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Easysoft dbExpress-ODBC Gateway - A tool that allows Kylix or Delphi programs to access any ODBC datasource.
Easysoft ODBC-Oracle Driver - A Linux and Unix ODBC driver for Oracle 8, 9i, and 10.
ePerl - A Perl script to expand Perl in embeded in text files
Email Reminders - An email reminder system.
EffecTV - A real-time video effect tool.
echoping - A tool to test the performance of a remote host with TCP.
ePoll - A Web-based poll written in server side Java.
Extended Universal Resource Library - A pure Java library for cleaner, more flexible file access in Java.
Ezmlm Mailing List Manager Class - An Ezmlm mailing list manager class.
Error Class Converter - Generates C++ and Java code for consistenly handling errors.
Egoboo - 3D GPL dungeon-crawling game in the spirit of Nethack.
Ersatz Emacs - A simple text editor.
exch2mutt - Converter from MS Exchange Directory to Mutt aliases.
EnGarde Secure Linux - EnGarde Linux is a secure server distribution.
Enlightenment ISDN Monitor Epplet - An Epplet that monitors your ISDN connections.
enin - ENumerate Ipx Nodes
eBayAgent - A Perl script to bid at the last moment in an eBay auction.
eboard - GTK+ chess board interface for ICS and chess engines.
ezBOO WebStats - Web page views statistical analysis software using PHP and MySQL
Eddi - A powerful and easy-to-use text editor for X.
ezContents - A content management system.
EJBWizard Version 3 - An Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) prototyping tool.
Elastic Webeditor - Perl script that alows users to edit their pages online
evening commander - midnight commander like filemanager for emacs 20.x
etrace - A run-time function call tree display utility.
Email Administration Utility - An IMAP-based email account management utility.
eMATgine server - A Java server using HTTP/mail/FTP to treat requests.
Engrusdict - An X11-based English-to-Russian and Russian-English dictionary.
Emacs ILISP - An Emacs interface to Common Lisp and Scheme systems.
Ext2 Salvage - Recovers damaged ext2 filesystems.
Ektron eWebEditPro - A Web-based, multi-language, WYSIWYG HTML editor.
eXtremail manager - A PHP-based eXtremail managing utility.
EvilEye - An image browser based on Evas, Ebits, Edb, Imlib2, and Efsd.
ELFIO - An ELF (Executable and Linkable Format) reader and producer.
eSoap - A C++ SOAP toolkit for Linux/Windows/QNX/RTOS.
Ethernet Traffic Counter - A prgram that measures the total amount of bandwidth consumed.
Ecartis Web GUI - A Web GUI for Ecartis.
extm3u.pl - A utility that generates an extended .m3u MP3 playlist.
Ecamegapedal - A real-time audio processor.
EASEA - A language dedicated to the specification of evolutionary algorithms.
expow - A PHP file manager.
Eiffel INET - Eiffel classes for writing IPV4 (TCP/UDP) servers and clients.
EasyCalc - A scientific/engineering graphing calculator.
Enca - A character set, encoding detector, and converter.
Enhanced Linux Loopback Driver - An enhanced Linux Loop driver.
elca - A real-time Perl calculator.
Enterprise Volume Management System - A volume management system for Linux.
EScrambler - Email Address HTML Code Scrambler - An email address code scrambler to prevent SPAM.
ETC - A Web-based scriptable touchscreen home control/remote.
emacs-sieve - Sieve mail filtering language and managing support for Emacs.
ebnf2yacc - A tool to help one write yacc parsers/compilers.
euc2html - EUC double-byte character to HTML 4.0 Unicode Converter.
ELMP:TNG Server - The server component of the Embedded Linux MP3 Player, TNG.
EnderUNIX QLDAPAdmin - LDAP Admin tool for Qmail
EggControl - A TCL\TK GUI for eggdrop.
Extended SuperUser Socket Daemon - A daemon which executes non-interactive commands.
e - A command line expression evaluator.
editq - A CMS for HTML editing via a browser.
Environment Modules - Software which allows dynamic changes to a user's environment.
EnderUNIX Vpwd2SQL - Converts '/etc/shadow or /etc/master.passwd' accounts to vpopmail accounts.
EFEU - A C development environment with a C++-like interpreter.
ELOG Electronic Web Logbook - An electronic logbook with a Web interface.
eMATgine service: S1000_download_slave - A download service to be launched with an eMATgine server.
EndoShield - Easy to configure ipchains or iptables firewall script.
EasyTables - An easy-to-use GUI for iptables.
Eddie's Extensions - TCL script(s) for an eggdrop bot.
EasyContacts - A smart address book browser.
explosions demo - An SDL-based toy with fireworks in 3D space and neat visual effects.
eeStock - A Web application for managing an inventory.
Empris - A web-based, DB independent system for receiving and indexing resumes.
ExB Xenophobic Bot - An extensible IRC Bot written in Java.
echelonSig - An email signature generator using random echelon keywords.
Ekiga - A SIP and H.323 VoIP application.
extproc_perl - Enables Oracle stored procedures to be written in Perl.
Emcast - A generic multicast toolkit.
EBuffy - A mail notification program with automagic configuration.
eXtended Linux Video - A Linux library/interface for multimedia contents.
ethstats - A very simple ethernet device throughput monitor.
E-AcpiPower - Enlightenment Laptop ACPI Epplet.
efont-unicode-bdf - The unicode BDF font collection of /efont/.
EPPInterpreter - A GUI frontend for EPP RTK.
ecTemplate - A very easy to use, very controllable, and very fast template solution.
Euler for GTK+ - The GTK port of Euler, a program for doing mathematics and plot graphics.
Eukleides - A Euclidean geometry drawing language.
EvoChess - Evolution of chess-playing programs.
ezV24 - Serial device access for C.
Emphetamine - A download manger for GNOME.
esms - A small console program to send messages to cellular phones.
Eternity Persistence Framework - Provides Persistence/Serialization via XML and binary.
Easy View - A code browser that converts user defined function calls to hyperlinks.
Emdros - A corpus query system for analyzed text.
Evolvica - A Java evolutionary computation framework.
ermixer - A OSS sound mixer with a lot of useful features.
Epoch - Displays seconds since the Epoch.
EPS - A set of API for parsing email messages.
Efax-gtk - A GUI frontend for the efax fax program.
emacs template-mode - A minor mode for emacs that allows the creation of code templates.
e-Bot - An IRC bot written in Perl.
EdenCRM - Customer Relationship Management software.
Eclipse Project - A universal tool platform.
ezAlbum - An easy-to-use PHP photo album.
E-MailRelay - A simple SMTP store-and-forward MTA
ExactAudio - A C++ digital audio signal processing library.
Eremove - A simple GTK-based app to view a mailbox and preview/delete selected messages.
ElvinRRD - An RRD data store daemon using the Elvin messaging system.
EasySok - A sokoban game for KDE.
elastiC - A very high-level language.
eXtendible Java Rendering Toolkit - A Java renderer based on ray tracing, XML, and programmable shaders.
ELIDE - A framework for extending Java with application-specific vocabulary.
edtFTPj - A comprehensive FTP client library written in Java.
e2undel - An undelete tool for the ext2 file system under Linux.
Email - Send email via the commandline.
exPHPresso - A compilation of fine coffees, their attributes, and variations.
Eunit - An Erlang unit test suite.
EJBCA - A PKI Certificate Authority for the JEE platform.
eXtended Account Management System - A SQL-based email account management system for Exim/Courier.
easyGB - A fully functional guestbook with a PHP frontend and a database backend.
ethtool - A Linux net driver diagnostic and tuning tool.
Easy Linux Server - A file and e-mail server.
EMPIM - The Excessively Modular Personal Information Manager.
efilter - A spam/virus filter for qmail and vpopmail.
Evil Bricks - An svgalib breakout clone.
eventman - A Web-based event list manager.
EuroRegister - A Euro conversion program for the retail enviroment.
ELinks - An advanced and well-established feature-rich text mode Web browser.
EQEMu EverQuest Server Emulation Project - An EverQuest Server emulator.
Embedded HTTP Server - A C++ HTTP/HTTPS server class for creating Web-enabled applications.
Expat Objective-C Bindings - Objective-C bindings for the Expat XML Parser.
Electronic Problem Tracking System - ePTS
Ember - A scripting language for stand-alone, embedded, and Web-based applications.
Euchre - A Euchre game.
eudora2unix - Convert Eudora mail to Unix and Linux mbox format.
EnderUNIX spamGuard - A spam activity monitor.
Enhanced Cluster Tools for Linux - Abset of tools for the enhancement of Cluster Systems Management (CSM).
echolot - A network station monitor.
Edge community engine - A feature rich and easily configurable community and news portal engine.
Eyebrowse - A web-based mail archive browser.
E2Key Linux user mode driver - A Linux user mode driver for the 93C46 serial EEPROM.
ERW - An innovative tool to manage ER-based databases with a browser.
Etora - A compact, readable language for Oracle table definitions.
Enterprise Object Broker - A Java Enterprise Application Server that does not use RMI.
Epylog - Tails and parses Unix system logs.
Echo Web Application Framework - An object-oriented, event-driven Web application framework.
Emilia Pinball Project - A pinball game for Linux.
Empire Server - A strategy war game.
EthGraph - A Qt-based graphical network device traffic monitor.
eDonkey Monitor - Monitors some interesting aspects of an eDonkey server/client.
Event Management System - An event manager for PIKT and other monitoring tools.
Escape of the Unicorn - A side-scrolling, 2D flying shooter game.
EasyCharts - A complete library of Java charting components.
E Database Access library - A very fast and generic API to store and retrieve indexed data.
encdec - Encodes and decodes i18n strings, integers, reals, and times.
E*Reminders - Web-based reminder software
E-Cell System - A modelling and simulation software environment.
E-Dial - Front-end for dialup programs, with an Epplet interface
E-Forecast - Weather forecast in an Epplet
E-Leds - Enlightenment LED monitor.
E-LogMonitor - Enlightenment Epplet to monitor log files for occurence of specified keywords.
E-Notes - A sticky-notes manager epplet for Enlightenment.
EDI - An easy to use console editor with WordStar keybindings.
e-Squirt - Appliance interaction via the CoolTown protocol.
E-xmms - An XMMS Enlightenment epplet.
E2 Gaim Plugin - A Gaim plugin that replaces [square bracketed text] with links to Everything2.
e2fsprogs - Ext2 Filesystem Utilities
e3 - A very compact editor.
e4Graph - C++ library allowing efficient manipulation of persistent graph-like structure.
E8Ball - Magic 8-Ball for Enlightenment
e93 - A portable window-based text editor oriented to the needs of programmers.
Eagle - Eagle EDA Software for Linux
eapsampler - A driver for Aug1996 Electronics Australia Pocket Sampler Kit
easter - Displays Easter (or complete Lenten calendar) for a given year.
Easy Socket Library - Functions to simplify socket usage.
easy-Backup - Easy backup tool.
EasyMaths - A mathematics program for Linux.
easyPOS - easyPOS is a GTK+ cash register written in C
easysellingsite - An easy creator of online shopping Web sites.
easysite - An easy Web site maker.
Easysoft Interbase ODBC Driver - ODBC Driver for Interbase 6, 7, and FireBird.
Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge - Provides JDBC Access for Java Applets/Applications to ODBC Data Sources
Easysoft ODBC Join Engine - A virtual database enabling ODBC, JDBC, or XML access to multiple target databas
EasyTAG - A tag editor for MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files.
eBison - Parser generator for Elisp and Javascript compiler for Elisp
Ebola - An AV Bridge daemon for interfacing various scanning scripts.
ec64 - A Commodore 64 emulator written in x86 assembly and C.
eCam - A Webcam application.
Ecasound - Sound processing, multitrack recording, and mixing tools.
ecawave - An audio file editor.
ecc - An elliptic curve class library.
ECCView - Display .ECC animations.
ecdl2K-108 - A client daemon for Certicom's ECC challenge.
Echomine Muse Communications API - A Java Communications API for Jabber/XMPP.
ECLI - Eiffel ODBC/CLI access to Relational Databases
ECLiPt Mirroring Tool - A full-featured mirroring script.
ECLiPt Roaster - A GTK interface to mkisofs and cdrecord for writing CDs on the fly.
ECLiPt SSH Shell - Simple graphical SSH frontend.
Ecology-HOWTO - A document which shows ways to make computers less harmful to our environment.
Ecomready Eshop - A complete e-shop solution with front-end and administration.
eContent - A Web-based content management system.
eCos - Real Time Operating System
eDB - A very simple Web-based flat-rate DB system with HTML templates.
Eddie - A robust clustering, load balancing, and high availability Web server tool.
edx - .xinitrc commandline editor/composer Bash script.
eev.el - embed hyperlinks and shell/Tcl/TeX/Perl/etc code in plain text files
efingerd - finger daemon for Unix capable of fine-tuning the output.
efone - Distributed internet phone system.
eForum - A discussion forum component.
efs - Extent File System support (read-only)
Efsane II - The first Turkish-Made window manager for X.
EFTP - Backwards-compatible FTP extension server and client.
egcs-jvm - An egcs backend for the Java Virtual Machine.
eggdrop - An Internet Relay Chat (IRC) bot that can be extended using either C or TCL.
eglade - An Eiffel code generator that parses XML files produced by Glade.
EGO - Parallel molecular dynamics program
eGTK - Bindings to GTK+ widget toolkit for Eiffel.
EHNT - A tool for getting information from Cisco's netflow.
EiffelFox - An Eiffel language wrapper for the FOX C++ GUI library.
Eights - A card game against the computer.
EJBWizard - A Java GUI app to generate Enterprise JavaBeans and support code.
eject - eject removable media
El Cid - A simple caller ID logging program.
El Wizard - Emacs Lisp wizards.
ELE - Realtime audio effects and sample looping.
Electric - A CAD/EDA tool for multiple levels of design.
electricsheep - A collaborative screensaver.
ELF kickers - Programs that manipulate ELF files
elfnote - A program to manipulate the NOTE sections in ELF binaries.
elfvector - transfer vector for app.so linkage on Linux/x86
Elizatalk for Licq - Artificial intelligent talkback program using Eliza.
elm - One of the most common mail readers for unix.
elm2mutt - Converts email aliases from Elm to Mutt
Elvis - A clone of vi/ex, the standard UNIX editor.
ElysianFields - An Extensible Object Oriented MUD engine in C++.
Emacs - The extensible, customizable, self-documenting, real-time display editor.
Emacs/W3 - Full-featured console Web browser written in Emacs lisp.
Emacspeak - A full-fledged speech output interface to Emacs
Email address validation component - PHP class to verify if a e-mail address is valid.
Email Security through Procmail - An email filter to block worms and other email security attacks.
email2sms - e-mail to SMS Perl filter with text compression and MIME support
EmailScan - An e-mail attachment scanner for bad files.
Embedded Perl 5 Language (ePerl) - Embedded Perl 5 Language
embedded utils - A reimplementation of Unix userland tools, optimized for size.
eMediaAdmin - Website development software for newspapers and magazines.
emelFM - Two-Window File Manager
emlog - embedded-system logging device
empegify - Networkable system for creating mp3s.
Emptytree Seedy - A distributed digital music system.
Emu10k1 Linux driver - Driver for Creative Labs Emu10K1 chip, found in SoundBlaster Live! cards.
EMU Webmail - Webmail server
Enable_Logitech_Wheel - Utility to enable the scroll wheel on OEM versions of Logitech Mice
ENBD - An enhanced network block device for Linux.
EnBug - Encodes files in 7-bit ASCII and chunks them for decoding by DOS DEBUG.
Encompass - A web browser for GNOME based on GtkHTML.
encrypt - turns plaintext words into encrypted strings in a variety of ways.
Endymion MailMan Web-Mail - A stable, mature, and robust Web-based email system.
EnergyMech - An IRC bot with many features.
Enigma - Curses-based falling-blocks puzzle game.
Enjoympeg - An MPEG-1 video player.
Enlightenment - A fast, flexible, and very extensible Window Manager.
EnRus dictionary tools - Tcl/Tk scripts for manipulating textual (plain or gzipped) dictionary base.
enscript - A tool to convert ASCII files to PostScript.
Enscriptconfig - Standalone GUI to edit the GNU enscript configuration files
Ensembl - An open-source genome annotation database.
Ensemble - A toolkit for constructing reliable distributed applications.
Env::Array - Perl module for treating environment variables as arrays [OBSOLETE].
Enzyme - Web-based resume creation and searching software.
EnzymeTemplates - EnzymeTemplates are late-binding, database-backed, and object-oriented.
EO - Templates-based, ANSI-C++ compliant evolutionary computation library
epd2svg - A tool to convert from the EPD Vector graphics format to SVG.
EPIC SSL-IRC - SSL support for the EPIC IRC client.
EPIC4 - An ANSI-capable textmode IRC client.
EPIwm - window manager
epkg - A package manager for maintaining third-party software.
EPM - A software packaging tool.
ePortal - A web-based enterprise portal solution.
Epsilon - A multi-platform programmers editor.
epsmerge - A Perl program for handling encapsulated PostScript images.
epssplit - A program to split encapsulated postscript files
epsTk - Toolkit of graphical output functions for Matlab and Octave.
EpsUtils - A status monitor for Epson injet printers.
eqlplus - Modem Aggregator for Linux
EDE - A fast, simple, and user-friendly desktop environment.
ERC - Emacs IRC client
Eridu - A Web-based groupware suite.
erikyyyphone - Internet audio conferencing application
Erlang - Full-featured programming language developed at the Ericsson CS Laboratory
erpcd-talker - A simple set of utilities to talk to an erpcd (Annex manager software)
erwin - A really simple GTK HTML editor.
Escher - Java X11 library
eSearch - Java-based search engine
esky - Userspace job freezing (checkpoint/resume) system
ESM - A system monitoring tool.
esound - The Enlightened Sound Daemon.
EsounD Controller - A front-end to esdctl.
eSquire - Web based Majordomo replacement and autoresponder manager
etach - An Emacs extension for MIME email attachments.
Eteria IRC Client - An RFC-1459-compliant IRC chat client written in Java.
Eterm - An X11 VT102 emulator with Enlightenment features
eterm_color - Eterm tinting randomizer from HSV to proper RGB values.
EText Reader - EText Reader
Ether 1394 - Ethernet driver for IEEE 1394
ether2dns - A tool to convert the /etc/ethers format to DNS records for IPv6.
EtherApe - An etherman clone that graphs net activity in real time.
Etherboot - Source code for making IP boot ROMs to boot Linux and other OSes.
Ethereal Realms - A Web-based chat/gallery/social networking server.
Ethernet Frame Diverter - Ethernet Frames Diverter for Transparent WWW proxying bridge
Ethernet TAP driver - Ethernet TAP driver for FreeBSD
ether_fr - Ethernet over Frame Relay for Sangoma T1 Adapters
eTktab - A guitar tablature editor for X11 and OS X.
Ettercap - A multipurpose sniffer for switched LANs.
eud2mbox - Eudora Mailbox (.mbx) to standard mbox converter
Euphoria - A fast, flexible, easy to learn programming language.
Euphoria To C Translator - A translator from Euphoria to C.
Europa - A multi-player realtime strategic action war game.
evas - A hardware-accelerated canvas library.
EVBU - A simulator for the 68HC11 and EVBU.
Event Monitor Project - Monitoring tool for heterogeneous networks and systems based on message passing
EveryAuction - Perl CGI Online Auction Script
Everybuddy Java - A Java-based multi-service messaging client.
EveryChat - Minimalist Perl CGI Chat Program
evilwm - A minimalist window manager.
Evolution - GNOME mail client and PIM.
ex11 - Erlang-X11 binding
example Advanced SambA Login Script - example script showing how to make Netware or KixTart-like loginscripts
exchangerate - A Perl script to get a currency exchange rate from the web.
ExecTrace - Linux only debugging tool
Exim - A Message Transfer Agent for Unix systems.
eXist - A native XML database.
Exmh - An X user interface for MH mail
eXML - eXML - XML 1.0 parser for Eiffel based on expat
exmms - An xmms control epplet.
expat - XML Parser Toolkit
Expect - Lets you automate telnet, ftp, passwd, fsck, rlogin, tip, etc.
Expert Guide - The Norton Guide reader for GNU/Linux.
Explore2fs - A Windows explorer for Linux ext2 partitions.
exportSQL - Export all tables in a MS-Access database file to SQL command files
Expresso Framework - An architectural framework.
ext2resize - Resizes ext2 filesystems
ext3 - Journaling support for ext2fs.
eXtace - An ESD FFT realtime audio visualizer.
Extended Attributes and ACLs for Linux - Kernel patches for ACLs, Ext2 file system implementation, and user utilities
Extern_Link - Adds informational window to links of an HTML page
ExtSub - A DVD subtitle extraction tool.
Exuberant Ctags - An improved implementation of CTAGS.
Exult - An Ultima 7 world viewer.
eZ Publish - Content management system for e-commerce, e-publishing, and intranets/extranets.
Ezimail - IMAP mail client - An IMAP mail client.
ezmlm - Easy-to-use, high-speed mailing list manager for qmail
ezmlm-web - A Web interface for managing ezmlm-idx mailing lists.
eznet - Very simple PPP setup
EzRPM - RPM dependency checker and installer
eFAQ - Web-based Frequently Asked Questions server side Java component.
earn - A C console program to calculate the month earning of an employer.
Elm Millennium Edition - An enhanced Elm with MIME, character set, POP, IMAP, and PGP support.
Ejen - A code generation system based on Java/XSLT.
Easy Forum - An easy, compact and flexible PERL/Javascript forum.
EmPy - A templating system in Python.
Espere - An IRC bot written in Java.
eximstate - Monitors the state of the Exim queue.
Epiphany - A multiplatform clone of the arcade game Boulderdash.
Easy Mysql User Manager - A PHP tool to manage a MySQL database and users.
EmeraldMoo - A series of patches to make LambdaMoo better.
expatXBEL - A simple parser for XBEL (XML Bookmark Exchange Language).
EV-OS - An operating system which runs on the x86 platform.
EchelIRC - An IPv6-aware channel logging bot written in C.
eSKUeL - A MySQL database managment tool written in PHP.
eXtensible MUD - A distributed 3D MOO engine written in Java.
Emacs Chess - A chess library and client written in Emacs Lisp.
Easy Firewall Generator - A PHP Web app that generates an iptables firewall script.
editkit - A light, configurable, and modular editor kit.
Easyval - A C++ class library for interval arithmetic.
EarCandy - A music jukebox.
ePiX - Utilities for publication-quality math/sci plotting.
execline - A small, non-interactive, shell-like scripting language.
Echelog - A distributed monitoring system.
Ektron eWebEditPro+XML - Browser-based XML word processor-like editor.
Ektron eMPower for ColdFusion - Content Management
Emacs vertical bar mode - A minor mode for highlighting a particular column in Emacs.
Easypass.pl - A fast and powerful password generator.
EnderUNIX Hafiye - Customizable TCP/IP Packet Sniffer
ed2k://urlslave for mldonkey - A tool to ease adding files to the mldonkey download queue.
e-xml java parsing library - A collection of XML parsers in Java designed for handling XML data streams.
EZFB Linux Frame Buffer API - An OOP frame buffer API in C with apps.
E2tools - Utilities for manipulating files on a ext2 file system.
Executable Linkable Format Editor - A tool for editing ELF files.
Easysoft XML-ODBC Server - A server that allows any device to access remote ODBC data sources via XML.
echolot-pinger - A pinger for anonymous remailers.
epsutil - A graphical Epson inkjet printer toolbox.
Ec - A graphical mail program for Unix and X.
eyeD3 - A Python ID3/MP3 program/module.
exiftags - A digital camera image meta-data (Exif) parser.
elmo - The ELectronic Mail Operator.
EverySource - An integration and messaging interface between applications.
EASYUP-NUKE - An upload module and tag generator for PHP-Nuke.
ExNihilo - An Open Source 3D engine.
eboxy - A GUI interface system for entertainment PCs.
ECHO Interchange Payment Module - Accept credit cards and checks in the Red Hat Interchange shopping cart.
Eclipse AntView Plugin - An eclipse plug-in to run Ant builds from within the Eclipse IDE.
ego file manager - A GTK+2 file manager that uses libferris.
Emotion Engine - A 3D game engine for education.
enigma 3 - A Java Jabber client.
Easta - An email-based peer-to-peer file sharing system.
EQU - An effect plugin for XMMS that equalizes whatever is being played, not just MP3s
EMS MySQL Export - A tool for exporting MySQL data.
ewok - A full-featured Web content management system.
EchoPoint - Helps you build truly dynamic Web pages.
Editize - A WYSIWYG TextArea replacement for Content Management Systems.
extract-form - A tool to rewrite HTML forms to expose hidden fields.
El-Kabong - A speedy, SAX-stylee HTML parser.
evil finder - A tool for finding evil.
Enhanced Dispositioned Keyboard - A GUI library for applications with multiple keyboard layouts.
EPPTT - A flexible, web-based and script-based EPP test-case client.
Eigenbase Resource Generator - A tool for generating wrapper classes for Java resource bundles.
ESMTP - A simple relay-only MTA.
eDonkey Hash/Link - A tool for computing eDonkey2000 hashes, IDs or links.
EuroBudget - A personal accounting tool.
EasyDiff - A GNUstep diff application.
Encod - A GNUstep audio CD to Ogg Vorbis encoder.
ecasound.el - An interactive and programmatic interface to Ecasound.
EmacsWiki - A wiki implementation in Emacs.
env_audit - A security tool for environment auditing.
EMS PostgreSQL Utils - Powerful data management utilities for PostgreSQL server.
EMS MySQL Utils - Powerful data management utilities for MySQL server.
elspy - Glue code to enable writing Exim local_scan() in Python.
East-Tec DiskSanitizer for Linux - A utility to wipe out sensitive information from a hard disk.
Einsatz - A Java application to plan medical services.
EC-Laby - A small net-game with 2 teams running through a labyrinth.
Effusia Business Messenger - Internal instant messaging for small to medium enterprises.
EQEmu - An Everquest server emulator.
Epydoc - A Python API documentation generation tool.
Exporia - A multilingual PHP photo album that stores all the non-graphic data in MySQL.
Easy KM - A Web-based knowledge management application.
EasyLicenser License Manager - A low-cost, flexible license manager for programs written in Java, C/C++, or VB.
eL DAPo - A PHP-based LDAP client.
EXIF-O-Matic - A tool for viewing and exporting EXIF tags contained within image files.
EiffelStudio - An Eiffel development platform for Linux/Unix/Mac OS X/Windows/VMS.
eZ region - Updated eZpublish modules that provide Regions/States.
EtherMux Server - A DMX512 lighting remote control application.
Eric - A Python IDE written using PyQt and QScintilla.
Experience-Based Language Acquisition - A computational model of human language acquisition.
Envolution - A CMS to manage and publish information from a Web browser.
Easy Integrity Check System - A system integrity checker.
enhanced heatload - A graphical ACPI monitor with CPU throttling.
EDA - The Eiffel Decimal Arithmetic library.
Eclipse EditorList Plug-in - An Eclipse editor management plug-in.
EMacro - Easy .emacs editor configuration.
empxform - A tool for downloading albums and manipulating EMP files from emusic.
Epiar - A space adventure/combat game.
Ekit - A Java HTML editor applet and application.
ExpireMail - A set of scripts to delete mail more than a specified number of days old.
EOS Image Manager - A fast, pure Cocoa image viewer and manager for OS X.
Eiffel Wrapper Generator - An Eiffel wrapper generator for C.
exifprobe - Shows the content and structure of cooked or raw digital camera images.
evolvotron - A "generative art" image evolver.
evilbar - A minimalist statusbar for evilwm.
Extended Modelling of Group Access - A tool to make advanced group permission definitions easier.
edit-on Pro - A WYSIWYG XHTML/XML editor Java applet.
elmer - Runs Python from C or Tcl as if it was written in C or Tcl.
EXT2IFS - An IFS for Windows NT that can read EXT2 and EXT3 filesystems.
Emergency CD 2 - A mini live Linux CD distribution based on RedHat 7.3.
EXACT - A POP (or IMAP) before SMTP authentication daemon.
EMAN - A scientific image processing package for single particle analysis.
Enemies of Carlotta - A mailing list manager.
Espresso Scientific Grid Interface - A Grid-enabled (via Globus) scientific model interface.
EzManage - A tool to create virtual domains with mailing lists, etc.
EMS MySQL Manager - A powerful GUI tool for MySQL administration and development.
EciAdsl - A Globespan-based USB ADSL modems driver.
elfsign - An ELF binary signing and verification tool.
Eternal Lands - A 3D MMORPG.
ErfurtWiki HMS - A fast, user-friendly, and highly configurable Wiki "library".
eCrm - eCrm is a small webbased customer relationship management system.
eGenix mxODBC Zope Database Adapter - An ODBC data sources connector for Zope.
Engauge Digitizer - Convert graph and map images into numbers.
Ensemblist - An OpenGL puzzle game.
eMoviX - A micro Linux distro that makes a CD able to boot and play its audio/video conte
Ensim PHP tools - Tools to help administer Ensim servers.
edictionary - A command line interface to online dictionaries.
EmuTOS - A free replacement for TOS images.
Ebotula - An IRC bot for the administration of one or more channels.
Easibox - A utility which creates archive files.
Eazel Extensions Library - A collection of widgets and extensions for GNOME.
EQdkp - A Web-based DKP solution.
Enhydra XMLC - An alternative to JSP.
Eagle Linux - A Linux distribution on bootable CD or floppy.
ezmlm-www - Provides a Web interface to ezmlm mailing list archives.
Emacs Outline to HTML Converter - Generates reader-friendly HTML from an Emacs outline mode file.
Epiphany-browser - A GNOME Web browser.
Eigenpoll - Extract knowleage from your users.
Efes - A hardware recognition and certification system.
E-GnomeICU - An enlightenment epplet for controlling gnomeicu.
elfpgp - Sign binaries with GnuPG.
Enigmail - An extension for Mozilla for OpenPGP-based encryption/authentication.
Escale - A Newton connection utility.
ECe - Another enhanced version of the mc editor.
Effusion - An IRC-based BitTorrent management/sharing application.
EBsuite.com - A Web-based e-business software suite.
ElegantJbeans Data Provider - Get Data from any source (text, XML, or RDBMS).
Extensible Messaging Platform - A server-based anti-spam filter.
EJBSpaces - A JavaSpace for J2EE application servers.
Edit Source - An online Web site editor.
exilist - A mailing list manager for Exim.
ECT - Tools for the enhancement of cluster systems management technology.
edit-on JavaBean SDK - An XHMTL/XML WYSIWYG editor JavaBean component.
Erlang SDL - A library for accessing SDL and OpenGL through Erlang.
Effort: Zero Franchise Manager - Automatically formats stats from Madden 2004 PC.
ep - A simple pipeline constructor and redirector.
Easy Funktion - A 2D function plotter and equation solver.
eKstreme PHPCounter - An easy-to-use counter which can track an unlimited number of pages.
Extensible Java Profiler - A Java profiler.
elseed - A simple caller ID program for the Tivo.
Emerging Technologies Toolkit - A toolkit for executing emerging autonomic and grid-related technology.
eurocheck - A program to verify serials found on eurobills.
Enterprise CRM and Groupware System - A Web-based CRM and ERP with advanced functionality.
eXtented SErver Grapher - An server monitoring tool.
Ewe Programming System - A multi-platform development suite.
Elgaard Positioning System - A GPS moving map application.
EditLive! - An online HTML editor.
Electronic Design Automation - Index - A Web-based index system that can keep track of your sch/pcb/fp/pl numbers.
eDContainer - A Web application framework.
EVARISTO - An ERP solution written in Java (2 tier).
ES Class - A PHP Class for easily generating Swiss deposit slips with pdflib.
Exchanger XML Editor - A Java-based XML editor with five authoring views.
EvilBoss - Configure/control a big FidoNet node or hub.
ENet - A UDP networking library.
Employee Scheduler - A program that makes schedules for employees.
eMATgine S1000 Client - An eMATgine S1000 download slave client.
easyGG - An automatic gallery generator.
ebay_de - A tool for retrieving German eBay auction statistics.
e2retrieve - A tool to retrieve data from partial Ext2 filesystems.
ESO-MIDAS - An astronomical image processing and data reduction tool.
ev_bell - Runs external programs when sound events from the Linux kernel occur.
Egg-fu - An AI bot with high configurability and multi-language support.
EMBOSS - A sequence analysis and manipulation suite.
Echelon Linux - A Linux distribution designed to manage your network.
EPDF - A Eiffel library that allows the generation of PDF documents.
Entagged - A Java audio file tagger that uses the freedb database.
E-GADS! - A Web-based database for ground search and rescue teams.
EGroupware - A groupware suite with a calendar, mail, todo, notes, and many more modules.
Elk - A Scheme interpreter and extension library.
ECompte - A Web-based bank account management tool.
emelFM2 - A simple GTK file manager that implements a two-pane design.
Enforcer - A Linux security module with TCPA support.
Elmtree Express Server - A workgroup server solution.
Etiquette - An interaction protocol construction tool.
EasyChem - Software to draw chemical molecules easily and with high quality.
Easy MEMO - An easy-to-play memory game.
epson_setup - A tool for controlling text mode printing on Epson dot matrix printers.
Enchant - A cross-platform abstract layer for spell-checking.
Everest QDictionary - A free multi-language dictionary with 31 dictionaries and over 2,500,000 words.
Enhydra JaWE - A graphical workflow editor which meets the WfMC specification.
Enhydra Shark - An extendable workflow engine framework based on WfMC and OMG standards.
E.T. EDITOR - A tool for designing 3D structures of colored edges and triangles.
Easysoft ODBC-Sybase Driver - An ODBC driver for Sybase ASE on Linux and Unix.
Eat The Whistle - A soccer game.
Easy Mining Procedures for DB2 Intelligent Miner - An easy-to-use SQL interface.
ez-ipupdate - A dynamic DNS updating client for several DDNS services.
EggsHam - Generates and grades practice amateur radio licensing exams.
elemenope - An EAI/SOA messaging framework with Web Services, JMS, and MQSeries support.
E-Mbuttons - A simple application launcher with exciting visuals.
Eidetic - A middleware library for creating database applications in Perl.
EDeity - A GTK and Curses frontend to APT.
Emerde - A port of Gentoo's Portage system for other distributions.
Embperl - Embed Perl into HTML and XML to build dynamic Web sites out of objects.
Erni - A tool that replaces 'su -c' to run programs as nonroot users.
Enhanced File Crypt/eXtended File Stealth System - A tool for protecting uploaded files using cryptography.
Expresso WebServices - A Web Services framework.
eltclsh - An interactive TCL (and Tk) shell.
elfcmp - An ELF binary-to-process comparison tool.
EasyBookmarks - A Web-based multi-user bookmarks system.
Eclipse Resource Labels - An Eclipse plugin that provides additional resource labels.
ER-DICT - An Estonian-Russian dictionary.
Enhanced cd - An extension to bash's builtin "cd" command, encompassing pushd, popd, and more.
Emergency CD 3 GE - A live Linux CD based on Gentoo.
ET Live - A live viewer server for "RTCW: Enemy Territory".
EiffelMedia - A multimedia library for Eiffel.
Eimp - An instant messenger that supports MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ, AIM, and Jabber.
Event Alerter for WebSphere Application Server - A tool that sends email messages to a specified address when errors occur.
E.T. GAME - A game of collecting objects randomly scattered in 3D scenes.
Excelsior JET - A Java SE 6 compliant JVM with AOT compiler and deployment toolkit.
eXo platform - An enterprise portal that implements JSR 168.
edtFTPj/PRO - A Java library supporting FTPS (FTP over SSL) and SFTP.
EncFS - A FUSE-based encrypted virtual filesystem for Linux.
etPan! - An email client that supports IMAP4rev1, POP3, NNTP, mbox, mh, and Maildir.
eeprog - A tool which reads/writes to/from 24Cxx EEPROMs on SMBus (I2C) buses.
EditPad Pro - A convenient, powerful, and versatile text editor to edit all kinds of text file
EditPad Lite - A convenient basic text editor.
extendedPDF - An OpenOffice.org macro that produces PDF files with extended features.
Ehcache - An enterprise Java cache.
Emilda - An ILS with an OPAC, circulation, Z39.50 support, and MARC integration.
Elastic Path - An enterprise e-commerce platform.
Eclipse 2D Game Engine - A 2D game engine using SDL and FMOD.
emuecobbei - An equipment inventory application.
equal III the graphic builder - equal III is a graphic builder
exrtools - A set of simple command line utilities for manipulating OpenEXR images.
Email Secretary - A Challenge/Response system designed to deter spam.
Exscribe - A PHP/PostgreSQL blog.
ECTOR - A learning chatterbot.
Estraier - A full-text search system for personal use.
eEmacs - An Emacs-like editor for EPOC and Linux.
Embedthis Appweb - A fast little Web server for embedding.
Easy Cast du Multi Hub - A full IPv6 MLDv1 multicast routing daemon.
Eservices - An advanced tool for administering IRC networks.
evtouch - Pointer device support for X using the Linux kernel 2.6 event interface.
Ext2 compression extension - Transparent file/directory compression for ext2 via extended attributes.
Eidetic Document Management System - A document management system.
Eggdrop Jabber Bot - A bot to link IRC and Jabber IM together.
emAlbum - An online image gallery script.
ethwireck - A tool that checks if the wire in an Ethernet port is live.
Easy Game Library - A C++ class libary designed for quick and easy development of games.
EasyLatex - A preprocessor to translate "ASCII math" into LaTeX files.
EditiX - A cross-platform XML editor and XSLT debugger.
e2fsimage - A tool for creating and populating an ext2 filesystem image as an ordinary user.
EvRouter - A Linux input event router.
Electrocardiognosis - A Holter analysis system.
EZ-Ticket - A multi-user, Web-based ticket/issue tracking system.
Epiphany Extensions - A collection of extensions for Epiphany.
ETV Personal Video Recorder - A personal video recorder (PVR) especially suited for European use.
Exodus Arcade Game - A humorous maze-running arcade game with hot graphics.
EPICS Base - A toolkit for building large distributed control systems.
EasyMoblog - A platform for the publishing of blogs with updates via email.
eBookCollector - A Java program to manage a book collection.
EtherEye Network Host Checker - A Web-based network host checker.
Embedded Perl - A C++ wrapper around the Perl C API.
Ekee - A simple LaTeX equation editor, with drag and drop support.
Elektra Initiative - A key-value pair framework for storing configurations.
Early Macintosh Image LoadEr - A floppy bootloader for Linux on 68K Macs.
ePointPGP - A lightweight OpenPGP implementation.
EIO - A high-level networking library based on the Java class library.
E/AS Automation Solutions - A platform for automation solutions.
Entitlement Based Scheduler - A modification of Linux's O(1) CPU scheduler for entitlement based scheduling.
ESR Backup - A simple and easy to use backup system.
Enblend - A tool for blending the seams between images in a panorama.
ebiff - An email notification agent like biff or Xbiff.
elilo - A bootloader for EFI machines.
Eckbox - Software for a van Eck Phreaking device.
ELF statifier - Creates a static executable from a dynamic executable and required libraries.
EURO-XML-CV - A tool to publish your European CV and Web page with XML.
EZRO - A system for easily managing Web-based content.
Ellogon - A natural language processing infrastructure
EzGallery - A desktop application for quickly creating and publishing HTML image galleries.
eLViS: Linux Video Surveillance - Provides a user interface for watching JPEGs captured by motion.
eformmail - A Web form to email address tool.
EPS Graphics2D - A tool that generates EPS output using Graphics2D.
EASY pdflib - A tdbengine-based PDF creation tool.
efax - A simple FAX program.
EventWatcher - A KDE application which notifies you about events collected by plugins.
EGachine - A game engine intended as a tool for learning by writing computer games.
ECB - A multi-language source-code browser for Emacs.
eBCharts - A PHP interface to the eBusiness Charts generatation remote service.
Exim-Python - An Exim extension for executing Python functions.
EtherDam - A firewall configuration script engine
Ewrt - A Linux distribution for Linksys WRT54G units.
elhttp - A full-featured HTTP proxy server designed for embedded systems.
Ecasound Mastering Interface - A Python front end to Ecasound.
E-Keyboard - An epplet for switching between X keymaps.
Electronic Engineering Tool - A Web-based tool with an electronic formula calculator and converter functions.
Exiv2 - A C++ library and utility to read and write Exif, IPTC, and XMP image metadata.
ErrorLog - A tool to view de-mangled and clarified Apache error_logs through a browser.
equalize_it - A nostalgic C=64 music disk written in tkscript and C++.
Echoart - A tool for transmitting ASCII art over ICMP.
ETH Lecture Communicator - A classroom assessment and communication tool.
EL Artificial Life - An artificial life and evolutionary virus experiment.
Electronics Optimizer - An electronic circuit analyser.
EDIReader - An EDI parser implementing SAX interfaces that allows EDI mapping via XSLT.
EaseXML - An object-XML mapper.
etherdump - A very small and efficient ethernet sniffer.
epto - An industrial strength shell script programming system.
Easy Shape - A Web-based bandwidth manager and traffic grapher.
EDGE - A gaming engine derived from the Doom engine.
Eclipse plugin eva/3 Application Builder - An application builder for visual development and database management.
EasyTPL - A PHP template class with autodetection of dynamic blocks.
EdenMath - A scientific calculator.
exchange-away - A script for migrating mailboxes between IMAP servers.
Enscribe - A tool that converts JPEG and PNG images into audio watermarks.
Enfle - A graphic viewer/sound player/movie player.
EDI4J - A toolkit to read, write, and translate EDI files.
Expression server - A WebDAV and XML-enabled Web server.
earutils - J2EE EAR utilities.
eMail2mySql - Check email and insert messages into a MySQL database.
Easysoft ODBC-JDBC Gateway - Provides ODBC access to JDBC databases.
Ejector - A button for the menu bar to eject any disks.
edittwiki - An external editor wrapper for TWiki wiki topics.
Essential Budget - A personal finance manager with mature budgeting support.
Epona - Nick/channel/memo/bot/oper services for IRC networks.
Elementals - A site for elemental programming.
euphony - An application for managing the Samsung Napster YP-910GS.
ezNezNetEdit - A Web-based WYSIWYG HTML editor.
eLawOffice.it - A lawyer's office, agenda, and accounting program.
ExiBomb Mail - Provides statistics and an email flow monitor for Exim.
Expenses Calcucorder - A desktop app for recording and manipulating expenses.
Emacs Configuration Framework - A framework for configuring (X)Emacs.
Etherpuppet - Allows you to clone an ethernet interface through a TCP connection.
Exobius 0 - A 2D shoot-em-up with vertically- and horizontally-scrolling levels.
emailsoap - A Sendmail milter that alters subject headers.
eSvn - A GUI frontend for Subversion.
exepak - A Linux executable compressor using UCL.
Embedded ViaVoice Multi-Application SDK - A speech recognition and text-to-speech system for embedded devices.
ELBot - A bot for Eternal Lands.
eXtreme Speed Window Manager - A fast and light window manager.
Earth3D - An interactive 3D earth globe, zoomable to the city level.
esniff - A very basic set of network analysis / scripting tools.
EasyFormIt - A script for managing Web forms.
Escape - A deep tile-based puzzle game with Internet features.
elf - An efficient interface to dissection of the ELF header.
Embedded Slackware - A tool and binary distribution for embedded Slackware/Busybox-based systems.
Easy Framework - An MVC framework for PHP.
Editline - A command line editor library.
eoconv - eoconv converts text files to and from various Esperanto text encodings.
Euphoria / GTK wrapper - Euphoria/GTK 2 bindings.
editphotos - An editor for comments and "Orientation" EXIF tags in JPEG files.
ezSqliteAdmin - A front-end administration tool for SQLite.
Erlang REPOS - A collection of major ready-to-use Erlang software.
Eleven - A programming language for building robust, scalable Web applications.
Easy Stack Calculator - A simple console-based calculator.
Eiwic - An IRC bot that can be easily extended with modules.
eHomeConfigurator - eHome Configurator
EntityTable - Software that enhances/fixes JTable.
eStruts - A tool that automatically generates Struts applications.
Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software - A reliable, customizable, featureful shopping cart for selling online.
Expense Report Software - Online Web-based expense report software.
Eclipse Cougaar IDE - An Eclipse-based IDE for the distributed agent-based framework, Cougaar.
Exam4Fun - An examination program designed to test your vocabulary.
EMS MySQL Extract - A powerful utility for creating database backups in the form of SQL scripts.
EMS PostgreSQL Export - A program to export data from PostgreSQL databases to many possible formats.
EMS PostgreSQL Import - A powerful tool to import your data to PostgreSQL tables quickly.
EMS PostgreSQL Extract - A powerful utility for creating database backups in the form of SQL scripts.
Emfatic Language for Eclipse - Eclipse plug-ins which provide support for the Emfatic programming language.
Elite Journal - A personal online journal (or "blog").
E-Mountbox - A quick and easy mounter/unmounter epplet.
EcmEdit - A cross-platform bin editor for GM vehicles.
equinox3d - A 3D modeler with a very fast, fully integrated ray-tracer.
EnvGenie - An environment variable manager.
episoder - A tool to tell you about new episodes of your favourite TV shows.
EVILib - A C++ library to control Sony EVI-D30/D70/D100 video cameras.
ext_shapelib - A shapelib extension/wrapper for PHP.
edanator - A graphical binary/hex calculator and bit manipulator.
ESE Key Daemon - A multimedia keyboard daemon for Linux.
eAccelerator - A free PHP accelerator, optimizer, encoder, and dynamic content cache.
Eagle-USB - A driver for DSL USB modems based on the Analog chipset Eagle 8051 (ADImodem).
ezXML - An XML parser C library.
ezUserManager - A tool for .htpasswd files or Web-based login.
Eclipse Wikipedia Editor Plugin - An Eclipse plugin for editing Wikipedia documents.
Every DNS PHP API - A PHP API for the Everydns.net service.
ezail - An application for securely transferring files of any size.
ebtables - A filtering tool for a bridging firewall.
EnterTrack - A Web-based artifact tracking/management system.
Enhanced Linux Progress Patch - A patch to the kernel that hides the boot messages and shows a progress bar.
Einstein Puzzle - An implementation of Albert Einstein's puzzle.
Eortologio - A small utility to display fixed and movable feasts of the Greek calendar.
epstool - A utility for manipulating EPS files.
ezmlm-browse - A Web browser for ezmlm-idx archives.
ezmlm-idx - ezmlm-idx mailing list manager
enetman - A network asset management Web application written in PHP with a MySQL backend.
env-search - A tool for determining why a program works in one account and not another.
ejabberd - A distributed fault-tolerant Jabber/XMPP server.
eXtreme Project Management Tool - A project management tool using eXtreme Programming principles.
EDSAdmin - A user-friendly LDAP and Kerberos account manager.
EJOE - A lightweight Java remoting framework with client/server components.
ezxdisp - A simple graphics library.
Eventum - A user-friendly and flexible issue/bug tracking system.
ECK ISDN Toolkit - A program package (client/server) for telephone call monitoring on ISDN lines.
Elite CMS - An easy to use, ISP-grade Web site/content management system.
e17genmenu - An application to automatically generate menu entries for E17.
Elist - A C++ cyclic list implementation based on embeddable nodes.
Edukalibre Collab - A useful Web interface to the Edukalibre platform.
Edukator - An educative program for high-school math and physics.
Extended C++ Callback Library - An extended, portable C++ callback library.
eXe - An offline XHTML authoring environment for eLearning applications.
[email protected] - A panel applet for the [email protected] neutron star search project.
Exceptions in C - An implementation of exceptions in plain C using non-local jumps.
Expat Converter - A conversion tool.
EarthMate Userland Library - A library for accessing the DeLorme USB Earthmate from userspace.
Easy Generator Generator - A template compiler for XML to plain-text generators.
ESC/Java2 - An Extended Static Checker for Java.
exe2swf - A tool that extracts SWF files from Windows or Mac OS executables.
EDelta - A fast binary diff utility for executables.
Evolution Data Server - The Evolution data server component.
EAP-TLS patch for pppd - A PPPD patch for EAP-TLS authentication.
EarToner - A musical ear trainer.
Eletris - A simple Tetris game.
Essential Management - A project management system for organizing and writing technical documents.
Evocosm - A C++ framework for evolutionary computing and genetic algorithms.
Erwin Data Structures - A tool for generating libraries of void*-free data structures in C and C++.
EKG2 - An IM client for Unix systems.
EXT2 Filesystem for Mac OS X - Software to mount, read, write, and check ext2 and ext3 disks.
Exupoli - An easy XUL posting library.
EdPAD - A PAD file editor.
Elidune - Library management software.
Eclipse Eiffel Development Tools - Tools for developing Eiffel code in Eclipse.
eZ calendar - A calendar extension for the eZ publish CMS.
epor - An extensible package organiser.
Echo2 Web Framework - A J2EE framework for building AJAX-based Web applications.
EZHA - A simple HA cluster for Linux/Solaris.
EasyBMP - C++ Bitmap (BMP) Library
eXtensible Programming System - A system for creating your own programming languages.
Endian Firewall - A Linux distribution that turns any system into a security appliance.
ezPhpForum - A forum that is easy to install and use.
ErisMUD - A Python MUD/MOO server/engine using SQLite for data storage.
Emerging Technologies Explorer - A tool for Eclipse-based ETTK technologies.
Easysoft Firebird ODBC Driver - An ODBC driver for the Firebird database.
eSAV - An email sender address validator.
EZtorrent - A BitTorrent publishing tool.
Eclipse Tidy - An Eclipse plug-in which provides features of HTML Tidy.
EchoServer - A server that connects echoWare-enabled applications across the Internet.
EasyCapture - A quick image hosting script.
eMarket - A trading platform.
Easy PHP Upload - Easy-to-use PHP functions for uploading multiple files with validation.
Easymacs - An easy-to-learn Emacs configuration.
EasyEclipse - An Eclipse IDE distribution with bundled community plug-ins.
EclipseDarcs - A Darcs integration for Eclipse.
eDonkey Fingerprint - A program to identify clients on the eDonkey network.
easy TreeManager - A bookmark manager for group of users.
eJourn - A local journal application.
enotes - A simple program to handle appointments.
Exim DSN Patch - Delivery status notification support for Exim.
EDIWriter - A companion to EDIReader to generate EDI output from XML.
Entry-Cleaner - A utility that clears text input fields with a simple key press.
EverCrack - A cryptanalysis engine.
ELIE - An adaptive information extraction system.
eNewzFlash - A way to post quick news items or updates without the full complexity of a blog.
easy TicketManager - A trouble ticket manager for a group of users.
EXProxy - An extensible HTTP/HTTPS proxy server Java library.
Epigrass - A simulator of epidemics over networks.
EclipseXUL - A project that adds XUL support to the Eclipse platform.
EMailRobot - An object-oriented framework for developing email auto-responders.
ext3cow - An extension to ext3 allowing time-based snapshots.
Enki - A fast 2D physics-based robot simulator.
Echelon - A game server and friend monitoring applet.
ecvsbuild - A script that builds Enlightenment from CVS and installs it.
Eyelash Gallery - A flash photo gallery.
etcsvn - A command line program to manage system configuration files in subversion.
escm - A preprocessor for text files with Scheme expressions.
ElegantJ PDF - A dynamic PDF library for the Java platform.
EnglishME - A dictionary from English to Italian and vice versa.
Expense Submittal System - Expense report software.
Elmer FEM - A computational tool for multi-physics problems.
Enhanced-Media-Center - A modular entertaiment system.
Extreme FTPd - An FTP daemon created with security as a priority.
ElegantJBeans Developer Collection - A collection of Java beans and Java components.
esra - A pure Java library for interactive molecular structure analysis.
Exchanger XML Lite - A free XML editor for non-commercial environments.
eSyndiCat - A directory script for link indexing.
ELF Encrypter - Programs to encrypt ELF binaries and inject code into them.
Exmude - A mouse-controlled musical instrument.
Endpoint - A program that turns a Linux machine firewire into an SBP-2 device.
enemy lines - A simple abstract 2D shooter.
Electowidget - A library for adding elections to PHP apps.
EL4J - An enterprise library for J2EE.
Exorcist - A content migration tool.
Engine_pkcs11 - An OpenSSL engine to use smart cards via PKCS#11 modules.
email2fax - A script for sending faxes through an Asterisk PBX.
E Windowing System - An embedded windowing system for multimedia.
enemy lines 2 - A stationary 3d shooter game.
Elven Heroes Campaign - A campaign and new era add-on for The Battle for Wesnoth
EvoJava - Interactive exploration of intriguing concepts in computer science.
Easy SVN Browser - An SVN browser that works with minimal software dependencies.
Eligante - Software for archival, management, and browsing of communications.
eq2png - A program to convert LaTeX equations into a PNG file.
Eyefi ImageModifier - An image modification library for PHP programs.
enemy lines 3 - A semi-abstract first-person shooter game.
Enas - A script to do a massive change on Cisco devices.
Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project - Eclipse tools for Java Web application development.
Easy DialUp - A simple Web-based dialup/modem client for Linux.
ECMerge Pro - A program that performs 3-way comparison and merging of files and folders.
eddiebrowser - A CGI interface to browse RRD graphs of system statistics.
enemy lines 4 - A simple futuristic racing game.
ExtenDB Parallel Server Standard Edition - A clustered database for business intelligence and data warehousing.
errhdl - An error and exception handling extension for C.
Extended Virtual Synchrony for Java - A pure Java implementation of the totem single-ring protocol.
E-Badge Ticker - An LED name badge programming tool.
eZ components - An enterprise-ready, general-purpose PHP platform.
EveryGUI - A configurable, dynamic GTK+ GUI and designer for virtually any tool/OS command.
eolfix - A command line utility for querying and correcting end-of-line characters.
eTcl - A "batteries included" distribution of Tcl/Tk.
enemy lines 5 - A spaceship dogfight game.
Extended Python Debugger - A superset of the Python debugger with a more gdb-like command set.
ExEf - A powerful sound effect processor.
EZelect - A script for conducting Web-based elections for organizations.
editApage.org - A Web editing tool for the masses.
Elgg - A fully-featured social networking platform.
E-Gantt - A Gantt chart component for Java Swing.
ElphelOgm - A recorder for multicast RTP/MJPEG streams.
Endoclinic SPMS - Endoclinic Secure Patient Management System
EMIPLIB - A library for streaming media over IP.
Easy Benchmarking Suite - Data collection, analysis, and plotting of Web site benchmark timings.
euCatalogue - A catalogue framework in Java.
enemy lines 6 - 3d navigation with reduced visual information.
ezOnlineGallery - An online gallery that automatically generates thumbnails.
Expose PHP template engine - A PHP template engine with server/client-sided caching, a plugin system, etc.
eSpeak - A compact multilingual text to speech synthesis engine.
EKG - A console Gadu-Gadu client.
easy contactsManager - A Web-based multi-user contacts management application.
Ecksdee - A futuristic race and destroy game.
eCryptfs - A stacked kernel-native cryptographic filesystem for Linux.
easy picturesManager - A multi-user Web-based picture management application.
Endgame: Singularity - A simulation of a true AI. Survive, grow, and learn.
Elastix - A reliable PBX software appliance.
EPeriodic - An electronic periodic table.
Ecartis - Modular Mailing list management software
ext2hide - A way to store files in the ext2 superblock free space.
enemy lines 7 - A first person shooter.
Enchant extension for PHP - Enchant Extension for PHP
Expiretable - A utility for removing entries from a pf(4) table.
Esper - A Java event stream processor for CEP/ESP applications.
Exhaustive Game Solver - Scripts which play Coin Strip, Welter's game, Mancala, or Sudoku.
ecromedos - An easy to learn and easy to use document preparation system.
ECalc - An Eclipse calculator plug-in for evaluating mathematical expressions.
ExiFlow - A set of tools to provide a complete digital photo workflow.
EZ-AV Tools for Unix - Utilities for the EZ-AV brand of audio players.
emoze - Software that pushes your email and social community messaging to your mobile phone.
ePDFView - A lightweight PDF viewer.
Echo2 Extras - Additional UI components for the Echo2 framework.
Easy Email SMTP - A class to compose and send email messages via SMTP.
EyeDB - An object oriented database management system.
EasyBeans - An implementation of an EJB3 container.
equivs2 - Software to divide many files into equal groups.
eArea - A really simple Web-based WYSIWYG text editor.
easyRPM - A package management tool for RPM-based Linux distributions.
eclim - A set of Eclipse and Vim plugins to integrate the two pieces of software.
ExactImage - A fast and generic image processing library.
Exercise Tip Email Buddy - An exercise tip mailing list program for building newsletter subscribers.
Evochallenge - A simple, effective challenge/response filter for Evolution.
EntityForge - A character animation viewer.
EasyBMPtoAVI - A program that converts a series of BMP images to an AVI movie.
EasyPG - A GnuPG interface for Emacs.
Echomine Feridian - A Java API for accessing Jabber/XMPP servers.
Exaile - A media player aiming to have a simple interface yet many features.
extended cp - A feature rich version of cp'.
etswitch - A tool for minimizing the windows of certain fullscreen games.
Eclipse Fieldviewer - A form-based Eclipse JFace viewer.
EasyReDeploy - A utility for updating the contents of any archive
Escape-K - A CMDB and IT administration platform.
e-U Connect - A text mode UI to WPA supplicant for connecting to the e-U network under Linux.
EL4Ant - A light Ant-based build system.
Easiest Edit In Place - A script to create 'edit-in-place' widgets.
Esteban - A chatbot for learning Spanish.
Elisa Media Center - A media center solution.
Enom API - A PHP class to manage domain names using the Enom API.
Epoch DHTML JavaScript Calendar - An advanced Javascript calendar.
Easy Hosting Control Panel for Ubuntu - A hosting control panel for easy of hosting multiple domains.
ES File Upload & Download Manager - A Web-based file management system.
enelin8 - A Sci-fi 3d-shooter.
Easiest Validate On Submit - A script to do client side form validation with a single line of code.
eMusic/J - A download manager for emusic.com.
Enhanced TightVNC Viewer - TightVNC viewer enhanced with SSL tunnelling and other features.
EPIC - A Perl IDE based on the Eclipse platform.
Eqonomize! - A personal finance manager.
EZMorph - A simple Java library for transforming an Object to another Object.
Epiware Document Management - A document management system.
eProxy - A C++ SMTP proxy framework aimed at Postfix.
eBayize - A program that resizes, beautifies, and uploads pictures for eBay offers.
Emserver - A grey/white/black-listing daemon for Exim 4.5.
Esperantilo - A computer translation tool based on the Esperanto language.
EuroMath2 - A platform for XML file editors.
eXcavator - An XML query processing class for PHP.
edival - An EDIFACT and X12 EDI file parser and validation library.
Expedited Real Time Threads - A tool that improves real-time Java predictability on Linux.
Expenses - A simple command-line tool for finance tracking using iCal.
eispice - A Python based clone of Spice3 that is optimized for PCB design.
Extcalc - A graphical calculator.
eduknoppix - A Linux live CD to be used in education.
Eikazo - A frontend to the SANE scanner access system.
EDM - A first person shooter.
eNdonesia Portal - A portal software system.
Ethane - Configuration packages for multihop wireless ad hoc networks.
ExifTagger - A graphical editor for the EXIF tags of images.
Erika Educational - A real-time operating system for embedded devices.
Equalizer - A framework for parallel, scalable OpenGL applications.
Enter - A lightweight login manager for X.
Ethernut - Embedded ethernet for tiny nodes.
emma - The extendable MySQL managing assistant.
Elxis - A multilingual CMS.
EGold Emulator - A script that emulates work with e-gold (sandbox environment for egold testing).
EVP dirdiff - A utility that compares two directory trees.
Equidae - Equidae is a financial application for horse circles
Eberom - A CRM and project management tool.
EDB (Evan's Debugger) - A Qt4-based binary mode debugger.
Extend For JavaScript - Dynamic class-based inheritance for JavaScript.
Elfelli Flux Line Simulator - A tool to simulate and visualize electric flux lines.
Edt Text Editor - A simple light-weight text editor.
ExodusII - A finite element analysis code input and output database.
Evergreen - An integrated library system.
ExactScan - A versatile document capture application for Mac OS X.
EasyBAN - A tool to easily handle spam in phpBB forums.
evdr - video disk recorder from scratch
Experimental Robotics Framework - An OpenGL graphical component system.
export2cheesecake - A script that exports everything from Pixelpost to the CheeseCake photoblog.
extrema - A tool for scientific data visualization and analysis.
endlos - A multithreaded fractal generator.
Edyuk - A fully-featured, highly flexible IDE for Qt 4.
East-West Audio - An MP3 splicing server for podcasters.
eTicket - A support ticket system based on osTicket.
Easysoft ODBC-SQL Server Driver - A driver that provides ODBC access to SQL Server.
Exemplar: An XML Parser Generator - A program to turn XML vocabulary descriptions into useful code.
elfrc - A resource compiler for ELF systems.
ES Flash Photo Gallery - A way to showcase your photos on your Web site.
ES Simple Flash Photo Gallery - A way to showcase your photos on your Web site.
Eddie Feed Parser - A liberal RSS and Atom feed parsing library for Java.
eventxx - A simple, direct, one-header inline C++ wrapper for libevent.
Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge - A first-person shooter game with an epic and in-depth story line.
Evolution-Rspam Plugin - Evolution plugin for reporting spam messages to various checksum-based networks.
eScreen - A Linux boot screen implementation.
eyeOS - A Web desktop environment.
EasyVZ - A management GUI for OpenVZ virtual servers.
EmanonPHP Framework - A PHP framework.
EMWave2D - An electromagnetic wave simulation program.
Elixir - A declarative layer on top of SQLAlchemy.
easygmap - An easy-to-use map builder for Google Maps.
ES Professional Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Engine - ES PPC Search Engine is a set of PHP scripts that help to advertise products and
Evolution SpamBayes Plugin - A plugin for Evolution that provides junk filtering using SpamBayes.
ESTScan - Detects coding regions in EST sequences.
Encoding Service Engine - A JBI encoding service engine.
Elvyx - A tool designed to monitor and profile JDBC activity.
eHour - A time tracking tool.
extcarve - A file recovery tool for ext3/ext2.
Ezstream - A flexible Icecast source client with support for external de-/encoders.
EmSniff - A system service that allows applications to capture network packets.
Enigform - Implements OpenPGP signing of HTTP requests for authentication or authorization.
enhanced rpimp - A multisession version of the original rpimp.
ePloy - A tool for plotting ending prices on eBay.
EventCal - A Python calendar class that handles events and outputs to HTML.
Elmedia Player - A media player that supports most popular formats.
Easypano Panoweaver - Panorama stitching software.
Esprit - A Web-based learning management system.
ES Flash XML Photo Compare Gallery - ES Flash XML Images Compare Gallery is a great way to present pictures and photo
Escluderlate - A J2ME action/strategy game for mobile devices.
Entrance - A MySQL browser with charts.
Eto - A program that calculates the evapotranspiration of a plant.
ElegantJ Charts Library - A set of JavaBeans chart components.
Evolution RSS Reader Plugin - An RSS reader plugin for Evolution.
ElegantJ Chart Library - More than 50 types of off-the-shelf charts to integrate with your application.
ElegantJ Chart Designer IDE - A JavaBeans Chart component for powerful visualization of data.
ElegantJ Indicators & Gauges - A collection of indicator and gauge components for Java professionals.
Eyes Of Lynx - A Web-based photo album written in PHP/Javascript.
e2 elements - An embedded component framework.
eKitaab - Software to manage a large collection of eBooks.
espgame.sh - A guessing game to explore ESP powers.
ep128emu - A portable emulator of the Enterprise 128 computer.
etc-proposals - A gentoo configuration updater.
Emifreq-Applet Multicore - A small panel applet to monitor and control the cores on multi-CPU systems.
evince - A document viewer for PostScript, PDF, TIFF, DjVu, and other formats.
Evennia - A Python + Twisted/Django MUD server.
Eigen - A C++ template library for linear algebra.
edtFTPnet/Free - A Mono and .NET FTP library.
Evette - A veterinary management suite.
EasyCrypt - A simple command line file encryption program.
EduKT - A multimedia content builder.
Exctractor - A Java exception extractor.
EPESI - A CRM/ERP and PHP/Ajax framework.
evmapd - An input event remapping daemon for Linux.
Enterprise Sign On Engine - A single-sign-on, centralized authorization and federation system.
ElegantJ EntryMask Bean - A validation logic bean for accurate data entry.
ElegantJ Network Bean - A collection of beans for networking.
ElegantJ Printer Bean - A bean which integrates printing functionality in Java programs.
ElegantJ Tables Bean - Support for tables of varying complexity.
ElegantJ Trees Bean - Information management for hierarchical representation of data.
edtFTPnet/Compact - An FTP library for the .NET Compact Framework.
ESE - Enterprise-level tools and libraries for SmartEiffel.
EncapsGallery - Multi-purpose skinnable catalogue software.
error_log feed - A feed for error_log messages.
Enterprise File Exchange - Send files larger than email attachment size limits allow
EasyIDS - A Linux distribution for quickly setting up a Snort IDS.
Euclib - A high performance 2D geometric library.
Event Horizon - A Web-based HTTP/FTP file transfer system.
eXtended RunTime Type Information for C++ - A tool and library that provide eXtended RunTime Type Information for C++.
ea-Geier - online Accounting on Cash Bases
email-reminder - A tool that emails reminders for yearly, monthly, and weekly events.
EasyRunner - A simple yet featureful program launcher.
EDAcS - A program to collect, report, and archive remote user connections.
Error Management - A package to report and manage system error occurrences.
Epoch2Time - A program to convert Unix epoch times to local time.
Ecere SDK - A cross-platform GUI, new language (eC), and 3D engine.
Emacs tiny tools - Additional Emacs extensions.
eINIT - An alternative for sysvinit.
Eternal Lands Chat Log Analyzer - A tool to measure statistics from an Eternal Lands chat log.
Expect-lite - An automation tool for non-experts.
Extended Module Player - A multi-format module player.
Exscript - A scripting language for automating Telnet or SSH.
Eclipse BIRT - A report designer based on Eclipse and a report runtime for Web applications.
Enterprise Password Safe - A centralized, browser based, audited, multi-user password safe.
EGit - An Eclipse plugin for working with Git directories.
envbot - An advanced modular IRC bot coded in bash.
Einarc - A unified storage RAID command line interface/application library.
ER to SQL converter - A program that converts an ER diagram to an SQL file.
eFront - An attractive, SCORM enabled, e-learning and human capital development platform.
Embedded File System - A library that allows you to create virtual file system in a single file.
epics Tcl/Tk support software - EPICS Tcl support and megawidgets.
Euro Keyboard - A multilanguage on-screen keyboard for PocketPC (Windows Mobile).
Exotic Unit Tester - A minimalistic tool for unit testing C or C++ code.
easytemplate - A PHP template processing engine.
Editra - A developer's text editor.
Endeavour Mark II - A Unix file management suite.
Ecere Chess - A 3D chess game with AI and network support.
Ecere Communicator - An IM client for Jabber/XMPP, AIM/ICQ, and MSN.
e-SoftEasy Business Analytics - A query and reporting tool which connects to any database server.
External Language Stored Procedures for MySQL - A patch to MySQL to support stored procedures written in Java, Perl, and more.
Evad - A client for the MPD music system that uses an ncurses interface.
ES Self Changed Flash XML Photo Gallery - Software to help you create a picture gallery for your needs.
Eltima Flash Optimizer - A program that compresses sound and embedded video in Flash files.
ETIX Linux - A Linux distribution with a Java flavour.
EZblue Business Server - An operating system that turns a PC into a server easily.
ebook2cw - An eBook to Morse converter.
eviltris - An evil Tetris clone.
ebizzy - A tool to generate a workload resembling that of Web application servers.
ExifTool - A library and tool to handle image metadata (EXIF, etc.).
efibootmgr - An EFI boot manager editor for Linux.
EDFbrowser - A multi-platform EDF+ and BDF+ viewer.
Earth System Modeling Framework - A modeling framework for Earth sciences.
Esoteric Combine - An interpreter of esoteric languages.
Electron Gamma Shower - A Monte Carlo simulation of charged particles.
EsteidUtil - An Estonian national ID card management GUI tool.
exthide - A file hiding tool for ext2/ext3 filesystems.
Envoy - A file association registry and general file access utility library for Linux.
ETHZ-Zebra - Astronomical software.
ELATE - Extensible logging software.
ENUt - A collection of utilities for network programming in C++.
echinus - A fine window manager.
EmForge - A solution for managing a software development process.
Eyefi I2 - An API for the abstraction and caching of image transformations.
Enhanced Machine Controller Antenna Range - An automated measurement system for antenna radiation pattern data.
Englab - A cross compilation mathematical platform with a C-like syntax.
Entwine - A client and library for twine.com.
Elite remake: The Battle For Birera - An OpenGL Elite port to Trolltech Qt.
epydoc-el - An Emacs LISP program to write Epydoc documentation comments.
Exoflight - A spaceflight simulator.
evilvte - A VTE-based, very lightweight terminal emulator.
eggy - An IDE for group projects.
ezRadius - A Web-based FreeRADIUS management application.
ERF Computer Vision - An addon for Experimental Robotics Framework to add support for computer vision.
etmccalc - A timecode converter and calculator.
E-List Distributor for Mac - An application for sending personalized mass emails using templates.
Eloy Backup System - A command line backup system.
Empty Clip - A top-down 2D action RPG.
Embeddable Common Lisp - A complete and portable implementation of Common-Lisp.
Eagle Mode - A zoomable user interface with many plugin applications in a virtual cosmos.
ebook-tools - Tools for accessing and converting various ebook file formats.
EduSwift - A complete school management system with an automatic school time table.
eWorld - A framework that bridges the gap between map providers and traffic simulators.
EditiX Lite - An XML editor, visual schema editor, and XSLT debugger.
Epic of Thalia - A non-MMO RPG.
Ex Astris - A trading strategy game set in space.
EuNet - Cross-platform socket networking for Euphoria.
Emacs Photo Database - An Emacs frontend for a negative and print database.
edifact2awk - An EDIFACT preprocessor for AWK.
Embedthis Ejscript - A JavaScript language for use in server-side Web applications.
erlswf - A SWF (Flash) file analysis toolkit.
extract_url.pl - Extracts URLs from either MIME email messages or from plain text.
Ecere Fractals Explorer - A cross-platform explorer for the Mandelbrot and Julia set fractals.
envstore - A program to save and restore environment variables.
Erlang Progress Bar - An Erlang module to display a progress bar with estimated time to completion.
ext3undel - A program that helps you to recover files from ext2/ext3 file systems.
Envers - Easy entity versioning.
ERP5 - A Web-driven ERP system.
ESXX - A friendly ECMAscript/XML application server.
Etherply - Find the optimal permutations for plying handspun yarn.
EWItool - A tool for handling the Akai EWI4000s wind synthesizer.
EasyMySQL - A MySQL database access wrapper.
EPoS - A modular software framework for phylogenetic analysis.
Extreme Tux Racer - A high speed arctic racing game based on TuxRacer.
Earnings Tracker - A Web-based accounting tool for UK contractors.
etu - A thumbnailing utility for the Enlightenment environment.
EmptyCrate Game Engine - Web based adventure game engine.
EntityFS - An object-oriented file system API for Java.
excelsior - A GTK2 theme engine.
EmailAlbum - A tool to package pictures in a single file for easy emailing and viewing.
epris - A D-Bus service and command line client to listen to music.
EXIficient - An implementation of the W3C EXI format.
Encog for Java - A neural network and bot API for Java.
eval2 - A debugger and rapid development/prototyping tool with a built-in MySQL browser.
EeePC-optimized Kernel for Ubuntu - Customized Ubuntu kernel packages for the Asus Eee PC.
Esar - A Solaris sar replacement.
ExtSQL - Advanced server usage statistics for MySQL.
Epitome - A suite to create and extract deduplicated archives.
eurephia - A flexible authentication module for OpenVPN.
ES Job Search Engine - A meta job search engine.
Etch - A system configuration management tool.
Earth17 - Automate generation of E17 backgrounds with XPlanet.
Etoile - Software based on GNUstep.
ERDmax - An Erlang Web framework with six additional applications.
ERDaudio - A Web browser music audio server.
ERDwiki - A small simple wiki written in Erlang.
ERDialog Web Framework - Part of a Web framework with Erlang.
Enlightened Hardware Browser - A hardware browser that shows your system devices.
ERDlanguage - A Web-based language explorer for ERDialog.
eeetray - A tool for turning on or off hardware on Asus/Xandros Linux for Eee PC.
Easysoft ODBC-Oracle WP Driver - A driver that provides ODBC access to Oracle for Linux and major Unix platforms.
ErgoDataGrid basic - A PHP datagrid for Web and B2B applications.
ERDexpert - An interface to an Erlang expert assertion engine.
Ecstazy - A CLI-based tool for performing Nissan diagnostics and tuning.
ERDtext - A text file viewer as part of ERDialog on Erlang.
ERDcreate - An application creation using weaved code files.
Echo3 - A client-side JavaScript and server-side Java AJAX/Rich Web framework.
experts-exchange fetcher - A PHP class to query experts-exchange.com and find the best solution.
Ecclesia - An Android Wake-on-SMS system.
Erlangxt - An operating system interface written in Erlang.
expendable - A home finance modelling program.
EditRocket - A text and source code editor.
eZimDMS - A complete, Web-based document management system.
ErmineRescueKit - A rescue kit for Linux.
ePingu for iPhone - A game in which you must save penguins that were teleported to an island.
Event Photography Server - An on-site software solution for selling photos at events.
Exbase - An extendable backup system.
Electronic Support for Public Health - Analyzes EMR to detect and report outbreaks of infectious disease.
ecoder - A Web-based code editor with real-time syntax highlighting.
EasyNote - A digital notebook.
easylzma - An easy-to-use, tiny C wrapper library around Igor Pavlov's work.
EAAL - A Ruby library to access the EVE Online API.
EyesOfNetwork - An IT supervision appliance.
ELF Tool Chain - Development tools for ELF binaries.
Evolving Games for Unnatural Intelligence - A Java package for unsupervised learning based on evolutionary game theory.
ExcepGen - A program that generates Java code for exception types.
Exporama Event Manager App - A Web based trade fair registration system.
Easy PHP Thumbnail Class - Software to manipulate images with PHP.
Event and Task Manager - An event and task manager.
EPM-win32sfx - Creates dumb Windows installers from EPM package descriptions.
ezphpconfig - Converts an XML config file into a set of PHP classes.
Evergreen development environment - A cross-platform development environment.
Evolutility - A lightweight framework for heavy lifting; a metadata-driven CRUD framework for ASP.net.
eLML - An XML framework to create eLearning Lessons.
Event Calendar - A rails-based event calendar that supports mailings and ical.
Eclipse Code Recommenders - An intelligent code recommender system which integrates into Eclipse's Code Assist.
eLyXer - A LyX to HTML converter.
ENG - A cross-platform engine designed to manage many common application subsystems.
exolu - A separation of the Linux kernel into an exokernel and library functions.
ezUser - A simple framework for adding user authentication and registration to your PHP Web site.
Extended Typolight - An extended Typolight CMS.
Ell library - "Embedded LL" to write C++ code guided by EBFN grammars. Also contains a very light XML parser.
Edile - A PyGTK text editor.
encsh - A tool that encrypts a script.
EC2 Mobile - A mobile application for running and managing Amazon AWS EC2 cloud images and instances.
Enano CMS - A modular Wiki based CMS.
erlide - An Erlang IDE based on Eclipse.
Eternity II Editor - An Eternity II puzzle editor and solver.
eduMagnet - A GTK interface to download and play back educational online videos.
Engroup - An enterprise groupware system.
EternalCMS - A content management system built on top of the Zend Framework.
Epictetus - A database manager.
Easysoft ODBC-ODBC Bridge - Provides ODBC access from Unix to remote ODBC data sources
EOS Online Merchant - A shopping cart for Web sites.
EasyPHPEventCalendar - A clean and easy-to-integrate event calendar.
ES Simple Download - A very small and simple non-MySQL password protected file download script.
EasyGIS - A simple way to share and publish geographic data.
entropybroker - An infrastructure for distributing cryptographically secure random numbers.
ePoint HotSpot - An OpenWRT-based WiFi router firmware for sharing Internet access for ePoint tokens.
efa - An unofficial efa.vrr.de command line client.
Endeavour Agile ALM - An agile application lifecycle management solution.
emaps - A Web application for searching and displaying geo-referenced information.
Edepol! - Software to manage your shop or your small business.
easygconf - A Python module for accessing GConf.
Elephant - A Persistent Object Database for Common Lisp.
eldap - An easy LDAP auxprop module for SASL.
Eclipse Diagram Tools - An Eclipse plug-in to create diagrams.
Eclipse Bulk Import - A plugin that automatically import projects into Eclipse.
EZMVC - A Web development framework that is similar to CodeIgniter.
EZPX - A lightweight yet full-featured photoblog engine.
emv - A tool for mass-renaming files with a text editor.
ElectricFormula - A program to calculate electric power, resistance, current, and voltage.
EXIFinfo - A Web application that shows statistics from EXIF data.
ewebradio - Firmware for AVR/ARM boards to support Web radio.
EnterMedia - Web-based digital asset management software.
Easy Weekly Calendar - A PHP class to show the calendar of a given week.
Estimer - A Redmine plugin that allows you to estimate your software projects.
eWEB - A literate programming tool.
Edo - Useful tools in one tabbed application.
EasyRdf - An easy RDF parsing library for PHP.
eLua - A project that aims to offer the full set of features of Lua to the embedded world.
EDFlib - A programming library for EDF, EDF+, BDF, and BDF+ files.
Encours.org - Real-time interactive presentations in your Web browser.
elRTE - A WYSIWYG HTML editor for Web sites.
evol - A general-purpose build tool.
Email Marketing Courier - Software for targeted bulk email marketing and personalized mass mailing.
Eclipse GMF Samples and Tutorials - Samples and tutorials for the Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework.
Easy Website Translation Script - A script to help you translate your Web site.
eeemac.kext - A kernel module to monitor and control some EeePC functions.
Extended MySQLi - A MySQL database access wrapper using MySQLi
Enna - A GeeXboX EFL-based Media Center.
Eagle DNS - A powerful, multithreaded, platform-independent DNS server.
EpgGenerator - A program that injects EPG information to a multiplexer via Ethernet.
Easysoft Access ODBC Driver - A driver that connects applications to Microsoft Access databases.
epub2pdf - A fast and easy converter of EPUB e-books to PDF files.
echoserver - A TCP/IP echo server.
enhance_book_photo - A tool for enhancing photos of book pages.
Emerge Activity - A program to display a graph of successful emerges for portage and gentoo.
Ejecter - A tool to safely, easily remove external media.
estacoes - An applet which shows how many days are left until the next season.
eXtcos - An extensible JVM component scanner, similar to the component scanning feature of Spring.
ESA Flash HD Media Player - A Flash video player, MP3 player, banner rotator, and slideshow.
Excel Writer - A package to write Excel files with basic formatting easily.
exJello - A JavaMail provider for Exchange.
Eliot - A free Scrabble game.
Enforcer fault injection tool - An exception simulation and fault injection tool.
Ex-Crawler - A modern and fast Web crawler.
elFinder - File manager for Web
Ext Direct App - A PHP implementation of Ext.Direct.
eMount - A tool to mount, encrypt, and manage disk image files and physical disk drives.
Elcin - A toolkit to design neural networks.
EasyCreator - An extension creator for Joomla!.
ExportSpreadsheets - A PHP class to create an Excel spreadsheet from data in a MySQL table.
ExtConvLinks - A PHP class to shorten URLs in a text using Bit.ly.
Entangle - A tethered camera control and capture system.
elateXam - A complete e-assessment solution.
eXaminator - A multiple choice exam generator for LaTeX.
Evil Cult - A turn-based strategy game about building your own cult.
ESKit - A portable C library that provides implementations of some self-adaptive evolution strategies.
EUGene - An efficient universal generator.
EasyLicenser - A flexible, easy-to-use software license manager for developers and publishers.
Emerillon - A map viewer.
Ebot - A scalable and distributed Web crawler.
EscolaGest - Web-based school management software.
EpochX - A genetic programming framework.
easyWeather - A Web script to retrieve data from weather.com.
Easy Java Persistence - Java persistence free of configuration/annotation.
Eprog 27011 GUI - An application to use with the Renkforce Eprommer Eprommaster 27011.
Easy Java Websites - A Java Web site development framework that is free from configuration and annotation.
e-Photogallery - A Web-based photo gallery designed for very large galleries.
ERDaddresses - An address book for the ERDialog Erlang Web framework.
Ext4Yii - A template parsing system that renders XML-like templates into ExtJS JavaScript notation.
Elysium - A LilyPond IDE for Eclipse.
ERDtorrent - A BitTorrent client for the ERDialog Erlang Project
euclid-wm - A minimalist tiling window manger for X11.
Euterpe3 - A tool to establish communication between last.fm and Skype.
ERDvideo - An application to display video in an HTML5 capable Web browser.
EGSL Interpreter - A Lua interpreter for fast game development.
Entity Extractor - An application that generates code from a database structure.
Erlangux OS Project - An experimental mini operating system distribution in Erlang.
Elite Index and Concordance Creator - A program to create an index or concordance for a document automatically.
eBrainPool - A system that allows you to discover and run software on disparate devices around you using a mesh network.
emailcheck - A program that displays the number of unread messages in status bar.
ExpoSong - A worship presentation software.
Eye - An experimental OCR application.
EmfEngine - Enables Qt-based applications to export graphics to the Enhanced Metafile format.
ext4tc - A total commander ext4 file system plugin.
EasyPhpAlbum Lite - A single file photo album solution.
epublib - A Java library for reading and writing epub files.
Enable Viacam - A Webcam based pointer that moves the pointer as you move your head.
eXtended Screenshot - A small tool that helps you easily capture screenshots and share them on the Web.
EMF Validation Builder - An Eclipse plugin that automates the validation process for EMF resources.
EMF To Graphviz - An Eclipse plugin for generating a graphical representation of an EMF model.
Emacs epackage - A Distributed Emacs Lisp Package System (DELPS) extension.
excat - A simple tool that auto-detects (potentially nested) compressed file formats and decompress them with libarchive.
eSMSd - An SMS gateway daemon.
EBuild - A build and dependency management platform.
eko - A simple sound editor.
EWS-Client - A Perl client for Microsoft Exchange Web Services.
ExpressionJ - A Java library for interpreting simple numeric expressions.
Elemental - Modern distributed-memory linear algebra.
ErlyMUD - A small MUD server written in Erlang.
Event - Software to easily configure Web sites containing information for an upcoming event.
Elmedia Player PRO - A program to download video from sites such as YouTube.
Enmep - A little interface to scan your network.
eSQoLa - An Android app that helps teachers manage scheduling of activities and assessments.
Eero - A dialect of Objective-C, implemented using Clang/LLVM.
EasyPhpWipeJPG - A utility to 'batch' remove EXIF, IPTC, and comment information from JPEG files.
EasyPhpMassEmail - A simple mass email class for PHP using the mail() command.
entomologist - A caching client for bug trackers.
Email Address Validator - A PHP class to validate email addresses according to RFC 5321 or RFC 5322.
ej - A DejaVu viewer.
Embeddable JVM - A JVM for embedded systems with no OS.
EDuke32 - A Duke Nukem 3D port.
Easy Debugger - An easy to use PHP debug script for simple to complex sites.
Exchanges - A structured dialectical CGI script.
Easysync - Dropbox-style synchronization on your own server.
Exponent CMS - A content management system for Web sites.
emotionML - A project to store and generate emotionML XML data.
EARL - An HTTP tunneling proxy.
EmuFamily - A graphical interface for FCEU with a ROM management system.
emexis-webmail - Webmail with a friendly interface for the end-user.
encuestame - A social online survey tool.
EvilPixie - A pixel-oriented paint and animation editor.
Evolving Objects - An evolutionary computation framework.
epydial - A GUI for pyneo daemons services.
encapsulate - A program that provides a restricted Linux environment on an ad-hoc basis.
ekgping - An electrocardiograph-like visual and audible ping.
evolution-kolab - A plugin for the Evolution PIM suite to connect to a Kolab groupware server.
EZBlueprint - Floor plan home and office drawing software.
Econtycoon - A stock market simulation game.
EntreApp - An Android app for Entre Sundsvall.
EDMA - Dynamic OO programming in C.
Elefant CMS - A refreshingly simple PHP CMS and Web framework.
ezModeler - A business process modeler that runs in a Web browser
Evermeet - A game combining arcade action with RPG.
email2trac - A utility that convert an email to a Trac ticket.
Easy Chart - An object to display several types of charts in Canvas.
[email protected] - An application that extracts data from emails and adds it to a database.
Epoptes - A computer lab management and monitoring tool.
Emergent - A neural network simulator.
ExternalSort - A class to sort large files similar to the Unix sort command.
Emacs-IDE - A user-friendly IDE interface for Emacs.
epsy - A simple expression parser which uses the shunting yard algorithm.
Easwall - An easy Linux firewall script.
Evo Class Index - A compile-time alternative to Java annotation scanning.
ePeriodique - An EFL-based periodic table of the elements.
eBook parser library - A library for parsing various e-book formats.
Erasm++ - A library for encoding and decoding x86/x64 instructions.
EpubCompiler - Software for preparing an Epub structure from a series of textile files.
eXtplorer - A Web-based file manager.
ebmeta - A tool for editing metadata in EPUB, Mobipocket, and PDF files.
EmbSysRegView - An Eclipse special function register (SFR) view.
erlagi - An AGI (asterisk gateway interface) client implementation for Erlang.
Emma the Emulator - A generic 16-bit CPU emulator.
Embedthis Goahead - A tiny embedded Web server.
exude - A simple to use memory debugger.
Embedded GLIBC - A variant of the GNU C Library designed to work well on embedded systems.
Every Locale - An app which changes the locale of your Android device.
erlami - An AGI (asterisk manager interface) client implementation for erlang.
eBag - A company administration manager.
exceptions4c - An exception handling framework for C.
ebook-thumbnailer - Thumbnail generation for common ebook formats.
easy-rsa - A small RSA key management package based on the OpenSSL command line tool.
EPANETL - A localized version of EPANET.
err - A plugin-based Jabber/XMPP chatbot designed to be easily deployable, extensible, and maintainable.
Enterprise Audit Shell - A tool for to centrally auditing shell access.
Extended Generic Pager - Pagination of data listings from arrays, CSV, or MySQL.
Exim4U - A Web-based user interface and integrated software configuration for Exim.
Emperor - An orthodox file manager for GNOME.
Equake - A GNOME applet which monitors earthquakes.
Enc2ly - A musical notation converter from Encore to Lilypond.
Enrollix - Free Software to manage enrollments.
Eco-Memory - A memory training game.
Explicitor - A tool that scans through an iTunes library, automatically downloads lyrics, and scans for profanity.
Embedded Profiler - A low overhead C++ profiler for various platforms.
ECM - Planetary-scale terrain rendering.
ExpressUI - A rapid application development CRUD framework.
EXIP - An embeddable EXI processor.
Extract Name from Email Address - A class that extracts real names from email address headers.
ERPXE - Open Source PXE Project
EasyBox - A lightweight, easy-to-use lightbox clone for jQuery.
EJDB - An embedded JSON database engine.
ExaScale IO - A library for simple, high throughput input and output of structured data sets using parallel HDF5.
Epic Multi player RPG - A game played with real people in various fantasy settings.
Erebus - A 2D real-time role-playing game.
ECommands - Commands made Easy and practical for Unix/Linux
ext-Dns - A toolkit to build DNS servers.
epers - A very simple persistance layer for Erlang applications for different databases.
emph - Emphasis of lines of text matching patterns.
elemines - An EFL minesweeper.
Easy I18N - An internationalization library for the JVM.
ExprTk - A C++ mathematical expression library.
eacc - A script that allows a group of people to share an encrypted, revision controlled file.
Embedthis Bit - A modern replacement for make and autoconf.
EZDM (ezdungeonmaster) - Simple interactive helper tools for DM-ing an AD&D second edition game.
Excel2JSON - Exportation of Excel workbooks to JSON.
eMir - Next-generation display server technology.
eSpeak for Android - A text-to-speech tool.
ExtraWatch - A real-time counter and live stats for Joomla!, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, and Prestashop.
ENet for C# - A wrapper for the C-language ENet networking library.
EventedObject - A Perl base class that allows you attach event callbacks to an object.
EC2Dream Fogviz - A visual tool for building and managing cloud servers.
Enterprise Reporting Server (Birt) - An application server for running and managing Birt reports.
ecca-proxy - A Web proxy that handles anonymous client certificates with ease.
eproxy-ak - A simple zero copy port forwarder (proxy).
Equake Xfce - An Xfce panel plugin which monitors earthquakes.
EpgRec2 - A combined EPG guide and recording application.
eDeploy - Linux systems provisioning and updating made easy.
EC2Box - A Web-based multi-terminal ssh tool for EC2 instances.
EagleMQ - A high-performance and lightweight queue manager.
enc - An EncFS CLI manager.
Emaigos - Importation of Google contacts and calendars to Emacs.
Events Manager - An event management system for PrestaShop.
ExMplayer - A media player for Windows and Linux.
extmath.nim - A Nimrod math library.
Event Discount Package - Magento Discount Extension allows merchants to create event discount packages
Event.js - Handling of events in a browser-independent manner.
Epikscan - A cluster aware diagnostic script that runs health checks and gathers system information.
Erudite - An application for training and testing back propogation neural networks.
eLabFTW - A browser-based lab notebook.
Epoch Init System - An Init System for Linux with a unified configuration file
EmilPRO - A graphical disassembler for many architectures.
Ecosia - A Firefox add-on that adds a search engine that donates 80% of its income for tree planting.
expirer - An automatic file expiry tool.
EESST - A system for exchanging academy transcripts securely.

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