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statist - A small, handy, terminal-based statistics program.
StatistX - Small GTK-based statistics program.
stats - stats generator for Leafnode news.
StatWeb - CGI program to run most UNIX commands, but meant for X10 and lirc.
stdnet - A simple C++ framework for multi-threaded I/O management.
SteelBlue - An HTML-embedded Web application language.
StegFS - Steganographic File System
steghide - A steganography program.
Stella - An Atari 2600 VCS emulator.
Stellar Duel - An X11/SVGA space action game.
Stellation - A Web-based space conquest game.
Stereograph - A truecolor stereogram generator for the GNU/Linux OS.
Sticker Book - Place stickers on a background scene
sticky_notes - Postit note application for GTK and/or GNOME
STk - Scheme with TK bindings
STklos - A Scheme system.
Stochastic Orpheus - A stochastic sentence/poetry generator.
Stock Quotes Grabber - A stock-quotes grabber via Yahoo! Finance.
StockTicker Applet - A gnome-panel applet to display stock quotes and graphs.
stoic - Freeware web server log analysis tool
StompBoxes - Realtime guitar audio effects for Linux
STonX - An Atari ST emulator
stowES - Easy install and maintainance of software using stow.
STPhp - A PHP-based internationalization (string translation) tool.
strace - A system call tracing utility (like trace, truss, etc.).
stream-db - An MP3 file streamer that uses a database as its backend.
StreamLog - A remote web server log filter.
streamripper - Records MP3, Ogg, AAC, and NSV streams into files for each track.
Strip - A secure password and account manager for Palm OS.
StripCmt - Strips comments from C, C++, and Java source code
stripmime - A Perl script to filter MIME sections out of email messages.
Structured Web Image Gallery System - A Perl script for creating HTML thumbnail galleries.
Stubby - Creates stubs for dynamic link libraries.
Studio FrameWork - A C++ class library and application framework.
stunnel - An SSL encryption wrapper.
Subject Search Server - A CGI-script which adds intelligent search capability to Web sites.
subprobe - A majordomo list subscription address checker.
SUBTERFUGUE - Framework for building tools that observe and play with the reality of programs.
SuckMT - A multithreaded suck replacement.
sudo - Provides limited super user priviledges to specific users
sugarplum - Automated, secure perl spambot poisoner with many features
Summary - A Web server log analyzer tool.
sum_at_bottom - Sums a column of numbers and prints the sum below the column.
sunclock - A fancy clock that shows both time and geographical data.
sunplasma - Three dimensional virtual fly-through landscape simulation.
SUNrand - /dev/(u)random for SUN Solaris
SunSky - Utilises the Utah sun/sky model to draw plots of the sky.
super - Program to allow general users to do superuser things
Super Sparrow - A BGP-based global load balancer.
Superficie - A program for basic 3D surfaces viewing and manipulation.
SuperRescue CD - An overfeatured rescue CD.
surf - Visualization of algebraic geometry.
Surfraw - Shell Users' Revolutionary Front Rage Against the Web.
suricate - Delivers Meerkat content to wireless handheld devices.
survey - Lists all your config files and installed packages.
SuSE Proxy-Suite - Application-level gateway
svgalib - Low-level graphics library that provides VGA and SVGA modes in a console
svgalib Cellular Automata Program - Cellular automata program.
SVGATextMode - An SVGA textmode manipulation/enhancement utility.
svinit - A package to run daemons supervised.
SVMlight - implementation of Support Vector Machines (SVMs) in C.
svncviewer - An SVGA VNC viewer with German keyboard mapping.
SVT - A program for foreign language vocabulary practice.
swap - Allows one to easily change CD-ROM media with one command or click.
SWARM - Simulation of an ARM processor in C++.
swatch - The Simple WATCHdog: syslog monitoring utility/daemon.
swebget - Prints a webpage to stdout
Sweep - A digital audio editor.
SwiftMQ - A JMS enterprise messaging system.
SwiftSurf - A smart HTTP proxy.
SwiftView - HPGL, PCL Online Document Viewing System
SWISH++ - File indexing and searching engine (typically used for web servers).
SWORD Project - Free Bible Study Software Development Libraries and Tools
Suspend2 - Software Suspend (hibernate) support for Linux.
sXid - An all-in-one suid/sgid monitoring script.
SXP - Simple XML Persistence Library for C++
SybSQL - X11-based SQL Query tool for Sybase and MS SQL.
Sylpheed - A lightweight and user-friendly email client.
Sympa - A professional mailing list software.
Symphero - E-Commerce package based on Perl and Apache.
Synaesthesia - Program to reperesent music from CD or MP3 graphically.
Synchronet BBS Software - BBS Software with integrated telnet, FTP, and mail servers.
SyncMail - PalmPilot Email conduit for PilotManger.
syncopt - A Flexible and Simple Approach to Package Install
Synopsis - A source code introspection tool.
Synthesis ToolKit in C++ - C++ classes for software-based sound synthesis/processing
syrinx - An intelligent frontend to mpg123.
sysklogd - The sysklogd package implements two system log daemons.
Syslinux - A collection of boot loaders for Linux and other operating systems.
syslog-ng - A portable syslogd replacement with TCP transport, SQL, and SSL support.
Sysmon - Accurate and high performance network monitoring tool.
SysOrb - A network and server monitoring system.
sysstat - The sar, sadf, iostat, mpstat, pidstat, nfsiostat and cifsiostat commands for Linux.
System G - An elegant, graphical interface to Unix file systems.
SysVConfig - SysV runlevel editor.
SysVinit - The Linux System V Init.
SysWatch - CGI to display current information about your UNIX system.
smallX - A reduced version of X Windows for use on systems with 4 megs of ram
smartsuite - S.M.A.R.T. control utility
SystemImager - Linux cloning/replication and synchronization software.
Sluice - A Jabber component for easy workflow creation.
Steak / Xsteak - A dictionary for Unix Systems.
Scientific Image Database - A Web-driven image database.
salias - A generic argument-aliasing wrapper.
SafeRelay - LAN certificate authority center.
SPOPS - A Perl library to persist objects to various types of storage.
Styx - A scanner/parser generator addressing some shortcomings of lex/yacc.
sleepd - A daemon to put a laptop to sleep during inactivity.
ShowImg - A feature-rich image viewer.
Sigit - A random signature creator.
SAGU - An automated students and Educational Institution relationship manager.
sEx - Wrapper for tons of (included) archiving, compression and diskimage utilities.
StarPlot - A 3-dimensional perspective star map viewer.
Spoofaudit - An auditing tool for Ingress & Egress filters (rfc2827 and rfc3013)
Shell Watchr - A script to audit logins against a list of allowed/known hosts.
Simple Atmel and PIC programmer - A simple Atmel and PIC microprocessor programmer.
Simple IPX Bridge - SIB tunnels IPX and IP frames via UDP.
Simple Allpurpose New Diarykeeper - Helps you keep your diary.
Surfboard - A filtering HTTP 1.1 proxy.
SoftDB - Domain-specific Web-based software database.
Symbion SSL Proxy - A simple SSL Proxy server.
Satellite - A system for tracking machines with dynamic IP addresses.
SX Microcontroller Serial Video Display: SERVID - A bit banged NTSB or PAL intellegent video terminal.
SOAP for Tcl - Provides SOAP bindings for Tcl.
Seagate Disk Drive Firmware Download - A utility to download firmware to Seagate disk drives.
Shaperd - A user-mode traffic shaper for tcp-ip networks.
sigmaker - A random .signature generator.
scponly - A user shell for restricting remote access to scp and sftp.
S-Gen3 - EW-Too style talker server.
SLIS - A TCP/IP gateway for schools.
Sloop - A Sather interface to liboop.
Shrimp - A visual RenderMan shader creation tool.
simple Python Server Page - Server-side scripting similar to ASP/JSP/PHP.
SODIUM - Arranges ions around biological macromolecules.
Sysload - Cluster/deparment-wide machine load monitoring system.
spinlogs - Portable, configurable, flexible shell script to rotate log files.
Simpleton - A headline news publishing tool written in PHP and MySQL.
SmallBASIC - A free BASIC interpreter for Linux, PalmOS, DOS, and others.
siconv - A tool to convert a data stream from one character set to another.
SOAP to CORBA bridge - A generic bridge to call CORBA services using SOAP RPC.
Subversion - A version control system.
SchoolMation - A simple to use, robust Web-based education management solution.
Stella Shell - A shell/GUI for Stella, the VCS2600 emulator.
Shared Mailbox - A catchall mailbox message distribution program.
Stripmime-alt - A tool to remove non-text MIME sections from email.
SignatureDB - A byte-sequence signature detection software.
Shibatch sampling rate converter - A fast and high quality sampling rate converter.
Shoreline Firewall - An iptables-based firewall for Linux systems.
Struct::Compare - A Perl module to compare two nested structures.
Snarfzilla - A GUI for Freenet in wxPython.
SPAG - A flexible, interactive information memorizer and browser.
Shell Environment for Oracle - Plug in replacement for sqlplus written in perl
STLport - A superior implementation of the C++ Standard Template Library (STL).
Surfboard HTTPd - A simple HTTP server.
ssh-multiadd - Adds multiple ssh keys to an agent with a minimum number of passphrase requests.
Server-side FileManager - Web-based file manager.
SDL_gfx - SDL graphics drawing primitives and other support functions.
Stupid-FTPd - A command-line based ftp-server.
squid_auth_ldap - A Squid LDAP authenticator.
SyNTeX - Syntactic tree drawing program - A program which draws syntactic trees in LaTeX.
Scribus - A page layout (DTP) application.
See-Commerce - A PHP/MySQL-based e-commerce solution.
SuperTux - A side-scrolling platform game starring Tux the Penguin.
S-Jog - GUI for Sony VAIO Jog Wheel.
Sendmail+PostgreSQL patch - A patch to add Postgres SQL maps to Sendmail.
Serial line sniffer - A utility for logging the data going through a serial port.
sHelper.php - PHP spell checker interface to "ispell."
sieve-php - A PHP class to handle interaction with Cyrus timsieved Sieve server.
SourceWell - A DB-independant software announcement and retrieval system written in PHP3.
SERanks - Obtains search-expression rankings at search engines.
Sentinel IRC Services - Statistical and operator services for Hybrid, csircd, and Bahamut.
Smart Cache - Full featured Java proxy server.
ssh-keyinstall - ssh-keyinstall helps a user set up the keys at both ends of an ssh connection.
Sophie - Sophie is a daemon which uses 'libsavi' library from Sophos anti virus vendor.
SchemaView Plus - A GUI for retrieving, drawing, and printing database schemas.
syslog-fifo - A perl script to read syslog messages from a named pipe and file them
SDLmm - C++ wrapper library for SDL
Sourcery - A cross-platform disassembler with a GTK user interface.
sdist - A tool which creates a Makefile.PL for standalone Perl scripts.
SFM - A powerful and easy filemanager.
SDL extension for PHP - An SDL binding/wrapper for PHP.
sformat - A SCSI disk formatting/partitioning/analysis/repair utility.
SOAPy - A library for accessing SOAP-based Web services via Python.
SAP DB - Relational SQL Database.
sdd - disk dump and restore to and from tape or file; copy and/or reblock
Scrape::USPS::ZipLookup Perl Module - Programmatic interaction with the USPS ZipLookup web application.
SqlGui - A graphical database frontend for KDE.
SOAP.py - A SOAP implementation in Python
SolarWolf - An action/arcade game written in Python and Pygame
Sjinn - A serial communications program.
Steel Bank Common Lisp - A Common Lisp native compiler.
SATGUI - A framework for developing simple GUI client/Unix server applications.
suid wrapper - Allows execution of specific commands under another uid.
spurtg - Renders realtime graphics based on input streamed from the soundcard.
Search and Replace - A recursive directory and file search and replace utility written in Perl.
Selected Backup - A multiple file and directory backup utility written in Perl.
Super Methane Brothers - A kids platform game where you throw baddies at walls for toys.
SQLConnect - A JDBC connectivity tool that has data browsing, querying, and editing.
sendcard - A PHP postcard/ecards script supporting 9 different databases.
SATFORM - A utility to create word processor-quality letters/reports.
Sentry Firewall CD-ROM - A Linux-based bootable live CD, configurable via floppy disk or a remote server.
SandStorm - A full blown XML-RPC middle-end application development kit.
SetQmail - A qmail installation program.
Spakes - A client/server Snakes-clone for up to 4 players.
Sharp Tools Spreadsheet - A Java Spreadsheet with rich functionality
Secret Stash - Provides automounting of an encrypted filesystem at login for RH7.1 and similar
Shibboleth - A privacy and security-aware mailing list manager.
Simplog - A powerful, yet simple blogging tool.
Simple database library - A simple database library which allows an applicaton to support multiple DBMSs.
sceneLib - An OpenGL scene graph library.
syslogger - A utility which copies lines from standard input to syslog.
Saxogram Vocabulary List Builder - A script which generates vocab lists from texts written in foreign languages.
snmpmon - A simple program that monitors bandwidth usage via SNMP.
Scrabaid - Helps players by listing words that can be formed on a Scrabble board.
savIRC - A graphical IRC client written in Tcl/Tk.
Scalable Unix Tools - Unix commands for parallel environments
snmpwatch - Remotely watch the size and the memory used by each process.
send_isdncaller - Gets ISDN callerid from isdnlog and sends it to an email address
SandStorm::SandML - Framework for writing SandStorm components via a simple mark-up language(SandML)
sdlfx - Effects for the SDL.
Saint Michael - A Linux kernel module to detect and react to the insertion of LKM rootkits.
Serial to network proxy - Allows telnet and TCP connections to serial ports.
Simple Photo Album - A dynamic online photo album program written in PHP.
Simple Form - A simple form processor that is easy and quick to install with multiple forms.
SLAN - A cross-platform VPN.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel - A cross-platform Perl module for creating Excel binary files.
SOAP server class - A PHP class to build SOAP servers.
SCMxx - A program to exchange data with Siemens mobile phones.
SQL Load Balancer - Improve SQL queries execution to a database.
SGE - An SDL graphics library add-on.
SmSGO! - A program for sending international SMS messages.
SPCA50X USB Camera Linux Driver - A Linux driver for SPCA50X-based cameras.
SoC GDS - A fast GDSII viewer and processor.
SquidGuard Configuration Webmin Module - A Webmin module to configure the SquidGuard filter.
SdlZombies - A zombie game clone.
SqlBrowser - A Pywx Windows gui for Postgres
sar_plot - A toolkit to archive/monitor your system's performance.
Spread Extension for PHP - A PHP extension for spread client functions
scanlog - Generates text or HTML summaries of Communigate Pro log files.
Secure FTP Wrapper - A server-based package that enables an existing FTP server to become secure.
Slave Line Printer - Generic Slave Line Printer Support
SMTP map - A utility which scans for the version of an SMTP server.
Simpsons Comic Book Guy Quotes - A 'fortune' quote file featuring The Simpsons' Comic Book Guy
Simpsons Ralph Wiggum Quotes - A 'fortune' quote file featuring The Simpsons' Ralph Wiggum.
SUIF - An infrastructure to support compiler research.
SandStorm::SQLRegistry - An alternative SandStorm registry with an SQL backend.
Simple Whois Daemon - A whois Internet directory service daemon.
SImg - Astronomical image processing.
Spaminator - A program allowing easy management of Sendmail access lists.
Scalable Cluster Environment - A set of interoperable tools to build and use Beowulf clusters.
Score Cluster System Software - Linux clustering software.
Smart (MAME) Update - A MAME ROM updating program.
SF16-FMD2 radio control program - An SF16-FMD2 radio control utility.
Swocket - A modular XML Socket server written in Python.
Socket++ - A C++ class library for using sockets.
Seek42 - An SMB Network Search Engine.
SEA arc - A packaging precursor of pkzip.
SyncML - The official Synchronization Markup Language toolkit.
SpiralSynthModular - A modular soft-synth.
SSH with Keys HOWTO - A document which shows how to use SSH with keys, passphrases, and ssh-agent.
sanity.pl - A recursive file renamer.
scribbler - A quick, easy, minimalistic diary script written in Python.
s3dxml - An XML file format and generic development tools for games.
strip-dump - A command line interfrace to print Strip account information.
Star Voyager - A Star Trek-themed space combat game.
Suffix tree implementation library - Fast indexing library based on suffix trees.
snort-rep - Snort reporting tool with text and HTML output.
Sunflash - A visualization plugin for XMMS.
Snow Path Formation Simulator - Graphically displays the formation of paths in the snow formed by people.
SAP R/3 - Highly scalable accounting software.
Spgmr08 - A Motorola 68HC908 programmer utility.
Scheduling Utils - Utilities to change scheduling/priority of processes.
SwiftFXP - A FlashFXP clone.
seven's IPtables script - An IPtables firewalling script.
SliceTime - A graphical time management program.
SorceryNet IRC Daemon - A stable IRC daemon based on irc2.8.2.mu3.dal4.4.10 with some extentions
Snort Report - Reporting Module for Snort IDS.
Smooth Metal Look And Feel - An anti-aliased version of Swing's Metal Look And Feel.
Sourcer - A package installer that uses source tarballs.
sinfo - A monitoring tool for networked computers.
SmartUI - A lightweight Java library for user interfaces.
svg2swf - A Python script which converts W3C SVG files to Macromedia Flash (.swf) format.
ServerSpyIRC bot - An IRC bot to get information about online Quake2, Quake3, and Halflife servers.
smb-network.cgi - CGI SMB network browser.
StandardFAQ - A simple FAQ manager.
Share360 - An intranet portal solution.
System Installer - Builds Linux images for remote installation.
Static Multicast Routing Daemon - A static multicast routing daemon for Linux.
SkunkDAV - A Java WebDAV client and editor.
Spacecraft Analysis - A set of JavaScript programs to analyze spacecraft.
Spirit Parser library - An object-oriented, recursive descent parser generator framework.
SandSurfer - A Web-based time keeping/invoicing application.
SFL - A portable C/C++ library.
SOAP UDDI - A UDDI 2.0 compliant repository server over Tomcat.
smreject - Summarizes sendmail rejections by type and peer.
SkunkWeb - An extensible, scalable, easy to use Web application server written in Python.
shorten - Fast compression for waveform files.
String JSP Taglib - A custom JSP taglib containing many useful String manipulation methods.
SMessy - A GTK+-based SMS messaging client.
Searchage Chinese Morphological Analyzer - Separates Chinese sentences into phrases.
superzoom - Zooms pictures in better quality than normal graphics programs.
Speak Freely for X - A gnome GUI for Speak Freely.
Synaptic - A GUI frontend for APT.
Scsh - A broad-spectrum system-programming environment for Unix, embedded in Scheme.
Start Anything - Opens all kinds of files, URLs, and programs.
screentest - A CRT screen testing utility.
Simple & Kludge Vote System - A simple CGI vote system for HTTP authentication.
Scrapeforge - An HTML screen scraper.
Signal Safe Threads - A more robust threading package.
ssh-smart - A basic proof-of-concept implementation of ssh authentication via smartcard.
shellcat - A templating system with shell syntax.
Shine - A minimalist MP3 encoder.
SXML - A little library to parse/generate configuration files in the XML format.
Smyle - A self-contained Java database.
Shapefile C Library - A C library for accessing ESRI Shapefiles.
Sendmail::AccessDB - A Perl interface to Sendmail's access.db.
Synapse Hotline X Daemon - A hotline server based on hxd with several enhancements.
Space Invaders in Perl/Gtk - A space invaders game written in Perl/Gtk.
SETIState - A simple Perl/Curses application for tracking one or more SETI@home clients.
SunShop Shopping Cart - A customizable turnkey shopping cart solution.
SMS spoof - A PalmOS app that allows you to send spoofed SMS messages.
SOLtalk - A GTK and ncurses-based encrypted chat program.
SSH KeyServer - A simple key-distribution server for SSH.
SMDP - A schema, some APIs, and utility apps for storing MP3/ogg files in databases.
siga - View and edit your essential configuration files on a SuSE Linux System.
SMS4NOTHING - A modular Perl script that can send SMS messages through Web services.
sc - A text-based spreadsheet program.
supercow - An amusing game.
Sanetracker - A versatile pattern banded MIDI sequencer.
Scummer - A Scumm games background viewer.
Simple DirectMedia Layer Extension Library - SDL Extension Library
Shell-Accessible Module Library - Shell-Accessible Modules for bash.
System-Report - A system (SMS/mail) report for system administrators.
system call tracker - A kernel module and application to track system call invocations.
SDL_sound - A library for soundfile decoding.
securitylog2html - An AWK script for creating HTML reports of ipchains logs.
SBLIM - A Web-based enterprise management system for GNU/Linux.
SRR Kernel Module - IPC message passing.
SCN Artificial Neural Network Library - A C++ Neural Network Library.
SNMP Module for AOLserver - An SNMP Module for AOLServer 3.3 with trap agent support.
Sigel - A walking teacher for Robots.
scilla - A Web-based media converter.
slaktool-scripts - A set of scripts to improve slackware package management.
SDL_sif - A Simple Interface Framework for SDL.
Sws Web Server - A fast and configurable simple Web server.
Simple Utility Classes - A compilation of standardised C++ utility libraries.
svats - Adds Safety Verification Analysis To Spice.
smartupload - A Web page upload tool.
serverizor - Converts any command into an Expect tcp server.
Sophosticated - BASH scripts to update Sophos.
SwissDB - A commandline program for cataloging removable media.
spell - The GNU version of the Unix "spell" program.
SiS6326FB - A Framebuffer driver for Linux that supports SiS6326-based graphic cards.
SilkPHP TextPass - A textfile based authentication system.
SilkPHP Countdown - A graphical countdown script generator.
sendqmailq - Sends queued emails to a remote SMTP server.
svclean - Tools for running svscan and supervise "better".
SQuirreL SQL Client - A graphical Java database client.
SPIKE - A protocol hacker's toolkit.
SWFTools - Tools for reading, writing, generating, and modifying Flash files.
SourceJammer - An internet-enabled, cross-platform source control and versioning system.
Selcall - Translates selective calling signals of the maritime mobile service (MMS).
Source Auditor - A tool for maintaining code audit records.
SetiBatch - SetiBatch is a Seti@Home utility which manages multiple workunits.
SMSDaemon - An SMS sender.
squid_auth_shadow - A shadow-based authentication module for squid.
SSR Tech - A Web application development and publishing engine.
swpkg - Tools to ease installation and management of third-party software.
swish - A simple Web indexing system for humans.
SecretSanta - A Web-based Secret Santa/PollyAnna system.
SAPRFC - An ABAP extension module for PHP.
StaticCharge GTK - A GTK client for the StaticCling dynamic DNS service.
SQL Query Generator - A command line program to help you make sql queries.
socklog - System and kernel logging services for UNIX.
swish-e - A file and Web site indexing and searching system.
SAS's Accounting Statistics - A tool for graphing network traffic statistics.
Saswire - Checks files for modifications.
Spork - A cooperative multitasking library in C.
SDLucid - A C++ wrapper for SDL.
StepTalk - The official GNUstep scripting framework.
snapshot2cvs - A small tool to import source snapshots into a CVS repository.
ScaraOS - A 32-bit multiboot OS for IA32 (PC/AT).
Sphere RPG Engine - A role-playing game creation engine.
Scrambled Eggs - A Perl-based password keeping script.
spamrule - A qmail SMTP filter with individualized rules for recipients.
SNARE - A comprehensive event logging facility.
Styler Ant Task - Flexible XML transformations.
Spong-Bot - An IRC frontend for Spong.
Seminole Webserver - A small Webserver designed for embedded systems.
SharedExpenses - Web-utility to handle group-shared expenses.
Snmp Monitor - SNMP router and monitoring alarms.
StatFTime - A formatted file information utility.
simuwan_usr - A small tool that "simulates" a WAN by dropping and delaying packets.
Statistics about SAP upgrades - Extracts info about the duration time of a SAP upgrade.
Speedtouch USB ADSL Drivers - A user-mode implementation of drivers for the Speedtouch USB modem.
Simple LAN Monitor - Measures network activity through sniffing.
Send an e-card - Sends pictures in e-cards.
Sixlegs PNG Library - A Java library for decoding and displaying PNG images.
Setext2LaTeX - Convert setext format files to LaTeX format.
SCons - A software construction tool.
Sniff - A pretty formatter for the output from the tcpdump program.
Somnifugi JMS - An in-memory, in-JVM JMS.
SPIP - A powerful and user-friendly Web publication system.
stress - A workload generator and stress tester for Unix-like systems.
SMSTerm - Login into your computer from any GSM mobile phone through SMS.
SelectionMargin OpenTool - A JBuilder OpenTool that adds a selection margin to editors and shows line numbe
SecurityFocus ARIS Extractor - A sophisticated IDS log analyzer.
Spumoni - Provides an open framework for monitoring applications using SNMP.
System Configuration Collector - A tool that collects configuration data on Unix/Linux/BSD systems.
Sidebar in a Can - An automatic Netscape 6 sidebar generator.
simon - A 2D shooter for KDE 2.
Speech Recognition HOWTO - Instructions for using speech recognition software and hardware.
sgml2x converter - An SGML/XML-to-any converter.
Simple webcam picture archive display for PHP - A simple webcam image archive application for PHP.
slideshow+ - A picture viewer and sound player.
SIMD Viterbi Decoder - A Viterbi FEC decoder, with IA32 SIMD (MMX/SSE/SSE2) assist.
SaVi - A simulator for satellites in Earth's orbit.
SMS Web Sender - A set of PHP classes for sending SMS messages through existing SMS Websites.
slaf - A Simple Look And Feel for Java/Swing.
sqlminus - An SQL client with programmer friendly features
Sipcalc - An advanced IP subnet calculator.
Supercast - A SHOUTcast-compatible streaming MP3 server.
SmartPainter - A genetic programming based image generator.
sg3_utils - Utilities for devices using SCSI command sets.
SIMPLE_1 - A discrete/continuous simulation language with C/C++ extensibility.
ShakeTracker - A tracker-based MIDI sequencer suite.
Shared memory map - A library for hashmaps in shared memory.
Spotter - Software to help math and science students check their answers to problems.
Self for Linux - A port of the Self system to Linux on x86 PCs.
Smart Cache Loader - A very configurable Web grabber with special Smart Cache support.
sloop.splitter - A real time sound effects program.
Slackware Package Usage Checker - Checks if a Slackware package has been used in the past few days.
SAFARI IssueWorks - A content management system that publishes in issues.
sprech - A crossplatform network sockets library.
Snort Monitor - A Qt-based GUI Snort monitor.
Subnet Bandwidth Monitor - A set of applications that allow a user to monitor BW usage for a subnet.
Socat - A relay for bidirectional data transfer.
SQLAdmin - A lightweight Java/Swing-based database access frontend.
Snake3D - Snake/Nibbles like you've never seen it before.
S2000 - A driver for the OceanOptics Spectrometer S2000/ADC500.
SUA - A Qt/KDE-based sip user agent.
sashenka - A J2EE Servlet container and framework for IRC bots and clients.
Sinek - A GTK+ video player.
Songwrite - A tablature editor/player in Python.
Sinfg - A resolution-independent image composition package.
SAVget - A Sophos AntiVirus update script.
Simple Little Firewall Monitor - Firewall Monitor
Siemens SL45 Data Suite - A Linux datasuite for Siemens *45 cellular phones.
spThread - a small, cross-platform thread library.
SMTP client class - A PHP Class for sending email messages via an SMTP server.
SpackleStats - A client/server architecture for gathering statistics from Linux servers.
SNL - A very easy-to-use C network library.
Sherlog - A detailed log analyzer for Apache.
SX - A graphical geometric object modeller.
Simply GNUstep (Prometheus) - A GNUstep OS distribution.
Stellarium - A 3D astronomical sky renderer.
Slack FTP Install - A method of installing the Slackware distribution via FTP.
SLEditor - A Simple Line EDitor for Unix.
System Installation Suite - An image-based installation and maintenance tool for Linux.
SiteBox - A flexible, modular Web portal system.
Sentinel System Monitor - A multiple host system monitor written in Perl.
Script-Configurable DHCPCD - An extensible DHCP client.
Space Mines - A game where one makes money by building mines.
Sawmill - A log analysis and traffic statistics tracking tool.
Spackle - Security and tracking for CVS.
Stopwatch - A stopwatch GUI.
ScummVM - An interpreter for several classic graphical point-and-click adventures.
System Garden Habitat - A capacity management and performance monitoring system.
sc68 - An Atari ST and Amiga music emulator.
Solar Empire - A browser-based strategy game (BBS).
SpiceViewMG - An NG-spice viewer with live plotting features.
SignWriting Animation Tool - A 3D avatar animator for the signwriting language.
SMLserver - Standard ML support for AOLserver.
Stretch! - An exercise and break management utility.
StarterMud - A MUD server based on Rom24B6.
SkunkDB - A fast, constant database library.
Sourceforge Timesheet - A timesheet module for Sourceforge.
Splack Linux - A port of Slackware to SPARC.
spiderd - A telescope motion control daemon for Nova I.O.E.
Script Running Machine - An application server for PHP.
SmokePing - A network latency monitor based on rrdtool.
Sencap - Simple ENCAP software manager.
SMSC-Gateway - A gateway for bidirectional connection to SMSC.
Spammer - An anti-spam mail filter for Sendmail and Postfix.
SAS's traffic grapher - An IP Accounting tool which uses SNMP and produces graphics.
SLRI Bioinformatics Workshop - A toolkit for dealing with biological sequence and structure information.
Scarab - A Java-based issue tracking system.
setirotate - A SETI commandline client runner/workunit cache.
Shout2rtp - A converter from Shoutcast streams to multicast RTP streams.
Stella for Dreamcast - A port of the Atari 2600 VCS Emulator to Sega Dreamcast.
SNMP Network Auditor - Tools for auditing a large network for SNMP services.
SDLcam - A Philips Webcam SDL GUI with a realtime filter.
Snort Config - An intuitive menu-based interface for the GPL IDS tool Snort.
searchtool - A Java server browser for Internet games.
sedsed - A sed debugger/indenter/tokenizer/HTMLizer.
SnortKonsole - A frontend to Snort-IDS.
SPYthon - A Python Gamespy and other game status protocol library.
SODA News System - A Hebrew Slash-style news system.
shn2make - A tool for working with sets of SHN and FLAC audio files.
SGet - Segment downloading files over the Net.
Stoq - A point of sales and retail management application.
SPASTIC - Simple Procmail Anti-Spam Templates (improved code).
Serial Over IP - A tool for the transport of serial interfaces over UDP/IP.
SimPlEdi - A Web-based playlist editor.
ssmart - A Perl script to store a blowfish encrypted SSH identity to a smartcard.
SMTP Relay Checker - A scanner for open SMTP relays.
streamtuner - A GTK+ 2.0 stream directory browser.
SOLID - A library for collision detection of 3D objects.
snapscreenshot - Takes a screenshot of one or more Linux consoles (/dev/vcsa*) and outputs a tga.
sord - A C++ library for working with files and directories.
SQL Load Balancer Perl module - Provides a Perl API for the SQL Load Balancer daemon.
Swiss Army LDAP Tool - A generic LDAP browser.
Simple Flash Menu - A tool for making nested menus for HTML pages.
Sand Kit - A neural network learning and calculation library.
spamback - A tool for sending spam back to a spammer.
smbsniffer - An NMB sniffer.
Shrubberies - Linux Command Line Viewer - A command line utility for making clustergram images.
Sybase module for Python - A Python DB-API-compliant interface to Sybase.
SunGazer PacketFilter - A Firewall Rules Generator
Speex - A voice compression format (codec).
SandWeb - A Web-based CVS client.
Sagasu - A GNOME tool to find strings in multiple files.
Skylendar - Astrology software for Linux/KDE3.
Simple Outline XML - XML with an easier syntax to read and edit.
softbeep - A utility program for redirecting beeps of internal PC speakers to a soundcard.
Solaris packaging tools - Utilities to aid in the generation of Solaris packages.
Scriptix - A light-weight extension language.
sigslot Portable C++ Signal/Slot Library - A C++ implementation of the signal/slot paradigm.
SneakyMan - A GNOME-based snort ruleset configurator.
Site Compiler - An offline Web site compilation tool.
SoulSeek for Linux - A Python GUI client for the SoulSeek file-sharing network.
SnackAmp - An MP3/Ogg/other format music player.
Sudoscript - A pair of scripts to run a shell with sudo that logs to a FIFO.
Spindle Plugin - An Eclipse plugin that adds IDE support to Tapestry.
Simplecodes 2x - A lightweight content management system.
SLight - A DMX dimmer control program based on DMX4Linux.
Smart Card ToolKit - A smart card library and tools.
Sidewinder Forcefeedback 2 driver - Microsoft sidewinder forcefeedback 2 driver
sonar - Remote network reconnaissance.
Simples ERP - A tiny ERP system.
Small Potato - An Xboard protocol chess engine.
Software Testing Automation Framework - A test framework.
stoned - A 3D curling game.
SalStat - An easy-to-use scientific statistical analysis package.
SQMixer - An audio mixer for OSS.
safte-monitor - A monitoring tool for SAF-TE capable enclosures.
Space Hulk - A conversion of the Space Hulk board game.
status.php - An online status tool for game servers.
secheck - A system security check which emails its ouput to a specified user.
Say - Commandline text to speech for Darwin/OS X.
SerialSpy - A serial data monitor.
STOICAL - STack Oriented Interactive Compiler Adapted to Linux.
Sportwire - NewsML/SportsML for Web sites.
streamixer - An audio stream mixing and resampling toolset.
SNMP Trap Translator - An SNMP trap handler for use with NET-SNMP/UCD-SNMP.
Server optimized Linux - A Linux distribution optimized for heavy-duty server work.
SDLHan - Korean SDL support.
Sonali Calendar - A Java applet for making a customized calendar.
Scheme Scribe - A programming language for authoring electronic documents.
skill and snice - Tools to handle processes by user, tty, command, and pid.
sam2p - A sophisticated raster image-converter to PostScript and PDF.
SATSHELL - SATSHELL is the easy way to create Linux/Unix shell scripts with GUI interfaces.
SpeedDemon Internet Accelerator - Open source Internet download accelerator in Java.
SigmaPi Neurosimulator - A simulator for recurrent neural networks.
Sherman's aquarium - A screen saver, dock app, and GNOME applet with swimming fish.
sig2dot - A tool to generate a graph of GPG/PGP keyring signature relationships.
SiTE - A lightweight Java template engine.
Stuffed Tracker - A program that monitors all Web traffic and calculates conversion rates and ROI.
SODA Native XML Database System - An XML DBMS with XQuery, XQL, update, transaction, and multi-user support.
Scylla Charybdis - Compressed, encrypted, throttled file upload/backup.
sematree - A semaphore-like utility.
sash-plus-patches - A set of patches for sash.
Supercharged CMS - A PHP/MySQL-powered IDE and Website.
STPHPLibrary - An OOP PHP Web applications library.
Subnetting.java - A Java IPv4 subnet calculator.
SegyMAT - Read and write SEG-Y files using matlab.
Software 4 Open Communities - Portal and community software for distributed knowledge networks.
speedstep - An Intel Mobile Pentium III Speedstep switching utility for Linux.
SURVIVOR - A POSIX-thread based systems monitor.
Simple Operating System for Smartcard Education - A smart card operating system.
Sonoma Portal - Java/XML content management and portal software.
Servicios de Red - A Spanish front-end for managing Linux network services.
SC1100 Watchdog Driver - A Linux driver for the SC1100's watchdog timer.
serel - fast boot software - A utility that makes computers boot faster.
StreamRipperX - A utility for saving Internet radio streams as MP3 song files.
sysklogd-sql - A syslog daemon that can log to an SQL server.
Sagem Bootstrap Loader - Utility for entering the bootstrap mode on Sagem GSM mobile phones
Sirid - A tool for managing software projects.
storebackup - A tool for making disk space optimized snapshot backups onto another disk.
Simple Expenses Manager - A multi-user CGI expenses manager for day-to-day expenses.
SMSj - Send SMSes from Java.
SpyImage - A PHP script whic generates a real-time image based on Winamp track information.
Super Star Trek - A port of the classic Star Trek game.
smbldap-tools - Tools for managing users and groups using a Samba+LDAP Domain Controler
sqlupdate - A tool that generates an update script for a MySQL database.
Spyce - Python Server Pages - A Python-based dynamic HTML server engine.
suPHP - A wrapper to execute PHP scripts with their owner's permissions.
Swami - A SoundFont patch file editor and software synthesizer frontend.
SQL Schema Repository - A collection of ready to use SQL Schemas.
svgGraph - A PHP script to generate graphs in SVG format.
spConfig - A configuration file parsing library with an XML-like syntax.
Solex - A Web application testing tool plug-in for the Eclipse IDE.
SQLWeb Worksheet 3000 - A Web-based SQL worksheet.
Storypad - A Java tool for extracting images and structured text from PDF.
Secure On-the-Fly File Integrity Checker - A Linux kernel patch that adds tripwire-like functionality.
smbaccess - Access control for Linux Samba servers based on the physical network address.
Standard Taglib (JSTL) - A JSTL implementation from Apache.
Simple Photo Gallery - A simple CGI photo gallery in Perl.
Sxtools - A toolchain for Scenix SX48/SX52 microcontrollers.
ST@FF - Support Tool and Forum Frameset - A forum frameset for support, problem tracking, and open discussions.
SimpleFirewall - A useful tool for administrative functions of packet filtering.
Sms-meny - A tool for managing Nokia phones by using gnokii.
SDL Sopwith - A port of the classic flying game Sopwith.
Spin - A transparent threading solution for non-freezing Swing applications.
SOAPAnywhere - A versatile and high performance SOAP 1.2 implementation.
Simple Picture Gallery Manager - A PHP picture gallery script.
Smart Common Input Method platform - A platform for developing input methods.
shmux - A shell multiplexor.
sourcecode XML metadata extraction tools - Tools for transforming XML-like markup into entities or well-formed XML files.
Shilosh OS - An operating system that is fully compatible with Linux and Windows.
Simple Rescue CD - Mid-size bootable CD (7Mb) suitable for business card CDs
Senator - An ASF video stream server.
SaveMyModem - An email filter with delete-on-server support.
Systems Intranet Contruction Kit - A NOC intranet for the management of a data center with a trouble ticket module.
squidview - A console program to nicely view squid's log.
SourceBase - A parser library for IDE developers.
Simple Database Frontend - A JSP-based database frontend.
SCIM Smart Pinyin input method module - A Smart Pinyin Chinese input method module for SCIM.
Spana/Panorama - An alternative peer-to-peer network for anonymous file sharing and news.
schema map - A Web-based Oracle database explorer.
Skaringa - An API for Java, JSON, and XML language binding.
Squirrel Jukebox - An MP3 Jukebox with track ranking capabilities.
SuperConductor - A multi-application render farm controller.
Silva CMS - A powerful CMS for multiple or complex Web sites.
SSL++ - A C++ wrapper for the OpenSSL library.
Straw - A GNOME 2 desktop RSS/Atom aggregator.
SNMP Command Line Interface - A command line interface written on top of SNMP.
stdnet2 - Java-like coding in C++.
Simple PHP Database - A tool for easy database prototyping.
Source INSTALLer - A source packages installer.
ScrollKeeper - A cataloging system for documentation on open systems.
squint - A Squid log analyzer.
sKaBurn - A Perl frontend to text programs aimed to make audio CD.
SoulCatcher - A Squid redirector designed with educational establishments in mind.
SciParam - Quality control on entering scientific parameters.
Spit - A graphical picture indexing tool for managing pictures and putting them on-line
SpiffyWeb - A CGI Perl Website accelerator.
Story Server - Serves up stories for iterative development.
SoftballStats - A set of PHP scripts that track a team's Softball/Baseball stats.
Snort Alert Monitor - A real-time Snort alert monitor.
Spkgtool - The Scrudgeware Package Tool.
Supybot - A robust and user-friendly Python IRC bot.
SourceForge Backup Tool - Makes creating backups on the SourceForge.net shell server easy.
Shed - A simple curses hex editor with a friendly pico-like interface.
schedtool - A tool for querying and setting scheduling parameters on Linux.
spammilt - An anti-spam and anti-relay sendmail milter.
spasm anti-spam milter - A highly customisable and configurable spam filter for sendmail.
Scout Portal Toolkit - Turnkey software to put resource metadata collections on the Web.
single-honeypot - A simple honeypot system.
Security Filter - A Java Servlet Filter that mimics J2EE container-managed security.
sccs_tools - Utilties for SCCS.
StatCVS - A program that generates charts and tables of the history of a CVS repository.
srvx - Fast, efficient IRC services for ircu.
SiteNet BBS - A professional forum system.
synergy2 - Cross-platform mouse/keyboard/clipboard sharing.
Six - A Hex playing program.
sgasm - A simple, generic, platform-independent assembler.
Sierra - A file splitter compatible with hacha.
sipsak - A command line test tool for SIP servers and applications.
Shape Tools - Tools for converting ARC/INFO files to ESRI/Shapefiles.
SDLBlock - A 3d Tetris game.
sprinkle - Fire Sprinkler Hydraulic Calculator
Strip Charts for GtkPlot - A set of GTK widgets for creating strip plots of numeric data.
Simple Instant Messenger - A multi-protocol instant messenger program.
strip2zsafe - A Strip to ZSafe conversion tool.
socket_wrappers - An improved tcp_wrappers.
simplemod - A minimalistic module player.
System Backup Administrator - Centralized Backup Management for Linux and AIX.
SQLoco - A C++ wrapper for SQL libraries.
SpamProbe - A content-based spam detection program.
sbcd - A curses CD player based on the Creative Labs 'play' utility.
SnippetMaster - Browser-based WYSIWYG editing of a pre-defined Web page HTML content area.
Smartmenu - A smart menuing application for remotes via Lirc.
ServoMaster - A platform and hardware independent RC servo controller driver.
Socks Server 5 - A SOCKS server for Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD.
Scilab Image Processing Toolbox - An imaging, computer vision, and shape analysis package for SciLab.
SMSAuthenticator - Web-service for two-factor authentication using SMS.
Stochastic Discrimination Utilities - An implementation of the Stochastic discrimination algorithm.
snowdrop - A steganographic text/code watermarking tool.
SCOP - An events, message-passing, and RPC library.
Smarty Form Plugin - A Smarty plugin to handle and validate forms.
Simple Framework - An embeddable Java Web server.
sarvant - A Python script for analyzing files from the sysstat utility sar.
SaNVirC - A script for KVirc with functions like nick identification,
Serverdisk diskette distro - A Linux mini distribution on floppy including httpd and ftpd.
Scheme Note - A Scheme-like music file format and MIDI conversion tool.
stardork - A Linux console-based space shooter/maze game.
Stream Transcoder - Converts MP3/Vorbis streams into other MP3/Vorbis/WMA streams.
SQL Relay - A database pooling and load balancing system.
Stencil - A C++ template engine.
SqlLine - A JDBC console utility.
Steph - A C library for text mode windows, menus, and dialogs.
Sherlock Holmes - A system for indexing Web pages and other data.
Syscriptor - A program that displays hardware information.
SyncPOD - Syncs a local folder with your iPod.
Simbrain - A Java-based neural network.
SQLViewer - A database explorer plugin.
SmartSieve - A sieve script manager for Cyrus IMAP mail servers.
SwitchRMI - Remote Method Invocation with multiple protocols and transports.
Sendmail Extended Queue Groups - A Sendmail extension for creating extended queue groups.
Subscriber Tracker - A tool for tracking the activity of your list subscribers.
Stage Manager's Helper - Software for automating a Stage Manager's paperwork.
SiDiBerner - A CD burner tool.
Sethi Search Utility - A simple command line utility to submit a search to Google, Yahoo!, or MSN.
Siproxd - A SIP (RFC3261) proxy/masquerading daemon.
Sethi Family's Darvas Box Plotter - A program that plots Darvas boxes for stock symbols.
SDL Sasteroids - A rework of the original Sasteroids game.
SEPPL - Simple Encrypting Packet Protocol Layer.
Scripting Plugin for Scribus - A scripting plugin for Scribus.
Snortcon - A utility that provides a high-level overview of Snort sensors.
Sonda - A CGI for implementing polls.
SIP Express Router - A very fast and flexible SIP (RFC3261) server.
StreamGate - A proxy for mp3 streams.
SpecialValue - A C++ library for arithmetic applications.
Stacker meta-plugin for pppd - Loads other plugins into the stack and wraps their hooks.
Spice Wish - A spice viewer with trace arragments.
SmartIRC - A feature rich PHP class for communication with IRC networks.
spell-uk - A Ukrainian dictionary for aspell, myspell, and ispell.
softflowd - A Cisco NetFlow-compatible network monitor.
statsnet - Statsnet generates a small set of graphical statistics for a specific device.
scm2wav - An ICQ sound scheme extracting utility.
SilentRadio LED Sign - SilentRadio LED controlling support under Unix.
STORE - A framework and toolset for database abstraction in Java.
SILGraphite - Extensible cross-platform rendering technologies for non-roman scripts.
sawdog - A simple active watch-dog program.
SMELT - A local/remote disk monitoring tool.
swfdec - A Flash rendering library.
ShadowJAAS - A JAAS-compliant authentication provider that uses shadow passwords.
Subconv - A DivX subtitles converter/adjuster.
smartmontools - Utilities to monitor S.M.A.R.T. disks and devices.
SWH Plugins - A set of LADSPA plugins.
SpaceMapper DataStore - An advanced XML database for documents.
SpaceMapper MN8 - An experimental OO scripting language for information management.
SafePt - A C++ wrapper around POSIX threads.
Sherpa hiking system - Sherpa HElps Roamers with Positional Abstractions.
seq2 - A clone of the unix program seq with more features.
SynCE - A tool for connecting Windows CE devices to Unix computers.
Swfx.org Unicode Flash Generator - A Flash generator with support for Unicode text.
Simple Webmail - simple webmail php
SQLAdmin/SWT - A lightweight Java/SWT based SQL Client.
Sulk - A computer version of the Space Hulk board game.
StarOffice Converter - A converter from StarWriter 5.x documents to plain text.
SVG Icons - A collection of icons in the SVG format for KDE and GNOME.
Squashfs - A compressed read-only filesystem for Linux.
Symbio - A versatile commenting system for Web sites.
screen-scraper - A tool for extracting data from Web sites.
SirTobis ButtonBar - A GTK button bar.
Spinner - An anti-idle utility for text terminals using telnet or ssh, etc.
Slime UML - A UML diagramming plug-in for IBM's Eclipse.
sqlDESKTOP - A system for visually organizing information such as files, emails, and Web site
Sysload SP Analyst - A server performance monitor.
Scalable Test Platform - A system for rigorously testing software on large set of machines.
Salsa - A Swing addon suite.
SMaNT - A systems management and network toolkit.
Senility - An instant messenger client for the GNOME desktop.
Secret Rabbit Code - A library for performing sample rate conversion on audio.
SouRCe PacKaGer - Symlink-style packaging a la stow, but creates packages from new files in the tr
srcconf - A source code configuration tool.
Spatial Index Library - A library for spatial index structures.
Simple C Expat Wrapper - A wrapper around Expat that provides an object model somewhat like DOM.
Sniffdet - A library and tool for remotely detecting sniffers in TCP/IP networks.
SVL - A C++ vector and matrix library.
shc - A generic shell script compiler.
SimpleAIM - A miniature console based AIM client written in pure Java.
SuckerPipe - A tool to proxy IM conversations through a third party.
seti bash script - Displays information about a running SETI@home client.
SDL.NET - A set of language bindings for SDL written in C#.
SwingPBC - A thick-client application for accessing PBC data on a desktop PC.
Simple Contact Form - A simple, yet flexible and secure, Web contact form.
serialsnoop - A snooper/sniffer for serial and network communications.
sNibbles - A Snake/Nibbles game.
SmartPost - A Web interface for an xmail-based mail server.
Spokeculator Evo3 - A tool for calculating bicycle spoke lengths.
Spamcup - A tool for automatic Spamcop reporting.
SweetHome - A solution for home automation with HTTP access.
SnipSnap - A Web log and Wiki engine.
SafeSQL - A PHP SQL library wrapper.
snmppd - An SNMP proxy daemon and corresponding plugin for Nagios.
sTaLMP3Box - A stand-alone MP3 jukebox control program with an LCD display.
soundmosaic - Constructs an approximation of one sound out of small pieces of other sounds.
Stumpele - A battle engine for IRC channels.
SCRMGR - A screen painter and database editor.
Slacker ToDo Lists - A to-do list, outliner, calendar, and notepad.
SSH Tunnel Manager - A GUI to manage SSH tunnels.
Snak - A full-featured IRC client.
Secure FTP Bean - A Java bean for performing secure FTP transfers.
ServDoc - A one-shot system description utility.
SlimServer - Server software for SliMP3, Squeezebox, and streaming MP3 clients.
SameGame2 - A PalmOS version of the game SameGame.
Select text classifier - A text classification program.
SNARLsnmp - A Web application monitor for SNMP monitoring environments.
SMSync - Converts SMS messages from Handspring devices to standard mailbox format.
SNMP::Info - A Perl 5 module that provides an object-oriented interface to SNMP.
SH-News - A powerful news script.
SynthTest - An Audio Unit test application.
ShoutChat - A Web-based instant messenger shoutbox using PHP and Javascript.
Server Logging Operations Platform - A Web-based firewall reporting package.
SlackCheck - A tool to help keep multiple Slackware machines up to date.
Shut The Box - A simple diversion written in C and GTK+.
servu2unix - A tool to convert users from the the Windows Serv-U FTP server to Unix accounts.
Swiss-PdbViewer - spdbv
skyWriter - A browser-based WSIWYG HTML editor component.
SLice EDitor - A slice viewer for 3D data sets like CT and MRI scans.
Socrates Questionnaire Engine - A Web enabled questionnaire/survey engine and wizard.
SDL_prim - Simple drawing primitives for SDL.
Sauron - A free DNS/DHCP management system.
swiggle - le's simple Web image gallery generator.
SubSubSub - Creation of hierarchical documents.
struts-wml - A WML taglib for WAP-enabled devices.
SolAce - Electronic medical billing and HIPAA transaction compliance software.
SecureSkat - A decentralized implementation of the German card game Skat.
sql++ - A feature-rich SQL tool that can be used with many different databases.
Saffron Document Server - A virtual printer.
Soya 3D - A high level 3D engine for Python.
spamstats - Generate statistics from spamassassin logs.
SOPE Application Server - An objective-C application server environment.
Schweasel - A platform independent, commandline SQL client.
SMATCH - A tool to locate errors in Linux kernel, much like the Stanford Checker.
Statistical Traffic Analysis Kit - A set of traffic analysis command-line utilities.
squidefender - A program which uses the squid logfile to warn ISPs of attackers.
showlister - A simple performance calendar CMS.
SDBA Revolution - An instant messaging application server architecture and framework.
STADRIN - A strong authentication PAM engine.
Svinepalsen - A top-scrolling space shooter built with SDL.
SieFS - A virtual filesystem for accessing the storage memory of Siemens mobile phones.
Scriptorium - A Web-based code library.
soffice-scripts - Scripts for StarOffice 6 and 7.
SQLObject - A object-relational mapper.
Smilehouse Workspace - Packaged e-commerce software for integrated e-business solutions.
SSHTerm - An integrated SSH terminal, SFTP client, and secure VNC viewer.
SendSNPP - A console utility for sending pages and messages via a SNPP gateway.
split2cds - A tool which splits large directories to chunks of a predefined size.
Sux Services - Multithreaded IRC services with a SQL backend.
Secure Data Manager - A manager for passwords and other private data.
ScheduleWorld - An open standards-based Internet address book and calendar.
Syntext Dtd2Xs - A DTD to W3C XML Schema translator.
Syntext XslGen - A simple but effective tool for Web site content management.
Solar System Simulator - An OpenGL/Glut-based solar system simulator.
SFTP Team provider for Eclipse - File/directory synchronizer between the Eclipse workspace and a remote location.
ShiFT - A Java-based file transfer application.
spamgourmet - Disposable email address software.
StatFreak - A generator of skinnable, customizable IRC statistics.
structural get_opts - An easy-to-use, yet extensible argument-parsing library.
snortalog - A powerful script that summarizes and analyzes IDS/IPS and firewall logs.
SIGHT - A code generator set to create a user-defined system of Web robots.
SlackPkg - An automated package-management tool for Slackware Linux.
Sendmailizer - A Sendmail and qmail log file analizer.
skaMenu - A menu controlled by an LIRC device.
StarDock to XCursor - A tool for converting StarDock CursorXP themes to XCursor.
StupidServ - Translate your IRC messages into fun languages.
Sacred - A MUD RPG game and codebase.
S1C Flatline TTY Helper - A TTY helper utility (logging, file transfer, etc.).
Small Unit Raid - PHP non-OO Database Abstraction.
Splice - A label maker for CDs, DAT tapes, 8mm tapes, and analog cassette tapes.
Smartanalyzer - A dependency analyzer for Java bytecode.
SHFS - Mounts remote directories using a shell connection.
Script Identifier - A program and library that can identify scripting languages.
sr-convert - A WAV sample-rate converter.
Simple File Manager - A PHP-based file manager.
SFT - A tool for sending files to someone through the Internet.
Structured Document Validator - A tool for validating the structure and content of documents.
sGmixer - A simple GTK 2 audio mixer.
SchoolAlumni Portal - A Web portal for a high school alumni site.
SSCDRFE - A Qt frontend for cdrecord, cdrdao, and mkisofs.
Synchronizing Key Server - An OpenPGP Key Server with reliable replication.
SoL-diag - A diskless Linux distribution for rescue and analysis.
ShipTrack PHP Class - A PHP class for tracking shipments.
SdlBasic GameBasic language - A simple basic interpreter for games.
sadlittlewebjournal - An SQL Weblog system with an ASCII interface.
SerialBridge - Bridges data across two serial ports across a Palm device.
SoQt - A Qt binding for Coin/Open Inventor.
Semi-Batched-Image-Editor - A semi-batched image editor.
shsql - An embeddable SQL-like DBMS that stores data tables in plain ASCII text files.
S-terminal - An instant secure X terminal.
Shark CGI Function - Simplifies programming CGIs in C.
Session Captcha - A session capture system for human input validation.
Synergy for Mac OS X - An ultra-efficient menu bar and hot key control interface for iTunes.
SSTP - A powerful template parsing engine written in PHP.
Spacewar - A 2-player arcade game.
streambox - A Web-based live MP3 streaming system.
skalibs - Public domain general-purpose libraries.
StormSiren - A severe weather monitoring and alert tool.
ssum - An md5 summing tool.
SmartPool - A connection pooling component.
Simple Cyrus Administration Tool - A shell script to administer a Cyrus mail system.
Skoosh - A simple, friendly, sliding tile puzzle.
SimpleForum - A simple yet efficient CGI forum.
stmpclean - A utility to remove old files from a world-writable directory.
SID-IDS - A host intrusion detection system.
Stunnix Perl-Obfus - An advanced obfuscator (scrambler/mangler) for Perl code.
snapshot - Incremental disk-to-disk backups using rsync and ssh.
Soapbox - Restrict processes from tampering with files.
Super Proxy System - A proxy server that fills in forms.
Signal and Slot for Java - Implement Qt's Signal and Slot model for Java.
smtp-after-popd - An SMTP after POP solution for Postfix with ipop3d or vm-pop3d.
ShoStats - A reimplementation of phpSysInfo in Perl, suitable for running from crontab.
SiteSupra Visual Content Server - A visual content management system.
Schroedinger - A GUI that uses Apache Tomcat to provide a JSP development environment.
Scroll Image - An applet for scrolling through a larger image.
Stenciltools - A collection of text generation/manipulation tools.
sCal-2 - A collection of small, script-programmable, scientific calculators.
SiteBar - A multi-user/group bookmark server for corporate and personal use.
SecurID authentication for OpenSSH - A SecurID authentication method for OpenSSH.
SPIN Distributed Software Verification Tool - A formal verification tool for distributed software systems.
Slax - A modern, small, and fast bootable (live) OS.
SRG - A Squid log analyser and report generator.
Scriptol Compilers - Compilers which create PHP, C++, or binaries.
Spif - Simplest Possible Infrastructure Framework for J2EE applications.
Simple Blog System - A simple blog system.
SheetPages - A simple HTML frontend for complex spreadsheets.
Scapy - An interactive packet manipulation tool.
StarDict - A cross-platform and international dictionary.
SimpleTest - A unit tester, Web tester, and mock objects framework for PHP.
Struts - A J2EE framework for building Web applications.
Syck - A YAML parser library.
sheerdns - A lightweight master DNS server.
Sval - A Web service for charting a stock price against the indices.
Spines - Messaging system for transparent communication over dynamic multi-hop networks.
Stardic X - An English-Chinese dictionary.
Studycard Studio Lite - Create and memorize multimedia flashcards, tests, and tutorials.
simpleFFTfilter - A program that smooths sampled data.
Sesame - A framework for processing RDF data.
sortdir - Sort directory entries.
SpamFilters - A collection of rulesets that expand on sendmail's anti-spam facilities.
Stunnix JavaScript Obfuscator and Encoder - Advanced obfuscator and encoder (scrambler/mangler/cruncher) for JavaScript code
Spam Blocker - A program to filter out unsolicited commercial email messages.
StrutsDoc - An Ant task that creates docs from a Struts config file.
ServletTesting - A servlet testing framework.
SpinPike - A usability-tested content management system (previously known as Author.CMS).
SimpleTemplate - A fast, simple template engine for PHP.
SerbianC - Cyrillic language support for LaTeX.
Sporniket Web Site System - A set of PHP scripts that allow you to build and manage a Web site.
SoundFontCombi - A synthesizer and SoundFont tool.
SocketMail - A PHP-based e-mail server and Webmail system.
Speakeasy - User-friendly computational software.
SuperKaramba - An engine for running custom desktop eye candy.
smalloc - A static memory buffer version of malloc.
Staroffice/Openoffice to HTML Converter - A script which converts Staroffice/Openoffice documents to HTML.
SimPy - A discrete event, object-oriented, simulation package for Python.
StressFreeZone RPG - A massive multiplatform RPG system.
Stone's Throw - An Arkanoid clone.
SSHVnc - A secure VNC viewer.
SkullyDoo - 3D image segmentation and visualization software.
sslexpire - Remotely checks SSL certificate expiration date.
Snowball - A programming language for creating stemmers.
Sound Juicer - A CD ripping tool that automates the tagging of files.
SlackUpdate - Used to check for, download, and install Slackware updates.
Salonify - A customizable and easy Web-based image gallery system.
Syncupdates - Synchronous Updates for the RIPE Whois Database.
singapore - A PHP image gallery.
SGrViewer - An image viewer with HTTP support.
Scraper - A tool used to scrape the Web for information.
Speakhtml - An HTML generator allowing users to program in Scheme.
Samba Make Logon Script - A script to produce Windows logon scripts with Samba.
Simple FreeS/WAN IPSec Monitor - A script to monitor dynamic host names in IPSec connections.
Support Information Tracker - A knowledge base with loads of advanced features.
Sequoia - Database clustering middleware.
Solarpack - Makes Open Source & Free Software easily available on Solaris!
SafariToHTML - A tool to create a Yahoo!-like directory from Safari bookmarks.
SendYmail - Send email through your Yahoo!Mail account, using your favorite mail client.
slack*more - A program that installs and secures Slackware Linux.
Safari Bookmarks Extractor - A program to convert your Safari bookmarks (XML-PList) into an HTML links file.
sysXs - An administration, accounting, and billing solution for enterprise use.
SecureServ - A virus scanner for IRC networks.
sa-exim-stats - A script which generates statistics from an sa-exim logfile.
SMS/Email ticker - An email account-based ticker.
SimSoup - A graphical artificial chemistry simulator.
simplemon - A script for monitoring processes and disk space.
Shweby - An ICAP enabled proxy server.
shellforge - A compiler that transforms a C program into Linux/x86 shellcode.
Simple HTTPD - A simple, light Web server.
SBAM - A new approach to computer-based DJing.
Submount - A removable media handling system for Linux.
Signal Applications To Audio Networks - Audio processing software and "sound tracker".
sPHPell - A PHP spellchecker for HTML forms.
SAROS - A program for calculating the dates of solar eclipses.
SeeBorg - A C++ IRC chatbot.
SquiDeral - A Web-based analyzer for squid logs.
svgl - A library that displays SVG documents using OpenGL.
SBIG STV control - An SBIG STV CCD autoguider control program.
ScsiaddGui - A GUI for scsiadd.
SDLPong - A Pong clone.
System-Down::Rescue - A live bootable Linux distribution for saving damaged file-systems.
SpectrumSCM - The first truly integrated, platform independent SCM system.
ssltunnel.pl - A tool to access TCP/IP services through a Web proxy.
Satellitarium - Computes and displays satellites against a sky background.
Samizdat - An RDF-based open publishing engine.
Scout Tracker - A Scout rank tracker.
Snownews - A lightweight console RSS reader.
Super Flexible File Synchronizer - A sync and backup program with GUI and hundreds of features.
SAGATOR - An email antivirus/antispam gateway for any smtpd.
Smb4k - An SMB share browser for KDE 3.x.x.
SportTool - A training log for athletes.
Sipbomber - A tool for testing SIP protocol implementations.
Spamikaze - An automated spam blacklisting system.
Syndigator - An RSS reader/aggregator.
SDLJoytest - An SDL-based joystick testing program for X11.
Squidalyser - A Squid log file analysis tool.
SmartEar Pidgin plugin - A program to assign sounds to each buddy independently.
setpwc - A tool to set the settings of a Philips WebCam.
Setistatus - A SETI@home monitoring script.
Scratchy - An Apache log parser and report generator.
sftpup - A tool for uploading files to FTP servers.
Salvare - A small Linux distribution designed for credit-card sized CDs.
stresslinux - A stress test distribution on CD-ROM.
Srapeh - A library that aids in runtime error handling of Palm OS applications.
sparse - A semantic parser of source files.
Sword - A general-purpose C++ library.
ShoutCastProxy - A proxy for saving bandwidth when many clients get the same ShoutCast stream.
sybadmin - A set of scripts useful for Sybase ASE administration.
sstree - A super-simple CSS & JS tree widget.
SiteCenter - A Website building and publishing solution for Web hosting providers.
Servertec Persistent Object Store - A high-performance cross-platform object oriented database engine.
SearchAssist - A mini search engine that uses ternary search trees.
Simple Power SQLite class - A class in PHP for easy SQLite operation.
simsam - A simple MIDI sample player.
swbis - A POSIX packaging implementation with useful extensions.
SuxPanel - A simple GNOME panel clone.
Stone Three Foundation Classes - A C++ class library for distributed computing applications.
SMCINIT - A program to initialize the IrDA SMC chip for Toshiba laptops.
SuperVESA FrameBuffer Driver - A driver for VESA cards.
SibylSQL - An enterprise level object-relational database management system.
Squash - Learning Music Player
SST Graphical Console - A Starshiptraders graphical client.
Shuriken - An XML-based uptime scheduler.
SystemRescueCd - A bootable CDROM image with many system tools.
SSHKeychain - A graphical front-end for ssh-agent and ssh-add.
Scale2x - An image enhancement graphics effect.
Space.App - A tool that provides virtual workspaces to Mac OS X.
SuSE-Get - A SuSE package downloading utility.
SafeShred - Software that shreds files, trashed files, and disk drives.
SafeClean - Clears Internet logs, histories, emails & conversations.
shout-python - A Python interface to libshout.
Simply Powerful ToolKit - A powerful widget toolkit based on FLTK.
Search Site Submitter - Software which submits your site to search engines.
SecExMail - RSA-based email encryption software.
ShareDaemon P2P Client - A multi-platform client for the eDonkey2000 network.
Scorched3D - A 3D remake of the popular 2D artillery game Scorched Earth.
SecureCGI - A wrapper for secure execution of CGI programs.
Session Directory Tool - A multicast session directory manager.
Strike HA - Easy to use, extensible, and reliable high availability software.
shalPhotoAlbum - An HTML photo album generator.
seq24 - A minimal MIDI sequencer.
Simple Browser Proxy - A Web proxy that adds privacy without requiring extra configuration.
StarfishX - A Mac OS X desktop pattern generator.
SAOimage - A utility for displaying astronomical images.
SharpIGD - A C# UPnP IGD daemon.
Stupid Blue Tanks - A projectile-based shooter for Mac OS X/NeXTSTEP.
Sparkler - Generates "sparkles" around the X pointer.
Set - A Java Applet implementing the card game Set.
Synonym - A milter extension for email filtering.
SkipackResponse Check - Checks Skipjack Payment gateway Response
ScreenPlay - Eases the task of writing screenplays.
SimpleT - Reclaims PHP as a template engine.
SledgeHammer - A template engine for PHP.
Synclast UI API - A J2ME MIDP API for custom user interfaces.
scsidev - Persistent SCSI device naming.
SourceForge Utilities - Programmatic interfaces to the SourceForge Website.
STUBS and Franki/Earlgrey Linux - A toolchain/distro build suite and proof-of-concept examples.
spidtris - A blocks game with nice explosions.
Squeuer - A queueing proxy for Seti@Home.
Sen:Te Goban - A powerful, simple, fast Go board for Mac OS X.
SuperTable - An object-oriented JavaScript API for dynamically manipulating HTML tables.
Syntext Serna - A cross-platform WYSIWYG XML editor with XSL-on-the-fly rendering.
Slibo - A chess interface and engine for KDE.
songanizer - A script to organize a directory containing Ogg and MP3 files.
State - A network health monitor for services, connectivity, and performance statistics.
Site Master - A Web-based file manager.
Silky - A secure chat client using the SILC protocol.
sub2srt - A tool that converts .sub subtitle files to .srt format.
samsung sgh-v200 photo utility - Download the photos made with the Samsung SGH-v200 photo via a serial link.
Smartproxy - A Java package to easily create efficient proxy classes and instances.
SOHT - A system for tunneling socket connections through an HTTP connection.
SVN::Web - A Subversion repository Web frontend.
similarity-utils - A set of utilities to test how similar two files are.
Speller Pages - A Web-based spell checker.
SynCE-KDE - A PC / Windows CE connection service application like ActiveSync.
swaret-tools - Administrator tools for setting up a swaret server.
SuaveDNS - A DJBDNS control panel.
Sonium Enterprise Addressbook - A PHP address directory with sort functions.
Seagull's Bane - A Linux automounter.
smtpsend - A simple SMTP client to transmit an email message to an SMTP server.
sdp2rat - A tool for opening SDP files in RAT (Robust Audio Tool).
syrep - A file repository synchronization tool.
shorlfilter - A text filter for shortening long URLs using an online redirection database.
splitmastream - A "tee"-like MPEG audio stream splitter.
SpamGAME - A spam filter based on the GA.M.E. algorithm for text categorization.
SuperWaba - A Java-like virtual machine for PDAs.
SSC - An arcade game featuring fast-paced bouncy ball action.
SEDForth - A Forth compiler written in SED.
Skipjack Payment - A transaction processing class.
SwenDeleter - A program that detects and deletes the Swen worm from a POP3 mailbox.
Simple C Compiler - A port of Small C/386 to Linux.
sud - superuser daemon
slapt-get - An APT-like system for Slackware package management.
Source Mage GNU/Linux - A source-based GNU/Linux distribution.
SQLppNet - A C++ query generation framework.
SwingSet - A Java toolkit containing data-aware replacements for the Java Swing components.
Sorttag - A tag library that lets you sort a collection by any property.
snescom - A 65c816 (SNES, etc.) assembler.
SpoolTemplate - A report system based on templates.
Simple Dynamic DNS - A light set of scripts which provide DNS support for dynamic IPs.
slacktrack - A package creation tool for Slackware Linux.
Split-Dist - A calculator for split distances between trees.
Single Source Information Server - A set of applets for sharing information from a single source.
Symmetry in Chaos - A fractal generator.
SwingWT - An implementation of the Swing/AWT APIs over SWT.
Skale Tracker - A soundtracker.
SMC anti-spam email filter - An anti-spam email filter.
S2k2smi - A conversion utility from the s2k subtitle format to smi.
spreadxmlrpclib - A Python module to use the XMLRPC protocol over Spread.
Sonic-Rainbow - A multimedia player.
sesame-wifi - A Web-based hot-spot management tool using dynamic firewall rules.
SplineTree - A program for creating extremely lifelike trees for POVRAY.
sctplib - An SCTP protocol implementation in userland.
Surnia - An OWL-Full reasoner based on FOL axioms.
SMB Download - An SMB download utility similar to wget.
Simple components for Ada - A simple component library for Ada.
Strings edit - A string editing library for Ada.
Spider Data Aggregator - A data aggregation service.
scr_ipfm - A tool that shows the amount of data downloaded by users in a local network.
Samba Commander - A text mode SMB network commander.
SerLooK - A tool for inspecting data on serial lines.
SchemaScanner - An Oracle schema validation and data mining tool.
SocketW - A C++ socket library with SSL/TLS support.
S3TC-BOXEN - A simple S3TC texture compression tool for OpenGL.
Serendipity ICCtool - A tool that uses ICC profiles to covert colors between color spaces.
Secure FTP Factory - Java client classes for FTP, FTPS (FTP over SSL), and SFTP (FTP over SSH).
SKForum - A forum application with a Wiki, comic system, guestbook, and address book.
Slate++ - A simple linear algebra template library for C++.
ShopCMS Paypal Shopping Cart - A catalog manager and shopping cart with many features.
Sddyn - A tool that allows the addition or removal of non-busy SCSI disks on-the-fly.
Sysmond - A tool to monitor the state of one or more computers.
Sketsa SVG Editor - A cross-platform WYSIWYG SVG editor.
slst - Generates statistics from the output of syslog.
Superversion - A multi-user, distributed version control system based on change sets.
SMB for FUSE - A tool for mounting the network neighbourhood.
School Tools for Online Resource Management - Web-based tools to help IT management in schools and similar environments.
Secure iNet Factory - A set of Java components for developing secure network applications.
SubEthaEdit - A collaborative programming text editor.
Speech Dispatcher - A common interface to speech synthesis.
speechd-el - A speech interface to Emacs.
Saulot - Create an NPC for White Wolf's Vampire the Masquerade and Vampire the Dark Ages.
svk - A decentralized version control system based on Subversion.
Starfish Password Manager - A password manager.
Syllable - An original, easy to use, responsive desktop OS and matching Linux server OS.
SQLiteWebAdmin - SQLiteWebAdmin is a tool for the Web-based administration of SQLite databases.
SNMPMonitor - A tool for monitoring SNMP devices.
SAS Modules I - Modules for the Site@School content management system.
StarGun - A 2D space shooter game.
SSHWebProxy - An HTML SSH client.
SQLiteManager - A multilingual Web-based tool to manage SQLite databases.
smbwebclient.php - A Web interface to smbclient.
Shared MIME database - The freedesktop.org shared MIME database.
smtphandler - An SMTP handler for java.util.logging.
srvxAdmin - A Web-based admin console for srvx IRC services.
Smart TCL - A complete TCL script for eggdrop bots 1.6.x.
Simple ECMAScript Engine - A lightweight ECMAScript (JavaScript) run-time library.
Seksi Commander - A filemanager for Linux.
Swfw - A Web file browser generator.
Sglib - A simple, generic library for C.
Stunnix VBScript and ASP Obfuscator and Encoder - An advanced obfuscator and encoder for VBScript code inside .vbs/html/asp files.
SurgeMail - A next-generation mail server.
SSTTR Java Libraries - Miscellaneous Java libraries for XML, crypto, and other things.
sptools - Tools for managing slashpackage installations.
SkatOS - A bootable Skat-playing system.
State Machine Compiler - A state pattern generator for fourteen programming languages.
SCMLinuxGUI - A Java client for SCMLinux.
sysconf - A utility that exposes the "sysconf", "pathconf", and "strconf" system calls.
SimpServer - an IM encrypting proxy - An encrypting proxy for popular IM services.
Siteseed - A fully-WYSIWYG CMS capable of huge loads.
Skribe - A programming language for authoring documents.
S1005_torrent_launcher - An eMATgine service to process bitTorrent files via email.
Smooth Teddy - 3D sketch-based modeling and painting software.
Squid Analyzer - A tool that makes graphical and top reports from the Squid proxy access log.
sercd - An RFC 2217-compliant serial port redirector.
sql2data - Software to maintain tinydns data files using SQL.
Smarty Purl Parameter Plugins - A plugin for Smarty to handle GET parameters efficiently.
Score Reading Trainer - A trainer for reading musical scores.
Scivi - An OpenGL visualization plugin for XMMS.
Sheepsort - A MIDlet game similar to Jezzball
Slune - A fun 3D game about AIDS medicine in Africa.
startuxcode - A new Weblog generation.
Stickytime - A clock to display the state of the "stickykeys" and "mousekey" pointer.
SQS Queue System - A queue system which allows you to run tasks on a remote computer.
semex - An exerciser for System V semaphore functions.
sitemap - Software which creates a site map page from description metadata.
ssh-installkeys - A tool to install SSH public keys on remote servers.
ski - A game in which you evade the deadly Yeti on your jet-powered skis.
Smile - A open source implementation of JavaServer Faces (JSF).
SortImagesGUI - Sorts images from digital cameras by capture date from the EXIF header.
Shared Mime Library - A library for reading the shared MIME database.
SkyStreets - A remake of Skyroads in which you race along each track to reach the objective.
sk_filter - An email filter that filters by size before downloading.
S.C.O.U.R.G.E. - A 3D Rogue-like game.
Stardust - A space flight game.
spill - A tool that creates symbolic links to programs installed in other directories.
sigue - A program to track progress of students and generate reports.
SchoolTool - A common information systems platform for school administration.
sancho - A GUI for P2P cores, currently supporting the mldonkey protocol.
Survex - Cave surveying and mapping software.
SBXP - A stream-based XML parser.
SetiLinDriver - A tool which manages caching of SETI@home work units.
SENS Web Site Manager - A template-based Web site generator which generates static HTML.
shipper - A utility to automate shipping of open-source project releases.
shalvideo - A TV recording application.
SQLshout - An SQL-based Shoutcast streamer.
srcpd - A daemon for the Simple Railroad Command Protocol.
senddfbymail - A Perl script that downloads files and sends them via e-mail.
SpamOracle - A tool to help detect and filter spam.
segusoLand - An innovative file manager and desktop environment.
Spalah Flash - An application for generating SWF and SVG animations.
SmsDumper - A client to send SMSes though the Internet.
Scilab - A scientific numerical computation system.
SaberNet DCS - Enterprise labor data collection software.
Scala - An object-oriented / functional programming language.
Simple PHP Calendar - A simple, extensible PHP calendar class.
Stratagus - A real-time strategy engine.
Simple Forth Interpreter - A Java implementation of a subset of the ANS Forth language.
sYnergy Groupware - A groupware and communication solution for your intranet.
Sunwait - A program to wait for sunrise, sunset, or twilight.
SubnetCalc - An IP subnet calculator.
Smallvue Text Organizer - A text editor with a powerful search function.
Sitellite Content Management System - An advanced Web CMS and PHP-based application framework.
ShiftyGames Torrent - An arcade game with colored tiles.
spamhammerd - A dynamic blacklist daemon for Postfix.
stash - A script that eases the installation of software into a user's home directory.
sysfence - A system resources guard for Linux.
snip - An Ant task that stores snippets of files in Ant project properties.
Spammer Tracker - An email harvester tracking program.
Savane - A Web-based Free Software hosting system.
SAA-(SSPLab Audio Analyzer) - A tool for analyzing audio signals in terms of their content.
SMTP2SMS - A command line tool for sending SMS using SMTP.
StreamIt - A generic media streamer.
StreamBOX-LiveCD - A KNOPPIX-based boot CD for MP3 streaming.
Spring IDE for Eclipse - A set of plugins for Eclipse to ease working with the Spring Framework.
slashManager - A file manager with tree view, tabs, and more.
StringSearch - Implementations of fast string searching algorithms.
Scry - A simple photo album.
System V message queues for OS X - A System V message queue kernel module.
Sambascan2 - A tool that scans SMB networks for shares using Samba.
stat4proftpd - A Perl script that shows stats from the default ProFTPD logs.
sigsafe - A C library for safe signal delivery.
SearchBlox - A J2EE search component.
sslsmurf - A tool to capture HTTPS traffic as clear text.
Snarfed Snipsnap macros - A collection of macros for the Weblog/wiki server Snipsnap.
StreamTuned - A stream player and recorder.
Slimpy - A media server for Slimp3.
Shimari - A lightweight enclosure for Java components.
swaret - A command line updater for Slackware and Slackware-based distributions.
SharpNNTP.NET - A C# library for accessing newsgroups.
Sendmail Milter Set Sender Patch - An amended Sendmail Milter library API.
scurvy - A screenplay and scriptwriting tool.
ShiftyGames Hangman - The classic Hangman game.
safari2xbel - A tool for converting Safari Bookmarks to XBEL format.
Simple Multitrack - A multitrack audio recorder.
SQUID logger to SQL - A tool for storing Squid logs in a MySQL database.
SiVeCo - A simple version control program.
Small Antialiased Graphics Library - A portable small antialiased graphics library.
sync2cd - A tool for incremental archiving to CD/DVD.
solaris-friendly pam_cracklib - A reimplementation of pam_cracklib that works on Solaris.
Secure FTP Applet - An applet for secure FTP or SFTP.
Syslog Management Tool - A Web-based tool for managing and alerting on syslog messages.
Seti Game - A strategic board game from ancient Egypt.
Streamline - A pipelined I/O subsystem for Linux.
svn2cvs - A tool that saves Subversion commits to a CVS repository.
SuperAlbum - A Java-based album creator and viewer for online use.
SADMS - A tool that integrates Linux hosts into an Active Directory Domain.
Son of Service - A Web-based volunteer management database.
Satellite2 - A Web site indexing and search package.
SysChk - A file integrity checker.
Symbion Daemon Tool - A daemon master tool.
StepBill - A clone of XBill for GNUstep.
SoundRuler - A tool for acoustic analysis, graphing, and teaching.
StatCvs-XML - An enhanced CVS statistic generation tool.
Sticker - A tickertape instant messaging and virtual presence client.
Somatic - A generic 3D puzzle solver for soma and pentomino-like puzzles.
SchafKopf - A SchafKopf card game for KDE.
skyviewer - An OpenGL-based FITS file Healpix map viewer.
Socketpipe - Zero overhead remote process plumbing for TCP/IP.
SlideRule - a slide rule
slide2handout - A TeX script that creates printable versions of PDF slides.
StandBayeMail - A POP3 proxy with real time Bayesian mail filtering.
Sipp - A performance testing tool for the SIP protocol.
SvxLink - A general purpose voice services system for ham radio use with EchoLink support.
Sven - A simple but functional program to assign keys on multimedia keyboards.
sysv-rc-conf - A runlevel configuration manager.
slack-get - A tool like apt-get for Slackware.
Small Arms Ballistics - A ballistics calculator for small arms fire.
spiceplot - A script that creates graphs from SPICE simulation output.
System log colorizer - A system log colorizer and filter using Perl regexes.
Spook - Webcam software to stream live video with RTSP.
Smart Statistics - A PHP script that offers intelligent statistics for Web sites.
SQL C++ code generator - A utility that converts SQL tables to C++ classes.
ServletSpeedster - A simple servlet composition for caching output.
Servlet Window Toolkit - Simulates Java AWT through servlets.
sr - A search and replace utility.
sa-blacklist - A list of spammer domains for mutiple free software projects.
string_replace - A script for replacing a string inside text files.
Shanty - A tool for generating PostScript files from images and text files.
SSpamM - A spam filter for Sendmail.
S60Bible - A Bible reader for Symbian OS Series 60.
silk web - A Web-based hypertext system with frictionless linking.
SPindent - A JSP/PHP template structural validator and indenter.
SDE for Eclipse - A UML plugin for the Eclipse IDE.
snmp-extension - A Net-SNMP extension for giving qdisc/class statistics.
SFSU Penaltybox - A bandwidth quota system.
SorceryNet IRC Services - A set of IRC services.
Social Networks Visualizer - A social networks visualizer for Linux.
Smarty Gettext - A Smarty module providing gettext support.
SQuaLe - A SQL queries load balancer.
Seagull PHP Application Framework - An OO PHP framework.
Simplebackup - Cross-platform software to build simple backups.
Spey - A greylisting SMTP proxy.
Share Clip - A cross-platform networked shared clipboard utility.
Syntax Desktop - An easy-to-use CMS.
Staden Package - A program for DNA assembly (Gap4) and DNA/Protein analysis (Spin).
Surftree - An applet that converts spreadsheet data to a tree.
sch_dup - A Linux kernel module for simulating packet duplication.
somaplayer - A music player for Web radio stations.
Soma suite - A Web radio scheduler.
sauditor - A simple sample auditor.
sign - A file signing and signature verification utility.
sfick - A simple file integrity verification tool.
smbgw - A Web front-end for smbclient.
SDL Vexed - A puzzle game written in Perl-SDL.
SOFIA - An MVC Java Web development framework.
Snark - An HTTP interrogation proxy.
Secret Squirrel - A password manager.
Software Engineering Environment - An information manufacturing platform for software development.
Sourdough - A comprehensive Web application framework for PHP 5.
Sakreble! - A word game.
Setswana Spellchecker - A Setswana spell-checker for MySpell.
Snowbox - A small and easy-to-set-up POP3 server.
Skippy - A full screen pager for X11.
Samba share backup tool - A script used to back up files from Samba shares.
sillyview - A model-view-controller system for Java.
steelme - A drop-in theme manager for Java Swing programs.
Smieciuch++ - A tiny portable GC library for C++.
SiniS - A CVS user access and operations permission tool.
Scrounge NTFS - A data recovery program for NTFS filesystems.
Subtitles - A tool to fix timing, join, and split subtitles in various text formats.
Simple Equation - A tool to put equations on the Web.
Stunnix Perl Web Server - A Web server for placing PHP/Perl/MySQL Web sites on CD.
SIMPLE/Ego-Script - A BASIC-like scripting interpreter.
spsp - A set of fee managment scripts for Italian engineers.
Stego - A steganography program.
SearchRadius - Geographic Dealer Product Locator software.
SmartyValidate - A class/plugin for validating form variables.
slackcurrent - A script for updating Slackware installations.
slowarj - A dictionary and a rehearsal tool which support almost any language.
SportsTracker - A tool for recording and displaying sport activities.
Stepulator - An RPN scientific calculator.
Simulacrum Image Viewer - An RSS image viewer.
Sonix SN9C102 based webcam driver - A driver for Sonix SN9C102-based Webcam devices.
SpugSpam - A confirmation-response mail filter for e-mail power users.
Sella NMS - A network management system.
Siriel4 game engine - A game engine for adventure, arcade, maze-like games.
SmartTagFix - A utility that fills in missing ID3 tags intelligently.
Shezhu Resource Sharing System - A Web-based room/resource booking system.
sebseti - A Seti@Home manager and cacher.
STK Seismic Tool-Kit - A tool for processing and displaying seismic signal data.
Sphinx-4 - A speech recognition system.
SMS_Clickatell - A PHP Class interface to the Clicakatell SMS Gateway
SlackIns - A pkgtool interface for Slackware.
s3dmesh - An automatic mesh generation tool.
Sun Ray VNC Project - A Bridging program for Sun Ray SLIM protocol and VNC RFB protocol based on Linux
SPTK - A cross-platform toolkit with Excel, ODBC, and GUI support.
SDE for NetBeans Community Edition - A UML plugin module for NetBeans.
SlackGrade - A program that finds, downloads, and upgrades Slackware packages through the Web
selfDHCP - A utility to automatically detect a correct network configuration.
SugarCRM - A CRM system for sales, marketing, and service.
s11n - A generic object serialization library for C++.
Slinky-detect - A bootable hardware detection floppy.
scr2css - A palm pilot screenplay system.
shush - A command wrapper that optionally sends output by email.
SVG-cards - A deck of playing cards in SVG.
SQL Uniform - An SQL query, data comparison, exporting, and conversion tool.
SME Web Application Framework - A Web application framework for small and medium-sized organizations.
SEmplici Fatture - A very simple invoice Web app for Italian SMEs or professionals.
SourceID Liberty - A Java implementation of the Liberty Alliance ID-FF 1.2 protocols.
SemWalker - A server-side Semantic Web browser with an integrated search engine.
SIBsim4 - Align RNA sequences with a genomic DNA sequence, allowing for introns.
SR-RTP - An RTP streaming library.
script4rss - Easily create scripts to convert HTML pages to RSS feeds.
SysExxer - A tool that receives and transmits SysEx-data from and to MIDI devices.
Skype - P2P software for high-quality voice communication.
Sh - Allows writing shaders and stream programs in C++, running on the GPU or CPU.
sch_ooo - A kernel module to generate out-of-order packets.
Simple Timetracker - An application for keeping a record of time vs tasks.
Simple Parallel Bible - A Web-based Bible study tool.
sysinit - A system-initialization and daemon-management alternative.
setnet - A tool for network reconfiguring on-the-fly.
Simple Event Correlator - An event correlator.
stegnate - A stegnography tool to hide files in WAVs or BMPs.
spfmilter - A Sender Policy Framework (SPF) milter for Sendmail.
SearchLog - A versatile tool that serves as PIM, portal, and weblog.
SHENAN - A customizable C/C++ IDE, with speech support.
SimBot - A bot implemented via the Perl Object Environment and POE::Comp.
Snipscrape - A converter from SnipSnap-generated HTML into XML that can be imported.
SWF header parser - A PHP class to analyze and extract data from SWF files.
SQLOne Console - A DBA/developer tool to convert SQL queries from one SQL dialect to another.
s10sh - A utility to download pictures from Canon cameras.
Spiritbot - A suite of agent/bot applications.
SigBrowser - A visualisation tool for long signals with up to 8 channels.
Simulum - A star movement simulation.
Syllogism Quizzer - A tool for learning syllogisms.
Space Time Analysis of Regional Systems - A tool for exploratory space-time data analysis.
scmail - A mail filter written in Scheme
suliportal - A Hungarian K-12 school portal.
Shadowed Horizons - A game development library and toolset.
Shaper Super-Script - Easily traffic-shape uploads and downloads with the shaper.o kernel module.
Super Mario War - A Super Mario deathmatch game.
StDB - A debugger for the Joost STX processor.
Skopje - Utility classes that provide Perl keywords for Java environments.
State KEeping Milter - A tool to cache spam-filters' decisions to reject new mail from the same relays.
SQLitepp - A multilanguage object oriented wrapper to the sqlite library
Shared Crypto System - A tool to help secure file sharing on insecure media.
stl2pov - Converts STL files to a POVray mesh.
SiteSched - A DHTML schedule widget for selecting hours in the week.
sfind - The first portable POSIX.1-2001 compliant "find" implementation.
Super Transball 2 - A Thrust type of game.
smtpfilter - A customisable, transparent SMTP spam and virus filter.
Storyboard - A 3D graphic editor.
Snowlog - A Web server access log browser and analyzer.
snmp4php - An implementation of parallel SNMP in pure PHP.
Spamity - A Web interface for viewing spam statistics.
Stats Collector - A centralized metric collection system.
Stunnix C and C++ Obfuscator - An obfuscator for C and C++ source code.
Sun Self - An object oriented programming language and associated programming environment.
Studs MVC Framework+ - An MVC application framework, servlet container and object-oriented API for PHP.
Syntax CMS - A flexible Web site content management system.
Smuxi - An irssi-inspired, user-friendly, and cross-platform IRC client for sophisticated users.
SmartIrc4net - An IRC library for C#/.NET.
SDLTk - A widget library for SDL.
SimMon - A cross platform Java and Web based system monitoring tool.
Soap-Stone - A Java network benchmarking tool.
Simple Website Software - An application for generating simple Web sites.
Stripe Snoop - Captures, modifies, generates, and analyzes magstripe data.
Simple Perl Package Manager - A package manager.
System Health Monitor - System health monitoring and graph generation.
syntran - A code generator for Haskell parsers, pretty-printers, and data types.
SPM - AIX configuration management and compliance tools.
skim - An input method platform based upon scim-lib.
SysCP - A Web-based ISP server administration tool.
Spinneret - A highly flexible hierarchical database.
Synclair - A directory synchronization, diff, and uniqueness tool.
souptonuts - A repository of scripts, programs, and tutorials.
SharpWebMail - ASP.NET webmail that works with POP3/IMAP/SMTP servers.
Simple Media Indexer - A tool to keep track of removable media and the files on them.
SafariSpeed - Substantially increases the speed at which Safari loads pages.
Streamline Media Server - A streaming media server.
Secure FTP API for Java - Classes to add FTP and SFTP capabilities to your Java applications.
Slink-e tools - Programs and libraries for driving the Slink-e IR remote control.
ServingXML - An XML pipeline language and "inversion of control" framework.
sysmonlog - A CPU and network status monitoring and logging program.
SSL Certificate Expiration Check - A digital certificate expiration checking script.
Szado's Calendar - A simple Java calendar.
SQLgrey - A Postfix greylisting service with an SQL backend and auto-whitelisting.
Spillwords - A cool dice/vocabulary game.
SafeSquid - An antivirus and content filtering proxy server.
SDLPure - A pure graphical interface for NetHack and SLASH'EM.
SSL-Explorer: Community Edition - A browser-based SSL VPN solution.
StdioTunnel - A tool to tunnel TCP connections when you only have shell access.
SCLog - A tool that periodically checks for Slackware Current upgrades and shows them.
Soundtank - A program that holds musical instruments for you to play.
SendmailAnalyzer - A Perl script reporting sendmail usage in HTML with graphs.
Softgun - An embedded system ARM emulator.
se.illuminet.index - An indexing API and implementations of forward and reverse indexing.
se.illuminet.httpd - A small API and service for Web applications.
SSH Factory - Java SSH and Java telnet components.
ShaniXmlParser - A non-validating XML/HTML DOM/SAX parser.
SpeedReader - A tool to help you improve your reading speed.
siggen - An email signature generator.
SquidFire - A Squid log search tool.
stegdetect - An automated tool for detecting steganographic content in images.
Saccs personal accounting - A simple Web-based personal accounting package.
SigChan - A signature changer.
ServerEclipse - A Web-application development plugin for Eclipse.
SaraB - A tool for scheduling and rotating backups.
spring - A Java and J2EE application framework.
simscan - A simple qmail virus/spam scanner.
Sky Chart - A tool that draws maps of the night sky for the amateur astronomer.
Synclosure - An RSS aggregator for enclosure downloads.
SpamFirewall - A script for blocking spamming mail servers with iptables.
SharpConstruct - A 3D sculpting and modeling program.
Sandbox for Grids - A C sandbox offering a secure execution environment.
sudosh - A secure sudo shell with syslog auditing.
Snowlist - A mailing list to RSS gateway.
Scheduled FTP Jobs - A tool to schedule FTP jobs with a crontab file.
Sc21 - A MacOS X framework to create Mac-native Coin applications.
SpamAssassin Milter Quarantine - A quarantine add-on for SpamAssassin Milter.
ShmFIFO library - Implementation of block-oriented FIFO via shared memory
SQL*More - A multi-database, multi-platform SQL*Plus clone tool.
SuperShaper-SOHO - A tool for reclaiming your bandwidth from P2P software.
Slackdeptrack - A Slackware Linux dependencies tracking utility.
sdelta - A diff/patch utility for source tarballs.
SpamAssassin Mode for Emacs - A SpamAssassin mode for GNU Emacs.
Spam Trainer - A drag and drop spam filter trainer for GNOME.
Stager - A system for aggregating and presenting network statistics.
SQLite/Ruby - Ruby bindings to the SQLite database.
Sdictionary - A dictionary using its own dictionary format.
SIGAR - A cross platform API for system level diagnostic information.
Signelf - Allows you to RSA sign shared objects.
SLAMD - A distributed load generation engine.
Sethi Deterministic Turing Machine Simulator - A very simple deterministic Turing Machine simulator.
Simple Authenticating Gateway for Linux - A simple implementation of an authenticating gateway.
statmail - A replacement for mailstat, the procmail log analyzer.
Storage Resource Broker - Network data storage middleware.
spkg - A Slackware package management utility.
Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs - A development environment for Common Lisp.
Scalar - An addictive puzzle game.
Stickler! - A skinnable scrolling RSS/Atom feed ticker.
systraq - A utility to monitor your system and warn when system files change.
spew - Measures I/O performance and/or generates I/O load.
Swapd - A tool that dynamically creates and destroys swap files when needed.
SchemeWay - Eclipse plugins for Scheme.
stark - A curses-based financial tool.
Simple SQLite Manager - An SQLite managment tool.
SpeedCrunch - A fast and compact calculator.
Solunas Hotel Management - A manager for small to medium-sized hotels, holiday flats, or other rentals.
Scientific Searcher - A project to solve the fragmentation generated by the privatization of science.
SDL_vnc - An SDL-based VNC client library.
Smart Gnome Control - A GUI for controlling your shortwave radio receiver.
sendxmpp - A program for sending xmpp/jabber messages from the command line.
stableUpdate - An automatic update tool for JAR-based Java applications.
Simple Machine Language interpreter - A simple machine language interpreter.
specter - A user-space logging facility for netfilter.
SpacePong - A game in which you avoid baddies and collect stuff.
SDL_bgrab - An SDL framegrabber library using the v4l API.
SlimDog - A Web application testing tool.
Spazio XSP Base - A tool for file transfer over IBM WebSphere MQ.
sdcv - A console version of StarDict.
SMBSpider - A fast, lightweight search engine for SMB shares in a LAN.
spamresponder - A simple and radical spam filter using DNS validation and challenge/response.
SimpleDoc - A simple Web-based document management system.
StelsCSV - A JDBC driver for text files (CSV, tab-separated, fixed length, etc.).
StelsEngine - A fast in-memory JDBC SQL engine.
Sparkline - A PHP graphing library.
Sendmail SocketMap Daemon Framework - A framework for socket map processors for Sendmail.
Shadows Rising RPG - A Web-based Role Playing Game open to customisation.
Serendipity - A Weblog system with many features.
SMTarPit - A chrooted SMTP honeypot/tarpit.
Sharedance - A tool to share PHP sessions between load-balanced servers.
SMK - A software building system.
smta - A daemon for SMTP passwords and a starter for ssmtp or msmtp.
StringParser_BBCode - A class that parses BBCodes written in PHP.
SVG Debug - A class for generating debug output documents as SVG.
Site Search Pro - A script to provide search capabilities on a Web site.
subcheck - A tool to fix errors in srt subtitle files and rewrite line length.
Simple XML Configuration Library - An XML library for parsing a simple configuration file format.
Swiftchart - A chart and graph Java applet.
SweepOver - A script to sweep over any parameter in a numerical simulation.
SWTJasperViewer - An SWT report viewer component for JasperReports.
Simple Page Archive - A CGI script to create a archive of Web pages.
streamlister - A program that clones the functionality of the TV stations listing of Winamp.
Souk - A Python framework for Liberty Alliance single sign-on.
squid-imap - Software to authenticate squid users via an IMAP server.
Set CD-ROM Speed - A tool for setting CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drive speed, thus reducing noise.
Staffhols - A holiday self-booking system.
SINS Web Controller Framework - A simple, lightweight controller framework for Java Web applications.
svn2cl - A script to convert Subversion logs to GNU-style changelogs.
sat2xml - A utility to parse the EPG data on Astra 19.2.
SkipDB - A transactional, sorted key/value pair database.
s11n Data Node Browser - A browser for data saved with s11nlite.
Snakememory - A flashcard program for learning languages.
Spell Checker - A program to get context and field all misspelled words with suggestions.
Servicio de Resolución de Conflictos - A Web application for conflict resolution centers.
SchoolBell - A calendar server for small to medium sized organizations.
Seldon - A C++ library for linear algebra (vectors, matrices, and computation).
spammergrok - A tool for extracting URLs from spam mail and wasting their bandwidth.
Seashore Image Editor - An image editor for Cocoa.
Simple Server - An interface for implementing TCP socket servers.
Spike Asset Manager - A cross-platform framework for probing a system.
SekHost - An iptables control script with a flexible configuration and packet priority.
SUNDIALS - A suite of equation solvers.
stardict-ed - A cross-platform and international dictionary.
Schism Tracker - An Impulse Tracker clone.
SJPT: Simple Java Parsing Toolkit - Simple Java Parser Toolkit
SCUBA::Table::NoDeco - A module to find no-decompression dive times.
Secure Password Generator - A program for generating secure random passphrases and passwords.
Simple Groupware - A schema-based groupware offering email, calendar, contacts, tasks, documents.
Sticky Notes - A sticky note program for desktops.
Simple Metronome - A simple metronome program.
sptrace - A Linux kernel module with limits user access to the ptrace() system call.
ScryMUD - A MUD with a Java client.
SFLphone - An SIP/IAX2 compatible software IP phone.
Secure Back Door - A minimal and secure method for administrating a computer.
string_buffer.php - A string manipulation class with built-in enumeration.
somawizard - A wizard configuration tool for somaplayer and sds.
SocketKB - Knowledge base software.
Sound Converter - Convert sound files to other formats.
sonic-snap - An sn9c102-based v4l2 Webcam application.
Shopping Cart Builder - A complete e-commerce suite for simple and advanced shopping cart needs.
SWFT - A Web application for secure file transfer.
Simple Kiss Daemon - A simple daemon for KiSS DVD players.
Serbert - A serial bit error rate tester.
Snort2PF - Turns Snort into an intrusion detection and prevention system.
System Configuration Collector Server - A tool to summarize and search configuration data.
SMBGate - A gateway with authenticatication by a Samba PDC.
S3C - A simple server-side object caching framework.
SLglade - S-Lang bindings for libglade.
SVM-root-mirror - A script to mirror a Solaris system disk.
sshgui - A tool for easily running GUI commands on remote hosts.
sMArTH - An SVG and ECMAScript-powered equation editor for MathML and LaTeX.
SMBExplorer - A multi-platform replacement for Windows Network Neighbourhood.
Samba Console - A Web management console for Samba domain controllers.
Sandra for RiA/JDNC - A framework for building client side Java Swing/JDNC applications.
SVNKit - A pure Java [Sub]versioning library.
Sntserver - An Ant task for executing tasks remotely that listens on a TCP port.
sdljava - A Java binding for the SDL API.
shttpdj - A small, experimental HTTP.
smsd - A client/server system for sending messages to cellular phones.
Simple Sound for Small Devices - A simple audio library for games on portable devices.
SIMD Cross-platform headers - A cross-platform, cross-compiler, cross CPU C/C++ SIMD header.
srzip - An educational compression utility with various algorithms.
shttpd - A very small and simple HTTP server.
Smart Package Manager - A package manager that works with several backends.
SupportTrio - An integrated support system.
swordcoast.net IRCd - A fork of Undernet's ircd that integrates with services more tightly.
SwingGlue - An ultra thin glue layer for more transparent MVC design in Swing.
SimplyBibTeX - A Web bibliography system using plain BibTeX files with RSS and Atom feeds.
SVN-RaWeb-Light - A lightweight Web interface for remote Subversion repositories.
Sanssouci - A Java framework for auto-generating Swing GUIs via introspection.
sigcheck - A tool which keeps track of file signatures.
Septum - A Web site templating system written in PHP.
Scrooge Security Tracker - An application for tracking securities.
Shallot - A server-based audio player and manager.
STXXL - An out-of-core STL implementation.
sn-webcam - A Sonix/Microdia Webcam video grabber.
Scratchbox - A cross-compilation toolkit.
starlane empire - A turn-by-turn space strategy game.
SQL::Preproc - An embedded SQL preprocessor for Perl.
Simple C++ ODBC Database API - A C++ API designed to encapsulate the ODBC API functionality
systeminfo - A shell script that generates system information.
spacerider - A 2D space shooter.
Sundew - A tool that generates a bogus email honeypot.
site-C-ing - A Web development engine.
SXEmacs - A highly customisable, extensible, self-documenting real-time text editor & IDE.
ShellSQL - SQL for shell scripts.
sbox-dtc - A CGI wrapper script for chrooted environment for hosting.
SquTUN - A tool that relays IP packets over an encrypted and authenticated UDP tunnel.
Simple Support Ticketing System - Simple Support Ticketing System.
SSH Filesystem - A filesystem client based on the SSH File Transfer Protocol.
ssh tunnel on demand - A script that creates an SSH tunnel on demand.
sms_biff - A tool that sends notifications of incoming emails via SMS.
SunUO - An Ultima Online game server.
Slony-I - Asynchronous master-to-multiple slave replication for PostgreSQL.
SQLite3/Ruby - SQLite3 database bindings for Ruby.
SupportDesk - A Web-based chat system.
Sound Of Traffic - An application that converts network traffic into synthesized sound.
squidrunner - A Squid Web proxy server builder.
SSDDiff - A diff application for generating "patch" files for semistructured data.
SCRAP - A security camera recording application.
SquidClamAv - A ClamAV antivirus redirector for Squid.
sch_log - A tool that mirrors traffic passing a QoS class to a network device.
SourceGuardian - A powerful system for protecting and encoding PHP source code.
Simple Web Survey - A full-featured survey Web application.
SourceSafe for Unix - Software to provide access to SourceSafe repositories to Unix users.
scansreader - A simple scanned document viewer.
Syslog Extract - syslog data extractor
Sdbsiod - A Scheme interpreter with easy-to-use database support.
shd-tcp-tools - TCP port forwarding, load balancing, rate control, and proxy tools.
Sprog - A graphical tool for building programs.
sux0r - A multi-user CMS focused on Naive Bayesian categorization.
spin_auth - An authentication wrapper for mod_spin applications.
spin_feedback - A feedback application for mod_spin.
SkFind - A portable, scriptable search engine framework.
SkProd - Multi-threaded, portable, extensible data compiler which can manipulate GBytes.
SLiM - A simple login manager for X11.
SignalGen - SignalGen is an audio signal generator.
SlideProjector - A multimedia prresentation and editing program.
Safe Strings - A set of functions that handle C strings in a safe way.
Scivoli - A self-contained, bootable image viewer.
sf-active - A news wire service, distributed storage, and content management system.
SbaGUI - A graphical front-end to sbagen, a binaural beats program.
SwingWeb - An AWT toolkit implementation that renders applications as HTML with AJAX.
Scratch Blog - A minimalist weblog featuring only XML-RPC and Atom/RSS.
Sajax - A toolkit to call PHP functions from JavaScript in the browser.
Stendhal - A multiplayer online adventure game.
Shrill - A kiosk-style jukebox client for Mserv.
SYASokoban - A clone of the popular Sokoban puzzle game.
SimpleGUI Support Module - A simple GUI widget set for SDL/OpenGL.
Squawk - A report generator for teachers.
scim-input-pad - An on-screen pad for inputting symbols and key events.
StepMenus - Provides a NeXT Step style main menu for Cocoa applications.
Swing XML Authoring Tool - A Swing-XUL authoring tool for quick development of graphical UIs.
sifbuilder - A scriptable Web site generator.
SlpTK - Natural language processing tools.
SNAP Platform - A Java development toolkit.
samhita - A document management system.
StateMenu - A resource-monitoring desktop menu.
SMILib - A Java class library for generating SMIL code.
spin_py - A Python module that wraps the SP SGML parser.
sesoma - A daemon that builds a virtual user infrastructure.
Stahlfaust - An AI player for Gomoku (five-wins).
Sigma Expense - An expense accounting system.
SAPIPROCESSOR - A compact toolkit for a CMS core.
STL AVL Map - A [multi]map/[multi]set implementation using AVL trees.
Socks4 Server - A C++ implementation of a socks4 server.
Soulfind - A free Soulseek server.
stdnoj - A cross-platform C++ class library.
Simple dictionary application - An application for using plain text UTF-8 dictionaries.
SurrealServices - A full replacement NickServ/ChanServ/BotServ/MemoServ/OperServ.
Sigma Six - Online project management software.
SubTimer - A subtitle timing utility.
SigTranslator - A tool to translate signatures between different IDSes and CIDSS.
svninfo - A LaTeX package for accessing the revision information in SVN-controlled files.
Stopmotion - An application for creating stop motion animation movies.
SilkPage - A framework for publishing standard-compliant websites in XML.
svc - A service building toolbox.
samdump - Extracts a Samba-style smbpasswd file directly from an offline copy of the SAM.
seekable - Turns standard input (possibly a pipe) into a seekable file descriptor.
spantape - A utility that writes streams of data to multiple SCSI tapes.
Scam-grey - A sendmail milter to greylist Windows hosts.
SAM Jr - A real-time analysis tool for Snort data.
samogon - A utility for monitoring different system information over OSD.
SVM-RAID-5 - A tool for relatively easy setting up of RAID 5 on Solaris.
slowdown - A tool to prevent resource starvation during backups, etc.
SAGA.M31 -Galaxy- - A data integration server for providing Web services.
Schedule Organizer - A tool that allows customers to reserve an appointment via a Website.
Saturn network job scheduler - A job scheduler for networks.
SquirrelMail LDAP Preferences - A SquirrelMail plugin to load your preferences from an LDAP directory server
ServiceManager - A framework to obtain a POJO service instance from its interface in Java.
SMBNetFS - A user-space Linux/FreeBSD filesystem for browsing a Samba/Microsoft network.
Structural Analysis for Java - Tools to automatically detect architectural weaknesses in Java code.
sunosaudioctl - A command line mixer for Solaris.
SVG Slice - A tool which parses Inkscape SVG files and produces Web image slices.
Swishd Cluster System - An application that allow swish-e to scale to multiple machines.
Subplay - A script for playing movies with subtitles.
Sysmask - A Linux kernel security package for building vulnerability tolerant systems.
skiTunes - An iTunes alternative.
sendmail-jilter - A Java implementation of the Sendmail milter protocol.
splitpipe - A tool to distribute piped data over several volumes, like DVDs or CDs.
ScoreArcher - An application to keep track of archers' scores.
SB Timmy - An IMAP client for WAP/WML devices.
SYDI-Linux - Tool for documenting Linux systems.
SourcePuller - A simple SCM client.
SQLGotcha - Finds a session in an Oracle database and traces it.
Spatiotemporal Epidemiological Modeler - Spatiotemporal Epidemiological Modeler
Spoot's Game Session Manager - A PHP calendar for role-playing sessions.
Solaris Operating System - A UNIX and BSD derived operating system.
setov511 - A tool to set up and configure ov511 chipset based Web cams.
SourceFlow - A source code generator library for Java and .NET.
Seismic Unix - A program for processing time-dependent wave data.
SMARTReporter - A tool which warns of ATA drive failure before it happens.
ScummC - A SCUMM game compiler.
svp - A PS and PDF viewer for svgalib.
Server Macro Expansion - A cross-platform dynamic HTML generation language.
strec - A stream recorder.
SDOM - A Scheme module implementing the W3C DOM recommendations.
Schily Source Package System - A portable source package system for fully automated compilation of any software
Simulus Game Engine - A cross-platform, flexible, and easy-to-use game engine.
slackrep - A reporting tool for Slackware.
sockmi - A system for migrating TCP/IP connections between two computers.
SnortSMS - A Web-based remote sensor management and monitoring system.
Spike PHPCoverage - A code coverage reporting tool for PHP.
SML/NJ Readline - An SML/NJ interface to libreadline.
Subsonic - A Web-based media streamer.
Spice Trade - An RPG/strategy/adventure game.
SVNManager - A Web-based administration tool for servers that host Subversion repositories.
SQL DjB DNS - Provides djbdns servers with an SQL backend.
Secret of Eternia - A 2D RPG using ClanLib.
Slam-Edit - A large capacity IC layout system.
Simple Logging Facade for Java - Allows you to plug in the desired logging API implementation at deployment time.
SteGUI - A graphical front-end to Steghide.
Slashdash - A Slashdot RSS reader dashboard widget with a Slashdot theme.
StroQ - An addictive puzzle game, a clone of Polarium/Chokkan Hitofude.
Spoofax Editor - An Eclipse editor plugin for Stratego and SDF.
SCPM - A system configuration profile manager.
San Angeles Observation OpenGL ES version - An OpenGL ES version of the "San Angeles Observation" intro.
sdb - A utility for traders to manage a collection of live shows.
scanulog - A network traffic analyzer based on ulog-acctd.
staticweb - A cross-platform command line tool for building static Web pages.
ssss - Shamir's secret sharing scheme.
svnmailer - A subversion commit notifier.
Sendmail filter for ClamAV - A Sendmail filter for the ClamAV antivirus program.
Sendmail filter for SpamAssassin - A Sendmail filter for SpamAssassin.
Shellac - A set of UNIX power tools packaged as Automator actions.
sysprof - A system-wide statistical profiler for Linux on x86.
serialdump - A tool to non-intrusively monitor serial (RS-232) interfaces.
SSHd Chrooting support - chroot support for the OpenSSH daemon.
screenpager - A screenwise pager for X workstations running Xinerama.
Security Lifecycle Management Tools - An Eclipse extension that provides integration with Tivoli Access Manager.
SQL Developer - A database administration and query tool.
Stem Desktop - A light weight standard Debian installation designed for low-end hardware.
saltyfiles - A platform-independent encryption tool.
ScopServ-VoIP - A Web based GUI for Asterisk.
SSXML - An XML parser with few features; supports SAX and DOM.
SMBCrawler - A utility for listing workgroups, servers, and shares on a Samba network.
SkatOSWM - A very small centering window manager.
svn-install - A script to automatically install Subversion, Apache HTTPD, and Berkley DB.
SipUnit - A test environment geared toward unit testing SIP applications.
sslredir - A program to redirect incoming non-SSL connections to outgoing SSL connections.
Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations - A differental equations solver.
Samoth - A medieval/fantasy universe RPG.
safecopy - A commandline data recovery tool.
SourceBrowser - A documentation meta-programming tool that generates a wiki for a source tree.
Semantic Tools for Web Services - An Eclipse plug-in for adding semantic descriptions to WSDL documents.
SndBite - A tool for efficiently breaking audio files into smaller components.
SimpleAlarm.app - A simple alarm clock.
Simple Help Desk - A Web-based help desk application.
SpeechLion - A speech recognition application for desktop control.
schwanz3 - A personal system measurement utility.
SchilliX - An OpenSolaris-based live CD and distribution.
Slackware Interactive Boot Scripts - A configurable and dynamic set of boot scripts for Slackware Linux.
slurpd-stat - A slurpd replication log parser and reporter.
Scrabbleizer - A GUI to keep track of Scrabble opponents and games.
SiSU - A document publishing and search framework.
smtbang - A console quick mailer program.
Sarah - A tool for tracking Red Hat Security Advisories.
sawfish.wm.ext.pager - A pager for the Sawfish window manager.
Searchy - A metasearch engine based on RDF and SOAP.
Sales-n-Stats - A package combining live help, Web site statistics, and live visitor tracking.
SLRRP Implementation Project - An implementation of the Simple Lightweight RFID Reader Protocol (SLRRP).
SimGear - A 3D graphics library.
Simple Editing Tool - A text editor with standard features, tabs, drag and drop, and more.
Shref Image vs ASCII - A PHP class to convert binary data to ASCII data and vice-versa.
SL-POS - A retail management application for SQL-Ledger.
soundsort - A program that sorts audio files according to how they sound.
SPF Sendmail milter - A Sendmail milter that implements SPF technology.
Spalah CMS - A simple content management system.
SmartyX - A derivative of Smarty that allows templates to be named with a dot notation.
Spot - A GPS, geocaching, and Web mapping tool for J2ME.
Shref Image in DB - A PHP class to store and retrieve binary files in a MySQL table.
slackselect - A Slackware package manager.
Shell for Simulated Agent Systems - A simulation modelling tool.
squidwall - A squid redirector for schools.
sims - A program that produces graphs of GnuPG signature relationships.
StormWar - A 3D realtime strategy game.
SimpleKDE - A lightweight fork of KDE.
Stani's DXF library - A Python library to generate dxf CAD drawings.
SegyPY - A Python module to access SEG-Y formatted files.
SCZ - Simple compression and decompression utilities.
Ssh-faker - A wrapper for sshd to defeat brute force hacking.
swIMP - SWIG-based interfaces for mathematical programming.
Snare for Apache - Remote log transfer for Apache.
Snare for Squid - Transfer Squid logs to a central location.
Snoop - A GNU/Linux file descriptor monitoring tool.
Splint - A tool that checks C programs for security problems and coding mistakes.
Signs - A VHDL EDA hardware development environment.
sshdfilter - A program that automatically blocks ssh brute force attacks.
Skalinks Exchange Script - A link management script with link checking and an advanced ads system.
Salut - A small RF s-parameter manipulation program.
shim - A shell based image display utility.
sa-hits - A program that analyzes and displays where SpamAssassin rules hit a message.
Simsttab - A timetabling engine for schools.
Scenic - A 2-dimensional scene based graphics library.
stickystatus - Displays the sticky and mouse key status in a popup image.
SEFIR - An application for securely burning files on a remote machine.
snowfence - A simple firewall for the Sharp Zaurus.
Scenic PDF Viewer - A PDF viewer based on Xpdf.
Spike PHPCheckstyle - A tool for checking PHP coding style.
SFTPPlus - An enhanced SFTP server and client for secure file transfers in an enterprise.
SBackup - A simple backup solution intended for desktop use.
SkaDate - Professional and fully customizable dating software.
Spamato - Spamato is an extendable spam filter system.
SIDVault - An LDAP server with an integrated Web interface.
SurfShopPRO Ecommerce System - A rock solid shopping cart and e-commerce system.
SINGULAR - A computer algebra system for polynomial computations.
Sudoku Solver - A solver for Sudoku puzzles.
SimpleJTA - A stand-alone JTA-compliant transaction manager.
SimpleDBM - A multi-threaded transactional database engine.
Simple scAnning Tool - Simple and fast network scanner.
saltshaker - A Python script for use in Blender.
SysReport - A tool which creates XML reports about a system.
Simple Log - A small logging library for Java.
sqlitewrapped - A C++ wrapper for the sqlite C API.
sanos - A minimalistic 32-bit x86 OS kernel for PC-based network server appliances.
SnowballGame - A Jump'n'run game with puzzle elements like "Solomon's Key" or "Spherical".
Snort2c - A monitor for the snort alertfile that responsively blocks using OpenBSD's pf.
SimpleXML - An easy-to-use tool and library for manipulation of XML data.
Swampp - A gentle Content Management System.
STuNT - A Web-based ticketing system.
SpinPike Hosting Version - A special CMS for hosting providers.
Stanford Exploration Project Library - A geophysical data processing package.
streber - A Web-based Project Management System for freelancers and small teams.
Sman - A search program for man pages.
SWTLoader - An elegant hack to run SWT programs with a double click.
SuperOptimize - Helps you improve the performance and size of your SuperWaba program.
Super Waba Collections - A port of the popular java.util classes to SuperWaba.
SniffResponse - A server-side Web browser sniffer.
slip - A simple P2P program.
Sublim - A stateful publish-subcribe system for mobile environments.
scbib - A bibliography manager: Scheme to bibtex / HTML.
SmartList - A mailing list manager built on procmail.
SqWebMail - A Webmail server using maildirs.
SOFI - A simple OpenBSD firewall interface.
sysrqd - A daemon for managing Linux's Sysrq over a network.
Status Report Tool - A Web-based tool for reporting project status in real-time.
Sin Continuous Integration - A continuous integration system for Subversion.
Stone TCP/IP packet repeater - A TCP/IP packet repeater.
Speextalk - A simple VoIP program that uses Speex.
SkyDome - A visualization of stars, planets, and the Milky Way.
SPyRO - A multilingual ORB which is transparent and translucent.
ScriptsMill Comments - A script that allows users to add comments to Web pages.
sgwi - A Web interface for SQLGrey databases.
Sudoku.php - A Sudoku number puzzle solver.
SX-Watchdog - Software to help you follow the stock exchange.
Stealth - A stealthy file integrity checker.
SchemaSpy - A database entity-relationship diagram generator.
SysAid - IT help desk and asset management.
SpamAssassin Flagging Milter - A Sendmail milter to use with SpamAssassin to flag email as spam in the headers.
Site Cacheability Analyzer - A tool for dynamic Web content analysis.
Stripes Web Framework - A cutting edge framework for building Web applications in Java.
SQLinForm - An SQL formatter Applet.
Shrinking Man - A diet tracker.
Small Telnet Chat - A chat server to which you can connect via a telnet client.
Sonic Action - A multi platform Sonic fan game based on the SRB2 Town story
SiteForge - A project management application for distributed collaborative development.
slat - A sound creation application that sounds like a theramin.
strongSwan - A complete IPsec and IKEv2/IKEv1 implementation for Linux 2.4 and 2.6 kernels.
SkyEye - An embedded system simulator supporting several hardware platforms.
Scramble command tool - A small and simple application to encrypt files.
Standard GUI Framework for C - A GUI framework for ANSI/ISO C.
Sudoku Sensei - A sudoku "explainer" game.
Statfink - A Fantasy (American) Football statistics grabber and live scoring program.
streamsniff - A command line tool that sniffs network traffic for stream URLs.
Sikher - A desktop program to archive, search, and display the Sikh scriptures.
Sparklet - A networked multiplayer game.
SCSS - An R6RS Scheme library for parsing, querying, and emitting CSS style information.
splax - A splash screen generator and controller.
SlimScrobbler - A SlimServer plugin that automatically builds a profile of your musical tastes.
ShoppingStar - A program that lets you browse, track, and collect products listed on Amazon.
Softmodem answering machine - A program to make a softmodem function as an answering machine.
Scribes - A text editor for GNOME.
snd123 - A simple command line audio player.
Splunk - An engine for machine data.
sendmail X - A Mail Transfer Agent.
SubLib - A subtitle library.
seedBlogs - A PHP/MySQL module for plugging blocks of dynamic content into any Web site.
shallows - A C++ library for OpenGL GPGPU applications.
simput - Simple PHP utilities.
Svátek - A program for searching Czech name-days according to date.
Subnet Mask Calculator - A PHP script to calculate subnet masks.
SchemaCrawler - A command line tool to output your database schema and data in diff-able form.
Serverstats - A lightwight tool for creating graphs using rrdtool.
System Identification Toolbox - A toolbox for system estimation, prediction, and diagnosis.
Servo Actuation Manipulator - A GTK+/X11 app for controlling the Mini SSC II.
SystVision - A vision system for Linux using Video4Linux.
SAGA GIS - A system for automated geoscientific analysis.
SiteInvoice Account Manager - Accounts receivable/invoice management software.
sendPGPmail.cgi - A CGI script for sending PGP email.
Sendmail delivery stats - A Sendmail log file analyzer that produces mean delivery times.
Sofia-SIP - A SIP user agent library.
Sybtcl - A Tcl extension to connect to Sybase databases.
SmbShareScan - A tool that scans Samba networks and builds a database you can query.
Soks - A wiki with uploads, themes, auto linking, and a handy API.
Secure Messaging - A Web-based alternative messaging system.
Speedometer - A bandwidth and download progress monitor.
Scroll Rack - A virtual tabletop for collectible card games.
slmodem - SmartLink soft modem drivers for Linux.
Sol Manager - A cross-platform project maintenance GUI tool.
Sequoia Open Source ERP - A suite of apps for e-commerce, ERP, CRM, manufacturing, PoS, and more.
SIOX4Java - A Java SDK for extracting the foreground from still images.
SOFEA - A Matlab object-oriented Finite Element toolkit.
SimpleViewer iPhoto Export - An application which exports pictures from iPhoto to SimpleViewer galleries.
SingleSub - A universal subscription system for RSS feeds.
Seir Anphin - A community-oriented CMS.
Service Management - A Web application for managing service and repair work.
SILVERCODERS SqlUnify - A library that can convert PostgreSQL queries to other dialects.
SkypeMenuX - A Mac OS X System Extra menu for Skype.
SafeWeb - A safe CGI enviroment for normal Apache users.
Synfig Studio - Film-quality 2D vector animation.
Schevo - A next-generation DBMS.
Simple Python Distributed Indexing - A powerful engine to create distributed search engines.
StoCS - A script to maintain free space at a configurable level.
symfony - A Web application framework for PHP5 projects.
Subconv++ - A user-friendly command line tool for adjusting movie subtitles in various forma
Stewie Radio Automation Project - A non-commercial radio station automation alternative that thrives on simplicity
Stratego/XT - A development environment for program transformation systems.
safox - A simple PHP API for XML handling.
Steelray Project Viewer - A Microsoft Project viewer.
spcid - A program for using a modem to display telephone CID data.
Sahi - A Web automation and testing tool.
Stock Quotes Monitor Applet - An applet that shows delayed stock market quotes in a configurable presentation.
SandR - A recursive search and replacement utiliy.
StrBio - Java class libraries for structural biology development.
Sudoku PHP - A class for generation and solving Sudoku games.
scons-chicken - Chicken support for SCons.
Short Markup Language - Alternative XML notation.
suspend-hibernate read ahead - A suspend-hibernate read ahead daemon for increasing program response time.
SmileTAG - A shoutbox written in PHP.
swiginac - A symbolic mathematics module.
Sample Inventory Program - A laboratory inventory management system (LIMS) for Zope.
Sidenet - A Wine configuration tool.
SSHjail for OpenSSH - A patch for jailing/chrooting users on OpenSSH.
songanalysis - A tool to analyze your audio files.
Smart DJ - A plugin to find songs based on how similar they sound, and build playlists.
Sentensa - A platform independent tool for searching any text.
SD-Bar - An easy-to-use vertical navigation menu.
Stat-Box - Easy-to-use graph/statistics scroller.
SyFi - A package for finite element methods.
Spriteworks - A sprite/graphics library.
ScriptSite - A Web script for setting up and maintaining a program and script archive.
SoftSite - A software directory/archive script.
ScrollMe - A smooth news and information scroller for Web sites.
SMS Framework - An Objective C SMS decoding framework for OS X and GNUstep.
Subversion Package - Scripts to create packages (rpm, deb, etc.) from a subversion working copy.
SSIP-GST - Yet another SIP/SIMPLE plugin for Gaim.
SuperWin - A pop-up window kit.
SD-Book - An electronic book publishing system.
SD-Graph - A sophisticated bar graphing system.
spugnews - A command-line Usenet downloader.
Stippler - Software for turning greyscale images into "stippled" images.
Support Incident Tracker - A Web-based application for tracking technical support.
Super Slide Me - An application to create image galleries.
SlackGreek - A tool for supporting the Greek language in Slackware.
Sahana Disaster Management System - A disaster management system.
Stickloader - A LAME front end for easily re-encoding and copying MP3 files to USB sticks.
SheepShaver - A PowerPC Mac emulator.
Statistics Counter Service - A powerful counter hosting tool.
SvnReporter - A subversion commit reporter.
Site Sift Listings - A script for generating a Web directory.
ShellRaptor - A simple command-line SQL editor.
Slideshow Creator - A program that creates DVD slide shows from JPEG images.
SAFMQ - Asynchronous, round-trip, assured delivery messaging.
Super Grub Disk - Tool for recovering grub on MBR and much more.
SecClabCA - A simple certification authority for the Zope environment.
Stream-2-Stream - A streaming system that uses P2P techniques to save bandwidth.
Splashy - A complete user-space boot splash system.
Sudokut - A command line Sudoku solver.
silverflux - A game management system for the GNU/Linux operating system.
Sticker API - A user-mode API to track or spy any system call and to inject code.
smp-encode - A tool for encoding groups of audio files in parallel.
streamav - An Apache 2 filter for virus scanning.
SWAMP - A workflow management platform that drives business logic very flexible.
svncommit_hook.php - A better alternative to the commit_email.pl hook of subversion.
SpeedySu - Persistent SpeedyCGI Perl scripts with Apache suEXEC support.
SportStat - A Web-based application for sports statistics.
snake 3D - A multi-player snake game in 3d.
ScreenAlert - A command that provides notification windows.
Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CD-ROMs - An Apache-based Web server for putting sites onto CDs.
stdin2news - A news posting script.
spell-norwegian - Norwegian (bokmål and nynorsk) spell checking for ispell, aspell, and myspell.
Sarah-Marie's Eierjagd - A game to catch as much eggs as you can.
snake5 - A communication algorithm for exchanging information in a dynamic network.
Shade LSB - An LSB manipulation and analysis tool.
SQL Query Builder - A PHP class that easily generates SQL queries dynamically.
sshpass - A non-interactive SSH password authentication method.
Sitemaps for Java - A Java API for the creation of Google Sitemaps and -Indexes.
SiPHiCo - A simple PHP hit counter using an SQLite database.
Servsys - A service and sales system for HVAC, plumbers, and electricians.
Sound Mural - A command line picture-to-sound converter.
SharedAppVnc - Share application windows from your desktop to remote computers.
StandAloneQ3 - A way to play Quake3 mods without the original Quake3 CD files.
SilentJack - A silence/dead air detector for the Jack Audio Connection Kit.
Sunbeam and moonshine - A KDE Start Menu replacement and KDE multitool.
System Local Audit Daemon - A local audit-process manager to perform local audits on Unix systems.
Soundspigot - A triggered and automatable sound player.
Scriptio - An animation/education package with Flash-like features written in JavaScript.
SILVERCODERS DVD Backup - A script for backing up files and databases.
Surrogafier - A three tier HTTP(S)/FTP Web-based proxy.
Sopeq - A stealth ingress and egress filtering firewall for IPTables.
SrcControl - A new form of package management system.
SEO Rank Checker - A tool for checking keyword rank on Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.
SQLAlchemy - A SQL toolkit and object relational mapper for Python.
Squirrel Shell - A cross-platform alternative to existing system shells.
SMBD Audit - A set of VFS audit modules to log Samba to MySQL.
splittar - A tool to create multiple tar files with a specified maximum size.
Solar Imperium - A Solar Realms Elite clone.
Spider Legs - A medium-duty, parallel, and highly programmable Web robot framework in Perl.
Script Promotion Wizard - A script promotion tool.
soniK - A digital audio editor.
SlackE17 - An Enlightenment DR17 distribution for Slackware.
Syp Script - A powerful programming language.
Solving Constraint Integer Programs - A branch-cut-price-and-propagate framework for constraint integer programming.
Suri Pluma - A satellite image processing and visualizing application.
Simba - A file mirroring tool.
SGQI - A print quota system for CUPS.
SA Web Framework - A PHP application framework.
slackfire - An iptables traffic filtering script.
Sviewer - A simple .txt.gz viewer for Symbian ER5.
Su-per-Doku - A superkaramba sudoku theme.
StelsDBF - A JDBC driver for DBF files (such as dBase, xBase, or FoxPro).
Sound Affects - A sound reactive screensaver collection.
shuffle - A program to randomize the contents of files.
ShellTer - An iptables-based firewall with built-in SSH brute force protection.
sda12 - Controls for the B&B 485SDA12 data acquisition module.
SkyDatePro - Dating software with customizable templates and user-friendly administration.
SmallSQL - A small pure Java SQL Database.
StraightBackPlayer - A media player that runs as a server controlled by a network GUI.
Sidebar-Buddy - An easy-to-use and completely customizable sidebar menu.
SD-Flyout - A preview-type ("fly-out") menu system.
SD-Menu (Horizontal Version) - An easy-to-use hierarchical horizontal navigation menu.
SD-Menu (Vertical Version) - An easy-to-use hierarchical vertical navigation menu.
SD-Scroll - An easy-to-use and completely customizable vertical news scroller.
SD-Tabs - An easy-to-use and completely customizable animated tabbed menu.
Shelljam - An application for playing music live on a computer.
Standard Al's PHP Library - A full object PHP 5 library.
s270ctrl - A tool to change screen brightness on MSI S270 laptops.
SLURM - A resource manager and batch/interacitve job scheduler for Linux clusters.
StreamDownloader - An mplayer Web frontend for stream capturing.
SisIYA - A system monitoring tool.
Su Doku Live - A Su Doku game which is playable in realtime over the net.
Synbak - A universal backup system with a powerful reporting system.
Subtitle Editor - A GTK+2 tool to edit subtitles for GNU/Linux/*BSD.
sccs2svn - A script that converts SCCS repositories into Subversion repositories.
Skycache - A lightweight and fast page cache for PHP 4 and PHP 5.
Silver Shield PM Control for Linux - An application for control of the GEMBIRD SiS-PM device under Linux.
smrt - GUI and command-line tools for renaming and tagging MP3 and Ogg files.
Samurai Kanji - A 2042-kanji flash-card application modeled after Heisig's book.
Seed7 - An extendable programming language.
SBStudio PAC player - A library and plugins to play SBStudio PAC music modules.
Super AJAX Programming Seed - A free AJAX programming platform.
sinntp - A tiny NNTP client.
SeeYouLater - fetch a list of IP of known spammers and ban them by putting them in hosts.deny
Sunifdef - A command line tool for simplifying #if-logic in C/C++ source.
StrangeWiki - Web 2.0 Wiki software.
Speech and Debate Timekeeper - A debate timer that gives visual and vocal time signals.
SkatStat - A Web-based statistical evaluation tool for the German Skat game.
systeminfo.sh - A script to gather Linux system information.
simplus - An event-driven simulation library in C++.
schema-compare - A script that compares two database schema and shows the differences.
San Le's Free Computational Fluid Dynamics - Scientific software and GUIs for computational fluid dynamics.
SynchroEdit - A browser-based multi-user editor.
swpartc - A utility for swapping the data contents of two partitions with identical sizes.
Stellar Phoenix Macintosh - Data recovery software.
Sysinfo - A Linux system information retriever.
SBAlphaBeta - An implementation of the AlphaBeta algorithm in Objective-C.
SipExchange - An extensible SIP softswitch.
SolidState - A customer management and billing solution for Web hosts.
SDE for Eclipse Professional Edition - A UML plugin for the Eclipse IDE.
Subversive - An Eclipse plug-in that provides Subversion support.
SIAR - A simple IP accounting reporter.
symTone - A dual-mouse, dual-cursor photo editing application.
smolder - A smoke test server.
Sepp - A sliding puzzle game.
s3d - A 3D network display server which can be used as a 3D desktop environment.
SDLHana - An SDL-based Hanafuda game.
submitTroughImage - A small but useful spam/flood form submission protection class.
Sloth Online RPG - An online RPG with real-time action and rich 2D graphics.
Sowa Data Capacitor - A single Java API for accessing data in a variety of forms.
Systrace - Interactive policy generation for system calls.
SquidRestrict - A Web-based tool to manage time restrictions for firewalls that use Squid.
sharehound - An SMB and FTP file searcher with a Web UI.
SQLData - A PHP DB class extension which generates classes to store objects in SQL databas
shabdashilpa - An English to Kannada translator and editor.
spoink - An output plugin for snort that works by blocking access to attackers.
Slauth - A mod_perl authentication/authorization system with self-registration.
stalonetray - A stand-alone tray (notification area) implementation.
Secure hash based encryption - A PHP class for blockcipher encryption based on MD5 or SHA1.
Storage3 - A PHP 5 interface for Amazon S3.
Snes9x Python Launcher - A terminal/text based frontend for Snes9x.
SCons Erlang - An add-on for SCons to compile Erlang projects.
Synergy Advance - An iTunes controller.
Spring Rich Client - A rich client framework based on the Spring framework.
Spherical Harmonics Generator - Provides a 3D interface to spherical harmonics.
SSVN - A solution for storing file permissions in an SVN repository.
secwatch - A log file scanner to ban offensive IPs.
svndumpalter - A utility that performs transformations on dumped Subversion repositories.
Service Integration Bus Explorer - A stand-alone GUI.
Slag - A pattern-based audio sequencer.
Serlvers - A set of Erlang modules to help in the implementation of IP services.
SPS4Linux - A soft PLC running on Linux and Windows.
sysstat for Solaris - A tool that shows key performance metrics at a glance.
Smoot - A Web-based diagram and graphical GIS editor.
Scalix Community Edition - An advanced email and calendaring platform for organizations.
Swing AutoMenu - An XML Java Swing bar/popup menu generator.
Simple Invoices - A clean, simple, and basic Web-based invoicing system.
SMS Ticker software - A scrollbar that can display incoming SMS messages sent by viewers.
sigof - A generator of graphical presentation of security information and events.
slookup - A fast command line parallel bulk DNS lookup tool.
SVNAccess - A Web-based SVN access file manager.
Spm - A package manager that works for source packages.
SamePlace - A Jabber IM client for Mozilla applications.
Simple tabbed menu - A class to generate tabbed link menus.
SAJA - A lightweight AJAX framework for PHP with an emphasis on security.
Sotacs - Components for the Tapestry Web framework.
sKimap - A Superkaramba IMAP monitor.
scrssfeed - A filter to generate an RSS feed from SpamCop reply mail.
swinput - A Linux module for software device input.
Sidebrain - A memory aid for what you were doing on complex tasks.
Sdjvu - A DjVu viewer for Symbian OS.
Solid PBX - A multi-platform Soft Switch Class 5 software.
SSLBridge - A Samba AJAX Web client.
Stretch solitaire - A classical solitaire game.
Solistic Calendar - A Web-based calendar system in Perl using MySQL.
SFTP Plug-in for Eclipse - Adds SFTP support to Eclipse.
Shapes - A simple activity game to move shapes around and make designs.
SQLiteDBMS - A database management server for SQLite.
Stealthsound - An audio converter written in Gambas.
Simultaneous Remote Command - Send multiple commands to multiple servers simultaneously.
Sonic Visualiser - An application for viewing and analysing the contents of music audio files.
sakura - A terminal emulator based on the VTE library.
struts timeEntry - A Web-based time billing system based on Apache Struts.
Sub Ether - A p2p CPU/disk resource sharing system.
ShareToDo - A todo list sharing application.
Stax - A collection of falling-block games for Linux and Windows.
ScitePM - A lightweight, GTK-based project manager for use with the SciTE editor.
Shark Enterprise Community Platform - A system for implementing an online dating business.
smtp_wrapper - An SMTP filtering support daemon.
silc improved - An SILC client without a user interface.
Sporkie - A challenge/response email filter.
Spineless Jelly - A Pythonic 3D game engine.
sshutout - A daemon to stop SSH dictionary attacks.
Slam Soccer 2006 - A funny 3D comic-style football game.
svndelta - Manages and summarizes changes between a Subversion project and local files.
SGEn - A simple game engine.
Simple Game Map Editor - A cross-platform tile map editor.
simpleJ - A retro-style video game console and tools to create new games.
Strasheela - A constraint-based music composition system.
Seagull-trafgen - A multi-protocol traffic generator test tool.
SAVEngine - An object-oriented, plugin-oriented 3D graphics engine.
Simple Spreadsheet - A Web-based spreadsheet program.
Scheme2Js - A Scheme to JavaScript compiler.
Swift Mailer - A pluggable mailer for PHP.
Shake - A user-space filesystem defragmenter.
SqueakGtk - An attempt to port the Gtk+ GUI to Smalltalk Squeak.
s7php - A client for Subseven 2.1.4 DEFCON 8.
shinyhttpd - A fast, tiny, minimalist HTTP server daemon.
Structure101 - A tool to understand, measure, and control software structure.
SubEtha Mail - A modern, sophisticated mailing list manager.
sudoku-perl - A Sudoku player that offers a board, assistance, and solving.
Shell.NET - A set of Unix core utilities implemented in C#.
Shed Skin - An optimizing Python-to-C++ compiler.
Smart Publisher - A program to compare and upload differences of files and databases between local
StoryTestIQ - A tool for creating "Executable Requirements" on Web applications.
SmartTemplate - A fast PHP template engine/compiler.
StableNet Express - Network management software.
Sinfah's Lair - A side-scrolling ladder and platform game for Java ME.
Sameness - A classic puzzle game for Java ME.
Stormbaan Coureur - A simulated obstacle course for automobiles.
Shopping Cart manipulated by AJAX - A PHP class to manipulate the items in a shopping cart using AJAX.
sshproxy - An SSH gateway to apply ACLs on SSH connections.
Spaghetti on Snails - A lightweight MVC, object-oriented, PHP Web application framework.
SlimSearch - A quick and easy search extension for Firefox.
Sstat - A SCSI I/O statistics module aimed at tapes.
SEO Filter - Search engine optimization software for forums and CMS.
srcat - Retrieves data from disks once used in a Coraid SR appliance.
Str - An efficient, easy-to-use string interface for C++.
Shopping Cart - A set of PHP scripts for use with mobile devices.
smtptrapd - A tiny SMTP daemon that returns a 4xx soft error to the RCPT TO verb.
shelisp - A Common Lisp interface to bash and other Unix shells.
shrip - An application for ripping and encoding DVDs.
SoftwareUpdate - A Java class to assist with automatic software updates.
Silence.tcl - A tool that detects silence in a sound file and splits it into several sound fil
Spike PHP Security Audit Tool - A tool that performs a static analysis of PHP code for security exploits.
sip-redirect - A tiny IPv4 and IPv6 SIP redirect server.
Shell SYStem Monitor - A console application for showing uptime, CPU, memory, and network BW usage.
spkg package manager - A reimplementation of slackware package manager.
Springenwerk - A cross site scripting (XSS) scanner.
SourceForge Enterprise Edition - A system for managing internal software projects.
Strigi - A desktop and indexer independent desktop search engine.
SecretBook - A personal information database.
SRESI - A bookmark manager and converter.
Sendmail Sender Address Validator - A milter that implements real-time sender/recipient email address verification.
software requirements toolkit - A requirements management toolkit.
StatsDawg - A suite for monitoring various aspects of a Linux system using RRDTool and PHP.
SCIJAX - A spellcheck plugin for MediaWiki, Phpbb, and WYSIWYG form editors.
Shizzle - A D-Bus aware applications plugin system.
s710 - An IR transfer tool for Polar heart monitors.
seccure - A minimal footprint public key / signature scheme implementation.
Systemtap GUI - An IDE/graphing application for writing/editing/graphing Systemtap scripts.
scriptris - A free J2ME Tetris clone with bluetooth multiplayer support.
SSHMenu - A GNOME panel applet menu for making SSH connections.
SyncEvolution - A tool that synchronizes addressbooks, calendars, and tasks lists.
SqStat - A script to view active squid user connections.
Simple Backup - A simple backup script using bash, sed, grep, and tar
Slamd64 Linux - An unofficial port of Slackware Linux to x86_64.
Suender Radius - A plugin to manageme a RADIUS service using Nagios.
SAP R/3 Communications Suite - A system for sending SMS and fax messages from/to SAP R/3.
SQLiteJDBC - A pure Java JDBC driver for SQLite 3.
Snazzy Backup - Backup software for the desktop.
SAOImage DS9 - A FITS imaging and data visualization application.
SQLIer - An automated SQL Injection exploiter.
Security Officers Best Friend (SOBF Tool) - An information security risk management tool.
SubEtha SMTP - A Java library that provides a receptive SMTP server component.
SILVERCODERS DocToText - A utility that can convert DOC, XLS, PPT, RTF, ODF, OOXML, and HTML documents to plain text, process annotations, and metadata.
SlimPeer - A slim and easy to use PeerCast client.
slogcxx - A simple C++ logging class.
SQLite GUI - A simple manager for SQLite databases.
Slide & Stack - A brain challenging game.
Send2KFlickr - A KFlickr KIPI plugin.
SourceHaven - An SCM solution that combines Subversion and Oracle DB.
segatex - A GUI tool to configure SELinux policy.
syncpasswd - An Expect script that synchronizes passwords via SSH on multiple platforms.
stygmorgan - Interactive musical worsktation software.
surblhost - Looks up if hostnames are blacklisted by international spam databases.
Short URL Script - Software to create shorter URLs under your own domain.
SCAP-Java - An automatic thematical mapping software.
secWWW - A PHP and JavaScript library that ciphers data over the network.
Sudoku Tool - A tool to help you solve sudoku puzzles.
SimpleLogBook - A simple pilot's log book application.
SVN2Log - Generates changelogs from SVN repositories.
Stratos PHP Framework - A PHP framework.
sshfp - Generate SSHFP DNS records from knownhosts files or ssh-keyscan
spidermonkey-dotnet - A binding between the JavaScript engine SpiderMonkey and the .Net platform.
Sivotra - A simple vocabulary trainer.
SRAN Web Identity - A statistics and intrusion detection Web system.
SPWrapper - Writes out Java/Python classes given SQL statements or stored procedure names.
Sux - A wrapper for the "su" command that maintains X11 credentials.
searchmonkey - Powerful searching software.
SimCoupe - A SAM Coupé emulator.
Stegger - A PHP class to encrypt data and hide it in images.
Splix - Drivers for SPL printers (Samsung, Dell, and Xerox printers).
Secrypt - A simple but secure two-way encryption class for PHP.
SenseClusters - A text processor to cluster contexts and words based on contextual similarity.
Sar P Plot - A system statistics plotter.
Scalable OGo - A scalable groupware server.
Salto Framework - An AJAX-J2EE framework based on struts.
Spoon - Program processing, analysis, and transformation in Java.
Simple PHP Internet Traffic Shaping - A Web interface for managing traffic control.
SharpNoise - A coherent noise generator library.
SMSer - A program to send a batch of SMS messages via CenterICQ.
SCLive - A Linux live distribution dedicated to SystemC.
Smack PubSub Extensions - A set of extensions to SMACK for XMPP PubSub.
Sanselan - A Java image library.
Samba User Manager - A tool similar to Windows NT User Manager for Domain.
Spring-Dashboard - A tool that provides a real-time monitoring view of any Spring Web application.
Stunner - An STUN server.
SWTSwing - A port of the SWT graphical toolkit to Swing.
secured WebGine - A mix between a content management system and an application framework.
Systime - A tool to report total system CPU time used by a program.
SciPres - Scientific presentation made easy.
Simple Multi User Out-Of-Office-Responder - A simple automatic vacation responder that supports multiple users.
Sesame Database Manager - A database manager for Linux and Windows.
SynCE FS - A Linux filesystem to mount a PocketPC like a remote disk.
Security Management And Risk Tracking - A Web-based application to manage an information security program.
speed - This release adds a transfer meter to any console or terminal program.
spsim - A single particle diffraction pattern simulator.
spring-richclient - A rich client framework for Java applications.
SuperTuxKart - A kart racing game.
STclass - A CBB testing framework that generates nice test reports.
Serial Splitter CE - A program that splits real serial ports into virtual ports on your mobile device
Slax AoE LiveCD - A live CD for running an ATA over Ethernet server or client.
Sjitter - A network performance tool.
Suhosin - Suhosin is an advanced protection system for PHP installations.
Sparklines for Java - A Java and JSTL sparkline library.
svcmon - A versatile TCP service monitor.
SilverStripe - A modern OO framework for Web sites and applications.
Systems Management Framework - A multi-platform XML custom-coded Java framework.
Sipcat VoIP PBX - Software to easily create and run your own IP telephone PBX.
simple instant messaging - A simple console client for bitlbee instant messaging.
Sojo - A Java framework that converts JavaBeans to a simplified representation.
Simple HTML Parser - A fast HTML parser for PHP 5.
Squid Users Manager - An intuitive Web interface for managing Squid proxy users.
sdparm - Software to access SCSI mode and VPD pages.
S3 browser - An application for managing files stored in Amazon S3 storage.
shmplayer - An XMMS replacement.
Simple XML Framework - A simple XML serialization framework.
sgtd - A curses-based GTD system with a simple clutter-free UI and vi-like bindings.
Synergiser - A lightweight CMS.
SOLIS - A Web-based enterprise framework for sales management.
Solis Reports - A Web-based, general purpose reporting application for easy data access.
SpeexComm - A Speex-based, multi-platform voice communication engine.
Selenium Core - A JavaScript-based test tool for Web applications.
Selenium Remote Control - A Web test tool for many different browsers and programming languages.
Selenium IDE - An integrated development environment for Selenium tests.
StelsXML - A fast JDBC driver for XML files.
StatsServ - A program that transfers statistics from IRC into a database.
Subversion Automation - A wrapper that automates branching and merging using Subversion.
Shell over ICMP - An ICMP shell written in Python.
Simple Config - An INI-like configuration file system.
Schifra - A C++ Reed-Solomon error correcting code library.
StatSVN - A metrics-analysis tool for charting software evolution through analy
Simpy Tools - Software for using and enhancing the REST API of simpy.com.
Stripes Barcode Generador - A barcode toolkit.
SpadFS - An advanced filesystem for Linux.
scanmem - A utility to locate and modify a variable in an executing process.
Schrödinger - A fast implementation of the Dirac codec.
sipie - A command line Sirius online streaming player.
sqwebadd - A tool to remotely import an address book in CSV format into sqwebmail.
Sleep For Palm - Converts one of your hardware buttons into a fully functioning power button.
School Admin Project - A Web based application for school information management.
Scriptella - An open source ETL and script execution tool.
Solo on the Keyboard - An authorized touch typing tutorial.
SpoonRPC - A distributed message passing IPC system for Python.
sem2dpack - A spectral element method for 2D wave propagation and fracture dynamics.
Streams - A fast extensible I/O and serialization library for Haskell.
ServerKit - An SDK for quickly building efficient multi-threaded Linux server programs in C.
Samba LDAP Tools++ - Scripts for LDAP/Samba/Kerberos manipulation.
SSH HTTP Proxy - An HTTP(S) proxy that can tunnel Web requests for specific URLs over SSH.
SiNotes - A simple desktop notes manager.
Sisopen - A utility to list and extract Symbian SIS files.
StableNet Enterprise - Network management software.
Sanefile - A tool that cleans and applies batch changes to filenames using regexps.
Search::Xapian - A fast search engine library supporting probabilistic and boolean retrieval.
Simple Inversion of Control - A C# framework that implements an Inversion of Control container.
SIContact - An application to manage a sort of Web-based meta-directory.
StreamCruncher - An event processing kernel.
sqlmap - An automatic SQL injection and database takeover tool.
SleekOffice - A Web-based suite that increases workgroup productivity.
Sun Java Platform, Enterprise Edition - The Java Enterprise Edition development kit.
SMI - A solution to manage services and technical support.
Space Commander - A space simulation.
Stylebase For Eclipse - Software for maintaining an architectural knowledge base.
SCCS - An implementation of the Source Code Control System.
SEO SpyGlass Professional - Website promotion software for webmasters.
Shell Tunnel - Port forwarding for normal shells like the -L and -R options in ssh(1).
SpotSec Network Gateway - An all-in-one network gateway and firewall.
Syntax Highlighting in JavaScript - A JavaScript program which highlights source code passages in HTML documents.
Slackfr Media pack - A set of multimedia packages for Slackware.
synctool - A cluster administration tool.
SVNChecker - A framework for Subversion hook scripts.
spx10 - Asynchronous raw serial port communication with the CM17A and MR26A.
Sshbak - A very simple but powerful and secure remote backup-over-SSH utility.
SQL Power Architect - Data Modeling Tool
Simple Wiimote Library for Linux - A C library for interfacing with the Nintendo Wii Remote on Linux.
SpamTestBuddy - A simple, light-weight, multiple-input spam scoring tool.
Signice - A utility for selective process signaling and renice.
Spack - A flexible Slackware package building system.
Space Maze - A shooting game going around mazes built in space.
SPAW Editor - A Web based in-browser WYSIWYG HTML editor control.
subtle - A grid-based manual tiling window manager with a strong focus on easy but customizable look and feel.
Squawk Chat - A text and voice chat program geared towards gamers.
Second Life Viewer - A client for logging into the Second Life 3D virtual world.
SDoc - A Java syntax highlighting library.
Stakker - Software for running CD/DVD archiving devices.
Simple Plain Xml Parser - An XML parser that supports pull-model and DOM-model parsing.
Smutty - An MVC framework for PHP.
Sage - A mathematical software system.
Ssuds / Ssudg - A simple Sudoku solver and generator.
stftp - An FTP client for the terminal using the curses library.
SjASMPlus - A modern command-line cross-compiler of 8-bit processor Z80 (and R800) assembly.
Syncro SVN Client - A client for Subversion repositories.
Solar Visitor - A 3D space simulator to explore our solar system.
Scuttle - A Web-based social bookmarking system.
Sitemap Creator - A tool which creates sitemaps for Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.
Simple Python Fixed-Point Module - A Python module to perform arithmetic with binary fixed-point numbers.
schoolsplay - A collection of educational activities for schools and kids.
SnapMatcher - An application to identify near-identical or similar images in large collections
Secure Remote Disk - Software to connect to remote servers using SSH and the comfort of the Finder.
Snackware - A game in which programmers compete with each other.
Scam-backscatter - A milter to prevent backscatter.
Scanhill - An MSN messenger sniffer.
Sciret - An advanced knowledge base system.
stompy the session stomper - A tool to check the security of Web session IDs and other tokens.
SafeKeep - A client/server backup application with a focus on quick deployment.
SMPlayer - A frontend for MPlayer.
Standard Portable Library - A C/C++ framework library.
System Configuration Collector for Windows - A tool which collects configuration data from Windows systems.
sshguard - A program that protects against ssh brute force attacks.
Sleutel - A multi-platform, RCP based password manager.
ScriptBot - A scriptable IRC bot.
SSH Enchanter - A small library for scripting SSH sessions.
SimCList - A high quality C list library for managing elements of any type.
Simple iPod Video Encoder - A GTK 2 frontend to convert videos for iPod use.
sreplay - A tool to replay system call traces.
Spin3D - A visualization tool for high dimensional data.
Scheture - Schematic capture for IC design.
speedupd - A daemon that maintains the PHP syslog viewer's database.
SQLeonardo - A powerful and easy-to-use tool that lets you query databases.
SAAJ - An API for sending XML documents over the Internet.
shwild - A library for implementing shell-compatible wildcard matching.
SEFlow - A data-centered security tool.
Scroll Blog - A simple yet powerful blog system.
steelpoll - A Web polling application.
shUnit2 - A unit test framework for Unix shell scripts.
SpyBye - A tool that helps determine if Web pages host browser exploits.
SysUsage - A system monitoring and alarm reporting tool.
Slimux - A trimmed-down Linux distribution generated from source.
SuperShow - A program to create Adobe Flash files from some slides and an audio file.
shwild.fnmatch - A platform-independent implementation of fnmatch().
SCMS - An MVC based secure content management system.
shotdetect - A video shot cut detector.
SpeakRight - A Java-based application framework for VoiceXML.
Stani's Python Editor - A Python IDE with UML, PyChecker, debugger, GUI designers, and Blender support.
spamdyke - A connection-time spam filter for qmail.
Streamnik Server - An IPTV server for Ogg/Theora.
seccheck - A modular host-level security checker for Solaris 10.
simple variable library - A library meant for easing string handling when using C.
SEOlizer - A Web server log analysis system focused on search engine optimization.
syslog-async - A non-blocking syslog() function.
S3cmd - An Amazon S3 command line client.
StreamMonitor for GlowWorm FW - A tcpdump-like socket data visualizer.
Scriptlandia - A way to run scripting languages within a Java virtual machine.
SQLScreens - A simple database screen generator written in TCL/TK.
Simple MySQL DB Class - A PHP class that acts as a MySQL database access wrapper.
SymPy - A computer algebra system (CAS) in Python.
Schoorbs - A Web 2.0 room/resource booking system.
spserver - A high concurrency server framework library written on C++.
Stamit's Online Poker - A simple OpenGL poker game.
Session Saver - A package to save and restore an object's data in session variables.
SmartSVN - A powerful, easy-to-use Subversion client.
SDict Viewer - A viewer for dictionaries, reference books, and encyclopedias.
Sydewynder - An SMS receiver and sender Python application for S60 phones.
svntoolbox - Various add-on tools for Subversion.
Skulker - A log and temporary file management tool.
Shttp - A partial implementation of HTTP/1.1.
Shtooka Explorer - A program that enables the browsing of audio collections of words.
Source Speak - A source code highlighter using the VIM engine
Ski OTP Calculator - An S/Key (one-time pad) calculator.
Small Footprint CIM Broker - A lightweight CIMOM.
sikakuQt - A Japanese puzzle game.
st - A collection of XSL FO stylesheets.
SmartCVS - A full-featured, but easy-to-use CVS client.
SOGo - A scalable free software groupware project.
Spket IDE - A powerful toolkit for JavaScript and XML development.
SimpleMyAdmin - A lightweight and easy AJAX utility for MySQL database management.
SmartMines - A minesweeper game.
surumi - A modular event-driven programming framework.
Symbolica - A remake of the C-64 game Symbolica.
Save Scummer - Lead an adventurer through the dungeon by saving and restoring.
SVNFeed - A script that creates RSS feeds of Subversion repository logs.
SourceHighlightIDE - An IDE for GNU Source-highlight.
Sphene Community Tools - A wiki and board application usable to build community Web sites.
SuperWaba JEP - A port of the JEP parser to SuperWaba.
SysInfo-DC for HP-UX - A system information data collector for HP-UX.
Shoka - A PDF library manager.
synscan - A fast half-open port scanner.
Skipole Network Monitor - Pings hosts and displays their status in a built-in Web server.
SHOGUN - A large scale machine learning toolbox.
Slackware autoupgrading - A script that upgrades installed packages.
SlaBuntuVMware - A useful installation suite for installing VMware Server on Slackware or Ubuntu.
Simple RDS-TMC Decoder - RDS-TMC Decoder
Shatranj - A Python based chess engine.
sendemails - A batch server tool for sending emails.
spdict - A library of dictionary algorithms written in C++.
ssshell - A program for logging into a remote machine following a defined path.
STX B+ Tree - C++ template classes implementing a B+ tree key/data container in main memory.
SQLBuster - A simple MySQL benchmarking utility.
Scramble Eggs - A PHP class to scramble and unscramble values.
since - A stateful log tailing utility.
Sight (GIS) - A GIS to archive old sites with archeological notes.
Secure Storage service for the gLite middleware - A set of tools for storing data in encrypted format on grid storage elements.
Source Navigator NG - A source code exploration suite.
Shell.FM - A console based, lightweight player for Last.FM Internet radio streams.
SpectraScan - A poor man's 'OCR' for spectra.
Swiftweasel - An optimized build of the Mozilla Firefox Web browser for Linux.
Shell Directory Manager - A small tool for managing often-visited directories using a shell.
SimpleIni - A C++ library providing a simple API to read and write INI-style files.
servicemon - A simple service monitor.
SpeakGoodChinese - Software to train Mandarin Chinese pronunciation.
SubPlayer - A subtitle player.
SLACK - A role-based configuration management system for POSIX systems.
system-config-printer - A CUPS server configuration program.
Script Wizard - A Web-based script installer.
Simena Ethernet Interface Statistics - A tool to show ethernet interface statistics in real time.
Safe and SafeDesktop - A cell phone utility to store sensitive information in an encrypted way.
System for Internet-Level Knowledge - Provides efficient collection, storage, and analysis of network flow data.
Sugar - A PHP template engine.
Smarty and MIME message integration - A PHP class for sending emails.
SILC Plugin for Kopete - A plugin that makes Secure Internet Live Chat available for Kopete.
SnapLogic - A data integration framework.
sslh - A server-side multiplexer for SSL, SSH, OpenVPN, tinc, and XMPP.
Sauerbraten - A multiplayer/single player FPS.
SlashOrg Downloader - A PHP file management solution.
Sofa Media Center - A media center aimed at easy usage for GNOME.
slackroll - A package or upgrade manager for Slackware Linux.
Sockso - A personal music server for everyone.
SGCE - A system developed to manage a skin care center.
sudognu - A sudoku solver and creator
sipscreen - Software to screen inbound SIP calls flowing through a Linux gateway.
SimDock - A fast and fully configurable dock bar for Linux.
SSEP - An election simulation system.
StuffDawg - An application that helps catalog your important material items.
Sanaware Java Docking - A Java docking library.
SmartCam - A smartphone Web cam.
Smalltalk YX - A Smalltalk-80 implementation.
Sanders - A PHP MVC framework based on Mojavi 3.0.
S3OSCache - An OSCache store that caches to Amazon's S3.
Simple DocBook Processor - A program that turns a common subset of DocBook XML into PostScript.
SNPfile - A file format for SNP marker data.
SigScheme - A R5RS Scheme interpreter for embedded use.
SMA - A collection of programs for single marker association tests.
Stream Replace - Software that replaces byte strings in binary streams (stdin to stdout).
Siptelbox - A hack to use the USB Telbox as a SIP phone.
smspasswd - Provides two factor authentication via cell phone SMS (text).
Slingshot - A turn based simulation-strategy game set involving gravity.
SciDAVis - Scientific Data Analysis and Visualisation
SVG Charter - Software to generate scalable SVG charts and graphs.
Skeleton Engine for MySQL - A starting point for creating a MySQL storage engine.
SQLizer - A Java utility library for generating SQL queries from search input.
SecureJSH - A secure, interactive shell service for server-side Java applications.
Step-by-Step - A logic game where you have step over a tile to clear it.
STX Expression Parser - A C++ framework to parse user-specified arithmetic expressions with variables.
SDL_anim - An animation library for SDL.
SDL MNG library - A library to load MNG files as an array of SDL_surfaces.
Site Tools - Classes to search, list, and view files from a directory
Stanford NetDB - A distributed DNS and DHCP management tool.
Slide40 - A program for displaying slide presentations with an 8-bit style.
socketexec - A program to exec another program on a network socket.
sc101-nbd - A tool for accessing Netgear SC101 storage devices through Linux's NBD facility.
SendSMS - A program to send SMS from a computer using a clickatell account.
SpiceHire for SugarCRM - A very useful recruitment add-on to SugarCRM.
Sporktris - A fun, functional, pretty, and minimally annoying clone of Tetris-clones.
Scam-protect - A milter which restricts the use of your domain address in email.
SIPVicious - Tools for auditing SIP devices.
sx360 - A C++ library for manipulating 360-column binary files.
sigma console fonts - UTF-8 8x16 Linux console fonts.
Snow Flash Effect - A Flash component that creates a snowfall effect and other similar effects.
ScreenSpy - A program that records what your computer is doing while you are away.
SSHatter - A brute force password attacker for SSH.
Symlinker - A minimalistic file manager that primarily operates on symlinks.
Simple Data Upload - A MySQL data dump and upload frontend.
supervisor - A UNIX process control system.
Shoelacer - A tool that generates C functions that compress short strings.
Sutekh - A card collection manager for "Vampire: the Eternal Struggle".
SDL Asylum - A port of Andy Southgate's 1994 Acorn Archimedes platform shooter.
ssqlfs - A program that uses a file/directory structure to generate an SQL database.
Swan - A bandwidth manager, bandwidth clubber, and transparent proxy solution.
Site Checker - A package to find broken links in Web pages.
svnauthcheck - A tool to check svnacess files to convert them to Apache configuration files.
Snowballz - A snowball fight game in a snowy world with lots of penguins.
Swiftdove - An optimized build of the Mozilla Thunderbird email client for Linux.
SwamiRealty - An advanced Web script for real estate.
Speaking Hangman - An educational game to practice and expand English and Spanish vocabularies.
Silver Tree - A single player 3D RPG.
Secure Malloc - A C library for secure memory allocations.
Sol - A 3D arcade-style space shooter game.
Sandbox - A personal Web site package with a blog, image gallery, file downloads, and custom Web pages.
SmartBOX - An easy-to-install, easy-to-manage network server.
SUS - A utility for fine grained control of commands run as super user.
Simple PHP agenda - A small tool for online agenda keeping.
Sample - A cron-like tool for monitoring outdated or oversized files.
sk98lin - A Marvell Yukon/SysKonnect Linux driver.
Sup - A console-based email client for people with a lot of email.
sprintf() for JavaScript - A lightweight JavaScript implementation of sprintf().
SyWiCo - A tool to synchronize files between unconnected computers.
stdin mixer - A utility that shares a program's stdin via a socket.
smb4php - An SMB stream wrapper for PHP.
Super CSV - A CSV data handling library for Java 5.
saop - A system that adds authentication to any SMTP server.
SCAN - Smart content aggregation and navigation.
Stephen Ostermiller's RSS Reader - Web software which creates a page from RSS feeds.
streamiumd - A daemon that serves MP3s, M3Us, and URLs to your Streamium MC-i250/MC-i200.
STPsim - A 3D spanning tree protocol simulator.
SudokuToon - A fun Sudoku game with unique features.
Spring Python - A Python offshoot of the Java-based Spring Framework.
setuptools_git - A setuptools revision control system plugin for Git.
SoundBridge Commander - A remote control for a Roku SoundBridge with powerful search abilities.
Serial IO - A serial terminal with a GUI and special features like sending of buffers.
SocratiMA - Computer aided support for morphological analysis during group facilitation.
sK1 - A vector graphics editor.
SVN Create Project - A utility that creates a new SVN project using an initial project directory.
Star Corp - A space economic strategy multiplayer play-by-email game.
SCX Tools - A set of utilities for Skype for Linux.
SONaFR - A simple OpenBSD NAT and firewall/router.
Squid Account Management System - A Web-based interface and tool to manage users of a squid proxy server.
SPT Relational Database Web Tool - A simple Web application to analyse RDBMS systems and interact with them.
SeaMonkey - An all-in-one Internet application suite.
scord - A tool that reduces the disk space used by a Subversion working copy.
SiteLock - A tool for creating password protected areas on your Web site.
sitemap_gen - A platform-independent XML site map generator.
Server Side Application FrameworX - A collection of generally useful C and C++ components, classes, and functions.
Secret Maryo Chronicles - A jump-and-run game like Super Mario World.
Satchmo - An eCommerce framework using Django.
Simple Settings dialog - An easy way to generate a settings GUI for scripting purposes.
SkatGUI - A graphical user interface for the Internet Skat Server.
SymmetricDS - Data synchronization, replication, and transformation software.
sshforwarding - Port forwarding for IMAP, POP3, and SMTP ports over an SSH connection
Step Into Chinese - A Chinese language mining and flashcard system.
Shengreader - A script that helps you to learn speed reading.
SQL Power DQguru - A cross-platform data cleansing tool.
Simplify Theorem Prover - An automated theorem prover.
Shandian - A flashcard system for learning Chinese or Japanese characters.
SIMH - A historical computer simulator.
SAOTrace - An X-ray optics simulator.
Submin - A Web adminstration interface to Subversion and Git.
Serve Tools - A helpful database and HTML parsing libraries for PHP.
SyncMate - A program to synchronize a Mac with a wide variety of computers, devices, and services.
Sylbi - A combination of a forum and a blogging platform.
Solartron Orbit Network Reader - A Solartron Orbit Network device reader over RS232.
SMC - A calendar and other utilities for practicing magic.
seek-h262 - A portable MPEG decoder.
SubdiverSVN - A convenient Subversion client.
Spikeflow - A e-form builder.
Subversion Repository Search Engine - A Subversion repository search engine.
SciYAG - An organizer for scientific data.
spprocpool - A Unix/Linux preforked server library.
spinn3r-client - A weblog aggregator Web service.
Scannedonly - An anti-virus Samba VFS module.
SVNBot - A Jabber bot for monitoring an SVN repository.
Space Exploration: Serpens Sector - A space exploration game with random maps.
SmartSynchronize - A tool for comparing and merging files and directories.
SciTE-debug - A debugger extension for SciTE.
schnolgo - A unique musical composition system focused on flexibility.
svnpserver - CVS pserver implementation that works against Subversion.
Solido Smtp Proxy - A high performance SMTP proxy.
Solido Spam Filter - A high performance spam filter.
Sobolewski Chess - A game that allows two live opponents to play online asynchronous chess.
sba - A flexible C/C++ library for sparse bundle adjustment.
Scala Ray - A ray tracer written in Scala and Groovy.
SSI.cgi - An SSI (Server Side Includes) interpreter.
schily - A set of tools for a variety of purposes.
shoepolish - A Web site and file optimization system.
sudosh2 - An auditing shell wrapper for sudo.
Smart Grid - An AJAX-based table editing tool.
smu - A simple interpreter for a simplified Markdown dialect.
Subversion/CVS Security Access Control - Authorization, authentication, access control, and auditing for SVN and CVS.
StactiveRecord - A C++ library that makes simple database usage simple.
simpleSAMLphp - A simple and lightweight SAML 2.0 solution.
spnetkit - A C++ wrapper for BSD-style sockets.
snafu - A tool that keeps tracks of active windows in X and generates usage statistics.
Sound-Rec-Ed - GUIs to record and edit sound files.
synDirectory - A program to retrieve and sort the current directory files.
STL-MPI - An extension to MPI to support easy transfer of STL objects.
Server2Go - A self-configurable Web server that runs from CD-ROM or USB stick.
Simple TCP FUSE File System - A simple filesystem-in-userspace networking filesystem.
scantool.net - Software to access your car's ODB-II data: speed, MPG, and diagnostics.
Samba 4 DosEmu - Samba support for DosEmu.
Subversion Labels - A set of scripts that allows Subversion revision numbers to have aliases.
S60 PAMP manager - A file manager designed for PHP development using the PAMP stack on S60.
Segdecode - Decodes segmentation fault codes for Linux x86-64.
Sudoku for Eclipse - A Sudoku game.
SynCE KDE PDA Manager - An ActiveSync like application for managing WM5/WM6 devices.
Spartns - A sparse tensor representation library for Common Lisp.
Spicebird - A collaboration suite.
SVNImporter - A tool to import CVS, PCVS, MKS, ClearCase, and VSS to SVN.
Serial Console - A utility that provides access to serial ports from the command line.
Smug - A live-editing content system backed by a Git repository.
Staplr - An rrdtool front end for monitoring various data sources.
Simple Paging class - A PHP class that provides a configurable MySQL resultset paging controller.
seek-1f42 - A library for reading 1f42 H262 maps.
slack1f42 - A collection of command line utilities for reading and editing 1f42 H262 maps.
SysLog Summary - A program to summarize the contents of a syslog log file.
Strangle - A Python library for parsing DNS.
Storybook - Scene-based software for novelists and authors.
Shared Memory Arena - An inter-process shared memory allocator.
Scal - A simple JavaScript calendar/date picker.
Sux data structures - High-performance, succinct data structures in C++ and Java.
SELECT - A tool for performing SQL queries on text files.
SQL ORM - An ORM that focuses on mediating database interactions.
SympyCore - An efficient pure Python Computer Algebra System.
Simple Base Java Edition - A simple-to-use, OS-independent multimedia catalog.
SILC Runtime Toolkit - Runtime utility functions for application programmers.
sdml2txt - An SDML to ASCII text converter.
Shader Maker - A simple cross-platform GLSL editor.
Stronghold - An application to keep information encrypted with 448-bit Blowfish.
Shoebot - A vector graphics programming environment powered by Python and Cairo.
SILC Crypto Toolkit - A high performance multipurpose cryptographic toolkit.
Simple Python Keylogger - A cross-platform keylogger.
sware - A script to connect a SNOM 3x0 telephone to groupware or CMS systems.
shape2ge - Applications that convert ESRI shapefiles into Google Earth KML files.
SvOlli's Little Audio Related Thingies - A suite of audio related programs.
Shared Scientific Toolbox in Java - High quality, lightweight components for scientific/distributed computing.
sshdautoban - A script that automatically bans, in real time, IPs that fail sshd login.
Spindown - A daemon to spin down idle disks.
sif - A very lightweight Web-based image gallery.
SIPFwd - A SIP forwarding daemon.
Spray - A build tool.
Steev's Midi Library - Routines to read/write/convert MIDI files.
SelfBuild - A Web site editor.
Salvation Focus - A Web-application for focusing prayers on pre-believers.
Seamstress Library - A library for content-aware image resizing.
SANE Evolution - A fork of the SANE project.
Sonatype GWT REST - A "generic" (low-level) REST async client for GWT.
Steev's HTML Parser - An HTML parsing library.
SqlBuilder (OpenHMS) - An SQL query generation library.
shipyard - A Python module to store data in a format inspired by email headers.
Sonatype Nexus - A Maven repository manager.
Spice+ - A general-purpose circuit simulation program based on Spice3f5.
Shibboleth Project - A package providing SAML-based single-sign-on.
SE Toolkit - A performance analysis and system diagnostic tool.
SMTPUtils - A tool to check SMTP servers for open relays, viruses, spam, and more.
SimpleXML for PHP 4 - A simplexml_load_file substitute for PHP 4.
SHOUTcast Management Interface - A SHOUTcast server management tool.
SnmpB - A cross-platform SNMP MIB browser.
SILVERCODERS SqlSync - A utility for comparing and synchronizing data in SQL databases.
stroy - A smart diff tool.
SxWiki - A PHP framework for editing MediaWiki projects.
Sdbgrey - A greylisting policy server for Postfix.
Synoptic - An AJAXy personal notes manager.
S-Lang Interface Package - A code generator for S-Lang.
sift - A scriptable IMAP client utility.
Service-Guardian - A server and services protector.
Spidio - A video library system to store and manage video information.
SpotLook - A Spotlight GUI for Leopard.
SpatiaLite - A GIS wrapper library for SQLite.
superpodder - A lightweight GUI podcast downloader.
susta - A Web application that delivers basic human resource and report facilities.
strftime for JavaScript - The classic string formatting function implemented for JavaScript.
Sesat - Search middleware with federation capabilities and built-in search portal.
System and Process Monitor in Java - A system resource and process monitor for Java.
simple-simeng - A simple Java-based variable timestep discrete event simulator.
Sfinx - A personal knowledge and data manager with a UI named Faraon.
sectool - A security audit and intrusion detection system.
SSID-based SMTP server changer for Evolution - A script that updates Evolution's SMTP server settings based on the SSID.
Salasaga - An e-learning IDE.
Silktree - A tool that replicates authorization data across an untrusted network.
StudioDix - A recording studio management system.
Slideshow - An application for showing text and images in a loop on monitors and projectors.
Spensierato - A Web site CMS that allows in-site editing.
Shutter - A screenshot tool.
Squid Top-Site Report Generator - A script to analyze the previous day's squid access.log log file.
Stylus Handwriting Input Panel - A gesture and handwriting input for Linux Tablet computers.
Slide Viewer - An automatic picture viewer.
Sambuca Embedded HTTP Framework - A Java HTTP server framework that developers can embed into their applications.
SamTodo - A PHP application for managing a todo list.
S2000USB - A driver for the S2000 spectrometer.
swac-tools - Software for the words audio collections of the Shtooka Project.
surma - A simple Web interface for changing Samba passwords stored in an smbpasswd file.
slideme - An Android client to manage the discovery and download of Android applications.
SnakeBite - An application that converts your music library to MP3.
SUI Calendar - A calendar application for Filemaker for personal usage and team collaboration.
Sydebar - A browser sidebar generator for Python documentation.
SupraBrowser - An Eclipse-like Web browser.
SVN Access Manager - A subversion authorization and access management tool.
ScenePainter - An art program for doodling.
ScaleTempo - Improves variable speed playback for major open source media players.
SVNGroup - Tools that provide dynamic access control lists for use with SVN.
ScriptSWF - A C/C++ library to create Flash animations.
step-shell - A minimalistic shell script debugging tool.
Simple Message Brokering Library - A message passing library for parallelizing scientific programs run on Condor.
Seg3D - An interactive tool for segmenting volume data.
SOS Webpages - An easy to learn Web site management system.
scheme-asteroid - An asteroid-like game.
SQLyog - A GUI tool that allows you manage MySQL databases.
safe-rm - A wrapper around the rm command to prevent accidental deletions.
SWTBot - A functional testing tool for SWT and Eclipse applications.
Shell Flags - A library to simplify the handling of command-line flags in Unix shell scripts.
SWTerm - A terminal (curses-based) client for ShipWars.
spacemaps - A library that aims to create support for Web-based strategy games.
SSL-audit - A weak key detector for OpenSSL on multiple platforms.
Stanza - An Ebook reader and converter for the Mac, iPhone, and Kindle.
sqlDoInstall - An SQL installer for Oracle databases.
Sonata - An elegant GTK+ music client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD).
slapi-dnsnotify - A tool that notifies slaves when zones in an LDAP-based DNS server change.
slv2 - A library for simple use of LV2 plugins.
Secured Object for Database Abstraction - A secured database abstraction class for PHP.
SAPO Messenger Mac - A Jabber/XMPP client.
SPT Object Database - A simple object database developed around Prevayler.
stereoboost - A program that widens, enlarges, and boosts the stereo effects in music.
SDL Game Engine - A platform-independent 2D game programming framework.
soundconverter - A command-line program to convert sound files between different formats.
StelsMDB - A JDBC driver for MS Access database (MDB) files.
SABnzbd - An automated binary newsreader.
Simple Stuff - Utility classes for handling repetitive common operations.
svntask - A very simple solution for using svn from ant.
SubnetMapper - A tool for generating IP network maps to keep track of changes, etc.
Sunscape - A PocketPC interactive screenlock and screensaver application.
SquidModel - A GUI for configuring the Squid caching proxy.
SPJson - A simple C++ JSON parser library.
Simpleflex - A Java-based, extendable Web server that supports BeanShell.
SVEditor - An Eclipse-based SystemVerilog Editor.
syren - A command-line program for downloading via HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP.
SWDIST - A framework to install and configure SUSE systems including software management.
SQL Construction Kit - A simple builder pattern based approach to generating SQL wrapping JDBC.
SQL2XML - A CGI script that requests an SQL query via a Web server in XML or INI format.
SimpleDC++ - A client for DC++ networks.
Spectro-Edit - Software to view and modify audio in the frequency domain.
Surf Jack - A tool which allows one to hijack HTTP connections to steal cookies.
SysDirector - A configuration management system.
smupcheck - A program that checks Web sites for updates automatically.
spriteconv - A tool that stitches several pictures together into one sprite.
SMILE Slideshow - A 3D slideshow builder.
Summer Session - A multi-ending college dating sim/visual novel.
Simple Movie Catalog - A program to catalog movies.
simplejson - A simple, fast, and extensible JSON encoder/decoder for Python.
SmartCruddy! - A Business Intelligence program with aggregation and drill down reporting tools.
Switch - An audio file format converter program for MP3 and WAV files.
shva - A Web-start graphical editor to hear, view, and annotate speech.
Spelling Suggestion Class - A PHP class to suggest corrected spelling text with the Yahoo API.
Scientific Calculator Midlet - A scientific calculator midlet.
SiteExplorer4Google - A site map generator.
str2img - A simple way to display a string of text as an image.
scout - A package indexer.
SensorWeb - Sensor networking for distributed computing.
Scriptable Form Editor - A graphical form editor for command line and shell scripts.
SimpleForm Generator - An easy, lightweight, and secure form generator.
Skwish - A Java library for storing blobs on the file system.
SGABIOS - A serial graphics adapter BIOS to provide legacy x86 serial console support.
SAcc - An access control system for Squid.
SedThink - A desktop mashup application for Facebook, Twitter, hi5, etc.
Shrew Soft VPN client - A VPN client for Unix and Windows.
StatusNet - A microblogging server.
ServiceFixture - A fixture library to test Web services, EBJ and POJO, etc.
SliderWindow - A widget based on the Yahoo! YUI Javascript library.
Siglar - Acronym creation software.
Simple Billing System - An Internet traffic monitor.
sigabi - A Java object database persistent framework.
Solu - An office resource finder.
s51dude - An ISP for 8051 MCUs using usbtiny.
Social Media Toolkit for Facebook Applications - A platform to run a topic-based social news Web site inside Facebook.
StopScreenSaver - A Java program to restrict the invocation of screen savers.
SQLite Diff - A graphical tool for comparing SQLite database schema and data.
SILVERCODERS OCR Server - Server-based OCR (189 languages) and PDF conversion for enterprises.
SoapQuest - A small, easily modifiable, tile-based Java game based on item interaction.
SmellyFish - A small PHP application that allows you to manage collections of recipes.
Showtime - An OpenGL-based media player for Linux.
Sandia Environmental Fluid Dynamics - A model of surface-water flow, sediment transport, and water-quality.
Siruna - A platform that helps deploy a traditional Web site on mobile devices.
SmartDefense Delta - Shows the difference between two updates of Check Point's SmartDefense.
Sql Import - A PHP class to execute MySQL queries imported from a file.
sfLimeTracker - A BitTorrent tracker.
Song Collection - A system to search and stream your music collection, wherever you are.
SysScope - A graphing solution that facilitates the visual representation of RRD files.
Surf Canyon for Firefox - A plugin to find things faster on Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.
Smitten - A media centre application for playing movies, music, picture slideshows, etc.
sniffy - A pseudo terminal sniffer/logger.
Sqlkit - A PyGtk package for editing database data.
Simple Sockets - A cross platform socket library.
Seurat - A cellular automata visual processing application.
Scarry On Line - An easy Carrom tournament manager.
SimpleKB - Knowledge Base - A PHP/MySQL-based knowledge base system.
Sigma Grid - An AJAX-based, sortable data grid for using PHP to display and edit data inline.
SQL Power Wabit - An easy-to-use, cross-platform, all-in-1 business intelligence reporting and analysis tool.
silencio - A script that generates a one page Web page.
Slurchin - A Web application to take pictures with a Quickcam webcam and an NSLU2.
Smans data server - A mobile Web database and site content management system (CMS).
Simple XML library - An XML library for C programs.
Slashdot Extension - A Firefox extension which provides some useful stuff to use Slashdot.
StopDuplicates - An application that easily locates and removes duplicates.
sqlzma - LZMA support for the SquashFS filesystem.
Swig Starter Kit - Examples for using C++ and SWIG.
Simple CGI Hit Counter - A simple CGI-based hit counter.
Skyway Builder Community Edition - Code generation and scaffolding for Spring-based applications.
splintgui - A graphical frontend for splint.
Sabacc - An interesting card game, similar to Blackjack but with a random element.
ShoutSend - A simple streaming source client for ShoutCast/IceCast.
StegaVorto - The Game that came to James in a Dream.
Sugar - A cognitive learning platform for young children.
Salvia - An interactive Jabber lookup bot.
SVF_Log - A logging class and plug-ins for the Zend framework.
shcov - A gcov-like code coverage tester for Bourne shell/Bash scripts.
Spacewalk - A Linux and Solaris systems management solution.
SLB-jsMin - A JavaScript minification utility.
Simple Gal - A simple image gallery that does not require a database.
svenson - A Java 5 JSON generator/parser.
sushi IRC suite - An IRC suite providing a central daemon and several clients.
Shining Snowflakes - A 3D screensaver that displays snowflake crystal patterns.
SmallMail - A privacy-friendly, secure mail system.
Sapling - A school management system.
Subukan Sensor - An IDS sensor platform.
Stack Photo Gallery - A simple photo gallery that displays a stack of photos.
Stopwatch API - A simple but highly extensible API for monitoring Java applications.
Sigma Visual builder - A WYSIWYG tool for rapid design of Web applications with GUIs that use AJAX.
Scalasca - Parallel software performance analysis.
Stream of Consciousness - A simple Ruby filesystem-based Webblog in the style of Blosxom.
SCST - A generic mid-level SCSI target subsystem for Linux.
SRPT - A SCSI RDMA Protocol target implementation on top of SCST.
scstqla2x00t - A SCST target driver for Qlogic 22xx/23xx cards.
Simple Best Practices Guestbook - A Web-based guestbook to demonstrate application development in PHP.
subvertpy - Pythonic Python bindings for Subversion.
Simplemail Admin - A manager for virtual domains in various mail servers.
SpamWars - A challenge-response based antispam system.
STEditor - A simple WYSIWYG editor for the Web.
Simplepkg - A management system for Slackware.
scst_qla_isp - A SCST target driver for QLogic HBAs with the ISP chipset.
SECVOICE 3G - Encryption software for VoIP.
svg2swf-2 - An SVG to Flash SWF converter.
Smart Restaurant - A restaurant management system.
SIREMIS Web Management Interface - A Web management interface for Kamailio (OpenSER).
seisyunBroccoli - A reader for RSS and Atom feeds that is meant to be simple and easy.
SSH Askpass Keyring - An alternate ssh-askpass utility with gnome-keyring support.
spectrwm - A small dynamic tiling window manager for X11.
SWEC - A simple error checker for dynamic Web sites.
SWF Protector for Linux - A solution to encrypt SWF files.
Shape Collage - An automatic photo collage maker.
SAFE - A semi-automatic invoice creation Web application.
System Data Recorder - A simple toolkit used to record and report data from Solaris servers.
SitemapGen4j - A Java library for XML sitemap generation.
Sculptor - A DSL and code generator for Java enterprise applications.
streamtuner2 - A directory browser for Internet radio stations.
SFTP Applet - An add-on for JFileUpload that adds SSH File Transfer Protocol support.
Schmant - A build tool for Java programs.
SILVERCODERS DocStorage - document management system, document archiving, document circulation
Shield - An Oracle-MySQL gateway.
SmbSync - A program to move files between Unix and Windows shares directly.
Stock Volatility Calculator - A spreadsheet that extracts free historical stock volatility data from Yahoo!
Stash CMS - Software to manage your band's news, tour dates, discography, and more.
SharpPcap - A .NET/Mono wrapper for WinPcap/libpcap.
seetxt - A lightweight Linux text file and man page viewer.
Scan Tailor - An interactive post-processing tool for scanned pages.
SpecEd - A program that allows you to work with spectral colors.
Sputnik - An extensible Wiki engine.
SLiteChat - An in-world SL text-only local chat/instant messaging client.
Spam blocker using Project Honey Pot - Software to allow/deny Web access using Project Honey Pot's real-time blacklist.
S-ButtonZ - A social media button WordPress plugin.
Speeqe - A Web-based group chat client that works with the XMPP/MUC protocol.
Sarasvati - A workflow engine designed to be simple, capable, and transparent.
SchemaSpyGUI - A graphical user interface for the SchemaSpy program.
seltz_analyzer - A PHP class that tries to find the most importants words in an XHTML trunk.
Schemik - An implicitly-parallel dialect of Scheme and CommonLisp written in C.
Scalpel Audio Editor - An audio editor for Linux. Simple to use, easy to hack.
SoftHSM - An implementation of a cryptographic store accessible through PKCS#11.
ScanDraiD - 3D scanner software based on image analysis.
Satya Portal Pack - A PHP framework.
StatPlanet Map Maker - A program for creating interactive thematic maps.
SimPMD - A PMD 85 computer emulator.
ShortPHP - A ridiculously small, ultra-light PHP Web framework.
side4linux - A simple Integrated Development Environment for Linux.
SixPack library - A collection of classes for rapid development on the .NET/Mono platform.
Simpycity - A seamless data model wrapper for Python and PostgreSQL.
sharkie - A radioSHARK 2 application.
slimrat - A Rapidshare downloader.
ScopePort - A remote monitoring system.
Scamp - A bash script to download and install ClamAV definition files.
SuperSimpleNews - A Web-based news script.
superGlobals - A PHP library that extends the functionality of superglobal or global arrays.
Svnobj - A PHP extension providing object-oriented bindings to the Subversion client library.
SimpleSlide - Automated presentation software based on Apple Keynote.
SQLite Database Management - An SQLite manager.
SYMPLiK FNDLOADER - A Java wrapper of the FNDLOAD tool for Oracle EBS 11i and 12.
Summer - A podcast and broadcache library.
spawn-fcgi - A helper program that spawns fastcgi processes.
switchmap - A program that creates Web pages showing Cisco switch details.
SemanticAgent - A programming multi-agent system in SWRL.
symulator parkowania - A car parking simulation.
Sonar - A platform to manage source quality.
SharpNzb - A Newzbin downloader.
ssh-curse - An SSH GUI for the terminal.
SQBind - A lightweight and powerful binding library for the Squirrel language.
Siberia - A calendar application that integrates with Google Calendar.
SYMPLiK XTRACT4J - An Oracle 11i and 12 XML data extractor and report generator.
slacktools - Scripts for making Slackware packages.
sside - A lightweight GTK+ based IDE for the C language intended primarily for the development of embedded applications.
Sinbadsoft Advanced .NET Collections - Advanced containers for the .NET platform.
spiked - A Python Web development framework built on a top of Twisted and Cheetah.
Squale - Software QUALity Enhancement
SnappyJ - A Java library designed to ease Web 2.0 development.
SmartCRUD - A tool for generating PHP code for CRUD (create, replace, update, and delete) operations.
Signal Framework - A Spring-based IoC, AOP, and MVC framework for Java ME (J2ME).
skd - A socket daemon.
SDAPS - Scripts for data acquisition with paper-based surveys.
spdash - A Web-based dashboard for Splunk Administrators to monitor Splunk servers.
Soprano - An RDF storage and parsing framework
Selador - A browser-based multiplayer online game
swampex - A library for processing raster maps.
SSLSweep - A program that tests TCP services for the presence of SSL and reports things about the services found.
StoneVPN - An easy OpenVPN cerificate and configuration management system.
stupid-xml - A ridiculously simple annotation-based XML parser for Java.
SPSmtpGate - An anti-spam SMTP proxy.
Syslog4j - A complete Java implementation of the syslog client and server.
simpleburner - A CLI program to make burning CDs/DVDs easier.
Scalaffinity - A generic collective intelligence library written in Scala.
scgid - A daemon that serves SCGI requests by executing pre-configured programs.
Scripturian - A library that makes it easy to integrate scripting languages into your Java applications.
SASqlConsole - An SQLAlchemy-based unified SQL console.
Symbolic - A data center management and cloud computing platform.
SolarBeam - An application for drawing solar diagrams.
SolarCalc - Simple software for photovoltaic system design.
superseriousstats - Software to create a Web page with extensive statistics on your IRC channel.
Spring Batch Advanced Launcher - A command line tool with advanced options to launch batches using Spring Batch.
Simplicity PHP Framework - A lightweight modular Web development framework.
StarCalendar - A calendar with support for Gregorian, Jalali, and Hijri calendars.
Statistics-Descriptive - A Perl module for performing statistics on numeric data.
scandalo - A simple, lightweight, fast, and memory efficient mail virus clamdscan frontend.
SliTaz - A GNU/Linux distribution.
Smasher - An audio loop slicer.
SHEF - A Java Swing HTML editor framework.
siwapp - An online invoice system.
Stardust Finder - A program that helps find stardust with the Stardust@Home project.
sc-tool - An administration tool for Linux-based traffic shapers.
Stance - A Dutch language sentence generator.
SOFA Statistics - A statistics and analysis program.
Saros - An Eclipse plugin for distributed collaborative programming.
Spring ME - The Spring Framework running on a cell phone.
Session reader - A tool that displays Web application session data.
SAIL - A Web interface for managing Samba domain users, groups, shares, and computers.
Security Filter for Request HTTP Data - A security filter for vulnerable sites using regex patterns.
SPHiveDB - A server for SQLite database.
selector - A command line utility for efficient history search.
SynchroDir - A backup and synchronization utility.
Signature - A class that provides simple and easy secure encrypted unique signatures.
Sq3 - A SQLite3 query tool for shell use.
Sudokuki - A Sudoku game.
Secrond - A cron daemon that lets you specify the seconds part of the time to run a job.
Snake Steak - A freshmeat API command line client and Python library.
SEO PowerSuite Professional - An all-in-one SEO application.
Science Girls! - Aliens have invaded your school, and it's up to the girls of the Science Club to save the day.
SimpleTable - A Simple JTable implementation in EMC-Framework.
SMS Server Tools 3 - An SMS gateway.
SGX Engine Core - Underlying functionality of the SGX 3D game engine.
Sinthgunt - A graphical user interface for ffmpeg.
scspell - An interactive spell checker for source code.
StupidZombie - A tool to ping blog directories and to generate tags.
Square Root - A monophonic synth for DSSI.
SpamBlock - A program that detects and blocks spam on a FreeBSD-based router with ipfw2 and tcpdump.
Sunrise Sunset - A Python API for determining sunrise and sunset.
SLA Negotiation - An implementation of interfaces suggested by WS-Agreement.
SUMO Access Manager - An authentication system for PHP Web pages.
surl - An URL link shortening utility for various sites.
SynApp2 - Instantly create Web apps and PDF reports for MySQL and Oracle.
Syncables Desktop SE for Mac - Software that easily syncs content between PCs.
ServerStatus - Displays a window that shows the status of a list of servers, NAS, routers, etc.
Signsrch - A signature-based file scanner.
squidRewrite - url_rewrite for squid that caches dynamic content (like YouTube).
Scid vs. PC - A chess database application, PGN viewer, and more.
Shotwell - A photo organizer for the GNOME desktop environment.
svn ftp deploy - A script to deploy SVN changes to an FTP server.
Shakes - A Shakespearean insult generator.
sifolux - A stream downloader.
Supercart - A lightweight shopping cart system.
Star Defender 4 for Mac OS X - A space shooter with over 100 levels, 8 missions, and huge impressive bosses at the end of every mission.
Simple JS Calendar - An easy-to-use JavaScript calendar control with many customization options.
Spacejunk - A video game about navigation in planetary systems.
Simple Fuzzer - A simplistic, command line, script-driven fuzzing engine.
Source-Highlight-Qt - A library for highlighting Qt documents using GNU Source-Highlight.
SmillaEnlarger - Software that enlarges images, preserving smooth curves and sharp edges.
SVNBackup - Backup and restore utilities for SVN.
Sight - A Java Web framework.
SWF Decompiler for Mac - A utility to convert Flash SWF files back into FLA format.
SummaryOfUsenetLinks - Compiles and posts daily links
SQLJet - A pure Java version of the lightweight SQLite DBMS.
SpotLight - A PHP MVC framework for rapid Web application development.
StructObject - A class which can create objects from a list of strict type variables.
SPADE - A community suite for developing and sharing protein structure and sequence tools.
Synergy+ - A system for networked keyboard and mouse sharing.
SHA-256/384/512 implementation - A C implementation of the SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512 secure hash algorithms
Shinobu - A Web site management system.
sqlitexx - An C++ SQLite API.
slm4j - A license manager for Java
Solidmatter - 3D CAD for Gnome.
srmio - A library to access the PowerControl V, VI, and 7 of a SRM bike powermeter.
Symbolism - A C++ library for symbolic programming.
sqlamp - An implementation of Materialized Path for SQLAlchemy.
sefira - A library that implements various tree comparison algorithms.
Sportsbook Software - A fully-featured on-line betting system.
sha_digest - A C implementation of SHA-1, SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512.
simproject - A suite of project management tools.
Span-gles - A Spanish to English translation GUI.
SpringLobby - A cross-platform client for the Spring engine.
Source Code Counter - Counts the number of lines in source code files
SmartPHPCalendar - A Web based event calendar.
Stateroom - A Java framework for creating finite state machines.
spdatapickle - A library to serialize and deserialize C structures to and from XML or JSON.
sql-bench - A database benchmarking tool.
SYMPLiK EXZELLENZ - A program to manipulate Oracle table data using an Excel file.
StickyPy - A Stick figure animation program.
SabreDAV - A WebDAV framework for PHP.
SynScope - A signal visualization and alignment tool.
SmartGit/Hg - A GUI client for Git, Mercurial, and SVN.
SAVISAP - A connector between Sophos SAVI and SAP NW-VSI
smartMySQLAdmin - An AJAX-based MySQL administration program.
Soundboard - A cross platform sound cueing application designed for theatrical use.
syncmaildir - A maildir synchronization tool.
sudoku-cpp - A simple Sudoku generator
Secure PHP HTML parser and filter - A PHP parser to filter insecure HTML tags and CSS styles.
SpamCheetah - An OpenBSD greylisting and tarpit based antispam liveCD.
smtp-cli - A command line SMTP client.
SDL-Shooter - A quick shoot'em'up game.
sfre - A script that wraps text editing and command execution with logging, locking, and change tracking.
SPT JCR Manager - A simple Web application to view and manage content in a JCR (JackRabbit).
SSAFetchmail - A multi-threaded mail retriever.
spread - SSH based mass administration.
SEO PowerSuite Enterprise - A toolkit with SEO tools for rank checking, keyword research and analysis, link building, link popularity monitoring, on-page optimization, and more.
SafiServer - Runs flow applications (Saflets) created using SafiWorkshop
slkvm - Cluster and virtualization tools.
Shell Script Loader - Provides functions that can be used to pull in co-shellscripts and run module-oriented shellscript-based applications.
sshh - A set of two daemons to persist a TCP socket (tunnel) over an HTTP proxy.
SUIT Framework - A lightweight framework which allows you to create your own syntax.
StarCluster - A utility for creating and managing general purpose computing clusters hosted on Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).
SMRadius - A high performance pre-forked RADIUS AAA server.
SQL Tagger - A program to edit audio tags using SQL.
SecureCI - A Secure Continuous Integration virtual machine.
SiteFusion - An application framework and server.
surealived - A Linux Virtual Server tester.
stad - A data collector for the SMB Traffic Analyzer project.
SpamCheck - Spam scanning and email quarantine.
Schedule::Cron - A cron-like scheduler for Perl subroutines
SiteManPro - A system to run unlimited membership sites or free blogs.
SKOR PHP Template - A PHP class that implements templates.
Samuel - A draughts game.
SSA Integra Gateway - An enhanced HTTP gateway.
SDLbits - A very lightweight SDL wrapper for Java.
Silverlight Files Uploader - A component for uploading multiple files to a Web server.
Subadjust - An online tool to adjust SRT file contents
SqueezePHPAPI - An API for the SqueezeCenter music server.
Stacklet - A program to create virtual images on the fly.
SDL_Perl - A package providing Simple DirectMedia Layer interfaces for Perl.
sgtt - A simple GTK+ time tracker.
SplashyCreator - A simple GTK+2 UI for generating Splashy Bootsplashes.
SecureCam - A video surveillance system.
sshdo - A program to issue SSH commands to many hosts in bulk.
Siptrack - The client library for the Siptrack IP/device manager.
Siptrackd - The server for the Siptrack IP/device manager.
Siptrackweb - The Web frontend for the Siptrack IP/device manager.
Stage Manager - A virtual cue sheet.
Stressful Application Test - A system stress test application.
sockthread - An implementation of multi-threaded sockets.
SIDE - Tools for developing sustainable software.
Simple MySQL-C ORM - A simple ORM to access MySQL data from ANSI C.
Soiled - A MUD and telnet client implemented in Flash.
S.A.F.E. Microfinance Suite - A "Microfinance Suite" created for the operational needs of Microfinance institutions.
sido - A mini MPD client for the systray.
SOAPjs - A JavaScript library to handle SOAP.
Styx library for .NET - A .NET implementation of the Styx (9P2000) protocol for distributed systems.
SafiWorkshop - A graphical designer for creating process flow applications.
SALDI - An accounting and business management system.
SSA SQL sniffer - An SQL TCP streamer.
SCHED_DEADLINE - A Linux scheduling class based on EDF.
Simple Mail Distributor - A small Email::Filter-based Perl script to forward mail to a list of recipients.
SEO SpyGlass Enterprise - Powerful competition research software for professional SEOs and SEO companies.
SSVPN - A simple VPN program.
ssterm - A console-based simple serial port terminal.
Shapado - A multi-topic question-and-answer Web service.
scott - A smart-card open test toolkit.
Storozh - Lightweight software for supervisory control and data acquisition.
Swarmtv - A daemon to automatically download torrents and NZBs from multiple RSS feeds.
SOOI - An object oriented interface for Sybase client.
SlimWeb - A modern Java Web application framework.
SimplePattern - A simple tool for designing knitting or stitching patterns.
superpy - A way to send Python objects to be executed in another local or remote process.
Scrupp - A 2D engine using OpenGL and powered by the Lua programming language.
SVGpage - An SVG renderer and converter.
SwissParser - A library to parse bioinformatics flat files.
synspam - A netfilter queue based anti-spam system.
spmfilter - A mail filtering framework.
SquidTL - Smart user management for Squid proxy.
sudosh3 - An auditing shell based on sudosh2.
StoryText - An unconventional GUI testing tool for Python and Java GUIs.
Scalix Virtual Appliance - A turn-key virtual appliance for the collaboration suite Scalix.
Sayura - A network administration system.
solr_pager - A simple and fast paging plugin for Solr results.
sessiond - An SSL/TLS session cache server.
Stantor-Domodulor - A home automation software system.
Symia - A C++ library for symbolic calculus.
Search Engine Referrals Confluence Plugin - A Confluence plugin that displays the most recent searches on Google.
ScheduleOnce Gmail Add-on - A small browser extension that allows you to use ScheduleOnce directly from your Gmail account.
SVGPan - A JavaScript library to implement pan, zoom, and drag actions in an SVG document.
Spider - A program that outputs all hyperlinks from an HTML file.
snmp2xml - A program to convert snmpget output to XML.
Sales Management Tool - A sales lead management tool with automated report generation.
SRR database simulator - A PHP class for storing information in "database tables".
SQLCipher - Software for fully transparent encryption of SQLite databases.
Shannon - A general purpose stream-oriented programming language.
Syncless - A non-blocking WSGI server and networking library for Stackless Python.
stegfs - A steganographic file system.
Siam Quantum - An ab initio quantum chemistry program.
SLD Calculator - A GUI to calculate chemical compound characteristics along with their Neutron and X-Ray scattering length densities.
SELTA@Etersoft - An SQL query translator to make programs using MS SQL Server work with PostgreSQL.
Secluded Notes - An application where a document is embedded into an executable file with a mechanism for encrypting/decrypting notes.
Syndicate Press - An RSS feed aggregator for Wordpress.
sitepages_guard - A PHP class to monitor and restore damaged application files on a Web site.
Shared Questionnaire System - A feature-rich OMR system with straightforward GUIs.
Super OS - Ubuntu with extra software and offline usability.
Slackpack Package Manager - A package manager for Slackware Linux with a GUI.
sardine - An easy to use WebDAV client for Java.
Sinatra::Mapping - An extension for Sinatra DSL.
Sintel - A VoIP application using a custom XML-based protocol for communication and Ogg for transmitting media.
sydbox - A ptrace-based sandbox.
Seo Panel - An SEO control panel for multiple Web sites.
STM Lib - A software transactional memory library for Java and other JVM languages.
SonicLog Cruncher - A script for analyzing Sonicwall Firewall logfiles.
SoftXPath - A small cross-browser JavaScript library for client-side XML parsing/querying.
San Le's Free Comp. Electromagnetics - A package of scientific software for computational electromagnetics.
Squarebase - A Web-based interface for MySQL databases.
SCARE - A program that analyzes source code to evaluate potential security risks.
Stellar Forces - A squad-level, turn based, multi-player strategy game.
Sar-K - A code generation tool.
SEO Profesional Toolbar - A Firefox add-on offering many SEO-related tools in one place.
synaptiks - A KDE4 touchpad configuration and management tool.
ShiftSchedule - A program that calculates the maximum of intervals between shifts with equitable workload distribution.
syslog-notify - A utility to display log messages in a popup.
SkrubCRM - A customer relationship management system.
Simple Invoicing - Minimal Web-based multi-user invoicing.
Spring Crypto Utils - Cryptographic utilities for use with Spring.
scrap2rtf - A simple program to convert Shell Scrap Object Files (.shs) to Rich Text Format.
Simple CMS - Simple to use content mangement system for small websites.
SoCLib - An open platform for virtual prototyping of multiprocessor systems.
Spidermonkey - Mozilla's implementation of JavaScript.
Stuck - Simple, functional, and attractive pastebin software.
Sijio Community Software - A PHP community script.
SlideML - A meta-language for generating XHTML presentations.
snmpd-pyagentx - Python3 bindings for AgentX extension of the snmpd part of the Net-SNMP project.
SerbDict - A bidirectional Serbian-English dictionary.
slkbuild - An Arch-like tool for easy Slackware packaging.
Search and Rescue - A flight simulator in which the pilot finds and rescues people.
Seeks - A metasearch engine and peer-to-peer network for social Web search.
Sunflower - Twin-panel file manager for Linux
Salamander - A RAID installer for Ubuntu Linux
simple-vip - High availability for Linux/UNIX with minimum configuration.
Semantic Web Services Test Case Generator - A tool for generating Web service test cases.
StrSync - An automatic SRT subtitle-movie synchronizer.
skipfish - A fully automated active Web application security scanner.
Stuntapen - A serial TUN/TAP encapsulation implementation.
Seam-Perf4j - Perf4j integration for Seam Framework.
System Call Virtualisation Layer - A library to intercept, interpose, rewrite, and deny Linux system calls.
SIP Inspector - A tool used to test SIP signaling that can be used as traffic generator.
Smart Flex Comboboxes - A Flex widget for making multiple level choices.
Sappeur Compiler - A safe and efficient programming language.
svn2cvsgraph - A utility that generates revision graphs from Subversion repositories.
Sea Defender - A "Missile command" clone.
SvnHg - A command-line tool to convert from a Subversion repository to a Mercurial one.
SpectMorph - Software to analyze and morph samples of musical instruments.
sigrok-cli - A portable, cross-platform, command-line logic analyzer program that supports various logic analyzers.
sipe - A third-party Pidgin plugin for OCS/LCS.
Scapytain - A Web application for managing test campaigns on top of Scapy.
SMS Manager - An SMS application for Android.
stx::CBTreeDB - A collection of C++ classes for creating and reading read-only key-value database files.
Symptoms and Diseases Database - An intranet application for storing and retrieving diseases, symptoms, and patient data.
Synovel Collabsuite - A Linux mail server with calendar and instant messaging for organizations.
ShellVocabTrainer - A small trainer to learn and test your own vocabularies.
SCDPlay - An STM video player.
snmp4zabbix - A simple SNMP interface to the Zabbix monitoring solution.
Spectools - Spectrum analyzer drivers, with a GUI.
SafariCacheExplorer - Recover an image, video, sound, or style sheet from your Safari cache.
Supernova - A programming language presenting the concept of programming with direct fiction description using a clear subset of pure human language.
StratosERP - A set of Drupal modules to run your business or consulting firm.
SimulAVR - An Atmel 8-bit AVR microcontroller simulator.
Suricata - A network IDS and IPS engine.
STermPro - A serial port monitor.
Stab Language - A multi-paradigm programming language designed for the JVM.
scikits.learn - A Python module for machine learning.
Soxer - A Web publishing tool.
SidJS - A JavaScript and CSS lazy loader.
Samba pdbsql - SQL password backend modules for Samba.
Stupa - An associative search engine.
SLEEF - A library that efficiently calculates various mathematical functions using SSE2 SIMD instructions in double precision.
Solution - A class library for the Common Language Runtime.
StarORF - A multi-platform GUI tool for predicting and analyzing ORFs and obtaining reverse complement sequence.
stnn - A neural network system.
Super Tux-Mania! - An Android recreation of the Super Mario RPG mini-game Beatle-Mania.
squid_multi_ldap - A Squid LDAP auth helper that supports several LDAP servers.
Scénic - A telepresence application for live performances and installations.
SVG for Adobe Creative Suite - A plugin that adds support for SVG to Adobe Creative Suite.
SMDB - A small, portable database library.
socialray - A platform for professional networking.
SysMT - A SAP maintenance calendar.
Simple Template - A simple templating engine for Java.
siqqel - A framework to create reports and views of a MySQL database using only HTML, JavaScript, and SQL.
sphlib - Implementations of many hash functions in C and Java.
Sagan - A 'Snort like' way of dealing with system logs (syslog/event/etc.)
Succinct - A minimalist templating engine.
SSH Keys exchange - A script to easily set up silent logins with ssh.
Simple Login Class - A simple PHP class for login management that uses a custom encryption and hack resistant security technique.
sxmppd - A server for the XMPP (Jabber) chat protocol.
Ship's Time Applet - A GNOME applet to keep ship's time.
Stigma - A client to connect to Omegle.
Super Vista Computer Gadgets - An extensive collection of beautiful and professionally designed icons.
Storpy - Software for managing an inventory of DVD, music CDs, and books.
ShineISP - An ISP management system.
seo@java - A client for requesting SEO data from seo-analytics.org.
StatusNet Desktop - A cross-platform desktop client for StatusNet messaging sites.
SBD Directory Software - A PHP directory script for easy link management.
simgconv - A script to convert and resize all image files in a directory and upload to a remote host via scp.
STX Execution Pipe C++ Library - A library that provides a convenient C++ interface to execute child programs connected via pipes.
Silverpeas - A collaborative Web portal.
Strelin - A content management system.
S3QL - A full featured file system for Amazon S3 and other online storage services.
SerfJ - A simple framework for developing REST Web applications in Java.
Stunt Coureur - A Bullet Physics based racing game.
Sunrise - A sunrise/sunset calculator for Symbian.
Sieve - A Sieve editor/client for Mac OS X.
SharpBox - A library based on Mono or .NET to get cloud storage access.
Scrumza - A Scrum management tool.
StaticPython - A statically linked Python 2.x for 32-bit Linux and Mac OS X.
Sync-n-Tar - A full-featured rsync and tar-based backup utility.
Sentinella - A system monitor that can react to user chosen conditions.
SpiderDB - A lightweight database schema crawler.
swing-formbuilder - A Java library that generates Swing components from Java beans at runtime.
squidguardmgr - A Web GUI for squidGuard and SquidClamav administration.
SQUID Real Monitor - A real-time access monitor for Squid for Webmin.
Subs - An experimental C++ Scheme interpreter.
shroudBNC - A modular IRC proxy with TCL scripting capabilities, SSL and IPv6 support, and much more.
Steel Storm Episode I - An indie, old school, top-down arcade shooter video game.
Simple Javascript Image Viewer - A Web-based image viewer with zooming and panning.
SWF Protector for Mac - A tool that encrypts SWF files made using either Flash or Flex technology.
SOGo ZEG - Zero effort groupware with SOGo.
Squires - A Python library for creating CLI programs.
Steadyflow - A simple download manager for GNOME.
screen-session - A GNU Screen session saver.
Spectra - A simple tool to aid in testing RNG and PRNG output.
StateCore - A generic finite state machine (FSM) based on the state pattern.
SpaceZero - A 2D space combat game for two players over a network.
Sally - A tool for embedding strings in vector spaces.
simplebup - An application for monitoring directories and performing backups of modified files.
Stéganô - A basic Python steganography module.
slapt-src - A slackbuild utility.
ScrumMaster - A simple way of keeping log of a Scrum-managed project.
ScreenBullet - A professional digital signage and kiosk management platform.
SEMS - A media and application server for SIP based VoIP services.
ShinyCMS - A CMS that separates the markup created by developers and designers from the content edited by clients.
Spoon Library - A PHP5 library that focuses on speed, both in page execution and coding agility.
Shift8 - A PHP library for Asterisk management.
ScopServ Communicator - A VoIP and instant messaging client.
Sooper-XWD - A multi-purpose tool for manipulating 8-bit paletted XWD images.
showkey - A tool to echo unprintable keystrokes in a visible form.
svn-dump-fast-export - A tool that converts an SVN "dumpfile" to a fast-import stream.
SharpTAL - An XML-based template engine for the .NET platform.
System Watchdog - A program that monitors multiple Linux systems and graphs their resource history.
System Monitor - A configurable multi-terminal application.
soft66 - Library and tools for controlling the Soft66 series of SDR receivers.
smbtad - A daemon that collects metadata from Samba servers and store this information in a database.
smbtatools - End-user tools for SMB Traffic Analyzer.
Self-Adjusting Top Tree Implementation - A top tree implementation.
scit - An automated build and or test system.
spuug - A code generator for GObjects and GtkWidgets.
sccs2rcs - A tool to move SCCS repositories to RCS.
SimpleGMapAPI - A PHP class to display maps and get location with the Google Maps API.
SitePasser - An account management tool for Web sites intended for Web marketing use.
sarGraphs - Lightweight system graphs.
Stansoft - Linux accounting software.
Symja - A pure Java library for symbolic mathematics.
Snow for your website - A decorative snow animation for Web pages.
spice-gtk - GObject and Gtk objects for connecting to Spice servers.
ScanToNag - A program that scans a network for services and then outputs a set of Nagios configuration files.
SpringTemplate - A Template Spring project using Spring Security and hibernate.
SSC32ServoController - A utility for controlling the SSC-32 servo controller.
SAINP - An application to perform fundamental analysis of the Bovespa stock exchange.
sparseLM - Sparse Levenberg-Marquardt nonlinear least squares in C/C++.
sar2html - A SAR frontend.
STSdb - An embedded object database system.
Simple Image Reducer - A GTK application to easily reduce and rotate images.
SourceMagic - A PHP object generator.
Salt for SAP - A change intelligence system for SAP solutions.
SYNTHESE - A public transportation server.
scope - A frequency-domain and time-domain software oscilloscope.
Strategico - A statistical engine for Long Term Time Series Prediction and (in the future) other advanced statistical analysis.
Serene - An implementation of the JAXP 1.3 Validation Framework API for RELAX NG.
Simple-Template - A template engine based on PHP scripts.
Surrogate - An HTTP forward and reverse proxy.
Son of Grid Engine - A distributed resource manager and batch scheduler.
Subversion Authentication Parser Module - A Java module to parse Subverson authentication files.
Scalable Assembler at Notre Dame - Replaces the early stages of the Celera Assembler with scalable versions that can run on collections of commodity computers.
Salut à Toi - A multi-frontends XMPP client.
Secure GnuPG Form - A Web form that sends encrypted mail.
Sparkbooth - Instant photo booth software for special events.
Scanme - A network scanner.
ScrumDo - An Agile/Scrum story management Web application.
slidematch - A media rating, contextual retrieval, peer recommendation, and library management system for music, video, movie, and book impressions.
smartie-utils - Utilities for Sure Electronics' LCD Smartie USB screens.
Smart Challenge - A tangram puzzle generator to exercise logical thought.
svni - A interactive check-in tool for Subversion.
SoaBox - A SOA virtualization solution.
scarab-drupal - A plugin for UberCart and Drupal to use ScarabResearch's recommender facilities.
Screwdriver++ - Tools for C++ programmers, including classes for time measurement, image and file manipulation, and arbitrary precision arithmetics.
SynQuest for WebSphere MQ - MirrorQ, queue synchronization, and disaster recovery for WMQ.
s5h_adsense_filter - A filter that applies Google Adsense code to MediaWiki pages.
StepSim - A lightweight step-based simulation module written in Python.
smc-get - A level package manager for Secret Maryo Chronicles.
Scalate - A Scala template engine that is like JSP but improved.
SysMonApp - An Android application that monitors a server and displays the result in a widget.
sfMaraePlugin - A threaded forum plugin for symfony.
SecPoint Netbios Share Scanner - Software to find open shares on a network.
Stash - A mechanism that makes it easy to speed up your code by caching the results of expensive functions or code.
Stabie Rand Editor - A reimplementation of the RAND text editor.
Smarty Template Engine Theme Selection Class - A PHP class to load a Smarty template theme defined in XML.
SDMetrics Core - A library to calculate design quality metrics for UML models.
Swiftlet - A lightweight PHP framework.
SnapRAID - A backup program for disk arrays.
sdvplayer - A video player with a dictionary.
Shortcuts - A tool to access anything on your Mac with keyboard shortcuts.
StackOps - A distribution of OpenStack Nova.
Sharp2Word - A C#-to-Word generator.
sous-marin - Scripts and tools for building a small, pure Slackware installation.
SteelsquidDeliNorrApp - An Android app for showing information about a restaurant in Sundsvall, Sweden called Deli Norr.
SuiteSparse - A suite for sparse matrix algebra.
Simple Java Mail - A very simple Java mailing API for sending simple or complex email messages.
Scrabble-Words - An application for storing a list of memorable words with definitions.
SparForte - A scripting language for large projects.
Shell Tools - A toolbox of shell scripts intended for various efficient searches, checks, and housekeeping.
schwarzweiss - A 2 player tank game.
Shiny Menu Icons - An icon library of shiny menu icons for any application or Web site interface.
SVG Snake - A snake game using SVG with Raphaël.
Simple Socks Script - A simple SOCKS5 server.
Snowlinux - A Linux distribution based on Ubuntu.
sec-wall - A high-performance security proxy with many features.
satpass - Classes and an app to compute satellite visibility.
SICKPost - A new post manager.
sqlite dbdiff - A simple program for showing the differences between SQLite databases.
SaltOS - A CRM and ERP system.
Siwpas - A Java-based lightweight Web application server.
Sidereal - A 3D RTS game set in space.
Shepherd Project - A software framework to support wildlife mark-recapture studies.
setiQuest - Software that searches for extra-terrestrial intelligence.
STiB - A MS BITS upload protocol toolkit.
SciPy Notebook - A notebook-style editor to hack Python.
SpriteMapper - A program that generates sprite maps and sprite sheets for Web or game graphics.
Smart Card Detective - A smart card and EMV research platform.
SimpleHRM - HRM software.
ssh-forcecommand - A script to whitelist remote commands via ssh configuration.
slackeria - A project status and version overview utility.
Sam - A Morse code trainer.
sqlpp - A very simple PL/SQL preprocessor.
sysfunc - A shell library intended for Unix sysadmins.
Sempy - Spectral element software.
Skrooge - A personal finances manager powered by KDE.
SupplyChain++ - A C++ library that lets you create automated and multi-threaded supply chain structures.
SassyReader - A reader for data sets of the SAS file format (.sas7bdat).
ScopeJS - A JavaScript library for defining and extending lexical scopes at runtime.
Ssset-Game - A single player, GUI-combinational game.
SuperStamps - A collection of professional icons and images.
SITPLUS - A framework to develop interactive activities.
siren - A text-based audio player.
s6 - A process supervision suite and init replacement.
SimpleNetConfig - A simple network settings configurator.
SISVENTI - A smart sales and administration system for small business.
ShapeKit Suite - Highly specialized software focused on data modeling.
sshdb - A simple SSH public key infrastructure.
Strawberry - A link bookmarking Web application.
SecureCRT - A cross-platform terminal emulator with telnet, SSH, and serial support.
SSHConf - A graphical editor for SSH configuration files.
Sparql Query Builder - A PHP class to compose queries to XML RDF documents with SPARQL.
SpringUtils - Some taggers and methods for use in Java development.
Stashy - A server management and inventory system.
Simple Chrono - A simple, user-friendly, and precise stopwatch.
Skype status - A JavaScript object to show and update the online status of a Skype user.
s6-portable-utils - Tiny, portable general Unix utilities.
s6-linux-utils - Tiny Linux-specific utilities.
shtrict - A very restricted shell.
Self Service Password - A Web interface for changing passwords in an LDAP directory.
Scorealgorithm1 - Music composition software.
Syslog Server Java - A Java UI for displaying UDP port messages.
sequreisp - A load balancing and bandwidth management tool for ISPs.
Shadow Tool Suite - A password and account management tool suite with support for shadow files and PAM.
SCSITest - A SCSI Test framework using libiscsi.
Superdesk - A newsroom and workflow management tool.
sleepworker - A daemon to execute commands or programs during idle time.
SigmaVPN - Light-weight, modular, and secure VPN software.
SALI - A tool that allows you to install Linux on multiple machines at once, possibly via BitTorrent.
SOTESHOP - E-commerce software.
SCRIBA eBook Maker - A Java engine for building e-books.
Scripture - An online and mobile Bible study application.
SourceAFIS - A fingerprint recognition SDK.
sv2gl - A 2D SVG game creation library.
Scache - A high-performace tree-based key-value storage system for PHP session data management.
SimSearch - An implementation of Bayesian Sets for fast similarity searches.
Serv-U File Server - A powerful FTP/FTPS/SFTP/HTTP/HTTPS file server.
Slipstream - A multi-body vehicle simulator.
SqIRC - An IRC client with script control and plugins.
seedBank - A tool for managing unattended Debian/Ubuntu installations.
SafeHaven - A backup system which stores contents away once and forever.
simplexbmcremote - A simple XBMC remote.
Suriwire - A Wireshark plugin that displays Suricata IDS/IPS alerts.
snowcp - a fast file copy tool
Serd - A lightweight RDF syntax library.
Suil - An LV2 plugin UI hosting and wrapping library.
slatec4gfortran - A SLATEC distribution for the gfortran compiler.
snarsshe - SNApshots via Rsync in a Simple SHell Environment.
Shinken - An advanced monitoring system.
Speedpad - An ncurses tool to test, train, and increase typing speed.
Snippetory - A general Java template engine based on passive templates.
Siebel Code Analyzer - Tools to analyze and find common issues with eScript code based on best practices for coding.
srcon - A remote console for the Valve Source Engine.
SlicedBread - A messaging-based Java multithreading library.
Simian - Enterprise-class OS X package management.
SchemaCrawler Maven Plugin - A SchemaCrawler report generator for Maven-generated sites.
Shard Linux - A Gtk+ 2.0 lightweight advanced distribution.
SMTP4PHP - A powerful tool for sending email messages quickly and easily.
SPM (Simple Package Manager) - A simple source-based package manager for *nix-based systems.
sbs_proc - An application that converts side by side stereo pairs into 2D images.
Super Grub2 Disk - A disk which can boot into an OS whose bootloader is broken.
showkeys - A simple application to display keystrokes during screencasts or presentations.
Swift - A user-friendly Jabber/XMPP client.
Survey Builder - Design and administration of surveys in pure HTML.
Sequencer - An execution engine for powering on/off whole racks/clusters/data centers.
Speech synthesis for asterisk - An AGI script for Asterisk that uses Google's voice synthesis engine.
Situation Room - A tool which displays multiple Web resources on a single monitor.
ScalaBLAST - Highly scalable parallel BLAST.
SourceSquare - The free open source scanning engine
StressItOut - A hardware stressing and testing program for GNU/Linux.
Sqrat - A C++ binding utility for the Squirrel language.
selfoss - A multipurpose RSS reader, live stream, mashup, and aggregation Web application.
SleepyHead - CPAP therapy review software.
Shredder - A PyGTK front-end for the 'shred' command.
Sukiyaki - An imageboard/BBS written from scratch in Python.
SystemTap - A tool for monitoring the running kernel.
Savepower - A daemon for the cpufreq userspace governor.
splunk hogs - Sotware to find what systems are sending too many events to Splunk.
spring-social-digg - Digg API binding and connection support.
six-irc - A tiny IRC client.
Snape - A language-independent templating system.
SWM - A Simple Window Manager.
spellMyNumber - A script which converts numbers to words.
SIMtrace - A protocol tracer/sniffer for SIM card communication.
sVimPy - A very small Python virtual machine intended for use in microcontroller projects.
Sawfish Session Dialog - A session dialog for use with Sawfish.
SyncWall - A wallpaper manager with somes special features.
spideyfs - A FUSE filesystem over HTTP with a mini PHP interface on the server side.
SemanticScuttle - A self-hosted and Web-based social bookmark manager.
Suprangen - A pseudorandom number library.
scikits.statsmodels - Statistical computations and models for use with SciPy.
sl - A command line tool that organizes directories and points out interesting files.
STORMfs - Mounting of cloud storage as a local filesystem.
SlideShoQ - A PDF presentation viewer.
SynCache - A thread-safe time-limited object cache for Ruby.
systemd - A system and service manager.
ShoutDone - A powerful task management system.
ssptl - A simple single file Python templating library.
SimBlog - A simple and lightweight blogging platform.
Safelock - A file-based locking primitive.
StopHack - An anomaly-based intrusion prevention system.
SAP Pooled Table Viewer - Code to convert SAP Pooled tables into read only Oracle database views
SpeechControl - Speech recognition for Linux.
SMW+ - A semantic enterprise Wiki.
SafePatch - Manageable patching of program files regardless of the language, platform, and design.
sfMarkitupPlugin - A Markitup text editor for your project.
swet - A multi-threaded processing benchmark.
Smokegios - Generation of Smokeping configuration from Nagios.
Speech synthesis for Asterisk using MS Translator - An AGI script for the Asterisk PBX that uses Microsoft's Translator voice synthesis engine.
SymmetricDS Pro - Database replication and synchronization software.
ShoutDesigner Button Creator - A tool for creating quality buttons from customizable templates.
synthclone - Synthesizer cloning software.
STALLioN - A cross-platform API for CLI/Terminal interfaces in C/C++.
SpurTracer - Monitor contexts and context relations in complex SW stacks.
schwinn810 - Cross-platform software for Schwinn 810 GPS watches.
Supersized Slideshow Silverstripe Module - A CMS module which creates an image gallery slideshow.
Simple Configuration Management - A lightweight configuration management tool.
ShowOrHide - A utility to show or hide invisible files and folders on Mac OS X.
Screencast - A high-quality screencast tool for Linux.
SYINF - A portable, cross-platform program for brief system information.
shanal - A framework for static analysis of bash scripts.
spdylay - An experimental SPDY protocol implementation in C.
stanislavski - Magic builders and matchers in Java.
shrink - A compression library.
Sensor Readout - Sensor readout for Android devices.
SHTns - A high-performance Spherical Harmonic Transform library.
SCSU - A Standard Compression Scheme for Unicode.
Speed Dreams - A 3D cross-platform motorsport simulation and racing game.
screenfull.js - A simple wrapper for cross-browser usage of the JavaScript Fullscreen API.
shellshape - A tiling window manager for gnome-shell.
statsmodels - Statistical computations and models for use with SciPy.
Syoncloud Logs - A tool that processes log files from various applications using Hadoop, Flume, and HBase.
SSLsplit - A transparent and scalable SSL/TLS interception tool.
Soul Capture - A graphical front-end for the glc capture program.
ServerUsage - Collection and processing of statistical information from computers running a GNU/Linux OS.
simat-conky - Air quality and UV levels from Mexico City in Conky.
Subject - A simple application for providing amusement while waiting.
scorpiowcms - A Web Content Management System.
sigrok-dumps - A collection of logic analyzer example data for sigrok.
SysopView - Your system administrator's room, like in the movies.
seaLISP - A tiny Lisp interpreter with no dependencies for embedded use.
SNeBU - Simple network backup utilities.
Simple Podcast Manager - A simple podcast manager designed to work with iTunes.
Securepoint eCAP antivirus adapter - An antivirus eCAP adapter for Squid 3.1 and above.
Statmetrics - An interactive environment for computational finance.
Screen Message - Fullscreen display of a short text.
Social Author Bio WordPress Plugin - An author bio box with Gravatar and social icons on posts.
System# - A C#-based system-level design framework with VHDL output.
Siren Renamer - A tool that renames, moves, and copies files using an expression.
SSAM - A script for managing passwords on your own Web server.
Siebel GNU Tools - Small programs for Siebel administration.
Simple Software Publication System - Automates tasks for publication and deployment of software.
Siebel Monitoring Tools - Monitoring of Siebel servers through Nagios plug-ins and SNMP.
Software Updates Applet for MATE Desktop - A software updates applet for the MATE Desktop.
SecQua - A tool that tries to quantify the security of a given Information System.
SearchBin - Searching within binary files.
SWeTE Server - A simple website translation engine.
Sesha - An inventory manager application.
Science Quiz Bowl Challenge - Science Q&A Game
sthttpd - A fork of thttpd, an HTTP server.
syslog2couchdb - syslog2couchdb is a tool that converts syslog messages into JSON documents and stores them in a CouchDB database.
Sendooway - A multi-user and multi-target ESMTP proxy that acts as mail transfer agent.
Simple, sexy PHP Login Script - A simple PHP login script which does not suck.
statsd-c - A C port of statsd.
statsd-go - A Go port of statsd.
Slovar - A multi-language translation engine.
Sketch 3 - A PHP Web CMS system.
SBuild - A Scala-based build system.
sortsamples - A shell script to simplify sample organization without organizing.
samplescan - Conversion of directories with audio samples into symbolically-linked trees sorted by harmonic key/scale.
SalatReminder - An Atom feed generator of Salat times for given geographic locations.
Shellp - A shell helper library.
Saint CMS - Light-weight CMS and eCommerce software with a built-in development framework
Stock Book Icons - A collection of royalty-free icons for office applications.
SwallowApps - An interactive authoring tool for the creation of HTML5 applications.
SimGrid - A distributed applications simulator.
Sploitego - A rapid local transform development framework for Maltego.
securify - A class that generates passwords by replacing random characters.
SimThyr - A simulation program for thyroid homeostasis.
Sphirewall - A user-based analytical firewall platform.
Safe Machine for Mac OS - Securely back up and store your files on the cloud, paying for what you use.
Sigasi VHDL - A VHDL plugin for Eclipse.
supervisord-php - A simple PHP XMLRPC client for supervisord.
SPINA - Structure parameter inference approach for endocrine feedback control.
SalamCast Podcast Player - An easy-to-configure podcast player.
SDL2_gfx - Graphics primitives for SDL2.
SpotlightJS - An object which shows a spotlight over a Web page.
sugarsync-upload - A commandline uploader for Sugarsync.
S22.Imap - An easy-to-use and well-documented .NET library component for communicating with IMAP servers.
Sirix - A versioned tree-based storage system that supports efficient storage solutions.
Seascope - A Python-based coding IDE for developers.
SignPDF - A simple commandline application to sign a PDF document.
STTCL - A C++ state machine template class framework.
SIMPLE-MTPFS - A FUSE-based driver for MTP devices.
svg-math-graphics - A class to render a math formula as an SVG vectorial chart.
sposkpat - A distractionless Patience card game.
soundeffects - All kinds of sound effects, from the commandline.
SBuild Eclipse Plugin - Eclipse IDE integration for SBuild.
shell-utils - A set of shell scripts for Linux administrators.
Stats In Th Joomla module - A Joomla! module which displays your Site Stats from www.stats.in.th.
simple disk benchmark - A really simple program to benchmark disks.
Skyperious - A Skype database viewer and merger.
SOAP/REST Mock Service - A Web service mocking tool for automated integration testing.
SLAG Photo - A Simple Little Album Gallery.
SpiderBot - A Web crawler.
Shelk-test - A program for creating tests for students.
Seafile - A self-hosting Dropbox for teams.
Scriptcase - A Web-based Application Development Environment.
Simple PHP Chat Script - An AJAX chatting system which does not require a database.
simat-conky-leds - Display of the air quality (IMECAs) and ultraviolet radiation levels from Mexico City.
Scutum Web Browser - A light, fast, armored browser.
System Status Dashboard - A Web-based dashboard for showing an organization's technology health status.
Stitch - Fast PHP template inheritance.
Sublime Reddit - Another way to SFW-browse Reddit.
SSCode.php - A server-side code editor.
Symbiose - A flexible WebOS.
SYMDIFF - Symbolic differentation of algebraic expressions with Python and Tcl interfaces.
Siviglia Templating - A recursive code-generating templating engine for PHP.
STOMP for Go - A STOMP client library and a simple STOMP server.
safe numerics - Safe integer operations for C++ integers.
Slim HTML5 Audio jQuery Plugin - A jQuery plugin to embed an audio player.
stream - A Dart Web server.
smallSocks - A small SOCKS server implementation in Python.
sql2o - An easy database query library.
Subsurface - A dive log program.
SeedDMS - A document management system.
StrTk - A C++ string toolkit.
Simutrans - A transportation simulation game.
Scrotter - A program for framing mobile screenshots.
se - A screen-oriented version of the classic UNIX text editor ed.
SQLet - Execution of SQL on multiple text files via the Linux commandline.
SalamCastGen - An RSS 2.0 podcast generator with iTunes support.
Sicuro - A whitelist-based sandbox for safely executing Ruby code.
SD SMS Master - An SMS-sending server.
Sea Ice - Software for sea ice microwave emissivity models.
Status Reporter - A time tracking application.
scconfig - A lightweight autotools replacement.
scsi_rescan - A bash script to list and rescan SCSI/iSCSI devices.
s2png - Converts binary files of any kind into PNG images and back.
STK/Unit - Unit tests for MariaDB and MySQL.
ssh-ident - Sharing of your ssh-agents, and management of multiple identities.
SIM.JS - A general-purpose Discrete Event Simulation.
sailplay - Software to turn your NMEA0183 GPS log into an MPEG movie.
Space Trivia for Android - A trivia app for Android.
Simple Validator - An input validation class.
Spaghetti Parenthesis Visualizer - A tool for visualizing what is going on in code with many levels of parentheses.
sydep - A simple tool for deployment over rsync.
SQL::Yapp - Fully embedded SQL in Perl.
SourceNote - A program for taking notes.
Standcurve - A standard curve analysis tool.
SCaVis - A scientific computation and visualization environment.
Sanewall - A powerful and easy-to-use firewall builder for Linux which uses an elegant language.
SecondLanguage - A library to use Gettext .mo and .po translations easily in .NET applications.
sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw - Firmware which makes Cypress FX2 USB chips usable as simple logic analyzers.
Sanzang - A compact machine translation engine.
sleepuntil - sleep(1) with an at(1) syntax.
STOR2RRD - Storage performance monitoring for IBM DS8000, Storwize, and SVC.
STMX - High-performance transactional memory for Common Lisp.
ShuttlePRO - A user program for interpreting key, shuttle, and jog events from a Contour Design ShuttlePRO v2.
spt::json - A simple JSON API for Qt 4.
staticvnc - A VNC server showing nothing but a static image.
Sails.JS - A Node MVC framework.
SMStoXMPP - An SMS gateway to XMPP daemon
Soffid IAM - An identity and access management system for enterprise applications.
Subtivals - Project subtitles for cinema festivals.
springclean - A commandline tool to clean up logs and other unwanted files.
sr4.sql - A character database for Shadowrun 4th edition.
snappy-c - A C version of the snappy compressor.
spooky-c - A C version of Bob Jenkin's spooky hash function.
Singhala keymap - A QWERTY-like Singhala keymap.
Snow - A program to conceal messages in ASCII text by appending whitespace to the end of lines.
STB microservices - Workhorse tools for maintaining scientific digital image repositories.
SyncServer - A Firefox sync server written in Perl.
Shasplit - Efficient backups by SHA-based data splitting.
ShortURL - Shortening of URLs using different Web service APIs.
Satsuma - An easy-to-use and flexible graph library.
SonicReader - A Sonicwall configuration file reader.
ScanDir - A method to get all files/directories from a specified path.
spaceodyssey3d - A small engine for 3D metroid games.
SWATnalysis - A utility that runs SWAT and analyzes output files.
SaluSafe - Encrypted email, chat, and file storage and sharing.
squirrel-foundation - A lightweight Java state machine implementation.
SplineLibrary - Functionality for building, calibrating, and evaluating different kinds of splines.
SqliteJdbcNG - An SQLite JDBC driver.
Side menu generator and handler - Classes to generate hierarchical menus defined in XML files.
st project - Simple statistics from the command line.
Status 404 PHP Find Best Match Page - A class that finds the best matching URL when accessing an invalid page.
SeqCrypt - A GUI for encrypting and decrypting files.
SimpleV4L2 - A V4L2 grabber and RGB buffer SSSE3 optimized video player
Shard-Query - An MPP scale-out solution for MySQL.
ShellCheck - A shell script static analysis tool.
Slideshow.js - An object that creates a slide show from an HTML list of items.
selphy.go - A client for the Canon Selphy CP-900 protocol.
sseredis - A Redis Pub/Sub bridge to HTTP server-sent events.
s6-dns - An alternative DNS client library.
s6-networking - Small Unix networking tools.
Spanish Word Searches - A game to reinforce your basic Spanish vocabulary by playing simple theme-based word searches.
squint screen - A command that duplicates a monitor's output into an X11 window.
stencil template engine - An advanced template language for Java.
sejd - A line editor.
Salad - A content anomaly detector based on n-grams.
Stantor Micro Central Home automation - Micro central Home automation with Arduino board by Internet
SimpleTelnet - A simple telnet client.
Scrumix - Project and task management software.
SwingTail - A GUI implementation of the Unix/Linux tail command.
sqlpp11 - EDSL for SQL in modern C++.
SJ Screen Saver - A safety screen locker.
Serv-U FTP Server - A Web, SFTP, and FTPS file transfer and file sharing server.
SecuXabber - A secure, end-to-end encrypted Jabber messenger for Android.
SparkleDroid - A lightweight Android SPARQL client library for performing SPARQL queries against remote SPARQL servers using HTTP.
Simple Workflow - A workflow engine.
Supervisord Monitor - A multi-server monitoring tool.
Site Change Detection - A class that scans a directory to detect file changes.
snippetsource - A portable source code librarian.
Spire.BarCode for .NET - A barcode component.
SilverTunnel-NG - A Java library for accessing the Tor network.
Shell Package Manager - Sh scripts for (un)installing packages that can't be installed by default with apt-get.
Salsa - A syllabus authoring Web application.
SshConsole - A plugin that provides SSH console access for CraftBukkit Server.
Scheme Art - A Scheme compiler.
Sincerity - A tool for installing and bootstrapping software stacks on top of the JVM.
s-news - Small news server using suck for news transport.
S25-logo uploader - Uploads BMP images to Siemens S25 GSM phones.
SableCC - An object-oriented parser generator.
Sablotron - XML toolkit (XSLT, DOM, XPath).
SAC - System Accounting Tool
saCASH - A Web-based financial package.
SADE - A simple optimisation method for multi-dimensional problems on real domains
safecat - Copies stdin to a qmail-style maildir
Saferun - Runs a program with limits applied to it.
SafeTP - Transparent Secure FTP Software.
Saint Jude - A kernel module for the Saint Jude model for improper privilege transitions.
Saké Mail web-mail servlet - A high performance Web-based email Java servlet system.
Salmon - Scripts to manage efficient use of free ISP time.
Samba - Tools to access to a server's filespace and printers via SMB.
Samba Login Script Management Module for Webmin - A module for Webmin to manipulate Samba logon scripts.
Samba netbios forwarder - Bidirectional netbios masquerade/NAT support for Samba.
Samba TNG - A tiny SMB fileserver that concentrates on NT RPC and PDC functionality.
Sambaconfig - Edit your smb.conf file with you web browser. CGI scripts & C++ source code.
sambru - A data utility for Samsung cell phones.
samhain - A file integrity daemon with support for centralized monitoring.
sample_load - An extremely flexible load-logger.
Samsung DigiMax 800k Image Grabber - Grabs the images off of a Samsung DigiMax 800k camera.
Samsung ML-85G Printer driver - Driver for the Samsung GDI printer, ML-85G.
SandLib - A neural network calculation and learning library.
SANE - A tool to access to raster image scanner hardware.
SANE Frontends - Applications for SANE.
sansa:AIFF - sansa:AIFF is a Java package for reading and writing AIF files
SAP::Rfc - OO Perl Interface to SAP/R3 RFC
Sapphire - A new window manager for the X Windows System.
sapplay - A program to play Atari XL/XE tune files (files with .sap extension).
SARA - A SATAN/SAINT-like security auditing tool.
Sarien - A Sierra AGI interpreter for games like King's Quest and Space Quest.
Sary - A suffix array library for fast full-text search of the large text
sash - Stand-alone shell for system recovery
SAUCE - Paranoid anti-spam mailserver
Sauron Linux BBS - A Linux telnet-based bulletin board system.
SaveBuddy - SaveBuddy saves the buddylist on signoff.
sawfish - An extensible window manager.
sawfish.el - Emacs mode for editing sawmill code and interacting with sawmill
saydate - Speaks the date and uptime.
sblive - Linux Driver for SoundBlaster Live! and Live! Value.
SCAIN - A simple crypto algorithm.
Scan Detect - A program to prevent crackers from using TCP port scanners on Linux systems.
scandns.pl - Command line DNS cleanup tool
ScanDoc - Themable documentation generator similar to Javadoc or KDoc
ScanErrLog - Apache Error_Log parser and presenter.
scanlogd - A portscan detection daemon.
Scanner CAlibration ReaSonably Easy - A scanner calibration tool.
scanSquidLog - Quickly scan Squid log files for URLs.
ScanSSH - A fast open proxy and SSH version network scanner.
scdbackup - Simplified CD/DVD backup for Linux.
Sced - modelling program that makes use of geometric constraints
SCEZ - Smart card library
Scid - A chess database.
SciGraphica - Scientific graphics and data manipulation.
Scintilla - Source code editing component and tiny IDE for Win32 and GTK+.
SciTE - Small syntax styling editor for Win32 and GTK+
scl+sssl - Secure Crypto Library and Small Secure Socket Library.
Scoop - A weblog management system
Scope - A generic Java Model-View-Controller application framework.
score_time - An app to display a time schedule based on time spans.
Scotty - Site
SCREEM - Site CReating & Editing EnvironMent
screen - A window manager that multiplexes a physical terminal.
Screen-Shooter - Gnome applet for taking screenshots
Script Editor - Mozilla-based editor for HTML, Javascript, PHP, XUL, etc.
ScriptBasic - Linux/Win32 BASIC scripting language.
ScriptWriter - A package for developing TV and movie scripts.
scroller - Program to watch the ouput from other programs.
scrot - A commandline screen capture utility.
ScrudgeWare - A GNU/Linux distribution built from scratch.
scsi-changer - A driver for SCSI Media Changer devices.
scsiadd - Lets you insert and remove SCSI devices on the fly.
sctl - A Bearcat BC895, 245, 780, and RS PRO-2052 scanner control program.
Scurry - A utility to automate FTP/scp transfers.
Scwm - A Scheme-programmable X11 window manager.
SDCC - Retargettable, optimizing ANSI-C compiler for the 8051 MCU.
Simple DirectMedia Layer - A library that gives portable low-level access for multimedia applications.
SDL4Freepascal - SDL bindings for Freepascal.
SDLRoids - SDLRoids - an enhanced shoot-the-asteroids game.
SDL_image - SDL image loading library
SDL_mixer - A sample audio mixer implementation using SDL
SDL_net - A low level cross-platform network API.
SDL_ttf - A library for using truetype fonts with SDL.
SDPGTK - C++ wrappers for GTK+ and XML-based user interfaces.
SDPSL - Tools for integrating RenderMan modeller apps with render engines.
SDPXML - An XML parser with a clean C++ interface.
SDSC/GT Secure FTP - A Java-based secure FTP client.
sdts++ - C++ toolkit for reading and writing Spatial Data Transfer Standard (SDTS) files
seahaven - Classic Unix solitaire game
Seahorse - A Gnome GUI for GnuPG.
searchbox - A Perl script to add a search box to a Web page.
SearchForms - SearchForms is a modular system for creating HTML forms that can generate SQL
seatris - ncurses-based tetris game.
Seattle Firewall - An easy-to-configure, ipchains-based firewall/gateway.
secpanel - An SSH GUI.
sectar: Secure Tar - A file encryptor.
Secure Java Diary - Java Diary with Strong Encryption
Secure Locate - Secure version of the GNU locate program
Secure Remote Password Protocol - Zero-knowledge password-based authentication and key exchange protocol
Secure Syslog - Cryptographically secure system logging tool for UNIXsystems
SecureNet PRO - Network monitoring and intrusion detection platform for Linux.
Securepoint UTM - Firewall, VPN, antivirus, and content/spam filter software and proxy.
sed - GNU Stream Editor
SeeR - C/C++ scripting engine
Selathco - LaTeX To HTML Converter
selectwm - A small application which lets you select your window manager at X startup
sendEmail - A tool for sending SMTP email from a command prompt.
SendIP - A commandline tool to send arbitrary packets.
Sendmail - A powerful and flexible Mail Transport Agent.
Sendmail PostgreSQL map patch - Patch for Sendmail 8.9.3 to allow PostgreSQL maps.
sendmail-tls - SSL/TLS Wrapper for sendmail (and other MTAs)
Sendmail::Milter - A Module that lets you write mail filters for sendmail in Perl.
Sendpage - A utility for receiving text messages with SNPP and delivering with TAP or UCP.
SENSE - Distributed Shared Memory system
Sensor Sweep Applet - A GNOME panel applet that monitors system health through the lm_sensors modules.
Sensors Server - Streams sensor data across a network for client applications to process.
Sentinel - Fast system file scanner
series - SERIES iteration package for Common Lisp
serproxy - A serial port <-> TCP socket proxy.
sersniff - Program for tunnelling/sniffing for between 2 serial ports.
Serveez - A server framework.
Servertec Internet Server - A platform independent Application/Web Server and Servlet engine.
Setedit - An editor for C/C++ programmers with a nice text interface.
Sethi GuestBook - A multi-format guestbook.
SETI@Home Client - Distributed SETI data-analysis client
SETI@home GKrellM plugin - A themable GKrellM plugin that shows the computation progress of SETI workunit.
SETI@home plugin for GKrellM - A SETI@home process monitor-plugin for GKrellM.
SetiContainer - A C++ class that allows easy access to SETI@home state files.
setiherder - GTK interface to monitor and control multiple SETI@home clients.
setimgr - Another SETI@home manager.
setMyip - perl client for the myip.org service
settrans - A Simple Program To Set Your Terminal Translation
setv4l - A command line tool for changing video4linux picture settings.
seyon - A full-featured telecommunications package for X.
SF16-FMR driver for Linux - A Video4Linux driver for the Typhoon/MediaForte SF16-FMR radio card.
SffTools - A graphics converter and viewer.
SFG - Simple Find & Grep application with a GTK interface
SFI Director - System Management Tool For Heterogeneous UNIX Networks
sfront - An MPEG 4 Structured Audio-to-C converter.
sgalaAlive - Checks the running of a pool of processes and turns them on if they are down.
sgalaPOP3 - Fetches the number and size of messages in a POP3 mbox.
sgalaSMS - Send messages to GSM via SMS.
sgmltools-lite - A Python-based frontend for DocBook/SGML processing with Jade.
Sgraph - Stock chart creation utility
sh-httpd - Very small shell script Web server with CGI 1.1 interface.
SHACC - YACC alternative that can parse more ambiguous grammars.
Shadowlands Forum - Low-resource, robust, friendly telnet chat server with authentication
sharesecret - A utility to split or join a secret using a threshold algorithm.
ShareWatch - A utility which keeps you up to date with share prices (stock ticker and live da
Sharity - A SMB/CIFS file system (smbfs) for Unix.
Sharity-Light - CIFS (formerly SMB) to NFS converter, formerly known as rumba
SharkBait - Decoder for Cue:Cat: barcode scanner
shash - Produces secure message digests for files.
shasum - Generates SHA1 hashes
Shell In A Box - A terminal emulator for browsers that tunnels access over HTTP/HTTPS.
shellsupport - A shell script support tool.
Shepherd - A graphical network traffic measurement system.
shntool - A multi-purpose WAVE data processing and reporting utility.
Shohei Mail - Web-based multi-user mail gateway.
ShopSite - Easy-to-use online shopping cart with store building and merchandising tools.
Shoutstats - A fast, free Shoutcast server log file analysis program.
shsecret - implementation of secret sharing algorithm
shstat - Designed to give stat() info to shell scripts
Siag Office - Free office package for Unix
SID - A framework for computer system simulations that support software development.
SIDEN - Distributed network discovery tool.
sidplay2 - SID Player Music Library V2.
SIDPlayer - A replayer program for C64 music.
Siege - An HTTP regression testing/benchmarking utility.
sifi - Stateful TCP/IP packet filter for Linux.
SiG Information Generator - A class for persistant objects in PHP.
SigLab - A signal calculator.
Signal Generator - A generator for fixed sounds.
signature - a dynamic signature generator for e-mail and news
sigs - A digital-signature package.
sii_printpbm - allows you to print PBM files to the SII SLP1100label printer from a UNIX box.
SILC - Secure Internet Live Conferencing.
SimilarReceiver - Delivers local e-mail with slightly misspelled receiver names.
Simkin - An embedded scripting language for Java and XML.
Simkin for C++ - An embedded scripting language for C++ and XML.
Simpla - A concept language for child education.
Simple Document Management System - A document repository system.
Simple PHP3 Counter - A simple PHP3 counter.
Simple Sockets Library - Simple C programming interface to sockets
simpleproxy - A TCP proxy.
Simplicity for Java - Cross-Platform IDE and RAD tool for Java.
Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator - A C/C++ code wrapper and interface generator for other programming languages.
SING - A fully programmable ping replacement.
Sing Along Disc Player - CD player with spectrum analyser, oscillator, mixer and remote DB support
SingIt Lyric Displayer - A program to display formatted lyrics.
SIPS - A PHP-based Weblog system with no need for a database server.
Sirobot - A Web fetch tool similar to wget.
Sirofront - A GTK frontend for Sirobot.pl.
SISC - SISC is an R5RS complete, fast, lightweight Scheme interpreter in Java.
Site Index - A simple script that generates multi-page HTML site index for your domains.
Site Size - Perl script which calculates space used on a Web or FTP server.
Site Studio - Online template-based Web site creation tool.
site-dater.pl - Generates a table of web links within a local hierarchy sorted by date.
sitecopy - Maintain remote copies of locally stored web sites
SiteDev - remote web-based site administration application
Sitegrab - An IRC-log parsing URL Grabber with a Web-based Search Engine.
sitemapper - Perl script for generating site maps
SiteScape Forum - Web-based team collaboration software for Linux
sitescooper - Downloads stories from various news sites and converts to text or Pilot format.
site_foundation - A storytelling, discussion, etc. Web app not unlike Advogato or Slash.
sixpack - A graphic and command line bibliograhy database manager.
Sizzle - Embeddable Scheme interpreter.
Sked - A curses based calendar and scheduling program.
Skencil - A vector drawing program implemented in Python.
SkinLF - A skin "Look And Feel" for Java Swing
Skipstone - A GTK+ Web browser based on Mozilla.
SkySOUND - Free demo or game oriented MP3 Library
SLab - A hard disk audio recording system for Linux.
SlackMan - A graphical Slackware package manager.
Slackware - The Slackware distribution
Slackware Administrators Security Toolkit - Slackware security scripts and new rc initialization
slang - A powerful interpreted language
slap - SmartLabel printing for UNIX
slash - A database-driven news and message board, using mod_perl and MySQL.
slash2mail - Slashdot to email gateway.
slashem - A variant of the Rogue-like console game Nethack.
slasholic - A script to notify you of new slashdot articles.
Slay - Kills all of a users processes.
SleezeBall - Make Squid replace known banners with a 1x1 pixel transparent GIF
Sleuth - A utility for checking DNS zones for bugs.
SLFFEA - Free Finite Element Analysis
Slidedraw - A GUI-based presentation graphics program for Linux.
slider - Slide show generator.
slides.sh - A shell script based text to HTML presentation translator
SlideServlet - Document-sharing and Web presentations.
Slirp - SLIP/PPP emulator over shell/telnet/ssh/etc.
slmon - A system performance monitor using the S-Lang library.
SLOCCount - Source Lines of Code (SLOC) counting tool for a large number of languages
Slooze PHP Web Photo Album - A photo album for Web sites, written in PHP.
Sloppy - Deliberately slow proxy to get that dial-up experience
SLRN - An NNTP based newsreader for Unix, VMS, and OS/2 systems
Slrnconf - A graphical configuration utility for SLRN.
SLXT - A thin/lite Linux Xterminal package for SPARC machines.
Smail - Electronic mail transport system
Small Linux - Three diskette distribution that uses less than 4 megs of RAM
Small Window Manager - A small and fast window manager for X11.
SmartEiffel - The GNU Eiffel Compiler
SMArT - Web config tool for MARS_NWE
Smart Sign - Smartcard support for OpenCA certification authority and generic SC middleware.
SmarTagger - Tag and rename a full album of MP3s at once.
Smartcard - A utility for controlling smart cards.
SmartHTML - HTML preprocessor
SmartPlay - Perl/GTK mpg123 front end w/ artificial intelegence
Smarty PHP template engine - The PHP compiling template engine.
Smash - SMS server for sending text messages to mobile phones.
smbfax - Sends a fax to a Samba print share without any Win32 client software.
smbfs-mounter - Tool to use pam_authtoken and mount smb-shares.
SMiaB - System Manager in a Box (SMiaB)
Smit - An ARP sniffer for switched networks.
smixer - Console program to control the mixer levels on soundcards.
SMJPEG - The SDL Motion JPEG Library.
SML/NJ - Compiler, development environment, and libraries for Standard ML
SMM++ Mud Client - Mud client with mapping functionality and lots of other features
SMOOTH - Object oriented windowing toolkit.
SmoothWall - A fully functional Linux firewalling software appliance.
SMoS - Send messages over SMS.
SMPEG - An SDL MPEG player with sound.
SMS Client - Command line based utility which allows you to send SMS messages
SMS Server Tools - A daemon to send, receive, and answer SMS through GSM modems.
sms-mail - An SMS message to email gateway.
sms-queue - SMS queue handler.
SMSdb Lite - A database for collecting SMS.
SMSLink - Client/server gateway to the SMS protocol
smtm - A rather flexible Perl/Tk portfolio ticker and chart tool.
SMTP::Server - A complete, extensible, RFC compliant SMTP server written in Perl
smtpproxy - An application level gateway for SMTP.
Smurf SoundFont Editor - A SoundFont editor, superceded by Swami.
sn - Hassle-free usenet news system for small sites
SNAC - SNAC's a Neat Algebraic Calculator.
Snack sound toolkit - A cross-platform sound extension for Tcl and Python.
SnakeMe - A very customizable snake game.
Snapper - An XML-based rapid application development system.
SnapSource - Programmers' tool for taking periodic incremental backups of source code.
snarf - Command-line URL retrieval tool with some unique features.
snes9express - A graphical frontend for snes9x.
Snes9x - Portable, freeware Super Nintendo Entertainment System(SNES) emulator
sng - Compile/decompile between PNG & SNG.
SNiFF+ - An open, extensible and scalable cross-platform programming environment
SNiFF+ for Eiffel - An IDE for Eiffel.
SNiFF+ LinuxLand - Integrated development environment on Linux
snifob - A packet sniffer output beautifier.
SNMP Monitor (Ex) - SNMP critical values monitoring
snmp-monitor - WAN SNMP Monitoring.
Snmpd (Scotty) - SNMP daemon-based network management program
Snoopy - Snoopy is a PHP class that implements web client functionality.
Snoopy Logger - An execve() wrapper that allows logging for system administrators
Snort - A network intrusion detection and prevention system.
Snoweb - hypertext literate programming mode for xemacs
sntop - A curses-based utility that polls network hosts to determine connectivity.
SNTS - Simple Network Time Sync.
sock - Shell interface for network sockets
Socket_poll - A library to make using poll() fast and easy.
Socks via HTTP - A socks tunnel via HTTP.
Socksd - SOCKS(4
SOD - An object-oriented database.
Sodipodi - A vector-drawing application.
Soft-E-Sales - Business to business online sales and shopping cart software
SoLinger Java CrackLib - A Java port of the CrackLib password checker.
SoLinger Java Sdbm - A Java port of Sdbm.
SOLO - An x86 boot loader for ShagOS, Linux, Plan9, Inferno, etc.
solveit - A program that solves an accounting version of the bin-packing problem.
Soma - A Multithreaded HTTP/1.1 Web server written in Java.
SomeNEWS - A tool to fetch articles from homesite.
Songprint - Music recognition library.
Sonicmail - POP3 email notifer applet for GNOME.
Sony PCG-C1XS Picturebook Camera Capture - Make photos/films using the camera in your SONY Vaio C1XS.
Sony RM-X2S XMMS Plugin - Lets you control XMMS with a Sony RM-X2S joystick.
Soot - A Java bytecode optimization framework.
Sort-of-pronounceable-password generator - A simple script that generates easy-to-remember passwords.
SOS - Verilog Design Data Management Product
Soth DPE - Distributed Processing Environment with inverse client server philosophy.
Sound Monitor - A GNOME panel applet that visually displays esound output.
soundgrab - A tool to interactively select and save parts of a raw audio file.
SoundTracker - A music tracker for X/GTK+.
Soupermail - Generic form to email handler
Source-Navigator - An IDE with source code comprehension features.
SourceForge - An online Open Source hosting Web application.
SoX - Sound Processing Tool
sp.xsl - XSL code for a simple Web site with a navigation bar and menus.
Space Plumber - A maze-solving space 3D game.
Space Racer - An OpenGL Car Game
spam.pl - Perl script for sending automatic complaints on spam
Spamfilter - Spamblocker for qmail mailing system
SparkEdit - A 3D scene editor.
Spazz - An image viewer for X.
Speak Freely - Internet telephony.
spectemu - A 48k ZX Spectrum emulator.
Speech for Java - A Linux Java interface for incorporating IBM's ViaVoice speech technology.
speechd - Implements /dev/speech device (all plaintext written to it will be spoken aloud)
Speed Dragon Tools - Tools and C++ class library for Hagenuk Speed Dragon
SpeedyCGI - Speeds up Perl scripts by running them persistently.
Spegla - A mirror program for FTP sites.
speyes - South Park-inspired xeyes dockapp for WindowMaker.
SPF - Stateful packet filter.
Spice Opus - A mixed-mode SPICE 2/3 and XSPICE-compatible simulator with optimization tools.
spim - R2000/R3000 simulator
SPiN Chat System - Java based client/server Chat and Conferencing application
SPINdex - Perl-based Web site-searching suite
SPINE - Perl-based online content management application.
spiprog - A programmer for SPI EEPROMs using parallel printer port.
SpiralLoops - Experimental loop sampler.
SpiralSynth - A software synthesizer.
SPLASH - xmessage on steroids
Splay - MPEG-1/2 layer 1,2,3 and wave file player.
spliff - A GUI mail watcher inspired by TkRat's Watcher utility.
SplitFire - Complete IRC script for IRCII-EPIC.
splitpea - Python script for splitting and joining files.
splitvt - A program to provide split terminals.
Spmail - A Web-based email client.
Spong - Simple System/Network Monitoring
Sportal - A file watcher with a GTK frontend.
Sportwire ANPA/XML Parser - A script to read ANPA sportswire into PostgreSQL tables via XML.
Spread - Group Communications Toolkit for Reliable Multicast
Spruce - A simple email client coded for X with the GTK widget set.
SPU-Toolbox - A C++ API for frame-rate sensor control, video capture, and display.
SPUC - Source code library for DSP.
SQL Abstraction Layer - An OO library for creating and manipulating SQL statements in PHP.
SQL Counter - A hit counter for Roxen which stores hits in an SQL database.
SQL-Ledger Accounting - An accounting system.
SQLite - An embeddable SQL engine in a C library.
SQmaiL - A MUA for GNOME.
sarg - Squid Analysis Report Generator
SQSH - A helpful utility for Sybase users andadmins
Squeak - A portable Smalltalk 80-based language.
Squeak in one Disk - Squeak in only one boot disk.
squelch - An Ogg Vorbis player.
Squid - A high performance Web proxy cache.
Squid Graph - Squid logfile analyzer and traffic grapher.
squidGuard - Fast and flexible redirector, filter and access controller plugin for squid
squidsites - Squid reporting tool
SquidStat - A SQUID log analyzer.
squid_redirect (adzapper) - Filter out animated ad banners from your pages
Squij - Squid logfile analyzer
SquirrelMail - A Web-based email reader.
squishdot - Zope-based weblog (Slashdot-like forum)
srecord - A collection of powerful tools for manipulating EPROM load files
sredird - RFC 2217 compliant serial port redirector
srm - A secure rm(1).
ss5136dn - Driver and Utilities for SST 5136-DN family of DeviceNet interfaces.
ssct - A utility that spell checks a word, then translates the results.
ssh - Remote Login Program
ssh-gui - SSH GUI front-end and configurator
sshcmd - A script-tool for ssh and scp.
SSIComment - Database-backed comment system for websites
SSL Proxy - Extend existing clients and servers with secure data transport (SSL).
ssldump - An SSLv3/TLS protocol analyzer.
sspft - A client/server to forward a local TCP port through cryptographic link.
STAMOS - Gathers several information about the computer and generates an HTML file
stamp - Adds a graphical timestamp to a jpeg image
StamPL - A light Perl version of the Stamp program.
S tar - The most POSIX compliant and fastest known implementation of a tar archiver.
star trek ency reader - Reads the star trek encyclopedia under linux
starcat - A star catalog visualization tool.
starfish - An automatic wallpaper generator.
Starmap - View a 3-D starmap from astronomical data.
StarOffice - A cross-platform office suite.
StarTalk - Reads/Writes to a Motorola StarTac PCS/CDMA phone.
StarWar - A space-shooting game based on ClanLib.
State Threads - A small library for designing scalable Internet applications.
statfs - Command line wrapper for statfs(2) call
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