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y-notes - A suite of Web page annotation applets.
y2l - Yacc to LaTeX grammar pretty printer
ya-wipe - Secure file wiper
Yabasic - Yet Another BASIC interpreter (Unix/Windows)
Yacas - Yet Another Computer Algebra System
yacdbak - Yet another CD backup tool
Yadex - Doom/Doom II/Heretic level (wad) editor for X
yafc - Yet another FTP client.
Yahoo! Messenger - Instant messages, friends list, and conferencing.
Yahp - HTML pre-processor.
yaktest - A small C++ unit testing framework
yaktrack - A simple, flexible Python-based issue tracking system.
yalg - Yet Another Looking Glass.
Yams - An e-commerce package written in Perl and utilizing a MySQL database.
YAP Prolog System - Prolog Compiler
yappa2 - A photo album generator.
Yard - A suite of Perl scripts for creating rescue disks for Linux
yarec - Console based sample recorder/player
YaRET - Yet another Ripper-Encoder-Thingy.
YASC - Yet another [email protected] controller.
YASE - Text indexing and retrieval system.
YATunnel - Tunneling software for accessing computers inside firewall.
Yaunc - Yet Another Uptimes.Net Client.
yawl - word gamer's dictionary for Linux
ydSLitProg - Prototype for an SGML-based literate-programming tool
Yet Another Advanced Log Analyzer - General log analyzer with a very detailed report.
Yet another MP3 Tool - A GTK program to manage your MP3s.
Yet Another News Fetcher - News fetcher.
Yet Another PHP Bulletin Board - PHP-powered Bulletin Board system
Yet Another Radius Daemon - A compact RADIUS server with many interesting features.
Yet Another SQL*Plus Replacement - An open source Oracle CLI to replace SQL*Plus.
ymusk - A Perl/Tk mush client.
Yoke Linux Kernel Driver - A kernel device driver for transparant mirroring.
yp-tools - NIS (YP) clients
ypbind-mt - ypbind-mt is a complete new implementation of a NIS binding daemon
ypldapd - LDAP to NIS gateway
YPLib - YPLib is Your Personal Library reminds you to return books to your library.
yplot - A Yorick interface to PLPlot
ypserv - Simple network lookupservice consisting of databases and processes
Ytree - A curses-based file manager.
YumfK - A libmikmod/mpg123/MySQL frontend.
ywho - Yet Another Who Utility
yyyRSA - A paranoid RSA encryption/decryption program.
Yet Another System Information Script - Web-based system information viewer.
YAPPA - An easy to use online photo gallery made in PHP4.
YAC - A Web counter and logger written in Perl.
Yet Another Eiffel Sockets - TCP/IP API layer for Eiffel.
YAFFA - An SFTP/FTP application/filemanager.
ypAnything - An NIS gateway to non-NIS sources, such as LDAP.
Yorick Maintenon Branch - A language for scientific computing.
yahoo2mbox - A Yahoo! Groups to mbox archiver.
YAKS - Yet Another Khepera Simulator - A simulator for khepera mini robots.
Yehia - A C++ plugin framework.
Yet another Pager Software - Pager Software (SMS, Scall, etc.) for wired modems and ISDN cards.
YaWPS - A Web engine used for easy Web site creation and administration.
Your eShop - Browser-based storefront and catalog development and management
Youhp3 - A preprocessor for XML, HTML, and other types of text.
YAZ - A programmer's toolkit for the development of Z39.50v3 applications.
Yeemp Encrypted Messaging Program - A multiprotocol instant messaging system.
Yet Another Filter Proxy - A preforking, banner filtering, content scanning Perl proxy.
yavipin - A secure VPN able to forward IPv4 and IPv6.
YAMDAGER - A Sony portable Minidisc MP3 ripper with auto titling.
Yanoid - Yet Another arkaNOID/breakout clone.
Yet another Linux FAQ - A FAQ about the Linux operating system.
YSM - An easy ICQ console client for Linux, BSD, Win32, BeOS, and QNX.
yq personal information manager - A personal information manager.
yencode - A powerful yEnc encoder/decoder/poster for Unix.
Yospace YoGI - A powerful and customizable GUI toolkit for J2ME applications.
yaws - A WWW technology for dynamic content.
yesClock - A 24 hour clock displaying sunrise and sunset.
YaaCs - A system born to realize computer-assisted telephone interviewing.
Yet Another SHell - A small, secure, portable shell with integrated scripts & simple programs.
Yet Another Music Browser - Yet another way of crusing through your MP3 collection with your Web browser.
YPost - A commandline Usenet binary poster.
Ympyris - A circular falling blocks game.
YAMN - Notifies you of new mail in a maildir by sound or starting an applicatication.
yafig - Yet another firewall generator.
Yahoo Mail Sucker - A Perl script that allows you to fetch Yahoo Mail messages.
YaBasic Libraries - Libraries for YaBasic.
Yellow dog Updater, Modified - An automatic RPM package updater and installer/remover.
Yet Another Wavelet toolbox - A Wavelet toolbox for Matlab (Octave, Scilab).
YAML For Ruby - A fully-featured YAML parser and emitter for Ruby.
Yaxed - A graphical XML editor based on GNOME and LibXML2.
YAML Ain't Markup Language - A straightforward machine-parseable data serialization format.
Yet Another Free RAYtracer - A free raytracing render written in C++.
Yammi - A music collection manager and search engine.
YahooPOPs! - A tool which provides free POP3 access to your Yahoo! Mail account.
Y Object Database Adapter - A transactional, multithreaded network accessible object database.
Yet Another Address Book - A comprehensive personal address manager written with PHP and MySQL.
yaz++ - A Z39.50v3 C++ toolkit.
Your Operating System - A stable, optimised, and personal OS with support for various package systems.
Yet Another File Integrity Checker - Another file integrity checker similar to Tripwire.
Yerase TNEF Stream Reader - A TNEF stream reader with VCalendar support.
YASP - A lightweight network protocol for micro controllers.
Yet another nV Configurator 42 (YanC42) - A GUI configuration tool for the Linux nVidia and ATI driver set.
yappa-ng - An easy to use PHP photo gallery with numerous features.
Yasm - A complete rewrite of NASM.
Yngvi - An Apache delouser.
Yet Another LDAP Administrator - A general purpose Web-based LDAP administration GUI.
yChat - A Web-based chat server daemon.
Yet Another Rio Receiver Server - CGIs, scripts, and daemons for a Rio Receiver server.
yawk - Yet another wiki klone.
YAPP XSLT - A scanner and parser generator in XSLT.
Yahoo Group Archiver - A command line interface to interact with Yahoo! Groups.
Yed - A C library of objects that handle filesystems, XML data, FTP connections, etc.
Yample - Yet another mail processing language environment.
Yet Another Passwd 2 LDIF Converter - An LDAP migration tool that converts a passwd/shadow database to an LDIF file.
YuBurner - CD/DVD recording software.
Yazd - Discussion forum software.
YourPay - A PHP class for automated WorldPay credit card submissions.
yaccc - Yet another cyan chat client.
YellowTip Health Reservations - Scheduling software for spas, health clubs, salons, clinics, etc.
YAAPG - Yet Another but not just Any Playlist Generator.
YourAmigo Enterprise Search - A Website/Intranet search engine for dynamic and static content.
Yapter - A fast and powerful yet simple PHP templating engine.
ytnef_cg_filter.pl - A Communigate filter that unpacks TNEF attachments.
YourAmigo Spider Linker - A program that reveals otherwise invisible Web sites to the Internet search engi
yaDMS - A PHP-based document management system.
Yabause - A Saturn emulator.
Yet Another antiVirus Recipe - A procmail recipe that helps to filter out most common e-mail worms.
YourKit Java Profiler - A CPU and memory Java profiler.
YAPAB - An address entry collection system based on PostgreSQL.
Yosi's Anti-Spam POP3 fIlter bot - A POP3 mail-scanner and abuse reporter.
Y.A.P.R.M. - A powerful modeller designed to seamlessly interact with POVRAY.
yesCoder - A program to hide data in ASCII files.
Yap - Yet Another Pager - A PHP pager.
YAWn! Linux - A client for the YAWn! Wolfenstein player tracking service.
Yawn: Yet Another W* Network - A Java framework for training and testing neural networks.
Yin Yang - Linux on-access file scanner ideal for real-time antivirus scanning.
YaFM - A Web-based file manager.
yawiki - Yet another wiki system.
YpFW - A frontend to ipfw and dummynet.
YYAC - "Yet Another Component" object model for C++.
yaSSL - Yet another implementation of the Secure Sockets Layer.
YaJal - Yet another JXTA abstraction layer.
Yet Another RSS Reader - An RSS aggregator and reader that displays its results in the system tray.
Yakrk - Yet another kernel rootkit.
Yawda - An MVC Web development application framework based on Struts.
Yawiki PHP - A powerful Wiki system for collaborative document generation.
Yawp - A single-file application framework foundation for PHP and PEAR.
YConsole - A YIFF sound server controller and monitor.
Y Sound Systems YPlayer - A simple GUI player that plays Y sound objects.
Yet Another Telephony Engine - A telephony engine for PBX, IVR, and gateways.
Yzis - A vim-like editor with a KDE and ncurses interface.
YAZ Proxy - A YAZ SRW/SRU/Z39.50 proxy.
Yet Another Freeware PDF-Composer - A PDF-composer for network shared PDF-printers.
YaBook - A PHP guestbook.
Yet Another Time Machine - A command line audio player with time stretching and compressing capabilities.
YAWTE - A fast Web template engine.
Yafca - A flashcard program.
yumtk - A GUI front-end for yum.
yeahwm - A minimalist window manager.
YaCy - Web search by the people, for the people.
yappy - A LR(1) parser generator for Python.
yakuns - A caching DNS server suitable for embedded systems.
YAJOGLB - A library that allows Java programmers to use OpenGL.
yukiawa - A bubbles puzzle game.
Yaboot - A PPC bootloader.
yalst - A live support chat tool with visitor monitoring/tracking.
Yet Another Integrity Validator - A quick and dirty Tripwire replacement.
Yellow Duck Framework - A Web application framework.
yeahconsole - An xterm that behaves like a "in game console".
Yoda decision maker - A Yoda-inspired Magic 8-Ball clone.
Yepp Explorer - A Samsung Yepp YP-NEU USB file manager.
yagg - A tool to generate a string generator from a grammar.
yeahlaunch - A simple animated horizontal menu.
ytnef_smtpd.py - A TNEF extraction SMTP proxy.
Yahoo Group Mail Archiver - An archiving utility for Yahoo group mail.
yacpi - An acpi monitoring interface.
YES Linux - An Internet turnkey solution that provides a business in a box.
Yeast - A tool that manages dependencies between program resources.
Yada - A database abstraction system.
Yet Another Primax GUI - A GUI for Primax scanner drivers.
Yamoon - A monitoring tool.
yadia2sql - A tool for generating SQL CREATE TABLE statements from Dia XML files.
yhttpd - An experimental, XML-configurable, light, multi-platform Web server.
yaced - Carbon Emacs and AUCTeX for Mac OS X 10.3.
York - A free tile-placement game inspired by Carcassonne, the board game.
yersinia - A framework for layer 2 attacks.
Ye Olde Pong - A clone of Pong.
yaLCD - A simple LCDproc client.
yet another pak - A restartable multi-file piping tool with on-the-fly encryption.
Yet Another Dynamic Engine - A program for discrete modelling and finite element method.
Yet Another Java Profiler - A profiler for Java that utilizes the JVMTI interface.
Yasper - A simple single-header smart pointer for C++.
yubController - An easy-to-use front end to yubnub.org.
yublib - A library to integrate yubnub into applications.
Yaalr - A Web server log reader.
Yellow Duck Weblog - A Weblog application written using the Yellow Duck Framework.
Yet Another Sudoku Solver - A fast Sudoku solver.
YajHFC - Yet another Java Hylafax client.
YamiPod - Yet another iPod manager.
YaHP Converter - A Java library for conversion between HTML and PDF
YACI (Yet Another Cluster Installer) - A Linux cluster installation tool.
YAPB - An IRC bot which can be expanded with modules.
YXA - SIP software written in Erlang.
Yazoo - A scripting language for calling co-compiled C routines.
yet another yuv viewer - A viewer for planar 4:2:0 pictures/sequences.
YAuCP - A collection of tools for uC development.
Yag2002 - 3D Virtual Reality Chat.
Yet Another Calendar - A simple CGI calendar.
yakko project - A protocol to make logical connections between simple hardware devices.
yodl - Your Own Document Language.
YProlog - A pocket Prolog engine in Java with easy Java-Prolog interfacing.
Yet Another Machine Simulator - A simple yet realistic MIPS32 machine simulator for educational purposes.
Yoltia - A hotkey orientated GUI image viewer/editor with slideshow feature.
Yet Another Object Request Broker - A CORBA ORB implementation.
yruba - A rule system for bash.
Yakuake - A drop-down terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole.
yawica - Yet Another Wavelet based Image Compression Algorithm.
Yafumato Web Messenger - A Web-based instant messenger client.
Yet Another Dungeon-game - A plugin-using dungeon game.
YOURI - A package repository management framework.
yahoogr-retr-kit - A tool that downloads message archives from Yahoo! Groups.
Yum Repo Sync - A script to synchronize a YUM repository.
yaSSH - Yet another implementation of the Secure Shell.
Yana 4 PHP Framework - A full scale PHP component framework including ready-to-use plugins.
Yudit - A Unicode text editor.
youtube-dl - A YouTube.com video downloader.
Yasminuroban - A Web-based game similar to "Sokoban" with a level editor.
Yasminoku - A Web-based game similar to "Sudoku" with a solver.
Yasmina's Quest - A mix of a graphical point-and-click adventure and text adventure game.
YasSS - A program that solves and generates Sudokus from the command line and curses.
yxorp - A reverse proxy for HTTP.
YouGrabber - A lightweight, command line YouTube.com video downloader.
YAPHPO - An obfuscator that lets you selectively obfuscate your PHP project.
Yabu - A make-like build tool.
YateAdmin - A Web interface for the Yate telephony engine.
Yatch - A solitary dice game.
You Only Live Once - A plot-heavy Rogue-like game designed to be played in a day.
yauap - A command-line audio player based on GStreamer.
Yawet - A Web test application.
yaGTD - A utility designed to make the management of your to-do list quick and easy.
Yoxel SW - An adaptive project management and customer portal.
Yahoo! Finance Currency Converter - currency conversion greasemonkey script
Yong - Yet another system and service monitoring tool.
Yahoo! Maps Bike Accidents Administrator - A Web-based script for adminstering a table of bike accidents with Yahoo! maps.
Yet Another MetaData Injector for FLV - A metadata injector for FLV files.
yeanpypa - A framework to create recursive-descent parsers in Python.
Yelo - A standalone service catalog for SOA.
Yet another access filter - An authentication, authorization and access control filter for J2EE Web apps.
Yet Another Swing Library - A Swing framework and component library.
Yet Another Suffix Array - A simple implementation of suffix array for text/string processing.
Yet Another Financial Manager - A simple but useful spending tracking tool.
yeaGTD - A GUI and command line tools for processing text GTD files.
Yould - A generator for pronounceable random words.
Yada Yada Yada Wiki - A wiki that lives on one self-modifying PHP file.
YFKlog - A ham radio logging program with a MySQL or SQLite backend.
YaFGen - A tool to generate images based on mathematical formulas.
yawiki engine - A renderer to convert wiki markup into HTML.
Yamon - A minimal system monitoring and alerting script.
Yaal - A library that implements automatons.
Yet Another RSS Aggregator - A fast, embeddable RSS aggregator and parser.
YIFF Sound Server - A sound server for games using the Y2 protocol.
Yuri no Yume - A hentai romance game between two girls caught up in dark mysteries.
Yaddur - An IP updater for dyndns.com.
ymshell - A command line Yahoo messenger.
YahtzeeSharp - A Mono/GTK# Yahtzee game.
YAPET - A text based password manager.
Yet Another Flowmeter - An IPFIX-based network flow meter.
Yet Another Java Service Wrapper - A "more Java-ish" alternative to the tanuki Java service wrapper.
YML - An easy language to compile into XML.
Yeti programming language - A functional ML-style programming language for JVMs.
Yet Another Nopaste - A program to copy and paste a piece of code to share it using a simple URL.
Yii - A high-performance component-based PHP framework.
yaCat - A program to catalog CDs and DVDs.
YaketyStats - A stats collector with an AJAX frontend to RRDtool.
YouTranslate! - A Google Translate GUI.
YASIS - A detailed Perl system information script.
YesPaste! - A pastebin application written with Ruby On Rails.
yava2python - A Java to Python source code conversion utility.
Yo Frankie! - A 3D platform game where you play as a flying squirrel or monkey.
YAPROC - Software to load pure processes into Eclipse.
Yahoo BBAuth - A class for authenticating users with Yahoo! accounts.
YAF4AJN - Yet Another Front-end controller For AJAX-JSON-Netoworks.
Yokadi - A command line oriented, sqlite powered todo list system.
yadynns - Yet another dynamic DNS service.
YAJNGI - YAJNGI, keeping tabs on a set of newsgroups or download tour preferred binaries
youtuberip - A very simple shell script to rip YouTube videos to AVI or MP3.
yaydl - A commandline videodownloader for different "videotubes".
Yasca - A program that looks for security vulnerabilities, code quality, performance, and conformance to best practices in program source code.
youtube-pl - A program to stream and play YouTube videos from the command-line.
YAJL - A Portable JSON parsing and serialization library.
YADSync - Yet another directory sync tool.
yessh - A program to quickly connect via SSH.
YaCS - Yet another Community System.
Youtube Script Clone - A PHP script for publishing YouTube videos on a Web site.
YAGF - A graphical frontend for the Cuneiform OCR tool.
Yagoburn - A GUI for burning optical disks.
YourTube - A YouTube video downloader for mobile phones that support J2ME.
Youtube Batch Downloader - A utility to download all video entries in your Youtube playlists.
y_crypto - Yellowbank Cryptography functions for PostgreSQL.
Ymacs - An in-browser source code editor.
Yutiti - An online resource planner.
YaMma - Yet another mail management application.
YafaRay - An image rendering engine.
YFi Hotspot Manager - A modern AJAX Web front-end for FreeRADIUS 2.x.
YouTube Clone Script - A video sharing script that helps you create video sites like YouTube.
yEd - An editor for diagrams. flowcharts, graphs, and networks.
YAMIdentd - Yet another miniature identd.
YateClient - A universal VoIP client that supports H.323, SIP, Jingle, and IAX protocols.
Yaaic - Yet Another Android IRC Client.
yumpkgs - A tool to download RPM packages for another computer that can't download them for itself.
YouTrack - A keyboard-centric issue and bug tracker.
Yahoo BOSS Client - An object-oriented PHP interface for the Yahoo Search API.
yuxtapa - A multiplayer real-time CLI game.
Youbeda - An OpenVZ monitoring tool.
Yioop! - A distributed PHP search engine and crawler.
Yourik the Intergalactic Rabbit - An animal rights-themed arcade game.
YMSG - A PHP class to send messages and manage Yahoo! Messenger accounts.
Yawf - A simple tool for creating WBFS files from Wii ISO images.
yaSSL Embedded Web Server - A small, fast, embeddable, and easy-to-configure Web server with SSL/TLS.
yat-suite - A suite of todolist manager tools.
YvetteML - A peer to peer and metacomputing environment.
Yap4j - An annotation-driven POJO-based one-liner CSV parsing library.
Yad - A GTK+ dialog tool for shell scripts.
ytest - A PHPUnit extension for mocking static/private methods (and more).
YUMRepoManager - A YUM configuration manager.
yacts - Yet another continuous time simulator.
YiiSES - An email marketing solution for the Yii Framework.
YB.ORM - A cross-platform C++ ORM library.
YAGAC - Yet Another GArbage Collector.
YABE - A binary encoding for JSON, extended to accept blob values.
Yawp for App.net - An iOS App.net client.
Ybot - erlang bot software inspired by Github hubot.
yetris - Tetris on the console.
Yoke - A middleware framework for Vert.x.
Yote - Server-side methods for JavaScript objects.
ydcv - A simple wrapper for the Youdao online translation API.
YYAST - YYAST is a library which completes Lex and Yacc by adding an Abstract Syntax Tree.

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