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RealVNC - Cross-platform Virtual Network Computing
RazorBack - SNORT Intrusion Detection System log analysis GUI
rico_RADIO - A GTK radio tuner application.
rymo - A small but reliable Webmail gateway.
Ridentd - An Identd replacement that responds with random ispell dictionary words.
Rascal - A platform-independent modular calculator.
rrdstats - Web Stats of Server, Temp, UPS, Sensors, Speed network, Users, Memory
rsynchelper - Configures rsyncd and helps with mirroring tasks.
Roadsend PHP SiteManager - An open source Web Application Framework for PHP.
revava - Disassembler for Atmel AVR microcontroller firmware.
ROX System Monitor - A simplified gtop which shows processes and filesystems as bar charts.
Randomize Lines - Randomizes lines of input text.
RAZip - An archive format providing fast random access.
Red Hat Update - A replacement for up2date.
Romeo - A Palm ROM manipulation program.
rtf2latex2e - richtext to latex document convertor
rubrica - An address book written using GTK+ and GNOME.
Retail Auto Auction - Point of sale software for an auto auction company.
rsync-backup - A program which automates secure encrypted backups using rsync and ssh.
ROOT GNU/Linux - A fast, powerful, secure and stable Linux distribution.
Register Deleted .co.za (coza) Domains - Automated script to register deleted .co.za domains
Roomba - Room booking software for hotels.
Regression mAKEr. - Simple modular application for data investigation.
rep-XMMS - A rep module allowing you to remotely control XMMS.
RelativeLayers - A Javascript library for creating dynamic designs.
rimric interactive - Enterprise-class databasing and collaboration software.
ROME Operating System - Embedded, multitasking, multiplatform OS
RepeatIt - Repeat plugin for XMMS
RCXDatalog - A GUI-based Unix-tool to upload the datalog of the Lego Mindstorms RCX.
Rinn - A CORBA ORB written in Ruby.
rpmerizor - A small utility that lets you build RPM packages from installed software.
Resolver User Layer Interface - RULI implements a library aimed at querying DNS SRV resource records.
radvd - A Linux/BSD IPv6 router advertisement daemon.
rpm-get - A simple clone of apt-get for rpm.
RomManager - A ROM management utility
RTTTL2WAV - Convert RTTTL formatted mobile phone ringing tones to WAV files.
Rocks - A user-level package for reliable and mobile network connections.
Replex - An email administration tool.
RefDB - A reference database and bibliography manager.
RPMs for Java Development - A set of RPMs for Java developers.
Radstock Password Patch - A password decryption patch for Radstock.
[email protected] - A program that searches through newsgroups with regular expressions.
Raptor RDF Syntax Library - An RDF parser, serializer, and triples C library.
rinetd - A TCP port redirector.
RANCID - A Cisco, Juniper, Foundry, and Redback configuration archiver.
RSA Labs Challenge Attack Client - An attack client for RSA Lab RC5 Challenges.
RARS - Robot Auto Racing Simulator
runwhen - A set of utilities for running commands at particular times.
RPC::XML - An RPC XML module for Perl.
Religious Agenda - A multi-translation Bible reader app for the Agenda VR3 PDA.
Regina Rexx Interpreter - Portable implementation of the ANSI Standard for Rexx.
RSSbot - A program for casting RSS streams over IRC.
Radsearch - A utility for retrieving text records of indeterminate length.
Ruby X11 Client Library - X11 protocol client support for the Ruby language.
rico_GTK-Theme-Selector - A GTK theme switcher.
Rachel - A resource loading toolkit for Java Web Start/JNLP.
rioutil - A program to interface with many flash-based Rio MP3 players.
rmutt random text generation engine - generates random text based on a context-free grammar, with some extra features.
ruby-tmpl - A templating language/system for Ruby, mod_ruby, and eRuby.
Remote Seti - Sends summaries from [email protected] clients in a network to a central host.
Resin-CMP - An EJB 2.0 server including Servlet and JSP support.
Reptile - A Peer-to-Peer, content syndication engine.
RC-Crypt - A command line encryption tool for the RC5 algorithm.
Roundup - A simple-to-use and simple-to-install issue-tracking system.
Recode-ru - A Russian codepage translator.
rtf-converter - An RTF to HTML converter,
Ryan's In/Out Board - A Web-based in/out board.
renameutils - A set of programs to make renaming of files easier.
regex-markup - A utility which highlights text that matches regular expressions.
Ruby Agenda - An Agenda/Scheduler aimed at PDAs.
remote_update.pl - A script to automate administration via SSH.
RawWrite for Windows - A tool for making disk images under Win32.
RadiusSplit - A fast, efficient pre-parser of RADIUS log files.
Remote Methode Call - Framwork to remotely call methods of C++ classes.
ReplaceIt - A text file string replacement tool.
REOBack Backup Solution - A simple backup solution for users/administrators alike.
rdiff-backup - A convenient and transparent local/remote mirror and incremental backup.
ringd.py - Dials a Net connection when prompted by the phone line being called.
rpCalc - A reverse Polish notation calculator.
ruby-session: Got persistence? - ruby-session provides session persistence for mod_ruby.
RPL/2 - A programming language for computations.
RAdmin - A Web-based Radius user administration package.
reverse proxy add forward - This is for backend Apache servers what mod_proxy_add_forward is for frontends.
rubydoc - The ruby documentation project.
RSA-Haskell - RSA signature programs, cryptography programs, and libraries for Haskell.
Rock Dodgers - A game in which you avoid flying space rocks.
rbmyxml - A PHP script that generates XML datafiles from SQL queries.
rc.firewall - An IPtables based, and easily configurable firewall script.
Robocode - A programming game in which Java is learned through the creation of Java Robots.
Ren'ai/Dating Simulation Engine - A dating simulation engine.
rhug - A collection of Java packages built with gcj.
ren - Rename multiple files with wildcard patterns.
rs - A tool to reshape a data array.
Red-Black Tree C Code - Based on the CLR book in C.
ROMBrowser - A tool for organizing emulator ROMs
Room Juice - A multi-user jukebox Web frontend.
R-AddressBook - An XML-based address book.
Ringtone Tools - Tools for creating ringtones on mobile phones.
retawq - A multi-threaded Web browser for text terminals
REXML - A pure Ruby XML parser.
RealChat Software - A Java chat client and server.
rows to columns - Converts a flat text database in rows into one of columns.
ResourcePool - A generic way to use connection caching.
Ruby-GConf - Ruby bindings for GConf.
reloader - A multifunctional newsletter tool.
ritopt Option Parsing Package - An options parsing package for Java.
RmiJdbc - A client/server JDBC Driver based on Java RMI.
RDist - Remote distribution and management of files.
RoboTournament - A RoboRally-inspired game with Death Match, Rally, and Capture The Flag matches.
run-free - A GUI command line program launcher for the desktop.
ruby update - An update script for installations from source files.
rdesktop Console - A Perl/Tk console app for managing multiple RDP sessions.
RPM SuperVisor - Eases administration for RPM-based systems.
radical - A Radius packet decoder.
Reliquary - A portable C++ framework for multitasking network services.
rusconv - Converts messages between cp1251 and KOI8-Unified (including KOI8-R) or ISO-8859
Ruby-GNOME - Ruby bindings for GTK+ and GNOME.
RPM Wizard - An easy-to-use RPM installer.
Realtor-Client Communication Gateway - A Web system for discussion between realtors and clients about properties.
riesamp - A free/easy MP3 player for a car with a 4x20 LCD.
region oriented ascii processor - A region oriented ASCII processor written in Python.
receivedIP - Audit "Received: " headers in e-mail.
relink - An application/package management utility.
rebXR - A full client/server XML-RPC implementation for REBOL.
Reaper - A 'fly around and shoot stuff' 3D game.
Red Pixel - A platform deathmatch game for two players.
Reed-Solomon Codec - A general purpose Reed-Solomon codec.
Reply-o-Matic - Contigurable email auto-reply software.
rubyzip - A Ruby module for reading and writing zip files.
Reptile Web Server - A Web server useful in development stages.
RHEED for Linux - A data gatherer for RHEED images.
Realm Specific IP implementation - An implementation of the Realm Specific IP protocol.
Reqtool - A request tracking tool.
Romenux - A file managing program for the Rome UP-301 MP3 player.
RIMiGate, APRSD on a Floppy - Floppy based Linux distro for deploying an igate
Richy's Site Map - Implements a site map with administration/configuration online.
Runtime Revolution - A user-centric, multi-platform development environment.
Ringlink - A Web ring management program.
Retchmail - The world's most stupidly fast POP retriever.
Ragel State Machine Compiler - Compiles state machines from regular languages.
ReqTools - A library to help developers create requester windows under X.
rss2html - Converts RSS RDF files into HTML
RPCAP - Enables the capture of network traffic on a remote system.
RX/Saturno - A Yamaha Dx7 synthesizer emulator.
Ram Disk Stuff Utility - A tool to insert a file in a RAM disk image inside a boot image.
Racket - A Scheme-like language framework.
Remote Internet Connect - A tool for connecting a Linux box to the Internet from Windows.
Ruby Dataquery Shell - A Ruby-based SQL shell with many features.
Reliable SSH Tunnel - Allows you to transfer data between 2 networks through an encrypted tunnel.
Router Audit Tool - A tool to audit device configurations against defined standards.
remove/rename/move old files - Removes/moves/compresses files automatically.
rbl-milter - Extends sendmail with ability to add X-RBL-Warning headers.
Racs - Remote Accounts handler.
RPy - A Python extension module for using the R programming language.
Rhythmbox - A music player for GNOME.
RedHTTPD Web Server - A Web server.
ROX-Session - A simple session manager.
Random Tools - A random data collector and processor.
Rss Viewer - An RSS viewer.
Radar For Radiator - A real-time, interactive graphical tool for monitoring Radiator.
rbot - A Ruby IRC bot.
Russian tea HOWTO - How to brew proper tea.
Romance - A light, easy, dynamic object sharing protocol for inter-language communication.
Remote SPeaker Protocol - Enables you to control PC speakers via UDP broadcasts.
ReadyExec - A client/server pre-loading system for high-startup-costing code.
Ruby/Google - A Google Web API library for the Ruby programming language.
roguedump - A tool for dumping the high score files from the rogue game.
RFC2822 Address Parser Library - Verify and parse RFC2822 addresses in your C++ application.
Reaper Scripts - Reaps away unwanted user processes.
Ron's Indexing Program - A plain-text indexing/searching/browsing system.
Report Manager - A printing engine and report designer.
RuStem - A fast Porter stemming module for Ruby.
RH Email Server - An email server in a box.
rclean - A commandline rc.conf ordering and cleaning tool.
RayTraccio - An object-oriented Java raytracer.
RSS Writer class - A PHP class to generate RSS 1.0 and 2.0 feeds for content syndication.
RTF to HTML convertor - An RTF to HTML convertor.
Rio600 KDE IO Slave - A KDE IO slave that allows a user to access a RIO 600 through Konqueror.
rip-utils - A commandline toolkit for ripping, encoding, and tagging audio archives.
runit - A cross platform UNIX init scheme with service supervision.
Ruby/DICT - A client-side DICT protocol library for the Ruby programming language.
reTCP - A TCP connection redirector and filtering HTTP proxy.
recode - Converts files between character sets and usages
RobotFlow - A robotics toolkit for FlowDesigner
Rippy the Aggregator - A lightweight RSS aggregator in PHP.
Rockbox - A replacement firmware for MP3 players.
RealizationEngine Group Communicator - Innovative, Web-based "collaborative knowledge-management groupware".
RPN - A Reverse Polish Notation calculator.
RSVP - An online e-vite system.
RIPE Whois Server - A whois database server.
remailckd - An RFC 1339 server for Maildir mailboxes.
Ryth(M)Aid + GUI - Plays drums, bass, and piano to a given set of chords.
respell - Converts English spellings.
Ruby/Password - A password handling module for the Ruby programming language.
Reversi - A Reversi game.
Ruby/Evas - Ruby bindings for Evas.
ReZound - A graphical audio editor.
rc5pipe - A UNIX pipe-based RC5 encryption utility.
References for TeX and Friends - Help/Reference files for LaTeX, etc.
Reality Cyanide client - A client for Cyanide, a graphical virtual reality multiplayer role-playing game.
Remote Filesync - A small tool for syncronizing large files over the Net.
RealizationEngine Desktop Status Checker - A stand alone desktop client to alert you to new messages in RealizationEngine.
Recipe Indexer - A utility for indexing existing recipes, instead of retyping them.
RadeonTool - A tool for controlling the ATI Radeon.
RSpell - A library of spell checking functions.
Raydium - A 3D game engine.
RDFLib.net - A Python library for processing RDF.
rpmrebuild - A tool which rebuilds an RPM file from an installed package in the RPM database.
Raptor - A 2d vertically scrolling shoot-em-up game.
Ringplay - A mobile phone ringtone melody player and convertor.
reportdhcp.pl - A Web-based monitor for ISC DHCP lease statistics.
recurrance - A date recurrence module for calendaring applications.
rpmgraph - A tool that creates a graph of installed RPMs.
Rotate Mania - A puzzle/arcade game.
rblcheck.pl - A fast Perl version of rblcheck.
RH Linux Domain Controller Project - An LDAP-authenticated Linux domain controller implementation.
Radiuslib - A complete RADIUS protocol and utility library for Ruby.
RISO - An implementation of distributed, heterogeneous belief networks.
rarch - Keeps a database of archives on removable media.
Ralf's Chat - A simple, easy-to-install and easy-to-configure CGI chat script.
Remote Desktop Connection - A graphical frontend to rdesktop.
rmp3 - A VBI stream receiver for Megaradio and RadioMP3.
Reza's Rio Receiver - A replacement client for the Rio Receiver.
rssh - A restricted shell for assigning scp- or sftp-only access.
RubyYahooFinance - A Ruby library to download and manage Yahoo quote data.
Roundrobin - A PHP class which determines a schedule for n-players playing n/2.
Rau-Tu Question and Answer System - Provides a forum where experts can answer questions posted by the public.
Reapoff - A filtering firewall that uses regular expressions.
RoadMap - A car navigation system for Unix and PocketPC.
Raw Socket Library - A simple to use raw socket library with IPV6 support.
RivaTV - A Video4Linux kernel driver for nVidia-based graphics cards.
Rubber - An automated system for building LaTeX documents
RadioK - A graphical interface for bttv cards.
RubyInline - Embedded C code in Ruby scripts.
Random Access Backup - Backup to removable media and CD.
Rudiments - A foundation class library.
Ruby/CorporateTime - A Ruby language interface to Steltor's CorporateTime calendar server.
rtgrep - A recursive timestamp-sensitive grep.
RP-L2TP - A user-space L2TP implementation.
ratemask - A small program that will make it easier to create ICMP type masks.
rcoaster - A Ruby MP3 player.
rfstool - ReiserFS for Windows.
RapidSVN - A GUI client for the Subversion version control system.
RHC - Error handling, debugging, and database abstraction.
RReport Visual Builder - A reporting and printing package for Java.
RFax - Faxing library for java
RChart - A Java charting package.
Riser - A groupware, framework, and EIP system.
Runabout - A class to facilitate multi-dispatch in Java.
rtdump - A modified version of tcpdump that captures traffic on remote networks.
Ragnarok Online Client - A client to the Ragnarok online network.
Remote packet filter control daemon - Allows remote control and monitoring of OpenBSD's packetfilter.
Really Slick ScreenSavers GLX Port - A collection of OpenGL screensavers.
radmind - A remote administration daemon.
reciteword - Education software to help people study English.
rsjog - An X11 handler for Sony Vaio jog wheels.
Ring Dependencies Tool - A tool for analyzing circular library dependencies on Unix.
regexxer - A nifty GUI search/replace tool using Perl regexps.
RvSnoop - A Swing-based GUI interface for tracing Tibco Rendezvous messages.
referer logger - A simple statistic system written in PHP.
RLPlot - A scientific plotting program.
RKWard - An extensible, easy to use front-end for R.
Really Slick XScreenSavers - Gooey eye candy for X11.
RUNT - A USB Pen drive-based Linux distribution.
Rational PIC Assembler - Mid-range PIC assembler with Intel style syntax
Riggy - An extensible dice bot for pbIRC RPGs.
rmidiu - A tool for recording MIDI files.
Retro - A concatenative language with roots in Forth
Remote MySQL Manager - PHP code to manage a MySql DB over the Web.
Rsync Incremental Backup Script - A command-line incremental backup script.
Rosetta - A tool to translate DocBook documents.
Rexx/Wrapper - Wraps Rexx programs into native executables.
recoverdm - A program to help recover storage media with bad sectors.
RoboRally Board Editor - A RoboRally board editor.
Renaissance - A program that allows you to describe your user interfaces.
RateMyStuff - Software for developing a "Rate My ..." Web site.
reversible hexdump - hexdump/hex2bin-utilities with useful extra features.
RTLab - A realtime Linux graphical data acquisition and control application.
Research Project Helper - Manages sources, notes, quotes, and links between them.
Ruby-C++ - A class that embedds the Ruby interpreter in a C++ application.
RenBrowser - A Rendezvous network scanner.
RampidAds - A powerful ad-serving solution.
RvTest - An extension to JUnit that can test TIBCO Rendezvous based solutions.
RubyMail - An email handling library for Ruby.
RAT - A tool for extracting Refractor2 archives (.rfa).
Recon - Checks your SSL-enabled services and warns you of potential problems.
RasterImageManipulator - Image processing and fractal exploration.
revert - Set back timestamps on unchanged files.
ResearchGuide - A system for Web-based management of subject guides for libraries.
rdesktop-open - A graphical front-end to rdesktop.
Refocus - An image enhancement plug-in for the Gimp.
RunLaunch - A GNOME program execution utility.
Radeox - A Wiki markup rendering engine.
Regular Expression Graphing Program - A regular expression graphing program.
Regular Statement String - Libraries for key-value development.
rb.log - A full-featured Weblogger.
Ruby FormValidator - A Ruby port of Perl's Data::FormValidator library.
Run Time Access - Gives easy run time access to your program's data.
Ruby Net::SNPP - A Ruby client library for the Simple Network Pager Protocol.
Ribosome Build System - A Python-based interface for retrieving and building programs from CVS.
Rolo - Contact management software.
RC4Crypt - A tool that provides an RC4 asymmetric encryption/decryption algorithm in PHP.
Remote Terminal Lock - A simple program to lock a network terminal.
Rdfworld.php - An RDF-to-PHP object converter.
rpcCalc - A simple RPN calculator for the console.
RF Path calculator - Calculates path attenuation and antenna gain numbers.
rcc - The compiler for RC, a C variant with region-based memory management.
RScheme - An object-oriented, extended Scheme implementation.
rpm livelinuxcd - A set of RPM-based live Linux CD images.
RottenFlesh - A parody of freshmeat.net.
Reattore HTTP Server - A single threaded, non-blocking Java HTTP server.
Recipe Converter - A tool that converts recipes from any recipe file format to any other format.
replimenu - A small menu-system.
Romeo MAME frontend - A Java frontend to MAME.
RubyPod - A graphical interface for the iPod in Linux.
Round Robin Database Framework - A universal hierarchical RRDtool frontend with SNMP collector and data monitor.
ranpwd - A utility for generating random passwords.
Restricted RSH Daemon - A paranoid, cut-down, standalone version of netkit rshd.
Re-Tail - An intelligent incremental logfile reader.
Radiance - Lighting simulation and rendering software.
REBComm - A commandline program for use with the RCA REB1100 eBook reader.
redhat-config-network - GUI/TUI/CLI network configuration for Red Hat Linux.
Revision History Viewer - An Eclipse IDE plugin to view CVS repository information graphically.
Rubum - JPEG/JFIF image manipulation tools
RSApi - An API for getting system info from different UNIXes.
Remoteinstall - A way to automate installation tasks in OS X.
Rend - A daemon that will renice processes automatically.
Randim - A random image generator that uses iterated function systems.
rICMP - A kernel patch for remote rebooting via ICMP.
recorder.xhead - A voice recorder and audio player.
Rocket - A game where you try to land a rocket on a moving platform.
Ruby IMAP Tool - A tool for copying and manipulating IMAP mail folders.
rackview - A tool for visualizing the layout of rack-mounted computer hardware.
RFC - Run AIDE, AFICK and other programs from a master node on many "remote" hosts.
Readerware - An automatic book, music, and video collection cataloging system.
Reverend - A general purpose Bayesian classifier written in Python.
rawdog - An RSS aggregator without delusions of grandeur.
Read it to Me - A tool that allows users to listen to RSS news on an iPod.
RSS-IM Gateway - A tool for publishing an RSS feed over IM networks.
Ruby PHP Serializer - A Ruby module providing workalikes of PHP's serialize() and unserialize().
RSS Builder - PHP classes for generating an RSS feed.
RSS Mix Tape - An RSS reader and generator.
ReVirt - A replay service for virtual machines.
RHIDE - A powerful integrated development environment.
RSCode - A Reed-Solomon error-correcting encoder/decoder library.
Rumor - A MIDI keyboard to Lilypond realtime transcriptor.
Radio Shortest Path First - A routing protocol daemon.
Relax log analyzer - A Web server log analyzer that tracks referring searches, keywords, and URLs.
Riverwatcher Active Content Environment - A tag-based inline scripting language for the Web.
rpm-analyzer - Helps you analyze rpm dependencies.
repasa - Tools to assist the creation and study of contents.
RenderX XEP - A system for converting XML documents into PDF or PostScript format.
Refrax - A zany light game based on the pause mode of Jeff Minter's Iridis Alpha.
Ruby/GStreamer - Ruby bindings for the GStreamer library.
Relffuhs - A playlist for Noatun.
Rnews - A server-side RSS aggregator.
ReadySET - Ready-to-use Software Engineering Templates.
Redundancy Information Protection System - Protect your data using redundancy.
Report Writer - A business report writer.
ripOLE - A Microsoft Office document attachment/file extractor.
remstats - An RRDtool-based network/system monitoring frontend.
Ranquel - A small, fast, highly portable Web server written in Perl .
Radar Tools - Advanced SAR remote sensing image processing software.
rfc2mib - A script that extracts MIB/PIB/ASN.1 modules from an RFC document.
RUBiS - An auction site used to benchmark e-commerce technologies.
Rec - A recipe database written in Perl.
RPMAutoUpdate - A powerful RPM update management and reporting tool.
Remote Language Teaching - A UCL videoconferencing front end.
rtkmerge - A GUI to handle Gentoo's package system.
run_mpiBLAST - A tool that enables mpiBLAST to work in queuing systems with error checks.
rediff - A diff format converter (from unified to context and back).
RSSOwl - An RSS/RDF/Atom newsreader that uses SWT.
RTEMS - A real-time operating system for embedded systems.
Rad SFTP Applet - A secure FTP applet.
Ruby-LCD - Library and client collection for LCDProc in Ruby.
raidmon - A software-RAID monitoring tool for Linux.
RealBasic Event Calendar - An easily-added monthly event calendar class for RealBasic.
RPM PAN - A script to generate an RPM repository of CPAN Perl modules.
RcCP - A relay-card control program for the Conrad Relaiscard.
Runtime Java Class Editor - A tool for editing loaded (running) Java classes and much more.
RPM Builder - An RPM Builder plugin for Anjuta.
rsnapshot - A filesystem snapshot utility.
rmidi - An ALSA MIDI recording tool.
Reverse Utils::TCP-over-HTTP/CGI - Use any host you have Web and CGI access to as a TCP proxy.
randomplay - A command line-based shuffle music player that remembers songs between sessions.
Real-Time Control Systems Library - A library of various functions for real-time control systems.
RLIB - A report generator / report engine.
RewriteFilter - A servlet filter that makes dynamic Web pages more visible to search engines.
RapidTeX - A LaTeX preprocessor and converter to HTML with its own markup language.
RemenDeKO - A file repair program.
ReciPants - A Web-based recipe manager in Perl.
RetroLisp - A compact Lisp interpreter.
Raining Sockets - A NIO Framework to write highly scalable Java socket based applications.
Roads of Serbia - A course for TuxRacer/OpenRacer.
Replication Monitoring Center for DB2 - A software tool that supports DB2 replication supervision.
Running Unix Memory Test - A tool to check the memory without interrupting the service.
Repune - A multiplayer snake game.
ROM extension extractor - A utility to dump ROM extensions found in the firmware of PC computers.
Rad Inks Card Designer - Let your users design visiting cards online.
Rsync Vault Manager - Uses rsync to manage archives of clients across multiple logical partitions.
RVE - A tool that renders real time effects on a video played by MPlayer.
rpnjcalc - A Javascript-based RPN calculator.
Remosync - A network-aware directory synchronization tool.
Raster3D - A tool for generatin high quality raster images of proteins and other molecules.
regionset - A tool that adjusts or shows the region code of DVD drives.
rtprof - A visual, real-time profiling tool.
RngPack - A psuedo-random number library.
routekill - A small project aimed at multi-platform automated null routing.
rpmstatus - A tool for generating Web pages listing installed RPMs.
rearview - A realtime raytracing voxel engine.
rtgraph - Real-time graphing widgets for GTK.
RTSP Caching Proxy - A proxy for multimedia content with caching support.
RDFParser - A PHP class that loads, parses, and provides simple access to RDF/RSS files.
r80v5 - REBOL webserver - A REBOL Web server, with server-side REBOL scripting support.
rio500-tui - A Diamond Rio 500 file manager.
readreg95 - A registry dumping tool written in Perl.
RIFE - A full-stack Java Web application framework, offering fast results.
Roaming Homedir - A script to help you have your home directory roam around with you.
Remote Controlled PIC of Doom - Hardware and software for rapid prototyping and device testing over USB.
Rootkit Hunter - A security monitoring and analysis tool for POSIX compliant systems.
Ringtone Converter-Composer - Software to add new ringtones to your mobile or cellular phone.
Reverse Engineering Compiler - A powerful and portable reverse engineering compiler.
rsync-bc - A stripped-down version of rsync.
Rotcerider - A Squid proxy redirector for start page capturing.
Ruby-DOOM - A tool to generate DOOM maps from existing data.
Romeo remote control - A Mac bluetooth remote control.
RNV - A Relax NG Compact Syntax validator.
RoundTrip - A modelling tool specializing in creation of UML Diagrams to and from Java code.
Renal Growth - A tool for radiologists to plot kidney size against age and weight.
Reverse Trace Garbage Collector for C++ - A garbage collector for C++.
rrd-browser - A Web-based browser for RRD files.
Rad Inks Network Utilities - A collection of networking utitilities and class libraries.
re2c - A tool for writing fast and flexible lexers.
RSS2Cisco - A tool that converts RSS feeds in real time for display on Cisco IP phones.
RBL Spam Daemon - A small, fast, SpamAssassin-compatible spam filter.
Rambutan - A requirements managements specification tool.
Reverse Shell - A program to launch commands or shells back through an SSH tunnel.
rxvt-unicode - An rxvt clone supporting mixed fonts, Xft fonts, and Unicode.
Ruby/Amazon - A Ruby language interface to Amazon Web Services v3.
Revelation - A password manager for GNOME 2.
RTG - A high-performance SNMP statistics monitoring system.
RSS-desk - RSS-desk is a reusable component for the news aggregation in a Web page.
RelaxNGCC - A RELAX NG schema compiler.
ROPE - A template engine.
Ruckus MailFILTER - A server-wide anti-spam email filtering tool.
Real Rekord - A tool to record RealAudio streams from RealPlayer.
restore-FreeBSD - A pseudo package to virtually mirror a FreeBSD system via the ports.
RSS Orbit - An RSS feed reader for mobile phones and PDAs.
recvnet - The inverse of telnet.
Russian Mafia - A multiplayer IRC game implementation of Russian Mafia.
roffit - A program that reads an nroff file and outputs an HTML file.
Real Poker - A poker simulation.
RLog - A C++ subscription-based logging library.
rzip - A compression program for large files.
rundoc - An Ant task that formats arbitrary command output in program documentation.
redWall Firewall - A bootable CD-ROM firewall with IDS, IPS, proxy, reporting, and spam filtering.
RF Random Password Generator - A PHP application for generating and displaying random passwords.
rsync.py - A Python port of rsync.
rbmhshow - A command-line MIME mail viewer for MH.
Ruby/Libburn - Ruby bindings for Libburn.
Raggle - Console RSS feed aggregator.
reSIProcate - A C++ SIP stack that is RFC 3261 compliant.
RDQLPlus - A Java RDQL tool, featuring zoomable query results.
Rule-based Intrusion Detection System - An intrusion detection system.
Ryan's Anti-Virus Recipe - A Procmail anti-virus recipe.
Rad Upload - A drag and drop upload tool for Web applications.
ruleCore - A rule engine for event pattern detection.
Railz - A Railroad Tycoon-style RTS game.
Rhythmomachia - A complex mathematical strategic board game.
rcfm - A remote-controlled file manager.
Renamer - A tool for renaming files.
RubyGems - An advanced package management tool for Ruby libraries.
Roadsend PHP - Produces native stand alone applications and libraries from PHP source.
RSSLib4J - A Java API for parsing and retrieving information from RSS feeds.
Russian Man-Pages Extra - A set of Russian manpages which extend those of the manpages-ru project.
Rogue Detect - A rogue DHCP server detector.
retainCounter - A tool for adding an NSLog() entry to any [object release].
Ruby Coverage - A tool which identifies inactive/active lines in Ruby source code.
realcap - A realmedia stream capturing utility.
Ruby Bidirectional Iterators - External bidirectional iterators inspired by GoF.
RendezvousProxy - A tool that allows users to create Rendezvous service announcements.
RAIDmon2 - A script to monitor PERC RAID controllers.
RTFX - An RTF to XML converter.
ripe_wrap - A CGI to handle data for a LIR on the RIPE whois database.
reformat - A script for reformatting plain texts.
rt_x10 - A realtime driver for the X10 interface.
REJIK - A Squid redirector and ban lists.
Ruby SVG::Graph - A Ruby library for generating SVG charts.
Realtime Application Interface - A real time Linux application interface.
RCSI - A colored directory lister for files under RCS control.
RetroWiki - A flat-file wiki engine written in Forth and PHP.
RecipeRPC - A Web service protocol for trading recipes.
Reby - Allows you to write scripts for eggdrop in Ruby.
regexp-engine - A Perl 5 and 6 syntax regexp engine for Ruby.
RSS Reader MIDlet - An RSS reader for handheld devices with Java (J2ME).
rtldi - An ELF program interpreter for juggling multiple glibc 6 libraries.
rComics - A comic fetching script.
RemoteWAP - A remote admin tool for any operating system using a WAP mobile phone.
RPitch - An application that helps users develop a sense of relative audio pitch.
RefDbg - A GObject reference count debugger.
RTL-check - A framework for static analysis of programs.
Reverse Remote Shell - A connecting remote shell that supports OpenSSL verification and more.
Risk - A Java version of Risk
raidmonitor - A Linux software RAID monitor.
Rakim - A support and live chat application.
RIV2ASCII Conversion - A translator of RIV codes to readable text.
RealmForge - A cross-platform 3D game engine for .NET.
Rasqal RDF Query Library - An RDF query library in C
routercli - A Cisco-like shell for Linux mini-distributions.
Remote Capture for Canon PowerShot cameras - A tool for periodic capturing with Canon PowerShot cameras.
read4me - A program that predicts how you will like articles.
remerge - A browser-based package manager.
Roundhouse - A J2EE framework that combines Struts, JSR-168 Portlets, and Web Services.
RakNet - A reliable UDP networking API.
RPN Interpreter - A reverse-polish notation shell and interpreter.
rsyncbackup - A complete remote incremental backup solution built on top of rsync.
Ruby Dynamic DNS Client - A highly customizable, easy-to-use dynamic DNS update client.
RealLink - Live chat support software.
Rx4RDF - An application stack for building RDF-based applications and Web sites.
Rhizome Wiki - A Wiki-like content management system.
rfs - A crash recovery tool intended for production use.
Rome - A set of Atom/RSS Java utilities which understands most syndication formats.
RadSpool - An automated spooling service for a RADIUS accounting server.
Republic - Gets your old legacy report data into oocalc spreadsheets.
remake - A version of GNU Make with comprehensible tracing and a debugger.
rDesktopGui - A Java front-end to the rdesktop program.
Relister - A list reordering tool with a curses interface.
Regwatch - A regex-based logfile watcher.
rings ray tracer - A ray tracing engine.
rRootage - A Linux port of the side-scrolling game rRootage.
rpm2sysvpkg - A tool for converting RPMs to Solaris packages.
RADDY - A J2EE Rapid Application Development tool.
Retrospect-GDS - A genealogy display Web application.
RSMF - An Apache log analysis framework.
RSANetcat - A tool that sets up RSA-encrypted communication between remote computers.
Retargetable Server Pages - A retargetable language for writing Web applications.
RexecJ - An XML-based remote execution protocol and implementation.
RegXmaker - A regular expressions utility and library.
rrdUtils - Utilities to create and graph RRD files from RRDtool.
Ruby/Finance - Allows access to financial data, including currency and stock data.
RFID::Base - Base classes for interfacing RFID readers with Perl.
RFID::Alien - A Perl module for interfacing with an Alien RFID reader.
RefKeep - A personal bibliography assistant.
RPhoto - A handy image editor to crop pictures with a constant ratio.
Rsh-GUD - A package for Emacs to debug on a remote host.
RawView - A small multi-platform Java image viewer for digital camera raw files.
Runge-Kutta check - A small application that analytically checks the order of Runge-Kutta methods.
Robotworld - A distributed world for programmable robots.
Road Fighter - A 2D car racing game.
Rails - A Web application framework.
rootsh - An auditing wrapper for shells.
rdiff-backup-web - A php-based front-end to rdiff-backup.
ru - A remote uptime query tool.
Relational Filesystem - A shadow filesystem for Linux using a relational (SQL) database for metadata.
Redland RDF Library Language Bindings - Language bindings for Redland RDF libraries.
reloc - A method to dynamically load relocatable object data into running applications.
Rulz.NET - Rules-based programming for Mono and .NET.
RapidMiner (YALE) - A flexible data mining environment.
Research Master - A research, education, and multitasking tool.
Rejilla - A class which parses an HTML table from an Oracle query.
rxsheyi - Converts a BNF description into a regular expression.
ruvi - A vim-like text editor.
RTSim - A platform for simulating real-time control systems.
restore CD/DVD - A creator for CD/DVDs that can restore a partition without user interaction.
Ricebridge CSV Manager - A Java library to read and write CSV files.
rrdcollect-remote - A tool to collect the output of rrdcollect from several hosts.
Rats! - An easily extensible parser generator.
Really Easy Video Encoding Library - A simple way to dump AVI files from any application.
RPGLib - A library that encapsulates the D&D rules for programming RPGS.
Resource Model Builder Debugger - A debugger for graphical debugging of Javascript decision trees in ITM.
Railroad Repository - A standards-based repository for large binary files.
Real Estate Management Software - A real estate listings management system.
Rateless-coded Transport - A set of tools that use error correcting codes and fast packet transport.
Red Feline Backup - A backup program for PalmOS devices with a memory card.
Ristretto - A Java mail API.
raddump - A tool that displays the contents of captured RADIUS packets.
reken - A command-line calculator that can use user-defined functions and variables.
Raster Alchemy - A height field generation and manipulation program.
riot - An information organisation tool.
RFind - Indexes and searches filenames in a directory hierarchy.
RepliWeb - A solution for file replication, content deployment, and managed file transfer.
Redlien Account Executive - A full-featured sales contact relationship manager (SCM / CRM).
ROTE - A simple C library for VT102 terminal emulation.
Rolecall - An identity management framework.
RetroWeb - An extension to RetroForth to generate Web pages in Forth.
REMITT - A standalone electronic medical billing solution.
reagent - A Web application that makes maintaining a community easy.
rphpMMS - A multi-user randomizer for XMMS.
RBBS - A bulletin board system.
Rhapsody IRC - A text console IRC client for Unix.
RText - A fully customizable programmer's text editor.
Real Man's Compiler Collection - A set of compilers for the real man.
Rexx/gd - A Rexx extension for the GD library.
RawLib - A Java library for loading raw files from digital cameras.
RRDutil - A simple but complete Unix host monitoring application.
Rad Inks Print Suite - Web-based printing software.
RwdRuby - A tool that runs shell commands using RubyWebDialogs.
rg1000 dialer - A dialer and monitor for RG-1000 and Apple Airports.
ReOrganize4L - A tool for rearranging the files on an MP3 stick.
RegEx View - An Eclipse plug-in to write and evaluate regular expressions.
ResXML - Software for XML-based resumes and curricula vitae.
remotePCM - An XMMS plug-in for providing sound playing on a remote computer.
rwdaddresses - An address book using flat files and RubyWebDialogs.
Relokate - A KDE puzzle game in which you reorder mixed-up cards.
reTax - A tool to calculate taxes with different rates.
RedPOS - A point of sale (POS) application.
Round-Robin SQL - An SQL implementation of a round robin database.
RPMDIG - A tool that displays recursive RPM dependencies, libraries, and files.
RRD Poller - A program which retrieves RRD file data and applies a threshold algorithm.
Radio404 - A dynamic playlist and file retrieval engine for Internet streaming.
Rexx/CURL - A Rexx external function package that provides an interface to the cURL package.
Robocode Robots - A collection of robocode robots.
RadioMan Java - A radio control application for the RadioMan AM/FM serial device.
RubySlippers - A GUI frontend to the RubyGems package management system.
rq4gen - A player character generation tool for RuneQuest.
regexpviewer - A GUI for testing regular expressions interactively.
RASR4W - A repository to manage assets packaged according to the OMG RAS specification.
Rad File Manager - A Web based file manager.
Redet - A tool for experimenting with and executing regular expressions.
Red-Piranha - A search and knowledge management system.
RealTimeBattle Team Framework - A framework for robots of the game RealTimeBattle in order to play in a team.
recoverjpeg - A tool which finds lost pictures in device images.
rpm2python - An application for indexing directories containing RPMs.
Remote SNMP Powerswitch Control - A script that controls an APC PowerSwitch through SNMP.
RubyWebDialogs - A platform-independent graphical user interface for Ruby applications.
RubyScript2Exe - A Ruby "compiler".
RPGD - A hack and slash style of game.
Raven's Currency Converter - A tool to convert between 150+ currencies.
Rush 2005 - An American football game for Windows and Linux.
RwdSchedule - An event database program using RubyWebDialogs.
reblock - A tool that ensure good blocksizes, measure throughput, and estimates time.
rbldnsd - A small and fast DNS daemon specifically designed to serve DNSBL zones.
rlocate - A "locate" command that is always up-to-date.
RNtrack - A mail tracker/router for FIDO networks.
Rational Application Developer - Application development software.
Rotating Globe - A rotating globe that runs in a Web browser.
Riece - An IRC client for Emacs.
Ruby/LDAP - A Ruby library for interfacing with the LDAP API.
rg2xml - A tool that interprets and transforms EWSD regenfiles to XML.
RAlbum - A Web-based photo album/gallery.
relipmoC - A translator that converts i386 assembly code to C code (decompiler).
Reptux - An ERP for a car spare parts shop.
rwdhypernote - A hierarchical note editor.
rsync-incr - A simple, smart, automatic, incremental backup shell script using rsync.
rconftool - An implementation of sysconftool in Ruby.
Ruby webgen - A template-based static Web site generator.
rsyncrypto - An rsync-friendly encryption system.
RTK::Report ToolKit - A toolkit to create reports from different inputs and outputs.
rTorrent - A console-based BitTorrent client.
Roland Ulbricht's Instant Database Tool - A simple tool for working with MySQL using a Web browser.
Rush Hour 'Traffic Jam' Solver - A Rush Hour 'Traffic Jam' puzzle solver with PostScript output.
R/C Calculator - A R/C specific calculator.
rrp_statify - A plugin for rpmrebuild which statifies a package's files.
Redminer - A GUI program that reminds you of events and executes tasks.
rsyslog - An enhanced syslog daemon.
Role Playing Tools - A set of tools for pen and paper role playing games.
RevRatio - A tool for creating systematic reviews.
rwdgutenberg text reader - A book reading tool.
RFuse - A Ruby interface to the FUSE library.
rwdmovies - A personal DVD database.
ReleaseForge - A tool that streamlines releasing files at SourceForge.
rsaver - A simple X screensaver that makes use of the screensaver extension.
readahead-list - A tool that preloads files into the page cache to accelerate program loading.
RwdTorrent - A BitTorrent client.
RPG illusion - A Web-based tribute to the NES game Dragon Warrior.
Red Feline Tidy - A utility to delete duplicate records.
rsnapgraph - A utility that graphs disk usage over rsnapshot directories.
Random Music - Plays weighted random music tracks from your MP3 collection.
Revolution - A Ruby binding for the Evolution email client.
RwdTinker - The core application for a Ruby framework using the RubyWebDialogs GUI.
RPM Delta Compression Virtual Update Repository - A virtual RPM update repository that uses "deltas" to save bandwidth.
regain - A desktop search engine for file systems and Web sites.
Remote Desktop Client TCL GUI - A lightweight TCL remote desktop frontend.
Raven's System Stats - A tool to succinctly display a wide variety of system information.
RMake - A recursive script for building C/C++ projects.
Rescue! Max - A 2D space real-time, action/strategy game.
RiverLayout - A simple and flexible Java layout manager.
RPM2::LocalInstalled - A wrapper around RPM2 to return lists of locally installed RPMs.
RomaKana - A Javascript Romaji to Kana conversion engine.
recps - Stores MPEG 2 data from a hardware encoder to disk.
Rebbin - A pastebin powered by Ruby On Rails.
RRDcollect - A round-robin database collecting daemon.
Ravenous - A Java based Web server.
Rezervi - An availability overview and guest database for PHP and MySQL.
RPSL - Bash scripts for GNU autotools build coordination.
Revbot IRC Bot - An IRC bot with a simple plugin architecture.
RadeonOverclock - A tool to set the clock rate of Radeon graphics cards.
RDVIS - A tool that visualizes low data locality and cache misses in programs.
RUR-PLE - An environment designed to help you learn computer programming using Python.
RegLookup - Tools for direct access to Windows registry hive files.
ReferrerCop - A tool that filters referrer spam from Apache log files and AWStats data files.
RevistaRNC - A magazine system.
Rsyncmanager - A daemon for managing multiple, regular rsync transfers.
Repository in a Box - A WWW metadata repository.
Remote System Management Tool - An Eclipse plug-in to manage multiple remote servers simultaneously.
REST - An AJAX communication Javascript library.
Rapido - A visual profiler for x86.
RemindMe - A tool to remind the user about important dates.
Resource Management Game - A Web-based resource management game.
Rapid Application Development Library - A library to support the RTOS design paradigm for Unix-based operating systems.
Record Editor - A data file editor.
RefreshBlocker - A Firefox extension which prevents your browser from following refresh forwards.
Ray Tracer X - A ray tracer.
Randpod - A program that randomly selects MP3s for a portable MP3 player.
RSS-Planet - An RSS newsmapper for xplanet.
Ratoximus - A backend for rating music on the fly.
Rant - A flexible Ruby-based make.
Rokugen - A Legend of the Five Rings RPG character generator.
RedCent - An ePoint issuer server.
Roundcube Webmail - A modern Webmail client for any IMAP mailbox.
ra-suite - A program for reliably archiving data on unreliable media.
RecordMMS - A digital VCR for Internet radio.
RusXMMS - Libraries which provide the ability to recode and translate on the fly.
readlists - A frontend for mailers like mutt.
Redstone Prevalent Storage - Minimalistic prevalent storage for Java SE 5.0.
Ruport - A Ruby report generation framework.
rmattach.pl - An attachment-removing email filter with save-to-file support.
RAPPTOR - A semantic technologies-enabled Web application server.
RkCMF - Content management in a very dynamic way.
Revealicious - A set of graphic visualizations for your del.icio.us account.
Ruby Crypt - A Ruby cryptographic library.
Ruby Asterisk Gateway Interface - A Ruby framework to build Asterisk-based telephony applications.
RBLchk - An RBL lookup utility.
randomm3u - A simple program to truly randomize Winamp style .m3u playlists.
RWSecure - A tool that detects brute force attempts and adds hosts to hosts.deny.
rb_spread - A set of Ruby bindings for the Spread client API.
remote time - A program to get the date and time from an RFC868 time service.
ruQueue - A ticket tracking system written in PHP/MySQL.
Rentsys - A residential and commercial rental management system.
Ruby-UDBM - A Ruby binding for the UPPAAL DBM library.
Rudix - Unix ports and packages for Mac OS X.
ReloadCMS - A CMS based on flat files.
Roadnav - A cross-platform navigation system.
RebeccaAIML - An enterprise cross platform AIML development platform.
Raw Fake AP - A tool that uses raw injection to emulate IEEE 802.11 access points.
Rcss - CSS Server-Side Constants (CSS-SSC) for Ruby/Rails.
rest2web - A tool for maintaining Web sites with reStructured Text.
Rubygame - A flexible game development library for Ruby.
RAMP toolkit - Generates secure conversations in an interoperable way.
RFID Device Development Kit - An RFID device development kit.
Raw Print Server - A "raw" print server.
Real Interfaces Visualizer - A multi-platform Java GUI 3D programming system.
Reveal EXIF editor - A simple EXIF metadata viewer and editor.
RFDUMP - An RFID audit and penetration testing tool.
Recoll - A personal full text desktop search package.
RL-Glue - A foundation for building benchmarks for RL agents.
rubySteak - A German/English translator GUI.
refdb-mode - An Emacs frontend for RefDB.
radclass - A PHP4 class for administrating multiple IC-Radius servers.
Rememorizer - A flash card program that aids in extremely efficient memorization.
Recording level monitor - A utility to improve your audio recordings by tuning the input levels.
R-Bar - An easy-to-use navigation menu.
Rock-Me - An easy-to-use vertical navigation menu.
RollMe - A Web page navigation menu with extra button sets.
Robin - Fast and easy binding of Python and C++ programs.
RubyCommerce - An e-commerce Web application for the small-to-midsize digital enterprise.
Resubmit - A program to resubmit corrected entries in freedb.org.
RefleX - A framework for native XML programming.
RubyContent - A Web content management solution for the SMB digital enterprise.
roll - A command-line dice roller.
rss2imap - A tool which gets RSS articles from the Web and delivers them to an IMAP server.
rssgen - An RSS generator written in PHP.
rsstail - A tail-like RSS feed reader.
Registry-CDC - A registry function for storing and finding data.
Remote Python Call - A transparent and symmetrical Python RPC and distributed computing library.
reacTIVision - A computer vision framework for tangible user interfaces.
Rot - An application to preview and losslessly rotate images in a directory.
RubyCommunicate - An email marketing and communications Web application.
Registry J2SE - A library that provides registry functions for both Hibernate2 and Hibernate3.
Relata - A knowledge worker automation suite that helps you get more done.
RRD Statistics - A Coyote Linux and BrazilFW add-on package for network and traffic monitoring.
rdup - A tool to generate an (incremental) backup file list.
RIFE/Laszlo - Software to create Rich Internet Applications using OpenLaszlo and RIFE.
ReadingBug - Not just another flash card program.
RMoX - An experimental operating system kernel in Occam.
RubyTree - Provides a generic tree data structure implementation for the Ruby language.
RemoteJ - An application for adding remote control capability to SE mobiles.
R2cl - An R (S, Splus) to Common Lisp translator.
ROROX - A simple Ruby on Rails installer for Linux.
Restlet - A lightweight REST framework for Java.
rndCiv - A tool for making randomized FreeCiv rulesets.
Ricebridge XML Manager - A Java library to read and write XML files as a stream.
Riverdrums Library - A C library.
ReportEngine - A tool for producing reports in Java applications.
RTnet - A hard real-time networking stack for Linux.
renamepics - A script that renames pictures with timestamps using EXIF information.
Relational XQuery - An XQJ XQuery processor that provides queries over both relational and XML data.
Raven Scripting Language - A small, fast, and fun scripting language.
rpm2rss - An RSS generator for RPM distributions.
RumAVL - A threaded AVL tree implementation.
RIGEL - A representation-independent genetic engine library.
Ruby OpenID - A Ruby library for verifying and serving OpenID identities.
Rockin Rounded Corners - A tool to create rounded corners on Web sites.
RPAL - An interpreter for the Right-reference Pedagogic Algorithmic Language.
RBridge - An advanced remote Ethernet bridge for Linux.
regexplace - A script to search and replace using regular expressions.
rvi - A wrapper script which gives you an easy way of integrating RCS and vi.
rdiffWeb - A Web interface for rdiff-backup repositories.
RPM::Specfile - A module that handles RPM spec files and creates them for Perl modules.
RTRails - A system to use HTTP streaming over Ajax.
RailsTidy - A plugin that validates your Rails-generated HTML.
RLS AVON - Learning through lectures and multiple-choice question tests.
rmold - A command to remove old files and directories.
rapp - A remote application client.
rappd - A remote application server.
rocap - An IP bandwidth monitoring system based on pcap.
RSS2Writer - A convenience class to generate RSS 2.0 feeds.
rEFIt - An EFI boot menu and toolkit.
ROVM - A virtual machine to read, write, and execute remote objects.
Riverdrums Load Balancer - Event driven load balancing software.
Rhinote - A Python/Tkinter sticky notes program.
Rover - An interface for executing commands on remote machines.
RSIBreak - Reminds the user to take a break to prevent RSI.
Rugg - Flexible file system and hard drive crash testing.
Rawstudio - A raw-image converter.
Ruby/Informix - A Ruby library for connecting to an IBM Informix database.
ripx - A CD ripping program with control.
RenRot - A program to rename and rotate files according to EXIF tags.
Ruby/FLTK - A Ruby binding for FLTK.
ruby index/search - A general indexing framework for Ruby.
Rails Real-Time Form Validation Plug-In - A plugin which uses AJAX to validate form data against a model in realtime.
rsuid LSM - A Linux security module which allows a user to switch to other users.
Radzilla - A lighting simulation system with extensions and a GUI.
redeemer - A database, frontend, and backend application for free network initiatives.
Roma Framework - A Java meta-framework to build applications in a very short time.
RipOff CD Ripper - A simple GTK+ based CD ripper.
Rhino in Spring - Integration of JavaScript into the Spring framework.
remoteMoin - MoinMoin XML-RPC plugins which grant advanced access to a MoinMoin Wiki.
Ruby-BDD - BDD bindings for Ruby.
Rad Image Viewer - An image viewer that can also display raw images from cameras.
Ray Community Widget Suite - A collection of multi-functional Web communication widgets.
Reft - A very easy to use file transfer program.
Rails History Plugin - A Ruby On Rails plugin to manage user browsing history.
RSS News Ticker Applet - A ticker applet for RSS news.
Resistor Color Code Calculator - Software to calculate the values of resistor components.
Real-Time Proactive Secret Sharing Library - A secret sharing library for RTAI.
RitmarkFS - A MySQL filesystem storage engine with replication support.
Remove MH duplicates - An application that removes duplicate messages from MH folders.
Rephrase - A wordiness remover and sentence simplifier.
Rotter - A transmission recording and audio logger for JACK.
Rails Gallery Generator - A skel generator for a Ruby on Rails Web gallery.
rpm bundle - A way to manage and install a set of RPMs.
readpreprompt - A simple program to read a line of text with an initial input value.
REMWAVE Carrier Core - A turn-key platform for voice over IP providers.
RapidWatcher - A monitoring infrastructure to implement monitoring solutions rapidly.
Ruby on Rails SubList Plugin - Alugin for Ruby on Rails to simplify dynamic lists of related models on one page
Ruby Datavision Bridge - A utility to use Java datavision reports in Ruby on Rails Web applications.
RepeatFinder - An exclusive and optimal repeating DNA motif matcher.
Race Timing - Race timing and management software.
ri-li - A really nice wooden toy train game.
recordMyDesktop - A dekstop session recorder for Linux.
RayDream Game Studio - A game development system.
Rasterbar libtorrent - A Bittorrent library written in C++.
Ruby Time Tracker - A Ruby on Rails time tracking system for small businesses that bill for time.
Relax-and-Recover - A bare metal disaster recovery and system migration framework.
rss4admins - Generates an RSS feed from your (log) files.
Robot Spoiler - A completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart.
ruby-ircd - An IRC daemon.
ReadBarC - A UPC barcode reader for Symbian OS v60.
Rubyforger/visualforge - A packet forger with a GUI.
RTFTemplate - An RTF engine for JAVA by using MERGEFIELD and JAVA object context
RefSense - A command line interface to PubMed.
rmovie - A Ruby extension for audio/video access.
rsstool - Software to read, parse, merge, and write RSS (and Atom) feeds.
RoFreeSBIE - A FreeBSD live CD/DVD intended for desktop use.
Radiodump - An mplayer frontend to record audio streams.
RISE Project - Software to manage academic catalog information.
Rachota - A time tracking tool for precise measurement of human work at a computer.
retty - A utility that can attach to processes running on another terminal.
Ruben - A system to provide Maven 2.x plugins for Ruby builds.
RankQuest SEO Tools - Tools to help Web masters in search engine optimization.
Richie Rich - A DOM editor that doesn't rely on browser supplied HTML widgets.
RRDBot - An SNMP polling daemon which writes to an RRD database.
Remote Secure Command System - A remote asynchronous and secure command system.
RemoteApps - A remote apps development framework.
Rubilicious - Del.icio.us bindings for Ruby.
RSS 2 CMS - A script to import RSS feeds into a CMS of your choice.
RApid Content Management System - A complete CMS made with almost no server side programming.
RS Asset - A PHP class to provide an object oriented database interface (ORM).
RasmusDSP - An embeddable audio/MIDI processor.
REDLisp - Yet another Lisp dialect.
RbYAML - A YAML 1.1 library written in pure Ruby.
RCUNIT - A robust C unit testing framework.
Rails Page Cache Test Plugin - Assertions to test your page caching logic in Ruby on Rails.
Rebound - An action puzzle game that imitates Diamonds for the Macintosh.
rpmrestore - A program to restore file attributes to their state at the time of install.
rb-appscript - High-level application scripting support for Ruby.
relax - A system for studying protein dynamics by NMR relaxation data analysis.
rbfEditor - A font converter and editor for the RCA REB1100 ebook.
Raiden - An extremely lightweight, fast, multi-platform block cipher.
RightWebPage - A Web conformance tool.
raop_play - A music file player for the Apple Airport Express.
RubyOSA - A Ruby/AppleEvent bridge.
Retrotranslator - A Java 5.0 to Java 1.4 application transformer.
Rextile - An offline Web site builder using Ruby/erb/RedCloth.
Rapla - A flexible multi-user resource and event management system.
Rehersal - A testing framework for Scala.
regular expression parser - A C++ regexp parser to parse input and retrieve parsed sub-expression matches.
Rails/Informix - An ActiveRecord adapter for IBM Informix Dynamic Server.
Really Rather Good Battles In Space - A real time strategy game with fleets of spaceships.
rootpretender - allow fake chown and mknod for non-root users (like fakeroot)
ROSInfo - A tool for monitoring routers running Mikrotik RouterOS.
rPath Appliance Agent - An extensible application framework for administration of software appliances.
ruby-rpm - Bindings for accessing RPM packages and databases from Ruby.
RateIt - A GUI tool for performing listening tests.
Ruby Chess - A chess game.
Rhinohide - A DOM implementation for applets, providing an interface to the Web document.
Redline RPM Library - A pure Java RPM library.
Rail World - A 2-D train simulation game. Operate switches, drive trains, load/unload cargo.
rfsdelta - Recursive filesystem inode change notification for Linux 2.6.
Ruby ObjectGraph - A library to graph in-memory Ruby objects.
rpmorphan - A tool that finds "orphaned" RPM packages.
Ruote - A Ruby workflow engine.
rarslave - An automatic PAR2 checker and repairer and ZIP/RAR extractor.
Remuco - A Bluetooth and WiFi remote control system for Linux media players.
RSS/ATOM Feeds Processing API - An API providing functionality for fetching and displaying RSS/ATOM feeds.
rospell - A programming text editor with spelling support.
rem2ics - A utility that converts remind output into RFC2445 iCalendar format.
Rdclient - Another RDesktop GUI.
Ruby Iptables Network Displayer - A tool which outputs SVG graphs from an iptables configuration.
RackTables - A solution for datacenter and server room management.
remo - A graphical rule editor for ModSecurity, an Apache security module.
recls - A multi-platform recursive filesystem search library.
RoyalCMS - A content management system designed to allow easy Web site creation.
rejoystick - A utility that maps keyboard keys to your gamepad.
Ruty - A Ruby templating engine.
rotoscope - A program to rotoscope images.
Relations RCP - A tool for knowledge management.
retroshare - Private P2P file sharing software.
Range Software - Software for finite element analysis.
RepTool - A reporting/printing tool.
RestfulBeans - A high level RESTful and search-friendly client-server object sharing library.
radare - A Unix-like toolchain for reverse engineering and binary file manipulation.
ruby-openal - A Ruby OpenAL binding.
Rally Point - A community collaboration system for HOAs.
Rational Tester - A tool to test GUI-less Web services.
RailRoad - A class diagram generator for Ruby on Rails applications.
RacePoint - Software for managing a pigeon racing season.
Rxlogd - A receive-only syslog server that can coexist with sysklogd.
Realistic Icons Collection - A collection of Windows Vista fashioned icons. Comes with full vector sources.
Rhino - JavaScript for Java.
readline C++ wrapper - A wrapper that makes C++ programming with the readline library easier.
ReliaFree - An alternative to commercial RAMS tools.
Reasonable Python - A module for using F-Logic programming in Python.
readwriteconfig - A utility for text files in VARIABLE=value format.
RIR to DNS converter - A tool to convert Regional Internet Registry data to a DNS country lookup zone.
retsina - A redirector and access controller for Squid.
romfser - A userland romfs image extractor, reader, and mangler.
Ryan's Electronic Diary Sheet - A simple Web-based simple shared calendaring system.
RAJAX - An AJAX proxy generator for POJOs and a client side XSLT MVC framework.
RA-WebPass - A Web application for changing your Linux system passwords.
reclinker - A recursive symlinking utility.
RSS Ripper - A set of Python scripts that rewrites RSS feeds.
RVNDEV - A set of utilities to assist developers developing in Ravenous.
Reliable Response Notification - An emergency notification, escalation, and acknowledgement tool.
RSSConverters+ - Converts and aggregates RSS/podcast directory feeds into PHP/Javascript.
Rank Tracker Professional - A rank checking and keyword suggestion SEO tool.
RADWiki - A Rapid Application Development wiki.
RivetTracker - A Web-based bittorrent tracker.
Remote Gnu Database Manager - A network server daemon and client library for the GNU DBM interface.
Resolvr - A framework for Zeroconf naming, service advertisement, and discovery.
Roster-in-a-Box - A course management system for economics classes with auto-graded problems.
RabbitMQ - An implementation of the AMQP enterprise messaging standard.
Reciprocal Link Pro - A reciprocal link exchange Web application.
Returnable - A framework for adding widgets to Web pages.
rtorstat - A simple rTorrent status Web page generator.
Remote MySQL Query - A script that executes MySQL queries across the Web using only HTTP.
RBrainz - A Ruby library for the MusicBrainz XML Web service.
rodent - A routing ident daemon.
radutmp editor - A utility that can remove utmp entries from radutmp files.
relman - A tool that takes your source code, runs the build, and distributes the packages
RapidXml - An XML DOM parser almost as fast as strlen(), written in modern C++.
Rgbtrade - A market and banking system for RGB Community Currency.
Ripple - A scripting language for the Semantic Web.
Regimental Command - A generic armored combat system.
RBME - A tool to make backups with rsync with hardlinks and storage management.
Real Estate Manager - A real estate listing solution.
Record TV - A program to record TV on your Linux desktop.
Ray - A simple raytracer.
Rhythmweb - A Web site for your Rhythmbox.
rr - A command line utility to retain/recall the full paths of files and directories.
RCP Toolbox - A toolbox of custom SWT and JFace widgets and composites.
RheaVFS - Allows transparent access to archives from any program.
RegexKit - An Objective-C framework for regular expressions using PCRE.
RMIIO (OpenHMS) - Classes for robust streaming of data over RMI (or other RPC frameworks).
recaptcha4j - A Java library for the reCAPTCHA project.
Regex Policy Daemon - Software to check data against P2P distributed lists of regular expressions.
R6 Bill Tracker - An application to track your bills and payments.
Repository Proxy - A package repository proxy server.
readhash - A hashing tool.
Revenant CMX - An easy-to-use CMS for the non-IT user.
RarCrack! - A program to guess the password for unlocking encrypted zip, 7z, and rar files.
runcronjobs - A centralized cron jobs processor.
Rally - An RPM Installer.
RememberTheMilk - A command line tool for the RememberTheMilk task list manager.
Rxpd plugin for XChat - Peer to peer distributed ignorelists for IRC and more.
Route Tracer - An application to trace your Internet browsing to your destination.
Ready Lisp - An easy to run ANSI Common Lisp bundle for OS X.
releaser - Scripts to help automate the process of making software releases.
repcached - A patch which adds a data replication feature to memcached.
Remove Master - A program to remove files and remember them.
r2d2 pop3 server - An efficient multi-threaded RFC1939-compliant POP3 server.
Ruby GTK Fortune Cookies - A tiny program that nicely displays fortune cookies on a GNOME desktop.
ropemacs - A Python refactoring mode for emacs.
ropeide - A Python refactoring IDE.
RESTClient - A Java Swing application to test RESTful Web services.
RADRIA - A dapid development or rich Internet application.
Rounded PHP - An API for creating perfect anti-aliased rounded corner images.
Rank Tracker Enterprise - An advanced rank-checker and keyword-suggester for SEO professionals.
rbpar - A text paragraph parser (such as fmt and par).
RegExp Developer Tool - A utility for editing Perl regular expressions.
Roman Numeral Conversion API - Command line utilities and a C library that perform Roman numeral conversions.
Redback Webwidgets - A framework for writing Web applications as if they were desktop applications.
RSS Feed URL portal site - An RSS feed portal website script.
resolve - A Wrapper script for the host command.
Razer device configuration tool - A Razer device configuration tool.
Ruby Nmap::Parser Library - A library that provides a Ruby interface to Nmap's scan data.
rtGui - A Web frontend for rTorrent.
RESTAC - A Java REST-style framework for p2p applications.
RefDB Publication List - Software to dynamically create publication lists with RefDB.
Reverspring CoI - A library that allows you to create Spring IoC XML from Java objects.
rmachine - A complexity theory register machine simulator.
Rainpress - A CSS compressor.
ruby-opengl - Ruby bindings for OpenGL, GLU, and GLUT.
ramlog - A daemon that places logs into a ramdisk on startup and saves them on shutdown.
RoasterBase - A coffee roasting profiles database and interface.
RailsDB - A Web-based database interface using Ruby on Rails.
RadialNet - A graphical visualization tool for networks mapped with nmap.
ReportNG - A reporting plug-in for TestNG.
Ramaze - A simple, light, and modular Web application framework.
RegMAS - A multi-agent simulator of agricultural policies.
Renoise - A complete music production environment.
record_locking - AJAX/PHP application-level record locking.
RWTH Mindstorms NXT Toolbox - A Matlab Interface to the Lego Mindstorms NXT.
rcache - A Reference-based cache library for Java.
Raggier - A plugin-based raytracer.
RavenNuke - A secure and fast XHTML/CSS compliant CMS.
Ramon - An RMON2 network monitoring agent.
RHQ - Software to simplify management.
RRTOOLS - A Web-based cookbook and recipe editor.
Ruby Plugin for NetBeans - A Ruby plugin for the NetBeans IDE.
Ruby/AWS - A Ruby language interface to Amazon Web Services v4.
RDVz - A Web application for setting meeting appointments between persons.
Ringside Social Application Server - A system for building social applications that operate with existing sites.
riffle netcast scripts - Scripts to download and sync netcast episodes.
Rakarrack - An effects rack for guitars.
Rails Ugly Dispatcher - A simple Web server for Rails application deployment.
ropevim - A Vim plugin for using the rope Python refactoring library.
runawk - A powerful wrapper for the AWK programming language interpreter.
Repository Observer - A complex tool to determine a need for system updates.
RUTV - An automated Usenet episode downloader.
Random Rotator - Random content rotators with many timing options.
rpcemu - An Acorn Risc PC emulator.
Restless - A lightweight markup processor that does less.
rpm2dstream - Converts an RPM to a dstream.
RealtyJuggler Real Estate Calculator - Calculators for real estate agents and buyers.
Rounder - An poker server and client.
ratproxy - A passive Web application security assessment tool.
Rapache - A rapid Apache configurator with a graphical interface.
Rules Framework - JSR 94 based components for the whole life cycle of Java rules based apps.
RDV - A visualization environment for scientific and engineering data.
reddZ-Et - A plugin to display reddit buttons on posts and pages in WordPress.
Reactive Keyboard - Adds predictive command and phrase autocompletion to your Unix shell.
Reverse Snowflake Joins - A tool that parses SQL Select statements and generates a diagram.
ReOS - A real estate Web site manager and customer relationship manager.
Rex - A PHP class to help secure your scripts.
Relational - A Python module for relational algebra and a GUI for executing queries.
Radio jockey - A program to broadcast Internet radio in real-time.
RSyntaxTextArea - A syntax highlighting text editor written in Java Swing.
Ruby on Rails linked scaffold generator - A Rails generator for models that are linked together with foreign keys.
rsvndump - A remote subversion repository dumping tool.
Ra-Ajax - A library that abstracts away JavaScript.
Random Thoughts On Distributed Algorithms - Tools, helpers, and applications for distributed application development.
Riteway-Reorgs - An easy way to reorganize ISAMS for performance.
rst2pdf - A converter from Restructured Text to PDF.
ReferenceGUI - A small Java application to help with LaTeX references.
rsavalidator - An RSA signature validator.
RwdFoldEditor - A book writing tool and project management editor.
rwdMPD - A client GUI for the MPD music server.
Ruby Documenting Tool - A Ruby documenting tool with a GUI for RDoc markup.
RCC-Java - A race condition checker for Java.
ring3k - A user mode kernel for Windows 2000/XP.
randtv - A program that renders random data in a 2D graphical pattern.
rss_store - Scripts for an online store with PayPal shopping cart integration.
Rapidshare Download - A program to download files from Rapidshare using a Premium Account.
reefLESS - Boat classifieds software.
Realeyes IDS - A full session IDS with a GUI frontend.
RealtimeBlog - An application that generates GSM and GPS GeoTag files.
retypar - A program that converts images into ASCII.
Rancho - A group/project management tool.
relocalizable flex - An improved version of flex.
rss4jsp - JSP tags for consuming RSS.
Rap3 - An identity management suite.
Run BASIC Free Edition - A powerful, all-in-one Web programming system and application server.
RedNotebook - A graphical daily journal with calendar, templates, and keyword searching.
Remote HellaNZB GUI - HellaNZB GNOME front-end
Remote Desktop Web - A Java AWT application that enables remote desktop control in a Web browser.
rc shell - Byron Rakitzis' implementation of the Plan 9 shell, rc for Unix.
Resistors - A tool to calculate the most suitable E-Series resistors for voltage dividers.
Remote Telescope System - A system for controlling an autonomous observatory.
RbUtils - A tool to help developers who use Java ResourceBundles.
RazorSQL - A database query tool, SQL editor, and database browser.
rstash - A network file drop box.
raidrec - A tool to recover data from a broken or incomplete RAID5 array.
REDUCE Computer Algebra System - A portable general-purpose computer algebra system.
Rendezvous Groupware Suite - A Web-based Collaboration Suite including e-mail, calendar, and more.
Rej - A graphical RDF editor.
Relatorio - A Python opendocument templating library.
RubyTet - A Tetris clone.
RTK - Ruckus Tool Kit (RTK)
Recover PDF Password - A tool for recovering forgotten PDF passwords.
RunShark - An application to display Nike+ data from an iPod.
REALbasic - A cross-platform software development tool.
Repoman - A tool to manage your personal Arch Linux repository.
Rivet CGI - A tool that allows Rivet applications to run as a CGI.
RAD menu - A standalone (wm-independent) ToEE-style radial menu implementation.
Rapid Photo Downloader - A photo and video downloader (importer) from cameras, memory cards, and portable storage devices.
rpmspecmanager - A tool for writing spec files to build RPMs.
RealMe - A strong authentication system that combines steganography with cryptography.
RiceKaraoke - A JavaScript karaoke engine.
RAPID - Rapid Ada Portable Interface Designer.
rjmailer - A Java library that can be used to send email.
rpmreaper - A tool for removing packages from a system.
RunVCS - A restricted shell for version control software.
RobOptim - A generic optimization framework for robotics.
RTS2 - A remote telescope system.
rig3 - A photo blog system that generates static HTML pages.
rux - A simple viewer for Russian texts.
remotecores - Software to send core files to remote machines.
Rebout Bulk Mailer - A database-driven bulk mailer script.
roads - A Web application framework for Mozart/Oz.
Robopages - A recursive, file-based Web page generator and CMS.
RTMPy - A Twisted protocol implementing Adobe's Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP).
rezerwar - A puzzle game with blocks and pipes.
Radio-Activo - Software for radio station programming.
RPG Next Gen Editor - An RPG editor based on Eclipse.
Rhope - A dataflow programming language with transactions.
Random Front End - A front-end that facilitates the use of batteries of statistical tests.
ReMooD - A Doom source port.
RayHttp - An HTTP client that sends requests to Web servers.
rt-stepper - A real time USB stepper motor CNC controller solution.
RecupNews - A utility to easily retrieve information from RSS feeds.
R6 Home Inventory - A program that allows you to catalog your assets.
rspamd - A fast anti-spam system.
rGallery - An image gallery Web script.
Realripper - Software that records Real streams to disk.
RedWolf Security Threat Generator - A security threat simulator that tests email, IM, malware, P2P, social networking, VoIP, DDoS, and many more.
rocknroll - An incremental backup maker based on rsync.
rpmconf - A tool to handle rpmnew and rpmsave files.
RunPON - A tool for running pon/poff scripts.
ReadyPhotoSite - A system to create Flash Web sites and manage the content from the admin area.
RemoteAdmin - A tool to remotely administer labs and groups of computers.
rfc3394 - A C# implementation of the RFC3394 key-wrapping algorithm.
ruby-pdns - A framework to develop dynamic DNS records using Ruby hosted in a PowerDNS Pipe Backend.
Ramen HDR - An HDR node-based image and video compositor.
Resize Image Nautilus Script - A script to shrink image files to a sane size with two mouse clicks in GNOME's Nautilus.
Ra Testing Manager - A testing utility.
Repo Manager - An easy-to-use repository manager for Arch Linux.
Raxan Framework - A framework for building rich PHP/AJAX Web sites and applications.
raw2webb - A shell script that converts raw files from your digital camera.
raw2tiff - A shell script that converts raw files to TIFF.
raw2jpg - A shell script that converts raw files to JPEG files.
Romance Of Rome - Embark on a breathtaking adventure in Romance Of Rome game! Travel to every corner of ancient Rome, collect skillfully hidden items, earn money, get original trophies and complete challenging quests to earn love and worship of Roman citizens.
RationalPlan - Project management software capable of handling multiple interrelated projects.
Role Playing Database - A program that manages the information used in tabletop RPGs.
RadhikaGB - A guestbook with smilies, spam protection, and an AJAX-powered admin panel.
Ruby FIX Message Viewer - A command line Ruby FIX message viewer.
ripary - A software development visualization tool.
Rainbows! - An HTTP server for sleepy applications and slow clients.
RestfulDoc - An API generator for RESTEasy projects.
RayFeedReader - A PHP class to retrieve and display feed content from a given URL.
RipTcl - CD ripping software with encoding/transcoding and tagging features.
RelEx - A dependency relationship extractor.
Ruby IRC Statistics Generator - A program that generates statistics from IRC log files.
Review - Flashcards to study and recall anything.
ReMon - A program for remote process monitoring.
Regress Pro - A program for fitting ellipsometry and reflectometry data.
RiskMNGT - A Redmine plugin that allows you to manage risks and incidents in your projects.
RS-Kennzeichen - A midlet to find German vehicle registration plates.
Rakontu - A story sharing Web application.
Restfulie - A gem for making REST projects become RESTful.
Ransom - A stdin/stdout filter that produces ransom-note style ASCII text.
Roster - BIND 9 DNS management software.
RationalPlan Single Project - A project management software.
Radiopump shoutcast player - A Shoutcast player.
RestyGWT - A GWT generator for REST services and JSON encoded data transfer objects.
RSSpect - An RSS 2.0 feed library written in Java.
RtArm - A real time architecture for robotics and mechatronics.
RationalPlan Project Viewer for Mac - A project management system viewer that allows anyone from project stakeholders to team workers to view your projects in detail.
RPyGTK - A Gnome frontend for statistical analysis in R.
rlimit - A Unix resource limit command line tool.
RandomBanner - A PHP class that shows random banners with images or Flash.
Racer - A 2D car racing game.
reb4j - A regular expression builder for Java.
rtmom - A "Remember The Milk" client for Openmoko.
RCapture - A Ruby library that allows placing hooks on methods using a simple and consistent interface.
Radio Tray - A streaming radio player.
ReportLab Toolkit - A PDF document creation library.
rmp - A remotely controlled music player.
RCDevs OpenOTP - A two-factor authentication server for soft tokens, SMS, and Yubikey.
RationalPlan Single Project for Mac - RationalPlan Single Project is project management software. It manages WBS construction, project planning and scheduling to critical path management, over-allocated resources detection, progress tracking, etc.
rnio - A minimalistic nio framework for Java.
RTSPdump - An MS-RTSP multimedia stream recording program.
RSS Live Links for Google Chrome - RSS item links and Live Bookmarks for Google Chrome.
Rich Booleans - Macros to make assertions more interesting.
rsync-mirror - A backup script to mirror a directory using rsync.
rmtoo - A requirement management tool.
RedStore - A lightweight RDF triplestore written in C using the Redland library.
RedBeanPHP - An object database for PHP.
rfc868server - A time/date server for rfc868 clients such as rdate.
[email protected] - A terminal server based on FreeNX.
RSound - Simplistic multi-platform networked audio.
remote-ssh-access - An application for creating handy SSH client shortcuts.
rsget.pl - An application to retrieve files from download services.
Rubber Band - An audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting library.
Ripcord - An easy to use XML-RPC client and server for PHP 5.
RCDevs WebADM - An LDAP management interface.
rwma - Ruby window manager addons.
Record Camera To FLV - A Web application that records video from a camera on a user's PC and stores FLV files on the server.
RSense - Useful development tools for Ruby.
Rheia Framework - A set of libraries for rapid application development with wxWidgets.
Ranger - A vim-like file manager.
Reindeer - A semi-abstract API for the rendering of three-dimensional virtual scenes.
RenderConfig - Software for simplifying the management of your enterprise application configuration.
repomirror - A generic repository mirror tool.
RubyDNS - A powerful DSL for creating flexible dynamic DNS servers.
RT-Thread RTOS - A real-time operating system for microcontrollers.
RunJRun - A system of parallel processing for Java on EC2 instances.
RT-Nagios gateway - A bi-directional gateway between Request Tracker and Nagios.
Ryzom Core - A toolkit for the development of massively online universes.
Rocket Propulsion Analysis - A tool for rocket propulsion analysis.
ROHC library - A library that implements the RObust Header Compression (ROHC) protocol as defined by the IETF.
RemoteBox - A VirtualBox client for remote administration.
radns - A client-side RDNSS (RFC 5006) implementation.
Redo Backup and Recovery - A simple GUI to create complete system images, restore from bare metal, and much more.
Remote Desktop Connection Manager - A manager for remote desktop connections with RDP, VNC, and ICA.
RXPY - A pure Python regular expression library for Python.
Replo - A syntactically-aware diff/find/replace tool.
Rowscope - A file viewer for large text files.
recipes - A program for storing recipes.
RefineryCMS - A Ruby on Rails content management system for small business sites.
repos-tools - Utilities to work faster on your repositories and on GitHub.
render_inheritable - A Rails 3 plugin that allows one to inherit or override single templates for controller hierarchies.
Redshiftgui - A monitor eye strain protection program.
RegExpp - C++ encapsulation of regex.h.
Response - An automatic email response system.
Rapicorn - An experimental UI toolkit.
rofldns - A DNS server derived from djbdns.
Ride Tab Editor - A guitar tab editor.
RO4R - An implementation of remote objects for Ruby.
Rhythmbox Microblogger - An application to send notices to your microblogging service from Rhythmbox.
RelaisDB - A database of German relay stations for amateur radio usage.
Read Arguments - A class for parsing and validating command line arguments.
rpm-depend - A Python program that detects the package fitting requirements of a given package.
RationalPlan Project Server - Multiple concurrent users project management software for multiple projects
reposurgeon - A tool for editing version control repository history.
RCDevs OpenID Provider - An OpenID 1.1 and 2.0 provider with simple registration and multiple OpenID URL formats.
Rodent filemanager - An advanced multi-threaded file manager.
RHash - A utility for computing hash sums and creating magnet links.
rcs-fast-import - A tool that unpacks fast-import streams to produce an RCS repository.
RT Email Import - An RT extension for IMAP mail import.
RubyAtoms - A module for creating and extending XYZ and PDB atomic position files.
RocketMan - A sci-fi fantasy shoot 'em up game (Megaman & R-Type).
RT Flag Updated - An RT extension to flag updated tickets.
remOcular - An extensible Web GUI for Unix command line tools.
RepoGuard - A framework for integration of development tools with source code repositories.
RemiX diskless - A complete and powerful graphical client system.
restund - A modular STUN/TURN server.
Random Password Generator Class - A PHP class to generate random texts for using as passwords.
runonce - Runs a script once at boot time.
redis-wp-cache - Saves Wordpress's object cache in memory using redis, which results in faster page load times.
Resty for Java - A simple HTTP/REST client API.
Ribbil - A command line and curses tool to use WiFi easily on Linux.
rdp2tcp - A TCP tunneling tool over RDP.
Repocafe - Self-service for svn hosting.
Reseau de Petri - A simulator and analyzer for Petri nets.
RhodeCode - Mercurial repository browser/management with a built-in push/pull server and full text search.
Resize Magic - An image resizer with a high quality interpolator.
re-engine-RE2 - An RE2 regex engine in Perl.
Robotics-IRobot - Provides a Perl interface to iRobot Roomba and Create robots.
Rove Mobile Admin - Client for RDP, VNC, Telnet, SSH, Active Directory, and MS Exchange connections.
Resource Scheduler - A Java Swing component to help schedule resources.
RepairsLab - A system that allows you to manage the entry and exit of equipment repair in a small workshop.
Rezgo Open Source PHP Parser - A tour and activity booking engine.
renderSnake - A component-oriented support library for HTML page generation in Java.
Resara Server - An Active Directory compatible server for small businesses.
reCsvEditor - An editor for CSV files.
Rain Framework - An easy MVC framework for PHP.
Remote Launcher Server - A tool to launch applications remotely on your PC via your Android device.
Raster - A library of raster image operations.
rJSmin - A Javascript minifier for Python.
rmlint - A tool to remove duplicates and other lint in a filesystem.
Radierl - A RADIUS protocol stack for Erlang/OTP.
Remote Utilities - Remote control software for secure access to PCs and laptops.
rlimitexec - A tool to execute a program with limits on its resource use.
rootify - An easy-to-use privilege escalation tool.
Relational Ètudes - A PHP implementation of the relational model.
rho - A small and very open console editor.
RMD Calculator - A program that calculates the Required Minimum Distribution.
Reblok - A utility to build back an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) from Python bytecode.
Rekonq - A Web browser based on WebKit.
Rescue - A game in which you rescue girls from cave monsters.
Remote Launcher App - Start programs remotely on your computer with one click on your Android device.
Rifas - A program to generate numbered raffle tickets.
Rangy - A cross-browser JavaScript range and selection library.
R2CORBA - CORBA for Ruby.
Robinhood Policy Engine - A tool for accounting, monitoring, and purging large filesystems.
r6rs-protobuf - Protocol Buffers for R6RS Scheme.
raps2 - A command-line password safe.
Reportico - A PHP report designer.
Roxee - A tool for remotely controlling your Boxee from your computer.
R:U:A:P - An efficiency-oriented audio player.
rsyslog-zeromq - A module that allows rsyslog to read and write ZeroMQ messages.
Red language - A programming language strongly inspired by REBOL.
RobotMinds - A simulation of a tournament in which programmable robots must find their way out of a maze.
RCDevs TiQR - A two-factor authentication server.
RPGRobotAlive - An aide for playing RPGs that displays the players in a dungeon.
Resilient Streaming Protocol - A UDP/multicast streaming protocol with error correction.
recluse - A cluster setup and management system for Red Hat and derivative systems.
Rescatux - A GNU/Linux rescue CD that comes with Rescapp, a nice wizard that will guide you through your rescue tasks.
ruby-libvirt - Ruby bindings for libvirt.
Relevation - A tool to retrieve Revelation-stored passwords from the command-line.
RestPose - A JSON/REST search server.
rules2mrtg - A tool that create MRTG graphs from iptables statistics.
R.Launchpad - A minimal OS platform built from source code.
RCaller - A library for calling R scripts from Java.
rsscache - Software to aggregate and cache feeds (RSS) into an SQL database.
RC Flyers Toolkit Box - A handy toolbox for R/C pilots.
RationalPlan Project Management Software - A system for managing projects and tasks.
RetinaPost - A CAPTCHA alternative for PHP and WordPress.
ReplicaNet - A multiplayer network and lobby library.
rerun - A lightweight tool-building framework useful to those implementing management procedure with shell scripts.
reptyr - A utility to move an existing program to a new terminal.
RunDeck - A command automation hub.
ResidualVM - A 3D game interpreter.
runasdog - A tool that connects a program's STDIO to a listening TCP socket.
robonobo - Social music sharing and downloading.
Restricted Shell Rbash - A tool that creates a restricted Bash shell account for a user.
RunLens - An Unity lens for starting applications
RainbruRPG - A 3D multiplayer Role Playing Game project.
RoboBrain SDK - A native 2D game library for Android.
Retina App Tab Bar Icons - An easy way to create navigation and tab bars for iPhone and iPad apps.
R128GAIN - An FFmpeg and SoX based EBU R128 compliant loudness scanner for audio files.
raider - A tool to automate software raid conversion.
rCSSmin - A CSS minifier.
Rippix - A CD ripper with ID3 and CDDB support. Encodes to MP3, FLAC, and Ogg.
Rsstail.py - A command-line syndication feed monitor mimicking tail -f.
Rumble - A mail server suite for SMTP (ESMTPSA), HTTP, POP3, and IMAP4v1.
RingyDingyDingy - A lightweight remote ring and lock app for Android.
Ra-chat - An IRC client written in Racket.
RoCanvas - A HTML5 drawing board component.
Rythm Template Engine - A high-performance Razor-like Java template engine.
Ruiby - A Ruby DSL for GTK.
Rummy Pong - A variation of Pong adding the ability to score points with Rummy-like patterns.
RUView - Visualization of resource utilization data for teams working on multiple projects.
Recover PDF Password for Mac - Software to recover PDF passwords.
Rudder - An audit and configuration management solution.
rand - Randomization of files, streams, or arguments.
RepoManager - A Web interface for managing git, svn, and hg repositories.
Runner - An X11 command launch tool.
RAMADDA - A servlet for earth science content management.
RMI WebSocket - A library that provides RMI over WebSockets.
r6rs-thrift - Apache Thrift for R6RS Scheme.
RegressionSuite - A software test suite that measures startup lag and execution times.
repla - A tool which turns any command into a shell.
redBorder IPS - A high performance intrusion prevention system.
radeontop - Display of GPU utilization on open Radeon drivers.
Revised - A visual editor for the Ren'Py visual novel game engine.
RealOpInsight - An advanced monitoring dashboard management engine for Nagios, Zabbix, and other open source monitoring software.
RedisLive - A dashboard for Redis.
RackMap - A Web-based datacenter management tool.
read feed - A command line tool that reads feeds from any source.
RCP100 - A modular IP router for Linux platforms.
Recipe Xpress - A recipe manager.
rrd-merge - An RRD merging utility.
rgbproc-repository - An EDK repository that provides units for image manipulation in FPGA.
Rikulo - A Web and mobile framework for Dart.
RogueWarts - A roguelike game themed on the Harry Potter world.
rrd-fixpeaks - An RRD peak removal tool.
recordmph - A music play history recorder.
Reformator - Destroys author's hard newlines in any text.
Ramona - A runtime supervisor.
RainCaptcha - A distorted CAPTCHA images generator.
Ridual - A dual-pane file manager for GNOME.
Rikulo Gap - A bridge implementation of the Apache Cordova mobile framework.
RationalPlan Multi Project for Mac - Software to manage multiple projects.
Rlogin - The remote login protocol.
Rikulo UXL - A markup language for defining user interfaces.
RB Address - An address manager.
ReXSL - A JAXB, JAX-RS, and XSLT Web development framework.
RevoBackup - An rsync-based backup script.
rConfig - A network configuration management utility.
RunSlides - A tool that generates interactive HTML5 presentations containing editable code snippets.
RootFinder - Implementation of all the standard bracketing and open root finding techniques.
retrobi - A Java Web application for retrospective bibliography.
Recordmydesktop 2.0 - A screencast and video conversion tool that outputs HTML5 video.
RoseThorn Game Library - A cross-platform library for 2D and 3D games.
Reaction - A Quake 3 mod.
Roles UI - A graphic interface library for Ruby on Rails.
rainbarf - A CPU/RAM/battery stats chart bar for tmux (and GNU screen).
Recover Mac - Software to regain lost files from multimedia cards.
repo - Makes any VCS speak a common tongue.
RManEdit - A man page editor.
rough - Software to embed macros in PHP code. Emulates traits in PHP 5.3.
res - A tiny commandline HTTP client.
RatticDB - Password management for humans.
RedQueryBuilder - A JavaScript SQL query builder UI.
Ruzzle Solver PRO - A fast and usable offline solver (aka cheater) for Ruzzle puzzles.
rgxg - A regular expression generator.
Rodovid - A drag-n-drop genealogical program.
Rikulo CouchClient - A Couchbase client library for Dart.
RemoteViewing - An embeddable .NET-native VNC client and server library.
Redstart Templating - A PHP5 OO template engine which supports template inheritance.
Redstart Graphic - An advanced graphic package inspired by the Java world.
ReynoldsMark - A simple CFD benchmark.
RoboZombie for Android - An endpoint proxy generator which simplifies networking on Android.
Redmine - A project management and issue tracking system.
rpi_gpio_ntp - Time sync on a Raspberry Pi from a PPS source.
router - An easy routing configuration tool.
Remote Keyboard - A tool that forwards your desktop PC's keyboard to your Android device.
Ruby Serial CAN bus library - A Ruby library for serial CAN bus adapters.
RosarioSIS - A Student Information System.
RtfEdit - A simple RTF editor.
Rikulo Ripple - A Lightweight Dart messaging server.
RRDA - A REST API for performing DNS queries over HTTP.
Reconfigure - A Python ORM for config files.
RAVM - A fast 32-bit virtual machine.
RulersGuides.js - A Photoshop-like guides and rulers interface on a webpage.
RdRand Java Utility - A Java utility built around Intel's librdrand RNG library.
Roosevelt MVC web framework - An MVC Web framework based on Node.js, Express, and Teddy.
Renshu-cho gyoretsu - A logic game.
rantgen - An automatic rant generator.
RTextDoc - An editor for structured text documents.
Repobuild - A build tool that generates Makefiles.
Rmollib - A library for manipulating molecules and systems of molecules.
rest-edit - A browser-based editor for REST resources.
Rikulo MemcachedClient - A Dart client library for Memcached.
RCPlive - A router live CD.
Redis-faina - A query analyzer that parses Redis' MONITOR command for counter/timing stats about query patterns.
retropong - A Pong clone.
Rolisteam - Software that helps you to manage role playing games.
RioFS - A userspace filesystem for Amazon S3 buckets.
RecDB - A recommendation engine built inside PostgreSQL.
Random Wordlist Generator - Generation of random wordlists to test your passwords' security.
Redis Desktop Manager - A cross-platform desktop manager for Redis.
R - A language and environment for statistical computing.
RabbIT - A mutating, caching Web proxy to speed up surfing over slow links.
Rabid Rabbit - An arcade style shoot 'em up.
RACE - Remote Administration Framework
Radar - A web-based administrator for Tomcat.
RadarFDTD - Electromagnetic wave simulation program.
radauth - Allows authentication against a RADIUS server from the command line.
radd - modular RADIUS server
Radiator - A hierarchical radiosity package.
Radiator Radius Server - A full featured, configurable, and portable RADIUS server.
radio-spase - SPASE PCRadio V4L device driver
RadioActive - Radio tuner for X11 and Video4Linux
radiusclient - framework and library for writing RADIUS clients
radiusContext - A RADIUS accounting log analysis package
RadiusReport - Radius log analyser and parser.
RADpage - A rapid application development system for Web applications.
Radstock Radius Analyser - A packet analyser for the RADIUS protocol.
Rage IRC Services - IRC Services for the Rage IRC daemon.
RageIRCd - A very stable IRC daemon.
Rain's PPP scripts - Scripts to simplify the use and setup of pppd
Raine - An arcade emulator.
Rainmail Intranet Server - Intranet server for RedHat Linux
Raja - A Java ray-tracer.
RamFloppy - A single-floppy Linux boot/rescue system.
random-tester - A random number generation and testing suite.
RandomCsp - A library and program to generate binary constraint satisfaction test problems.
randomsig - A program that picks a random line from one or more files for use as signatures.
randtype - Displays text at random intervals.
RAPID Analysis Program for Investment Decisions - Stock/commodity graphing, technical analysis, and trade accounting.
RAR - A general purpose archiving and compression program
rasmol - A 3D molecular viewer.
ratpoison - A window manager that lets you say good-bye to the rodent.
raveMPGui - A utility for linux users for their raveMP portable mp3 player
RaVeR - A realtime animation renderer that syncs with sounds.
Raw Image Loader Plug-in - An arbitrary bit-mapped data loader plugin for the Gimp.
rawhide.php - A PHP script for distributed.net raw stats retrieval.
rawrec - A utility to record and play back raw audio data.
Ray++ - easily extensible C++ library for ray tracing
rblcheck - A lightweight anti-spam program
rbmake - Make books for your Rocket eBook out of Web pages.
rcalc - Fast and light symbolic calculator for GNOME.
rce - Remote command execution utlity
rch - An rc script handler.
RCS - GNU Revision Control System
rdc2e - Download imaged from a Ricoh RDC-2E digital camera over the serial line
rdesktop - A Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client.
rdfpic - A GUI tool to embed an RDF description of a picture into the picture itself.
RDTJ - Web-based mp3 jukebox.
ReactOS - An open source implementation of an operating system like Windows NT
read-edid - Gets modelines for XF86Config from monitor (using DDC, EDID).
Real FC Manager - Highly realistic football manager game currently under development
Real Time Scheduler Tools - Posix.1b Real Time Scheduler Tools for Linux
RealPlayer - Plays streaming audio and video over the Internet
RealTimeBattle - RealTimeBattle, a robot programming game for Unix
Realty Manager - A one-step posting management system for real estate listings.
Ream - A powerful, text-based, full-screen Mail User Agent.
reap - Disassembler for x86 architecture, and assembly code editor
RearSite - A tool for building personal and collaborative Web sites.
reauth - A utility to get and refresh AFS tokens.
REBOL/Core Messaging Language - Network-based messaging language
rebot3.pl - An MP3 renamer/tagger with local and remote CDDB support.
Recall - Framework for replicated fault-tolerant storage servers.
ReCaP - Remote copy and paste for Linux and Windows
Recital Terminal Developer - An RDBMS with complete development tools and 4GL.
recover - A utility which automates some steps to undelete a file.
Recovery Is Possible! - A CD or USB Linux boot/rescue system.
recycle-logs - A log file recycling/rotation manager.
Red - Terminal text editor.
Red Hat Linux - The Red Hat Linux distribution.
RedHat CD Kit - Tools for creating bootable RedHat installation CDs.
RediCart - Perl-based shopping cart for real-time transactions.
Redland RDF Library - A C library providing high-level RDF graph and triple store APIs.
Redmond Linux OS - A Linux distribution geared for newbies.
Referendum - Tools for Group Understanding and Empowerment.
RegExplorer - Regular Expression Explorer
Regexx - A complete regular expressions C++ solution.
regutils - Windows 9x ini and registry tools for unix
Rel - Determine the relevance of text documents to a boolean expression of keywords
Relay-JFC - Open Source IRC chat program with a graphical user interface similar to mIRC
relaycheck - Scans a network for SMTP hosts that permit
Reliable MultiCast SDK - Helps you create custom multicast transmitter and receiver applications.
Remembrance Agent - Remembrance Agents are an augmented, associative memory.
Remind - A full-featured calendar/reminder program.
Remote Microscope - Client/server system for controlling an optical microscope over the Internet
Remote nmap - Client and server software to remotely do nmap port scans.
Remote Objects - Java Object broker
Remote Tea - ONC/RPC for Java.
remotehost_applet - A configurable panel icon for remote host sessions.
renameit - bash/sed scripts for standardizing MP3 filenames.
renattach - A filter that renames or deletes dangerous email attachments.
RenderDotC - RDC is a RenderMan(R)-compliant photorealistic rendering toolkit
RenderPark - Physics-Based Photorealistic Rendering Tool
REO-analyze - Online Deutsche Telekom phone bill analyzing tool.
rep-gtk - A binding of the GTK+ and GDK to librep.
Repairlix distribution - System recovery/repair/backup CD in 12MB of media.
replace - Replace ASCII or hex strings in text or binary files
replacebell - A library to replace X's default bell with a sound of your choice.
Replicator - Automatic replication of a Debian GNU/Linux installation.
Report Magic - Create tabular reports and graphs from Analog web statistics.
Repository - A package that allows you to create/maintain repository of code templates.
Req - Email-based request tracking system
Request Tracker - An issue tracking solution.
ResCafé - Mac Resource Fork reader written in Swing Java
Resin - JSP 1.2 and Servlet 2.3 engine.
Resource Standard Metrics - Performs metrics and quality checks on C, C++, and Java sourcecode.
Resynthesizer - Gimp plug-in for manipulating textures
Reverse Pimpage Revision 2 - Gives access to boxes behind firewalls from outside the firewall
rewrite - A tool to rewrite files in place thru a shell pipeline.
REXEC - A secure, decentralized remote execution environment for clusters.
rexima - A curses-based (and command-line) sound mixer.
rfbplaymacro - VNC session scripting program.
rfbproxy - A VNC session record/playback program.
rfci2bib - transfers rfc-index.txt to bibtex and html
RFCutil - fast util to search the rfc-index for a topic and display it with lynx
rgen - Object-oriented random number generation library.
RGLClock - Rotating 3D clock
rh-errata - Red Hat Linux update package maintenance tool
rh-isdn - A few scripts and documentation to set up ISDN on RedHat
RheinTurm - A special decimal clock.
Rhyming Dictionary - A rhyming dictionary.
RhythmLab - Displays and sounds polyrhythms
RIG - Random Identity Generator.
RIMiRadio - A floppy disk distro of Linux and an Icecast server.
RIMPS - Web based MP3 and Ogg server.
Rio (RAM I/O) for FreeBSD - An implementation of the Rio file cache project
Rio 500 - Linux support for Diamond's Rio 500 MP3 player.
rio-utils - Diamond Rio support utilities
riofill - MP3 - Fill a Diamond Rio with a random playlist
Rioja - A record-oriented java input/output class library.
rip - A console-based MP3, Ogg Vorbis, or FLAC CD ripper.
RipIT - A front-end for ripping/encoding/tagging MP3, Ogg, and Flac files.
ripMIME - A MIME attachment extraction tool.
Riscose - A high-level RISC OS emulator for Linux.
RJ's Perl Obfuscator - Make Perl programs smaller and more difficult to edit.
rjobs - A Periodic Remote Job Agent/Daemon
Rkdet - rootkit detector
Rlab - Mathematical program similar to Matlab
rlpr - A tool to print from remote sites to your local printer.
rlwrap - A readline wrapper.
rmap - Graphs any portion of the earth from CIA's world data bank II information.
rmcore - Shell script to list/remove core files
rmdirr - Recursively remove empty directories.
rmligs - A ligature corrector for German LaTeX documents.
RMP Download for Java - Implements complete MP3 album downloads.
rmRemote - Use the REALmagic Remote with Linux.
rname - Launches a program under a different name.
Roadrunner/pk - A real-time kernel.
ROADS - A free Yahoo-like system written in Perl
Robochart - An interactive flow diagram editor.
RoboCommish - A Perl-based Fantasy Football League(s) management suite.
ROBODoc - Documentation tool for many programming languages
Robot Race - An Excellent 90% completed Robo Rally server needing an equivalent client.
Robust Audio Tool - A network audio conferencing and streaming application.
ROCK Linux - A Linux distribution build kit.
RockBot - A powerfull, smart, IRC robot.
Rocks'n'Diamonds - Arcade style Boulderdash/EmeraldMine clone for X11 with stereo sounds
Rolodap - Multiuser contacts managment system based on LDAP and PHP.
ROOT - A comprehensive object-oriented framework.
Root Park - Build a network that will stand the test of time
Root-Portal - Background Desktop System Logger
root-tail - Allows printing of text directly to the X11 rootwindow
Rosegarden - An audio and MIDI sequencer and score editor.
rotn - Rotates alpha characters in a file.
RotNN.py - Python library to do rotational encryption (rot13, for instance)
routeplanner - Highway trip planner
ROX-Filer - Drag-and-drop based filemanager.
Roxen WebServer - A platform-independent Webserver featuring strong encryption and SSL3.
rp-pppoe - A user-mode PPPoE client.
RPGBoard - A WWWBoard-style message board script.
RPilot - An interpreter for the IEEE-standard language PILOT.
rpl - Multi-file recursive string replacement
RPL interpreter - A Perl module for parsing and executing RPL programs.
rplay - a network audio system
RPLD - Server for IBM style RPL/RIPL boot proms
RPM - The RPM package management system.
RPM Workshop - GUI RPM Packaging tool
rpm2html - Utilities to create HTML pages about RPM packages.
rpm2tar - Utility for converting binary RPM packages to tar archives.
RPMbuilder - A program to make RPMs from .tar.gz packages.
rpmproc - simple Perl wrapper to help manage and build RPM packages
rpmsearch - RPM search software.
rpng/rpng2/wpng - demo PNG viewers (2) and PPM-to-PNG converter for Unix, Win32
rproxy - Improves web performance by the way of caching and differential updates.
RRDtool - Time-series data storage and graphing software.
rrlogind-sv - Time Warner RoadRunner login client for Linux
rscript - Remotely executes a list of commands as root or user, can email a confirmation.
RSF-1 - High Availability software solution for server pairs
rshproxy - Application level gateway for rsh, rlogin and rexec.
rslink - A jukebox program to control multiple Sony 200-disc changers.
rsmirror - A script to maintain a local mirror of portions of rsync servers.
rstatus - A rebuilt-from-scratch rstatus (rwho, ruptime, rwhod).
rsync - A file transfer program to keep remote files in sync.
RSync Manager - A set of scripts to manage and automate rsync-reliant sites.
rt - An n-dimensional raytracer.
rt-utils - a collection of tools related to realtime scheduling
rtEq - A realtime equalizer.
rtf2ps - A tool to render RTF files in Postscript.
rtld - Remote Translation Service Daemon.
rtnppd - TNPP-packets router with TNPP-in-IP encapsulation
rtspd - RTSP Proxy Reference Implementation for UNIX.
rt_com - A Real-Time Linux serial port driver.
ruboard - Configurable, database-backed Web discussion board.
Ruby - An object-oriented language for quick and easy programming
Ruby/Gtk - Ruby extension library to use GTK+
rude - UDP traffic generator and logging utilities
RUE - A resource utilization explorer.
Rule Set Based Access Control - A flexible system of access control based on rules
runmaint - wrapper for cron jobs
runsuid - Poor man's set-uid/set-gid script invocation.
rute - A beginner-through-advanced tutorial and reference book on Linux.
rwhois-client - Client + client library for the RWhois protocol.
rwhois.py - A recursive whois client/module and record parser.
RXP - Validating XML parser in C
rxtx - A Java native serial library for Linux supporting CommAPI.
rxvt - A VT102 emulator for the X window system
rz/sz - ZMODEM, YMODEM or XMODEM error correcting protocol send and receive

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