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XPCE/SWI-Prolog - A cross-platform Prolog compiler, library, and graphics system.
X ARCHON - A clone of the classic ARCHON game
X Northern Captain - Filemanager for X Windows
X Printing Panel - A graphical printing frontend for CUPS.
X-bomber - A multiplayer game for Unix systems
X-CD-Roast - A program-package dedicated to powerful and easy CD creation.
X-Chat - GTK+ based IRC client, similar to AmIRC (Amiga).
X-Digital Disco System - A graphical frontend for dds.
X-ISP - An X11/XForms visual interface to pppd/chat.
X-Tract - XML Script processor
x-wvdial - An X11-based frontend for wvdial.
x10ephem - Computes sunrise/sunset times and modifies crontab entries
x10mp3 - Control XMMS with X10's Mp3Remote.
X11 - The X Window System.
X2 - AfterNet's powerfull IRC channel services
x2vnc - A dual-screen hack for VNC.
x2x - Control one X display from another
Xalf - A utility to provide feedback when starting X11 applications.
XaoS - A fast portable real-time interactive fractal zoomer.
xap - An X application panel and simple file manager.
xarman - SVGAlib 2 player minesweeper-like action game with sound support
xastir - X Amateur Station Tracking and Information Reporting Project
xautolock - An automatic X screen-locker/screen-saver.
Xaw3d - A 3D Athena toolkit replacement.
XawTV - A TV viewing application and a few TV utilities.
XawXpm - An extension of Xaw3d widget set.
Xbase - An xBase-compatible C++ class library.
XBasic - Cross Platform BASIC programming language.
XBattleAI - Unix strategy game.
xbeats - A beats clock dockable in the windowmaker dock
XBELette - An XBEL-based bookmarks manager.
XBlast - Multiplayer bombing game inspired by Dynablaster and Bomberman.
XBlockOut - X-Window Block Dropping Game in 3 Dimensions
XBoard and WinBoard. - X and Windows graphical chessboard.
XBomb - Minesweeper game with triangular, square and hexagonal grids
X-Bone - Deploys and manages Internet overlays with IPsec and dynamic routing.
xbreaky - A breakout game for X.
XCclock - Offers a nice clock and an alarm function
XCircuit - program for drawing electrical circuit schematic diagrams and related figure
Xclasses - C++ layout library for the X Window System
XCmail - MIME and POP3 capable mailtool for X11
Xconq - An empire-building strategy game.
xconvers - GTK+ convers client for amateur radio operators
Xcoral - A multiwindow mouse-based text editor for Unix/X11.
XCounter - A simple IP traffic monitoring program.
XCruiser - A filesystem vizualization utility for X.
xcut - Put standard input into X11 cut and paste buffer.
xcyr-fonts - Extended Cyrillic bitmap fonts (KOI8-C) for X.
XDaliClock - A morphing digital clock for Mac OS X, X11, and PalmOS.
XDBM - Database Manager designed specifically to hold XML data
XDC - X Client for DialControl
xdelta - Library and application for computing and applying file deltas
Xdialog - An X11 version of cdialog.
xdiary/calendar - A small but efficient calendar and diary program.
xdiskusage - Graphical display of disk usage
XDM-Choose - A replacement XDM host chooser.
XDM-External Greet - Permits use of an external program to prompt the user for username/password
xdmphoto - An xdm clone with user photos and X/WM configurability.
Xdobry - A form-generator for relational databases.
XDrawChem - A chemical drawing program.
XEmacs - An internationalized text editor.
XEmacs CHILL Mode - XEmacs CHILL Mode
XEphem - XEphem is a free interactive astronomy program for UNIX systems with X & Motif
XESS - X11 spreadsheet
xevact - Associates actions (sounds, programs, etc.) with X events.
XEvil - 3rd person, side-view, fast-action, kill-them-before-they-kill-yougame.
xfax - X-Windows fax program with TeX/LaTeX/PS support.
xfedor - Editor for BDF fonts, xbm and xpm images
xfGraphireUSB - An XFree86 Xinput module for the Graphire USB Graphics Tablet.
xfig - A drawing program.
xfigchart.pl - Bar chart generator for XFig
Xfiles - Xfiles file tree synchronization and cross-validation
xfilesel - Interchanges data between files and the X-Windows selection.
XFinger - An X11 version of finger.
XFMail - An email client for X11 based on XForms.
XForms - A GUI toolkit based on Xlib.
XFree86 - A freely redistributable implementation of the X Window System.
xfreecell - Another implementation of famous solitaire game
Xfriends - A buddy list program which uses fingerd.
XFrisk - Networked X11 version of Risk with computer players.
XFS - A high-performance journaling filesystem.
Xfstt - An X11 font server for TrueType fonts.
xget - Frontend for the wget downloading utility.
XGGI - X server which uses LibGGI to do hardware independent graphics and input
XGlobe - A toy that displays a globe on your X desktop
xgrc - A Great Circle drawing program.
xgrk - Support for GREEK keyboard in XWindows
xhdbench - A Qt-based program for testing the output speed of several devices.
xhyperoid - Enhanced Asteroids clone for X and svgalib
XiG Accelerated-X Display Servers - Accelerated X servers for desktop, laptop, and multi-head systems.
xine - A Unix video player.
xinetd - Powerful inetd replacement
XInvaders - A space Invaders game for X.
XInvaders 3D - A 3D Space Invaders clone for X11.
Xinvest - A free personal finance tracking and performance tool for X.
XIPM - A package management and system maintenance utility.
xIrc - X-based IRC Client
Xitami - A fast, portable, and best of all free multi-threaded web server
xjigmgr - Jigsaw puzzle game front-end.
XKeyCaps - A graphical front-end to xmodmap.
XKobo - Fastpaced multiway scrolling shoot-em-up.
XLassie - A small, fast, full-featured mailcheck applet.
xletters - A typing game in which you catch falling words by typing them.
xlHtml - XLS to HTML converter
XLoadtime - A replacement for xload.
Xlockmore - screen saver / locker for the X Window System
XLogical - A parallel thinking puzzle game with ray-traced graphics, music, and sound.
Xlogmaster - Tool to monitor logfiles and hardware status
XMacro - A keyboard and mouse event recorder/replayer for X.
XMagick - Integrate ImageMagick with any X application.
Xmahjongg - Colorful X solitaire Mah Jongg game
XMail - An ESMTP/POP3/POP-sync/Finger server.
Xmame - The Unix version of the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
xmars - Just like 'xearth', but for the Red Planet, not the Blue Planet!
Xmcd - A full-featured CD player and ripper software suite.
xmemo - X Windows desktop memo.
XMerlin - A simple character recognition engine for X11.
XML for C++ - An XML parser for C++ with Linux compatibility.
XML for SCRIPT - A simple, fast, non-validating XML parser, written in JavaScript.
XML Master - Design and generate custom JavaBeans under Linux.
XML Parser for Java - XML Parser & Generator for Java
XML Security Suite - The XML Security Suite provides security features such as digital signatures.
XML-DBMS - Java classes for transferring data between XML documents and databases.
XML-DBMS (Perl) - Perl module for transferring between XML documents and relational databases.
XML-RPC - A remote protocol that uses XML and HTTP to connect various scripting platforms.
xml2 - XML and HTML processing tools.
xml2sql - A collection of Perl scripts to convert XML files to SQL scripts.
XML::Parser - A module for Perl based on James Clark's expat library.
XML::XPath - An XPath parser and evaluator.
xmlBlaster - An Open Source project for MOM (message oriented middleware).
XMLBoard - A multi-forum message board.
XMLBoard Solo - XMLBoard alternative
XMLMARC - A MARC to XML conversion program.
xmlproc file system - A new FS to report the data reported by proc FS in XML format.
xmlrpc-c - XML-RPC client and server libraries for C and C++.
xmltools - PyGTK widgets to manipulate XML documents.
XMLTV - Tools to fetch and process TV listings in an XML format.
Xmmix - An audio mixer utility for Linux and OSS-compliant sound drivers.
xmms sndfile - An XMMS input plugin using libsndfile.
XMMS status plugin - A GNOME Status docklet for XMMS.
XMMS VQF Plugin - VQF Plugin for XMMS
xmms-alarm - A plugin which allows XMMS to be used as an alarm clock.
xmms-crossfade - An XMMS output plugin for crossfading and gapless output.
xmms-fc - An input plugin for XMMS to play back Future Composer modules from Amiga.
xmms-kde - An MP3 player and a XMMS and Noatun frontend for the KDE panel (kicker).
XMMS-MSA - An XMMS visualization plugin.
XMMS-Shell - Control XMMS from the command line.
xmms-shn - XMMS input plugin to play shorten (.shn) files.
xmmsctrl - xmms remote control program.
XmNap - A Motif Napster client.
xmorph - Image Morphing Program
XMOTD - Shows motd and news items.
xmountains - renders a fractal mountain range
XMovie - A versatile multimedia and DVD player.
Xmp3Burn - A program for writing audio CDs from MP3 files.
XMPI - A run/debug GUI for MPI.
xmradio - A Motif-based radio application for TV cards with an FM tuner onboard.
xnetload - Displays packet traffic and uptime in an X window
XNotesNG - A Personal Information Manager.
XNTP - Network Time Synchronization
XNview + Nview/Nconvert - Viewer/Converter package supporting 76 graphics formats
xonix - Port of a classic game for X11
XOR Analyze - A program for cryptanalyzing xor.
xoscope - Digital Oscilloscope via Sound Card and/or ProbeScope
XOSD - An X onscreen display library.
xosview - A system monitoring tool.
XOTcl - A dynamic, object oriented scripting language.
XPaint - An easy-to-use but reasonably powerful bitmap image editor.
xpcd - PhotoCD browser
Xpdf - Viewer for Adobe PDF files
XPenguins - Cute little penguins invading your desktop
xpete - A Space Invaders-like game.
XPilot - A multi-player 2D client/server space game.
xping - A graphical display of system liveness using ping.
xplain2sql - An Xplain to SQL conversion tool.
Xplanet - An Xearth wannabe.
xplanets - A simple solar system simulator.
Xplns - Astronomy simulation
Xplore - A powerful and highly configurable Motif file manager.
xpovchem - A molecule viewer, based on the PovRay raytracer.
xprintutil - A collection of X utilities for printing ASCII and DVI files.
xps - X/Motif dynamic display the Unix processes tree/forest
XPTest - Extreme Programming test patterns and an execution module for Together.
xpuyopuyo - Tetris-like puzzle game with AI
XQF - Quake server browser and launcher for Linux/X11
xquarto - A two-player board game based on logic.
Xr3 - Desktop Remote Control your A/V stack with a RedRat2
XRally - An X11 clone of the Rally X arcade game.
xrate - A transfer-rate measurement utility.
xremote - Tool for grabbing mouse and keyboard of another display.
xreversi - A networked Reversi/Othello program.
Xringd - Linux remote control via telephone
XRN - An X11 application for reading USENET news via NNTP.
XRoadMaker - A GNOME PCB router.
xrolo - Rolodex for XView 2.0
XRolyPoly - A GTK+ addressbook.
xroottext - Render stdin onto the root window with line wrap and scrolling
Xrsf - Simple fractal generator- displays the Mandelbrot set
xrun_utility - An X11 utility for executing programs.
xs-httpd - A small and fast HTTP server.
XSane - A GTK-based X11 frontend for SANE, also a GIMP plugin
xsc - A Star Castle clone for C++ and X11.
Xscanner - An xforms-based scanner frontend (to hpscanpbm and SANE).
xscavenger - Lode Runner arcade game clone
xscorch - Annihilate enemy tanks using overpowered guns.
XScreenSaver - A collection of free screen savers for X11 and Mac OS X.
xscript - Script-based X-window video capturer.
xsel - Access X selection from the command-line.
XSet - Fast in memory XML search engine in Java
xsheep - X toy, clone of Windows Esheep.
XSkat - Skat card game, playable against humans or the computer.
XSLT-process - Runs an XSLT processor on an (X)Emacs buffer.
Xsqlmenu - Easy-to-use GUI client for MySQL and mSQL.
Xstat - Xstat is a statistics generator for IRC logs.
XSTEP Toolkit for X - A toolkit for fast and easy X development.
xstereograph - A modeller for 3D stereograms.
Xtacy - Graphics hack for X11
xtail - Watch the growth of multiple files.
xtarot - An application which plays Tarot cards.
XTC - An XTree Clone for Linux and other UNIXes
xtctl - A Bourne shell script to send control codes to XTerms.
xtell - Simple messaging client and server, kind of networked write
XTemplate - A template class for PHP which allows you to separate your code from HTML.
Xtend - X-10 daemon, homeautomation at your fingertips
xterm - A terminal emulator for the X Window System
Xterminal - Object Oriented User Interface with a client-serverarchitecture
xterminals toolkit - Turn any PC into an X terminal with Linux.
xtermset - Changes xterm title, font, colors and size from the command line
xtetris - A dropping-blocks game.
xTeX Shell - A TeX interface for X11.
Xtheater - GTK-based MPEG-1 video & video/audio player
xtide - An X11 graphical tide prediction package.
XTL - A C++ template library for object externalization.
Xtradius - Cistron based Radius Daemon that allows user auth and acct via external scripts
XTrkCad - Model Railroad CAD program for Linux
xtrs - A TRS-80 emulator for Unix and X. (Models I/III/4/4P)
XTux - A Gauntlet-like arcade game for X11.
XV - A very popular image viewer that supports many formats, thumbnails, and screensh
xvkbd - A virtual keyboard for X.
XVoice - Enables speech to text for many X applications
xwChoice - A GUI for interactive shell scripts.
xwpe-alpha - A programming environment for UNIX systems
Xwrits - Reminds you to take wrist breaks
xws - A multi-player Across Lite server with chat.
XW_TOOLS - Printer driver for EPSON and Canon inkjet printers
xxdiff - A graphical file comparator and merge tool.
XyberPanel for Linux - A flatpanel driver with support for a mouse and virtual keyboard.
XymMS - A Sega Genesis GYM input plugin for XMMS.
xzgv - A GTK+/Imlib-based picture viewer for X.
XZip - A Z-machine (Infocom games) interpreter for Unix / X windows
XM Tool - A Perl-based snippets package to transform XML data.
XMLEditor - A small editor for editing and changing XML files.
XML Diary - An XML diary with a parser.
xclip - A command line interface to the X11 clipboard.
X Starship Traders (Xsst) - A GTK+-based client for Starship Traders.
x86info - Displays extended CPU information.
Xforge - A graphical wave editor.
XML-RPC for Tcl - An XML-RPC client and server for Tcl.
xDMS - Amiga DMS file uncompressor
Xerces2 - The next generation Apache Xerces-J XML parser.
xdata - A shell and Perl interface for manipulating arbitrary key-value pairs.
Xbae - Matrix, Caption, and Input widgets for Motif/Lesstif.
Xamime - An email content management and filtering system.
Xfsamba - An SMB (Windows) network navigator.
X-chat-sysinfo - A script for X-chat that displays system info to your IRC channel.
xtalfind - An XTAL oscillator calculator for HAM bands.
xtank - multi player 2d tank shoot-em up game
XScanMaster - A program to control lights using DMX512.
XMLDB - A three-tier Web application suite using libxml, PostgreSQL, and PHP.
XML to Java via Reflection - An XML to Java Mapper and Vice Versa with DTD support
XGravity - Gravitational simulation.
XWeb - XML/XSLT-based Web site generation.
XMMS hiss filter plugin - Dynamically filters background hiss.
xnapster - A Java Napster client.
Xin - A program that splits standard input and pipe into a command.
xsbrowser - Navigates a DTD or XML schema using a Web browser
xdvik - A Tex-k DVI viewer for X.
XHTML Family Tree Generator - A CGI Perl script for generating views of a family tree.
x11rec - A very ad hoc screen capture program which creates a movie.
XML writer class - A PHP class for composing and outputting XML documents.
XPLC - A cross-platform lightweight component system.
XML parser class - Generic PHP XML parser clas
XML-Lit - An XML-based literate programming system.
XIST - An XML-based extensible HTML generator written in Python.
XML Menu Hierarchy Parser - A library which loads menus from an XML file into a tree.
XSatellite GUI for AGSatellite - A GUI for the Linux version of AudioGalaxy Satellite.
X-Hive/DB - A native XML database.
X Message Daemon - Overlay graphical information messages on your X display.
xmms-a52dec - An A52/AC3 decoder plugin for xmms.
Xpand - A GUI to change the dynamic range of music files.
XOTclIDE - An object-oriented environment for Xotcl scripting.
xetoxe2 - A tool to convert the old XEphem xe catalogues to xe2.
XDirectFB - A rootless X server running on top of DirectFB.
XMMS-SID - A SIDPlay plugin for XMMS.
xcall - A packet radio program for Amateur Radio Operators.
XPath Visualizer - A Java-based graphical tool to execute and visualize XPaths.
Xmldiff - A Python-based xmldiff tool to figure out the differences between two xml files.
XSpell - A Web form spell checker.
xmcd2make - Command line and automation tools for gramofile.
XMLmind XML Editor - A full-fledged XML 1.0 editor featuring a word processor-like view.
x10bot Home Automation Daemon - A Tcl-enabled home automation daemon for x10 CM11A.
xrmap - An X client for displaying the CIA World vector map.
Xerces-C++ - A validating XML parser for C++.
XML Time Track - Tracks time spent on projects and activities.
X:Forge - A fast, easy, and dynamic XML generation framework based on SAX.
Xfm - The classic X11 file manager.
xlog - A logging program for Ham radio operators.
X LineControl Client - A LineControl client for Linux and X using GTK.
X.Net Internationalization and Unicode Adaptor - xIUA interface for ICU C/C++ Unicode.
XNap - A plugin-based file sharing client.
Xeukleides - A GUI to the first version of the language Eukleides.
Xiqual - Programming tools for apps and games.
Xmt Motif Tools Library - A streamlined GUI design and programming library.
XmlConfig - A library for manipulating Java classes from an XML file.
Xenomai - A realtime development framework for GNU/Linux.
xpad - A virtual sticky pad system for X.
XIWA - Web Based Accounting Application
XBSQL - A simple SQL wrapper for Xbase.
XML Binary Infoset Encoding - An XML encoding technique.
XFaces - A mail notification tool for X11.
XPath Methods - Use XPath with ParsedXML in Zope.
X2c - A tool to compile XBase programs into compiled C programs.
xslide - An (X)Emacs major mode for XSL Stylesheets.
XWine - A graphical user interface for Wine.
xwconfig - A GTK-based wireless config tool.
xcms - A content management system using a virtual filesystem to manage content.
XParam - A parameter handling and object serialization C++ library.
XMMS-Control - A Web-based control for XMMS.
XiStrat - Turn-based strategy board games on 3D-visualized polyhedra.
xbindkeys - An events grabbing program for X windows.
XCard - XCard is a French flashcard program.
xloops-GiNaC - A program which automatically calculates Feynman diagrams.
Xcerdisp - An X11 remote control server for Windows CE devices.
XAO Foundation Server - A hierarchical OO database for Perl.
XAO Base - A dynamic object loader and other base classes for XAO.
xvattr - A command-line tool to list/change Xv attributes.
ximp3 - A simple console MP3 player.
ximp3shell - A simple Tcl/Tk GUI for the ximp3 MP3 player.
xbill - Save the world from the evil hacker known only as Bill.
XEmacs auf Deutsch - An XEmacs description in German.
XM - Content management based on XML and XSL.
xlocate - Software that extends locate tools usability.
XMLPublication - Tools to generate Web pages from desktop documents.
xmlto - An XSL-T tool-chain wrapper.
XtremWeb - A global P2P computing plateform.
xfontselector - A tool for easy font selection under X window.
XAO POD Viewer - A XAO Web plugin for displaying Perl PODs.
XAO Web Developer - Makes creating and maintaining dynamic Web sites easy.
X-Cart - A shopping cart software and e-commerce solution.
Xotmid Web System - Content management, Networked Profile and boards
Xipe-Template - A compiling and translating Template Engine in PHP.
XCool - An XQL (XML Query language) implementation in Java.
xword - A GTK AcrossLite crossword puzzle application.
X Window Properties Viewer - Allows you to select a X window and view/edit its properties.
xstroke - A fullscreen gesture recognition program for X Windows.
XEMPIM - The excessively modular personal information manager for MacOS X.
xpath2rss - An XPath to RSS scraper.
xaw-deinterlace - Deinterlacing plugins for xawtv/motv.
XML intelligence Visual Editor - A pure Tcl/Tk XML editor.
Xjob Scheduler - A visual, robust, and flexible GUI Java task scheduler.
XAOS OS - A from-scratch operating system.
Xpuzzle - A puzzle bubble clone.
XML Web GUI - A validating XML editor over a Web interface.
xmmstcl - XMMS TCL remote control.
X-Report - A reporting tool component for Kylix 2/Delphi 6.
XAO Content - A dynamic content displaying, editing, and publishing system for XAO::Web.
XAO Catalogs - Multiple product catalogs in one products database.
XAO Commerce - eCommerce modules and sample site
XMLCoDe - A Java XML serializer/deserializer.
X-pired - A puzzle/action game using the SDL.
XPlanner - An extreme planning tool.
Xvid - An MPEG-4 video codec.
xmms-iris - An advanced OpenGL visualization plugin for XMMS.
XMMS Audio File Library Plug-in - An XMMS input plug-in using libaudiofile.
XoopsForge - An easier to use SourceForge clone.
xrick - A clone of Rick Dangerous.
XVolume - A volume control with on-screen display.
XML Security Library - Implementation of XML Signature and XML Encryption standards.
XPcm - A flexible content management framework for Web site deployment.
XWelltris - A 2.5D Tetris-like game.
Xineo OAX - An alternative to traditional methods for XML document parsing.
XMLParser - A lightweight C++ XML parser.
xnetintf - Manage network interfaces with X Windows
xtermcontrol - A tool for dynamically changing the properties of a running XFree86 xterm.
xvnkb - A Vietnamese keyboard input program for X Windows.
xgsmlib - A GNOME frontend for gsmlib.
XPointerAPI - A Java API for XPointer.
xpyre - Flame effect visualization plugin for XMMS.
XRio FrontEnd - An X11 frontend for the Rio MP3 player.
XMMS Nebulus Plugin - An OpenGL/SDL visualization plugin for XMMS.
XSL Preprocessor - A preprocessor for XSLT stylesheets.
XML_XPath PEAR Class - An Xpath/DOM XML manipulation, maneuvering, and query interface.
XStow - A replacement of GNU Stow written in C++.
Xdebug - A PHP extension for debugging PHP scripts.
XML Resume Library - The XML Resume Library is an system for writing resumes in XML.
xNBTscan - A GTK 2 interface to the NBTscan program.
Xaq - A web application environment for Perl.
XName - A Web front-end for DNS servers.
XNum - An integer arithmetic library written in C++.
xgrabber - Prevents excessive use of keyboard and mouse to help those with RSI/chronic pain
XT - A fast, free implementation of XSLT in Java.
Xalan-C++ - An XSLT processor.
xmlclitools - Command-line tools for handling XML data.
XED - A text editor for XML document instances.
xleague - A simple Motif tool for organising soccer league data.
XOOPS - A CMS (content management system) written in PHP.
XSensors - A graphical sensors display application.
Xml Validation Interoperability Framework - A XML validation interoperability framework.
xvi - A vi clone with multiple windows.
XML Processing Benchmark for Java - Java software to measure and compare performance of XML Processing programs
Xmake - A simple C/C++ build system that uses XML.
XELand - A tool to generate night landscapes as stereo pairs for cross-eye viewing.
XMMSd web control plug-in - A remote control interface for XMMS.
Xerlin - An XML editor.
XPg - A Java PostgreSQL GUI.
Xineo XIL - An XML language/implementation for transforming record-based data into XML.
XML Tangle - A literate programming tool for XML.
XMLtype - A multilingual XML editor for the Linux console.
X Automation Tools - A command line interface to XTest for automating X Windows and a "visual grep".
XMLmind FO Converter - An XSL-FO to RTF converter.
xhkeys - A tool for your special keyboard.
XMail Queue Manager - A control program for XMail Mail Server queues.
Xeuphoric - An Oric emulator.
xbox-linux - Run Linux on the Xbox.
XScreenSaver.App - An XScreenSaver control dockapp.
XMMS Album List - An album list tool for XMMS.
xMSN Server Daemon - MSN server
Xnee's not an event emulator - A program to record, distribute, and replay X (X11) protocol data.
XORM - O/R mapping and transparent persistence with the Java Data Objects API.
xdx - A GTK+ DX-cluster client for amateur radio.
xstickwin - Move and resize the focus window.
XMLmind Spell Checker - A Java spell checker.
X Certificate and Key management - A public key and certificate management tool.
X-Launch - A GTK-based skinnable run dialog.
XNGR XML Browser - An XML browser framework written in Java.
XView Converter - A tool to convert XView GUI toolkit applications to Motif.
XML Indent - A XML stream reformatter.
xslay - A tool to destroy all windows unknown to the window manager.
Xutumno - An X port of Utumno.
XIDEK - An extensible interpreter development kit.
xmlizer configurator/server - A client/server custom database to XML mapper.
XDoclet - A code generation engine.
X-ITEC CMS/R - A content management system
xmlenc - A light-weight XML output library for Java.
X File Explorer - A file manager for the X Window System.
X Application Server System - An application server suite for X.
X Chat Napsterizer - A search tool for DCC bots.
XBellD - A daemon that replaces X11 terminal bells with different sounds.
Xgame - A script to run X games in a separate session.
Xenomorph Image Processor - High-precision image processing software.
XPde - A Windows XP-like desktop environment for Linux.
X11 Disk Activity Feedback - Shows disk activity by animating the X11 cursor.
Xchat_speak.pl - IRC text to speech using Festival.
xbiso - An Xbox xdvdfs ISO extraction utility.
xbobble - A Puzzle Bobble clone in OpenGL 3D.
XMLChart - XML representation of nautical chart data.
Xaraya - A fully dynamic, multi-platform content mangement solution.
XLinden - An LSystem parser that produces OpenGL and Povray images.
X UTF-8 library - A locale independent UTF-8 library for X11.
XTAS - A Java library for XML.
XChat-XMMS - An XChat script for controlling XMMS.
xmlstack - An x86 ELF binary call stack mapping utility.
xml-g - An XML/TA library for glib2 and PCRE.
xdelimitarea - A tool that says where and how big some rectangular area is on a screen.
XMLNuke - A Web development framework based on XML.
xReporter - A Java database reporting platform.
xinabse - xinabse is not a big search engine.
Xml Test Suite - An XML-based Web application testing tool.
XiangQi Engine - A Chinese chess software opponent.
XdTV - An application for watching, recording, and streaming TV.
X Messenger - An MSN Messenger for Linux.
XChat Tcl Plugin - A Tcl language plugin for the XChat IRC client.
xopus - A browser-based in-place WYSIWYG XML editor.
X-Smiles - An XML (SMIL, XForms, XHMTL, X3D, CSS, SVG) browser.
XML Tree - C++ XML managing library that uses Expat.
X Resource Graph - Graphs CPU, memory, battery, temperature, network, disk, weather, and stocks.
XmlRpc++ - A fast, easy, portable C++ XML-RPC client and server library.
XML Catalog Manager - An XML/SGML command line catalog manager.
xSiteable - All you need for Web site management and creation.
XSLTUnit - Test unit framework for XSLT.
Xenofarm - An autobuilder inspired by Tinderbox.
Xfprot - A GUI frontend for F-Prot Antivirus for Linux.
XiMoL - An XML reader/writer (non-validating) library written in C++.
XML PCB Render - Renders XML descriptions of printed circuit boards.
Xerver - A fast, tiny Web server with CGI support.
x-Desktop - Development of browser-only application frontends.
Xiphos - GNOME Bible software that uses Sword.
X10dev GUI - A GUI providing remote access to a Linux box with X10dev drivers installed.
xml2sql-v - Import content of XML-files into SQL databases.
XDB-Money - A Web-based personal finance system based on PHP/MySQL.
XML Benchmark - A C/C++/Java XML parsers benchmarking tool set.
X-ChaMan - A chapter manager for AVI/DIVX movies.
XShelf - A desktop shelf where you can temporarily drop draggable objects.
xlab - A tool which records and plays back X events.
XPPubWiz.php - A single-script PHP server for the Windows XP Web Publishing Wizard.
X11::GUITest - A Perl package for testing/interacting with GUI applications.
Xephyrus Data Structures Tag Library - A tag library to provide access to common data-structures.
X-grav - An application that simulates the formation of stars and planets in 2D.
XenIntranet - An intranet/extranet solution based on Ampoliros and PHP.
Xcerpt - A declarative, rule-based query language for XML.
X-Itools - A set of collaborative tools.
XmlIO - A Java framework for reading and writing XML.
XQX - An XML interface to relational databases.
XSLjoke - An XSL/XML transformation class for PHP.
Xephyrus File Upload Tag Library - A tag library for processing file uploads.
XPA Messaging - A client/server messaging library and client programs.
Xephyrus Image Tweak Tag Library - A tag library for tweaking images.
XMMS Real Random Plugin - A plugin that adds a more random shuffle mode to XMMS.
xcplay - An ncurses interface to XMMS.
xmms-xf86audio - An XMMS plugin enabling support for multimedia keyboards.
XmlRpcCS - An XML-RPC client and server for C#.
XenoM - A remake of popular Spectrum game, Xeno.
XNam - An XML-based JNDI service provider.
XRoar - A Dragon 32/64 and Tandy Coco emulator.
xchg2mail - A Microsoft Exchange Web mail scraper.
xmdb - A set of programs that calculate and display Mandelbrot sets using X11.
XMMPlayer - An input plugin for xmms that uses mplayer to play video files.
XMLStarlet - A command line XML toolkit.
XMMS Remote - Control XMMS from Mac OS X.
XmlRepository - An XML storage solution for PHP and RBMS.
xMule - An easy to use, multi-platform clone of the eMule P2P filesharing client.
xMySQL 2.1 - A PHP class for working with MySQL.
XPlot - Generate beautiful graphs of Math function formulae in changeable viewpoints.
xfce - An easy-to-use and easy-to-configure environment for X11.
XChat-Ruby - A Ruby plugin for the XChat IRC client.
XEXMAIL - A spam-blocking SMTP server that uses digital signatures.
xcw - A utility for inputting text into any X program with a Morse key.
xCAT - A kit that can be used for the deployment and administration of Linux clusters.
XtDesktop - An X Windows desktop icon manager.
XMMS DVB Input Plugin - A plugin that enables XMMS to directly play and record DVB audio services.
Xbox Game Manager - A game manager for the XBox.
XMines - A Minesweeper clone for Mac OS X.
Xephyrus Files Tag Library - A tag library providing basic file access.
xCHM - A CHM viewer for Unix.
XPortScan - A multi-threaded GUI port scanner.
XeroCam - A Webcam portal coded in PHP.
XChatOSD - An X-Chat to OSD gateway.
Xapian and Omega - A fast search engine library supporting probabilistic and boolean retrieval.
Xchangeboard - Forum software based on PHP and MySQL.
xfpd - An OpenGL-based molecule viewer for [email protected] data.
xik - A KDE front-end for Xmame.
xmbmon - A motherboard monitoring program.
xFloWS - A graphical toolkit that enables users to create complex Web services.
xd3d - A simple 3D scientific visualization software.
xSH-paranoia patch - Shell execution commands will be logged to syslog.
XSH - A powerful command-line shell for XML processing.
XML Security - A digital signature and encryption library for XML documents.
XPVM - A graphical interface to the PVM console commands and information.
XFLOW - A J2EE BPM/Workflow platform.
XmGraph and XmArc widgets - Motif-compatible widgets to display graphs.
XLOGO - A Logo interpreter.
Xorro - 2-way iterative development for programmers and Web-heads.
XMMS-Lumi - An XMMS plugin that automatically plays new files.
XRay Web Scraping Tool - A GUI-based HTTP monitoring and Web scraping tool.
xlcleaner & xlcells - Utilities for use with Excel tab-delimited export files.
XML::Validator::Schema - A Perl module which validates XML against a subset of the W3C XML schema.
XGalaga++ - A classic single screen vertical shoot ’em up.
xrdesktop - A GTK-Perl frontend for rdesktop.
XAmple - A Java XML editor which analyzes schemas and generates GUIs.
XDFLengine - A scriptable XML data flow processing engine.
X2U - An XML editor.
XMLFace - A library for the development of Java GUI application with XML.
XWeb HTTP Server - A simple Web server which supports CGI scripts.
XMLConfiguration - A Java class to allow the use of config files written in XML.
xvidcap - A desktop video screen capture application.
X10 CM17A API - A Java API to control the serial X10 FireCracker Computer Interface.
xmu: xml-Menu - Takes an XML file and creates a menu for a Web site.
xpexeso - A PEXESO game for the X Window System.
Xquote - A quote retrieval tool.
XML Object Transport - An XML-based, cross-platform distributed object platform.
XAMPP - A very easy to install Apache bundle for Linux, Solaris, Windows, and Mac OS X.
Xephyrus Java Simple Template Engine - A token-replacement engine.
xFunction - A JNI Proxy for calling native code functions from Java.
xcave - An application to track and to manage the content of a wine cellar.
xmerge - A tool for merging images.
xmds - A code generator for high performance simulations.
XPPAUT - Software for simulation and analysis of dynamic systems.
Xmikrobi - A typing tutor for Hungarian K-12 schools.
xmltv2html - A tool that transforms XMLTV output into HTML.
xWidglets - An XML GUI Interpretor and XML-based Windows GUI design tool.
Xmpppy - A Python library for easy scripting with Jabber.
Xhunger, the X window swallower - A little tool to grab control of and manage one or more windows.
xlcrack - A tool to recover lost passwords from Excel XLS files
xmailheaders - A mail notification utility that supports POP, IMAP, and Unix mbox.
xmms-jack - An XMMS audio output plugin for the jack audio server.
XML Persistence - An implementation of XML-DOM persistence for Java.
xrestop - An X11 server resource monitoring tool.
XML::Template - An X(HT)ML document processing framework.
XeqTunnel - HTTP tunneling for Java.
XView4Struts - A Struts framework extension that replaces JSP pages with pure HTML.
XMMS Plugin for Ogle DVD Player - An XMMS plugin for the Ogle DVD player.
X Video Explorer - A tool that provides automatic video mode line calculations for X.
xmlif - Conditional processing instructions for XML.
Xineo XML Mail Archiver - A JavaMail-based utility to export email messages to XML.
XMMS-Reloaded - A plugin to reload the XMMS playlist.
x70talk - A commandline communication tool for use with a Panasonic X70.
XMLProperties - A class which stores and retrieves property lists into and from an XML document.
XamimeLT - In/Outbound email virus/file/content scanner.
Xibble - A crossword game for human players.
X Screen Grabber - A command line screen capture application for Xfree86.
XQuark Bridge - Extends relational databases with XQuery and XML-relational mapping.
xmlformat - A configurable XML document formatter/pretty-printer.
XQuark Fusion - An XQuery-based information integration engine.
Xaraya Modules by Bit Laboratories - Interactive content modules for Xaraya.
XOM - An XML object model that provides simultaneous tree and streaming views.
xml2hostconf - A generator of RPM, kickstart, dhcpd, and pxelinux configuration from XML.
XMix - An X11 graphical mixer for ALSA with OSS emulation.
Xfce4 Weather Update Plugin - An XFCE4 panel plugin showing weather information.
X Python Newsreader - A multi-platform newsreader with Unicode support.
XHP - A personal home page CMS application.
xxgamma - A PyGTK-based GUI for xgamma.
X Cursor Icon Chooser - Enables the normal desktop user to easily choose his mouse cursor icon.
XMail Control Client - An XMail control library.
XMLRPCObjC - An XML-RPC to Objective-C bridge.
X Language - A programming language.
XOrg/XFree86 Synaptics TouchPad Driver - A Synaptics Touchpad driver for XOrg/XFree86.
XHTML negotiation module - An Apache module that performs content-negotiation for XHTML content.
xmlmp - Simple XML-based manpage authoring tools.
xml-HTB - A tool for automatic generation of scripts that sets up HTB on Linux.
XMMS Weasel - A plugin that slides XMMS off the screen.
XAttr - A module that reads and writes Linux extended attributes from Python.
XRMS - A full-functioned PHP SFA/CRM/BI tool.
X3DToolKit - A toolkit for loading, displaying, and processing X3D models.
Ximba Radio - A GUI for the OpenXM interface to XM Radio via XMPCR.
Xfbsuite - A frontend benchmark suite.
Xaint - Parser toolkit for the Xaint text data format.
Xprint - An X11 print system.
xitalk - An applet to capture talk requests.
XcplayC - A text-GUI for XMMS based on xcplay.
XO Wave - A digital audio workstation with CD mastering and video synchronization.
xlSQL - A JDBC driver for Excel (XLS), CSV, and XML files.
XMMSVoteList - An XMMS plugin for creating customized playlists and ignore-lists.
XSTest - Turns unit and functional tests into load tests to check scalability.
XStream - A library to serialize Java to XML and back again.
xinco Document Management System - A SOAP-based Information and Document Management System.
xapmmon - A power level monitor.
xml-ui-viewer - A simple SwixML file viewer.
xmltVR3 - An Electronic Program Guide for the Agenda VR3 PDA.
XV Jumbo Patches - Two large XV patches that incorporate dozens of bugfixes and enhancements.
XPKGTOOL - A Slackware Package Manager for X.
X-Evian - A Linux metadistribution and live CD.
xsddoc - A documentation tool for W3C XML schemas.
Xkins - A framework that manages skins for J2EE Web applications.
x11vnc - A VNC server for real X displays.
xtopdf - A converter of other file formats to PDF.
xLightFrame - Technology for TV-quality video and photo display on a computer monitor.
XpertMart - A point of sales and inventory control software.
Xkanon English support patch - A patch for Xkanon to play English fan-translated games.
xacpi - A heavily-patched xapm for ACPI.
XDBCMS - XDBCMS is a web based website generator (content management system) in PHP.
xlayout - A terminal based utility to get and set X11 window and pointer information.
XWork - A generic command pattern implementation and inversion of control container.
xmms musepack - An XMMS plugin for playing MPC files.
X-Plane - A highly comprehensive flight sim featuring a realistic flight model.
XMMS CoreAudio Output Plugin - An OS X native output plugin for XMMS.
xiron - A rapid development framework to build multimedia frontends.
XORP - A router software stack.
Xmlrpc-c-palm - A partial port of the Xmlrpc-C project.
XMX - A standalone utility for sharing an X Window System session on multiple displays
XMMS Root Visualization Plugin - A tool that draws a spectrum analyzer on the background of X.
Xi-Text - A networked print spooler and printing manager.
Xi-Batch - A job scheduling and management system for networked servers.
XTemplate4Python - A Python port of PHP XTemplate
Xkeys - A tool for launching items with the function keys.
Xmms-Ruby - XMMS bindings for Ruby.
XBashServ - A program to help set up and run game server programs.
xadsen - A Google Adsense monitor for X.
xmmscurrsong - A tool to show the song currently being played by XMMS in Gaim.
xmms-pulse - An XMMS plugin for PulseAudio.
XML Encoded Source - Encodes source code in XML form
X3D-Edit - Editing, authoring, and validation for x3d files.
Xj3D - A toolkit for VRML97 and X3D content.
xorblocks - A tool that adds error recovery blocks to an ISO disc image.
X-DAV framework - A WebDAV-based solution framework for ISPs and small companies.
XML to DDL - Converts an XML representation of a database into SQL (or DDL).
XWiki - An advanced Wiki engine.
Xyria:DNSd - A secure high-performance DNS server.
XMLLiterate - A framework for literate programming based on XML.
xmi2svg - A tool for converting UML diagrams to SVG.
XMMS InfoPipe - A plugin that reports XMMS status via a named pipe.
xcutmp3 - A frontend for cutmp3.
xmms-curses - A simple ncurses program for controlling XMMS.
xmlsnipe - A stream editor for XML documents.
XdkBibTeX - A C++ library and Python bindings to parse BibTeX files.
Xfmedia - A simple, powerful media player.
XML::Filter::ExceptionLocator - A modules that adds line and column numbers to SAX exceptions.
XML Tree Object Model Parser - An easy and simple to use Java XML parser.
xadpam - An easy-to-configure PAM authentication module that provides fine control.
Xmffmpeg - A GUI for ffmpeg.
XINS - A Web services technology and application development framework.
xdesktopwaves - A simulation of water waves on the X11 desktop.
XMMS Announcer - A simple utility that prints the current track playing in XMMS.
xmlresume2x - A tool that converts a résumé in xmlresume format to various output formats.
Xcomic - A comic management script that facilitates the publishing of Web comics.
xmms-timidity - A MIDI plugin for XMMS.
XLiveCD - A CD-ROM that lets you run the Cygwin X server without installation.
Xaes - A Cocoa implementation of AES.
xlsjdbc - A driver which reads XLS files from Java like any other database.
xchat-gnome - A GNOME frontend for X-Chat.
Xephyrus EndeCode Library - A Java library which encodes and decodes text.
X-develop - A code-centric IDE which supports Mono, Java, and C#.
xulRecordset - A project to create an XUL widget library with a recordset behaviour.
XMAME GUI - A frontend for XMAME.
XDCC-Fetch - A tool to easily download files from XDCC.
xpybind - A daemon which binds key sequences to Python functions.
Xen - A virtual machine monitor.
XFlows XML and XSLT manager - A cross-platform XML and XSLT manager.
X Transparency Daemon - A daemon for managing X transparency independently from window managers.
XML Flash Slideshow Creator - An extension to easily create Flash slideshows in Dreamweaver.
XAO Indexer - Full text indexing for XAO::FS databases.
xhopper - A simple port forwarder.
XMLSQL - A package that returns the result of an SQL query as XML.
Xinha - A cross browser, cross platform embedded WYSIWYG HTML editor.
XL C/C++ Advanced Edition for Linux - A C++ high-performance optimizing compiler for Linux.
XBible - A Tk frontend to BRS (Bible Retrieval System).
Xfce4 Panel Menu - A menu plugin for the Xfce4 panel.
x48 - An emulator of the HP48 sx/gx RPN calculator.
xscrollemu - A tool that emulates the behavior of a scroll wheel.
Xystray - A sytray program for X11.
XDroplets - A collection of drag-and-drop X11 program launchers.
Xebece - An application to visualize and organize information easily.
Xross Tab Compiler - A market research data processing suite.
xboxproxy - An X-Box system link and iTunes network proxy/bridge.
Xfce Foundation Classes - A C++ application development framework for Xfce and GTK+.
xslfo2pdf - A XSL-FO and SVG to PDF translator.
xmlTreeNav - An XML viewer with XPath search and diff features.
XCC - An XML compiler compiler.
xtc4java - A compiler framework for analyzing and manipulating Java code.
XMins - A minimal installation of XWin, a free X server for Windows.
Xffm Code Set - A collection of applications to harness the power of the Unix command line.
xmltvdb - A Web-based xmltv listing program.
XAB Toolkit - A code generator for building AJAX-type database applications.
XML Enhancement for Java - Standards-compliant XML extensions for Java.
XyVue - A graph plotting tool for easy and quick presentation of data.
XMetar - A program that downloads and presents METAR data.
XML::CompareML - A markup language for maintaining multi-system multi-item comparisons.
XML Forms Generator - An XML forms generator Eclipse plug-in.
XQuisitor - A GUI tool for XQuery.
XML Matcher - A Java library for matching XML documents with templates.
xcalib - A tiny monitor calibration loader for XFree86 (or X.org).
XDS Modula-2/Oberon-2 compilers - A family of compilers for Modula-2 and Oberon-2.
xlit - A graphical transliteration tool.
xonclock - An on-screen analog clock.
XellPlan - A Web-based duty roster for managing staff at events.
XMMS2 - A redesign of the XMMS music player.
Xtla - An Emacs front-end to the GNU Arch revision control system.
xajax - A PHP class library for easily creating PHP-driven AJAX applications.
XCL - An extensible concatenative language tookit.
XML User Profiles - A system that allows remote and shared user accounts with different login APIs.
Xfbook - A bookmarks plugin with multiple bookshelves for the Xffm file manager.
XMLImportDB - An open source database import and comparison library.
XBMC Media Center - A media center for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and Xbox.
xmlbeansxx - Tools for binding XML to C++ objects.
XArchive - A GTK+ front-end for various command line archiving tools.
XCSoar - A handheld gliding computer.
XOscript - An AJAX API for interacting with server-side objects.
Xplosion - A Web site engine written for PHP and PEAR.
xmms-syncup - A plugin for XMMS that synchronizes the audio of client players to a server.
XiSQL - A processor for XInclude and Oracle's XSQL.
XSD - A W3C XML Schema to C++ translator.
XML Cleaner - An XML filter and validator which can remove superfluous namespaces.
XOAD - An AJAX/XAP object oriented framework for PHP.
XEmeraldia - Not just another Tetris clone.
xmlrpcserver for Python - A simple to use and complete XML-RPC server.
XXy - A WYSIWYG-editor for Xy-pic code.
Xplorer - A file manager with fast and accurate file type detection.
XML::Twig - A very Perlish XML transformation module.
XNap Commons - A Java utility library for common GUI tasks.
XML-RPC debugger - Software to debug your Web service with intuitive Java-like syntax.
xsay - An event notification tool for the X Window System.
XkbInd - A small and simple indicator of keyboard layout for the X Window System.
Xgrid Agent for Java - An Xgrid agent for Java.
x002dat.pl - A script that converts .x00 files to usable ASCII data.
xar - An extensible archiver.
xgestures - A gesture recogniztion program for X11.
xPodClone - A tool to clone and restore hard disks and iPods very easily.
xPort - An iPod backup tool.
XMLParser for PHP - A library for parsing XML documents to PHP arrays.
X10MMS - A kernel module for interfacing the X10 CM19A RF transceiver with XMMS.
XDG-Menu - A ROX panel applet that displays an application menu button.
Xfdiff - A patch manager and difference viewer.
Xfce4 Sensors Plugin - A sensor plugin for the Xfce 4 panel.
Xfce 4 Mount Plugin - A device mounter plugin for the Xfce 4 panel.
xexec - A client/server system to run programs through an X11 server.
Xapwrap - An improved interface to Xapian.
Xarchiver - A GTK+ 2 frontend to arj, 7z, rar, zip, tar, bzip2, gzip, and rpm.
xParse - A light-weight XML Parser written in C++.
xnsdoc - A documentation generator for XML namespaces defined by W3C XML Schema.
xenConsole - A curses-based domain monitor for Xen.
XRadar - A graphical Java analysis tool.
xscoop - A report utility for X library dependencies.
xRecurseDiff - A recursive diff frontend.
XL C Alpha Edition for Cell BE Processor - A high-performance C compiler for the IBM Cell Broadband Engine Processor.
XMMS Picture Viewer Input Plugin - A plugin that enables viewing of pictures in XMMS.
xprintidle - Prints user idle time to stdout.
x10 - A type-safe, modern, parallel, distributed object-oriented language.
Xholon - A multi-paradigm modeling and simulation tool.
Xynth - An embedded windowing system.
x4juli - Extensions for java.util.logging, ported from log4j.
X-word - A GTK program for doing crossword puzzles.
xconfig - A tool to configure XF86Config and xorg.conf from the command line.
XGngeo - A frontend for the Gngeo Neo Geo emulator.
XPertMailer - A PHP class to send encoded MIME email messages.
xDash - A framework for application integration (EAI) using Jabber/XMPP.
X2J - A framework for XML binding, serialization, and deserialization without XSDs.
XFwall - A graphical firewall tool.
xmlportlet - A base portlet to transform XML data into the view for your portlet application.
XML11 - A tool for creating AJAX-applications without writing JavaScript.
XML From Plain Text - Creates XML from marked-up plain text.
XFA - A finite state automata library.
Xorio - A Java-based Web application framework and CMS.
XBNBT - A BitTorrent tracker.
Xoridor - A strategic board game.
xfirelib - C++ xfire library
XZero - A simple board game.
X-Unikey - A tool that lets you type Vietnamese in X Window applications.
xbmcmail-imap - An IMAP/IMAPS mail reader for the XBox.
XUpload - A Web file upload progress bar indicator.
xBaK - A fan-made remake of "Betrayal at Krondor".
Xfce Radio Plugin - An Xfce panel plugin to control v4l radio devices.
Xataface - A simple but powerful framework for developing MySQL Web applications.
Xtra Screen Hacks - A collection of graphics display modes.
Xai - A video analysis algorithm prototyping tool.
XMPP JCA - An XMPP (Jabber) J2EE resource adapter.
Xara LX - A cross-platform vector artwork and photocomposition package.
xtranslate - A tool to convert the text in the X selection from ASCII to arbitrary UTF-8 code
xAutoClick - An application that enables you to automatically click the left mouse button.
xrebind - A program to bind keys or buttons to actions.
Xye - A puzzle game that mixes sokoban, boulderdash, monsters, and many other things.
XChestival - A program that lets xchat and irssi speak Italian through festival.
xjobs - A load limiter for executing multiple jobs in parallel.
Xianc - A network counter.
Xealous Nets - A network calculator.
xulfaces - A system that adds XUL power to Java Server Faces.
XMLgawk - An extension of GNU AWK with an XML parser, PostgreSQL access, and more.
XSL Transformer for Zope 3 - A Zope 3 XSLT component.
X Portal - A CMS based on phpnuke-textportal.
xflat - A format for shared library support for MMU-less processors.
xcb-proto - XML descriptions of the X Window System core protocol and extensions.
XCB - A C binding for the X protocol.
xoris - An X11 pixel color grabber.
xmonitors - A set of X11-based graphical system monitoring tools in the spirit of xload.
XUI - A Java and XML RIA platform.
xmlroff - An XSL-FO processor.
XhtmlValidator.php - A PHP class to validate XHTML without external PHP extensions.
Xffm GUI library - A GUI library with a desk view, icon view, and tree view.
Xffm-icons - An icon customisation utility for the Xffm file manager.
XCache - A fast, stable opcode cacher for PHP.
Xhotkeys - A hotkey launcher for the X Window System.
XMLMath - An evaluator for XML-based (often mathematical) expressions.
XIAN - A cross-layer Interface for wireless ad-hoc networks.
X search engine - A Web-based search engine.
XML Hammer - Transform, validate, and perform XPath searches on XML using any JAXP impl.
XBlock-Reporter - A PHP/MySQL front end to 8E6 Xstop block logs.
XML Copy Editor - An XML editor.
XML_PullParser - A token-based interface to the PHP expat XML library.
XPontus XML Editor - A Java-based XML editor.
XCOM - A system designed to support component based programming in Linux.
xbmsd - A file sharing server implementing the XBMSP protocol.
Xwota - A GTK client that connects to the WOTA database.
XLObject - A clone of basic services offered by the Qt object model.
XPilotFoto - A GUI front-end for the pilot-foto utility from the pilot-link package.
XIRE - An extendable DOM-based PHP 5 templating engine.
xrdp - An RDP server.
XmlAutoIndex - An Apache module that browses your directories and outputs in XML.
XSD4J - An XML schema handling library.
xsd2db - An XML Schema to DocBook XML converter.
XML2Swing - A Java library to display and edit XML data in a Swing GUI.
XML VIN Decoder - An XML VIN decoder with comprehensive automotive data.
XMLSysInfo - A system monitor for Unix that provides XML-encoded statistics.
XML Schema Standard Type Library - A collection of universally-useful data types defined in W3C XML Schema.
XajaxGrid - A grid control for DHTML that uses AJAX.
Xyz2lla - Programs to convert XYZ to LLA coordinates and vice versa.
XSDBench - A program that measures the performance of validating XML parsers.
xml-pbuilder - An XML parser builder using DTD definitions.
X-Moto - A Motocross game.
Xfld - A live demonstration of Xfce.
Xenfire - A Xen based soft appliance that can automatically install virtual machines.
xl2tpd - An L2TP daemon supporting IPsec SA tracking.
Xion Desktop Environment - A desktop environment for Linux.
Xcpc - An Amstrad CPC emulator.
XMacroJ - An XML macro language for building text documents from XML components.
Xournal - A notetaking application for Tablet PCs.
XML EZ Out - A small Ada library to aid the creation of XML-formatted output.
xODMR - A tool that moves mail from ATRN backup to your SMTP.
XML-RPC Client/Server C Library - A library with an IDL compiler.
xSite - A static XHTML+CSS2 image album generator.
XMLUnit - Unit testing for XML.
XLB - An HTTP load balancer with connection management, scripting, caching, and SSL.
Xphile - A radiology teaching library.
xlike Kernel Patchset - A patch collection for the Linux vanilla kernel.
xine-plugin - A Mozilla browser multimedia plugin.
XFire - A Java SOAP framework.
Xdump - A replacement for var_dump() and debug_backtrace() in PHP.
X Equation Solver - A nifty little program for solving n by n linear equations.
xmmscontrol - A Web application to control XMMS.
xRope - An IDE for Python development.
xpress-analyzer - Statistical analysis tools for functional genomics data.
XML Parse Lib - A general-purpose re-usable XML parser.
XSD/e - A validating XML parser/serializer generator for mobile and embedded systems.
XevdevServer - A tool that redirects mouse and keyboard events to an X display.
Xload - A file upload/management API for Java and JSP.
XML 2 Java Binding - A tool for mapping XML to Java.
XODA - A system for organizing documents using Ajax.
XQDE - A docker intended to improve upon KXDocker.
xurgency - Taskbar notification if processes like emerge, wget, or updatedb are finished.
xguess - A utility that reports properties of the host X environment.
xwax - DJ software for Linux.
xmootmap - A tool to remap mouse buttons on secondary mice.
x2svg - Software to render files like DTDs as SVG trees.
XLSperl - A tool for using Perl "one-liners" with Microsoft Excel files.
XML-Grammar-Screenplay - A tool for rendering formatted screenplays.
XPTetris - A cross-platform Tetris clone.
Xooctory - Yet another continuous integration server.
XSpyDer - XSD introspection with Python for parsing into host languages and documentation.
XBiG - A tool which uses XSL transformations to generate foreign function interfaces.
XMLSensors - Plugins for monitoring systems using the XML sensor format.
xfer9860 - A Casio fx-9860G (SD) communication utility.
XHTML Doclet - A flexible, modernized alternative to the Javadoc standard doclet.
xpdf-intl - A patched version of Xpdf with support for localization using gettext.
XHTML::Instrumented - A Perl module to modify and control XHTML.
XGui - A multiplatform, multilanguage native widget set.
xmms2_jump - A way to quickly search your XMMS2 playlist.
Xfce WMdock Plugin - A compatibility layer for Window Maker dockapps for XFCE.
XRNS-PHP - A set of PHP5 scripts for working with the Renoise music sequencer.
xdock - A dock server that emulates Window Maker dock apps.
X11 Audio Extension - An extension to the X Window System providing audio support.
XML Directory Listing - Recursively searches a given directory and generates an XML represenation.
XMLToaster - A powerful XML extraction and loading tool for databases.
XML::Parser::Wrapper - A wrapper around the XML::Parser module.
xhtml2pdf - An HTML/CSS to PDF converter.
X52 pro MFD library - An x52 pro joystick MFD library for accessing the MFD+LEDs under Linux.
XAware - A data integration middleware system.
X60 Browser - A graphical browser and administration tool for XMPP PubSub.
xlsslice - A script to generate new Excel files from the differences between two others.
Xarope - An easy-to-use Zope/Plone hosting solution.
Xomol - Powerful CMS and e-commerce software.
XMasDB - A Christmas list database and purchase tracker.
Xwiki Mantis plugin - A plugin which integrates mantis into xwiki.
xpSQL - A Mozilla/Firefox database extension.
xdot.py - An interactive viewer for Graphviz dot files.
XPTracker - An unobtrusive agile planning tool.
XmGoBang - A "get five in a row" game for X11.
xmltoman - An XML to man page converter.
Xplico - An IP traffic decoder used in network forensics and network security.
Xepl Engine Virtual Machine - A dynamic XML processing engine.
xSudoky - A Sudoku player and light helper.
xbushbyebye - A countdown to a new president.
xpra - Software to allow persistent, remote, graphical applications.
XNetworkStrength - An X11 wireless strength monitor.
XML-Schema-Catalog - A command line tool for parsing and manipulating XML schema location files.
xml-test - A tool that checks that an XML document is included in another document.
XJIG - An image gallery based on HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, and XML.
xTests - A small, simple, portable testing library for C and C++.
XHTML Hyphenator - A hyphenation filter for XHTML documents.
xylib - A C++ library to read files with data from powder diffraction and spectroscopy.
xmonad - A tiling window manager for X.
xtee - A program for building complex pipelines.
xsysguard - A resource-friendly system monitor based on Imlib2.
Xtables-addons - Additional Netfilter/iptables modules.
xpython - A self-contained Python executable with compiled-in wxWindows and SQLite.
xbaydns - A BIND 9 Web interface.
Xport toolkit - A C++ library for generating and parsing (X)HTML documents and stylesheets.
XE Toolkit - A multi-platform, network-aware, secure performance monitoring solution.
XSLT Filter - An Apache2 module which performs XSL transformation on the fly.
XChange 2 iCal - Software to view your MS Exchange calendar through iCal.app.
xcowsay - A graphical configurable talking cow.
XMLDOM Xerces Wrapper - A wrapper for Xerces-C++ with automatic memory management.
XML Schema Class Generator - A tool which creates C++ classes from an XML schema input file.
xfburn - Easy to use burning software
xlax - Type once and do the same work in many windows.
XSockets - A lightweight and highly portable library of universal and extensible sockets.
XShipWars - A ShipWars system.
XPS Led Changer - A program to change the LEDs on your Dell XPS notebook.
XDP To XSL-FO - A collection of XSLT stylesheets to convert XDP documents to XSL-FO.
xhelper - A desktop scripting utility.
xBase Swiss Army Knife - A utility to convert data to and from DBF files.
XML-Grammar-Fortune - A Perl/RelaxNG/XSLT module to maintain collections of quotes as XML.
XtreemFS - A distributed and replicated filesystem for the Internet.
xbasics FireHash - A graphical file checksum verification tool.
XML Construction Kit - An XML builder for Java.
xstress - A multi-threaded SMTP stress testing tool.
xdiff-ext - A file manager context menu extension to launch comparison tools.
xLightweb - An easy-to-use HTTP network library.
Xsshfs - A GTK GUI for sshfs.
xlogin - An XDMCP server and login window for X11 systems.
xml-holidays - An XML format and data for holiday definitions.
XHTML indent - A tool that indents XML/XHTML tags to ease detection of missing closing tags.
xattr for Darwin - A command to display and manipulate file system extended attributes.
XGuests - A program to display information about running Xen guests in various formats.
XKCD viewer - An easy-to-use frontend for xkcd.com.
xdbtv - A Web-based personal video recorder.
xwedge - Converts serial port data to X input events.
Xtwitter - A very tiny twitter client for the X Window System.
xgetc - A command line tool to get geometry, pixel color, or click position in X.
Xuheki - An email application for the Web.
Xataface DataGrid Module - An editable grid component for Xataface applications.
xCover - A code coverage library for C and C++.
Ximinez - A disk usage analyzer and comparator.
xmltv2ical - Converts TV program guides from XMLTV format into iCalendar.
X# - A programming language to quickly create Web applications and services.
xlibtrace - A LD_PRELOAD library for tracing libX11 calls.
XSLT syntax highlighting - A syntax highlighting extension for Java XSLT processors.
XUIML for Adobe Flex - An AJAX framework for easily creating Adobe Flex user interfaces.
xtweet360 - A Twitter updater for Xbox 360 status for *nix systems.
XWCM - A Web content management system based on XML and XSLT.
Xataface Email Module - A Xataface module to email any set found in a MySQL database.
Xendra ERP - An enterprise resource planning system specifically for businesses in Peru.
XLog - Software to write log messages to PHP or INI files.
Xmldego - An XML filter/transformer using element path bindings.
xsw - A slideshow presentation tool.
xmppony - An XMPP library for Python.
xmlsh - A command line shell for XML
XDCC Parser - An XDCC list parser.
xmlget - A utility to query XML documents using XPath.
Xgone - An "old-school" X11 screen locking program.
xtalk - A multi-user IM/chat room system.
Xemeiah - An XML framework and XSLT processor.
XZ utils - A data compression program that uses the LZMA algorithm.
XMLBeans - Java to XML / XMLSchema data binding.
xarclock - An X clock widget.
XpoLog - A log management and analysis platform.
xMarkup - A utility for batch processsing of text files.
XDRadio - A radio listening application.
X Invasion - A space invaders style game.
XMLFoundation - An object oriented approach to reading and writing XML.
XtreemOS - A project to provide grid and cloud computing.
xizero - A vertical scrolling 3d shoot 'em up game.
xslet / xslui - An XSLT applet to describe Web pages with layout and modularization, and to display them on a Web browser.
xsettingsd - Provides settings to X11 applications via the XSETTINGS specification.
x2search - An "intelligent" crawler that learns from examples to find similar pages and documents.
xemmai - A dynamic programming language.
xkw - This release adds keyword and notes tags to files.
xkblayout - A utility to display the current xkb keyboard layout.
xNBD - An advanced NBD server program.
XorCurses - A remake of the 1987 game Xor.
Xwh0i5 - A program for searching multiple domain names.
xchat-songbird - A Songbird anouncer for xchat.
XBSDB - A cross-browser JavaScript database library.
xml_rdb - A utility/module to convert XML files into RDB schemas and populate/unpopulate them. It works with XML schemas too.
XML-QOFQSF - A Perl module to convert personal data to and from QSF XML files.
XML-Grammar-Fiction - Lightweight markup languages and XML grammars for writing prose and screenplays.
XDOTMap - A GIS tool pack based on UMN Mapserver.
XRecord - An introspecting Python ORM.
Xjig Manager - An easy to use front end for the Xjig jigsaw program.
xtitle - A tool that sets the window title and icon name for an X11 terminal window.
xpylib - A library for Python.
XBPS - The X Binary Package System.
xombrero - A minimalist's Web browser.
x9wm - A single-file clone of w9wm and 9wm.
XMT - A migration tool for XStream.
Xapian Fu - A library to provide a more Ruby-like interface to the Xapian search engine.
XMMS - An MP3 player for Unix systems.
XRDL - XML-RPC Description Language.
XML tools - Command-line utilities for efficient processing of XML streams.
Xpostulate - A cross-posting blog/microblog client.
xhtmldbg - An XHTML / HTML Debugger for Website Developers.
xml-coreutils - A set of tools for command line XML processing.
xhtml_parte - xhtml parts selection, validation and edition
xchat-greek - An xchat Perl script that converts 8-bit ISO text to UTF8.
X-Payments - A Web-based payment application for online merchants who accept credit card payments.
x509watch - A simple tool to list expiring or expired X.509 certificates.
XML-RSS Feed Generator - A PHP class for generating XML-RSS feeds.
xmodconfig - A graphical front end for xmodmap.
xslet / xsldo - An XSLT library to operate XML data in the same or other files.
xslet / xslbook - An XSLT applet to display a book-style document on Web browsers.
xtxt2typ - Converts ASCII ebooks to gtypist lessons.
XFileSharing Pro - A Web-based file upload and sharing system.
xslet / xslhtml - An XSLT library to display (X)HTML in XSL applets.
xfi - A futuristic high-speed racing game.
xn.debug - A debugger for PHP.
xchainkeys - Chained keybindings for X11.
xsd-gen - A command-line tool to generate XSD from XML.
XuvTools - Fully automated 3D stitching software for biomedical image data.
Xymon Alert - A desktop notifier for Xymon, Hobbit, and BigBrother.
XmlPlus xsd2cpp - An XSD to C++ binding compiler that generates C++ data binding for XML schema(XSD).
xdf - A tool for showing available disk space with flexible output formatting.
Xtempore - An XML-based domain independent templating language and toolset implemented in Java.
Xerl - An engine for Websites.
x0 - An HTTP Web server and framework.
xjoy2key - A joystick to keyboard mapper for X11.
xslet / xsltester - An XSL applet for executing unit tests and displaying the API document for a target XSL file.
XCloner - An application to backup Web sites.
XDM-OPTIONS - A user interface for logging into an X session.
xsnap - A utility to take screenshots of the mouse-selected area under X.
XML Parsing in Java Kit - An Eclipse plug-in that provides useful tools for parsing XML files in Java.
xmlpatch - A simple utility to change XML files with a command line interface similar to the well-known patch utility.
xstatbar - A small horizontal system stats displayer for X11.
XOSDVolume - A graphical sound volume level indicator.
XEO - An agile development framework for creating Web applications.
XML Worker - A program to convert XML into PDF using iText.
x11vis - An X11 visualizer.
xdd - A Unix tool that is like dd with network support and XOR encryption.
xtbackup - A backup script and library focused on backing up data to Amazon S3.
Xtract - An extendable, scriptable data extraction framework.
Xacpimon - A simple battery gauge for Linux notebooks that support ACPI power management.
Xfce4 Nameday Plugin - An Xfce Panel plugin for showing the nameday of the current day.
XPathAPI - A library which selects XML nodes using XPath and a single line of Java code.
XMLReminder - A tool which helps people organize their schedules.
Xvisor - An open-source bare-metal monolithic hypervisor.
XtractCarver - A Perl network forensic and file carving CLI utility.
Xdgmenumaker - A tool that generates xdg menus.
XPaF - An XPath-based parsing framework.
xmlJ - A Java XML editor.
xiwtool - A Linux wireless network scanner and configuration tool.
xmlsd - A wrapper library for expat.
Xfce Embed Plugin - An Xfce panel plugin which embeds arbitrary windows (or GtkPlug widgets) into the panel.
XML::LibXML - Perl bindings for libxml2.
XStatus - A lightweight, neat, and simple server status script.
XiX Music Player - A music player for MP3, Ogg, and FLAC files.
xc - A simple and handy substitute for sudo.
xLayers - Animation of page elements stacked in different layers.
Xidel - Downloading and extraction of data from webpages.
xlife - A cellular-automaton laboratory.
XSLT PHP Template Engine - An XSLT PHP class for your views.
xlsx2csv - A tool for converting XLSX files to CSV.
Xtar - A standalone tar archive extractor.
XOST - A simple frontend for Simile Timeline.
XOWA - An offline application for Wikipedia (and other wikis).
XML-GrammarBase - Perl base classes and roles for writing XML validators and processors.
xtadm - An administrative utility to manage the Xtables2 packet filter.
XBMC Blastdav - A simple WebDAV-like server for streaming content to XBMC.
xllmnrd - An IPv6 LLMNR responder daemon for GNU/Linux.
Xtreme Download Manager - An advanced cross-platform download manager.
xmuta - A program that substitutes regular expression matches with XPath matches..
Xyndravandria Averazain - AJAX request handling in PHP classes.
Xyndravandria Dyverath - Composition and execution of MySQL database queries.
Xyndravandria Erozaver - A class extending type hinting.
Xyndravandria Mondraviel - A template engine which fills tags with parameters.
xJigsaw - xjig with a simple GUI.
Xenograte Community Toolkit - A platform that manages and orchestrates worker processes.
xmlfind - A commandline tool to extract data from XML files.
xmantaray2 - A 3D hacks engine.
XBUP - A general binary communication protocol and file format.
X2Go Client - A remote desktop client based on the NoMachine NX libraries.
X2Go Server - A remote desktop server based on the NoMachine NX libraries.
XMLQuery - Å class that parses and manipulates XML or HTML documents in similar way to jQuery.
X4J Analytic - A reporting API for Java.
xsudo.sh - An X11 sudo wrapper.
X-Mirage - An AirPlay receiver for mirroring and recording iOS screens.
X3D Library - A library to handle X3D files to render OpenGL shapes.

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