easy to use digital photograph metadata editing application.
psiconv - Psion 5 (EPOC32) file conversion utilities and file format documentation
PHP OAuth API - A PHP class to authorize and access APIs using OAuth 1.0, 1.0a, and OAuth 2.0.
Pedagogic Bundle - A bundle of educational software.
PSLib - A library for generating PostScript documents.
psycogreen - psycopg2 integration with coroutine libraries.
pslist - A utility to view or send signals to a process and all its children.
psmail - Perl mail program/scripts
PH7 Engine - An embeddable PHP engine.
PyParticles - A particle simulation toolbox.
psmisc - Miscellaneous procfs tools.
Pspell - Portable Spell Checker Interface Library.
psrip - Extracts images from postscript files
pstill - A PostScript-to-PDF converter.
pstoepd - Converter fom PostScript to EPD.
pstotext - Extract text from PostScript and PDF files
pg_xnode - A DOM-based implementation of XML for PostgreSQL.
pstree - Process hierachy viewer
Psunami Bulletin Board - A threaded Internet bulletin board.
PureCaptcha - A CAPTCHA-generating library.
pybit- - A Python buildd integration toolkit.
Ptester - HTTP Benchmarking tool
ptgnlfsr - An EPROM programming table generator & BILBO signature generator.
procenv - A command-line utility that simply dumps all attributes of its environment.
PTimeTracker - Track the time spent on different activities.
predictoR - A forecasting tool for time series.
pyscmpd - A music player daemon.
ptk-phone - Phonebook application in Perl/Tk
PTK4L - PIC ToolKit for Linux. Assembler and programer for PICs.
ptkdb - A Perl debugger with a Tk GUI.
phpBlogger - A microblogging script.
phpRack - A PHP integration testing framework.
PicoReddit - A mobile reddit client for any Java-enabled (J2ME, MIDP 2.0) phone.
PHP Script Register, Login Users - A PHP script to register and log in users on a website.
Prima Members - Memebrship management solution for selling access and products
PHP Pagination Class - A class which paginates content stored in a MySQL database.
PTlink IRCd - A featured and stable ircd with great services integration.
Premium Markets - Stock market technical analysis, forecast, and buy/sell signals.
PTlink IRC Services - IRC Registration Services
PHP Contact Form Script - An email contact form.
PTML - Tool for embedding Python in text documents.
pg_repack - A tool which reorganizes tables in PostgreSQL databases with minimal locks.
PinaCMS - A batch Web site launcher that can be used as a SaaS CMS solution.
PhoSho - A Web-based photoblogging system.
python-megaplan - A Python API for megaplan.ru.
pty-redir - Redirects stdin/stdout to a pseudo terminal.
PumpKIN - A TFTP server and client.
Public Bookmark Generator - Generate a public bookmark (selected items) out of your bookmarks
publicfile - A secure, read-only, anonymous HTTP/FTP server.
pandorasbox-monitoring - A network monitoring software appliance.
pandorasbox-dokubox - A software and hardware inventory software appliance.
printformPdf - A tool for creating documents based on PDF templates.
Pulsard - Monitor for MGE Pulsar UPSes.
Pump scriptability patch - A patch to /sbin/pump to allow flexible scripting.
PHP Session Upload Progress Bar - Tracking of the progress of file uploads using sessions.
Pocket Bandit - A slot machine game for Android.
pgFormatter - A PostgreSQL SQL syntax beautifier.
PunteFramework - A Light Weight PHP Framework
pung - A trivial TCP/IP server tester for use in scripts.
pup - Printer Utility Program.
Pocket Disassembler - A multi-architecture disassembler for Android (using binutils).
PHP GUI API - A package that renders HTML pages composed programmatically.
Pure FTP Server - An efficient, lightweight, and very secure FTP server.
PONTON installer - Installation of Python programs across platforms using Python and system scripts.
PureLoad - A cost effective load testing tool.
Puppet ENC - A Puppet external node classifier using MongoDB.
Patchwork PHP library - A PHP library that lets you redefine user-defined functions at runtime.
PalmDesktop - A class to parse and convert Palm Desktop files.
pureTLS - A free Java-only implementation of the SSLv3 and TLSv1 (RFC2246) protocols.
PicoDigg - A mobile client for the digg.com social news website.
pymtpfs - A FUSE-based filesystem for Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) devices.
PURP - An ncurses-based RPM-manager
PushSite - Utility to update remote site
PHP Socializer - A PHP module that makes adding social sharing quick and beautiful.
Parallel Virtual File System - A parallel file system for clusters of PCs
PVM - A portable message-passing programming system.
PVM Gmake - Distributed GNU gmake.
PVM++ - A C++-Library for PVM
pvmpov - POV-Ray raytracing in a parallel environment
Paktahn - A package manager for ArchLinux.
PyScape - A soundscape tool.
pvWikiSystem - A Perl implementation of the Wiki system.
pwcheck_mysql - MySQL password authentication for the Cyrus IMAP server.
pwcheck_pg - Allows Cyrus to authenticate to a PostgreSQL database
Perfect Keylogger for Mac Lite - An invisible key logger for Mac OS X.
pyReScene - A tool that recreates original RARs by backing up the metadata.
PWM - A window manager that can have multiple windows attached to a single frame.
Privacy Indicator - A Unity indicator applet to switch privacy settings.
PXE daemon - Allows you to boot a PXE-enabled machine over a network.
pxtools - Collection of tools to convert a Paradox-database
Palmoto Bee - A tool for adding Google Drive forms into any Web page.
pyAda - A tool to extend and embed Python in Ada 95 programs.
python-pptx - A pure Python library for manipulating Open XML PowerPoint files.
PHP Markdown and BBCode Parser - A package that parses and converts Markdown and BBCode to HTML.
PyApache - An Apache module for speeding up Python scripts.
PyAsync - An asynchronous TCP client/server Python module.
PyDSM - A library of Python/Scipy tools for the design and simulation of ΔΣ modulators.
Pybber - A Jabber client written in Python.
pyblade - Python BLADE bindings.
pyHIDS - A host-based intrusion detection system.
Pybliographer - A tool for bibliographic database manipulation.
python-ghostscript - An interface to the Ghostscript C-API using ctypes.
pyCA - A project to create Certification Authority in Python
pyChing - Cast and interpret I Ching hexagrams
pycmail - An incoming mail sorter written in Python.
Pegasus WMS - Pegasus Workflow Management System
PHP Emoticon Parser - Software to replace emoticon text with HTML image tags.
pydf - A colorized df clone
pyDict - English-Chinese Chinese-English Dictionary
pyFLTK / plFLTK - Python and Perl wrappers for the cross-platform Fast Light Toolkit (FLTK).
PyDate - A GUI tool to adjust system date and time .
pyftpd - An FTP daemon written in Python.
pygame - A Python game development package, based on SDL.
PyGantt - PyGantt reads a xml project description and outputs a html Gantt diagram
PyGCID - Graphical CallerID application.
Plgen - A tool that sorts files for MP3 players in a user defined order.
PyGCS - A very stripped down MUD-like chat-server written entirely in Python.
Pygmalion - a POVRAY modeller - Modeler for POV-Ray
Pygmy - A GNOME mail client.
PyGSS - Python bindings for the Generic Security Service API (GSS-API).
PyGTK - A set of Python bindings for the GTK widget set.
pyHnj - Hyphenation library wrapper for Python.
PyKDE - Python bindings for KDE 3.
PyKstat - Python interface to Solaris kernel statistics
pyle - A WikiClone.
Pylon - a foundation library for writing portable Eiffel software
Pymps - A Web-based MP3 jukebox.
pynap - Short script to query Napster servers.
PHPG - A PostgreSQL database interface class.
PyNcurses - A Python binding for ncurses.
Pen drive data recovery software for Mac - Software to regain deleted documents.
PyORBit - Python/ORBit (CORBA) Bindings
PyPAM - Python bindings for PAM
plumb - A pipe shell.
PHP Web Security Monitor - Protection from malicious queries of hackers and web viruses.
PyPolyhedron - Calculates polyhedrons' V- and H-representations.
pyportal - A Python script/library for creating portals.
pypvm - Provides an interface to the Parallel Virtual Machine to Python
PyQt - Python bindings for the Qt GUI toolkit
PsyMP3 - A simple graphical media player.
PinaCart - A batch online store constructor.
PySablot - Python bindings for the Sablotron XSLT engine.
PySDL - A Python SDL module.
PySol - A Python-based Solitaire card game
PySol-Cardsets - A collection of free cardsets for use with PySol
pkg-epub - A program that converts a collection of HTML and other files to an EPUB book.
PyCraft - A Minecraft world editor.
PyGiNaC - Symbolics in Python (with GiNaC support).
pdf-link-checker - A tool that reports broken hyperlinks in PDF documents.
PHP Compare Objects - Comparison of objects using reflection.
pysync - A Python implementation of rsync and related algorithms.
pingspray - A tool that heavily loads a network for evaluation purposes.
PyTail - A logfile monitor in Python.
pyRetro - A MAME frontend.
Python - A high-level scripting language.
Papertrail - Ballot counting software.
Privacy Manager for Zeitgeist - A GUI Privacy Manager for Zeitgeist.
Pong 2613 - An attempt at cloning the original Pong for the Atari 2600 in pure C++ and SDL.
Python Documentation - Official documentation for the Python programming language.
Python Hypertext Preprocessor - A PHP-like language that uses Python.
Python Imaging Library - Imaging handling/processing for Python.
Python MP3 Manager - An MP3 manager written in Python.
papaya CMS - A Content Management System which uses XSLT (XSL) for templating.
Python X Library - An X library for Python, written entirely in Python.
Partial Layaway Payments Magento Extension - An extension which allows customers to buy a product on installments.
PeerProject - A P2P filesharing client.
Python xml_objectify module - Transform XML Documents to Python objects
pyC11 - pyPEG Grammar for the C programming language.
Python xml_pickle module - Pickle arbitrary Python objects to an XML format.
Puggsy messenger - A PyGTK LAN messenger.
Plainview SDK - A toolkit of commonly used classes and functions, including Wordpress and Drupal SDKs.
pride - Poor Richard's Independent anDroid Environment.
python-cschtml - Python module to wrap the CscHTML widget.
python-fchksum - A Python module to find checksums of files.
pdf_gantt - A TCPDF wrapper class for rendering Gantt charts as part of a PDF document.
python-gdkinput - Python module to access gdk_input_ functions of Gtk+.
PulseView - A logic analyzer, oscilloscope, and MSO GUI for sigrok.
Python-LZO - Python bindings for the LZO real-time data compression library
PhenoTips - A tool for collecting and analyzing phenotypic information for patients with genetic disorders.
Python-SIP - A tool to generate Python bindings from C++ code.
Python/Tk Empire Interface - A cross-platform Empire GUI client.
Playtomic - Client and server APIs for game leaderboards, user generated content, and dynamic updates.
Python/XML - Python modules for XML processing.
Pict Captcha - A drawing-based CAPTCHA.
PerlShare - A DropBox drop-in, private file sharing "cloud".
PyTraffic - A Python implementation of the game Rush Hour.
pafcalc - A panted aquarium fertilizers calculator.
Pasang Emas for Android - A traditional board game from Brunei.
pytris - A two-player networked console Tetris clone.
PixelController - A LED matrix controller.
pyWings - Consult the Newwings oracle.
PyGreen - A simple and hackish static website generator for Python programmers.
PyWIRLD - A Python-based remote Linux interface control & PPP dialer.
PerfMonger - Yet anothor performance monitoring tool.
PyX10 - X10 module for Python.
Patent Blaster - Explode patents. Freeze patents. Set patents on fire. Dissolve them in acid. But they'll fight back.
PHTX - Extracts HTML table data to CSV files.
pH7CMS - A social dating script.
PCBook - A reservation system for PCs.
pstrings - A program that provides strings for a running process.
pmu-tools - Intel PMU (CPU performance monitoring) utilities.
pgjdbc-ng - A PostgreSQL JDBC driver.
Portable UTF-8 - A library that provides Unicode support to PHP applications.
PHPSmartGrid - A PHP control that generates CRUD applications based on an Ajax data grid.
Parcittox - A clipboard manager with network sync.
PHP Twitter Feed - A PHP class that retrieves Twitter statuses and serves them as RSS feeds.
Product Attachments - A Magento extension that allows store owners to upload files to product pages.
PASAP - Play As Soon As Possible (app.bin for WDLXTV).
phpEquations - A PHP class that solves linear, polynomial, and trigonometric systems of equations.
pmbw - Parallel Memory Bandwidth Measurement/Benchmark.
PHP Clarke and Wright Algorithm - A class to solve a truck routing problem with the Clarke & Wright algorithm.
PyAnnolib - A Python library for reading Electric Accelerator (emake) annotation files.
PG Job Site Pro - A job board Web site that requires no technical skills to administer.
Python-uinput - A Python API for the Linux uinput kernel module.
phpj - A Java implementation of a PHP-like language.
profibus - PROFIBUS on the Raspberry Pi.
phpilelist - A PHP script to create download links for all files in a directory.
PHP Image Viewer - A one-file image browser and viewer for your Web site.
pyzelda2 - A Zelda 2 game engine.
pymegaman - A megaman game.
Pythonect - A general-purpose dataflow programming language based on Python, written in Python.
PHP SMS Authentication - A one time password system that uses SMS via Textlocal.
Pdofy - A simple PHP class for database driven Web sites and apps.
PHP common data gateway - Setting and getting of values of common data structures.
PyUPC-EAN - A barcode library/module for Python.
PhoNetInfo WP8 - Retrieval of detailed phone and network information from Windows phones.
Paperwork - A simple document manager for dead trees.
PHP Debug - A modest PHP debug diagnostic API.
Pascal-P4 for Free Pascal and Delphi - A port of Pascal-P4 to Free Pascal and Delphi.
Pyinsane - A pure Python implementation of the Sane API and abstraction layer.
Pyocr - A simple Python wrapper for OCR engines (Tesseract, Cuneiform, etc.).
Pedometer - Tools for the Crivit Z31192 pedometer.
PrestaShop FAQ and Product Questions - A Frequently Asked Question module for PrestaShop.
PrestaShop SEO Module - Configuration of On Page SEO components.
PricesPaidGUI - Search and visulizer for Prices Paid transaction data
Percentage Pricing - A Magento extension for setting prices based on cost plus markup or profit.
pgl4rbl - Greylisting on RBL (DNS blacklist) for Postfix.
PdfParser - A standalone PHP library that extracts data from PDF files.
Phone It In - A non-intrusive JavaScript phone number entry helper for Web forms.
Photo Light Pro - A lighting simulation tool for photographers.
PDF Chain - A GUI for the PDF Toolkit.
PayPal Button Generator - A script that generates encoded download links for digital hoods.
Pixy - A declarative vendor-independent graph query language built on Tinkerpop.
Planet M.U.L.E. - An online multiplayer clone of the classic economy game M.U.L.E.
pi-ctureframe - GLES2 digital picture frame software for Raspberry Pi.
pasvnag_lite - A (passive) Nagios checker.
phpdf - A PDF reporting tool for PHP .
PhotoBulk - An easy-to-use bulk image editor.
PHDoc - A static wiki generator crafted for academics.
Package Explorer - A GUI for managing installation packages.
Puja - A Django-like template engine for PHP.
PrestaShop Blind Pricing Module - Calculation of product prices using a CSV file.
PrestaShop FAQ Module - A PrestaShop module for adds FAQ features.
PHPBF - A Brainf**k compiler and interpreter.
PHP Save Complete HTML Page - A class that save HTML pages, complete with images, CSS, and JavaScript.
Password Entropy Calculator - Calculates entropy of a password
PPP-Gatekeeper - A PPPOE management daemon.
Project shyknight - An oldschool-style indie platforms game.
php_mt_seed - A PHP mt_rand() seed cracker.
Pretty Curved Privacy - Asymetric file encryption using Curve25519.
PHP Text Diff Highlight class - A PHP class to find and view the difference between text strings.
padpage - A simple contact form with CAPTCHA.
Product Tabs - A PrestaShop module that adds informative tabs to product pages.
Poor WSGI for Python - A light WSGI connector with URI routing support.
PHP Compare Directories - A class that compares files in two directories and finds changes.
Pies - A tool for writing one program which runs on both Python 2.6+ and Python 3.
P* Web Programming Language - A Web programming language.
poche - A self-hosted read-it-later Web app.
pgCluu - A PostgreSQL performance monitoring and auditing tool.
PyWake - A Wake-On-LAN client with advanced options and IPv6 capability.
Photo Gallery & Product Gallery - This Magento Photo Gallery & Product Gallery Extension has been developed by FME Extensions
pcapfilter - Generation of smaller pcap files filtering your existing pcap files.
PrestaShop Advance Support Module - A ticketing system for customer support.
PUMA Repository - A collection of Pascal units for medical applications.
PastebinGTK - A desktop client for pastebin.com.
PC-BASIC - A GW-BASIC-compatible interpreter.
Pinochle - A computerized version of the classic card game.
photoalbum - A simple static photoalbum generation script.
parm - A Markdown-to-HTML tool.
Product Quick View - A Magento extension that shows product details in a light box.
Perl 1.0 - Perl 1.0 source code adapted to be compilable on modern OSes.
phpCommunityCalendar - Interactive Community Calendar for PHP3 and MySQL
pssSearch - A search tool for your Web site.

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