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GNU tar - A utility for storing, backing up, and transporting files.
GNU texinfo - Create different types of documentation from a single source.
GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program.
GNU ccAudio2 - A C++ class framework for audio data manipulation.
GNU ccScript - Embedded C++ class based state-event scripting engine
Gnome Xsu - Interface for 'su - username -c command' in GNOME.
GNU Zile - A lightweight Emacs clone.
gtex-letter - A GNOME tool to write LaTeX letters, hiding all LaTeX-code from the user.
Gnome-rio - Gnome front-end to rio500 utils.
gnuboy - Portable multi-platform GPL'd GameBoy emulator.
GNOME Breakout - A break-the-blocks game for GNOME.
Guarani keyboard - Keyboard and console character definitions for Guarani.
Generic Power Monitoring for Linux - A simple UPS monitoring program for Linux.
GRhino - An Othello/reversi with strong AI.
Genius Vivid Pro USB / Primax USB Sane Driver - A Genius Vivid Pro USB/Primax USB Sane driver.
Gnome Flow - A program written to calculate and visualize simple steady-state fluid flows.
gSpinner - gSpinner is an interface for Linux for the Spinner.com RealAudio broadcast.
GLiv - An OpenGL image viewer.
GnomerMind - A MasterMind based puzzle game for GNOME.
GtkFirecracker - Two programs to control the X10 Firecracker.
GtkPronews - A program that parses the german Linux-news site "Pro-Linux"
Gewels - Gnome version of Jewels.
GnuPG::Interface - An object-oriented Perl interface to GnuPG.
Gnokii-smstools - A daemon to queue and send short messages using Nokia phones.
GNU Radius - An extensible SQL/SNMP-enabled Radius server with Scheme scripting interface.
GnomeFPC - Translation which allows you to use GNOME, Glade, and easygtk in Pascal.
gtkpostal - A GTK+ email client.
GNU POC - Manage passwords on smartcards.
Guimauve - A GTK+-based matching pursuit decomposition.
GMemLogger - A memory analyzer to find memory leaks.
Gnufo - GNUfo is a shoot'em up game similar to galaga.
GnomeRSVP - A rapid serial visual projector.
GNOME Workstation Command Center - Feature-rich tabbed window providing network tools and workstation interface.
Gemini Nucleus - The Gemini Nucleus microkernel.
g4u - Harddisk Image Cloning for PCs Using a NetBSD Floppy
gID3 - A graphical ID3 tag editor for GTK+/GNOME.
Gmas - A graphical text viewer.
Guikachu - A GNOME resource editor for PalmOS.
Gutenbrowser - A Project Gutenberg etext reader/downloader.
gnomie - Lets you send requests to launch HTTP URLs from GNOME to Windows.
giv - An image and vector viewer.
gevas - A GTK+ widget that wraps Evas.
Gnome Process Tree - Shows Unix process tree(s) dynamically in GNOME.
GNU CLISP - ANSI Common Lisp interpreter, compiler and debugger
GNU cgicc - An ANSI C++ compliant class library for CGI applications.
GNU glpk - A package (in ANSI C) for solving linear programming problems.
GNU inetutils - A distribution of common networking utilities and servers.
Graffiti Server - Tiny Web server for posting, searching, and deleting messages.
gehrigal Webmin Theme - A theme for Webmin.
gonvert - A utility for converting units.
Gallery - A slick Web-based photo album written using PHP.
Geographical Traceroute - A geographical traceroute utility for X.
GTK Ogg Vorbis Tag Editor - An editor for ogg vorbis tags.
Geki2 - A shooting game.
gcam - GTK+ webcam viewer for Philips USB webcams.
Geki3 - A 2D shooting game.
gkrellm Moon Clock - A Moon Clock plugin for gkrellm.
gBib - Gnome BibTeX editor
GSK - Generic server development kit.
Games::Chess::Referee Perl Module - Referees chess moves throughout a game, tracking board position.
gconfmm - C++ wrappers for GConf.
GTK-Launch - A GTK program launcher.
GRAMPS - A genealogy/family tree program.
Glom - A simple GUI database environment.
grsecurity - A complete security system for Linux 2.4 and 2.6.
GNU Common C++ - A portable environment for C++ threads, sockets, etc.
gif2lss - Convert GIF image to LSS format
glatex - A program that helps you edit LaTeX document files.
gtkform - A gtk+ container widget similiar to the Motif XmFormWidget
GNOME Wireless Applet - A wireless link monitor applet.
GnuDIP2 - The GnuDIP2 software implements a Dynamic IP DNS service.
Gtk Up Library - A user interface development library.
Grub.org client - A distributed crawler for indexing the Web.
Ghostscript - An interpreter for the PostScript (TM) language.
Gmerlin - An audio/video architecture for Linux.
GKrellKam - Image watcher for gkrellm.
Graham's Leave - A program which reminds you when you have to leave.
gnuvd - A command line client to an online Dutch dictionary.
grub-client - An Open Source distributed Web crawler.
GCC5 - GCC compiler prepared for libc5 - compiler environment for generation of libc5 binaries in a glibc 2.x system
gidic - A GTK interface to The Internet Dictionary.
GtkTiEmu - A TI89/92/92+ emulator.
GNOME-ToDo - A todo list manager.
GSendMail - Simple, standalone GTK+ mail composition tool.
Genmenu - A menu generator with support for *box, Window Maker, and Enlightenment.
GFort - A fortune GTK interface.
GltLife - Conway's Game of Life for OpenGL/GLUT
GNUMail.app - A clone of NeXT's Mail.app.
Golem - An X11 window manager.
GSview - A PostScript previewer based on Ghostscript for Windows, OS/2, and Linux.
GFetchnews - A GTK news fetching program.
Generic Colour Management System - An ICC-based colour management system.
Gexpr - A small shell calculator.
Gnome Assisted Electronics - An application for schematic capture, simulation, and PCB.
GPLIGC - An IGC flight data analyzer for glider pilots with 3D visualization of flights/t
GTKmonop - A client for Rob Kaper's monopd monopoly daemon.
gtkmodeline - Perl GTK+ custom video mode creation tool
GnuLedger - A Web-based accounting system.
getxml - An XML internationalization tool.
Gpredict - A real time satellite tracking and orbit prediction program.
GNU Gatekeeper GUI - A Java GUI for the GNU Gatekeeper.
GXAnim - GTK+ frontend for the XAnim video player.
gsms - A graphical frontend to itaSMS, which lets you send SMS messages.
glChess - A GNOME-based 2D/3D chess interface.
GNU-Darwin - A Darwin-based Unix distribution.
gtklean - A cleaner, safer C API for GTK+ generated directly from GTK+ headers.
gxmlviewer - A GTK+ XML viewer with a Netscape 4.7x plugin and bonobo control.
GLfract - An OpenGL fractal set viewer.
GNU Source-highlight - Performs syntax highlighting.
grocget - A grocery store shopping list helper.
glogwatch - A GKrellM plugin for monitoring log files for changes.
gvacm - Monitors the chassis status of nodes connected to a VACM nexxus.
gvoice - A plugin for GKrellM that allows the user to have voice alerts.
GNotary Digital Notary Service - An asynchronous digital notary service based on email.
GDA Perl Bindings - Perl bindings for the GNOME-DB project's GNU Data Access library.
Game Timer - A countdown turn timer for two-player games like Chess, Go, etc.
Gnome Tesserae - A tile-based puzzle game.
GNU Enterprise Designer - A Rapid Application Development tool for GNU Enterprise.
gThumb - An image viewer and browser for the GNOME environment.
GNU/Linux TerminalServer for Schools - A package for easy GNU/Linux terminal server installation.
Getrfc - A programmers RFC search tool.
Gefx - A visulation plugin for XMMS.
gnome-chord - A guitar chord and scale index.
GraphThing - A graph theory tool.
GtkBlowIT - A programmer for AT89C2051 (8051-compatible) microcontrollers.
Gnobb-Cal - A simple scheduling application for GNOME.
Gnome Run Program Utility - A little window for running programs, featuring tab completion, history, etc.
Gnome System Monitor - A process viewer and system monitor.
GridFlow - Realtime dataflow processing of video and numeric arrays for Ruby/jMax/PureData.
GNU Compiler for Java - A GNU compiler extension that allows compilation of Java source and byte code.
GetPot - Elegant, easy to install library for command line and input file parsing.
gVRflash - A graphical frontend for the standard flash utility for the Agenda VR3.
GuideParser - Transform tvguide data into common XML format.
GRUB Invaders - A multi-boot compliant kernel-space invaders game.
GTK+ Dictionary - A frontend to MySQL dictionaries.
GRX - A 2D C graphics library.
GNU cim - A compiler for the Simula language.
GCTB - A basic accounting system.
Generic Empire for the Masses - Turn based multiplayer strategy game in Java.
gpsdrive - Displays your GPS position on a zoomable map.
GtkGamma - Interactively alters a monitor's gamma correction for XFree86.
geteltorito - A Perl Script that extracs an El Torito boot image from a CD.
givertcap - Enables real-time capabilities for ordinary users.
Geode SP1SC10 Reference Platform - Integrates other Linux4.TV open-source projects.
gpkg - The GNUpdate command-line package tool.
GITK - A set of libraries which form a user interface abstraction layer.
gstdint.h - Generates stdint.h inttypes.
Gerber Viewer - A free Gerber viewer.
GNU ed - An 8-bit clean, POSIX-compliant line editor.
Graphical Grammar Library - Implementation of generative grammars and turtle graphics to generate 3D objects
gLabels - A label and business card program.
GENIO - A genealogical information organizer.
GNU Anubis - An SMTP message submission daemon.
gnbasic - A BASIC interpreter.
GKrellM Timers - A plugin for GKrellM that lets you define timers and stopwatches.
Gnomoradio - A peer-to-peer music player for GNOME.
gdkxft - Xft anti-aliased font support for gtk-1.2.
GVidChanger-minimal - A GTK app to quickly and easily change video resolutions in X.
Gnatsweb - A Web interface to GNATS.
Glubs - A Web-based community system.
gwanderer - A GNOME puzzle game similiar to boulderdash.
gnocl - A Tcl package for GTK and Gnome libraries.
GLT ZPR - A mouse manipulation module for C or C++ GLUT/OpenGL programs.
[email protected] - a GUI frontend for your [email protected] client.
GPG Keys - A GUI frontend to manage GNU Privacy Guard keys.
giFT project - Abstracted peer-to-peer network framework.
GNU Autoconf Macro Archive - Documented and tested macros for GNU Autoconf.
geskoctrl - download/upload firmware for GESKO PBXes.
gnuyahoo - A console client for Yahoo! instant messaging.
GNotary client - A GUI client for the GNotary digital notary service.
Gamma - An object-oriented programming language for rapid development.
Group PHP Library - A Web application to list a library of available books.
GNU Image-Finding Tool - A content-based image retrieval system.
GNU Lightning - A library that generates assembly code at run time.
GeekOS - A tiny operating system kernel for x86 PCs.
Grouch - A system for describing and enforcing a Python object schema.
gelapas - Extracts links and prints a summary.
GTK DBF Editor - A DBF Editor built with GTK+,
Gnome Mysql Client - A powerful graphical client to manage MySQL databases.
GKrellM Newsticker - A newsticker plugin for GKrellM.
Gsearch - A syntactic search tool for text corpora.
gnomeradio - A Gnome FM-Tuner.
GoWeather - Graphically displays current conditions and 5-day forecast for a location.
gencoder - Simple PHP encoder - A PHP encoder that uses the base64 function algorithm.
gtk-cfs - Nautilus scripts for CFS-encrypted directory access.
GKrellMLaunch - A plugin for GKrellM for launching applications.
GOPchop - A GOP-accurate MPEG2-PS editor.
Genrd - Docbook SGML from inline source code documentation.
GUISearch - Browses/searches application source code using its GUI.
gnews applet backend server - The backend files for gnome news applet.
GNUnet - A framework for secure peer-to-peer networking.
GQradio - A radio tuner application.
Graphics Muse Tools Extras - Brushes, Patterns and other data files for use with the GIMP.
gauztris - An n/curses tetris clone.
GImageView - A GTK+ based image viewer.
gnome-mlview - A tree-oriented XML editor for GNU/Linux
GPS Configurator - A simple GTK program to configure Garmin's GPS 25/35-xVS.
Groan - A console-based dictionary application.
Gauche - A Scheme implementation for system scripting.
Genscreen - Generates C/C++ code based on ncurses library functions.
GNU Trove for Java - High performance collections for Java.
Genie - A genealogy application
GNOME Caller ID - A graphical caller ID application.
Gallery.py - A script for making static pictures galleries easily.
Gmp3burn - A frontend to mp3burn.
GNOME Enigma - An Enigma emulator for GNOME.
GPRename - A GUI batch file renamer based on Gtk-Perl.
gnome-ppp_logger - Logs the amount of time spent on the net when connected with gnome-ppp.
Gnu Circuit Analysis Package - An electronic circuit analysis package (not SPICE).
Gangplank conferencing system - A real-time Internet conferencing system ("chat server").
GKrellM Dell Plugin - A GKrellM plugin to control fan speeds on Dell notebooks.
Googolplex - A Python class to perform a query on Google.
GNU/Liberty Basic Compiler Collection - A Liberty Basic compiler collection.
GNOME Control Center - Helps you manage your GNOME and system settings.
Generic Hash Table library - An extensible hash table in C for storing arbitrary data.
GOBLIN Graph Library - A C++ library for graph optimization problems.
Gimp Gallery - Interactive Web image gallery creation.
GryPhon - A Linux CD-Player with extreme configurability.
GPGME - A C wrapper library for GnuPG.
Gnome IrDA applet - A GNOME IrDA applet for monitoring IrDA devices.
GKrellMBUPS - A GKrellM Belkin UPS plugin.
gtkgrepmail - A gtk frontend to grepmail.
GSCommander - A GNUstep Unix command monitor.
gPhoenix - A 24C16 EEPROM programmer.
gblnk - Allows you to download pictures from your Gameboy camera to your PC.
GSpeakers - A GNOME/GTK+ loudspeaker enclosure design program.
GNUnilink - A PIC adaptor to enable AUX-IN on Sony Car Audio.
GNU EPrints - Web-based archive software.
ggcov - A GNOME GUI for browsing gcc C coverage data.
Gisdnbutton - An ISDN screen button to control and monitor multiple ippp devices.
Get Patches - A small tool for the retrieval of Solaris patches.
Gnarwl - An email autoresponder with LDAP support.
Guco - A basic accounting system.
Ganglia - A scalable distributed monitoring system.
genromfs - A Linux romfs creator.
glHack - A full screen SDL port of NetHack.
GN gopher server - A fast gopher and HTTP server.
Gemu - A Gnome EMU10K1 configuration application.
GluCat - A generic library of universal Clifford algebra templates.
GENDIST - Creates a build system for (special purpose) Linux distributions.
glsnake - A hardware accelerated executive stress toy.
gwyple - A bugtracking GUI.
glastree - Builds live backup trees.
Genepi - A Web-based XML editor library.
gDSPsim - A Digital Signal Processor Simulator for the C54x.
gtklepin - A GTK+ notebook
grubconfig - Helps you set up up the GRUB bootloader.
gcompressor - A GUI compression/decompression tool.
GIMP Dimage color plugin - A GIMP plugin converting Minolta DiMAGE 5/7 pictures into sRGB colorspace.
GCViewer - A visualizer for the garbage collection output generated by Java VMs.
GreatCharts - A commandline tool that generates stock charts.
gFR - A GTK text/doc file reader.
GPxSite - A PHPNuke GrandPrix League module.
Gnosis Utils (Python) - A set of modules for Python, many with an emphasis on XML processing.
Graphical Traceroute - Geographical traceroute information.
General Polygon Clipper Library - A flexible and highly robust polygon operations library for use with C apps.
GNU Shar - GNU uuencode and uudecode.
Generic Apache Request Library - Modules for manipulating client request data via the Apache API with Perl and C.
Gkrellm-hddtemp - A plugin for Gkrellm that gives the IDE HDD temperature.
Generic JTAPI, JAIN JCC, and JAIN Jcat - A framework for quickly building JTAPI and JAIN Service Providers.
GNOME Subtitle Editor - A tool for editing and converting DivX subtitles.
Gambas - A Basic graphical development environment.
Gaphor - A UML modeling tool.
Grig - A GUI to the hamlib libraries.
Geeklog Static Page Plug-in - Provides support for static pages within Geeklog.
GNOME Personal Information Manager - A personal information manager (PIM) for GNOME.
GNOME Commander - A GNOME based filemanager.
GKrellM gamma - A GKrellM plugin to control your monitor's gamma correction.
Gee Whiz - A role playing game similar to Wizardry(tm).
GEXEC: Scalable Cluster Remote Execution System - A scalable cluster remote execution system.
GTK+-DirectFB - A port of GTK+ to the DirectFB graphics system.
greq - A shell tool for building GTK+ dialogs.
gkrellmGIMPS - A plugin for GKrellM to monitor GIMPS clients.
GNU termcap - Enable programs to use display terminals in a terminal-independent manner.
getbinnews Newsreader - A GTK-based newsreader for extracting binary files with Yenc support.
gHTTrack - A frontend for HTTrack.
gsfdm - An Internet downloader.
GNU cpio - A tool to copy files into or out of a cpio or tar archive.
gtkmsn - A chat client compatible with the MSN protocol.
GNOME-Mud - A MUD client for the GNOME platform.
gaffe - A tool to help create small animated cartoons.
GNU RottLog - Archives, rotates, compresses, and mails system logs.
GenDoc - An XML editor written in Java 2.
GoVRec - Software for recording Go games on a Linux PDA.
gShieldConf - A tool to edit firewall configuration files.
GNOME Maze - A maze board game.
GNOME Clipboard Manager - A tool that automatically fetches and manages clipboards.
GCC Introspector - A Perl/RDF/XML/SQL interface to the GNU Compiler Collection.
gmuck - A generated markup checker for (X)HTML.
glark - A grep-like tool for searching text files.
GOfax - A fax solution using Hylafax, LDAP, and MySQL.
GOto - LDAP-based diskless client software.
GTKPBButtons - A visualisation client for PBButtonsd.
GL-117 - An OpenGL- and SDL-based action flight simulator written in C++.
grafist - A bandwidth utilization viewer.
Greenwich - A graphical whois client for GNOME.
Gnometab - A guitar tablature editor for GNOME.
Gsfdm_browser_plug - A "URL trap" plugin for Mozilla and Netscape.
GEF - Java Graph Editing Framework.
gpprog - A PIC 16F84 programmer.
GNMM - GNOME Nine Men's Morris.
GNUsound - A multitrack and multichannel sound editor for GNOME.
Gotmail - A utility to non-interactively download email from a Hotmail account.
Game Launcher - A universal front end for emulators.
Grutatxt - A text to HTML (and other formats) converter.
GNU libextractor - A meta-data extraction library.
GUAM - A frontend for editing MySQL user data in Java/Swing.
GFileRunner - A GNOME file manager.
gzip_x86 - gzip tuned for decompressing speed on Linux/x86.
gtk path widget for GTK 2 - A file path manipulation widget for GTK 2.
GNU.FREE - Java-based secure electronic voting system.
gsendfile - A GNOME frontend to the saft protocol.
GtkGLExt - An OpenGL extension to GTK+.
Galmast - A Palm-based space strategy game.
Gammu - GSM mobile manager for various cellular phones (Nokia, Siemens, Alcatel, others)
GNOME Configurator - A program to edit advanced GNOME settings.
GAUL - The Genetic Algorithm Utility Library.
GG Transport - A Gadu-Gadu transport (gateway) for Jabber.
Ghronos - A gaming clock for chess, Go, Boggle, and Scrabble.
Gandalf vision and numerical algorithm library - A computer vision and numerical algorithm library.
GKrellM NUT Plugin - A NUT (Network UPS Tools) monitoring plugin for GKrellM.
Getdata - A sniffer and protocol analyzer.
GNU Enterprise Reports - An enterprise reporting platform.
gqlplus - sqlplus with command-line editing, history, and table/column name completion.
GNU JAXP - A free implementation of XML processing APIs for Java.
GetMP3 GUI OS X - A utility Extract mp3 from divx on OS X GUI'ed
Glickomania - A puzzle somewhat similar to the samegame.
gAnim8 - A GTK/GNOME-based animation and video suite.
getID3() - Extracts useful information (title, bitrate, playtime, etc.) from MP3s and more.
GWintree - A GEDCOM-based genealogy program with facilities to display full family trees.
gpoll - A program for creating online voting polls using Perl and a database.
guess_install - Automatically install files based on their type.
gaim-e - An encryption plugin for gaim using GPGME and RC5.
gscanbus - A tool for checking/displaying the firewire setup of a Linux system.
Gaudí - Database Visual Editor - A Java application for visually designing database tables.
GNU Gengen - A parameterized-text-generator generator based on a template.
GNU Privacy Guard DNS Keyserver Client - A tool to send and retrieve OpenPGP keys to and from DNS keyservers.
gtivo - A TiVo media stream extraction tool.
GLgraph - An OpenGL based function grapher for Linux.
gpsim Logic Analyzer Module - A logic analyzer module for gpsim Microchip PIC simulator.
GOsa - A PHP-based LDAP frontend for system administration.
gtkglextmm - A C++ wrapper for GtkGLExt.
gogg - A GTK Ogg player featuring a nice tree-structured playlist.
Gnome 2 Applets Simplified - A library to simplify the creation of GNOME 2 applets.
GTK2 for Pascal - A GTK 2 unit for FreePascal and Kylix.
gep - An encryption plugin for Gaim.
G-Kermit - A file transfer program.
GNU Applet - A bridge between the GNU Emacs editor and the GNOME desktop.
g-page - Sends text messages to wireless receivers (pagers).
G-Star - A clone of the TI-8x calculator game D-Star.
g2 - Easy to use, portable and powerful 2D graphics library
g2100config - Configure HP LaserJet 2100 Series printers under Linux.
G27 gigs - A PHP Web application for promoting local musicians and bands.
g3data - A program for extracting data from graphs.
GNU Gluco Control - An app to manage your diabetes.
g3dav - GNU 3D Anaglyphc Viewer (need colored filter (red-cyan/red-green) glasses)
g3DGMV - A viewer for Digital Elevation Model and Digital Line Graphs maps.
g3vga - A G3 Fax viewer.
Gabber - A Jabber instant messaging client for GNOME.
getrss - An RSS aggregator written in Ruby.
Gabble - BLADE Ads Object
gmandel - A Mandelbrot fractal explorer.
Gaby - A small personal databases manager using GTK+
gnome-courier - A collection of programs for courier services.
GTK Programmers Calendar - A calendar for people who think about time in terms of files and projects.
Gv4l - Gui Video4Linux frontend of transcode.
GADSL - ADSL connection tool for Linux
GNU dictionary framework - A toolkit for connecting to different dictionaries.
GAG - A graphical boot manager, with a lot of interesting features.
Gspoof - A console and GTK+ program to build and send TCP packets.
GPIB-Tcl - Enables Tcl control of IEEE-488 instruments.
gGo - A Go SGF editor and client for the Internet Go Server.
gAlan - A modular X/Win32 audio processing tool.
Geolizer - Efficient geographic stats for Webalizer using GeoIP.
galaxis - A clone of the Macintosh Galaxis game.
Gale - An open-source instant messaging and chat system.
Galeon - A GNOME Web browser.
game control program - Helps administrate game servers, especially automated kicking of players.
Gameboy Development Kit - Development kit and C compiler for the Nintendo Gameboy
gcutter - A tool that splits and joins files.
Gamma Patrol - An old style, vertical scrolling space shooter.
Genetic Algorithms in Squeak - A Genetic Algorithm Framework in Squeak.
Gnetload - A highly configurable netload monitor for GNOME.
gamp - An ncurses-based MP3 frontend.
gant - Generalized (Langton) Ant
Gantt Chart Generator - Tool for creating Gantt (project timeline) charts using Web forms.
Ganymede - GPL'ed Network Directory Management System
GoFish Gopher/Web Server - A Gopher/Web server.
Garble - Garmin GPS receiver data transfer utility
GrabCartoons - A program for generating a Web page with comics.
GASP - Generic protocol encoder and decoder
Gaspell - A Gnome Frontend to Aspell
GSTP - A secure binary transfer protocol.
GateD - A generic Unicast router.
GPuTTY - Remembers telnet and SSH sessions.
gatO - Gtk AT Operation.
Gnome Wave Cleaner - An application to do digital audio restoration.
Gazebo - A server to search heterogeneous data collections.
Gazelle - A toolkit to build Z39.50 services on top of legacy databases.
Guis widget server - A Gtk2 widget server that uses scriptable protocols.
GBeep - Gnome daemon to replace the console beep with a sampled sound.
gbeta - Advanced OO language
gbiff - A GNOME/GTK biff with unix mailfile, mh, qmail, IMAP4, APOP, and POP3 support.
GBNBot - Battle.Net Bot
GBonds - A savings bond inventory program for GNOME.
gbook.cgi - Perl CGI guestbook script
gBootRoot - Construct, develop, test, and boot distributions.
gbox_applet - mbox watcher
GNOME Structured File Library - Read and write OLE and Zip files.
GenealogyJ - A GEDCOM compliant genealogy application for Windows/Mac/Unix.
gbrctl - A GNOME Bridge Configuration utility.
GBuffy - A GTK+ multiple mailbox monitor program
gbuild - build tool to automate cvs update, compilation, and packaging
GNOME Accessibility Toolkit - An accessibility toolkit for GNOME.
Generic Java Algebra Library - An algebraic structures library using parametric polymorphism in Java.
Genmon - A simple graphical network services monitor, written and extensible in Perl.
Gcal - Prints various types of calendars.
GNU libsigsegv - A library for handling page faults in user mode.
gCatalog - A database program for just about anything.
GCBTTV - A TV card configuration tool.
gcc - The GNU Compiler Collection
GCC translation framework - translation framework for pre-processed GCC written with ANTLR
Gambit - A set of tools for game theory.
gcdb - A MySQL/PHP billing DB.
Gwine - A wine cellar manager.
gChartman - A GNOME program for technical stock analysis.
GNOME System Tools - A set configuration utilities for Linux and Unix.
GClipper - A multiple buffer clipboard that automatically fetches new selections.
GCO - A program to help keep track of your comic book collection.
gcolor - A simple color selector.
gcombust - A CD writer and GTK+ frontend for mkisofs and cdrecord.
GCompris / I Got IT - A complete educational suite for children from 2 to 10.
gateProtect - A high-end firewall server with high security and VPN features.
GCompte - A program to keep track of your finances
GConf - A configuration storage library.
Gconfig - A router configuration tool
Gcount - A graphical Web counter written entirely in PHP.
gcrontab - gtk crontab editor.
GnuPoc - An EPOC SDK for GNU/Linux.
gCVS - A GTK-based CVS client.
GtkPlayer - Embed mplayer in a gtkWidget.
gd - A library used to create PNGs, JPEGs, and other images
Gedcom Parser Library - A library that provides an API to parse, process, and write GEDCOM files.
Group Enabled Cluster Compiler - A system which caches and distributes C/C++ compilation jobs.
GDAL - A translator library for raster geospatial data formats.
GDAM - Geoff and Dave's audio daemon, dj mixing software.
GDancer - A dancing Space Ghost XMMS plugin.
GDB - The GNU Debugger.
gdbm - GNU database library for C
GNUstep-icons - A collection of icons for GNUstep.
gdiva - A tool for uploading files to DIVA MP3 players.
gDC3-Play - Digital camera software.
gdcalc - An RPN calculator for X.
ggsniff - A sniffer that allows you to record Gadu-Gadu messages.
GDFP - A FreePascal interface to GD.
gdgl - Gwydion Dylan OpenGL bindings.
GDIS - A GTK-based molecular display program.
gjots - A note jotter that organizes ideas, notes, and facts in a heirarchy.
GdkRgb - Fast 24bpp image renderer for Gtk+
gdlibs - A fast widget toolkit designed for handling arbitrarily defined user interfaces.
gdpc - Visualisation tools for molecular dynamic simulations.
GRSlideShow - An online photo album script for the lazy Web master.
GraceTMPL - A set of C++ classes for saving data as Grace files.
gdu - A graphical disk usage tool.
gecco - GNOME-based application using plugins for system/network/app configuration.
gnuPod - A collection of tools for accessing the iPod under UNIX.
gEDA - A suite of tools for doing electronic design.
GtkFtpd - An FTP server with a personal, convivial interface.
Gedafe - Generic Database Front-End
Group Editing and Authoring System - An RPG-centric Web portal for moderated group authoring.
Geek Code Generator - Generates a Geek Code using a series of questions.
Geeklog - A PHP and MySQL weblog.
geektalkd - Simple, yet extendable chat server
Gst-Player - A featureful media player.
Geektools Whois - Intelligent Whois client
gefax - Frontend for efax
GTKsubtitler - A program for editing the subtitles of DivX films.
Gallery Constructor - A Web/CD photo album constructor.
galculator - A GTK2-based scientific calculator with algebraic, RPN, and formula entry modes.
Geheimnis - A KDE shell for GPG/PGP2/PGP5
geist - An object/vector-based image editor.
Gem Drop X - A fast-paced puzzle game
GEM/3 - GUI desktop environment produced by Digital Research
GemVT - Virtual Terminal for the X Window System
glAnts - An open source mech game.
Generator - A Sega Genesis (MegaDrive) emulator.
Generic Colouriser - Colourises any files or outputs of commands.
gpostman - A GTK mail checker for X.
Generic Makefiles - Ready-to-use makefiles for C/C++ projects.
Generic PHP Framework - Library of reusable objects for PHP4.
Generic Software Wrappers Toolkit - A toolkit for wrapping processes by intercepting the system call interface.
Genes - A personal genealogy application.
Genethumb - A shell script that creates thumbnailed Web pages from an image collection.
grdesktop - A GNOME frontend for the rdesktop client.
GeneWeb - A genealogy program with a Web interface.
GNU gengetopt - A tool for generating C code to parse options with getopt_long.
GNU gperf - A tool that generates perfect hash functions for sets of keywords.
GNU Accounting Utilities - A tool that reports and summarizes data about user connect times, etc.
Genius - An arbitrary precision integer and multiple precision floating point calculator.
Genius GS-4500 handheld scanner driver - A device driver for the Genius GS-4500 handheld scanner.
gnetload network load meter - A distributed network and ISDN load meter.
Goggles - A frontend for the Ogle DVD player.
GNU Coreutils - A collection of core GNU utilities.
GeniusTrader - A toolbox for creating and backtesting trading systems.
Genpak - Utilities for manipulating DNA/RNA/protein sequences.
Gamazons - A GNOME implementation of the Amazon board game.
genps - Use of PostScript to make genetic art.
genroms - Generates ROM image files based on memory layout and IHX files that you provide.
GNU Robbo - A game ported from the Atari XE/XL.
Grisbi - A personal finance manager.
genSQL - SQL Database Frontend
gentoo - A two-pane file manager.
Gentoo Linux - A high-performance ports-based Linux distribution for x86, PowerPC, and Sparc.
GroundZero II MUD Client - A console MUD client.
Gentry - GTK application for data entry into a MySQL database
gnetmd - A suite of programs and plugins to control a Sony NetMD device.
Geo::METAR - Perl module for processing aviation weather reports.
Geodas/X - National Geophysical Data Center's GEODAS data management system
geoma - C++ template classes for Geometric Algebras.
GXMame - A GTK+ frontend for xmame.
Geomview - 3D Geometric Visualization Software
George - An mp3 file organizer and CD creator
Gridlock - A collection of grid-based board games for GNUstep.
GeoTools - A Java toolkit for geospatial applets, applications, and services.
Gepetto - An animation studio to design choreographies
GNUstep examples - GNUstep example applications.
galng.tcl - A report viewer/tool for the Galaxy game.
GNOME Clipboard Manager Applet - A GNOME clipboard manager applet.
Genuts Framework - A consistent Java framework for game development.
getgui - An easy way to add GUI functionality to shell scripts and other programs.
GPSMap - A Java GPS application.
getKC600 - Gets images from a Yashica KC600 digicam.
GLSOF-Queries - A GUI for LSOF.
Getleft - Tcl/Tk site grabber powered by Curl
getmail - A fetchmail replacement with qmail-like Maildir and external MDA delivery.
getstatd - Statistics Daemon for Linux Systems
GeeWhiz Catalog & Cart - A gallery and catalog for PostNuke.
getstockquote - An embeddable Perl script for easily fetching a variety of stock data.
gettext - The GNU internationalization library.
GF1 - Play GIPF against your computer
GFax - A GNOME fax program front-end.
gfe - A GNU font editor.
gfilesplit - A simple gnome app to split and join (binary) files.
Green Black List Creator for Procmail Recipes - A program that reads a .aliases file and creates procmail recipes.
GFilt - Java classes to allow evolution of Email filters.
Gfilemanager - A GTK+ 2 filemanager with Samba support.
GFingerPoken - BlackBox-type GTK-based game
GFlame - A cool little graphics hack with GTK that draws colored flames.
gfocustimer - Tracking of X input focus for time charging
Gforecast - A weather forecasting GNOME panel applet.
GNOME Quran - A GNOME application for viewing the Holy Quran.
Gforth - GNU project implementation of the Forth programming language
gfortune - Enhanced fortune cookie program
gfract - GTK-based fractal program
GNU Libidn - A library for preparing internationalized strings.
gFTP - A multithreaded file transfer client for X.
gfXcon - A tool to convert graphic files from one format to another.
gkrellm Sun Clock - A gkrellm solar plugin.
GFXIndex - A program for creating indices of your pictures by making thumbnails and HTMLs.
gg - Graphical guestbook for the Web
Genuts Snake - A remake of the popular classic snake game.
Ggradebook - A fully-featured GNU gradebook.
GLUE - A soapbox/discussion/weblog site engine.
gh-tool - A libresolv based host lookup command.
Grande - A 2D top-down shooter.
Ghemical - A molecular modelling package with GUI and 3D-visualization tools.
ghosts - Parallel remote host shell tool.
ghost_edit - A fast and simple GTK-based host table editor
ghtsclient - GTK-based Holsham Trasders client application.
glAppGrapher - An interactive standalone 3D debugging "Watch Window".
GAim SHell - A shell for the gaim AOL instant messanger client.
GHUp! - Java applications that replaces EZ File Upload into the GeoCities FileManager
gHW - A GTK+ app for browsing the installed hardware via /proc.
gscmxx - A program that lets you access your Siemens cell phone from your (Linux) desktop
ghydraulic - Hydraulic network analysis software.
GIB - An IRC bot written in C and C++.
giblib - A simple imlib2 wrapper library with linked lists and fontstyles.
Generate Passwd Class - A PHP class that generates random passwords.
Gibraltar Firewall - A Debian-based router/firewall distribution runnable from a bootable CD-ROM.
Gnome-ACPI - A GNOME-based ACPI viewer.
GICQ - GTK based ICQ client
Ginette - Software for mathematics education.
gif2png - converts GIF image files to PNG format.
GNU Libtasn1 - An ASN.1 structures parser.
Gifsicle - Command-line tool for creating, editing, and optimizing GIFs and animations
gstat - A Web-based status monitor for a stay-at-home and working parents.
GiftWeb - An online gift registry system.
GNU Enterprise Navigator - A menuing system for GNUe Forms and Reports.
gijbman - A GNOME-based management interface for the Internet JunkBuster.
guard bash - A shell wrapper with secret algorithm method authentication.
Genuts Breaker - A remake of the popular classic Break-Out game.
GIMP Dynamic Text - GIMP plug-in for text rendering and manipulation.
GIMP IFF plugin - An autoconf'd plug-in which adds support for IFF/ILBM pictures to the Gimp
GIMP Imagemap plug-in - GIMP plug-in for creation of clickable imagemaps.
GIMP Text Colorer - A GIMP plug-in that converts an image and text into colored HTML/XHTML.
Gutenprint - Top quality printer drivers for POSIX systems.
GiNaC - A C++ library for symbolic calculations.
Ginko - A simple GUI to use a scanner and printer to make copies.
ginsu - Chop up or reassemble arbitrary files for transport.
giot - Generic channel transformation for Tcl
GPLify - A script to add notice of the GPL to a collection of files.
gspeakfreely - A VoIP system with a flexible plugin system.
Graphical Date Selector - A PHP graphical date selector.
giq - A process queue/manager.
GPL Arcade Volleyball - A multi-platform Arcade Volleybal clone.
GForge - A collaborative development environment.
gitty-gitty - General/GNU template generation tools.
GPG-Ezmlm encrypted mailing list - An encrypted mailing list system.
Ginsu Chat Client - A client for the Gale chat system.
Give/Take - Allows users to instantly share files on a common system.
gsieve - A Sieve script editor for GNOME.
GJ - An extension of the Java programming language that supports generic types
gjiten - GTK-based Japanese dictionary
GKrellM - System monitor package
GKrellM Distributed.net Plugin - A Distributed.net plugin for GKrellM.
gluX - A cross-platform, easy-to-use OpenGL extension loader.
GKrellm SNMP Monitor - A GKrellM plugin that lets you monitor SNMP vars.
GKrellM-PMU Plugin - A PowerBook battery status meter for GKrellM.
GNU MAC Changer - A utility for manipulating MAC addresses of network interfaces.
Glade - GUI builder for GTK+ and GNOME
Glade to C Translator - Create modularized C code from a Glade XML file.
glade-- - An extension to glade to create C++ sources
Glub Tech Secure FTP - A secure FTP client.
gladepyc - Generates low-level pygtk/Python code from Glade XML files.
Glaxium - A space-ship "shoot 'em up" game.
GLAME - A generic and easily extensible audio processing tool and sound editor.
GTK Sozluk - An English-Turkish dictionary.
gLaptop - A laptop utility for GNOME.
GPSBabel - A conversion and upload/download tool for waypoint, track, and route data.
GLE - GLE Tubing and Extrusion drawing Library
GLE (Graphics Layout Engine) - A scripting language for making plots, charts, graphs, and diagrams.
glet - Calculator applet for the gnome panel
glFTPd - An FTP daemon for ISPs and anyone else.
GLfunge98 - OpenGL-based interpreter for Befunge93/Funge98 with dynamic extensions.
GLHeretic for Linux - Port of Heretic to Linux
GLib - The GLib library of C routines.
GliBench SMP - An SMP benchmark.
GNU-Monitor - A transactional monitor.
GlideControl - GTK-based interface for configuring 3Dfx voodoo cards
gLife - An artificial life simulator that tries to emulate an artificial society.
GeoTools 2 Web Map Server - An OGC Web Map Server Java Servlet.
Glimmer - Multi-language programmer's editor.
Glimpse - An indexing and querying system.
glitter - Text mode user interface for RPM
gucharmap - A Unicode character map and font viewer.
Glitter Newsreader - An interactive GUI program for extracting binaries from newsgroups.
gtinyfugue - A GUI for tinyfugue.
GlobeCom Jukebox - Music jukebox with integrated CDDB aware ripping and groupware functionality
GnoTime - A to-do list organizer and project timer.
Globus Toolkit - A secure distributed computing toolkit.
Glotski - Sliding block puzzle game.
Glove - Data acquisition, manipulation, and analysis program for X-Windows
gnatsperl - A Perl interface to the GNU gnatsd bugtracking daemon.
Glrcsim - OpenGL Radio controlled flight sim.
giFToxic - A GTK 2-based client for giFT
GLT OpenGL C++ Toolkit - Classes and routines for programming interactive 3D graphics with OpenGL.
glTron - tron-like game with a 3D view
GLTT - C++ library to draw TrueType fonts in OpenGL applications.
GL Interface Library - A library assisting in the creation of OpenGL User Interfaces.
GrimForum - A discussion board.
GLUI - GLUT-based C++ GUI library
Gm3u - An MP3 play-list editor.
Gnusto - A Javascript-based interpreter for Z-machine adventure games.
gendic - Reduce Arabic words to their roots.
GTK+OSX - GTK+ for OS X.
GMailWatch - Mail monitor applet for GNOME Panel which displays summary of incoming mail
Games for Gnome2 - A collection of games for the GNOME2 desktop.
GNOME Mime Data - The MIME database for GNOME.
GnomeVFS - The virtual filesystem abstraction library for GNOME2.
Gnome2 Canvas Lib - Gnome2 Canvas Lib
gmanedit - A GTK+ man page editor.
GMasqdialer - Gnome Client for the Masqdialer System
GMatH - Computer Algebra Environment
GtkAtlantic - A GTK monopd client.
gmessage+ - An enhanced xmessage clone.
gMGAclock - A GNOME application for Matrox G400 overclocking.
GMime - A MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension) parser library.
GNU Mailutils - A series of useful mail clients, servers, and libraries.
Gminied - C development with GNOME.
gmmusic - A music collection management database frontend for GNOME.
GMonsters - A little monster-breeding game for GNOME.
gqueue - A Gnome2 frontend for lpq and lprm working with CUPS.
Getcontrol - A GNOME 2 multimedia frontend.
Gmosaic - Creates a gray scale mosaic of an input image
Generic Mapping Tools - Generic Mapping Tools
Gnome Attacks - A GNOME 2 game that lets you bomb buildings flat.
GSPdf - A PostScript and PDF Viewer for GNUstep.
GtkTerm - A serial port terminal written in GTK+.
GDraw.app - A vector drawing program for GNUstep.
Gnapster - A GTK and/or GNOME Napster client.
Generic Project Page - A generic, configurable Web site to store project information.
GNAT - Ada95 Compiler
GKrellM giFT - A GKrellM plugin which monitors active giFT transfers.
GNATS - The GNU bug-tracking system.
GNet - A network library.
GKsu - A GTK+ frontend to su and sudo.
gnewt - A Newt-compatible, GTK+-based library.
gNiall - Attempts to learn whatever language you try to teach it.
Gnobog - GNOME bookmarks organizer.
Gzilla - A Web browser written in the Gtk+ framework.
gnochive - A frontend for common archivers.
guinstaller - A GUI installation project used to assist installation of source code.
Graver's Football Squares - A Web-based version of Superbowl Squares.
gtkVUMeter - A VU Meter for gtk+.
Gnofin - A simple GNOME checkbook application
Gnofract 4D - A fractal-drawing program.
GNoise - GTK wave file editor.
gnokii - A toolset for mobile phones.
gtk-engines - A collection of basic theme engines for GTK+.
Gnokline - A daemon for remote-connecting your LAN to the Internet through SMS.
graphopt - A graph layout optimizer based on the iterative application of laws of physics.
GNOME Basic - A 100% Visual Basic-compatible language.
GUJ Chat - A free Java chat servlet engine.
Gnome Chinese Checkers - A Chinese Checkers game using Gnome.
Gnome Display Manager - Gnome version of the X Display Manager (xdm).
gNumExp - A GUI frontend to NumExp, a math/algebra engine and programming language.
Gnome Hamradio Utilities - Hamradio utilities using Gnome libraries
GNOME Remote Connection Manager - A highly configurable application to store remote connection information.
GNOME News Applet - A GNOME panel applet displaying headlines from various news sites.
gPHPEdit - A GNOME2 editor for editing PHP and supporting files.
Glirnath - A Web jukebox to browse and play audio files on a server.
GNOME Photo Collector - A tool to classify and visualize images.
gnome seti_applet - Gnome applet which displays the state of a [email protected] process.
GNOME SmsSend - A GNOME interface to SmsSend.
GNOME Task Scheduler - GUI for scheduling
Gnome Toaster - Create CD-Rs the easy way with GNOME/GTK.
Gnome Transcript - SQL Database Client with plugin system to support multiple database servers.
GNU6 - GNU software integration with XML.
Gtk-IPTables - A GTK-based frontend for iptables written in C.
gtkpod - A platform-independent GUI for Apple's iPod, using GTK2.
gnomemm - GNOME C++ bindings.
gnome-applets - A collection of applets for the GNOME panel.
gnome-core - GNU Network Object Model Environment
GNOME-DB / Libgda - GNOME Database Access
gnome-find - An easy-to-use GUI of find.
Gubby - A small program which shows where Procmail has placed new mail.
GTagger - An ID3 tag editor
Gnome-GCJ - GTK+ and GNOME bindings for Java.
gnome-ihop - takes a zip code and returns a map to the nearest IHOP.
gnome-linuxconf - A nice GTK-based Linuxconf graphic frontend.
GkrellMMS - A plugin for controlling XMMS from within GKrellM
gnome-napster - A GNOME napster client for MP3-sharing.
gnome-o-phone - Internet telephone with a gtk interface
GKrellM Mailwatch - A GKrellM plugin which monitors mailboxes.
GrubConf - A graphical GRUB configuration editor.
gnome-python - Python interfaces to gnome-libs
Gmemo - A memo applet.
Gnome1394 - Generic access to the IEEE1394 bus (FireWire(r), iLink(r)) from Gnome
glitch killer - A tool to remove noise from protected audio tracks.
gzip Recovery Toolkit - Attempts recovery on corrupted .gz and .tar files.
GnomeHack - Nethack for Gnome
GnomeICU - Formerly GtkICQ, now Gnome Internet Communication Utility
GnomeKiSS - A KiSS paper doll viewer for GNOME.
Glypha III - A port of the classic Eygptian-based arcade game.
GnomeMemoryBlocks - The concentration game for GNOME.
Gob Online Chat - A Java-based chat program.
GnomeRes - A GNOME applet for changing display modes.
GNU Talk Filters - A collection of humorous text translators.
gwavmerger - An interactive memory training tool.
ganttproject - A Java-based project planner that uses Gantt charts.
GnomeTV - TV & Teletext viewer for GNOME.
gurlchecker - A full graphical Web link checker for GNOME 2.
Gnomoku - Gomoku game for X and GTK
GPSExplorer - A program for updating maps in Garmin GPS units.
Gnood - A puzzle game that utilizes the ClanLib graphics library.
GnOpenGL3ds - GNOME 3DS file viewer
Games for French pre-school - A collection of French educational pre-school level games.
GTK sheep dictionary - A GTK GUI for an online Czech-English dictionary.
Gnospam - A GNOME frontend for Slaktool.
gnotepad+ - An easy-to-use and feature-rich text editor.
GnoZip - A WinZip-like compression utilities frontend for GNOME.
GnuWin32 - Win32 ports of GNU tools.
GNU 3DKit - A scene graph API for GNUstep and Cocoa.
gmodconfig - A tool for manipulating kernel modules.
GNU Ada - An Ada 2005 compiler and tools based on GCC technology.
GNU awk - A pattern scanning and processing language.
GNU Backgammon - A backgammon playing and analysis program.
GNU Bash - An sh-compatible command language interpreter.
Grid Application Framework for Java - A Java framework that abstracts all grid semantics from the application logic.
glDesigner - An interactive tutorial for OpenGL.
GNU C library - The C library used in the GNU system.
Gphoto2html - A program that generates HTML indexes and thumbnails for digital photos.
gwhois - A universal whois client/server suitable for all TLDs and IPs.
GNU Chess - A computer program which plays the Game of Chess.
GnomeBoy Advance - A GNOME 2 frontend for the Visual Boy Advance emulator.
GNU Classpath - A set of core class libraries for the Java programming language.
GNU Denemo - A GTK+2.0 musical score editor/Lilypond frontend.
GNU Enterprise Application Server - Enterprise Middleware (Business Rules Server).
GNU Enterprise Forms - An XML-based forms painter.
GKaraoke - A Karaoke simulator for the GNOME environment.
GNU fontutils - Package to create fonts for use with Ghostscript or TeX.
GGZ Gaming Zone - An online gaming center with multiple rooms and game modules.
Graphical Voter Interface - A voting GUI.
GNU Go - A free program to play the board game Go.
GNU GRUB - GRand Unified Bootloader
GNU indent - GNU indenting program
GNU Interactive Tools - A set of interactive tools for everyday system use.
GNU m4 - A standard Unix macro processor with extensions.
GNU make - Controls the generation of executables and other compile-related tasks.
GNU Maverik - Free Virtual Reality system for GNU/Linux PCs and Silicon Graphics workstations
GNU Oleo - A lightweight spreadsheet application.
GNU Parted - Library and frontend for working with partitions and file systems.
GNU Phantom.Home - Home Automation
GNU Phantom.Security - Computer Controlled Security System
GNU Pipo-BBS - Multilanguage BBS server and clients
gpgdir - Recursively encrypts/decrypts directories and subdirectories.
GNU Plotutils - Utilities for plotting scientific data
GNU pop3d - A small, fast, and efficient POP3 server with virtual domains.
GNU Prolog - Free Prolog compiler with constraint solving over finite domains
GNU PSPP - A free replacement for SPSS.
GNU Pth - GNU Portable Threads
GNU Readline - A set of functions for use by applications
GNU Robots - Robot construction game
GNU Sather - Object Oriented Programming Language
GNU Scientific Library - A collection of routines for numerical computing.
GNU shtool - GNU Portable Shell Tool.
gwswitch - A tool that checks gateways for availability and updates routing tables.
GNU Smalltalk - A Smalltalk interpreter and libraries.
GPassGuard - An application for securely storing and encrypting passwords.
GNU SQL Server - Free portable multiuser relatational database management system
Gherkin - A Web-based network scan manager.
GNU Standard C++ Library v3 - Project to implement the ISO 14882 Standard C++ library.
GNU Stow - Manages the installation of software packages.
GNU TeXmacs - A structured "wysiwyg" technical text editor.
GNU Trueprint - A program for printing source code in a variety of languages to ps printers
GNU Typist - An interpreter of typing tutorials.
GNU V.E.R.A. - Virtual Entity of Relevant Acronyms.
GNU VCDImager/VCDRip - VCD (VideoCD) BIN/CUE CD image creation and ripping tool.
GNU Waveform Viewer - Gwave is a waveform viewer.
GNU Wget - A network utility for downloading content from the Web.
GNU xhippo - A GTK-based playlist manager for various UNIX sound players.
gperiodic - A program for periodic table browsing.
GNU-barcode - Utility and library for barcode generation.
gnu.hylafax - HylaFAX client protocol implemented in pure Java.
GENPO - A multi-purpose organ emulator.
gnuBot - A modular IRC bot written in Perl.
GnuCash - A program to keep track of your finances
GnuDIP - Dynamic DNS package. Includes everything to run your own ml.org equivalent.
GNUitar - A guitar processor for Linux, FreeBSD, and Win32.
GNUJSP - A free Java Server Pages implementation.
gnulpr - A printing system designed to graduate users from LPR.
Gnumeric - A spreadsheet that's part of GNOME.
GnuMICR - A Postscript Type 1 MICR font.
GnuPG MiniHOWTO - The GnuPG MiniHOWTO is a resource for getting GnuPG to work and to use it
Gequel - A powerful MySQL database frontend.
gnuplot - A plotting package which outputs to X11, PostScript, PNG, GIF, and others.
Gnus - Emacs news/mail reader
GNUstep - GNU OpenStep API
GNU Transport Layer Security Library - A Transport Layer Security Library implementation.
Gnutmeg - A distributed filesharing system.
gnutran - An EMACS front-end for translation engines.
GNUtrition - Nutritional analysis software for the GNU operating system.
GOB - A preprocessor for building GObjects.
Goben - A GUI for playing Go.
goban - Replays historic games of go (wei-chi, baduk). Works with xscreensaver.
GOBO Eiffel - Open source and portable Eiffel tools and libraries.
gocr - Optical character recognition software.
GGI - General Graphics Interface.
gogetty - An up to date minimal getty.
GOGO - Fast, open source MP3 encoder based on LAME
Golix - A tool to read the memory of an OLITEC modem.
Gomoku Apprentice - A gomoku player learning from its own mistakes
Gomoku.app - GNUstep 8x8 TicTacToe Game
GNOME Cherokee - A personal Web server applet for GNOME 2.
GOOPS - The Guile Object Oriented Programming System.
Genuts Cheese Indigestion Puzzle - A puzzle in which you help a mouse eat all the pieces of cheese in the room.
GooseEgg - An OpenGL 3D modeler for various game models.
gmencoder - A GNOME 2 frontend to mencoder.
gm4lin - A driver for the "Black cat Systems" GM-45 and GM-10 radiation detectors.
Gorm - Graphic Object Relationship Modeler
Gwget - A GNOME download manager.
[email protected] - A GKrellM plugin to monitor the [email protected] client.
GNOME Debian Package Manager - A graphical manager for Debian packages.
guanxiCRM - A comprehensive CRM solution for doing business in Asia.
Gothello - A GTK-based Othello game.
GroupOffice groupware and CRM - Groupware that lets you share projects, calendars, files, and email online.
Gox - A learning Naughts-and-Crosses game.
gozer - A commandline truetype text rendering utility.
GPA - GTK frontend to GnuPG.
grabc - A quick little color picker.
GNU Paint - A small, easy-to-use paint program.
Gpasman - Keeps track of all your passwords in a secure way
gnurushi - A clone of Kurushi, a puzzle game for the Sony Playstation.
gpdial_applet - A GNOME applet that monitors a number in a file.
GNOME Assistive Tech Service Provider Interface - A service provider interface for accessibility clients.
Gpfe - A Tcl/Tk GUI for POVray.
gPhoto - GNU Digital Camera download software
GibCounter - An HTML stats generator for QuakeWorld games.
GRT Raytracer - A Common Lisp raytracing system.
GPI - A user friendly networked database management system generator
gpkcs - An implementation of the PKCS #11: Cryptographic Token Interface Standard.
G3D - High-performance 3D graphics for games and simulations.
GAA Argument Analyser - Utility to manage the arguments of your programs
GPLAboutDialog.java - Generic Java About Dialog generator for GPL'd programs
GRender - A frontend for the Alias Maya and MentalRay for Maya render.
GPM - A mouse server for the console and xterm.
gtranscode - A GUI frontend for transcode.
GtkPSproc - A GUI frontend for PSUTILS.
GPP - A generic preprocessor with customizable syntax.
GPPP - A PPP setup program.
Generic Game-Tree Library - A generic AI for strategic games.
GtkPCCard - A PC card (PCMCIA) manager.
Gnupg Crypto Apache Module - A GPG crypto module for Apache.
gpppkill - Ends idle ppp connections
Gemz - An SDL clone of the popular game Bejeweled.
GProc - Easy-to-use process managment tool
GNU CD Input and Control Library - A CD-ROM read and control library with an ISO 9660 library, cdparanoia, and MMC.
GProc-Applet - GNOME process manager
gProjectGenerator - A GNOME source-tree generator.
gPS - GTK-based process status reporting like ps, top and task manager
gpsd - Listens to a GPS and provides clients with the data.
gpsim - A software simulator of Microchip's PIC microcontrollers
GPSMan - A manager of Garmin GPS data.
gpstrans - up/download track,routes,waypoints-data to/from Garmin GPS
GTacToe - A Tic Tac Toe game with intelligent AI.
GQ - GTK LDAP client
GQKat - :Cue:Cat barcode reader and decoder.
GQL - Generic C++ SQL interface library.
GQmpeg - A front end to mpg123, and more.
GQuiz - GTK+ based tool for helping with memorization.
GQview - An image browser and viewer.
gsoif - A cocktail search utility.
GPPPoE-Conf - A tool for configuring PPPoE and Speedtouch ADSL modems.
GraphicsMagick - A comprehensive image processing and 2D rendering system.
Grace - A WYSIWYG 2D plotting tool.
GRacer - A 3D motor sports simulator.
Graphical df - A Graphical pie-chart display of disk fullness.
gradient-fu - GIMP patch that exposes the gradient editor functions to scripts.
graft - A package management utility.
GatorMail - Java Servlet-based Webmail designed for a large user base.
Grail - Extensible Internet browser written entirely in Python
GTK2 Text Editor - A simple Unicode text editor that supports right to left text.
gramdiag - Diagnose conflicts in Bison grammar files
GramoFile - Tool for transferring gramophone records to CDs.
Grand Unified Toolkit - Portable low-level C++ game development API.
grandfatherclock - A clock that tolls time acoustically.
General Applet Interface Library - A library that simplifies development of GNOME, ROX, and dock applets.
Grany-3 - The cellular automaton simulator.
GAI Blobs - A GNOME applet and dockapp that shows a bunch of moving blobs.
GAI Leds - A GNOME panel applet and a dockapp that shows the status of the keyboard LEDs.
GAI Pager - A pager applet for Enlightenment and Waimea.
GAI Pal - A little friend for the dock or the GNOME panel.
GAI Visual Audio - An applet that visualizes the audio from XMMS.
Graphics Muse Tools - Plug-ins for use with the GIMP.
graphviz - Graph drawing utilities with web and graphical interfaces.
GPdf - A PDF viewer for GNOME.
GRASP - An algorithmic-level graphical representation for software.
GRASS GIS - Geographic Information System
gtkMaggot - An improved Tron game.
Grave - A RaveMP upload/download utility and playlist editor.
GDownloader - A Java download manager.
Getmap - Get maps from US census database.
Gubed PHP Debugger - A visual debugger for debugging PHP scripts.
GReceipt - Receipt management program
glibc-audit - A version of glibc that has been audited to clean up its memory accesses.
Greenstone - A system for digital library creation, management, and distribution.
greg - Framework for testing other programs and libraries
GPS Manager - A GUI for downloading, organizing, and maintaining GPS data.
grep - GNU grep, egrep and fgrep.
grepmail - Searches a normal or gzipped mailbox for a given regular expression.
gasm - A very reliable, fast and stable assembler that is NASM compatible.
Gem-Mex - The support environment for the Montages method.
gretl - An econometrics package.
greyboard - shared blackboare written in tcl
gri - An extensible plotting language for science.
Griffon Cryptanalysis Package - GUI cryptanalysis for pre-digital ciphers.
gRio500 - A program for interfacing with the Rio500 (USB).
Grip - A CD player and CD ripper/encoder.
GRkbd - Greek keyboard layout switcher for X-windows.
gRMA - A graphical tool for rate monotonic analysis of real time systems
GRN - An NNTP client written in GTK.
Groff - The GNU troff text-formatting system.
Grok - A library of Java components for natural language processing.
Gronk - A Web-based MP3 jukebox.
GenChemLab - A chemistry experiment simulator.
Groovy Java Genetic Programming - A genetic programming experimentation platform in Java.
Groundhog - Logic game written with GTK
GePhex - A modular realtime vj tool.
Groups, Algorithms, and Programming - A computer algebra system for discrete mathematics.
Grammatica - A parser generator for C# and Java.
GetTextLog - A tool to intercept calls to gettext and log untranslated messages.
grpn - An RPN calculator for the X Window system
gruftistats - IRC web stats generating program
Grumble - An authenticating chat server somewhat different from IRC
grunch - Merge partial scans into a larger image
gogoXML - Easy-to-use XML for PHP.
gRustibus - A GNOME M.A.M.E frontend.
Gr_Monitor - A 3D process/data monitor.
Goose Search - A command line tool for searching Google.
GSBench - A GNUstep benchmark application.
GNU GTick - A metronome application.
gSculpt - A procedural 3D modeller.
GSDefaults - A GNUstep defaults database frontend.
GSFV - Simple File Verification (.sfv)
Gsh - Shell with an integrated terminal window.
GeeXboX - A GNU/Linux standalone media center distribution.
gsi - A network audio system.
Gabadec - A .bag file decoder.
GSM 06.10 lossy speech compression - GSM 06.10 RPE­LTP library
gsmlib - GSM mobile phone control library using AT command set
GSnes9x - GNOME front end for the Snes9X SNES emulator
Gordano Messaging Suite - A highly flexible and reliable suite of messaging products.
gSoko - A GTK+ clone of Sokoban.
GSokoban - A GNOME implementation of the Sokoban game.
GSpot - A control panel for cDc's Back Orifice
gspy - A Gnome V4L Security Camera Application
gstalker - Stock charting viewer and tracker
gstar - GUI for Alan Paeth's starchart
gsteak - A German English translator.
GStreamer - A streaming media framework.
Gstring - Guitar tuner
Gtk2-Perl - Perl bindings for GTK+ 2.x.
gstring Class - good c++ string class
GuruBot - A chatterbot which simulates a conversation with a human being.
GSwitchIt - Xkb state indicator for the GNOME panel
gsx - GTK+ Scour Exchange client.
gcx - An astronomical camera control and data reduction program.
GTKSee - A GTK+ image viewer and browser for X.
gsyn - TB-303 software synthesizer
gsynth - gtk+ modular synthesizer/buzz clone
gsysinfo - A system monitor for the GNOME panel.
GT.M - A database engine with extreme scalability and robustness.
gTans - Tangram puzzle game
gtapecalc - A calculator utility.
GTC - Game Programming Library
Gte - A texture editor for POVray.
Galena - A framework for Web applications and content management systems.
GTetrinet - A clone of the game Tetrinet.
gpppwrap - A GTK PPP dialer to connect to one of multiple ISPs.
GTimer - A time tracker for personal activities.
GNU Shishi - A Kerberos 5 implementation.
GNU Generic Security Service Library - A Generic Security Service (GSS-API) implementation.
Gtk Development Environment - A development environment written with GTK.
GTK File Browser - Small, fast, lightweight, GTK File Browser
GTK Guitar Effects Processor - A real-time guitar effects processor.
Gtk Image Viewer - An interactive image display widget for GTK.
Gled - A framework for dynamic visualization and distributed computing.
Gtk Theme Switch - A GTK theme-switching utility.
GTK Themes Selector - A Bash script to quickly select a GTK theme.
GTK+ - A library for creating graphical user interfaces.
Gtk+HS - A Haskell binding to the GTK+ GUI toolkit.
gtkmm - A C++ interface for the popular GUI library GTK+.
Gos4j - Goal oriented scheduling for Java.
gtk-engines-extra - Extra themes and engines for GTK toolkit
GTK-Figlet - A GTK front end for figlet
Guru for SELF - A tool which assists in Self improvement.
GNU Gadu - A modular, multiprotocol IM client with a GTK2 GUI.
gtk-gnutella - A GTK+ Gnutella client.
GTK-Napster - A GTK+ Napster client.
GAIL - Accessibility support for GTK+ and libgnomecanvas.
Gtk-Perl - Perl binding for GTK+, GNOME, and related libraries.
GTK/Swing - A GTK-pluggable look and feel for Java.
GtkAda - An Ada toolkit based on GTK+ and Gnome.
GtKali - Gtk+ interface to Kali.
GtkBalls - GtkBalls is a simple logic game.
GtkCanvas - Gtk Canvas Widget
gtkcdlabel - A GTK 2 front-end to cdlabelgen.
goszifox - An OpenGL display for the Wittig Oszifox.
gtkctrlaltdel - GTK+ frontend to CTRL ALT DEL key kombination
GtkDatabox - A GTK+ widget to display large amounts of numerical data quickly and easily.
GtkEditor - Source code editor widget for GTK.
Gconfigure - A program to automate "configure && make && make install".
GtkExtra - A widget set for GTK+.
gtkextramm - C++ wrappers for GtkExtra, for use with gtkmm.
Gigsaw - A jigsaw puzzle game in Gtk+.
GeneX Va - Gene chip data archive and gene expression analysis software.
Gtkfxp - An FXP client for GTK.
GtkGLMaterialDialog - A GTK+ dialog for editing OpenGL material properties.
GFA Fractal Imager - An imager which uses a simple visual construction mechanism.
GtkHTML Library - An HTML rendering/editing library.
GeBlog - A blog system.
GtkHx - A GTK+ Hotline client.
GCipher - A simple encryption tool.
gtkkanjipad - Gtk widget for Japanese handwriting recognition
GtkLP for CUPS - A frontend for printing with CUPS.
GKrellMEris - A Discordian date plugin for GKrellM.
gtkmail - gtk-- mail client
GtkMathView Widget - A GTK+ Widget for rendering MathML documents.
GTKML - A proposed XML markup language for describing GTK user interfaces
gtkmotd - Displays message of the day in an X window
GtkMozilla - GTK+ widget to embed Mozilla layout engine inside GTK+ apps
GTKPool - A simple 2D GTK+ pool game.
GKrellM xkb - An XKB keyboard layout indicator and switcher plugin.
GtkRecover - A GTK version of the recover utility.
GtkSC - Utility for listing and playing SHOUTcast streams
GtkSigGen - An audio signal generator with a GTK+ interface.
GtkSpell - A GtkTextView addon for word-processor-style spell checking.
GtkSQL - Interactive query tool for PostgreSQL
gtkstamp - A GTK+ app for grabbing, timestamping, and uploading jpegs from a quickcam
GraphTool - A graph editor.
GTKstereograph - A GTK user interface to the current renderer of stereograph.
GenoPix2D - A program for interactive comparative genome exploration.
GTKtalog - Fast Disk Catalog using a friendly interface.
gtktetcolor - A small Tetris clone for X.
GCalc - A Java graphing calculator applet.
GTKWave - A wave viewer for Verilog/VHDL simulation.
GNU Development Environment - gnude
GtkX10 - An application to control X10 devices from a Firecracker device.
GTKYahoo - GTK-based Yahoo! Pager/Messenger client
GestPayCrypt-PHP - A PHP class to connect to the Italian online credit card payment system GestPay.
gspi - Guile bindings to AT-SPI.
Goanseech - A series episode retrieval accounting system.
gmorgan - A rhythm station organ.
GNU Ferret - Design entity-relation data models with freedom.
gtodo - A simple tool to manage your list of things to do.
GToolKit - An Objective-C interface to the GTK+ widget set.
GraphPak for Qt - A charting library for Qt.
GTransferManager - A GNOME download manager.
gtranslator - A gettext po file editor with many bells and whistles.
GTS - Functions for 3D surfaces meshed with interconnected triangles
GStreamer Python Bindings - Python bindings for GStreamer.
Gtuner - A highly configurable gtk based radio tuner
gTuring - A Turing Machine simulator for GNOME.
GKrellFah2 - A GKrellM2 plugin for the Linux [email protected] client.
Guarddog - User friendly firewall generation/management utility for KDE.
Guava - Preprocessing for HTML, using the C preprocessor.
guiftp - A simple FTP client using the GTK+ toolkit.
Genoa Active Message MAchine - A low latency, high throughput message driver wrapper for the Linux kernel.
guile - A GNU extension language, an embeddable library implementation of Scheme.
guile-pg - A Guile PostgreSQL interface module.
Gtkboard - A board game development platform.
GuileGL - OpenGL language bindings for Guile.
Gossip - A GNOME instant messaging client.
GuiSlp - An slp-package manager.
GuitarTeX - Create songbooks or sheets for guitarists.
GuiTuner - Guitar tuner for GNOME.
Gujin - A PC boot loader which can analyze filesystems.
GUL/VDOG - Tool for construction, manipulation, and visualization of objects.
gulog - A GTK UUCP log and traffic monitor.
gSXprog - A utility to control the Parallax SX-Key/SX-Blitz programmer.
GNAT Programming System - A multi-platform/multi-language IDE.
Gumshoe - A file sharing client for multiple services.
GameQ - A PHP gameserver status query library.
Guppi - GNOME application for plotting and analyzing data
Gnome PPP Over Ethernet Monitor - A traffic monitor for Internet connections over PPP/ethernet interfaces.
GreenThumb - A Java Jabber client applet.
gv - A program to navigate PostScript and PDF documents.
Gvbox - A graphical vboxd client.
GVM - Generic Virtual Machine for Perl
GNU 8085 Simulator - A graphical 8085 simulator and assembler with a debugger.
GCJ web browser plugin - A plugin to execute Java applets in Mozilla and compatible browsers.
Gwatch - A graphical mail spool monitor.
Gwenview - An image viewer for KDE.
giFTcurs - A text-based interface to the giFT file-sharing system.
GWhere - A CD catalog manager.
GetNews - Keeps you updated on your preferred news.
GWorkspace - GNUstep Workspace Manager
gwx - GTK+ wx200d Weather Client
Gwydion Dylan - A compiler for Dylan, a dynamic, efficient, object-oriented language.
gx10 - X10 controller
gxhost - GTK xhost interface
gxsnmp - SNMP managment frontend.
Gyach - GTK based Yahoo! Chat client.
Gyahtzee - gnomified version of yahtzee
gzip - GNU compression utility (replacement for compress)
GClisp - A GTK+ 2.0 front-end to Common Lisp (clisp).
Gaim for Qtopia - An instant messenger for the Zaurus and other PDAs running Qtopia.
GTK Cervi - A multiplayer Cervi clone.
galadin - An application which handles Uwatec Aladin dive profiles.
GPL Cver - A Verilog HDL IEEE P1364 standard simulator.
Gnu Gatekeeper ACD - Automatic call distribution for GnuGk.
Geek Code Wizard - A tool which helps you generate your geek code.
gtkSMS - A GUI front-end for sending SMS.
gtk-acl - A GTK front-end to manage ACL permissions.
GDXlib - An X11 GUI toolkit.
GAI bgswitcher - A background rotator dockapp.
Google Mailer - A Perl script for querying Google and emailing the results.
GKAuth - A VoIP call management system.
Grinch - A tool for checking open mail relays.
GetCodecs - An applet to download, install, and configure an RPM-based distro for MP3, DivX,
GAI Album - An applet which shows the cover image of the album played by XMMS.
grade - A tool which compares two files, finds differences, and grades them.
GUIShell - A shell scripting interface to GTK+, sample desktop utilities, and a root status display utility.
GNOME NetSelect Applet - An enhanced Mozilla/Netscape launch button applet designed for GNOME.
GetDCC - A user-friendly interface to downloading from XDCC servers.
Grammidity - A Java-based framework for evolutionary programming.
gbsplay - A Gameboy sound player.
GeoIRC - A stable, customizable, usable, scriptable, and good-looking IRC client.
Gentoox - A version of Gentoo Linux for the Xbox.
GNU Ocrad - The GNU OCR program.
gnome-isdn - An applet for Gnome 2 for managing ISDN Internet connections and providers.
Gemhun - Group gems/stones together to get rid of them.
Glossword - A dictionary management system.
Gungirl Sequencer - A multitrack audio sequencer.
Geomorph - A height field generator and editor.
GBrainFuck - A BrainFuck language interpreter.
GeoToad - A geocaching query tool.
glinuxsms - A GNOME2 front-end for sending SMS messages.
GeoServer - A server that connects your information to the Geospatial Web.
glibmm - A set of C++ bindings for glib.
GAI Nebulus - An applet that does some OpenGL effects depending on XMMS.
GGMud - A graphical MUD client.
Gnome Storage - A natural language document store to replace traditional filesystems.
getattach.pl - A tool for retrieving email attachments quickly and easily.
Gnome2-Perl - Perl bindings for GNOME 2.
Greencard - A foreign function interface preprocessor for Haskell.
GkrellM Timestamp - A GkrellM Plugin that shows the current UNIX timestamp.
Google Tag Library - A JSP tag library to incorporate Google into your project.
GNU SASL - A Simple Authentication and Security Layer library,
gxmessage - A GTK-based xmessage clone.
ggiterm - A terminal emulator for the GGI graphics system.
geo-* - A set of tools for geocaching.
Genu - A thin client rich Internet application using Google Spreadsheets data.
Gaim Popupwin - A plugin which shows a mini window in a corner of the screen like MSN does.
GTO - A 3D file format, plugins, and utilities for static geometric data.
Goem - A bookmarks converter.
GoboLinux - A Linux distribution based on an alternative directory hierarchy.
Gnake - A Nibbles-like game for the console.
GVideoDB - A GNOME video database.
gxmms - A GNOME panel applet that lets you control XMMS or BMP.
Gwenhywfar - A multi-purpose and system abstraction library.
grid - A universal griddler-triddler solver.
GTK Photo Gallery - An application that manages photograph collections.
Gnomadic - A graphical user interface to control a Creative Nomad II/c MP3 player.
Graphics Generator - A dynamic graphical Web monitoring SNMP system.
Generguide - A tool that selectively merges documentation from around the Web.
GemRB - An Infinity Engine clone.
gtmess - A console MSN Messenger client for Linux and other Unix systems.
GAI Terrain - A dockapp that displays a landscape.
Gnome Honbun - A puzzle game for GNOME.
GraphCalc - A 2D/3D graphing calculator.
GPGmail - A PGP plugin for signing and encrypting email with Apple's Mail.app.
gnubiff - A mail notification program.
GKrellM trayicons - A GKrellM plugin that implements a Windows-like notification area.
Gweled - A Bejeweled/Diamond Mine clone for GNOME.
Googolizer - A program that generates AdSense statistics.
GodSend - A units-aware command line calculation program similar to Octave or MATLAB.
Graphical Internet Authentication Client (Hotwire) - A Qt-based Hotwire authentication GUI for Linux.
Gecko Multimedia System - A replacement for your VCR, DVD, MP3, and CD player.
GEOS - A C++ spatial topology library.
GtkLife - A fast and user-friendly Conway's Life application.
GYach Enhanced - A feature-rich, greatly improved version of the original GYach.
geurocalc - A Euro converter and a calculator.
Gnome2::VFS-Perl - A Perl interface to GnomeVFS.
GNU Aspell - Intelligent Spell Checker
GETD - Easy handling and managing of USB storage disks
gtermix - A GTK+ telnet client intended for calling BBSes.
Genuts Stack Game - A game in which you move and match blocks of the same color.
GnoCHM - A CHM viewer for Gnome.
GutenFlash - An RSVP streaming ("word flash") text reader.
Genome-Tools - A Perl module to simplify handling of GenBank genome data files.
GestiONG - An accounting system for NGOs and charities in Spain.
Genuts ME Framework - Provides Java tools for game development on mobile phones and PDAs.
guile-ldap - An LDAP client library for Guile.
Gadu-Gadu relaying agent - Gadu-Gadu instant messenger protocol relaying agent/proxy.
GZIPOS - A library that offers gzip functionality for Java servlets.
GSCal - A small program based on *Step that draws an ASCII calendar.
GridSite - Grid security for Apache 2.x.
gbabel - A GTK translation tool.
GoodProfOrNot - A database and Web viewer for course survey results.
GPlot - A convenient front-end for gnuplot.
greed - A strategy game.
gtkdialog - A GUI creation system for any language interpreter.
Go Siege - A massively multiplayer online Go game.
Gournal - A notepad application for Tablet PCs.
GKrellM Game stats plugin - A GKrellM plugin showing game server statistics.
gcb - A GTK copy-paste buffer.
Gentoo For Zaurus - A port of the Gentoo Distribution to the Zaurus PDA.
GLPlot - A plot package based on OpenGL.
Ghoti - A GUI-based IRC client.
Gamera - A document-recognition programming framework.
gtkdive - A dive simulation based on the Buehlmann ZH-L16 algorithm implementation.
GNU Virtual Private Ethernet - VPN software emulating a secure ethernet with multiple hosts.
GTK+ send-pr - A problem report tool similar to send-pr.
Getmail-com - A script to download email from a mail.com account.
Gentle.NET - An object persistence framework for .NET written in C#.
GNU Alive - A utility to log in to the Telia AB ADSL service.
GTK-Pinger - A GTK/ncurses multi-ping utility.
Guarded Memory Move - A buffer overflow exploit catcher.
gettext lint tools - A collection of tools for checking PO and POT files.
Grand - A tool to graphically represent Ant dependencies.
Gawnuts - An Internet talker server.
gtk+ 2.0 Change Theme - A slick gtk+ 2.0 theme changer.
Guido van Robot - GvR is an interactive, introductory programming language.
GKrellM Countdown Plugin - A tool to count down to a predetermined time in GKrellM 2.x.
Globulation 2 - A multiplayer RTS that reduces micro-management.
gTask - A library and daemon that allows programs to communicate progress.
GlowControl - Lighting control software.
gRootEvent - A desktop manager for GNOME 2.x.
GXemul - A machine emulator (CPUs and surrounding hardware components).
Galette - A members and contributions manager.
Genecys - A third person MMORPG.
gentle-db - A simple Web database in PHP.
Gtyper - A typing program for GNOME.
GameScroll - An interactive fiction/choose your own adventure engine.
goggle - A tool to get random background images from the Web.
GeneSyS - An agents-based approach for system monitoring using WebServices.
GoldSeeker - A small formatted data extraction application.
gatling - A high-performance Web server.
Generic Algorithms for Java - A set of generic Java functors, algorithms, and applications.
GNUSTEP live CD - GNUstep software compiled on a live CD.
GXPARSE - A cost-reducing front end for event-based XML parsers like the SAX parser.
Geezer - A simple curses client for the Boss Ogg music server.
G4L - A hard disk and partition imaging/cloning tool using compression and FTP.
GRegExp Explorer - A graphical regular expression explorer based on PCRE.
Gettext PO syntax highlighting for Vim - Highlights and checks Gettext PO format files for GNU, Gnome, and KDE software.
Globe*Trotter - A geographic guestbook (guestmap).
geximon - A Gtk2 monitor for the exim MTA.
genstats - A tool that generates statistics for any text file.
Game Stats - A game log parser that generates static HTML statistics.
Gollem - A Web-based file manager with filesystem, SQL, FTP, and Samba backends.
Gwyddion - An SPM data analysis program.
Graphics File Formats Io - An Ada 95 binding to the ImageMagick C API.
Gnocky - A mobile phone management application.
gtkam - A user-friendly front-end for gphoto.
Geek Credit - A secure peer-to-peer digital currency.
GILoT - An interpreting and formatting log tail:er.
Geo::CCF - A module for decoding National Weather Service forecast data.
GOPDIT - A simple MPEG-2 cut and merge editor.
Generic Data Structures Library - A generic data structures library for C programmers.
Generate Background - A random wallpaper selector.
GNOME BluePhone - A Bluetooth mobile phone manager for GNOME.
GuiHelper - A simple utility for designing Java Swing-based GUIs.
GnarusFrete - A tool to calculate the price of Brazilian post.
GD-Sharp - A .NET wrapper for the GD library.
grabinfo - A tool to display metrics about a Linux server using XML.
gnome-pkgtool - A GTK+/GNOME front-end to Slackware package management tools.
Genetic Algorithm Class Scheduler - A system that uses GAs to solve the timetabling problem in schools.
Glade SourceFile Maker - Creates a PHP source file for using a Glade XML file with PHP-GTK.
Gaim-Encryption - An easy to use RSA encryption plugin for Gaim.
Gaim-vv - Voice and video support for Gaim.
glFlow - A fast, robust (D)DoS detector.
GalaxyHack - A multi-player strategy game based on AI scripts.
GNOME Password Manager - A password manager for GNOME2.
Gunther - A simple, elegant, and flexible Content Management System.
Grow Your Own - A Content Management System.
GNOME Music Quiz - A game similar to the television show 'Name That Tune.'
GStreamripperX - A GTK+ front-end to Streamripper.
gController - A graphic simulator for the theory of control.
GNU Digital Audio Player - User-space drivers and programs for USB DAPs under Linux.
Gtk+ MySQL Command Center - A GTK+ MySQL client.
Giapeto - A content management system for Horde.
Gnome Turtle - A turtle and lsys drawing program for GNOME.
gspeedstep - A utility to change CPU speed using SpeedStep.
G2F3 - A generic framework for strategy games.
GSwitchIt Plugins - A set of plugins that extend the standard GNOME Keyboard Indicator applet.
gaimnosd - An OSD plugin for Gaim.
GrufSpaces - A program that lets your teams work together in shared work areas.
gTweakUI - A collection of extra preference dialogs for GNOME 2.0+.
gaol - An interval arithmetic library.
Gwav2ogg - A GTK front-end to oggenc.
genCore - Provides an API for developers who wish to use a GA engine.
GFSGL - Helps you run and install games.
gp32linux - A port of Linux to the GP32 portable games console.
gocache - A tool that caches compiler output to speed up recompilation.
Gabedit - A GUI for computational chemistry packages.
gtubeclock - A nixie tube clock for GNOME.
GNUWash - A pizza timer for GNUstep.
gnommind - A Master Mind game for GNOME.
Gnome 3D Tetris - A 3D tetris game for Gnome.
Garlic - A Web-based personal bookmark manager.
granule - A flashcards program.
GanttPV - A project scheduling application.
Ghextris - A Tetris-like game on a hexagonal grid.
Gslist - A console/GUI game server browser with multiple options.
gnVisitorInfo - A class for gathering information about visitors to your site.
GG++ - A Linux console Gadu Gadu client.
GTAMSAnalyzer - A qualitative data analysis system for GNUstep.
GEDEON - Helpdesk / Ticket tracking
genproto - A tool that generates prototypes from C/C++ code.
GTDriver - A driver for Prism GT wireless cards.
grmd - A resource lock management daemon.
getphoto - A program to move images from your digital camera to a local disk.
gpgwrap - A wrapper for gpg and its --passphrase-fd option.
Gip Internet Protocol Calculator - An Internet Protocol address analyzer and subnet calculator.
gospy-applet - A GNOME applet monitoring servers and Web pages.
GNOME Lunar Clock Applet - An applet which displays the current phase of the moon.
gpg-remote - A client-server interactive GnuPG wrapper to safely sign remote data on demand.
Genuts Falling Tiles - Group tiles with the same color to make them disappear.
GNOME Schedule - A system schedule maintenance tool.
GAI Othello - An othello game that runs in the panel.
G-Wrap - A wrapper generator.
gcjlib - An Ant task for building native shared libraries.
Gmsh - A 3D finite element mesh generator with built-in CAD engine and post-processor.
Global Clipboard - A global clipboard application.
glsee - A fast OpenGL image viewer for newer NVidia cards.
GETCD - A tool which creates MP3, ogg, flac, and cdinfo.xml from CD data.
GenPDF - A PHP class to generate block-oriented PDF documents.
gtk2_prefs - A GTK 2 preference utility.
Gircap - Tools for using Linux capabilities (capability sets).
gMFSK - A ham-radio HF conversational mode terminal program.
Gaim-RSS-Reader - An RSS feed reader for Gaim.
Geode - An IDE for EsiObjects, an open-source, object-oriented database platform.
gld - A greylist daemon for Postfix.
GLX - A cavern flying game.
Gaim-Assistant - A GAIM plugin that forwards messages to a different screen name.
GeSHi - A generic syntax highlighter for PHP.
GMail Archiver - A tool for archiving messages to a GMail account.
gtk123 - A GTK-based MP3 player frontend.
Gnoppix - A live Linux CD based on Debian GNU/Linux.
Gnome OSD - An OSD notification system for GNOME.
GNU ddrescue - A data recovery tool.
Groovestry - Tapestry component methods in Groovy.
GPSTk - A tool that provides both fundamental and advanced GPS processing algorithms.
GNOME Iconset Builder - A suite for generating icon themes for GNOME.
guile-alsaplayer - Guile bindings for libalsaplayer.
GoGrinder - A Java application for practicing Go problems.
gsQuery - An OO PHP library that can query various game servers.
GFC-Core - A C++ interface for the GLib library.
GFC-UI - A C++ interface for GTK+.
Guifications - A Gaim plugin that adds MSN-style notifications.
General Purpose Hash Function Library - A series of commonly used string hashing algorithms.
Galois Field Arithmetic Library - A library for arithmetic between elements and polynomials over Galois fields.
glightoff - A version of the LightOff puzzle game.
Gnome-Dial - A user-friendly PPP dialer for GNOME 2.
GView - A small, fast, and simple image viewing utility.
GameStat - An easy to use library for querying status from game servers.
GoToDir - A tool to make quick jumps among directories in a *nix console.
gSwing - A viewer and maintainer for election results.
getAbsPath - Either a C header file or a tool to convert relative paths.
GAMGI - A program to build, view, and analyze atomic strucures.
GKremldk - A GKrellM plugin showing current mldonkey download/upload rates.
Gourmet Recipe Manager - A tool that manages your recipes and generates shopping lists.
Gtk+ OpenGL Toolkit - An OpenGL toolkit for GTK+.
Google Page Rank Calculator - A Google page rank calculator.
Game Server Startup Script - A startup script to manage dedicated game servers like Quake3.
GPUMatrix - A library for running matrix computation on GPUs.
giFT-FastTrack - An implementation of the FastTrack P2P protocol for giFT.
gWineCD - A system tray CD ejector.
gems - Shows a console session in several terminals in real time.
gcolor2 - A GTK+2 color selector.
Glito - An explorer of IFS fractals in 2D.
Glare Bug Tracking Software - Bug tracking software.
GAI Temp - An applet which displays the temperature of your harddisk and your cpu.
Groovy - An agile, dynamic language for the JVM.
GTorrentViewer - A viewer and editor for BitTorrent meta files.
Glib Binding Properties - A library for binding properties of GLib, GTK+, and GTKAda objects.
Globule - A content delivery network module.
GrafiXML - A graphical tool to draw user interfaces.
Genuts Cheese Indigestion II - A pathfinding puzzle.
gomponent - An application for managing electronic parts.
gtkid3tag - A graphical ID3 tag editor for fast and comfortable ID3 tag editing.
Ghost Diagrams - A tool that finds the often surprising patterns simple sets of tiles can form.
gavamail - A POP3/IMAP server proxy for Gmail.
GetDP - A general finite element solver.
GL2PS - An OpenGL to PostScript printing library.
GResolver - An easy-to-use DNS query tool.
GD-Octave - A GD library API for Octave.
guile-xosd - Guile bindings for libxosd.
Gimp# - A C# wrapper around the GIMP API.
GeoNiche - A GPS enabled off-road program for PalmOS handhelds.
GNU miscfiles - A collection of miscellaneous data files.
Grace Donation Manager - Donor and donation management for non-profit organizations.
GameCube Linux - A port of Linux to the Nintendo GameCube.
GODI - A source code-based O'Caml distribution.
gst-pulse - A GStreamer sink for the PulseAudio sound server.
GNOME Personal Web Sharing - A neat little application for quickly sharing files over the Web.
gt5 - A diff-capable 'du-browser'.
Gravetat - A 3D gravity and electromagnetism simulator.
gdvrecv - A set of DV tools.
Glips Graffiti SVG Editor - A cross-platform SVG graphics editor.
GTK ACX Tool - A tool that displays the status of the ACX100 driver.
GoblinX - A live CD based on Slackware.
Gajim - A Jabber client written in PyGTK.
Galaxy NG Plot - A project for drawing diagrams and pie charts based on player stats in NG.
GPLPanzer - A simple 2D tank (panzer) game.
GStreamer Editor - A graphical editor for the GStreamer framework.
GridSphere Portal Framework - A JSR 168 compliant portal and portlet container.
GPAC - A multimedia framework for content production and playback.
Gmail Todo - A tool to store todo items as mail in Gmail.
gluas - A Gimp plug-in for image processing algorithm prototyping using lua.
Ganzúa - A cryptanalysis tool for classical ciphers.
Goggles Music Manager - A music collection manager and player.
Genbuf - A generic line-based buffer that can read from multiple sources with a backlog.
Gorf - A friendly front-end interface for XMAME.
Gratissip Tftpd - A TFTP server in Java with Grandstream extensions.
General Graphical User Interface - A wizard-like environment to execute console commands graphically.
GCID4ISDN - A caller ID application for ISDN with XOSD capabilities.
gschem2xpcb - A tool to place parts on PCB from a schematic.
gvcard - A tool to import Google Local results directly into an address book or PDA.
gkleds - A GKrellM plugin that emulates keyboard LEDs.
GROMACS - A versatile package to perform molecular dynamics.
Gnome Partition Editor - A graphical frontend to libparted.
Grapevine - A GUI frontend for Cedega.
Geant4 - Particle Simulator
giwconfig - A graphical interface to the iwconfig utility.
GRAVEMAN - A GUI frontend for CD-R tools, cdrdao, DVD+RW tools, sox, and FLAC.
GeBoP - A general strategic boardgame player.
GNU Automake - A tool for automatically generating Makefiles.
GeneaPro - Genealogy software based on the GenTech Genealogical Data Model.
GoFun - An implementation of freedesktop.org's Desktop Entry Specification.
GLST - An SMTP grey listing module.
Garbure - A distribution of distributions.
Graviton - An old-fashioned two player space shooter.
GUIcompletion - A GUI front-end for shell commands and UNIX utilities.
GtkJentchina - A front-end library for Jentchina.
GEneral NEural SImulation System - A Neural network simulator.
GnuBox - A tool which shares a computer's Internet connection with a phone.
gfeed - A GTK+ based RSS feed reader.
gtk2hack - A GTK 2 frontend for nethack.
guile-dbi - A Guile database abstraction layer.
ginfo - A modular documentation tool.
guile-dbd-mysql - A MySQL database driver for guile-dbi.
Golden T Game Engine - A programming library for creating high quality 2D games.
Gepolabo - A GNOME application for technical analysis of stock markets.
grml - A Linux live system based on Debian for sysadmins and users of texttool.
Galapagos - An artificial life simulator with third person visualization.
guile-dbd-postgresql - A PostgreSQL database driver for guile-dbi.
geniusvp2 - A SANE backend for the Genius ColorPage-Vivid Pro II scanner.
Gregarius - A Web-based RSS/RDF/ATOM news aggregator.
GAINT - GAINT provides mIRC's fserve like functionality in Gaim.
GNOME Sensors Applet - A tool that displays the CPU temperature, fan, and voltage readings under Linux.
gnormalize - An audio converter and CD ripper with ReplayGain normalization algorithms.
Gnome 2 Mtel - A tool to send messages to the customers of Mtel.
Grout - A program to solve tile-placing, edge-matching puzzles.
Gringotts-Shlomif Patch - A patch for Gringotts that provides updates, keyboard shortcuts, and more.
GnuDialer - A predictive dialer for contact centers.
GPGlist - A Perl script to implement gpg encrypted alias lists in a mail server.
GNOME Translate - A natural language translator.
GeboGebo Wiki - A database-driven wiki.
Gnome-sshman - An SSH session manager for GNOME.
GRAC - A grammar checker.
Geo Location - A MovableType plugin for location-related blog entries.
GNU Make Standard Library - A library of functions to enhance GNU Make.
G-Serve - An IRC file serving bot.
GLPI - An inventory and tracking system for technical resources maintenance management.
GFlashCards - A questions and answer tool for Gnome#.
gslapt - A GTK version of slapt-get.
GAME - A C language framework for creating geometrical games using ncurses.
GEDXchange - A collection of genealogy tools for working with genealogy files.
Glock - A simple analog clock.
Guichan - A portable C++ GUI library designed for games using Allegro, SDL, and/or OpenGL.
gSystem7 - A project to bring the elegance and simplicity of Mac System 7 to GNOME.
galleryadd.pl - Adds images or directories to a Gallery (gallery.menalto.com).
GNU Proxyknife - A customizable program used to validate free proxies.
GlGuiA - A set of packages for Ada for creating graphical user interfaces.
Gestion de Parc Informatique - A tool for network, computer, and printer tracking.
gXiso - A GTK2 program to extract or upload Xbox ISO images to an Xbox.
gSmile - An emoticon manager.
Gnome BitTorrent Downloader - A GNOME "mime-sink" for BitTorrent files.
gvSIG - A desktop tool for handling geospatial information.
GRPLib - A Starcraft-compliant graphics library.
GvTags - A Web framework with a tag library and template engine for Groovy.
glen - A client for the Polish IM network Tlen.pl.
GNOME-RSSApplet - An RSS applet for the GNOME 2 panel.
gonzui - A source code search engine.
gnusay - A tool that displays gnus on a character terminal.
gfourcc - A Linux GUI-based tool for changing fourcc code in MPEG-4 AVI files (AviC Clone)
GETPKG - A tool to download and install packages for Slackware Linux.
Genomorama: Genome Visualization - Software for interactively displaying multiple genomes.
GOFoto - A photo manager.
GraphMonkey - A graphing calculator.
gsetroot - A GUI front-end for Esetroot.
Gentle Compiler Construction System - A Unified compiler construction system.
Goodgoat Linux - A Linux distribution on a bootable CD.
gifupdown - A GUI for ifupdown.
galleryscr.pl - Creates collage images from a Gallery (gallery.menalto.com).
gDesklets - A tool to provide an advanced architecture for desktop applets.
gnomeGo - A GUI for gnuGo.
Gallery Mage - A client side photo gallery management system.
Gregorian calendar 1582 - A calendar generator.
gimpShop - A GIMP fork designed to be more like Photoshop.
Golfinho - A J2EE application to administrate qmail-ldap.
Gravit - An OpenGL gravity simulator.
GNUsTicker - gnusticker
GCfilms - An application for managing a movie collection.
Gnonlin - A non-linear editing library built on top of GStreamer.
Grr.app - An RSS Reader application for GNUstep.
GetOpt# - An implementation of GNU getopt for C#.
glbmp - A lightweight and portable partial glaux replacement.
GMediaServer - A UPnP compatible media server.
Gallipoli: The Game - A lemmings-style recreation of World War I.
G-Inspector - A GLib(GTK+) object/class inspector.
grepcidr - A tool to filter IP addresses matching IPv4 CIDR/network specifications.
GENtle - A program for everyday molecular biology tasks.
gcin - A Chinese input method server for Big5 Traditional Chinese character sets.
gPodder - A podcast receiver/catcher for Gnome/GTK+.
Graph Invariant Database - Graph invariants, data mining, and visualization.
Growl - A global notification system for Mac OS X.
GNU Hosting Helper - A Web hosting management package.
GesCom - A POS system for billing and stock management.
GOpdc - LDAP backend scripts for Samba.
gUnrealTools - GUI tools/utilities for UT2004 on Linux.
GeOxygene - A development framework for GIS applications which implements OGC/ISO spec.
gipfel - A tool to find the names of mountains on a picture.
General Package/Module Interface - A lightweight modularization library.
getwifi - This release handles the precedence of joining wireless networks.
genext2fs - Generates an ext2 filesystem as a normal (non-root) user.
gquilt - A PyGTK GUI wrapper for quilt and mq.
GroupServer - A Web-based mailing list manager and collaboration server.
Gimp User Manual - Documentation for the GIMP.
GOffice - A document-centric objects library.
geolog - A script to download geocaching info.
guten - A tool for managing and reading Project Gutenberg electronic books.
Guththila - A streaming SOAP parser.
Gizmo Daemon - A program to control a computer in any way based on events from input devices.
Ghornon's Hammer - A 3D strategy adventure game.
GT Subset - A tool to subset Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server, and MySQL databases.
GNOME Bluetooth control remoto - A cell phone remote control program for the GNOME desktop.
Gloster - A secure and decentralized p2p program for small communities.
gnome-yum - A graphical program for easier use and setup of the YUM install program.
gDVB - A DVB channels manager.
Griffith - A film collection manager.
Grid Resources for Industrial Applications - A market-driven high performance computing system.
Garbage Collection Library for C++ - A fast, multi-threaded, precise garbage collector for C++.
Genoppix Scripts - Scripts to create a Gentoo-based live CD.
GANDI - A collection of widgets for ncurses development.
GNU Motti - A simple multiplayer networked strategy game.
GUatu - A hardware accelerated comic viewer.
GetOpts - A getopt() replacement.
ghli - GPMI's Highlevel Language Interpreter.
GrokEVT - A collection of scripts for reading Windows event log files on Unix.
Gemini - An advanced mail, news, and calendaring client.
GNUSki - A clone of Skifree, the old Windows game.
gui4j - A framework to build Swing GUIs in XML.
guitest - A library of helpers for unit-testing Python GUI applications.
Gneutronica - A MIDI drum machine for Linux.
GESTIX NET - An application for international invoicing and business management.
geo - A script that inserts country names next to IP addresses in your logs.
GSUtil - A utility to save, restore, and reboot GrandStream phones.
Gammu+ - A manager for various mobile phones/modems.
gumnut - Software to find the most supported proposals within large groups of people.
gskey - An MD5 hash generator.
Gillo - A two-player game where cars try to put a magnetic ball into a goal.
G3DViewer - A a 3D file viewer.
Gespinst WebCMS - An easy-to-use content management system.
GroundWork Monitor Architect - Web-based Nagios configuration tool.
Ganymed SSH-2 for Java - A pure Java implementation of the SSH-2 protocol.
GTKNetTraf - A remote network monitor.
GNOME Sudoku - A generator and player for Sudoku puzzles.
GRUB for DOS - A cross-platform multi-boot loader or boot manager based on GNU GRUB.
gestshin - A personal finance manager.
GPE Contacts - Contacts manager for GPE.
Gnome SSH Tunnel Manager - A front-end for managing SSH-tunneled port redirects.
gloox - A high-level XMPP client/component library for C++.
GtkMaskedEntry - A GTK+ s widget that provides restricted text input.
GNS - A client/server library for game hosting and searching, updating, and chatting.
gg_tk - An easy-to-use GTK based C++ library for creating graphical applications.
Glucoscsh - Easy access to C code from scsh.
glScope - An OpenGL/ALSA audio oscilloscope.
GPE calendar - A calendar to store and manage scheduled events.
GBrowser - A tabbed file manager and terminal emulator.
GNUmed - A comprehensive scalable software solution for electronic medical practices.
Grid Wrapper for WebSphere Information Integrator - A wrapper which grid-enables database applications.
grifcat - A tool that monitors and reports state changes in a Griffin Powermate.
GoblinX Mini Edition - A small version of the LiveCD for GoblinX.
Gtk2::Ex::DBI - A Gtk2-Perl module that provides database "form" functionality.
gTMMa - A Transfer Matrix Method application in acoustics.
Gizmo Project - An IP phone software solution.
Galleria - A Web gallery creator.
GeoTypes - OpenGIS/PostGIS geometric types for Python.
Gaupol - An editor for text-based subtitles.
Gentoo Category Select - A GUI interface for selecting Gentoo package categories the user doesn't need.
gPoint - A PHP class to convert geographic coordinates between projections.
Gerd - Record and play back events in any GTK+ program.
Gnome Goal - A GNOME program that notifies you of football results.
GreyList Sendmail milter - A Sendmail milter that implements the greylisting technology.
GOIM - A full featured Jabber client with special features for gamers.
gdivelog - A SCUBA dive logging application for GNOME.
GMediaRender - A UPnP media renderer.
GroundWork Status Viewer - Lets admins keep a bird's-eye view of their Nagios status.
gmusicbrowser - A jukebox for large collections of MP3, Ogg, FLAC, and MPC files.
GAMMApage - A monitor calibration tool.
ganttweb - A tool for publishing Gantt charts on the Web.
GNU libavl - Binary search tree and balanced tree library
GIPSpin - A graphical interface programming system.
gtkGLGraph - An OpenGL/Gtk2.0 graphing widget.
Grider - A PHP class to visually create and edit HTML tables in a Web browser.
GNU Moe - A powerful and user-friendly console text editor.
Genre-sort - A script that moves or copies files based on ID3 information.
GPLink - A Unix tool to connect to the GP32 handheld and transfer files.
GMOVIL - A complete tool to manage common process across Vodafone sale points.
GNOME Colorscheme - A simple GNOME application for generating color schemes.
GenReS - A plugin to use external programs for displaying EMBED or OBJECT HTML tags.
Gozirra - An ultra-lightweight Stomp server and client.
GeDI - A generic diskless installer.
GoldenPod - A command-line podcast client.
gfj - A GUI for jpgind.
groupvte - A specialized terminal to administer multiple machines.
GNU portability library - A compatibility library used by many Savannah projects.
GDC - A utility to calculate compressible flow (Gas Dynamics Calculator).
gmailsender - A Mono based mail sending application.
Golf analyzer - A program to analyze your golf play and provide statistics.
genders - A static cluster configuration database.
GajShield SecureGate Firewall - An ICSA-certified firewall with packet filtering, content filtering, and VPN.
GdMap - A tool to display disk space using treemaps.
GDictThai - An English-Thai dictionary.
gPlanarity - A planar graph puzzle game which is an enhanced clone of Planarit.
Geany - A fast and lightweight IDE using GTK2.
Gspot Applet - A GNOME applet for querying the Net.
gmbCrossword - A crossword program for Swedish-type crosswords.
GeneRecon - A software package for MCMC-based fine-scale association mapping.
Generic Eclipse Modeling System - An Eclipse plug-in for rapidly creating Draw2D MDD tools for Eclipse.
GTestRunner - A unit testing GUI frontend for Perl.
gpib-utils - A set of GPIB instrument support utilities.
Go Awstats - A script that automates the building of static Awstats reports.
grabslides - A powerful slide and frame grabber.
GtkDateEntry - A Gtk+ widget that simplifies date input.
gResistor - A resistor color code calculator.
gojax - An HTML/ajax/PHP GO board and a C++ GO server.
Gpremacy - A turn-based strategy board game with macroeconomics and nuclear weapons.
givetake - Two small programs to transfer ownership of files with PAM authentication.
Graphical LPAR Monitor for System p5 Servers - A tool to graphically monitor AIX and Linux side by side.
Gif Disassembler - A GIF animation disassembler.
Gif Assembler - A Web application for creating animated GIFs.
GPalta - A genetic programming toolbox.
GLFW - A portable OpenGL application framework.
GraphInside - A Perl script to integrate graphics into an HTML file.
GotoBLAS - A fast implementation of basic linear algebra subroutines.
GLC_lib - An OpenGL class library.
Google Page Rank Checker - Utility (PHP Class) to check Google Pagerank of any url with caching options
GCC UPC - Unified Parallel C for GCC.
GTD-Manager - A software project planning tool with Gantt chart and milestone drift diagrams.
Grsync - A GUI for rsync using GTK.
GeoGebra - A dynamic mathematics software that joins geometry, algebra, and calculus.
GlobMoeSt - A program that constructs large images from camera pans.
GalaxyMage - A cross-platform tactical/strategic RPG.
Gestor Lasgon - A system for managing invoices, customers, providers, and payments.
Genetic Algorithm File Fitter - A file fitter powered by a genetic algorithm.
GTK ADI Library - A GTK widget library implementing ADI widgets.
GAJET - An automatic test generation tool for Java that uses a genetic algorithm.
Gestor Güífi - A GTK-based Wi-Fi connection manager.
Gchore - A chore reminder tool and todo list.
Gnickr - Software that integrates Flickr with Gnome.
Globaldocs - Allows you to conveniently browse multiple Javadoc sets simultaneously.
Gentium fonts - A high-quality Latin typeface family.
gpss - A gnuplot front end for live analysis of (performance) data.
GEBORA - An administrative tool for Oracle.
GConjugue - A program that conjugates Portuguese verbs as spoken in Brazil.
Gettext Commons - Internationalization classes for Java through GNU gettext.
GBAconv - Converts WAV and PCX into C arrays to be included in GameBoy Advance programs.
gtkedit1 - A notepad clone.
GNU-mode - A collection of games for i-mode mobile phones.
gbdfed - A BDF font editor that can import/export other font formats.
galleryforge - An application that creates static HTML galleries.
GearHead: Arena - A mecha roguelike CRPG.
gkII - A Mandelbrot and Julia set mangler.
Greensocs - A SystemC development kit.
gimmage - A simple image viewer that supports command line operation.
Geekast - A GNOME interface to Peercast.
GridMPI - An MPI implementation for grid topologies and widely distributed systems.
GREYCstoration - Fast anisotropic smoothing of multi-valued images by curvature-preserving PDEs.
Google APIlity - An object-oriented library to access and manage the Google AdWords API.
gpgm2srt - Software for DVD subtitles conversion to SRT text subtitle format.
Grouch.app - An AIM client for GNUstep and Mac OS X.
GPixPod - An application for organizing photos and photo albums on your iPod.
Git - A distributed source code management system.
Gpiv - Software for particle image velocimetry.
GTKO - A GTK Oracle application development and testing tool.
GyachI - A GTK 2 Yahoo! chat client with Webcam and voice.
Gnome Subtitles - Video subtitling for the GNOME desktop.
Gecode - A generic constraint development environment.
GreenT - A terminal emulator with tabs written in C#.
Gnome Chemistry Utils - Some chemistry-related programs for the GNOME desktop.
gotgaim - A Web-based Gaim log reader and synchronization system.
G-Share - A download center that uses Gmail accounts for storage.
GL O.B.S. - An OpenGL benchmark suite.
geddum - Software to download songs from allofmp3.com.
Gluon - A decision-tree daemon.
gtd-php - A Web-based implementation of Getting Things Done.
GSEGYView - A cross-platform viewer for SEG-Y seismic files.
GWARE Project - GNOME packaged for Slackware Linux.
Gnumler - An object relational mapping visual framework
Galet - An easy-to-setup, secure communication system between trusted parties.
gtkShots - An application to capture screenshots continuously.
GradeL - A gradebook application.
GNUFilter - A tool that helps a user sort files automatically.
GNMS - A tool to monitor the states of network elements.
GContact - A Web address book.
gtksourceviewmm - A C++ wrapper for the gtksourceview text widget.
GeoTIFF Viewer - A viewer for GeoTIFF files.
Genesis text editor - A simple text editor.
getfem - A finite element library.
GEX - A simple and small desktop environment for the X window system.
GMbus - An implementation of the Mbus protocol (RFC 3259).
Garidio - A program to share your desktop clipboard over the network.
GStreamer Base Plug-ins - A basic collection of elements for GStreamer.
GStreamer Good Plug-ins - A set of good-quality plug-ins licensed under the LGPL.
Get Tiffany - An online multiplayer game where you try to win the attention of Tiffany.
GROU.PS Web 2.0 API - A PHP library containing frequently used Web 2.0 design patterns.
GnuAccounting - An accounting program that embeds OpenOffice.org.
gjrand - A pseudo-random number library and tests.
GIMP arrow brushes - Arrow brushes for the GIMP.
GIMP cursor brushes - Brushes for the GIMP which can be used like "rubber stamps" of cursors.
GIMP circle brushes - Outline circle brushes for the GIMP.
guitone - A frontend for the DVCS monotone.
Gantry - A robust Perl based Web application framework.
gMUTOO - A service launcher/stopper/monitor for the window manager tray.
GIMP checkmark brushes - A set of brushes for GIMP.
GNU EMMS - An Emacs multimedia system.
gimuse - Allows concurrent multiple clients access to a GIMP server instance.
gtk-im-vi - GTK+ Vietnamese input methods (VNI and TELEX) for minimalists.
gimphp - A PHP class library to write Gimp scripts directly in PHP.
Gnash - A Flash movie player and Web browser plugin.
generictionary - A generic, modular, and interactive dictionary.
Gmailbox - Offline browsing of a gmail folder on your favorite email client.
GtkDC - A GTK Direct Connect client.
GmNotify - A full featured, convenient Gmail notification program for Linux/Unix.
Grab Yahoo - A class that grabs the contact lists of a Yahoo! user.
GoSAMBA - A Web-based GUI for SAMBA configuration.
Gridarta - A 2D MMORPG map editor for Crossfire and Daimonin.
Geometry Description Markup Language - A language for geometric markup and I/O.
Gardénia - An entry level J2EE-based ERP, mainly for Portuguese SMEs.
Giraffe - A simple logic circuit simulator.
gFast File - A fast and useful file manager.
GLASHCtl - A control applet for the LASH audio session handler.
GStreamer Ugly Plug-ins - A set of good-quality plug-ins that might pose distribution problems.
GStreamer Bad Plug-ins - A set of GStreamer plug-ins lacking sufficient quality.
GStreamer FFmpeg Plug-in - An FFmpeg-based plug-in for GStreamer.
GeoQuadTree - An open format for storing georeferenced images.
GENE Graph Export Engine - A multi-namespace XML exporter to PDF, PS, PNG, SVG, and XHTML.
GutenPy - A text reader and catalog browser for Project Gutenberg.
Gitarella - A Web frontend for GIT.
Goki - A plugin-driven IRC bot.
gET iT i sAY - A file recovery tool for Ext3 and Ext2 filesystems.
GPM client library - A stand-alone version of libgpm (the GPM client library).
gendist-crisol - A generator for Debian-based live CD distributions.
goMyPlace - An open reverse proxy and remote access system.
Gym Master - Gym membership software.
gnome-svn - A front end for the Subversion system.
GuiLoader - A GuiXml file loading C library.
GuiLoader-C++ - A library for accessing GuiLoader from C++.
G15Daemon - A tool that enables support for all keys and LCD on the Logitech G15 keyboard.
gear - Software to create gears in an OpenOffice drawing.
GoooooPS - A Java MIDlet to display a GPS location on a Google Map Tile.
GroChat - Simple PHP / Ajax Web chat software.
GCstar - A collection manager.
GSmartMix - A smart audio mixer for GNOME.
GNOME Word of the Day - A GNOME applet that displays a new vocabulary word each day.
GRIDportal - A Web-based application portal for High Performance Computing.
GOAT - An organizer and assistant for long-term tournaments.
geotool - A small tool that is a collection of some GeoIP.dat quirks.
GstPUID - A GST plugin for fingerprint-based detection of music file metadata.
gDisk - Software that turns your GMail account into a portable hard drive.
Grapple - An application networking layer.
GlowWorm FW - A network security and monitoring application.
GeoProof - A dynamic geometry application with proof related features.
GNU Mailman - A mailing list manager with an integrated Web interface.
Galactic Attack - A fast-paced space shooter game for Java ME enabled devices.
GuYum - A GUI for Yum.
goblinhack - An ASCII-graphics, smooth-scrolling, OpenGL dungeon romp.
GSM Manager - A Bluetooth GSM phone manager.
Goonies - A fun jump n' run game.
gscan2pdf - A GUI to ease the process of producing a multipage PDF from a scan.
Gmail Tray - A Gmail notificaiton applet for the desktop system tray.
Guaranix - A PHP class to index text documents for full text searching.
gronogal - Add photos and edit galleries in grono.net
GetRSS Script - A shell script which interacts with RSS feeds.
gbxgol - A small program for the Italian betting game, Totogol.
GFP - A personal finance manager.
GCalSync - An application for synchronizing your cell phone with Google Calendar.
Generic JavaScript Validator - A cross-browser, easy JavaScript validation library.
GNUstep Database Library 2 - A library to map Objective-C objects to rows in a database.
gnoMint - A certification authority management tool for GTK/GNOME.
glParchis - A 3D game of Parcheesi.
Gecode/J - A Java interface for the Gecode constraint library.
gsmcal2html - A tool to import calendar events and create an HTML calendar.
GASELL - A Web application for managing a French association.
GEO -- C++ Geometric Class Library - A C++ template class library of geometric routines.
Gnome ARP - An ARP monitoring tool.
Grab&Burn - A CD/DVD recording and mastering application.
gnome-terminal-launcher - A GNOME terminal launcher applet.
GetMeDone - A task manager in the spirit of Getting Things Done.
guile spread - A Spread framework wrapper for Scheme.
GConf-FS - Software that allows you to view a gconf tree as a filesystem.
Guaranix Rank - An implementation of the PageRank Algorithm
Google::Adwords - An interface that abstracts the Google Adwords SOAP API.
google-rfc-2445 - A Java implementation of RFC 2445 recurrence rules.
GtkComboGrid - A GTK+ widget that allows a user to select a choice from a tree view.
gVerse - A Bible verse of the day program.
GibberMonkey - A Javascript scriptable IRC bot programmable from the chat room.
Gluster / GlusterFS - A cluster/distributed filesystem.
GGobi - A high-dimensional data visualization program.
GPG-Crypter - A GTK+ frontend for GnuPG.
gMobileMedia - A GTK application used to browse a mobile phone filesystem.
GMP compiler - A compiler for GMP types (mpq_t, etc.) in infix arithmetic expressions.
GetMonitor - An XChat script that provides automatic leeching and monitoring of ListServers.
GAlbum - A small photo album application for GNOME.
Graidle - A Web API to create charts and graph diagrams.
generateDS.py - Generates Python data structures from XML schemas.
gxInstall - A Linux software installer.
glucopy-glurestore - Software to backup and restore a fully functional GNU/Linux system.
Generic Protocol Framework - A generic framework for rapid development of network protocol implementations.
gElemental - A periodic table viewer.
GobbleRSS - A PDA-friendly Web-based RSS reader.
GTP' server simulator - A GTP' (GTP prime) server simulator.
GNU fdisk - libparted-based alternatives to classic partitioning tools.
Grey Matter - A CGI application for blogging and related activities.
Gnono - A reimplementation of the Windows card game WUNO for GNOME.
GrogCon - A quick and easy solution for providing nice looking terminal I/O.
Galcon - An awesome high-paced multi-player galactic action-strategy game.
google-gflags - A getopt() replacement (for command line flags).
Golf Scorer - A tool that tracks golf scores.
GeoQO - A Geocaching and Waypoint database.
GoogLog - A Web CGI used to search in syslog files.
GEGL - A graph-based image processing framework.
gcode2eps - A tool that converts 2D G-code to an EPS file for previewing purposes.
grzip - A high-performance and fast general purpose file compressor.
Gabriel - A secure remote D-Bus system.
GNOME Mplayer - A simple GUI for Mplayer.
Gnymph - A visual data flow programming language.
grub-choose-default - A GUI to set the grub default.
GNUPanel - A Web hosting control panel for Debian based on PostgreSQL.
Gleam - A simple Scheme language interpreter written in Java.
Gnome Simple Stateful Music Player - A simple music player for GNOME.
Gladius DB - A fast and efficient PHP flat file database engine with SQL support.
gdiff-ext - A file manager context menu extension to launch comparison tools.
Ghouls'n Ghosts Remix - A remeke of Ghouls'n Ghosts, an old platform game.
GLCaml - A cross-platform Objective Caml interface for OpenGL versions 1.1 to 2.1.
genmpeg.pl - A script to generate a simple, static MPEG-2 program stream file.
GShutdown - An advanced utility that allows you to schedule shutdown, reboot, and logout.
GNU Go for S60 - A port of GNU Go to Series60/SymbianOS.
GLARE - A tool for designing fast and efficient combinatorial chemistry libraries.
getsnmp - A tool to collect SNMP values and store them in an rrdtool database.
Genshi - A Python toolkit for stream-based generation of output for the Web.
gen_names - A tool that populates customer/invoice tables with realistic random data.
ggivnc - A VNC client using GGI for input and output.
gtkol-ldap - A client GUI designed to manage OpenLDAP directories.
Gnome Music Player Client - A GTK2+ front end for mpd.
Globe7 - A voice-based communication application provided with P2P technology.
GroundWork Monitor Community Edition - An IT network monitor and manager.
Gecko Media Player - A browser plugin for playing media.
GUASI - A generic userspace asynchronous syscall interface.
GNetWatch - A real-time network analyzer.
GFreqlet - A CPU frequency scaling GNOME applet for Linux.
GlassFish - A production quality Java EE application server.
GAIA Image Transcoder - A Java library to transcode images
GPicSync - A program to gelocalize pictures from your camera and a GPS receiver.
gfit - A model-based global regression analysis tool for different types of experiments
Get-NonFree-NonUS - A program to generate an unofficial Debian CD that includes non-free or non-US.
Gdado - A dice roller in GTK+ for role playing games.
Gracie - An OpenID provider for local accounts.
Greenfoot - An environment for easy development of games and animations in Java.
gwt-hibernate - A way to bind your Hibernate POJOs to GWT widgets.
GConf Cleaner - A cleaning tool for GConf.
Goba - A networked real-time tactic game for four players.
GetFast - A file downoad accelerator.
gzinc - A Gnome/GTK front-end for the zinc emulator.
G-SYS-X - An easy-to-use PHP gallery system.
GPilotInstaller - A Java frontend for the gpilot-install-file command.
gpsdings - A Java command line tool for the manipulation and analysis of GPS data.
Gola - A visual layout editor for Java Swing.
GetHT - A program that downloads PDF files from the publication Hinduism Today.
gvrpcd - A daemon that implements end-node GVRP functionality.
gmap - A GPS map editor.
gprof2dot.py - Converts profiler output into a dot graph.
Gnome Network Monitor - A network monitor for the GNOME environment.
Google Maps Plugin - A WordPress plugin to easily render Google Maps on your Web site.
G.O.SQL - A Web-based data management tool for Oracle.
GNU MIX Development Kit - A MIX computer emulator and development kit.
gx - A lightweight image viewer.
GLBOX - A lightweight version of a sandbox.
GROUP-E - Collaboration software.
Gamma Low - A multi-player RTS game taking place in a cellular system.
GNOME Mastermind - A mastermind-like codebreaking game for the GNOME desktop.
GNS3 - A graphical network simulator.
Guitar Trainer - An educational tool for musicians to master the fretboard of instruments.
getppmp3 - A script for searching for songs on a social music site
Groovy For OpenOffice - An extension that adds support for Groovy macros to OpenOffice.
Gochacha - A modern, clean, stateless functional replacement for BeanUtils.
genesis framework - A framework that makes enterprise desktop development easy.
gvrpad - A GVRP announcement daemon for FreeBSD.
Gnocchi - A tool that calculates cyclomatic and the NPATH complexity measures.
Grails - A Web application framework for high productivity.
Grester - A Maven plugin for Jester.
guitarstring.py - A simulation of a guitar string.
Gateway - A Web services framework for Streamlined Sales Tax.
Groupy - A versioned multi-lingual content management system.
GMiMMS - A graphical frontend to MiMMS, the multimedia stream ripper.
gremind - A simple reminder manager for GNOME.
Gecode/R - A Ruby interface for the Gecode constraint library.
Gaia AJAX - An AJAX library for ASP.NET and Mono.
GTKRawGallery - A versatile photo manager and camera raw file processor.
Google Hacks - A compilation of carefully crafted Google searches.
gCache - A PHP class to capture and cache Web page content.
Giggle - A graphical frontend for the git directory tracker.
genpasta - A tool to generate static Web pages.
gvfsfind - A find utility that operates on URLs.
GNOME floating background - A smooth solid background changer.
Goblin - A software implementation of the Gobblet board game.
Growler distributed object architecture - A C++-based distributed object and event architecture.
Gem to rpm converter - Creates an RPM spec file from a Ruby gem.
Go4IT - A TTCN 3 test platform.
GPS Tracker - An application to track a GPS enabled cell phone on Google Maps.
GStatz - A utility for tracking cycles of menstruation.
Google Singleton Detector - A tool to find singletons and global state in Java programs.
GoDo - A remember-to-do-application.
GNOME Terminator - An application to use multiple GNOME terminals in one window.
GUPnP - An object-oriented open source UPnP framework.
Gridder - A suite of portlets that simplifies job submission tasks in a grid.
GSTorrent - A Bittorrent client and server.
GNU libmicrohttpd - A C library providing HTTP server functionality.
Granite Data Services - Granite Data Services (GraniteDS) is a comprehensive development and integration solution for building Flex / JavaEE RIA applications.
GTK-VNC - A VNC viewer widget for GTK+.
gHttp - A stream wrapper to send HTTP POST and GET requests.
gtkbfc - A replacement of the GTK+ file chooser widget that uses readline input.
Gentoo Linux Overlay - A way to have a second set of ebuilds for your Gentoo machine.
Gamoliyas - The Game of Life written in DHTML (JavaScript, CSS, and HTML).
gAjax - A package to execute PHP functions from JavaScript using AJAX.
Gambatte - An accuracy-focused, cross-platform Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator.
General Mission Analysis Tool - A space trajectory optimization and mission analysis system.
GNU Parallel - Software to build and execute shell command lines from standard input in parallel.
GreenSQL - A database protection solution.
gtkmm-utils - A C++ utility and widget library based on gtkmm.
Ganeti - Virtual server management software.
GWT Pleso Framework - A high-level framework based on GWT for creating database user interfaces.
GNU Tar Autoloader Patch - An autoloader patch for tar to support unattended multi-tape backups.
grafflemate - A set of Archimate stencils for Omnigraffle.
Growbbix - A script to send Zabbix alerts with Growl.
Gnome Moleskine - A GNOME generic source code editor.
GPicView - A simple and fast image viewer with low memory usage.
GeoXPlanet - A geolocation script for generating marker files of IP addresses.
Gvectors - A program for visualizing three dimensional vectors.
Gettext Translator - An editor for *.po files.
Grism - A stock market observation tool.
Gateway Anti-Virus - A Web service interface to clamav.
Gplib++ - A C++ library for geophysical data analysis.
Glib SQL Wrapper - A very thin and simplistic SQL database client API wrapper.
Gravacacher - An avatar caching server for services like www.gravatar.com.
gcalcli - A command line interface to Google Calendar.
glTail.rb - Real-time visualization of log files.
GNU ARM Eclipse Plugin - A build extension for GNU ARM.
GAdmin-Rsync - An easy to use GTK+ frontend for rsync.
geocache - A geocoding cache server.
Gringotts - A secure notes manager.
gladTeX - A utility for embedding LaTeX equations in HTML.
gwall - A systray applet to have more than one wallpaper on your desktop.
Gazest - A smart wiki.
G String - Software to generate G-code from photos.
Gnasher - A program to create SHA1 hash files for local repository Maven2 dependencies.
GNU PDF - A free implementation of PDF.
GvGen - A Python class to generate dot files to use with Graphviz.
GEMS EMF Intelligence - A framework designed for reasoning about EMF models.
gwtphp - A PHP implementation for GWT RPC.
gwt-reflection - A GWT Reflection API emulator.
GWT2SWF - A Flash/Flex widget for GWT.
Greylite - A fast modified greylisting system for qmail and any other MDA.
Graphics API for Students of Python - A simple, procedural graphics API for beginning students using Python.
Greengrass - A C# framework providing a high-level API to RDF.
gAny2DVD - An easy tool to create DVDs from your video files.
Grandr Applet - An Xrandr applet for Gnome.
GIMP SCRIPT-FUs - A collection of GIMP SCRIPT-FUs.
gc-utils - Shell scripts that wrap git-cvs* commands.
GooPackage - A package manager for Google applications.
gpgutils - A set of GNUPG utilities including gpgedit, gpgsignfiles, and gpgverifyfiles.
grubinstall - An installer that removes the complexity of GRUB.
GOZERBOT - An IRC bot and Jabber bot in one.
GNU FreeDink - A portable and enhanced version of the Dink Smallwood game engine.
GLP-Solve - A GNOME interface for LP-Solve.
Generic-FTP - A front end FTP server to do proxying, clean up, and failover.
gnoteman - A quick and simple note taking applet for the GNOME panel.
Google N-Gram-Patterns - A tool for extracting information from Google n-gram data.
GNU Source Installer - A source package management tool.
GreenMail - GreenMail is an opeA test suite for email servers.
GrubEd - A GRUB menu editor.
gstreamer-java - Java bindings for gstreamer.
GtkHash - A utility for computing file checksums.
gpx2map - A map overlay for Google/OpenStreetMaps from GPS routes.
GLC_Player - A 3D model viewer.
GoblinX Micro - The smallest version of GoblinX.
GASNet - A global-address space networking primitives library.
Gengetopt Eclipse - An Eclipse plugin for editing gengetopt input files.
Gleam Synthesizer - A software sound synthesizer.
GridWay Metascheduler - A grid workload manager.
gtkaml - An application markup language for GTK+Vala.
griv - A serverless LAN chat program.
Gmailreader - An email reader for reading gmail on a terminal.
GtkAda contributions - Contributions to GtkAda, an Ada bindings to GTK+ toolkit.
GoPlayGo - A graphical front end for GNU Go.
GAdmin-BIND - An easy to use GTK+ frontend for ISC BIND.
Gtk VNC Viewer - A small GUI tool to connect to VNC servers.
GeoWebCache - A Java Servlet-based tile cache for WMS servers.
GAdmin-DHCPD - An easy to use GTK+ frontend for ISC DHCPD.
GetWBT - A midlet that reads WBT-201 logs from your mobile.
GAdmin-Squid - An easy-to-use GTK+ frontend for the Squid proxy server.
GetBoo - Web 2.0 bookmarking system, both social (with tags) and private (with folders).
GAdmin-ProFTPD - A GTK+ frontend for the ProFTPD standalone server.
GPytage - A utility that helps manage Portage's user config files.
gst-simple-player - A simple GStreamer media player.
GAdmin-HTTPD - An easy to use GTK+ frontend for Apache.
gPXE - A network bootloader.
Grammar Browser - A graphical interface to Stanford Parser.
Gentoo Dependencies Browser - A graphic tool to help understand package dependencies in Gentoo.
GnoBang - A "get five in a row" game for GNOME.
GNU xorriso - An ISO 9660 multi-session CD/DVD/BD filesystem manipulator.
GLSFcave - A game where you control a ribbon and avoid hitting walls.
GoogleMail Sentinel - Yet another Gmail notifier.
gressgraph - A program that produces a graph of your iptables ruleset using Graphviz.
GNUstepWeb - A Web application library.
Green Dome GNUstepWeb for Mac OS X - A package that provides a WebObjects 4.5-like environment for Mac OS X.
GoAnywhere Director - A centralized solution that automates data movement, translation, encryption, and compression from one easy-to-use interface.
Geeqie Image Viewer - A lightweight image viewer.
Gtk Theme Switch Ex - A tool for previewing and switching GTK+ themes.
gccwrap 32bit - A wrapper to easily compile 32-bit programs on x86-64 systems.
Gmapper - A PHP class for Google Maps integration.
GeoNetwork opensource - A Web-based catalog application for geospatial information.
geomyidae - A generic daemon for the Gopher protocol.
GNU SIP Witch - A SIP protocol telephone server.
GNUmed Live CD - A bootable CD that contains the GNUmed medical software client.
GOULD - An ultra-light desktop environment.
Gnome Inform - A GNOME IDE for the Inform programming language.
Glulxe - A 32-bit Interactive Fiction interpreter/virtual machine.
GJDoc - The GNU Classpath equivalent of JavaDoc.
Geekinfo - A system information library.
GAdmin-SAMBA - A fast and easy to use GTK+ frontend for the Samba file and print server.
GCC for SPARC Systems - An extension to GCC with the optimizing Sun Code Generator for SPARC systems.
gavl - A library for handling uncompressed audio and video data.
Gmerlin-avdecoder - A general purpose multimedia decoding library.
gui-apt-key - A graphical key manager for APT.
gerstensaft - A graphical frontend for SAFT (Simple Asynchronous File Transfer).
GMAMEUI - A Linux front-end for MAME.
goofs - A userspace filesystem for Google services.
gqviewarc - An archive handler for the GQview image viewer.
greylstd - An Exim greylisting daemon.
gitstats - A statistics generator for git repositories.
Gimp User Filter Plug-in - A generic image processing plug-in for The GIMP.
GlynnTucker.Cache - A .NET data structure for caching slow data retrievals.
Google Gadgets for Linux - A platform for running Google Gadgets under Linux.
Gano - Text processing and display libraries for Guile.
GromJS - A server-side JavaScript interpreter for Unix-like operating systems.
glights - A program that controls lamps hooked up to your parallel port.
g-Eclipse - Grid and cloud computing tools for Eclipse.
gettext-stub - A stub for Gettext.
GridSQL - A clustered distributed parallel database designed for PostgreSQL.
Grace Library - A C++ library for creating multithreaded server applications.
Glossword Checker - Checks whether your server configuration meets certain requirements.
gosmore - An OSM data viewer.
Genyris - An Open World scripting language.
g-pypi - A Gentoo Linux Python ebuild generator.
GiftedMotion - A GIF animator.
GPC-Slots 2 - A text-based casino game.
Gootrude - A tool that graphs search term queries over time.
Google C++ Testing Framework - Google's framework for writing tests in the xUnit style.
Galactic Killdozer - A Boulderdash-like 2D scroller originally named "Astra Down to Earth".
GNU nano - Pico editor clone with enhancements.
GEM - An external (plugin) for Pure Data.
GridShib - A glue layer that binds access control mechanisms to the grid.
GtkEveMon - A skill monitoring application for Linux systems.
Google Search Appliance XML-RPC Interface - A simple XML-RPC service for querying Google Search Appliances.
GMouseTool - A program that assists in the recovery and prevention of RSI.
GNUPlot Wordpress Plugin - A plugin to generate charts with gnuplot inside Wordpress posts.
GitUrl - A git-backed URL shortening CGI program.
gsrpn - An HP-like RPN pocket calculator.
Gargoyle Router Management Utility - An interface for OpenWrt that emphasizes usability.
GNU Teseq - An escape sequence illuminator.
Gdadin - An Inkscape effect which creates complex drawings from simple rules.
GNU Jump - A clone of the simple yet addictive game Xjump with new features.
gtklick - A GTK metronome for JACK.
Grab Emails From URL - A PHP class to retrieve email addresses from Web pages.
Geeks Artificial Neural Network - An advanced A.N.N that can be considered a "black box".
GippleDee - A DMOZ-style, Web-based link directory application.
ga-flamoot - Software that evolves string-writing organisms from ad-hoc machine code.
Groogle - A Web-based peer code review tool.
G4OSG - A graphics driver and examples for using OpenSceneGraph to render Geant4 sims.
GSTFS - A GStreamer-based transcoding FUSE filesystem.
Galapix - An image viewer for very large collections of images.
Gnac - An audio converter for GNOME.
GATE - A Monte Carlo simulation tool.
GoblinX XFlash - A special 500MB GoblinX Xfce edition.
gLite - Grid middleware.
gedit-plugins-extra - A set of third-party plugins for gedit.
Grimoire - A synchronizing address book.
Galera Load Balancer - A TCP load-balancing proxy.
glfer - A waterfall spectrum display and QRSS/DFCW TX control.
gnome-run-dialog - A replacement for GNOME's panel-run-dialog.
GetTogether - A Perl social network application.
Google2SRT - A tool to download and convert Google Video and YouTube subtitles to SRT format.
Gutuma Newsletter Management - A PHP mailing list management tool.
GTD-Free - A personal todo/action manager inspired by GTD workflow management.
GTPing - A ping utility for GTP.
GConnect - Single sign on and account provisioning for Google Apps.
GADMIN-OpenVPN-Server - An easy to use OpenVPN Server GUI.
Gallery Widget - A simple WordPress plugin that lets you show the latest or random images.
GPOPS - Gauss pseudospectral optimal control software.
GraSy - A converter from grammars to syntax diagrams.
GXmap - A program that generates Amateur radio Azimuthal equidistant projection maps.
grapcha - A captcha generator based on Graphviz.
GSmartControl - Allows you to inspect the health of a hard drive.
GenePool - A framework for writing evolutionary algorithms in OCaml.
glideinWMS - A Glidein-based WMS
GNU Rush - A Restricted User Shell.
GADMIN-OpenVPN-Client - An easy to use frontend for the OpenVPN client.
GridSphere Plug-in for GRIA - A plug-in that allows a GridSphere user to interact with a GRIA server.
GRIA Command Line Client - A command line client for the GRIA middleware.
geanyvc - A Geany plugin that provides access to version control systems.
gtrayicon - generic tray icon
GaussianBeam - Gaussian beam optics calculator
gxconsole - A monitor of system console messages using GTK.
Game & Watch Simulator - A generic engine for the simulation of Game & Watch games.
grindr - Various utilities to enhance productivity.
Geomajas - A Web GIS application framework.
get_iplayer - A tool that makes stream recordings of BBC iPlayer TV/radio, BBC podcast programmes with an optional Web GUI.
Google To ITN - Converts Google Maps URLs to/from TomTom ITN format.
gtdshell - A console-based task tracking tool designed with Getting Things Done in mind.
gWaei - A Japanese-English dictionary program for the GNOME desktop.
Gamer - A GNOME integrated, user-friendly, front-end for multiple emulators.
grab4j - A Java Web-grabbing library.
GetData Library - A dirfile database interface library.
Generic Grid Broker - A meta-scheduler for Grid middleware.
Gems 3D - A game of logic, chance, and organization.
GS1 DataBar Barcode Font - A font for generating GS1 DataBar barcodes.
GSQL - An integrated database development tool for GNOME.
Generic PHP Plugins - Non-destructive editing of a config.php file (using PHP plugin standard).
Google C++ Mocking Framework - A library for easily creating and using mock objects in C++.
Geeki Geeki - A minimalistic wiki with a Git backend and WikiCreole syntax.
galemu - A Generic Array Logic (GAL/PAL) chip emulator.
GemTcl - An interactive shell for Tcl that is suitable for control applications.
GVolWheel - A lightweight systray application which lets you control the audio volume.
Gnome PulseAudio Applet - A GNOME applet for controlling PulseAudio streams.
gmailbashchecker - gmail bash checker
GoalBit - An open peer-to-peer television system.
Grub Next Generation - A distributed Web crawling system.
Gearmand - A job dispatching server.
geoPlugin - A PHP class to perform geolocation of Web site visitors from IP addresses.
Google Code Upload Maven Plugin - A Maven plugin for uploading files to the Google Code download list.
GMathml - A Pango/Cairo based MathML renderer.
Google Sitemap Generator - A tool to help Web masters generate sitemaps for search engines.
GradeCalculator - A tool to calculate your final grade for a bachelor's or master's degree.
Gemeinschaft - A PBX designed for high availability and clustering.
G'MIC - A GIMP plugin based on GREYCStoration.
GLD-Fork - A greylisting daemon for Postfix.
Gigaslax - A useful build of Slax on a USB stick.
GmtPy - A Python interface to GMT
Games::Roguelike::Utils - Perl rogue-like game utilities.
glade2c - A tool to create C source from Glade user interfaces.
GoldenDict - A feature-rich dictionary lookup program.
gleanstick - A GUI frontend to leanstick.
gdigi - A tool that allows the user to control Digitech effect pedal features.
GWTruts - An MVC and dependency injection framework for GWT projects.
gear (RPM) - A tool for maintaining and building SRPM packages from git repositories.
GNOME DVB Daemon - Set up your DVB devices, record and watch TV shows, and browse EPG.
G95 - A Fortran 95 compiler.
Grafx2 - A 256-color bitmap paint program.
glooxd - An embeddable XMPP server library.
gnetworktester - An application for testing of stability and quality of network connections.
glc2 - A program that converts .glade2 files rudimentarily into Python code.
Gnuspeech - A real-time articulatory text-to-speech and language creation system.
Global Village - A GUI for Xplanet.
Generate tree of SAS Base file by Perl - Recursion search by file.
gitg - A Git repository viewer targeting GTK+/GNOME.
gdata-python-scripts - Simple scripts and usage examples of the Python client library for the Google Spreadsheets Data API.
geoCtool - Manipulates geo-data in CSV or KML files.
GD Star Rating - A WordPress plugin that allows you to set up a rating and review system for pages, posts, and comments in your blog.
Groowiki - A wiki program based on Groovy, Velocity, and SVN.
GNU usbsync - A console-based utility for keeping entire directory trees synchronized between a storage volume and arbitrarily many Unix hosts.
Gmail4J - The Gmail API for Java.
GeoFeeder - A simplistic GeoRSS viewer in Adobe AIR.
growl - An easily extendable, blog aware, static site generator.
Gaze - A Gmail inbox checker that sits in the system tray and uses Atom RSS to frequently notify you of mail.
GWTCOMP - A user interface library for rich Web-based applications.
Google Apps Improved Login - A custom login page for Google Apps that lets you login as your users.
GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse - A tool bundle for Eclipse and Java EE 6 runtime.
gearman-mysql-udf - User defined functions for MySQL which allow it to interface with Gearman.
gearman-php-ext - A PHP extension that provides an interface to the Gearman C library.
GNU Dico - A flexible dictionary server (RFC 2229) with a set of accompanying utilities.
Gixaw Chat - A simple and powerful way to add live chat to your site.
gnetscan - A port scanner.
get-flash-videos - A tool for downloading Flash videos from a webpage.
Glass services configuration tool - A graphical services configuration tool for Ubuntu and Debian Linux.
Google Apps Manager - GAM
GMount - A program for mounting disk images under Linux.
gSplit - A file splitter and assembler.
Goanna - An Eclipse plugin providing static analysis for C/C++.
Geolocator-PHP - A class to find the physical location of an IP address.
gwsmhg - A GUI for work space management with hg and mq.
GWTUML - A Web-based UML drawing application.
Gnaughty - A utility to automatically download pornographic content from a known Internet porn directory.
GNU stroke - A tool to dynamically change modification, access, and change time components.
GiftWrap - Software to help you with the management side of Ubuntu packaging.
gp - A feature-rich and easy-to-use content managment system for small Web sites.
GMP Javascript Game Engine - A fast, small, and simple JavaScript game engine.
gtune - A small application for linux desktops intended to help with tuning musical instruments
gTimelapse - A timelapse photography program for Linux.
GPS Library Installer - A GNAT Programming Studio library installer.
Glovebox Server Management - A Web-based server manager for IBM Bladecenter, RSA II, and Virtual Machines.
Git# - A Git implementation for .NET.
gldd - A visualizer of *.so and executable file dependencies.
grabby - A utility to fetch images from a video4linux2 compatible Webcam or TV card.
geoipgen - A geographic IP address generator for IPv4 networks.
GPX Viewer - A simple program to visualize a GPX file.
GtkGis - A GTK+ widget with basic GIS features.
GestioIP - A Web-based IP network and address management tool with filter and search options.
godot go.eco Virtual Appliance - An all-in-one solution for enterprise networking: DNS, DHCP, firewall, email, VPN, ACLs, VoIP.
GpaNom - A command line GPA calculator.
Golden Rules Organizer - A personal organizer for tasks, projects, contacts, notes, and diary.
gearman-java - A Java-based implementation of the Gearman system.
gina2 - Email Automation and Archiving
Grendel - A Web-based character manager for Dungeons and Dragons.
GMT Converter - A class to convert dates across GMT zones.
Gnome Tray Services - A simple application that allows users to start and stop services from the tray.
GNU Gatekeeper - A free H.323 gatekeeper.
Gmagick - A PHP extension to create, modify, and obtain meta-information of images using the GraphicsMagick API.
Gtk+2 panel - A bleeding edge GTK+2 panel that does not reinvent the wheel.
green - A PDF reader.
GWT Mobile WebKit - A library that exposes HTML5 and WebKit features to the GWT platform.
gadmin-sendmail - An easy to use GTK+ frontend for the sendmail mail server.
GVSMSProwl - A Google Voice SMS Prowl redirector.
gal - A music manager and player with Web access.
GoFigure2 - Software for visualization and analysis of 5D microscopic images.
Guayadeque - A music player and organizer.
GodOfMiniWars - An old-school hex and chit wargame.
Grep.pm - A Perl module for grepping with synonym expansion and Boolean expressions; also suitable for mass-editing files.
graphedit - A simple editor for Graphviz dot files.
GoAnywhere Services - A simple, secure way to transfer data with trading partners.
Grosshandel - A merchandise manager for purchase, inventory, and sales processes.
GICS - Graphical instruments and components solution.
Gswitch - A program to show random GNOME desktop backgrounds.
Gnome Gmail - A way to set Gmail as your GNOME mail reader.
gregor.js - a JavaScript library that displays calendars and calculates dates.
graudit - A source code auditing tool.
googsystray - A Google service system tray app.
gnome-manual-duplex - A utility that adds manual duplex to the "Print" menu.
GSL Shell - An interactive programming shell to the GSL library.
gluid - A miniature interface to fluidsynth.
Gomar - A generic mail auto-responder.
gastona - A pocket application maker.
GRAW - A generator for perspective-deformed drawings on pavement.
gbRRDGraphix - A graphical interface that allows you to use the RRDtools commands easily.
Generic Repository - A framework for Java which allows you to access database repositories in a generic and consistent manner.
GenY - A chat client for Yahoo! built on top of libyahoo2.
gpdftext - An ebook PDF editor.
gtk-jzintv - An Intellivision emulator.
Github-Fork-Parent - A Perl module to determine which repository stands in a root of a GitHub forking hierarchy.
Goptical - An optical design and simulation library.
GarlicSim - A Pythonic framework for working with simulations.
GetYourIDX Python Library - A library that implements the GetYourIDX API in Python.
GetYourIDX Ruby Library - A library that implements the GetYourIDX API in Ruby.
GetYourIDX PHP Library - A library that implements the GetYourIDX API in PHP.
gcalert - An unobtrusive, lightweight Google Calendar alerter.
Gamdel - A game description language.
g13 - A Linux library for the Logitech G13 HID device.
GO169 - An implementation of the game Go.
gtk-xdebug-client - Provides a GUI for a debugger engine speaking DBGp.
G2P - A program that helps your get the music you want.
GZRBOT - A port of GOZERBOT to the Google Application Engine.
güickie - A C++ wiki.
guppy - A dependency injection framework for Python.
GeomSpace - A geometric space interactive geometry program.
Gelatin - Software to transform text files to XML, JSON, or YAML.
Gefest Web Home Server - A simple Web server with a graphical user interface.
G-WAN - An extremely fast Web application server.
gdvdslides - Slideshow software.
GitBlogger - A tool to post to Blogger blogs through a Git repository.
gprog - A fast GUI pipe meter.
Galcon Fusion - A high-paced, multi-player, galactic, arcade-strategy game in which you send swarms of ships to defeat enemy planets.
Girasol Alive Blog Writer - An offline blog document editor.
giis-ext4 - An undelete tool for ext4.
Glue Stick - A dependency injection framework for Java.
GLOBE_3D - A real-time 3D engine.
Genparse - A command line parser generator.
GPhotoFrame - A photo frame gadget.
GraphML Generator - Generate UML diagrams from PHP code using GraphML
GentleSource Guestbook - A guestbook script for Web sites.
genSnortDNS - A script to generate Snort DNS signatures.
GPlates - Desktop software for the interactive visualization of plate-tectonics.
Graffiti - A relational RDF store.
GHCN Processor - A command-line tool that processes temperature station data from GHCN v2.
gst123 - A GStreamer-based command line audio player.
Gold Chest - A game engine inspired by the old goldbox styled games.
Gnome's Quest - An RPG/adventure game.
GCCSense - Intelligent development tools for C and C++.
gpgdecrypter - An SMTP proxy for decryption of PGP/MIME and PGP/INLINE messages.
gsm-ussd - A tool to send USSD queries via UMTS/GSM modem.
GPS Tool - A GUI for GPS Babel and a GUI for downloading GPS data using plugins.
GVHIDRA - GVHIDRA phpframework
Guacamole - A pure HTML5/JavaScript VNC viewer.
Glyphtracer - An easy font creator.
GameRunner - An Openmoko Linux distribution.
gtatool - A program that manipulates Generic Tagged Arrays (GTA) files.
GAdmin-SSHD - An easy to use GTK+ frontend for the openssh server.
Gunicorn - An WSGI HTTP server in Python.
Grits - A Virtual Globe library.
GWiki - An embeddable Wiki engine.
geh - A command line image viewer for X.
Google Calendar Chrome Extension - Access your calendar and add events from the toolbar.
GAMF - A generic autonomic management framework.
GoESMTP - A multi-node ESMTP server.
gwcalc - A front-end for the Wcalc command line calculator.
generic Process Management - A generic tool for business process management.
gpx3dprofile - A program that generates a 3D view from a GPX file.
gpx2tour - A program that generates a .tour file for Hac4linux from a GPX file.
Google Custom Search - A class that performs searches against a Google Custom Search engine.
Generic Image Decoder - A package for decoding images in various formats.
GriF - A collaborative grid framework for Java aimed at running multi-purpose scientific applications on the EGI Grid.
gwt-mpv-apt - A Java 6 annotation processor to help generate some of the boilerplate code involved in GWT projects.
getlock - A command-line lockfile utility using 'fcntl' locks.
GoAccess - A Web server log analyzer and interactive viewer.
Ground Squirrel - A lightweight Integrated Development Environment oriented to Squirrel Script Language and Squirrel Shell.
Gow - A lightweight alternative to Cygwin.
GreenPants - A simple blog system that supports comments (with approval), an admin panel, categories, searching, emoticons, and BBCode.
Google Test Runner Qt - A Qt based Google Test (gtest) application runner.
gShogi - A Shogi game for Linux.
grape3D - A 3D scanner application.
Graylog2 - A database-backed syslog server with a Web interface.
Geiser - A system to get Scheme and Emacs to talk to each other.
GNU recutils - A set of tools and libraries to access human-editable text-based databases called recfiles.
GNU WebSocket4J - A WebSocket protocol implementation in Java.
GRAL - A Java plotting library.
GridPort - A simple and robust open standard for portlets based on HTTP.
Growcode - A program for producing object models for the .NET platform.
gcap - A command line tool for retrieving YouTube closed captions.
Gupicasa - A GUI for uploading photos to Picasa.
GAdmin-Control-Panel - A control panel for GAdmintools.
Gallivant - A simple GPS and map application utilizing maps from the OpenStreetMap project.
Glimlag Virtuemart Coupons - A component for Joomla that extends coupons of Virtuemart.
Glim Friend Invitation - A Joomla module to invite friends.
Glim SMSme - A Joomla module to send SMS.
GlimProxyPay - A Virtuemart payment module for Eurobank.
Grand Unified Builder - A distribution and packaging system that cross-compiles for many PC architectures.
Golem Python Framework - A Python game framework for developing and learning.
gypsum - Software to compose a declarative firewall policy.
Geomajas geocoder plug-in - A Geomajas plug-in to convert a location description to map coordinates.
Grinder Webtest - Run Webtest files from Grinder.
Geomajas printing plug-in - A plugin for the Geomajas framework to print maps as PDF.
Git-Daemon SELinux Policy - A SELinux targeted policy for Git-Daemon.
GoodSync for Mac - Backup and synchronization software for files and folders on your Mac.
GoAnywhere Gateway - A reverse proxy for a DMZ.
Geomajas OpenStreetMap layer plug-in - A plugin that supports OpenStreetMap raster layers.
gnoduino - An implementation of the Arduino IDE for GNOME.
grake - A simple command line tool for scanning YouTube links.
gcp - A command line file copying tool, à la cp.
Gelide - A multi-emulator frontend.
Greenhorn - A Python interactive help GUI.
Graviton Reference System - A systems management tool.
Gerbil - Multispectral image visualization and analysis software.
Giada - A minimal, hardcore loop player for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.
GANTTIC - A Web-based resource scheduling and project planning tool.
Gigalomania - A real time strategy game.
git-annex - Manage files with git without checking their contents into git.
gae-filestore - A simple virtual file system on Google App Engine DataStore.
GA4PHP - A Google Authenticator class for PHP.
Google Docs Barcode Generator - An embedded barcode object for Google Docs Spreadsheet.
GNGT - A tool for German learners.
gossimon - Gossip-based information monitoring for Linux clusters.
Google Checkout Module for OXID - A payment module for OXID eSales shops to use the Google Checkout payment system.
Greptweet - A tool for backing up and searching Tweets.
GPSBook - A tool to manage, display, and manipulate GPS traces.
Golt - A file encryption and network transfer tool.
GLD-NG - A greylisting daemon for Postfix.
glogg - A multi-platform GUI application to browse and search through long or complex log files.
GuestFriend - A guest book system for Web sites.
GNU Modula-2 - A compiler for the Modula-2 programming language.
gedit-tm-autocomplete - TextMate-style autocompletion for gedit.
gedit-pair-char-autocomplete - A gedit plugin that automatically inserts brackets, quotes, and parentheses.
GAdmin-Antivirus - A fast and easy to use GTK+ frontend for Clamav antivirus.
gpxviewer - A GPS trace viewer.
Gfarm - A distributed filesystem, used for cluster computing.
gtkPyglot - A desktop tool for software translators.
Guardian Grab - A program to download PDFs and ebooks for The Guardian from Newspaper Direct
Gesetze - An app to view German codes of law.
Guardog - An instrusion detection system (IDS).
ga-synthesis - A simple, portable interface to compare project analytics.
Git::Repository - A Perl interface to Git repositories.
Gromit-MPX - A multi-pointer GTK3 annotation tool.
gEcrit - A text editor for developing Python programs.
gauger - A performance recording tool.
GTKMan - A simple man page viewer.
Games-ConnectFour - A command-line Connect Four game.
Git-CPAN-Patch - A suite of commands to patch CPAN modules using Git.
goinedit - A source code editor and integrated development environment.
gh-issues - A tool to display issues from a GitHub repository in a console window.
Graphix - A light PHP library that helps you use GD.
Google Hack Vulnerability Database Tools - A utility to see if your site is listed in Google with vulnerabilities.
gclip_select - A X Primary Selection clipboard manager.
Guzzle - A PHP framework for building RESTful Web service clients.
gebr - Seismic processing made easy.
Google Authenticator Demo - An implementation of Google Authenticator.
GroinK - An advanced network sniffer.
gigacount - A smartphone app that simulates radiation measurement.
Gluon Project - A framework for creating and distributing games.
GLoid - A 3D block game in the style of Arkanoid.
Genie Alert - A customized JavaScript alert.
geozonedb - World data simply structured, with every postal code in the world.
GeoNames Java Client - A Java library for accessing the GeoNames Web services.
GameBoard2D - A small Java 2D game library.
Gitbrowser - A plugin for the Geany IDE for browsing Git repositories.
Grab Downloading Flash Video - A script that finds the flash video currently playing and saves it.
gtk-screenshot - An application for taking screenshots.
gpfcalc - A GTK+ front-end for pfcalc.
gtk-vector-screenshot - A GTK+ module that takes screenshots as vector graphics.
Genit - A static Web site framework designed to be simple, readable, and minimalist.
Goldchest - Gold Box games reimagined.
grixec - A minimal user interface for running and documenting batch jobs.
Geomajas GeoTools layer - A Geomajas layer that connects to a GeoTools data store.
Geomajas Google layer plug-in - A Google tiles raster layer plug-in.
Geomajas Hibernate layer - A Hibernate layer plug-in for Geomajas
Geomajas WMS layer - A Geomajas layer plug-in for accessing WMS data.
Geomajas static security plug-in - A security plug-in for Geomajas.
Geomajas REST face - Communicate with Geomajas using REST and GeoJSON.
Geomajas caching plug-in - Caching for feature, tile, and rasterized requests in Geomajas.
GMailSend DLL - A DLL for sending e-mail using GMail.
Guitar Chord API class - A class to search for guitar chords using the Guitar Chord API.
GatufestApp - An Android app for Sundsvalls Gatufest.
Guitar neck - An object to display chords on a guitar neck.
Guau! Baby Log - A Web application that logs photos and development during the first months of a baby's life.
gmbar - A graphical multi-bar for dzen2.
gMTP - A graphical client for MTP devices.
Geomajas GWT face - A Geomajas plug-in for building Web applications.
gCountDown - A system tray countdown timer.
Gamify - A PHP class to manage user points and achievements to implement site game logic.
GV Mirror - A Python tool to download all Google Voice messages.
gltk - A C++ widget library built on GLUT.
Guile-AgentX - An AgentX implementation in Guile.
gweb++ - An asynchronous event-driven Web server and reverse proxy.
Glint effect - A script to create a glint light effect on HTML page elements.
gingko - A LAN p2p file distribution tool.
GJID - A puzzle game.
GCC-MELT - A high-level language for extending the GCC compiler.
gCAD3D - CAD-CAM software.
Git Manager - A Web interface for creating and managing Git repositories.
gpgkeymgr - A tool for cleaning up and managing your GnuPGP key ring.
Gitblit - A pure Java Git solution.
getxbook - A collection of tools to download books from Websites.
GenieShout - A Shout box for open chat in a closed group.
GNOME Boxes - A simple application to access remote or virtual systems.
GammaMOO - A modern MOO server.
Galera wsrep provider - A generic synchronous replication engine for transactional applications.
gitolite - An access control layer on top of git.
gplexcalc - A graphical vector, matrix, and quaternion calculator.
Gibbon - Online Backgammon.
Geomajas API project - Annotations to mark an API.
Geomajas Geometry project - Geometry DTO and services for GIS.
Geomajas SLD project - SLD DTO and services.
Game Controller Hack - Allows you to use a game controller (like a game pad or joystick) with games that do not support them.
GFeedLine - A social networking client.
GraphInsight - Interactive high quality graph and networks visualization.
get pretty - A PHP5 class that implements 'nicer' URLs for _GET vars.
gst-av - A GStreamer plug-in for libav and FFmpeg.
Geekcode 2.1 Generator - Geekcode 2.1 Generator
GIF Animation Resizer - A class to resize animations in files of the GIF format.
git-link - A Git sub-command for building repo-browser URLs to git objects and paths.
Geomajas common-GWT - Common code for different GWT based Geomajas faces.
Geomajas utility widgets - A set of additional widgets which can be used in your Geomajas applications.
Geomajas rasterizing plug-in - Rendering of vector layers server-side.
GSport - An Apple IIgs emulator with virtual ethernet, printer, and serial support.
git-info-bar - A ksh, bash, gitbash, and Git shell plugin providing a highly visible 'info bar' with current git attributes.
Generic Pager - Software to browse listings of entries split into multiple pages.
Gaudi - A platform-agnostic build tool.
gzochi - gzochi is a framework for developing massively multiplayer online games.
Gideros TextWrap - Multi-line text field creation for Gideros Mobile.
Gideros Lightning effect - A lightning effect for Gideros Mobile.
Gideros Countdown - A countdown class for Gideros Mobile.
Gideros Gestures - A way to define and detect gestures in Gideros.
Geomajas Search & Filter - An advanced search and filter plug-in for Geomajas.
Geomajas Feature Info Tools - Widgets to display feature attribute information
GNU GLOBAL source code tag system - A source code tagging system which works the same way across diverse environments.
GLPong - Yet another Pong game.
ginvoke - A programmable QuickSilver/Gnome Do/Executor clone for GTK+.
GoogleSitesAnt - An Ant task for manipulating Google Sites pages.
GTK+ Recent Files Scrubber - A simple, lightweight daemon to prevent embarassing "Recently Used" entries in GTK+ applications.
grunt-recess - A Grunt task to lint and minify CSS or LESS.
grunt-sizediff - A Grunt task to diff file sizes between a current git branch and a branch/commit.
G-2 - A friendly git commandline interface.
giflib - A library that decodes and encodes GIF image files.
Gestures - An object to recognize gestures that form configurable shapes.
Gideros Localize - A module that provides seamless localization support for Gideros.
gfxpoly - A library for doing geometric polygon operations.
grunt-shell - A Grunt task to run shell commands.
GoQuotes - A Go quotes server.
gpgpwd - A commandline password manager based around GnuPG.
G 2 - A friendly git client.
GHydraulics - A QGIS plugin to integrate EPANET.
Geomajas TMS layer - TMS layer support.
GloboNote - A desktop note taking application.
GenFoo - A general Fokker-Planck solver.
GRIFIN - Geospatial Reference Interface For Internet Networks.
Gig Cable Label - Color-coded labels with QR codes.
Gamvas Web - An HTML5 canvas game programming framework.
GRALE - A set of tools to model and invert gravitational lens systems.
ganglia-activemq - ActiveMQ monitoring for Ganglia.
Generate/Check and Encypt Passwords - Generation and encryption of passwords.
gridster.js - A jQuery plugin for building intuitive draggable layouts from elements spanning multiple columns.
Glassomium - An Web-based TUIO-enabled multi-touch window manager.
GPCSlots2 - A console/terminal text-based casino game.
gentorrent - A BitTorrent metainfo (torrent file) generator.
Genson - A Java library for doing conversion between JSON and Java.
GPUMarkerTracker - A software library that utilizes GPGPU for fast and accurate tracking of AR markers.
Gradle Felix Launcher Plugin - A Felix Launcher plugin for the Gradle build system.
Groonga - An full text search engine and column store..
Gravity - Animation of page elements using the laws of physics.
GB iOS screen navigation - Navigation through an iOS app through movement of an object on canvas.
gpFinder - A file manager based on the elFinder project.
Gestiolus - A simple Web application for managing repair work.
GAMEd - Allows to set maximum priority to X and WM, to fix low FPS in OpenGL games.
genpuppet - A script to automatically generate a puppet manifest based on a series of user inputs.
gol - A simple Game of Life simulator.
Government Sanctioned - A rich, full-featured, text-based old school RPG.
Guitar Scale Expert - A guitar scale dictionary.
GitFS - A fuse- and git-based remote filesystem with local cache for disconnected operation.
Go! - An aspect-oriented programming library for PHP.
gDesktopChanger - A wallpaper changer for GNOME 2.
Gameclock - A simple chess clock to track time in real-life games.
gcab - A cabinet library and tool.
gamlib-ai - A JavaScript A* path finding library.
Galois - A falling blocks game with many different geometries.
gedcom4j - A Java library for parsing and writing genealogy data in GEDCOM format.
Griffon IDE - An IDE for HTML, Bash, Perl, PHP, C, etc.
Griffon - A desktop application development platform for the JVM.
git-flow Python Edition - A pure Python reimplementation of git-flow.
GLERI - An OpenGL remote interface service.
GMLP - A markup language processor.
G-Framework ToolKit - An all-in-one non-framework for creating Web applications.
Gerrit - Web-based code review and project management for Git-based projects.
Geomajas profiling project - A simple application profiling system.
Gimp Simulate HDR - A GIMP plugin that simulates an HDR image
gxgraph - A line plotter program in g11.
Getmail Retriever for Roundcube - A Roundcube plugin to provide user-based getmail support.
GUI Builder - A drag and drop interface for building reusable WebElement templates.
Geary - A lightweight email program designed around conversations.
Gnew - A simple content management system.
Gumba - A tool like sed or awk, but in coffescript.
Grid Engine (C++) - Flexible handling of D4, D8, and Hex grids.
Genieo - A personalized newspaper styled home page and start page.
Grid Drafter - Drawing and editing of 2D grids (square or hex).
GoCheapR for Mozilla Firefox - A browser extension to help you find the best deal on the Internet.
GSLB.me Dynamic DNS Client - A DNS client for smart DNS services provided by GSLB.me.
Generic Makefile for C Projects - A generic makefile for building C projects.
GTKMathplot - An interactive, user-friendly plotting program.
gnhast - Home automation scripting tools.
GlyphViewer - An application that allows users to build translations from images.
glNetViz - A tool for visualizing computer network topologies with WebGL.
gpml2svg - A commandline/Python API for rendering GPML pathway markup to SVG.
GrammarScope - A GUI for the Stanford Parser/CoreNLP.
GenScriber - A genealogy records transcription editor.
genmac - Generation of a random MAC address.
gawk-cpuinfo - A humble program for displaying information about the current CPU.
Ghack - A roguelike game.
G-Code Ripper - Software that reads and manipulates (scales, rotates and splits) g-code files.
Gens - A Sega console emulator.
Guvcview - A simple interface for capturing and viewing video.
GNU Mach - The Microkernel of the GNU Hurd operating system.
GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio - An Open PGP encryption tool.
GitZone - A DNS zone management tool for Bind based on Git.
gpart - Guessing of partitions on a disk.
Geo Trending app - News analysed by geographical location.
Gcmc - A G-code meta compiler.
GLCLDemo - A OpenGL/OpenCL interoperability demo.
GNU Solfege - An ear training program.
GNU SpaceChart - A map of the stars in 3D.

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