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cadaverserver - realtime artificial intelligence battle game server
CAFire - A burning mouse pointer toy.
Cajun - Car Audio Jukebox mp3 player for your car/home
CALAMAR - Cross-platform accounting software for small companies.
Calamaris - A statistics extractor for Squid, NetCache, Oops, and many other proxy-servers.
calc - C-style arbitrary precision calculator
Calcium - powerful & flexible interactive web-based Calendar
Calendar generation class - HTML calendar generation class.
Calendars for the Web - A server-based calender and scheduling application.
call2sym - Displays kernel stack trace function names.
Caller Id Presentation System - A system for loggin/presenting caller Id information.
calltree - calltree - static call tree generator for C programs
camE - An imlib2 webcam grabber, annotator, and uploader.
Cameleo - A program for image manipulation, scanning, printing, and more.
camserv - Streaming webcam server for Video4Linux with filters.
CamStream - Tool for streaming and saving snapshots from multiple webcams and/or TV cards.
Cannon Smash - A 3D tabletennis game.
capircvd - Receive fax/voice with CAPI and AVM B1.
Capture - A video player for IEEE 1394-compliant digital camera recorders.
Car World - An OpenGL driving simulator.
CardInfo - A replacement for the cardinfo application from the pcmcia package.
cards.py - Python playing card class.
cardwords - Form crosswords on the cardtable with cards showing characters.
cbase - A C library for UNIX systems software development.
Cascade - A Web-based content management system.
Cashcow - Library for clearing credit card payments with the Danish PBS system
Castor Submit Spider - A PHP tool to submit your URL on multiple search engines' spiders.
Cat-and-the-Hack Angband - A roguelike role-playing game.
Catalog - Build, maintain and display Yahoo! like resources catalogs.
catdoc - A tool that decodes MS Word files into plain text or TeX format.
catdvi - DVI to plain text translator.
Catweasel Floppy Read/Write Tools - A Catweasel card driver for reading and writing many kinds of floppy disks.
Caudium - A threaded, modular Web server.
Cavalry - Java Just-In-Time Translator and IA32 Assembler written in Java
CAVOR - An engine for graphic/database apps.
Cawfee CGI - A C++ CGI library with full documentation.
CBB - A personal finance tracking application.
CBE - Pure Java revision control system.
CBQ.init - A setup script for simple CBQ-based traffic control.
Cbrowser - Graphical c/c++ source code searching and browsing tool
CCCC - A source code metric analyzer for ANSI C, C++, and Java.
CCFlauncher - Enables remote uses to initiate and join ongoing collaborative sessions
ccmath - A comprehensive mathematics library in C.
ccp - copy files recoding each byte into 1 or several (incl. 0) bytes
CCQ BBS System - A Web BBS, application server, and BBS language.
ccsh - C language based scripting language
CCTE - A CGI test enviroment.
CD builder - CD cue sheet and subcode generating tool for Linux/UNIX
CD Jukebox - Multi-drive console CD player
cd-console - A text mode CD player program.
CD-Rchive2 - A GUI frontend for cdrecord-ProDVD, mkisofs, and cdda2wav to make CDs and DVDs.
CD-ROM Control for Linux - CD-Rom control panel
CD-ROM Mastering Tool - C.D.M.T. is a Bash shell front-end to the cdrecord utility using dialog.
Cerberus Test Control System - Cerberus System stress test and diagnostic package.
CD::Info - Perl module to read data CD titles
cdb - A package for creating and reading constant databases.
cdbackup - A CD-R(W) backup utility.
cdctl - Controls your CD-ROM drive under linux.
CDDB / CDDB_get - A module and script to get the CDDB info for an audio CD.
CDDB.py - Audio CD track title access in Python via CDDB
CDDBD.sh - Read-only CDDBP Server
cdenc - A Perl script for MP3 compression of whole audio CDs.
CDfs - A filesystem that exports all tracks on a CD as normal files.
cdlabelgen - Generates frontcards and traycards for CDs
cdp - A console-mode CD player for Linux.
cdparanoia - A CD ripping application.
CDPlayer.app - A CD player for GNUstep.
cdr - CD ripper and encoder frontend
CDR-Toaster - Tk frontend for cd-burning. Uses mkisofs and cdrecord
cdrdao & GCDMaster - Disk-At-Once Recording of Audio CD-Rs
cdrtools - A tool for creating disk-at-once and track-at-once CDs, DVDs, and BluRays.
cdrom_speed - Small program to select cdrom drive speed
CDSA 2 - Unified API for Cryptography and Security.
cdspeed - Set the max speed of your CDROM drive.
CdUtil - A utility to convert a CD database to HTML.
CDXA - Play Audio from Playstation CDROM XA files
Celebrat - Very simple non-interactive command-line calendar
centericq - An ncurses-based client for ICQ, Yahoo!, AIM, IRC, Jabber, MSN, and LiveJournal.
Cervisia - KDE CVS frontend
cexcept - A Try/Catch/Throw exception handling interface for ANSI C.
CfgTie - Perl modules to access system configuration information
cflowd - Traffic Flow Analysis Tool
cftp - A termcap-based FTP client.
cfv - Test and create sfv, csv, crc, md5, md5sum, BSD md5, sha1sum, and torrent files.
cgames - Games for the Linux console
CGEN - A framework for generation of CPU-related tools (ie. assemblers, simulators, etc
CGI Port Scanner - CGI Port Scanner
CGI++ - C++ macro-preprocessor for writing CGI/Database applications
cgi-util - A C library for developing web CGI programs.
cgi-util++ - A C++ wrapper for cgi-util
CGI::Application - A framework for building reusable CGI Web applications in Perl.
CGI::Cache - A Perl module to cache output of time-intensive CGI scripts.
CGI::WeT - A set of Perl scripts to allow Web Themeing.
CGI::XMLForm - Structured XML Generator from HTML Forms
CGI:IRC - A CGI IRC client for using IRC from a Web browser.
CGIBurn - A Web-based front end for burning CDs.
cgic - An ANSI C-language library for the creation of CGI-based World Wide Web
cgichk - A simple Web vulnerability scanner.
CGICQ - A CGI Application that sends CGI input to a configurable UIN.
cgiexec - CGI program to execute an Unix command line from the web
CGIForum - Perl Web discussion board.
cgilib++ - A CGI library for C++.
CGILua - CGILua is a tool for developing dynamic Web pages using Lua.
CGIProxy - An anonymizing, filter-bypassing, HTTP/FTP proxy in a CGI script.
CGIWrap - Wrapper for securely allowing all users to use CGI scripts
cgi_buffer - Library to offer persistent connections, compression and validation
CGI_UTILS - A template library and a CGI class.
cgvg - Tools for command-line source browsing.
Chameleon - Point and click interface for creating skins for Mozilla.
Changetrack - A system file modification tracker.
ChangingPages - A Web content management system.
Chango - A multidisc-changer MP3 file cache utility.
charities.cron - A gawk-based cron job for visiting charity Websites.
chbg - A desktop background changer and manager.
checkaliases - Check sendmail aliases file for errors.
Checkbot - Perl script to check links on Web sites.
Checker - A debugging tool suite which detects memory errors at runtime.
CheckInstall - A "make install" installations tracker.
Checklinks - HTML link checker that supports SSI, many Apache options, and more (in Perl 5)
checkmails - Very simple pop3 mail biff with GUI setup
Checkservice - A service checker for multiple (remote) hosts.
ChemApp - The thermochemistry library for your software
Chemsuite - A set of programs to process chemical information.
Chemtool - X11/GTK-based chemical formula drawing program.
cheops-ng - A network management tool.
Chester - Newsgroup article-downloader
ctk-ulimitw - Ulimitw is a ulimit wrapper.
chetcpasswd - Change the system password in CGI.
ChineseCheckers - A Chinese Checkers game with plugin AI players.
Camarades Linux Proxy - An intelligent proxy for the camarades Web camera program.
CHIRP - Cricket Highly Intelligent Re-configuration Program.
chkconfig - manage /etc/rc.d symbolic links
chkquota - Print a warning if a user is over quota.
chkwww and pychkwww - A tool for checking a Web server's version.
chlastmeter - A display graph of the amount of alcohol in blood.
ciscoflash - A Cisco flash card reader.
chpasswd for Squid - Changes the Squid user password in CGI.
chpp - General purpose preprocessor
CVSSearch - A search tool for source code that uses CVS comments.
CoolRay - An Open Source Raytracer for Unix and Windows
CheckServerd - A daemon that checks servers and notifies an admin on failure.
Chromium B.S.U. - An arcade-style, top-scrolling space shooter game.
chrony - An NTP client/server.
Ciao Prolog - An advanced constraint logic programming environment.
cid - TCP client/server Caller-ID system, including server and Tk GUI client.
Cilk - A multithreaded parallel programming system based on ANSI C.
Cumulus - A Software Synthesizer (Asynchronous Grain Synthesis, Realtime, MIDI)
cinclude2dot - Graphs the #include relationships within a C source tree.
c2lib - A library of basics for C in the style of Perl and C++ STL
Cinderella - Interactive Geometry Software (like Geometers' Sketchpad or Cabri)
cingb - A Gameboy emulator.
CINT - C/C++ Interpreter
CIP/Ethernet Library for Linux - An interface library for Allen Bradley ControlLogic PLCs.
CIPE - Crypto IP Encapsulation. An encrypted IP tunnel over UDP.
Ccontrol Linux - A development toolkit for a Motorola 68hc705 demo board.
Circle Mud Linux - Three-disk mini distribution for running a dedicated Circle MUD server.
CircleMUD - Multi User Dungeon for Linux
cutview - A history mechanism for selections.
ctk-loadmax - Runs a command only if the load average is not too high.
Circus Linux! - A clone of the Atari 2600 game.
check_dhcpd - Generates stats from ISC DHCPD and emails them to an address.
CvsGraph - A graph generator for files in CVS repositories.
Cistron Radius Server - Free Radius Server with many features
Citadel - An advanced messaging, groupware, and BBS platform.
conf-isdn-account - A configuration tool for ISDN cards.
Chinese Handwriting for Linux - A Chinese handwriting recognizer for Linux
Citrix WinFrame/MetaFrame ICA Client - A Linux client for Citrix MetaFrame and WinFrame servers.
citygen - Medieval city/kingdom demographics generator.
ChunkyMUD - A MUD written entirely in Perl.
CJK bit-mapped sbit TrueType fonts HOWTO - Explains how to make bit-mapped fonts out of CJK TrueType fonts.
ckmame - A MAME ROM set checker and fixer.
CADatabase - A console-based client database.
cksfv - Simple File Verification program. Does crc32 checksums on files.
Clam Shell - A small, modular, expandable shell.
ClanBomber - Bomberman clone for ClanLib (X11 for now).
ClanLib - The platform-independent game SDK.
ClanMecha - A 2D multi-player mecha-genre platform game using ClanLib.
ClarkConnect Internet Server/Gateway - A Linux-based small business server and gateway.
Clarrhmos - Description language and simulator for models of heart electrophysiology.
codoc - C code documentation utility.
Class Memory - A C++ file- and memory-management class.
CatDCD - A tool that concatenates molecular dynamics trajectory files in the DCD format.
class.CSVfile.php3 - PHP class for maintaining CSV files.
C style Hyper ASM - A language that uses assembler meat with C-style bones.
Crimson Fields - A hex-based tactical combat game.
Copter Commander - A 2d networked helicopter game.
CORBA::MICO - A Perl interface to the MICO ORB.
Cronos II Fortune Plugin - A plugin for Cronos II to add random signatures.
CDDOIT - A script frontend for CD creation, audio conversion, and much more.
ClassWeb - MySQL-PHP-Perl class website system for easy control by instructors.
ClassyTcl - An object system for Tcl.
Class::Date - Provides a date data-type for Perl.
Clean_Mail - Scripts to help maintain mail spool files on a large system
clig - Command line interpreter generator.
clone-debian - Bash shell script to clone the package state of a Debian system.
CliServ Web Community - A modular Web-based community written in PHP.
C++ Container Templates - Some easy-to-use C++ templates.
clo++ - A command line option parser generator.
Cloak and Dagger Messenger System - Web based EMail system utilizing encryption and OpenPGP
clockspeed - A tool to adjust the speed of the system clock.
CloneIt - Networked hard-disk cloning system.
Clustering Daemon - A reliability-oriented clustering package for Linux.
ClusterNFS - Enhanced NFS server.
Clusutils - Programs to assist the study of data clustering problems and algorithms.
cman - Rolodex, contact manager, non-gui (ncurses version)
CMatrix - Ncurses eye-candy demo like
cmb - Creates all possible combinations from a user mask (that includes wildcards).
CMC - Chaos Mail Checker
Crack Attack! - A free OpenGL Linux game based on the Super Nintendo classic Tetris Attack.
cmd5checkpw - A checkpassword-compatible authentication program using CRAM-MD5 auth type.
Chatlet IRC Gateway - An applet / servlet gateway to IRC.
CMU Common Lisp - Common Lisp compiler and runtime
compilercache - A cache for C and C++ compiler results.
Config::Natural - A Perl module that can read generic configuration files.
CMU Sphinx - A speech recognition system.
CMUbikdb - A lightweight distributed database system.
cnikJEditor - A multi-platform Java-based Java and text editing tool.
CMVision - Real-time color classification and segmentation library.
Co-browse servlet - A web component for co-browsing.
Cobalt Qube 3 TZO DDNS Client - Dynamic DNS Client for the Cobalt Qube 3 Internet Appliance Server.
CoCaLoRes - A configurable caching logfile resolver.
CoCo Linux Utilities - Utility collection to handle Tandy Color Computer files
Citrus - A library for unit conversion using dimensional analysis.
Cistron RADIUS LDAP Patch - Patch for Cistron RADIUS server to put the users file in an LDAP directory.
Coda Distributed File System - Full featured network filesystem
CVS Documentation in Russian - The CVS documentation translated into Russian.
CVS bookmarks patch - A bookmarks patch for CVS.
Code Crusader - An integrated development environment.
Chordpack - A script for typesetting songs with guitar chords (chordpro format). Uses LaTeX.
Code Medic - UNIX Debugging Environment
code2html - Converts a program's source code to syntax highlighted HTML
cdred - Linux Driver that enables any CD player software to use remote audio cdroms.
CodeBase Database Programming Tools for Developers - A high speed xBASE-compatible database engine.
CodeGuide - A lean and fast Java IDE.
Coder - An XOR encryption/decryption program with password support.
Clips - An expert system written in C.
Covalent SSL for Apache - 128-bit encryption for the Apache Web server.
CK Curses Tcl Toolkit - Curses widget set for Tcl.
Codewizard/Java - Improves and standardizes your Java[tm] code-automatically.
coffeetalk - A random coffee beverage name generator.
cog - A themeable and modularized homepage for an intranet.
Coin - 3D graphics library with Open Inventor API
coldread - A test-scoring and fortune-telling application.
Canadian Payroll - Calculates Canadian payroll taxes.
ColdStore - gigabyte-scale persistent object store
ChallengeOS - A new, advanced and easy to use operating system
ColdSync - PalmPilot synchronization tool
Clint - A source code checker for C++.
Collaborative Virtual Workspace - CVW takes virtual meetings one step further
CoolPackager - Packaging Software
CppUnit - A C++ port of JUnit.
colormake - Wrapper to colorize output from make
colour_trace - A tool to colour hex strings to show which ones match.
Comanche - Multiplatform configuration manager for the Apache web server
CD Changer - A CDROM Jukebox changer application.
Chat Everywhere - An extended chat service for Web pages.
comedi - Linux Control and Measurement Device Interface
CrisoftRicette - Simple recipe archiving PHP application.
Console Zoom - A program to magnify the console letters.
command history - A program to show the commands run by users of a server.
Common C++ Libraries - Common C++ libraries for solving small scale standard problems.
Common C++ RTP - A threadsafe RTP stack for use with Common C++.
CUPS - A standards-based printing system for Unix-like operating systems.
CommuniGate Pro - A carrier-grade internet mail server with WebMail, SMTP, POP, IMAP, and Lists.
change - A non-interactive text editor which changes patterns in files.
Community Portal - Customizable Portal. External RDF and local web-created channels.
Comp-jugador - Conjugates Spanish verbs
compare - Fast binary comparison of two files.
Compaq Smart-2 Driver - Linux Driver for Compaq Smart-2 PCI Disk Array Controllers
CompaqArray Daemon - SmartArray controller monitoring daemon.
compface - Utilities and a library for converting to and from the X-Face format.
Celestia - 3D space simulation.
Compaq PCI Hot Plug Driver for Linux - Linux support for Compaq PCI Hot Plug controllers.
Compound Interest Calculator - A program to calculate compound interest.
CompuPic - CompuPic Graphical Digital Content and File Manager for Linux
Computer History Graphing Project - A computer family tree.
CWimp - Cosmic Wimpout for the Palm.
CEIConvert - An email conversion program for kMail, Netscape, Evolution, and Eudora.
ComScan - Reads input form a serial port.
Condor - A distributed batch system that takes advantage of idle cycles of computer
ConferenceRoom - IRC server with web integration tools
Config tools for HTML PLAIN - GUI editor for templates for HTML PLAIN
CONFIG:: - Cached and Pre-parsed file reading.
ConfigDig - An admin interface for the ht://Dig site indexing system.
configppp - A script to setup an ISP dialup via PPP.
Config::General - A Perl Module for parsing and accessing config files in a flexible manner.
Configuration - A set of Java classes to ease the configuration of your application.
CDR Request - A web interface which allows a user to select mp3s to be burned to a cd.
C++ Internet Server Framework - Framework for building internet server programs.
Conflux - Mechanism for supporting research through the use of search engines.
Cambiasfondo - A utility for changing the background of gnome-terminal every time it is launche
Cheese Tracker - A Module music creation program similar to Impulse Tracker.
Conglomerate - XML document system.
CMDInfo - Extract information from linux boot append= line
convert_mail.pl - A large scale maildir to Communigate mbox conversion utility.
Cronos II Filters - A plugin for the Cronos II mailer to create filters rules for messages.
CrashEcho - An FTN JAM and *.MSG tosser.
Conquest - A multi-player real-time screen-oriented space war game.
CDKeeper - A CD Collection organizer
Cons - A Perl-based software construction tool (i.e., make replacement).
cal3d - A skeletal-based 3D character animation library written in C++.
Conserver - Provides remote access to serial port consoles and logs all data.
console othello - The Classic Othello Board Game
chngpwd - A secure PAM password changer wrapper.
Cours de Perl - This is a perl course in French
ConTemplate - Contextual Templates for Emacs.
Content Management System - Perl-based Web application for sharing files.
Can Festival - A set of drivers, APIs, and tools which implement Can and CanOpen.
CollabOffice - Web-based groupware.
ControlFreak - A scriptable toolbar application.
convert - convert between metric and US units
Cook - A tool for constructing files and maintaining referential integrity.
CDRX - A menu-based frontend to mkisofs and cdrecord.
Cooledit - A full-featured text editor for the X Window System.
CDrecorder - A GUI for cdrecord and mkisofs.
cop - Simple generation of BODY tags for Web sites.
Coral Tree Library Set - Set of abstraction libraries covering both UNIX and Win32
cpp2latex - Converts C++ code to LaTeX.
Corel Linux - A Linux distribution based on Debian.
cl-pdb - A Common Lisp libray for parsing Palm PDB files.
CoreLinux++ - A set of C++ class libraries to support common patterns in software development.
CFX_ECHO Secure Payment Cold Fusion Tag - Supports check-debit and CC AVS, authorization, deposit, credit, more.
CoreLinux++ Framework - Abstract frameworks library for CoreLinux++.
CoreLinux++ Function Load Library - Linux shared library dynamic function loader for C++.
COSMIX - N body gravitational simulation and tutorial
Corewars - A simulation game.
cx_Oracle - A Python/Oracle interface.
Clubmask Resource Manager - A Beowulf cluster resource manager.
COSA - Linux driver and tools for the COSA and SRP synchronous serial boards
CoSORT - A database utility for sorting and ETL functionality.
cotty - Simple command-line pseudo terminal manager.
Countdown - Perl script that counts down to specified events.
Country Codes - An ISO 3166 country code finder.
Compressed File Library - A portable WAD-style compressed file library.
Courier - ESMTP/IMAP/POP3/Webmail server.
Courier-IMAP - IMAP server for maildirs
C/C++ lightweight support for Netbeans - A lightweight C/C++ support module for the Netbeans IDE.
cowsay - An easy way to add speaking and thinking cows to anything.
Coyote Linux - A mini distribution for easily setting up network utility devices.
Cymbaline - A learning MP3 player.
Check - A unit testing framework for C.
cpipe - A tool that copies stdin to stdout while reporting progress.
CyberPower 320 SL Daemon - A UPS monitor for the CyberPower320 SL UPS.
cpp1 - Experimental chess program, successor to `bullucks'
Console Portscanner - Portscanner for console
cpuid - x86 CPU identification tool.
cp_lib - An object-oriented module-based system for fast Web site development.
chapasswd - Tools to manipulate the chap-secrets files.
ctf - A multi-agent capture-the-flag framework for education.
cqcam - A free Color QuickCam (PC/Parallel) control program for various PC Unixes
Crafty - Computer Chess engine
Chora - A repository Web viewer.
crank - Cryptanalytic Toolkit
CRUX - A lightweight, i686-optimized Linux distribution.
Crash Recovery Kit for Linux - A crash recovery kit for Linux.
cafix - A Casio calculator interface that lets you remote control your computer.
crc-files - Command line utility for CRC testing of files.
Cog Development Application - A game module development application for the Cog Engine.
Cricket - System for monitoring trends in time-series data
CreatorX - A Java Scripting Language Parser in XML.
CryptoMail - Provides secure, end-to-end email encryption.
Cricket Scoreboard - Sleek real-time cricket scoreboard utility for X11.
Critical Mass Modula-3 - A Modula-3 system.
CRiSP - A powerful visual text editor for program development.
Cisco IP Accounting Fetcher - A Perl script that fetches IP accounting data from CISCO routers.
cronolog - A file rotation program for Apache.
CDcontrol - Parallel CD recording software.
Cross-CGI - A portable and complete CGI libtool library in C.
Configuration Package - A standardized and powerful way of dealing with config files.
Cross-Referencing Linux - A versatile cross-referencing tool for relatively large code repositories.
crawl - A small and efficient HTTP crawler.
Crossfire - A graphical, multi-user, 2D, tile-based role playing game
CODSYS - A Perl/XML Web-based system for collaboration.
crossword - Try to solve crossword puzzles
CrossWords For Linux - Games in Javascript for learning concepts and definitions.
CryptNET_Keyserver - An openPGP Public Key Server.
Chunky Monkey IRCD - A basic IRC daemon.
cruft - A medium-security file encryption package.
CRU[tm] Crash Recovery Utility - An automated crash recovery utility.
crypt++.el - Code for handling all sorts of compressed and encrypted files in emacs.
Crypt::Rijndael - A C/Perl implementation of AES/Rijndael.
Cryptic Muse - A library for word pattern search and dictionary and thesaurus access.
Contour - A distributed software platform that collects fisheries data.
Cluster Infrastructure for Linux - Provides a common infrastructure for Linux clustering.
Cryptix SASL - Implements Java SASL bindings and some SASL mechanisms.
Crypto++ - C++ Crypto Library
Cryptogram Puzzle Tool - Tool for solving simple cryptograms
CryptoPadSplicer - A Palm CryptoPad conduit.
cgiOutput - An object-oriented CGI output module for Python.
C Scripting Language - A scripting language with C syntax.
Crystal Space - A free and portable 3D engine.
closedShop - Open Source Shopping - A Perl/mySQL full e-commerce shopping cart, for free.
Cplant - A parallel processing software package.
cscope - A text screen-based source browser.
CrazyBeans - An API to read, analyze, modify, and create Rational Rose models.
csnes9x - A command line snes9x launcher.
CSS - Cameron Simpson's Scripts - A large collection of scripts and Perl modules.
cinfo - Gain information from your Unix kernel on how much of a file is cached.
CSSC - SCCS clone
cgprof - A utility that generates colored graphs for profiled executables.
cstream - dd(1)-like tool, precise bandwidth limiting/reporting, fifo support
csv2png and csv2jpeg - CSV time-series plotter.
Chainsaw - A GUI log viewer and filter for the Log4J package.
Credential Validation Module - A modular credential (i.e., passphrase) validation system.
ctDSM - C++ Library-Based Distributed Shared Memory
Confuse Router - ARP manipulation to allow half duplex sniffing in a cable modem environment.
cdinsert and cdlabelgen - A CD/DVD label and jewel case inserts creator with a Web interface.
ctGUI - GUI development portion of the Coral Tree Library Set
colobus - An NNTP server for ezmlm mailing list archives.
ctheme - A console palette tool for themes and effects.
Cthuga-L - An oscilloscope on acid.
cd player - Just another cd player for Linux.
cthugha - An oscilliscope on acid, displays patterns in sync with music.
cthumb - Automatic creation of a picture album in HTML w/ thumbnails
ctk-adm-dns-chroot - Set up bind as a chrooted unprivileged user.
ctk-cgi-chkurl - A Perl script which parse remote HTML documents.
ctk-nettools - Functions to deal with templates in Perl.
ctm.pl - Type map generator for Apache 1.3.x mod_negotiation
ctNET - Networking abstraction portion of Coral Tree Library Set
csv-html - Converts CSV files to HTML tables.
ctrlxmms - A script to control XMMS from the command line.
CDStatus - A CD ripper and disc analyzer.
CTSim - A computed tomography simulator.
CTWM - The Window Manager for Smart Windows.
C language utilities - C language utilities
Camero - Webcam software for dynamic cam portals.
cucipop - The Cubic Circle POP3 daemon
Cheetah - A Python-powered template engine.
CueCat PAM Module - A PAM module that enables a system to use a CueCat for authentication.
cdcd - A console CD player
Clara OCR - A powerful Optical Character Recognition program.
Cult-3d plugin - New multi-platform 3D object rendering engine
CUP - CUP is a LALR arser Generator for Java
cups-drivers - Printer filters to use with CUPS
Curfloo - Console Yahoo! Chat client.
curl and libcurl - A command line tool and library for client-side URL transfers.
currencies - Currency converter.
Cursed Chat - Curses Based Yahoo chat client
cursel - An interpreter for a character GUI.
cdbkup - Backs-up a filesystem to one or more CD-R(W)s.
curator - A powerful, themeable image gallery generator for static HTML pages.
Cflow2VCG - A cflow to VCG converter.
CustomDNS - Modular DNS with a database backend.
Cut The Crap - Ad-blocking proxy-like python-based software.
Chaotic Domain - A combination of all strategy games with a new look on steroids.
cut-file.pl - A utility that cuts large files into smaller pieces for easy download or copy.
cut2 - A supplement to cut.
chk4mail - A program that checks for mail in multiple folders.
CVS - The Concurrent Versioning System.
cdmp3 - An MP3/Ogg Vorbis ripper with CDDB support.
CVS Manual Translation Project - An effort to translate the CVS Manual into other languages.
Copper - An Oracle client for developers.
cvs-exp - A global chronological log for cvs.
cvs-nserver - Rewritten network-related parts of CVS
cvs2cl.pl - Generates ChangeLog for any CVS working copy
cvs2html - Perl program to transform the 'cvs log' output to HTML
C/BOOKS - Nine fully-integrated accounting modules.
cvschk - Fast offline CVS status file-check sorted to a ASCII table.
cvsd - A chroot wrapper for running a 'cvs pserver' more securely.
Cambozola - A viewer for streaming webcams.
cms2cvs - A set of expect scripts to migrate entire CMS repository histories to CVS.
cvsmail - Sends CVS commit logs via email.
cvsq - A CVS wrapper for use with a dial-up connection.
cvsstat - A tool to get CVS statistics.
CVSsuck - An inefficient CVS repository grabber.
CVSup - CVS-Aware Network File Distribution System
cvsweb - A visual (www) interface to explore a CVS repository
cwmtx - C++ Library for matrix, vector and quaternion math
cxmon - A command-line file manipulation tool and disassembler.
Cosmosmash - A clone of the 1981 Astrosmash video game.
Cxref - C Cross Referencing & Documenting tool
Cybercube - Tetris-like puzzle game in 3D.
CyberScheduler - Internet-based calendaring and
CyberScheduler template - A CyberScheduler Web-based client/server groupware suite with Palm support.
CYCAS - A 2D/3D CAD package.
Cygwin - A UNIX-like environment for Win32.
Cyphesis - The MMORPG game server from the WorldForge project.
cyrprint - Cyrillic converter for PS files
Cyrus IMAP Server - Full featured IMAP server
Cyrus SASL - generic client/server library for SASL authentication
CarbonCopy - A simple prototype-based Linux installation tool.
Centrallix Application Platform - A rich Internet application platform featuring declarative development.
Compiere - An ERP and CRM business solution.
cyrus-imapd-configfiles - A patch for cyrus IMAPd 1.6.20 to support multiple config files.
cyrus-imapd-sql - An IMAPd with SQL authencation, virtual domains support, and CGI administration.
cyrus-sasl-mysql patch - Cyrus-Sasl patch for authentication through mysql
CheapNEasy - A simple XML based news system.
Change Suffix - A utility which changes the suffix of file and/or directory names.
cgipaf - A Web interface for changing a user's password, autoreply, and mail forwarding.
Contenido - An open source Web Content Management System.
ConvertAll - A versatile unit conversion program.
clsDB.inc - A PHP class for making connections to a MySQL database.
clsTable.inc - A PHP class which builds HTML tables.
cats2procmailrc - A filter that generates procmail recipes from human-friendly single-line rules.
Channelflow - A spectral channelflow Navier-Stokes simulator.
Cryptoslam - A curses tool for breaking cryptograms.
CrossOver Plugin - A plugin that runs QuickTime and other browser plugins in Linux.
ClusterIt - Clustering utilities for UNIX.
ConsultComm Project Timekeeper - A lightweight, cross-platform project time tracker.
CIPE Configurator - A Newt-based CIPE configurator.
cvsplot - Generates graphs of lines of code (and other) vs. time for CVS controlled files.
changedfiles - Kernel file change notification and userspace command execution/file mirroring.
Complete! Typing Tool - A desktop tool that speeds up your typing by inserting words.
Chimera Web Portal System - A content management system for small or medium sized websites.
CSharp Graphics Library - OpenGL and SDL bindings for C#.
cqual - A type-based analysis tool for finding bugs in C programs.
Car Multimedia System - A Linux distribution for use in a car MP3 player.
CLIP - A Clipper/XBase compatible compiler.
Cache-Optimized Concurrent Skip List - Cache-Optimized Concurrent Skip List
CAMAS - A Webmail program designed for ISPs.
Cfour - A collection of reusable common C++ classes.
cupyvei - A circular log file writer.
CLEX - A commandline file manager.
Cascade DataHub - Real-time data collection and distribution.
Cascade Historian - Real-time data storage and query.
Cascade TextLogger - Logs real-time data as ASCII text.
Cogent CIF Driver - A device driver for Hilscher Fieldbus CIF cards.
Cogent API and Utilities - An interface for Cascade and other Cogent software.
cdargs - Adds bookmarks and browsing to the shell command `cd'.
config_cfe - Simple batch editing of small text files using Perl.
cc65 - A freeware C compiler for 6502 based systems
cvs-get - A Perl script that automates CVS module downloading.
CBan - Displays traffic on the selected interface.
c-tree Plus - A high-performance data management system.
c-tree Server - A robust database server.
Cute PHP Library - A PHP functions library.
cvsroot - A script to easily utilize multiple CVS servers.
cwtext - Converts ASCII to International Morse Code.
Cameleon - Free Java components for liberal application development.
Calcoo - A scientific calculator designed to provide maximum usability.
cdbiff - Notifies you of mail arrival using your CD-ROM drive.
ClassyTk - A widget set, GUI builder, and applications for Tcl.
Calodox Demoniac - A tool for exploring and animating graphic effects.
ClearParse - A general-purpose parsing engine.
ccrypt - Secure encryption and decryption of files and streams.
Critical Mass - An SDL/OpenGL space shoot'em up game.
Channel 16 - A GUI program to recover deleted files in ext2fs.
Character Animation Viewer for Everyone - A player for ASCII character animations.
cvsfs - A virtual filesystem for interacting with CVS.
ClearlyU - BDF fonts useable for Unicode text.
camsrv - Captures still images or streams from Philips Webcams.
Card Terminal Driver Library - An application interface library for Magnetic Stripe Card Terminals.
Civil - An turnbased, networked, cross-platform American Civil War game.
ChipVault - A chip development program for organizing VHDL and Verilog designs.
CParser - A Recursive Descent parser for C.
Chart2D - A Java 2D charting library
Computer Audio CD Car Player HOWTO - A HOWTO for connecting a computer CD drive in your car.
Core Linux Distribution - An absolute minimum Linux distribution for x86 PCs.
Cheap Threads - A synchronous multitasking/multithreading library in portable C.
C_Sane - A C++ wrapper for the SANE backends.
Cacti - An RRDTool frontend written with PHP/MySQL.
CD Bake Oven - A CD creation tool for KDE.
CE - A simple Unix text editor.
Chico Digital Web Tool - A browser-based CMS/Web page editor.
CSDE - A full-featured mode for CSharp development in Emacs/XEmacs.
CCB-Dopewars - John Dell's Narcotics commerce game, in Swing.
Codestriker - A Web application that supports collaborative code inspections.
CVSps - A supplemental tool to CVS that provides patchset information.
cvs-importer / svn-importer - Import all existing versions of a program into CVS or Subversion.
CORE Advanced Project Manager - A project manager with a twist.
CVS Extensions - Some minor additions to CVS.
Cryptmail - Encrypts mail using the blowfish algorythm.
Ch - An embeddable C/C++ interpreter for scripting and numerical computing.
CryptoHeaven - An application that provides secure email, encrypted email, secure chat and collaboration, and HIPAA compliance.
Come And Go Encryption - An encryption program based off one-time pads.
CyberBrau - A complete homebrewer's utility.
Crocsdb - Converts DocBook SGML to many formats.
clxmms - Gives you control over an XMMS player.
Cylindrix - A polygonal 3D action strategy shooter.
Cherokee - A very fast, flexible, and modern Web server.
chkrootkit - Locally checks for signs of a rootkit.
cwebldap - A CGI-based interface to an LDAP Directory
Cisco Monitoring Tool - Monitors CPU and memory usage on Cisco routers.
Capibara Distributed URL Cloaking Kit - Software for distributed URL cloaking that can use low QOS hosts and lines.
civreplay - A script that generates animated .gif maps of Freeciv games.
Chemistry Development Kit - Java classes for chemo- and bioinformatics.
Cow Outputs Waves - A graphical tool for sound synthesis.
Condorcet with Dual Dropping - Preference ballot tabulation to identify the winner(s) of an election contest.
CGI::Application::MailPage - A CGI::Application module to allow users to send HTML pages by email.
Columbus - An automatic network detector and synchronizer.
Comprehensive Web Programming API - A Web programming API for PHP that allows you to securely develop a Web site.
CDAdb - A PHP/MySQL Web frontend for managing audio CDs.
camwatch - A lightweight viewer and archiver for remote webcams.
Courier IMAP/POP3 maildir creation patch - A patch to create users' home directories when they log in.
C-Mix - A partial evaluator for C.
cmictl - Controls cmi-8338/8378 c-media sound card switches.
csv2ldif - A CSV to ldif converter
Complete System Resource Monitor & Task Organizor - A system resource monitor and task executing daemon.
clsForm.inc - A PHP-HTML form builder with JavaScript validation.
CHARVA - A Java Windowing Library for text terminals.
cvssh - A simpler way to connect securely to CVS pservers.
CODE:NEO - A Web application server and C++ development tools.
cgixx - A C++ CGI class library.
Compiere Looks - A Look & Feel for Java with color and 3D effects.
Creative Nomad JukeBox KIO::Slave - An I/O plugin for using your Nomad Jukebox in KDE.
csv2vcard - Converts CSV files to the vcard format.
Claroline - A Web-based e-Learning platform.
Carnegie Mellon NetReg - A DNS, DHCP, and network management system.
ChordCast - A chord editor written in Java.
CD Share - A CD-ROM sharing manager.
COMRAD - An open mail relay checker.
conc - A console concentrator.
Columba - A Java email client.
Cabber - A console Jabber client.
Clockywock - A cool ncurses analog clock with a smooth second hand.
Chindi - A client/server package for encrypted file transfer.
chpox - Transparent process checkpointing and restarting for Linux clusters.
cfgstoragemaker - An MRTG configuration file generator for storage monitoring via SNMP.
CxxTester - A test tool for C/C++ unit tests.
Coherent Printing System - Another print spooler for Linux.
CdrLin - A Java GUI for cdrecord.
Console Ansi Mpeg Player interface - A console interface for MP3 players
Chimera Browser - A minimalistic historic Web browser.
CorbaTrace - A tool to intercept and show Corba communications.
Compror - A data compression program.
CG_spam_filter.pl - A Communigate SMTP throttling filter.
ctronome - A programmable console metronome with DSP support.
Clementine - A window manager for X.
cp2fwbuilder - Checkpoint Firewall 1 to FwBuilder.
Colossus - A Java clone of the Titan wargame.
Catalogo - An application that helps you manage a CD catalog via the Web.
Cream for Vim - A Vim configuration that emulates Mac/Windows text editors.
Cable Modem Counter - Simple but fully extensible network statistics gathering software.
Coriander - A 1394 digital camera controller.
Chrono-Stats Log Parser - A very fast log parser for Half-Life: Counter-Strike.
Calypso MUD - A MUD (multi-user dungeon) framework.
cracklib-ruby - A ruby interface to libcrack.
ccgo - A program for playing the game of Go.
CrossOver Office - A system for running Windows productivity applications on Linux.
ccache - A fast compiler cache.
CuteMarks - A versatile bookmark manager for use on Web servers.
CVS for filesystem - A group of tools to diff, patch, and CVS file systems.
ConDB - A convention database management system.
Cerb - A fast and flexible Web-based platform for business collaboration and automation.
Caraxy - A proxy that makes the Caramail chat system accessible from IRC clients.
CVS Statistics Generator - A Perl script to generate statistics from CVS.
CVSTrac - A Web-based bug and patch-set tracking system.
comfigure - A tool for using the same 'configure' options for all packages.
CyberNeko HTML Parser - A simple HTML parser written in Java.
Cloxten - A digital alarm clock, counter, and more.
CPP Socket library - An object-oriented interface to the C library calls.
CD Shell - A bootable CD or DVD console interface and script interpreter.
CoPyCat browser plugin - A Web browser plugin for CPC compressed files.
CDox - A CD cover/booklet/back creator.
C3 Power Tools - A suite of admin/user tools for single and multiple clusters.
CGMViewer - A Java viewer for CGM files.
cvslines - A multiple branch commit utility for CVS.
Clan Admin - A CGI script to help maintain a clan Website.
chinesepython - Write Python in Chinese.
checkpassword-pam - A PAM-based checkpassword tool.
Cflow2Cflow - A cflow reformatter.
CsvMail - A form mailer that also writes to a secure .csv file.
Clok - A graphical clock.
Cost - An SGML/SML programming toolkit for Tcl.
cammgr - A Web camera manager.
Cjukebox - A Python/Curses based management system for audio files and play lists.
Caiviar - A CAPI/IVR programming interface.
Clam AntiVirus - An anti-virus utility for Unix.
CG_cascade_filter.pl - A Communigate content filter to cascade many content filters.
Cricket Cage - Automatically creates JUnit TestCases for repeatable bugs and test scenarios.
cchatd - A Web chat designed to handle high audience chat rooms and portals.
chntpw - An offline WinNT/Win2000 password & registry editor.
cg - A semi-automatic newsgroup binary downloader.
COMU Privacy Guard - A Web-based shell for GPG.
colibri - An RTOS subset.
Ctmail - Web base administration for Sendmail.
CPhone - A cross-platform GUI for the OpenH323 voip libraries.
Coccinella - An instant messaging program with a whiteboard.
CD-Net-Install-HOWTO - A document on how to manage a mass network installation of Linux boxes.
Chump - Multiple instruction set table-driven assembler / disassembler.
cqure ap - A "one floppy" wireless access point.
cbench - A C/C++ compiler benchmark utility.
Component Conversion Utility - Converts skeleton code between various languages.
CRM - A Controllable Regex Mutilator and super-powerful filter.
Clover - A code coverage tool for Java.
Cantus - A suite to rename, tag, and clean up MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files with CDDB support.
cdwrite - A shell for the creation of audio and data CD/DVD discs and for FLAC/MP3/Ogg encoding.
ChangePassword - Change passwd, Samba, and Squid passwords.
constraint - A constraint satisfaction problem solver written in Python.
Chombo - Tools for solving partial differential equations.
cdfw - A CDROM-based firewall.
C-Pec X-ISP - C-Pec X-ISP, Flash software for philips microcontrollers
Cinelerra - A complete audio and video production environment for Linux.
CountYourEuro! - A collaborative data collection project studying the distribution of EuroCoins.
Connect Daily Web Calendar - A Web calendar with resource management and recurrence.
C-Pec Console ISP - A console application to do in-system programming for Philips 89c668 and others.
CanIt - A server-based spam control system.
CVSGrab - Get CVS source trees from behind a firewall.
CMF Forum - A Forum for CMF
CyberNeko DTD Converter - Converts DTDs to other formats such as XML Schema.
CyberNeko Tools for XNI - Useful XML tools written for the Xerces Native Interface (XNI).
Coldtags suite - A custom JSP tags suite.
C++ Portable Types Library (PTypes) - A simple alternative to the STL with multithreading and networking.
CyberNeko Style Processor - A simple and flexible framework for automating XML transformations.
Catweasel Linux Device Driver - A Linux device driver for the Catweasel Advanced Floppy Controller.
C.O.R.E. server - A TCP/IP service framework for distributed projects.
CRUNCHbox - Creates multi-call binaries from compiled source.
CIFS VFS - A CIFS virtual file system for Linux.
CMF Collective - A set of snap-in components for the ZOPE CMF.
compress - A LZW compressor.
cdialog - A set of script-driven dialog widgets.
coinflip - A cryptographically secure program/protocol for flipping coins over the internet
CxxTest - A JUnit/CppUnit/xUnit-like framework for C++.
CARE2X - A program that integrates different information systems of hospitals.
CoC Character Generator - A character generator for Call of Cthulhu.
cdpr - A Cisco discovery protocol reporter.
CherryPy - An object-oriented Web development framework.
CF_ECHOpayform - An online payment processing order form.
conntrack viewer - A viewer to see masqueraded connections with kernel 2.4.x (like netstat -M).
Cap Processor Usage - A Linux kernel patch that allows the CPU usage for a task to be limited.
ColdSpot - An X screen locker.
Configuration File Library - A configuration file manipulation library for C programmers.
csv2txt - A Perl program which converts from the CSV format to text format.
Cack - A program that generates gibberish on demand.
Calculating Pi - The open source project for calculating Pi.
Code Librarian - A Web CVS repository browser (a conceptual merge of Bonsai and ViewCVS/cvsweb).
ccvssh - An ext-to-pserver SSL bridge for CVS.
Catch the Knuddelmonster - A puzzle/action game.
CANFestival GUI - A graphical user interface for CANFestival.
Crawdad - An HTML generator and CGI support tool for Python.
CExEv C Expression Evaluator in C++ - A package of C++ classes for evaluation of C-syntax expression strings.
Catacomb - An open source implementation of the DASL protocol.
Chronos - A Web calendar.
Curses Development Kit - Curses Development Kit
CyberNeko RelaxNG Validator - Allows Xerces2 users to validate XML documents using Relax NG.
ChessTask - A tool for generating chess tasks.
camorama - A GNOME 2 Webcam application with image filters.
COVTOOL - A free test coverage analyzer for C++ and Linux.
C++ Elliptic Curve Cryptography library - A C++ library for elliptic curves cryptography.
CinePaint - A high dynamic range painting and image retouching tool.
countertrace - A traceroute faker.
Cxmame - A simple console-based frontend for xmame.
cm_tools - Commandline utilities for RCS.
c_count - C/C++/Java metrics.
conflicting filenames - A tool to display pathname conflicts.
Cool Linux CD - A bootable live Linux CD based on Red Hat with some updates.
CSBuddy - A tool for monitoring Counter-Strike server logs.
Command Line Parsing Library - A library for parsing command lines arguments and rc files.
CRL/OHH Bootloader - A bootloader used for Linux on the iPAQ.
CyberNeko Pull Parser - An XML pull-parsing API for the Xerces Native Interface.
CaMail - A free modular Web-based mail system witten in Perl based on IMAP servers.
cfg2html - A system configuration to HTML converter.
cdfax - A CD-ROM transfer tool for networks.
CvsShell - A console-based CVS frontend.
Chinchorin - A Java dice game.
Complex Text Layout support for Open Motif - Provides Complex Text Layout support for Open Motif.
culprit.pl - A utility for displaying bandwidth use by user and process in real time.
cereal emulation framework - An easily-extensible 8051 emulator.
Catty - A search engine-driven chatter bot.
corkscrew - Allows you to tunnel SSH sessions through an HTTP proxy.
cpp_compress - A tool for compress text using #define.
CvsInit - A tool to transform a working directory to a CVS working copy.
Cardpics - A set of free cards sets.
Common SGML utils - Useful tools for working with SGML and XML.
cricket modules - Modules for cricket for remote collection using ssh.
CONNection ManaGeR - A Unix OpenSSH / FTP / telnet / rsh client wrapper script.
CloverETL - A Java framework for building data integration and ETL applications.
cdif - A post-processor for diff output to show changed words.
chat2irc - A tool to privately chat with someone on IRC without needing IRC commands.
ChkTeX - A LaTeX typographical checker.
Camsource - Grabs frames from a v4l device and processes them with plugins.
ClearSilver CGI Kit - A fast, language-neutral HTML template system.
Crane - A Java-based CRM tool.
CheckBook Tracker - Full featured checkbook balancing and check printing software
CWcal - A Web interface for configuring Wcal.
CAMFR - A fast and flexible electromagnetics CAD tool.
CTWM Themes System - A set of scripts adding basic themes capability to ctwm.
CourseForum - E-learning content creation, sharing, and discussion.
Class.Jabber.PHP - A medium-level API to interact with the Jabber network.
cm - A mail checking utility that can probe multiple mail queues.
Catkin - A blogging tool.
Content management module for PHProjekt - A content management module for the PHProjekt groupware suite.
CVS Web Client - A CVS Web-based client.
Cewolf - A JSP chart tag library.
CSer - A simple C++ serialization library.
CCZE - A roboust, fast, modular log colorizer.
CodeEditor - A GNUstep code editor.
Cluster Installation Finishing Scripts - A post-installation adjustment system for compute nodes.
ctrlproxy - An IRC proxy with multiserver support.
Cicerone Corporate Information System - A multi-platform, multi-server, multi-database Web-based system.
Connexor Machinese - A family of natural language text analyzers.
CarrierWave - An implementation of the EJB Value Object pattern.
Contest - A benchmark for testing system responsiveness under Linux.
Cecilia - A graphic user interface for CSound.
CRM114 Discriminator - A controllable regex mutilator and antispam filter.
Cycle - A calendar for women.
cledit - A simple change log editor.
Contact Form - A Web to email gateway script.
CD Detect & Execute - A CDROM disc type detector.
cfgsh - A configuration shell for embedded systems.
cpan-upload - Upload files to CPAN.
Cal::Date - A Perl calendar and date library.
Cellphone Unix Terminal - Lets you use a normal cellphone as a Unix/Linux terminal from anywhere.
ColorDiff - A wrapper that adds colour highlighting to diff output.
CVSspam - Notification of CVS commits, by email.
ConnochaetOS - A small Linux distribution for old computers.
course - A program for managing running race courses.
CensorNet Professional - Web security software.
Cacho mlDonkey Web Admin - A Web-based administration interface for mlDonkey.
CGI.pm - A Perl CGI library.
CL-FTP - An FTP library for Common Lisp.
CentralNic Toolkit - Client libraries for the CentralNic Toolkit.
Clock randomness gathering daemon - A daemon for gathering randomness from quartz fluctuations.
Cycles3D - A light cycles simulation.
CVSToys - A CVS enhancement that provides commit notifications.
Charles Web Debugging Proxy - An HTTP proxy server/monitor/reverse proxy for debugging Web applications.
CreEPS - A collection of C++ classes for generating Postscript and EPS drawings.
Camera_AXIS - A Java application for viewing MJPG video.
Crypt Class - A PHP encryption and decryption class.
cvscop - A usage policy system for CVS servers.
C/C++ Program Perfometer - A tool for checking C/C++ program performance.
CSV module for Python - A fast CSV reader and writer for Python.
Construo - A simple wire frame construction toy.
CANopen SlaveLib - An implementation of the CANopen protocol.
Config::ApacheFormat - A Perl module to access Apache format configuration files
CRM114 Filter - A mutating regex general-purpose filter.
crip - A terminal-based ripper/encoder/tagger tool for making Ogg Vorbis files.
CVSPermissions - A CVS toolkit to enable directory level access control.
CL-SDL - Common Lisp bindings to SDL and OpenGL.
CArd Rulings Database Suite - A Magic - the Gathering card database.
crampass - A CRAM MD5 password file update tool.
cfgd - A daemon to maintain configurations.
Conexant Listmodem - Look for a Conexant modem.
Conexant HCF (controllerless) driver - Linux drivers for the Conexant HCF modem chipset.
Conexant HSF (softmodem) driver - Drivers for Conexant HSF modem chipsets.
Conexant Riptide Driver - Drivers for Conexant RipTide modem chipsets.
cgdb - A lightweight, but fully functional curses frontend to gdb.
curlpp - A C++ wrapper for libcurl.
cpp2dia - A Tcl script to create Dia UML diagrams from C++ files.
ConPresso - An easy to use content management system based on PHP and MySQL.
CL-BibTeX - A replacement for the BibTeX program, written in Common Lisp.
CheckRDF - A tool for RDF site summaries-based news checking.
cmv - A script which can rename multiple files in complex ways.
CStyleX - A tool to generate documentation from XML interface definitions.
cs-ircd - A Bahamut-based IRCd with IPV6, SSL, and a few other advanced features.
Confix - A build tool on top of GNU Automake.
CBoard - An NCurses PGN browser, editor, and chess engine interface.
Checky - A document validation and analysis extension for Firefox, Mozilla, and Netscape.
cron-apt - A tool to run apt commands regularly.
ColorChip - Easy Color Manipulation with PHP.
CvsKnit - A toolset to automate knitting up CVS repositories from existing source packages
Custom - Custom E-Commerce / Ordering / Stock Management system
CD Gallery - Creates static photo galleries for CD-ROM distribution.
Camino - A Web browser with a Cocoa UI that embeds the Gecko layout engine.
Cypress - An open source CSS parser.
CUPS mailto backend - A mailto backend for CUPS.
Cog Object Database - A simple object database for Python.
cnik MP3 - A Java MP3 player.
Comic Collection - A Java (AWT) application to manage a Web comics collection.
cwdaemon - A Morse daemon for serial or parallel ports.
ctail - Watch multiple files grow in split windows.
Camera Life - A photo gallery system.
CHM decompiler - A CHM decompiler.
crossover - A load-balancing and fail-over daemon.
cgi77 - A CGI library for g77.
Charlemagne - A versatile genetic programming application.
Change Navigator - A simple GUI utility for managing ChangeLogs for a number of projects.
CL-PDF - A Lisp PDF creation library.
Caramel - An Open Source core Java toolbox.
C&T 65548 fbdev driver - A framebuffer driver for C&T 65548.
CRM Made Easy - Uses CRM114 and Python to learn mail categories and sort through procmail.
Comictastic - A user-expandable comic strip viewer.
CASM - An offline content management tool.
CVS-SSH2 Plug-in for Eclipse - An Eclipse plug-in to allow CVS access on an SSH2 session.
Chaperon - Transforms structured text document into XML documents.
CVSHistory - A Web-based tool for browsing CVS activity.
Colorer Library - A library for source text syntax highlighting.
CGI-Shell - A tool which provides a shell using CGI.
ChomboVis - Visualizing 2D and 3D AMR data sets.
Centipaid php module - A tool to enable PHP websites to collect fees for usage.
Chipcard::CTAPI - A Perl module for accessing chipcard terminals with demo applications.
CalcChecksum - A utility for calculating checksums (hashes).
Cid Filter - Audible, visual, email, and SMS alerts for caller ID events.
Cubex Rubik's Cube Solver - A CGI Web-based Rubik's Cube Solver.
ChessY! - Allows you to visually review the game histories from Yahoo! online chess.
Change Password Utility - A tool for user and group administration.
Calvin - A calendar/reminder system based on PHP.
CacheIt - A PHP class to facilite caching.
CFEngine - A configuration management system.
CGI::Application::Generator - A means to dynamically build CGI::Application modules.
Chiq_Chaq - A friendly wiki with l10n support.
Choosefont - An efficient font finder.
Corruption Corrector - Repairs corrupt files by combining the good bytes from multiple corrupt copies.
check CRC - A commandline tool to calculate CRCs on the fly.
ccdoc - A C++ documentation generator for interfaces.
Cheyenne Weblog - A blogging tool which takes advantage of many Web standards.
CuteSITE CMS - An object oriented Web Content Management System.
CyGNOME - GNOME on Win32 using Cygwin/XFree86.
Comment - An instant flyaway information note taker.
CapiSuite - A Python scriptable CAPI ISDN application for fax and voice services.
Client Search - A client side Web site search facility for Internet, intranet, and CD-ROM.
Catch the Furball - An icebreaker board game for friends to play around a computer.
CUDD - Manipulate decision diagrams.
CUT - A unit-testing framework for C/C++/Objective-C.
Customer-Touch CRM - A CRM for small to medium farms.
CDemu for Linux - A CD/DVD drive and disc emulator for Linux.
Connect - A GNUstep frontend to pppd.
CCured - A tool to convert C programs into memory-safe C programs.
CIL (C Intermediate Language) - A high-level representation of C code.
CodeTek VirtualDesktop - Virtual desktop support for Mac OS X.
Cubehub Tunnel - Sends UDP packets over TCP connections to bypass firewalls.
CDcover XMMS Plugin - An XMMS plugin which displays images (e.g., CD covers).
C++ Log Engine - A C++ library for easy and flexible logging to files.
Contact_Vcard_Parse - A PHP class for parsing vCard files.
Colloquy - A lightweight IRC client rich in both features and ease of use.
connect-tunnel - A tool for creating CONNECT tunnels through HTTP proxies.
CMSimple - A simple and smart single-user CMS.
createcddb - A utility that creates CDDB entry files for use with disc-cover.
ChessBrain-MOC - The ChessBrain Peer Node Monitoring Operations Center.
creox - A realtime sound processor.
cweb - A software system that facilitates the creation of readable programs.
Collink - A link extractor/collector based on Qt.
Class::XPath - A Perl module which adds xpath matching to object trees.
Cheetah Server - A very minimal Web server for testing small local sites.
CHRendezvous - A Rendezvous browser and publisher.
CCM Tools - CASE tools for generating CORBA components and tests.
CCT Chinese TeX system - A Chinese extension to TeX.
CodeKit - A universal database code table.
CARRANZAFAX - A GUI Linux fax interface using the GTK libraries.
Contact_Vcard_Build - A PHP class to build and fetch vCards (versions 2.1 and 3.0).
cpufreq daemon - A small daemon to adjust CPU speed.
CacheMate - A geocaching database with a hint decoder.
Cornice - A cross-platform image viewer.
cutmp3 - A small scriptable command line MP3 editor.
cgi-wrap.c - Executes CGI-scripts under a special UID/GID in a chroot.
Coil - An MVC framework for Python and Apache.
Cosmos of Methos - A simulation game about Ancient times.
crypt_blowfish - An efficient implementation of a modern password hashing algorithm.
CUTE User-friendly Text Editor - A Scintilla-based, scriptable text editor.
cglib - A set of utility classes for generating Java byte code at runtime.
cwISPy - An ISP billing and management system.
C2::Newsletter - A tool to send MIME-encoded newsletters.
Chandler - A Personal Information Management application.
cosign - A Web single sign on system.
C Comic Collection - A GTK application for downloading, cataloging, and viewing Web comics.
Callflow - A sequence diagram generator.
Courier Log Analyzer - Analyzes Courier log files.
csv2latex - A CSV to LaTeX file format converter.
Cameleon for OCaml - An IDE for OCaml.
CVSGnome - A build environment for GNOME.
cpudyn - A daemon that dynamically changes the CPU frequency and can spin down disks.
Codelock - A full PHP/HTML code encryptor.
convmv - A tool to convert filenames from one encoding to another.
CT Server - A Perl module for computer telephony.
ChewingOSX - A port of the popular intelligent Chinese IME on XIM to Mac OS X.
Cheesegrater + Portalizer - A screen scraper for converting HTML to RSS, and back again.
CL-PPCRE - A portable, Perl-compatible regular expression library for Common Lisp.
CatWeasel MK3/4 Linux Driver - A Linux driver to access the SID, joystick, and keyboard on CatWeasel hardware.
CoverViewer - An XMMS plugin that displays images related to the files being played.
C++Test - A unit testing framework for handling automated tests in C++.
CL-Readline - A Common Lisp interface to the GNU Readline library.
CodeViz - A call graph generator for C and C++.
CjOverkill - A traffic trading script.
Calendrian - Calendar applications for the Agenda VR3 Linux-PDA.
CHDecide - A program that helps you locate the most rational decision.
Covert Channel Tunneling Tool - A tool allowing the creation of arbitrary network data transfer channels.
CyberTester - A Web application for creating and conducting online tests and exams.
CSound - A widely used and powerful musical synthesis software package.
conspy - A program that allows remote control of Linux virtual consoles.
checkraid - A script for monitoring external RAID devices.
Cone - A text-based email client and newsreader.
CueCat driver for Linux - A Linux device driver for PS/2 and USB CueCat barcode readers.
CueAct - A utility for the CueCat driver to exploit barcodes on the Internet.
Cream - An XML and HTTP-based RPC framework, similar to SOAP.
Catviz - A content manager with a clean, object-oriented approach.
Carbon services framework - A Java configuration and component services framework.
crget - A data access utility for Campbell CR10 and CR10X dataloggers.
COWeb - PHP libraries for Web programming.
CMT - A collection of software for writing interactive MIDI software in C.
CodeApplet - A Java applet-based shared programming whiteboard system.
CDlinux - A compact Linux distribution.
Condenser - A tool for finding and removing duplicated Java code.
cyrus2courier - A Maildir conversion utilitiy.
Classfile Reader & Writer - A package for reading and writing Java .class files.
contacts - A commandline utility to access the Mac OS X AddressBook database.
CaLStats - Scripts for monitoring the availability of computers.
Camlserv - A Web server with a fast and easy scripting language.
Click Dynamic Source Router Project - A dynamic source routing plugin for Click.
Click - A modular software router.
Code 6 - A very powerful assortment of error-correcting algorithms.
crosstool - A cross-compiler build script for gcc with glibc and Linux.
cage - A safer replacement for the chroot(8) utility.
CDAY Calendar Almanac - A tool that displays historical anniversaries and different calendar systems.
CWirc - An X-Chat plugin for sending and receiving raw Morse code over IRC.
cartoon picture filter - A filter that makes pictures look like cartoon drawings.
Cocoa 3D Tutorial - A Cocoa framework to encapsulate common OpenGL tasks.
cLog - A cross-platform C logging library.
CodeWorker - A versatile parsing tool and a universal source code generator.
CVS Accesslist Patch - A safe way to keep users accessing only the modules you specify.
cVokTrainer - A vokabulary trainer based on ding's data files.
cmix - A package of routines for editing, processing, and creating soundfiles.
CodeRally - A real-time programming game based on the Eclipse platform.
Chicken - A Scheme to C compiler.
CMS loa2003 - A cross-platform CMS.
CycleAtlas - Cycling diary
cpptools - A set of tools for C/C++ development.
CPSSkins - A WYSIWYG and cross-platform theme creation product for Zope.
Calendario Class - A PHP class that is useful for creating calendars and organizers.
C to JAVA converter - A neat C to Java converter
CCSAT - An automated configuration security audit tool for Cisco routers and switches.
CgiBlast - A CGI interface to the Basic Local Alignment Search Tool.
CityBuilder - A utility for creating virtual cities.
ClassiCollect - An application which helps you catalog your Classical CDs.
Customer Information Tracker -
Contract - A template handling suite.
Camera Picture Copier - A digical camera picture copier/renamer.
Conflux Groupware - Web-based groupware, Webmail, and document management software.
CGIcast - Lets you broadcast live Internet radio using only a Web server.
CLucene - A high-performance, full-featured search engine.
CMYK Plugin for The GIMP - A plugin for The GIMP providing rudimentary CMYK support.
CL-WHO - Yet another Lisp markup language.
Commandline Histogramming - Tools for creating histograms and calculating moments of a distribution.
ClairVoyanT SysAdmin - A program that allows users to administrate computers via the Web or email.
Chestnut Dialer - A PPP dialing program.
Clean Slate Smalltalk - A new dialect and environment in the Smalltalk family.
Coconut Fern - A Connect Four clone for the Palm OS.
Complex Grid-Type Logic Problem Solver - A program which helps you solve complex grid-type logic problems.
ConvertFS - A simple but extremely poweful file system conversion utility.
CSound Front-End - A clean and efficient CSound GUI.
cmdftp - A command line shell-like FTP client for Unix.
cvebrowser - A CVE dictionary Web browser.
Cut The Crap Software - Java model-based system generation and a persistent object model.
CBT Combo - A free program for K-12 teachers who use Linux.
cx_Freeze - Utilities to freeze Python scripts in a cross platform way.
CMake - CMake is a cross-platform build system
Coherent Mail Gateway - A greylisting SMTP/POP3 email system for broadband SOHOs.
Cuppa - A program to time your cup of tea as it steeps.
CECID - A script to get around firewalls and naughty word filters.
Cycling - Helps you manage your training.
cx_OracleTools - Python scripts that handle Oracle databases in a cross platform way
cx_OracleDBATools - Python scripts that handle Oracle DBA tasks in a cross-platform manner.
Chocolate for XDoclet - An EJB designer tool with XDoclet support for Borland JBuilder.
Cigol - A scripting language designed to solve deductive logic problems.
Caravel - An LDAP-based PHP content management system.
CyTV - Network streaming for elgato EyeTV.
crackalaka - A small, standalone IRC server.
Copix - A multi-purpose framework for PHP applications.
C++ XML Objects - A framework for persisting C++ objects to and from XML files.
Colloquy Talker Server - A small UNIX talker server.
Command Line Progress Bar - A simple command line tool to display information about a data transfer stream.
Cyberduck - An SFTP/FTP browser.
checksuite - A suite of tools for monitoring system resources and some security issues.
cvsreport - Send commit activity reports from a CVS repository.
config-dhcpd - A graphical DHCP configuration tool.
cuckooo - A KPart component that integrates OpenOffice.org into KDE.
CAKE - An implementation of the CAKE protocol in Python and C++.
CSV Utilities for Unix/Linux - Four shell scripts to handle CSV files.
CILib - A collaborative CI research framework.
CSVC4XML - CSV compaction software for XML documents.
conv_ara_html - A tool for converting Arabic numeric character references.
CodeBeamer - A collaborative software development portal.
Cursed GTK - A text console port of GTK+.
Common Lisp Jpeg Library - A JPEG codec written in ANSI Common Lisp.
CL-GD - Use the GD Graphics Library from within Common Lisp.
cryptoswap - Support for encrypted swap, root filesystem, etc.
Cobex - An OBEX-over-cable driver for the Sony Ericsson T6xx, T3x0, and others.
cddb2md - A tool for fetching track title infomation and writing it to a MiniDisc.
Crikey - A program to generate key events under X11.
Checkmate mpck - A program that checks MP3 files for integrity and correctness.
CGIScripter - A tool that automatically writes Perl CGI scripts for various database servers.
Concurrent Hierarchical State Machine - A shatechart (finite state machine) specification language.
Contemplate Web Templating System - Flexible Web templating for PHP developers.
Cartel - A Java CMS for Web designers, with a client extranet.
Communication Center - A bug tracking and project status tool.
ConfiMM - A administration suite for Web servers.
CATool Certificate Authority - A private Certificate Authority suite.
Cluster SSH - A cluster administration tool.
cdvtoc - A Solaris CD VTOC creation utility.
College Radio Database - Web-based software for radio stations tracking CDs, spins, attendance, and more.
ClusterKNOPPIX - A modified Knoppix distribution that uses the OpenMosix kernel.
C# ICMP Library - A C# ICMP library.
CyberFusion - A secure file transfer system for use in the enterprise.
CWXML - An XML and Binary-XML parser-generator library.
cprof - A profiler for C/C++ programs which handles multithreaded apps.
Chadwick - Baseball statkeeping and analysis tools.
cpp2html - A tool which can view C preprocessing as hypertext.
Cairo - A vector graphics library with cross-device output support.
Common Lisp Hypertext Preprocessor - A hypertext preprocessor for Common Lisp.
Cvs-Brancher - A tool that branches CVS modules and schedules a merge and build.
CodeThatMenu - A advanced cross-browser Javascript menu control.
cdrtools DVD Extensions - DVD-R(W) support for cdrtools.
combine-cd - A CD/DVD storage optimizer.
CWBot - An IRC Morse bot for CWirc.
class_sql_inject - PHP code to search in SQL data for some characters that try to SQL inject.
class_protect_picture - A PHP class to protect the path of your pictures.
class_requirement - A PHP class that checks the PHP version for application requirements.
CamlTemplate - A template processor for Objective Caml.
Capitalizer - Easy Graffiti 1 capitalization and other tools.
cachecc1 - A transparent gcc cache.
Crafty Syntax Live Help - A live help support chat program.
CA Web Helper - A helper Web application to maintain a local CA based on OpenSSL.
Coefficient - A project-based collaboration platform.
CogniX - A library for dynamic database-enabled Web applications.
Coppermine Photo Gallery - A photo gallery suite for Web sites.
ChkDB - Rule-based data checking for Oracle.
CQFD - A multi-platform instant messenger program.
CL-INTERPOL - A library that allows Perl-like string interpolation in Common Lisp.
Captive - Full read/write access to NTFS disk drives.
cpShuffleSature - A tool for random-controlled copy of files (MP3, OGG, MPG, etc.).
crosssum - A puzzle game to design and play cross sum games.
Com' On Feel The Noize - A tool that generates an M3U list from any Ogg/MP3 available on a network.
CodeSugar Eclipse Plugin - An Eclipse plugin for generating methods like equals() and toString().
ccValidator - A Web application which validates Creative Commons licenses.
chessdgm.rb - A script that converts a chess postion file (fen) to a diagram.
ChangeBLogger - A set of scripts to aggregate individual changelog files in a static page.
cssh - A tool to run multiple commands to multiple hosts from a central shell over SSH.
Contax - A simple Web-based contact management application.
Copernicus - A program for remembering usernames and passwords.
Cougaar - An architecture for large-scale distributed agent-based applications.
check_httpperf - A Nagios HTTP performance plugin.
CAVEZ of PHEAR - A Boulder Dash / Digger like game written for the console using ncurses.
compiler-tests0 - A set of compiler tests for C compilers.
Corendal Framework - A Java framework for database-driven Web applications.
Canvas Widget - A canvas widget for EiffelVision2.
configure-thinkpad - An IBM ThinkPad configuration tool.
CryptoFS - An encryption filesystem for FUSE and LUFS.
Cybercafe Organizer - An Internet cafe point of sales, control, and administration tool.
cpufrequency - A daemon used to switch the CPU frequency depending on use.
caspar - A collection of Makefile snippets for common tasks.
Cream CRM - A customer relationship management system for media organizations.
cutee - A powerful and simple C++ unit testing environment.
C# Email Server - An SMTP/POP3 email server.
CabFE - A frontend for xmame and daphne on arcade cabinets.
cuetools - A set of utilities for working with cue files and TOC files.
Condict - A program for creating dictionaries.
CHEOPS Chess - A C++ chess engine.
Command-Line Accountant - A command-line personal finance utility.
Cross Module Inliner - An optimizing frontend for gcc which inlines functions across module boundaries.
cad2octree - An octree generator that uses surface models.
CleanPOP - A tool to de-spam a POP3 server based on a local mbox.
cbm4linux - A Linux kernel module for serial CBM devices.
Cryptonit - A client side PKI cryptographic tool.
Cougaar Memory Profiler - A Java memory profiler using bytecode instrumentation.
Capability Override LSM - An LSM that enables extra privileges based on UID and GID.
ccRdf - A Python module for manipulating Creative Commons licensing RDFs.
cssed - A CSS editor.
con:cern - A workflow engine based on an extended case handling approach.
CTC++ - An instrumentation-based code coverage and dynamic analysis tool for C/C++
cd-discid - A tool which retrieves the CDDB discid information for a CD.
CMT++ - A code metric tool for C and C++.
CMTJava - A code metric tool for Java.
CTA++ - A tool for unit testing C++ classes, libraries, and subsystems.
CTC++ Host-Target add-on package - A host-target testing add-on package for CTC++.
ChartPak - A dynamic chart generator for the Web.
Convex 3D - A converter, viewer, and extractor for 3D file formats.
CentOS - A community enterprise OS.
comparator - A pair of tools to quickly find all common segments in large code trees.
cstrings - A lightweight internationalization tool for C code.
cupl - An interpreter for CUPL and CORC.
CheckPoint FW1 VPN Tools - Tools for CheckPoint FW1 VPN.
Convert character set - Conversion between many character set encodings.
Callisto Small Business Software - Business management software.
ClanBomber2 - A networked bomberman game for DirectFB.
CRMExplorer - A Web-based customer relationship management software application.
customerConnect - Customer service software.
CVSNT - An enhanced CVS server.
Community Content & Document Management - A light-weight CMS, designed for communities.
Caves of Golorp - A Rogue-like game in Prolog.
Cmos password recovery tools - A tool which decrypts the CMOS (BIOS setup) password.
Connect Five - A game similar to Connect Four but on a go-style board.
Camera - A GNUstep application for digital still cameras.
CIA - A tool for tracking open source projects in real-time.
CubeTest - A small program that allows users to train their spatial insight.
cyclades-serial-client - An RFC 2217 serial client.
Combinatorial Test Services - A software library for generation and manipulation of testing input data.
Common Text Transformation Library - A C++ parser generator library.
Clickatell SMS API - A tool for sending SMS messages using the Clickatell gateway.
cpop - A network popup message server.
CuteFlow - A Web-based document circulation tool.
Custom Strategy Role Playing Game - An engine for creating strategy role-playing games.
ckmd5 - A program that tests md5sum checksums of files.
Cenon - A vector graphics tool for GNUstep.
Compact Flash Linux Project - A compact flash Linux router distribution, for embedded devices.
ComicViewer - A time-saving tool for avid readers of online comics.
Code Mill - A derived class generator plug-in for Code Crusader.
CVSChangelogBuilder - A friendly change log generator.
ccorp-irc - An ncurses-based IRC client.
CoTeia - A computer supported collaborative learning environment.
c-ares - A C library that resolves names asynchronously.
Cover Hunter - A small app to get cover images for your digital music albums.
Customer Request Tracking System - An application for customer online requests submission tracking and handling.
Covert Channels and Tunnels Detection Engine - Covert Channels and Tunnels Detection Engine
CommitMessage - A modular approach to CVS and Subversion commit email messages.
Coinage - A database for coin collectors.
CamelBones - A Cocoa/Perl bridge for Mac OS X.
CEP - A modular framework for developing enterprise level applications in PHP.
Chainmail Milter - A message-manipulating Sendmail mail filter (milter).
Covide - A Web-based communication suite.
Check Lexmark Printer - A Nagios plugin which checks the status of Lexmark printers.
CGTerm - Telnet and chat clients that emulate a PETSCII display.
CrossIP - A cross-platform DNS update client.
config2xml - A tool that gathers system information from Unix-like systems in XML format.
C++ Sockets - A C++ wrapper for BSD-style sockets.
CVM - The CAPI voice mail system.
cgipplib - A CGI support class library.
class_google.php - Retrieves the results of a Google query.
class_cache.php - A class for caching data about files in a folder.
cdname.py - A tool that uses CDDB/freedb INF files to name MP3s and generate playlists.
Clamor - Software for musical ear training.
CI-Link - An OO scripting language dedicated to building dynamic Web pages.
CSCall++ - A C++ library that converts syscalls into a C++ context.
crazynet.org client - A dynamic DNS service client.
confstore - A configuration backup utility that makes backups of configuration.
CacheNav - A GPS navigation companion for CacheMate.
Crossword Formatter - A script to easily format HTML crossword puzzles.
ciscoInfo - A script which uses SNMP to get information from CDP-compatible devices.
Chit - A template-based generator using SQL to gather input data.
Caffeine.NET - A Java .NET interoperability solution.
cgi_app - An MVC framework for CGI and mod_python applications.
cproto - A tool that generates C function prototypes.
Cogent SST-DVN Driver - A device driver for SST DeviceNet cards.
Cogent SST-PFB Driver - A device driver for SST Profibus cards.
Class Library for Numbers - A C++ library for computations with all kinds of numbers.
Comparison Tools for Handwriting Recognizers - Utilities that enable the comparison of various dynamic handwriting recognizers.
Community News RSS - Publish RSS news, reports and info on your own website.
CopyWrite - A comprehensive project management tool for writers of all kinds.
Checkpassword-LDAP - An implementation of the checkpassword-compatible LDAP authentication program.
CocoaJT - An application that accesses TV news services.
Callplot - A tool for drawing call-flow diagrams.
CVS Perl library - An object-oriented interface to the CVS command.
Coq - A proof assistant based on the Calculus of Inductive Constructions.
Cpuspeedy - A tool which allows you to change the clock speed and voltage of CPUs.
Campaign for real mail - A hybrid sender-pays anti-spam system.
cug - An OpenGL equation grapher.
Cafeterra - A message queue-based EAI tool.
Class::MethodMaker - A module to generate Perl class accessors.
Championship Generator - A program that produces a list of all the meetings between a set of teams.
cZUI - A C++ zoomable user interface framework.
CGoban - An SGF editor and NNGS, IGS, go modem, or standalone go client.
CMP-Gestco - Financial software for small companies.
CScout - A source code analyzer and refactoring browser for collections of C programs.
CSed - A color stream editor.
COID - A C++ O-O networking library.
cdbxx - A set of C++ bindings for Constant Database.
Clash - A versatile embedded OS environment.
CUnit - A unit test framework for C developers.
Comic Bot - An IRC bot that generates comic strips from IRC chat.
Check Website - A Website uptime notification and logging script.
Chorus WebCMS - A tool that allows groups of people to collaboratively maintain a Website.
CUPS Driver Development Kit - A driver development kit with samples for CUPS.
Cube-OSX - A port of the Cube 3D engine to Mac OS X.
clew - chartplotter
Constant::datastore - A C++ library for accessing CDB databases.
C-Frame - A specialized 2D IDE for the C language.
Cache Policy Editor for WebSphere App. Server - A tool for generating, creating, and editing WebSphere cache policies.
ColorSnatch - A cross-platform GUI board game.
ClanWar Planner :: Leaque - A Clan War league administration tool.
Cracks of Reality - A high-quality fractal image renderer.
CocoaDialog - An application for using common GUI controls from scripts.
CB2XML - A COBOL copybook to XML converter.
CoaSim - A tool for simulating the coalescent process.
CGI::SHTML - A Perl module for parsing Apache SSI directives within CGI scripts.
CVPFrameWork - A PHP5-based framework.
CLNoFault - A tool to protect your data with XOR encryption from the command line.
csv2mysql - A Web-based tool for importing CSV files into MySQL.
Cynthiune - A music player for GNUstep.
Chess Training Tools - Chess training tools for Java, Palm, and Pocket PC.
Cgiapp.class.php - A port of CGI::Application.
CP+ - A web-based tool for remote administration of dedicated servers.
Complex Project Manager - A project manager.
Carp::Clan - A module for reporting errors from a "clan" of modules.
ClockScreensaver - A simple digital clock screensaver.
Cellumat3D - A tool for simulating 3D cellular automata.
cmsdAm - A simple and fast CMS.
CSBoard - A small GUI for gnuchess written with mono/gtk-sharp.
Chronic - A constraints-based opportunistic application level scheduler.
CliniMiner - An undirected data-mining method for finding unexpected data relationships.
CLEAR - A C library of expressive and articulate routines.
C++ expression template matrix library - A C++ expression template matrix library.
cpphs - A Haskell re-implementation of cpp, the C pre-processor.
CleverEye - Availability monitoring, alerting, and reporting.
clamaktion - A clamscan extension for Konqueror menus.
Claros inTouch - An AJAX webmail, instant messenger, address book, and notebook application.
Cerc - Provides access to (some) GSL statistics functions.
ConfigFile - A C++ configuration file reader.
CodeSeeker - An application level firewall and IDS.
CamRPC - A simple XML-RPC based webcam system.
CmicWiki - A Perl enhanced wiki.
Charmap - A powerful character map.
Contentteller - A content management system with forum integration.
Chmox - A viewer for Microsoft Help "CHM" files.
Centre SIS - A full-featured, Web-based student information system.
Community Mapbuilder - An application for editing geographic features within a Web browser.
Call Center Reloaded - Software for small to medium sized call centers to log calls.
Celtx - A script breakdown, editing, and collaboration tool for film and TV.
clcal - A commandline calendar.
cmus — C* Music Player - A small, fast, and powerful console music player.
CDoF - A depth-of-field calculator.
Creole - A PHP5 database abstraction layer.
chroot_safe - A method for chrooting dynamically linked applications in a sane manner.
Cocoon 2 NetKernel Adaption Kit - An adaption bridge allowing Cocoon components to be hosted on NetKernel.
ClimbLog - A Java app for storing climbing routes.
Caprice32 - An emulator of the Amstrad CPC 8bit home computer range.
CalcRogue - A Rogue-like for calculators, Palm, and PCs.
Chillispot - A captive portal or wireless LAN access point control
Cynus - A Content Management System aimed at academic establishments.
cleansweep - A set of scripts that help you clean duplicated files.
Claros Downloader - A Web-based download manager.
CocoaCEDICT - A Cocoa interface to the CEDICT Chinese English dictionary.
Cmmi - An installation management program.
Claros Anonymity - A servlet that allows anonymous browsing.
csvtosql - A library and tool to convert any CSV-based data.
CAFE Linux - A CASE tool which generates C++ code from class diagrams.
Cell Electrophysiology Simulation Environment - A simulation environment for electrophysiology.
Classless.Hasher - A .NET hash and checksum algorithm library.
Cash2ME - A tool to keep track of expenses on the road.
CMS Made Simple - An easy-to-use content management system.
Cocktail Bar - A searchable database of cocktails and ingredients.
Calendar Component - An innovative date picker.
cmdClock - A discreet command-line tool.
Custom Ident Daemon - Allows the specification of a custom ident response on a per user basis.
cronwrap - A wrapper for cron jobs.
ClamSMTP - A lightweight SMTP filter for ClamAV.
ChordDB - A Web-based database front-end for chord files.
cbviewer - A comic book archive viewer.
CVS Change Log for Eclipse - An Eclipse plugin for displaying CVS logs in ChangeLog format.
colorize - A Perl program to colorize text files (typically logs).
CodePrinter - A source code printing utility.
CAN Abstraction Layer - An interface for abstracting CAN drivers.
cz2cz tools - Tools for autodetection and converting between charsets.
Copy URL+ - A browser extension for copying a document's address, title, and description.
Cymbeline - A Python application server.
Computer Generated Hologram Construction Kit - A program to create computer-generated holograms.
CADSM - A 3D CAD tool with motion simulation.
Comic Update Script for PHP - A system for running a comic Web site.
Conary - A distributed software management system.
CaPo - A simple redirector for Squid to create a captive portal.
ClieSkinner - An instant virtual graffiti and statusbar skin loader for Clies.
Collaba - An integrated multimedia collaboration and communication server.
CL-FMOD - A set of Common Lisp bindings to FMOD.
CurseTheWeather - A console weather forecast program.
Chaos Antidote - A tool for keeping order on your hard drive.
C Cod - A C scripting language and CGI interface.
Collabrex - A Web-based system for sharing and working on documents.
CK-ERP - An accounting/edu/MRP/ERP/CRM system for use by SMEs.
Console Configuration Suite - Console-based configuration utilities.
Canny - Smarty-like template library for Ruby
color wrapper - A non-intrusive real-time ANSI color wrapper for Unix-based programs.
cwm - A simple and effective window manager with several novel features.
CwTutor - A Morse tutor.
crasm - A cross assembler for the 6800, 6801, 6803, 6502, 65C02, and Z80.
Conges - A Web application for vacation management.
Create CVSup - Creates a CVSup mirror for FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD.
CamManager - A program to manage HP Photosmart digital camera memory cards.
CCIDE - A tool that generates code from embedded decision tables.
clipd - A daemon for managing CLIP (CallerID) and callbook data with a MySQL database.
cb2Bib - A bibliographic reference extracting tool.
Candygram - A Python implementation of Erlang concurrency primitives.
CGI Calendar - A CGI-based event calendar.
CheckNow! - A Web-based game server administration tool.
CitrusDB - Customer care and billing software.
CGI::Uploader - A Perl module to help with file upload management.
CamelTrouble - A game in which you help a camel to rescue all the monks.
Concepts - A C++ class library for elliptic PDEs.
caption_edit.php - A simple photo album editor.
capictcha - A tool that generates CAPTCHA images from arbitrary strings.
CMS Master - An easy-to-use online Web site builder with a WYSIWYG editor.
CoMa - A configuration management tool.
CyberX3D for C++ - A development package for X3D/VRML.
Commodity Rentals - A comprehensive online rental business script.
ChemoDose - A chemotherapy prescribing calculator.
Cadena - An Eclipse component-based (CCM) development environment.
CATPrep.com GMAT Simulator - GMAT simulation software that is complete with all three sections.
Cordova - Code generation for Java and databases.
cerise app server - A Web and application server.
cpuburn - An extremely rigorous stress test for IA-compatible CPUs.
Content Feeder - A library used for assembling content feeds.
cpdetector - A small yet clever framework for codepage detection.
Comtor J2ME - A library that simplifies J2ME software development.
C-Cramp - An interface to MySQL for managing information for small radio stations.
coNCePTuaL - A network correctness and performance testing language.
CMMS - A tool for tracking equipment maintenance tasks.
ClaSS - A classroom information assistant for schools.
Code Browser - A folding text editor.
createtorrent - A command line tool for creating BitTorrent files.
Chrootbin - A helper for creating a chroot environment.
clamXav - A GUI for ClamAV antivirus.
CF Score - A tool that plots radiographic cystic fibrosis scores over time.
Cpsed - A Linux OpenGL 3D scene editor.
Criawips - A full-featured presentation application.
Cyfer - A portable modular low-level cryptographic library.
Copland - An Inversion of Control container for Ruby.
Changing Throttling - A tool to change the processor throttling, saving battery life, for laptops.
Cutlass - An encrypted P2P communications system.
Concursive Suite - A Web-based CRM.
CodeMetrics - A flexible code line counter which supports Perl, VB.Net, and C++.
cl2html - A converter of CVS activity in a project into HTML output.
cbrPager - A simple CBR/CBZ/CB7 archive pager.
Clonch - A keyboard-centric application launcher.
clapf - A high performance antivirus and Bayesian-like statistical antispam content filter for Postfix.
cvsfs4hurd - A Hurd translator that makes files in CVS appear local.
Common Lisp SQL - An SQL database interface for Common Lisp.
CuteCom - A serial terminal program with a nice GUI.
CHOWNAT - Allows two peers behind two separate NATs to establish a direct connection.
Charm - A static binary rewriter for Linux XScale images.
CL-EMB - A library which embeds Common Lisp and special template tags in text files.
Continuity-Perl - A continuation-based Web application library.
Construction Management Software - A construction management system designed for builders and contractors.
Commi - A serial terminal
cvsphpview - A Web interface for CVS repositories.
Cupsys PDF backend - A PDF backend for CUPS.
Continuum - A continous integration server.
COCANWIKI - A full-featured Wiki and content management system.
c2html - A program which converts C source files to highlighted HTML files.
Cayman3341 USB Driver - A Linux 2.6 driver for the USB Netopia Cayman 3341 DSL modem/router.
Conkeror - A keyboard-oriented Mozilla-based Web browser.
CCux Linux - An i686-based, optimized Linux distribution.
Cooperative Linux - A system for running Linux cooperatively alongside an existing OS.
ClamCour - A Courier MTA mail scanning filter for Clam Antivirus.
CGIFeed - A CGI based feed reader.
CruiseControl - A framework for a continuous build process.
Car Dealer Website - An online car dealer inventory.
CBM - An EJB-like architecture for PHP 5.
Command Line WRAPper - A tool to build and run commands from input lines.
CeeSpot - A command interpreter that compiles and runs script source.
Cache Lite Administration Module For Nuke - An interface for controlling Cache Lite.
cfgarch - A tool which stores config files from different machines within a subversion rep
cxxtools - A library of unrelated, useful C++ classes.
Control Files and Connections - A backup system that supports file selection.
cdi2iso - A utility to convert DiscJuggler images to ISO-9660.
csv2xml - A simple but useful CSV to XML converter.
confiserie - An easier-to-use replacement for autoconf/automake.
Camview - Programs to control your Nikon D70 in PTP mode.
Calyxo Web Application Framework - An MVC Model 2 Web application framework.
cpan2tgz - A CPAN to Slackware package.
cvs-mailcommit - A tool to distribute CVS commitments via mail.
CPUtemp - A Gnome applet for monitoring CPU temperature.
CompFrame - A component framework used for building systems.
Citations - A personal quotings database.
C++ Regex Engine - A Perl 5-compatible regular expression library for C++.
cros - An operator stacking system for RAD configuration.
clitdb - A command line interface to databases.
ConceptBase - A meta-database system for conceptual modeling.
CLHep - A nuclear physics software development library.
Confluence System Design Language - A language for reactive system design.
CHIP Code Highlighter - A source code highlighter for Web servers running PHP.
Cartoon Graber - A comic strip browser and archiver.
Cowloop - A block device layer for using read-only block devices in a read-write fashion.
CopyFS - A copy-on-write, versioned filesystem.
CRE Loaded Project - The osCommerce shopping cart with many additions and enhancements.
C++ ResourcePool - A generic C++ resource pooling framework including abstract database access.
cko - A patch that colors Linux kernel output.
cstermin - A minimalistic configuration file driven scheduler.
Cedilla - A best-effort text printer.
CookieBox - A tool that cleans privacy threats from common browsers' cookie stores.
Courier Authentication Library - A modular authentication library toolkit.
cpufrequtils - A midlayer library, with user utilities and debug tools.
CACAO - A JIT compiler for Java.
Coindesigner - A RAD system for building 3D applications using openInventor.
Cerberus LiveHelp - A Web site live chat tool.
Chatty :) - A cool chat program.
Cupid - A video recorder.
CW-Trainer - A Morse code practice and learning tool.
coold - A daemon and a kernel module that keep a Linux system running cool.
CAIDA CoralReef - A real-time network analysis system.
CALimba - An application to manage a shared calendar.
CFITSIO - A library of C and Fortran APIs for the FITS data format.
chan_misdn - An mISDN channel driver for the open source PBX Asterisk.
Cyberience Projects - A project collaboration and productivity application.
Cloud Wiki - A wiki engine written in Python and using Sqlite for node storage.
Cubic - A simple 4k graphic intro.
capers - An implementation of the draughts game.
CCTunes - Publishes iTunes libraries in HTML format.
C Minimal Perfect Hashing Library - A library to create and to work with minimal perfect hash functions.
CL-FAD - A portable pathname library for Common Lisp.
ccpop - A POP3 mail notification daemon with support for multiple mailboxes.
cfourcc - A command line FOURCC changer for MPEG4 or DivX files.
C Code Analyzer - A static analysis tool for detecting security problems in C code.
CryptoMX Tools - A set of cross-platform encryption tools.
console - Enables shortcut command access to running scripts.
Clipcast - A multi-platform network clipboard tool.
ClamTk - A frontend for ClamAV.
CopperExport - An iPhoto export plugin for Coppermine.
Cryproc - A Linux kernel module that exposes CryptoAPI functions to user-space programs.
Constrict - A Python module to parse DNS messages.
CANDIDv2 - A Web album which lets users search and categorize photos.
class_pictText - A PHP class that prints text on a picture.
cvsclogd - A script that updates ChangeLog files on the fly using CVS commit information.
Converter for DigiMemo A501 - Converts the internal format of the DigiMemo A501 to PS or PDF files.
cognito - A template-based CMS.
Common Data Format - A self-describing data abstraction for multidimensional data.
C Parameters - A library for passing complex parameters to C functions via hash tables.
Cobertura - A Java code-coverage reporting application.
Castor PHP Web Builder - A PHP framework.
chisel - A semantic cache for Java.
CastGrab - A podcast aggregator.
CheckDNS - A domain name server analysis and reporting tool.
ClamShell - A powerful, full-featured front end for the clamscan virus scan engine.
Commuter - A photo mosaic generation tool.
cstor - A tool that compiles complete, unified text database from C, C++, Perl, etc.
Cajo - A project for dynamic transparent distributed computing.
cx_bsdiff - A Python extension module for binary patching and diffing.
cxxchecker - C++ source-code style checker - Checks commonly accepted C++ coding practices.
cx_Logging - C and Python interfaces for logging.
Canzoniere - An advanced and supervised MP3 classification tool.
Clean Programming Language - A pure, lazy, functional programming language.
Cocom - A set of compiler construction tools.
ContainArray - A set of multi-dimensional arrays for C++.
cda123 - A command line CD player.
clipurl - A tiny app that watches the X11 clipboard for URLs.
Conn - A small C library that allows fast building of IPV4/6 daemons and clients.
Cute Little Image Gallery Script (CLIGS) - A tool that generates HTML image galleries using gthumb metadata.
cdgtools - CD+G karaoke handling tools.
cPige - A stream ripper and backup tool for Web radio.
CenterStage - A media center application.
Current - A server for Red Hat's excellent up2date tools.
Compiere JasperReports Integration - An addon for Compiere providing JasperReports integration.
Captcha PHP - A user-friendly and easily embedded bot screener for PHP scripts.
CDPhotoIndex - An application that creates image thumbnails for printing a photo CD cover.
clearhealth - A medical practice management and EMR system.
cdServer - An HTTP server for serving content off CD-ROMs.
Curve API - An implementation of various mathematical curves.
cdp-tools - A set of tools for working with the Cisco Discovery Protocol.
cexec - Ad-hoc cluster software.
contextual - A command line program to insert text at a given point in a file.
CVSAnalY - A program that analyzes information from CVS and Subversion repositories.
Console Password Manager - A console-based password management tool.
Compound XML Document Editor - An Eclipse plugin for editing and serialization of documents.
Chaos Explorer - A tool that graphs, analyzes, and manipulates chaotic functions.
CakePHP - A rapid development framework for PHP.
cfind - A utility that quickly finds files that contain certain words.
Catalyst - An MVC framework for Perl.
Capivara - A file manager for FTP/SFTP with a synchronization feature.
Config::Maker - A utility to generate related configs from single data file and templates.
CPPSERV - A Web application server providing a servlet-like and JSP-like API for C++.
Contelligent - A smart component-based content management system for J2EE.
Crogai - A mixture of crowd simulation, AI, and genetic algorithms.
Colonist - A meta-distribution of coLinux.
CryptNET Peer Cache Daemon - Bootstrapping software to allow P2P servlets to connect to P2P networks.
ClearWatch - A tool thatmonitors and displays both encrypted and unencrypted network traffic.
comhit - A serial communcation program.
cbcv - A Java class and byte code verifier.
Cell Messenger - A program to send, receive, and manage a cell phone's SMS messages.
converting binary - A series of programs for converting binary data.
Codeville - A distributed version control system.
cfenginedoc - Builds graphs describing relationships between cfengine files.
Caché Monitor - A dev utility for the InterSystems database Caché.
cpuflags - Determines the best gcc compiler for the current CPU.
CheckGmail - A system tray application that checks a Gmail account for new mail.
copher - A tool for automated submission of file releases to SourceForge.
CmkSql - A C++ library offering an abstract SQL interface.
Cascade Select - A class that generates two dependent HTML form select inputs.
Checkstyle XML to HTML transformer - Checkstyle XMLs to HTML transformer
Cortado - A Java applet for playing Ogg media streams.
Compass Framework - A Java OSEM and search engine framework.
CODAF - A combination of Compiere and Daffodil DB.
CODEX - A key distribution system.
Config::YUM - A Perl module for parsing a yum.conf file.
Cre - An interactive media framework.
CleanSheets - An extensible and platform-independent spreadsheet application.
cerberus services - A modular IRC operator/network service.
cddetect - A tool to detect CD/DVD types without mounting.
Code::Blocks - A C/C++ IDE.
ccbuild - A C++ source scanning build utility with Makefile and A-A-P recipe generation.
Cactus Jukebox - An audio player and database.
ConceptualTesting - A tool to schedule execution of program threads for testing purposes.
Centripitel Digital Switchboard - A complete IP-PBX with support solutions.
CElect - A tool for finding preferential ballot election winners and PR council sets.
cpu_freq_throttle - A CPU throttle and frequency command line controller.
ClamUPG - A shell script to automatically upgrade an installed ClamAV version.
cPdfWriter - A PHP5 class for exporting PDF documents.
clockwork - A time tracking script.
C-XML UnitTest System - A unit test program for C developers that uses XML for test generation.
coldsync-python - Python bindings for ColdSync.
cinit - An init system.
Caliph & Emir - MPEG-7 and Java prototypes for digital photo and image annotation and retrieval.
Cog OS X - A multi-format audio player.
cgrep - A program that shows the context of matching patterns found in files.
CruxPorts4Slack - A ports system for Slackware.
CPAINT - A cross-platform asynchronous interface toolkit.
Cassandra - A VTK-based 3D scientific data viewer.
Coverlipse - An Eclipse 3.x plugin for code coverage visualization of JUnit Tests.
cclite - LETS and community currency software.
CiviCRM - Constituent relationship management software for nonprofits and NGOs.
clewarecontrol - A program to control the USB sensors and switches sold by Cleware GmbH.
Computational Linguistics Toolset - A set of tools for computational linguistics.
Concurrence - A networked file editor that allows multiple people to modify a document.
conceptRTE - Cross-Browser Rich Text Editor
Chipmunk CMS - A flexible CMS script featuring integrated forums, directories, and news posting
CDuce - A safe and efficient programming language for XML.
Cars - A CLI tool for authenticating against the Checkpoint FW-1 HTTP engine.
CharGer - A conceptual graph editor and manager.
ckmfortune - A gkrellm plugin for fortune.
Checkfacebook - A tool which notifies you of new messages on facebook.com.
cssmerge - A command-line tool to extract and merge CSS stylesheets.
Crossroads Load Balancer - A software load balancer/failover utility for TCP-based services.
CLAM - A music and audio processing library.
concede - A computer version of the board game "Take It Easy".
CRUIS Edit - An online Web site editing system for small sites.
collect - A utility that manages lists of files.
Cedar Backup - A program to perform local and remote backups to CD or DVD media.
ChatSniff - A program that sniffs for instant messages.
Code Analyzer - A program that generates source metrics by file or for large, diverse projects.
CSVObjects - A Java-based CSV mapper/parser library and framework.
Coursor - A Web application for academic environments.
Crispy - An easy remote invocation Java API for WebService, RMI, XML-RPC services, etc.
CdFly - A CD collection manager.
Curses Cardfile - A curses-based cardfile that is compatible with Microsoft Cardfile for Windows.
CSVFile - A set of classes to handle CSV files in Java.
compileAndGo - A tool to wrap compiled-language source into a script or run it from a shell.
Conky - A system monitor.
CeeMedia - A movie catalogue application.
CS-Cart - A Web-based shopping cart system with hundreds of ecommerce features.
CD_SERVER - A CD distributable version of Apache, mod_perl, Perl, PHP, and MySQL.
Chinook - An online PDF discussion engine.
Craftsman Spy - A JDBC logging framework.
cryptosync - A tool to create incremental compressed and encrypted backups.
Compute Portal Project - A Web-based front end to a compute resource.
Calistir - A "Run" dialog in Turkish.
collectd - A system statistics collection daemon.
check_mysql - A Perl script to help find, analyze, and optimize problem SQL queries in MySQL.
Configurable Audible User Interface - A user interface to custom plugins using speech synthesis software.
CodeMiner CVS Manager - A reporting tool to manage repositories.
cowdancer - A tool which allows i-node based copy-on-write file access.
cpp xstream - A class library of flexible C++ iostreams and streambufs.
Connla - A Java library for exporting to TXT, CSV, HTML, XHTML, XML, PDF, and XLS.
Constrictor Mail Filter - A Python module for parsing, filtering, and delivering mail.
Coloryze - A color theme generator.
Cowtacular - A simple inventory, licensing, and ticketing solution for IT support groups.
Chungles - A system for easy file sharing among computers on a local network.
csl4lin - A Linux port of Codemist Standard Lisp.
ClamAv# - A Mono language binding for the ClamAV virus scanner.
CodeWrestler - A source code massage tool.
clink - A tool which compacts directories by replacing duplicate files with symbolic lin
communik8r - A Webmail client.
CTShaper - A script to make QoS on your home gateway easy.
Chamoro - A simple and fast XML parser.
Chessweb - A pure Java servlet implementation of a two-player chess game.
chatty - A program that displays chatty messages in the title bar of xterm.
chartsd - A daemon that generates 2D diagrams from any log file.
Cascade framework - An MVC framework.
cOOol - A tool that checks OpenOffice.org documents for broken links.
Comix - A GTK image viewer specifically designed to handle comic books.
Calcurse - A text-based calendar and scheduling application.
Checklist - A checklist program.
Cryptowizard - A script to create and use encrypted partitions.
cc2cvs - A tool to export ClearCase version control information to CVS.
CBL Partial Updater - A very simple AJAX library for PHP.
Chirpy! - A Web-based quote management system.
Calcc - A console calculator and converter.
ColorExplorer - A cross-platform color chooser
CaiCai - A network and services monitoring system.
CCCP Common Clan Portal - A content management system for online gamers.
Cell mate - Software to control a Unix machine using a cell phone.
CLC Free Workbench - Bioinformatics tools for DNA, RNA, and protein analysis.
Canterris AnonORM - A lightweight PHP ORM library.
chrono-form - A PHP module for easily creating Web forms.
CloverETL Designer - A visual data transformation designer for the CloverETL framework.
cool gamma - A monitor calibration tool.
Caligare Flow Inspector - A monitor and analyzer of network data flows for Cisco devices.
chill - A cookie-based hot linking defense for PHP programs.
Carina - A viewer for xVRML, VRML97, and X3D files.
CaseRePort - Finds errors in the case of file names.
conntrack-tools - Userspace connection tracking tools for Netfilter.
CC Database Interface - A graphical database frontend using Java and JDBC.
CoinXtension - An extension to the Coin 3D graphics framework.
Claws Mail - A GTK+ based, user-friendly email client.
Cross Platform Toolkit Library (xtklib) - An object-oriented C++ framework for cross-platform development.
csvBeans - A library to map your Java objects with CSV files.
Contest Manager - A Web/email contest management program.
cgi_trampoline.c - A CGI script launcher that sets the working directory and the UID/GID.
ctris - a Tetris clone for the console.
Crate Game Engine - A library designed to make creating adventure style board games trivial.
CL-IPC - A Common Lisp library to do SysV IPC.
Ciberia Content Federator - A free content federator based on PHP and CSS.
chkperm - A tool for checking file ownership and permissions.
Cocoa IAX Ping - An IAX ping tool.
Calcore - An advanced, flexible calendaring component for Python.
CCHotKey - A small application to launch any script you want with hotkeys.
Canoe - An online book catalog.
ConfigObj - An easy to use Python config file reader and writer with a host of features.
ccHost - A Web-based system supporting remixing and collaboration on media.
currvita - A LaTeX package for typesetting a CV.
Clara - A tool that draws a class diagram from source code.
class.upload.php - A powerful but easy-to-use class to manage file and image uploads.
Coarse Port Knocking - Simple implementation of Port Knocking techniques.
Checkpoint Commander - A cross-platform file management, viewing, and archiving / security tool.
chemicalInventory - A tool for managing chemical inventories.
ConceptDraw Mindmap Professional - A brainstorming and mindmapping tool.
configure - A program that automatically generates Makefiles from project definition files.
CyberFusion Integration Suite - Managed file transfer software.
CryptoServer - A server-side cryptography daemon.
Custom Eclipse Builder - A tool to build a company/personal customized Eclipse distribution.
ChkBk - A shell script for keeping a checkbook register.
contraccions - A program to validate word contractions in the Catalan language.
Coarse - A simple implementation of Port Knocking techniques.
crucible - A highly flexible automated kernel and application testing framework.
CCruncher - A calculator for the credit risk for large portfolios using Monte Carlo method.
Custom Shoutcast Multi Server Listener Status - A shoutcast multi-server script that displays statistics.
C++ Server Pages - Provides the ability to write C++ servlets.
clsJSPHP - A PHP class that allows you to create richer Web applications.
codavaj - A tool to transform HTML Javadoc into Java source file skeletons.
CVS History - A Web application for searching the history of CVS actions.
Contineo - A Web-based document management system.
conexus I/O Library - A C++ library with support for sockets and serial I/O and a gtkmm widget set.
Concept Draw - A professional business and technical diagramming tool.
Coyotl - A library of interesting C++ classes.
Celtix - An enterprise service bus (ESB) for building standards-based SOA.
Charon - A system that converts a wireless router into a money-earning ISP.
C++ Machine Objects - Hierarchical state machines in C++.
castget - A command line podcast downloader.
Cross Stitch Wizard - A utility to create cross stitch patterns from JPEG photos.
ConceptDraw Project - An efficient planning, tracking, and resource scheduling tool.
ConTagged - An LDAP based address book.
cflat - A filter that transforms C source into a tabular format.
caudex - A hierarchical, distributed BibTeX compatible reference management system.
CAELinux - A live DVD for computer aided engineering and finite element analysis.
CoMoblog - A mobile blogging application.
CrawlTrack - A PHP script to track search-engine crawlers on a Web site.
CouchPotato - A media center application.
codegen - A program to generate C# and VB.NET code from a UML class diagram.
Cfruby - A full suite of tools for configuring and maintaining Unix-based servers.
Cara-Pic - An easy-to-use photo carousel.
Circle-U - A circular navigation menu.
Cube-U - A preview-type menu system.
CSS Navbar - A CSS navigation bar with custom cursors.
CartoWeb - A Web-GIS and Webmapping framework application.
ControlTier - An application deployment and management automation system.
Car PC Development Kit - A development kit for a car PC Linux distribution.
configsaver - A way to synchronize configuration files using your gmail account.
Cocoa UltraSMS - An SMS message to MySQL utility for OS X.
Chronojump - Measurement, management, and statistics of jump, run, reaction time and pulses.
Control Framework for PHP - A framework for building reusable UI elements that encapsulate behavior and look
cryptmount - A tool for setup and on-demand mounting of encrypted filesystems under Linux.
ccontrol - A wrapper to control distcc, ccache, and more.
CahierSpip - A template for the SPIP CMS.
C# for Emacs - A C# mode for Emacs and cc-mode 5.30 or higher.
ccollect - An incremental full backup solution.
CATSRunner - A unit testing framework for embedded C software applications.
core2 - A library that extends the ECMAScript built-in objects.
cw - A package for accessing the floppies on a Catweasel controller.
CBL RememberMe - A tiny library that adds the "remember me" functionality to PHP session handling
CGI::Utils - A Perl module providing CGI and mod_perl utilities.
CellProfiler - A cell image analysis tool.
CMap - A cross map API for a generic interface to generate popular online maps.
compFUSEd - A compressed overlay filesystem based on FUSE.
Clabbers - An anagram tool aimed towards solving Scrabble racks.
cprops - Data structures, a thread pool, and a server socket API in C.
Command Line Content Management System - Commandline Web site management.
CrossVC - Cross-platform version control.
Common Configuration Parser - A program for upgrading configuration files.
CryptEngine - A fast 3D engine for Java.
Comic Browser - A tool for reading online comics.
C - A pseudo-interpreter of the C programming language.
CMS - Bandits - A set of scripts with an HTML editor, search engine, RSS reader, revision log.
Colourshell - Uses a different colour for each Bash command.
Craigslist Finder - An agent that helps you buy what you want on Craigslist
ChangeBlindness - A small game that demonstrates the change blindness phenomenon.
Cosmo - A WebDAV/CalDAV/Atom calendar sharing server.
CGI-Musicbox - A jukebox management program.
cerebro - A collection of cluster monitoring tools and libraries.
cvtool - A library and tool for image and data processing on the GPU.
cvsdadm - CVSd pserver administration program.
cvsgdiff - Graphical diff for cvs
Coreboot - A BIOS replacement.
CDnavigator - An application that files your CDs and DVDs in a database.
C to C++ Converter - A tool that converts C sources to C++.
Ceylan - A general-purpose portable C++ library.
Contact Form Killer - An easy online form builder with JavaScript and PHP validation.
C Algorithms Library - A collection of commonly used computer science algorithms.
Castore - An XML-based digital library platform for grey literacy.
Connection class PDO - A wrapper to access SQL databases using the PDO API.
ctel - A program for evaulating telephone bills from the German telecom.
cpuid 2 - A tool that dumps CPUID information about the CPU(s).
Commitfilter - A subscriber system for SVN commit notification email.
Centralized User Management Virtualization Engine - An on-demand systems management system.
Channel - A C++ template framework for distributed message passing and event dispatching.
CryoPID - A process freezer for Linux.
Catacomb-WebDAV - A WebDAV module for the Apache Web server.
Corbicula Anti Virus - Provides a GNOME HIG compliant front end for ClamAV.
CAILogin - A tiny image-based user verification program for Web page logins.
CSS4J - A Document Object Model CSS implementation in Java.
Copyright It! - A script that adds a copyright notice to images.
Color Bandwidth Meter - A program that displays the current traffic on all network devices.
codstats.tcl - An eggdrop script to provide Call of Duty statistics and to proxy game speech.
centericq-expl - A script to extract information from Centericq profile files.
CONSIDEO MODELER - A tool for mind mapping, modeling, and simulation of complex problems.
CommuniMail - A mailing list manager and newsletter script.
Chroma - A stylish movie player.
cache4j - A cache for Java objects with a simple API and fast implementation.
Cotharyus' Advanced Mush Server - A text based chat system.
Credence - Lets you vote on and rank files in LimeWire, so you can avoid spam and decoys.
CookiePie - A Firefox extension to handle individual cookies on each browser tab.
CelSius WS - A Web scripting language.
Cancerbero - A monitoring port scan engine based on nmap.
CPAN+changelog - A script to add a ChangeLog and BuildLog to a CPAN Perl module.
CSS Briefcase - An online CSS style organizer.
csvdiff - A program to find the differences between the columns of two CSV files.
ClusterControl - A tool for submitting and monitoring jobs on a Linux cluster.
Cisco Configuration Manager - Tools to manage configurations for Cisco devices.
CUPS-PDF - A PDF writer backend for CUPS.
catty (cat-tty) - A simple shell interface to serial tty lines.
CurlFtpFS - An FTP filesystem based on cURL and FUSE.
check_logfiles - A plugin for Nagios which checks logfiles for defined patterns.
ChouXiang - An abstract shooting game.
Calorie Burning Calculator - A calorie burning calculator for Web sites.
Config::Model - A framework to edit and validate configuration files or data.
Carte - A standards-based report engine for the Java platform.
Cuiterm - A revulutionary user interface for UNIX shells.
cdck - Tools for verifying CD/DVD quality.
Charlix - A desktop assistant.
cURL PHP Extension Class - A cURL extension wrapper for accessing remote Web resources.
Compress::unLZMA - A Perl wrapper for the LZMA library.
C-Dogs SDL Port - A port of the old DOS arcade game C-Dogs.
csoap - A SOAP library for C.
combina - A password generator that implements the combinatorial analysis.
Construct - A library for parsing/building of declaratively defined data structures.
cvsclone - A CVS pserver repository cloning utility.
commitrc - A tool to put your /etc files under CVS or SVN.
Cellophane - A wrapper to manipulate the values of site cookies.
ComicReader - An online daily comics reader.
Closebracket - A shell shortcut definer.
Computer Temperature Monitor - A GNOME applet for monitoring computer temperatures.
Cleaner - A Java syntax beautifier.
Calife - A small program similar to sudo.
CerbeRun - Software runner in user space.
cspot - A semantic annotator for the C programming language.
Cleversafe - Software for secure and reliable distributed storage.
cachedb.py - A database cache Python module.
Crow Designer - A graphical interface editor.
Community Edition Raw - Enables Linux enthusiasts to customize popular free email and calendar systems.
CBLM - A latency, packet loss, and jitter monitoring probe.
CGI::Application::Plugin::RateLimit - A plugin for CGI::App to provide rate-limiting for runmodes.
cintoo Messages - An I18n framework.
Cytadela - A conversion of an Amiga Doom clone.
Chaussette - A Web group calendar using Ajax.
Captivator-Gw - A captive portal implementation for Linux.
cromfs - A heavily compressed read-only filesystem in userspace.
CherryTV - A simple TV remote implemented as a Web page.
CADmenu - Displays a menu in response to control-alt-delete.
Chart Taglibs - A chart tag library for JFreeChart (JSP 1.1 and higher).
Cultbooking - A hotel booking system.
Caml-get - A tool to distribute and get Objective-Caml code in a way similar to apt-get.
Contact Conductance Estimator - A program that estimates the contact conductance between 2 contacting surfaces.
CD Stack - An advanced CD ripping and encoding application.
Crystalpage CMS - An advanced CMS system.
CSudoku - A command line Sudoku solving program.
cdevour - Scripts that make CD ripping painless.
Change Control Request Manager - An online system for managing change requests for businesses.
CLISH - A modular CISCO-like CLI on a Unix system.
CodgenClipse - An Eclipse plugin for Jostraca and other code generation tools.
Config::Record - Simple Perl configuration files storing scalars, arrays, and hashes.
Cjots - A console jotter application for creating and organizing notes.
CoverageMeter - A code coverage tool chain for C/C++.
coocle - A command line utility for searching Google.
CrossFTP - An FTP and Amazon S3 client.
cclib - A library which parses and interprets computational chemistry calculations.
ConVirt - A GUI-based virtualization management tool.
cm Compilation Manager - A build management tool like "make".
ccPublisher - An application that allows content creators to tag their works with metadata.
Cobra - A pure Java HTML DOM parser and rendering engine.
cvsweb-scrape - Software to do a CVS checkout via the Web-based cvsweb interface.
CodeInvaders Challenge - A Java-based, real-time programming game based on the Eclipse platform.
CyVis - A Java software complexity visualization tool.
carnarvon - A tool for software archaeology analysis.
Claros Mini - A multi-protocol Web mail application for small screen devices.
CAVE WALL - A ncurses-based ASCII art editor.
call center software - Software to track and log calls.
C/Invoke - A library for calling C functions at runtime.
clipsmm - A C++ Interface to CLIPS.
ComicMan - A Web comic downloader.
Construct-java - A framework for command processing.
cec - A Coraid Ethernet Console client.
Cellular Manager - Manages a phone book and SMS in your mobile phone.
cbmfs - A FUSE filesystem for Commodore disk images.
CeGCC - A cross compiler and debugger for Windows CE.
conceptRM (Rss Mail) - An email client to read email through an RSS reader.
Console Lines - A "Lines" game for your terminal.
C Generic Library - A generic data structure library in C modeled after the C++ STL.
Colored Sudoku - A puzzle game.
Carambola - A fun and simple computer simulation game of Three Ball Billiards.
Comment Script - A script that allows comments to be added to Web pages.
Cibyl - An environment that allows compiled C programs on J2ME phones.
ConVertiX - An MP3 to WAV (and vice versa) converter.
CrossFTP Server - A professional FTP server for multiple platforms.
CD Crisol - A Software Libre Windows CD generator.
Clepsydra - A Web application for managing a numeric data collection.
ClikMenu - A drop-down and popup hierarchical menu system for JavaScript.
clist - A text-based directory browser and file manager.
Canorus - A music score editor.
CMS RSS Grabber - CMS content syndication through RSS.
check_dir - A Nagios plugin to monitor the number of files in a directory.
Cadabra - A symbolic computer algebra system for field-theory problems.
Code_Map - A PHP class to graph a hierarchy of PHP classes.
calc.pl - A simple but powerful Linux terminal calculator.
crapsearch - A daemon that polls search engines with random queries to disguise the real ones
CrissCross - A lightweight cross-platform C++ library.
cl-wav-synth - A WAV sample editor.
cancan - A telnet client for MUD playing.
Campus Chat Server - A chat server made for Cádiz University.
cpverify - A tool to verify that copied/burned files have been written error free.
Curl HTTP Client - A simple but powerful curl-based HTTP client.
Combean - A Java framework for combinatorial structures and optimization algorithms.
cdrkit - A collection of applications for CD creation.
Custom Dating Biz - A script for building a modern dating Web site.
commonc++ - A C++ class library for developing cross-platform systems software.
CkFormLogin - A form login/access management monitor plug-in for Nagios.
Contractor Software - A Web-based contractor management application.
ctioga2 - A polymorphic plotting program.
colorsvn - A Subversion output colorizer.
CharEntry - A toolkit for entering phonetic symbols and other characters.
ckjm - A calculator of Chidamber and Kemerer object-oriented metrics on Java bytecode.
Cite - A flexible and dynamic CMS.
Covered - A Verilog code coverage analyzer.
Cimbiote - A tool which enables OpenPegasus CIM providers to be written in Python.
Cobbler - A Linux install and update server with integrated virtualization support.
Conectayas - Connect-4 and Tic-Tac-Toe and other similar games written in DHTML.
CoffeeAdmin - A Java-based work order manager.
Cross-LFS - Cross-compiled Linux From Scratch.
C++ MudBase - An object oriented MUD codebase.
Cobras - A programming environment for Qt.
CurlyML - A low-fat alternative to XML.
CompBenchmarks - An environment for compiler benchmarking.
ConMan - A serial console management program.
CShout - A customizable shoutbox implemented with AJAX.
Classycle - Analysis tools for Java class and package dependencies.
CW Trainer - A Koch and Farnsworth adaptable CW trainer.
CalendarTechnique - A Web-based calendar and scheduler.
Check Spam - A class to generate and validate CAPTCHA verification images.
comisat Games Collection - A collection of games.
Cultivation - A unique game that explores conflict and cooperation in a gardening community.
Component Templates for Assets and Artifacts - A business-ready Java template toolkit for Eclipse.
CSP - A Perl-based CA tool.
cheapskate - Dirt simple budgeting with Ruby on Rails.
ctopy - A quick and dirty (but effective) C to Python translator.
crashtest - An educational crash simulator.
CherBot - A bot for the Daimonin MMORPG.
Chaos Visualization - A program for visualizing the amount of chaos in a certain physical system.
Clevo Mail LED Linux Driver - A Linux driver for the Clevo notebook Mail LED indicator.
code2tags - A project documenting tool for many code types.
cloc - A program to count physical lines of source code.
C Open SMPP - A PDU SMPP packaging and unpackaging library.
CyaSSL - A lightweight SSL/TLS library supporting up to TLS 1.2 and DTLS 1.2.
CryptNET Password Candidate Generator - Flexibly generates password candidates using OS pseudo-random sources.
Complete Horoscope - A PHP class to get all horoscope aspects from astrology.com.
Crackup - A pretty simple, pretty secure remote backup solution.
COllaborative DEvelopment SHell - An automatic persistent logbook for sessions of personal command line work.
Claros Chat - A full featured, Web based Jabber client.
CLUTO - A software package for clustering low- and high-dimensional datasets.
Chuckie Egg J2Me - Chuckie Egg J2ME
Callweaver - A community driven software PBX project.
ChibiTracker - A small but powerful application for music composing.
check-packeteer.pl - A Nagios plugin to read traffic data from Packeteer appliances.
Chestnut FTP Search - A Web application to search files on FTP servers.
ClusTerm - Gain terminal access to several systems and execute the same command on each.
CorneliOS - A virtual Web OS.
ConfigFile for Haskell - A configuration file parser and writer for Haskell.
Coadunation - A platform-independent server.
ClipLord - A minimalistic clipboard manager.
CgEddie - A Cg shaders editor.
Cheesecake Photoblog - CheeseCake Photoblog is a photoblog application written in PHP
callintegrator - Uses your address book to set up a call via VoIP services.
Community Linux Updater - A package management toolkit.
Cyan Secure Web Proxy - A carrier grade, high performance filtering proxy server.
comic-get - A tool for retrieving Internet comics.
cego - A relational and transaction-based database system.
cracklinux - Direct hardware access for Linux 2.6.
clip2png - A simple program to save an image from the clipboard to a PNG file.
cpulimit - A CPU usage limiter for Linux.
check_iseries - A Nagios plugin for IBM iSeries monitoring.
czxNetSwitch - A profile-based network manager.
CD-ROM Digest MD5 - A program that computes an MD5 digest for each track on a multi-track CD.
CryptoNAS - An encrypting fileserver (NAS).
CacheTable - A high performance hash map.
Cuaderno 19 -
Conformiq Qtronic - A model-based test generator.
CB3ROB Identd - A non-spoofable ident/auth (RFC1413) daemon for public servers.
CacheGuard Web Security Gateway - An OS/appliance dedicated to Web security and optimization.
cegojdbc - A JDBC driver for the Cego database system.
cupsfax - A fax backend for CUPS.
circdraw - A program to draw circuit diagrams in LaTeX.
ConceptDraw NetDiagrammer - Network diagramming, planning, and design; LAN scanning and visualization.
CoffeeMud - A fantasy text-based virtual reality engine (MUD).
CMScout - An easy-to-use CMS for scout based groups.
ConceptDraw WebWave - Professional Web site planning, diagramming, and prototype software.
cft - A configuration file tracker.
cstring - A C library which implements resizable C-style strings.
clive - A tool for extracting videos from YouTube and Google Video.
chemical-mime-data - Chemical MIME and file type support for Linux/Unix desktops.
ClamFS - An anti-virus protected file system.
CosmoPBX - A Live CD based on Knoppix with Asterisk PBX.
COAddOns - A collection of add-ons for Mambo and Joomla.
cfsm - A finite state machine compiler.
check_connections - A Nagios plugin for checking the number of TCP connections.
check_tcptraffic - A Nagios plugin to monitor network traffic on Linux systems.
Crown and Cutlass - A 3D pirate action/adventure game in the spirit of Sid Meier's Pirates!.
ciscobackup - A utility script for secure backup of Cisco routers.
check_diskio - A simple Nagios plugin for monitoring disk I/O on Linux 2.4 and 2.6 systems.
ChessX - A chess database.
Cyclone3 - A content management system written in XUL.
CentricWare Suite - POS and manufacturing automation software.
Computer Breaker - A network testing tool for services vulnerabilities.
Crystal Audio - A fvwm-crystal configuration for use on an audio workstation.
cdmm - A commandline multimeter application.
check_topoplogy - A Nagios plugin to check network topology.
Coronet - A coroutine/epoll micro-thread library.
cghttpd - A Coronet+Guasi simple HTTP server.
CrossTeX - A modern drop-in replacement for BibTeX.
cciss_vol_status - A tool which reports the status of logical drives on HP Smart Arrays.
CLFSWM - A full-screen window manager.
Clonezilla - A partition or disk cloning tool similar to Symantec Ghost.
ccextractor - A fast closed caption (subtitles) extractor.
Conteg - A PHP class to negotiate HTTP request responses.
Complete Text And Link Rotator - A text and link rotator for Web sites.
Config Maker - A C++ class generator tool to read configuration files.
Codehost BrightQ - A unified cross-platform Unix printing suite of utilities.
Card Monsters - A card game with creatures, instants, and sorceries.
C-Pluff - A plug-in framework for C programs.
CLSimilarImages - A command-line utility for finding visually similar images.
c64img - A script that converts an image to an image that can be shown on a C64.
CsWebmail - Another webmail application.
Cerber Grid - A light-weight Java grid system.
Cernunnos - An encapsulation of recommended programming practices.
climm - A portable, small, yet powerful console-based ICQ and XMPP client.
C/GTK or Java/Swing Stopwatch - A simple, clear, and efficient stopwatch program.
cutoggvorbis - A small scriptable command line Ogg/Vorbis editor.
CTAL_0 - A typed assembly language for compiling C programs.
CupCake CMS - A CakePHP-based Web CMS for managing simple Web sites.
Common Media Input Layer - A C++ media input and device abstraction layer.
Correo - A mail client.
Cego-DBD - A DBD driver implementation for the Cego database system.
ClockingIT - A multi-user Web-based project management solution.
Cursed MIDI Sequencer - A console MIDI sequencer that is remote controllable via MIDI.
CSVtoXLS.php :: convert CSV data into XLS files. - A utility to convert CSV data into business class XLS spreadsheet files.
CastCluster - A local content source for your podcatcher.
Captcha Creator php script - A script that generates unique, highly customizable Captcha images.
CLIChart - Command line tools to summarize and chart data from system logs.
cgmail - A Gmail checker.
CheckAccess - A PHP script to build a report of logins into a server.
cpuinfo - A CPU identification tool and library.
Computation Job Management - A program that calls executables in a specified order.
ColoradoFTP - An FTP server.
Crystal Core - A FPS quest-based game.
Cryptkeeper - A system tray EncFS frontend.
CamlPDF - Software to read and write PDF data in Ocaml.
Cubulus OLAP - An analytic engine with a slice and dice Web interface and MDX language support.
Coralillo - A modular Python IDE with integrated GUI designer and plugins.
CPU Fire Load Monitor - A GNOME panel applet showing CPU load as a fire.
Clustertech Parallel Environment - A C++ toolkit for developing MPI-based parallel applications.
Crionics jPDF - A multi-platform API to render, print, and manipulate PDF documents.
cournol - A GTK+ based application for analyzing absolute supply monopolies and polypolies
chnames.shp - A script to change file names automatically to clean ASCII.
ChaNT - A Web based chat system that uses AJAX.
Calindor - A fantasy world simulation (MMORPG) server.
CryptoCD - A software collection for secure communication via the Internet.
Citra FX - A set of image filter effects for digital photos or images.
C# Java Virtual Machine - A Java Virtual Machine written using C# and .NET.
check_rhc - Software to check the status of a RHES cluster via SNMP.
CmDO - An easy way to create command line interfaces with Python.
ComediClientServer - A system for controlling and testing COMEDI devices.
chpassldapweb - A Web application to change passwords in an LDAP directory.
cap2-mercurial - A Capistrano 2.x plugin that allows you to use Mercurial in your cap recipes.
CamSketchpad - A modern recreation of Sutherland's Sketchpad drawing program.
Crap Adventure Construction Kit - CACK is a kit for creating 2D tile based RPGs. Includes demos.
Cheyenne SWServer - A secure multi-layered Web server.
Ctcompare - A tool to compare several sets of source code trees to find code copying.
Cntlm - An NTLM, NTLMv2 authenticating HTTP proxy with tunneling and connection reuse.
check_hpasm - A Nagios plugin which checks a Proliant server's hardware health.
Community Z Tools - A Java framework and tools for Z.
check_lm_sensors - A Nagios plugin to monitor the values of lm_sensors and HDs on Linux.
CommandCenter NOC - A network monitoring tool.
Create Your Own Adventure - An interactive adventure in which the users themselves write the adventure.
CLARAty - A coupled layer architecture for robotic autonomy.
ComicMaster - A sequential image viewer with a special handle for comics.
CegoAdm - A Java based front end for administration of the Cego database system.
consolecandy - An MP3 player for the console (or a terminal) with eye candy.
Ceph distributed storage - A scalable, reliable, and high-performance distributed storage system.
COMDOM Antispam - A fast stand-alone Linux anti-spam mail gateway/mail server frontend.
Claws Mail Mac OS X - A Mac OS X version of Claws Mail.
Code_Aster - FEM software for structural analysis
CGAL - A computational geometry algorithms library.
ChmSee - A CHM file viewer.
Collaber - A virtual office environment for team collaboration over the Internet.
CyrUp - A user management tool for Postfix, Cyrus, and MySQL.
Compendium - A MySQL-based encyclopedia site generator.
Chord Explorer - A very simple and lightweight program to explore guitar chords.
Connect-k - A program that plays games in the Connect-k family.
Ctpp - A C preprocessor.
Carillon STS - A Cardspace STS.
crosstool-NG - A (cross-)toolchain generator.
CSMonkey TV Remote - A desktop TV remote.
curl-loader - A Web application tester and load generator.
coords - A planetarium program.
Change Web Site Mode - Switch access to sites between test and production
cdg2video - A command line tool for converting karaoke CDG+MP3 files to a video.
CSPoker - Poker software and AI.
Console Xine Front End - A console front end for Xine.
check_writable - A Nagios plugin that checks if one or more directories are writable.
ceODBC - A Python extension module for accessing databases using ODBC.
CUON - An ERP and DMS system.
Cython - A cutting edge fork of Pyrex.
colorname - Tries to assign names to colors.
CPOINt - A cross-platform slideshow program.
CWallpaper - A frontend for command line wallpaper changing programs.
check_ssl_cert - A Nagios plugin to check X.509 certificates.
Clustermines - A minesweeper game.
ccgfs - A transport-agnostic filesystem.
Causes and Symptoms - A program that helps you to deduce causes of your symptoms.
CD Linux Server - A live CD that provides a mail/Web/file/FTP/proxy server without installation.
Consonance - An OpenGroupware.org client.
cvs2svn - A tool for converting CVS repositories to Subversion.
Ctalk - A language that adds classes, methods, and other object oriented features to C.
Chiron FS - A FUSE based filesystem that implements replication at the filesystem level.
cadvium - Software to implement a car stereo.
CinayOS - An operating system originally based on Linux.
CellWriter - A grid-entry handwriting input panel.
ClientCare - Software that helps you manage a hair salon business.
Cambridge Z88 Software - A Z88 operating system, desktop emulator, and developer tools.
cygbuild - A porting tool for making Cygwin net releases.
CVLView - An interactive data viewer.
CVLTonemap - An interactive viewer and tone mapping tool for high dynamic range (HDR) images.
camp2ascii - A converter for Campbell Scientific binary files (tob2 and tob3).
CVS tools - A collection of CVS-related utilities.
Cryosleep - Generator of brainwave synchronization patterns based on the "perfect" spectrum.
Cadmium - A Java port of the Objective Caml virtual machine.
Cafesterol - An Objective Caml sources to Java .class file compiler.
check_aaccli - A Nagios plugin which checks Adaptec SCSI RAID controllers.
C-NC - A Mastermind-style game.
CheckList for sysadmins - A program for managing checklists of tasks.
CyPasswd - A GUI for adding users and changing passwords.
CoverFinder - A tool that finds and downloads cover images from Amazon.
check_nagios_latency - A Nagios plugin that checks the latency of the Nagios server.
chart_rule_generator - A program to generate distance/speed rulers for use with ICAO aviation charts.
Comono - A collection of utility classes.
Conflict Server - A tool that notifies a software developer of potential versioning conflicts.
Coro - Coroutines and cooperative multitasking for Perl.
C++ Resources Compiler - A tool to compile external resources directly into C++ source files.
Create Java Logger - A tool to create logger code for Java files.
cvsxxdiff - Utilites to track and review changes of files managed by CVS.
Coherent PDF Command Line Toolkit - A toolkit to manipulate PDF files from the command line.
CryptoLib - A library that provides an implementation of several cryptographic algorithms.
ckkl-core - Collection of Java classes I have developed for personal projects/research.
C++ Mork Parser - An efficient C++ implementation of a Mork database format reader.
CTTproxy2 patch for double NAT - A patch for Cttproxy2 to perform double NAT.
Clonezilla-SysRescCD - Clonezilla Live and SystemRescueCD in one multi-boot CD.
Compiler for actsl - A compiler for actsl, a minimal low-level action-based programming language.
CANpie - A driver for CAN (Controller Area Network).
Client-side GChart - Client-side GWT charts without plugins or JSNI.
ComtorDAO - A Data Access Object system for Java.
Config::Model::CursesUI - A curses user interface for config-model.
Config::Model::Xorg - An Xorg configuration model for Config::Model.
Cybercluster - A multimaster replication solution for PostgreSQL.
CalDAV4j - A CalDAV client library for Java.
Config::Model::Itself - Config::Model applied to itself: a model for Config::Model.
CommandCenter-NOC - A network monitor with a powerful polling engine.
cshampoo - A portable library for writing Web servers and Web services in C.
check_afs_rpc - A Nagios plugin to check AFS file servers for pending client connections.
Cool PHPUnit Testcase Runner - A Web-based test runner for PHPUnit.
cd2browse - A program that creates HTML menus from a directory tree.
cronie - A vixie-cron fork with new features.
cCSVParse - A fast Cocoa CSV parser that mainly uses C functions.
Cubix - A Tetris clone.
CrypTooLinux - A tool to learn cryptography and cryptanalysis.
Cute Editor for PHP - A browser-based WYSIWYG HTML editor for PHP applications.
crun - A lightweight, easy to use, simpler cron-like tool.
CmsFornerd - A CMS for nerds who know basic HTML, CSS, and PHP.
ClanFX - A Javascript/CSS game engine.
course-manager - A course registration and management system.
Create-dvd - A wrapper that converts any video to DVD format.
check_nagios_summary - A plugin that enables you to do distributed monitoring with Nagios.
Clansuite - A content management system for esports teams and clans.
CMS Builder - A tool for creating custom content management systems in minutes.
clker.com openoffice addon - A clipart addon extension to OpenOffice.org
CheckOutlook - A Microsoft Outlook Web Access mail checker.
Calf - A set of audio effects and instruments.
CADTools - A parametric, feature-based 3D solid modeler.
CLY - A module for adding powerful text-based consoles to Python applications.
CodeCover - An extensible code coverage tool.
CellCV - A computer vision project for the Cell Processor.
cencode - A program to encode a stream into c-string escape sequences.
Choerbaerts Suche nach dem Rönk - A 2D adventure.
cwbiff - A Morse code mail notifier.
Concordance - A utility to program Logitech Harmony remote controls.
CppSpec - A BDD framework for C++.
check_multi - A Nagios wrapper plugin.
CSQL - An in-memory database SQL engine and middle tier cache.
Clipboard Modifier - A program to change your clipboard text in a variety of ways.
check_mysql_perf - A Nagios plugin to monitor MySQL performance.
C99-snprintf - A portable implementation of snprintf, vsnprintf, asprintf, and vasprintf.
Collabtive - A Web-based project management solution.
cb dusk - Draws a synthetic dusk to the root window.
clusterfest - An extensible clustering framework in Java.
CaltrainPy - A GUI and library for Caltrain schedules.
check_sstcam - A Nagios plugin for SUN Storagetek Common Array Manager.
CMME - A Web content management system that works more or less like a wiki.
Centerim - A console-based instant messenger.
Clawsker - A Claws Mail tweaker.
Cognitive Vision - A portable computer vision toolkit.
Check PR - A script to check a site's Google PR and display an icon to indicate it.
CHARGE - A fast-paced arcade game.
Chemical Structures - A set of chemical structures.
Caltroid - Caltrain schedules for the Google Android platform.
CFilter - A generic Unix filter program.
Clambda - A schemier variant of the C programming language.
Crossfire Firefly Client - A Firefly Media Server client.
cCLiP - A flexible, small, and portable command line parser for use in writing programs.
Crops - A program for previewing and printing non-latin1 encoded PostScript files.
Coherence - DLNA/UPnP tools (MediaServer/MediaRender) with a well designed framework.
Cleverbox - A Trac and Subversion instances deployment shell.
Calypso - A multiplatform MUTE client.
connect proxy tunnel - A transparent proxy server to tunnel through HTTPS.
Cypher - An AI program that generates RDF and SPARQL from plain language.
Cookbooks - A set of recipes for Cook.
Config::Model::TkUI - Perl/Tk graphical interface for Config::Model.
Certmaster - SSL certificate distribution tools.
CalcExp - A science calculator and unit/currency/color converter.
cfunge - A fast Befunge98 interpreter.
CodeSounding - A trace sonification library.
CrunchyFrog - An SQL client and database front-end.
ConfigLib - A C++ library for reading/writing configuration files.
Color Transformation Language - A small interpreted programming language for digital color management.
cave9 - A 3D gravity cave-exploration game.
Comic Reader Pro - A cross-platform CBR, CBZ, and JPEG comic book image viewer.
ClearLisp - A Common LISP interpreter for .NET or Mono.
CELT audio codec - An ultra-low delay audio codec.
Clusterix - Cluster software for Unix.
Chimera - An observatory automation system.
COPASI - Modeling and simulation software for biochemical networks.
CommuniGate Pro Community Edition - A unified communications client.
cuelib - A Java library for manipulating cue sheets.
Cruiser - A program to browse your filesystem via a flexible recursive menu system.
Clipperz Community Edition - A Web-based password manager.
cufps - A very small console program for retrieving CPU usage information from /proc/.
cconf - A small and smart build assistant.
CookieCheck - A simple PHP script to test whether cookies are enabled.
Certis - A PHP MVC framework.
Command Line Quaternions - Tools to manipulate and view quaternions
Cobra Programming Language - A general purpose programming language with a compelling feature set.
cteddy - An Xteddy clone that works with compositing window managers.
Cacheboy Squid - A Squid-2 deriative aimed at high-performance proxy caching.
cinit-conf - A suite to help configure cinit.
CADShuttle - A multiCAD/multiPDM bridge for collaborative mechanical design.
cogen - Coroutines and cross-platform asynchronous networking routines for Python.
CTL - A control dispatching tool for automating distributed systems management tasks.
cmus-status - A status and control application for Cmus and MPD.
Closing cost calculator - Software that calculates the total sum of fees at closing of a mortgage loan.
Cypher Web Service - A RESTful Web service interface for Cypher.
CONVERSUB - A movie subtitle file format converter.
COMPILADOR - A lexical and syntactic compiler that checks arithmetic expressions.
check_oracle_health - A Shinken (Nagios) plugin for Oracle databases.
crowd-control - An event availability and booking application.
cgilib - A simple CGI library.
clipf - A personal finance manager with a command line interface.
coolcurve_create - Cooling curves (emissivities) for hydrodynamical simulations using XSPEC.
check_updates - A Nagios plugin to check if a Red Hat system is up to date.
c2phpserial - A C library that allows for direct PHP serialization of various types.
case insensitive on purpose file system - A case-insensitive stackable Linux user-space file system.
ckkern - A simple tool to check your kernel version against the latest release.
CCIL-eMailingTool - A Web emailing tool.
CMS Santafox - A content management system.
Covert Channels Evaluation Framework - A framework for evaluating network covert channels.
check_procs_multi - A Nagios plugin like check_procs, but able to check several processes at once.
cstat - Gathers real-time statistics from Cube and Cube engine 2 game servers.
Config::Model::OpenSsh - A graphical editor for OpenSSH configuration files.
CSets - Supplemental Unicode mapping tables.
constat - A program to monitor the activity of network connections.
Cloudosys - A system that lets your Web site share photos, videos, and music.
check_websites - A script that checks a document root for clues of defacement and SQL injection.
COAST - A script to send CoA packets to a networked device.
CodeLite - A cross platform IDE for C/C++.
cmotech-tools - Tools for using C-motech hardware with Linux.
Common Lisp Quick Reference - A booklet with short descriptions of the symbols defined in ANSI Common Lisp.
CHM Reader - An extension to allow Firefox to read Compiled HTML (.chm) files.
cout - A colorer for console output.
ccollaborate - An easy-to-use CMS framework with support for all programming languages.
CharTr - A mind mapping tool.
congruity - A GUI application for programming Logitech Harmony remote controls.
Conference Bridge - A Java SIP conference bridge.
clogblog - Fast and simple blogging software.
Cuneiform for Linux - A Linux port of the Cuneiform OCR system.
Centaur - A program to provide immediate email notification.
ComboValidation - A class that validates HTML forms via PHP and Javascript.
chooser - A wireless network chooser with a terminal-based interface.
Clker.com WordPress plugin - A plugin to find and insert Clker.com clipart into your WordPress posts.
Clker.com TinyMCE Plug-in - A plugin to find and insert any of the Clker.com clipart into your rich HTML.
Carcode - Software to learn Python programming using an animated car.
CrossSync SCC - A Web-based client/server configuration management platform.
Clone Digger - A program to discover duplicate code in Python.
Clue - An ANSI C compiler for JavaScript and Lua.
Choria - A 2D MMORPG that focuses on grinding and doing repetitive chores.
CommandCenter - A tool for managing shell-based scripts and running them on remote hosts.
CFD General Notation System - A portable standard for storing CFD analysis data.
check_iax - A Nagios plugin for checking IAX/IAX2 servers.
Cataract - A simple static Web photo gallery generator.
Cruddy! - An instant CRUD Web front-end, featuring auto-discovery of the data dictionary.
CleanHome - An easy way to clean a home directory.
cptutils - Utilities for color gradients.
copy - A file copying program with mirroring features.
clock24 - A 24-hour analog clock
Cubit POS - A network point of sale system.
corplot - A corrosion experiment analyser.
crarchive - A program to archive output generated from cron jobs.
Coadunation OS - A self contained Web OS with application and daemon support.
ClamSAP - A connector between ClamAV and SAP.
CheckMySAP - A Hobbit / XYmon extension to monitor remote SAP, BW, and SolMan services.
Cerberus-Prox - Software to drive special hardware that implements a door access control system.
Cryptographic Implementations Analysis Toolkit - Tools to help in the detection and analysis of encrypted payloads within files.
chickennix - A 2D shoot 'em up game.
Cacheonix - A distributed cache and data grid for Java.
clone2fs - A tool that copies an ext2/ext3 file system to another volume or an image file.
cinabox - Automates the setup of a Continuous Integration system.
codemetre - A source line counter based on lexical analysis, able to produce effort metrics.
ChemDoodle - A fully functional chemical drawing application.
Cs-ObexFtp - A GUI which can transfer files between two devices with the OBEX protocol.
CSpec - Behavior-driven development in C
Cutter - A unit testing framework for C and C++.
Cloud User Shell - A multi-call executable combining many useful cloud utilities.
ConstructrCMS - A content management system.
CDEEngine - A PHP class to allow a single PHP source to connect to many databases.
Critterding - An artificial intelligence system driven by evolution.
Chestnut Package Manager - A utility for transparent and easy package management.
CheckstyleAS3 - An attempt to create the Java Checkstyle tests for Actionscript 3.
Cmockery - A C unit testing framework.
Crypto Server - A network-accessible daemon that can perform encryption and decryption.
CGVis - A generic data visualization tool for exploring multidimensional data.
Call of Duty 4 Server Status - A PHP class to retrieve information from Call of Duty 4 game servers.
Concrete5 - A content management system.
csync - A bidirectional user-level file synchronizer.
cP Creator - A complete billing, client management, and support system for Internet hosting.
ctunnel - A program used for proxying and forwarding TCP traffic via a crypto-tunnel.
Cooperation IWS - An Intranet Nomad Web server.
Chiron - An IRC infobot written in Java.
Cyrus2Dovecot - A tool to convert Cyrus folders to Dovecot Maildir++ format.
Curie - A very minimalistic, tiny, free-standing C library.
CAN binAries for distributioN - A packaging program similar to JAR, but for any executables and libraries.
Complete PHP Menu - A menu for Web pages which allows search engines to follow all menu links.
CoASTaL - Concord Asset, Software, and Ticketing system (and Library).
Crazy Turtle Solver - A program for solving the Crazy Turtle Puzzle game.
cvPreProcessor - A cross-platform GUI for the OpenCv.
CocoXml - A tool that analyzes syntax and performs semantic actions specified with EBNF.
CoSolvent Player - An advanced Flash video player control.
Convey - A light UI abstraction layer library.
Combine - Focused crawling for vertical search engines.
ContentRoller - A social news, links, and blogging CMS environment.
CRUSH - A collection of shell utilities for processing data.
Color du - A utility to estimate file space usage with a color display.
captivednsd - A domain name server that returns the same response to every query.
clive-utils - Additional clive utilities.
Coinche - A game of Coinche.
CTPP2 - A template engine.
Cute Knight Deluxe - Train an orphan girl to find her destiny. Will she be a knight or a princess?
Codename Circumference - A Diameter protocol implementation
Cetus - A source-to-source compiler.
CodaServer - A database that makes building business applications simple.
Cryptographic Package Distribution Utility - A Unix/Linux secure command line file encryption/encrypted archive utility.
cdemu-tray - A simple cdemu client.
CodeExplorer - An IntelliJ Idea plugin that helps to explore method call chains.
C++ RTMP Server - A C++ RTMP server with extended functionality.
class.EasyADSI.php - A PHP class to access Active Directory via COM.
Config::Model::Backend::Augeas - A way to enable Config::Model to write configuration data through Augeas.
Cain - Stochastic simulations of chemical reactions.
Cornfed SIP User Agent - A SIP-based softphone for GNOME desktops on x86 Linux systems.
Classnotes - An optical character recognition system that can recognize handwritten text.
cron4j - A scheduler for the Java 2 platform, similar to the UNIX cron service.
chunky - A Web application to provide unique links to uploaded files for sharing.
CIDEMORF - An application which implements morphological techniques.
Campagnol VPN - Decentralized VPN over UDP tunneling.
Casetta - Software to edit and transfer data with a Casio calculator.
configpy - A config file parser.
cliPSafe - A command line interface to Password Safe databases.
Complemento - A collection of tools for penetration testers.
check_ossec nagios plugin - A Nagios check for connected/disconnected OSSEC agents.
CloudVPN - A secure mesh networking tool.
Calenco XML CMS - A collaborative platform to create and publish multiformat documents.
Choqok - A KDE micro-blogging client.
Cache 901 - An advanced paperless geocaching tool.
Childsplay - A suite of educational games for children.
corn - A small command-line-friendly and programmer-friendly music daemon.
commit-patch - Commit patches to Darcs, Git, Mercurial, Bazaar, Subversion, or CVS repositories.
Cilk++ - A parallelized variant of C++.
Conquest: Divide and Conquer - A simultaneous turn-based online multiplayer strategy game.
Community Chat - An advanced Flash-based Web chat application with audio/video support.
Cairo Composite Manager - A versatile and extensible composite manager.
config-package-dev - Software for creating Debian configuration packages.
Catalyst::Authentication::Store::DBI - A storage class for Catalyst authentication using DBI.
check_rbl - A Nagios plugin to check if an SMTP server is blacklisted.
Citadel SELinux Support - SELinux targeted policy modules for the Citadel Groupware Server.
CGI::ContactForm - A tool to generate a Web contact form.
Citizen Intelligence Agency - A project to increase the surveillance of Swedish parliament members.
CCMA - A change request control manager.
Captcha With Refresh / Spam Protection - Captcha with refresh Using PHP
CalendarView - A lightweight JavaScript calendar widget
csup - A rewrite of CVSup in C.
CodeGlide Fusion - An application and data integration platform.
Compare Ikea Prices - A Firefox extension to compare prices of Ikea products in other countries.
Cradle of Rome - A game in which you build ancient Rome, the most legendary city of all time.
check_cluster_routing - A tool to check cluster member routing tables.
cclive - A command line video extraction utility.
cppcheck - A static C/C++ code analyzer.
Camaroes - A professional and modular troubleshooting ticket system.
CV Aid Me - Software that hosts CVs online.
Compose* - An implementation of the Composition Filters model (AOP).
cobol2j - A program that reads or writes COBOL or RPG data files.
CPAN shell - Software to query, download, and build Perl modules from CPAN sites
CollabNet Desktop - Eclipse Edition - A set of plugins for Eclipse.
Choose-OS - A minimalistic, fast, and simple loader for the Linux kernel.
cl-paypal - A PayPal express checkout library for Common Lisp.
crpcut - A simple to use robust unit test system for C++ under POSIX.
CppCMS - A C++ Web development framework.
Chinese Checkers - A classic, challenging strategic board game.
CCCPlayer - An audio file player.
CouchUnit - A JUnit extension that helps administer tests run against CouchDB.
CollabNet Connector Framework - An Openadaptor-based rapid integration framework for tracker data.
clac - A calculator that is easily operated from the command line.
clansphere - A Web CMS for clans, guilds, and other groups.
check_1-wirehumid - A Nagios plugin that uses a 1-wire sensor to measure humidity.
cnoor - A small, simple and fast Quran viewer
check_mysql_health - A MySQL monitoring plugin for Nagios.
Canta - A 3D karaoke game that analyzes your voice.
Css Compressor - A Java library and utility for compressing Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
chouwa - Django and Jinja2 Integration.
ClearBudget - An easy way to control your budgets and finance.
ComUnion - Software to help small and medium-sized businesses better manage their operations.
check_mssql_health - A Nagios Plugin for MS SQL Server monitoring.
Community-ID - An OpenID 2.0 server.
CRDB - An ORM tool for database access.
CAADR - A set of scripts that can query and display user information from Active Directory.
cvsync - A portable CVS repository synchronization utility.
cl-blog-generator - A blog site generator.
CLOPS - A generator for command line parsers and documentation.
cddb-class - A class for CDDB access.
Coselica - A toolbox which provides some basic Modelica Blocks for Scicos and ScicosLab.
CADauno - A 3D modeling tool based on the NURBS surfaces.
checksplunk - A Perl script to understand the health and integrity of a Splunk installation.
check_openmanage - A Nagios plugin for monitoring Dell servers.
cryptfile - An encrypted block file server
cexpert - A simple library that allows high-availability projects to check their MySQL base's health.
csshX - A cluster SSH tool for the Mac OS X Terminal.app.
Crossbones - A tool for rapid surveying and visualization of dense skeletal assemblages.
CPx86 - A fully fledged IRC bot and SDK including a multi-user BNC server and automated network protection.
Camelot - A Python/Qt framework for building desktop applications, inspired by Django.
covert_qos - A tool that uses the TOS bits in IP to set up a covert channel.
Check_MK - A suite of addons for Nagios.
Chess Rating Calculator - A chess rating calculator.
ConcourseConnect - A social networking platform for deploying intranets, communities, and business directories.
ClassPublic.java - A Java .class converter to make fields and methods public.
Cradle of Persia - An engaging puzzlie game where you build the mysterious heart of Ancient Persia.
Caméléon - A file conversion utility.
Conky Images DIsplay - A little program that displays covers on your desktop.
ChiMeRA - A system administration tool.
cjklib - Han character related methods for CJKV languages.
CartStore - A powerful shopping cart.
chan_nms - An NMS Open Access Asterisk channel.
Consh - A multi-threaded and distributed shell.
ClamAV Unofficial Signatures Updater - A script that provides a simple way to download, test, and use third-party ClamAV signatures.
Cut and Play - A presentation system.
CACHICHOT - A utility to track who has items such as games, DVDs, etc.
Chaplin ACT - A Chaplin Agile Class Transformer.
Car Auto Loan Calculator - A Web application that allows you to calculate loans, lease payments, and more.
Crux - A molecular phylogenetic inference toolkit.
Codendi - A collaborative platform for software project management.
censorshiptools - Tools for tuning or checking DNS censorship.
contenite - A tiny Web framework for PHP5 that follows the model-template-controller paradigm.
CronTab - A Breakout game.
cego-PHP - A PHP extension for the cego database.
CESE Plus - Software to perform cell electrophysiology simulations.
CodingTeam - A software forge that is lightweight and extensible.
Chesley the Chess Engine! - A chess engine.
check_dnssec - A set of Nagios plugins to monitor DNSSEC services and zones.
CollectionSpy - A profiler for the Java Collections Framework.
Cornerstone Bible - Cornerstone Bible has 15 versions and 3 commentaires KJV - NKJV - AMP - ASV - DBY - The Message - NKJV - LIV - RSV - CEV - Webster's Bible - NCV - Young's Bible - Spanish - French
CAPTCHAv2 - A question/answer based CAPTCHA system and spam bot trap.
Crossbow - An image browser and viewer for Mac OS X similar to ACDSee on Windows.
c2ctl - An Intel Core (2) frequency and voltage modification utility.
checkroot - Trusted root filesystem verification for Opensuse.
ChaiScript - An embedded scripting language for C++.
ChandlerQE for Android - An application to add notes to your Chandler Hub account through your Android device.
cld - A coarse locking service.
CN=Monitor - A directory server monitoring application.
crompose - A page rasterizer and imposer supporting the main multi-page document formats (PS, PDF, and Djvu).
cgictrl - A CGI framework for Ruby.
Class Manager - A system that auto-loads PHP classes based on XML definitions.
cl-prevalence - A prevalence framework for Common Lisp.
cl-cont - Continuations for Common Lisp.
CRET - A code review tool for reviewing and committing patches.
Cuberok - A music player and collection manager.
CRM plus for OS X - User-friendly, easy-to-understand customer relationship management (CRM) software for getting your company's data centralized and organized.
Comal-Linux - An unofficial Muslim edition of Slackware.
CryptoTE - A text editor with integrated strong cryptography.
ClusterTools - Tools for administration and monitoring of heartbeat2 clusters.
ChaiDraw - A ChaiScript based educational programming toy.
Cell Server - A system to control your computer remotely from your mobile device.
chunkd - A single-node data storage service used in distributed storage.
ChartMakerJava - A fluent Java API for creating Google Charts.
Cosmiqum - A quick and very powerful CMF.
CloudBuddy Analytics - A tool for viewing S3 bucket access statistics.
CAI18N - Compiler assisted internationalization.
cheekdotcom tweet - A command-line Twitter client.
CAL10N - A Java library for writing localized (internationalized) messages.
CAMSEG SCM - A sales campaign manager.
Cenchria - A tiny, extensible HTTP server.
CF - A utility for editing encrypted text files that supports multiple user-password pairs.
CloneRNX - A simple and funny Java game.
CSS Minify - A PHP 5 script to minify CSS.
CCI:U Open Course Labs - A Web application for classes and labs in universities to use cloud-computing infrastructure.
c++-gtk-utils - A lightweight library containing a number of classes and functions to ease the task of programming GTK+ programs with C++ in POSIX environments.
capcode - A software suite for sailors.
Crash Dummy - A tool to assist with Java Web server configuration (including monitoring and clustering).
Chev - A security vulnerabilities check script.
CssDispatcher - A PHP library to manage your CSS styles.
cba - A program for continuous beam analysis.
COOPGIS - A Web-based electric utility GIS.
CPU-Z80-Assembler - A Z80 assembler in Perl
ConSole - A system for conducting online EEG experiments.
Converseen - An image batch converter and resizer with advanced features.
Casimir - Yet another URL shortener.
ClearOS - A network server gateway solution.
cabestan - A small jackd transport interface.
check_db2_health - A plugin for Nagios that allows you to monitor DB2 database servers.
comicstrip - A tool to extract individual frames of a comic book.
Crabgrass - A social networking, group collaboration, and network organizing Web application.
CCNx - A networking system which replaces named hosts with named content.
cbl2pg - A library to access PostgreSQL from Cobol programs.
CodMACs - A meta-programming Python implementation.
CADSimplex - A CAA replacement API to open CATIA files.
chartviz - A JavaScript charting library.
cli - A command line interface compiler for C++.
CoffeeSaint - A Nagios status viewer for status-screens.
Cube Escape - A game where you progress over a maze etched on the surface of a cube.
Classmexer - A Java instrumentation agent.
ChocoSmallTalk - A Smalltalk/Lisp hybrid system.
clinet - An IRC client for Android.
Convex processing - A C++ library helping in math research about applying convex processing methods, especially in imaging.
CSV to SQL - A Python script that converts CSV to SQL.
Casanova - A partially automatic dating responder.
Cunei - A machine translation platform.
ccid-utils - A USB CCID driver and application suite.
Crules - A programming language.
check_ora - A plugin to monitor Oracle with Zabbix.
Condensation - A tool for Web application development and server administration.
ciss - A command line tool for code-centered issue tracking.
cmndbot - An IRC-like command bot for Wave, the Web, and XMPP.
checkcopy - A GUI tool to copy files with on-the-fly checksum creation and verification.
ctxt - A simple plain text to HTML/LaTeX/troff convertor.
CSCP - A script that will copy a file to a group of servers.
classh - A cluster administrators' SSH wrapper.
CryptBackup - An encrypted backup application for Linux desktop users.
CaféPorts - A MacPorts frontend in Java.
Chef - A systems integration framework for system administrators.
CorsixTH - A clone of Theme Hospital.
Conchart - A tool to convert a pcap file to an SVG diagram.
Ctrlr - A MIDI hardware controller.
CyberDNS - A Web application to manage DNS zones and BIND configuration easily.
Compa - A Command Output Monitor Panel Applet.
cardpeek - A tool to read the contents of your smartcard.
CSS Stacker and Compressor - A PHP class to compact several CSS files into a single file.
Chief Database - A database that records time series data in real time.
Chroma-puzzle - An abstract puzzle game.
Cmdfs - A FUSE command file system.
ccwatcher - A monitor for computational chemistry calculations.
Citrus Testframework - Automated integration tests for enterprise SOA applications.
Cafu Engine - A modern game and graphics engine for multiplayer, cross-platform, real-time 3D action.
CakeOTP - A secure, expirable, and tableless one time password implementation for CakePHP.
Curtain - A lean, compiled Python templating system.
Chocolate Doom - A conservative Doom source port.
CellarBoss - A personal wine cellar manager.
Clzip - A C language version of lzip.
Crossplex - A library of macros for make that enable enterprise-scale development of embedded operating system distributions.
Cibet - Integrates business process control mechanisms like audit-proof archiving and logging, dual control schemes, and four-eyes and six-eyes principle into control-critical applications.
chilon::parser - A C++0x template-metaprogramming-based PEG language with AST building capabilities.
chocoada - An Ada to lisp compiler.
copyright-update - A script to update copyright information in files.
CairoForPHP Samples - An application demonstrating the capabilities of the Cairo extension for PHP.
CarvPath - A library for implementing zero-storage (in-line) carving and computer forensics tools.
CarvFS - A filesystem for use with zero-storage (in-line) carving and computer forensic tools.
CLAM chordata - A chord analyzer and navigator.
c64-network.org - A networked port of the Frodo C64 emulator
Catxdoc - A bash script to extract plain text (in UTF-8) from .docx files.
CiWiki - A lightweight personal wiki.
CuteMupen - A front-end for the Mupen64Plus N64 emulator.
CloudUSB - An OS on a USB stick for bringing your computing environment to any computer.
Chanl - A digital TV channel selector.
Clothing Editor - A program that converts clothing patterns into three-dimensional meshes.
Clementine Music Player - A modern music player and library organiser.
ContiPerf - A lightweight testing utility to easily leverage JUnit 4 test cases as performance tests.
Colibri - Software for handling mailing lists, with a nice user-oriented Web interface.
Cisco Template Manager - A Cisco configuration manager based on self-defined templates.
chan-sccp-b - An asterisk channel driver for SCCP phones (Cisco).
C++ command line parameters parser - A small С++ library for parsing command line parameters.
cryptodev-linux - A /dev/crypto device file implementation for the Linux kernel.
ClusterShell - An efficient cluster administration framework.
chain-ssh - A utility for chained SSH access for remote hosts.
CloudLinux - A Linux operating system created specifically for Web hosting.
CreditCardNanny - A Web browser plugin that detects potentially insecure credit card submission forms.
CJC - A console Jabber/XMPP client.
Cling - A UPnP/DLNA library and toolset for Java and Android.
C# MadMimi API - A C# wrapper for the MadMimi API.
ColorLogs - Configurable colorized log viewing, command output, etc.
clide - A color and style highlighting program for text.
Cil - An issue tracker for the command line.
cifs-utils - Linux CIFS utilities.
coopy - A set of cooperative data tools that support diffing, patching, merging, and revision control.
Conky GUI - A graphic editor for Conky files.
CACKey - A PKCS#11 interface to Government Smartcards.
Contao - A content management system.
Cardio - A library for playing various audio files.
Clickity - A tray-icon program for simulating difficult mouse clicks and drags.
colormake2 - A fork of colormake.
camea - A WINE utility manager.
cra2tcp - A utility to convert C-Arrays into PCAPs.
ceofhack - An anonymous, encrypted, P2P chat client and server.
Classified Script - A script for creating Web sites that provide classified ads.
CONGO - Event registration and management software.
CallerList - A Web application for managing callers.
ChaosLab - A Chaos theory visualization application.
Clip2Net for Mac - A screen capture utility.
CocTunnel - A simple SSH manager.
Climage - A program to display images in a terminal session.
Check ESX Plugin - A plugin to efficiently monitor VMware ESX and vSphere servers.
Coronis Test - An HTML test framework based on jQuery.
CT-Calc - A paycheck calculator for US withholding.
chmc - A CHM compiler command.
Calendar Panel - A calendar panel for Java Swing applications.
Cute Knight Kingdom - A multi-ending RPG in which a girl named Sorami searches for her destiny.
css-tools - Tools to make sense of your CSS.
Confusa - A Web portal for mapping a federated identity onto an X.509 certificate.
Cysphere - An integrated social networking server.
cssh (Concurrent SSH) - A concurrent SSH client.
Centrify Express - Active Directory-based authentication and single sign-on to cross-platform systems.
CPT Crosswords - A multilingual crossword compiler and Sudoku generator.
Crack - A programming language with the ease of a scripting language and the performance of a compiled language.
Cloonix - A KVM/UML network simulator with switch.
Cadaz GNU/Linux - A small and portable Linux distribution made for PHP developers.
cpp-template - A C++ project template.
catnip - A tiny network packet capturing tool that is not based on libpcap.
CanvasXpress - A scientific graphing JavaScript library.
cvechecker - A program to report about possible vulnerabilities on your system.
crandon - A randomized cron.
Cocomore Drupal Core - An enhanced version of Drupal Core.
Cottage - A library for Web-based game development with JavaScript and HTML 5.
CoolDown - A puzzle game inspired by PipeMania.
CSVSee - Graphs data from CSV files.
Crunch.io Cluster Dashboard - A Web dashboard for managing compute clusters in EC2.
CBRServer - A light-weight HTTP server capable of displaying and managing Comic Book Archive files (CBR/CBZ).
CronosEnbourg - A JMX mbean monitoring daemon.
Comparator Tools - A system for sorting and comparing objects.
Cutter JS - Software to truncate HTML code to limit its length.
COMPILIBRE - Software to easily build your own software and documentation compilations.
CakePHP frontend to TYPO3 backend - Display TYPO3 content using CakePHP MVC.
Cyclone - Tornado ported to the Twisted event loop.
Components 4 Java - A development tool that provides a framework to organize different parts of code in loosely coupled components.
Charm++ - A runtime system for parallel object-based software.
cindent - A fork of GNU indent with extensions.
CAD Scripts - A project that automates CAD tasks.
Crowbar - A cross-platform Twitter client.
Cloudstack - A complete package for managing cloud computing and virtual infrastructure.
Continuation Passing C - An extension of C designed for writing concurrent systems.
Coffee Pot - A coffee accounting system.
CUBRID - A comprehensive relational database management system highly optimized for Web applications.
Crystal Ball Mobile - A remote desktop solution for J2ME and Android.
cpos-recovery - A tool that makes a bootable backup copy of a system.
Code Generation Tools for Free Pascal - A toolbox that generates source code for Free Pascal and Delphi.
Configurator - A C++ library for configuration file parsing.
ccid - A generic USB CCID and ICCD driver.
cpuid.c - An interface for cpuid feature flags.
Community Builder - A social networking and memberships extension for Joomla!
Code Manager 2 - A simple single site code management and package management system.
ClassCollection - A collection of useful Java classes and methods.
Community OXtender for Thunderbird - An addon for Thunderbird (and Lightning) to access appointments and contacts stored in Open-Xchange Server.
Codeine - A functional-style μ-kernel framework on PHP.
coretrace - A lightweight tool for debugging embedded Linux applications.
CPDFTK - A commercial, supported implementation of pdftk.
ChiantiPy - A Python interface to the CHIANTI atomic database for astrophysical spectroscopy.
CartView for Google Cloud - Publish your map and geo content on the cloud.
callstats - A tool for collecting and displaying call statistics for Siemens HiPath OpenOffice ME telephone systems.
Candle App Platform - A rich Internet and desktop application platform.
Chicken Invaders 4 - A game of resisting an invasion of chickens from outer space.
CS::SkipList Library - A C++ library of containers with different runtime than STL containers.
Conqueror Browser - A small and easy-to-use Web browser.
Chameleon - Problem Solving Environment - A problem solving environment.
Cuadro+ Thermal Simulator and Benchmarker - A simulator of a thermal system and benchmarker.
C-DynaLib - A dynamic Perl interface to compiled C code.
Chaosmap - A tool for DNS, reverse DNS, Whois mapping, Google information gathering, and Web server scanning.
Cute CW - A paced morse code training application.
CRest - A lightweight Java library for building REST clients.
Click'n'Drag - A hierarchical surface framework for PyGame.
Commando - A command line interface library for Python.
chemkit - A C++ library for molecular modelling, cheminformatics, and molecular visualization.
Cimon - A lightweight load monitoring tool.
cdcat - A multi-platform catalog program.
CoreTML framework - A tool allowing the developer to create user-configurable source code templates.
compressible - A tool to estimate whether compressing with bzip2 results in space savings.
Cressida ReQuest for WebSphere MQ - A point-in-time message tracker, reporter, replay, and recovery tool for WebSphere MQ.
crXml - A PHP class that uses an intutive syntax to create, read, and modify XML.
creepy - A geolocation information gatherer.
Conquests - A turn-based 4X Civilization-like game.
ContextLookup - A Blackberry app for looking up contacts from an e-mail.
Curses Command Front-end - A curses-based command front-end.
Currency Quoter - A tool that converts between currencies and forecasts the future range of that conversion.
cursedmate - An ncurses-based game.
Concurrency Kit - A library of synchronization primitives and concurrent data structures for specific update-heavy workloads.
Cressida CeQuest for WebSphere MQ - A message tracking, auditing, replay, and reporting tool for WebSphere MQ.
Contracts for Java - Contract programming support for Java via annotations.
Cinisis - A PHP library for reading CDS/ISIS databases.
Cambridge Template Engine - A high performance, pure HTML template engine for Java.
confirm-mail - An extension for Mozilla Thunderbird.
coco - Code coverage for Ruby 1.9.2, 1.9.2, and 2.0.
Crawler - A simple Web crawler that can be extended with Java.
Chart-Clicker - A powerful, extensible charting library for Perl.
Chebfun - A MATLAB-based toolbox for numerical computing with functions.
CHI (CPAN) - A unified cache handling interface for Perl.
cvsgroupby - A utility that performs various GROUP BY operations on CSV files.
ConcurrentLua - Concurrency-oriented programming in Lua.
Cormoran - A fast and lightweight persistence framework.
Cubes - A Python OLAP framework and Web service.
Circuit Diagram - Software to draw electronic circuit diagrams and save them as images.
Collectables Database - An application for managing collections of items.
Coherent PDF Tools - Command line tools for splitting, merging, encrypting, stamping, and bookmarking PDF documents.
Corel Painter - Digital painting software.
CaptureMock - Capture-replay mocking for Python, the command line and client-server communication.
catfriend - A Python script for creating notifications for new email messages.
Chnorm - A simple utility for changing the permissions of files and directories distinctively.
ca-ga - An artificial life simulation that uses genetic algorithms on large cellular automata.
ClipSaver - An application to save and modify your clipboard's history.
Cacophony.js - An interactive video library for Javascript + HTML5 video and canvas.
CrazyGolf - A touch screen based crazy golf game.
Clicco - A tool for running running command line programs based on saved configurations.
CityHash - Hash functions for strings.
Card Stories - Find out a card using a sentence made up by another player.
crumb - A build system with completely generic dependency detection.
confluence-el - An Emacs extension for interacting with a Confluence wiki.
Chips - A Python library for designing hardware devices.
Chakra Linux - A Linux distribution that combines the simplicity of Arch Linux with KDE.
cookingwithgas - A mobile Web-based recipe management system.
comirror - An automated mirrorer for Web comics and image galleries.
cfsqlite - An easy way to use SQLite databases from ColdFusion.
Cainteoir Engine - Software to listen to and record electronic documents.
Config4* - A configuration-file parser for C++ and Java.
CCTree - A Vim 7 plugin that displays hierarchical call-trees for functions or files using a Cscope database.
Conv - A program to convert files with simple rules.
conv2047 - A very simple RFC 2047 Unicode email header field converter.
cyphertite - A tar-like ultra secure remote deduplicating archiver.
Co-Ment - A Web service for annotating, discussing, and writing texts online.
ClassicMenu Indicator - An Unity indicator applet that provides the classic GNOME application menu.
Cobra Command Tool - A smart terminal emulator.
Chamilo - An e-learning and collaboration platform.
Cheix USB - A Linux USB image designed to preserve the USB storage medium.
ClubMaster - A membership management system.
CheckApp - A social Web application that allows people to share applications with their friends and relate with other people through applications.
CleanMail Server - An email security solution that prevents spam and viruses by using SpamAssassin and ClamAV.
cwwav - A program to generate Morse code sound files from text.
CygnusCMS - A CMS for Google App Engine.
claws-mail-indicator - An Ubuntu indicator notification plugin for Claws Mail.
Construder - A 3D game featuring a dynamic infinite world of cubes to explore and change.
Curl multi sitemap - A PHP class to generate multiple sitemaps by crawling sites.
CSS sprite class - A PHP class to generate sprite images and CSS.
Card deck - A PHP class to manipulate card decks.
Color manager - An object to parse, manipulate, and convert color values.
Content slider - An object to slide page elements to switch content in display.
CWO - C with objects.
cduino - A microcontroller programming system that is like arduino but simpler.
c2p - A tool to convert Chinese characters to pinyin.
collectfs - A trash collecting userspace file system for Linux.
Countdown JS - A JavaScript class to display a countdown to a given time in any format.
CMS Detector - A PHP class to detect the software used by a site by analyzing its HTML.
Casino Simulator - A Roulette simulator.
Cainteoir Text-to-Speech - A GNOME/GTK+ GUI for the Cainteoir Text-to-Speech Engine.
Coffeemade - A lightweight CMS for PHP developers.
Cinux - A Greek Linux distribution.
coccigrep - A semantic grep for the C language based on coccinelle.
CraftShirt - Software for running a Web site that lets users design and buy t-shirts.
Color by Numbers - Animals - A great-looking and easy-to-play coloring game about birds and animals.
Color by Numbers - Princesses - A princess coloring book with color by numbers and preset colors for download.
Color by Numbers - Vehicles - A vehicles coloring book for boys with color by numbers.
ChinesePuppyLinux - A Chinese localization of Puppy Linux.
Chord Pickout for Mac - A program that guesses chords for you.
Class::EHierarchy - A base class for hierarchally-aware objects.
CASampledSP - A Java Sampled Audio Service Provider based on CoreAudio.
CI-Eye - An infrastructure agnostic CI build radiator.
ColPy - A Python library for conversion and computation of colors.
codetube - A git hosting solution.
Cronopete - A clone of Apple's Time Machine for Linux.
Chrome Page Notes - A simple way to take notes for Web pages as you visit them.
Canvas Events - An object to emulate mouse events on canvas elements.
Canvas Turtle - An object that interprets and renders graphic commands in a Canvas.
ck-jsf-editor - A JSF 2 component for the popular browser editor, CKEditor.
COMPO - A graphical design application for Ubuntu/Debian.
Cirrostratus - A SalesForce SOQL editor.
Clement - An SMTP server used to filter unwanted mail at the SMTP protocol level.
CodeFlow - A software exploration tool for Java.
checkMX - A backup MX management tool for Postfix.
ConvertePST - A tool for reading and exporting messages from Outlook 2000/2003 PST files.
Colubris - A tool for helping small creative teams track projects and clients.
Chyrp - A lightweight blogging engine.
cdist - Usable configuration management.
Cumulix - A cloud-based image search and retrieval system.
CSS Import Resolver - A tool to create consolidated CSS by inlining @import'ed content.
CopyCheq - A software licensing system.
Controlled Variables - Secure basic types in C++.
csvDB - An SQL engine for CSV files.
CloverETL Profiler - A data profiling/analysis application with Web-based presentation of results.
Celestic Community - A collaborative tool, developed to control software projects.
CodeIgniter for PayPal Payments Pro - A class which easily integrates PayPal Web service APIs into your CodeIgniter project.
Canvicon - An object which sets the current page's favicon to a canvas image.
ctraj - A C++ trajectory library.
Cdarts - A low level implementation of a computer darts player.
c_xml - A class which converts between XML and arrays or strings.
CSS3 Drop Shadows - A Web application to build nice CSS3 box shadows.
cpu-usage - A tool for performance testing.
Character Recognition - A simple OCR application for Android.
Carassius - An application to manage fish tanks.
Calise - A camera light sensor.
CardDavMATE - A CardDAV Web client.
CoFlo - A C and C++ control flow graph generator and analyzer.
Cradlecore for PHP - Creation of objects using the inversion of control.
Chicken Invaders 4 Xmas Mac - A battle against invading intergalactic chickens.
Chicken Invaders 4 Xmas Linux - A battle against invading intergalactic chickens.
cardme - A Java VCard library.
CppHibernate - Java Hibernate in C++.
Cura - A remote systems administration application for the Android platform.
Color by Numbers - Flowers - Affordable software for girls that makes learning fun by coloring flowers
Counters.pl - A tool that collects CLI counters and other details from network equipment.
Car Emissions Calculator - Calculation of how much CO2 your car produces in a year.
CurlAxel - A PHP-based download accelerator.
Coan - "The C Preprocessor Chainsaw".
Canola - Canon Canola 1614P emulator
Coherent PDF Command Line Tools - Command line tools for PDF split, merge, encrypt, stamp, bookmark, etc.
crunch/crnlib - An advanced DXTn texture compression library.
CollageIt - An easy-to-use and automatic collage maker.
CheckPoint Debugger - A CheckPoint troubleshooting tool.
cgit - A Web interface to git repositories.
CPANPLUS::Dist::Slackware - A CPANPLUS plugin to install Perl distributions on Slackware Linux.
Credit Analytics - A financial fixed-income credit analytics, credit risk, bond analytics, and bond risk library.
Complexity Analyzer - rank php class methods by complexity & dependency
CLOGS - A library for sorting and scanning on top of the OpenCL C++ API.
couchCurl - A PHP library for accessing CouchDB via exec and curl.
couchCookie - A PHP5 class for authenticating and storing user sessions using Apache CouchDB.
Cliphist2 - An application that shows the history of clipboard content.
ChurchFunds - Software for church accounting and contributions.
Cantivo Linux - A desktop virtualization platform.
cDBbackup - A tool for automatically backing up and restoring MySQL databases.
cmogstored - An alternative MogileFS storage daemon implementation.
Caume Data Security Engine - A REST API platform for storing and processing files in uncontrolled environments.
CyDoc - An online doctor's office.
CarrotGarden SCR - An OSGI Service-Component descriptor generator.
Cultdesk - A hotel data management/PMS application.
Cretan Hubris - An infinite maze game.
CultDesk-PMS - A hotel/property management system.
Corporate Bullshit Generator - A random text generator focused on corporate bullshit.
Chicken Invaders 4 Easter - A battle against invading intergalactic chickens.
Collax Business Server - An all-in-one Linux server for small- and medium-sized businesses.
Calligra - An integrated suite of office and creative applications.
comedirecord - A program to provide data recording for COMEDI.
chaos - Chaotic content sharing for the Web.
comedi2py - Real-time data plotting and processing with Python for data acquisition devices.
clog-cs - A library that provides various logging services.
clens - A convenience library that aids in porting code from OpenBSD.
Codeception - A full-stack testing framework for PHP.
CopperJS - A JavaScript library which helps you get stuff done.
Crudin - A PHP framework that reads a MySQL database and generates in real time a complete CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) INterface.
Cube Trains - A 3D track building puzzle game.
ConsoleTube - A console YouTube client.
Cash - A shell written in C for Linux.
coverity-submit - Easy one-step submission of projects to the Coverity demo server.
confctl - A utility to access C-like configuration files from shell scripts.
Cxxomfort - A backport of C++ goodies to C++03.
CSS fix - Replaces CSS properties with browser-specific names.
Countly - A mobile analytics platform.
Classloader Servlet - A servlet tool that aids in debugging classpath and classloader issues.
CrutziPlayer - A standalone player for browser plugins.
cidalert - Display of the caller-id from hardware VOIP phones on desktops.
ccglue - A command line C source code analyzer and call-tree visualizer.
chord - A guitar chord finder.
CD-Command - A commandline CD player/ripper.
cupQ - A cross-browser JavaScript framework.
CSS One - CSS stylesheet unification.
Collax V-Cube+ - Virtualization and HA Management of virtual machines and embedded HA Storage.
CuteStat Lite - A script that provides Web stat and valuation services.
command - A command which wraps bash functions into commands.
csvgrep - Easy searches on text-delimited files.
Collab - Collaborative drawing in realtime (paintchat).
csp (convert SP3) - A commandline tool to convert and plot a Perkin Elmer sp3 spectra.
CmdOption - A simple annotation-driven command line parser toolkit for Java 5 applications.
Common Pipeline Library - Signal and image processing.
Cobra - WinLDTP - A GUI automation tool.
CreditProduct - Interfaces behind curves, products, and parameter types for credit products.
cep-livre - A class for fetching Brazilian zip codes and addresses.
CreditSuite - An analytics and trading/valuation system solution suite for credit and fixed income products.
cock - A pipe throughput regulator utility
Contextual Scrolling Silverstripe Module - Smooth vertical scrolling between child pages.
crx-maven-plugin - A Maven plugin to package Google Chrome Extensions into a signed .crx archive.
C4 - A creative coding framework for iOS.
CJSH - A Python-based experimental, programmable Unix/Linux commandline shell.
Corlpack - A fast Ada implementation of R-like data objects, UUIDs, and simplified API.
cfreecode-api - A very small tool to access the API of Freecode.
cinv - A Swiss Army Knife for inventory management.
ctt - Time tracking for geeks.
Cheddar for Android - A task manager for Android systems.
codonPhyML - Reconstruction of phylogenetic trees using Markovian codon models
cve-search - A tool to import CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) and CPE (Common Platform Enumeration) into a MongoDB.
CalDavZAP - A CalDAV Web client.
Comments script with pagination - A comment script with many options.
Clacks Framework - A framework for infrastructure management.
CODERU - A Java code quality tool to enforce good design with respect to package dependencies.
CERTivity KeyStores Manager - A multi-platform GUI tool for managing key stores, certificates, and digital signatures.
chaosframework - A control system and data acquisition framework.
cputool - A CPU and load management tool.
Countdown Timer until specified Date-Time - A JavaScript class to countdown the time until a specified date and time.
csv_loader - A PHP CSV Loader for PostgreSQL.
CMDBuild - A fully configurable Web application for managing asset lifecycles.
cvs-fast-export - A tool that analyzes RCS files and emits an equivalent history in the form of a fast-import stream.
Collax Groupware Suite - A complete collaboration, e-mail, and messaging server with Outlook MAPI support.
cQRCode - A class that generate QR codes in GIF, JPEG, and PNG formats.
cSpeedometer - A class that renders a speed meter as an image or using the HTML5 canvas.
cola - Cache Oblivious Lookahead Array.
cronbot - More control over your cron jobs and how they run.
carouFredSel - A circular, responsive jQuery carousel.
cmocka - A unit testing framework for C with mock objects.
capitalizr - A command line program to capitalize/upcase words in a file.
Castle Game Engine - A 3D game engine for Object Pascal focused on X3D and beautiful graphic effects.
cqueues - A polling and networking library for Lua on Unix.
Commentari - A Disqus-like comment system.
ComponentJS - A run-time component system for HTML5 rich clients.
CrashMail II - A Fidonet tosser/scanner with built-in AreaFix and message filters.
check_nwc_health - A Nagios plugin that checks many parameters of network components.
copymon - A monitor for long copy processes.
code_finder - A script with a database of Bangladeshi postal codes.
CodeQuery - A tool for indexing and then querying or searching C, C++, and Java source code.
check_pycurl - A Nagios plugin to check websites.
crackxls2003 - A tool for breaking encryption of Microsoft Excel and Word 97/2000/XP/2002/2003 documents.
Crayonizer - Console purtyfication.
Collage - An object-oriented C++ network library.
Controlix - A VHDL-based operating system.
csv2html - A flexible utility and Python module for converting CSV files into HTML tables.
CKEditor.Java - A Java backend for the CKEditor.
CanvasJS - An HTML5 charting and graphing library built on JavaScript and the HTML5 Canvas element.
ChildProt - A child protection policy daemon for Postfix
Coquelicot - A “one-click” file sharing Web application.
Chucho - A C++11 logging framework.
CoffeeProgressBar - A custom progress bar for iOS.
Comics Refcard Generator - A Web service for generating comics refcards.
cipra Unit Testing Framework - A C++11 unit testing framework based on Perl's Test::More module.
Copy-Sync-Paste - Sharing of clipboards through Bluetooth.
CellForm CMS - A social network for sharing images and YouTube/Rutube videos.
codecrypt - A post-quantum cryptography tool.
C5Connector.Java - A backend for the Core Five file manager.
cartman - Commandline Trac tools.
CDSChecker - A tool for finding concurrency bugs in C/C++ Atomic.
CryptSharp - A .NET implementation of BCrypt, PHPass, and traditional crypt password algorithms.
cdr2serial - Sending of Asterisk CDR to a serial device.
ColDet 3D Collision Detection Library - A library for collision detection between polygonal objects.
coastal-qt - QT desktop apps and extension library.
CuteMarkEd - A MarkDown editor with live HTML previews.
Cocktail - An HTML/CSS rendering engine written in Haxe.
CDimg - Commandline tools to inspect and manipulate CD/DVD optical disc images.
code2flow - JavaScript and Python source code turned into DOT flow charts.
cLogger - A PHP class that logs exceptions and emails sysadmins.
cMySQL_DB - An extensive MySQL DB class.
CWIS - Software designed to assemble, organize, and share collections of data about resources.
Corn CPS - Java classpath scanner for classes and resources
Corn Converter - A module designed to offer converters from Java types to various targets and vice versa.
Corn Exception - A module which helps with writing exception handling code.
Corn Gate - A module is designed to simplify service definitions and implementations in Java.
Corn Httpclient - An HTTP client module designed simplify HTTP client operations.
Capsule Tree - A new kind of a self-balancing tree data structure .
Config4all - A class that parses configuration files.
check raid - A simple RAID checker.
containers - Containers using Linux user namespaces.
Caracal - A fast, light developer framework.
Chance - A utility library for JavaScript to generate anything random.
Codimension - A Python IDE.
CsvFileSearch - A simple search utility that provides easy searching of multiple CSV files.
CIRCLean - A hardware and software solution to clean malicious documents from unknown USB drives.
chem - A 2D canvas game engine optimized for rapid development.
Cyberprobe - A probe that collects packets from network interfaces and forwards them.
con - A simple SSH connection manager.
CommodoreEditor - An IDE for the Commodore64.
cconstants - Tools for reading constants from C header files.
CT-gui/CT-synth/CT-farfisa - A GUI toolkit for Linux and Android.
ClodHopper - A high performance Java library for data clustering.
CodevTT - Timetracking and project management on MantisBT.
CropGUI - A GUI for lossless cropping of JPEG images.
Core-Admin - A server administration platform.
capistrano-typo3-cms - A Capistrano extension to deploy your TYPO3 CMS projects.
csum - A CSV processor tool for the command line.
CorePages - A knowledge database for businesses.
checkbashisms - A static analysis tool which checks scripts for bash idiosyncrasies.
CubicWeb - A semantic Web application framework.
CSSParser - A class that evaluates a given CSS selector expression.
cso - A C module that serializes objects into a simple binary format.
Courier Socks 5 proxy - A client/server toolkit which implements the Socks 5 proxy protocol.
check_tl_health - A plugin for Nagios which monitors tape libraries.
Coq au Vin - A lightweight blogging engine.
candralab eCommerce - A responsive e-commerce system.
Cloudprint-service - A service for sharing Linux printers via Google Cloud Print.
CsvJdbc - A Java database driver for reading CSV files.
CloEDIT - An HTML code editing tool.
CrossUI RAD Tools - Packaging of the same code into Web, desktop, and mobile apps.
C-ICAP Classify - An AI content filter.
Centipede - A framework for writing command line applications in Java.
C++Memo - A generic memoization framework.
CpuMon - CPU monitoring tools for Linux.
CrossUI RAD Desktop - A rapid application development tool for the Web, desktop, and mobile.
cauxp - A preprocessor that compliments the C standard preprocessor.
Chaotic Rage - A multiplatform 3D zombie shooter.
CIP Reporting - Software components for CIP Reporting.
ChaosEsque Anthology - A first person shooter with extended options.
Concerted - A highly scalable multivariate in-memory data storage library.
codemiscs - A collection of fun, creative, elegant, exciting, amusing, useful, and profitable commands.
catch-http - Capturing and extraction of HTTP connections.
C Server Pages - A C++ application server.
C++ Cuecat Scan Translation Object - A C++ Cuecat Scan Translation Object.
C++ Debugging Support library - ostream-based debug output and memory allocation debug support library.
C++ Money Class - A C++ class for money denominated in decimal numbers.
C->Haskell - C-library interface generator for Haskell.
C-Kermit - Multi-platform interactive/scriptable network/serial communications package.
C-XSC 2.0 (former: c-xsc++) - A C++ class library for extended scientific computing.
cabextract - Extracts files from Microsoft cabinet archives.
Cacheability Engine - CGI/command line script to check Web page cacheability
Cactus - A portable framework for developing parallel applications.
cadaver - command-line WebDAV tool
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