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^txt2regex$ - A regular expression "wizard" written with bash2 builtins.
.plan Handler - Utility for time-sensitive .plan and .project files.
_calc - A simple integer calculator that handles decimal/hex/octal/binary.
_smake - An extended "make" replacement that maintains/updates/regenerates programs.
µTelnet - Telnet client for J2ME/MIDP mobile devices.
@1 Web Publisher - Edits your Webpages via a browser.
@1 Document Publisher - Maintains your online documents.
@1 Categorized Headlines Publisher - News posting script with add, edit, and delete features.
@1 Invoice Me - An online invoicing system.
@1 Personal Memoranda - Allows users to submit their personal information to your database.
@1 WAP Formail - A Perl formailer application for WAP.
@1 WAP Sendmail - A Perl sendmail program for WAP.
@1 Links Submission and Approval System - Allows visitors to submit free links to your site.
@1 WAP Guestbook - Lets visitors sign and view a guestbook at your WAP site.
@1 WAP Domain Check - Checks the domain availability using a WAP-enabled device.
@1 Active Table - A tool to plot an Excel or Access table as an HTML table.
@1 Current Visitors Online - Shows the number of visitors to your Website.
@1 Web Dictionary - Lets a visitor check a word's definition.
@1 WAP Recommend A Site - Lets visitors recommend your WAP or Web site.
@1 Auto Delete - Deletes all files older than x days.
@1 Script Secure - Protects your existing scripts.
@1 Age Status Indicator for Files and Folders - Checks the age of files and folders.
@1 Know Your Events - Lets your site visitors view and search for events.
(g)WebcppUI - A pyGTK+ interface for Webcpp and MkScs2.
@1 Newscroller - Use Perl to manage Javascripts scrolling news.
@1 Calendar Publisher - An online Web calendar.
@1 Word Publisher - Edit multiple Web pages via an ordinary browser.
@1 Day Publisher - Display pre-programmed events for the current day on existing Web pages.
@1 Event Publisher - Post events on your Web page via SSI.
@1 Quote Publisher - Display a categorized quote/message of the day randomly via SSI.
@1 Customer Records - Web-based customer database system
@1 Table Publisher - A Web application for editing Microsoft Excel or Access tables.
@1 HTM Email Template - Allows a Web site administrator to send email in HTML format.
@1 Content Board for Desktop and Handheld - Maintain articles on your Web site from a desktop or handheld device.
@1 Data Sorting Tool - Grabs contents from a text-based data file and sorts the data.
[incr Widgets] - Mega-widgets for Tcl and Tk.
@1 Helpdesk XP Perl - An easy to use but complete Web-based helpdesk system.
:PHatCat - A PHP CueCat Decoder.
_malloc - A library that is able to randomize normal malloc calls.
/dev/random for HP-UX 11.00 - A /dev/random device for HP-UX 11.00 (DLKM).
@1 Quick Info - A CGI to display rows of summary info in the format of "Field1 : Field2".
@1 Multi-List Image Randomizer & Uploader - A system for creating multiple sets of random image lists.
'Q' DVD-Author - GUI for dvdauthor
@1 News & Image Scroller PRO - Posts Javascript scrolling (animated) news and thumbnails on your homepage.
@1 Reciprocal Link Checker - A tool that performs reciprocal link checking automatically.
@1 Thumbnailizer - A script for generating image thumbnails on the fly.
@1 Calendar Publisher II - An online Web calendar for publishing events, schedules, and news.
@1 File Upload and Download Manager - A searchable flat text database manager for file uploads and downloads.
@1 FAQ Publisher - A MySQL-based online FAQ management system.
[RG] - A 3D action game.
]project-open[ - A Web-based enterprise project server with a focus on finance and collaboration.
@Mail Groupware - A Web-based scheduler and contact application.
Élmer Bot - A cybernetic agent with pluggable modules.
/etc/net - A Linux network configuration package.
_newmail_ - A biff-like tool for the terminal
@-Tension CMS - An accessible content management system with a WYSIWYG editor.
[incr Tcl] - Object-oriented extensions to Tcl.
@1 Graph Generator - A script that reads information from a database and generates graph images.
@1 Calendar Publisher I LITE - A customizable mini online monthly calendar displayed via SSI.
@1 File Store PRO - A Web-based file archive and membership access system.
(F)PhotoLITography optics simulation application - A photolithography optics simulation application.
<XML>CMP - An XML toolbox for comparing, merging, sorting, regrouping of large XML files.
@1 FTP Regulator - Provides browser-based FTP access with control parameters.
@1 News & Image Expander PRO - A script for collapsible/expandable Javascripts news and thumbnails.
µsli - A register machine.
@1 Sponsored Links PRO - A script that lets visitors submit links and logos to your site.
"Clevertext" AJAX text box - Generate editable text box that is saved with AJAX
+CMS - A Web Content Management System.
.icns - Support for Mac OS X icons in GTK+.
(Serial Ports on) Steroids - A way to execute remote C functions in a Python shell over a serial interface.
[Amos-Effect] - A way to visualize mobile phone charge statistics from mobile provider O2 data.
(PC)² Web Tool Kit - A set of tools to help a PHP/MySQL developer to write applications.
[fleXive] - A Java EE 5 framework based on standards like EJB 3 and JSF.
[simple - A small Web server written in /bin/sh.
.NET Calendar Control - A custom-drawn MonthControl for .NET.
[ini4j] - A Java API for handling the Windows .ini file format.
.SE DNSSEC Monitor Tools - Tools to monitor DNSSEC signed zones.
Yasma - A Sendmail log file analyzer.
::OMLM:: - A modular multi-level (MLM) network marketing engine.
[fleXive] CMS - A Java EE content management system.
::mound:: - A software development management platform.
.wwf toolkit - A set of shell scripts to convert PDF files to .wwf files and vice versa.
(R)?ex - A tool to ease the execution of commands on multiple remote servers.
@ - A collection of commands and shell hacks using @ as the prefix.
BitNami Pootle Stack - An easy-to-install distribution of the Pootle application.
(Qt)-Backstep.py - Pure Python backup software.
/bin/js - A Bash/JavaScript-based shell scripting language.
_encrypt - A cross-platform file encryption application.
losetup-utils - Utilities to create, mount, and unmount encrypted volumes using losetup.
μnix Workstation - A completely 8-bit workhorse of a DIY electronics and MCU project.
Rails URL Shortener - A Ruby on Rails application to shorten your long URLs.
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