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UAE - Software emulation of the hardware of theCommodore Amiga 500/1000/2000
UBB 2 Phorum - Attempts to convert a UBB forum to Phorum v3 format.
ubiqx library - Base-level utility modules from undergrad CS books.
ucblogo - An interpreter for the Logo programming language.
uCON - uCON - SNES/Genesis Image Conversion/Edit/Patch/Fix Utility
uCON64 - A game backup tool and emulator Swiss Army knife program.
UConvert - A units conversion program with thousdands of possible conversions.
ucspi-tcp - TCP client-server command-line tools.
UDB - An IP user database.
UDE - A new GUI for Unix with a completely new look'n'feel
UDF - UDF filesystem kernel module
UDP Samplicator - Resends UDP datagrams to a specified set of receivers.
udpcast - Install software via UDP multicast.
UDS Collection - A C++ development and debugging collection.
UESQLC - A Universal Embedded SQL Compiler for C++ and JAVA.
Ulm's Modula-2 System - Modula-2 compiler for SPARCv8 architectures, supporting PIM3
ulogd - Adds support for userspace firewall packet logging to netfilter.
Ultima Offline Experiment - Ultima Online Server Emulator.
Ultimate Basketball Challenge - 5 on 5 basketball game for linux
UltimateIRCd - An advanced hybrid IRC daemon.
Ultra Monkey - A high availability and load balancing solution for Linux.
ULW - Analyze custom Apache logs for hits by User-Agent and Remote-Address.
Umix - A mixer program for adjusting sound card volumes.
umodunpack.pl - Unpack umod files for Unreal Tournament.
ump - Unix Midi Plugin
UMR - An Unreal .umx and .uax class object reader and extractor.
umsdos_progs - Utilities for the Linux UMSDOS filesystem.
unac - A C library and command that removes accents from a string.
unace - extract, test and view ACE archives
Unacorn - Help compile RISC OS sources on Unix.
unADF - Extract files from an Amiga Disk File dump (from UAE). Same syntax as unzip.
unalog - A Web-based human event logging tool.
unarc - Unpack archives into their own directory.
Unicode VGA font - A Unicode 8x16 VGA font for X11 and console.
UniDict - Universal dictionary system
unifdef - A utility that selectively removes preprocessor conditionals.
Uninet GuestCall - Guest book with HTML tag removal, multi-page viewing, and more.
uninst - An application uninstaller.
Uniplex UBS - A suite of business applications incl. WP, SS, DBF, Graphics and Email
UniquE RAR File Library - Tiny static library to decompress RAR archives.
Unison - File synchronizer
units - A unit converter and calculator.
Universal Line Printer Client - Universal Line Printer Client.
Universal Related Popup Menus - Related popup menus
Universal Text generator - generate or convert any text, program code, or document like jsp but easier
Universal Toolkit - A layer between a program and different toolkits such as Gtk or Qt.
Universal TUN/TAP device driver - Universal TUN/TAP device driver
Universe - An Open Source Master Of Orion-like game.
Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator - A music player that plays most Amiga music file formats.
unixODBC - Provides ODBC 3 connectivity for Unix.
UnixTree - XTree-like console mode file manager.
Unlambda - Obfuscated functional programming language
Unlimited Simulator - General purpose simulator
unrar - extract, test and view RAR archives
UnrealIRCd - An IRC daemon with numerous new features and optimizations.
unrm - A tool for recovering erased files/data under Linux environments.
UnZip - Unpacks .zip archives such as those made by PKZIP.
upgrade - Uploader for HP49 ROMs.
UProxy - A proxy for UDP-based protocols.
UPS - Light C and C++ debugger under X11.
Uptime Client - Keep track of your uptime and compare it with other hosts.
Uptimed - A daemon that tracks the highest uptimes a system has had.
uptime_applet - Gnome applet which will display your system uptime
UPX - A powerful executable packer.
Urchin ASAP - Web visitor-analysis reporting system (log analyzer)
uri - URI manipulation library
urlmon - URL monitoring and report tool
Usagemon - A Software usage and event monitoring package.
USAGI Project - An improved IPv6 environment for Linux.
USB Keyboard Target TTY Extension - A patch against Linux 2.4 to bind a USB keyboard to a specific tty.
usbmgr - Load Linux USB kernel modules automatically.
USBView - USB device and topology viewer
usb_perms - A USB permissions daemon.
Usenet Binary Harvester - A Perl script to find and download single and multi-part Usenet binaries.
Usenet Indexer - A nice and fast usenet indexer.
User Account Information - An ethernet users/customers traffic counter.
User-mode Linux - User-mode port of the Linux kernel
user-online - A php-script to track which users are currently 'online'.
UserIPAcct - Per User IP Accounting for the Linux Kernel
userman - Script for managing user accounts.
userv - Security boundary tool
uspell - A spelling tester/teacher for elementary school.
ustring C++ Unicode library - A C++ implementation of a Unicode 3.0-compliant wide string and char database
Utah Raster Toolkit - A collection of graphics tools for the RLE format.
Utah-GLX - Hardware OpenGL support for XFree86 X-Servers.
utcpdump - A stripped-down version of LBL tcpdump for use in mini-distributions.
utftpd - tftpd daemon with finer grained access control
util-linux - Miscellaneous system utilities
Utopia3D - C++ API for 3D games/applications
utPLSQL - A Unit Test Framework for Oracle PL/SQL, along the lines of JUnit.
uudeview - Smart multi-file multi-part decoder for encoded files.
UW IMAP Server - The University of Washington IMAP server.
UW-IMAP/Linuxconf VDM - WU-IMAP with support for Linuxconf Virtual Domain Mail.
Unitee - Java Testing Framework & Application.
Ultra Tic Tac Toe - Tic Tac Toe game
UDI Reference Source - A sample OS and driver implementation of UDI.
usb-robot - Tools for writing USB device drivers in userspace.
UserManagement - A Web-based interface for controlling access to pages on a Web server.
UFO2000 - A multi-playable remake of the X-COM: UFO Defense game.
Umbra - A simple graphical role-playing game.
UniRed - A Unicode text editor.
Ulric's Router Construction Kit - A kit to create self-contained Linux installations.
UnixNPI - A NewtonOS package installer for Unix.
UDDI Registry - A UDDI-compliant registry for Web services in a private intranet.
Ulog - Display past and present X11 sessions.
uIP - A very small implementation of the TCP/IP protocol stack.
udhcp Server/Client - An Embedded DHCP Server and Client.
Ultima Offline Experiment 3 - An Ultima Online Server emulator.
UPOS FP950 Polish Fiscal Printer JavaPOS driver - A JavaPOS device driver for the Polish Fiscal Printer FP950 made by UPOS Systems
upgpverify - A PGP/GPG filter for use in .qmail files.
UZIX - A UNIX implementation for MSX.
uschedule - An alternative to cron and at.
Umbrello UML Modeller - A UML modelling diagram tool.
Unix Mailer - An email alias manager for Unix.
uLan Driver - An RS-485 link and uLan protocol driver for Linux and Windows.
UNO-Darmstadt - A program which allows you to play a card game similar to UNO.
Universal Registry Client - A universal client for talking to domain name registries.
Unicon Language - A high level, goal directed, object oriented applications language.
UPPAAL - A real time model checker for timed automata.
Universal Internet Relay Chat Daemon - The original ircu, maintained by the author of P10.
UWOBO - A Java servlet for processing and applying XSL stylesheets.
userinfo - A utility that displays information about local system users.
Uber Project Document Management System - A PHP/SQL-based project document management system.
upIRC - An Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for Palm OS.
URLator - An URL submit engine.
U-Hexen - A port of Hexen to Simple Directmedia Layer.
uni-xml - A project to replace standard UNIX configuration files with XML.
uClibc - A C library for embedded Linux systems.
UnderC C++ Interpreter - An interactive C++ interpreter for Linux and Windows.
uberkey - A keylogger for x86 systems.
UntzUntz LAN Scan - A SMB/Samba search engine.
Unofficial SuSE FAQ - A FAQ for SuSE Linux compiled from the SuSE mailing list.
URLmailto encoder and obfuscator - Encodes mailto: links in Web pages so spam harvesting robots.
UniCron - A highly intelligent, extensible Unix scheduler.
Uncle Unc - A generic framework for network-based services.
UnicodeConverter - A tool that converts files in Vietnamese legacy formats to Unicode.
Unearth PHP Cache Engine - A library for caching PHP pages.
uCON64gui - A GUI frontend for uCON64.
ucs-fonts - ISO 10646 (Unicode) extensions of the classic X11 bitmap fonts.
udpShell - A remote shell via UDP.
Usermin - A Web-based interface for UNIX users
umatrix - A matrix unit for Free Pascal.
UMPL for XmailServer - A Web frontend for managing Xmailserver.
Unpack - Automates the process of extracting source tarballs to a fixed location.
Ucron - A centrally-managed cron daemon.
Ucronadm - Tools to manage Ucron.
ulxmlrpcpp - Ultra Lightweight Xml Rpc Library for C++.
Usepackage Environment Manager - A tool for managing Unix environment variables.
Units Conversion Library - A units conversion library.
UIF - Userfriendly Iptables Frontend - A tool for generating optimized packet filter rules.
Ufolib - An extension for Superwaba to have the full Unicode range.
UltraMake - A state of the art software build and test tool.
ufpb_tool - A tool for bootstrapping the hms_evb_h8s2633f board from Linux.
Unique Visitor Counter - A tracker of unique visits to a Web site.
ucspi-ipc - An implementation of the UCSPI protocol for Unix domain sockets.
uClibcLinux - A uClibc-based Linux distribution.
UPOINT Remote Web Publisher - An online editing tool that updates the contents of your Web pages.
uClinux - Linux for systems without virtual memory.
udpeq - A multilink UDP equalizer.
uVNC - A small VNC server for 8-bit microcontrollers.
UPMS - A universal package managment system for any FHS-compliant Linux distribution.
unalign traps for AXP - A utility used on the DEC Alpha to find unaligned memory traps.
UploadBean - A JSP/SERVLET component allowing you to upload files in a database.
Unreal Tournament 2003 Gentoo LiveCD - A CD with an Unreal Tournament 2003 demo, LAN, sound, and NVIDIA OpenGL.
Unattended - A Windows deployment system
Universe PHP extension - A PHP extension for CORBA access.
UDDI Registry Extensions - A system for making advanced UDDI queries.
UGS3D - A high abstraction level 3D library.
UniSorter - A demonstration of standard sorting algorithms.
UserTools - A set of utilities for managing LDAP user accounts.
Underworld Adventures - A project to recreate Ultima Underworld 1.
URLFetch Java - A Java library for HTTP and HTTPS.
ulim - A Linux kernel module which sets resource limits on set*uid() calls.
Uxtobx - Converts Motif GUIs built with UIM/X to ICS' BX PRO GUI Builder.
UpdateDD - A client to update a dynamic DNS record.
uk.co.vmind.print - A Java printing achitecture based on pages (not datasets, etc.)
User Dialog Perl Module - An OOPerl interface for dialog, cdialog, whiptail, gdialog, and kdialog.
uControl - A tool to remap modifier keys and other goodies.
UnixODBC.pm - A Perl library and utilities for unixODBC.
UrlCrawler - A Web spider-based footprinting tool.
UDP Bridge - Bi-directional UDP proxy for Linux.
uMail - A simple message box for local systems.
Uget - A download manager with a GUI.
untarka - extract .tar, .tar.Z, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .Z, .gz and .bz2 files
u6edit - A world editor for Ultima 6: The False Prophet.
UPPAAL Timed Automata Parser Library - A parser library for timed automata.
UNGI Facturier - A business management system for small to medium companies.
Unicode Font Info - A font exploration tool.
urluminator - Log URLs that urlsnarf sees to a database and view with a CGI script.
uSTL - A size-optimized STL implementation.
UHU-Linux - A Hungarian Linux distribution.
User Manage - A modular authentication class.
uniread - universal readline.
Universal disassembler - Disassembler for different binary file formats and processor types.
UICollection - A one-stop solution for Java client user interface development.
uEdit - A text editor that can insert output from AppleScript scripts and text files.
UNH-iSCSI - A Linux-loadable initiator and target modules for the new IETF iSCSI protocol.
Update Reminder (Mandrake KDE) - A program which warns you if there are new updates for your computer.
USRobotics Sure connect USB Modem Linux Driver - A USRobotics Sure Connect USB modem Linux driver.
ULN - User Level Networking - Software to assign a personal IP address to each user.
UDP Ping Logger - A program that logs network connectivity via UDP pings.
Uptime - A tool for checking Web servers.
uTidylib - A Python wrapper for TidyLib.
uuturn - A connection correlator.
UO Web Map - A Web-based map with user-defined markers for Ultima Online.
Ultimate Boot CD - A tool to run floppy-based diagnostic tools on a bootable CD.
Unique ID - A tool to calculate ID and driver's license numbers, and passport MRZs.
Universala - An implementation of the Open Publishing concept.
UNFS3 - A user-space implementation of an NFSv3 server.
upsguru - A Centralion UPS monitoring daemon.
uConnect - A utility that opens a list of files after it connects to Internet.
UpCase Installer - A Web-based PHP applications manager.
URI Access for DB2 - A servlet that uses several access methods to address data.
UDO - A powerful utility for creating documentation in many formats.
USB-TCP Bridge - Bridges Palm USB to TCP/IP sockets
User manager for PureFTPd - A user-friendly Web application to manage PureFTPd users.
Unicycle - A PalmOS app to chart basal body temperature.
UIHierarchy - An AWT/Swing container hierarchy helper library.
Units of measurement for Ada - A library for dealing with dimensioned values.
UoB-NOMAD - An implementation of filters for mobile IP.
UnixConf - System configuration for Debian and other Unix-like systems.
UML/Dot - A tool for generating UML class diagrams from Java source.
uruk - An iptables firewall script.
Unix Image Manager - An advanced image processor.
utils - A set of tools for C++ programming.
UCL - A portable lossless data compression library.
Useful Java Application Components - A collection of components which may be useful for your project.
unServices - An IRC services package.
UseBB - A mature, light, and open source PHP 4 and MySQL based forum package.
UML2PHP5 - A Dia plugin to generate PHP code from UML.
UMLet - A tool for rapidly creating UML sketches.
uim - A multilingual input method framework.
Unified Qmail Patch - A concatenation of various patches.
UI::Dialog - An OOPerl wrapper for various dialog applications.
ulogipac - An IP traffic accounting tool.
updyn - A dynamic DNS client.
Ultimate Drop Down Menu 4 - A lightweight and accessible Javascript menu.
Udis86 - A disassembler for x86 and x86-64 (AMD64).
UFO: Alien Invasion - A strategy game inspired by the X-COM series.
UCARP - A program to provide high availability for Linux and Unix services.
Umbrella - Process-based access control and authentication of binaries for Linux.
Used Textbook Database - A database for listing used textbooks.
UMLGraph - Creates UML class and sequence diagrams from declarative specifications.
usb-mount - USB storage desktop integration for hotplug.
Unlimited FTP applet - A fully customizable Java FTP applet with secure FTP capabilities.
ulog-monitor - A tool that shows ulogd-logged packets.
up2dateiso - A tool to update RH9, CentOS 3.1, FC1, and FC2 ISOs with the latest RPM updates.
uidentd - An auth/identd server that supports IPv4 and IPv6.
U-Upload - A Java file uploading applet.
URL-REWRITE - A tool to rewrite (X)HTML attributes with Common Lisp.
unicap - A video capture library.
univision - An image capture application.
UnCommon Web - A Web application framework.
U++ - A C++ development platform.
Uppaal TRON - A testing tool for real-time embedded software systems.
UUID - An implementation of the UUIDs and GUIDs specification in Java.
ufs2tools - Tools for accessing UFS filesystems and BSD labels from Win32.
Ulaform - A Web form generator and manager.
User Manager - An Open Directory user/group record editor for Mac OS X.
Unified I/O - A high performance Java I/O library.
util-vserver - A Linux virtual server utility framework.
UTF8Script - A binfmt_misc plugin for UTF-8 scripts.
utest - A C++ library that facilitates unit testing of C++ programs/components.
UPS monitor - A graphical monitoring application for UPSes.
UnlimitedFTP Commander - A scriptable commandline FTP/FTPS/SFTP client.
Unicode Rewriter - A tool for converting ID3 tags to Unicode.
UniConf - A configuration system.
ulsig - A tool to upload an aMule signature.
uniLETIM - A LETS and TimeBank announcing and accounting system.
upgrade.php - A script that provides advanced functions in older PHP interpreters.
Upstart Raising Patent Bar Exam Simulator - A patent bar exam simulator.
Unix Mobile Agents - A mobile agent architecture using bash, SSH, and screen.
Unicornscan - An information gathering and correlation engine.
UDIG - A GIS client with support for OpenGIS Internet standards.
Ubuntu - A complete desktop Linux operating system.
unzoo - An unarchiver for .ZOO archives.
Urwid - A console UI library for Python.
UPNPLib - A Java library for the UPNP protocol.
uml2svg - An XSLT-based tool for converting XMI-compliant UML diagrams into SVG.
UniPackage - A non-distribution-specific, dependency free package system.
UNG - A picture gallery with less fluff.
uoamhub - A dedicated server for UOAutoMap.
Unicode Utilities - Utilities for manipulating and analyzing Unicode.
upschk - A UPS monitor daemon for Advance-Intelligent UPSes.
ubslogdump - A SnoopyPro log file dumper.
uni2ascii - A tool that converts between Unicode and various ASCII representations.
Universal Unicode Converter - A converter for Unicode to and from several common 7-bit and 8-bit "plain text"
u2nl - A universal transparent HTTPS proxy tunnel.
uitags - A JSP tag library that makes it easy to develop friendly user interface.
USCVprogs - Utilities to retrieve Web election data and extract to a database-ready format.
Ultimate Stunts - A remake of "stunts".
Unified Search Engine Access - A suite for grabbing results from search engines.
Upgrade-oldest - A tool to upgrade the oldest Debian packages.
UISP - A tool for AVR microcontrollers which interfaces many hardware in-system program
UFRaw - A utility for converting and manipulating raw images from digital cameras.
unsort - A tool that randomizes the order of the lines in a file.
Universal Text Recognizer and Converter - A charset/encoding and EOL recognizer and converter (tool and C library).
unionfs - A stackable filesystem which merges different directories.
USB Radio - A project for building a USB radio (hardware and software).
Userful MultiSeat - Multiseat extensions to X to turn one computer into 11, using USB multiseat devices or video cards.
Userful Desktop - A cloud managed multiseat desktop virtualization Linux disribution for centrally managed, locked-down zero client desktops.
ufdbGuard - A URL filter to selectively block Internet access and block proxy tunnels.
UI With Style - GTK, OS X, and Win32 native widget access in C++.
UpToDater - A database change management tool for developers.
UniPKG - A modular package manager.
Ufficio Zero - An Italian live Linux distribution for the office environment.
UltraSMS - A utility for sending and receiving SMS with a MySQL database.
UPN-Calc - A Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculator.
USB Phone Connector - A tool to connect USB phones to softphones on Linux.
Unimaginatively-named Calendar - A full-featured Web calendar application with an easy-to-read display.
Unimaginatively-named Attendance - A Web application for taking and reporting attendance.
ubuildinit - A utility that generates C code from XHPD files.
udp_copy2 - Non-interactive data transfer over UDP.
Unity Editor - A 3D game development platform and game engine.
UnitConverter MIDlet - A MIDlet for unit conversion on handhelds/PDAs/phones.
UWiKiCMS - A lightweight Web content management system.
Unnamed Math Program - A program to perform calculations and to make it easy to plot in 2D and 3D.
unpkg - A quick and simple .pkg unpacker.
Utmpd - A daemon used for user access control.
Useful Terminal I/O Library - A cursesless terminfo implementation.
uEagle-ATM - A rewritten driver for ADSL USB modems with ADI's Eagle-USB chipset.
Unity Browser Plug-in - A plug-in that embeds the Unity game engine in a Web browser.
UNITED-NUKE - A fast and secure CMS that can use PHP-Nuke add-ons.
udpbalancer - A UDP balancer application.
Unix Server Monitoring Scripts - A suite of monitoring scripts for Unix servers.
unieject - A multiplatform eject command.
USBInfo - A USB information utility.
UPPAAL DBM Library - A library to represent and manipulate Difference Bound Matrices.
Uplug - Tools for parallel corpora.
UHA - A library that provides direct hardware access in userland.
Ultrize TimeSheet - A Web based timecard.
UML2Classes - A tool to generate PHP classes from an XMI file.
UFOClock - An astronomical clock featuring a sundial, phase of the moon, and time of year.
unpaper - A tool to enhance scanned book page images.
ui - A user information utility.
ussp-push - A BlueTooth OBEX file pusher.
UModPlayer - An audio module player and converter for Unix-like operating systems.
Useful Traffic Accounting Dragon - A traffic accounting tool.
UDFclient - A userland implementation of the UDF filesystem.
UMLMON - A monitor and runtime environment for User Mode Linux.
uShare - A DLNA and UPnP A/V Media Server for Linux.
UnHash - MD5 and SHA1 cracker.
Userexitd for TSM - A configurable handler for Tivoli Storage Manager events.
Unicode.php - PHP classes for manipulating Unicode data.
Up! Application System - An application system to consolidate your information systems.
udev - A system that provides Linux systems with a dynamic /dev directory.
UniMatrix - Software for planning your everyday business at university.
Unnoc - An SNMP NOC monitor with RRD graphs.
Universal Password Manager - A cross-platform password manager.
uoproxy - A proxy server for Ultima Online.
Unbounded Tic-Tac-Toe - A game where you place n in a row on an unbounded board.
Urdabrunn - A genealogy database application (like TMG).
ukolovnik - A simple todo manager using PHP and MySQL.
USB Headset Buttons - A tool for using volume buttons on USB headsets.
Unit Circle - A program to show the relationship between angles and trigonometric functions.
UPS track shipping module for LiteCommerce - Software to track your LiteCommerce orders with UPS.
UPS track shipping module for X-Cart - Software to track your X-Cart orders with UPS.
URL::Grab - A module for easy file downloading in Perl.
unionfs-fuse - unionfs implemented in userland (with help of FUSE).
ulock - A virtual console locking program.
unweave - A program that removes artifacts from weave interlacing from images.
uClinux/ColdFire - A port of uClinux to the Motorola ColdFire processors.
Userful Pre-Book - A PC bookings and reservation system that supports multiple client platforms.
udcf2png.pl - Generates PNG plots from UDCF dive computer data.
UserRC - A secure, user-level rc script startup daemon.
upnp2mrtg - A simple add-on for the MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher).
Uncrustify - A source code beautifier for C, C++, C#, D, Java, and Pawn.
unit-- - A simple, easy-to-use, and portable unit test aid for C++.
ucarpctl - A control and configuration utility for UCARP.
UberImaging - A centrally controlled network disk imaging solution.
Ultimate Commander - A modern orthodox file manager.
url.markr - A bookmark manager written in Ruby on Rails.
UDF Media Reader - A way to read DirectCD (UDF) disks.
umtsmon - A tool to control and monitor a 3G laptop card.
ucsd-psystem-fs - Software to mount UCSD p-Systems disk images as Linux file systems.
Ubuntu Center - A Web application for accessing your Ubuntu box online.
urwvn - Truetype URW fonts with Vietnamese support.
uthash - A hash for C structures.
utf8proc - UTF-8 library
UML2 Utilities for Model-Driven Development - A set of utilities for easily building MDA-style automation.
uRadiusLib - uRadiusLib is a full, small, and easy to use RADIUS client library.
Unclassified NewsBoard - Forum software with Jabber support.
units-filter - A parser for expressions concerning physical values.
update-zoneinfo - A utility for synchronizing timezone information from a central server.
Ubuntu Customization Kit - A kit for customizing your Ubuntu live CD.
uBASIC - A tiny BASIC interpreter
UPPAAL TIGA - A model checker for timed games.
use_name_as_alias - A script that reads GAIM 2.0's buddylist and assigns aliases for contacts.
UMIT - A network scanning frontend.
Ultimate System Tool - A console-based Yast-like clone for Debian-based Linux systems.
USBSink - A GNOME program for automatic file synchronization with removable drives.
Untahris Common Playground - Games similar to snake, tron, tetris, and rampart, all played on the same area.
Ultimate Geo Coder - A geocoders interface library for PHP.
UDoc - A dynamic UML-like visualization tool.
uwp-phase - A phase unwrapping tool.
unicap VideoJack client - A VideoJack client using the unicap capture library.
UNIforge - A Web-based software hosting system that supports collaborative development.
uTorrent.py - A Python module interface to uTorrent.
Upstream Log Transfer System - Tools that allow users to send troubleshooting data to support personnel.
umbrello2sql - A tool for SQL generation from an Umbrello entity relationship diagram.
UnitTest++ - A lightweight unit testing framework for C++.
Universal Control Daemon - A comunication daemon for all monitoring services.
UltraText - A text-mode terminal UI library.
Untie - A tool to create Linux namespaces.
uni PHP DataGrid - A simple tool for generating data-bound grid control.
UDF collection for MySQL - Utility UDFs which provide extra functions for use with MySQL.
Undisposable Clients - Clients for Undisposable.net, a protection system against userbase contamination
upstart - An event-based init daemon.
UnixExplorer - A file manager somewhat similar to Windows.
userchroot - A small chroot-like program which will also drop privileges if suid.
uvlan - A user-space virtual local area network
URL Rewriter - An URL rewriter tool for rewriting URLs in Java Servlets.
UFxp - An FTP/FXP client to the FXP.One engine.
Universal Parallel Port I/O library - A portable IO library exposing a common API for parallel port access.
UltraStar-NG - A karaoke game.
UserTracking 2 - An Internet forensics tool.
Ultimate MySQL - A PHP class for wrapping MySQL database access.
Ubuntu Christian Edition - An operating system with Web filtering and Bible study software included.
ucview - A video image capture and recording application.
u24mixer-module - ESI U24 usb soundcard mixer module
UNIXem - A library that provides limited Unix API emulation for Windows.
UML Design Suite - An easy to use graphical UML modeling toolkit with XML and JPEG diagram output.
UVCView - A simple USB video camera viewer.
uriparser - An RFC 3986 URI parsing library.
unxtm - A tool that recovers and extracts files from XTM parts.
Urulu - An Ajax CMS.
uCal - A converter between Hijri (Islamic) and Gregorian dates.
ububacula - A useful installation tool for installing Bacula Backup Server on Ubuntu Server.
UMLSpeed - A UML-to-diagram/XMI/source compiler.
um zu sync - A daemon to backup and synchronize files.
Universal Office Converter - A tool to convert between any document format supported by LibreOffice/OpenOffice.
UDAT - A parser and generator for UDAT documents.
ustr - An easy-to-use C API for length based strings.
uhub - A high performance hub for the ADC peer-to-peer network.
USVN - A Web-based interface for configuring subversion repositories.
Ubercart - An e-commerce shopping cart integrated with the Drupal CMS.
UidBind - Restricts calls to the bind() function to the UID/GID defined via configfs.
Untangle - A Linux-based network gateway.
ucommon - C++ threading for embedded applications.
Unrawel - A library for digital camera RAW image interpolation.
uniFTP - A cross-platform FTP scripting language and command shell.
UltraGetopt for Java - A versatile getopt library for Java.
updateThumbnails - A tool to keep local thumbnails in large trees of photos up to date.
UidSEC - An LSM that adds features useful for untrusted multiuser systems.
usbprog - A programming adapter.
unmass - A tool to extract game archive files.
Useme - An open requirements management tool.
Urd - A Web-based Usenet binary download manager.
Unimatrix Project - A distributed file sharing project.
uzklive - The live port of the Uruzuki GNU/Linux distribution.
Usermin For Webmail - A modified version of Usermin just for IMAP Web mail.
uBee512 - An emulator for the Microbee Z80 ROM, FDD, and HDD based microcomputers.
UniConvertor - A universal vector graphics translator.
Urbi - A robotics software platform.
uygulama - A simple page building program (CMS) for everybody.
UPS XML-RPC Interface - An XML-RPC service for getting UPS shipping estimates.
Unworkable - An efficient, simple, and elegant BitTorrent implementation.
ua - A simple command line tool that finds sets of identical files.
Uncommons Maths - Random number generators and other mathematical utilities.
UJO Framework - A framework that provides a powerful object architecture.
umova - A terminal-based dictionary program.
urwcyr-tex - TeX bindings for URW Cyrillic fonts.
UrJTAG - A universal JTAG library, server, and tools.
Userful Live CD - A multiseat Linux live CD that makes one PC function as two.
UIDL - A universal client for the display of complex GUIs.
Unicode Data Browser - A browser for the UnicodeData.txt file.
Unangband - A roguelike variant of Angband.
UnsignedByte - A modern MUD server.
UIF2ISO - A converter for the UIF CD/DVD image format.
UDP File Transporter - A file transporter which uses the UDP mechanism.
UM-OLSR - An OLSR router for the ns-2 simulator.
uxdstools - Tools to administer POSIX user and group accounts in an LDAP directory.
UDSC - A system updating and security hardening tool with support for VPSs.
UDUNITS - A unit conversion C library.
unix2dos - A utility to convert plain text files between DOS and Unix formats.
Up! - A photo uploader.
ubuntu server manager - A Web-based server management interface for Ubuntu.
udpfwd - A stateful userspace UDP port forwarder.
urlwatch - A script to monitor URLs and receive diffs of what has changed.
UniversalIndentGUI - A GUI for several code formatters.
uranos - A system that supports unattended installations of Linux and Windows.
UDAV - A cross-platform program for data visualization.
UnusedPkg - A diagnostic tool to list the oldest unused packages in your Linux system.
ucanvcam - A cross-platform framework for building virtual cameras.
uWiki - A self-extensible wiki.
uperf - A network performance tool that models and replays workloads.
upoints - Python modules for working with points on Earth.
Urpkg - Software to install programs in a safe and undoable way.
user_info - A class to gather user information with PHP.
Ubiqx Embedded DBMS - An embedded database API
Urban Mediator - A system for sharing urban information in location-aware way.
UvumiTools Gallery - A photo/image gallery Web site plugin.
udrwconfig - A small tool to write to UDRW USB sticks with Linux.
UvumiTools TextArea - A plugin for enhancing the behavior of HTML textareas.
UvumiTools Dropdown Menu - A cross-browser, degradable, unobtrusive dropdown menu plugin.
uRSSus - A cross-platform GUI RSS/Atom aggregator.
uQManager - A Java messaging system.
UvumiTools Dock Menu - A Web menu plugin that mimics the Mac OS X dock.
Universal SIMD Mathlibrary - Math functions for vector floats.
UvumiTools Scrollbar - A Javascript Web plugin that generates standards-compliant stylized scrollbars.
u2ps - A Unicode to Postscript converter.
UvumiTools Crop - An image selection/cropping interface for Web clients using JavaScript.
USB Network Daemon - A daemon that offers USB access over the network.
UvumiTools ColorSphere - A Javascript color picker that is degradable, non-obtrustive,and customizable.
UvumiTools Odometer - A Javascript animated odometer-style counter widget for Web sites.
Update Engine - A software updating framework for Mac OS X.
UTM5 - A high-performance ISP billing system for small to large providers.
udp_redirect - A UDP port forwarder.
U-lite Project - An LXDE-based, lightweight Linux distribution.
Ubuntu Privacy Remix - A live CD for creating a secure, isolated working environment.
uBeeDisk - A tool for copying floppy disks and images.
usbmount for Slackware - A port of Debian's usbmount udev automounter to Slackware.
Uruzuki GNU/Linux - A virtual GNU/Linux distribution.
UPnP-Inspector - An UPnP device and service analyzer and debugging tool.
URI split - An easy to use URI splitter/parser library.
Usenet Downloader - Software to retrieve newsgroup articles from NNTP servers.
UML StateWizard - A UML dynamic modeling and development framework.
Upgrader - A framework for adding upgrade capabilities to Java applications.
UsbCryptFormat - A graphical user interface for encryption of USB flash drives or external hard drives.
Unicorn - A Unix and LAN/localhost-optimized fork of the Mongrel HTTP server.
UCDetector - An unnecessary code detector.
uvga-conio-library - A MicroVGA text user interface ("conio") library.
urlShort - A complete Web-based URL shortener.
Ultimate Othello - An implementation of the reversi game.
UASparser - A standalone PHP class for the uas.ini datafile.
UraniaCast - A non-interactive podcast downloader.
unique - Software that finds patterns in source code.
uWSGI - A fast, self-healing, developer-friendly WSGI server for deployment and development of Python Web apps.
Unknown Horizons - A 2D strategy simulation.
UnitTH - A test history generator.
Ultrasound Storage System - An on-line tool to deliver images and study results between physicians.
UnifiedSessionsManager - An interface for the combined usage of various hypervisors, operating systems, and user interfaces.
upgrade_mailer.py - A script that sends mail or Jabber notifications when updates for your APT or YUM based Linux system are available.
UnNetHack - A variant of the hugely popular roguelike game, NetHack.
Uhura - A Web console for databases.
Ultimate Live Music Audio Converter - An audio conversion tool specifically designed around the file formats used for live music trading.
uli-plugins - A collection of LV2 plugins.
update_id3_length - A utility to update the play duration of an MP3 file.
undx - A tool to reconstruct class files from Dalvik code.
USB Panic Button Daemon - A driver and trigger tool for the USB panic button.
Unhide.rb - A program that finds hidden processes running on your system.
UpdateBrowsCap - A script to keep the PHP browser capability database up to date.
USBManager - A management interface for USB storage devices.
ultimix - A framework for Web development.
Ujorm - A high performance ORM for Java.
UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java - A fast, feature-rich, and easy to use Java-based LDAP API.
USAF WAPS Promotion Calculators - A tool that calculates points and dates for promotion in the U.S. Air Force.
uREST - A REST interface for X10.
UnixBench - Benchmarking software.
unicode-screensaver - A screensaver that displays Unicode characters.
univero - A universal electronic reference organizer.
UpUp - An iPhone game in which you must keep a PumpkinHead jumping up.
Utopia - An operating system for mobile objects.
umph - A simple YouTube feed parser.
UniversalContainer - An untyped container class for C++.
uldramar - An RPG adventuring game.
UDP Test - A simple tool for checking network performance and reliability.
UFPM - A uniform file and directory permission program.
Unbound - DNS resolver
userFlex - An all in one PHP user authentication class with registration support.
UBoat Code Navigator - A program to explore your codebase with a Web browser.
Unicode Escaped US-ASCII - A charset to help develop Java applications using many languages with an international team without worries.
unjava - Write pure Java code, including GUI apps, without knowing Java.
uNabto - A micro Nabto Web server.
UnDBX - A tool to extract, recover, and undelete email messages from Outlook Express .dbx files.
utterson - A Unix-based, minimal static blog engine.
UtopiaDistro - A Linux distribution based on Slackware64 using KDE 4.5.3 and GNOME 2.30.2.
Unofficial HAMP Loan Modification Calculator - A program that guesses at how loan modifications will work out under disclosed specs from the US Treasury.
util-linux-ng - A fork of the util-linux tools.
USBDescriptorKitchen - A GUI-driven tool to create and maintain a USB descriptor.
Universaltext Interpreter - A tool to generate files in several formats based on a single source.
univis2typo3 - A tool to import data from UnivIS into a TYPO3 Web site.
uncia - A collection of text file filters in a single executable.
USPS Postnet and Intelligent Mail Barcode Fonts - POSTNET and Intelligent Mail fonts for USPS barcodes.
uevalrun - A self-contained computation sandbox for Linux.
udiskie - An automounting daemon for udisks.
Unmount Daemon for Fedora - A daemon that automatically unmounts disks that were mounted without the user's approval.
UrBackup - A client/server backup system for Windows and Linux.
ulatencyd - A scriptable optimization daemon for Linux.
uam - A lightweight udev-based automounter for USB drives.
usb4java - A Java library for accessing USB devices.
Unibas - A universal database to manage documents, persons (such as artists), etc. based on PostgeSQL.
Undead Invasion - An adventure game with an extensible format.
Uykfe - Scripts that use Last.fm tags to generate playlists and control Logitech Squeeze players.
USL - An unorthodox scripting language.
U3D - A U3D converter.
u128.js - A Javascript 128 bit integer math library.
Unzix - A WinZix archive extractor.
UserAgent Theme Switcher - A simple plugin that lets you change the theme to be displayed according to the detected browser.
uberSVN - An enhanced distribution of Apache Subversion.
Unity-Opera - A program that adds Unity features for the Opera Web browser.
Umple - Model-oriented programming technology.
Union D Image Tools - A batch image processing tool.
URL Notification System - A simple message alert system.
ucpp - A C preprocessor designed to be embeddable, quick, light, and fully compliant to ISO Standard 9899:1999 (C99).
URLCrazy - A tool to check for mistyped domain names of websites.
USB Network Gate for Linux - Easily access remote USB devices connected to other Windows or Linux computers over the Internet/LAN/WAN.
UverseWiki - A modelling, recursive, DOM-based PHP text formatting framework.
uimaFIT - Factories, injection, and testing utilities for UIMA.
Urbie Defense - A mini urban mech defence game.
unmess - A windows/workspaces organiser for X11.
uniclient - A universal TCP client.
Urban Lightscape - A photo filter for exposure correction, localized brightness adjustments, and the introduction of synthetic lighting.
Unsettings - A configuration program for the Unity desktop environment.
UServer - A UDP server framework for C.
uhat - A tool that maps joystick axes to virtual joystick buttons.
UBY - A large-scale lexical resource for natural language processing.
USB Network Gate for Mac - Software to work with a remote USB device over the Internet/LAN/WAN as if it were connected directly to the computer.
uClibc++ - A C++ standard library targeted at embedded systems.
uterus - A codec library and tools for financial tick data.
UniCC - A universal parser generator with unique features.
ULS - A library for general purpose lexical analysis.
USokoban - A Sokoban clone for Linux.
unilint - Unified static code analysis reports.
UDP IPTV to RTSP proxy - Access to UDP multicast streams via RTSP/RTP unicast protocols.
UserGate IM Control - A comprehensive monitoring and control solution for corporate IM usage.
USPS Barcode Postnet Fonts - A POSTNET font package for USPS Barcodes.
uma::bson - A DOM-style C++ API for BSON.
unnamed - Unnamed un-names unwanted DNS entries.
utfout - A command-line utility to produce UTF-8 (Unicode) output.
Universal File Mover - A managed file transfer solution.
Upload Script to create Gallery of Images and Audio files - This is a script to Upload images and audio files to create a Gallery of Images and Audio files (MP3), grouped by categories. It is created with PHP, MySQL (using OOP technology, and PDO), and JavaScript. Can be uploaded multiple files on the same time.
URL Shortener - A Django application to shorten your long URLs.
Username-Anarchy - Usernames are half the password guessing problem
UniMote - A universal Linux-Android Bluetooth remote controller.
UCanAccess - A pure Java JDBC Driver for MS Access.
unipair - Connection of wireless Logitech USB devices with a Unifying receiver.
ultralog - A logging framework for high performance Java-based applications.
Univention Corporate Server - A server operating system with an integrated identity and infrastructure management system.
Upmf - A source-based package manager.
unserding - A framework for ad-hoc networks for financial applications.
URL Shortening - A PHP application to shorten your long URLs.
underling - An FFTW MPI-based library for 3D pencil decompositions.
U.D.O.S. zero - A Userland Distributed Operating System.
UnQLite - An embeddable NoSQL database engine.
Univention Corporate Client - A flexible and manageable operating system for PCs, notebooks, and thin clients.
unyaxmppd - An XMPP/Jabber server.
URONode - A packet radio node front-end.
uMarkup - A lightweight, simple markup creation library.
UnitCPP - A unit test for c++.
Upsilon - A distributed, flexible, and extensible system monitoring application.
URL Router - A PHP class that matches URLs against pre-defined route patterns.
Uni-eCart - A shopping cart system.
UPNPLib-mobile - A Java/Android library for discovering and editing port mapping on UPnP routers.
ut61 - An interface for the UNI-T UT61D multimeter.
UniModeling - A big data analytics tool for unified modeling and reasoning in outdoor and indoor spaces.
uReport - Software for municipal issue tracking.
uncsv - A command-line filter converting to or from a CSV stream.
Unflattener - A tool that makes normal maps for 2D art.
Uliweb - A Python-based Web framework.

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