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Debian System Wide Information Manager - A package administration and research tool for Debian.
Deja Voodoo - Java Frontend for dejanews
Dr. Watson dude - Monitor and configure various aspects of a Linux system.
debfoster - Efficiently manages package dependencies on Debian systems.
Deluge - Web site stress testing tool.
Deciduous Evolution - Recursively draws 3D trees using OpenGL and a genetic algorithm.
DGNLib - A Microstation DGN read/write C library.
DejaGNU - A framework for testing other programs.
devfsd - An optional daemon for managing devfs (the Linux Device Filesystem).
Distributed MP3/Ogg Encoder - Distributed MP3/Ogg ripper/encoder front-end.
dxr2gui - A DVD player for Creative's dxr2 decoder card only.
dbxbandmin - A patched bandmin which collects traffic into an Interbase database.
Directory administrator - An LDAP management tool for UNIX users/groups and corporate address book data.
dv2jpg - A DV video to mjpeg AVI converter.
DBIWrapper - A Perl module to provide easier access to databases using DBI and DBD.
daCode - A PHP-based news engine.
DAPACT - JSP tags for simplifying the display of dynamic content in JSP pages.
dnacgr - Visualise patterns in DNA and RNA by Chaos Game representation.
Dick Board Games - A utility library for board games (tic-tac-toe style).
dl - A Perl script which allows you to delete files in a recoverable fashion.
Developer Todo - A terminal-based todo item manager specifically for developers.
Dialog - A tool to display dialog boxes from shell scripts.
Distance Disassembler - A tracing 6502 disassembler.
DotGNU Portable.NET - Tools for .NET applications on non-Microsoft platforms.
Drip - A DVD-to-DIVX backup tool for GNOME or CLI.
dexter - Database extender and proxy for MySQL.
dirgroup - A tool to manage Unix groups using a directory instead of a file.
desk0 - Remotely view any X desktop with a Java client.
decision tree hierarchy - Produces a decision tree hierarchy from a text database
DarkCodex - A forum and discussion system written in PHP.
DOCSIS config file encoder - A config file generator for DOCSIS cable modems and PacketCable MTAs.
dim - directory image - dim is an alternative layout algorithm for listing files in a directory
Dr.Morena - A tool to confirm the rule configuration of a firewall.
Debrief - A maritime vessel track plotter.
Darwin Ports - An implementation of the FreeBSD ports collection for the Darwin OS.
Darwin pkg - A port of the FreeBSD software package system to the Darwin OS.
dagrab-S - A tool for extracting audio tracks tracks from an IDE CD-ROM.
DirectFB - A hardware-accelerated graphics library on top of the Linux framebuffer device.
DupISO - A utility for simple duplication of CDs.
DAXFi - Configures different kinds of firewalls in a consistent way.
Dungeon Crawl - A text-based roguelike game.
DutNux - A mini Linux distribution with WCCP Tranparent Proxying support using Squid.
DBIx::Frame - A perl module for creating and maintaining DBI frameworks.
Druid - A tool to create DB tables and to generate both SQL scripts and documentation.
DFBSee - An image viewer and video player that uses DirectFB.
dbMan - A complex SQL monitor for common RDBMSs (PgSQL, Oracle, MySQL etc.)
demish - Builds a Debian mirror from only those packages you're interested in.
DFBPoint - A presentation program using DirectFB.
duv Visual Disk Usage - graphical, interactive display of disk space
dbtool - A console tool for managing key/value data in hash databases.
Doli - A portable system to index and search documentation.
diald-scrooge - A tool for optimizing phone costs when using diald as a dialer.
dh_make_text - A simple text archive debianization helper.
Database Abstraction Layer - A database abstraction layer written entirely in PHP.
dnsupdate - create or update DNS tables dynamicaly
DesktopAid for (X)Emacs - Session saving and restoring functionality for (X)Emacs.
deimos - some platform independent libraries
Database access class - A PHP class for interchanging data between forms and databases.
doxymacs - elisp package designed to make using/creating Doxygen easier for {X}Emacs users.
dvbackup - A small utility for creating backups on DV tapes.
DRobot - Support for Nomadics robots.
DNHTTPD - A fast and lightweight HTTP server written in Perl.
DbDesigner - A visual database designer for Linux/KDE 2.
DAVIS - An easy and useful language for IRC bots.
dwl-1000ap-config - A configuration tool for the DWL-1000AP.
DocBook - DocBook stylesheets, schemas, documentation, and resources.
DREAM - A peer-to-peer virtual machine, based on a mobile agents platform.
Directory Manager - An LDAP directory manager.
DBBalancer - A PostgreSQL load-balancing connection pool.
dbench - A filesystem benchmark.
Dive tools for Linux - A toolset to read out Dive computers under Linux.
DISLIN - A high-level scientific plotting library.
dialup_admin - A Web based administration interface for the freeradius radius server.
Download machine - A noninteractive, nongraphical, pure Java batch file downloader.
datview - A clarion database (.dat) file converter to plaintext.
DOC++ - A documentation system for C, C++, IDL, and Java.
DTD to XML Schema translator - Translate a Document Type Definition (DTD) into an XML Schema.
dvdkit - Allows you to play from a player without a region set.
DST Panel - A utility to automate daylight saving time changes on PalmOS.
DiaCanvas2 - A flexible diagramming widget based on GnomeCanvas (GTK+).
DataReel - A free, cross-platform database and communications toolkit.
DAVfs Linux file system driver - A Linux file system driver that allows you to mount a WebDAV server.
Dynamic Probe Class Library - A C++ class library for dynamically adding instrumentation to an application.
dibol to C translator - A program that translates dibol program to C.
Dissociated Studio - An audio program (not unlike dissociated press).
dom4j - A Java library for working with XML, XPath, and XSLT.
DNS Hijacker - A libnet/libpcap-based DNS sniffer/spoofer.
Directory Watcher - A /tmp Directory Watcher.
dnsadmin - A DNS administration package.
DVB Driver Project - A driver for DVB cards by many manufacturers.
DocBrowser - A universal documentation tool.
Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse - A distributed spam filter.
Dumb As Fudge FTP Daemon - A very simple FTP daemon written in Perl.
Driftnet - Picks out and displays images from network traffic.
DreamHost - This premiere shopping cart is designed for companies selling domains & hosting.
DBD-InterBase - A Perl-DBI driver for the Firebird and InterBase databases.
Dynamic Taste Detection for XMMS - Make XMMS automagically adapt its random play function to your personal taste.
DBConnect API - Easy to use C++ object API to allow applications to connect to databases.
Daitanmarks Bookmark Engine - A web application for sharing bookmarks.
DOMC - W3C's Document Object Model (DOM) in C.
DiaWebLog - A weblog system with an IRC interface.
Domainstat - Top-level domain statistics generator.
Date::ICal - Simple date-time handling in Perl.
Devil-Linux - A secure Linux distribution on CD for firewalls, routers, gateways, and servers.
DreamHost Standard - Shopping Cart solution for Hosting & Domain registration companies. Magages bill
Dungeons and Dragons Character Generator - Dungeons and Dragons 2nd edition character generator.
Devhelp - A developer's help program for GNOME.
DVTS - DV/RTP implementation.
David's Perl Games - A collection of ASCII graphics arcade style games written in Perl.
Database Independent Abstraction Layer for C - A database-independent abstraction layer written in C.
DCP-Portal - A content management system with advanced features.
dtags - A tags extraction tool for XML file documentation.
DBG - A PHP debugger and profiler for PHP scripts.
DataVision - A reporting tool similar to Crystal Reports.
DCTC - A Direct Connect Text Client.
dlh - A fast LaTeX to HTML translator.
DummyIdentd Server Daemon - A dummy Identd daemon to provide an identd service on your server.
d1x - Cross-platform version of Descent 1 with many bugfixes/enhancements
DACT - A compression utility designed to compress a file to the best ratio possible
daemon - Turns other processes into daemons.
daemontools - A collection of tools for managing UNIX services.
dagrab - Extracts digital audio from CD and stores it in WAV files (incl CDDB)
dailystrips - Utility to automatically download your favourite online comics.
dAIve - An AI bot for playing dopewars and writing dopewars bots.
Dictionary.app - A frontend for the Mueller English-Russian dictionary.
Dancer - IRC defense bot, protects your channel and your users
DansGuardian - A Web filter with multiple page content analysis mechanisms.
Dante - Free socks v4/5 implementation
DAP - An impressive-looking sound editor using xforms.
DAPHNE - Laserdisc arcade game emulator.
DarcNES - An X/SVGALib multi-system emulator.
Dark Lands - ANSI based RPG game.
Dr. Tux - A Dr. Mario (TM) Clone.
DarkFire IRC Daemon - A modern and efficient Internet Relay Chat server.
DarkIce - An IceCast/ShoutCast live streamer.
Dom's guestbook - A guestbook CGI.
Darwersi - Othello game (strong genetic AI)
DashO - An obfuscator, optimizer, and size-reducer for Java applications.
Data Display Debugger - Common graphical user interface for GDB, DBX and XDB
dic - A simple command-line based disk cataloger.
Data-Admin and Data-Lib - A simplification of PHPs database calls.
Data::Address::Standardize Perl Module - A Perl module for standardizing U.S. postal addresses
Data::Locations - A virtual file manager which allows to read/write data to and from virtual files
Database Manager - Sophisticated Web-based Web site file manager.
demoroniser - A Perl script which fixes non-standard Microsoft HTML.
Database Template Library - A set of templates that make database access as easy as STL containers.
DataBrowser - A cross-database, cross-platform data access tool.
Datalink library - Send data to the Timex DataLink watches
DataManager - Shared memory ringbuffers client-server library
Datasphere - Non-IRC text-based conferencing package
Date::Calc - Package for all kinds of date calculations based on the Gregorian calendar.
Date::Pcalc - All-Perl module for date calculations, based on Date::Calc
dcache - A disk based cache library.
Docbook manual - A user manual for DocBook version 4.1.
Date_Calc - A PHP class for calculating and manipulating calendar dates.
Deep Six - Client side spam filtering software.
Dave Gnukem - A 2D scrolling platform game, similar to Duke Nukem 1.
DreamPlayer - A Linux console multiformat player.
DayDream - An X-style bulletin board system.
DayDream BBS - Old school pce/pcb-style BBS software.
DBPrism - A J2EE replacement for Oracle mod_plsql/OWS/OAS and DBGenerator for Cocoon2.
DB2 - A database management system.
db4o - A Java/.NET native object database.
DreamEncoder - A TwinVQ batch encoder for Linux.
DB::Appgen - Perl interface to APPGEN.
DBA Companion - An Oracle data dictionary browser.
DBConnection - A Java class for simplified JDBC database connections.
dbf2pos - Dbf to Postgresql converter
dbitotcl - A TCL extension to use Perl DBI.
DBIx::AnyDBD - DBD Abstraction Layer
DBIx::Easy - Easy-to-use DBI Interface.
DBIx::Password - Perl DBI password abstraction.
DBMAIL - An SQL database-based mail system (POP3 and IMAP)
DBMaker - DBMaker Internet Information Source
DBMEdit - A user-friendly Web-based DBM database editor (in Perl 5)
dbMetrix - GUI Database Tool
DBOX - BBS package, email server.
dbtcp - An ODBC bridge for Linux.
DebtPayoff - Calculates how long it will take to pay off credit card or other debt.
DbVisualizer - A universal database tool.
DB_Browser - A Web-based utility to browse and modify database data.
dc1000 - A control program for the Panasonic dc1000 series of digital cameras.
DC3500 - A Trust/Mustek DC-3500 console driver.
dcalc - RPN financial/stats/programming/scientific calculator.
dave's cd player - Simple command-line CD player
dclock - A digital LED-style desktop clock.
ddclient - A client for dynamic DNS services.
Dead Link Check - Finds information on validity of HTTP references.
DeadFTP - A Graphical FTP Client
Deadlock Dungeons - A small MUD using Scheme as a MUD OS language.
Deadman's Redirect - A portal page creation system written in PHP.
Diplomacy Automated Email Judge - An email judge for Diplomacy games.
drawboard - A Java applet with a multiuser, shared whiteboard.
Directory Server NT Authentication Module - A plugin allowing LDAP authentication via an NT domain account.
Debian GNU/Linux - The Universal Operating System.
djbdns-conf - Configuration tools for djbdns.
deborphan - A Debian orphaned library finder.
debris - A lightweight text mode HTML browser.
DECnet for Linux - DECnet socket layer and applications
DECO - Convert DC++ to C++.
DeCSS - A script to remove Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) from HTML pages.
dotproject - A Web based project management system that uses PHP+MySQL.
Defendguin - A Linux-themed Defender clone.
defrag - Filesystem defragmenter for Linux filesystems
DeFX plug-in for XMMS - Multi-effects processor for XMMS.
Dav - An ncurses-based console text editor for GNU/Linux.
Delay - Delay is like sleep, but with a count of time left.
DeleGate - A multi-purpose application level gateway and proxy.
Deliver - A program for local mail delivery.
DaVite - A Web-based invitation system.
DeltaMUD - MUD-online game server software.
Demolization - A cross between Civilization and Risk.
Dents - Well-designed nameserver which aims to be completely standards comformant
Depot - Software management tool.
DEPUI - An extremely portable C windowing and widget framework.
dataMiner - A data administration application for PHP.
DERT - A data entry and reporting tool.
Dynamator - Pure HTML for any page generation technology.
Design/CPN - A graphical tool supporting the use of Coloured Petri Nets.
Danovitsch Webcam - A webcam server for FreeBSD for use with brooktree capture cards.
Deskroot - An ActiveDesktop that doesn't suck.
detach - Starts a program detached from the current terminal.
DigitizeIt - A digitizer for scanned graphs and charts.
DeuTex - Doom wad composer/decomposer
Devel::Modlist - A Perl extension to collect module use information.
devfs patch - Device FileSystem for Linux kernel
daemontools-conf - A configuration package for daemontools.
dfm - A filemanager like OS/2 WPS
DGen/SDL - DGen Sega Genesis/Mega Drive emulator, ported to SDL
DGPS - Real time and post processed DGPS software
DGS Search - A PHP-based site search capable of filesystem and database searches.
DeepManager - Package dependency management.
dhcp-dns - A program to update a DJBDNS server with data from DHCPD.
dhcpcd - An RFC2131 compliant DHCP client.
dtaus - A library that can read and write German DTAUS files.
DTV - A full-featured television application for use with DVB cards.
DHCPstatus - A query tool for DHCPD config and lease file information.
DHSD - Dynamic DNS update daemon
Dancer IRC Services - Services for the dancer-ircd package such as NickServ, ChanServ, etc.
DHTML Dynamic Headline Fader - DHTML dynamic headline fader/flipper display
Dia - A GTK2-based diagram drawing program, similar to Visio.
DosUnix - DOS/Unix text file identification/conversion
Dia2Code - Generates code from a UML Dia Diagram.
Diablo - Fast and efficient NNTP newsfeeder software
Diablo Bot - An IRC bot.
DiaCanvas - A full featured widget for diagram drawing (from DIA).
Dial2Net - Configure a PPP connection according to ISP.
DialBack - How (not?) to set up dial back networking
Dox - A documentation browser.
Diald - A network link manager that can automatically bring links up or down.
diald-top - A top-like display of diald stats (packets & their time-to-live values).
dict_pgsql - Dictionary for postfix.
Dieresis Newsboy - A Web-based news publishing script.
diet libc - A library for creating small, statically-linked binaries.
DownCalc - Estimates the duration of a download.
diffconvert - A converter between context diff and unidiff formats.
diffutils - This package contains the GNU diff, diff3, sdiff, and cmp utilities.
DaDaBIK - Creates highly customizable add/search/edit PHP forms for a DB.
dchub - A clone of Direct Connect hub.
dk.brics.automaton - A finite-state automaton package for Java.
Digest::Perl::MD5 - Perl implementation of the MD5 algorithm.
Digicam - A command-line utility to control Kodak DC21x cameras.
Data Architect - A database modelling tool.
Doc2pdf - An email robot that converts Microsoft Office attachments to PDF.
Digital Disco System - A client/server audio player for disco purposes.
dimnum - A C++ template library for dimensional numbers.
DigitalDJ - An SQL-based MP3 player frontend.
dbg library - A modern debugging library for C++.
DigiTemp - A digital thermometer using DS1820 sensors.
dillo Web browser - A fast, light HTML web browser.
Dillon's Cron - Yet another cron daemon.
DataBind - A Java Object to datastore mapping system.
Dime - DXF Import, Manipulation, and Export library
dvd::rip - A full featured DVD Ripper GUI.
Dina - An HTML preprocessor and CGI unifier.
Database Of Our Owlish Wisdom - A Web based knowledge database.
DML - Tools for creating static HTML-based websites
ding - Dictionary Lookup program with a German-English dictionary
DocBook Doclet - A tool that creates DocBook XML from Javadoc or HTML and transforms DocBook to various output formats.
DINO - Visualization for Structural Biology
Dynebolic GNU/Linux - The dyne.org live bootable GNU/Linux distribution.
Dinotrace - X Waveform viewer for Verilog
DinX - A windowing system using the Linux framebuffer.
Diogenes - Latin and ancient Greek text searching tool.
DIP: Dialup IP Protocol Driver - A program to handle the connections for dialup IP links (SLIP or PPP).
Database Opensource Test Suite - DOTS
dircproxy - A detachable IRC proxy with logging support.
dirdiff - A directory difference viewer.
DBMail Admin - PHP mail administration for the DBMail MTA.
DirectDom Development Kit - Technology for manipulating Web browsers' DOM with Java.
DIRED-DD aka. dired-drag-drop - A mouse interface minor mode for dired/dired-x of emacs.
DjVuLibre - An open software suite for DjVu.
DirList - Web-based user directory system with ODBC.
DirsSync - A tool to synchronise directories.
dirtypgp - workslate for PGP based crypto manipulations
Disc-Cover - Generate covers for audio CDs non-interactively using CDDB
DiscDB - Indexes all files in your CDs to allow for an easy searching.
Dispair - A CGI-script that lets you browse tar.gz archives.
display - Continuously redisplay output in a terminal window
Display Ghostscript - The Display Ghostscript System for GNUstep.
DFBKana - A kana drill program for DirectFB.
diffstat - A utility which provides statistics based on the output of diff.
Distributed Artificial Life - Use spare CPU cycles to create life.
Divine Intervention - BPM measurement software and a music player.
Distributed Lame - A wrapper to encode MP3s in a distributed environment using lame.
Dega/SDL - A Sega Master System/Game Gear emulator, ported to SDL.
distributed.net clients - A client for participation in the RC5 and OGR contests.
DitDah - A Morse code tutorial.
Dxr2 Resource Center - A community focus point for the Creative Dxr2 DVD decoder card.
DirectVNC - A VNC client for the Linux framebuffer device.
divine - automatic IP configuration detection for laptops
djbdns - Domain Name System tools.
djukebox - A distributed (streaming) MP3 jukebox.
dkftpbench - A distributed FTP benchmark.
dkimap - IMAP4 daemon
DLC - small library for loading C++ classes at runtime
DLDialog - Displays dialog boxes in terminal and X11 mode to interact with scripts
DICElib - A utility library for distributed programs.
Dlint - A Domain Name Server Verification Utility
dlkern - A Linux kernel downloader.
DM6210 Analog/Digital Device Driver - A driver for DM6210-based Analog/Digital converter boards.
dmalloc - Portable dynamic heap memory debugging library.
DB-conscious FOrm GEnerator - A Perl module to generate forms, store answers, and cull them.
dmcat - Digital Music CATalog
DBIx::FetchLoop - DBI fetch with change detection and aggregates.
dmx4linux - Linux drivers for DMX512 interfaces.
dbuffer - A system for on-disk buffering of data streams.
DNews - Advanced news (NNTP) server software.
DNi - An IP Filtering Firewall script generator for dial-up users.
DNRD - A proxy DNS server.
DNS Configuration class for PHP - A PHP class for administration of bind configuration and zones.
dnscvsutil - Maintain DNS zone files under CVS control.
dnshack.pl - A quick program to update dynamic DNS via command line.
dnbackup - Distributed network backup.
dnsjava - Implementation of DNS in Java
dhcptool - A management and configuration tool for DHCP.
dlogin - A replacement login with nifty features, including quick login.
Dnsmasq - A small caching DNS proxy and DHCP server.
DNSSEC Walker - DNS zone-file recovery tool for DNSSEC zones
dnsutl - DNS administration utilities
Do'SSi Zo'la - A board game. Block the opponent by destroying the cases which surround him.
DBManager - A JDBC abstraction layer.
dobackup.pl - Flexible Perl multi-server backup system.
Doblet dynamic distributed object environment - A dynamic distributed object environment.
docbook2X - Converts DocBook into man pages and Texinfo.
DocBuilder - A CGI tool for building and maintaining online documentation.
DocBook SGML Toolbox - A complete suite of automatically installed DocBook tools.
dnstracer - Trace a chain of DNS servers to the source.
DIOTA - A dynamic instrumentation tool for Intel binaries.
Document Manager - A multi-user document management system.
DocWiz - A GUI tool for developing Javadoc documentation
DOG Data Organizer - A bookmark organizer for various bookmark types
dolt - A tool for providing a subset of SSI functions without the server requirements.
Domtools - High-level name server query tools.
DOLPHIN SMASH - A mixed-signal, mixed-language multi-level simulator.
DooM Legacy - An enhanced port of id Software's Doom.
dopewars - Drug dealing game set in New York
Debian Packages of System Configurations - Automated system configuration for Debian.
Debarchiver - An automated sorting program for Debian archives.
Dormando's Oekaki clone - Oekaki picture BBS clone
DOSemu - Application that enables the Linux OS to run many DOS programs
dot.conf - A simple, powerful configuration-file parser.
DataBreeze Internet database platform - A Web application development platform.
Double Choco Latte - Software Configuration Management/Bug/Enhancement Tracking Software
Doubly Linked List - Doubly Linked List API with indexing
Doppelganger - A PHP-based mirror system with daily limits on mirror bandwidth.
Download Slave - A remote-controlled download slave.
dmassage - A dmesg parser for *BSD.
dhcp-agent - A UNIX DHCP suite.
doxygen - A documentation system for C++ and many other programming languages.
dphotox - A utility to extract ExIf image info from an image produced by Digita cameras.
dpkg - A package maintenance system for Debian GNU/Linux.
dpkg-sn - The Debian Package Simple Navigator.
dproxy - Caching DNS proxy
DSP - SIMD-accelerated digital signal processing primitives.
dqd_dirindex - Dynamic directory indexing for AOLserver 3.0.
Dr Geo - Interactive geometry program.
Dataxi - A single-form database query and update access tool.
DragonLinux - Run a small version of Linux ported to Windows!
drawtool - Util to read coordinates from stdin and draw them in a gtk window
drbd - Block device for online mirroring via a network.
DreamBot - IRC Bot written in Perl
Dreams Eternal - A story-driven FPS game that is set in the dream world.
Drone - System for automatically distributing batch-mode simulations over the Internet
drsync - An rsync wrapper for synchronizing changes in file repositories.
DrumPatterns - Free, open source, web oriented drum patterns generator
Drunkifier - Translates text into drunken text.
Drupal - A content management system that excels at community, portal, and Web application sites.
ds3 - Modem/ISDN sharing tool for linux
DSD - An XML schema language.
DSML Tools - An LDAP-to-DSML bi-directional gateway, plus DSML XML Diff.
DocBook to LaTeX using Perl - A tool to output LaTeX from DocBook using Perl.
dsniff - Sniffing utilities for network security testing.
dsproxy - Hijacking proxy for /dev/dsp.
dspspy - A software voice activated recorder.
dbmjui - A database manager for SAPDB and MaxDB.
DTD Compiler - A DTD (+ C fragments) to SAX compiler.
dtd2latex - Converts XML DTDs to LaTeX source for printing.
DMZS-FIRE - A forensic and incident response bootable CD and security tools.
dtfs - A Log-Structured Filesystem For Linux
Dtheatre News Grabber - CGI/Perl script to fetch the newest DTheater.com Headlines
DOLFIN - Dynamic Object-oriented Library of FINite elements.
Do178Builder - Creates DO-178B or DO-154 documents from development info.
Duck - A Web-based system for practice testing and quizzing.
DrJava - An integrated Java development environment that supports interactive evaluation.
Duh DRAW - A ANSI Editor for Linux similar to TheDraw.
duke - Curses based version of mpg123
DUMB - A 3D game engine, reminiscent of id software's Doom
Dump/Restore - Utilities to dump and restore an ext2 partition
dumpmpeg - Small program to dump video frames from an mpeg-1 movie
Dune - A tiny Web server implementation.
dupmerge - A tool for merging duplicate files.
dc_qt - A Direct Connect client with a Qt GUI.
DBIx::Browse - A Perl extension to browse tables with a CGI/Web interface.
DVB2000 Network Remote Control - Mediamaster/DVB2000 Network Remote Control
DVDdb - A Web-based movie database.
dvgrab - A utility to save video data from a Mini-DV Video Camcorder.
dialin-spammer-block - A tool to detect and block spam attempts from dialin clients.
dvipdfm - Dvipdfm is a DVI to PDF translator.
DX0 - Browser-specific Dynamic HTML from PHP
dxflib - A C++ library for reading DXF CAD drawings.
dxpc - X protocol compressor
DXSpider DX Cluster - A Ham Radio DX Cluster written in perl for Linux
dyn-dns-bind8 - Client/Server to change a DNS entry remotely, automatically.
Dynamic Probes - A gerneric, pervasive, and fully automated debugging facility.
Dynamics - HUT Mobile IP - Dynamic, scalable, hierarchical Mobile IP system with localized location updates
dyndb - A multi-reader/one-writer database library.
DynFw for ipchains - Automatically respond to violations of firewall rules.
Dzcomm - API for serial communications.
DynaMo - A library for the motion of objects under forces, torque, and collisions.
Domain Technologie Control - A Web-based control panel for admin and accounting for hosting services.
DivX Calc - A DivX bitrate calculator.
Datalang - A language for representing structured data.
Document Hide and Track - A PHP script that can hide and track a document embedding it.
Danican - A program for GNU/Linux playing international draughts.
DarkerIRC - A Java IRC applet without network restrictions
Disk ARchive - Portable archiving/backup software for Unix (Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, etc.) and Windows.
desproxy - A TCP tunnel for HTTP proxies.
di - A disk usage utility.
DBmail native webmail - A native Webmail app written in PHP for the DBmail mailserver.
DuTree - A graphical disk usage viewer.
Diarem - An appointment tracker and reminder.
Digital Room Correction - A digital room correction filter generator.
docbook-utils - A collection of shell scripts for managing DocBook SGML documents.
DrMem - A simple Java heap profiler for non-interactive use.
Drivel - A GNOME client for online journals, weblogs, and blogs.
DataWorkshop - Editor for binary data.
Download.php - A download manager (Counts and Stats downloads).
db_handle - A library of PHP functions for transparent operation of different databases.
DMI Gallery - DMI-Gal is a full-featured image gallery based on DMI
DB Web Admin - An Oracle Web administration tool.
Debian Promise FastTrak RAID HOWTO - A howto for the Promise FastTrak RAID card under Debian/GNU Linux.
dbug - A macro-based library to see program flow, variables, timings, errors, etc.
DocServ - A small tool for indexing documents in a database.
DoctorJ - A tool for analyzing Java code and documentation.
darkroom - An intelligent timer for film and slide development.
Dama - Turkish draughts.
DConnect Daemon - A daemon that acts as a Direct Connect hub.
Device::ParallelPort - A Perl API for direct parallel port access.
deal.II finite element library - A C++ finite element library.
Deutsches Linux HOWTO Projekt - A collection of German Linux HOWTOs.
Diskless Embedded Technology PC (DIET-PC) - An embedded Linux OS for thin clients and GUI appliances.
DVBTools - A collection of tools for DVB cards.
distcc - A fast and simple distributed C/C++/ObjC compiler.
DataBase Java Console - DataBase Java Console
Deadman's AudioTron TOC Generator - A TurtleBeach AudioTron table of contents generator.
Devel::Profiler - A Perl profiler compatible with dprofpp.
DCVS - A Perl/MySQL CVS server.
DrawSWF - Java Drawing Program with SWF export.
dzt - Yet another tabbed GNOME terminal.
DTDDoc - A JavaDoc-style documenting tool for DTDs.
Disk and CPU memory test - A memory tester which is based on running diff in parallel.
DMCRadio - A console program for radiocards supported by Video4Linux.
Disk Based HashTables - Hash tables on hard disk.
diffxml - XML differencing tools.
Dekadent - An IRC bot with features commonly found in IRC bots.
dblog - A shell script blogging utility.
docXP - A JavaDoc clone for PHP.
DB Util - A portable database shell.
dhcp-forwarder - A DHCP relay agent.
deStats - A cool IRC logfile analysis tool.
Debian Developer's Packages Overview - A Web-based application for packages tracking.
Dir2XML - Generates an XML file from a directory.
Decimail Webmail 3 - An IMAP Webmail application in Javascript.
Docindex document management - Multisite document repository DMS.
Duzzle Duddle - A free Puzzle Bubble clone.
Doom Playstation/N64 sound wad - A wad-file for Doom/Doom2 which features all the sounds from the PSX edition.
DIME++ - A small implementation of the DIME protocol for C++.
Dixie DNS & DHCP Config Tool - A Web-based config tool for DNS and DHCP
dateshift - A tool for shifting date/time.
dSQL - An SQL query tool.
Dwarf server framework - A modular Java framework for developing multithreaded server applications.
Document Repository System - An MS Sharepoint clone: a document repository with Frontpage integration.
dailystrips-web - A CGI 'dailystrips' comic downloader.
Dyn2Stat - A Web app that helps you manage your dynamic IP.
DrIFT - A type sensitive preprocessor for Haskell.
Dumpgdbm - A GDBM file dumper.
digiKam - A digital photo management application.
Danpei - A GTK+ based thumbnail image viewer.
Diom Webmail - An IMAP client written in PHP.
Dialog CD Writer - A dialog front end to burn CDs and make MP3s.
DoStuff Code - A complete content management system.
dbstep - A database abstraction library.
Do-It-Yourself Dynamic DNS client and server - Client / server scripts for dynamic DNS updates.
DML2 - An object oriented content storage and document formatting system.
Dovecot - A secure IMAP server.
dougnet - A collection of networking functions.
DansGuardian Anti-Virus Scanner - Adds anti-virus scanning support to DansGuardian.
DungeonMaker - Creates random dungeons and labyrinths using alife methods.
DNS-based OpenPGP Keyserver for CryptNET - A DNS-based front-end to the CryptNet OpenPGP keyserver.
Download4J - A Java component (Servlet + JavaBean) that allows you to download files.
dba-dialog - A database management tool written in bash.
ded - A directory editor.
DocTaur - An intranet Web-based directory of reference manuals.
doclifter - man/mandoc/ms/me/mm-to-DocBook document transcoding.
DWI - A data-driven application designer for Gnome.
ddmirror - Make a mirror of a Debian distribution.
DBX - An XML database.
Diction and style - Two utilities to check prose style.
duplicity - An encrypted/compressed incremental backup system that uses the rsync algorithm.
Distel - Distributed Emacs Lisp (for Erlang).
ddbugtopbm - Converts Diddle/DiddleBug sketches to PBM files.
Domino on Acid - A weird colorful solitaire variant of dominoes that visualizes natural deduction
DIX - An experimental game engine.
dmle - A free implementation of the classic game Dungeon Master from FTL/Interplay.
DIY Zoning - Control software for a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.
dachshund - A UML-based modeling tool for GNOME.
Daffodil DB - A Java RDBMS with an SQL 99 specification compliant database.
dbaliasd - A proxy daemon for rewriting database names in MySQL traffic.
Doris - A Lua script-driven OpenGL viewer with a GUI.
Dapple ][ - An Apple ][ emulator for PCs.
dBASE converter - An easy-to-use command line tool to convert xBASE files.
Dialog CD Label - A Dialog-based application that uses LaTeX to make CD covers.
DashPC - A modular, expandable car multimedia system.
Darik's Boot and Nuke - A boot floppy that wipes hard disks.
DMZS-Carte - A wireless mapping tool.
Depression Glass Debug Library - A simple C++ ostream extension for producing nice trace logs.
DebSync - A package synchronizer for Debian systems.
Dropline GNOME - A GNOME-based Desktop for Slackware Linux.
db_view - A MySQL compatibility DB class for views and triggers in PHP.
DIM - An instant messanger that can be embedded in Web sites.
Dia2Postgres - A tool for converting Dia diagrams into PostgreSQL scripts.
DBHammer - A database benchmarking tool.
db-backed - A Ruby library providing convenient database access.
Docker - A docking system tray for KDE and GNOME.
dccserver - Simulate MIRC's /dccserver command.
DogPerl - dogperl is an offline Perl/Tk widget documentation tool.
Documancer - A programmer's documentation reader for X.
Database OS - A Java prototype of a high level computing environment.
DM1 Threads Library - A portable threads library in C++.
dmake - Another implementation of make.
dbacl - A system for statistically classifying text into user-defined categories.
DevEdit - A WYSIWYG HTML editor for ASP, PHP, and ColdFusion MX CMSes.
DotPHP - A PHP Web components framework.
Debian Utilities - Useful utilities from Debian.
DOM Tooltip - A DOM (Javascript) tooltip generator for Web pages.
DarkStar - A simple HTML editor for the Sharp Zaurus.
Dummynet - A flexible tool originally designed for testing networking protocols.
dirvish - An incremental backup tool with rsync and hard links.
DocBase - A document management system.
DSP5600x disassembly library - A code disassembly library for the Motorola DSP5600x.
Dvipost - A post-processor for DVI files.
dbackup - A disk-based backup client and server.
Decoy - A no-ad redirection utility for Squid or compatible cache applications.
DOM Menu - Hierarchical JavaScript popup menus.
Dragon Character Training - A program using stroke recognition to help you learn to read and write Chinese.
diary2002 - An online journal / diary / blogger.
DnetStats - Gets some stats from stats.distributed.net.
D Parser - A scannerless GLR parser.
Diet Monger Ass Kicker - A nutrition program for designing diets to specifications.
Dragon Breath - An application and development framework based on PHP, PostgreSQL, and XML/XSLT.
direx - directory dino - Software for running your own Web site directory.
Digital Archive - A PHP script for changing default Apache Directory Index output.
DNS2Go - A dynamic DNS client.
digicamerge - A tool to automatically manipulate and rename directories of digital pictures.
Datesync - A program to synchronize your clock to time.gov.
DefCon.epplet - An epplet showing the current DefCon according to your system load.
dsync - A directory synchronization and backup tool.
dnsredir.pl - dnsredir.pl is a allows simple HTTP-Forwarding based on TXT record found in DNS
DotGNU Execution Environment - The DotGNU Webservice Container using XML-RPC over HTTP
Dasher - A mouse-driven predictive text-input system.
Darius Tools - A collection of fast and easy-to-use scripts with text interfaces.
DeskNow Mail and Collaboration Server - A secure mail server with Web mail, calendaring, SyncML, Jabber, and iCal.
DoXFS - A filesystem-based document management system.
dmidecode - A DMI table decoder.
DeliveranceMail - A free Java JSP email server for sending graphical email.
Damascus - A GTK+ 2.x client for Gale, with an AIM-style interface.
DAME - A tool for generating C++ and Java classes from SQL.
DICOM ImageIO SPI - Provides read-only Java support for DICOM images.
Dwnl - A download manager for the console.
Dockside - A collection of system and Internet monitors plugged into a dock interface.
Darkbot - A very fast and small IRC bot written in C.
Douglas Thrift's Search Engine - An indexing search engine for use on small Web sites.
DadaDodo - A program that generates random sentences based on input files.
Dia2SQLpy - A tool to convert Dia database UML diagrams into SQL statements.
Digest - A tool to generate HTML index pages and image previews.
DB_QueryTool - An object-oriented abstraction for SQL.
dgt2684 - QoS in ethernet over ATM RFC2684 encapsulation.
Dragon Lair - A knowledge base system based on Topic Maps Technology.
DJBorg - A text-to-speech MP3 DJ.
DNS Module for AOLserver - A module that implements a server and forwarding proxy.
DCTViewer - PHP intranet document viewer.
DBMonster - A random data generation tool for SQL databases.
displayusers - A Web-based directory of users.
DJWrap - An MPEG audio wrapper.
Delta - A tool that heuristically minimizes files subject to a constraint.
disktype - A disk and disk image format analyzer.
DvorakNG - A Dvorak typing tutor.
dsprec - An audio capture tool.
Distributor load balancer - A software TCP load balancer.
denature - An HTML to XSL-FO to PDF converter.
DHTML TreeMenu - A PHP class for generating DHTML menu trees from XML.
DockExtender - A menu-based application/file organizer and launcher.
dockload - A tool that displays an X11-style load graph in the dock.
dvipng - A fast DVI to PNG/GIF converter.
discord - A Python module for converting dates from Gregorian to Discordian.
Damn Small Linux - A 50 MB live CD with a functional desktop.
Debian Desktop User's Guide - A guide which is targeted toward new Debian users.
DBIx::Perform - A Perl DBI-based emulator of the Informix Perform DB query-update utility.
Duke Nukem Forever - A highly sophisticated FPS.
devlabel - A tool that dynamically creates symbolic links to disk/partition names.
DB_DataContainer - A PEAR-compliant database persistence layer.
DPROG - A language for dynamic programming.
Dropbear SSH - A small and functional SSH 2 implementation.
darcs - David's advanced revision control system.
Duali - The Arabic spell checker.
DKMS - A robust framework for managing kernel modules and module versions.
Drumpiler - A drum machine compiler.
Davenport - A servlet providing WebDAV-based access to a Windows/Samba network.
Diamond Rio Tools - A utility to upload and download music to a Diamond Rio.
DSPAM - A server-side anti-spam agent for UNIX email servers.
dbo - A database object toolkit written in Python.
door - A program for managing an encrypted list of passwords.
DynamicRelay - Prevents your customers from sending SPAM, and authenticates them to send email.
Document Classifier - A statistical text classifier.
DTGraph - Builds graphs/stats/alarms based on temperature data stored in MySQL.
Dialog CD - A dialog-based frontend to cdrtools.
dynAdmin - A different kind of CMS that creates page-based websites instead of news-based.
dnsreflector - A DNS spamtrap for OpenBSD's pf.
dctrl-tools - Command line tools to process Debian package information.
delatt - Strip attachments from email.
Dozo - The triangles game.
Darkslide - A PBS accounting report generator.
Devil's Pie - A window-matching utility, inspired by Sawfish's "Matched Windows" option.
dbtoy - A FUSE-based Linux filesystem for mapping a relational database with XML files.
Dock Switcher - A tool that swaps OS X Dock configuration files around.
Dodgin' Diamond 2 - A little shoot-'em-up arcade game.
DC Maintenance Management System - An application for managing customer complaints for water supply networks.
Dirlister - An alternative directory list indexer for Apache.
dietlinux - A dietlibc-based Linux distribution.
dailypage - A tool that periodically sends a Web page by email.
dbmarc - A Web-based mail archive with database backend.
Divmod Quotient - A Python conversation server.
discmage - Rip/Convert single tracks from proprietary image formats like DiscJuggler.
DHCP Usage Statistics - A DHCP statistics generator.
dov4l - A tool to set and query parameters of a video4linux device.
Dustbowl Clan Tools - A community system for e-sport teams and gaming clans.
DocLite - A simple HTML documentation creation system.
dnspython - A DNS toolkit for Python.
Download Manager - A GNOME download manager.
DocPile - A PHP-based document management system.
Dupseek - A commandline interactive Perl program to find and remove duplicate files.
db4oBrowser - A Web-based browser for OO databases.
Delator - A telephone/PBX call accounting system.
Device::SerialPort - A Perl module providing POSIX serial port interfaces.
Date::Manip - Parse and manipulate dates and times in Perl.
diradm - A tool for managing POSIX users and groups in an LDAP directory.
dsh - Run a single command on many hosts.
Doug's Impromptu Survey - A customizable online survey using Perl, Apache, and MySQL.
db4oInterface - A GUI interface for db4o.
Dolibarr ERP & CRM - A simple-to-use ERP and CRM.
DataScript - A language for describing and manipulating binary data formats as types.
Devinette - A game in constant evolution.
dosrestore - A tool which unpacks DOS backups.
DialogBlocks - A sophisticated dialog editor for wxWindows.
DM1 - A relational database manager.
Display Dhammapada - A program that displays a random verse from the Dhammapada English translation.
daudio - Fully synchronized, distributed audio on a local network.
dmp3find - A tool which helps you to find doubled MP3s (and other files).
Data Wizard for Java - A tool for building a simple graphical user interface.
DMines - A dynamic version of the classic minesweeper game.
Docco - A personal document retrieval tool.
DirectoryPass - A tool for managing .htaccess and .htpasswd files.
dom xml class - An implementation of the DOM XML standard.
doc2xml - A general purpose Microsoft Word to XML conversion utility.
Dialog [email protected] - Distributed information architectures for collaborative logistics.
dnSQLpanel - A Bind/MySQL control panel.
DXFscope - A viewer for DXF drawings.
digiquest - A tool for managing digital questionnaires.
dxr3Player - A DVD player for DXR3 (Hollywood+) MPEG-2 decoder boards.
Database of Managed Objects - Generic object management and inventory.
dione - A Genetic Programming framework written in Python.
Defaults Manager - An editor, viewer, and backup utility for User Defaults preferences data.
Dial! - Dial telephone numbers and write SMS messages on your Palm.
Datamaster - A set of utilities that generates Web apps directly from UML class diagrams.
doublecpp - A dynamic overloading implementation for C++.
Distributed Concurrent Versioning System - CVS extended by local development lines in distributed repositories.
DevWiki - A Java servlet-based Wiki implementation.
DBDesigner 4 MySQL - A visual database schema tool.
Dr. Geo - Powerful interactive geometry software.
DOCSIS Server - A MySQL-based DHCP/TFTP server for DOCSIS CMTS.
DBal - Manage plenty of mail on one server.
Dogfood - A groupware and CRM system.
dialog-mp3-list - A tool for listing MP3s using XDialog/Dialog.
Defend the Kingdom - A real-time strategy based game.
DNS Flood Detector - Detect abusive nameserver activity.
DeskNow WebMessenger - A secure Web-based Jabber instant messaging server.
Diqt - A Web-based multilingual dictionary reference tool.
Discloser - An extensible PHP/MySQL blog/news/journal software.
DP500Serv - A PC-Link replacement for Kiss DP500 DVD players.
DeskNow MJ - An instant messaging server that can be integrated in Java/J2EE applications.
digio - A Linux driver set for digital I/O (general-purpose I/O) devices.
Drums++ - A programming language for creating MIDI drum sequences.
Doulos Web Application Framework - An MVC framework for developing object-oriented PHP Web applications.
Database Primitives Library - A library for building in-memory databases.
Distributed FTP Daemon - A distributed FTP daemon that uses a cluster of slaves for file transfers.
dbvi - A terminal-based interface to gdb.
drugref - A free pharmaceutical reference information database and infrastructure.
DcMule - A client and server that combine DC with the efficiency of ed2k.
Deskfinity - Multiple desktop icon set support for Mac OS X.
DiaDBDesigner - A converter to export Dia UML diagrams to SQL create scripts.
DoceboLMS - An e-learning platform (learning management system).
Diogene87 - A powerful job sheduling system.
Delineate - A tool for converting bitmap raster images to SVG.
Dimpy - A digital image management program.
dweb - A creator and manager of simple directory-structured Web sites.
Diamond Wiki - A wiki based on metadata and faceted navigation.
Dacco - A collaborative English-Catalan dictionary project.
Designer for Jasper - A visual report designer for Jasper Reports.
DBAConnect - A Web-based Oracle tool for developers and DBAs.
Director - A load balancer and failover module for Enhydra.
DODS - An object/relational mapping tool for Enhydra.
Decked - A deck editor and sealed deck generator for Magic: The Gathering.
D-BUS - A message bus system.
DrawTree - A program for translating the Newick format into graphical formats.
Disc-O-Matic - A CD/DVD-ROM archiving tool.
DObject Library C++ - A library that acts as a bridge between C++ and Java.
dvd2divx3pass - Yet another DVD 2 DiVX ripping program.
DNS Admin - A Web DNS administration tool for ISP-like users.
DocConversion - A documents conversion system.
dcmd - A distributed shell for medium to large Unix deployments.
DriverLoader for Wireless LAN devices - DriverLoader for Wireless LAN devices.
Dan's Tuner - A program that tells you if you are playing a pitch in tune.
DynAlbum - A fully dynamic Web photo album and index generator.
DataBean - A Java library for mapping a database table to a class.
Deep-Water/Linux - A minimalist boot CD Linux distribution
Dynamic content Administration System - A dynamic content administration system for Web sites.
Dnsya - A small program to look up IP addresses and present various information.
Dublet's HTTP Daemon - A Web server.
Duplication Management Framework for Eclipse - A framework for clone detection and removal tools on the Eclipse platform.
Designer Framework - A highly customizable e-commerce framework.
DiggerDiff - Helps you watch for changes in Web pages.
DiskImg - A tool for taking disk images even when the drive has read errors.
DOSBox - An x86 PC emulator for running old DOS games.
Directory Assistant - An application for managing an LDAP address book.
Daimonin - A massive multiuser online role playing game.
Dolphin Accounting Software - Web-based accounting software.
DragStacK - A kicker applet on which you can drag files.
Design Pattern Toolkit - Tool for generating customizable, model-driven architecture pattern applications
drraw - A Web-based presentation front-end for RRDtool.
Daily Strip Manager - An advanced UI for viewing downloaded comic strips.
DotGNU - A Free Software alternative to .NET.
DWcal - A script to perform miscellaneous conversions of Wcal data.
dbPerceptor - A content administration generator for MySQL databases.
Daemond - A daemon control daemon (init replacement).
Dazuko - A cross-platform virtual device driver for userspace file access control.
DMN - A Domino game.
dbXML - A Native XML database.
Deep-View - A graphical, full-featured file browser.
DVB Replex - A remultiplexer that converts transport streams to DVD program streams.
dnsgraph - A very simple DNS statistics RRDtool frontend for Bind.
desift - A template-based text filter for generating scripts, content, and reports.
dttool - A tool for the Digitech USB card programmer.
DIET Agents - A light-weight multi-agent platform in Java.
dd_rhelp - A quick and easy data recovery manager.
dd_rescue - A block copier, which ignores errors.
dxf2fig - A tool which converts Autocad DXF to the XFIG 3.2 format.
DrQueue - A multi-platform, multi-renderer distributed render queue.
DELORES - A defeasible logic reasoning engine.
Deluxe Loginfo - Generates email reports of CVS/SVN changesets for multiple repositories.
DiskSearch - A tool for searching for files on all your removable media disks.
dvd-slideshow - A DVD slideshow creator for your pictures.
Delphi Yacc & Lex - A parser generator toolset for Delphi and Kylix
daGLiclock - An OpenGL version of XDaliClock.
DPEncoder - An easy-to-use mencoder frontend.
deal - A calculator to compute card-draw probabilities for games such as poker or Magic
dvbd - A DVB recorder that allows multiple channels on the same frequency to be tuned.
DateChooser - A Calendar input dialog widget for Java.
Dokeos - A Web-based learning tool to help communities.
DBOW - A program that takes an SQL table definition and produces access functions.
Demetrix - A process modeling system.
DrPython - A powerful cross-platform IDE for Python.
Domo - A music organizer.
DCC Signaler - A tool for controlling a digital model railroad without expensive hardware.
dnsproxy - A non-caching DNS proxy.
disknavigator - A PHP class for listing, accessing, and manipulating files and directories.
DBAHelper - A collection of scripts for the Oracle DBA.
doCommerce - A Portuguese e-commerce platform.
DataparkSearch - A Web search engine tool.
Deme - Web-based democratic groupware software.
dis6502 - A flow-tracing 6502 disassembler.
Dragon FORTH - A fast 32-bit FORTH system for PalmOS.
doForum - A Portuguese version of phpBB with other useful additions.
Diet-Router - A singe floppy DSL router.
Diplojuge - An adjudicator's toolkit for the Diplomacy game.
dvdauthor - A simple set of tools to help with authoring a DVD.
DNS Blacklist Packet Filter - A netfilter DNSBL filtering client.
Dalle - A set of utilities to work with split files in various formats.
DiscoverDBGui - A tool to generate XML representing a database structure.
dot-mode.el - A minor mode for GNU/X emacs that emulates the '.' (redo) command of vi.
Deduce - A deductive reasoning AI.
Darwine - A port of WINE to Mac OS X.
DBschema - A tool to manage database data and schema.
Device::WS2500PC - A Perl package to access the WS2500PC serial interface.
Dark Horse CRM - A Web-based CRM.
delete-all.pl - A script for deleting attachments in Mozilla Thunderbird.
DNSDusty - An uncomplicated DNS management tool.
Devet - An original single-player logic game.
daim-java - An instant messaging client and library supporting AIM and ICQ.
DBengine - A tool for managing PostgreSQL databases over the Web.
DJFractal - A distributed fractal generator.
DabaXS - A minimalistic MySQL database content editor.
DNALinux - A live Linux distribution for Bioinformatics.
DBL Browser - An offline browser for digital bibliographic libraries.
Document Archive - A Web-based BibTeX archive.
DHEX - A ncurses-based hex-editor with a diff mode.
Dwall Firewall Generator - An all-purpose firewall tool to generate iptables firewalls.
DAR - A framework for building packages in clean build environments.
dhcpd-wrapper - Scripts to ease use of the DHCP server in large production environments.
DHCPDman - A Python/PyGTK GUI app for managing a DHCPD Server.
DBIx-HTMLTable - An extension which creates HTML tables from DBI result sets.
Digital Scribe - A Web-based system for putting student work online.
DryDock - A document firewall.
Drome Engine - A 3D game engine written in C++ using OpenGL for graphics rendering.
dlg2html - A converter for DLG Pro (Dialog) BBS message bases to HTML.
Double Entry Based Transaction System - A Web-based personal finance application.
D-link DI-624 Wireless Router Syslog Utility - A tool for pushing D-Link DI-624 wireless router logs into syslog.
Dirty Water - A custom MUD server.
dvbsnoop - An open source DVB/MPEG stream analyzer.
dsmcc-mhp-tools - DSM-CC MHP ObjectCarousel generator tools.
DharmaDoc - A Buddhist reference library creator that uses existing tools.
dicegame_garbage - dice game
DEX Extensible Operating System - An effort to create a fully extensible operating system.
da bouchot Tribioune - A Web-based IRC style board.
DSPAM phpControlCenter - A DSPAM quarantined message checker.
DHTML API - Animate your Web site with the aid of DHTML.
DBLIB - A PHP library to create WWW interfaces to databases.
DBF Class - A class to extract database information from DBF files.
DocBook Wiki - A Web application to display and to edit online DocBook documents.
Distributed Chat - Distributed chat using SSL encryption.
dvtext - A program that renders DV movie clips of titles and scrolling credits.
DB_Table - An object-oriented table interface class.
distcleaner - A collection of policies to clean /usr/portage/distfiles.
dbFile - A file-based Web database with a data manager frontend.
DBIx::Simple - An easy-to-use OO interface to DBI.
DDC's ARINC Drivers for Linux - Support for data buses used in commercial aircraft.
deplate - A converter for wiki-like markup/rdoc to HTML, LaTeX, DocBook, and more.
DistributedDNS - P2P software that aims to build a decentralized, distributed DNS.
dblayer - A PHP class for database abstraction.
Dolda Webmail - A PHP Webmail system using persistant IMAP connections and XHTML/CSS2.
debtakeover - A tool for switching any running Linux distribution to Debian on the fly.
Dox Discovery Servlet - A Rendezvous/Zeroconf servlet.
Driver On Demand - Installs and downloads drivers automatically in Linux.
DoubleType - A graphical typeface designer that builds TrueType font files.
dirac - An Open Source wavelet-based video codec.
dpsctrl - A tool to control Voltcraft DPS power supplies via a serial port.
DB_eSession - A class that securely stores PHP sessions in a MySQL database.
DocFrac - A tool for converting between RTF, HTML, and ASCII.
Divifund - An easy-to-use Personal Finance program for GNOME.
DB Sessions - A class for storing sessions in a database.
DejaVu fonts - A font family based on the Bitstream Vera Fonts.
distributed replicated blob server - A very simplified distributed fileserver.
Digiqual - A package for managing a quality and environmental system.
Doodle - A file search tool based on meta-data.
Distributed BEAGLE - A distributed evolutionary computation system.
DD Tournament Poker - A No Limit Texas Hold'em poker game.
Dosage - A comic strip downloader and archiver.
Darpwatch - A distributed arpwatch system
Deliver Maildir - A tool for delivering messages from STDIN to a Maildir mailbox.
Dpps - A tool for writing "documento programmatico su sicurezza e privacy" statements.
Duplex - A two-sided printing emulation utility for one-sided printers.
Drone IRC Bot - An IRC bot with a modular API and Web interface.
DVD-Vault - Archive software to manage DVD jukeboxes (SCSI medium changers).
Destiney Scripts Rated Images - An image rating script.
Da'ath - A searchable knowledge base.
distjob - A simple software for distributing a list of jobs on a list of hosts.
DupeFinder - A simple app for locating, moving, renaming, and deleting duplicate files.
dirwall - A small Linux iptables firewall script with the firewall rules stored separately
Dwarf Mail Server - An (E)SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 mail server.
DarkMaps - A program to create a 3D map from a 2D image.
Debian GNU/kFreeBSD - A "live" CD with GNU/kFreeBSD.
Dwarf HTTP Server - An HTTP Server with Java Servlet API implementation and JSP support.
Domino/JBoss Single Sign On - A single sign on tool for Lotus Domino and JBoss J2EE apps.
DictEm - A dictionary protocol (RFC2229) client for [X]Emacs.
DokuWiki - An easy-to-use Wiki for documentation.
dvb-scripts - Simple scripts to do video recording.
Decimail Server - An IMAP mail server where PostgreSQL database queries define mailboxes.
Dvorak international keyboard layout for xkb - A Dvorak international keyboard layout for use with the xkb keyboard mapper.
Desktop Manager - A workspace manager.
DisplayCalibrator - A gamma calibration application.
detox - A utility that cleans up filenames.
DotWeb - A PHP library for handling HTML controls which is very similar to .NETs Webforms
Distributed Multiplatform Framework - A programming framework in C++ using COM-like elements.
DrmStats - Scripts for RRDTool
Dudki! - A server processes maintenance daemon.
DbWrench - Cross-platform database design software.
dvd+rw-tools - A collection of tools for burning, formatting and erasing DVD+/-R(W) disks.
Docutils - Python documentation utilities.
DTMFkit - An application to decode or encode DTMF tones.
Druide DB - An XML database API for Java.
document - An XML vocabulary for source code documentation.
DOCSIS Config - A PHP library to encode binary configuration files for DOCSIS cable modems.
Diakonos - A Linux editor for the masses.
DndSkan - A developer tool for analyzing drops and clipboard contents.
Digital Network Bind Chrooter - A simple bash BIND chrooter.
db.* - A fast, efficient, small-footprint embedded database.
Downlets - Scripts for automatic downloading of popular content on special sites.
Deadly Rooms Of Death - A puzzling game of dungeon exploration.
dirqmail - A simple, fast, and reliable virtual user system for qmail.
dvdisaster - Additional error correction for CD and DVD media.
Darwin Streaming Server - An open source streaming media server.
Dreamcard - An easy to use software development tool.
Denu - Denu is a portage-based menu generator/editor for multiple WM/DEs.
DLHttpd - A Web server written in Java.
DFBCar - A GUI multimedia frontend for xine-lib that uses directfb.
dctcd - A background-running wrapper for the Direct Connect Text Client.
DebugTrace - A tool that generates instruction and call traces for debugging.
ddnsu - A small dynamic DNS client.
Dingo - A pluggable Schema compiler for C#.
Disk Database Connection Pool - A Java database connection pool.
Dowser - A Web research and archiving tool.
DirSync - A directory synchronizer.
ditaa - A utility that can convert ASCII diagrams into PNG diagrams.
Duper - A duplicate file removal tool.
DRBL - A diskless or systemless environment for client machines.
DS Snow - A script that displays a snow effect.
DocBook XSL Configurator - Three Java Swing apps used to create DocBook XSL customization layers.
dtoGen - A Java source generation tool.
DynarchChat - A Web-based chat program.
Dream Tags - A set of JSP tags for using Dreamweaver templates.
di624stats.pl - A utility for generating traffic graphs from a D-Link DI-624 router.
DNSdoctor - A tool for performing consistency checks on DNS zones.
Daisy - A CMS framework.
dummzeuch chart - A chart component for Delphi 7 and Kylix 3.
DVDstyler - A GUI frontend for DVD authoring.
DevelopmentKit - A framework to allow generation of code from non-textual representation.
D frontend for GCC - A GCC frontend for the D programming language.
DirSync Pro - Synchronize directories locally or over the network.
DiaNa - A Perl framework for processing large data sets.
Doom3 MD5 Model Parsing Library - A library that parses ID's Doom3 MD5 models (MD5Mesh, MD5Anim, and MD5Camera).
DragonFly BSD - A BSD-derived Unix-like operating system.
DropAFew - A Web-based calorie counting program.
Dream DRM Receiver - An implementation of Digital Radio Mondiale.
DynChap - A tool that provides J2ME token authentication for a PoPToP VPN.
dstat - A versatile replacement for vmstat, iostat, netstat, nfsstat, and ifstat.
Dconf - A tool to collect and store a system's hardware and software configuration.
DvdKup - A one-touch DVD to DivX conversion tool.
Daemonize - A module that allows an existing Ruby program to run as a daemon.
Delicious Library - A home media library application with barcode scanning and Amazon integration.
Debian From Scratch - A system to build and use full Debian bootable CD images.
Dijjer - A small, tidy, but powerful peer-to-peer HTTP cache.
DataMonster - A d20 D&D command line management program written in Python.
dddns - Fail-safe delegated dynamic DNS.
ddc-concordance - A search engine for linguists.
drill - A DNS/DNSSEC query tool.
Dico - A Java application to display database schema.
deletemail - A tool for deleting old mail on an IMAP server.
DStress - A D language conformance test suite.
DL/SQL - A declarative programming language based on top of a SQL database.
dhcp-helper - A DHCP relay agent.
Dumbass - A tool that checks for dumb passwords.
diskWriggler - A benchmark tool for testing filesystem storage throughput.
dxf_browser - A parts selector for 2D CAD systems.
displaytag - A JSP HTML table rendering library.
darkstat - A network traffic analyzer.
darkhttpd - A lightweight static Web server.
DCSquares - A frantic square collecting game.
Dynamic Web site tools for Standard ML - Tools for developing dynamic Web sites using Standard ML.
Data::TimeSeries - A Perl module that simplifies the manipulation of TimeSeries.
DeadlyCobra - A game similar to the classic Nibbles or snake game.
DonationTracker - A CGI script for tracking live PayPal donations.
Dispatch Software - A dispatch scheduling system.
Data Access Objects for PHP5 - A set of data access objects for PHP 5.
Destiney Scripts Links - A script for a dynamically-generated links site.
Destiney Scripts Topsites - Topsites provides a pre-built, dynamically generated, traffic gathering topsite.
Destiney Scripts DBSessions - A drop-in replacement for the default PHP sessions.
deep-ssh - Allows SSH through routing discontinuities.
dydoc - A toolkit for generating API documentation from compiled Java classes.
Dabo - A three-tier database application framework.
dupliFinder - An application to help you find and remove duplicate files on your computer.
daes - A small file cipher/decipher program.
Delicious Link Checker - A client side link checker for del.icio.us bookmarks
DB Solo - A database development and management tool for developers and administrators.
Dream Print Tracking System - A distribution tracking system for print publications.
DHTML Tree - A DHTML tree for Web pages.
disclaimermilter - A sendmail milter to add disclaimers.
dCore - A CMS core application.
Diagnostic Tool for Java Garbage Collector - A diagnostic tool for optimizing the IBM JVM garbage collector.
DVD Home Video Project - A tool that transforms video from a DV camcorder into a complete DVD.
delcom806006 - A Linux kernel module for USB numeric display.
DBD::Sybase - A Sybase driver for Perl DBI.
doPlotGRF - A tool to dynamically create plots on a Web page.
deb-install - Installs packages and archives and shows information about them.
dcraw - A decoder for 'raw' digital camera files.
dvdrtools - A suite of DVD and CD burning software.
delete_put_httpd.py - An HTTP proxy that prepends a DELETE request before PUT requests.
DB Visual ARCHITECT - A tool that provides support for Object Relational Mapping (ORM) and ERD.
dumplinks.pl - A script to dump URLs (links) to stdout, possibly filtered.
DealerSys - A flexible retail e-commerce system.
Distributed URL Classification Tool - A distributed URL classification tool.
dynam - A diminutive build tool for Java.
Debian Cluster Components - A high-performance cluster building toolset.
DenyHosts - A script intended to help thwart ssh server attacks.
Distributed Access Control System - A light-weight single sign-on and role-based access control system.
DB Visual ARCHITECT for Eclipse - A full-featured Object Relational Mapping (ORM) plugin for Eclipse.
DB Visual ARCHITECT for NetBeans - A full-featured Object Relational Mapping (ORM) plugin for NetBeans.
dirsplit - A tool that chooses file sets to be put on media, minimizing space waste.
DNSMax - A dynamic DNS update client for the DNS Max and ThatIP DNS services.
dqd - A qmail distribution for qmail power users.
dclog - A logging library for C and C++.
devialog - A behavior/anomaly/signature-based syslog intrusion detection system.
DNS Control - A Web-based management tool for BIND 9.
DoxyS - A C++ documentation tool.
Download Embedded - A Firefox extension for easily downloading embedded objects on a Webpage.
DeadMini - A modular do-it-yourself Linux distribution.
Data2XML - A tool which reads any raw input data and parses it into XML-formatted output.
demexp - A voting system for direct democracies.
Database Bean Generator - A command line application to make beans from database tables.
DR-CSOUND - A Csound wavetable drum machine.
DirectX support for Wine - DirectX 9 support for Wine, which is useful for games and 3D graphics.
DBQuery - A Mambo component supporting database integration.
DeTeWe ISDN device driver - A Linux device driver for DeTeWe ISDN hardware.
DBD::Oracle - An Oracle interface for Perl.
DBI - A Perl database interface framework.
Destiney Scripts Lottery - A powerball lottery number analyzer and quick picker.
DB Browser - A tool for running queries and viewing database structures.
Databionic ESOM Tools - Data mining with emergent self-organizing maps.
DEPS - A dependency extraction and processing system.
DDCcontrol - A tool that controls monitors by software, using the DDC/CI protocol.
DIY Map - A clickable, zooming map in Flash configured by an external text file.
dictator - A Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) on-screen text reader.
descartes - An image, data, and function plotter.
DarkWorld - A space-based massively multiplayer real-time strategy game.
dup-label - A tool that duplicates a Sun Solaris disk label.
DocumentManager - A Web-based document organizer.
Download Center Lite - A script that enables a Web site owner to offer file downloads.
deskbar - A lightweight modular system manager.
dhtmlxTree - A feature rich JavaScript tree control with AJAX support.
DB based NetFlow Collector - A Cisco NetFlow data collector, with storage to a database.
Daffodil CRM - A customer relationship management application.
DPHYS - Simple Automated Installer (SAI) for Debian 3.1 (sarge).
dnshistory - Provides a history of IP address to name lookups for Web log files.
DeepVacuum - A download manager based on wget.
DCCgetter - A script to manage incoming DCC send requests.
DockApp Framework Technology - A development library for the Mac OS X dock.
DJSync - A tool to sync MP3s with a Dell DJ/Creative Zen.
DCC/Live - A virtual Linux cluster on a bootable CD.
dsmtk - A microcontroller tool kit for Dallas DS89C4X0.
diffbin - A diff for binary files.
Dir::List - Provide you with various information about the content of a directory
dFlex - An LDAP directory synchronization, meta-directory, data update, and mapping.
dfsch - A Scheme-like LISP dialect.
Digital Invisible Ink Toolkit - A program to hide messages in images.
Dolox - A program that synchronizes Outlook with Open-Xchange.
dhtmlxToolbar - Cross-browser/multiplatform JavaScript toolbar with a rich API and XML support.
dietsniff - A slim and static network sniffer for Linux.
Duplo - A tool to find duplicated code blocks within multiple source code files.
dotCMS - A feature-complete, extendable J2EE Web CMS.
drm_tools - A collection of small utilities.
DrygerFax - A HylaFAX client that prints from Windows through a Samba/CUPS server.
databinding4swt - databinding4swt
delsafe - A trash can library and tools for Linux.
DbgLog - An advanced debugging messages filter and logger.
Drools - A Rete-based rules engine.
dbsql2xml - A Java tool that transforms an SQL RDBMS into hierarchical XML data.
DWR - Easy AJAX for Java.
Don Ceferino Hazaña - A game similar to Super Pang.
Distributed Lock Manager - A distributed lock manager for Linux.
DVDripTools - Scripts for creating MKV, OGM, or MP4 files from a DVD.
DBSight - An embeddable platform for creating Google-like searching for any database or application.
Draw stars - A PHP class for drawing graphical percentage bars made of star icons.
Debian services control panel - A tool that manages "services" on a Debian system.
Dejarik Holochess - A chess-like game similar to the one seen in Star Wars Episode IV.
dhtmlxMenu - A cross-browser, customizable JavaScript menu with XML support and a rich API.
Daemon Shield - A real-time intrusion prevention system that drops packets from attacker IPs.
Dispositionator - A Web application for presentation of slides and papers.
dhcp2ldap - A daemon that updates BIND9 DNS zones with DHCP lease data.
dbox2Tradio - A tool for listening to radio and watching TV with dbox2.
DOMjudge - A programming contest jury system.
Databionic MusicMiner - A browser for music based on data mining techniques.
dispatcher - A short time scheduler simulator.
DerMixD - A TCP-controlled audio mixing daemon.
dangen - A shoot 'em up game where accurate shooting matters.
DB Copy Plugin - A database copying plugin for the SQuirreL SQL Client.
dot2gdl - A converter from GraphViz Dot files into aiSee (xvcg) GDL files.
Daikon - A tool that generates specifications from code via run-time analysis.
DTDParse - A tool for parsing SGML and XML DTDs.
dmerge - A tool that merges duplicate files into hard links.
dotSilver Partner - A script for creating dating sites using the dotSilver database.
diskstat - A simple tool to gain insight into Linux I/O patterns.
dfp - A decimal floating point library for Java.
db_bibivu - A simple MySQL database access wrapper.
diggClone - A project that reproduces the digg.com functionality
DB_cart Class - A universal shopping cart script that works with external product data.
DirectNet - A serverless instant messaging system.
DiffJ - A tool which compares Java files based on content.
dBug for PHP - A tool that dumps PHP variables in a colored tabular format.
dvd2mp3 - A script which rips audio tracks from DVDs and creates tagged MP3s.
DM CryptFS - Tools for encrypting filesystems using the device mapper.
DShaper - A variable bandwidth traffic shaper.
Deep Network Analyzer - An open, flexible, realtime, network protocol analyzer.
defaultrouted - A tool that tries to detect a known network to give you a default route.
Device Control Device - A platform independent INDI client for Linux and Windows
DynarchMenu - A cross-browser DHTML menu and toolbar.
DotNetOpenMail - A library for creating email.
Dragon Player - A simple video player for KDE.
Dojo Toolkit - A portable JavaScript toolkit for Web UIs.
Dawal - Scripts, generic triggers, webtypes for Rational Change.
Dynamite - An isometric puzzle game where you blow up castles with dynamite.
DUMA - A malloc() buffer-overrun debugger that uses the VM hardware.
DNscript - A domain marketplace Web script.
DLini - An INI file parsing support library.
DIYBlog - Creates a blog or planet in your FTP-only Web space.
Daemonzup - A simple server/daemon availability monitor.
Docvert - Converts MS Word files to open document formats.
DocMgr - A document management system.
Duplicate Music Matcher - A script to find duplicate MP3, OGG, and FLAC files based on letter matching.
Direct Access Provider Library - A portable API for using RDMA.
dispatch - Object-oriented system administration.
dvdindex - A CD/DVD archiving utility to manage a collection.
dmzBackup - A backup script for disk-to-disk backups of multiple remote hosts.
Dual DHCP DNS Server - A dual DHCP/DNS server with automatic dynamic DNS updating.
Data.FormValidator - A JavaScript form validator which shares profiles with backend scripts.
Dead Pixel - A dead pixel joke widget.
Dead Souls - A MUD library that lets you make online text adventure games.
Divmod Epsilon - Time and concurrency utilities for Python.
Divmod Nevow - A Web application construction kit.
Divmod Vertex - An implementation of Q2Q.
djmount - A client to mount a UPnP AV device as a Linux filesystem.
Debian Almquist Shell - A POSIX compliant Bourne shell.
Divmod Axiom - An object-relational database.
DeKstasy - A DJ application.
Divmod Mantissa - A multi-protocol application server.
DBIx::Wrapper - A wrapper module for the Perl DBI.
Desktility - An OS X version of Desktop Resetter.
Danger from the Deep - A WW2 German submarine simulation.
Drop Bocks - A file upload application for Web sites.
DBSentry File Synchronizer - A file synchronization tool.
Dkfilter - An implementation of DomainKeys for the Postfix MTA.
Download Sentinel++ - A program to protect against bandwidth abuse.
DM Performance Meter - Measures the execution time of part of a PHP script.
dinamica - A high productivity framework for database oriented Web apps.
Dedicated Server Manager Lite - Provides a single login to manage your dedicated server.
Dedicated Server Manager Standard -
Driverse - A secure environment to test competition programs.
Destructor - A destructor implementation in PHP 4.
DS1624 parallel port thermometer - A DS1624-based thermometer.
dxgallery - An HTML image gallery generator.
db2dot - Reverse engineers an existing database and produces an ER diagram in dot format.
Der Bierschaumzerfall-Rechner - A calculator of the time it takes for beer foam to disappear.
Daedalus - A daemon for monitoring programs and reacting to events.
Double-V - A vertical navigation menu.
Drop-Box - A vertical navigation menu.
dvbcut - A GUI application for cutting parts out of MPEG videos.
duff - A utility for finding duplicate files.
DateSite - An online personals script.
Deckard - A simple, curses-based database frontend.
DieHard - A system that eliminates or reduces the risk of memory errors.
Decade - Dynamic motion simulation in Catia V5 and SolidWorks.
Demokritos - A server implementation of the Atom Publishing Protocol.
distmake - A distributed make utility.
DAKOTA - A systems analysis and design optimization toolkit.
DREAM Tool - A real-time analysis tool for distributed real-time embedded (DRE) systems.
Dell 1600n network scanner driver - A driver for the Dell 1600n network scanner, implemented as a Perl script.
doLinuxKernel - An easy kernel updater.
DNS Domain Expiration Check - A domain expiration checking script.
dotDefender - Software which protects a Web server against Web attacks.
DisableBackspaceNavigation - A Firefox extension which removes the back function from the backspace key.
db_flay - A Web-based database browser and editor.
DBFW - a database framework for rapid application development and rapid prototyping.
dpss - A generator for security programming documents.
DAMASCAS - A decision agent to allocate tasks to team members.
DeciGen - An ERP to help generate decisions.
doxWiki - A simple, personal Web Wiki.
DIMVisual - A tool that generates traces in Pajé file format.
DatingBox - A solution for building dating Web sites.
DaemonRip - A daemonized CD ripping tool.
Desperado - A collection of C++/C components for embedded/real-time applications.
decloak - A scanner that finds hidden processes by mapping out available PID space.
DBInterface - A database interface PHP class.
dwdiff - A delimited word diff program.
DoceboCMS - A WCAG II compliant, multilingual, tree based content management system.
DeVeDe - A program to create video DVDs from nearly any video format.
dbSketch - A database design tool for developers, not DBAs or data analysts.
Domain Auditor - A tool that simplifies the task of generating reports on pooled accounts.
Dedalo - An automatic topology drawing tool.
Direct Democracy Portal - A portal for online organizations governed through direct democracy.
DVD-Baker - A program to create a DVD slideshow from a picture collection.
Discrete Event Calculus Reasoner - A common-sense reasoning program.
Domain Portfolio Manager - Domain sales and portfolio management software.
DC10plus/LML33/Buz Linux Driver - A driver for ZR36060/ZR360x7-based video capture cards.
Diffuse - A graphical tool for comparing and merging text files.
DBIx::Wrapper::Config - A configuration module for DBIx::Wrapper.
DisGUISE - A library that provides object-oriented access to SE cell phones.
dbi4php - A database abstraction tool for PHP3/4/5.
dhtmlxGrid - Sortable Javascript grid with extended API, various cell types and AJAX support.
DaVinci - A comprehensive framework for model-driven Web engineering.
Dopi - A tool for updating songs on Apple iPod devices.
datamixer - A program that generates mock data and mixes it with real data.
DAEMon Raco Libraries - A collection of useful functions, objects, and routines for C/C++.
DeNAT - A NAT detection script.
Deskzilla - A Bugzilla desktop client.
Desdemona - A Reversi game.
Democracy Player - A Bittorrent+RSS aggregator with video playback for watching Internet video.
Dynamic form class lib - A PHP class library to make Web forms.
DSLinux - A port of Linux to the Nintendo DS.
dhcpclient - A DHCP client for Linux 2.6 using modern kernel features.
DSEFU add-on for LiteCommerce - A Dynamic Search-Engine-Friendly URLs add-on for LiteCommerce.
dtcltiny - A small SRCP client.
DKIM Proxy - An implementation of Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM).
Dynamic Copyright It! - A tool that adds copyright notices to images on-the-fly.
darcsweb - A very simple Web interface for darcs.
Deliantra Server - A graphical, multi-user, 2D tile-based role playing game.
dvd95 - A GNOME application for converting dvd9 to dvd5.
Dynamic Image Resize Wizard - An image resize program for Web sites.
ditrit - An application launcher that "does the right thing" for any input.
Dragbox - A commandline drag-and-drop tool for GNOME.
Distributed Multi-User Compilation System - A system to augment distcc for multiple users sharing a compilation farm.
dm.paypal - An object-oriented framework for Paypal IPN processing.
dvbshout - A DVB to Icecast/Shoutcast tool.
DwWorkflow - A workflow system for datawarehouse.
dogtail - A GUI automation framework.
Debt Payoff Calculator - A program that calculates a debt payoff schedule.
domingo - A Java API for Lotus Notes/Domino.
Date Calculator - A simple date calculator.
DisSent - A program to sort the contents of a sent mail folder into incoming mail folders.
DARE - A data recovery system for Linux filesystems.
DxsPrefGenerate - A script for automatic user account configuration.
DVD Rip-O-Matic - An MEncoder frontend for ripping DVD disks to XviD format.
DSI Sound Station - Broadcast radio station software.
Damn Small Linux Not - A compact distribution offering GTK 2 applications.
DVBStreamer - A tool that streams DVB/MPEG2 over UDP.
Day Planner - A simple time management program.
DOS33 - An Apple ][ disk image reader and Applesoft Basic interpreter.
DinoUML - A network simulation tool, based on UML (User Mode Linux).
Daniels Colorize.pl - A script that colorizes lines of text.
drsbackup - Software for one-off disk-to-disk backups.
drs-hash - A set of C-callable hash routines.
drs-rewrite - Software to inform users that URLs have moved.
dbmstools - Tools for generating multi-DBMS DDL, DML, and documentation.
Dungeon Inc - A 2D realtime dungeon simulator.
DD-WRT - Alternative firmware for Broadcom devices.
DeniX server OS - A GNU/Linux-based server distribution.
Dino sequencer - A MIDI sequencer.
Daily Diabetes Diet Counter - An online diabetes diet tracker.
dao-zero - A Java bean to implement your DAO interfaces.
DEMOS - A graphical modeling tool for EP models.
DutchPIPE - A way to implement virtual multi-user environments as Web sites.
DataDrafter Personal Edition - An integrated data/graphics environment.
docbook2odf - DocBook XSLT stylesheets and utilities for OpenDocument transformation.
dorm4j - A simple and easy-to-use O/R mapping library for Java.
Danselfduty - A program that allows users to authorize Web browsing by themselves.
Dissy - A graphical disassembler.
Dolphin Smart Community Builder - A software package for building your own Web community.
DocPerl - A Web site for displaying installed Perl files: POD, API, and code.
Dynpet - A Tamagotchi-like game.
Divmod Sine - A standards-based voice-over-IP application server.
Distributed John - A distributed password cracking using John The Ripper.
DhcpdByPort - A dhcpd configuration generator for "by switch port" IP assignment.
deskweb - A way to create Web applications that resemble desktop applications.
DeLiRiuM - A 32-bit nanokernel hybrid operating system.
dhtmlxCombo - An AJAX-based JavaScript combobox with autocompletion.
DBAShell - DBA Shell functions and scripts to ease common database chores.
Dolda Connect - An extensible client/server Direct Connect-based P2P client.
DDRManiak - A clone of DDR for mobile phones.
Database Abstraction - A database abstraction layer.
Diluculum - A library that intends to make the coexistence of C++ and Lua more harmonious.
databeans - Fully object oriented persistence for Java.
d command - A shell script to run commands in the background with output to a file.
dwscan - A monitor that displays real-time wireless information in a "top" like manner.
dhtmlxTabbar - An Ajax-enabled JavaScript tab bar for building intuitive navigation interfaces.
Digital Contract Project - A library for the management of digital contract aspects like XML signatures.
Device Interaction Suite - Multi-vendor network device automation and interaction.
DEE Excellent Editor - A simple but very functionnal source code editor.
DITrack - A light-weight issue/bug tracking system using Subversion as a backend.
dagger - A small command-line utility which tags and renames audio files.
DigiTools - Specialized hardware support for the ASUS Digimatrix under Linux.
Domino Javadoc Generator - Generates Javadoc and pseudo-source code for Lotus Notes API for Java.
Digital Product Management Library SDK - A component and application management platform.
DexgateMicro - A Web PBX with support for VoIP, video, fax, SMS/MMS, email, chat, and more.
DTC-Xen - A Xen usage grapher and a SOAP server for the DTC hosting panel.
DeltaRPM - A tool that creates an RPM based on differences between two RPMs.
Docbkx Maven Plugin - A Maven 2 plugin for generating output from DocBook sources.
Deadlock User Management System - A user management system that uses htaccess and htpasswd.
DROID (Digital Record Object Identification) - An automatic file format identification tool.
DHTML Windowing Toolkit - A cross-browser JavaScript/CSS library for the creation of inline DHTML windows.
DHCPsql - A DHCP server with an SQL backend.
Desktop Drapes - A wallpaper management application for the GNOME desktop.
DialFOX - An express dialplan report generator for Asterisk.
DB2 MDC Table Size Estimator for AIX - DB2 MDC Table Size Estimator for AIX
DomSax - An XML parser combining the best of SAX and DOM.
Deep Breathing - A program to help users relax and breathe deeply.
DB2-JMIN - An easy-to-use database administration client.
DuMP3 - A duplicate and similar file finder.
dochttx - A simple, text-mode teletext browser.
docbooktoc.xsl - An XSLT document that describes the docbooktoc.xsl TOC generator.
docbookm - Minimal DocBook XML drivers for XHTML.
Distributed RSA Key Generation - Software to jointly compute shared RSA keys.
DangoTalk - A Widget that allows you to make free anonymous phone calls.
Dozer - A powerful, yet simple Java Bean to Java Bean mapper.
Deck - An AJAX-based interface for Horizon Information Portal.
Danlann - An easy-to-use and powerful command line gallery generator.
dynamic window manager - A dynamic window manager for X11.
dbdiff - A tool to show the differences between two databases.
Deluxe Tree - A powerful, JavaScript-based Web site navigation menu system.
Data stream processing toolkit - A toolkit to efficiently process gigabytes of data.
DBIx::Timeout - A module that provides safe timeouts for DBI calls.
Data Crow - A movie, software, music, image, and book cataloger.
dxf2G - A DXF format to G-code translator.
Debyer - Software for calculation of diffraction patterns.
DreamChess - An XBoard-compatible 3D chess game.
DirectPOS-Payment for osCommerce - A DirectPOS/Paysolution/Internetkasse payment module for osCommerce.
Dxf2PostGIS - A DXF to PostGIS converter.
Diet Tracker - A set of programs to help you keep track of your diet progress.
dom3k - An AJAX framework written completely in Python.
driza - A graphical interface for R.
driveplugger - Manage removable media through a tray icon.
DrawView - A program to display RISC OS drawfiles.
dmsarchivista - A preconfigured DMS, archiving server, and PDF machine.
DNSMasq Webmin Module - A Webmin module for configuring DNSMasq.
DTLS Client/Server Example - A simple DTLS server and client.
Dragon parser generator - A combined scanner and LR(1) parser generator for C++ and Java code generation.
dmx4mplayer - A program that makes it possible for mplayer to present movies easily.
dex tracker - A tracker program for csound.
DAViCal - A CalDAV server with Web-based administration.
DSR-UU - An implementation of the DSR wireless routing protocol.
dvdtoogg - A script to extract audio from a DVD into an Ogg Vorbis file.
Datalus - An XML based Web framework using XSL written in PHP and designed for ease of use
Deliantra MORPG Client - The Deliantra MORPG Client.
dbiff - A biff-like program that runs as a stand-alone filter instead of through comsat.
Dynamic Web Page Effects - A variety of functions and controls to be added to a Web page.
DrKnock - A dynamic port knocking solution based on sig2knock.
DemoWave - An application for Web-based direct democracy.
DenteAzul - A J2ME application that enables Blackberry Internet over Bluetooth.
DAMP - The DragonFly BSD equivalent of the LAMP deployment in the Linux world.
Databrid - A database browsing, retrieval, and manipulation tool for Oracle and MySQL.
Dice3DS - A set of Pure Python modules for dealing with 3D Studio format (*.3ds).
dbdeploy - A tool for managing database refactoring.
DrasticTools - A visual DataGrid, Cloud, and Google map with editing support via AJAX.
DBHcms - A small CMS for personal and small business Web sites.
DataDraw - A database generator for high performance C applications.
deepOfix Mail Server - A GNU/Linux based free software mail server product.
Decibel - A realtime communication framework.
Desktop Data Manager - A clipboard manager and screenshot taking application.
Deluxe Tuner - A GUI that gives you the full control over menu creation with Deluxe Menu.
Darwin Calendar Server - A CalDAV server.
duckmaze - A maze game where you can move walls.
DAGII - A reimplementation of Sierra's Adventure Game Interpreter.
DD-SMS-Lib - A cross platform C++ library for SMS encoding and decoding.
DeSmuME - A Nintendo DS emulator.
dbblast - An automated JPEG image dust and hot pixel removal utility.
dlib C++ Library - A portable C++ toolkit.
DMAring - A NIC driver for real-time, high speed packet capturing without loss.
dtrx - An intelligent archive extractor.
Diagnotep - An affliction search engine to help diagnose medical problems.
DbSimple - A simple way to work with various RDBMs.
DroidBattles - A robot-programming game for Unix/X11.
DrawPile - A collaborative drawing program.
Dynagraph - Dynamic graph drawing engines.
Dbeacon - A distributed multicast monitoring tool.
DispDump - A display dumper for remote control of a DOS computer.
DeStar - A Web-based interface to manage the Asterisk PBX.
DreamZZT - A ZZT engine.
DocuSearch - An application to store and retrive documents in a database.
DimensioneX - A Web-based MMORPG game engine.
Devalot - Social networking for software projects.
dfu-programmer - A Device Firmware Update based USB programmer for Atmel (8051 and AVR) chips.
DNSSEC-Tools - Tools for deploying DNSSEC.
DailyTasks - A utility to remind you of repeating daily tasks.
DBIx::Perlish - A perlish interface to SQL databases.
DocBook to LaTeX/ConTeXt Publishing - Transforms DocBook files to DVI, PS, and PDF with LaTeX or ConTeXt.
dbxrecover - An Outlook Express DBX file recovery program for Unix.
dictconv - A program to convert a dictionary from one format to another.
Deluxe Menus - A tool for creating effective Web site navigation menus.
Deluxe Tabs - A system to add tabs to a Web site for site navigation.
DRBImageGallery - An image gallery script with customizable search capabilities.
DataMonitor for GlowWorm FW - A customizable network traffic monitor for GlowWorm FW.
dbscript - A RESTful CRUD framework for PHP 4 and 5.
DRBGuestbook - A guestbook script with email notification and IP banning capabilities.
Digital Products - A script for online file selling, similar to PayLoadz.
Dr. DivX - A DivX encoding tool.
Deep Project - A time tracking and billing application with project management.
dicelab - A program that rolls dice and analyzes dice rolling schemes.
dxf - A DXF file viewer/editor with image export, printing, zoom, pan, etc.
d_store - A dynamic database engine.
DNServer - A class to implement a DNS server in pure PHP.
dzen - A scriptable messaging, notification, and menuing tool.
DesktopLyrics - Displays the lyrics of the current song on your dektop.
Dolphin CRM - Contact management software.
Doff - A lightweight J2EE toolkit.
ddds4j - A DDDS implementation for Java.
dkLab Apache - A patched Apache distribution to serve multiple sites under separate Unix users.
dvdmenuauthor - Automated DVD menu authoring with pdfLaTeX.
Document clustering - A data mining suite to cluster a document set.
Dv2vloopback - A program to use your camcorder as a webcam.
Dockboard - A powerful outline editor for authors of books, articles, and other works.
domadi - A daemon that monitors the contents of mail folders stored in maildir format.
dpkg-du - A script that produces a list of installed packages and sizes in 'du' format.
Daylight Chart - A program that shows sunrise and sunset times in an attractive chart.
DFD Cart - A wholesale distributor's ordering system with spreadsheet support.
Daemonisation with Feedback - A daemon development library with notification from the daemon to its parent.
DM Jot - A Dungeon Master's PC cheat sheet.
DisTract - A distributed bug tracker.
DeXSS - A SAX2 Parser for protecting against XSS.
DataMatrix ECC200 Font and Encoder - A collection of fonts and components to generate ECC200 Data Matrix barcodes.
Dimenso - A library for performing dimension-aware calculations in C# and Java.
degtodec.sh - A script for conversion between degrees/minutes/seconds and decimal.
dia2fsm - A tool to read DIA diagrams and produce Finite State Machine skeleton code.
DB Designer Fork - A visual database design system.
diversifEye - A per flow traffic emulation system for IPTV, Triple Play, and TCP/IP QOS/QOE.
Decibel Audio Player - A GTK+ audio player.
DNS.py - A Python module that implements DNS client operations.
Disposable Temporary E-mail - A disposable temporary e-mail system.
DLibs - A PHP framework.
DBConsole - A database console for SQLite, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.
Dee-Python - An implementation of a truly relational database language with Python.
DSPdap - A DSP-based hardware MP3 player.
Dial-up bot - A ppp/ip-{up,down}.d replacement.
domus.Link - A Web-based frontend for Heyu.
dvdspanky - A CLI tool that converts media to DVD MPEG data.
Drum Count - Software to count drum hits in real time.
DMDirc - An IRC client.
dim_STAT - A performance analysis and monitoring tool for Solaris, Linux, Mac OS X, and other UNIX systems.
dterm - A simple terminal emulator.
Dependency Analyzer - A Maven2 dependencies analyzer and viewer.
dl Download Ticket Service - A download ticket service.
Dataweb Project - A Java RAD tool.
dotnetfromjava - A library to access .NET assemblies directly from Java.
Digmia Enterprise SSH - An advanced scriptable SSH client for large scale systems.
DTI-Query - Diffusion Tensor Imaging with a query language.
DKP Log Parser - A tool for administrating time-based and/or event-based DKP reward systems.
dataharvester - A tool for reading and writing "hierarchic tuples" from/to various file formats.
Dolphin AdManage - A program to keep track of ad sales.
darcspublish - A tool to help you publish Darcs repositories or Web sites.
Domain Hunter - A simple domain monitoring application.
DictD++ - A dictionary server that implements the DICT protocol.
DirectVNC-rev - A VNC client that displays without running an X server.
DoxMentor4J - A cross platform Web/AJAX documentation library that is fully searchable.
DBIx::MyParse - A Perl interface to the MySQL parser.
Database Functions - A class to build and execute MySQL database queries.
DNS name parser - A Java utility library used to differentiate between DNS names, IPs, etc.
daloRADIUS - RADIUS Web management featuring reporting, accounting, billing and more.
Drossellog - An Apache log file analyzer.
deco file extraction framework - A universal file extractor with consistent interface and behavior.
Diago - A hierarchical menu system for starting programs and connecting to hosts.
DynaStop - A utility for dynamic IP address antispam filtering.
DBSlayer - Database access over HTTP with JSON payloads
Das Schaefchen - A lightweight HTTP server and proxy for Unix platforms.
DBTree - A general purpose database query tool that is independent of database and OS.
DrProject - A lightweight software project management portal.
DIMP - An AJAX webmail client.
Desuade Partigen - A particle suite for Flash that lets you create particle effects without code.
Depends - An embeddable, generic dependency tracker library for C++.
Distributed Network John The Ripper - A distributed password cracker based on John the Ripper.
Das Katerchen - An SMTP server for Linux.
Decorum - A simple dependency extension for Ant.
dsflasher - A utility to flash Dallas DS89C450 microcontrollers.
dhcpd-j - A DHCP server in Java.
DialFox callto - A dialer for the Asterisk PBX.
dysii - A C++ library for large-scale probabilistic inference in dynamical systems.
dxcc - A ham radio dxcc lookup utility.
DRBRatings - A simple script for putting a ratings form on a Web page.
DRBImageVerification - A simple anti-spam image verification script.
Debian packaging utilities for Truecrypt source - An installer for Debian-based systems.
Dada Mail - A simple, Web-based mailing list manager.
Django - A Python Web framework.
DBDesigner 4 Scaffold Tools for CakePHP - An application that translates DBDesigner XML into CakePHP model files.
DSHub - An ADC hubsoft (server) for Direct Connect.
DEKSI CRM for Linux - Linux CRM software.
Dynamic Host Filter - A dynamic host filter for qmail (tcpserver).
DRBPoll - A simple PHP poll script that doesn't require a database.
dprofpp_grapher - Generates a graphic representation of Perl profile data.
Daisy Diff - A Java library that compares HTML files.
DetaolB - A Linux distribution for Qemu with Git inside.
DRBCounter - A simple hit counter script that doesn't require a database.
dbtroff - Software that converts DocBook to PDF using troff.
DRLX - An application to boot Linux from DR-DOS and return control afterwards.
DocFetcher - A desktop search application.
DSpace - A digital asset management system.
deluge-torrent - A full-featured BitTorrent client.
DIASER - A cloud storage class, long-term archive system, and WAN vault.
Deskbar Tomboy Plugin - A plugin to search Tomboy notes in Deskbar.
Deluxe Menu - A menu for implementing effective Web site navigation.
Database Applet - A Java applet to view a table or spreadsheet in a Web page.
databene benerator - A generator framework for realistic and valid high-volume test data.
Dstar Lite - A C++ implementation of the D* Lite search algorithm.
D-Collide - An easy-to-use platform independent collision detection library implementation.
Dataguzzler - A system for laboratory automation and waveform/image acquisition
DYE Framework - The Do-it-Yourself Embedded Environment Framework.
dnsbl-milter - A lightweight Sendmail DNSBL and DNSWL milter.
DAVAdmin - A Web-based administration frontend for WebDAV with Apache 2.2.
Dejitun - A jitter-removing tunnel.
dvbyell - A DVB streaming service.
Detect Library - A hardware detection library.
dm.KittenAuth - An alternative CAPTCHA validation not subject to image analysis.
Dream Diary - An encrypted diary application.
dkopp - A utility to make full or incremental file backups to DVD, with verification.
DistribuStream - An open peercasting system for on-demand/live streaming media.
DiscSpan - A file backup tool that can span multiple DVDs.
DirLock - A password protection and user management script.
Dudders - A utility for updating DNS records.
djib - A streaming server for media files with a Web frontend.
DVD InfoTool - A tool that shows DVD structure.
Dejavu mini-framework - A library that allows you to easily implement undo-redo, rollback, etc.
Duplicate Files Searcher - An application for finding and deleting duplicates.
Deep Blue Sea - A game of adventure in an underwater world.
Dingo Calendar Server - A CalDAV-compatible calendar server.
DB-Everywhere - A database administration application.
DungeonX - A text RPG based on the old game Dungeon.
Dotkit - A set of shell tools to help maintain your environment.
dotMac Replacement - Run your own .Mac server
Dexter-XSL - An XSLT generation tool.
DJ Native Swing - A native component integration system for Swing.
duti - A command line tool to select default applications for doc types on Mac OS X.
Drool (Drupal Tool) - A command-line tool for managing Drupal Web sites.
datreader - A tool for reading Clarion database files.
DAA2ISO - A converter for the DAA CD/DVD image format.
DBLog Amateur Radio Logging Program - An amateur radio login program based on RDBMS.
dyncall - A foreign function call interface using small assembly kernels.
Dymoum - A userspace Dynamic Manet On-demand router.
Debea Database Access Library - A C++ object to database relation mapping library.
Duplicate Files Finder - An application that finds duplicate files by comparison of the file contents.
Dependent Object Framework - A framework for JUnit testing against database objects without mock objects.
dvtm - A dynamic window manager for the console.
dirogg - A small script to migrate your music collection to Ogg Vorbis.
DarGUI - A graphical interface for the DAR backup utility
Disko - A user interface (UI) application framework for embedded Linux systems.
distamper - Software that provides data archiving that is resistant to tampering.
Dave's Unit Test - A unit test infrastructure for C and C++.
djWarehouse - A Django-based e-commerce system (shopping cart).
DSI utilities - Miscellaneous utility classes from the DSI.
Draco - An econometrics package focused on usability.
DonkeyFire - A Firefox extension that integrates MLDonkey.
DeskToy - A 3D screensaver displaying a perpetual motion desk toy.
dir2cast - A script that serves a PodCast (RSS) of a folder of MP3s using ID3 for metadata.
d3vscan - A network and bluetooth device manager.
Digi-Robo 01 - A robot toy program disc creator.
Data Center Audit - Data Center CMDB Software for hardware asset inventory management
Deimos Project - A computer statistics/monitoring tool.
DynamicWorkspaces - A utility to manage workspaces so that you have always one free.
dnstop - An application to monitor DNS traffic.
DocumentBurster - A tool that bursts, merges, emails, FTPs, and faxes your reports.
dim versioning tool - A light and powerful distributed versioning tool.
DBReplicator - A multi-master database replication system.
DTMF2NUM - A tool for decoding DTMF and MF tones from PCM wave files.
dolphin proxy - A lightweight HTTP proxy server.
dasm - A versatile macro assembler for 8-bit microprocessors.
DTraceToolkit - A collection of useful documented scripts.
Deejayd - A network controllable media player daemon.
du2rrd - A tool that parses du output into rrd and visualizes it in a Web application.
DataCleaner - A data quality solution that includes a profiler, validator, and comparator.
doit - A task execution tool (build tool).
Django Resgistration App - A full-featured user registration application for Django.
datapacker - A tool to pack files into the minimum number of a given media type.
DBKiss - A one-PHP-file database browser.
daemonizer - A tool that starts a process while detaching it from the terminal.
Doapfiend - A command line client and library for DOAP RDF.
dramatis - An actor library for dynamic languages.
DataNucleus AccessPlatform - Standards-compliant Java persistence via JDO/JPA/REST and RDBMS/MongoDB/Neo4j/Excel/LDAP.
DeforaOS Browser - A file browser for the DeforaOS desktop.
dgrey - A greylisting policy server synchronized between multiple mail servers.
Detritus - A 3D-ish Asteroids-like shoot-em-up game.
Domination (Risk Board Game) - A game that is a bit like the well known board game of Risk.
dradis - A tool for sharing information during security assessments.
djvusmooth - A DjVu editor.
DUNE (Numerics) - A distributed and unified numerics environment.
Dumi Web Gallery - A script for easily creating an image gallery on the Web.
Domac - A text processor that is a friendly alternative to sed, awk, or m4.
dwemo - An alternative minimal window manager for X.
DirSynch - A bidirectional directory synchronizing software.
diggZ-Et - A WordPress plugin for displaying Digg It buttons.
dragon2partisn - Software for manipulation of nuclear mascroscopic cross sections.
Django App Engine Utilities - A collection of tools to help Django work better with Google App Engine.
dataloss template query tool - A query tool that passes results through a template (formerly mysqlquery).
Dehydra GCC Plugin - Scriptable static analysis support for GCC.
DOLPHIN SLED - A schematic link editor.
Droopy - A mini Web server for easy file receiving.
Distributed Inter-Process Communications - Software that makes distributed programming very easy.
Database structure synchronizer - A class that compares MySQL databases to synchronize structures.
Data Storm - An embeddable database browser.
DokuVimKi - A DokuWiki XML-RPC Vim plugin.
djvu2pdf - A small script to convert .djvu files to .pdf files.
diri - A minimalist database-free wiki system.
Dnmalloc - A more secure memory allocator.
Docmake - A tool to render DocBook/XML to final formats.
Deep Voyage - A collapse-style game in an underwater setting.
DN-Gallery - A simple PHP/AJAX Web-based gallery.
DoCASU - An Alfresco custom user interface.
deltasql - A database version control system.
DrawFBP - Software that supports multi-level, compilable, runnable diagrams.
dzoneZ-Et - A plugin to display dzone buttons on posts and pages in WordPress.
DBGMEM - A feature rich memory debugger for C and C++ programs.
Dapper Dataflow Engine - A distributed and parallel dataflow engine for large-scale cloud/grid computing.
Docx to Text Converter (docx2txt) - A scripting based solution to convert an MS .docx document to a text file.
Directory Recursive Files - A Java library that finds all files in a root directory and all its sub-folders.
deco-archive - A collection of extractor wrappers for the deco file extraction framework.
drun - A GTK run dialog box with tab completion and a simple UI.
Dvorcode - A utility to transcode Dvorak passwords for typing on QWERTY keyboards.
DT Flickr - A Flickr API library for Python using JSON.
download_url - A PHP script to download a file from a URL.
Danshell - A small, portable shell.
dbschema.pl - Software to dump a Sybase schema to a file.
dCache DSS - A distributed storage solution.
drSoft Webber - A full-featured membership manager.
Directory Snapshot - A high-level interface to the Linux Logical Volume Manager.
daemonservice - A cross-platform C library to create a *nix daemon or Windows service.
Duat - A 9p2000 and 9p2000.u I/O library.
dnscacheaudit - A simple Perl utility to audit entries in the BIND cache.
DRS Looper - A program to run a list of shell commands, a certain number at a time.
Dashel - A cross-platform data stream helper encapsulation library.
Dev9 - A devfs/udev workalike.
dc3dd - A forensic version of GNU dd.
Dyadic Snapshot Scheduler - A snapshot-based backup daemon.
DromeAudio - A small audio manipulation and playback library.
DCHK - A library and client implementation of the DCHK protocol.
DABAJAX Toolkit - An AJAX toolkit using a database.
DataGrid Zend Framework - A way to easily create a datagrid from queries in your Zend Framework project.
docu - A code documentor that uses database storage to allow documentation searching.
dnsbalance - A DNS over UDP balancer.
Dual Richards Unsaturated Equation Solver - A solver for dual permeability unsaturated flow equations.
DotNetWikiBot Framework - A full-featured MediaWiki client API for easy wiki site building.
dwarf-ng - A small and powerful object file manipulator.
dreambox-api - An API for controlling and getting streams from a Dreambox satellite controller.
dnAnalytics - A numerical library for Mono and .NET.
DataFinder - A data management client.
Duo - A Crazy Eight card game.
DJ Sweet - A component suite for SWT that features a flash player and a media player.
dtangler - A dependency analysis tool.
Data-Architect - A tool for designing databases at all levels of an organization.
DataGrid for PHP - A PHP script for generating data-bound grid control.
Dreambox TV - Dreambox viewing software.
darcs-notify - A tool to report darcs repository changes to an email list.
Dwoo - A PHP5 template engine.
dudl - Network oriented tools to grab, encode, manage, and play MP3 files.
dbus-tcl - A Tcl library for interacting with D-Bus.
dio - A generic input/output program for X.
DRadio - A Danmarks Radio player.
dbook - Programs to check and convert ISBN and to retrieve Amazon book information.
dulwich - A pure Python Git implementation.
Dotiac::DTL - The Django Template Language for Perl.
DTrace Taz Tool - A disk activity analysis tool for Solaris 10.
Darksnow - A simple graphical interface for darkice.
Dertin - A GNU/Linux distribution.
depfinder - A tool that finds the dependencies of Slackware packages.
discotag - A program for tagging a large collection of music with discogs.com.
Dwgo - A multistation weather dockapp.
dhcpcd-dbus - DBus bindings for dhcpcd.
dhcpcd-gtk - A GTK+ monitor for dhcpcd
DJIGZO Email Encryption Gateway - An email encryption gateway server.
Diskus - A disk geometry checking and (limited) repair tool.
Data Shuffler - Maps relational data to an object oriented paradigm.
Dupe Manager - A tool to identify and mange duplicate files.
Delicious to Atompub - Post your delicious entries to your blog via Atompub (RFC 5023).
dns.c - An asynchronous DNS and SPF resolver.
DenyThem - A syslog monitor that can deny hacks and optionally other countries.
Database Modeller - An entity-relationship diagram designer.
DNSSD for Firefox - DNS Service Discovery for Firefox.
DatePNG - A PHP class that generates a PNG image with a given time.
Danica Patrick 2009 Calendar - 2009 Calendar software featuring Danica Patrick.
Decoration - An image decorator to add nice borders and effects to photo albums.
Discotheek - Changes your screen into a nightclub spotlight.
Drizzle - A database optimized for Cloud and Net applications.
DBusTL - A thin C++ binding for D-Bus.
deRSS - A program that parses RSS 2.0 feeds and downloads files referenced in them.
drizzle-php-ext - A PHP extension that provides an interface to the Drizzle client and protocol library.
dup - Scripted stream processing for POSIX systems.
Downloadermac - A universal Cocoa application for downloading items from the internet.
DocSearcher - A desktop search tool.
darktable - A utility to organize and develop your raw images.
dtrace for linux - A port of Sun's dtrace to Linux.
DVD to Apple TV Converter for MAC - A utility that converts DVDs for use on the Apple TV.
Dashboard Framework - A PHP Web application framework.
dzo - A database utility to maintain databases from an SQL script.
DANS DBF Library - A Java library to read and write xBase database files.
dd_chat - An ntalk derived chat system for DayDream BBS.
dudl-clients - Clients for the networked dudl Jukebox.
Doctor Swig - A Swig binding add-in tool for MonoDevelop.
dumbofs - A filesystem to mount PostgreSQL servers.
DeBox - A lightweight, fast, and beautiful desktop.
Diffident - A side-by-side colored terminal diff viewer.
drcom-client - An ISP client for logging in to Dr.COM networks.
Drizzle-JDBC - A JDBC driver for Drizzle.
dbus-cxx - A C++ dbus wrapper.
DJ Swing Suite - Components and utilities for Swing.
diskrescue - A disk recovery tool.
Data File Player - A program to transmit data files through an audio port.
dualscreen-mouse-utils - Utilities to switch the mouse cursor between two X screens.
drkhtb - A medium/large ISP shaping solution.
dbphp - An object relational mapping framework for PHP.
dpmaster - An open master server.
DCGN - Distributed computing for GPU networks.
DbEnv - A rapid prototyping aid and IDE for applications based on PHP and MySQL.
DatabaseToUML - A program to convert a database schema to UML2.
dictconv-CX - A babylon (BGL) dictionary converter.
dd_listmsgs - A program that shows message headers in DayDream BBS messagebases.
dANN - A library to develop with dynamic artificial neural networks, AI, and genetic algorithms.
Detached Quercus - A launchpad to run Quercus PHP in Java without a Web server.
Duplicati - A Duplicity implementation with a friendly user interface.
DokuWiki Back-Up Utility - A backup utility for DokuWiki.
Databene Benclipse - An Eclipse plugin for Databene Benerator.
dbfconverter - A program to convert a DBF file into SQL scripts.
db api client - A client for the Python DB API v2.0.
Das Schwarze Auge online - Morgendämmerung - An online platform for the pen-and-paper role playing game "Das Schwarze Auge" ("The Dark Eye").
DivX Converter - A simple Mencoder GUI to produce DivX player compatible video with subtitles.
Daily Collection - Software which manages the daily accounting activity of small banks.
dxirc - A simple cross-platform IRC client.
Ductus - A structured wiki engine.
Developer's Image Library - Extensible image library.
dov4l2 - A tool to configure video4linux2 devices.
Dumbbell Pal - A program that shows over 50 dumbbell exercises by muscle groups.
DANS DataPerfect Library - A Java library to read DataPerfect database files.
Diomedes IRC - An IRC client built on Adobe AIR.
DooPHP - A high performance MVC based PHP framework.
Dudeball - A lightweight 2D arcade game for 1-2 players.
DComSoft SWF Protector - A program that makes source code inaccessible to SWF decompilers.
Dive Log Book - A scuba diving log book.
dkim-verify - Provides DKIM verification for non-DKIM-aware MDAs.
DLIST - A quick directory lister for IceWM.
DAC - A framework for implementing multi-agent systems that describe parallel computations.
dotCMS Scripting Plugin - Enables PHP, Ruby, Python, Groovy, and Javascript support in dotCMS.
Data2l - A way to describe, inspect, generate, large sets of binary data.
dotnew - A utility to manage .new system configuration files in Slackware.
drumstick - A Qt4 wrapper around the ALSA sequencer.
Duel Commander - A command line turn-based fighting strategy game.
DemuxFS - A filesystem that aids on the analysis of transport streams in digital TV systems.
DeFX for Audacious - An effects sound processor plug-in for Audacious.
DungeonHack - A non-linear 3D role-playing game.
days_lived - A program that calculates the days lived and biorhythm for a person.
DBIx-Class - An extensible and flexible object <-> relational mapper.
Digital Forensics Framework - A tool for digital forensics research, analysis, and recovery.
Déjà Dup - A simple backup tool.
django-eve-proxy - A Django app for querying and transparently caching calls to the EVE Online API.
Dizzy - A graphics demo which makes you dizzy, using rotating textures.
Dataquay - An RDF library for C++/Qt developers.
Dist-Zilla - A Perl distribution builder.
DeveelDB - An embeddable SQL database management system.
Data Quota - Shows how much of your packet data quota you've used so far this month.
dea datagrid - An AJAX data grid.
DBD-SQLite - A self-contained SQLite RDBMS in a DBI driver.
Date::Calc::XS - An XS wrapper and C library plug-in for Date::Calc.
django-userthemes - A simple Django application for managing user themes.
django CMS - A CMS based on Python and Django.
Drools Helper Integration - Software for using Drools from Java.
Diskegrator - A disk image integrator.
DynPG - A content management system based on PHP and MySQL.
DireKtion - A satellite navigation application.
Dwarrendelf - A fairy tale RPG game for the Game Boy Advance.
DV Analyzer - Error detection and metadata reporting for DV.
DaemonProjects Login Alert - A simple security tool for Ubuntu.
Dee's Sea Adventure - An iPhone app for kids.
digup - A console tool to update and verify digest files.
Debshare - An easy way to share applications across Ubuntu-based computers.
dea captcha - A script for generating CAPTCHA images.
deva - A small and dynamic programming language.
docendo - An open learning content authoring and management system.
delegate.c - An implementation of abstract function pointers in C.
Dare-Dare - An AJAX-based document reader.
DSPAM Mbox-style Training Helper - A DSPAM mbox trainer program.
dea num2word - A PHP class to convert numbers from numeral form to word form.
dellflash - A tool to flash the BIOS on Dell computers.
dxf2papercraft - A program to convert 3D models into real paper models.
dnsblCheck - A program to check an IP address against DNS blacklists and whitelists.
dos2unix - Utilities for converting text files from DOS/Mac format to Unix format and vice versa.
DynarchLIB - An AJAX UI framework.
dosfstools - Utilities for making and checking MS-DOS FAT filesystems.
Dam.gd URL Shortner - A way to host your own shortened URL service.
DBENGINE - A system that allows management of PostgreSQL via a browser.
Dr. Higgins - A vocabulary learning tool.
deEncrypt - An HTML tool that encrypts arbitrary texts (such as a password) using AES.
Doremisoft Video to Flash Converter - A tool for converting videos to Flash formats for Web pages and video sharing sites.
diascriptlauncher - A plugin that lets you launch shell scripts from Dia.
Dominion - A universal database abstraction layer for PHP.
Diagnose - A portable diagram editor with the LaTeX support.
digitalSTROM server - A server to control your digitalSTROM installation.
DALMP - A MySQL abstraction layer for PHP.
DbProxy - A class that executes MySQL queries from SQL defined in XML.
DTDprune - A program that reduces a DTD to match XML files.
D-CM - An easy-to-use, all-in-one manager for Web programmers.
Digital Soda - A simple GTK+ frontend for the "DSO-2250 USB" oscilloscope.
D'Enfent Engine - A graphical library for game programming.
dvdtube - A script to download all of a YouTube user's uploads and optionally create a DVD from them.
dunan - A program that shows animated Miku Miku Dance 3D models on the desktop.
DynaBlast - A program that quickly scans the Apache HTTPD access_log for hosts that hit a great deal in a short time period.
Dolphin-emu - A Gamecube/Wii/Triforce emulator.
DragonDisk - A file manager for S3 compatible cloud storage services.
ddir - A program to display a hierarchical directory tree
dsi - A simple invading aliens game.
DBox2-Client - Perl modules for interfacing with a DBox2.
DevClient - A highly customizable,` free and open source MUD client written in Python/Qt and designed to be friendly and easy to use.
django-weave - A Web application that implements a Firefox Weave server.
detox64 - A portable C64 BASIC detokenizer.
Dummy Data Generator - A tool that generates dummy data for populating systems for testing.
Dragora - An independent GNU/Linux-Libre distribution based on concepts of simplicity.
DDMSence - An open source Java library for DDMS.
Dmailer Backup - A backup tool.
DeskTapRC - A remote control server for your desktop computer.
django-eve-db - A set of Django models that wrap CCP's EVE Online data dump.
DeTraS - A development tracking system.
django-gitcms - A CMS framework based on flat files.
Dog Domotic OSGi Gateway - A software-based gateway for controlling domotic systems and intelligent ambients.
Doxer - A documentation tool for source code documentation and general purpose documents.
DXF Export Java - A Java library for exporting CAD entities and data to AutoCAD DXF.
DynamicReports - A Java library for reporting.
dywapitchtrack - A pitch tracking library.
deadbeef - An audio player for GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, and other *NIX systems.
DVT Eclipse - An IDE for e and SystemVerilog.
Ditchers - A multiplayer action game of underground tanks with network and programmable AI.
dvd-slideshow-editor - A GUI editor the for dvd-slideshow script.
Dbav - A library for automatic versioning and patches for databases.
downtimed - A system downtime reporting tool.
dupli.back - A front end to the backup tool Duplicity.
Date Warp - A visual novel and mystery/romance game.
Domination: The Game - A turn-based strategy game.
DVD-Ranger UI - A GUI to the DVD-Ranger command-line application.
Dudeball NG - A one or two player arcade game.
DataSync Suite CE - An integration portal for SugarCRM, Zimbra, and Drupal.
Dove - A document distribution system.
DFeta - An estimater of when a disk's free space will run out.
DanCaptcha - A CAPTCHA system accessible to the blind with sound.
DTPSTree - A utility that displays a tree of processes.
dbDir - A database directory service.
DreamPie - A Python shell designed to be reliable and fun.
Django Dajaxice - An easy to use AJAX library for Django.
Digtwit - A simple retweeter (suitable for group Twitter).
daytime - A trivial program to get time using the "daytime", "time", or HTTP protocols.
Dynamic Menu in PHP - A class that generates multi-level dynamic menus from a database table.
DB Relay - An HTTP/JSON interface to databases.
DomCore - A set of foundation classes for PHP.
defragmenter - A filesystem agnostic defrag script.
desire-adhoc - An Android application to connect the HTC Desire to ad-hoc networks.
django-easymode - A way to quickly build backends for Flash/Flex Web sites with Django.
Drupowa - An application that installs amd configures the Drupal CMS from snapshots.
dry_crud - Generates DRY and specifically extendable CRUD components for Ruby on Rails applications.
db2bix - Provides DB2bix monitoring of IBM LUW DB2 with Zabbix.
DojoList - A Judo Club listing project.
django-issue-synchronisation - An issue synchronisation tool for Django based applications.
Diagnil - A GUI application to help solvers of diagramless crossword puzzles.
datafromdump - A class for retrieving, executing, and saving partial data from SQL dumps.
ddpt - A dd command variant for disks with large I/O support.
develenv - A common enviroment for building software projects.
Disk Drill - Data recovery software.
dupeGuru - A tool for finding duplicate files.
DEDiscover - Differential equation modeling software for scientists, statisticians, and modelers.
dupeGuru Music Edition - A tool to find duplicate songs in your music collection.
dupeGuru Picture Edition - A tool to find duplicate pictures.
Database Deployment Manager - A tool to create databases.
daemon-manager - A program to allow non-root users to start and stop their own daemons.
DiffKit - A diff tool for tables of data.
DynaSpring - A dynamic, extensible DSL for Spring-based applications.
Discount - An implementation of John Gruber’s Markdown text to HTML.
dtools - Utilities for running commands on a number of hosts.
DB Sanity - A program that verifies and reports data consistency on databases.
Docky - An advanced shortcut bar in iDock style.
DevContest - A tool for running programming contests.
dotCMS eCommerce Accelerator - A plugin for dotCMS that provides an e-commerce shop driven by Konakart.
Dextep Template Engine - A template engine based on regular expressions.
Dictator - A simple text editor for writing transcriptions from recorded dictations.
DPG for X - A converter for the DPG video format.
Data-Maker - Simple, flexible, and extensible generation of realistic data.
dmapd - A server that provides DAAP and DPAP shares.
Diet Monger Ass Kicker - EuGTK - A program for designing diets.
dumbado - A packet sniffer.
deheader - A utility that finds (and optionally removes) unneeded #includes from C and C++ source files.
DHCP Lease Query in PHP - A PHP class to query DHCP servers.
Diladele Web Safety - A Web filtering ICAP server for the Squid proxy server.
Download Monitor - A tool to easily track downloads on your Web site.
Deduplicator - An utility that substitutes duplicate files with hard links.
Divalign - A paragraph alignment plugin for DokuWiki.
dracMail - A webmail interface.
DirectMemory - An off-heap cache implementation.
DIFFUSE - A distributed, machine-learning based IP traffic classifier.
dosbox-ipxrelay - A dedicated IPX server daemon to support DOSBOX.
DBD-ODBC - An ODBC driver for Perl DBI.
Dynamic Ad-Hoc Routing Simulator - An extendable Ad-Hoc routing protocol simulator.
din is noise - A musical instrument and audio synthesizer.
Ding Framework - Lightweight DI, AOP, and MVC for PHP 5.
DClassifieds Free PHP Classifieds Script - A PHP classifieds script.
DrugList - An Android application for scheduling drug prescriptions.
delvj - An application for synchronizing videos and effects to music.
DynArray - A C header of X-Macros for dynamically resizing arrays.
DbMaster - An end-user program to manage a DBMS, including an editor for queries and tables.
Droplet-sh - Droplet Shell
ddsum - A tool to compute and check multiple message digests
Dextop - An application framework that allows you to create Rich Internet Applications based on .NET/Mono and Sencha Ext JS.
Django Inventory - An inventory and asset control Web application.
DaVINCI - A dashboard builder for Nagios.
DaisyDuck - A free player for Daisy 2.02 audio books.
Deep Mandelbrot - A fast multi-threaded multi-precision Mandelbrot set generator.
dthumb - Software to create a thumbnail index for a set of images.
DBeaver - A universal database manager.
Django REST framework - A lightweight REST framework for Django that aims to make it easy to build well-connected, self-describing RESTful Web APIs.
DeforaOS Panel - A lightweight panel for desktop environments.
DeforaOS libc - A POSIX compliant and kernel-agnostic libc.
Droper - A Symbian Dropbox client.
DoudouLinux - A system designed for children.
DoIt Deluge - A Deluge plug-in to execute commands after the occurrence of certain events.
dumbsvnreview - A quick and dirty tool for code reviews with SVN.
DAE Tools - A cross-platform equation-oriented process modelling, simulation, and optimization software.
DiscRotate - A MenuItem that controls the speed of optical drives.
Diphy - A dependency injection container for PHP 5.3.
Dudle - A Web 2.0 meeting scheduling application.
DCEdit - A Java Swing text editor.
Duke - A Java deduplication / record linkage engine.
dnsrev - A script to generate DNS reverse zonefiles (IPv6-aware).
delaboratory - A color correction utility.
dump_tweets.py - A tool to dump tweets from Twitter incrementally and save them to database.
DeforaOS Mailer - A lightweight mail client for the DeforaOS desktop.
Dynamic Background - A tool that downloads images from an RSS feed and automatically configures a dynamic/live background for GNOME.
Desfonema Sequencer - A tracker-inspired MIDI sequencer.
da - A directory alias manager for the command line.
django-andsome - Extra bits and pieces for Django.
Diligence - A scalable Web development framework for Prudence and MongoDB.
DebXYZ - A GUI for creating Debian packages.
DeforaOS cpp - A C pre-processing library.
db-ris - An interface to the DeutscheBahn online arrival/departure monitor.
DSWM - A tiling keyboard-driven X11 window manager.
DistrictBuilder - A Web-based application designed to give the public easy-to-use political and legislative redistricting tools.
DeforaOS asm - An assembler and disassembler program.
DeforaOS Mixer - A graphical volume mixer for NetBSD and Linux using Gtk+.
Doublefish Solutions Aquarium - A Web-based GUI for Linux-based systems.
D* Lite - A C++ implementation of the D* Lite algorithm.
DeforaOS libDesktop - A helper library for DeforaOS desktop applications.
DeforaOS Surfer - A Web browser for the DeforaOS desktop.
DBforBIX - A daemon to easily monitor Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, and MSSQL.
DotNetZip - A zip library for .NET and Silverlight.
Digbuild - A Minecraft/Infiniminer clone.
django-php - A tool that adds PHP support to the Django template language.
Devilish - An application for monitoring log files.
D:YAML - A YAML parser for the D programming language.
Dupy - Backup scripts for Linux.
django-google-charts - Template tags and helpers for using the Google Visualization API with the Django framework.
DyadWaves - A wavelet GUI.
Darning - A software patch series/sequence management tool.
DNP Script - A domain name portfolio script.
Design Center - A Web application for changing the colour of different layers in a photo.
DeforaOS Phone - A telephony application with GSM support.
dateutils - Command line utilities for date calculations and conversions.
DesktopFolders - A FolderView-like application for GTK+-based desktops.
DBeauty - A relational data browser.
Deskolo - A system for gathering data about and managing computer power consumption.
Defender - A wrapper for the Defensio spam filtering API written in Ruby.
dnw4l - DNW for Linux.
delaycut - A tool that cuts and corrects delay in AC3, EAC3, DTS, WAV, and MPA/MP2/MP3 files.
DUST - A tool to enable correct rebuilding of source-based kernel driver modules upon reboot.
Dragon Memory - A simple but fun memory game.
Data Transfer Object for J2EE - A Java class as a Data Transfer Object and convenient objects and interfaces for handling.
dnscrypt-proxy - A tool for securing DNS communications between a client and a DNS resolver.
DeforaOS Locker - A screensaver for the DeforaOS Desktop
Debreate - A tool to create installable packages for Debian-based systems.
DatacenterManager - Unix performance monitoring and trend analysis.
DR14 T.meter - A commandline tool for computing the Dynamic Range of your music.
Devilspie2 - A LUA-based window matching utility.
Django Redmine Admin - A Django app to access a Redmine database.
Dianara - A client for the pump.io social network.
danotation - A minimalistic data language for hand-maintained logs.
DeltaQt - A cross-platform library of C++ classes and functions to enable parsing of DELTA (DEscription Language for TAxonomy) files.
DiffImg - A basic image difference viewer.
D:GameVFS - A minimalist VFS library for D oriented at game developers.
DS Scheduler - A centralized 'cron' type scheduling system for Unix/Linux.
Dursamvad - A simple RS232 terminal for Linux.
DB Schema Management - Software to dump and update MySQL database schema.
Dynamic Router Lite II - A policy-based routing and DNS forwarding system that allows Web-based client-control over the next-hop router for the client.
Data Pivot - A class which generates query results in pivot or crosstab views.
Dino File Manager - A simple file manager based on Qt.
dpcrtlmm - A memory manager for C programmers.
Datum - Server-based software which connects databases to collaborate for data management.
DVBlast - A simple and powerful MPEG-2 transport stream demux and streaming application.
DbFacePHP for MySQL - A Web interface for MySQL databases.
Django Live OS - A live CD which enables easy setup, hosting, and testing of Django apps.
directfb-lua - A Lua binding generated from DirectFB headers.
Dash Reports - A lightweight Web reporting solution.
dwarves - DWARF utilities.
DePlo - A tool which creates DOT graphs showing dependencies between Ada packages.
Daddy's File Host - A file hosting script similar to MegaUpload and RapidShare.
dispy - A Python framework for distributed and parallel computing.
DAPS - A DocBook authoring and publishing suite.
DataStatix - Data and statistics management.
DBPersister - A database persistent library.
DNSCrypt OSX Client - A graphical user interface for using DNSCrypt with OpenDNS.
DHTMLX - A JavaScript component library for building desktop-like Web apps.
DataArchitect Viewer - An XML viewer for generic diagrams and Entity Relationship Diagrams.
Devel Live CD - A Live CD to compile programs.
DocTool - A documentation tool for C/C++.
Data Validator - A class to validate a set of values based on a list of rules.
dabba - Distributed network monitoring tools.
documentr - A Web-based software documentation tool.
dtree - A library providing userspace access to device-tree.
DartBox2D - A Dart port of an extremely popular physics engine.
DexChat - A program meant for chatting among computers in a network.
Duda I/O - A high performance Web services and application framework.
Duda Client Manager - A tool for fast building and deployment of Duda I/O Web services.
DeforaOS Keyboard - A virtual keyboard for DeforaOS.
Debug Object - A PHP class that aids in debugging your codebase.
Dipforge - An application server.
Darwin Wallet - An Android currency identification app for the blind.
dhcpy6d - A DHCPv6 server.
dump_r - A cleaner, leaner mix of print_r() and var_dump() for the browser.
DKPro Core - A natural language processing component collection for Apache UIMA.
Derrick - A simple network stream recorder.
Dragonfly Navigator - A dual pane file manager.
DisPass - A passphrase generator.
DataBallet - A Web server and application framework implemented using the M language.
deawk - A double-entry bookkeeping system for self-employed people.
DSFoundation - A foundation enhancement library for Objective-C.
Dragdrop.js - A Javascript package which implements drag-n-drop functionality.
Droll - A virtual dice roller.
Dough - Personal budgeting software.
Discretio - Secure VoIP software for smartphones.
Diodon - An integrated clipboard manager for the Gnome/Unity desktop.
dmdm's PySite - A system to manage and design multiple Web sites.
Doc5 - A document archive database system.
DeforaOS Camera - A camera application for the DeforaOS desktop.
Duklan - A project management Web application.
DtSQL - A universal database query and editor tool for developers and database administrators.
DynaFabric - An SSH-based automation and command dispatching framework.
dmap2gcode - A depth map image-to-g-code toolpath converter.
dynalogin - A distributed two-factor authentication suite.
Django-live-profiler - A comprehensive performance analysis kit for Django.
Docebo LMS E-Learning Platform Integration - A plugin that integrates the Docebo E-Learning platform with WordPress.
DeforaOS Player - A media player for the DeforaOS desktop environment.
DVelum - A professional Web development platform using PHP/ExtJS.
Dirt - An IRC proxy to add chat encryption to IRC clients.
DEVSIM - A TCAD device simulator.
digitalDownload - A class for managing Web site file downloads.
Dynamic Form - A request abstraction library.
dantalian - A system for tag-based file organization.
Drukkar - Lightweight PHP 5 blogging software which needs no database.
Dump Truck for Mac - A tool to securely store, sync, and share your files online.
dyject - A dependency injection module for Python.
dienesRSA - rsa
DEMUX Framework - A Java framework for building modular, cross-platform applications.
DIY GLSL Shader Live Wallpaper - A live wallpaper gallery app for Android.
downcount - An uncluttered countdown timer.
dedup.pl - A script that delete or hard links duplicate files.
Docebo’s Joomla LMS Plugin - Turn your Joomla CMS into an LMS/E-Learning portal
diashapes - A tool that downloads and installs extra Dia shapes.
DVKit - An IDE for Design Verification engineers.
Dowse - A commandline tool for managing your local area network.
ddserver - A simple dynamic DNS server.
Directory Explorer - A terminal-based file manager with two panels.
discogstagger - Tagging of digital music files (mp3 and flac) using discogs.com.
Dr. PortScan - A toolset for the automatic analysis of port scans.
Dandelion - Network-controllable 3D graph rendering.
django-embed-video - A Django app for easily embeding YouTube and Vimeo videos and music from SoundCloud.
ddrescueview - A graphical viewer for GNU ddrescue log files.
Deluxeloginfo - A tool that generates e-mail commit logs and summaries for version control systems.
DRM-SEQ - A drum machine/sampler.
Dualword-index - A Xapian index viewer.
DKPro WSD - A modular, extensible Java framework for word sense disambiguation.
DKPro Lab - A lightweight framework for parameter sweeping experiments.
DavMail - A POP/IMAP/SMTP/Caldav/Carddav/LDAP Exchange gateway.
dput-webdav - A "dput" upload method plugin with extended WebDAV support.
DiskScan - Disk surface scan on Linux and Unix.
Demo-Hotels - A hotel booking system.
DKPro Similarity - A framework for text similarity.
decotengu - A dive decompression library.
Data Shovel Pinnacle Performance Utilities - dsppu provides efficient utilities for use by shell scripts
django-skd - A simple SSH key distribution system.
doorGets - A solution for creating corporate or personal Web sites.
DexCharts - An HTML5 charting and visualization framework.
DPHA - Helpful accessories for HP Data Protector.
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