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OSSP str - A generic string library.
Oracle Java Platform, Standard Edition - The Java Development Kit.
openSUSE - A Linux distribution.
Oneiro - An advanced text game engine written in Java.
osCommerce - An online shop project written in PHP.
open - Opens files in an appropriate program based on the file's extension.
OpenKickOff - An open-source, GPLed soccer game similar to Anco's KickOff2.
Openobex - An Object Exchange (OBEX) protocol implementation.
Oxml - A C++ wrapper for the expat XML parser library.
orictoppm - Converts an Oric video RAM dump into a portable pixmap.
Open RUSH Project - Support for the Philips Rush portable MP3 player.
Oracle Toolbox - PHP program to administer an Oracle database.
Open Geographic Datastore Interface - An API for reading various raster and vector geospatial formats.
Old-Russian Ispell Set - Ispell dictionary for old Russian orthography.
On-screen Display Daemon - Provides an on-screen display of mixer settings.
OpenCms - A content management system for Web sites.
oSpam - An anti-spam system based on Perl and qmail.
OpenJNLP - An Open Source implementation of JNLP.
Ogg Vorbis Tag Editor for XMMS - An XMMS plugin which allows you to edit ogg vorbis tags.
Ogg Vorbis Player - GTK+ based Ogg Vorbis Audio player
opensnmp - A multi threaded C++ SNMP stack
OSD Mail - An xosd_based email notifier
OpenAI Java Neural Net - An implementation of a neural network.
Online Journal (Records Mode for Emacs) - Records allows emacs users to keep an online personal journal
ORIGINAL - A web image gallery creation tool
OpenAI Genetic Algorithm - The OpenAI implementation of a genetic algorithm.
OpenWebMail - A powerful, multi-featured Webmail package.
ObjectScript - An object oriented scripting language.
OpenGL Graphical ActiveX Controls - A set of activeX controls for realtime graphical displaying using OpenGL.
Open Package Library - A package management library.
ol'bookmarks manager - A Web-based bookmark manager.
Openwall GNU/*/Linux - A small security-enhanced Linux distribution for servers.
OpenSymphony SiteMesh - A web-page layout system and web-application integration system.
oTasks - A PHP4-based, multi-user task management system.
OpenSSH SRP patch - OpenSSH SRP patch
OpenInSO - Opens a file specified by URL in an existing StarOffice process.
Opengiggle - An open protocol for delivering giggles over a network
ObJectRelationalBridge - An ODMG/JDO-compliant object-to-relational mapping for Java.
Organon - A project manager that uses the Perl/Tk module.
openadaptor - EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) software.
Open Simp-X - A scalable Internet management platform.
OpenWBEM - A C++ implementation of the DMTF's CIM & WBEM Standards.
one.world - A system architecture for pervasive computing.
Ogle DVD player - A DVD player for Solaris, *BSD, and Linux.
Open Meta Archive - A distributed multimedia content management archive.
OpenSSI - Provides full, highly available SSI clustering for Linux.
OpenLoad - A Web load testing tool.
OnlineCourse - A Zope Product for Online Instruction/Distance Learning.
Open Domain Server Update Client - A client to update dynamic DNS entries for ODS.
openMosixview - A management GUI for openMosix/Mosix-Cluster.
odsupdate - An Open Domain Server IP update client.
OpenDRDA - An open source implementation of the DRDA database protocol.
OpenGL/FreeType2 Text Rendering Library - OGLFT
Onyx - Embeddable stack-based threaded language.
OSCAR Cluster - A Linux Cluster installer based on best known practices.
OpenSched - A project resources scheduler.
online.php - A script that gives information about PPP connections.
Oroborus Theme Changer - An app for changing the theme in the Oroborus window manager.
OSS/3D audio processor plugin for XMMS - A plugin which gives your music 3D sound effects using only 2 speakers.
OpenC++ - A version of C++ with a Metaobject Protocol.
OpenJava - An extensible language based on Java and a Metaobject Protocol.
OpenAdapter - Java/XML-based EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) software.
OpenMCL - A Common Lisp compiler for PPC
Open Bulletin Board - A free PHP bulletin board.
OpenPGP Webmail - An anonymous PGP/GPG Webmail system.
OpenInteract - An Apache mod_perl based Web application server.
OSSP lmtp2nntp - A mail to news gateway.
OpenBIOS - A free implementation of IEEE 1275-1994.
Open DirectConnect / Java Direct Connect - An open DirectConnect client written in Java.
Online Cardgame System - A client-server system for playing card games over the net.
opTV - A small Video4Linux TV program.
OzVM - A simple virtual machine.
Open System Administration - System administration for Linux via the Web.
Oracle - An enterprise-level SQL database.
ODBCj - A complete ODBC datasource manager that you can use from your Java app.
Open Source Electronic Lab Notebook - An electronic lab notebook.
Omega: the Roguelike - A complex rogue-style game of dungeon exploration.
OpenSceneGraph - An open source scene graph library.
Open Runtime Platform - An open-source Java Virtual Machine (JVM) implementation.
Ozibug - A platform-independent, Web-based bug tracking system.
OpenAl - A cross-platform API for interactive, spatialized audio.
OGRE - A C++ scene-oriented 3D rendering library.
OfysUtils - Sicon Ofys UPS manager and monitor.
OpenSG - A portable scenegraph system for creating realtime graphics programs.
Open CLI Library - Intel Labs C# implementation of portions of the Common Language Infrastructure.
OpenFTS - A PostgreSQL-based full text search engine.
Open Media Collectors Database - A inventory application for DVDs, VHS, VCDs, DIVX, CDs, games, books, etc.
Open Gaming System - A platform for developing open gaming software.
OpenAntiVirus samba-vscan - VFS modules for on-access virus scanning with Samba 2.2.x/3.x.
OpenRADIUS - A modular, flexible, and powerful SQL and LDAP enabled RADIUS server.
OpenSC - Tools and libraries for PKI smart cards.
OmniGene - A bioinformatics middleware solution.
Oracle SchemaDiff - A program which finds differences between Oracle database schemas.
OpenIM - An open source Java Jabber Server implementation.
Omdat IRC Services - An IRC services package in Perl, based on PgSQL.
Optik - A flexible, extensible commandline parsing library for Python.
OpenLDAP-PostgreSQL Linux HOWTO - An HOWTO for implementing PostgreSQL as an SQL backend for OpenLDAP.
OnDir - Executes scripts as directories are traversed.
ORBit2 - A major revision to the ORBit code base.
Open Source Software for QNX - A collection of Open Source software for QNX.
Open Direct Connect Daemon - A direct connect daemon for Linux and Win32.
OdeiaVir - A program designed to integrate virus scanning into an email server.
OpenAI - An open source artificial intelligence package.
Ophis Assembler - A portable 6502 family cross-assembler.
Object Component Desktop - A JNLP client and Java desktop environment.
OpenAntivirus ScannerDaemon - A free daemon to scan for viruses.
Osimplay - An x86 meta-assembler in Bash.
ora2pg - A tool to easily convert an Oracle database to a PostgreSQL database.
Objective HTML - A toolkit for HTML forms.
OImage - An image render/manipulate library for FLTK2.
OWidgets - A set of extended widgets for FLTK2.
OpenPKG - A cross-platform, RPM-based Unix software packaging facility.
oggment - An Ogg Vorbis player/encoder/streamer.
Open DC Hub - A Direct Connect hub for Unix/Linux.
Outreach Project Tool - A Web project development environment.
OpenJade DSSSL Processor - An implementation of DSSSL, an ISO standard for formatting SGML/XML documents.
Old Fortran Games Collection - A collection of old games written in FORTRAN.
openHBCI - A C++ library for the German HomeBanking Computer Interface.
OpenCRM - A CRM and support system.
ora_mail - A utility that allows you to send email from an Oracle RDBMS.
Open Babel - A cross-platform chemistry program and library designed to convert file formats.
OSSP ex - An exception handling library.
OSSP sa - A socket abstraction library.
OpenBook - A simple guestbook application.
OpenZz - A dynamic parser.
openTicket - An ITIL service desk tool.
openMosix Cluster for Linux - Kernel clustering extensions for transparent and fully scalable clustering.
Open Pinball Simulator - A pinball simulator.
Oops Proxy - An HTTP/FTP proxy server.
Ofnibot - A minimalist reincarnation of the Infobot IRC information bot.
ObjcDoc - An Objective C documentation tool.
Object Prelinking for C++ object files - Gives faster startups by fixing C++ object files.
ObexFTP - Access mobile devices via IrDA, Bluetooth, and cable.
OpenGrade - Software to keep track of school grades.
Orbis - A 3D file browser.
OpenAntivirus' VirusHammer - A standalone virus scanner.
Ovidentia - A portal generator for companies, organizations, or communities.
OpenAG - Open Audiogalaxy Satellite - A client for Audiogalaxy file sharing system.
onesixtyone SNMP scanner - A fast SNMP scanner and brute force tool.
open BIBLIO - A school library administration tool.
OSSP var - A variable expansion library.
OSSP val - A Value Access Library.
OSSP sugar - An invisible syntactic sugar markup language.
Opale - A very simple personal finance manager and planning tool.
Objective Simple Direct Media Layer - A C++ wrapper around SDL.
oscillo - A tiny visual scope for X11.
OpenIsis - A library and tools for ISIS bibliogaphic (ISO2709) databases.
Open BEAGLE - An evolutionary computation framework in C++.
Open Source Draw - A Web-based drawing program.
OpenVPN - OpenVPN is a robust and highly configurable VPN daemon.
OurCMS - An object-oriented content management system.
Open CORBA Benchmarking Suite - A benchmarking suite for CORBA brokers.
open sTeam - An environment for cooperative knowledge management.
OpenCyc - An AI commonsense knowledge base.
Openbox - A minimalistic, highly configurable window manager.
oraschemadoc - A JavaDoc-style documentation generator for Oracle schemas.
OpenCOE - Open Common Operating Environment.
OTRS - A help desk and ITIL V3 compatible IT service management solution.
ODAI - Open Distributed Applications Interface
OcoMon - A trouble ticket system based in PHP.
ORSA - Scientific-grade software for Celestial Mechanics.
oXygen XML Editor - A Java editor that supports XML, XSD, XSL, and DTD.
OATS - A PHP/MySQL driven web-based timecard application
OpenAether - A collection of libraries and programs for Jabber.
OpenOffice.org Quickstarter - A extended clone of the quickstarter of OpenOffice.org in Microsoft Windows
OpenCOBOL - A COBOL compiler.
oRTP - An RTP (RFC3550) library.
OpenBiblio - A library automation system.
Outlook save as text/CSV to Unix mailbox - Convert mailboxes saved as text or CSV from Outlook to mbox format.
Oroborus - A small, simple, configurable, and themeable window manager.
OpenGFS - An Open Source version of Sistina's Global File System.
osdsh - An on-screen display for battery, clock, connection status, and volume.
Onlinecalc - A utility which summarizes the connection data of pppd
Ormaxx Fonts for X - Fonts to use in an xterm.
OpenSymphony Core - Core components that are useful in any J2EE application.
OpenSymphony Workflow - A flexible J2EE workflow system.
OpenEJB - A flexible, versatile, embeddable EJB container system.
Open Proxy Scanning Bot - An open proxy scanner for IRC networks.
Orpheus - Orpheus is a text mode menu- and window-driven audio player application
Opennap NG - A Napster-like server.
OfflineIMAP - A tool to bi-directionally synchronize IMAP/Maildir email boxes.
Open Remote Collaboration Tool - A multidisciplinary effort to enhance collaboration.
OpenRatings - A PHP-based engine for rating professors and classes.
Openprogrammers.org RPM-Manager - An easy-to-use RPM management system for Linux.
oKle - A KDE frontend to the Ogle DVD player.
obliquid - A PHP/XML application framework.
Oboeru - Flash cards for PalmOS.
OpenOffice Indexer - A tool for cataloging OpenOffice.org documents.
OSSP fsl - A faking/flexible syslog library.
ogmtools - Tools to merge different streams into Ogg files.
OSSP l2 - A flexible logging library.
OSSP cfg - A configuration parsing library.
out2syl - Exports your Outlook Express contact list to GNU/Sylpheed format.
Orbital Eunuchs Sniper - A game in which you kill terrorists with your orbital sniping platform.
oil2xsd - Some XSLT stylesheets converting an OIL ontology to XML Schema.
OpenSceneGraph Editor - A tool for building complex scenes based on individual models.
oinkmaster - A tool to update your Snort rules.
OSSP shiela - Access Control and Logging Facility for CVS.
OpenChatterBox - A ChatterBox clone.
Openglad - An SDL port of the old (and recently open-sourced) DOS game Gladiator.
Optikal - A tool for generating optical illusions.
OO Bench - A portable cross-language object-oriented benchmark.
offender - An entertaining 2D space shooter.
obcode anti-debugging library - A library that produces code which is difficult to reverse engineer.
OpenComal - A free Comal implementation.
OpenSymphony PropertySet - An abstracted way to dynamically store and retrieve typed data.
ObjectBox o:XML Compiler - An o:XML compiler and interpreter.
OpenPSA - A Web-based management suite for Web agencies and consultants.
Object Relational Membrane - A small but efficient interface between Python objects and SQL tables.
OcamlSpread - OcamlSpread is an OCaml wrapper for the Spread group communication toolkit.
OWX - Java/JSP-based Website editor or CMS software.
OSAccess - A Java entitlement security engine.
Oculus Layout System - A Java GUI layout API and graphical builder.
OSL - A pbbuttonsd-client wich uses the xosd-lib.
ora2html - An Oracle database configuration collector that produces output in HTML or ASCII
Odyssey - PIC programming software for Linux.
Office Tournament - A tool for keeping track of office tournaments.
OpenGLavity - A gravity simulation program.
Online Library Application - A Web-based library system for small/medium organizations (books, videos, etc.).
OperBot - An IRC bot which allows opers to be invited and opped in oper-only channels.
Original Gamer's Client - A cross-platform GUI MUD client.
Otak - A text-based visual interface to programs.
OpenMDV - A distributed, XML-based knowledge management platform.
OpenPlugin - A Perl-based Web plugin manager.
OSXvnc - A full-featured VNC server for Mac OS X.
OpenQuicktime - A modern quicktime library.
Open ModelSphere - A tool for business process modeling, data modeling, and UML modeling.
orbitcpp - A C++ mapping for ORBit2.
Orca - A tool to monitor and plot any data to the Web.
OpenSSH LDAP Public Key patch - A patch for retrieving public keys using LDAP.
OKit - An object tree, virtual machine, and compiler for concatenative languages.
OpenAngel - An HTTP/1.0 ready, highly secure Web server written in Perl.
o3read - A standalone converter for Open Office.
OpenSP - A library to manipulate, validate, and parse SGML.
Online-Bookmarks - A tool for storing bookmarks and favorites online.
Open Beat Box - The Virtual Drum Machine.
OPCODE - A small collision detection library.
Open RObot COntrol Software - A real-time machine control framework.
OpenTop - An extensive C++ class library.
OGG-S - Open source DRM for Linux.
OSSP al - An assembly line data structure library.
OpenDocMan - A Web-based document management system.
Open POSIX Test Suite - A test suite for IEEE Std 1003.1 - 2001.
ogmencoder - An automatic DVD to OGM backup script.
Ogg Vorbis QuickTime component - A plugin to play and create Ogg Vorbis files from QuickTime.
Open-Realty - A real estate listing manager.
Ohioedge CRM - A Web-based, Enterprise Java/J2EE customer relationship management system.
Ogg::Vorbis::Header - A Perl module for viewing and editing Ogg Vorbis header fields.
Open Volume Library - A library for working with volumetric datasets.
Ogg::Vorbis::Decoder - An object-oriented Perl module for decoding Ogg Vorbis files.
openbechede - An OpenBSD packages tool (install/remove/update/system upgrade).
Oracle Perl Hotbackup for Unix - A Unix based Oracle hot backup.
openMosixApplet - A monitoring applet for openMosix clusters.
OpenEXR - A high dynamic range (HDR) image file format developed by ILM.
OSSP sio - An I/O abstraction library for layered stream communication.
OpenBSD Network Shell - A Cisco-like command line interface for OpenBSD routers.
OSSWEB - A Web application development framework for NaviServer.
oocommon - A flexible object-oriented PHP engine.
OSSP xds - eXtensible Data Serialization.
OpenConf - A conference management system, including workshops & symposia.
OutGoing - A script to help financial planning
OperaHotlist2HTML - Converts Opera Hotlists to HTML 4.01.
OPEN DESIRE - Dynamic system modeling/simulation software.
OpenSBS - An easy deployment of a Samba Primary Domain Controller and a fax server.
Open Mortal - A parody of the original fighting game, Mortal Kombat, with silly characters.
OracleEditor.php - A PHP script to browse, insert, edit, and delete records in an Oracle database.
OpenJGraph - A Java library for graph manipulation and drawing.
Open Sound World - An extensible realtime music environment.
Open Learning Management System - A learning management system.
oCAN - A driver for the Intel 82527 CAN controller.
OSX Control - A pretty GUI that allows you to shut OS X down, reset it, or put it to sleep.
OptiPNG - A lossless PNG optimizer.
oxine - A purely OSD-based xine frontend.
OpenBottle-core - An anti-spam authenticated whitelist email system.
openMosixLOAF - A single floppy openMosix bootsystem for diskless HPC clusters.
Opera-Right-Pronto! - A tool to import Opera email contacts into Pronto!.
OOPServer - Web-based document workflow.
ObjectPlanet's PngEncoder - A fast PNG encoder.
OpenPGP Public Key Server - A PGP Public Key Server.
Omnistar Live - A comprehensive customer relationship management solution.
open1x - An Open Source implementation of IEEE 802.1x.
OpenBottle-webmail - A Web mail user interface for the OpenBottle anti-spam email system.
OpenUPSd - A UPS monitoring daemon for some Belkin UPSes.
OZradio - A GUI CD player, CD ripper, mixer, FM radio player, and recorder.
Openline - The open source Hotline project.
Open Application Server - A high performance, multithreaded C++ application server.
OpenCCG - OpenCCG is a collection of natural language processing components.
Open Office Software Development Kit - An add-on for OpenOffice.
Open DP-500 - A Java server for the KiSS DP-500 DVD player.
O3 - An SMTP and POP4 email server.
Open-DVB - An open implementation of DVB standard in Matlab/Octave.
openTNEF - A TNEF decoder.
OggCarton - A home jukebox system.
OpenRasmol - The open-sourced Molecular Graphics Visualisation Tool.
ObjectDB for Java/JDO - A powerful yet compact Object Database for Java/JDO (Java Data Objects).
OpenAMF - An open-source alternative to MM's Java Flash Remoting.
OpenMambo - A Content Management System that focuses on content sharing.
Osnofianlinux - A collection of embedded Linux mini-distributions.
Opinio - A complete survey solution for any platform.
objectStatus - A class for monitoring your PHP objects.
OpenClinic - An easy to use, open source, medical records system.
OpenLoad Tester - A load and stress testing solution.
OpenXAdES - Brings legally binding digitally signed documents into life.
Ogg Theora - A video codec that builds upon On2's VP3 codec.
otpCalc - An OTP and S/Key calculator for X.
OpenSSH Heartbeat/Watchdog Patch - A patch which adds Heartbeat and Watchdog functions.
OpenSSH Initial Cleartext Keyword Patch - A patch which adds pre-authentication via cleartext passwords.
OpenSSH TIS Authentication Patch - A patch which adds support for TIS authsrv authentication.
OpenSSH and GSSAPI Mechglue - A patch which adds support for GSSAPI authentication.
OUTO - A simple unit tester for C/C++.
Online Video Viewer - An online video viewing system.
OpenEMed - A distributed medical records component toolkit.
Open64 Compiler Tools - An Open64 optimizing compiler for IA-64.
OSER - A replacement for Microsoft Exchange which runs on Linux.
oopbot - A full featured IRC bot.
Odysseus - A MIDlet that manages checklists.
ObjectBrowser Bean - An instant GUI generator for any Java object.
Onager - An MLdonkey GUI for your PalmOS handheld.
ObexTool - A graphical frontend for ObexFTP.
Open Source Portfolio - A tool to store, view, and selectively share digital learning records.
OGR Simple Features Library - A Multi-format GIS vector access library.
OpenAncestry - An Open Source genealogical management tool.
Open Palmtop Integrated Environment - A mobile platform for Linux-based embedded devices.
OJB Console - A tool to browse, create, edit, delete, and search Java objects over the Web.
Open Systems Accounting Software - An enterprise accounting and business management program.
osdchat - A remote messaging service that outputs to OSD.
offmirror - An offline file tree mirroring utility.
OSCAR McMaster - A Web-based electronic patient record system.
OpenCT - Drivers and frameworks to use smart card readers.
OpenSHORE - An XML-based semantic Web repository.
Open Source Microsoft Exchange Replacement - A project to provide Exchange services to Outlook without Exchange.
opensurveypilot - Survey software.
OGDL - An ordered graph data language.
Optimizer - A program which helps achieve the highest lossy compression that is visually acc
ooo-macro - Macros and shortcuts for LibreOffice, OpenOffice.org, and Star Office.
OpenHPI - An implementation of a Hardware Platform Interface.
OMCSNetCPP - A C++ API/inference toolkit to the OMCS common sense semantic net.
OpenSSG - An Service Selection Gateway implementation.
Odot - A task list manager.
OMCSNet-WordNet - Project utilizing WordNet to improve the OMCSNet common sense reasoning dataset.
Octopus Java/XML ETL tool - A Java/XML ETL tool.
OS-SIM - A security infrastructure monitor to manage security and network events.
ObjectKitchen - A very simple and easy to use object oriented database.
OTPW - A one-time password login package.
OpenVIP - A cross-platform modular non-linear video editor and video processing library.
OpenOffice.org Utility Library - A collection of modules for creating OpenOffice.org documents.
OpenGuides - A collaborative city guide package.
OSXnews - A small and fast Cocoa news reader.
Objective-C Foundation Classes - A general purpose class library for Objective-C.
OpenBooking - A Web-based resource booking system.
OpenPOP.NET - A POP3 library for .NET/Mono written in C#.
OTF Gallery - A minimalistic photo gallery.
Open Automaton Project - A set of software and schematics for a PC-based mobile robot.
ooo-makro - A Polish version of macros and shortcuts for LibreOffice, OpenOffice.org, and Star Office.
Open CORBA Component Model Platform - An implementation of the CORBA Component Model.
ob3_theme - An openbox pipe-menu program that generates a menu of available themes.
ob3_wall - An openbox pipe-menu program that generates a menu of available wallpaper.
ob3_headlines - An openbox pipe-menu program that generates a menu from an RSS/RDF feed.
ob3_q3stat - An openbox pipe-menu program that generates a menu from a list of q3a servers.
okayrpclib - A Python module for making !okay/rpc procedure calls.
OSRAIDS - An online invoicing system.
OraRep - Oracle report generators with tuning hints.
OpenQuasar - An object-relational persistence manager.
Oddspace - A multiplayer 2D space shooter.
Openwall tcb suite - An implementation of Openwall's tcb password shadowing scheme.
Oww Client - A client for One-Wire Weather.
One Time Download - A script to allow downloading files using a one time ticket.
OCC - A PHP chess game.
Osicat - A simple OS interface extension for Common Lisp.
OptimalGrid - Middleware to hide the complexities of partitioning, distributing, and loading.
Ovm - A real-time Java virtual machine.
Ostiary - A simple, secure remote script executor.
Obscura Image Management - A PHP Web image gallery
Open Text Summarizer - An open source tool for summarizing text.
old - Open Lock Daemon
OpenHacha - A "free as in freedom" implementation of Hacha.
OWFS - Allows 1-Wire and iButton devices to be accessed as regular files.
OrganicDesigner - A small application for designing organic looking graphics.
OpenEmcee Microflow Engine - A Java/XML framework designed around the MC in MVC.
OwenShow - An idiosyncratic file browser.
Oak - A tool to monitor syslog messages, and notify based on various criteria.
ova - A console frontend for CD ripping, MP3-to-Ogg Vorbis conversion, etc.
Open Administration for Schools - A Web-based school administration package.
OpenShowCenter - A server for Pinnacle Showcenter.
ORAPP - Oracle OCI C++ Interface Library - A C++ API that wraps Oracle's OCI8 and OCI9 APIs.
OpenProtect - An anti-spam server (spam filter and virus blocker).
octo's bayesian mail filter - A multi-user spam filter with a database backend.
OpenBazaar - A branch of osCommerce with many new features.
OpenHPI SNMP Subagent - An SNMP sub agent for the SA Forum's Hardware Platform Interface
OpenDaemon - A generic server platform.
Ops Control Panel - A lightweight MRTG frontend.
opag - An option parser generator.
Open Site Code - A Web based content management system.
Open Tax Solver - Tax preparation software for use in the USA.
OSSP uuid - An API and CLI for generating Universally Unique Identifiers.
Oliver - A PHP-based FTP front-end.
osx_users - A program for handling users on Mac OS X.
op - A tool for controlling access to super-user privileges through simple mnemonics.
optcomplete - Automatic shell completion support for Python scripts that use optparse.
openPMS - A medical practice management system.
OpenEMR - A medical practice management and health record (EMR) system.
omniweb2xbel - A tool to convert Omniweb bookmarks into XBEL format.
OLSR daemon - An implementation of the Optimized Link State Routing protocol (RFC3626).
OT2 - A bonsai collection management system.
Opt-X - A network monitoring and sysadmin tool.
ORDnance - A database reporting and design tool.
OpenGeoDB Perl module - A Perl module to access the OpenGeoDB database.
Opcion Font Viewer - A TrueType font viewer.
OpenStream - A Web interface for MP3/ogg collections.
omniEvents - A CORBA event service.
Orbital library - A library that provides OO for logic, mathematics, and computer science.
OpieQuest - A program to get driving directions on your Opie PDA.
Openswan - An advanced IPSEC and IKE implementation for Linux/Windows/BSD.
OPA - An Java GUI framework.
One Floppy CD Audio and MP3 Player - A single floppy CD audio and MP3 player.
Open Tournament System - A Web-based tournament system.
OpenSharePoint - An alternative SharePoint portal server.
ODFaq - A database driven, Web-based FAQ manager.
ODPdom - A DOM parser for large XML files.
overLIB - A set of DHTML tooltips.
OOoPHP - A PHP class that generates and to modifies OpenOffice documents.
OpenGaim - An instant messaging client based on Gaim.
Oddjob - A Java job scheduler.
open2300 - Software for the WS2300 family of Lacrosse weather stations.
OpenPHPNuke - A Web Content Management System.
omniIFR - A CORBA Interface Repository for omniORB.
Orpie - A fullscreen RPN calculator for the console.
OSSP iselect - Interactive Selection Tool
Othello Master - A 3-D Othello (Reversi) gaming environment.
Oracle OCI tracer - An Oracle OCI clientside tracing and monitoring utility.
One Sided Surfaces - A Moebius strip and Klein Bottle in OpenGL
Open Ski Jumping - A ski jumping game.
options - A simple option parsing library for C programs
OsdFoo - An external plugin for XMMS.
OOoReport - A report writing tool for OpenOffice.org.
OpenOffice.org Localization with PO Files - A set of Gettext PO files for OpenOffice.org.
Omega -- the Erik Francis edition - A Rogue-like role-playing game.
ONess - An ERP, CRM, SRM, and inventory management solution.
OpenKiosk - A multi-platform kiosk management software.
OOPS - A persistent store for deep and cross-linked Perl objects.
OCamlConf - A simple Ocaml build tool.
OCaml-FreeTDS - An OCaml binding to the FreeTDS library for Microsoft and Sybase databases.
Odin - A data management application.
OpenVIDIA - A set of GPU accelerated computer vision algorithms.
o2-sms.pl - A script for German O2 customers to send SMS messages from the shell prompt.
OpenSign - A set of Java applets providing digital signing functionality.
Osec - A lightweight integrity checking system.
OpenSong - Software for printing and presenting song lyrics, slides, and more.
OpenGLUT - An open source evolution of the GLUT API.
OrbitHyip - A HYIP club script.
Openfiler - An NFS/CIFS/HTTP/WebDAV/iSCSI NAS/SAN system.
Orangefood.com Servlet Engine - A small Java servlet engine.
oaklib - A collection of many useful C++ libraries.
Olf's Trading Journal - A trading journal for commenting on, analyzing, and reviewing your trades.
OverLook Webmail - A Web mail client based on SquirrelMail.
Open Business Accounting/Inventory - Web-based business accounting/inventory software.
OpenAIS - A standards-based cluster framework.
One-JAR - A Java jar distribution mechanism.
Outdoor Advertisment Project - An automation management system.
OurayCM - A software version control tool.
OpenScorecard - A Balanced Scorecard strategic management tool.
OpenCSG - An OpenGL library for image-based CSG rendering.
OpenVMPS - A VMPS daemon for Unix.
OpenGL.NET - C# bindings for OpenGL.
OpenOffice.org Tools - A collection of tools that complement OpenOffice.
OpenChange - A portable implementation of the Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange protocols.
Open Quartz - A remake of the Quake 1 game content.
OpenNTPd - A portable implementation of the Network Time Protocol.
Orion - A window manager for X11
OBLISK - A packaging system that is distribution independent.
Open Clip Art Library - A collection of royalty free (public domain) clipart in SVG format.
odmrd - An RFC2465 ODMR server.
OpenRabbit - A programmer and debugger for the Rabbit microcontrollers.
Oracle Password Repository - A secure tool for storage and retrieval of Oracle database passwords.
OpenSIMS - A security infrastructure management system.
OpenSearch - A cross-site meta scan interface for joining dynamic community sites.
Osmose - A tool to prepare multimedia presentations.
Open Optimization Library - A C optimization methods library for constrained problems.
Oligopoly - A Monopoly-like game as a Java applet.
ourTunes - An itunes client that can browse and download from multiple hosts.
OpenCRM Miro - A platform-independent CRM/ERP application.
OSP Plug-In Gold - A fully integrateable plug-in suite for opensurveypilot.
OSSMON - A Web-based monitoring system for networks and servers.
OPEN-XCHANGE - A groupware/webmail system that integrates into your social network.
OBPager - A lightweight pager for NetWM-compliant window managers.
OpenPFC - A media device engine.
OMake - A scriptable scalable build system with make-like syntax.
OpenLDev - An integrated development environment.
Open (Source - A monitoring tool with few dependencies, nice frontend, and easy extensibility.
Oxyus - A search engine for local Web sites.
OneFinger - A GUI for composing CLI commands with the mouse.
Online Recruitment Agency - Web-based recruitment agency software.
OntoWiki and Powl - A semantic collaboration platform for the Social Semantic Web.
osdbattery - An on-screen-display ACPI battery monitor.
Obfunae - An Obfuna interpreter.
OFBiz Neogia - An ERP solution based on the OFBiz framework.
Omnitty - An SSH multiplexer that allows you to log into several machines simultaneously.
ObjectiveLib - A set of containers and generic algorithms for Objective-C.
orbitclock - A pseudo-Star-Trek-style desktop clock.
Okiworld - A host-to-host console-based strategy game.
OVAL Interpreter - A host-based vulnerability assessment tool that uses OVAL definitions.
Oxygen - A powerful discussion board.
Object-Oriented Widgets - A high-level extension to Java Swing.
OpenCity - A 3D city simulator.
ORATIO - An Italo-French ERP, specialized for South Europe.
openSSI webView - A simple and easy-to-use openSSI cluster monitoring system.
One$DB - A feature-rich, scalable, and robust Java Database.
open SPEAR - A library to build a multi-agents/robotics simulation.
OpenCA OCSP Responder - An RFC2560 compliant OCSPD responder that verifies the status of certificates.
octaviz - A visualization system for Octave.
Outwit - Unix pipelines with Windows data sources.
Oink - A collaboration of backends for the Elsa C and C++ frontend.
OneMaxx - A 4GL ERP/CRM application suite.
Openmailadmin - A new approach to administration of IMAP mail servers.
Ogg for Java - An Ogg implementation in pure Java.
OGMRip - An application and libraries for encoding DVDs into DivX/OGM files.
OpenPictureSpace2 - A picture browser and viewer that uses SDL.
Off-the-Record Messaging - Encryption, authentication, deniability, and perfect forward secrecy for IM.
OSSP svs - A simple versioning system.
Open Tool Kit - A simple library for adding graphical interfaces to C programs.
optisurf - A least cost router for German modem users.
ogle_remote - A program which controls Ogle player with shell commands.
OSSP flow2rrd - A NetFlow to round-robin database.
OpenLDAP Statistics Utility - A script that provides several utilization reports from a set of LDAP log files.
Octave GTK - GTK+ bindings for Octave.
Ochiba - A photo album and image board system.
openGogear - A tool for manipulating Philips GoGear HDD0xx MP3 players.
openMSX - An MSX emulator.
OpenCartable - An electronic school and schoolbook system.
OpenJigsaw - A jigsaw puzzle game.
OpenSSL-based signcode utility - A utility for Authenticode signing of EXE/CAB/MSI files.
OpenHive Volunteer Management System - A volunteer management system.
Oleander Stemming Library - A word stemming library for C++.
Osprey - A peer-to-peer enabled content distribution system.
orDrumbox - A fully-featured drum machine and audio sequencer.
Outgun - A fast-paced multiplayer capture the flag game in 2D top view.
OpenCalculator - A Java-based calculator program.
openModeller - A static spatial distribution modelling framework.
OOoLatexEquation - A macro that integrates LaTeX equations into OpenOffice.
OpenBerg Lector - An open-standards-based eBook reader.
Open Source Quotes DataBase - A Web site for running a quotes database.
OpenArm - An Application Response Measurement (ARM) implementation.
OMLet - An OCaml mode for VIm.
OpenFAQ - A PHP application that lets Webmasters administrate a FAQ.
ooxf - An object-oriented framework in C++.
OtheRSync - A tool to efficiently and safely synchronize two computers.
OpenXava - A framework for rapid development of AJAX Java Enterprise applications.
OpenVISP Admin - Virtual ISP admin tools, a data center help tool, and a Web panel.
openSCADA Project - An open SCADA system.
Objectreferenceanalyser - A framework that helps find memory leaks, design weaknesses, and bugs.
Off-the-Record Messaging proxy - Encryption, authentication, deniability, and forward secrecy software for IM.
OS3Grid - A DHTML/CSS spreadsheet-like grid component for Web pages.
OW2 wiki - A hybrid wiki/BBS system.
OLIVER Data Viewer - A Java-based WMS/WFS client.
OpenSignature - Digital signatures with smart cards.
OpenExpert - An easy to use Web-based expert system.
OOSearch - A full text search program for OpenOffice.org files.
OSXPal - A Mac OS X port of the wmpal dockapp.
Open Object Rexx - A Rexx interpreter with object support.
otl - A text processor for generating markup from simple text.
Orangevolt XSLT Plugin for Eclipse - XSLT plugin support for the Eclipse Webtools Platform.
OpenEuclide - Interactive 2D geometry software.
oogalleryimport - A tool for importing media objects into OpenOffice.
Oddmuse - A simple single-file Wiki engine.
OpenIPMI - An IPMI device driver and support library.
OpenOffice.org Transliterator - A macro for transliteration of Serbian Cyrilic to Latin and vice versa.
OpenWindows Augmented Compatibility Environment - An OpenWindows compatibility environment for Solaris 9 and 10.
Oculus Server Monitor - A simple server monitor suite.
Open Test Manager - A test case management tool.
onepad - An implementation of one-time pad encryption.
OpenTT - A trouble request ticketing, FAQ engine, and chart reporting tool.
Orangevolt Ant Tasks - A collection of custom tasks for Apache Jakarta Ant.
Olive - A console RSS newsreader.
Obfsckim - A CAPTCHA system.
Open Metaheuristic - A set of tools for metaheuristics (e.g. genetic algorithms, tabu search, etc.).
OpenPMF - A policy management framework.
OpenVPS - A set of software built on top of the Linux VServer.
Odine - A minimalistic image viewer.
OrderlyCalls - A Java CTI application server for the Asterisk PBX.
OSC for MZScheme - An MZScheme implementation of the Open Sound Control protocol.
osdcpufreq - An OSD window that displays CPU status information.
OpenSyncro - An extensible, lightweight enterprise application integration (EAI) tool.
Oss-stats - A set of PHP classes that generates statistics on free software.
open PC server integration - A software management and deployment system.
OpenWebStats - A PHP stats script that reads log files into a database for display.
OZONE Web Application Framework - A complete object-oriented Web application framework for PHP5.
OpenIRCStats - A package that allows you to put IRC stats on the Web.
OpenMocha - A JavaScript Web app server and development framework.
OOWeb - A lightweight embedded HTTP server for Java applications.
OpenStar - A value-added PostNuke distribution.
OSLA - An open standard Web system for logistics.
octave-g2 bindings - Octave bindings for the G2 library.
ogre4j - A JNI binding for OGRE.
Openbiz - An XML metadata driven PHP application framework with MVC and ORM.
osxmail2maildir - A utility to convert OS X Mail.app stores to Maildir.
ocl4java - Software to add executed OCL assertions via Java annotations.
Open Newsletter - A small and simple but full-featured newsletter application.
OVal - An object validation framework for Java 5 or later.
Ogrian Carpet - A 3D fantasy action/strategy game.
OpenDDPT - A program for finding optimal parameters for differential equations.
OpenVZ kernel - A Linux kernel with OS-level virtualization functionality.
Overslack - An interactive and graphical slackline simulator/game.
OpenSubsystems - A set of business components for Java applications.
osWiki CMS - A template-driven Web CMS based on the wiki concept.
Oreon Project - A monitoring solution based on Nagios.
ooop - A POP3 server with various authentication methods.
OpenPhotoPod - A manager for iPod Photo galleries.
Open Source Astronomy - A comprehensive collection of open source astronomy software.
OpenI - A Web-based business intelligence application for OLAP.
Open Dice Language - A language for describing dice rolls.
Overture - A partial differential equation solver.
Oolite - An Elite-like game.
OpenInput - A free, cross-platform input library.
oss2jack - An OSS driver that outputs to the JACK audio server.
openOSEK - A cross-platform OSEK/VXD(TM) operating system.
OpenLab GNU/Linux - A user-friendly desktop-oriented GNU/Linux distribution.
Ophiuchus - A multiplayer space strategy game.
Optimization Solver for OpenOffice.org Calc - A Calc component to solve constrained models for optimized solutions.
OpenVPN-Admin - A multi-platform administration GUI for OpenVPN.
OPAL - A physics abstraction layer.
OO Learning Evaluation GO - An adaptive Go player suite.
OpenScientist - A virtual desktop for scientific software.
Object Shell - Integrates clusters, databases, files, and processes via a CLI and Python API.
obtesil - A morphological analyzer for the Catalan language.
OpenVAS - A network security scanner with associated tools and a graphical front-end interface.
OOoPy - A tool to modify OpenOffice.org documents in Python.
OpenEdit - A content management system for designers.
OpenReports - A flexible Web reporting solution.
Open Real Time Ethernet - An implementation of the RTPS communication protocol.
Oreka - A system for recording and retrieving VoIP and sound device audio streams.
odbc-bench - A TPC-A/TPC-C based ODBC benchmarking tool.
Optical Ray Tracer - A ray tracing program for designing systems of lenses.
Online Game Dice - Adds stylish game dice to your Web site.
OpenBookings.org - A general-purpose Web booking software.
OpenGrok - A fast and usable source code search and cross reference engine.
Open MPI - A next-generation implementation of the MPI standard.
OpenWrt - A Linux distribution for wireless routers.
Online Announcer - A versatile solution for managing online events.
ocPortal - A CMS with advanced content, community, interactive, and dynamic features.
OST-Box - A set-top box UI.
Openbox menu editor - An Openbox menu editor.
openbsd-iso - A set of scripts to create OpenBSD ISO images from an FTP release.
Octave-FLTK - Octave bindings for FLTK.
Open Movie Editor - An easy to use non-linear video editor.
Openmaillist - A mailing list manager with a forum aspect.
openPro - A Web based document management system.
Overtime Meter - A program to count the time you spend working.
Online Grades - Software for posting grades to the Internet.
OpenLogos - A machine translation system.
OpenRealty RSS Feeder - An automated RSS feed for OpenRealty Web sites.
OpenFOAM - A CFD toolbox.
OOo Label Templates - OOo Label templates for designing and printing labels.
oss-device-drivers - A collection of Linux device drivers.
oneSet Ledger - An accounting, billing, and management application.
ObexFS - A FUSE-based filesystem to access mobile phone memory.
OutOfOffice - An automatic email answering tool.
OmegaT+ - A Computer-Assisted Translation tools platform.
OpenTech - A hardware design and testing toolbox, plus samples.
Object-oriented Simple DirectMedia Layer - A portable high-level library for multimedia and game programming.
OpenDMTP - A device monitoring and tracking protocol.
OctopuSsh - An application for cluster administration via SSH.
OpenRTS - A realtime strategy game.
Oracle Aggregate C++ Library - A library to create aggregate functions for Oracle.
OpenVPN-Control - A multi-platform GUI management application for OpenVPN server.
OSSEC HIDS - A host-based IDS.
oo2txt - A converter from OpenOffice.org files to text.
oksh - OpenBSD's ksh for Linux.
Oscailt - An indymedia CMS.
OCEAN GenRap - A report generator with a user-friendly editor.
Online Contact Sheet Creator - A contact sheet generator for your Web site.
OO Text To Speech - A syllable analyzer for text-to-speech in OpenOffice.org.
Open Project Services - A project collaboration and communication platform.
Outer Space - A sci-fi online strategy game.
OpenBEXI HTML Builder - A WYSIWYG HTML Web editor.
oz2remind - Converts OpenZaurus Opie calendar files to Remind format, or vice-versa.
ObfuscateJS - A command-line JavaScript obfuscator.
OpenIB - An Infiniband software stack.
Olive LiveCD - A Linux live CD for technology preview.
openWYSIWYG - An cross-browser WYSIWYG editor.
OBPkg - A GTK-based port/package manager for OpenBSD.
octopus TDDFT - A numerical simulation using Density-Functional theory.
OriginalSynth - Software to draw waves then oscillate them, and layer or sequence them.
openQRM - A data-center management and cloud computing platform.
oscjoy - A command line program to use joysticks as OpenSoundControl devices.
openQRM Plug-ins - A collection of plugins for openQRM.
Open Phishing Database - An open database of phishing sites.
Opengate - A remake of the Jumpgate game using OGRE, libxml2, and a network library.
octod - A network controlled download manager.
OS Reviews CMS - A lightweight content management system.
Osqoop - A software oscilloscope.
OpenVPN Auth Passwd - An OpenVPN plugin for authenticating users using passwd or shadow files.
OpenLexicon - A business rules management system.
osxMineSweeper - A clone of the popular puzzle game Minesweeper.
odirect - Software to deter buffer cache pollution.
Object Extensions for PHP - A set of PHP classes that adds runtime object extension and callbacks.
onPHP - A mature, multi-purpose, object-oriented PHP framework.
Open 4GL WebServices - An implementation of Web services for PROGRESS.
Open5066 - An STANAG 5066 stack and utilities and daemon for HF radio communications.
OpenVPN Port to PocketPC - A port of the OpenVPN software to the PocketPC platform.
Oggify - A FLAC to MP3/Ogg conversion tool.
Office Fitness Timer - An office fitness timer for Web sites.
OpenBSD Live-CD Firewall - An OpenBSD-based Live CD firewall system.
Open Source Requirements Management Tool - A requirements management tool.
OSXmoontool - Software that displays information about the moon.
OLE Reader - An MS Office file reader.
OpenBlueLab - An ERP for Alfresco, generated from models through MDA.
OneTime - A one-time pad program with pad management features.
oggplay - An audio player for smartphones.
osinfo - A Linux distribution information reporter.
OpenVCP - A VServer Web front-end for ISPs.
OpenDBX - A unified database API and C/C++ library.
Open Tranquera - A repository of reusable components for J2EE applications.
Octopussy - A Perl/XML log analyzer, alerter, and reporter.
Open Management with CIM - Implementations of the Open Standards management profiles and specifications.
octavia - A music description language compiler that produces MIDI data.
Openwsman - A Web Services Management implementation.
OpenEMM - Software for email marketing, marketing automation, newsletters, and service email.
OpenMONI - A semi-transparent on-desktop system monitor for OpenBSD.
OneStroke - A freehand gesture based character input system.
OSSP js - The OSSP Mozilla Javascript engine.
ORFEO Toolbox - A high resolution remote sensing image processing library.
Odyssi PKI Suite - A PKI certificate authority server.
OpenLink AJAX Toolkit - A Javascript framework for building rich browser-based user interfaces.
OpenSCDP - Smart card application development and testing tools.
OpenSSO - Core identity services to provide transparent single signon (SSO).
Olive GUI for Bazaar - A graphical front end for the Bazaar version control software.
obfsh - A shell script obfuscator.
OpenDomains - A Web application to help you become a free domain redirect provider.
Open Cricket - Cricket scoring and statistics software.
oSync - An Opera sync and backup tool.
OpenSDE - An open system development environment.
OvBB - A light-weight and fast message board that mimics vBulletin 2.
OSPFviz - Visualization software for OSPF routed networks.
OpenXDAS - A distributed software auditing system.
OpenDocument Text Library - A library for adding paragraphs and tables to ODT documents.
ORCA REBOL language clone - An implementation of the REBOL programming language.
Openrdate - A platform-independent package of inet time- and NTP/SNTP-synchronizing rdate.
OMiC - An Apple Mail plugin which reads winmail.dat files.
OpenTranscribe - Software to aid musicians in transcribing music.
Open Watcom - C/C++/Fortran compiler and IDE for
Orbit-Hopper - A game where you must jump over gaps and use various floor types to succeed.
OpenPCD firmware - Firmware (source code) for the OpenPCD RFID reader design.
osarchiver - An operating system archiver.
Open Optimus Keyboard for Linux - A driver for Art Lebedev oled keyboards.
Ortro - A framework for enterprise scheduling and monitoring.
OrganDesigner - A graphical editor for GENPO organ description files.
Os-Cafe - A system for administering a cybercafe running Linux.
Openbravo - An ERP business solution for small and medium sized companies.
OpenHuman - A Web based self-expression system.
Open RSS Bar - A Flash-based RSS reader.
Open Source Computer Vision Library - A C/C++ computer vision and image processing library.
ost - A tool for managing OS customizations.
OpenDD - A simple DynDNS client designed for small gateways.
oyepa - A "fake but working" tagging file system.
okon's bandwidth manager - A simple and efficient tool for traffic shaping.
OpenXava Eclipse Plugins - Eclipse plugins for the OpenXava framework.
openSCADA Utgard - OPC Java libraries for the openSCADA project.
ol-schema-migrate - A Perl script to convert OpenLDAP schema to Fedora DS.
Optimization Algorithm Toolkit - An optimization algorithm toolkit in Java.
Orca Interactive Forum Script - An interactive Web-based forum script based on AJAX technology.
openJean - A cross-platform, extensible personal information manager.
odt2txt - A simple (and stupid) converter from OpenDocument Text to plain text.
OmegaT - A translation memory tool.
OpenL2TP - An L2TP client/server written specifically for Linux.
OrangeHRM - A comprehensive and easy to use HR management system.
Open-RJ - A structured file reader for the Record-JAR format.
OpenDocument Viewer - A cross-platform viewer for OpenDocument files.
Obol - A security protocol programming language.
OCI wrappers - C++ wrappers for Oracle Call Interface.
Online Turnbased Wargame - A multi-user war game with multi-layer delegation.
Ojax - A federated search service for OAI-PMH harvested metadata.
ObjCryst/Fox - A program and library for crystal structure determination.
Orphne - A specialized Web browser optimized for viewing adult content.
Observium - An autodiscovering network observation system.
Open Macro Library - An open library of highly reusable, commonly needed C macros.
OpenCrypt - A membership system with shopping cart, helpdesk, and affiliate system.
Open Content Delivery Server - A platform for mobile operators.
openTimetool - A Web-based, sector-independent project time tracking tool.
OpenLayers - A Web-based map viewer.
opmlmerge - A tool which merges two or more OPML files together.
Openchart2 - A 2D charting and plotting library for Java.
OSSIM - A remote sensing and GIS toolkit.
OpenSAML - A cross-platform SAML implementation.
OpenGTS - A full-featured GPS tracking system.
osp-toolkit - A client implementation of the ETSI OSP protocol.
OpenBSD + Apache + MySQL + PostgreSQL + PHP - OAMP is the OpenBSD cousin of the popular LAMP deployment
openQRM live-cd - A live-CD for quickly running an openQRM server.
Options.pm - A Perl module for managing options/usage info.
OpenSwing framework - A component library that provides a rich set of advanced graphics controls.
Orion Secure Message Gateway - A secure message gateway for ebXML, SOAP, and custom message formats.
Open Journal Systems - A journal management and publishing system.
OPeNDAP - A format-neutral data access project.
OtfBot - A modular IRC bot.
OutKafe - A cybercafe management suite.
OpenWebSpider - A Web spider and search engine.
OpenSwing - A framework to develop Java applications based on a Swing front-end.
Oracle online (hot) backup script - A safe and flexible online backup script for Oracle databases.
OntoWiki - A semantic data wiki and application framework providing support for agile, distributed knowledge engineering scenarios.
OneKript - A GUI for TrueCrypt.
OpenXPKI - An enterprise-grade PKI/trust center system.
oracle client - A text-based Oracle client that is more intuitive than sqlplus.
Open Site Builder Tools - Builds HTML pages by incorporating content documents into standard templates.
openModeller Desktop - A user friendly environment for fundamental niche modelling with libopenModeller
OKL4 - A high performance secure microkernel with virtualization.
OpenSPM - A general purpose methodology and library for exploiting parallelism.
OpenCollection - A full-featured museum collection management and access Web app.
OgOg - A Web 2.0 application for rating and ranking RSS posts.
Open Computer Forensics Architecture - An architecture and simple Web UI for large computer forensics investigations.
OpenEXR for Python - A Python module that allows reading and writing of OpenEXR format image files.
Open Conference Systems - A publishing tool that creates a Web presence for your conference.
OSSP mm - A shared memory allocation library.
othello game - A classic strategy game, also known as Reversi.
OpenSS7 - An implementation of the Signalling System 7 protocol stack.
Open Flash Chart - A program for creating Flash-based charts for Web pages.
OpenThesaurus - Web-based thesaurus editing software.
Optar - A plain paper data storage codec.
OpenEinstein - A NewtonOS emulator.
openjsgl - An implementation of the standard graphics pipeline written in Javascript
OpenCards - Flashcard learning software for .ppt files.
OpenGate EasyOS - A GNU/Linux distribution focused on ease of use.
OpenDDS - An implementation of the DCPS layer of the Data Distribution Service.
openPlaG - A function graph plotter for Web sites.
OsiriX - A DICOM viewer and PACS workstation.
OpenProj - A replacement for Microsoft Project.
OpenBAM - A business activity monitoring application and framework.
Origo Eclipse Plug-In - A plug-in that allows you to manage an Origo project within Eclipse.
Open MP Template Library - OpenMP parallelized library
OilCan - A native Universal Binary multithreaded query tool for PostgreSQL.
OBSearch - A similarity search engine.
OpenVISP Stats - Simple mail statistics for Postfix, amavisd-new, and courier-IMAP.
OpenJPA - A feature-rich implementation of the Java Persistence API.
ofc2kmm - A script that converts .ofc bank statements for use in Kmymoney.
OpenJMS - An implementation of the Sun Java Message Service API 1.1 specification.
Onepoint Project - Easy to use project leadership software.
OpenSim - An open virtual worlds server.
objectManager - A simple PHP object/MySQL database layer manager.
objectManager.class.php - A class that provides its sub-classes with persistence.
OpenAlea - A modeling and simulation framework in plant ecophysiology.
Osmo - A handy personal organizer.
OpenClinica - Software for clinical research and clinical trial data management.
OpenFWTK - An application level firewall toolkit.
Optnik - A CLR library for option parsing and command execution.
OCamlScripting - A Java scripting engine for Objective Caml.
OpenIDFarm - An OpenID server.
Oracle Reports Native Barcode Generator - Easily add bar codes to Oracle Reports without installing special fonts.
openCentre - A student information system.
Omnidic - A mobile dictionary/translator.
OpenJX - A Java XML form language like Adobe's Flex.
OverCR - Network monitoring software.
Opina - A tool for poll management.
O-LOC - A class and back-office for Web application internationalization.
OpenKM - An electronic document management system (DMS).
OpenAMQ - A fast AMQP messaging broker and client libraries.
openThinClient - A thin client OS, management GUI, and server.
Online Medical Database - A computerized medical management system.
Open WiFi-Finder - Open WiFi-Finder firmware.
Object based C - Object oriented programming in C.
Open Virtual Machine Tools - An open source implementation of VMware Tools.
Open2SA - A two-factor authentication system with PIN and token ciphering.
OrgDirectory - A Web based staff/member contact management tool.
OxygenOffice Professional - An enhanced version of OpenOffice.org.
opentick-ruby - An implementation of the Opentick API for the Ruby language.
OCILIB - A C library that accesses Oracle databases.
Ocsigen - A Web server and Web programming framework.
OPEN BEXI Creative - A WYSIWYG HTML Web editor.
OpenBloX - A Diameter stack for IMS development in Java.
OpenStego - A tool (with a GUI) for steganography.
OpenUHS - A Universal Hint System reader.
OpenNetAdmin - An AJAX enabled, database managed inventory of your IP network.
openSpeak - A VoIP solution aimed at gamers.
OmniSync - A driver for NTPd for people behind restrictive firewalls.
Output Buffering handler - A class that manages multiple handlers to filter page output.
OrbySPV - An application to create highly interactive virtual tours.
odf-xslt - A library that allows you to use ODF files as XSLT templates.
Open Hidden Topic Markov Model - A research implementation of Hidden Topic Markov Models.
Open Auto Classifieds - A vehicle classifieds manager.
OSXCrypt - File-based disk encryption for Mac OS X (TrueCrypt compatible).
oscsend/oscdump - OpenSound Control messaging utilities.
OpenNHRP - An NBMA Next Hop Resolution Protocol implementation.
OpenAL-Soft - A portable implementation of OpenAL.
OSN - A distributed social network with an open protocol.
ods-php - A class to read ods (OpenDocument SpreadSheets) files from PHP.
openduckbill - A command line backup tool.
ogsPing - A monitor for online-go.com.
OpenQabal - Federated, decentralized social networking and collaboration.
OpenEphyra - A question answering (QA) system.
Oracle Reports Barcode PLL - A PLL library for adding barcodes to Oracle Reports.
Octave support for SWIG - Software that adds Octave support to SWIG.
Ogg Video Tools - A toolbox for manipulating Ogg video files.
OpendTect - A program that does seismic data interpretation and visualization.
optparse_gui - A WX GUI frontend for optparse.
octave-ann - Octave bindings for ANN, the approximate nearest neighbor library.
Openbravo POS - A point of sale application.
octave-db - Octave bindings for Postgres, MySQL, SQLite, and ODBC.
odf-converter-integrator - A converter to open .docx, .pptx, and .xlsx files in OpenOffice.org.
OpenUDDI - A Java-based UDDI v3 server.
OpenSAF - A standard-based high availability framework.
OpenDJMix - A virtual DJ system which allows you to mix MP3 files and audio CD tracks.
Objective database abstraction layer (ODAL) - A high-performance database manipulation framework.
OpenUGAI - Alternative implementations of OpenSim's UGAI server.
OpenPanel - A server control panel interface.
OperaFS - A Linux implementation of the Opera file system.
Origo Mylyn Connector - Software that integrates the Origo issue tracker into Eclipse.
ODB - An object database for Python.
Oroboros - Astrology software.
ourico - A simple EWMH taskbar.
open-cgf - A 3GPP charging gateway function for GGSN/SGSN.
ocrodjvu - OCR support for DjVu.
oXygen XML Author - A multi-platform visual XML editor.
osim - A simulator for the online game Ogame.
Open Mashups - A widget-like application builder and runtime.
Openfire - An XMPP-based, real-time collaboration server.
otf2bdf - A utility to convert OpenType fonts to BDF bitmap fonts.
openDIAS - A Document Imaging Archive System.
openSteam - An e-commerce framework for Ruby on Rails.
OFFSystem - A P2P-based online storage system.
OpenBeacon - An open low-power active 2.4GHz RFID tracking system.
odbcpp - An ODBC C++ library wrapper.
OpenRedAlert - A Westwood Red Alert game engine.
Ookuwagata - A minimalistic PHP framework that separates application logic from presentation.
OpenMW - A reimplementation of the Morrowind engine.
obov - An OTP validation and utility Java library.
OpenAtom - A molecular dynamics simulator.
oneSIS - A thin, role-based, Single Image System for scalable cluster management.
orekit - A space dynamics Java library.
O.H.R.RPG.C.E - A tool for making your own retro 2D RPG games.
OpenSIPS - A mature implementation of a SIP server/proxy.
OpenXSpell - Open source spell checking for Mac OS X.
openBmap mapping manager - A map tool of wireless communicating objects.
OpenOPC for Python - An OPC client library for Python.
odtwriter/rst2odt.py - A writer that converts reStructuredText to OpenDocument text.
osgGtk - OpenSceneGraph widgets for GTK+ and Gtkmm.
OdayMail - A simple and powerful disposable email account creator.
oVirt - An embeddable hypervisor and virtual machine management suite.
OpenFVM - A three-dimensional CFD solver.
OCaml Batteries Included - A standard OCaml development platform.
OpenMicroBlogger - A standards-based distributed microblog.
open-vcdiff - A VCDIFF (RFC 3284) encoder and decoder.
OpenMKS - Semantic Web multimedia search and navigation.
OOPMH! - An OAI-PMH 2.0 data provider.
Out Of Memory Exstension - A module that handles low memory conditions before the OOM-killer is invoked.
osFileManager - A PHP Web-based file manager.
OGSA-DAI Trigger - Notifies an OGSA-DAI server when a table in an SQL database is modified
OGSA-DAI Data Publisher - A GUI installer for OGSA-DAI.
OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution - A software stack for high-performance networks.
OGSA-DAI - Access to and integration of distributed heterogeneous data resources.
Open Music System - A command-line driven music collection management tool.
OpenInviter - A contacts importer and inviter.
Origramy - A Flash graph component for creating compact, attractive diagrams and graphs for Web applications.
Origo - Software development and collaboration platform.
OIOSAML.Java - A Java-based service provider for SAML 2.0.
omcmd - An OMAPI client for ISC DHCP.
OPEN712 - A clever Web framework.
OpCfg - A configuration tool for Nagios.
openBmap GeoTag Files Manager - openBmap GeoTag Files Manager
OpenArena - A violent, sexy, multiplayer first person shooter.
Open DHCP Server - An all purpose DHCP server.
OSD Monitors - A utility to display various transparent text monitors (CPU, net, swap, etc.).
onlinepasswords - A highly secure online password keeper.
Open Forex Platform - A financial instruments trading application.
OpenDB's PublicPIM - A Web site database application.
OKL4 Microkernels - A microkernel platform.
op5 Nagios plugins collection - A collection of Nagios plugins.
Open Arena Fortress - A mod for Open Arena that adds customizable player classes.
OberFS - A high speed file system.
Orthos DM - A lightweight X11 display manager.
OpenOrbiter - A dexterity game for 2 to 8 players on one computer.
Osmius - A monitoring tool integrating technical and business views.
OpenNaken - A Naken Chat client.
opad - A library for one-time pads.
oo.Websitetools - A set of tools which speeds up Web development.
OXID eShop Community Edition - An eCommerce system.
Open Simulation Platform - A platform to support online simulation-based learning.
ORLite - An extremely light weight SQLite-specific ORM
OpenCFLite - A portable version of Apple's Mac OS X CoreFoundation library.
ob-mda - openbox minimalistic dockapps
Openbakery Translation - An internationalization tool for Java.
OpenERP - A business application suite.
Omnitux - An educational game based on multimedia elements.
OpenPiczza - A simple file sharing Web application.
oware-midlet - Oware and Reversi games for mobiles and Palm OS.
OpenCellID - Backend software to create a CellID database.
OpenTPV - A point of sales application designed for touch screens.
one-click-start-portofino - A quick installer and sample application for Portofino.
OpenCD Redux - A collection of the open source utilities for Windows Users.
oerperl - A Perl-scriptable IRC bot based on oer and oer+MySQL.
OBD GPS Logger - A program for OBD II and GPS data logging and formatting.
OpenShot Video Editor - A non-linear video editor.
Omnia XP - A remastering of Debian Lenny with a graphical environment similar to Windows XP.
OCRFeeder - A document layout analysis and optical character recognition system.
OpenEAFDSS - A Perl library that handles EAFDSS communication.
Optics - A broadband download speed testing tool.
ORA_Tweet - An Oracle PL/SQL Twitter client.
ooRexx - An object-oriented scripting language.
OGSS - SMS shell via Gmail
openscap - SCAP content parsers.
Open-BLDC - Open Source Brushless DC Motor Controller .
o2x - Convert emacs outline mode to XML.
OASIS - A high-performance ad server built on top of PHP and MySQL.
OBJ3 - Order Sorted Algebra specification and proof system.
Object-Oriented MPI - An object-oriented interface to the Message Passing Interface (MPI).
ObjectArtist - A development tool to create OO-Software with UML
Orchestra - A BPM solution to handle long-running, service-oriented processes.
Okapi Framework - A set of Java libraries and components for localization and NLP-related tasks.
OBM - A groupware, email, LDAP and PDC, CRM, and project tool.
Obsequieuem - Network based MP3 RTP/multicast streaming jukebox
Obsidian - OpenSource 3D network game for Linux and SGI
OCaml - Objective Caml is the latest implementation of the Caml dialect of ML
OCI C++ Library - A very simple library to communicate with Oracle 8.x through OCI.
oci8py - Oracle 8 Python Interface
ocre - An optical character recognition tool.
OpenGGD - An open GPS gateway and database.
oscremoted - A daemon to run Linux commands from an OSC controller.
Octave - The GNU Octave language for numerical computations
ODBC Socket Server - Access Microsoft ODBC databases from Linux/UNIX using XML.
ODDAS-Linux - A mini Linux distro intended for control and data acquisition.
oDns - Php/Perl/MySQL-based frontend to the BIND 8.2 name server.
ODP++ - Portal creation toolkit
ODS - Linux support for digital cameras running the Digita operating system.
OpenSearchServer - A search engine with a RESTFul API and crawlers.
Offline HTMLHelp.com Validator - An offline syntax checker for HTML and XHTML documents.
oftpd - Yet another anonymous FTP server.
ooc - An object oriented programming language.
OggEnc - The official Ogg Vorbis encoder.
OHCP Test Suite - Test suite for hardware compatibility.
oidentd - An ident daemon with IP masq/NAT support and the ability to specify responses.
openbill - A Web hosting billing platform.
okChat - A java chat system.
olex - Flexible lexical analyzer parser generator for C++
OLS Transcription Project - High-quality transcripts created from the audio recordings of OLS.
oMail-admin - PHP4-based qmail+vmailmgrd maildomain administration Web interface.
oMail-Webmail - A Webmail solution based on qmail, Perl, and optionally vmailmgr.
omega - Implementation and extension of the M-Technology (MUMPS) standards
OMNeT++ - A discrete event simulation package.
OMNI Driver Model for Ghostscript Printing - A printer driver model.
OmniBiff - New-mail alerts for a variety of mail servers (Web mail, POP3, etc.).
OpenApproach - A cross-platform air traffic control simulation.
omniORB - A robust, high-performance CORBA 2 ORB
omniORBpy - CORBA ORB for Python
omsview - A GTK+ turn viewer for the GalaxyNG play-by-email game.
One-Wire Weather - Client program for the Dallas 1-wire weather station.
OSG Composer - A program that makes creating 3D scenes for your OpenSceneGraph applications really fun.
Ozirion - A Web browser for better privacy.
OpenMastermind - An implementation of the popular Mastermind board game.
onis not irc stats - A script to convert IRC-logs into statistics.
oo2c - The Optimizing Oberon2 to C Compiler.
oolaboola - digital DJ tool; real-time sound-file mixer
OOPHPLib - PHP based OOP library for database-interface creation.
OpaL dir command - A file listing tool similar to the DOS dir command.
OpaL Markup Language Content System - Web content system.
OpaL Mirror Tool - Web mirror tool
otr4j - A Java OTR (Off-the-Record) messaging library.
Open Aureal Linux Driver - Aureal Soundcard Driver for Linux
Open Cubic Player - A music player for modules, MIDI, CD, MP3, and SID files.
OneSwarm - Privacy preserving peer-to-peer data sharing.
Open Infrastructure for Outcomes - A Web-based medical Forms metadata (XML) editor, server, and library.
Open Inventor - 3D graphics toolkit
Open Java Extensions - InfoBus - Clean-room implementation of Java's InfoBus standard extension
Open Java Extensions - JAF - Clean-room implementation of Java's JAF standard extension
Open Modular Message System - A plugin-based message system.
Open Motif Everywhere - The standard distribution of the OpenMotif GUI toolkit for Linux and BSD.
Open Reference - A JSP-based Web application to manage your research references and notes.
Ontopia - A toolkit for building applications based on semantic technology (Topic Maps).
Open Source Audio Library Project - C++ Audio class library
Open Source Database Benchmark - An open source database benchmark based largely on AS3AP.
Open Source Poplog (Mirror) - High-level programming language environment.
OpenACS - A mature toolkit for creating community-oriented Web applications.
OpenAFS - Client-server distributed filesystem.
OpenBSD - A proactively secure multiplatform OS.
openocd - A programming and debugging package for embedded systems.
OpenCA - Open Certification Authority Package
Ocaml Plugin for NetBeans - An OCaml Plugin for the NetBeans IDE.
OpenCA PKCS#7 Tool - Tool to verify/generate/modify pkcs#7 signatures.
OpenCD - Fast fuzzy-search directory changer.
OpenEV - An application and library for viewing raster and vector geospatial data.
OpenGL Class Library - A C++ library of routines for OpenGL developers.
OpenGL Performer - A high-performance 3D scene graph-rendering toolkit.
OpenGUI - A powerful C/C++ windowing/graphics library.
OpenH323 - An H.323 protocol stack.
OpenICT HF Teletype Firmware - Software for driving the digital shortwave radios developed by OpenICT.
OpenLDAP - LDAP suite of applications and development tools
OSL - Object Storage Layer - A library for storing small to medium-sized data in relational tables.
OpenLink Universal Data Access Driver Suite - A set of high performance ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB, and ADO.NET drivers.
OpenCPI - A real-time embedded middleware solution that simplifies programming of heterogeneous processing applications.
OpenLink Virtuoso - A high-performance object-relational database engine.
OpenMap - JavaBeans tool kit for building applications/applets with maps
OpenMotif - The traditional X11 GUI Toolkit for Unix.
Orchestra: The Restoration - An RPG set in LA.
opendkim - A C implementation of the DKIM message signing/verifying standard, both an API and a filter.
OpenNMS - An enterprise-grade network management platform.
OpenOffice.org - An Open Source version of StarOffice.
OpenPorts - A Perl script which shows open and listening ports.
OpenSLP - Open implementation of the Service Location Protocol v2 (RFC 2608).
OpenSSH SecurID patch - Ingrated SecurID authentication support for OpenSSH
OpenAPC - A fully configurable, open, and easy extendable HMI/SCADA application.
OpenSSL - The Open Source toolkit for Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security
OpenSymphony Cache - A J2EE caching and error tolerance system.
OpenTab - An online tablature archive search client.
OpenThought - A dynamic Web application environment.
OPush - An Exchange ActiveSync server.
OpenCL .Net - .NET Bindings for OpenCL and a higher level wrapper API.
OpenUniverse - An OpenGL solar system simulator.
OpenVerse Visual Chat - Free, Multiplatform Visual Chat software written in Tcl/TK.
OpenVRML - A VRML/X3D browser and C++ runtime library.
Openwall Linux kernel patch - A security "hardening" patch for the Linux kernel.
Opera - A lightweight full-featured Web browser.
opMixer - A mixer for OSS and GTK--.
OProfile - A transparent system-wide profiler for Linux.
OpenPIM - Personal Information Management software.
Orac - Database Administration Tool
Orphereus - A powerful imageboard engine.
OLMO CMS - An easy-to-use content management system.
oracledump - A command-line tool that dumps Oracle data and table setup info as SQL.
oraToolKit - An all-purpose tool for Oracle administration.
ORBit - Thin/fast CORBA ORB
ORBit C++ - C++ support for ORBit ORB
ORBit-mt - Multithreaded ORBit.
orbit7 - A galactic gravity simulator for GTK.
OrbitViewer - A Java applet for viewing the orbits of asteroids and comets.
Orion Application Server - Java application server.
Osage - Persistence Plus XML - A JDBC-based development system for object-to-relational persistence.
Orchestral Hero - Play along with classical favorites on your keyboard.
OSE - Web services and distributed application toolkit.
Osiris - A host integrity management system.
OSKit - Software kit for easily building new OSes
OSS - Audio drivers for most popular sound cards.
otto - A Web-based jukebox.
OFC2 helper library - A PHP helper library for Open Flash Chart 2.
Outlook grabber - A script to download messages from Outlook Web Access for exchange servers.
oRestE - An Erlang REST interface to your databases.
Outlook2Ical - Convert MS Outlook Caledar to Ical (.calendar).
OutMan - Manages output from command line tools.
over5 - A c64/vic20 <-> Amiga/PC/UNIX transferring program.
Overflow - The Game - A board game about chain reactions.
once:radix - A rapid application development system for intranet and extranet environments.
Owl Intranet Engine - A PHP knowledgebase.
ovpn-py - A plugin to embed Python into OpenVPN.
OAuth-Lite - A Perl OAuth framework.
ozone - A Java-based object database system.
openDarkEngine - A rewrite of the Dark Engine originally written by Looking Glass Studios.
Obeseus - A DDoS attack detector.
OCS Inventory - A hardware and software inventory tool.
OpMon - A network and system monitoring application.
OpenJavaDocCheck - A doclet for checking JavaDoc errors.
ObjLib - A PHP object storage and relation framework.
OO Pinyin Guide - An OpenOffice extension to automatically add pinyin transliteration.
OpenFP - Software to provide audio fingerprint matching.
OpenYABS - Enterprise resource planning software.
OpenTBS - A PHP script for making OpenOffice and MS Office documents using templates.
OpenGDA - Customizable data acquisition software for science facilities.
Opsview - A Nagios compatible network, server, and application monitoring tool.
Open OTP - A smart card based HOTP implementation.
Open-Xchange Virtual Appliance - A fully working virtual appliance for Open-Xchange.
odsPhpGenerator - A small library to generate OpenDocument Spreadsheets.
Open Classifieds - A classifieds PHP script.
Oscar_couchDb - A PHP class for simplified management of couchDB.
oXygen XML Diff - A complete solution for comparing and merging XML files and directories.
ObjFW - A framework for Objective C.
OpenCPN - A sailing chart plotter and navigator.
oshyreman - An offline SHR Manager to automate recurring activities for Openmoko Freerunner from your desktop.
OpenIcons - A set of SVG/PNG icons for the Web.
osclass - Software for creating classified ads.
Objectify-Appengine - A simple typed abstraction of the Google App Engine datastore.
opensvc - A clustering and automation stack.
OpenGeo Suite - A fully-integrated geospatial platform for serving maps and data through Web applications, mobile devices, and desktop clients.
OpenREng - A rendering engine for modern OpenGL specifications
OpenShapes - A framework for editable online diagrams.
OpenOTP Radius Bridge - A RADIUS API for RCDevs OpenOTP Authentication Server.
OpenFlora - Library management software.
ObsidianCode - An application for managing code snippets.
Open Unified Recording - A Linux-based VoIP/SIP call recorder.
OpenSolaris Binary Packages - A collection of missing packages for OpenSolaris x86.
OpenDNSSEC - A program that secures zone data before it is published in an authoritative name server.
OpenNap - An Open Source Napster server.
OfficeFloor - True inversion of control for building simple static to complex real-time Web applications that run anywhere.
OpenNode - A CentOS based server virtualization solution supporting both OpenVZ and KVM hypervisors.
Octaspire Crates! - A scriptable, skinnable, extensible, and relocatable 3D puzzle game.
oFEd - An offline forum editor.
Objeck Programming Language - A modern platform independent OO language with a native JIT compiler.
OpenTTD - A clone of Transport Tycoon Deluxe.
osgish - An OSGi Shell.
OpenVPN Web Certificate Manager - Web-based management of OpenVPN configurations and certificates.
openmamba - A ready-to-use operating system for notebooks, netbooks, desktops, and servers.
Opticks - An expandable remote sensing and imagery analysis software platform.
Opendedup - A deduplication based filesystem for Windows and Linux (SDFS)
orabbix - A daemon to monitor Oracle with Zabbix.
omron++ - A simplistic peace-endowing warfare simulation.
ODBC-Link for PostgreSQL - Generic database links for PostgreSQL.
Oxtongue Heroes - A turn-based tactics game.
OpENer - An EtherNet/IP adapter stack.
OrientDB - A high performance document database.
Ostinato - A traffic generator and analyzer.
Orient Key/Value Server - A high performance key/value database.
Open Basic interpreter for embedding - An implementation of the BASIC programming language.
opdis - A disassembler based on GNU libopcodes.
Orion SSH2 - A library that implements the SSH-2 protocol in pure Java.
Osmos - An award-winning indie ambient physics game.
Open Dynamics Engine - An industrial quality library for simulating articulated rigid body dynamics.
OmniSSH - A tool for managing a cluster of computers through SSH.
OSSEC For PfSense - OSSEC HIDS support for the PfSense firewall.
OBApps - A GUI to configure Openbox window matching.
Odd Island - A 3D MORPG with a fantasy setting which takes place on a small island.
Orayta - A Jewish book viewing program.
Open Hot or Not - A Hot or Not clone.
OpenGroupware Coils - A groupware platform and workflow engine.
OmniComment - A simple Web comment system.
OBHotkey - A tool to create hotkeys in Openbox.
osstat - A GNOME panel applet for OpenSolaris that shows system status.
OpenBSC - Software for operating your own GSM network.
OsmocomBB - GSM baseband firmware, including a GSM protocol stack.
OCRKit - Text recognition revisited.
ObjectAL for iPhone - An easy-to-use sound library for iPhone OS.
OpenCms ANT build - A build tree for OpenCms development with version control.
openWebX - An object oriented PHP framework.
oauth-php - A PHP library for OAuth consumers and servers.
Optionsful - Provide OPTIONS' HTTP method support for Ruby on Rails.
osashosa - A tiny drop-in replacement for Guice 2.0.
OpenCAN - A software platform for controlling CANbus devices.
oldrunner - A remake of Broderbund's Loderunner.
openSUSE Medical - An openSUSE distribution for the needs of doctors.
OpenNebula - A toolkit for cloud computing.
OpenSAGA - A model-centric Web application framework.
OString - An object oriented string class for PHP.
oobash - An oo-style framework for bash 4 written in bash.
openpom - A Web-based user interface for Nagios or Icinga.
OSCATS - A computerized adaptive testing system.
OpenPref - An implementation of Preferans, a European trick-taking game against two virtual players.
OOo4Kids - An office suite for K7-12 students.
OWASP Zed Attack Proxy - An easy-to-use integrated penetration testing tool for finding vulnerabilities in Web applications.
OwfsWeather - Weather station software for use with the OneWire Filesystem.
Oraje Applet - Another GNOME weather applet.
odb - A compiler-based ORM System for C++.
OpenBricks - An embedded Linux framework.
Open Game Libraries - C++ libraries for creating games.
Outlets - A Web-based, AJAX-enabled, PHP-driven manager for SNMP-enabled power distribution units (PDUs).
OutputFilter - A PHP library to filter scalars, arrays, and data objects recursively.
openBibleViewer - Platform-independent software to read and study the Bible.
Open Sesame - A Web password manager.
Opticks Extras - Official extensions for the Opticks application.
OpenSCB - A USB servo controller.
Ocean Puzzle - A puzzle game for children that helps them learn how to use the computer.
OpenMPF - A library for solving large, dense, multi-RHS linear systems.
OpenNode Management Server - A manager for OpenNode cloud nodes.
OATH Toolkit - A toolkit for open authentication technology.
osxdbg - A graphical debugger for Mac OS X.
Open Allure Dialog System - A program to play text-to-speech scripts from blogs or wikis.
OpenFootie - A text-based football (soccer) match engine simulation.
offrss - An RSS/Atom aggregator for offline reading.
OpenSDMX - SDMX software components.
Open Media Engine - A 3D media engine.
OCEMR - A Web based electronic medical records system designed for the clinic environment.
Outliner Lighto - A console-based user friendly outliner/hierarchical editor.
OpenDMS.NET - A document management system.
ofxkit - An OFX parser for Objective-C.
Open Broadcast Encoder - Software that provides high quality broadcast encoding.
openucf - An open unified communications framework.
OOOGUI - An experimental CMS.
Open Transactions - An implementation for untraceable digital cash.
OSGUIsh - A library that generates GUI-like events for Open Scene Graph nodes.
ORMesque - A lightweight, to-the-point ORM.
OpenHantek - Software for controlling Hantek DSOs.
Onzen - A graphical frontend for CVS, SVN, HG, and Git.
OCR2DATA - A template-based OCR and analysis system.
OPUS - A repository management system.
OpenCommunity - A multiuser community blog system.
OrderlyQ - A call center queue solution.
o4send - An application that automatically sends files to Bluetooth OPP devices.
OpenDJ - An LDAPv3 compliant directory server based on Java.
Obix - An object-oriented, portable, programming language designed to increase reliability, productivity, and simplicity.
ODABA - A terminology-oriented database management system.
Orc - A library and set of tools for compiling and executing very simple programs that operate on arrays of data.
Ownyx PHP Framework - A lightweight PHP MVC framework.
ogslb - A global server load balancer.
Octave daemon - A network daemon and PHP client for GNU Octave.
OpenGamma - A unified financial analytics platform.
OpenMobster - A mobile cloud platform.
OpenSSN - A submarine simulation.
Oh Jasmin Dynamic DNS - A set of scripts for running a dynamic DNS server.
Octopus Load Balancer - A TCP load balancer.
OpenClass - A class control solution.
OCE - A C++ library for 3D CAD development.
OpenBlox - A cross-platform 3D game development kit for Lua and Python.
Orbiview 3D Product Viewer - A product viewer with 3D simulation by the use of multiple images
OpenECoSys-NetworkViewer - A real-time, multi-protocol monitoring tool for embedded devices.
OpenVPN-Monitor - A Web based OpenVPN server monitor.
OpenSAN - iSCSI Storage Area Network realization (plus RAID and LVM).
Oz - An automated guest OS installer.
out2html - A program output to HTML converter.
otonat - Fast in-kernel 1:1 NAT for FreeBSD.
OpenSMTPD - A port of OpenBSD's smtpd to Linux.
OpenTreeMap - A Web-based wiki application to map and analyze urban street trees and ecological benefits.
Opa - A cloud-enabled platform for Web development.
OptionMatrix - A financial derivatives calculator.
Oboinus - An X11 background previewer and setter.
OGLplus - A C++ wrapper around the OpenGL C API.
online subtitles workshop - A subtitle editor.
OpenSimulator - A 3D virtual environment server platform.
OpenDedup Virtual NAS Storage Appliance - A deduplication-based virtual NAS storage appliance.
OmegaBB - A real-time message board.
ODES - An algorithm to find all overlapping dense sub-graphs.
OMapper - A simple library to ease the process of mapping objects or beans from one design layer to another.
Odsf - A French Scrabble dictionary.
OpenChrom - Mass spectrometric chromatography.
o42a - A high-level general purpose programming language.
OpenAM - Provides core identity services to simplify the implementation of SSO.
Online TVx Remote Control - A smartphone TVx controller.
OpenLaszlo Schema Generator - Generates XSD Schemas from OpenLaszlo sources.
Ondine - An audio player based on the GStreamer framework with a GTK graphical user interface.
Overthere - A remote file manipulation and process execution framework for Java.
openPLM - A Web-based Product Lifecycle Management application.
openEMS - An electromagnetic field solver using the FDTD method.
OrbitClock countdown visualizer - A countdown visualizer for countdown parties.
OrgApp - A Java library to handle and draw organizational charts.
OpenGGSN - A Gateway GPRS Support Node.
OsmoSGSN - A Serving GPRS Support Node.
optrandr - Sets optimal RandR output for the current situation.
Onapos - A simple, extensible collections manager.
OpenHopla in C# - A microkernel-like implementation of xUnit, unit tests, and code kata.
omnicache - A very simple PHP caching library.
OxStore - A key/value database.
OpenNIC Wizard - Simplified access to OpenNIC DNS resolvers.
OCaml MySQL Protocol - MySQL Protocol in pure OCaml
ownCloud - Universal access to your files, everywhere.
Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine - A batch-queuing system for distributed resource management.
Open Service Manager - Management of freelance professionals working for your clients.
OpenTaxFormFiller - Programmatic filling of PDF tax forms.
OpenReviewScript - Software for creating review Web sites.
Oracletool - A Web-based tool for Oracle Database administration.
OpenMEAP - A mobile enterprise application platform.
OSGET - A mobile game engine template.
OpenUDID - A framework for generating globally unique per-device identifiers.
osGraphX - A 3D file viewer based on openscenegraph.
OtrosLogViewer - A log viewer focused on developer work.
OpenConnect - VPN client for Cisco AnyConnect
ogeditor - A Web-based WYSIWYG HTML editor with a built-in file manager.
onetouch-iii-button - Button support for the Maxtor OneTouch III.
Onde Audio Recorder for Mac - A recorder which captures audio from any application.
OndeSoft Screen Capture - A screen capture and image editing tool.
Ostests - A tool for creating and publishing interactive tests.
Onde Screen Rulers for Mac - Virtual screen rulers for measuring dimensions and angles.
Onde ClipBuddy for Mac - A clipboard manager and extender.
Onde Screen Capture for Mac - A tool for capturing framed regions, freehand regions, one or all windows, and full screens.
openTCS - The open Transportation Control System.
OpenSAND - A satellite emulation platform.
OpenGL Extensions - A library designed to interact with OpenGL.
Orthanc - A lightweight, RESTful server for medical imaging.
Open Media Library - A media library based on OpenGL and OpenAL.
OpenAL extensions - An OpenAL extension library.
OpenXcom - A new engine for the old game X-COM: UFO Defense/UFO: Enemy Unknown.
OpenTeacher - A vocabulary training application that helps you learn a foreign language.
openCheckout - A simple POS system.
Object Query - A new way to build a query.
Open RPG Maker - A 2D RPG creation utility.
openDCIM - Data center infrastructure management.
OpenLegacy - A platform for legacy modernization.
OGRI - A simple Web-based report presentation system.
ocamlmath - A calculation library for OCaml.
OpenHIM - A health information mediator.
OZEKI VoIP Service Checker - A tool for checking the availability of VoIP services.
OpenDynamo - A Web site creation, backup, and restore tool.
oTranCe - A Web-based translation platform.
O2OO - An OBD2 datalogger for cars.
Obix programming language - A programming language designed to make it easy to quickly write reliable code.
OnPosix - A tiny C++ library for POSIX systems.
Ozeki NG SMS Gateway - SMS Gateway software to send/receive SMS, MMS, and voice messages via a GSM modem.
owl2vcs - Version control ontologies.
Online SQL Editor Pro - A Web based SQL query tool.
oXygen XML Developer - A cross-platform XML editor/debugger and schema designer.
openAviToGif - A video to GIF converter.
OGLBricks - Puzzle game
Otter - Usability enhancements to OTRS ticketing system.
ocserv - An SSL VPN server.
OpenCenter - A tool that installs and manages OpenStack clouds.
odesk-qml - A QML client for the oDesk service.
osis2epub - A program that converts OSIS format Bibles to EPUB books.
objSQL - A PHP-based database access class for performing SQL queries.
Oliver's Parser Framework - A PHP 5 framework designed with simplicity and size in mind.
OWS - A war-driving application for OpenWLANMap.
OSOL Mutlicaptcha - Generation of captcha with multiple options.
Ogone - A wrapper class that makes Ogone implementations a lot easier.
Opensort - General purpose sorting software.
openICEM - Server software that provides a certified email service as specified by Italian law.
oos - A C++ object-relational mapping framework.
Open School Admin - Web based school administration.
One Step Checkout - A one page checkout module for Prestashop.
OSv - An operating system for virtual machines.
oGravatar - A simple class that provides easy Gravatar integration.
orientdb-c - An OrientDB C client.
OpenOTP Authentication Plugin Wordpress - A plugin which enables strong two factor authentication for admins and users.
OpenOTP Authentication Plugin Joomla - Strong two factor authentication for admins and users.
OpenOTP Authentication Plugin Magento - Strong two factor authentication for admins and users.
OpenOTP Authentication Plugin RoundCube - Strong two factor authentication for admins and users.
OpenOTP Authentication Plugin SugarCRM - Strong two factor authentication for admins and users.
OpenTrafficShaper - An enterprise Linux traffic shaper.
opvdm - An organic photovoltaic device model.
Open Camera - A camera app for Android.
OrderPlug - Restaurant tablet e-menus the easy way.
OpenOTP Authentication Plugin Drupal - Strong two factor authentication for admins and users.
OpenXyce - A parallel circuit simulator.
OpenLaunch - A content management system for blogging, forums, pages, wiki, and more.
OAQL Server - An Oriented Architecture Query Language Server.
Orchid - A pure Java Tor client and library.
Open Translation Engine - An online translation dictionary manager.
OpenGroupware.org - Groupware, contact, and project management software.

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