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NIST Web Metrics Testbed - Tools for usability testing and evaluation of web sites.
NewsDaemon - Content management system used by Daily Daemon News
NEC2 graphic post-processor - A post-processor for the NEC2 antenna analyzer.
Network Security Monitor Daemon - monitord
NISCA - A more flexible PHP4-based MRTG replacement.
NBROK Linux - A small Linux distribution which fits on a ZIP-100 drive.
Netenv - A utility for switching configurations for different locations.
Narval::infopal - Builds your daily newspaper, acts as a Web proxy, searches the Web, etc.
Narval::Projman - A tool that manages projects and tasks, sends reminders, and reschedules tasks.
News Manager - Allows you to easily update your news without using HTML or FTP.
NullLogic Groupware - A complete Web groupware and mail server system.
No-Name Instant Messenger - A cross platform, encrypted instant messenger.
Net::Server - An extensible class-oriented Internet server.
News-Portal - A Web-based newsreader.
Nvclock - An overclocking and tweaking tool for Nvidia cards under Linux.
nc100em - An Amstrad NC100/NC200 emulator.
NISLDAP - An attempt to bridge the gap between NIS and LDAP.
Nomad II Driver/Utilities - A Nomad II MP3 Player driver and interface for Linux.
Nspy - An NNTP (news) article spy.
No Name Go Server - A free Internet Go server.
NetCallback - A tool for forwarding TCP and UDP ports behind a firewall.
Nupop - A small, fast POP3 server that does UIDL caching
NTLM Authorization Proxy Server - A proxy that allows HTTP-based NTLM authentication.
Netpeep - Monitoring your network with sound.
Null Webmail - A simple POP3/SMTP webmail CGI.
Naken Tone - Creates binary ring tones for mobile phones.
Nickle - A programming language for numeric computation and algorithm prototyping.
NetStereo - Remote-controlled stereo server.
NLQ.py - Natural Language Queries using Python
NGOID News Network PHP-NUKE addon - An addon to PHP-NUKE to interface with the NGOID News Network.
netscript - A lightweight TCP/UDP socket scripting system.
Nullcraft Portal Development Kit - A J2EE-based portal development kit for highly customizable user interfaces.
NBC-VBI - Linux [email protected] saver - A recording tool for the German Radio.MP3 operated by MusicPlay.
Net::ICal - Perl module for handling RFC2445 (iCalendar) data
nope for yepp - Open source drivers for the Samsung yepp.
nwall - A friendlier wall program that can be used for local-system chat.
NewsGrab - A tool to retrieve binary files from an NNTP server.
netkit-ftp-ssl - An FTP client with SSL encryption support.
Newscoop - The open content management system for professional journalists.
Ncat - Network aware cat.
NAI VirusScan DAT/Engine file updater - A script to update NAI VirusScan DAT/Engine files.
NovaMail - An extension for e-mail notification of NovaNet 8 Alliance.
NapShare - A fully-automated Gnutella P2P client made to run unattended.
nodeCol - A mathematical graph colorizer written with python-gnome.
Network Packet Capture Facility for Java - A framework and set of tools for network packet capture in Java.
nylon - A Unix SOCKS 4 and 5 proxy server.
newsPro mail - A Web interface for managing email newsletters and announcements.
Nag - The Horde task list manager.
Node Runner - Monitors up/downtime for nodes on a network.
ncurses wrapper for guile - Ncurses wrapper for guile scheme dialect.
NewVideoRecorder - A high quality video capture toolkit for Linux.
Network Traffic Generator - A traffic generator that tests routers/firewalls.
nIUm Warenwirtschaft - A German Language billing and accounting system.
nspark - An unpacker for RISC OS Spark archives.
newsstar - A multi-threaded multi-server news fetcher.
Navigation.PL - A CGI script for generating tree structures.
NTRawrite - A Windows NT/2000 replacement for the Rawrite floppy creation tool.
NUnit - A unit testing framework for .NET languages.
nTAIM - A curses AOL IM client with lots of features.
Netcast - Synchronous, multicasting file transfer tool.
nload - Displays current network usage.
Nexus framework - An open, modular application framework based on COM technology.
NaBN - A small graphical text editor that autoloads a file on startup.
nomarch - Extracts .arc files.
NQXML - XML parsers and writer, written in Ruby.
netview - Browse SMB networks with any browser.
NARC - Helps you to automatically generate secure Netfilter/Iptables rules.
nss-pgsql - NSS module with PostgreSQL backend.
ntalk - A console chat application written with ncurses.
NewsLib - A news library for Perl.
ngrep-lib - Packet filtering library based on ngrep.
Network Shell - Administration utilities.
NetCrawler - Crawls Websites for relative content.
Netautor Professional - An application server and development environment.
Netdude - A framework for manipulating tpcdump trace files.
NSokoban - A sokoban game for the Palm Pilot.
netbrake - Process oriented bandwidth limitation.
NetMess - A peer-to-peer generic file sharing system.
Nimda Notifyer - Automatically send an email to the administrator when a scan is detected.
Nettle library - A low-level cryptographic library.
NoteTool - A Notes Manager in GTK+
NOOPE - The Newtonian Object Oriented Physics Engine.
Netio - A network benchmark.
netrik - An advanced text mode WWW browser.
Netcat 6 - A tiny netcat clone with IPv6 support.
NOLA - A PHP-based business accounting and inventory application.
Note Editor - An editor for music notation with playback/import/export for several formats.
NetShips battle - A network version of a popular "ship-battle" game.
Nova I.O.E. - An integrated observational environment for astronomy.
NxZilla - A set of libraries that allow Mozilla to be used with a NanoX server.
NP3 Music Player - A standalone, network controllable music player.
Network Traffic Analyser - A script-driven network traffic monitor.
Net::Telnet::Netscreen - A Perl module to admin Netscreen firewalls.
NovaWM - A small, fast, and unique window manager.
Nagios Console Monitor - A curses/console-based monitor for Nagios.
NetBackup - Creates a backup over the net.
nn Newsreader - A heavy-duty, curses-based USENET news reader.
Neohunt - An old multi-player shoot-em-up game.
NES Game & System - A collection of PHP scripts to build a full featured members only site.
NorthStar - An IP address tracking system.
NightView - Control software for the SBIG CCD astronomical camera.
NumericalChameleon - A program for converting physical units, exchange rates, Roman numerals, etc.
Nifl's New Tagger - A clever ID3v1.1 tagger.
NTP Webmin module - A Webmin module for NTP configuration.
Nosica - A compiler for the object oriented language Nosica.
Name::Find Perl Module - A Perl module for finding people's names in text.
NVOPTION - A GUI frontend to change NVIDIA options.
NetMap Generator - Generate a graphical map of your connection with the Internet.
news-tnk - An easy to use news publishing script.
nmbscan - A network scanner for the NMB/SMB/NetBIOS protocols.
newrpms - A tool that reports all newer instances of installed packages.
Netjuke - A Web-based MP3 & OGG audio streaming jukebox for legitimate music distribution.
Nift - A graphical frontend for footprinting tools and methods.
Non-Networked File System - Symmetric synchronisation of filesystems on non-networked hosts.
NEshare - A peer-to-peer file sharing toolkit.
NEsGUI - A GTK-based file-sharing application.
Network Traffic Analyzer - Analyzes network traffic on multiple network devices.
netacct-mysql - A version of net-acct modified to work with MySQL.
NetStat - A network asset tool.
Null iBBS - A Web BBS CGI/standalone server.
nweb2fax - A Web frontend for sending faxes.
Null httpd - A small, simple and multithreaded web server
Nagios SNMP Plugins - Plugins for use with Nagios and NET SNMP.
nInvaders - A Space Invaders clone for ncurses.
noattach - A sendmail milter to remove bad attachments.
NetworkLens - Network SYSLOG, SNMP, and Event Monitor.
NVRAM WakeUp - Read and write the WakeUp time in the BIOS.
netupsd - A remote UPS monitoring tool.
NIASH's Test Tool - A test tool for HP Scanjet 3300c, 3400c, 4300c, and Agfa Snapscan Touch scanners
Nitro Technologies Memory Checker - A wrapper for malloc/free to track memory usage and leaks.
NetBeans XML Project - NetBeans support for working with XML, DTD, and CSS documents.
nanoweb - A modular HTTP server written in PHP.
nmNURBS - An n-dimensional and m-parametric NURBS C++ template library.
NuxUserGroups - A Zope product which provides the notion of groups of users
NetLogon - A tool to dynamically generate netlogon scripts for Samba.
ngIRCd - A modern, portable, and lightweight Internet Relay Chat (IRC) daemon.
Netstation Linux - A thin client Linux distribution for x86 hardware.
NKAds - Banner Admin
Network And Service Monitoring System - A tool for managing and monitoring a network.
NetSPoC - Software that applies a security policy to hundreds of packet filters.
NuxDocument - A Zope product for managing common office productivity suites' file formats.
New Repository - An XML repository for use with SQL databases.
NotFTP - A clean and simple PHP-based HTTP-FTP gateway.
NetGeo IP address locator service interface class - An interface with NetGeo to work out the geographic location of an IP address.
netlcdclient - A client for LCDproc which shows network statistics.
nALFS - An interactive Automated Linux From Scratch profile parser.
Nebula Cards - A card game engine.
net-pipe - Redirection of shell stdin/stdout to TCP or UDP sockets.
Net::ICQ2000 - A Perl module for ICQ2k communication.
NeXTensio - A solution for building Web site administration tools.
Nitpicker - Ethernet Flow Accounter
NetUP UTM - A complete billing solution for Internet service providers.
Nagios - A powerful network and system monitor.
NovaDNS - A user-friendly program to manage the BIND DNS server.
Nifty Nerds Web Authentication - Web Authentication in PHP.
NovaTK - A fast, easy-to-use/develop for and cross-platform GUI toolkit.
NIS UID Migration Scripts - A mass UID changer.
NetClass - A thin cross-platform wrapper for sockets and threads.
Net_NNTP - A NNTP client library for PHP.
ng_fwdswitch - A basic packet switching engine.
NDBE - A PHP abstract database layer and online editor.
NObjects - A library of PHP scripts that perform a range of useful operations.
ngmlstat - A generator of traffic statistics for newsgroups and mailing-lists.
NetScript Logger - A JavaScript/DHTML cross-browser messaging aggregator & display console componen
notespam - An RBL-based spam-marking script in Perl.
Network Equipment Performance Monitor - Log monitoring on networks for uptime and critical events.
NetBoz Firewall - A CD-ROM based firewall with a Web administration interface.
NTXShape - NTX to Shapefile Converter - A tool that converts GIS data from CARIS NTX format to shapefile format.
nu - Tracks TV programs for you.
netdevicelib - A Python module for managing network devices.
num-utils - A set of programs for dealing with numbers from the command line.
Netacct-NetStat - A PHP Web interface for Netacct-MySQL.
NSCL SpecTcl - Nuclear data analsysis software.
Neopets Helper - A program to control your neopets account from the command line.
netstat-nat - Displays NAT connections created by iptables.
NFMCA - A MUD client with basic features in the form of a Java applet.
netspeed_applet for gnome - A GNOME applet that shows network traffic for a specified device.
NMM - Network-integrated multimedia middleware.
Network Access Control System - Provides untrusted computers access to your TCP/IP-based (v4) LAN/WAN.
nProbe - A Netflow v5/v9/IPFIX probe.
New adventure shell - An adventure shell script.
Net::Whois::RIPE - A Perl module for talking to RIPE-157 and/or RPSL whois servers.
nbtop - A curses-based interactive job monitor for NetBackup written in Python.
nWorks - A Web-based network management system.
NNTPobjects - C++ classes and collections for building NNTP apps.
Network Client Server Library - A GNOME library for networked servers & clients.
Netclipboard - A utility that provides multiplatform clipboard synchronization.
nefu - A monitoring system for network services.
NRH-up2date - A server for RedHat's up2date utility.
NSS MySQL Library - A MySQL-based /etc/passwd replacement.
Netfilter2html - A script using GAWK to process netfilter logs.
NetVis Module - Visualization of social networks.
NukePost - A tool for removing multiple Usenet posts from Google's archives.
Network Query Tool - A PHP script which consolidates various domain/IP investigation tools.
NewsGrabber - A Perl script to monitor several newsgroups for several regular expressions.
Nxgate - An NNTP to XML-RPC gateway.
nbCheckstyle - A Netbeans module to help enforce Java coding standards.
Nutex PHP Framework - A secure and modular PHP framework that uses XML-RPC and HTTPS for remote calls.
nethack-el - An Emacs major mode for playing Nethack.
Network-Accounting Daemon for Netfilter - A userspace network accounting daemon.
Net::Dict - An interface to the DICT protocol.
Netfilter logs analyzer - A netfilter log analyzer with a Web interface.
NTLM authentication library - A library implementing Microsoft's NTLM authentication.
Nekit Applet - A simple HTML editor Java applet with XML-RPC communication.
netplugd - Monitor status of network interfaces.
Netfarm Mail Archiver - A Python email filter to archive and enum emails.
Net-Cam - An IP Video surveillance server.
nmaFPS - A simple, portable 3D first person shooter.
Noname Network - A powerful file-sharing network.
N-View - A network monitor for small and medium-sized networks.
NukeLayout PHP Class - A PHPNuke-like Web site template.
Nuxeo Platform - A Java EE-based content application platform.
nhc98 - A small, portable compiler for the Haskell language.
Nulog - A PHP interface for ulogd and NuFW.
NatACL - A firewall group policy controller for intranets and the Internet.
NewsBruiser - A Python system for running weblogs.
Net::Server::Mail - A full implementation of the ESMTP protocol as a Perl library.
NetSplitter - A generic 'reverse' load balance.
n-ary Huffman Template Algorithm - An algorithm that allows any kind of weights.
ng-utils - A collection of utilities for accessing netgroup content.
Naamah - A database for music collections.
NauSite - A Content Management System and enterprise portal.
neo-Portal - A data presentation and delivery system.
NFS Share - A NFS share administration tool.
network jack - A Web interface to several common Internet-related networking tools.
NewsDeliver - A simple NNTP to email gateway.
NetCDF - The network common data form.
NetCharts Pro - Advanced graph-generation components for thin-client Web applications.
newfile - A source file generator using a CPP-like preprocessor.
neteye actioncache - A cache extension for struts.
Netscape Address Book Recovery - Recovers corrupted Netscape address books.
NetDraw - A simple Network drawing application
Nokia Logo Converter for Linux - Nokia Logo Files to Bitmap and vice-versa Converter.
Nokryptia - A tool to convert MP3 to Nokia LSE format and send them to certain Nokia phones.
nntp//rss - An NNTP gateway for accessing RSS syndicated content.
nanoFTPd - An FTP daemon written in PHP.
newdocms - A document management system.
No-install Unix Tools for Windows - A package of Cygwin UNIX tools that requires no installation process.
nautilus-rpm - A set of tools for viewing an RPM package database with Nautilus.
Nokia Developer's Suite for J2ME - An kit for building complete J2ME applications.
Net-Policy - A network device configuration manager to configure Linux/ipsec/ike/firewalls.
Nast - A packet sniffer and LAN analysis tool.
netcount - A display tool for PPP logging and statistics.
nfstimesync - A tool for synchronizing the time of an NFS server and client.
Netx - A Java Network Launching Protocol client and library.
NetStats Baseball - A simulation of major league baseball.
nflash - A script for posting news to a Web site.
NFGWebChat - A single channel chat PHP Web application.
nms - A set of Perl CGI scripts.
Nasal - A simple, small, yet full-featured embeddable scripting language.
NewsMonster - The cross-platform weblog manager with a brain.
noeGNUd - An interface front-end for nethack & slashem.
NSCL Data Acquisition System - A nuclear data acquisition system.
NNTPSwitch - A fast Linux NNTP content router.
ngetcgi - A Web interface for nget.
NodeBrain - A real-time state and event monitoring agent.
Newsfighter - Tools to redefine independent media.
NBASE 4.0 - A rapid-development library for C++.
Noble Ape Simulation - A biological and cognitive simulation.
NewsMac - A Versatile RSS news reader with iPod and Palm sync.
NPACI Rocks Cluster Tool Kit - Turnkey Linux COTS Clusters for x86 and IA64.
Natural Language Toolkit - Python packages and data for natural language processing.
nldict - An interface to the on-line Van Dale Dutch dictionary.
Novelwriting - Novelwriting generates random documents based on a grammar.
NAT Monitor - A tool that monitors local hosts' Internet bandwidth usage.
NoMachine NX - Core libraries and agents of the NoMachine NX desktop virtualization system.
NIS-Pg-Sync - A script to synchronise PostgreSQL auth data with NIS.
Network FIFO - A tool that makes a named pipe available across a network.
NetPisteur - A Java Web browser.
nwload - A traffic monitor for the X Window System.
NGL - A cross-platform framework for OpenGL-based applications.
NUI - A C++ cross-platform GUI framework for OpenGL-based applications.
Netdisco - A Web-based network management system.
nss-sqlrelay - A Name Service Switch module that uses SQL Relay.
NIOS Cross Development Kit -
No Direct Links! - A class which controls the process of downloading files.
New Kinetics DB/Java Mapper - A tool that produces commented Java source code files from database tables.
New Kinetics Platinum Enterprise Solution - A J2EE-based Enterprise taskflow solution.
Naina - A Secure Electronic Transactions (SET) merchant solution.
NanoBlogger - A small Weblog engine written in bash.
Natural Docs - A source code documentation generator with transparent syntax.
NSD - An authoritative only, high performance, simple, and open source name server.
Nyquist - An elegant and powerful system for sound synthesis and composition.
NetEclipse - A Linux console-based sniffer, TCP hijacker, and ARP poisoner.
NFS Commander - A tool for managing NFS mounts and exports.
NIST Ad-Hoc On Demand Distance Vector Driver - The NIST version of the AODV protocol.
noexec - A program that prevents child processes from executing the execve system call.
Network Simulator - Simulates network activity.
NewSQL - A replacement for SQL.
nntp2rss - A tool that provides a bridge to access newsgroups using an RSS reader.
NexControl - Control software for Celestron NexStar series telescope.
Nutation - A music notation program.
Network Auralization for Gnutella - A tool for turning P2P network searches into chaotic musical collages.
NetHogs - A tool that breaks down your current network usage per process.
netBeep - A program that makes networkable computer music with a PCs' speakers.
neo2squirrel.pl - Convert a Neomail addressbook to SquirrelMail.
Nerys - A "Watchdog"-like daemon that monitors network interface state changes.
NeoOffice - An OpenOffice.org port for Mac OS X.
NetOffice - An online project management application.
News Spotter - An RSS headline viewer.
NetMRG - A network monitoring, reporting, and graphing system.
newsrc-care - Some scripts to manage your .newsrc file
NuSphere PhpED - A complete platform for PHP development.
nvemFTP - An advanced Qt-based file transfer client.
NOVAS - A library for performing astronomical calculations.
Nicotine - A SoulSeek client written in Python.
NetClassifieds - A feature-packed online classified ads package.
Norton Automatic Updater - A script which updates the Symantec Antivirus program.
nautilus-thumbnailers - A collection of scripts that create thumbnails for files.
NetInstaller - A tool for creating setup programs for installing PHP programs onto a Web server
Nacho - A rapid Web development platform supporting rich content types.
NuFW - An identity-based filtering suite for Linux.
nj - An IRC nick juper that will hold a nick for you.
Netfilter Modbus/TCP - A Modbus/TCP Netfilter extension.
Nuclear Simulation Java Class Libraries - Infrastructure for creating simulations of nuclear physics experiments.
Nuku - An action/platform game in the style of Super Mario World.
NetBSD Ppbus Project - A NetBSD printer driver project.
Naiban - A learning classification engine.
Novosec Bouncy Castle Extensions - An OCSP (RFC 2560) client/server and CMP (RFC 2510 , 2511) ASN.1 wrapper.
NetCPR - Makes services restart upon change of remote IP.
Nomen - A tool which creates chemical structures from valid IUPAC names.
Nutex VServer - An ISP system for managing Web spaces hosted on many servers.
Nalanda - A library management system.
netwib - A network library.
netwox - A network testing toolbox.
netwag - A graphical network toolbox.
NeoBio - Bioinformatics algorithms in Java.
News::Overview - A Perl module to manage news overview information.
News::Web - A Usenet news-to-Web gateway.
netPanzer - An online, multiplayer, real-time tactical warfare game.
NeoPop-SDL - A NeoGeo Pocket emulator.
Network Slime - A network version of the popular and addictive Slime Volleyball.
netpbm-free - A CLI-interfaced image creation and manipulation program.
Nest - A secure IP VPN cryptographically protected packet tunnel.
netsane - A multipath routing tool.
netqmail - A community-assembled distribution of qmail.
nsirc - A tiny multi-windowed console IRC client.
NuSphere Technology Platform - A toolkit based on open source tools for building Web applications.
NextJ Enterprise Builder - The NextJ Enterprise Builder is the next generation J2EE RAD tool.
ndiswrapper - A kernel module to load windows WLAN drivers in Linux.
NCXmms - An ncurses-based XMMS frontend.
NCurses Development Kit for C++ - A toolkit for creating text user interfaces.
Nethack Records - A dynamic Nethack statistics generator for display on the Web.
naartex - A docbook-to-LaTeX converter.
NPI - An unpretentious RPN calculator.
Nagios SpeedView - A realtime status monitor for Nagios.
News-Maniac - A user friendly and feature rich news script.
noiptun - An application that allows a network connection to computers with no IP address.
Nuke Comics - A comics organizing script for PHP-Nuke.
newuser - An interactive front-end to the "adduser" program.
Net::Friends - A Perl extension for interacting with a GPSDrive friendsd server.
Nonpareil - A calculator microcode-level simulator.
NewsTyper - An RSS/RDF reader.
Nouvelle - A very simple XHTML rendering framework.
NTK manager - A project and employees manager.
NTKcontactos - A Web-based, multi-user contact manager.
ng_netflow - A netgraph kernel module implementing Cisco's Netflow.
ngetdaemon - A Web-based frontend to nget.
NoUnit - A JUnit test measurement tool.
Newsadmin - A simple PHP news publishing system for Web pages.
NdeX - A flat file binary search utility.
NewPKI - A PKI based on the OpenSSL low-level API.
NetLinx Diagnostic and Control - Diagnostic and control software for NetLinx interfaces.
NMP - A music module player.
NotNet Profiler - A tool that allows scheme-based network and proxy config on system startup.
NewsFeed - An aggregator for RSS/RDF/Atom feeds.
Network Weathermap Creator - A network weather map creator.
Niliada - Lisp-like objects in Ada-95, with a real time garbage collector.
Neveredit - A cross-platform editor for Neverwinter Nights files.
Noatun Now Playing - A "Now Playing" plugin for Noatun.
NatRail - A script to query UK train times via the commandline or a Web page.
netics - An extensible network statistics collector that measures network entropy.
nfcount - A tool for counting network traffic using rules.
Nemerle - A functional and OO language for the .NET platform.
ns_scheme - A port of mod_scheme for SunOne.
nandBot - An IRC bot.
Nature Calls - A 3D online game.
NumLockX - A utility that turns on NumLock after X startup.
nss_updatedb - A name service persistent cache.
NewsOutlook - A tool for selecting Usenet articles and syndication feeds with rules.
Nameko - A one-file Web mail script.
NetMate - A flexible and extensible network meter.
NNTPspider - An automated searcher for publicly accessible NNTP servers.
Nmap Parser - A Perl module for parsing nmap scan data.
NetChat - A very versatile tool for layer 5 protocols.
Nuke Game Engine - An engine to play Web-based games under different CMSs.
Network Tracker - A network tracking and device checking tool.
Namistai - An HTTP interface to SMB shares.
Njam - A full-featured cross-platform Pacman-like game.
NotMD - A MiniDisc recording tool.
ncursesxx - A set of ncurses C++ bindings.
NAB - A highly scalable network simulator.
ncmpc - An ncurses client for the Music Player Daemon.
NRobot - An autonomous robot fighting game.
NVU - A complete Web authoring system.
NK Recnik - An English-Serbian dictionary.
nttlscan - A network topology scanner.
News::Archive - A Usenet news archiving package.
NAMD Log Parser - A utility to extract energy information from an NAMD log file.
NET=MGM - A tool to track information about subnets and VLANs
Nodezilla - An anonymous and secured grid network system for persistent file sharing.
NetCrypto - A crypto algorithm framework.
Network Console on Acid - A virtual serial console with remote access to the console via SSH.
Nic - A Web-based network monitoring tool.
netjail - A user-space solution for prohibiting a process from accessing the network.
NetSQUID - A tool to automatically block, unblock, and alert about troublesome hosts.
nexB OpenAssets - An IT asset management, inventory, monitoring, and no-agent auto-discovery tool.
NASLite - A Network Attached Storage (NAS) server operating system.
NeroRip - A tool for ripping tracks from Nero 5.x images.
noiseclock - Summarize the times of MP3, Ogg, and other sound formats.
NAF - An access control list administration program for INN news server.
nbtstat.pl - A simple Perl implementation of nbtstat.
Net Worm Race - A network snake game for up to 30 players.
Netinfo information collector - An IP/MAC address locater for switched networks.
NetworkServicesChecker - A tool for checking the status of services running on servers.
Nano-Hive - A modular nanospace simulator.
noca - A shared library that limits page cache usage.
Noplay’s logtools - A small script for editing Half-life logs.
NDns - A DNS client library.
netGo - A networking tool for changing network settings quickly and easily.
Nini - An uncommonly powerful .NET configuration library.
Notemeister - A note organizer.
Npgsql - A .NET data provider for PostgreSQL.
NmapSi4 - A Qt4-based GUI for nmap.
NXSkinner - A Graffiti and status bar skin chooser for Clie NX units.
NasBackup - A network backup system.
Nagios PHP - An alternative PHP Web interface for Nagios.
Noiz2sa - An abstract top-down arcade shooter.
niswatcher - A daemon to run predetermined applications on detecting NIS database changes.
Network Ustadi - A Web-based admin tool that manages network services.
NullableTypes - A version of built-in value-types that can be null.
NxServLiv - A program for using remote sessions with NX.
NWSMon - A utility to monitor and react to weather alerts.
NeMeSI - A standards-compliant multimedia streaming client
netrw - A simple (but powerful) tool for transporting data over the Internet.
Nular Shell - A Lunarstorm client.
Ninive - An XML socket server that reads and writes external resources.
NuApplet - A gnome applet NuFW authentication client for Linux.
netstiff - A powerful and easy Web and FTP update checker.
NomadSync - A synchronisation utility for Creative Nomad Jukebox audio players.
NVTCom - An RFC2217 devices access library.
nullmodem - An emulation of a nullmodem connection using pseudo-terminals.
Network Management Tool - A tool for managing and monitoring devices on your network.
New Wave Contract Management Software - Web-based contract managment software.
Node Interactive Use Scheduler - A cluster node scheduler.
Numeyoga - Numerology software
NAFE - A tool to write and edit Linux console font files (.psf) with any text editor.
NEye - A Netflow V5 collector.
New Netflow Collector - A Netflow collector.
Needlock - A tool for password protection of a Website.
nisldapd - Tools for sharing YP NIS user and group information from an LDAP datastore.
nMicrocoder - An ncurses EDA tool to write microcode.
NLog - A .NET/Mono logging library.
NFbot - An IRC bot that announces information from nforce.nl to any IRC channel.
NachoCalendar - Calendar components for Java.
NGStar - A little clone of the HP48 dstar game.
ncursesacarsdclient - An ncurses client for the ACARS network.
NativeCall - A Java toolkit that calls operating system methods without JNI.
Nazghul - An old-school CRPG engine.
Nameserver Query Tool - A tool that performs nameserver zone transfer queries.
nmzmail - Fast email searching for Mutt.
NFDC - A netflow datagram collector with SQL RDBMS support.
NicTool - A DNS management application.
NeedSecure - A password protection system for Web sites.
NHI1 - An attempt to create an artificial (non-human) intelligence.
nTPV - A POS for restaurants, pubs, bars, and similar businesses.
Needle Dependency Injector - A light-weight dependency injection container for Ruby.
Neodelight Secure Media System - A tool which protects swf files from hotlinking and bandwith theft.
namingmuse - A music album tagger and renamer.
Numbered Links - A Firefox extension that follows links by typing their assigned number.
nmaplr - An nmap log reporting tool.
NPGPX - A GPX Web browser plugin.
NetEye - A network monitoring and accounting system.
Newsd - A standalone local NNTP news server.
NCAR Command Language - A programming language for the access, analysis, and visualization of data
naarani Personal Access - A Java library for MySQL.
Numero a Letra - A class to spell numbers using Spanish words.
net2ftp - A Web-based FTP client.
Nebula IRC - A lightweight GUI IRC client.
Nariva - A search service using Apache Lucene, VFS, and XML-RPC.
nzbperl - An nzb-based NNTP/usenet downloader.
NailGun - A tool for accelerating Java-based command line utilities.
Net::SSH for Ruby - An SSH2 client for Ruby.
Network and Identity Configurator - A tool allowing easy changing of the system name and network address in Linux.
Net::SFTP for Ruby - An SFTP implementation for Ruby.
nss-mdns - A GNU Libc NSS module that provides mDNS host name resolution.
NexusChat - A BBS-style telnet chat server.
NDoclet - An MSDN-style API doc for Java.
Nettion - A network performance testing toolkit.
NAmpel - A Nagios output plugin and hardware.
NCTOP - A remote system monitor.
Nagios syNAPTic - A Nagios front-end.
nsqlcli - An SQL command line interface.
NAND Flash Utilities - Utilities for accessing NAND Flash through an IDE interface.
newslite - A command line tool for yENC and UU binary news.
Network Leak Finder - A tool to detect leaking network connectivity.
Nagios Console - A Web interface for Nagios.
Nokia PacMan - A clone of the Pac Man game for the Nokia S40 mobile family.
net lightning - X-10 computer interface software.
NetGrowler - Displays pop-up notifications of network events.
nfswatch - A tool for monitoring the NFS traffic on a network.
Necromancer's Dos Navigator - A Norton Commander clone.
Nitro + Og - An efficient engine for developing Web applications.
NDisc6 - IPv6 diagnostic tools.
NessusWC - A tool that provides a simple HTTP Web interface to Nessus.
nio - A network IO framework.
netclasses - An asynchronous networking library.
NetworkControl - NetworkControl is a network interface control and monitoring utility.
NetOculus - A network monitoring system.
Newsmail - A simple email news ticker.
Net_Info - Network monitoring and control software.
Newsbinripper - A command line wrapper for nget to automate daily updates from Usenet.
NeoLoad - A load testing tool for Web applications.
Net-Lite-FTP - A TLS-enabled FTP library.
Ninja - A privilege escalation detection and prevention system for GNU/Linux.
Node Director - A system and user management application.
NRL OLSR - The NRL implementation of the OLSR routing protocol.
Netfig Platform - An Eclipse-based tool for configuring network devices.
NNF2 - A C++ library for neural networks.
Network Management Center - A centralized network management system.
NewBG Hybrid IRCD - An ircd based on hybrid 6.
Nasty - An advanced tool for recovering GPG private-key passphrases.
notify-when-up - A small tool which lets you know when something changes.
Network Pipemeter - A network pipemeter that measures available bandwidth between hosts.
NetworkX - A Python package for studying complex networks.
Nirawari - A Web application engine in which applications are defined by description.
NetSecL OS - A secure Linux system with Grsecurity and many penetration tools.
nybib - Web-based public library administration.
nettee - A network tee program.
NotSoFancy! - A highly customizable directory indexer.
nmeap - An extensible parser library for NMEA-0183 (GPS) data, written in portable C.
Nether Earth - A real-time strategy game.
NanobloggerComments - A PHP/MySQL-based comment system to Nanoblogger.
NLOG4J - A log4j-replacement with native SLF4J support.
Nennius - An object-oriented application engine.
najitool - A tool that generates, converts, and filters files.
NetMAX DeskTOP - A free replacement for the Windows desktop OS.
ncmatrix - A "matrix" screensaver that displays network traffic.
Netfilter Cache - This is a caching system add-on for iptables/netfilter in the Linux kernel.
Newton Desktop Wiki - A personal desktop wiki applet for GNOME.
Nautilus Share - A nautilus extension to easily share folders through Samba without root access.
Noble Warfare - A battle simulator.
Nexuiz - A fast-paced first-person shooter game.
Narcisse81 - A graphical frontend for Diogene87.
Network Traffic Manipulation Framework - A C++ software framework for forwarding and manipulating network packets.
NZB generator - NNTP indexing with the NZB document format.
Necessitas - An Eclipse plugin that adds an ivy managed class-path container.
novi - A tool that finds the latest-version RPMs in a tree.
Netballs - A SuperKaramba network monitor that uses balls.
NataLi - A library information system.
netprofiler - A program to write network settings into config files.
NarkozaTeam - A simple project management system using the Model-View-Controller design patter
Nuface - An intuitive, advanced interface for setting up firewalls.
nagios-check_bl - A Nagios plugin for checking anti-spam block lists.
Network Security Toolkit - A live CD with network security applications.
NetXMS - A network monitoring and management system.
Niki - A program for organizing notes and documents.
Novell Linux Kernel Debugger (NLKD) - A Linux kernel debugger supporting on-box and remote debugging.
Net::DRI - An interface to domain name registries, registrars, and resellers.
Nullsoft Scriptable Install System - A tool for creating installers for Windows.
nat-traverse - A tool that uses UDP to traverse NAT gateways.
Nodevision Portal - A JSR-168 compliant Java enterprise portal.
nokjurnal - A simple blog written in the spirit of blosxom.
NxN nanny - Synchronize an alienbrain (NxN) repository and a Subversion repository.
Nagios Appender - A Java-based custom log4j appender for pushing messages to Nagios.
NDSAD Traffic Collector - A cross-platform NetFlow converter.
namefix.pl - A full-featured but easy batch file renamer, with MP3 tag support.
Nabu - A framework for filling a remote DB with rich information from rest documents.
NeroLINUX - A graphical CD/DVD burning application.
Navigation - A software framework to navigate complex systems, with proof of concept for HTML
Net-Fu - A Web-based system for generating logos and graphics.
No more winmail - A MacOS X droplet to extract attachments embedded in winmail.dat files.
NetClassifieds Premium - An application that allows your visitors to buy and sell online.
NetClassifieds Free Edition - An online classifieds system.
nautilus-search-tool - A Nautilus extension to have "search files" on a popup menu.
NL Stego - A system for text generation and text-based steganography.
Nixory - An anti-spyware tool for Firefox.
nagios-check_sip - A Nagios plugin to check SIP devices and servers.
Nmdepend - A lightweight "link-time" dependency analyzer for C/C++.
netuptime - An uptime monitoring system that works over a network.
Network Transparent Widgets - A protocol that allows GUI applications to be run remotely at local speeds.
Narcissu - A translation of a Japanese visual novel game.
nzb - An nzb-based Usenet binary grabber.
Network Tracker and Management - A Web-application for logging and managing network device details.
nrg2iso.app - A tool that extracts an ISO 9660 image from Nero's proprietary .nrg format.
netdiscover - An ARP network scanner.
Neko - An intermediate fast programming language and VM.
Navlet - A GPS navigation system for mobile phones and PDAs.
nanoserv - A sockets daemon toolkit for PHP 5.1+.
np - A compact NMEA parser suitable for most GPS receivers.
netmapr - A SDL-based network diagram program.
Nautilus Actions - A Nautilus extension to configure programs to be launched on files.
Nested Sets DB Tree - A library for working with nested sets trees.
NeatUpload - An ASP.NET component for streaming uploads to disk and displaying progress.
ngacl - An implementation of NFSv4/Windows-style file ACLs for the Linux kernel.
Native XmlDB Query Daemon - A client-server native XML database.
Network-I - A program that captures, displays, and analyzes TCP/IP traffic.
Netmonitor - Linux network monitoring software.
nagiosdigger - A Web front-end for Nagios logs.
NanoVM - An extremely small Java VM.
ntpdate - A utility to set the correct date and time via NTP.
Netsukuku - A P2P network system.
NArg - A .NET command-line argument library.
nagcon - A console replacement for the Nagios Web interface.
nobel - A small boolean expression library.
Nuke Mobile Entertainment - A nuke addon which enables you to interface with Mediaplazza Affiliate program.
Net::IMAP::Simple - A Perl to IMAP interface library.
Nao - A powerful, flexible, and utterly configurable file manager.
nagserv - An RSS feed generator for Nagios status.
NCast - An ncurses interface to Shoutcast.com and MPlayer.
NWN Server Administration - A NeverWinter Nights server Web interface.
Nucleus CMS - A weblog script for multiple blogs, extendable through plugins.
Newega - a Web-based usenet client.
NetBSD progress Utility - A file and pipe progress monitor.
neteller - Neteller Python modules for merchants.
Neverball - A game where you tilt the floor to roll a ball through an obstacle course.
Nagios Automated Configuration Engine - An automated configuration generator for Nagios.
nekobee - A DSSI plugin that emulates a TB-303 Bassline.
NAS Parallel Benchmarks - A set of benchmark programs for evaluating parallel supercomputer performance.
nss-myhostname - An NSS module for resolving the local hostname.
Network PDF Server YAFPC-Appliance - A network PDF server.
Navi-Bar - An easy-to-use horizontal navigation menu.
Nav-U - An easy-to-use vertical navigation menu.
NewsKeeper - An easy-to-use vertical news scroller.
netchoose - A wireless network chooser for Linux.
n-genes - Genetic algorithms and programing for Java 5.
NoNox - Automates the defense of Internet servers against some attacks.
netEasy - A program for configuring ethernet interfaces in an easy way.
NetSieben SSH Library - A C++ library for communicating with SSH servers.
Nightwatch - A pluggable build scheduler.
Nexenta - An operating system based on Debian, GNU, and OpenSolaris.
Nux - A Java toolkit for easy, efficient, and powerful XML processing.
nauta for Palm - A GPS serial browser for PalmOS.
nrsTable - A dynamic HTML table generator.
Nematocyst - An active countermeasure for the Spamforo trojan botnet.
numactl - A NUMA policy API for Linux.
NolaPro - A Web-based accounting, inventory, POS, and business management suite.
nedmalloc - A fast thread caching portable memory allocator.
Normal/Displacement Map Generator - Generates normal maps and displacement maps.
Nessconnect - A GUI, CLI, and API client for Nessus and Nessus compatible servers.
NeWBIE - A live CD based on NetBSD for the casual desktop user.
NameSpawner - A fantasy name generator.
netfico - A IPv4/v6 network and firewall configurator using iptables.
Noojee Fax - An email to fax gateway for Asterisk.
nautilus-audio-convert - A Nautilus extension to convert audio files.
NeDi - Software for network discovery, management, and inventory.
netAI - Network traffic identification based on machine learning.
NewsKaster - An easy-to-use vertical news scroller.
NagiosGrapher - A tool to collect the output of NagiosPlugins and generate graphs.
Naviserver - A Web application server.
Nixstaller - Software to easily make installers for Unix-like systems.
nwcc - A C compiler for Unix systems.
NA_WorkSheet - A numerical analysis tool.
Nwu - Network wide updates for systems which use APT.
nbd-http - A tool that exposes remote files over HTTP as local block devices.
Natrium Engine - A tool that tracks user-configurable groups of parts.
Nagios Config - A Web-based front end to Nagios.
nudruff - A best fit file chooser for archives.
Nageographer - A GUI utility to aid in positioning icons on the status display maps in Nagios.
neteK - A system tray FTP and WebDAV server.
NoxBot - A generic IRC bot.
NGramJ - An ngram library for Java.
NEWSlite News Management System - A lightweight Web-site news publishing tool.
Network Communicator - A network communicator that works over TCP/UDP.
NetDirector - A configuration management tool and framework for modular extensions.
Numerical algorithms - A class to perform numerical and statistical functions.
NNNbackup - A simple backup system framework for data in an SMB/CIFS networked environment.
NRL NORM - An implementation of NACK-Oriented Reliable Multicast.
NightStar - Advanced Linux debugging and analysis tools.
nstow - An old-school package management system.
NetCalendar - A network capable calendar application.
nuu - A GUI RPM package manager based on Yum.
NmnLogger - A logging package for PHP.
namelur - A random name generator library and command line tool that uses fast rule files.
Ncaster - A content management system.
NumPer - A PHP class for converting numbers to strings in Persian.
Net::DBus - A Perl binding for the DBus messaging system.
netsecl-firewall - IPtables rules that protect against stealth scans, OS fingerprints, and port sca
News Content Management - A fully automated news content management system.
nescom - A 6502 (NES, etc.) assembler.
Nuhe - An action capable log file monitor.
Nsmhash - An AOLserver module and Tcl package that implements the mhash interface.
Nsmcrypt - An AOLserver module and Tcl library that implements an interface to libmcrypt.
Nelit2 Engine - A game engine.
NTW Lisp - A Common Lisp server that implements the NTW GUI protocol.
Numeric TTS - A PHP class to generate audio to spell numbers with voices.
Noise Ninja - An effective solution for removing noise and grain from images.
Nucleus Skin/Plugin Development Project - An independent collection of plugins and skins developed for NucleusCMS.
NorfelloCMMS OS - A Web-based CMMS.
Notalon - A simplified note-taking application.
NullPop - A POP3 server that allows logins, but never returns any email.
network-config - A simple network configuration tool.
Nicotine-Plus - A GTK+ 2 client for the Soulseek P2P network.
Network Device Change Control - A system that tracks changes in network configuration files.
nLive Core - A tool that checks network traffic for anomalous applications, hosts, and users.
Nagios Enterprise PerfMon Plugins - Performance monitoring plugins for commercial applications.
nessquik - A fast Web-based Nessus client.
nnewz - An NNTP client written in C# (Mono).
Nelisys Management System - A Web-based network management system (NMS) to monitor systems and networks.
nmap-cgi - A Web-based network scanner.
netBPM - A business process management platform.
nagircbot - Announces the Nagios status on an IRC channel.
NanoSpell - A simple fake spell checker that is compatible with "ispell -a".
nmaven - Provides Maven plugins to support the building of .NET applications.
nsFB - An aolserver internal database driver for Firebird or Interbase DB.
nmdb - A multiprotocol network database manager.
netInvoicing - Electronic billing software and automated recurring invoicing.
Nuapp - A GTK+ 2 client for NuFW.
Nuxeo Runtime - An extensible and platform-independent component model based on OSGi.
NordicEdge Certificate Services - A flexible method to integrate PKI authentication and signatures.
NOAH Document Management System - An easy to install and friendly to use Web-based document management system.
Nikto - A Web server security scanner.
NG-Admin - A Web application for content management of MySQL databases.
NagVis - A visualisation addon for Nagios.
NetworkSketchpad - A drawing program that allows multiple people to draw at once over the network.
News Script - A program to write news articles for your Web site with a WYSIWYG editor.
nagios-snmp-plugins - A set of Nagios plugins for monitoring hosts using SNMP.
NewsCloud Web Services PHP Toolkit - A PHP toolkit for using the NewsCloud Web services API.
Nuxeo Core - A Java-based, full-featured document management core.
Naken Web - A mini-webserver that can serve out AVI/MJPEG and live video.
No-relay SMTP daemon - A lightweight receiving mail server.
newmail-md - A tool to count unread messages in a Maildir++ directory structure.
Neitris - A competitive, network multiplayer version of Tetris.
NAMP - NAMP is the NetBSD equivalent of the popular LAMP deployment in the Linux world.
Noojee Receptionist - A receptionist console for Asterisk.
NewsCloud Media Platform - A social network community site for news aggregation and citizen journalism.
nautilus-follow-symlink - A nautilus extension that allows opening the real path of a symbolic link.
Nuts & Scrap - An indie futuristic arcade game.
Nautilus Image Converter - A Nautilus extension to mass resize and rotate images.
NOTE - A console note management tool.
nss-pam-ldapd - NSS and PAM modules for name lookups using LDAP.
Nix's Web-based SSH client - A Web-based SSH client.
NmnNewsletter - A simple to use but full featured newsletter manager application.
Newsbeuter - An RSS feed reader for text terminals.
NoBug - A library for assertions and logging for debugging programs written in C or C++.
NimbleX - A small but versatile operating system that doesn't require installation.
nokia-vid-player - A J2ME video player for Nokia 6233/6234 devices.
Nemesis Project - A cross-platform C++ framework.
NetServe - A lightweight network framework for Java.
News Notification - RSS News via a popup window.
noexcuses - A utility that runs cron jobs until they succeed.
NeuroJet - A cognition simulator.
NullLogic Embedded Scripting Language - A scripting language for C programmers.
NTFS-3G - A stable read/write NTFS driver.
NCurses Disk Usage - An Ncurses version of 'du'.
nagios-check_apt - A Nagios plugin to check for updates available in APT repositories.
nagios-check_bacula - A Nagios plugin to check the success of Bacula backups.
nagios-check_internet - A Nagios plugin to check Internet connectivity.
Nevitium Invoice Manager - A comprehensive software package for creating and managing invoices and quotes.
NTPScape - A Java tool for debugging NTP servers.
NzbGui - A nzbget server GUI.
NOPworklog - A simple time tracking tool (PHP/XML).
Noty - A small note-taking application.
NRPE - A Nagios add-on to execute plugins and commands on remote Linux/Unix machines.
NuttX - A standards compliant RTOS with a small footprint.
Nagios to XML - A program to convert Nagios configuration files to XML and back.
NSFileHandleExt - An objective-C extension for NSFileHandle to use network sockets more easily.
nwbintools - An assembler and related binary tools.
Notes - A small ViewKit/Motif applet providing post-it notes for the IRIX desktop.
NVM Virtual Machine - A small virtual machine.
nVentory - A Ruby on Rails data center inventory manager.
N-Type - A typing tutor.
Neural Network Framework - A C++ framework to develop/simulate/analyze arbitrary complex neural networks.
naca42dxf - A program that converts NACA 4 digits to dxf.
ngrease - A simple metalanguage.
nagios_xmlsensors - A nagios plugin to process xmlsensor data.
Nipper - A network infrastructure parser.
Nagios Xen Plugin - A plugin for Nagios to check Xen's state on a remote host.
NBidi - A .NET implementation of the BIDI algorithm.
Nitrogen - A background browser and setter for X.
netgviz - A set of scripts for making graphs illustrating layouts of IP networks.
Nailer - A command line application for generating JPEG or PNG thumbnails of video files.
NewsCloud Facebook Application - A Facebook application that lets users import data from NewsCloud to Facebook.
NaSMail - A webmail package.
NVBase - An enterprise search engine.
Net::Oscar - A Perl module for communication with the ICQ and AIM servers.
NAT Selection Patch - A patch to allow selection between different NAT types in the Linux kernel.
navigami - GPS navigation for Java phones.
nPlot - A data visualization and analysis application.
netconf - A modern network configuration management system.
Nazooke! - An application to track objects with GPS.
nginx - An HTTP server and mail proxy server.
netboot dhctp/tftp server - A simple PXE-compatible DHCP and TFTP server.
NodeMon - A visualization tool for monitoring system resource utilization.
Netembryo - A network abstraction library.
niche.sh - An experimental shell.
NTRconnect - Secure remote access to your PC or Mac from any computer with easy file transfer
novagdrv - A Novag chess computer driver.
namealign - A program that reformats and renames files to have a uniform structure.
newfileaction - A program that invokes a program for each new file in a directory.
NamespaceSim - A package to emulate class namespaces under PHP 5.
Netpet-CMS - An easy system for deploying and administering Web sites.
NeEM - An epidemic multicast library for Java.
Nexty - An easy-to-use Web-based GTD tool.
Nomad PIM - An extensible personal information manager.
NFO Viewer - A simple viewer for NFO files.
NetSurf - A lightweight Web browser with HTML5 and CSS support.
NVIDIA Dock - A tray icon for easily launching the NVIDIA settings panel.
NUTSS - A network middleware architecture.
nTorrent - A graphical user interface client to rtorrent.
NIO Framework - A simple API on top of Java NIO.
Nulog2 - A filtering log analysis tool for NuFW/Netfilter.
net-status-monitor - A simple (grandmother-proof) script for testing Internet connectivity.
nrg4iso - A tool to convert Nero (.nrg) CD images to ISO 9660 images.
Nickel - A bridge/bindings generator for Java/Objective Caml.
Net Edit Panel - A Web application for editing Web pages.
NagAmp - An interface between Nagios and a Cleware "ampel" (traffic light) device.
napster-dl - A program that allows downloading of songs from free.napster.com.
NVX::SDS - A Ruby library for Nirvanix SDS.
Nibbles! - A curses snake game.
NetHack-De - A German translation of NetHack.
Net::Amazon::S3::Tools - Command line tools for Amazon AWS S3.
noor - A small Quran viewer.
Ndevinfo - Statistics for ports on network devices.
NS2Html - A tool to convert clear-text configuration files from Netscreen into HTML pages.
NuApplet2 - A graphical client for the authenticating firewall NuFW.
Nix Package Manager - A purely functional package manager.
Netguard Firewall - A complete, embedded firewall solution.
Nomatic*IM - A context-aware instant messager.
NexentaStor - A NAS/iSCSI software appliance based on ZFS.
Navit - A modular navigation system.
Nagios Aggregator - A program to aggregate multiple Nagios instances into one consistent view.
Nemo - A file manager for those who would rather have their files manage themselves.
Numerology Widget - An application for numerological analysis.
Natural CLI - A Java library that provides an easy way to use human readable CLIs.
Nurpawiki - A wiki with an integrated to-do list.
Nickel library - A library for hierarchical maps and .ini files.
neXtgen Povray Editor - A povray editor for Linux and Windows.
NCBI C++ Toolkit - A C++ genetic science toolkit.
ns4 - A configuration management tool to aid in the backup of just about anything.
Ngaro - A portable emulator for a MISC architecture.
NTRconnect Remote Access for Linux - Secure remote access to your PC from any computer, with easy file transfer.
noaadata-py - A library to encode and decode NOAA co-ops marine data and marine AIS ship data.
nanon - A site manager.
NuFW.Live - An authenticating firewall live CD powered by NuFW.
nagios-notify - A template-based Nagios notify script.
Ninf-G - A reference implementation of GridRPC.
Nanoki - A simple, elegant wiki engine.
Native FileMaker Barcode Generator Plug-In - A native barcode generator plug-in for FileMaker Pro.
nd - A program to make any command into a network server.
NetworkManager - A set of simple network interface control tools.
nutridb - A Web-based nutrition information database.
nntpfs - A FUSE module for mounting the data offered by NNTP servers.
nCore - An efficient and portable C++ library for developers.
n2n - A layer-two peer-to-peer VPN.
NapKIN - Sleeptracker PRO watch support for Linux.
NetHorus - An Open Source NMS.
netmon-simple - A program that returns interface counters to stdout or a database.
Nautilus-clamscan - A Nautilus extension for scanning files for viruses with a right-click.
NArrange - A tool for organizing source code members and elements within .NET classes.
NoteFinder - A desktop note-taking application.
NASPRO - A cross-platform sound processing architecture built around the LV2 plugin standard.
Nebula Intrusion Signature Generator - An intrusion signature generator.
Nyagua - An aquarium database.
nPush - A logic game somewhere between Sokoban and Boulder Dash.
NanoNAS - A Network Attached Storage OS.
Nemonico - A Slackware installer with support for LUKS/LVM/MD.
newsletter - A program for sending newsletters.
NoTA - An open architecture for communication between embedded devices.
Netty - A network application development framework.
NTX - A groupware solution.
naim - An ncurses-based console AIM, IRC, ICQ, and Lily client.
Naken Chat - Chat Server ported from Javachat
Namazu - Full text retrieval search system
NAMD - Parallel molecular dynamics simulation program
Nefarious - An ircd with thoughtful advanced features.
Name Server Configurator - A set of scripts for easy DNS configuration.
Nephthys - A Web interface to easily allow file sharing via WebDAV and FTP.
Nannie - System file watcher and notification program
nkmkpasswd - A mkpasswd that supports various levels of strength.
nanocrypt - RC4 file encryption
Netzen Xt - A small Linux distribution to implement an X Terminal.
NanoXML - A very small XML parser for Java.
Nuxeo WebEngine - A lightweight, content-centric Web framework based on a solid ECM infrastructure
napMan - A Napster server infobot.
Napsack - A utility for launching cross-server Napster queries.
napyrc - Napster to IRC proxy.
Naridesh - A Webserver written in Perl.
Narval - An AI and agent framework for developing intelligent personal assistants.
Narval::Bugnicar - An email bug management tool based on Narval.
NAS - A network-transparent, client/server audio transport system.
NASM - The Netwide Assembler - 80x86 assembler designed for portability and modularity
nfs-ganesha - An NFSv2/v3/v4 server running in user space.
Nautilus file manager and desktop - The official file manager for the GNOME desktop.
Nautix - A 3D realtime strategy game.
navsquare - A web tool to generate navigation squares.
nbcache - A tool to strip cache gunk from Mathematica notebooks.
nbench - Byte CPU benchmark
NBMenu - A curses front-end to Nanoblogger.
Nirvanapi - A Python client for the Nirvanix API.
NetDoT - A tool for network documentation.
NcFTP Client - File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client applications.
NcFTPd - Fast, flexible, and secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server software for Unix
NoiseMaker - A C++ audio and sound library.
NCO - Operators to manipulate and analyze netCDF data files.
Ncohafmuta - A telnet-based chat server for Unix systems.
ncp - Copy files (and URLs) quickly inside your LAN.
NetWard - A packet watching and alarm tool.
nettest - Network testing software.
Nsound - A C++ framework for audio synthesis.
NCPweb - Web-based frontend to the ncpfs utilities for Linux
nct - A color-extended tetris game.
ncurses - A System V Release 4.0 curses emulation library.
nagstamon - A Nagios status monitor as floating statusbar or system tray.
NDir - Console tool to display directory's contents
ndustrix - Tools for fractal analysis of industrial markets.
ne - A free editor easy to use for the beginner, but powerful for the wizard
NeatSeeker - Simple collection of Java classes for constructing search engines.
NED - Dyndns server and client package
NEdit - Advanced multi-language programmers' text editor.
Nashville Web Charts - Nashville music charts displayed via HTML.
NeoMail - A Web-based interface to user mail spools on a system.
neon - HTTP and WebDAV client library
NeoStats - A flexible set of IRC services.
nbgit - A module for NetBeans that adds support for the Git version control system.
net-acct - Creates a traffic matrix.
Nhopkg - A lightweight and powerful package manager system for Unix-like operating systems.
net-check - An Internet connection monitor and redialer.
Nagiosgraph - An add-on that collects perfdata from Nagios and displays graphs of the data.
Net-SNMP - Various tools relating to the Simple Network Management Protocol.
net-tools - Programs that form the base set of the NET-3 networking distribution
NightLabs PDF Viewer - An Eclipse plug-in for viewing PDF files as well as a stand-alone viewer app.
Net::FTPServer - A secure, extensible, and highly configurable FTP server written in Perl.
Net::ICQ - A Perl module to send/receive ICQ data.
Net::Z3950::SimpleServer - Simple Perl module for Z39.50 server development.
NetAMP - A personal MP3 Web server using Apache/PHP/MySQL.
netatalk - A kernel-level implementation of the AppleTalk Protocol Suite.
NetBeans IDE - A full-featured cross-platform IDE written in Java.
NetBiff - A more featureful version of the traditional biff.
netboot - Network booting environment.
NetBSD - The world's most portable Operating System.
netcat - A network piping program.
netcomics - A Perl script that downloads today's comics from the Web.
NetHack - A single player dungeon exploration game.
NetHirc - Nethack-inspired IRC client
NetInfo - Distributed directory service, includes nsswitch module
NetKit - network applications and daemons
Naiocast - An MP3 streaming server that makes Nicecast work over firewalls and routers.
netload_applet - A GNOME network load applet.
NetMage - A Java-based game that lets two players play Magic over a network.
NetMath - A web browser which allows Web pages to contain modifiable calculations.
Nagisk - A simple tool to monitor Asterisk from a Nagios server.
NetMon - LAN-wide process monitor
netmon_applet - A simple textual network load monitor for the GNOME panel.
NetPacket::* - Decode/encode network packets in Perl
Netpbm - The classic image manipulation/conversion graphics utilities.
netperf - Netperf measures the performance of many different types of networking.
NetPipe - Tool to broadcast data within a network
Nagzilla - A Jabber relay bot (for alerting).
NetPipes - Utilities to attach stdin/stdout utilities to network sockets
NetPlug - An extensible, multi-protocol client program written in Tcl/Tk.
NeTraMet - A network traffic accounting meter.
naraio - A complete package of Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, OpenLDAP, Trac, and Subversion.
Netrek - A 16-player graphical real-time battle simulation.
Netrogenic IRC Chat Client - An IRC-based Java Webchat client.
Nets - Network inventory and asset management application.
NetSaint Configuration Webmin Module - A Webmin module for configuring NetSaint.
Netscape Communicator - An all-in-one browser and communications suite.
Netscape Mail Synchroniser - Synchronises the mail files between Windows and Linux.
Notes/Tasks - A multi-platform note and task manager.
netsh - A hexadecimal network packet dumper and sender.
NetSpades - Networked spades game for one to four players
NetStream2000 Linux Driver - MPEG-2 decoder driver and DVD player.
NetStreamer - free, streaming internet/network radio (server+client)
netToe - A Tic Tac Toe game for the Linux console, playable over the network.
NetTracker - A Web site log file analyzer.
NetTraf - Network traffic monitor
netwatch - Ethernet Monitor
Network Attached Secure Disk - Network-attached storage prototype
Next ESA SAR Toolbox - A toolbox for processing, analyzing, and visualizing data from ESA SAR missions.
Network Security Analysis Tool - A high-performance network security scanner.
Network Superscanner - IP- and portscaner with a GTK-interface
NScripts - A set of Nautilus scripts.
Network Time Tools - Network Monitoring Toolset
Network UPS Tools - Multiple vendor client/server UPS monitoring software.
Network Utilities Module for Webmin - Common Network tools with Webmin look and feel.
Netmem - A memory controller for a network shared space for distributed applications.
Netzbrett - Netzbrett is a Web board / forum system written in PHP3/4
net_sccs - Provides network-based, platform independant access to an RCS archive.
Nevermind Who - GUI for rwho with face/image display for each login
Nevrax Library - A framework to develop a multi-user 3D virtual environment.
Newmat - A C++ matrix library.
newnewsgroups - Get new newsgroup list from news server.
News Clipper - Integrate dynamic information into your web page, in your own style.
Net::SMPP - SMPP v3.4, v4.0, and v5.0 protocols for ESME and SMSC
news-stat - Extracts statistics from news posts.
news2html - converts news articles into HTML formatted files.
Newsbackend Interfaces for Perl - Perl scripts to fetch the latest headlines for SSI webpages.
NewsBro - A Usenet web application.
NOC - A Network Operation Center's Operation Support System.
NewsCache - Free high-end caching news server
newsleech - Non-interactive NNTP news retriever.
newslog - Yet another Web page news generator.
nspamper - A reliable dyndsn/nsupdates client.
Newspost - A USEnet binary autoposter.
NakenBot - A bot for Naken Chat servers.
newsproxy.pl - A Perl-based news server that gets data like a news reader.
newsq - An interactive program to manipulate messages in an outgoing news queue.
NewSyslog - A portable and updated version of Ted Tso's newsyslog.
Net-C - A LAN chat system.
new_script - A shell script template generator.
neXtaW - Xaw replacement with N*XTSTEP look and feel.
Numerical Python - A fast and sophisticated array facility for Python.
NFC Chat - Extensible client/server chat written in Java.
NFS Backup System - Perl-script automated backup system via an NFS mount.
NFS Version 4 Open Source Reference Implementation - A minimally IETF compliant NFS version 4 client and server.
nfs-server - A user-space NFS server for Linux.
NFTP - Powerful, full-featured FTP client
nget - An auto-resuming commandline nntp file grabber.
ngrep - network grep
ngspice - A circuit simulator derived from the Berkeley's spice 3f4(5).
ngtk - The Ncurses GUI ToolKit
nhtsclient - An ncurses-based client for the multiplayer trading game Holsham Traders.
nib2gmodel - Tool for conversion of OpenStep nibs to GNUstep gmodels
Nibbles for NCurses - Nibbles/Snake clone for ncurses
nicejob - renices jobs having used a specified CPU time to a specified nice value.
nxpprog - A programmer for the NXP ARM processor's ISP protocol.
NiceSTEP Java Components - Java components with the N*XT look and feel.
NickBot - An IRC bot framework for Perl.
Nightfall - Eclipsing binary star program
nightingale - A powerful sound-cutter.
Not Sexy Graph State Calculator - Calculates quantum computing graph states.
NiL Isn't Liero - A violent game, a lot like worms, a bit like quake, but in 2D.
NinjaRMI - Free implementation of Java Remote Method Invocation
Nirvana and Matrix - Java Message Orientated Middleware
Notice Board - A notice board for advertising products and services on a Web site.
nis-utils - Linux NIS+ Tools
nis-utils and pam_keylogin - NIS+ client and server programs
nitfol - Z-machine interpreter and debugger
nmap-sql - A MySQL log interface for nmap.
NJAMD - Not Just Another Malloc Debugger.
Nmap Security Scanner - A tool for network exploration, administration, and security scanning.
nmh - Enhanced version of the MH electronic mail system.
nmix - An ncurses mixer for the console.
NXT - A Web application for GTD.
nall! - A system tray app that periodically shows brief output from a list of scripts.
nopaste - Allows easy access to any pastebin.
NO SHell - Disabled accounts logger.
Nightwing - Firmware for Mesh networks.
newLISP - A Lisp-like, general-purpose scripting language.
Netpbm2Gimp - A program that converts unmodified Netpbm programs into GIMP plug-ins.
NOCC - A PHP5-based Webmail client.
NOCOL - System and network monitoring software
NoStaples - A Gnome desktop scanning application.
nodelist.pl - FidoNet nodelist generator written in perl
nodoze - Prepares Web sites built using Microsoft Windows for UNIX servers.
nodupmail - Prevents or limits duplicate mail messages
noffle - News server optimized for low speed dial-up connections to the Internet
noflushd - Daemon that sends idle disks to sleep (for kernels 2.2.11+)
Netdeep Cop Firewall - A secure network gateway.
Noink - Perl scripts for providing dynamic Web-based content, archival, and administrati
Nokia Logo Editor - Nokia operator logo editor.
Nagios plugin 1-wire temperature - A Nagios plugin for 1-wire temperature sensors.
nolan - A political quiz.
Nonsense - A random text generator.
NoodleInstaller - An easy-to-use, configurable software installer.
Nope - Lightweight Zope/Slashdot style interactive website engine.
net.windwards options - Command line option parsing for Java 1.5+.
Noptec Vector - Bitmap to AGI vector image converter.
NorQualizer - A smart audio equalizer and normalizer.
Normalize - An audio file volume adjuster.
normr's firewall/router - A single-floppy Linux firewall/router distribution.
Nosefart - Player for NES Sound Format (NSF) files
NoSQL - A fast, portable, relational database management system.
Not A Commander - An X11 file manager.
NConf - A Web tool for configuring the Nagios monitoring software.
Neuroph Framework - A Java Neural Network Framework.
notify - Notify (website) visitors of changes to your site.
NotifyMe - Program which displays message if a specific user just logged in
notwhoami - Generates a random name, address, phone number, etc.
Now-Well - Novell Client Clone
npadmin - Command line SNMP based network adminstration tool for printers
npasswd - Replacement for the passwd command
nPulse - Web-based network monitoring package for Linux and Unix
NRip - Frontend to CDDA rippers and MP3 encoders.
NS WebMail - A POP3/SMTP Web mail client.
NSA Security-enhanced Linux - Linux kernel security enhancements and supporting utilities.
nesemu - A Nintendo NES emulator.
NSBD - Not-So-Bad Distribution (automated free software distribution)
nscache - Simple manager and browser for Netscape(tm) cache directories.
nSite - A tool for generating WWW site maps from a root URL
nslint - checks DNS files for syntax errors
nsListen - Clicking on a shoutcast or icecast server link starts the streaming mp3 playing
NSS-MySQL - NSS library for MySQL.
nss_ldap - LDAP Nameservice Switch Module
nss_pgsql - A PostgreSQL backend for the Linux Name Service Switch.
Nixysa - A glue generator for NPAPI plugins.
NStoPine - Converts Netscape address books into Pine address books.
nstreams - Network streams analyzer
nt2linux - Migration kit from NT to Linux.
Naga - A small, easy-to-use NIO socket library for Java 1.5+.
NiftyName - NiftyName project is more than a nifty name, it's "one of the first Open Source solution to do HaaS" (Hardware as a Service).
NTLogon - A Samba logon script generator.
ntopng - A network traffic usage monitor.
NTP - A time synchronization daemon which keeps your system time accurate.
Nubell Client - Nubell Client is a Novell Client in TCL/TK
Nuclinux - A single-floppy Internet Linux system.
Nuitari's Promisance - A Web-based strategy game.
n2 - A client/server system for server monitoring and forensics.
nullmailer - A simple to configure relay-only MTA.
number - Print the English name of a number of any size
Number Theoretic bc - A fast protoyping scripting language for use in number theory.
NumExp - Numeric methods implementation for Linux
NUNE News Script - Yet another news script featuring Web-based posting and admin.
nuni - non-bios boot loader for Linux to eliminate bios limitations
nut - Nutrition software to analyze meals with the USDA Nutrient Database.
nuweb - Multi-programming-language Literate Programming tool
nvi - vi with an experimental GTK front end.
nVidia XFree86/X.org Drivers - The nVidia XFree86/X.org drivers.
Neformal - A small audio player with a file manager.
NWD - Network block device driver.
nwfiir - HiFi quality digital equalizer
nxtvepg - Nextview EPG decoder and browser.
nycd - A Linux port of a Thaumaturge demo made for X'97/Takeover.
Netomata Config Generator - A model-driven configuration file generation for network devices and services.
Nx2 - A frontend to a music database.
nc-cms - A simple content management system (CMS) for Web sites.
ntasklist - A compact, clean, and easy to use task manager.
Ninja - Nagios GUI - An alternative Web-based GUI for Nagios.
Nagios Phone Number Check - A plugin used for calling a phone number and verifying that it does or does not answer.
nuBuilder - A Web-based development environment.
Nextls - A console application that keeps track of your music collection in a database.
NoAPI - A command line tool for sending snail mail and e-invoices and searching for information using Norfello APIs.
NixBill Automation - A billing system for automating a Web hosting business.
neko-install-cd - A system rescue CD utility set.
NP-Admin - A generic control panel that manages users and their privileges with an elegant and uniform interface.
netcf - Platform-independent network configuration.
NBM Center - A PHP implementation of a Netbeans compatible Update Center.
Newtsy - A Web-based Gnutella client.
Nautilus Flickr Uploader - A simple GUI for uploading pictures to Flickr from the Nautilus file browser.
NaturePHP - An auto-loaded library system for PHP.
nitro++ - A C++ cross-platform framework.
North Carolina Child Support Calculator - A program that calculates the amount of child support payments pursuant to the NC Child Support Guidelines.
Net::FluidDB - A Perl interface to FluidDB.
namebench - A DNS service benchmarking tool.
npk - A file packing library with zlib compression and TEA/XXTEA encryption.
nit - A statically typed object-oriented programming language.
NNDB's Not a Database - A C++ library for STL-styled database-like object storage and retrieval
NoobJuice - A plugin based GUI for system administration tasks.
Niocchi - A Java library for asynchronous crawling.
Notational Velocity - A modeless, mouseless Mac OS X note-taking application.
NetworX - A social media and networking technology platform for businesses and organizations.
Net-SC - A Perl module for creating a chain from SOCKS/HTTP proxies.
NLopt - A nonlinear optimization library.
netsniff-ng - A high performance network sniffer for packet inspection.
Nexus - An operating system for trustworthy computing.
nagios-config-build - Shell scripts that build Nagios configuration files from a list of hostnames.
NtEd - A musical score editor.
newpods - A console script to help sync portable music players.
nncms - A simple Web CMS written in pure C.
Nagios 4 iPhone - A Web interface to access Nagios status from an iPhone.
NetCrack - Distributed hashing algorithms's cracking software.
Naked Objects - A Java application development framework.
node.js - A non-blocking Javascript server.
nanoWIME - A JavaScript-based editor for wiki markup.
NetCDF tools - The tools to manipulate NetCDF and HDF4 files.
newfangle - Literate programming for LyX and LaTeX.
NagAconda - A Python Nagios wrapper.
NWN2Library - A library for accessing Neverwinter Nights 2 game data.
nessus-xmlrpc - A Ruby library for the Nessus XML-RPC interface and a command line example.
nsmail - A small chat client.
Naged - sed for Nagios.
NeoTextureEdit - A graph-based procedural texture editor to create 2d seamless textures for real-time rendering applications.
neap - A notification area / systray pager.
neoeedit - A light but smart text editor for programmers.
NTPmon - A Web-based statistics monitor for NTP servers, based on RRDtool.
Net::Nessus::XMLRPC - A Perl interface to communicate with Nessus scanner via XMLRPC.
NuFirewall - A ready-to-use firewall distribution based on Netfilter and NuFW.
niue-lang - A tiny, embeddable stack language and language toolkit distributed as a Java library.
Nevede - A Web application to schedule events easily.
nutLCD - An lcdproc client for showing UPS status on LCD screens.
new-words - A script that helps you to control your vocabulary and find unknown words in texts before you start to read them.
Notepad.app - A text editor on GNUstep.
Nodau - A simple console note taking program.
networkled - A small system tray utility for displaying network activity for a network interface.
NoSpex Graphing Library - A Python scripted realtime graphing library.
NAnt - A .NET build tool.
Noosfero - A social networking platform.
Nagus - A Nagios filesystem for FUSE.
NSIA - A system that scans Web applications for defacements and other security problems.
Noostr - A social news Web application.
Nuiton-i18n - A Java localization library.
NeoBill - A billing solution for Web hosting providers.
neptuner - A codebase management suite featuring UBoat Code Navigator.
neatcc - A simple and small x86 C compiler.
noVNC - A VNC client using HTML5 with encryption support.
nedtries - A portable in-place bitwise binary Fredkin trie algorithm that allows for near constant time insertions, deletions, finds, closest fit finds and iteration.
n-Track Studio - Multitrack recording and editing software.
New Internet - An all-purpose resilient serverless network system.
NetworX Non-Profits - A social media and community building platform for businesses and organizations.
Novo Builder - A simple Debian GNU/Linux operating system building tool.
Neddick - A social knowledge management system.
Netbeans Java SQL Generator - A Netbeans plugin that generates SQL code and Java database methods from a Java class.
Naev - A 2D space trading and combat game.
NSFFT - An FFT library.
NiX Proxy Checker - A proxy checker.
NORM - A simple ORM for PHP.
noot-tuner - A multi-instrument tuner.
NuKit - A productivity and timesaving toolkit.
naken430asm - An MSP430 assembler.
Num-Py Gumbo - A group of small Python language graphical demos utilizing pygame and numpy modules.
nyu - A parser generator with AST building capabilities that uses an extended PEG notation.
NotesBox.class - A ready-to-use text area Java class for personal notes.
NS4300N Nagios Utils - Monitor your NS4300N with Nagios
netsharegui - Software to share your network connection with others.
note taking simplified - A simple, intuitive format for using plain text files to store notes.
Nearforums - Internet discussion forum software.
Neo4j - A high-performance graph database.
NLarn - An enhanced and improved rewrite of the roguelike game Larn.
nioReactor - A framework for quickly building scalable event-driven TCP clients and servers.
NetConnect - A network authentication tool.
nsLight PKI - A lightweight OpenSSL-based CA.
NiX Brute Forcer - A tool that uses brute force in parallel to log into an account without knowing the password.
NomNom - An application for downloading videos from Youtube and other sites.
Net::Gandi - A Perl interface to the Gandi XML-RPC API.
NABUCCO Framework - An MDA and component framework.
NASDVR - A DVR implementation using a Buffalo NAS.
NETSHe - A Web interface and initialization system for OpenWRT-based firmware.
NfSen - The Web-based front end for the nfdump netflow tools.
netlog - A TCP logger.
nad_daemon - A daemon used to control NAD amplifiers over RS232.
netchat - A utility like "expect" with basic support for scripted chat.
NTRU - The NTRU public-key cryptosystem.
Nibble forms - A PHP form generation class.
NetKitty - A simple Netcat clone with BlueTooth support.
netChecker - A network scanning tool.
Nmap Observer - A simple Web interface for nmap.
NetworkScanner - A program to scan all the computers on a network according to given parameters.
NeXpose Community Edition - A vulnerability management solution for small organizations or individual use.
notion - A tiling, tabbed window manager for the X window system.
neslisp - A LISP compiler for the 6502 architecture.
NeuroLab - Software to edit and simulate neurocognitive relational networks.
NaSch.py - An implementation of Nagel-Schreckenberg vehicular traffic automaton.
netspeed-plasmoid - A simple plasmoid that shows basic network interface statistics.
Natus - A secure-by-design JavaScript meta-engine.
nametrans - A program to rename files with regex search/replace semantics.
Nuvie - An open source game engine for Ultima 6 and Ultima Worlds of Adventure.
nxcc - A tiny C script compiler and virtual machine.
nwsystest - A simple system testing tool for C and C++.
Net::Curl - A Perl interface for libcurl.
Notice Board Pro - An on-line notice board.
NanoNote Firmware - The software that ships with the open-hardware NanoNote hand-held computer.
Nibble Framework - A lightweight plug-in based PHP framework.
nuush - A command line feed reader.
ncdc - An NCurses-based Direct Connect client.
nnmon - A central database and a Web interface for the nmon program's data.
NetSecL ToolSet - A VM pentesting appliance.
nfsAquariumApple - A screensaver featuring an aquarium in the form of an apple with animated fish.
Nfsight - A Netflow processing and visualization tool.
NetSpot - A wireless LAN site survey tool.
NiX Proxy Script - A Web-based proxy server.
nield - A network interface event logging daemon.
NAMI - A node.js client for Asterisk Manager Interface.
Neembuu Uploader - An application that uploads files simultaneously to multiple file hosts and lets you manage the download and delete URLs.
NewsCloud Community Platform - A Ruby on Rails-based social media platform tightly integrated with Facebook and Twitter.
nodetoy - JSON CRUD for an instant backend.
Neon Javascript Library - A ultra-lightweight cross-browser Javascript library.
NGEN XDCC Packlist Parser - An XDCC packlist parser.
NLinear - A generic linear algebra toolkit for .NET.
nxlog - A modular, multi-platform log management solution.
NitroORM - A powerful and simple ORM for CodeIgniter.
NetXtract - A Perl network forensic and file carving CLI utility.
node-libravatar - A Libravatar node.js library.
Newebe - A distributed social network.
Nervepoint Access Manager - A self-service password reset virtual appliance.
NovaFTP - A fast, modern, and feature-rich FTP client.
Newfies-Dialer - A voice broadcast and auto-dialer software.
netwmpager - A NetWM compliant pager for X Window managers.
Nightingale Media Player - A fork of the media player Songbird.
Newton Adventure - A 2D platform game with rotating levels.
nSnake - The classic snake game with nurses.
NiX API - A powerful anti-proxy, anti-fraud, and IP reputation lookup API.
NubiSave - An optimal cloud storage controller (multiplexer).
Net Style Kannel Appliance - A turnkey appliance for SMS services implementation.
Nuiton-matrix - A multiple dimensions matrix library.
Nagplot - A nicer frontend to Nagios Performance Data Graphs.
notification-thing - A DE-independent pygi (GTK3) notification daemon.
NouvaLinux Backup and Rescue - A LiveCD with a special end-user backup tool.
NXWEB - An ultra-fast and super-lightweight Web server for applications written in C.
netcc - A distributed compilation tool.
Nuxis - An integrated solution for virtualization management.
nbpp - A *nix server nuts-and-bolts C++ toolkit.
Novembre - Visualization and analysis of STM and STS results.
Netscape Security Wrapper - A wrapper to restrict plugins to whitelisted domains.
Network Inventory Lookup Assistant - A small tool and Web interface to a network inventory database.
no-pkg-config - A bash script replacement for pkg-config.
Nerd - A Scheme-based embeddable scripting language.
NxWidgets - A graphics package for the NuttX RTOS.
NBSCaptcha - A Web Captcha script involving arithmetic questions.
Netzob - Support for reverse engineering, evaluation, and simulation of communication protocols.
NetsGraph - A PHP class to generate statistical graphics from network data transfers.
nfacct - A command line utility for operating on Netfilter accounting objects.
Nnmware CMF - A Django-based Content Management Framework.
Novius OS - A CMS that takes up the challenge of managing Web content in today’s multi-channel environment.
NodeJS Stack - An easy-to-install distribution of the NodeJS application.
Napata CMS - A simple content mangement system for knowledge sharing sites or blogs.
NagminV - A Nagios and Shinken administration tool as a Webmin Module.
named-regexp - Named capture groups for Java 5/6 regular expressions.
NeXus Scientific Data Format - A common data format for neutron, x-ray, and muon science.
Nuvola Player - Cloud music integration for your desktop.
nomacs - A fast and small image viewer that can synchronize multiple instances.
NetEditor - A Java graph-based language editor.
neurofeeder - A NEURal netwOrk FEEDER.
nCombo - A Node.js framework.
NWebsec - A security library for ASP.NET applications.
Neuminds - An Android-based inventory application.
ntdisp - Multiprotocol in system programming for embedded devices.
netstat-monitor - Monitoring of network connections.
nmalyzr - A tool for nm output size analysis.
Nepali Unicode - A Unicode Nepali conversion tool.
Nova: Network Anti-Reconnaissance Tool - Software that uses honeypots to prevent and detect network reconnaissance efforts (such as nmap scans).
Networked Decision Making - A Web-based group decision making platform.
Nibble Forms 2 - A PHP form class for generating and validating HTML forms.
Night Time Display - Display of the current time in a digital LED font.
NamedManager - A Web-based DNS management interface.
Nautilus-new-file - A "New file" extension for Nautilus.
naken_asm - A microcontroller assembler.
nanimstudio - A 2D animation editor.
NSCA-ng - An add-on that transmits check results and commands to Nagios.
nf3d - A Netfilter visualisation tool.
Notepas - A text editor aimed at developers.
NightFall - A screen color dimmer for late hours.
NumaTOP - An observation tool for runtime memory locality characterization and analysis of processes and threads running on a NUMA system.
noPoll - A WebSocket toolkit.
nf1db - An in memory database engine.
NBit - A tool that computes CRCs with standard as well as custom polynomials.
NetIRC2 - A easy-to-use .NET IRC client library.
nrun - A tool that runs a commands or scripts on multiple servers synchronously.
NanoHttpd - A tiny, easily embeddable HTTP server in Java.
netjukebox - A Web-based media jukebox.
NARS2000 - An experimental APL interpreter.
nimsg - A compact, server-based chat program.
Nav Doc - A simple navigation documentation script with support for multiple languages.
NeatMP3 - An MP3 organizer and tag editor.
node-cassandra-cql - A Node.js driver for Apache Cassandra.
Nuiton-JS - A library to manage JavaScript dependencies in Java Web projects.
ng-jackspa - Simple LADSPA hosts for the JACK Audio Connection Kit.
[email protected]! - A classic arcade-style space shooter.
Novius OS Forms - A Novius OS application that allows you to create and publish forms.
Novius OS Slideshows - A Novius OS application for creating and publishing slideshows on your Web site.
Novius OS Blog - A Novius OS application that allows you to write and publish blog posts.
Novius OS News - A Novius OS application that allows you to write and publish news stories.
nxgipd - A monitoring daemon for GE Interlogix/Caddx NX-8 series alarm systems.
neatroff - A new implementation of the troff typesetting system.
NOA-libre - A Java library to embed/remote control OpenOffice.org/LibreOffice.
netmate (netdude clone) - Display of network protocol headers in a uniform RFC-like format.
NW.ORM - An API wrapper for Hibernate ORM.
Network Inventory Advisor for Mac - A software and hardware inventory and reporting tool.
NetLua - A completely managed Lua implementation.
NetFludi - A fast application server for .NET and Mono.

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