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z - A convenience frontend for tar, gzip, zip, etc.
Z80-ASM - A Z80 assembler and debugger.
ZAngband - Rogue-like roleplaying game
zap - A Perl wrapper for rm.
ZAP! - Z39.50 gateway (client) for Apache or CGI.
Zapping - A TV viewer program for GNOME.
zblast - Simple but manic shoot-em-up game.
ZClock - A highly configurable GNOME clock applet.
Zdisk - Create a boot/rescue floppy with any kernel.
Zebedee - Encrypting, compressing TCP and UDP tunnel.
Zebra - Routing software for a TCP/IP network.
Zed - A simple, powerful, and configurable text editor.
Zend Optimizer - Doubles the running speed of PHP 4.0 application
Zephyr - Conduct one-on-one and group conversations and receive notices.
zgsmplay - A curses-based realtime GSM file player with file selector.
zgv - svgalib picture viewer with a thumbnail-based file selector
Zigzag - A unique hyperstructure kit for Linux
Zip - Creates PKZIP-compatible .zip files.
zip08x - library to extract stored/deflated files in a zip archive
Zipios++ - A C++/iostream-based library for reading and writing Zip files.
ZipSpeak - A talking mini-distribution of Linux for visually impaired people.
Zircon - An IRC client written in tcl/tk
zJSP - JavaServer Pages translator which produces Java servlets.
zlib - A compression/decompression Library
zlibc - Zlibc - transparently access compressed files
zlcatalog - A library for organizing things non-hierarchically.
ZMailer - An MTA for gateways, mailservers, or other large site environments.
zmakebas - Converts text files into matching Spectrum Basic programs.
ZNet - Transparent compression network layer for Java applications.
Zombie - Library and server for developing networked apps/games.
ZooLib - Multithreaded C++ cross-platform application framework.
Zoom - An interpreter for Infocom Z-Code adventures.
Zope - A Web application platform for dynamic Web sites.
Zorp - A proxy firewall.
ZPoPyDA - Postgresql database adapter for Zope
Zsh - A powerful UNIX shell.
zshist - A script to read .zsh_history and display timestamps in human-readable form.
zssh - Allows you to perform interactive file transfers while using ssh.
ZThread - Advanced object-oriented, platform-independant threading library.
Zune - A free MUI (an Amiga GUI toolkit) clone for Un*x
Zureta's Listar-Companion - Add-on for the Listar Mailling List Manager.
ZZIPlib - Read zip-archives in place of a normal subdirectory.
ZZplayer - An MPEG-I video player.
Zinc - A graphical toolkit extending the Tk canvas.
ZABBIX - An enterprise-class distributed monitoring solution.
ZSNES - An SNES emulator.
z81 - Sinclair ZX81 and ZX80 emulator
Zorum - A general-purpose Web forum application.
ZDoc - A DOC reader/writer for Palm Pilots with compression/encryption and serial I/O.
zRcube - A POV-compatible parallel renderer using radiosity and raytracing.
Zureta IfaceMon - A program that shows network activity as ncurses bars on the console.
zstar Networked 3D project - A 3D networked application platform.
zisofs-tools - Tools for creating a compressed ISO9660 filesystems.
Ze-NewsGet - No need to visit the principal sites of news every 2 minutes.
zOpen Directory - A system which integrates ODP content into Zope Web sites.
ZXTM Load Balancer - A traffic management solution.
ZehDok - A JavaDoc-like documentation system for C.
Zgal - A gallery generator for static HTML photo albums with thumbnails.
ZoltanPlayer - A music playing daemon.
Zorum Portal - A portal, content management system with forum.
Zzip-zzlib - A block sorting compressor.
Zaval Database Front-end - A light frontend to any database with JDBC-compatible drivers.
Zemos Communication System - A flexible system that uses PHP and MySQL for interactive Web pages.
ZoneMaster - Zone file and name server management.
ZWM - A cross-platform SDL window manager.
zlplay - An MP3 player for the zlcatalog system.
Zephyr Basecamp - An accounting, inventory, shipping, sales, order entry database.
zeitreise - A video/TV timeshift application.
zFireBirdDA - A Zope database adapter for FireBird/Interbase.
zoneadm - A CGI application to allow delegation of DNS resource record changes to users.
Zaval Light-Weight Visual Components Library - An alternative to humble AWT-based GUI interfaces for the PersonalJava platform.
Z1 SecureMail Gateway - A central security server for email using S/MIME and PGP.
ZUC: Zaurus Unit Converter - A unit converter for the Zaurus SL-5500 PDA.
Zoinks - Programmer's editor and development environment.
Zoogle - A Z39.50 gateway to the Google Web index.
Zaval File Search - A local area network tool designed for file search on SMB and FTP shares.
ZenWeb - A system for building entire Web sites, not just pages.
Zoph - A PHP/MySQL photo album/gallery/management system.
Zope Memory Watchdog - A script that watches Zope's memory usage and restarts it if necessary.
ziproxy - A gzipping, image compressing, forwarding HTTP proxy.
zphoto - A zooming photo album generator.
Zaval Java Resource Editor - A cross-platform visual editor for Java resources.
Zaval GUI Designer Package - Components that can be used for WYSIWYG form builders with AWT/Swing/LwVCL.
Zeiberbude - A point-of-sales application for cyber-cafes.
Zinf - An MP3/Vorbis/CD audio player with jukebox capabilities.
Zaval Advanced TV Guide - Allows TV schedule viewing with your PDA (TV programs tracking and more).
Zaval Database Export Utility - A Web-based database export utility.
Zope Weather applet - A Zope Python applet to display weather information for any recognized location.
Zionist In Space - A curses clone of Konquest with extra features.
Zina - A graphical interface to your MP3 collection.
zprommer - An E(E)PROM programming tool.
ZCrypt for InfoZip - An encryption addon for InfoZip.
Zeta potential calculation tools - A C++ library and front-ends for calculating zeta potentials.
Zoe Intertwingle - A unique email client that works through a Web browser.
ZynAddSubFX - A software synthesizer.
ZoneMinder - A Web-based video camera security, motion capture, and analysis suite.
ZenTest - A tool that generates automatic Ruby code and unit tests by scanning sources.
Zaval Proxy Suite - A TCP-based commandline proxy with traffic logging facilities.
ZShellScripts - An extension for using Zope with other languages.
Zoidberg - A modular Perl shell.
ZybaCafe - A complete open source management solution for Internet cafes.
Zmanim - A tool that computes times for Jews based on sunset and sunrise.
Zool Linux - A Linux mini-distribution for networking and rescue systems.
Zence - A program for generating random text with configurable morphology.
Zenity - A Gtk+ dialog tool.
ZideStore - A server to access OGo using clients like Outlook, Evolution, or OOo.
Zild - A C application server.
Zoom Image - An applet which magnifies Web images up to 20:1.
Zwiki - A Zope-based Wiki engine.
ZINC interpreter - An interpreter for interactive fiction with a map facility and network play.
Ziling - A PHP Chinese encoding conversion tool.
zmogul - A FastttrackerII module shrinker.
zire-photo - Synchronize your Zire 71 photographs via gnome-pilot.
Zope Group Calendar - A standards-compliant group calendar.
ZapEdit - An online Website management tool.
zoem - An all-round macro/programming language.
ZoneCheck - A DNS zone checking tool.
Zuul - A PHP frontend for mldonkey.
zebot - An extensible, object-oriented, modular IRC bot.
zWebit - A stable interface engine suitable for use in demanding environments.
zhcon - A fast console CJK environment.
ZenEngine - A small XML-based CMS framework in PHP.
Zoo - An archiver and extractor for "zoo" format files.
ZVTM - A powerful Zoomable User Interface toolkit.
Zolera SOAP Infrastructure - An infrastructure for writing Web Services in Python.
Zaurus Synchronization Repository - A project to produce a tool for synchronization of a Zaurus on a Linux Desktop.
Zmscanner - A content scanner for Zmailer.
ZEngine - A cross-platform 2d game API.
Zero Memory Widget - A widget library without a single bit of storage per widget.
zclean - A tiny Linux kernel module that removes any existing zombie processes.
Zen Cart - A free, user-friendly, open source shop
zongle - A tool which compares two PostgreSQL databases schemas and creates a diff script
ZDoom - An advanced DOOM source port.
Zemljanka Commander - An asynchronous, extensible file manager for GTK2.
Zabotage - A simplistic Webportal.
Zipper - A compressed archive tool for GNUstep.
Zoidcom - A UDP-based game network library for C++.
zr364xx for Linux - A kernel module for Zoran chips based USB/JPEG cameras.
zimg - A program that renders 2D data of arbitrary format.
ZoneCD - A WiFi gateway LiveCD.
zFeeder - An RSS feed reader (aggregator) to integrate news on a Website.
Zope Object Files - work with zope objects directly on filesystem
ZUUL The Gatekeeper - Software that handles serveral connections to a stack of modems.
Zulu Spellchecker - A spellchecker for Zulu.
zipdiff - A tool for comparing two zip files.
Zambeel - An e-mail based archiving system.
ZAP Multiplayer - A multiplayer 2D retro team based space action game.
ZIG - An easy-to-use C++ game networking engine.
ZWS - A simple Web server written in ZSH.
ZAppSvr - A Java application server.
Znap - A network audio mixing daemon.
Zabit - A content and attachment filter for qmail.
zonenotify - A tool that sends zone change notify from djbdns master to BIND slaves.
Zapping VBI library - A Vertical Blanking Interval decoding library.
Zeus Java Swing Components Library - A Java Swing components (widgets) library.
zmeter - A serial interface for the RadioShack 22-812 digital multimeter.
ZetaGrid - A platform that uses J2EE to solve large computing-intensive problems.
ZapM - A silly sci-fi roguelike RPG.
Zenith Picture Gallery - A feature-rich picture gallery.
zeRace - A simple racing game.
Zeus Extensible Traffic Manager - An application-centric load balancing system.
zen Platform - A visual Java IDE with RAD features for J2SE/J2EE.
zlib-palmos - A port of zlib 1.1.4 to PalmOS as a SysLib.
ZFolder2Product - A tool which extracts a Zope folder to a filesystem and re-imports it.
zicons - An icon selector.
ZBKB - A full-featured knowledge base application.
Zub's Photo Gallery - A simple photo gallery system.
Zoid's Quest - A jump-and-run platform game.
zsync - A client-side implementation of the rsync algorithm over HTTP.
ZenTracking - Time reporting software.
Zebra Workflow Engine - A flexible workflow engine.
Zlog - A portable platform game engine.
Zen Garden - A tool for watching over the installation and building of source archives.
Zapatec Javascript Calendar - A popup Javascript calendar.
ZRPd - A full Zone Routing Protocol implementation for Linux.
Zee - An experimental lightweight editor and programming environment.
Zwischenwelt - A Civilisation-like browser game.
Zimpl - A mathematical modeling language for mixed integer programs.
zufall - A simple program to change the background periodically.
zlib_arm - Faster decompression for ARM-based processors.
Zombie SMTP - A multi-threaded pretend SMTP server to waste spammers' time using RBLs.
Z Time Control - A Zope product that implements a time control tool.
Zero Install Injector - A decentralised packaging system.
Zip webservice - A zip code Web service that uses SOAP.
zdict - An English to Japanese dictionary viewer.
ZWord - A crossword solver for the Zaurus.
Zombie SPAM blocker - A Sendmail filter against SPAM/viruses coming from infected Windows computers.
ZengaiaSpace - A mulitplayer online strategy space game.
Zort - Yet another PHP-based server-side RSS aggregator.
Z88Transfer - A utility to send and receive files from portable Z88 computers.
Zoop - An object oriented framework based on a front controller.
Zenwalk Linux - A simple, fast, and complete GNU/Linux OS.
Zim - A desktop wiki editor.
znc - An advanced IRC bouncer.
ZoneX - A discussion board system.
Z-machine Preservation Project - A modern Java implementation of the Z-machine.
Zimbra Collaboration Suite - An email server, shared calendar, document, and IM system.
Zoho Virtual Office - A groupware product for communicating and managing your office from anywhere.
ZK - A highly productive Java framework for building amazing enterprise Web and mobile applications.
Zatacka - A simple one-keyboard multiplayer game.
Zonestats - Solaris 10 zone statistics.
Zeta - A virtual platform with associated tools (emulator/toolchain/Linux kernel).
Zekr - A Quran study software.
z3lib - An RFC 1951/1952 compliant compression library.
Zentyal - A small business server.
z80ex - A ZiLOG Z80 CPU emulator.
Zoom-It (Horizontal Version) - An easy-to-use and completely customizable horizontal navigation menu.
Zoom-It (Vertical Version) - An easy-to-use and completely customizable vertical navigation menu.
Zarafa - An Outlook sharing server with WebAccess.
Zeppoo - Software to detect if a rootkit is installed on your system.
Zip extension for PHP - A PHP extension to access and create zip archives.
Zenoss Core - An enterprise network and systems monitoring application.
Zeta Desktop Environment - An advanced X11 window manager and environment.
Zone2Host - A utility that converts zone files to hosts files.
ZRacer - A console car racing game with hotseat multiplayer.
Zero Calorie DNS Server - A domain name server for FreeBSD 6.0.
ZeroShell - A Linux distribution to provide network services.
ZXID - A library for federated single sign-in and ID Web services.
Zelda2D - A Zelda related jump'n'run fan-game.
ZUPS - A daemon for running controlled shutdowns if UPS devices are running on battery.
Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL - A flexible and robust backup and recovery solution for MySQL server.
Zebra_Database - A MySQL database wrapper for PHP.
Zebra_Session - A wrapper for PHP’s default session handling functions, using MySQL for storage.
Zebra_Image - A compact, lightweight, object-oriented image manipulation library, written in and for PHP, that provides methods for performing several types of image manipulation operations.
ZuluPad - A PIM that combines the best parts of a notepad and a wiki.
ZoIP - A bridge between telephony and text adventure for Asterisk and Infocom games.
ZDT - Mandarin study software.
ZRTP Protocol Library - A free implimentation of the ZRTP protocol.
ZebraFeeds - A Web-based RSS/Atom feed aggregator.
zeroer - A command line utility for wiping unallocated space on a filesystem.
Zepto CMS - A tiny but flexible CMS.
Zooom - Makes moving, resizing, and working with all your apps easier.
Z1 SecureMail Messenger - A server-based software solution for confidential email exchange.
Zebra_Form - A PHP class for creating and validating beautiful, secure, and functional HTML forms.
Zerotools - Tools to aid compression of virtual machine disks with Linux virtual machines.
Zero Kelvin Desktop - An AJAX desktop environment.
zzuf - A transparent application input fuzzer.
zeroSSH - A GUI frontend for listing and accessing SSH services advertised via Zeroconf.
ZideStore OpenGroupware Interface - An XML-RPC API bundle for OpenGroupware's ZideStore integration server.
ZoneAdmin - A Web-based administration interface for powerDNS.
Z47 Virtual Processor Palm - A self-contained distributed operating system (SCD-OS).
zfec - A fast erasure code implementation with command-line, C, and Python interfaces.
zCI - A Web-based computer inventory system.
Zoned - Manages BerkelyDB zone dtabases using the BIND9 Replication Base API.
ZebraTuner - A guitar tuner and generic instrument tuner.
ZhuaShuShell - Scripts to crawl online books and save them as local text files.
Zadolbator - A simple reminder component for the Jabber server.
ZK Mobile - A ZK extension that allows ZK applications to run on mobile devices.
z3c.formjs - An extension to z3c.form providing JavaScript and AJAX functionality.
Zipeg - A utility to browse and extract from zip, rar, and other archives.
Z-Push - An implementation of the ActiveSync email push protocol.
Zeta for JavaScript - A functional JavaScript library.
Zumastor - An enterprise Linux storage system supporting snapshots and remote replication.
ZZEE DHTML Menu - A library for Javascript and PHP to create drop-down menus.
zak - A tool to convert one or more MP3 files to a single MP3, MP4, M4A, or M4B file.
Zighinetto Dialogs - Useful visual controls for .NET Compact Framework developers.
ZoneMan - A command line interface for controllng PowerDNS SQL-based back ends.
Zeobuilder - A user-friendly GUI toolkit for the construction of advanced molecular models.
Zimbra Desktop - An email and calendar application.
Zindus - Google and Zimbra contacts for Thunderbird.
ZK Spreadsheet - An Excel-like spreadsheet component running under the ZK AJAX framework.
Zikula - A Web application framework.
zzjson - A lightweight JSON library in C.
Zoom Profiler - A low-overhead graphical and command line profiler for Linux and Mac OS X.
Zym Framework - A Zend Framework extension.
Zeitleiste - A history tool suitable for authors in phantastic genres.
Zivios - A Web-based control panel for implementing technologies needed by enterprises.
zf-bindAdmin - A simple administrative interface for a BIND server with a MySQL backend.
Zen Flash Gallery CS3 Component - A Flash component for creating online presentations and slideshows.
Zibu - Keeps file permissions, and executes your commands when checksums are invalid.
ZFN - A standards-compliant distributed network system.
zsh debugger - A debugger for zsh.
Zytouch Driver - A userspace driver for Zytronic touchscreens.
ZenMagick - A reliable, flexible e-commerce solution.
Zimplit CMS - An easy Web site creation tool.
Zero RRD Framework - An RRD framework that provides a service and an agent.
Zoner - A DNS zone management UI.
ZicBee - A music database and player usable with extremely large music collections.
ZWDisplay - A program that displays Mandarin text with pronunciation and translation.
Zombie Nation MUD - A MUD engine focusing on modern day zombie attacks.
zonetocisco - Converts ipdeny files to Cisco ASA usable commands.
ZoneMinder Virtual Appliance - ZoneMinder distributed as a virtual appliance.
Zaui Activity/Tour Management System - A Web-based tour management and reservation system.
Zend Installer - A PHP class to setup files for an application based on the Zend framework.
Zimbra Virtual Appliance - A turn-key virtual appliance for the popular Exchange replacement, Zimbra.
zenformat - An easy removable disk formatting tool.
Z88 - A finite element analysis program.
ZOC - A telnet/SSH/rlogin/CAPI/TAPI/serial/CDE client and terminal emulator with session tabs, full keyboard remapping, REXX scripting, ZMODEM transfers, Unicode support, etc.
ztex - A firmware kit and driver API for EZ-USB-based devices.
Zend Framework - A PHP 5 framework.
Zemucan - A Syntax Assistant for DB2.
Zadok - A multi-language test suite runner.
Zowie.fractals - A Mandelbrot fractal editor plugin for Eclipse.
Zutils - Utilities dealing with compressed files.
Zetetic.Ldap - LDAP and LDIF tools for C# / .NET.
Zorba - A general purpose XQuery processor.
Zynaptic Reaction - An asynchronous programming framework for Java inspired by Twisted Python.
Z1 CertServer - Server-based software for the storage and administration of X.509 certificates and OpenPGP keys.
zpub - A collaborative documentation editing platform.
Zine - A blogging app.
ZFS-FUSE - A port of ZFS to the FUSE framework.
z3ext - A CMS framework for Zope3
Zonk! - A PHP MVC framework.
zend-db-model-generator - A script that generates proper table, model, and mapper classes.
Zarafa Virtual Appliance - A fully working virtual appliance for Zarafa Groupware.
Zanate - A jQuery plugin for presenting Web content in the form of slide shows.
Zaz - An arcade action puzzle game where you get rid of incoming balls by rearranging their order.
Zoia Poker - A poker game of the type "Jacks or better".
zip-center - This release finds a ZIP code at the center of n ZIP codes.
Zip-Ada - A pure Ada library for .zip archives.
ZODB - A Python object database.
zabbix-updater - A tool for automatically updating ZABBIX agents.
Zbatery - A Rack HTTP server without a fork stuck in it.
Zimbra Python Client - A Zimbra Python SOAP client.
Zatacka X - A remake of "Achtung, die Kurve!".
ZTopo - A USGS topographic map viewer.
ZaK - A property management system for hotels and bed-and-breakfasts.
Zbxlog - Syslog message handling for Zabbix.
Zen Load Balancer - A distribution to configure an appliance for TCP load balancing.
ZiK - An audio player.
zfsbackup - A backup and snapshot management tool for ZFS.
Zabbot - A Jabber bot for Zabbix.
Zabbix/J - A Zabbix agent framework for Java applications.
Zebra_Pagination - A generic pagination class written in PHP.
zmaildrop - A mail delivery agent that analyzes emails, extracts relevant information, and sends it to a Zabbix server.
Zittergie Coin Catalog - A coin catalog and manager.
Zebra_Datepicker - A lightweight date picker plugin for jQuery.
Zebra_Mptt - A PHP implementation of the modified preorder tree traversal algorithm.
zipdy - A zip code distance calculator.
Zebra_Dialog - A lightweight dialog box plugin for jQuery.
Zebra_TransForm - A tiny jQuery plugin for replacing checkboxes, radio buttons, and selects.
ZXTune - A portable cross-platform library and a set of applications for chiptunes playback.
ZixFS - An embedded file storage system.
zLogFabric - A central logging framework.
Zebra_Accordion - A tiny accordion plugin for jQuery.
Zebra_Cookie - An extremely small jQuery plugin for writing, reading, and deleting cookies.
Zurmo - A CRM application utilizing jQuery, Yii Framework, and RedBeanPHP.
ZShaolin - A shell environment for Android.
zrep - A zfs based replication and failover solution.
Zodeken - A tool to generate code to access MySQL with Zend Framework.
zfind - A fast file search utility/API for searching within archives.
zlog logging library - A reliable pure C logging library.
ZINT Barcode Generator - A 1D and 2D barcode generator for over 50 symbologies.
Z88vm - A Cambridge Z88 portable computer emulator.
Zfswatcher - A ZFS storage pool monitoring and notification daemon.
Zebra_cURL - A high performance, multi-threaded, PHP cURL library.
Zend Framework Models Generator - A tool that generates model classes from MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite databases.
ZedLog - A robust cross-platform input logging tool.
Zabbix-Reporter - A responsive Zabbix dashboard.
Zato - An ESB and app server.
ZORNA - A collaborative Web portal.
Zyan Drench - A very simple yet entertaining game for Android.
ZappWM - A small, fast, and complete desktop for Linux/Unix.

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