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T.A.N.K.S - Multiplayer Tank combat game.
T.E.A.R. - A console-based CD to MP3/OGG encoding tool with all of the perks.
T.I.A.H - Hex-Editor with insert-mode.
T/TCP for Linux - T/TCP Extension for Linux
t1utils - Tools for manipulating PostScript Type 1 fonts
t2t - An ASCII text to HTML table converter.
TA-Linux - A small Linux distribution for x86, Alpha, SPARC, SPARC64, PARISC, PPC, and Sun3
Table wrapper base class - HTML Table wrapper base class.
Tie::Table - A Perl module which maps database tables to hashes.
tabmergehtml - A tool for pre-populating HTML forms with data.
Tabster server - An online file sharing community for guitar/bass/drum tablature.
Tac - An AOL Instant Messenger client in pure TCL
Tacacs+ - A Cisco tacacs+ daemon.
TAF - A multiuser todo-list manager.
taglog - Computerised logbook, reports time spent by project, todo manager.
tailbeep - Watches an open file for a string and beeps the console if it sees it.
tal - Aligns common trailing characters
TalkBack.cgi - Allows visitors to give online feedback on articles.
Tallyman - Open source ecommerce site management software.
Tanked - A game of war played with tanks and castles.
TAON (The Art Of Noise) - Fancy sound editor for x86 linux, supports plugins
tape2mp3 - A utility to split tracks out of wav files.
Taper - Tape backup and restore program with a friendly user interface
Tapestry - Java component object model for developing highly interactive Web applications.
TARA - Local Security checking scripts
tarotserveur - Server for the Tarot card game.
Tarpd - Proxy arp daemon for Linux.
TaskGuide Viewer - An XML-based tool for creating wizards.
taTelnet - A cross-platform telnet program utilizing wxWindows.
tavrasm - Assembler for the Atmel AVR series of micro-controllers
TCDial - DTMF dialer for Linux
Tcl MIME - A program to generate and parse MIME body parts.
Tcl-SQL - Tcl extention for accessing mysql database.
Tcl/SMAPI - A Tcl/Tk extension for the IBM ViaVoice speech recognition API.
Tcl/Tk - A portable scripting environment for Unix, Windows, and Macintosh.
tClick - PHP scripts to track click-throughs on links.
TCLink - A client for running credit card transactions over TCP/IP.
tclperl - A Perl embedded interpreter package for TCL.
tclreadline - GNU readline for the tcl scripting language
TCLShout - TCL extensions to provide access to libshout.
Tcl_Gtk - A GTK 2 extension for Tcl.
TCM - Set of graphical editors for various software specification methods (SA, UML).
TCMixer - Yet Another Mixer App
tcpbroker - A server that connects two incoming TCP connections together.
tcpflow - A TCP flow recorder.
tcpgate - TCP Proxy/Gateway Daemon
TCPWatch - Monitors TCP connections through a proxy.
tcpxd - A general purpose TCP/IP relay proxy.
tcp_forward - A script that forwards a TCP connection and allows snooping and filtering.
tcp_server - Simple tcp based multi-server
tcp_wrappers - Monitors and Controls incoming TCP connections
tcsh - Enhanced version of the Berkeley C shell (csh).
tcshrc - A well-organised set of tcsh configuration files.
tcsysmon - System monitor dock app for WindowMaker/AfterStep
tdasm - Free portable cross assembler for any kind of assembly language.
TDB - Trivial database similar to GDBM except it allows multiple simultaneous writers.
TDS 200 Mini Tool - A communication program for the series TDS200 Tektronix Digital Oscilloscopes.
tdsdump - Allows capture and printing of EPS output from Tek TDS2x0 oscilloscopes.
TEA Total - Tiny encryption suite.
Teamware Office for Linux - Groupware for Linux - Mail, Calendar, Library, & Discussion Forums.
teapop - A POP3-server with thoughts for virtual domains
Ted - An easy-to-use rich text processor for Linux.
TEG - A RISK clone.
TeleGNOME - Program to view 'Teletekst'-pages over the Internet
Telephone Control Daemon - A simple telephony daemon to provide remote control of a system via a telephone.
Temperature.app - A Window Maker applet that will display the local temperature.
Tempest for Eliza - Plays music in your radio using the computer screen as sender
Tempest-AM - AM Radio Signal Transmitter
Template - A PHP4 template system.
Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor - A touch-typing tutor.
TermBaum - Java Library for function parsing, calculation, and derivation.
terminatorX - Realtime Audio Synthesizer (DJ Scratching)
termix - A DOS terminal-like console telnet client for BBSes.
termpkg - Poor Man's Terminal Server
Terraform - Interactive digital terrain (height field) editor/viewer
Tesla - A TOM compiler (written in TOM).
Test Environment Toolkit - A toolkit for test development and management
Test::Cmd - Perl module for portable testing of commands and scripts
TestDisk - A partition recovery utility.
teTeX - A TeX distribution for Unix.
Tetrinet for Linux - A version of the popular multiplayer game, Tetrinet, for console Linux
texi2html - Texinfo to HTML converter
texprL3 - A tool that uses TeX to print texts in the ISO-Latin-3 character set.
Text::iPerl - Bring any document to life by embedding Perl.
Text::Template - Embed Perl code into text and HTML files.
Textbiff - A small X program to monitor mail.
textdump.pl - A script to make tcpdumped hex human readable.
Textmode Quake - A text mode implementation for Quake.
TextTools - An ncurses development package for Ada.
TexturePaint - Plugin for the Gimp
tgif - Vector-based draw tool
tgi_perl - An embedded Perl interprepreter for TGI Perl telephony under Bayonne.
Thatware - A PHP/MySQL news backend.
THCNET Message System - A PHP Web message system.
THE - powerful text editor
The Ace of Penguins - X11 solitaire card games
the Anomy mail sanitizer - An efficient filter for sanitizing email messages.
The Cheap Matrix Package - Memory optimized matrix package.
The clunix tools - Linux cluster management utilities, including a load balancing system.
The Cog Engine Project - An online game authoring system.
The Daily Journal - A PIM.
The Diabolically Uncrashable Mud Builder - DUMB is a lisp interpreter specialized for MUD building.
The Free HVAC/R Project - A set of programs for HVAC/R professionals.
The Glasgow Haskell Compiler - A compiler for Haskell 98
The Global File System - A Shared Block File System for Linux
The GNOME Messaging System Client - A GNOME/GTK+ client for the GNOME Messaging System.
The GNOME Messaging System Server - A coordination system for distributed project management.
The GNU Privacy Guard - A PGP replacement tool.
The Graph Template Library - A graph library for C++, inspired by STL.
The Harbour Project - An open source, cross platform xbase compiler
The Java SSH/Telnet Application/Applet - Fully featured telnet program for WWW-Browsers
The Kawa Scheme System - A Scheme environment that compiles Scheme into Java bytecodes.
The Kiwi Toolkit - Java foundation class library that complements the JFC
The Linux Basic Security Module - An auditing subsystem for Linux.
The Linux Console Data - Data files for the Linux Console Tools
The Linux Console Tools - Allows you to set-up and manipulate the Linux console
The Linux Memory Game - A children's (and adults') game based on the card game
The Linux MP3 HOWTO - Documentation on how to create and listen to MP3s.
The Linux-IrDA Project - Linux IrDA implementation
The loser corps - Great multiplayer game, with pretty good graphics
The Manhattan Virtual Classroom - A Web-based course management system.
The Microwindows Project - A modern window system for embedded Linux systems and PDAs.
The MusicKit and SndKit - A music OOP representation and DSP synthesis system.
The Nebula Device - A free, portable game engine.
The Newsroom - The Newsroom for the Falken BBS Software.
the PHP Snurk - Search-engine friendly URLs for dynamic content in PHP.
The Protomatter Classes - Useful java classes.
The Punnetizer - Simple reports and analysis of genetics and inheritance.
The Quipu Maximum Entropy Package - Java package for maximum entropy statistical modeling
The Quipu OpenNLP API - A Java API for natural language processing components.
The Rich Men's Document Management System - A free, document-oriented, 99% pure XSLT application server.
The Romalizer - A Tcl script to analyze your MAME roms and report errors.
The Sajber Jukebox - A jukebox based on Qt and splay.
The XView Toolkit - XView libraries for X11.
themeleme.sh - Easy theme-packing for Window Maker themes.
theosim - Simulation and compilation for computer scientists.
Things - A tiny database with a Web interface to keep your notes.
This American Life Secret Decoder - The "This American Life" radio show Secret Decoder Linux version.
Thix - A POSIX-compliant operating system.
Thorn - UML Modeling Application
threads - A C++ library for working with threads under Linux.
threeDS - 3DS Model Parser / Viewer
thttpd - A simple, small, portable, fast, and secure HTTP server.
THUD - Cycle-based Scheme-HDL register-transfer level simulator
thumbelizer - Thumbnail creation software
thumbsfunc - PHP function collection for creating jpg thumbnails.
Thumbie - Generates Thumbnail-Index HTML-Pages
TIA - A console/xterm IDE for C, C++, Java, Perl, BASH, BUSH, HTML, and Ada.
tiara - A BIOS replacement for Linux.
tiBot - Yet another IRC bot, with added functionnality.
ticker - Configurable text scroller, with slashdot and freshmeat modules
tidy - tidy cleans up system log files created by syslogd
Tie::EncryptedHash - Perl Hashes with encrypting fields.
tiff2png - converts TIFF image files to PNG format
TiK - Tcl/Tk version of AOL Instant Messenger
TileLib - Allegro graphics library for tile based games.
TiLP - A linking program for TI's graphing calculators (hand-helds).
Time Manager - A cgi-bin script that keeps track of time spent at work.
Time Navigator - Backup Server
Timer_q - Shared C library for creating timed events (doesn't use alarm()).
Timesheet.php - PHP application to keep track of hours worked on a project.
TimeTracker - TimeTracker is an Athena Widget-based program to keep track of time.
TimeWarp - Change the system time on a per-application basis.
TiMidity++ - A MIDI to WAVE converter and player.
tin - Curses based threaded NNTP and spool based UseNet newsreader
tinc - Virtual private network daemon
Tinderbox2 - Development Monitoring System/Automated Build Master.
TINY GNU/Linux distribution - A small GNU/Linux distribution for reusing old computers.
TinyCOBOL - A COBOL compiler.
Tiny SRP - A stripped-down SRP authentication library.
tinyCMS - A small system to manage Web content.
TinyFugue - MUD client
TinyGL - A small, fast subset of OpenGL for embedded systems.
TinyLIB - An emulation layer.
TinyLogin - A suite of tiny UNIX utilities for handling passwords and logins.
TinyMARE - TinyMARE (Multi-user Adventure Roleplaying Epic) MUD Server
tinypopupdb - An X-Chat popup plugin.
Tinyproxy - A lightweight, easy-to-configure HTTP/HTTPS proxy.
TinyScheme - A particularly small Scheme interpreter for scripting inside programs.
TinySID - A small C64 SID music player featuring X11 (50kb) and console (10kb)
TinyVM - A Java VM for the Lego Mindstorms RCX.
tipxd - IPX tunneling daemon
tircproxy - Transparent IRC Proxy with DCC CHAT and DCC SEND support
TIS Firewall Toolkit - Software kit for building and maintaining
Titano - An IDE for GNOME.
Tivo Software Source Code - The source code to the Tivo Software.
TK Scribe - A TCL/Tk editor written in TCL/Tk.
tkalc - A pocket calculator for developers and IP network operators.
TkAntivir - GUI frontend to the Linux antivirus program H+BEDV AntiVir/X
TkApache - GUI Front-End+ for the Apache Web Server
TkAPG - Tk front-end for Automated Password Generator (APG).
TkBible - GUI front-end for BRS bible study software.
tkbiff - Mail notifier.
tkchooser - A Tk-based front end to Appletalk and SMB networks.
TkCommander - Yet another Norton Commander clone, written in Tcl/Tk.
TkCVS - A cross-platform graphical front end for CVS and Subversion.
TkDesk - Tk/tcl based X11 Desktop/File manager
tkdiff - A graphical diff/merge tool for Unix/Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.
TkDNS - Perl/Tk DNS management system
TkDVI - A TeX DVI previewer based on Tcl/Tk
tkgamma - tk script to help color calibrate monitor.
tkgate - A hierarchical digital circuit editor and simulator.
TkInfo - Tk script to read GNU
TkLogSpy - An easy and light program to monitor log files.
TkMAME - Tcl/Tk Front End for XMAME
TkMan - Graphical, hypertext manual page and Texinfo browser
TkMasqdialer - TCL/TK/Expect client for Jeff Meininger's Masqdialer daemon.
tkMOO-light - Powerful cross-platform chat client.
TkMult - Multiple Use Tk Frontend
TkNap - A barebones Napster client written in Tcl/Tk.
TkNotePad - A simple notepad editor written in Tcl/tk
TkPasMan - Personal Password Manager, easily store and paste usernames and passwords
TkRat - A graphical Mail User Agent (MUA) which handles MIME
tkRunIt - A simple, but featureful run dialog box for executing commands without an xterm
TkSETI - A GUI for automated control of the [email protected] client for UNIX.
TkUsr - A Tcl/Tk app for managing the Self-mode of a USR/3COM MessagePlus modem
TkWeather - An ExpectTk GUI for displaying weather underground data.
tkxanim - Tcl/Tk front end to xanim
tleds xtleds - Blink keyboard LEDs to indicate network traffic.
TMAFREQ - An FTN freq processor.
tmake - Easy-to-use tool for creating and maintaining makefiles across many platforms
TmCde JAVA frontend - Timecode calculator (JAVA frontend part)
tmk - Cross-platform, Tcl-based software development tool
tn3270 - 3270 emulator for Unix
tn5250 - A 5250 terminal emulator for Linux, Unix, and Win32.
tnef - Decodes application/ms-tnef attachments.
tNews - A PHP4 template-based news script with a full Web-based administration system.
TNT - Emacs Clients for the AOL Instant Messenger service
TNT Packet Radio Terminal - A curses-based Packet Radio Terminal for Linux, Solaris, NetBSD.
TOAD C++ GUI Library - A library for creating graphical user interfaces.
Toaster - A C testing tool for working with gdb.
Toba - Translates Java class files into C source code.
Tobedone - Web/Java-based project management tool.
Toby IDS - Detects file modifications.
Todolist.php - A PHP-based mult-iuser todo or task management system.
TOM - The TOM compiler, tools, and basic libraries
Tom Bombem - A 2d space shoot-em-up.
tomsrtbt - Single floppy diskette linux distribution
tomukas - A Linux mini-distribution with small disk and memory footprint.
ToneFree - Utilities for Line 6 guitar amps.
tonegen - Tone generator.
toolame - Optimized MPEG 1/2 Layer II audio encoder
Toolbase - A system to maintain download archives.
ToolBot - An IRC bot for providing the features that IRC should've had in the first place.
Toolbox - a qt-based graphical configuration utility for the blackbox window manager.
Topdrop - A mail delivery agent.
Topsecret - File encryption utility.
Topsecret Net - Encrypts data across a network.
TOra - A tool for administrating or developing for Oracle databases.
TORCS - A 3D racing car simulator.
Tornado - A clone of the original C64 game.
Tornado HTTP Server - A Java Web server.
Toshiba Linux Utilities - Linux replacements for Toshiba laptop utilities
toshibapdr - UNIX software for the Toshiba PDR-M4 and M5 digital cameras.
toshset - Command-line access to Toshiba laptop hardware.
Total Recall - Crash recovery and session history feature for Mozilla.
ToutDoux - A project manager.
Towitoko Smartcard Drivers - Drivers for Towitoko's ChipDrives
tozwgc - Image to Zephyr message converter
tplay - Threaded and buffering audio file player.
tpop3d - An extensible POP3 server with vmail-sql/MySQL support.
tproxy - A user-space TCP proxy daemon with out-of-band support
traceroute - Utility for tracing IP packet routes.
TradeClient - Graphical mail client, addressbook, and personal calendar.
traffic-vis - Network analysis tool
trafshow+rvnamed - Asynchronous DNS patches for trafshow
Tragic - A peer-to-peer chat and FTP user-lookup network.
transfig - Graphics Conversion Tool
Trebuchet Tk - A powerful cross-platform GUI MUD client written in TCL/Tk.
tree - Depth-indented directory listing program
tree.pl - Simple script to generate a html sitemap
TreeDoc - PHP functions for opening and closing links inside the same page.
TreeMultimap - A Java class derived from java.util.TreeMap which allows nonunique keys
treeps - A graphical process tree visualizer.
treescan - A faster find.
treeutils - Set of shell scripts for managing software installed from source distributions
Trf - Filtering channels for Tcl, MAC, Encryption, Error correction, various encodings
Trfcrypt - Add-on to Trf with various encryption algorithms.
TridiaVNC - Cross-platform, open source, remote control tool.
TrinityOS - A step-by-step guide to securing, tuning, and enabling services for Linux.
Trinux - A Linux security toolkit.
trio - very portable *printf() clones and generic string functions
Trio - Molecular dynamics trajectory file converte - A Molecular dynamics trajectory file conversion tool.
Tripwire - An intrusion detection system.
trn - Text-based newsreader with threading
Troll-FTPd - A free, small, and secure virtual FTP server
Trophy - An action car racing game.
Truespeed - A true CPU load meter.
Truffle-Swine Keeper - A minesweeper clone.
TSE3 - A powerful sequencer engine written in C++.
Tsinvest - Quantitative financial analysis of equities.
tsocks - Transparent SOCKS proxying library
TSpaces - Allows heterogeneous, Java-enabled devices to exchange data
TT-News - A headline-news ticker for various news-sources.
TTC - Controls login on ttys
ttf2pt1 - Converts TrueType (and other) fonts to PostScript Type 1 fonts.
ttm - Fast, simple, command-line based task manager
ttmkfdir - A tool to create fonts.dir files from TrueType fonts
TTraffic - Tcl/Tk version of the game Rush Hour.
ttt.cgi - CGI Tic Tac Toe.
ttyrec - A tty recorder.
ttysnoop - Allows you to spy on telnet+serial connections
tuipeer - Run many Java AWT applications from a text terminal.
Tunez - An MP3/Ogg Web jukebox with voting and Icecast support.
Tunnel - A simple game involving a ball going down a tunnel.
Turbo Vision - A nice and complete console TUI (Text User Interface) library for C++.
TurboVision for UNIX - Linux port of well-known DOS application framework
turner - C/C++/Java source code HTML colorizer written in C.
Turquoise SuperStat - A statistics program for Fidonet and Usenet messages.
TUTOS - Calendar, project management, addressbook, and bugtracking tools for teams.
Tux key - A game similar to Solomon's Key.
TuxCards - Tool for managing notes within a hierarchical tree.
TuxNES - Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Emulator
TuxTyping - A graphical, educational typing tutorial game staring Tux, the Linux Penguin.
TWIG - A Web-based groupware suite written in PHP.
TWiki - A Web-based collaboration platform.
twin - A text-mode window manager and terminal emulator.
TwinTRIS - Multiplayer tetris clone for all Unix boxes
Twisted - An event-based networking framework for Internet applications.
Two Dimensional Spatialization of Sound - Head-related transfer functions to create a 2D soundscape.
twonz - secure hash calculator for password management
twsinit - A tiny init replacement for Linux/x86.
twz1jdbcForMysql - A type 4 JDBC driver for MySQL
txObject Application Tool Kit - A C++ software development application toolkit and libraries.
txObject Python Modules - Python interface modules to the txObject Application Tool Kit and Libraries.
TXP.MP - A tool to write Text-on-the-Path with MetaPost.
txt2html - Converts plain text to HTML
txt2pdf - A very flexible and powerful Perl converter from text files to PDF.
txt2pdf PRO - A very flexible and powerful converter of text files to PDF.
txtbdf2ps - A script that prints plain text to PS using a BDF font.
typespeed - A typing speed tester.
TYPO3 CMS - A professional Web Content Management System.
TZO Internet Naming System - Dynamic DNS Software client
tzoperl - A tool for using TZO's Dynamic-DNS service.
tzoperlc - A TZO DDNS package for the i386 Cobalt RaQ4 Internet Appliance.
TightVNC - An enhanced VNC distribution.
The VP7 WKP - GTK application which simulates the decay of radioactive nuclei.
The xP Email System - An X11 interface to Pine.
The FILTR - Personal document management/version control system.
tAAt 2001 new year production - tAAt 2001 new year production.
TUCAN - A CORBA-based Unified Messaging System.
The Comprehensive Danish Dictionary - A word list for spell checking of Danish texts.
Techwell TW98 i2c driver - Techwell TW98 i2c driver
They're Coming to Get You Barbara - A spooky screensaver that uses SDL.
Tekram DC395/DC315 (TRM-S1040) SCSI driver - SCSI Driver for TRM-S1040 based SCSI-controllers
tektracker - A MIDI tracker.
The Madcap Library - A java library for binding platform dependant functions in a portable manner.
Transmeta Crusoe LongRun utility - A tool to control and query LongRun settings on Transmeta Crusoe processors.
tof - A web based photo album.
TDFSB - A 3D filesystem browser.
twutils - Small utilities for the twin environment.
treewm - Window manager that arranges the windows in a tree.
The Bubble User Bulletin Board System - A local-use, single-threaded bulletin board for Unix systems.
tclpython - A Python interpreter which can be embedded into TCL.
Thunk - A password checker, cracker, and generator.
tcptrace - A tool for analysis of packet dumps.
The FORG - A graphical gopher client.
ttylinux - A collection of very small GNU/Linux distributions.
Traduki - An open-source machine translation system.
The Grinder - A simple, pure Java load-testing framework.
thokbook - A personal library system.
Tort - A commandline program to create pie chart graphics.
TransConnect - Transparently tunnels telnet, SSH etc. over an HTTP proxy.
TwoFTPd - A simple, secure, efficient FTP server.
The OpenFlow project - An Open Source workflow management system.
textslides - Generates an HTML presentation from a plain text file.
Tk::Browser - A browser for Perl libraries and documentation.
Txt to HTML Converter - Converts text files to HTML files with template support.
The One Ripper - MP3 ripping and encoding tool.
The XSLT C library for GNOME - The XSLT C library developed for the GNOME project.
The JGenerator - A generator of dynamic Flash content.
TestTrack Pro - A defect tracking/bug tracking application.
tocgen - A versatile command line cdrdao toc file generator, written in Python.
tclib: Java Typed Collections - Library/framework for type-specific collections in Java
Text::EtText - A simple plain-text format which allows conversion to and from HTML.
tnimage - Scientific image analysis and measurement software.
trace2perl - Converts an Oracle trace into Perl DBI.
tftp-hpa - An enhanced port of the BSD TFTP server.
Text::BarGraph - A Perl module that generates a text bar graph from data in a hash.
TurboPrint - High-quality printer driver system, with photo quality and color management.
tnftpd - A port of the NetBSD FTP daemon.
Teddy - A 3D graphics library with a scene graph and windowing system.
TCap - A simple TV viewer that uses SVGAlib and v4l.
The bastard disassembler - A disassembler for linux/unix platforms.
Talon - Talon is a simple yet powerful component system.
Tintware - Tint Emacs
travtrack - A Galaxy generator & editor for Traveller(tm).
Topsecret_Ftp - Transfer files across a network with your own keys.
Torus - A arcade game. Match same color row. A Clone of torus game which runs in DOS.
The IPX Gimp Plugins - Image analysis plugins for the Gimp.
the skin - A realtime worms-like multiplayer shoot-'em-up.
transitmount - Simple rack/removable hard disk management. Mounts partitions not in fstab.
The SCID C Debugger - A memory error debugging tool for C code.
Taglines - delivers one-liners and can add to you email sig
The Zope Shell - Manipulate Zope's Object DataBase with a CLI.
TickleTux Hangman - A flexible, multiplatform Hangman game with advanced features.
TkSQL - An editor frontend for PostgreSQL and MySQL database tables.
tvnow - Displays North American satellite and network TV Listings.
Tulip - Software for visual analysis of relational data.
The Unis Game - A simple game like Tetris, but different at the same time.
TechBot - A small, modular IRC bot.
TeXtrace - Converts TeX fonts into .pfb files.
The GNU oSIP Stack - An implementation of SIP (RFC 3261).
Transcalc - A microwave and RF transmission line calculator.
The HT Editor - A file editor/viewer/analyzer for executables.
tux - A kernel-based, threaded, extremely high-performance HTTP server.
txt2man - A utility which converts flat ASCII text to the man page format.
transcode - A video stream processing tool.
TI85 Emulator - A TI85 calculator emulator for Unix/Linux.
Thoth Network Integrity Assurance - A network monitoring system.
ThoughtStream - An organiser based on linking ideas together.
tcLex - A lexical analyzer generator extension to Tcl.
thumbnail - A program that creates consistant thumbnail images.
TrustWall HTTP Proxy - A secure HTTP proxy.
The Analyst - A Java app which performs fundamental analysis on U.S. stocks.
Trace.java - A tracing package for Java programs.
The Quickmake Build System - Quickmake
tcptraceroute - A traceroute implementation using TCP packets.
The Puto Amo Window Manager - The first X window manager from Spain
The Apache Open For Business Project - Java-based enterprise automation tools and applications.
The Ark Roleplaying Kernel - A 3D multiplayer roleplaying engine.
ThumbNails - Automates creation and maintenance of Web sites publishing images.
The Modular APplication Engine - A modular application engine for developing database applications.
Text GUI Toolkit - A library that provides an easy way to create pseudoGUIs under text consoles.
TCL File Server - An IRC File Server made in TCL.
tdns-conv - A tool for manipulating tinydns-data files into and out of other formats.
txt2tags - A tool that converts text files to HTML, LaTeX, man page, and more.
TM4J - A suite of topic map processing tools for Java.
The AVR-1 Programmer Utilities for Linux - A set of command-line utilities for AVR-1/STK200 programmers.
TkScanFax - A TCL/Tk GUI fax program.
tQuotes - PHP4/MySQL-based random quotes script with a web-based administration interface.
tReadingList - A PHP4/MySQL book review system with support for Amazon.com Associate Accounts.
The Blue Mango Quest - A 3D arcade game that aims to extend the Pacman gameplay.
The Missing Man Pages Project - A project to provide and maintain man-pages.
tree.hh - A STL-like templated tree class for C++.
txt2graph.pl - Generates a graphviz-file to visualize structures in text documents.
TSSHP - A project to reverse-engineer and recode Looking Glass games.
tunnel client - A client for varios IPv6 tunnel brokers and operating systems.
Tcl Ad Banner System - An ad banner rotation system written in TCL.
Tidarque - A VRML browser for Unix.
TuxKart - A 3D GoKart racing game.
Toast Timer - A timer application.
ttyload - A tty-based system load grapher.
Tessellation - Create nice colorful tilings.
The Grendel Project - An attempt at creating a solid, fast, and stable MUD server codebase.
TreeLine - A tree-structured information storage program.
The Marvin Obfuscator - A fast Java obfuscator.
TextMaze - A console-based maze game.
The Library of Assorted Spiffy Things - A multi-purpose utility library.
tdl - A small command-line driven to-do list manager written in C.
ToDo Manager - A small utility for handing tasks.
terraserver.de/shop - A database-less E-Commerce application written in php3.
Tux, of Math Command - A math practice game for elementary school level children.
TSpaces Services Suite - A toolkit to create discovery and integrate Web Services.
Tanne - A secure session-management solution.
TimeLog - A GUI tool for keeping track of the time spent on a specific project.
TVSpectre - Offline TV listing in Perl/Tk (German only).
tex2im - A LaTeX formula to pixmap converter.
Thrust - A rewrite of the classic Commodore 64 game of the same name.
toXicMail - A PHP-driven Web mail client.
Torch - A C++ machine learning library.
The SAXON XSLT Processor - A collection of tools for processing XML documents.
TouchGraph - Visualize, browse, and edit associative networks.
tictactoe - An implementation of the children's game.
Tuxaator - A general purpose IRC bot/dictionary.
Thumbpad - Allows you to easily take brief notes on a PDA.
The pyxhtml Python XHTML document class. - Generates XHTML documents.
Tib - A bibliography processor like bib.
Televideo RAI Ultim'ora Retriever - Retrieves all the newsfeeds from Italian RAI TV teletext to your local disk.
Ticker.app - A ticker dockapp.
Taxipilot - A silly little game based on Spacetaxi for the C64.
ToasterMP3 - A PHP front-end to mpg123.
theWall - A single floppy PicoBSD-based firewall and NAT box.
the Karma System - A terminal indepentent, sylistic, unix/linux ansi/ascii bbs.
Twiggi Web Based Groupware - A Web based Webmail and contact manager for Linux.
Tag Manager - A tag management library based on ctags.
TIGL-USB - A Linux driver for the Texas Instruments' TI-GRAPH LINK USB link cable.
The Objex Project - A modern, complete, and free operating system.
ToscanaJ - A Formal Concept Analysis frontend.
The Vault - A document management tool.
The Parma Polyhedra Library - A C++ library for convex polyhedra and other numerical abstractions.
The unit++ test framework - A C++ library for writing unit tests.
Tk Web form Buddy - A helper for Web forms.
The Elements of Programming Style - fortune cookie - A Fortune cookie file with the Elements of Programming Style.
tinySQL - A lightweight, 100% Java SQL engine with JDBC support.
Turma - A Gtk text search and replace utility.
Truevision - A GNOME 3D modeler for povray.
TemplatePower - A PHP4 template class to separate HTML and code.
TroveSendTwo - A program to help to maintain project listings at freshmeat and similar sites.
tunerd - An FM radio tuner control daemon.
TclCurl - A Tcl binding for libcurl.
The Hexmap Library - A library for handling hexagonal grids.
tower toppler - A platform game where you have to climb a tower.
Tie::Array::FileWriter - Maps array push() to file write.
tcptunnel - A simple and versatile TCP tunnel in Perl.
Tkinter - Python's de facto standard GUI package.
The Universal Configuration Tool - An extensible and secure system administration tool.
Tojo - A Web-based collaborative journal/diary system.
tvmet - A Tiny Vector Matrix library using Expression Templates.
The SpamBouncer - Tags and optionally bounces/complains about spam.
Timbersee - Monitors multiple logfiles and echos a defined subset of lines.
The gnu.qif Java package - A Java tool for converting financial file formats to QIF.
TutorBase - A PHP application to provide an easy and clean way to manage tutors.
Tribes Console Log Parser - Obtain name/IP and scoring information from Tribes and Tribes 2 logfiles.
The Network Daemon Exploder - An extensible Perl script to load test network daemons.
Timeration - Run a child process, then kill it after N seconds.
tilkIRClog - Internet Relay Chat logging software.
TyGeMo - A TCL/Tk-based frontend to photopc.
TRE - A lightweight POSIX compatible regexp library, supporting "fuzzy" matching.
Twofish for Python - A module adding TwoFish encryption to Python.
TkRadio - A Perl/Tk GUI for Video for Linux-supported radio tuner cards.
trainwreq - A trouble ticket tracker.
Tapps - An advanced PHP poll system.
TinyPTC - A small and easy to use framebuffer library.
Toster - A software testing environment.
Turba - The Horde contact manager.
TinySoar - A rule-based AI framework for memory-constrained devices.
TMon System - A room temperature monitoring system.
The Monkey Boy Graph - A Java class to assist in creating graphs.
The DAP daemon - A daemon for monitoring system variables.
tMTA - A tiny local-only Mail Transport Agent.
Tonto - A CCF editor for Philips Pronto programmable remotes.
The Linux Bootdisk HOWTO - Describes how to build custom boot/root disks for Linux.
Translation - A language teacher's tool.
The Picture Transfer Protocol library - A Picture Transfer Protocol support library with a test tool.
Terbidium - A personal Web portal and OOP framework.
Tcl/Tk Project Manager - An IDE for Tcl/Tk.
tsprof subroutine profiler - Subroutine execution profiling by direct measurement.
Tixapps - An inspector/debugger/info for Tcl or Python.
The Mx documentation tool - An innovative tool for documenting source code.
TclX - An extension to Tcl.
Tix for Tcl and Python - A library of widgets for TCL/Tk and Python.
ThreeDFM - A three-dimensional file manager/browser.
thehand - A utility to selectively deny messages to a TTY.
Trommler - An X-based drum machine using the Gimp Toolkit.
transAuction - A small database for eBay information.
TIDE - An IDE for Tomcat.
tk545 - GUI control and configuration software for the JRC NRD-545 radio receiver.
tk8500 - GUI control and cloning software for the ICOM IC-R8500 radio receiver.
Traditional ex/vi - The classic vi with POSIX.2 enhancements.
Tk::DirGet - A win32-like function to prompt a user for a directory.
TR-IRCD - An IRC daemon and collection of programs.
TextAds - A text based self-service advertising system.
Traff - A traffic accounting program.
The RoboCup Soccer Simulator - A platform for evaluating AI agents.
Traffic Shaper with Packet Filter - An easy-to-use traffic shaper and packet filter for Linux 2.4.
Transaction TCP for Linux - An implementation of T/TCP for Linux.
TuxCall - A call waiting detector.
Tracker Dogs - An invisible Web and meta search engine.
tkxinput - A library that adds Xinput management capabilities to Tk.
tinyldap - A small LDAP server and client implementation.
twixt - An abstract thinking game.
Topal - A glue program for GnuPG and Pine/Alpine.
Teak - A PHP-GTK IMAP mail client.
tcm2sql - A SQL generator for TCM-SSD diagrams.
The Aegis VM Project - A lightweight, secure VM with pluggable verification modules.
TwICE - A Java ICE implementation
trafcnt - tcl scripts for simple IP accounting.
Tsunami Bench - A GUI frontend to Apache Bench.
tupd - A daemon that reports uptime statistics via HTTP.
Testatos - A teacher's exercise management system.
Turbo C to gcc porting tool - A library for porting Borland Turbo C code to gcc.
The Flasher - A log/mail file monitor that flashes a keyboard LED.
tinydns-rrd - A realtime tinydns log grapher.
TraffAcct - A simple network traffic accounting and billing platform.
Table - A table applet with powerful searching, sorting, and filtering.
TabbedPanel - A Java tabbed panel with detaching tabs.
TCP/IP pipes - Simple commandline utilities for making TCP servers and connections
twinpipe - Starts two programs and crossconnects their stdins and stdouts.
The mesgui Library - A C++ library to create graphical interfaces in OpenGL.
TaskJuggler - A powerful project planning and tracking tool.
TinyUPS Daemon - A simple UPS daemon for FreeBSD.
TestMaker - Functionality, scalability, and performance testing for Web-enabled applications
TLSWrap - A TLS/SSL FTP wrapper/proxy for UNIX and Windows.
Tesly - A Web-based test plan manager.
The C++ Cmdline Library - A library to parse command line parameters.
Tcpreplay - A tool which edits and replays captured network traffic back onto the wire.
TracerouteWrapperServlet - A Web frontend to a command-line tool like traceroute.
The EDDIE Tool - A system and network monitoring, security, and performance analysis agent.
The StreamModule System - A C++ event-driven network and systems programming library.
TkPar - A Perl/Tk frontend for the commandline parchive tool.
The XML Windowing Toolkit - A toolkit for building remote applications that appear and behave as normal desk
tk500 - Multiplatform programming software for the Yaesu VR-500 receiver.
The Fish - A GTK+ FreeBSD rc.conf editor/management tool.
The Trivial Database Replication System - A peer-to-peer, replicated, DBM-style database system.
The Clans BBS Door Game - A BBS Door Game written in C.
TeleDat USB 2 a/b Driver - A kernel module for the TeleDat USB ISDN box.
Turtle Firewall - A firewall application with a Webmin module.
TeX++ - A C++ implementation of TeX based on CommonTeX.
Testitool - A QA test planning Web application.
TheBOT - An IRC bot written in bash.
Tutka - A tracker-style MIDI sequencer for Linux.
Train Scheduler for Palm Pilot - A utility to display train schedules.
tif22pnm - A TIFF and PNG to PNM converter with alpha support.
The Net::Z3950 Perl Module - A perl module for building Z39.50 clients
Transparent proxy support for Linux kernels - A patch that provides transparent proxy support for Linux kernels.
TinyQ - An extremely compact C++ console development library derived from Qt 3.
tes - An ncurses multiplayer card game of visual perception.
tkblog - A blogging application.
tkdial - A dialer for ISDN connections.
tktimer - A tool to record your time for defined tasks.
Templage - A simple PHP template system.
txt2xml - Convert arbitrary text into XML.
tk120 - Cloning software for the Yaesu VR-120 receiver.
Table Class - A comprehensive and easy to use class for building HTML tables.
translucency loadable kernel module - A module that allows overlaying of two directories in Linux' VFS
The Linux UPnP Internet Gateway Device Project - A UPnP Internet Gateway Device for Linux
Tile World - A "Chip's Challenge" emulator.
Tablix - A kernel for solving general timetabling problems.
tk75 - Multiplatform control and cloning software for the ICOM IC-R75 receiver.
Tiger Envelopes - Automatic encryption for almost any email package.
TOEJAM - A Thoroughly Open Ended Java Answering Machine, using a voice modem.
Tourney Team Stats for Quake 2 - A script that creates stats for Quake 2 Team Play.
testmail - A personal Perl script for filtering email from a POP3 account.
Tapir User Manager - A user management API with a well-developed user interface.
TracingClassLoader - A ClassLoader that adds tracing to classes on load-time.
The Demo Effects Collection - A collection of demo effects from the early days of the demo scene.
TAMS Analyzer - A qualitative research tool.
ThinkSQL RDBMS - An RDBMS supporting ISO SQL.
texi2db - A Texinfo to DocBook XML converter.
TextDragDrop OpenTool - A JBuilder OpenTool that adds Drag and Drop operations.
Tank Command - A fast-paced 2D arcade game.
The Community OpenORB - A community fork of the OpenORB project.
The Examiner - A forensic tool to disassemble binary executables.
Transaction Server - A server for invoking business objects written in C/C++.
tnailer - Creates thumbnailed image albums from loose collections of images.
TPassguard - A command-line tool for managing passwords.
The Mango Library - A Java library of iterators, algorithms, and functions.
Tiny C Compiler - The smallest Linux C compiler.
Tiger security tool - A security auditing tool and host intrusion detection system.
TCLP - A type checker for Prolog/CLP(X).
Trout - An audio MPEG streaming server written in Perl.
The Figaro - A framework for implicit graph algorithms and representations by OBDDs.
The NetBeans Filesystems Library - A generic framework for registration of objects in modular applications.
tivo_mail - Allows email checking from your TiVo.
The Linux Virus Writing HOWTO - A document that explains the technology behind viruses under Linux.
Terracotta - A document management system.
TableLayout - A general layout manager.
The Plotlib Toolkit - Java2D Plotting Toolkit
TkVoice - A Telephone Answering Machine and FAX viewer frontend for vgetty/mgetty.
Toolkit for OpenSSH Key Administration - A small tool for centralized OpenSSH key administration.
Tux Paint - A simplified, entertaining drawing program for young children.
Trabas VoIP Billing - A browser-based billing management system for VoIP operator.
The bintrans Dynamic Binary Translator - A dynamic binary translator for i386 to PPC and PPC to Alpha.
TVinfo - A graphical TV guide.
Tiny Honeypot - A simple software honey pot.
Tickletankle - A 2 player tank game with fractal terrain.
The Featurific File Manager - A file manager with many useful features.
TCP Re-engineering Tool - A TCP/IPv4/IPv6 re-engineering and monitoring program.
Tubesock - A GTK/GNOME Shockwave player.
Turboreferer - A Web site marketing tool.
Tadpoles - A 4-player action game similar to QBasic's Nibbles.
The Webcam Network - A network of webcam/image publishers and subscribers.
TimeBuddy - A scheduler for email, audio, pop-up reminders.
TBCI - A templated C++ Vector/Matrix library.
tkFaxSpool - A frontend for mgetty's "faxspool/faxq/faxrm" send FAX programs.
Term::VT102 - A VT102 terminal emulation Perl module.
TetriStation - A pack of 18 different tetris-like games.
tk150 - Programming software for the Standard (Yaesu) VR-150 receiver.
Text Trix - A general purpose editor that makes coding easier and more precise.
The Minstrel's Song - A roguelike game with emphasis on worldbuilding.
td_lib - Support functions for ded, cm_tools, and sccs_tools.
The Hush Programming Language - An object-oriented programming language.
TrackStudio Enterprise - A hierarchical Java-based issue tracking and bug tracking system.
Turbo Seek - A tool to create a directory and search engine.
TMDC WebPad - A tool to help organize links for later viewing.
tenmado - A hard-core shoot 'em up game in a blue-or-red world.
Tin Whistler - A set of Perl CGI scripts that turns any Webserver into a jukebox.
Trident Weather Wire System - A Java-based application for handling the NOAA weather wire.
txt2docbook - Converts simple formatted ASCII to DocBook XML.
The TenDRA compiler - Designed to incorporate new research ideas and produce correct code.
TopologiLinux - A Linux distribution that can coexist with Windows.
Tardy - A tar(1) post-processor.
Tepatche - An automatic OpenBSD system patcher.
The Magic Notebook - A CGI script allowing users to store and organize notes.
Tentacles - A peer-to-peer networking program.
Throughput Monitor - A log analyzer/monitor for event frequency.
TagBox - A procedural XML generation language.
Troll Bridge - An action-adventure game in the style of the original Legend of Zelda.
taro - A filter to edit tar archives.
Tux Paint Default Stamps - Rubber stamps for Tux Paint.
TPTEST - Measures Internet throughput.
Templeet - A powerful template engine.
thebridge - An EchoLink-compatible conference bridge.
tk2 - Configuration software for the ICOM IC-R2 portable receiver.
The Harmless ORB - A CORBA ORB for the .NET framework.
TleenX - A tlen.pl client.
TuxPoker - A networked poker game.
tgen - A tool for generating a uniform Web site from various sources.
Tk Ecasound - A frontend for Ecasound.
TkPhone - A Tcl/Tk phonebook and calling system.
tagbk - A tool that rearranges XBEL bookmark files to improve navigability.
TETRIS Queen - A Tetris clone with two modes: classic and with bombs.
Treecast Batch Network - A tool for P2P content pushing.
TCDR - Menu-based CD creation.
Terminal.app - A terminal emulator for GNUstep
Tipograf - A graphical a2ps frontend.
tk7 - Software for configuring the ICOM IC-Q7 walkie-talkie radio.
TriActive Java Data Objects - An implementation of Sun's JDO specification (JSR-12).
The ELJ Project - Open Source projects for Eiffel.
Treecle - A tree-oriented database manager.
Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware - A powerful multilingual CMS, groupware, and wiki.
Tofuhunt - A "whats wrong with this picture?" game.
The IBM Web Services Outsourcing Manager - A framework that enables dynamic creation of Web service flow.
TwistedJava - An implementation of the Perspective Broker protocol in Java.
TACACS+ and RADIUS plugins for pppd - Two pppd plugins that implement TACACS+ and RADIUS AAA interaction.
Traffic Control - Next Generation - A revision of the Linux network traffic control infrastructure.
ThinkPad Buttons - A utility for supporting the special buttons on an IBM ThinkPad.
tk3 - A configuration program for the ICOM IC-R3 portable radio/TV receiver.
Tellico - A collection manager for books, videos, games, music, and other collectibles.
trans (DE-EN) - A small bidirectional dictionary lookup tool for Linux PDAs.
Tk LaTeX Editor - A powerful LaTeX editor.
TCP Simple Gateway - TCP forwarder with many servers
The Pycadia Project - Vector-based games in Python.
TymeacSE - A fork-join manager for Java SE development.
The Parma University's Recurrence Relation Solver - A C++ library for the automatic solution of (systems of) recurrence relations.
Totem - A movie player for GNOME desktops.
The Chatterbox - A PHP script that allows for quick and dirty chatting via HTML.
TechTables - An asset and trouble ticket management system.
tvtime - A high quality TV viewing application.
Tnefclean - A script to clean up Outlook (tnef) attachements in incoming email.
The Boost Libraries - A collection of C++ libraries
tarix - A simple indexer for GNU and POSIX tar files.
tangle - a web page entanglement system
tlogsim - The LOGic circuit SIMulator.
TrafIP - A small solution for monitoring traffic and bandwith.
tkCybernetics - A lightweight cybernetics simulator.
Turing Machine (C++ Implementation) - A Turing Machine simulation.
the breve simulation environment - A 3D simulation environment for decentralized systems and artificial life.
Trackballs - An arcade game similar to Marble Madness.
Tantalus - A milter that blocks mail servers guessing usernames.
Tupsmand/Tecnoupman - A PowerComm/Tecnoware UPS manager.
tacshell - A TACACS+ replacement for sdshell.
tk92 - A configuration program for Radio Shack PRO-92 & PRO-2067 scanner radios.
tXtFL - A play-by-play, team-building football simulator.
TcheReport - A report generator for PHP.
ThaiWordseg - Just another Thai Word segmentation utility.
TV in a box - An applet that shows TV.
TINTFU - An editor for the .DOT files of the "GraphViz" program.
TopAuction - Software for a Web-based auction.
TkHangman - A Tcl/Tk version of the classic hangman game.
TurnKey Linux Audio - A script for automatically installing audio software.
tackle - A tiny ACL permissions module for PHP.
The coWiki Project - A sophisticated Web-based collaboration tool.
Trickster Streaming Server - A pure Perl MP3 streaming server with a Web interface.
Temgen universal code generator - A universal code generator based on its own template language.
tc_config - A set of scripts for Linux traffic control.
turkcell-sms - A Perl script that manipulates Turkcell's webmsgcell service.
taged - A commandline ID3 tag manipulation utility.
Turck MMCache for PHP - A free PHP accelerator, optimizer, encoder, and dynamic content cache.
teepeedee - A fast, single-threaded personal HTTP(S) and FTP server.
Tipue - A JavaScript site search engine.
TVShow - A platform-independent software package for managing television shows.
TinkerTool - A graphical utility to change hidden Mac OS X settings
Trivial Portable Framework Library - A portable framework library.
ThemeChanger - Changes your desktop theme.
Typing Trainer - Software to exercise typing skills.
The Plastic File System - A module for providing virtual file systems in user space.
Termim - A terminal input method.
Tksol - A snappy solitaire card game with some decorative bitmaps.
Taruli - The classic game of concentration.
treecc - A parser that aids in the development of compilers.
TopicEngine - A topic management script for eggdrop bots.
TuxArcade - A multi-emulator frontend.
TinyDYN - A package for creating and using dynamic DNS services.
throttle - A bandwidth limiting pipe.
Tasks - A Web based, hierarchical task manager/to-do list/lightweight project manager.
Topiq - A document management system based on topic maps.
Tux Math Scrabble - Math scrabble for education, school, parents, and teachers.
Tag Soup - A SAX2 parser written in Java for nasty, ugly HTML.
The Backup Shell - A secure SSH-only backup shell.
tiny linux bootdisk - A Linux bootdisk that doesn't use a ramdisk.
ttx - Shows Dutch NOS teletext pages in plain ASCII format.
TomPong - A simple pong game using Python and Pygame.
tblib - A TrackBack library for Python.
twocrypt - A crypto tool with a deniable encryption option.
Tabulizer - A Cocoa-Python based tabular text editor.
Tammi - A Java component-based Web development framework and run-time environment.
TicaTK - A GUI toolkit for Web applications.
Taskware - Task/project scheduling.
The JetChart Library - A Java chart library.
TjMSN - A platform-independent MSN client written in Java.
ThingamaBlog - A cross-platform, standalone blogging tool.
trollhunter - An analyzer/monitor of netfilter/iptables firewall log messages.
TinyButStrong - A PHP template engine for professionals and beginners alike.
Terrain - A client/server system to visualize terrain from a first person view.
Traffic tool Troll - A traffic monitoring and management tool.
tsemgr - A GTK application to manage the T68 mobile phone.
Tulka Whiteboard - A Java-based communication tool with integrated chat and whiteboard.
Text Text Revolution - A text-based ncurses DDR clone.
tinypackage - A lightweight package manager for UNIX systems.
Tow Bowl Tactics - An adaptation of Games Workshop's Blood Bowl board game.
trickle - A lightweight, portable, per-application bandwidth shaper.
TextMaker - A fast, sleek, MS Word-compatible word processor.
tkjmdict - Tcl/Tk dictionary program for JMdict.
The Contiki Operating System - A networked OS for the Internet of Things.
trafcalc - Calculates traffic at the user level.
The Coolest DHTML Calendar - A DHTML flat/popup date picker.
Turaco CL - Converts arcade game ROMs to and from standard PNM images.
Teromail - A summarizing Web mail client with smart search.
TeXwrapper - A wrapper for TeX and associated tools.
Trita - An adaptive source beautifier.
Tanal - A daemon to capture network traffic flows to an analsysis database.
tumble - A TIFF/JPEG to multi-page PDF converter.
tentakel - A tool for executing tasks in parallel on several hosts.
Tom Bombem in Assembly - A scrolling text space shooter in 8k.
TT-Chess - A live broadcasting system for DGT sensor chess boards.
Tux Commander - A GTK2 file manager.
TextureOps - Texture operations for the GIMP.
T2 SDE - A system development environment for Unix-like systems.
Themus - A collection of theme utilities for GNOME.
tub - A tool that supports large dynamic arrays and shared libs on Linux/x86.
Tabula-Musica - A "swiss knife" jukebox for everything.
Tournament Organiser and Assistant Director - A game tournament assistant.
Transparent Mobile IP - Transparent IP mobility across multiple networks.
TFFC - Trivial (or Terminal) Functions For Curses.
TTKCruncher - A Javascript cruncher.
TarProxy - A statistically driven, pluggable SMTP proxy for tarpitting spammers.
The Finch Project - A data transformation system based on JDBC.
TAU - C++ profiling, tuning, and analysis.
teleMon - Telenet Quota Usage Monitor.
time - Measures many of the CPU resources that programs use.
TransluXent - An OpenGL X server which offers native translucency of windows.
The Referral Database - A Web-based information and referral database.
The Performance Counter Library - A library used to access hardware performance counters on many microprocessors.
The Grapevine Project - An anonymizing peer-to-peer file storage network.
The Distribulator - A cluster-aware, SSH-based command execution and file transfer utility.
tengis - A keyword-based bookmarks manager.
Treebeard/Fangorn - An XSLT IDE/editor.
tinydyndns - A POP-before-dyndns service.
tk10 - Configuration software for the ICOM IC-R10 receiver.
The JarJar ClassLoader - A class loader for JAR files inside other JAR files.
Tclog - A desktop Weblog application.
The Chalmers Haskell-B Compiler - A compiler which implements full Haskell 1.3.
ThSim - A thermal simulator for solid material.
The Tab Completion Grade Book - A full-featured grade book for teachers.
Thresher .Net IRC Library - A .Net/Mono IRC library.
TZ - An Oracle package to convert between time zones.
The Regex Coach - Interactive regular expressions.
Talk To The Nose - An MSN Messenger-compatible server.
Taktuk and rshp - A parallel and scalable remote execution tool for clusters or intranets.
The Black Legacy - An online RPG project.
The Hunting of the Snark Project - An integrated BitTorrent protocol client, torrent creator, and tracker.
TeXDBI - Enables TeX to talk to SQL-compliant database engines.
Taverna - Distributed compute workflow components in Java.
The Squicki Game - An arcade game
tuneroid - A tuner for musical instruments.
ThinStation - A thin client Linux distribution supporting all major connectivity protocols.
tk5 - Configuration software for the ICOM IC-R5 receiver.
TKLSpell - A spell checker for English, German, and Hungarian.
Telbook - A simple telephone book.
Tagfilter - A utility that filters a list of audio files based on the values in their tags.
TrailScout - Cookie-based PHP script displaying a path of links to previously visited pages.
Ticket Applet 2 - A GNOME 2 Kerberos ticket handling applet.
Tools Soft Applets Collection - Java menu and charting applets.
tileFoundry - An isometric map editor.
tclwebtest - A tool for testing Web applications and for Web scraping.
The Traverser - A database front-end that automates table relations.
Texmaker - A LaTeX development environment.
TorrentSniff - Report current status information on a BitTorrent torrent.
The Nice programming language - An extension of Java with closures, multi-methods, and more.
Tagspam - Tags spam for a single user for later filtering/deletion.
The Quantian Scientific Computing Environment - A self-configuring scientific computing environment on a single bootable DVD.
The SlotSig library - A library that provides type-safe connections between C++ classes.
textile4j - A Java implementation of the Textile Humane Web Text Generator.
Tiger Dental Practice Manager - A Java-based dental practice management tool.
The TT Web Site Manager - A general purpose database driven Web site management system.
tvrec tools - Shell scripts to trigger TV recordings via email or SMS.
Traktor - Professional DJ software.
TopLight - Software for lighting designers and electricians.
Tutorial Environment for Cryptographic Protocols - A program for illustrating modular arithmetic-based cryptography.
TuxBox ISPWorks - An ISP management system.
Timesheet - A full time management software for companies.
TN5250j - An AS400 5250 emulator written in Java.
The Battle for Wesnoth - A turn-based fantasy strategy game.
Torba - A class library and Web application framework written in PHP.
TocTask - An Ant task for sending instant messages.
tornado2x - A model2x Web framework.
Thuban - An interactive viewer for geographic data.
TPL Compiler - A tool which compiles phpBB-style templates to Python modules.
Telboek - A Perl interface for looking up phone numbers in The Netherlands.
TclRSS - An RSS parser for Tcl.
Turl - A TinyUrl clone.
tresor - A program for full backups and fast restores for byte-positioning tape drives.
The GNU Hurd - A collection of servers that run on the Mach microkernel.
tyserv - A DBMS for UNIX-like systems.
TN3270 Resource Gateway - A TN3270 gateway to dynamically allocate resources.
ThePacketMaster - A CD-based Linux distribution with security auditing packages.
Teapot - An elegant three-dimensional spreadsheet.
The BWidget Toolkit - A high-level widget set for Tcl/Tk.
Thinlet - A lightweight XUL-based Java GUI toolkit.
Template Engine - A template engine for PHP.
The Powered Access Bible - A CGI concordance and Bible.
TimCam - A graphical Webcam program which takes pictures and uploads them.
tadpole - A GUI for editing/executing queries against SQLite.
Two Dimensional Graph - A tool that generates two dimensional graphic images.
TKLTrans - An English-German-Hungarian dictionary.
ToBuS - A bookkeeping system for holiday apartments.
TuxSaver - A 3D OpenGL screensaver for KDE.
Thinux - A thin-client cluster server on a Live CD.
TZones - A simple but elegant world clock application for PalmOS.
TestGen - A customizable & intuitive test data generator for Web services.
The Program Database Toolkit - A tool that provides access to high-level interfaces of analysis tools.
Trinity Rescue Kit - A small, flexible, bootable Linux distribution to repair dead systems.
timeline - timeline
Toadskin - BrainF**k meets Forth, a fight ensues.
Term::Animation - A Perl ASCII art animation framework.
The Distributed Library Project - A project to create a distributed library of books and videos.
Towel - An audio player for GNU/Linux and FreeBSD.
Thunderbird - A free email application which is easy to set up and customize.
tkscript - A JIT-accelerated "glue" scripting language for C++/GL.
tkgeomap - Tcl/Tk extensions for geography/cartography.
translate-docformat - An any-to-any document translation system.
Tupleware - A visualization tool for relational data (RDBMS, RDF).
trux_motion - A program for detecting motion between two JPEG images.
the ripfoo - Scripts to automate MP3 creation from a CD.
Think3d - A 3D 'brainstorming' application.
text2rtf - A file converter from plain text to RTF.
Tent - A Web-based groupware suite.
Tim's Webmail - Web-based POP3 email powered by JSP and Java servlets.
Transit Executive - A real-time strategy simulation game of building transit systems.
Thump - A set of modular MP3 playing daemons and utilities.
TeXfig - A tool for making typesetting in xfig easy.
TrsWM - A keyboard oriented window manager.
tuxrip - A Linux bash script for ripping and encoding DVDs.
Thought Bucket - A Web interface for storing random thoughts and ideas.
Tiler - A GUI app to tile images.
Team Announcement Calendar - A simple, light-weight event announcement calendar.
The Squirrel programming language - A light-weight scripting language.
TipiWiki - A small and clean PHP wiki.
Toyohashi OPen Platform Embedded Realtime Systems - A powerful RTOS conforming to the versatile TRON operating system.
The Microsoft Bytecode Engineering Library - A .NET executable/library editor.
TimesTool - A tool for modeling and implementation of embedded systems.
tclkeymon - A Toshiba TCL Key and button monitor.
TCVP - A modular multimedia framework.
tivo-mplayer - A TiVo MPEG player.
The Hoard Scalable Memory Allocator - A scalable memory allocator (malloc) for multithreaded applications.
The Stump Window Manager - A tiling, keyboard driven X11 Window Manager written entirely in Common Lisp.
The Frink Language - A calculating tool and programming language.
TDHkit - Command line utilities to supplement sort and uniq.
The Data Mine - A search engine with an experimental interface.
tnsgen - A random test data generator.
Thought River Commons - A collection of utilities and other nifty code items.
Toga - A set of free semi-condensed TrueType fonts.
The Connection Manager - A tool to connect to foreign systems using a variety of methods.
The Sleuth Kit - File system forensic tools for NTFS, FAT, EXTxFS, and FFS.
TestNetwork - Distributed testing for scalability testing and quality of service monitoring.
The Algae Programming Language - A programming language for numerical analysis.
TidalWave - A recursive project-tracking Web application.
Tk::Text::Viewer - Perl/Tk Simple text viewer widget
TestLink - A test management and execution tracking tool.
Tiger JMail - A direct replacement for Sun's javamail library.
TVprg.php - A TV program displaying tool.
Tables for Ada - A table library for Ada.
Txf_Chat - A chat program.
TCB::Library - A database-backed book library package for DBIx::Frame.
tcron - A system that integrates cron with the ATX power-up capability.
The VolPack Volume Rendering Library - A software library for fast, high-quality volume rendering.
The JavaBluetooth Stack - A Java implementation of the Bluetooth specifications and the JSR-82 API.
Tile Driller - A simple tile paint program.
Tracemac - A tool that traces a MAC address through a LAN of Cisco switches.
TrafficWatch - An Internet usage accounting system.
TkDgen - A Tcl/Tk GUI front-end to the DGen emulator.
The PEP tool - A modeling and verification framework for parallel systems.
Time-Assistant - Web-based timesheet software, featuring employee time tracking and expenses.
TMHarvest - A tool which harvests topicmaps from structured datasources.
TeX2Page - A tool which produces Web pages from TeX manuscripts.
TagReport - A MP3/Ogg/FLAC HTML playlist generator/indexer.
tarmill - A program to compress and encrypt tar archives.
tcptrack - A packet sniffer that displays TCP connections similarly to 'top'.
TxSig - A small signature rotator.
ThoJa DBTool - An application for accessing Oracle, Postgres, and MySQL databases.
TecladoVirtual - A virtual keyboard for use on password forms.
TVEz - Media Library - A browser-based system to manage movies and video clips on your PC.
taskbar - A small taskbar utility for X11 with advanced features.
tomo3D - A voxel-based 3D image visualizer and processor.
Text-to-PDB-Doc - A program that converts text files to Doc files.
tunebox - A module for the Eros BBS Engine that keeps track of an Ogg collection.
Template Menu for Emacs - A package for adding an "Insert File" submenu to your Emacs File menu.
Tuner - A small Java application for musical instrument tuning.
tmv - A tool which renames files using regular expressions and other transformations.
TripleA - A clone of the "Axis and Allies" board game.
Thousand Parsec - An extendable, persistent, adaptable 4X space empire-building game.
TA-Lib : Technical Analysis Library - A technical analysis library for software engineers.
Tcl/Tk PPP Interface Control Panel - A PPP Interface Control Panel written in TCL/TK.
The poptasticDB database access functions for PHP - A set of simple, cross-platform database libraries for PHP
the mg2bot - A Net::IRC-based bot with plugins.
TL EveryPhase - A plug-in for Pro Tools that provides analog phaser effects.
tetrix - A Tetris clone for color terminals.
tzip - Compresses files using a separate dictionary for each file.
Thundaural Jukebox - A jukebox server and client for use with a touchscreen.
tarbuild - A source installer.
Text_Wiki - Allows you to transform Wiki text into HTML, LaTeX, RTF, PDF, and more.
Thinlet-Helper - A jEdit plugin for people working with the Thinlet GUI toolkit.
Time-lapse dcs1000w - A time-lapse capture and movie creation script.
TorrentTrader - A PHP-based Tracker application for the BitTorrent P2P protocol.
TkSplit - A simple file splitter/joiner written in Tcl/Tk.
TIGER API - A Java interface to the TIGER corpus.
TkDVD - A GUI for burning CD and DVD+R/W -R/W discs.
tvlisting.rb - An attractive and fast display for xmltv information.
tsnontsgate - A transparent bridge between ircd-ratbox (TS) and ircd-2.10.
TapeChanger::MTX - A Perl module to use 'mtx' to manipulate a tape library.
TestKit - A unit testing framework for MacOS X and Objective C.
tcpick - A sniffer that saves and tracks TCP connections on a network interface.
TickleWiki - A Wiki engine.
The VXL Project - Multi-platform C++ libraries for computer vision research.
Twin Distress - A puzzle game where you remove all blocks of the same color from the screen.
tRaFFiToR - A Web site traffic monitor and analyzer.
TiWarriors - An Asteroids clone with multiplayer support and incremental ship control.
TagLib - An audio meta data (tag) reading and modification library.
TrendMedium - An add-on for Equis MetaStock for locating predictable stocks.
Transvn - A patch management system.
TEA - A modest and easy-to-use editor with many useful features for HTML editing.
TACAKISS - A network monitoring tool that uses TACACS+ accounting.
TotalShield - A Web Server add-on to monitor and restrict access to the system.
toast - A simple source-and-symlinks package manager for both root and non-root users.
Tim's File Manager - A simple Java-based file manager.
TclRepat - A Tcl Repat binding.
Tsung - A distributed multi-protocol load testing tool.
T28 library - A library that allows interaction with an Ericsson T28-compatible phone.
Toolserver Framework for Python - A Web service creation framework with multiple protocol support.
TnFOX - A fully featured C++ and Python toolkit library.
tkFOX - A Web-like GUI development environment.
TorrentFlux - A PHP Torrent client and manager.
Tic-tac-toe - An OpenGL game that focuses on realistic 3D rendering of water.
Trac - A combined issue tracker, Subversion interface, and Wiki.
Tasks Pro - A hierarchical Web-based task manager with polished multi-user support.
Tunix - A small Linux distribution for embedded/flash/floppy systems.
Transport Planner - A dynamic single agent transport planner for vehicle routing and dial-a-ride.
TunesBrowser - An iTunes share network browser.
TimeTrack - A program to track time in professional environments.
tdbengine - A compact CGI database.
Text-Tokenizer - A Perl module for lexical analysis/parsing of text files.
The FReakSHell - A bash-like command language interpreter with some special features.
tdbSQL - A SQL server based on tdbengine.
Trivial Persist - An incredibly simple Java object persistence mechanism.
TkDND - A Tcl/Tk extension for drag and drop support.
TECOAS - An application to interactively browse and discuss a document.
Telconi Terminal for Cisco IOS - An interactive visual interface for any Cisco IOS-based router or switch.
TinyMCE - A platform-independent, Web-based, Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor.
tdbengine Control Center - A Web-based frontend for tdbengine databases.
ttywatch - A program that monitors, logs, and multiplexes terminal I/O.
Translate Toolkit - Tools for Mozilla, OpenOffice, Gettext PO, and XLIFF translation.
The Lucene Application Layer - An intermediate level API for document indexing and searching.
toshiba_hci - A tool for altering Toshiba laptop items such as LCD brightness.
TkLife - A multipurpose visualization program.
Tom's Unique Personal Information Manager - A generic record-based data entry program for personal databases.
TurboPower OnGuard CLX - A port of OnGuard to CLX and Linux.
Tulip IDE - A PHP editor with syntax highlighting and database navigation.
TextEdit - A basic text editor for GNUstep.
The Sleep Scripting Project - An extensible Perl-inspired scripting language for Java.
TpgT - A multi-language, ncurses-based typing trainer.
Track+ - An issue tracking and bug tracking tool.
TablPlot - A tool that converts a number table into an XY plot.
TIMEEFFECT - A system for project time recording.
TaskAgent - A professional workgroup and issue-tracking Web application.
Team Elements - Web-based collaboration and project management for professional and personal use
TunePimp - A MusicBrainz-enabled audio file tagging library.
TrollBridge - A network authentication system.
The Revisionist - A tool to recover hidden data from documents on Web sites.
TclTP - A preprocessor based on the TCL scripting language.
The Object Oriented Database Kit - A collection of objects for developing database applications.
The Modular Manual Browser - A manual search engine.
The Bub's Brothers - A frantic multiplayer clone of Bub & Bob.
TCPDB - A Web-based IP database application.
tpipe - A tool that duplicates standard input and/or standard ouput.
TMAPI - A common API for topic map processors.
Turtle3D - A Scheme implementation of the Turtle, in 3D.
TexToWebPublishing - A LaTeX to HTML conversion tool.
TeXML - An XML syntax for TeX (or LaTeX or ConTeXt).
tonality - A GUI-driven black and white image conversion utility.
TrackYourMac - A software-based tracking tool for your stolen Macs.
tpad - A portable enhanced clone of the Notepad program from Windows XP.
tumbler - A simple port knocking-style utility for stealthy remote control.
The Minder - An automatic peer list maintenance application.
TTA - A lossless audio compressor.
Thread Pooling Framework - Thread Pooling Framework
Track2PlotIt - A tool which allows you to record data for quick visual inspection.
Taylor UUCP - A Unix UUCP package.
Tone Deaf - An online Karaoke game.
trackerbt - A distributed BitTorrent tracker.
Torsmo - A system monitor that sits in the corner of your desktop.
Test-AutoBuild - A framework for performing continuous, unattended, automated software builds.
TBNL - A framework to create dynamic Web sites with Common Lisp.
TFTgallery - A PHP-based media gallery which doesn't need a database.
Time Tracking Software - A time managment system.
Trean - A bookmark manager.
Torque Network Library - A C++ networking library for games and simulations.
The bitap library - An approximate regular expression matching library.
The Data Language - An Interactive Data Language-compatible incremental compiler.
TMMS - An ncurses frontend to mpg123/321/ogg123.
TCB::System - A package to track system administration-related information.
TCB::Equipment - A module to track equipment and software installations.
TCB::Loan - A module to track equipment loans
TCB::Help - A module to track technical help offered to others
TCB::SysLoads - A module to track system loads, both local and from supercomputers
TCB::PortMap - A tool for tracking active network ports.
TCB::System::Obsolete - Support for obsolete tables in TCB::System
TCB::Internal - A CGI Web templating module
Testimony - Comic Book Database offline indexing tool
TCB::Publications - A publications database.
TCB::AddressBook - A basic database-backed address book.
TCB::AddUser - A module for user creation and user management.
TinyXML - A simple, small, and minimal C++ XML parser.
The Search Engine Project - A simple yet extremely powerful and fast site indexer/search engine.
TCB::Seminar - A seminar database system.
tcpsound - A utility for playing sounds in response to network traffic.
The Ng Java Roguelike Engine - A framework for writing Rogue-like games in Java.
The Better Eggdrop Management Suite - A collection of tools for the managment of Eggdrop bots.
TCB::mysql - A DBIx::Frame interface to the MySQL authorization database.
TCB::Conference - Track registrants for a conference using DBIx::Frame.
TclMagick - An interface to the GraphicsMagick and ImageMagick libraries.
tcpproxy - A transparent TCP proxy.
TroopOnline - An easy-to-use CMS for boy scout troops.
tex-fontconfig - A Type1 and TT font configuration script for TeX.
tenshi - A log monitoring and notification tool.
ttysnoop for kernel 2.6 - A tool for snooping on login terminals.
Teriodic - A training tool for the periodic table of the elements.
TuxGuardian - An application-based firewall with a graphical interface.
Thread Safe Template Library - A C++ template library that provides thread-safe data structures without global locking.
Temerity Web Tools - A Perl program to help users maintain their own accounts.
Tanky - A tank shooting game for 2-3 players.
The Prairie Engine - A framework for creating persistent worlds.
torrentocracy - An RSS aggregator and bittorrent downloader for MythTV.
tivosync - An automated TiVo to MPEG4 encoder.
Traffic Control Super Script - A script for traffic shaping using iproute2 on Linux 2.4.x and 2.6.x.
t7e - A Web site translation management system.
ToolLogger - A utility for tool logging over UDP.
Tyrant - A roguelike game.
timespan - A tool that performs date-based time calculations.
t-prot - A filter which improves the readability of email messages and Usenet posts.
The Digital Image Gallery System - A Web-based image gallery and slideshow system.
Tabatha - A popup menu to alter system configuration.
TitanGS Java - A multi-player role playing game set in the Star Trek universe.
trapdoor2 - An HTTPS trapdoor daemon.
tnMUD - A flexible and modular MUD server.
txt2xhtml - A plain text to XHTML converter.
The Virtual Rendering System - A cross-platform C++ 3D graphics library.
TallXSLT - A template engine based on XSLT.
Tumiki Fighters - A unique side-scrolling shoot-em-up.
Tcl-DP - RPC and distributed objects for Tcl.
TinyMUX - An extremely stable and flexible MU* server.
TimeCheck - A tool to measure elapsed time and mark PHP execution events.
toolserver - A commandline program to invoke ToolServer and to execute MPW Tools.
termlock - A Python script that blanks and locks all curses-compatible terminals.
TourViewer - A program to evaluate CicloSport HAC4 files with a Palm Pilot.
The Doorman - A port-knocking server and client pair.
TriTag - A tool that creates filenames out of MP3 ID3 tags and vice versa.
trafflogger - A per-host traffic logger/monitor with Web graphical output.
The PHP Maui Viewer - A Web-based viewer for the Maui Scheduler.
The Pluggable Distibuted Data Processing Daemon - A framework for distributed processing systems.
tkwifi - A Wi-Fi connection monitor for Linux.
Tcl Vector 3d - A 3D mathematics accelerator for Tcl.
tpp - An ncurses-based presentation tool.
Timbiriche - A traditional dots-and-boxes pencil and paper game for Palm.
TraceProto - A traceroute replacement that supports supports TCP, UDP, and ICMP.
TemplateThis - A template engine written in PHP to help developers separate content from logic.
Tarsis - An MVC framework for J2EE.
The Adventures of Brandywine & Baldwin - An adventure game of two heroes.
Transcribe! - Software to help transcribe recorded music.
TransJ - A multilingual desktop translation tool.
Time Manager 7 - A customizable spreadsheet-based calendaring and personal information manager.
Tenon iTools - Apache/DNS/FTP/SMTP configuration tools.
tinysofa classic server - A small, fast and secure Linux distribution.
TwinDB - A transactional wrapper for BerkeleyDB.
Templatized C++ Command Line Parser - A simple library for parsing commandline arguments.
Tsombie - A tactical arcade game.
The Linux Registry Editor - A graphical editor for The Linux Registry.
TiTo - A tool that measures traffic on a server and draws graphics visualizing it.
TCExam - Web-based assessment software to generate and manage online tests and exams.
TW-Light - A Star Control clone.
TransparentPreparedStatement - A class to see the SQL that will be executed in JDBC PreparedStatements.
Tyler's File Commands - Enhanced file commands for Apple's Darwin.
tiThumb - A lightweight image viewer with thumbnails, which can be used as an applet.
ToneDial - A tool for dialing phone numbers by playing dtmf sounds.
Tidy Service - An OS X Service that cleans up markup using the HTML Tidy library.
The Game (Rapid Game development tool and library) - A rapid game development system and game engine, with games.
tdbSQL dude - A Web frontend to administrate tdbSQL.
TorrentParse - A tool to parse torrent files.
Technolust - A Web publishing system.
TBFirewall - A front-end for ipchains or iptables.
tv grab dvb - Decodes digital TV electronic program guides to XMLTV format.
The FLOSS-CD - An introduction to Open Source.
TotalIRCd - The IRCd that the TotalIRC IRC network uses.
trend - A general-purpose, efficient trend graph for "live" data.
txt2tags for Handhelds - ipk packages for txt2tags.
TClock - A command line time tracking program.
Tasky - A groupware tool.
Tntnet - A Web application server for C++.
Trace Analyzer for WebSphere - A graphical environment to examine and analyze WebSphere trace files.
Tiny Translator - A simple class for translating dialogue outputs.
The PKSampler Project - A touchscreen DJ application.
thinglaunch - A small and simple launcher program for X11.
Transcend Game - A retro-style, abstract, collage-building, musical, shooter game.
Templatier - A template system designed for the end user.
Terminal Emulator - Lightweight and easy to use terminal emulator for the Unix/Linux desktop
tspell - An NLP framework for the Turkish language.
TableTag - A JSP tag library intended to build simple data entry pages.
TCP/IP Connection Cutter - A Linux tool to close TCP/IP connections.
TinyWorld - A mini-application for displaying images from around the world.
Templateze - A template engine based on replacement processing.
TeamSpeakAdminClass - A PHP class which allows easy TeamSpeak administration.
tsheadphone - A tool for "digitally re-mastering" music for headphones.
tsriff - Software for headphone spatial distortion reduction.
Thunder&Lightning - A futuristic action flight simulator game.
TrustKey - A project to make very secure PDA software that links to your PC.
Tuxpaint Stamps for Australian Schools - A collection of Tuxpaint stamps for Australian schools.
Turkey - A dummy text generator.
The SOLAR Operating System - A realtime, fast operating sytem entirely written in assembler.
The musik project - A multimedia library and player.
Thirdphase - An auto-downloader, installer, backing up, and running shell script.
The Little Launcher - An application launcher.
tvisorBuilder - A tool for creating MPlayer skins.
The Lit Window Library - A C++ library with reflections, rule-based programming, and UI patterns.
Textbased MSN Client - A text-based MSN client with an ncurses interface.
TomTom Go Linux - The version of Linux used by TomTom Go.
TacitPixel - A prototyping system for virtual and augmented reality applications.
thinksynth - A modular synthesizer.
TecnoballZ - A brick breaking game originally written for the Amiga.
tzosdclock - A multiple timezone clock.
tinybind - A library for serializing and deserializing C++ structs to XML.
The Gerris Flow Solver - A Euler, Stokes, and Navier-Stokes adaptive solver.
TagUnit - A tag library for testing custom tags within JSP pages.
tovid - An (S)VCD and DVD authoring suite.
transconv - A utility to switch between Jabber transports.
Templated Portable I/O Environment - A library for working with algorithms on very large data sets.
Thunderbird Extension for Sender Verification - A Thunderbird add-on to protect yourself from phishing with SPF and DomainKeys.
TE-CODE: te-common - Classes for command line parsing, application tracing, and collection filtering.
Time Sheets - An online time sheet management program.
TestSuite Log Parser and Browser - An interface for test suite (Open POSIX TestSuite) log file analysis.
Twe - Protects against cross-site scripting (XSS) with a flexible whitelist.
TkKasse - A cash desk (POS) application for use on ordinary PCs.
ThinG - A GUI editor for Thinlets, a Java GUI toolkit.
T^3 - A 3D Tetris game.
The Grand Fandango - A suite of drop-in Website components for non-programmers.
The USB/IP Project - Software for USB device sharing over IP networks.
TransfoDocbook - An application for converting XML Docbook documents to PDF, RTF, or HTML.
testify - A test suite for any command-line interface.
tzls and tzx - Scripts to quickly view/unpack tar/cpio/zip/arj/rar files, compressed or not.
Tilda - A pull down terminal in the likeness of Quake, Doom, and Halflife.
The Tcl IRCd - An IRC server written in Tcl.
Tuatara - A Web-based addressbook that runs under J2EE.
Tiled - A tile map editor.
The Linux Wireless Sensor LAN Project - 802.15.4 Linux drivers and utilities.
tinyglot.pl - A script for updating localization of .strings files in Cocoa apps.
Teencamp-Chat - A simple chat system.
tdbeditor Eclipse plugin - An editor plugin for tdbengine program development with Eclipse.
Text-Conquest - A text multiplayer game very similar to Konquest.
Tux vs Clippy - A top-down shooting game with an OS war theme.
Temp Rules - A system for expiring iptables rules.
Tar2RubyScript - A tool for distributing Ruby applications.
Transtalo - An automatic translator.
Trouble Ticket System - A simple Trouble Ticket System
TONG - Tetris and Pong in the same place at the same time.
Trinisys Data Entry - A data entry system that enables data entry directly from document images.
Treatise - A full-screen configurable e-book reader.
touchbase - A framework for life management.
TkPing - An application to monitor the presence of hosts on a network.
TclSigX - A POSIX SigX (dynamic signature image system) client.
travmail - An IMAP Web mail client.
TabLaunch - A simple, lightweight, and cool-looking X application launch bar.
TMate - An IntelliJ IDEA plugin for Subversion and CVS reporting and tracking.
talloc - A hierarchical memory allocation system.
TTraq - A timesheet and time tracking system.
TimeIndexing - A flexible framework for time-based applications.
track2rss - A set of scripts for tracking UPS, Fedex, and USPS packages via RSS.
Teach-SA - A tool to report spam and train Spamassassin from maildirs.
Tetristats - A TetriNET servers winlist file to HTML converter.
transset-df - A program for handling transparent windows.
texttemplate - A fast, easy-to-use plain text templating system.
Tellu - An inventory management system.
TimeMon - A CPU time usage monitor for GNUstep/Mac OS X.
TimSMS - A Perl script for TIM's free SMS service.
The 64 bit Virtual CPU Project - A project to create a 64-bit virtual CPU and assembler.
TVBrowser - A TV guide.
Tk-Mp3 - A simple Perl/Tk interface for mpg123 with search capabilities.
tru filemanager - A Web-based multi-user file manager.
TrouSerS - A Trusted Computing Software Stack (TSS).
Tribiq CMS - A multilingual content management system (CMS).
Thumbnail and Watermark - A class for generating thumbnails and applying watermarks.
Tenacious WLAN Association Script - A script that tries all detected wireless networks for a valid connection.
Tjukebox - A console client/server music jukebox.
Tribe - A Java-based group communication library for clusters.
telak - A tool to display remote or local pictures on your desktop.
Tracksail - A simple sailing game.
TinyMUSH - A text-based multi-user role-playing environment.
The Labyrinth of Time - A first-person adventure game set in a time-spanning maze.
The friendly interactive shell - A shell focused on interactive use, discoverability, and user friendliness.
TuxShop - A POS and shop management application.
Tapestry Palette - An Eclipse plugin for drag and drop Tapestry development.
TChat - Get a complete free chat system for your website
Tao - A software package for sound synthesis using physical models.
The FreerP Project - A full-featured Web-based ERP.
TrustedQSL - Tools for digitally signing Amateur Radio QSO (log) records
Tor - An anonymous Internet communication system.
TAHI Test Suite - An IPv6 validation suite.
Teeny Weeny Microgame Engine - A console/curses interface for playing near-arbitrary board games.
tX - A tabular XML editor.
Time Critical Manufacturing - An ERP package for small to medium manufacturers.
TunaPie - A streaming radio and TV tuner for Linux.
TinyDNS Web Manager - A PHP script to administrate TinyDNS.
The PING Personally Controlled Health Record - Various tools and APIs addressing personally controlled health records.
ToIpt - A PHP class for writing Farsi and Arabic text on images.
trackpeer - A tool that provides MAC address information to administrators.
toolwrap - A general Unix wrapper utility.
Task Coach - A friendly task manager.
triamp - A lightning fast music manager and player.
Tournament Pool and Bracket Tracker - An NCAA tournament pool tracker.
Tea4CUPS - A highly versatile generic print data capture and dispatch backend for CUPS.
The Jim Interpreter - A small footprint implementation of the Tcl programming language.
TorrentInfo - Displays information contained in .torrent files.
Tacos - A Tapestry component repository and AJAX rendering framework.
Terrier - A probabilistic Java toolkit for building search engines.
The Hacker Key Guide - A means for describing one's hacker traits in a single line of text.
TeXlipse plugin - A LaTeX support plugin for Eclipse.
TriConnect - A program for communicating through Bluetooth, TCP/IP, or RS-232 serial.
Timer Applet - A countdown timer applet for the GNOME panel.
TCB::Webdav - Mount webdav partitions on Linux boxes.
TCB::Backup - A simple backup package with ufsdump.
TkPNG - A PNG photo image extension for Tcl/Tk.
Teamwork - A Web-based groupware for project management.
Tiny ERP - ERP and CRM software.
TestNG-Eclipse - An Eclipse TestNG plugin.
Timezilla - A Web application for linking Bugzilla and LShift Timetracker.
Tab Menu - A class for generating tab menus for site navigation.
tasklog - A tool that logs all tasks and their parameters.
trixbox - A Linux distribution for quickly setting up an Asterisk PBX.
texi2latex - Converts Texinfo sources to LaTeX
TargetKiller - A Firefox extension which removes the target attribute from links on the fly.
TeleAuth Client Tools - Client tools for the TeleAuth two-factor authentication system.
The Shadow's Rage - An adventure game where you play a squire seeking your missing master.
The Platonos Projects - A plugin engine and Swing application framework.
ThinLinc - A fast and versatile remote desktop solution.
TwoLAME - An MPEG Audio Layer 2 encoder.
TinyRadius - A Java Radius client/server library.
Tambur Messaging Gateway - An SMS/MMS messaging gateway.
TRIPP - Rewrites incoming and outgoing IP packets using a rule-based language.
TinTin++ - A MUD client for Linux and Mac OS X.
Tell A Friend - A template driven Web site recommendation script.
textbender - A system of collaborative writing based on recombinant text.
Torrent Live Stats - A script that generates an image with live statistics for a BitTorrent file.
Time Shall Tell - A work time tracker.
Tigerbooks - An online book exchange.
Time Attendance - Organization attendance tracking software.
Treebolic - Programs that produce a hyperbolic rendering of a hierarchy of data.
TclMilter - A Tcl interface to Sendmail's Milter API.
The Mana World - A free and open source MMORPG using 2D graphics.
TuxBank - A money management program.
Tomabaem - A gateway into the intricacies of CJKV and Unicode.
TarDiff - A tarball comparison tool.
Tripoli - A Python triplespace implementation.
The Feedisto - A feed reader with plugins and Bayesian filtering.
trackSpiders.cgi - Tracks major search engine spider hits in an Apache Web server log.
tesh - A simple text shell.
The Image Expansion Tool - A GIMP image filter.
tk_cdconverter - A CD ripping and conversion GUI.
TreeTable - An applet which combines table (grid) and tree views.
TrackIt - A project tracking tool.
Tidydoc - A documentation organizer.
Testoob - An advanced Python unit testing framework.
Tunnelblick - A Mac OS X GUI for OpenVPN 2.0 and above.
True3D*Shell - An OpenGL 3D desktop environment.
trackGoogleContentAds.cgi - A Web analytics tool to track hits from Google contextual ads.
Tomcat Status Widget - A dashboard for monitoring a Tomcat application server.
The Parser Toolkit - A C++ toolkit for making parsers in EBNF style.
Tesseract Trainer - A program that displays a real time rotating hypercube with many options.
The Stickybeak - A versatile centralized Web site logging system.
Tea Stats - An extensible Web log analysis tool.
TruckBites - A trucking company management system.
Telecom Web Services Toolkit Preview - An integrated development environment for telecom-enabled Web applications.
TeMeL SQL Parser - A C++ class for parsing and decomposing a SQL SELECT statement.
TopJax - An imitation of the "top" program in a Web browser with AJAX.
TTimer - A countdown timinig utility.
Transformation Manager - An ETL and data integration suite that generates portable Java code.
tcpblocker - Blocks too many connections from clients to tcpserver services.
Template Numerical Toolkit - Numerical objects for C++.
TFORMer - Barcode label printing and reporting software.
Transparency - A scriptable tool for transparent PNG processing.
TruBlog - A server-side Web logging system.
The Amsterdam Compiler Kit - A lightweight, highly portable compiler toolchain for many architectures.
Template Interface Engine - A template engine processor based on regular expressions.
Torrent Bubbles - A BitTorrent utility program to search for torrents on the Web.
Texplore - A type explorer for GObject-based libraries.
Tstat - A passive protocol analyzer that provides advanced insights on Internet traffic.
TenderSystem - A Web-based procurement system.
TrackFS - A small program that tracks file system changes.
Tidybot - A cross-platform batch XHTML syntax-checker and report-generator.
tlgu - A TLG/PHI to UTF-8 converter.
The Language Machine - A toolkit for language and grammar.
Transolution - A translation suite.
tomboy - A desktop wiki.
tarpit_antispam - Antispam filtering based on the number of connections established by hosts.
tRuTag - A personal tag explorer.
TunnelTools - Perl scripts for access to anonymous rsync and CVS pserver via an SSH tunnel.
Tahchee - A tool for automatically building static websites using Cheetah templates.
TinyIDE - A small SCons- and Qt-based C++ IDE.
Twinkle - A SIP software phone.
Trojan Scan - A simple but relatively effective trojan scan tool.
TripleSec - A strong authentication and policy server.
TTtrigger - Sound effects management for theater use.
Taprobane GNU/Linux - A convenient GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian.
Tapir - A developer tool for creating global Mac OS X menu item applications.
Twindy - A tiling window manager inspired by the Tracktion DAW software.
Turnracer - A turn-based racer game.
Tremulous - An Aliens versus Humans FPS/Strategy game with buildable structures.
TAR/GZIP/BZIP2/ZIP Archives - A class for manipulating archives.
Tamil Veera Ulavi - A Web browser with a Tamil interface.
Tiquit - A quality user incident tracking system.
Tiny Tiny RSS - A Web-based AJAX news feed aggregator.
trackYahooPaidSearchHits.cgi - A script which tracks hits from Yahoo (Overture) paid advertising.
Teem - A software framework for conducting artificial evolution experiments.
Transmission - A lightweight BitTorrent client.
TWikiEdit - An external editor environment for TWiki.
trackSearchHits.cgi - A script that tracks hits from major search engines.
The Art of War Fortune Mod - A fortune quote database based on Sun Tzu's The Art of War.
TocaRaul! - A playlist manager intended to be used with icecast2 and ices2.
TalkSoup - An IRC client for Mac OS X and GNUstep.
Taekwon-Do Theory Assistant - A program that tests you on Taekwon-Do theory in preparation for your gradings.
tarfixer - A utility to help fix tar files.
TkHTMLtidy - A front-end for tidy.
Tweet - A cross-platform notification daemon written in Ruby.
tunequeue - A Web based administrator and listener interface for streaming audio.
Tudu Lists - A Web-based todo list manager.
Tersus - A visual programming platform for creating Web applications.
Thin File Upload - A general purpose multiple file uploader for Web sites.
The Great American Picture Sorter - An image sorting and viewing application.
tcpcat - A command to display the result from a TCP service.
TaskFreak! Original - A simple to use but pretty and efficient task manager / todo list.
Thin Image Upload - An image uploader.
tRSS - A MIDP RSS client.
t5100-utils - Utilities for transferring files between a computer and an LG T5100 over USB.
text2phonome - A class to convert English text to phoneme representation.
Tete - An ear trainer.
Thin FTP Upload - A FTP file upload applet for Web applications.
The Golly Game of Life Simulator - Simulates cellular automata like Conway's Game of Life.
TigerEvents - A novel, Web-based event announcement system.
TEKlib - A virtual operating system and middleware project.
TagIt - A mock object-based library for unit testing JSP custom tag classes.
Task Layout Optimizer for Blue Gene - A tool for efficient mapping of MPI tasks to the IBM Blue Gene/L.
The Kava Telnet Application - A telnet and SSH application.
Tornado Server - A fast Java application server for complex Web applications.
Thin File Putter - An HTTP PUT method file uploader.
Twisted Names - A client and server DNS library.
Twisted Mail - Python libraries for SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4, and other mail miscellanies.
Twisted Words - IRC, ICQ, MSN, and Jabber protocol implementations for Python.
tntdb - A C++ class library for database-independent database access.
Twisted Conch - An SSHv2, Telnet, and VT102 implementation.
TOS - A strictly-typed operating system kernel.
TALK - A typed assembly language for writing OS kernels.
Tavli 3d - The Greek version of backgammon.
The Merchant - A turn based RPG game.
Thin Upload Pro - An enhanced file uploader with client side image resizing and compression.
TrueCrypt - On-the-fly disk encryption software.
TurboGears - A front-to-back Web mega-framework.
TestGen4J - An automatic Java unit test generator.
TBarCode/X - A barcode solution.
twiddled - A userspace Twiddler 1 driver for Linux 2.4/2.6.
The JavaScript SERP Checker - A program that checks your site's SERP using AJAX.
Tagneto - A tool with JavaScript libraries for Web application development.
TORQUE Resource Manager - A resource manager that provides control over batch jobs.
Tabby. - An easy-to-use tabbed navigation menu.
Tee-Tip - An easy-to-use tool-tip system.
Thumb-Show - An easy-to-use menu system.
Thumb-View - An easy-to-use menu system.
Textureworks - Hundreds of natural textures and surfaces.
tngCalendar - A calendar for TNG.
tffs - A read-only driver for the T*PFIELD file system, based on FUSE.
ToothMote - A BlueTooth remote PC controller.
ttyrpld - A kernel-level tty logger.
Titration - Multi-user, multi-project tracking software.
Transcraft My Accountant - Book keeping functions for individuals, IT consultants, and service companies.
TkViewMan - A graphical man page viewer.
Test-Parser - A collection of parsers for different test output formats.
Thin FTP Applet - A Web-based file transfer program.
TorApplet - A GNOME applet for managing the Tor daemon.
tic98 - A lossless image compressor for scanned documents.
TuxGuitar - A multitrack guitar tablature editor and player.
Tapestry JSCookMenu - A menu and navigation bar component for Tapestry.
TjMSNLib - An MSN Messenger client library written in Java.
The Family Address Book - A Web-based shared address book integrated with your email client.
The TagMogrifier library for PHP - A library to perform DOM transformations on XML with a minimum of fuss.
Tunnel4J - A SSH tunneling and port forwarding GUI.
Tabfmt - A command line utilty to format tabular data.
TinyFCK - A combination of TinyMCE with FCKEditor's file manager and uploader.
tv_grab_uk_pdr - A full-featured and fast UK XMLTV grabber for MythTV.
TrueMusic - A pure Java music player.
The Photomaniac Media Library - A media management solution for digital photographers.
TerraViewer - A program to download/display USGS photos and maps.
TrapperTim - A content management system with extremely low hosting requirements.
turbosql - A netBeans Module for managing PostgreSQL.
TrMake - A transparent make system.
TagCloud Maker Class - A class that creates a TagCloud from an array of terms.
Technorati Tracker - Software that tracks hits to blogs from Technorati.
TERMatrix - A VT-100 emulation of Matrix terminals' "green tears" effect.
taginfo - A small and simple MP3/Ogg/FLAC tag reader.
Thumbnail AutoIndex - A thumbnail directory index generation PHP script.
The CImg Library - A C++ template image processing library.
Torta - A program that shows you where your disk space is going.
TRASHY - A way to write HTML code using only a few characters.
ThoughtPad - A simple multi-document editor for taking and organizing notes quickly.
TkHearts - A clone of the Hearts card game.
TundraDraw - A cross-platform, networked ANSI/ASCII drawing program.
TYM Project - Simple font management for Linux (OpenType, TrueType, and Type1).
Tab-It - An easy-to-use and completely customizable animated tabbed menu.
tag-not-ed - A tag-based system for managing a collection of text files.
TSM Report - A simple tool for displaying a human-readable report of backup tasks.
tscat - A simple filter that adds timestamps to stdin.
TouchAmp - A way to control Winamp from a Palm device.
TCPDuP - A TCP duplicating proxy.
tinystats - A filter that reads tinydns logs and stores statistics about queries.
The Pure Perl RayCaster - A simple ray-casting learning tool that doesn't use any 3D libraries.
Thin SFTP Applet - A Secure FTP applet.
TurquoiseCRM - A PHP-based CRM package.
Turbocharged - An agile blogging and content management system.
Tag - A metadata editor for FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, Monkey's Audio, and WavPack files.
Think Engine - PHP News Site
Tonic - A RESTful PHP Web app development framework.
Taggee - A tagging server.
tappipe - A VPN for stunnel.
TeamPlanner - An event planning generator.
TiVonage - A program to allow Vonage customers to manage their voice mail on a TiVo.
Trustix™ Enterprise Firewall - A WYSIWYG firewall for iptables.
Travian Bot - A bot for the travian.com MMOG game.
TFTP Server - A multi-threaded TFTP server that supports tsize, blksize, and interval.
trace2html - An HTML coverage report generator for trace.py.
The SPL Programming Language - A powerful scripting language.
TOPCASED - A system and software engineering workshop based on Eclipse.
TK-10 - A Bottlerocket GUI for X10.
Tapioca VoIP - A framework for Voice over IP (VoIP) and IM applications.
tesSpinbox - A DHTML Spinbutton/Spinbox/Spincontrol/UpDown button.
Tableutil - A utility for converting, aggregating, and operating on IP lists.
Template Lite - A very fast and small HTML template engine.
TDA - A utility for analyzing Java thread dumps.
Ticket-IT - A tool for the creation, management, and accompaniment of tickets.
Torrent Episode Downloader - A smart tool for downloading torrents for the newest episodes of TV shows.
TutorialLinux - A Spanish tutorial for using Linux.
The Deimos Project - A 3D space combat simulator and modular game library collection.
trading-shim - A text command interpreter for the IB TWS binary API.
The RA SPP Plugin collection - A collection of plugins for qmail-spp.
TileQt - A tile theme.
Turn Watcher - A Game Master initiative tracker.
Thin Slice Upload - A resumable large file uploader.
TungPix - Palmpix for the Tungsten C and T Palm devices.
turbotail - A more efficient drop-in replacement for the standard GNU tail tool.
Targa reader/writer - A full featured Targa reader and writer.
ttmap - A passive analyzer of remote IP load-balancers.
tesUpload - Asynchronous file uploads with an AJAX progress bar in PHP.
tabble - A mini X GUI shell.
tarlisted - Creates a tar archive using a description list for content.
TOM programming language - A software environment for defining transformations in Java.
try-copying-up-to-n-times - A tool which attempts data recovery via trial and error.
The Diary of Hercules - A personal workout diary for body builders.
tktz - A graphical timezone viewer.
Tail Server - A program to export the results of a "tail -f" command to a TCP port.
timeclock software - Software for employees to use as a timeclock.
tk_docapp - A mount and ACPI GUI for NetBSD.
Tapecat - A utility to describe the physical contents of a tape.
The Anti-Diet Pill - A visually appealing random diet tip for Web sites.
Tangerine - A music server using the DAAP protocol.
tc-viewer - A script for monitoring speeds in HFSC and HTB traffic shaping classes.
The DaisyPlayer Project - A program for playing Digital Talking Books.
TRIP - An interactive symbolic-numeric system dedicated to celestial mechanics.
TRex - An IDE and quality assessment tools for TTCN-3.
Tamil Converters - Programs that convert Tamil between various encodings and romanizations.
The Homage Project - A game inspired by Scorched Earth.
Tom's Virtual Tab Window Manager - A virtual desktop window manager.
tcptee - A network protocol logging tool.
Taskjitsu - A Web-based professional services automation system.
Thumb-Bar - An easy-to-use horizontal preview-type menu system.
Taxbird - An Elster client (for German tax declarations).
Twisted Web - A Twisted-based Python HTTP server and client.
Tiny Marbles - A transactional, persistent object repository for dynamic objects.
TuxFighter - An Asteroid-like shooter game.
Trip Tracker - A real-time position tracking client-server system.
Toy'd - A window manager that runs on multiple operating systems.
Timecardimport - A tool that imports time cards from various timer programs into SQL-Ledger.
TorqueWrench - A static analyzer of Java bytecode.
Thinkedit CMS - A content management system with custom content types, trees, and ease of use.
Tiff Plugin - A Mozilla/Netscape plugin for viewing TIFF images.
ThinWire - A framework for creating Web applications that feel like desktop applications.
TorK - A Tor Controller for KDE.
tnftp - The NetBSD FTP client.
tgrep - A grep for time specifications.
tpm4java - Software that helps you to access your trusted platform modules from Java.
tichulog-ng - An application to view a previously played tichu game from a log file.
TARIFA - An implementation of an "atomic" keyword for C/C++.
twiki-mediawiki-migrate - A script that transforms basic twiki to mediawiki markup.
TCPDF - A PHP class for generating PDF documents.
The Spider - A machine learning toolbox.
Traverso-DAW - A multitrack audio recording and editing program.
TerraJ - A Java port of fractal terrain and solar system generation software.
tex2pdf - A script to generate a PDF document from a LaTeX or LyX file.
TESA - A strategy editor for computer games.
todo2html - A generator of pretty HTML from a standard text TODO file.
Test Master - A tool that asks questions to help you study for a test.
TeamBlibbityBlabbity - A client that aims to be compatible with TeamSpeak.
TabView - An application to view and print PowerTab tablatures.
tinyHeb - A Web application for midwives in Germany for writing bills.
The Note-Taking Tool - A note-taking and organisation application for use by students in lectures.
TimeSaver - A simple time management application.
Torrent Swapper - A lightweight BitTorrent client with social networking.
TAPPy - A program that analyzes water level or other tidal signals.
TempMap - Builds a temperature map based on DigiTemp logs.
TELIND - A daemon to permit 'resilient/reconnectable' telnet sessions.
TurboX2 - A Web-based client for the XMMS2 music player.
TimeTrex Time and Attendance - Employee scheduling, attendance, job costing, invoicing, and payroll software.
Tetrissimus - A Web-based game similar to "Tetris".
Tiny serial terminal - A simple and dumb tool for accessing serial ports.
Text Zap - An Ant-based text filtering task.
Tartan text parser - A text (wiki) parsing library with layering and multiple output formats in Ruby.
Testar - An automatic test selection tool for Java.
Twibright Twig - A static image gallery generator with directory, EXIF, and JPEG comment support.
Transmuter Programming Language - Trans
TinyWM - A ridiculously tiny window manager.
The "P" Kana Editor - A Kana editor which translate Romanji letters to Kana.
TMAPIX - Provides useful utility classes to work with Topic Maps engines.
TclODBC - A Tcl interface to the ODBC API.
The Million Musician Challenge - A 2D vertically scrolling shoot-em-up game that teaches music.
TransferCM - A design- and user-friendly Web CMS based on Java technologies.
TaoCrypt - A portable, fast, cryptographic library for most needs.
Templayer - An HTML templating library for Python.
tpl - A serialization library for C with full binary efficiency.
Teardrop - A personal, customizable meta search engine.
Thor Panel - A server administration software solution and control panel.
Testilence - A unit-testing library for PHP 5.
Target - A target history tracking application.
TreeSize for Unix - A disk utilization analysis tool.
tk_msg - An application to create message catalogues for Tcl scripts.
tsrip - An audio CD ripping, encoding, and tagging application.
Twisted Storage - A system to store large amounts of data.
TeeChart for Java - A Java charting library for Swing, SWT, Android, and BlackBerry.
tracx - A language for tracing/editing XML.
Teacher Control Panel - Monitor, lock, and operate student computers and broadcast a teacher's screen.
The Scripter's Scrapbook - A personal reference library and source code repository for programmers.
Talend Open Studio for Data Integration - An extendable extract-transform-load tool where jobs are Perl or Java scripts.
Tera-WURFL - A PHP class for mobile phone identification with WURFL.
TinyCrypt - A fast, simple, and secure file encryption program.
TemplAT - A text file template engine for Java apps.
tkccrypt - A Tcl/Tk frontend for Peter Selinger's ccrypt.
Transec - A Java taglib component that provides a secure input control.
Tomoe - A handwriting recognizer for Linux.
thrap - A usenet news client.
The horn++ library - A library to solve logical expressions in C++.
TagFu - A Python library for tagging URLs for tags or metadata.
TimeMachine - A way to capture, store, and index network packets on high speed links.
TOIlet - A FIGlet clone with enhancements.
Test soon - A C++ testing framework.
The Eye Of Horus - A monitoring and alerting tool for servers.
Time Based Text - A tool to record and play text-based performances.
Transient Bluetooth Environment Auditor - A Bluetooth environment security auditor.
TuxWordSmith - A multi-language Scrabble game.
TiVo File Decoder - A program to convert a .TiVo file from TiVoToGo to a normal MPEG file.
TariffEye - An application for analysis, comparison, and design of banking fees.
TbsSQL - A database wrapper class.
TCP Knocking - A port knocking system where the authentication is in TCP handshake itself.
The ACE ORB from the doc group - A CORBA C++ ORB.
TI-RPC Library - A transport-independent RPC library.
torrenut - A cross-platform BitTorrent client.
The JEROME Project - A Java-based engine for real-time online multiuser environments.
TremStats - A tool for creating game statistics for the game Tremulous.
TNV - A computer network security visualization tool.
TorrentVolve - A Web-based BitTorrent client.
TkNewsII - A QWK/NNTP news client.
Twibright vncrec - A client that makes screenshot videos from VNC sessions.
The Hiker Application Framework - A framework for mobile applications.
Theremin - A Mac OS X MPD client.
toMOTko - A Zaurus flashcard application for learning vocabulary.
Testare - A testing framework for distributed Java applications.
Tamil Karuvi - An English to Tamil transliteration tool.
The Attribute-Type-Value Object Language - A C/C++ lookalike storage format.
Tree2HTML - A tool which generates an HTML page containing a directory's tree.
Tonic Chess - Online chess software.
thin liquid film - An iPod video encoder.
The WebDruid - A Web server log file analyzer.
TN-GW-Scan - A scanner for scanning telnet proxies implemented using FWTK.
top2svg - Converts from the Tevion digital notebook to SVG files.
tiffscan - An advanced SANE frontend with TIFF support.
Tiffanys - A Java chess engine that can use either its own GUI or XBoard.
tbclock - A terminal full-screen binary clock.
ThinkUI SQL Client - An SQL query and code generation tool for Java developers.
Twibright Luminaplex and Hyperluma 2 - Algorithms and implementation for errorless 4:2:0 (4:2:2) Y'CbCr video encoding.
Themexec - A themed execution processor.
TuneQuiz - An application to test your musical knowledge using iTunes.
THREDDS - A distributed scientific data broker.
Tower-game - A Roguelike game with an OpenGL interface.
Tango - A platform library for the D programming language.
thinkpad-status - A GUI ThinkPad laptop status utility.
TiVoBridge - A packet repeater for TiVo beacons and multicast DNS.
TagBrowser - A tool for finding and displaying code symbols generated by Exuberant ctags.
textwrangler manwrapper - A TextWrangler wrapper for 'man' using growl as the notification system.
The SirBot Project - A python-based framework to build, program, control, and monitor amateur robots.
Tactics Squad - A real-time futuristic tactical game.
TeleKast - An advanced teleprompter.
Tiny Go - Mobile companion for Go board game addicts.
TouTouJS - A Javascript toolkit and framework.
TOL project - A programming language focused on statistics.
The Milkfish - Basic NAT traversal of SIP and RTP for affordable embedded hardware.
TraffStats - A monitoring and traffic analysis application that uses SNMP.
Tellmatic - A tool to create and manage newsletters, addresses, and forms.
The Wurld 3D Engine - A lightweight 3D gaming engine.
Tux Strikes Back - A level set (new world) for SuperTux 0.1.3.
TYPOlight - An accessible and standards-compliant CMS.
TivoPod - A tool that extracts videos from a TiVo and converts them for your iPod.
Tivo2dvd - A program to download Tivo programs to DVD.
TheLastRipper - An audio stream ripper for Last.fm.
Test-Run - An improved test harness for scripts that emit TAP.
TreeDiskUsage - A Web-based disk usage analysis tool.
The DJ Project - A set of tools to enhance the user experience provided by Java on the Desktop.
The CBOLD Framework - A C++ framework for capturing board-level electronic designs.
T3DevKit - A toolkit for building TTCN-3 executable test suites.
togg - A simple Ogg Vorbis tag editor.
TinyUML - A UML 2 diagram editor.
Thresh - A threshold/suppression generator for Snort.
TaskMeister - A very simple and useful task manager.
task spooler - A simple but powerful user batch system for Unix tasks.
The Big Picture - A Python library for EXIF and IPTC metadata in JPEG and TIFF.
thread_safe_signals - A thread-safe implementation of the Boost.Signals library.
Tomboy-LaTeX - A LaTeX math plugin for Tomboy.
talkative - An XMPP IM client for GNOME.
translate plus - A SuperKaramba translation theme.
The Insidious Big Brother Database - A contact manager for Emacs.
Template Manager - A code generator for parse trees.
TextForRead.Class.php - A PHP class to process text documents for displaying in HTML pages.
The Epeios XML preprocessor - A facility for macro and variable handling, and file inclusion in XML files.
TWS-ASCII - A text console Scrabble game.
TFTP server with gui interface - A GUI TFTP server.
Tivoli Provisioning Manager - A console for remote deployment and management of operating systems.
The Address Book Reloaded - An address book Web application.
The Java Exorcist - A Java syntax extender.
tmpf - Saves standard input to a temporary file and runs a specified command on it.
ttxInsert - Software that provides VBI/teletext insertion on a TV output.
trillbox - A flexible and extendable toolkit for building dynamic Web pages via widgets.
Tigase Server - A Jabber/XMPP server.
Twitter4R - A pure and simple Ruby library for the Twitter REST API.
Tigermouse - An AJAX Web application framework for PHP.
Tennix - A graphical two-player tennis game with sounds.
The Analysis & Resynthesis Sound Spectrograph - Software that turns a sound into an image and an image back into a sound.
TheCurves - An application to display a parameterized family of curves in a Web page.
ThoughtOffice - An application to assist in brainstorming, innovation, and presentation.
tomkitty - A Web server for serving Java applications with more simplicity than Servlets.
Toro Projects - Portlets, Channels, and other technologies for uPortal.
Trac/Subversion Development JumpBox - A virtual appliance for Trac and Subversion.
tbibtools - Utilities for BibTeX.
tijmp - A small and fast memory profiler for Java.
ToxTox - A media browser / WebTV platform for your television.
TH-03 - An application that provides an interface to the Picotech TH-03 thermometer.
tikktikk.com widget - A Dashboard widget for tikktikk.com.
Tiny ERP Web client - A Web client of the Tiny ERP software.
The Castle - A first-person shooter game in a dark fantasy setting.
The Complex Language - A simple programming language for scripting and rapid protyping.
TTLxMAME - An SDLmame (MAME) GUI front end.
Tiny Eclipse - A distribution of Eclipse for development with dynamic languages for the Web.
The Blue Programming Language - A high-level programming language.
tex-upmethodology - A LaTeX style for writing documents according to UP-based methodologies.
TaskSheet - A hierarchical task management and timesheet application.
True Color Picker - A PHP class to present a palette to let the user pick colors.
TextSearch - Recursive search of directories of text files using regular expression syntax.
termit - A vte-based terminal emulator.
TruePackager 2 - A generic Unix package management system.
The SIP Switch - An application that allows you to use multiple SIP accounts on the same phone.
tableau-parm - A tool for interacting with Tableau forensic write blockers.
TextSort - An application to sort a text file by its lines.
Traffic Prioritizer - Software that shapes "bandwidth greedy" (P2P, YouTube, IPTV, etc.) users
textmail - A mail filter to replace MS Word/HTML attachments with plain text.
teamtrac - A tool that correlates data from ticketing and time recording tools.
Ticket linker - A set of Cerberus Helpdesk integration plugins.
Turbulence - A BEEP application server.
Task Blocks - Simple task scheduler
Team Foundation for Mono - An implementation of the Team Foundation libraries and related client programs.
TraxAuth - A standalone account system.
Thunderbolt - An integration server.
tclDBRCS - A database-oriented revision control system.
Tresys Brickwall - An SELinux configuration utility.
The Chronicle Blog Compiler - A blog compiler.
TextCite: Publication Quotation Manager - Software to organize reading notes for research.
TSKmount-Fuse - A filesystem of deleted files.
trash-cli - A command line interface to the freedesktop.org trashcan.
translate word - A command that translates words into different languages.
TwistedWave - An easy and powerful audio editor with good multichannel and Audio Unit support.
tclterm - An extension to add terminal support to Tcl.
TextCrypt - Software to easy and quickly encrypt text.
Tintii - A photo filter for selective color and localized hue and saturation adjustments.
typer - A typing learner/trainer.
Tuplesoup - A lightweight embeddable Java-based database.
TimeNet Pro - An invoicing, billing, and time management application.
Tagua - A generic board game application.
The Parsnip Parser Library - A packrat parser combinator library for C++.
TuxCap Games Framework - A GNU/Linux port of the PopCap games framework.
TiTLi - A Google-like search tool for relational databases.
Twisted Life - A video game with cellular automata.
Tero's C++ Scripting - A C++ scripting system.
Tcl Dev Kit - Tcl Dev Kit (TDK) provides essential tools for Tcl programmers, making it easy to create, build, and deploy applications.
Tairent - A minimalistic BitTorrent client.
TurtolCMS - A flexible content management system.
Tubaina - A simple syntax textbook generator that outputs HTML or LaTeX.
Traveling-Salesman - A library and reference implementation for navigation/routing on OpenStreetMap.
Tahoe-LAFS - A secure, decentralized storage system.
Terminal Mixer - A multi-user multi-point terminal application frontend.
tvtime-web - A Web interface for tvtime.
Tagsistant - A semantic filesystem for Linux and BSD kernels.
Torah Tools - A collection of utilities for the advancement of Torah study.
trowser - A text browser with line-oriented color highlighting and search.
Tegel Tilemap Editor - A tilemap editor and allegro add-on library.
Tablatures - A guitar/bass tab editor.
Template based B+ Tree - A simple and yet very efficient B+ tree implementation.
TheWan.net WiFiMap - Software to geographically plot networks on GoogleMaps.
Tokyo Cabinet - A modern implementation of a DBMS.
Twibright Syntring - A purely algorithmic string synthesizer with ASCII input and wav output.
TFTPgrab - A TFTP stream extractor.
The Epeios MIDI to XML converter - A MIDI to XML and XML to MIDI converter
Terrain Generation - A program designed to produce realistic elevation maps.
TMX Localization Editor - A utility for viewing, editing, and saving TMX localization files.
Trace Modeler - A program to create UML sequence diagrams.
Tickets - A computer-aided dispatch system.
Tuxcast - A minimal, portable C++ podcatcher with an interactive CLI.
Thunderbird PST Import plugin - A plugin to allow Thunderbird to import a PST file.
The Launcher - An innovative GNOME panel applet and stand-alone application launcher.
The Tiny Multi Agent Platform - A tiny multiagent platform for teaching applications and others.
tmux - A terminal multiplexer program.
Texterize - A text and metadata extraction library and tools supporting many file formats.
TangoCMS - A CMS that is compliant with W3C standards.
TIDorb Java - A CORBA 2.6 ORB implementation.
Trading robot DSL - A domain specific language for automated trading.
ThermonucleotideBLAST - Assay specific searching of nucleic acid sequence databases.
Tine 2.0 - A Web-based groupware solution which focuses on usabilty.
TorChat - A serverless anonymous instant messenger.
TunnelerX - A program to run and maintain an SSH tunnel on your Mac.
The GeoViz Toolkit - A toolkit that allows for the exploration of multivariate geospatial data.
TermLauncher Applet - A simple GNOME Panel Applet for quickly launching gnome-terminals.
TAR GUI - A graphical user interface for GNU tar.
TutorialMS - A tutorial management script.
Toka - A portable dialect of Forth designed to be useful on modern OSes.
Tetra-WebBBS - A follow-up of WebBBS, a Web-based BBS/forum system.
Tinymail - Webmail for cell phones.
ts2mpa - A simple tool to extract MPEG Audio from an MPEG-2 transport stream.
Tiny Blogr - A personal journal blog system with beautiful URL support.
tcpmd5 - Userspace TCP-MD5 packet signing.
Twisted Shootout - A 2D shooter game.
tinyap - An abstract LL parser in which the grammar is itself data.
Tioga - A Ruby library for scientific graphs.
TinyaML - A virtual machine, a compiler, and a compiler-compiler.
TianoCore EFI Toolkit - Rapid development tools for EFI applications.
Transterpreter - A small, portable runtime for exploring concurrency.
TTX and FontTools - A tool and library to convert various font types to XML and back.
Tunguska - A ternary computer emulator.
Treo Sokoban - A traditional Sokoban game.
The Widget Jones Library - A lightweight, flexible, template-driven widget build system.
Tcl Inotify - A filesystem notification service for Tcl.
Tcl SNMP Tools - Tcl SNMP tools for managing remote agents.
tig - A text-mode interface for git.
ttwcom - A command line decoder for .trans and .totrans files.
TransProCalc - A financial calculator/report tool for translators, LSPs, and project managers.
The MUGU Project - A graphical multiplayer game system written in Java.
Tofu - A plain text-based todo manager.
the Non Sequencer - Realtime, pattern-based MIDI sequencer.
Tcl Dictionary - An online dictionary (dict.org) look-up application.
trojuhelnik - A general solver for computing triangles that conform to given parameters.
Tickle Text - A text editor written in Tcl.
Thick Fighter - A cross-platform 2D ego-shooter.
The Cell Messaging Layer - An implementation of MPI for the Cell Broadband Engine.
Te Tuhi - A program that turns still pictures into video games.
Tema - A macro processor and template engine for the Java platform.
TheirView - A transforming proxy that shows how users see your Web site.
The Spiffy Framework - A general Java helper repository.
tbjsonpath - A query language for JSON.
TheBox JSON Library - A library that parses, validates, and creates JSON documents.
TipRPC - A fast, easy syntax for RPC among C++ programs.
Tentacularity - A hentai puzzle game in which you guide tentacles to girls.
Transmisson-web - A Web interface for tranmission-daemon.
Triplify - A small plugin for Web applications exposing RDF, Linked Data, and JSON.
TVheadend - A streaming server/relay/recorder for Digital / Analog TV
TREE Data Server - Software for IB TWS API data.
TaskForest - A text-file based single-machine job scheduler with a RESTful Web service.
Tcl Syslog - A Tcl interface to the *nix syslog service.
Tcl PAM - A Tcl interface to the PAM service of Linux.
Tcl Message Queues - A Tcl interface to POSIX Message Queues.
Tobu - A freeform database, PIM, and tagger.
Twibright Pitchotron - A musical transcription analyzer.
twitter-cmdline - A commandline twitter client.
TrafficObjects - Dynamic charts for dynamic data retrieved from databases and files.
Traffic Squeezer - A WAN optimization and network optimization solution.
Tickle Tunes - A frontend for mplayer.
The Machine Emulator - A general-purpose framework for computer emulation.
Tcl mmap Interface - A Tcl interface to the POSIX mmap(2) system call.
TTG - A tool to display SNMP bandwidth usage in text mode like ping.
Tensor - Calculates the cost of test modification on test code for source changes.
The Zenautics Matrix Project - A matrix/vector class library for C++.
tinyTiM - A small and lightweight implementation of TMAPI.
TransactionKit - Lockless multi-reader, multi-writer, transaction-capable hash tables.
tokengrid - A PHP class that implements a strong authentication token grid.
tinyddns - A dynamic DNS client/server for use with tinydns.
tmin - A fuzzing test case optimizer.
TaDaPro - A command-line utility to operate with numerical column tabulated data.
TSP Flaming - A solution for the Travelling Salesman problem.
TPU Project - A 3D RPG set in the 17th century.
The Appconf Library - A library responsible for reading and writing ini-like files.
Twitim - A Twitter client for GNOME.
ttftp server - A templating TFTP server.
TKDO - A master todo list designed to work with VimOutliner files.
TimeLeft - A skinnable countdown, clock, reminder, and timer.
TAL/wm - A tiling application launcher and window manager for X.
treewatch - A program to watch a directory and run a specified program when files change.
TigerCube - An all-in-one communications and security focused operating system.
tinypy - A minimalist implementation of Python in 64k of code.
TiP - A general purpose framework for quickly building a working Web site.
TAMOGEN - A tone altering mosaic creator.
Thor Panel Lite - A Web-based server administration software solution.
Traffic Control - A transparent SMTP traffic shaping proxy.
The WollMux - An OpenOffice.org plugin with enhanced forms, autotext, and printing features.
Tracex - A program that records X protocol communication.
TkResolver++ - A suite of software for conducting experiments into psychokinesis.
thwack - A typesetter with troff input and XML output.
TextRoom - A full-screen text editor for writers.
Teractualizar - A client-server system to synchronize files using SFTP.
Tor-ramdisk - A micro Linux distribution for securely hosting a Tor server.
tox - MVC plumbing for XML based Tomcat/Oracle applications.
tftp-hpa-execute - A fork of tftp-hpa to allow command execution on file requests.
txOpenID - A Twisted OpenID server.
Talend Open Studio for Data Quality - A program to analyze your databases and check your data quality.
TeamCity - An out-of-the-box build management and continuous integration server.
trad4 - A fully concurrent, thread safe programming language.
Tut1x - An implementation of the IEEE 802.1x Supplicant part.
Time Tracking - A Web-based time tracking script.
The Amazing Awk Assembler - An assembler writen in awk.
The CopyPirate - A game that parodies the copyright controversy.
tudu - A todo list manager in ncurses.
TerminalColorizer - An application to colorize bash scripts.
ttyutils - A terminal session recording and monitoring toolkit.
TclDTrace - A binding of libdtrace to the Tcl programming language.
Trustix Enterprise Firewall - A security system for enterprise networks.
The Eiffel Compiler - A command line compiler for Eiffel.
TimeSleuth - A program that discovers temporal decision rules.
Twittamos - A Twitter client.
The MySQL Sandbox - A tool that quickly and easily installs MySQL servers side by side in isolation.
Tarzan - A fast, powerful PHP toolkit for building Web applications with AWS.
transtoba2 - A program for transliteration from the Roman script into the Toba Batak script.
Thinksaber - A program to make your Thinkpad sound like a Jedi weapon.
tebsclock - A steampunk binary clock gadget for E17.
tunctl - A tool for controlling Linux TUN/TAP devices.
Typos - A way to find domain names that were misspelled due to typing mistakes.
Trisul - Allows you to monitor current network usage and investigate past incidents.
translate.Link - A translation tool that uses PHP lang files constructed using associative arrays
TinyNews - A simple news/article publishing system for Web sites.
The Gamebook Engine - A cross-platform engine for writing gamebooks.
Tin Hat - A secure, stable, fast desktop Linux distribution derived from hardened Gentoo.
TOMOYO Linux - Pathname-based MAC for Linux.
Tidy RPM Cache script - A script to tidy a cache of RPM package files by deleting those that have become obsolete.
Tombs of the Asciiroth - A puzzle/RPG/roguelike game you can play in your Web browser.
TileGTK - A Tk tile theme.
The Digital Seed Vault - A Web-based FOSS seed stock database.
TextTest - An automated tool for testing command line programs using text file comparison.
The Corosync Cluster Engine - A cluster plug-in engine with cluster primatives.
Thingamablog 1.0.6 Wikilink + ISCIM extension - An improved version of the Thingamablog blogging tool.
Talk Leet - A PHP class to convert words to "leet" speak and vice-versa.
TclScreenUP - A screenshot snapper and uploader utility.
Tiny Backup System - A simple, automated, and easy to use backup system for multiple hosts.
testicle - A framework to build C++ unit tests.
tcl-fuse - A Tcl interface to the Linux kernel's FUSE subsystem.
tcl-gaul - Genetic/evolutionary algorithm extension for Tcl.
Tenable Nessus - A comprehensive vulnerability scanning program.
TCL2FTP - An FTP client and gateway for use in Tcl scripts.
ThimbleText - A text editor with a wiki-like syntax.
TurnKey Drupal 5 Appliance - An Ubuntu-based Drupal 5 appliance that is easy to use and lightweight (170 MB).
TurnKey Joomla Appliance - A Joomla appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TurnKey LAMP Appliance - A LAMP appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
Twidge - A Unix command-line Twitter and Identica client.
The Swing Traffic Generator - A traffic generator that can reproduce fine-grained packet timings.
Telemeta - A program to backup, transcode, and publish any audio content with metadata.
TinkerBell - An application development tool for Ruby Web Dialogs.
teamGit - A git GUI for small teams.
tcpindex - packet capture and search - LAN packet capture and search.
tkpile - An APM/ACPI battery status monitor dockapp.
Two-Spot - A Web-based business administration system.
TTFSampler - A sample sheet generator for TrueType fonts.
TeX Live - A TeX distribution.
tuitest - A tool to create and run automated tests of text user interfaces.
The Python audio processing suite - A set of convenience tools to process audio to detect duplicate songs or audio snippets.
TRIXER - A transparent-indexed cataloger to browse directories/removable media offline.
Trellis Desk - Online help desk software.
Text Mode Rovio Client - Rovio console app
tykwa - A vector drawing library for Tcl/Tk.
trafmetux - A traffic meter for Linux.
The Small Fonts Package - Small terminal fonts for X11.
TurnKey MediaWiki Appliance - Free MediaWiki appliance that is easy to use and lightweight
TurnKey Drupal 6 Appliance - A Drupal appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TurnKey LAPP Appliance - An Ubuntu-based LAPP appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TQLinux - Another Linux distribution.
TurnKey Ruby On Rails Appliance - A Ruby on Rails appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TurnKey Django Appliance - A Django appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TinyBlogMesh - A tiny application for "quick and dirty" blog posting.
TurnKey MySQL Appliance - An Ubuntu-based MySQL appliance that is easy to use and lightweight (152 MB).
Theory - A self-contained Web client for MPD with some Ajax and a pretty face.
texdrive - An Emacs minor mode for adding TeX-specified math formulae to Web pages.
TM++ - An embedded, portable, persistent Topic Maps engine.
Thyrd - A visual programming language.
Threaded-Samba-Scanner - A fast and easy to use Samba scanner.
Toorox - A Linux live-DVD based on Gentoo.
Text License - A Drupal module that assigns a license to your published work.
TurnKey PostgreSQL Appliance - A PostgreSQL appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TakOS - A Web operating system framework.
tickermesenseless - A tool for handling Skytronic/Velleman electronic signs.
Tuxedo Webmail - Webmail software for Apache/PHP
tclxosd - A Tcl binding for libxosd.
Tiny Keyword Tracker - A tool for tracking and ranking keywords for Web sites.
TDTxE - A program that transforms the markup of a text, based on customizable tables.
The Eagle Project - An implementation of the Tcl scripting language for the CLR.
ThemeX - A WordPress plugin that will allow the automatic rotation of a pair of themes
Tunnel Manager - A program for managing SSH tunnels and their required keys.
Tiny Core Linux - A Linux GUI desktop in 10 MB.
TomOS - A 16-bit operating system for x86.
ThinkUI Data Generator - An Ant based tool for generating data for regression, load, and unit testing.
TinyBrain - An embeddable artificial intelligence module.
table2gridbag - A tool for configuring java.awt.GridBagLayout.
TSM Monitor - A PHP monitoring application for TSM (IBM Tivoli Storage Manager)
transmorph - Converts a Java object of one type into an object of another type.
The Idle Screen Project - A collection of screen savers.
Theorur - A GUI for ffmpeg2theora.
Tin Can Jukebox - A streaming Web jukebox.
tvrss - A simple script to download torrent enclosures from tvrss.net
Traffpro - A traffic control, traffic accounting, bandwidth shaping, and bandwidth management system.
Tickle Bomb - A geometrically interesting minesweeper game.
Triage - A help desk application.
Test::Warn - A Perl extension to test methods and subroutines for warnings.
threecheck - A typechecker for Python 3000.
Tosca - Software to manage customer issues efficiently.
Tweeter - Twitter command line updater.
Tartarus - A shell-based and extendable backup solution for dedicated servers.
Tcpjunk - A general TCP protocols testing and hacking utility.
tunerlimit - An LD_PRELOAD library to control access to setrlimit(2).
The Open Toolkit - Strongly-typed OpenGL, OpenCL, and OpenAL bindings for Mono/.Net.
twitmail - A twitter client that remembers the things you read and lets you reply easily.
The Middleman Project - Shell script parallelization utilities.
Terminator terminal emulator - A cross-platform terminal emulator.
TankCalc - A sophisticated storage tank analyzer written in Java.
Termentis - A bitmap terminal font for wide displays.
Tag Object - A Perl HTML tag object.
Thinknowlogy - Grammar-based software designed to utilize the logic contained within grammar.
ttf2eot - A utility to convert TrueType Fonts (TTF) to EOT (Embedded OpenType) .
timebook - A simple command line application to track what you spend time on.
Tilescape - A JavaScript tilemap game platform.
TouchMe Games - A suite of card, strategy, and word games.
Tcl Web Application Framework - A Web application framework for Tcl.
Tonido - Access, share, and sync from anywhere and any device.
TextEditor++ - A crossplatform text editor.
Tegris - An OpenGL remake of the Block Out (Tetris-like) game.
TTA-based Co-design Environment - A toolset for designing application-specific processors (ASP) based on the Transport triggered architecture (TTA).
tlve - A tag-length-value parser.
The Hotwire Suite - An enterprise server for live inventory and a rapid build and deploy system.
tcl-fann - A Tcl extension for neural networks processing, using the FANN library.
TryMath - A math FIGlet challenge.
Tpda3 - A classic desktop database application framework and runtime.
truncate - A program that enlarges or shrinks files.
Templum - A lightweight, simple, and fast templating engine for PHP.
TurnKey WordPress Appliance - A WordPress appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TurnKey phpBB Appliance - An Ubuntu-based phpBB appliance that is easy to use and lightweight (161 MB).
TotalCross - A mobile development platform for PDAs and smartphones.
tnote - Sticky style notes for the terminal.
TurnKey Tomcat Appliance - An Ubuntu-based Apache Tomcat appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
torrentRss - A program to download TV show torrents.
TooN - A numerics library for C++.
Tinypug - A customer collaboration and feedback portal.
teeterl - A lean portable Erlang implementation without BEAM.
Timeriffic - An Android application for changing ringer settings based on time and day.
Teaching Assistant Helper - Software to help send hand-in reminders to students.
Trafficmeter - A traffic collecting and logging system.
transmission-remote-dotnet - A client for transmission-daemon, a headless bittorrent client.
TagAligner - A bitext aligner based on HTML tags.
tpkg - A application packaging and deployment tool.
tstime - A program to get highwater memory usage of processes.
TrueCL - A high availability clustering package for Linux and Unix.
TextMagic Messenger - A tool for sending text messages.
TortoiseHg - A graphical frontend for Mercurial.
TweetBox.fx - A desktop Twitter client.
taskwarrior - A command-line to do list manager.
tilswiki - A wiki that is always in WYSIWYG edit mode.
thử - A Web-based tool to manage test plans and associated reports, including progress charts.
TagoMan - Tag, Note, Document Manager
Tiny Calculator - A simple command line calculator that resolves mixed expressions.
timer_entropyd - A program that feeds a /dev/random device with entropy data read from timers.
Tric-Tac-Toe - A new twist (or perhaps "tilt") on the classic Tic-Tac-Toe game.
TOSS - A Linux distrubition for engineers and developers.
tvim - A GUI wrapper around GVIM's remote interface.
The Legend of Edgar - A 2D platform game with a persistent world.
tagEventor - An object-based-user-interface component using an RFID/NFC reader and tags.
Transposh - A translation addon for WordPress.
The Goblin and the Butterfly - A 2D/3D MMORPG client.
The Procrastinator's Timeclock - A simple tool for managing the urge to do "just one more thing".
Tasktop - Enterprise-ready productivity software built on Eclipse Mylyn.
Transmageddon - A video conversion tool.
Twibright Registrator - A program that improves photos by matching and averaging several together.
TclUP - An FTP client in Tcl/Tk.
TinyCurses - A simplified, full-color, and extended version of the curses terminal UI library.
TvGuideFetch - A program to fetch XMLTV guide data from oztivo.net.
The Brick Engine - A cross-platform lo-fi gaming engine.
THAI dotproject - A Web-based project management system.
terp - A modular template engine and ANT enhancer.
tzar - A roguelike game with zombies.
tmphoto - A Web photo gallery application.
Teambox - A Basecamp alternative. Share messages, tasks, and pages with your team.
Trumpeter - A server to send XMPP messages based on RT queries.
timekpr - A program to keep control of computer usage.
TextureBuilder - A program that builds different texture formats out of six skybox textures.
TunnelIt - A netcat-like Ethernet tunneling tool.
theora-intro - A program that adds an introduction sequence to an Ogg/Theora video.
taggrepper - A simple program to match tags of media files against specified regular expressions.
topvhost - A console monitor for virtual host activity.
tweet - A simple command-line client for updating your twitter status.
Tiny XML - A tiny XML parser.
tagfs - a virtual user space file system to handle tags
Tiny Ear Trainer - Ear training software.
Texe - A portable executable import and export table manipulator and disassembler.
Tuwo - A high-level computer vision library.
tagls - A tool that matches file names using boolean expressions made of tags and regular expressions.
The Karoo Project - An application framework that can scale up to very large projects.
Tiny Marbles CMS - Open Source Content Management System
Tile Digger - A tile matching game where you must clear the board by forming patterns.
Timeline - A cross-platform application for displaying and navigating events on a timeline.
Trojita - A Qt IMAP email client.
Temper-Tools - Tools to read a TEMPer USB thermometer.
tree-system - A system for storing XML documents in a tree structure in a database.
Templights - A template system for PHP.
Teddy's Air Show - A side scrolling game for kids of ages four and older.
tdom - A set of classes that make it easy to read, modify, or create XML files.
Text-Pipe - A common text filter API for Perl.
Tcat Server - An enterprise Tomcat server with centralized administration, diagnostics, and a monitoring console.
Tonatiuh - An object-oriented Monte Carlo ray tracer for the optical simulation of solar concentrating systems.
TIPP - An IP planning application.
TongueTied - A Web based resource management tool that allows you to manage your static resources and translations.
Test-Class - Easily create Perl test classes in an xUnit/JUnit style.
TXR - A data munging language.
Trackon - An open tracker monitoring system for Google App Engine.
Thumbak - An automated backup system for USB thumb drives.
type validator - A Python type checker for unserialized network objects.
TiiMenu Class - A PHP class that generates multi-level menus.
Thread Weaver - A multithreaded Java test framework.
Tidy YUM Cache Plugin - A YUM Plugin to minimize the size of the cache by deleting old RPM package files.
TellurianRing Scene - A JavaScript animation library built on top of the HTML 5 canvas element.
ted - A lightweight commandline text editor designed for scripting.
Thot - A Wiki-like text processor.
tomcat-plugin - A Maven 2.x Tomcat plugin for Web developers.
tvpvrd - An analogue TV video recorder daemon, a.k.a a digital VCR.
TimeGT - Life and task management software that keeps data in sync using a secure server.
TNEF Plugin for Evolution - A TNEF plugin for the Evolution email client.
Tiny Http Client - An HTTP 1.0 client in pure PHP.
Tochnog - A multipurpose finite element analysis program.
TurnKey Domain Controller Appliance - A Domain Controller appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TurnKey File Server Appliance - A file server appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TurnKey Torrent Server Appliance - A Torrent server appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TurnKey Zimbra Appliance - A Zimbra appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TurnKey Redmine Appliance - A Redmine appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TurnKey Revision Control Appliance - A revision control appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TurnKey Tracks Appliance - A Tracks appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TurnKey Trac Appliance - A Trac appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TurnKey OpenBravo Appliance - An Openbravo appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TurnKey Moodle Appliance - A Moodle appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TurnKey OTRS Appliance - An OTRS appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TurnKey MindTouch Core Appliance - A MindTouch appliance that is easy to use and lightweight
TurnKey TWiki Appliance - A TWiki appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TurnKey ejabberd Appliance - AN ejabberd appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TurnKey Gallery Appliance - A Gallery appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TurnKey DokuWiki Appliance - A DokuWiki appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TurnKey ProjectPier Appliance - A ProjectPier appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TurnKey Movable Type Appliance - A Movable Type appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TurnKey Symfony Appliance - A Symfony appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TurnKey MoinMoin Appliance - A MoinMoin appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TurnKey Roundup Appliance - A Roundup appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TurnKey BugZilla Appliance - A BugZilla appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TurnKey Mantis Appliance - A Mantis appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TurnKey Amazon EC2 SDK Appliance - An Amazon EC2 SDK appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
TurnKey App Engine Appliance - A Google App Engine SDK appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.
Teleport - An improved cd command.
tiny-mailx - A minimal and fast mailx clone.
tup - A file-based build system.
T42 - A public transit navigation system.
TorrentWatch-X - A TV show download automator.
treap.py - A treap implementation in Python and optionally Cython.
Transifex - An open translation platform.
Tumblefile - An automatic, chronological file organizer for GNOME.
Terminal Etch 'n Sketch - An "Etch 'n Sketch" game for Unix terminals.
twittering-mode - An Emacs major mode for Twitter.
Terrastore - A scalable, elastic, consistent document store.
TexLexAn - An analyzer, classifier, summarizer, and archiver.
The Butterfly Effect - A physics simulation game in which small causes tend to have large effects.
Trash Can - A recycle bin implementation for the command line.
TV-Viewer - A frontend to watch and record TV.
The Marionette Collective - A server automation framework.
telepathic-critterdrug - Psychic evolved neural nets that use drugs to make art.
tkpgp - A GnuPG GUI front-end.
Torrus - A network monitoring suite.
Tiny Tiny IRC - An AJAX-powered Web-based IRC client.
twod.wsgi - A library to make WSGI a first-class citizen in Django applications.
Turious - A turn based strategy game.
TSDL - A widget and events library for SDL games.
Toolbar Icons - A collection of fully scalable icons for toolbar buttons and similar user interface elements.
Teleporter - A Web and mail based file transfer system.
toprammer - Software for the TOP2049 universal programmer.
Treep - A Lisp-like language for doing symbolical computations.
Tranche - A distributed repository for immutable files.
TOMUSS - An interactive Web spreadsheet allowing concurrent table editing.
Tage - A terrain and texture generator.
TkSessionManager - An X11 menu type program launcher with notepad.
tfa-climate-reader - A program for reading data from the climate logger TFA 30.3015.
TomatoCMS - A CMS that lets you compose Web pages by dragging and dropping widgets.
tmjs - A Topic Maps engine written in JavaScript.
Transcoder - A video converter.
typhon - A slim and themeable dashboard and program / emulator launcher.
TorrentGrab - A script that searches isoHunt for specific keywords and downloads .torrent files.
Transcoder Audio Edition - An audio converter.
taylortype - A program that speeds up the creation of LaTeX documents.
Tinyserial - A tiny polling serial library for Arduino microcontrollers.
ToneTool - A mobile phone application for generating DTMF, Select-V, and 1750Hz radio communication tones.
taolin - A Web desktop.
The Two-Layered GUI Toolkit - A .NET/Mono library that provides frequently used dialogs and GUI components.
TROOL - An object-oriented interface to SQL databases for PHP.
TinyIDS - A distributed intrusion detection system.
Tilige - A tool that creates beautiful timelines.
TwoVid Player - A Mac OS X app for playing two videos in parallel.
Total Shop UK eCommerce - An eCommerce site based on CodeIgniter.
ToPIA - A persistence and application distribution framework.
TSP Solver and Generator - A program to generate and solve "travelling salesman problem" tasks.
Tracer - A Python ray-tracing package with a focus on solar energy.
TinyTcl - Tcl for embedded applications.
The CodeAssistor Editor - A simple and small cross-platform programming editor.
ToBmp - A PHP class to convert JPEG, GIF, and PNG images to the BMP format.
TruPax - Creates TrueCrypt volumes directly from files and folders.
Tephlon - An easy PHP persistence library.
The One Ring - A version control wrapper.
terminal_colors - A tool to display a terminal color chart for 8, 16, 88, and 256 color terminals.
TaskFreak! Time Tracking - A simple to use but pretty and efficient time tracking Web application.
T-Shirt Designer - A turnkey software package with a visual editor for creating an online custom t-shirt store.
TbsZip - A PHP class for modifying Zip archives without extensions or temporary files.
TomP2P - A P2P-based high performance key-value pair storage library.
Tweetty - A Twitter client for the tty, also known as the command line.
Time Star - Calendar-based software to make bookings, manage work, and issue quotations, job sheets, invoices, and receipts.
tour2pics - A program that generates nice plots from a Hac4linux .tour file.
TymeacME - A full-feature, fork-join manager for Java ME development.
tgdl - A downloader for teletext of Polish public TV.
Trek Communal Web Browser - A Web-kit based browser that allows for communal browsing experiences.
The Nx Programming Language - A strictly typed but type-inferred array programming language for numerical applications.
tlssh - A TLS shell.
tcrun - An automated software testing framework for .NET.
TimeIT - A simple-to-use time tracker.
ThinVNC - HTML5 remote desktop access.
Tomb - A simple tool to manage encrypted storage.
tadedon - Utilities that form a foundation for applications written with one of many Java frameworks.
tmetaCalc - An advanced, extensible calculator for BlackBerry devices.
Transie - A dual-pane text editor for translators.
TickVue - A real-time stock market portfolio tracker.
TCP Input Text - Extracts TCP ports and fully qualified domain names (FQDN) from search results.
TAP4Pascal - A Pascal unit testing suite.
TodayFolder - A tool to archive all files on the desktop with one click.
treE - A simple Web-based issue tracking system.
tspipe - A timestamping logger with log rotation.
Tiny Bash Server - A small HTTP server with CGI-style scripting ability.
TreasureMap - A standalone JSR-296 ResourceMap implementation.
tesseract-ocr - An OCR engine.
Thumbnailator - A thumbnail generation library for Java with a fluent interface.
tsf - A command line utility for creating timestamped copies of files.
TML - A tagless markup language.
The Aime Interpreter - An application extension programming language interpreter.
TinyShell AJAX - PHP/AJAX Cross-Browser MySQL Client and Shell.
Tanir's Quest - A pygame-based dungeoneering game toolkit.
Taru - An appointment scheduler.
Tacticalendar - A perpetual horizon calendar.
te-edu Password Meter - A class to check whether a password is strong.
TymeacDSE - A Java Fork-Join conqueror.
Task Timer Light - A lightweight HTML task time tracker.
TeachToPod - Assistance for ripping Teaching Company lectures from DVD.
tich - A "Today In Computing History" Google Gadget.
Theano - A Python library that lets you to define, optimize, and evaluate mathematical expressions involving multi-dimensional arrays.
Twistr - A very simple Tumblr client.
TellstickController - A Java interface for the Telldus Tellstick.
tcputils - A collection of programs to facilitate TCP programming in shell scripts.
TellstickServer - A Web interface for Telldus Tellstick.
TellstickApp - An app to control Telldus Tellstick with your Android phone.
treemaplib - A Java tree map library.
timeplot - An analyst's Swiss army knife for visualizing data from log files.
The shock bundle - A collection of Web site and WordPress templates.
Template Chooser - A Joomla! 1.5 template chooser module.
twapake - A Slackware utility to manage the last installed packages.
Tie-REHash - A Perl extension that allows regexes to be used as keys for hashes.
Tux Football - A 2D football game.
Texcaller - A convenient interface to the TeX command line tools.
TimeDataPlotter - A program to interactively plot data over a time scale.
TommyDS - A C library of hashtables and tries designed for high performance.
TaniDVR - A tool for managing and accessing DVR-IP devices.
Tag Builder - A class to generate HTML tags programmatically.
TuxDiner - A POS system for cafes, diners, and restaurants.
Tembo - An efficient search tool that is based on the Spotlight engine.
Tupi - A design and authoring tool for 2D animation.
The jflicks media system - A home media system that is easy to install, configure, and run.
transmission-remote-gtk - A GTK remote control application for the Transmission BitTorrent client.
timecodecalc - A movie time code converter.
TeamLab - A multifunctional Web office for business collaboration and document, project, and customer relationship management.
Tic-Tac-Toe - A Tic-Tac-Toe game using an alpha beta search algorithm.
Taridium ipbx - A software IP PBX.
TIXI - A library for fast and simple XML access.
TreeFrog Framework - A high-speed and full-stack C++ framework for Web applications.
TimeHive - Web based project time tracking.
The Guide - Management tools optimized for software projects, with timesheets, Gantt, CRM, and Scrum.
TIGL - A library for generating 3D geometries from parametrized CPACS/XML data sets.
TIDorb C++ - A CORBA 2.6 ORB for C++.
Tcl (CPAN) - A Tcl extension module for Perl.
TMake - A build system written in C that uses Lua.
Treebeard - A community topical forest.
tCaptcha - A CAPTCHA script.
Text-Xslate - A scalable template engine for Perl5.
Three-Column Liquid-Layout Viewport - A three-column, liquid-layout, viewport-based user-interface for data-oriented Web applications.
treeview - A tool for creating a dynamic treeview.
TeeChart for Android - A charting component for Android development environments.
Tentacles-orm - An object-relational mapping (ORM) written in Python.
tmux-applets - A collection of tmux "applets".
tcsv2png - Data visualization of CSV data with a time column.
The FACT Programming Language - A scope-oriented programming language.
The IEC 61131-3 Structured Text to XML Compiler - iec2xml
transitiv-nagios-plugins - A collection of useful plugins for Nagios/Icinga.
tagger - A Python module for extracting relevant tags from text documents.
Tyrs - A Twitter client with a UI based on ncurses.
T5Tagger.pm - A Perl module that implements a 5 gram tagger for English.
TunesRemote-SE - A Java-based remote control for DACP-compatible music players.
Test.pm to Test::More Converter - Convert Perl test programs from Test.pm to the more modern Test::More.
TPlayer - A multimedia management tool.
todoyu - A Web-based way to manage your projects, bringing your team and clients together to work on projects.
Tiliae IoC container - A C++ IoC container and reflection library.
Tivima - A Web interface for managing virtual machines.
The Golden Hasweg: A Dwarven Tale - A strategy or city-building game with Dwarves.
Tymeac-and - An Android application thread managing service in either an embedded or remote (IPC) configuration.
tvguide - An XMLTV guide browser.
Tadpole - A minimalistic PHP MVC framework.
tomld - A fully automatic Mandatory Access Control (MAC) configuration solution.
The Grind - An Arcade game set in a white collar office.
Triplane Classic - A side-scrolling dogfighting game.
Time Doctor - Employee productivity software for time tracking and remote employee monitoring.
Tomdroid - A note taking application with a wiki-style approach.
The QuantumChange Component Management System - A system for defining and reusing software components in many similar but different configurations.
Tapioca - An extremely lightweight and minimal IoC/DI framework for Java.
TagmaDebug - A simple interactive debugger for TCL programs.
tsdecrypt - Reads an incoming MPEG transport stream over UDP/RTP and then decrypts it using keys obtained from OSCAM or a similar cam server.
tctest - A termcap test utility.
Talend Open Studio for MDM - A tool to get users started with master data.
Tiny BASIC for Curses - A BASIC interpreter for the curses character screen handling library.
twstools - Command line tools around the Interactive Brokers TWS API.
The Integrated Financial System - IFS is personal financial software to help you keep track of your coins!
Talend Open Studio for ESB - A versatile and flexible enterprise service bus.
Tiny Movie Organizer - A lightweight movie organizing/backup utility.
The TI-BASIC Compiler - A tool which compiles and decompiles TI-BASIC programs for the TI-83 and TI-84+.
turnMeOn - A wake on LAN/wake on WAN packet generator and sender.
TexMaths - A LaTeX equation editor for LibreOffice.
Topic Database - A plain text database.
txLibravatar - A Twisted module for Libravatar.
TikZ-dependency - A package to draw dependency graphs in LaTeX.
tcpdump - A powerful commandline packet analyzer.
tpe-lkm - A Trusted Path Execution Linux kernel module.
twoauth - Two-phase authentication for OpenBSD.
Taskhelm - A graphical frontend to TaskWarrior, a TODO list manager.
texty - A lightweight text editor for Mac OS X Lion.
Tree Layout Helper - A library that lays out tree structures so they can be graphically output.
Texpand - A class which expands textarea input as the user types the text.
Tmatrix - Manipulation of matrices to transform Web page elements.
TorTV - A project to run Tor on your TV.
TreeTagger for Java - A TreeTagger wrapper for Java.
The wine cellar - Wine cellar management software.
Triathlon Training Diary - A calendar for tracking triathlon training.
Track IP - A tool that tracks a PC's IP addresses.
The Lean Mean C++ Option Parser - A no-dependencies C++ commandline arguments parser with a convenient interface.
tools4j-config - Configuration management for enterprise Java applications.
TMSU - An application for tagging your files and navigating them as a virtual filesystem.
Tmuxie - A lightweight session manager for Tmux.
Tracedump - A single application sniffer.
Toolbar Windows 7 Icon Pack - A collection of Windows 7-style stock icons.
Tab Bar Icons For Mobile Apps - A high-quality set of pictograms for iOS apps.
twsapi - A portable C++ API for Interactive Brokers TWS.
Texture Atlas Maker - A utility that creates texture atlases for 2D OpenGL games.
TumblrBackup - A backup application for Tumblr sites.
TouchableViews - A simple GUI library for embedded systems.
tkhelp - A tkinter assistance module.
taskrambler - A multi user task management tool inspired by taskwarrior.
Trusion - A Webcam security system.
Titanium Countdown - Time countdowns for Titanium label objects.
Tilde - A console text editor.
TeeChart for Javascript - A cross-browser HTML5 canvas charting library.
TrueSculpt - Virtual sculpture for Android.
turses - A Twitter client for the console.
Text translation for Asterisk using MS Translator - Text translation and language detection for Asterisk using the Microsoft Translator API.
Text translation for Asterisk using Google Translate - Text translation and language detection for Asterisk using the Google Translate API.
TinyScrum - A Web application for agile project management.
TeachTables - Scheduling and management sites for schools.
TimeMachine Scheduler - A Java scheduler.
Twinkql - A SPARQL to Object mapping framework.
Theorem linker - A program for visualizing relations between theorems written in a LaTeX paper.
toycars - A fighting race car game.
Treba - A commandline tool for training, decoding, and calculating with weighted (probabilistic) finite state automata (WFSA/PFSA).
TCPWebLog - A Web log collection and aggregation system.
tagAR - An augmented reality tagging application for Android.
Triceps - An embeddable Complex Event Processing system.
Timer Master - A simple and efficient timer app.
Topologic - A higher-dimensional geometry renderer.
Tree Generator - A .NET library for generating 3D models of trees and forests.
texture pack - A proceduralized texture pack library.
Tiny Life - A small Game of Life implementation designed to work as a command line filter.
TEdit - A learning text editor.
txtorcon - An asynchronous Python Tor controller using Twisted.
TheSSS (The Smallest Server Suite) - A lightweight server suite for LANs.
Timeline Silverstripe Module - Creation of pages with a timeline style.
Tickets MDB - A membership database aimed at the voluntary sector.
Tryton Android - A Tryton client for Android devices.
Tamed Pluto - An improved version of the Pluto persistence library.
Turpentine - A Magento extension which improves compatibility with Varnish.
Tk-Yupana - An Incan Abacus emulator.
TkinterTreectrl - A Python wrapper for the tktreectrl widget.
TSPLIB4J - A Java Library for TSPLIB.
Template Data Interface (TDI) - A powerful markup template system for Python.
TinyBooks for Mac - A simple, flexible, non-bloated, single-entry bookkeeping and accounting system.
trx - Realtime audio over IP.
twcbackup - Flexible and easy-to-configure backup software.
THIS - This HTML Is Simple.
TestCenter - A project that simplifies the management of user acceptance testing or functional testing.
TermFu - An Android App for long Linux commands.
timeplotters - Tools for visualising temporal data or performance from ad-hoc application logs.
TeXstudio - A LaTeX editor.
Toolsverse ETL Framework - A standalone Extract Transform Load engine.
tsuru - A platform as a service (Paas).
taccGL - A Canvas Library for GPU accelerated 3D/2D HTML animations.
Teamspark - A clean and simple project/task management tool.
Trivia Game - A trivia question game.
ThreadFix - A software vulnerability aggregation and management system that helps organizations aggregate vulnerability data, generate virtual patches, and interact with software defect tracking systems.
To Do Quick - A minimalist desktop "to do" list.
Termdebug - Debugging tools for interactive terminal programs.
tx11ssh - Software to forward or reverse tunnel X11 traffic over an SSH connection.
TuxBot - An IRC bot written in Lua.
ttx teletext browser - A program to read teletext pages on your desktop.
Tiling - A simple window tiling system for Linux.
TemplateFx - A dynamic templating tool.
TinyIB - A lightweight PHP image board.
Task Stalker - Visual process monitoring and management for Linux.
Teia - A simple CSS Framework for Web projects.
termcam - Recording of videos from console applications.
The Sound of Sorting - A demo program containing many integer sorting algorithms.
Textportal - A simple messageboard/image sharing/bookmarking script.
tsx-tools - Utilities for TSX (Intel Transactional Synchronization Extension, HLE/RTM) development.
track-time.pl - An audio track time listing calculator.
Textlocal API2 Wrapper - A PHP wrapper for the new Textlocal API
Table Maintenance - A CRUD system for MySQL table records.
Telize - A JSON IP and GeoIP REST API (IP Geolocation).
TouchWidgets - A widget library for touch-based Linux devices.
TWSI - Sense substituter software.
TeXcount - A tool for counting words in LaTeX documents
Tokenizer - A class that splits a string into tokens.
text2html - A small tool which converts text files into HTML documents.
Tryton - A complete business solution providing modularity, scalability, and security.
Teddy Templating Engine - An easy-to-read, HTML-based, mostly logic-less DOM templating engine.
Trokam - A collaborative search engine.
teve - A CLI streamer and downloader for online TV sites.
Top Coder In A Folder - A script that generates Python files with Top Coder problem statements and unit tests.
Trigger - A robust network automation toolkit designed for interfacing with network devices.
the mneme project - A constituent management system.
terminol - A lean and mean VT220 emulator for X11.
The Eventual PlayFramework-AngularJS-Bootstrap-MongoDB Seed Project - A seed project that combines Play Framework, AngularJS, Bootstrap, and MongoDB..
TriplAgent - An app that recommends places in New York.
TOCC - A Tool for Obsessive Compulsive Classifiers.
The Advanced Online Translator - An online translator with some advanced features.
tblutils - Text-based table utilities.
Thief Catcher - An educational game for young and not so young detectives.
Text Fiction - A Z-Machine for Android.

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